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Hisense U7G 4K HDR TV Review | Best 65-inch under $1K?

sometimes you just dont see a hit tv coming  could this be one of those times welcome back  ,everyone im caleb denison and welcome to my  review of the hisense u7g tv now if we look back  ,on high senses tvs from the past few years then  there are a few things we can reasonably expect  ,going into the u7g we know its the second best  led lcd tv the company makes we know it doesnt  ,have many led backlights like some of the fancier  tvs but probably has a lot of dimming zones  ,we know high senses processing has been decent if  not anything to write home about and we know that  ,the tv will aim to get very bright we also have  the hisense u8g which i reviewed not too long ago  ,and it was a pretty good value so it stands  to reason the u7g will be two but does the  ,u7g have any surprises up at sleeve thats what  were gonna find out today ill cover everything  ,from the setup to the picture quality and well  even toss in some performance numbers on our  ,way to determining if this tv might be one you  should buy and if i do this right well have a  ,little fun along the way before i dig in though i  want to point out that the u7g is available in 55  ,65 and 75 inch options and currently selling  for 850 1 000 and 1400 respectively at the  ,time im shooting this video to put a fine  point on it thats a 65 inch tv for 1 000  ,now im hoping those prices hold firm but right  now who knows a lot of you are frustrated with tv  ,prices going up and i get it the tcl 6 series is  a great example so my question for you is what do  ,you think about that do you understand why tv  prices are going up instead of down right now  ,leave me a comment about that below so we can talk  about it and while youre down there please smash  ,the like and subscribe button if you like this  video because were growing but not as fast as  ,we could with your help i repeat i need your help  so do it thanks as always all right lets do this,so just in case theres any confusion the hisense  u7g replaces last years h8g the numbers shifted  ,around but the u7g this year sits just below this  years u8g and i liked the uhg i think it was a  ,fine tv but i have much stronger feelings about  the u7g and youll want to stick around to the end  ,to find out why because the y is pretty important  i think by the way not to add more confusion to  ,things but the u7g model number thats just  for north america like the u7g in australia  ,completely different tv so keep that in mind  okay well start with the user interface and i  ,mentioned this stuff in the unboxing video which  is right here by the way in case you want to  ,watch but be sure to come right back here for the  good stuff anyway hisense hasnt made the jump to  ,google tv yet so you get an android tv interface  and its fine i mean everything you need is here  ,except for maybe apple tv plus and its easy  enough to navigate what i really like about the  ,user interface though is the ease of setup once  you choose a picture preset for sdr or hdr in one  ,app it will copy that to other apps and in fact it  uses that picture preset for all the hdmi inputs  ,if you want it to as well so once you really  figure out what picture settings you like the  ,best you dont have to go into a ton of apps or  each hdmi input and customize everything its all  ,copied over and i really think thats a big deal  for everyone not just those of us who are super  ,picky about picture quality it makes it easier to  get the best picture for everyone and thats a win  ,as for other tangibles i think the tv looks fine  im not a huge fan of the big silver strip at the  ,bottom im also over logos i think its better  for someone to ask what tv is this and then you  ,can be all its a high sense and then enjoy the  surprise look on their face when they realize  ,you know one of the better kept secrets in the  world of tvs but anyway the look of the tv is fine  ,the remote is also fine its got a voice button  on it but if you dont mind google listening  ,theres a built-in mic on the tv too which you can  shut off but if you leave it on you can just yell  ,hey google assistant and the tv will do your  bidding and that has me wondering how many of you  ,enjoy talking at your tv special comment requests  let me know about that down below as for the sound  ,quality its not great now it isnt terrible  you can hear what people on the tv are saying  ,and that counts for a lot these days but the sound  quality does not stand up to the picture quality  ,and i would recommend a sound bar even a simple  one to get a bit more oomph out of the experience,now on to everybodys favorite part picture  quality and before i get into my takeaway  ,i want to go ahead and throw in a section  im going to call numbers for knit nerds  ,now you can skip this part if you arent into  knits and such but maybe stick around you  ,might learn something new so this tv has a theater  night and a theater day setting turns out the real  ,difference between the two is that for theater  night the backlight setting is at 35 by default  ,and for theater day its set at 80 and thats  really the only difference the color temp is the  ,same that would be low which is high sense speak  for warm and the local dimming is set at medium so  ,i checked peak luminance for both settings