1. Hinge Dating App Review ????????????????
  2. Hinge Dating App Review 2021
  3. Reacting To Dating Profiles- How To Get MORE Matches & Biggest Mistakes Guys Make! | Courtney Ryan
  4. Hinge Dating App – 5 Top Tips For Guys In 2022
  5. Dating Apps from a Christians Perspective: My Observations and Experiences (Bumble, Hinge, Upward)
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Hinge Dating App Review ????????????????

hi guys hi guys hey I thought I would do,another getting a from you you guys,really seemed to like my one where I,compared fumble to eHarmony and this,time Im gonna be reviewing hinge which,is a little less popular Id say any bum,ball or I guess tinder which I just Im,not gonna even go there,hinge is another dating app its kind of,more modernized and a little bit,different and created its its quote,Hermits motto is that its created to be,deleted so this is a dating app that,theyre saying is meant to be deleted,dumbull seems to me just hit me one that,you delete and read download all the,time so i download hange I want to be,about a month ago I dont know how I,feel about it like I still have mixed,opinions hinge is a bit different than,bumble um and it has positives and,negatives so were gonna get all the,nitty-gritty stuff about it so the first,thing I want to mention is that they,have minimal options a day so just like,every other app you know you can look up,pictures and give someone just bio and,you kind of swipe left swipe right that,general idea is still there but they,give you minimal often so bumble you,couldnt pretty much sit all day and,swipe and swipe and swipe depending on,your distance but hinge omen gives you,so many people you can like a day so say,Im not sure what the number is I never,actually counted that say youd like to,five people itll tell you okay youre,done no more like stay and part of me is,like thats kind of annoying but another,part of me thinks oh well thats kind of,beneficial because it then its not just,all about swiping,they give you a limit so you actually,kind of have to talk to those people you,know you dont just match and then never,talk to them and I think that women kind,of mix you had a little bit more passion,whats the word like dedication to those,people are more interesting then but,once you do start chatting its kind of,confusing the way they do this so its,not like bumble where you just kind of,swipe left or swipe right thats it and,Ill bumble Ive said how you only know,if you both like each other so if I,liked someone and they liked me then we,match thats it thats the only way you,can match if you do pay for bumble you,can see whod liked you beforehand but,if you want the free version which I am,talking about a free version of hinge,thats not how it works you can actually,see someone like you before liking them,[Music],so I will get a notification something,you know so-and-so like you you can like,them back its interesting to see that,at the same time I dont really know how,about that like I dont know its kind,of good and bad I just dont Im so used,to bumble on the way that this just kind,of threw me off another thing is its,not just you like and then you match,like I said because you can see if,someone liked you before you like them,you can like someones picture as a way,to start a conversation so you know a,lot of people who Ive seen like to me,didnt say anything but they liked my,first picture which tells me did they,even read the rest my profile and on,hinge,its a profile a little bit different,than bumble where you do have the preset,things like height you know religion,politics things like that,but you also the rest of your bio isnt,just you know you create your own bio,like Im bumble its all questions that,you can answer so Ill actually you know,what maybe Ill just put my hinge,profile in here so you can kind of see,what Im talking about,so theres some of the questions I got,like I think its Chris different ones,you could choose so my first question,was a social cause you care about so Im,a mime pretty pretty long and I give you,real word count so you cant go over,that so its as though social calls I,care about and I were police brutality,racism climate change refugees being,tortured at the border gun violence,womens rights lgbtq+ rights animal,rights and more so thats why I wrote,and then another one is pet peeves and,then a pet,our Trump supporters people who dont,recycle on people who dont put the cart,back in a cart collector and then it,says Im really attracting tune I wrote,Harrison Ford because thats the truth,that is kind of the questions I guess,thats all they see on my profile and I,think you can have six photos how many,photos six photos plus your Instagram,profile can go on there as well so that,its something that about your profile,is a little bit different thats kind of,like stuck in with these questions so I,dont know like some peoples questions,like all the answers are kind of,superficial in a way some people arent,so it kind depends what questions you,get how important that is to you so that,is something to keep in mind like I said,the idea of the way you match is what,kind of throws me off so like I said you,couldnt like someones picture as a way,to match or you can actually comment on,something they said so youd someone,could you know a lot of people have,responded to my social calls that I care,about you know they responded yes or,amazing or totally agree things like,that,I actually one person today message me,with my one that says pet peeves that,pic Trump supporters and they were like,thats really hateful um so didnt like,them back oh its interesting when,people write comments you know you like,I said you can just like someones,picture and thats how they match you or,have thats how they show you they like,you or you can actually write a comment,so you could say oh I like that picture,you have a great smile or you know were,out wheres where are you if its like a,picture in like a scenic place or,something so you have both of those,options so if someone messages me,initially as a match option like I was,telling me they like me they say in the,message Im more likely to reply because,they kind of made the first move if,someone just likes your photo its just,like liking someones photo on Instagram,like okay Im not nothing to say to you,so it kind of gives you that option and,I feel like the whole point if the whole,point is to get off app I feel like that,in case you shouldnt be able to just,like someones photo you should have to,message to start the conversation,another thing about the app I find,confusing is during once the,conversation starts at once someone you,know says they like you Beast,Im like if they liked your picture if,they comment something based on your,answers your on your photos its not,like bumble