and  with theater night it came in at 283 nits in sdr  ,theater day bumped that up to 566 nits in sdr and  i think thats great you get just a bit brighter  ,than traditional sdr peak for theater night and  you get a juiced up image for theater day that  ,can take on some ambient light in the room and  theres headroom you can turn up the backlight  ,even further if you want but i wouldnt do that  for sdr because it will elevate the blacks a bit  ,for hdr i got between 930 and 950 nits depending  on how long i had been testing peak brightness so  ,just under a thousand which i consider a good  measurement for a tv in this price class thats  ,definitely enough to pull off hdr pretty well  but it isnt going to blast you out of the room  ,and thats a good balance for me i did run into a  few surprises though one was that the hdr standard  ,mode actually didnt peak as bright as hdr  theater by about 100 nits it was 100 nits lower  ,i didnt see that coming the color temp was cooler  but it wasnt brighter which is weird because  ,the standard mode is almost always brighter also  surprising the two-point grayscale out of the box  ,was impeccable and i dont just mean on point  for high sense i mean the grayscale was sony  ,a80j oled levels of accurate right out of the box  in the theater night mode no adjustments made it  ,was a little heavier on the red in the theater day  mode with the backlight juiced up a bit but still  ,totally acceptable so i thought to myself  self i bet the color is going to be insanely  ,accurate and guess what it wasnt normally  accurate grayscale means the colors are gonna  ,track well but technically speaking the tv has  color errors into the visible spectrum are they  ,egregious are they gross no actually they arent  but they are more severe than i was expecting  ,now normally my knit nerds this is where i would  say something like this tv would benefit from a  ,professional calibration but i just dont see  the buyer of this tv doing that blah blah blah  ,im not going to say that this time some folks  might want to have this tv professionally  ,calibrated but ill get to that in a minute lets  step back and have a broader look at this tv,so heres the takeaway up front i really like this  tv i mean i havent felt this way about a tv since  ,i reviewed the first tcl 6 series this just came  out of nowhere for me and im really pleasantly  ,surprised i actually had to check myself and be  like is it really that good in the grand scheme  ,of things or am i just abnormally excited right  now and ultimately i answered myself and i said  ,self your gut is serving you well here this tv  is awesome you just have to explain why so

Hisense U7G 4K HDR TV Review – 75″ Model

[موسيقى],مرحباً يا جميعاً ، أيها التقني ستيف هنا وعلى هذا,فيديو سأريكم يا رفاق,كل ما تريد معرفته عن,هايسنس u7g الآن سأخبرك أن,هايسنس ترعى هذا الفيديو و,أرسلوا لي واحدًا للتجربة والاختبار,في هذا الفيديو سنحصل على,خارج الصندوق سأذهب أيضًا إلى,تظهر لكم يا رفاق ميزات مثل جهاز التحكم عن بعد,التحكم في نظام القائمة وعمل بعض,عينات الصوت والفيديو لذلك,دعنا نمضي قدمًا ونصعد على الصندوق و,ابدأ,[موسيقى],[موسيقى],لذلك عند شراء التلفاز وكيفيه,ربما يكون مظهر الألوان هو الرقم,شيء واحد ربما تكونون عليه يا رفاق,نبحث عن ذلك فلنتحدث عن,أن هذا أولاً يحتوي على نقاط كمومية,والتي ستعطيك أكثر من مليار,الألوان وهذا سيكون حقًا,جيد لأن هذا التلفزيون به الكثير من الميزات الرائعة,بروفايلات صور بها أدوبي فيجن,hdr 10 hdr 10 plus الذي يدعم,منتجات سامسونج ولها hlg,ملفات تعريف الصور بحيث يكون لديك إلى حد كبير,كل ما تحتاجه للحصول على الأفضل,جودة الصورة الآن مائة و,عشرين هيرتز فما يعني ذلك,كل ما تلعب فيه سيكون,تبدو أكثر سلاسة وواقعية,ولديها حركة 480 هرتز لذا,ستقوم بتنظيف بعض هؤلاء,مشاهد مختلفة كلما لعبت,مثل الأفلام القديمة أو أي شيء من هذا القبيل,الآن هناك ثلاثة أنواع مختلفة,المقاسات يوجد 55 بوصه و 65 بوصه و,الذي أستخدمه اليوم في هذا الفيديو هو,75 بوصة وهي عبارة عن لوحة IPS ومع ذلك,الـ 65 و 55 كلاهما لوحا va i,أجرى اختبار تباين على هذا التلفزيون فقط لـ,انظر كيف جيدا تلك المستويات السوداء,أداؤه جيداً,خاصة في تلك المستويات السوداء وهي,مدبب إلى المقياس الرمادي u7g,يحتوي أيضًا على مجموعة مصابيح خلفية كاملة و 72,مناطق العرض المحلية لذلك سيساعد ذلك,في الظلام عند مشاهدة فيلم,. وبعد القيام باختبار التباين هذا,يمكن أن يرى أن مستويات الصف جيدة,في جميع المجالات الآن لدي,هذا في وضع HDR لذا إليك بعض,ملفات تعريف صور مختلفة يمكنك,اختر متى تستخدم HDR لذا,ستكون قادرًا على الحصول على,صورة أكثر إشراقًا,الآن إذا كان لديك تلفاز,يبدو مظلمًا حقًا على أي نوع,من محتوى 4K HDR والسبب هو أن,معظم أجهزة التلفزيون لديها تصنيف متخصص فقط 250,إلى,350 لكن معظم التسجيلات في تقرير التنمية البشرية هي,سجلت عند ألف شمعة وتخمين,ما في u7g يصل إلى ألف,شمعة سطوع لذلك هذا بالتأكيد,سنقوم بتحسين كبير عندما,أنت تشاهد Netflix 4K بتقنية HDR,youtube مع hdr أو amazon prime video,مع تقرير التنمية البشرية وأريد أن أريكم يا رفاق,هذا حقيقي سريع باستثناء القليل,في الزوايا يكون التوحيد الخاص بك جميل,جيد ولأنه إضاءة خلفية مباشرة,ستحصل على المزيد,السطوع في المركز وهو,. توقعت آخر شيء أريد التحدث عنه,. عندما يتعلق الأمر بالصورة,سأريكم رفاقًا سريعًا,عرض صغير وسيستمر حوالي,15-20 ثانية حتى تحصل على فكرة عن,الصور واه بشكل عام انها جميلة,أعجب,[موسيقى],لذلك أعلم أن هذا تسجيل ولكن عندما,تشاهد هذا التلفاز وترى الحقيقي,الصورة عليه تبدو في الواقع,جيد ، لقد تأثرت كثيرًا بالنظر,نقطة السعر وحجم التلفاز,هذا منطقي جدًا في الاتحاد,يذكر أن هذا التلفاز يبيع بالتجزئة حوالي أربعة عشر,مائة دولار عند البيع ولكن,النظر لأربعمائة دولار,75 بوصة اختياراتك جميلة,محدود الآن سأخبرك أن,يبدو نظام الصوت جيدًا أيضًا,يحتوي على وحدات خارجية مدمجة من adobe و dts,وعندما تنظر إلى الجزء الخلفي من هذا التلفاز,إنه أمر مثير للإعجاب لأنه يحتوي على,نصف قطر سلبي سيساعد,إخراج المدمج في 10 وات باثنين ممتلئين,نطاق مكبرات الصوت لمنحك صوتًا إضافيًا,إجابة لذلك سألني الكثير منكم,بخصوص مكبرات صوت التلفاز إذا كنت من النوع,شخص لم يقم بإضافة شريط صوتي أو,نظام الصوت أعتقد ما يأتي هناك,هو-هييبدو جيداً أعني لا,توقع الحصول على صوت جهير هدير أو أي شيء,من هذا القبيل ولكن الوضوح جيد و,. لديك كل هذه الإعدادات المسبقة مثل,imacs وكذلك بعض من المدمج في,الأصوات المحيطية معقولة جدًا,الحواف الموجودة على u7g لطيفة حقًا و,نظيف,النظر إليه من الجانب ليس كذلك,سميك بالنظر إلى حجم التلفاز,يحتاجون الاستقرار عليه وعلى,. يوجد أسفلها ميكروفون,مفتاح يمكنك إيقاف تشغيله وتشغيله,القدمان عريضتان ويكفيان إمساكهما,التلفزيون لكنني وجدت أنه,كن متذبذبًا قليلاً بالنسبة لي لذا,من المحتمل أن يثبته بالجدار إذا,كنت سأحصل على تلفزيون بهذا الحجم الآن هذا التلفزيون,يمكن تركيبه على الحائط بفضل,600 ملم × 300 ملم ثقب,النمط الذي يستخدم مسامير m6 ولي,يبدو التلفزيون ممتازًا جدًا وجيدًا جدًا,الجودة الآن عندما يتعلق الأمر بالمدخلات,سوف تجد منفذي hdmi 2.0s 2 hdmi,2.1 لكن واحد منهم مشترك في e-arc,اثنان يو إس بي وواحد منهما 3.0 ليف,خرج بصري ومقبس سماعة رأس,بالإضافة إلى ذلك إذا كان لديك أكبر سنًا,vcr يأتي مع هذا المحول لذا,يحتوي على المدخلات المركبة أيضًا,الآن أريد أن أخبركم أن,يمكن استخدام HDMI 2.1 في أي ألعاب,وحدات تحكم للحصول على ألعاب تصل إلى 120 هرتز,ولكن إذا كنت تستخدم شريط صوت واحد,من hdmi 2.1s حتى إذا,ستقوم بعمل شريط صوت قد تقوم به,تريد استخدام بصريات خمس سنوات إذا كان لديك,اثنان من ألعاب الجيل الأحدث,بعد ذلك ، أريد تجربة بعض الألعاب,لذلك قمت بتوصيل جهاز PS5 الخاص بي مع HDMI 2.1,كابل ثم قمت بتحميل الأوساخ 5 ثم ذهبت,في إعدادات القائمة ووضعها في,سرعة عالية ولديك مباريات هناك,ستحب حقًا كل,الميزات التي يجب أن يقدمها أولاً,كل ما يحتويه على الواقع الافتراضي هو متغير,معدل التحديث وما الذي سيفعله,هل ستقوم بضبط الصورة على,تطابق الإطارات على اللعب,تعزية بحيث يكون من الجميل أن يكون لديك,بالإضافة إلى أنه يحتوي على الكل وهو,. وقت استجابة بطيء تلقائي لذلك ليس لديك,تقلق بشأن أي شيء,اضبط نفسه تلقائيًا وإذا كنت,لديك جهاز كمبيوتر يدعم المزامنة المجانية لذلك,سيسمح لك ذلك بالاتصال,ذلك باستخدام بطاقة الفيديو المتطورة هذه و,احصل أيضًا على أداء أفضل,هيا نلعب بعض المباريات,[موسيقى],في صحتك,[موسيقى],[موسيقى],[موسيقى],لقد جذبنا انتباه الحراس,يترأسونك,[موسيقى],هذه طريقة,يقومون بدوريات على أجزاء من السفينة و,. حمايته من الدخلاء مثلك,. لن يسمح لك بالمرور,[موسيقى],بعد اللعب على u7g كان الأمر حقًا,تجربة ممتعة وحقيقة أنك تستطيع,انتقل إلى تقرير التنمية البشرية وتغيير إلى مختلف,جعلت ملفات تعريف الصور ذلك كثيرًا,أفضل الآن لقد رأيت هذا الخيار على,بعض التلفزيونات الأخرى ولكن,أعني أن التلفزيون يحتوي على إيماك والكثير من,يدفع الناس الكثير من المال للحصول على ذلك,التجربة لذلك تم إعداد imax في هذا,نظام يعطيك افضل لون,معايرة ممكنة وهو أمر رائع الآن,لجميع المهووسين هناك,ربما أتساءل ما هو تأخر الإدخال,لذلك بما أن مختبري يرتفع فقط إلى 60,هيرتز تمكنت من الحصول على 1.093,مللي ثانية عندما كان التلفزيون في,أي نوع من الوضع القياسي ولكن عندما أنا,تحولت إلى وضع اللعب كنت قادرًا,للقيام بـ 14.8 مللي ثانية وهو أمر جميل,محترم وإذا كنت لا تعرف ماذا,تأخر الإدخال هو مقدار الوقت الذي يستغرقه,يأخذ للانتقال من وحدة التحكم الخاصة بك إلى,تلفزيونك لذا إذا كان هناك الكثير من,تأخر هناك سيكون نوعًا من,مثل تحول في حركتك,أي شيء أقل من 40,30 مللي ثانية على جهاز التلفزيون هي,عظيم الشيء التالي الذي نريد التحدث عنه,حول هو جهاز التحكم عن بعد وواحد بارد,شيء عن جهاز التحكم عن بعد,لا يأتي معه إلا أن صوته,. مفعل ولكن به إضاءة خلفية,وهو نادر جدًا لكثير من,التلفزيونات في السوق وهي,. بسيط بما يكفي لفهمه ولديه,الكثير من الميزات التي أعرفها يا رفاق,ستعجبك في الأعلى,العثور على مايكروزر طاقة وإدخال الهاتف,في المركز يوجد أمر google,زر فقط اضغط مع الاستمرار عليه للقيام بأي,من الأوامر الصوتية هناك أيضًا,مفاتيح المفضلة الخاصة بك الجانب العلوي والسفلي,للتنقل عبر مختلف,التطبيقات الآن شيء واحد يجب أن تدركه,عندما كنت أقوم بإعداد هذا,في الواقع زر القائمة ولكنه ليس,المسمى وأدناه أنك ذاهب إلى,رفع مستوى الصوت وخفضه,قناة صعودا وهبوطا وبعض اللعب,الأزرار الإضافية التي لديك بعض,مفاتيح التشغيل السريع وهي Netflix amazon prime,video youtube plus لديك 2b و,تطبيقات الطاووس هنا في,الجزء السفلي من جهاز التحكم عن بعد بشكل عام,يعجبني جهاز التحكم عن بعد هذا ومنذ,إنه بلوتوث يمكنك استخدامه بالفعل,في جميع أنحاء الجدران لذلك إذا كنت بحاجة إلى,ارفع مستوى الصوت في غرفة أخرى فقط,خذ هذا الجهاز معك ويمكنك,تحكم به الآن لأن التلفاز به,مساعدي google يمكنك إعداد مهلا,ميزة google على التليفزيون لذا أنت,لا داعي لاستخدام جهاز التحكم عن بعد هذا لـ,أعطها أوامر صوتية وهي أيضًا,بالإضافة إلى شيء آخر أحبه حقًا,عن هذا التلفاز هو حقيقة,أنه بمجرد أن أطفأت التلفاز بعد,مشاهدة الاكتشاف زائد بمجرد أنا,أدارها وعاد واستأنف,. حيث كنت في الكثير من التلفزيونات عندما كنت,أطفئهم يعودون إلى التطبيق,تداول لذا فهذه ميزة أخرى حول هذا,ضبط عندما يتعلق الأمر بالتشغيل,النظام محمّل مسبقًا بنظام أندرويد,10.0 لكنني أتمنى تحديثها,إلى تلفزيون Google لأنني أحب ذلك,واجهة أكثر قليلاً الآن,سنخبرك باستخدام هذه الواجهة,سريع جدًا على الشاشة الرئيسية,سنخصص كل ما تبذلونه من,التطبيقات التي تثبتها من,متجر التطبيقات ويأتي مع بعض,تلك المثبتة مسبقًا التي خلعتها,التلفزيون لأني لم أفعل,في حاجة إليها للذهاب إلى الإعدادات التي,لديك ضوابط لصورتك أيضًا,كصوت لديك ولديك جهاز,مدير حيث يمكنك التحكم في كل ما تبذلونه,المدخلات المختلفة وكذلك إعادة تسميتها,تمكنت أيضًا من البحث عن جهاز بلوتوث,سماعات الرأس وربطها وهذا,إضافة رائعة لهذا

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Hisense U7H Quantum 120Hz ULED 4K TV Review – Incredible All-Around!