how its just a regular like,conversation back and forth this one,likes a the guy messaged me and said,something right,until I respond I will have a,notification from the hinge on my phone,saying its your turn to say something I,[Music],have also gotten a lot of emails from,him saying like oh theres so-and-so,like you I dont know how to shut that,off were just kind of annoying I dont,like getting extra emails like I dont,need also on bumble if you dont talk in,24 hours your match goes away unless,someone extends that on here there is no,expiration date on your matches so you,can match with somebody not message them,and ever stay in your matches for,however long it will send you a thing,couple weeks in saying oh oh have you,met yet you can hide this person if you,dont want them to be in your imagine,any more but youre not going to be,deleting them or unmatching like you,would on the bumble theyre just kind of,hidden so you dont get notifications to,say you started texting that off the app,you exchanged numbers,you can like hide their notification on,that which is kind of cool I guess but,also I find it kind of confusing to be,honest now like I said you cant really,like so many people a day but you also I,notice you dont run out of that many,people like Im bumble my based on my,distance I feel like I run at it quite,often Im here I own the distance is the,same but maybe theres more people in my,area on hinge because I just feel like I,dont run out of people to swipe through,another thing I wanna mention is maybe,its just my area Im sure this is very,specific person but in m

Hinge Dating App Review 2021

hello welcome to dude hack my name is,steve and today were going to be,reviewing hinge for 2021,so today were going to be running,through everything you would ever need,to know when it does come to the dating,app hinge were going to be running,through quite a few points and reviewing,them all but first guys my name is steve,im the owner of dudehack.com which is,your online dating resource basically,just a website covering everything,online dating for dudes and dudettes so,if youre interested in online dating at,all go and check it out so if youve,never used hinge before youre brand new,to it or maybe you have been using it in,the past or recently and you just want,to know a bit more about it this video,is going to cover every single question,hopefully you could possibly ever know,about it now hinge is a location-based,dating app very similar to tinder or,bumble in that you will express that you,either like or dislike another profile,if that profile likes you back well you,have a match and you can now start,talking to that match now we are going,to get into that in a lot more detail,but just first guys if youre still,unsure at the end of this video if hinge,is going to be the right dating app for,you then i highly suggest that you do go,and take dude hacks free quiz which will,tell you exactly what dating app would,suit you better ill put a link in the,description down below on top of that if,you are maybe just even starting your,online dating journey or even if youve,been doing it for a while also,regardless of what dating app you are,using whether it is tinder bumble or,hinge i highly suggest that you go and,grab a free copy of my book tinder,hacked you can download a digital,version for free down in the description,below this will just give you an,overview to basically not suck at online,dating and its free so go get it now,but you were here to find out about,hinge and see what my review is of it so,without further ado lets jump into it,so today what were going to be doing is,im going to be running through a total,of 11 points im then going to review,each of those points individually im,going to give them a score and then i,will give you what my overall score is,when it comes to hinge the points that,were going to be running through today,are the success rate the user overview,the sign up process your own hinge,profile what other hinge profiles look,like how its messaging function works,its free version and everything that,comes with it its paid memberships and,everything that comes with it its cost,its customer care and obviously quite,important is its value and just a,reminder as i said at the end of that i,will break that all down and give you,what my overall score is for the hinge,dating app now before we really get into,the thick of it i have been personally,using hinge for quite a few years now,and in my opinion its just a little bit,of a notch above tinder and bumble now,what exactly i mean by that is it just,seems to take things a tad more,seriously and thats quite obvious by,hinges own motto which is that its,designed to be deleted which tells me,that the creators are putting a focus on,serious relationships starting but with,that being said when you are comparing,it to dating sites like e-harmony and,whatnot hinge definitely still falls,into that category of being a little bit,more casual the way that hinge works is,it does use a well-thought-out algorithm,to match you with potential people,whether thats through its most,compatible or just as general swiping,screen both of which well dive into in,a bit more detail soon but one thing to,address before we dive into it is hinge,does boast that three out of four dates,will result in a second so 75 of the,dates that are happening from hinge are,essentially successful dates pretty good,odds now there are a few differences,that basically separates hinge from the,dating apps like tinder and bumble which,are trying to make changes to sort of,catch up a bit but hinge instead of just,being a hot or not game like looking at,a few photos and expressing if you like,them or not hinges a little different in,that you have a few other components on,your profile or on other users profiles,that you can spark a conversation on so,what im getting at is on tindo youll,have your bio youll have some photos,and well when you see that profile,youll either press yes or no like or,pass with hinge yes youll see the,photos but youll also see a few,different things called prompts which is,essentially answers to particular,questions displayed on your profile what,hinge allows you to do thats different,from that tinder dating app were,talking about is you can like any one of,those aspects individually whether that,is a photo whether that is a prompt and,you can start the conversation based on,that thing so when i look at that mixed,with the fact that 75 of dates end up,being successful it tells me that hinge,is putting the focus on compatibility,and making sure that people are well,hitting it off before they meet which,clearly indicates that theyre more,likely to hit it off when they meet so,this kind of leads to my very first,point to review and that is hinges,success rate so like