[Music],i just finished wrapping up my review of,the harsens u6h and the tv was quite,impressive it marks a great entry point,for users who are looking for a,generally decent all-around tv with,gaming features and some local dimming,however the hudsons u7 h steps things,up even more with this feature set in a,way it acts as a companys high-end,full-array local dimming tv with some of,the best gaming features on the market,and a panel that is able to produce some,incredible image quality where the u6h,stumbled in some aspects the u7h,perfects it and you can definitely see,some improvements across the board here,the harsens u7h is also the official tv,of the fifa 2022 world cup and,hearthstone should be proud of,themselves for putting together such a,great display sure the hearthsense u7h,is a little bit pricier than its,predecessor the tv will set you back 15,999 ran for the 55-inch,19999 ran for the 65-inch 29 999 for the,75-inch and 39-9 for the 85-inch but you,paid for the extras and theyre also,worth it here the harsens u7h unboxed is,the same as the u6h but there are a few,tweaks here and there i should mention,first off the inside of the box is foam,padded instead of polystyrene the tv,also uses a completely different stand,so the box has to accommodate this,feature once unsealed i removed the,stand and top protector from the box i,then slid the box over the tv revealing,the covered unit the tv includes special,pad of protectors on the left and the,right hand side which are used to,provide cushioning when placing the tv,down on the surface to install the,stands the stand is quite easily,installed i simply screw the middle,frame into the bottom of the tv using,the screws provided flip the tv over and,it was ready to go,setting up the harsens u7h was pretty,simple i could either download the video,app by scanning the qr code on the,screen or manually connect to the,internet to sign in i chose to use the,app it was simply enough once installed,i connected to the wi-fi through the app,on the phone and got everything up and,running it definitely makes things,easier instead of having to sit and type,out your email and password using the,remote to log into your viewer account,when it comes to the design theres no,denying that the harsens u7h looks,excellent in person the metal based,stand while being very anti-sound bar,looks great and gives the tv a very,modern look it stands 6.5 centimeters,off the surface and you might have some,issues putting your soundbar under the,tv due to the stand that comes out 12,centimeters from the front of the,display,the tv boasts a metal frame around the,edges of the display theres also a gun,metal base on the bottom of the tv,thats got a sort of dual layer design,on the right hand side theres a small,etching that shows off the dolby vision,and dolby atmos logos i have to say the,general design of the tv is extremely,elegant the black glass panel looks so,clean and the thin metal frame gives it,an extremely premium look theres also a,high sense logo at the bottom near the,sensor and a red led light,when it comes to the ports the tv,includes everything you need on the left,hand side here youll find two hdmi 2.0,ports with allm and the other html 2.1,ports these two ports include one port,with e-arc while both ports support alrm,and vrr these hdmi 2.1 ports also boast,4k 120 support other ports on the u7h,include one usb 2.0 port and one usb 3.0,port an ethernet port audio out mini av,digital audio and two tuner ports,theres also a common interface card,port for those who use this most of the,ports are situated on the left hand side,while the ethernet digital audio port,and usb 2.0 port have their own ports on,the back of the tv power port is then,located on the right hand side of the tv,the harsens u7h is quite a robust tv and,if you can think of a modern tv feature,it does have it both the 55 inch and 65,inch models come with full array local,dimming while the 75 and 85 inch models,include full array local dimming pro the,larger tv panels just allow for more,dimming capabilities but the general,picture quality here is superb i was,especially impressed by how incredible,the black levels are on this tv while,the local dimming does still produce,some blooming hair in there youre not,going to get any better than this when,looking at an led tv the video os,includes all the apps youll need it is,also expected to get disney plus in,south africa soon too harsens is also,launching the fifa plus app on vita,before the fifa world cup 2022 kicks off,it will make for a great companion for,the official tv of the world cup and,includes highlights match archives and,live games beyond that the general use,of the os is fast and responsive apps,open and closed quickly and switching,between active apps leaves them open in,the background to return to what youre,doing before,the dolby vision iq mode also enhances,supported content depending on your room,i found that at times it even increased,the brightness of the content i was,watching due to the light in my room i,did notice that some content started,here and there when making use of the,feature this was likely due to the,sensor detecting the light in the room,while also adjusting the tv settings in,the background if this does happen to,you you could always disable the rq,feature,i was impressed with the general image,quality across all streams and content,the hearthstones u7 packs a 600 nit,display which is bright and vivid the,har senses u7g packed a 700 lit display,so this one is a little dimmer however i,did measure 569 thats a brightness in,100 window which is excellent for a,panel like this in the first place,the peak brightness here also allows,images to punch through any glare you,might face on the tv and makes content,really look great when it comes to local,dimming the harsens u7h includes 48,dimming zones that help keep the black,levels down as low as possible when,playing games and watching content the,75 and 85 inch models include 120,dimming zones due to the size and the,pro local dimming feature in a decently,lit room blooming is basically,non-existent thanks to these dimming,zones unlike the u6h which completely,eliminated small objects when turning on,the local dimming onto max the u7h keeps,them around meaning youll still be able,to max out the local dimming feature,without losing any image quality,the only time youll really notice a lot,of blooming on the u7h is in a dark room,and youre dealing with very bright,objects on the black background sort of,like subtitles and stars in the sky,apart from that this tv does a fantastic,job replicating a pure black image,now gaming on the hearthstones u7 h is,where the real magic is and the tv packs,some of the best of the best features,first of the tv comes with 4k 120 hertz,support and its quite flawless youre,getting the full 4k resolution here when,using the mode and there are no,resolution sacrifices both horizontally,or vertically it also comes with vrr and,alrm theres a toggle in the settings to,enable and disable freesync too freesync,and vrr make the world of difference,when playing games gaming is so much,smoother with the freesync vr enabled,every action feels fluid and rotating,the camera in the game results in a,jitter free and screen tearing free,experience,as expected for an led tv local dimming,is reduced when you enable freesync on,the display during my review period with,the tv harsens issued a substantial,update to improve the local dimming and,gamemode experience on the u7h and it,makes things easier to understand when,youre deciding between using local,dimming or freesync make sure you update,your tv to the latest firmware to get,the best game mode settings and,versatility on this unit so in the,perfect world you should be able to do,local dimming with dolby vision gaming,4k 120 hertz and freesync at the same,time but sadly led technology just isnt,there yet it is what it is however the,hearthstones u7h lets