i said there we,have a definitive number 75 percent is,hinges success rate now obviously,theres a little bit more to it than,that i wouldnt just say three out of,four dates perfectly are going to be,great and that other ones going to be a,dud theres a few more things that come,into play for example there are,definitely a few people on hinge that,are just looking for something casual so,maybe they are making up that extra 25,they have that casual fun and then they,move on in my opinion that could still,be well a successful date according to,that person and what do those data,points look like when we start getting,into the third and fourth date because,well if youre looking for a serious,relationship you dont just want to have,two dates well all we have to go off is,the data thats out there and anecdotal,evidence from my own personal experience,and the dates that i have been on from,hinge it does just seem that things are,maybe a little bit more serious and when,you have met with that person after,basically starting a conversation on one,of their prompts or something like that,i feel like youve had a bit of an ice,breaker things are a little bit more,easy going and well yeah my dates have,been quite successful from there and,like i said the other thing we have is,the data unfortunately all that is out,there right now is that three out of,four dates are successful by either,going on a second date now that might,not be all that much to go off but im,telling you right now when you compare,that to a dating site like tinder that,is miles ahead in the very casual and,almost fickle kind of nature that tinder,is you can imagine not as many second,dates are occurring but then if you,compare a dating app like hinge to a,dating site like e harmony for example,well you could argue that hinge doesnt,stand a chance now what im getting at,is a site like e harmony is much more,focused on finding a long-term,successful partner even resulting in,marriage so if thats your definition of,success,maybe a dating site like that would be,better but if your definition of success,is maybe hopping on a site dating app,that seems to be a little bit less of a,slot machine type thing than tinder but,also not as serious and focusing on,marriage as e-harmony well then,hinge is probably the most successful,one out there for you so really what im,getting at here folks is its success,rate is really defined by you your goals,and what youre looking for if you want,a one night fling or on the contrary you,want a full-blown relationship thats,really focusing on marriage straight,away i wouldnt go on hinge but if,youre pretty easy going you want to,move on from an app like tinder or,bumble and youre sort of open-minded to,well anything then i think hinge is,probably the best for you a

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Reacting To Dating Profiles- How To Get MORE Matches & Biggest Mistakes Guys Make! | Courtney Ryan

hi everyone welcome back to my channel,if youre new here im courtney ryan and,today is a video that all of you helped,me with and that is reacting to your,dating profile so i asked on my,instagram for you guys to send me your,dating profiles like screenshots and,little videos and you guys did not,disappoint i had hundreds of people send,me their dating profile so big thank you,to everyone that participated ill,probably be doing more of these in the,future so if you missed out dont worry,you will have another opportunity so,today like i said im going to be going,through your dating profiles giving you,some tips um maybe giving you a little,bit of feedback and advice what youre,doing well what you could work on a,little bit just from a girls,perspective so i know kind of you know,what girls pay attention to when theyre,swiping on apps and i also know what,would make your chances a little bit,better lets be honest we all know that,dating apps are heavily swayed to,benefit women women get so many more,matches than men its absolutely,astounding so i know that its tough for,you guys im actually probably going to,make a video pretending to be a man and,just see what my experience is so i can,really put myself in your guys shoes but,trust me from interacting with all of,you on a daily basis from stories i hear,from my guy friends as well i know its,tough out there so stick with me im,gonna really try to help you guys today,and for privacy reasons i dont think,im gonna say anybodys name im just,gonna look at the profile and you guys,can look along with me im gonna have it,on the screen next to me here so lets,get started okay this first one,i dont have all of his photos i only,have a screenshot of his main profile i,wouldnt say that its bad it shows you,know where he works where he went to,school where he lives,his interests music wine walking,shopping language exchange all right his,bio says looking for friends or more if,you vibe with me so theyre just,tweaking the bio a little i would say,looking for friends or more if you vibe,with me,i would get rid of the emoji because i,dont really know what that means just,from someone that doesnt know use,perspective for the selfie i would say i,dont typically recommend you guys have,selfies as your main photo i think its,always better if its a photo of you,that someone else took or maybe you set,up a tripod or your phone and take it,that way that way it looks a little bit,more natural you have to really pay,attention to angles as well so when,youre taking photos understanding your,good angles is incredibly important and,he doesnt look bad here but a lot of,times that that down angle looking up,can be very unflattering for a lot of,people um so keep that in mind he also,has the seat belt on which great that,youre safe but maybe i would just,recommend a different photo as your main,photo like a photo of you and also the,sunglasses they look amazing i love,sunglasses but a lot of times for your,main photo you want to be able to show,your whole face unless you think that,you are like the ugliest thing on the,planet and you want to cover it up but,again that makes it kind of obvious too,so girls ive seen actually girls say,things about guys having sunglasses on,in their pictures and they say things,like i cant even tell what you look,like so if thats what youre going for,then okay sure you can keep doing it but,girls typically like to see what you,look like so i would recommend not,wearing sunglasses and again for the,main photo have it be a photo someone,else took of you ask your friend set it,up yourself ive taken my own photos,before and you guys would probably never,know you just set up a little thing and,take it yourself so it just makes it,look a lot more natural instead of so,forced like a selfie okay so this is his,main photo,i typically tell you guys not to take,photos with cars if youre someone whos,very into cars i think it can be okay,but typically i think it looks a little,bit odd when you are taking a photo with,a car especially if its not yours so i,want to be totally honest,if you were my sister i would tell you,this so i really want to be as honest as,possible in no way shape or form am i,trying to roast you or make you feel bad,but i never recommend taking photos next,to cars like this and if you do just,dont post them on your dating profile,because its kind of like the guys,holding up the fish i just wouldnt do,it he has his university on here,his bio says jersey looking for a little,cutie looking for someone to watch crime,documentaries with if you watch f1,thats a bonus so i would take out,well little is spelled wrong so spell,check always make sure you spell check,and grammar check your,bios so saying your location is okay,because i know if youre traveling or,something in a different city you might,not necessarily know if someone lives,there or if theyre just traveling in so,i think having where you live is okay,i would take out looking for a little,cutie,i think you could still say looking for,someone to watch crime documentaries,with if you watch f1 thats a bonus i,think thats fine because youre telling,things that youre into,from looking at that a girl might be,able to tell you know if you guys have,similar interests or not whatever it is,okay this was a really great example,that i got and i wanted to share it with,you guys as a great example so his main,photo is a photo taken of him but he,still looks great its not a selfie its,a very simple photo but he looks great,this is i believe hinge maybe so its a,little bit different than tinder all of,these dating apps all these dating apps,have different formats so just kind of,take what you need from me and run with,it um but it says my love language is a,negroni,naroni naroni am i saying that wrong you,can butcher me in the comments if i am,just let me know,im sure ill hear it,what if i told you that oh so it gives,you prompts and then you fill in the,question and i like that about hinge,because it makes it easier for you,instead of having to like craft an,amazing bio on your own it kind of gives,you the tools which makes it a lot,easier so i do like that it says what if,i told you that i have a five star uber,rating passenger okay thats cute and,funny,great photo again okay so his photo is a,photo of him close up great next photo,is him doing something that he likes,hes outside maybe he,is doing some sort of outdoor activity,im not an outdoor girl so i have no,idea,but it shows that youre into things,another photo his friend maybe took of,him hes dressed great nice watch nice,sunglasses the next prompt is the,dorkiest thing about me is im a history,geek okay cute youre showing that,youre intellectual youre showing that,youre a little bit nerdy i personally,like that and a guy i dont know if,every girl would but im into that,and your last photo here is,if you ever feel like youre crap at,your job just remember that richard,nixon once got drunk and ordered a,nuclear stripe on north korea before,sobering up and canceling it okay so he,has a little sense of humor and hes,showing that as well so i think this is,a really great example of a good profile,again with the photos you want one,thats a little bit closer up so the,girl can see what you look like maybe,you want a photo with some friends i,think you actually sent me another,screenshot but its just too many you,guys some of you sent me like 10,screenshots and it was just way too much,so i picked a couple out of there you,have the up close photo of you for your,profile picture great it doesnt have to,be like professional photo just a photo,of you that you did not take yourself,with your arm up,secondly a photo of you doing something,you enjoy this could be a hobby this,could be an interest his was outside so,that was great,next could be a photo of you and your,friends you should only have one group,photo on your profile i think one,two maximum because if every single,photo on your profile is you wit

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Hinge Dating App – 5 Top Tips For Guys In 2022

in this video im going to tell you how,to get better quality matches on hinge,quick introduction my name is james,langton i was on the tinder top 30 most,right swipe list of 2019 and since then,ive been the founder of dave to help,hinge is actually a hybrid app its kind,of like tinder and bumble which are,swipe apps but its slightly different,it lets you like 10 profiles a day on,the free version before you have to pay,for the premium version of it on the,free version this updates at 4 am every,single morning and then you get another,10 for the day the only true way to get,more matches is actually to pay for the,premium version of the app but if you,want higher quality matches theres a,couple of things that you need to do,also just as well while ive got your,attention ive actually created an,online dating app course where im going,to help you take new photos select and,retouch your current ones write a bio,keep conversations or lives on dating,apps gain more matches turn your matches,into dates what to wear and where to go,on a first date if you guys like the,sound of that head to the link in the,description and you will see for,yourself and its all about your profile,and how you use the app number one its,your photos like any other dating app by,far the most important factor are your,photos i dont care what anybody says,whether its your conversation or your,bio it really doesnt matter because if,your first couple of photos particularly,your first one arent that great people,just not match with you and thats not,good at all so you really need to pay,attention to your photos heres a few,really quick tips so that smile make,sure the first photo isnt a selfie keep,your damn shirt on i dont care if,youve been to the gym loads or whatever,just keep your shirt on and also use a,quality photo try and make the,background really colorful be alone in,the photo no ex-girlfriends or friends,and also no sunglasses or hats and then,tip number two is engage with a comment,youll notice on hinge that theres,actually three profile prompts and this,is information that somebodys actually,put on their profile thats usually,about them or their opinions and these,are really fantastic things to pick up,on instead of writing something about,them physically how much you fancy them,or something like that just go straight,in with these prompts and try and have a,conversation around those because your,conversion rate will be so much higher,than if you just give the person a,compliment i promise you tip number,three is write something controversial,on your own hinge prompts now to,actually gain better