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THE BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK 4K Dolby Vision & Atmos TV ??? ???? : Hisense U7G Review

Hey guys, Adam Lobo here from Adam Lobo TV and in this video,I will be reviewing the new 2021 line up of TVs from Hisense,which is the Hisense U7G so keep watching,So the question some of you may have is that: Who is Hisense?,Where do they come from and are their TVs very good?,Well…,In the past, I have taken a look and reviewed some amazing TVs,and also their laser projectors from Hisense,and yes, they have been pretty amazing,So here is a quick reminder about Hisense,just in case you havent heard of them,Hisense is a brand from China and it has been,the Number 1 brand in China for 17 consecutive years,And they have also been the number one brand in multiple other countries as well,and they have also been the official partner for events,such as the FIFA World Cup 2018,the recent EURO 2020 tournament,the official partner for PSG Football Club,and also the official sponsor for the upcoming FIFA World 2022 in Qatar,So yes, thats all you need to know about Hisense,so now lets jump into the review,Looking at the specs of the TV, the model that I have here,is the 55-inch U7G, where there is also a 65-inch variant,where both is a 4K resolution TV which has a 3840 x 2160 resolution,Before going into the specs of the TV,the main thing that really stood out to me was the bezel-less design,and let me tell you that once you see this,you probably would not even want any other TV within this price range,The TV has a near bezel-less screen,which makes your entire viewing experience super immersive,and the fact that it is almost all screen is quite appealing as well,It uses a DLED panel which in simple terms is a Direct LED Panel,which has a HDR 10 certification and it is also a DOLBY Vision panel,So with this, you can binge on all the Dolby Vision content on Netflix,which youll find plenty over there,and yes, for this price range,I highly doubt that you will find a panel close to this,Then the TV gets even better,since it has a smooth motion rate of 120Hz,with the MEMC smooth motion,and an image refresh frequency of 60Hz,which makes everything that you watch flow smoothly,And it also comes with the Quantum Dot Technology,where just in case you guys did not know,it is a technology that enables the display to produce,more than a billion shades of color,which results in a wider range of colors,thus giving more hues in the image as well,And on top of that, it overall helps a better viewing experience,which has a wide color gamut to ensure,everything that you watch is color accurate,which is something that I, and Im sure you,would totally appreciate in TVs these days,And speaking of a great viewing experience,I have to say, as a football fan,I really loved the Sports Mode on the TV,where when you activate this mode the background sound will be louder,and the overall picture will be enhanced further,So yes, this would be great for situations like us here in Malaysia,where we cannot be in a stadium to watch a football match,Other than that, Hisense has also included the ALLM,also known as the Auto Low Latency Mode,where after you have toggled it on,it will give you the ideal automation settings to minimize latency,that allows a smooth and almost a totally lag-free experience when playing games,Now, this feature is actually a new upgrade from Hisense,as this was usually done manually for the previous generation TVs,So with this, not only it turns on automatically,when I plug in my PS5 gaming console,But in addition to that, the Variable Refresh Rate,also made my gaming experience really nice,as there surely were no noticeable lags, stuttering,and frame tearing for a more fluid and a nicer gameplay,So yes, I have not run into any issues with the TV,and I have really enjoyed watching content on it,especially when it comes to gaming as well,Now, the Hisense U7G also comes with a quad-core processor,to help ensure that the browsing through the UI is smooth and quick,and it also comes with lots of ports available for the TV,where at the back, youll find one HDMI port,which can stream up to 4K 60Hz,Then next to it, youll find the LAN or the Ethernet port,a headphones jack,an AV Video In,and a service port,Then at the sides, youll find another 3 more HDMI ports,which also can stream up to 4K 60Hz,a Digital Audio Out,and two USB ports, which one is a USB 3.0 port,and the other is a USB 2.0,Now, as for the audio, I was actually pretty impressed with the setup,As an audiophile myself, I usually install a soundbar along the TV,But the U7G comes with Dolby Audio with Dolby Atmos,which to my surprise actually sounded good for a speaker coming out from the TV,so that was nice,When it comes to the operating system, the Hisense U7G,comes with Hisenses own custom VIDAA U5 Operating System,So what exactly is this VIDAA Operating System and how has it improved,compared to their previous generation?,First and foremost, because of this operating system it is known as a Smart TV,and compared to the previous iteration,this newly redesigned launcher,makes the entire user experience smoother and more user-friendly,From my experience, using this new operating system,compared to the previous one that I had,it had really fast loading times which was really impressive,and the entire aesthetics was something that I really quite enjoy,I also noticed that the layout also seems to be more compact,compared to the previous generation,And it also seems to be a bit more compressed, which to me looks nicer,as it saves more room to provide more room to display the content itself ,which looks overall really nice,And with that, it is easier to see everything in just a single screen,and you can navigate accordingly,Speaking of navigation, the search bar has also received a visual overhaul,as it has been designed to ensure that it fits your needs,and I feel that the best feature now is that,when you search for a movie or video,the search results will be displayed as content sliders,which makes it easier to browse through the search results as a whole,Then there is also the VIDAA Voice,where you can perform voice commands to open up apps,like for example starting up Netflix,which can be triggered by pressing the microphone button on the remote,Also worth mentioning is that,since I have mentioned there is an incredible app loading time,there is also a really good load time,like 13.1 seconds to power on the first boot,and only 3.08 seconds for every other boot up,and an amazing 1.2 seconds load time when switching between apps,And speaking of which, it is also really easy to go to all of the apps,through the shortcut buttons, which is available on the remote itself,such as the dedicated buttons for YouTube, YouTube Music,Prime video, browser and many more,So overall, besides the whole viewing and the visual experience,the user interface for the Hisenses brand-new VIDAA U5 operating system,surely is another appealing factor of the TV as well,So in conclusion, overall what do I feel about this TV?,Well for the price you pay, it is pretty damn good,From the screens vivid colors and the amazing resolution,and the bezel-less design really makes everything you watch even more immersive,The TV also is super smooth and I had no problems consuming content,nor any buggy issues when it comes to navigating through the UI,where everything was smooth as mentioned earlier,And with the price that you pay for this TV,it is definitely going to be something that gives you the best bang for your buck,with a price of only RM3,399 for this 55-inch variant,and RM4,599 for the 65-inch variant,and I will leave links down below for you guys to get yourself either one,So guys, with this do let me know what you guys think,of the Hisense U7G at the comments section below,and would you guys get it?,I think you should,Aside from that, thank you so much for watching,Hope you guys enjoyed this video and helped you in making your purchase decision,If it did