conversations if,you just have really boring information,on your profile like you like going to,the movies or something like that people,are really not going to pick up on it,but if you write something thats pretty,controversial youre going to find,youre going to have a lot better,conversations now i dont mean,controversial as in something really,offensive literally just something that,sparks different opinions my opinions,would be i think nutella isnt actually,that nice and ive never watched the,lion king so id upload those two number,four is go off app sooner rather than,later ive said this in so many of my,other videos but youve got to remember,that when you have a conversation with,somebody if you imagine on your phone,youve got seven messages and then the,second youre the eighth message youre,basically almost like in page two or,three of google which nobody uses so if,you want to be first youve got to have,that conversation and aim to take that,person off app so the best apps you can,go on are either imessage or whatsapp or,instagram try and avoid snapchats a,little bit childish same again with tick,tock you literally just want it so that,a conversation where somebody can see,that youre a real person a little bit,more and you want to be speaking on that,because then the person youre speaking,to is going to be getting a notification,instead of just another person on a,dating app if you guys actually head to,the description of this video ive left,a couple of items there that you can,just copy and paste to take somebody off,app from a dating app and number five is,worry about quality rather than quantity,a lot of the time when i speak to people,about dating app they say that they want,more matches and then i kind of turn it,around and say well why why do you want,more matches and it actually turns out,that they just want more matches with,more attractive people but you always,got to remember to have an amazing,experience from dating apps you dont,actually have to have that many matches,its more about the quality so when you,put effort into creating a great profile,keeping those conversations alive taking,people off app,the algorithm the dating apps is going,to realize that youre an engaged user,and its going to show you to a lot more,profiles so if youre engaging with,people with a great profile then your,ranking is going to go up youre going,to be seen by a lot of great profiles i,hate to say it but youre not going to,be matching with victoria secrets models,after using these couple of tips the,world doesnt work like that its the,same as the real world but you find that,when youve enhanced your profile a,little bit and also worked on optimizing,your conversations as well youre going,to get a better experience youll be,able to have more confidence to go on,more dates and in general just meet a,lot more people and have better,experiences from it so thats it pretty,much from me and i will see you in the,next video and please remember to hit,that like and subscribe button id,really appreciate it thanks a lot

Dating Apps from a Christians Perspective: My Observations and Experiences (Bumble, Hinge, Upward)

hows it going everyone i hope youre,doing well so like i said my singleness,video,ive used dating apps in the past some i,still use today,others i dont i wanted to make this,video to share how christians should,approach using dating apps as well as,share my personal experiences with them,im going to start by answering the,questions is it okay for christians to,use dating apps and,what does the bible say about it then,share some dating app observations that,ive made,as a christian since using them which,will hopefully give you some insight,into how they work and help you decide,whether or not theres something that,you want to try out and finish by,sharing my personal experiences with the,three dating apps that ive used,which are bumble hinge and upward,alright so what does the bible say about,dating apps,nothing since neither dating apps nor,dating,existed during biblical times but even,though theres no direct condemnation of,using dating apps in scripture,the use of them still seems generally,frowned upon by christians,especially those from the older,generations at least in my experience,i think since dating and swiping apps,like tinder have the reputation of being,used for hookups,which is not incorrect people see that,as their exclusive use,so while they can be used for hookups,dating apps can also just connect you,with others and help you meet new people,namely people you want to date the model,itself is neutral,and becomes either sinful or god,honoring depending on how we use it,another source of contention that some,christians have with dating apps is the,idea that by using them,youre taking matters into your own,hands and choosing to not be patient,with gods timing and finding a partner,especially if youre a woman,i can understand this viewpoint given,the fact that the use of dating apps is,relatively new compared to the long,history of the church,in the traditional manner of meeting a,partner and new things will always clash,with tradition but still theres nothing,inherently sinful or out of line with,gods will,about using dating apps proverbs 18 22,says,he who finds a wife finds a good thing,and obtains favor from the lord,for men god doesnt call us to sit and,wait for a wife he calls us to go,out and find her while a lot of men find,their wives at school at church,on mission trips what have you now,through the power of modern technology,we have the opportunity to find our,wives online through dating,apps its just one more way that god can,uniquely write our story,and for women who are often told to take,a more passive stance in finding a,relationship,i like to think of ruth to show boaz,that she was interested in him,ruth lied down with him she didnt take,the lead in the relationship but she did,make the first move,she was very forward with her feelings,scripture doesnt tell women that they,cant be proactive in their weight for a,godly husband,so in that sense it doesnt forbid them,from using dating apps,its just important that if you are a,woman on dating apps the man,still pursues you and takes the lead in,the relationship,as it grows what matters most is how we,use dating apps,if you feel like god is calling you to a,season of singleness because hes trying,to,grow you as a follower of him or hes,trying to teach you something but youre,impatient so you download bumble to try,to meet someone anyway,then yes dating apps are causing you to,sin,but if youre in a season of singleness,and you pray to god asking if dating,apps are maybe something you should try,out,and you dont get an explicit no in,response if he leaves that door,open then until he closes it you should,use dating apps with confidence,but like with any relationship pursuit,you also need to engage them with wisdom,love patience and honesty alright so now,that we know that dating apps are an,option for christians in general,its time to see if they should be an,option for you,im going to give some insight into the,dating app culture talk about some of,the ways that meeting people through,dating apps differs from meeting people,traditionally,and share with you some things you,should expect when using dating apps,so first ill say that on dating apps,people are going to judge,you and you are going to judge other,people,initially and primarily based on,looks while as humans we initially judge,people based on looks all the time,in traditional face-to-face interactions,we usually get to talk with,observe or otherwise learn more about,this person,when were with them on dating apps,however,its different people swipe at a mile a,minute and there are thousands of people,to swipe through,so their immediate gauge as to whether,theyll swipe left or right on a person,is how the person looks first,impressions are everything,it sounds shallow but thats the nature,of the beast,people can choose to read your bio and,look at your other pictures and,everything,but whether or not they decide to do,that depends on how they judge you up,front which is usually based off your,looks i say all this to give you clarity,into how dating apps operate,but also to tell you that using dating,apps can very quickly devolve into just,swiping right on people you find,physically attractive,and swiping left on people you find,physically unattractive,not only as a christian are there a lot,more factors that should go into play,when looking for a partner besides level,of physical attraction,but also very quickly you can start to,objectify those youre swiping,its very easy to forget that everyone,is made in the image of god when you can,disregard them with the swipe of a,finger,ive caught myself doing this many times,and when it does happen,i have to take a step back and evaluate,where my hearts at,am i on this app to meet a godly partner,or am i here to play smash or pass,fits the latter i need to lay off the,app for a while and spend some time with,the lord,im not saying that you have to devote x,amount of time viewing every single,profile that you come across,in order to show them respect because,again thats not necessarily the nature,of dating apps,and if youre not physically attracted,to someone you see thats totally okay,but when the tendency on dating apps is,to decide youre attractive,and youre unattractive based off of,looks alone we need to be careful that,as christians were still honoring every,person we see even if its just in our,minds,secondly meeting people on dating apps,is different than meeting people in real,life because,unlike in real life people on dating,apps are,sometimes if not often talking to,multiple people at the same,time like i said there are thousands of,people on dating apps,so even if you only match with a,fraction of those thousands,and only a fraction of those matches,actually lead to a conversation,you could still find yourself talking,with a few different matches at once,what im getting at with this is the,fact that you need to guard your heart,when you match with someone and begin,talking with them,if youre like me then when you match,with someone there are like 50 different,thoughts that run through your head,is she the one could this be it what do,i say,and in reality the two of you could hit,it off but also in reality,she could be hitting it off with three,other matches as well,until the two of you have gone out on,several dates and communicated with each,other whether or not youre still,talking with other people on the app,the best practice is to guard your heart,and have low expectations,another thing that goes along with,talking with multiple people at the same,time on dating apps,is ghosting sometimes after you match,with someone,you can tell or they can tell that it,just isnt a good fit,and so depending on how long the two of,you have been talking sometimes theres,no good way to cut things off other than,to just stop,messaging them all together its not,ideal but,again thats just the nature of the,beast if youve been talking with,someone for a while youve exchanged,numbers and e

My brutally honest Hinge experience

ive had the dating app hinged for two,weeks now and im gonna be sharing my,honest very brutal thoughts uh about,this app uh in conclusion i dont really,like it,but here are some thoughts uh one of the,main things that i think people all,think and agree on the same thing but,they dont talk about is that initially,the app gives you,the best uh of the bunch the top quality,uh,i dont know how to say it without,objectifying people but basically,the the algorithm in the beginning,throws you the best um the prettiest,girls the most qualified girls if you,guys if youre a girl the most qualified,guys um,its to lure you in obviously you want,to get to a website get to an app and,then see the best uh merchandise im not,trying to objectify women by any means i,think women probably feel the same way,about men when they come to the app and,theyre like oh my gosh look at these,instagram model looking people maybe,have a chance with them so they lure you,into thinking you have a chance with,these people most likely unless you are,also cream of the crop which,statistically speaking youre probably,not um you will not match with them but,that happens in the beginning,that brings out the uh girl and guy,dynamic of things,when a guy makes an app,they spray their likes uh the same way,that men probably shoot their shot more,than women do,i think men just very rapidly scroll and,especially if youre a younger guy,probably liking or unliking based on,their looks i would say i probably gave,each person maybe three to five seconds,yes yes yes no no yes yes yes no no um i,recall i had a friend about a year ago,she made her eng in front of me and,within 15 seconds she had 50 likes uh,shes definitely above average looks uh,good qualifications,um,but yeah within 15 seconds 50 likes i,dont think in the past two weeks ive,gotten 50 likes uh maybe 50 likes but,uh the girl dynamic is definitely,different im sure males and females,have a different experience and because,of the way that it is set up and that,women and men typically behave my guess,based on conversations is that men,probably always typically end up,matching with people that are,lower if you have to rank them and women,[Music],instead of,especially compared to real life,probably are able to shoot up because,they get far more matches and far more,interest they have uh more of a choice,and choosing men dont really on this,app dating apps are geared towards woman,but sadly most of it is made up by