Hisense U7G vs Hisense U8G (2021) – The Art Of Upselling

We just tested the Hisense U7G, and right off the bat, we can say that its a great,TV.,But considering the relatively small price difference between the U7G and its bigger,brother, the U8G, is it still a good deal, or should you just spend more for the U8G?,And what exactly are you getting more on the U8G?,Hi, Im Kelsey, a tester at RTINGS.com, where we help you find the best product for your needs,Basically, the U8G is the second-highest 4k model Hisense is releasing in 2021.,Theres the flagship U9DG, the U8G is just a step below, and then theres the U7G.,Theres also the U6G, but thats more of a budget TV; you can check out our written review,here.,To compare the U7G and U8G, well go through the individual results, but we wont touch,on everything because there are a lot of similarities.,As usual, well start with the design and do a quick overview before getting into the,individual test results.,For the U8G, we bought the 55-inch, and its also available in a 65-inch.,For the U7G, we bought the 65-inch, and its available in a 55 or 75-inch.,We expect the various sizes to have very similar picture quality.,In Canada, theyre known as the U88G and the U78G, respectively.,We dont know of any equivalent models outside of North America because Hisense has a different,lineup in other regions.,Theres an international model called the U7G Pro, but thats a completely different,model advertised to have a higher peak brightness and a 144Hz refresh rate.,Alright, lets start by looking at the design.,From the front, the only difference is the color of the bottom bezel and the stand.,As to which stand looks better, thats entirely up to you.,The only thing you need to know here is that the U7Gs feet can be set closer to accommodate,smaller TV stands.,The backs look different, but the ports are in the same place; well talk more about them,later.,They have the same type of cable management with these hooks behind the feet.,The build quality is about the same, but the U8G just feels a bit more solid and doesnt,wobble as much.,Theres some flex on the back around the VESA mounting holes on both TVs, but that shouldnt,cause any issues for most people.,Were not going to touch on the Smart features because theyre all the same.,They both run on Android TV and have the same remote; you can check out our U8G review video,for more info.,Before we get to the test results, lets just quickly look at the overall performance of,the two TVs and what youre actually paying for if you choose to go with the U8G.,Essentially, youre paying for better picture quality and motion handling, and thats because,almost all the other features are the same, like refresh rate, VRR, console compatibility,,and so on.,Well get into more details about the differences in picture quality, so lets start with the contrast.,Both the U7G and the U8G use VA panels with an outstanding contrast ratio, so youll get,really deep blacks on either one.,The U7G does score a bit better in terms of native contrast, but that could just be panel,variance.,Theres a full-array local dimming feature, but its not as effective as the U8G at improving,the black level, so the U8G can get slightly deeper blacks when local dimming is on.,As for the local dimmings performance, the U8G also comes out ahead.,Although we tested the 65-inch U7G and the 55-inch U8G, theyre pretty close when it,comes to the number of dimming zones, so were talking 90 dimming zones on the U7G versus,132 zones on the 55-inch U8G.,Overall, the U8G has less blooming and better transitions between dimming zones.,By the way, the number of dimming zones changes depending on the size of the TV.,We dont expect it to change the performance much on the U7G, but its likely better on,the 65 inch U8G because it has a lot more dimming zones.,In Game mode, the local dimming performs exactly as outside of game mode on both TVs.,In terms of screen brightness, they both get very bright, so you shouldnt have any problems,with glare.,The U8G can reach higher peak brightness, and its visibly brighter in most scenes when,we compare them side-by-side, even though it measures less in our real scene test.,As for the reflection handling, the U8G is better at reducing the intensity of the reflections,,especially direct reflections, like when you have a bright light source directly opposite,the TV.,Unfortunately, they both have narrow viewing angles, which is expected for VA panels.,This means that you have to be almost directly in front of the TV to get the best viewing,experience.,Otherwise, the image looks washed out when you view it from the side.,The U8G has a better color gamut and volume than the U7G, but its not a huge difference.,Basically, the U8G can display brighter and more saturated greens and blues.,Our U8G is more color-accurate out of the box than the U7G, but that can vary between,individual units.,If you watch a lot of HDR content, then the good news is that both TVs can get very bright,to deliver a great experience.,Without getting too much into the numbers, what you need to know is that the U8G can,get brighter to make highlights pop more in HDR content, but the U7G is more accurate.,This is because the U8G overshoots the target brightness and makes the image look slightly,washed out.,Like the local dimming, the HDR brightness stays the same in Game mode on both TVs, so,theres no change there.,Theres a fair amount of dirty screen effect on both TVs, which can be distracting when,watching sports or wide panning shots, but again, this varies between units, so yours,might be different.,Black uniformity is a lot better on the U8G.,As you can see in these pictures, it has a lot less blooming than the U7G around the,test cross.,Okay, now lets talk about motion handling.,The U8G definitely comes out ahead in terms of response time, which leads to a clearer,image with less ghosting.,They also have the same motion features, like Black Frame Insertion and Motion Interpolation.,Subjectively, the motion interpolation looks pretty similar on both, but theyre not as,good as the top-end models from other companies like Sony and Samsung.,Both TVs have a 120Hz refresh rate and support variable refresh rate for gaming.,Speaking of gaming, input lag is fantastic on both.,Its slightly lower at 120Hz on the U8G, but its a tiny difference that most people wont,notice.,Except for 4k @ 120Hz in Dolby Vision, there are no other compatibility issues with the,PS5 and Xbox Series X.,Of course, theres still no VRR support on the PS5; youll have to wait for Sony to implement,that in a firmware update.,If you want to use the TV as a monitor, they both support all the common resolutions; you,just have to force a custom resolution for 1440p.,The inputs are exactly the same, theyre even positioned the same way.,So, you get 4 HDMIs, two of them are HDMI 2.1, two USBs, a 3.5mm analog audio out, a,digital optical audio out, a coaxial, a composite with an included adapter, and finally, an,Ethernet port.,eARC is supported on HDMI 3 if you want to hook up a soundbar or home theater system.,If youre just using the built-in speakers, the U8G sounds better.,It has more bass extension and sounds more balanced.,So, overall, its safe to say that its absolutely worth spending more for the U8G.,The extra money that youre spending is going towards better picture quality and motion,handling.,This is not to say that the U7G is bad in any way; its just very good upselling on,Hisenses part.,So thats it!,What do you think of the Hisense U7G and U8G?,Which one would you get?,Let us know below.,You can check out all of the measurements on our website.,If you like this video, please subscribe to our channel.,You can also become an insider on the website for early access to our latest results!,Thank you for watching and see you next time.