men,um,to touch a bit of the positives and just,not boring especially if youre good at,talking youre decently good looking um,i guess both of which i am saying that,i think i am above average in,especially in conversation um its,pretty fun i mean in the beginning you,have the thrill of matching with someone,you have the understanding that they,like you and you like them you probably,like them so i smash them because you,somewhat have interest in them then you,know basic human,feel is to enjoy getting to know this,person theres a whole world of 20 plus,years behind them that you dont know,about and you do all these common things,where you talk about where youre from,and how you have some interest maybe,some mutuals heres my instagram what,kind of job do you do what are you,looking on this app whats your hinge,experience,whats your dating experience who dated,and miraculously everyone you talk to,barely is on the app and doesnt really,talk to people on this app not really,checking notifications heres my number,thats typically the flow and then,ultimately unless you have really really,pure interest or you have met in person,the conversation dies because theres,not much in common between two people,that are inorganically meeting each,other through an app and looking just to,a relationship or you know one and done,um i call this the netflix event effect,uh when youre eating and you want to,watch something you it takes longer to,find the right video,compared to how much you actually watch,that video,because its the idea that there might,be something better,this app gives you this idea that there,must be someone incrementally better as,you keep swiping um its its truly the,netflix effect its very toxic and,chaotic,if you find someone with xyz,qualifications,you get the idea that there must be,someone with x plus one y plus one z,plus one qualifications um thats just,how this selection of uh merchandise i,keep using the word uh in no way of,objectifying but works,and yeah its an ever longing thought of,there is probably a better version of,this person out there and i have the,ability to continuously talk to multiple,people with no,strings attached um,i think this really comes,with the issue and the idea that you are,not,catering a relationship to a person but,catering a person to a relationship,there is a relationship void or hole,that youre trying to fit or trying to,fill by downloading this app and then,youre consistently trying to put people,into this gap and,inadvertently having higher and higher,qualifications and standards,none of which will be probably met,relationships,devolve or revenge evolve very,organically when you meet someone as you,learn to like that person more you love,even the faults here its that youre,looking for a relationship then youre,finding these people and every time they,dont hit one of those qualifications or,every time they mess up or the effort,just doesnt seem as high as before its,just not fun anymore i think its very,unnatural for people to meet in this,manner,the algorithm is very scary,once you start hitting a niche type of,person based on race based on religion,sometimes even the captions like im,getting a bunch of girls whose,apparently personality is sushi um,the algorithm hinge knows uh who likes,you and what you like and once you kind,of get into that trench its really hard,to escape and perhaps thats not what,youre into it just happens to be what,youre matching with um you could argue,that in real world real life you are,typically,limited to a certain selection of people,based on who you are but it almost,reinforces uh the stereotypes and the,inability to um and simply put to go,into racial or,go cross-religion um and again you could,argue that ultimately even if it wasnt,for the app you would have made that,decision but its a weird feeling seeing,very similar looking girls over and over,and over again and its almost as if the,app knows you better than you know,yourself um,i truly feel like this uh,app is gonna destroy the existence of,relationships dont get me wrong i know,people around me that have gotten,married with their hinge so clearly it,works for some people but i think as,with all things the world is definitely,destroying family values and uh the,essence of relationships which is uh,meeting organically growing together,being loyal,this demeans all those things and what,youre doing is picking and choosing and,trying to find the best person possible,by swiping as much as possible and,making relationships a numbers game um,perhaps relationships are a numbers game,i dont want to become i dont want it,to become a numbers game,but granted it just really demeans the,level of effort that you want to put in,because if this person is just not,enough or you feel bored with this,person you can always go back to the app,and swipe for more um the app,hinge says meant for you to be deleted,if it was meant for you for b to delete,it then they wouldnt make money now,they need you to stay on the app dating,apps are incentivized so that you dont,find people or you continuously use it,to find more people,i dont really buy the idea that they,want to get rid of you as a customer,thats not how business models work,they are by definition defeating the uh,relationship as we know it um,i,think that one thing that ive noticed,though uh and this probably comes from,my traditional background and i need to,uh,reform this more and im glad im,grateful for my experience,by this but uh women are far more,straightforwar

I tried the BEST dating apps so you didnt have to | Tinder, Hinge, & Bumble Review

hey guys welcome back to my channel so,im continuing my dating app,series if you have not seen the first,video i will go and link it down below,where i talked about why you should,consider using dating apps and in this,video im going to be,reviewing hinge tinder and bumble if you,dont see the ring on my finger i am,engaged but i did in fact meet my fiance,using a dating app and i will reveal,which one,at the end but basically in this video,im going to go over the features each,of them have,as well as kind of what i think,the best app to use is if youre wanting,something casual or more serious like a,relationship so were gonna go ahead and,get started,with the og dating app which is tinder,it came out in 2012,and tinder kind of has a reputation of,being,a more casual hookup app but dont let,that deter you from using it because i,will say,its kind of like everything in life it,is whatever you make it,um if youre not into the hooking up,just dont message those people back,because that will be the first,message you will know right away what,someone is interested or,on the app for using tinder so if youve,never used tinder before,when you open up discovery it is kind of,like your main,shopping place so to speak thats pretty,much what were doing on these apps,and you swipe left on their photo if you,are not interested you dont want to see,them again,or you swipe right if you are interested,if you swiped right on a person and the,other person swiped right on you,you will become a match and then you,will be able to chat with each other,they cannot send you a message unless,you have,matched with them so another thing about,tinder,and most of these apps is they all,include a photo verification,is it state-of-the-art no but it at,least kind of weeds out,some of the more catfishes and robot,profiles but with tinder you can upload,a maximum,of nine photos you can include a bio if,you want,and thats really the main features some,of the features that you can pay for but,i dont think you,need to in order to find a match which,all the apps have extra features that,you can pay,to kind of unlock these tidbits such as,being able to see who likes you,before you even like them as well as,unlimited,likes because tinder and most the other,apps do as well,they limit you per day that way you have,to get on each,day but that is pretty much tender in a,nutshell we will move on,to hinge pinch is an app that was,created,and released the same year as tinder,however i personally did not hear about,it until,years later like 2017 which that might,have been my age i was really young,still in high school whenever the app,came out so of course im not going to,hear about it until later,but the hinge motto kind of speaks for,itself its the dating app,thats designed to be deleted so hinge,is kind of,more of a platform for serious dating,not so much the casual hookups,and for good reason a lot of the,features,on this app really help narrow down,your potential matches so with hinge,they,give you three prompts that they want,you to fill out on your profile so it,forces you to write something on tinder,you dont have to have a bio if you,dont want to but on hinge you fill out,three prompts you can pick whatever,prompt you want,they do provide them and you answer them,and then you also have the option to,upload six,photos and whenever trying to match with,someone on hinge instead of swiping,left or right you actually are forced to,like or comment on either their picture,or prompt,which this is nice because it kind of,gives you a conversation to dive into,instead of just saying,hey whats up kind of thing,it gives you an opportunity to discuss,something thats interesting to them,because they wrote it,and kind of breaks the ice a little bit,easier another feature about the hinge,profiles is you can put as much detail,on there,as you want in regards to question of,religion,you can put your height on there you can,put whether you do drugs whether you,drink and this can really help narrow,down our pickier people that know,exactly what they are looking for,but i would also be careful when,choosing those,features because there is a mode on,there which you can set,called deal breakers and this is where,you can put if,you are a religious person and you want,them to be the same religion as you you,can put that as a deal breaker and hinge,will not show you,any profiles that do not meet that,requirement,however i would recommend to always keep,that open because sometimes what we,think we want and we need is not really,the best,fit for us and to just kind of be open,to our options,rather than really narrowing down who we,want,and possibly being unhappy with that,um and just give people a chance okay we,dont need to,it is like shopping but we dont need to,really dial it down that much another,feature about hinge is if someone likes,you,you are able to see their profile you,dont have to match with them,to see whos liked you but you do have,to match with them to be able to talk to,them,however when you look at your likes,folder itll only show you one profile,at a time so if you have five guys,stacked up or girls,in your likes folder its only going to,show you one and you cant see who else,liked you until you have decided whether,you want to match with that person or,to not and just like tinder there is a,paid option if you want to unlock more,features such as seeing,everyone who has liked you as well as,having unlimited,likes hinge does tap out about eight,likes per day,again its to make sure you get on the,next date and keep,using their app so moving on to,bumble im not a big fan of bumble but,well kind of get there,at the end um bumble was created in 2014,and it was kind of seen as the,progressive app because,with using bumble the girl is the one,that has to message first,period and another feature about this,app that is different from the rest of,the dating apps,is that it puts a clock on your matches,so as soon as you match with someone it,only gives you 24 hours before you,message them,if you do not message them within this,24 hour period,their profile goes gray and you cannot,message them unless you have,bought the little unlocked package,whatever so,i really liked this feature because im,personally really bad at texting,getting on apps things of that sort so,it almost holds you,accountable to get on there and make,sure you are messaging and using the,apps,that youre not just storing lots of,profiles,and its not going anywhere it forces,you to want to message those people,because you might lose the match so with,bumble you can,have up to six pictures on your profile,as i mentioned earlier,the paid option unlocking more features,would be being able to reconnect someone,that you,kind of let the match timer run out or,being able to see,all of your matches as well as unlimited,likes,bumble from what ive researched is,about 25,likes per day and now getting,into kind of what i would use each app,for,so starting with my least favorite im,sorry bumble,but its you i really did not like,bumble for,a few reasons its a really good,platform,to kind of brush up on your game because,youre forced to message these guys,first,so it kind of gets you back in the swing,of things if youve been out of the game,for a little bit and you dont know how,to kind of like flirt,it kind of get you back there get you,some practice because thats the only,way youre going to,have a conversation with these guys is,by messaging them first,however i did not go on a single date,with anyone from bubble i had lots of,matches but i never,went on a date with these guys and i,even talked to other guys about this app,and,why they were using it not once that i,match with but just in my everyday life,and what i kind of found out was a lot,of guys were using it,as i just had a brain part and what i,found out was that a lot of guys were,kind of using it as a self-esteem,booster,kind of just sitting back kicking their,feet up and saying okay,lets see how

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