A “Budget” Big Screen TV For The PS5 And Xbox Series X? Hisense U7G Review

hisense sent me a television to review,are they insane,skipping a button,[Applause],so hisense actually did send me out one,of their new tvs to review this is the,u7,it is their gaming oriented tv so for,many of you on this channel who just got,your playstation 5,if you could find one or you got your,xbox series x if you could find one,youre probably looking for a television,that doesnt break the bank thatll give,you all the next-gen niceties that hdmi,2.1 offers like the high 120 hertz,refresh rate and auto low latency mode,variable refresh rate,et cetera well good news is that,you could get,the high sense u7g at the enormous size,of 65 inches,before taxes for under a thousand bucks,in the states,it its not going to be an oled but i,will,say one thing,i dont think you could beat this tv for,the price i,i just dont i i dont see any,competitor out there for the size and,features that you get with it that could,compete with the hysense u7g its not,perfect,but,man is it good,in the interest of full disclosure i,will let it be known that i am not being,paid by high sense are they are not,financially compensating me to do this,video they gave me a review sample told,me to give my take and thats it i will,have an affiliate link to the television,from amazon below in the description if,you do want to pick it up but no check,was handed to me they sent me a tv told,me to make a video,and here i am hi so the u7g is a good,looking television very very small,bezels minimalist design even like the,high sense logo at the bottom of the tv,is,you could barely see it,its not too thick as youre seeing here,as well its a good looking tv it does,not look like you got a budget tv,hanging up on your wall which as you see,here i have mine hanging up on my wall,because thats the only place i could,really fit it now the build quality is,expected its decent its plastic you,you touch the back where you put the,mount for the television its very very,hollow,a little too hollow but heres the thing,once you put a tv up and you either hang,it on a wall or you put the feet on and,sit it on whatever tv stand youre gonna,have does it really matter but,nonetheless you know that plastic in the,back was a little bit shaky wish it was,a little bit thicker i understand,theyre looking to save money here and,there but,its hollow its hollow but again once,you set it you forget it and are you,really gonna be massaging the back of,your television if you do please take a,video if thatd be quite funny if you,just sit there like this,i dont really think anybodys gonna do,that so who cares so lets talk about,the features of this television because,thats what most of you are here for,youre gonna see four hdmi ports on the,back two of them are gonna be hdmi 2.0,so youre not gonna use those ports to,get all the niceties youre gonna get,with the next gen consoles and then you,have two hdmi 2.1 ports now in a perfect,world do i wish that all of the hdmi,ports on this tv were hdmi 2.1 sure that,would be fantastic then i could hook up,my xbox series x my playstation 5 on my,rtx 3080 gaming pc and get all of the,hdmi 2.1 features,but,all the other brands even top of the,line brands dont have all the ports,hdmi 2.1 capable so i cant really hold,that against the h7g and i have a bird,on my table so you cant say anything,now when it comes to the game mode,features of the hdmi 2.1 ports i have to,read from their amazon prime page,because its amazing brace yourself this,is edginess at its best,all the most advanced gaming tech all in,this tv hdmi 2.1 inputs recognize gaming,sequences to automatically adjust,settings for smooth uninterrupted play,the automatic low latency mode alm,variable refresh rate vrr and freesync,if you have an amd graphics card on your,pc minimize input lag screen jitter and,frame tearing so your gaming looks sick,even if you suck i bet you someone,thought a real long time about that,but yeah again with hdmi 2.1 youre,going to get auto low latency mode vrr,high refresh rate everything that youre,expecting from next gen consoles keep in,mind the ps5 does not have variable,refresh rate enabled yet thats going to,come in a update or patch later down the,line but,if you buy this tv and when vrr is,enabled youll be ready to go now it,also has dolby vision and dolby atmos,well talk more about the sound in a,couple minutes and its also imax,enhanced so youre getting a lot of bang,for the buck with the u7g and also its,a smart tv,it has android tv on it,its android tv its good you could,ask your tv to tell you what the weather,is moving right along lets talk about,the sound quality its good sound you,can get away with not having a sound bar,but i could it could use a little more,bass and its just not as full and rich,as other televisions even in its price,point that ive used is the sound,quality acceptable sure,but,youre probably gonna want a sound bar,you dont need one its not awful,but i would recommend one if you buy the,u7g its speakers are,slightly above average so lets talk,about the display,its the main reason why you buy a,television youre going to see in front,of the box if you purchase one of these,tvs that it says you led,youled is not oled you led is qled it is,their terminology high census,terminology for quantum dot technology,and,it is lcd,everyone gets mad when i say that you,could literally go to high senses,website right now and they tell you the,screen type or display type it is lcd,it sounds,prettier to use words like u-led or,q-lead,there are different takes on lcd you,still have to have a way to,you have to have a backlight,to make these screens work,now there is positives to that the u7g,has a thousand nits peak brightness you,are not getting those levels of peak,brightness out of an oled television,because if you try to there would be,burn in thats the nice thing about not,having an oled television is that the,screen can get much brighter so if you,have a well-lit room you will still get,a bright beautiful picture but hdr,content looks fantastic and honestly,unless theres a super dark scene,where there theres a ton of black and a,ton of shadows,it almost looks as good as oled it,really does i i im really impressed,with the image quality out of this tv,now it is a va panel and ive seen a,bunch of other reviews on the h7g where,they say because its a va panel if you,look,from angles that,call like blacks start to get milky,ive seen it a little bit but,i looked at various angles and its not,as extreme as ive seen other reviewers,make it out to be,yes you do see the image change when you,look at angles but its nowhere near as,severe as ive seen maybe its just my,panel maybe its,maybe they when they got their product,it they had a different result and maybe,i would see it on their,u7g television but on mine when i look,from the side,yeah you see a little bit of difference,but its not that bad now one of the,other things i look for for any backlit,television is the dirty screen effect,now what that is is because theres,backlights its very tough for,manufacturers to get an even picture,across the whole screen and some places,may be brighter than others some places,may be darker than others so it almost,looks like the screen is dirty if you,have a flat color on there,now the footage im going to show here,you do see the dirty screen effect but,its nowhere near as bad in person ive,tried multiple cameras they all showed,the same thing theres some there and,thats why im still including this,footage but,the dirty screen effect is nowhere near,as bad that ive seen on other panels,from other high-end manufacturers not,gonna name any names here in this video,but i was pretty impressed with how even,the backlighting was,on this tv because a lot of times,backlighting is very its very tough to,get a solid level of brightness thats,even across the entire screen,and high sense did a pretty good job,here making that happen now it took me a,couple days to find this but nonetheless,i did i sen

Hisense U7G 4K Quantum Dot TV

hey guys joster here welcome back to the,channel so this time i got my hands on,the new hysense u7g,now this is the 65 inch model which,sells for 1 100,theres also the 55 inch model that,sells for 850 dollars and if you want to,go bigger theres also a 75-inch version,that sells for 1,500,now this db has more dedicated features,for gaming it has freezing premium pro,autumn looking latency,it is also capable 4k 120 hertz,performance mode but of course it also,works great with movies it has adobe,vision adobe atmos imax enhanced sound,with dts support google assistant full,array with local dimming and up to 1000,needs of peak brightness,so in this video were going to take a,closer look to this tv and to see how,everything works so welcome to the,channel guys please consider subscribing,if you havent i noticed that about 90,percent of my viewers are not even,subscribed so hit the subscription,button hit the notification bell so you,get all the notifications when i upload,a new video im joster and lets do this,[Music],so this tv looks very similar to the,hysense uag but is not as premium,the borders are very slim and i also,noticed that its a little bit on the,thick side and the reason being is,because this is a full array local,deeming tv this is a 65 inch model and,this one comes with 90 dimming zones,theres also the 55 inch model and that,one has 72 dimming zones and theres,also a 75 inch model which has 120,dimming zones,all right so here we have four hdmi,ports and then theres a usb 3.0 on top,there are two hdmi 2.1 ports at the,bottom and then two hdmi 2.0 ports as,well now right here on the bottom we,have the cable or antenna port then we,have audio video in headphone jack i,havent seen that in a while a usb 2.0,port and a reset button,then right here on the side we have the,lan port digital audio for audio and,then we have serial and service,another cool little detail is a cable,management same as the hysense uag,although this one is a little bit,different but it actually works pretty,good,the tv also has a power button right,here at the bottom and theres also a,microphone on and off switch that you,can turn on or off depending on if you,want to google to listen to you the,whole time or you can just switch it off,so personally i installed the legs in,the inner section part of this to be,because personally i think its the most,logical options since it takes less,space so the measurement between legs is,exactly 36 inches by 10 and a half,inches,by three inches height so that means,that theres very little space for a,soundbar,so one little detail that is probably,not a big deal is that im able to,remove the power cable from this tv and,this is actually a very simple cable to,replace so just in case if it breaks,its super easy to replace i mentioned,this because i noticed some other brands,are now,building building in the cable the power,cable so i like i hope they still be,able to remove this in the future with,all the tv models,so same with the uag this is android 9,os and it is very very friendly user so,if you want to set this up oh my god,its so simple you just log in with your,phone use your your google account and,pretty much everything just transfer in,here all your passwords your wi-fi,password and everything i really really,like this os it is super simple it,supports hdr it supports adobe vision,i mean what else can you ask for,very very easy to use i like it,so watching content in 4k hdr on this tv,it is looking very very good i mean look,at this it is super colorful it is,bright,beautiful sharp image and also remember,this is a quantum dot tb its a kilo tv,so of course colors and contrast are,going to be enhanced as well so lets,jump into the picture real quick because,it does change every time you switch to,hdr or to adobe vision or sdr the,picture does change so make sure you,set it up correctly at the first time be,sure that the backlight the automatic,sensor is turned off your backlight,level is 100 percent and your local,demand is on high that is probably like,the best settings that you can get also,i noticed that out of the box it comes,with standard i believe and look at this,it changes so much i mean standard looks,very dull it doesnt have those punchy,colors that im looking for but if you,switch to,for example hdr,theater i believe yes thats my favorite,one oh my god the picture looks so much,better colorful bright i really like,this so the tv also supports dopey atmos,and dolby vision which is another hdr,format that it changes dynamically scene,by scene so you get a better hdr,performance,so when you jump into dolby vision you,get different,picture settings so lets jump into the,picture right now,and picture mode we have three different,options dolby vision iq which is the one,that im using right now adobe vision,dark which is uh almost the same but,its a little bit darker and then dolby,vision custom which allows you to,customize all of your settings which is,pretty nice i really like that i have,that option but honestly out of the box,i feel like dolby vision iq,looks,pretty good to me,so this is a va panel tv so that means,that youre going to have good contrast,deep black levels but what it fails is,on the viewing angles so what i notice,is that when im sitting right in front,of the tv the picture looks beautiful,very colorful great contrast but when,im watching this to be on an angle i,start noticing how the colors sort of,like fade away it doesnt have the same,impact they dont have the same,saturation anymore so that is something,to,consider just in case if you want to,watch this tv or use it in a in a wide,room big living room consider that the,colors are not going to be the same,so another thing i like about this tv is,the sound this tv has dolby atmos sound,and my god,it is,very loud,it sounds very clear and im just in,level 25 right now that is,amazing how the sound is,so if youre considering buying this tv,without any soundbar or sound system,youre going to have a good experience i,mean the sound is loud it is clear but,of course if you want to have the best,experience i always suggest to at least,get a soundbar so you can get the best,out of the sound adobe atmos in my case,i have the nakamichi soundbar which,sounds excellent i have a full review on,this soundbar which im going to leave,right here on top but,the sound out of the box i was impressed,very impressed,so lets jump into gaming and i have the,xbox series x and ps5 and both work,great now this db has very low input lag,at around 15 milliseconds so it is very,good for competitive gaming it is very,responsive so far everything works good,out of the box including 4k 120 hertz,mode brr auto login latency hdr i even,noticed that local deming works with 4k,120 hertz mode and hdmi vrr but i will,talk more about that in gaming related,videos so if you want to see specific,games on this tv let me know in the,comments below what games you would like,me to test,i also like the remote controller it is,very simple easy to use medium size its,easy to handle and it has direct access,to netflix prime video youtube disney,plus 2b and peacock which is good,because those are the most common apps,that i use on this tv,there is also google assistant in just,in case if you like to use that voice,commands so so far i like this,all right guys so this has been my first,impression of this tv this is the,hyacinth u7g the 65 inch model remember,this tv sells for 1,100,and so far im having a very positive,experience,um just in case if you want to learn,more about this be sure to subscribe to,the channel because i will have more,gaming related videos i will test that,with the playstation 5 the xbox series x,i will also share my settings for gaming,for movies so be sure to subscribe to,the channel and also hit that bell,notification so you get all those,alerts when i uploaded a new video,im joster,and thank you so much for stopping by,ill see you guys on the next one,joshua,[Music],you

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