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Hisense U8G ULED TV Review | Worth the upgrade?

[Music],im having a serious case of deja vu,here this tv is bringing back memories,from last august,when i reviewed the hisense h9g so does,this replacement model bring anything,new to the game,or is it more of the same,[Music],welcome back everyone im caleb denison,and straight out of the gate i want to,make a correction from my unboxing video,for this tv,i mistakenly said that this high sense,uh g replaced the h8g,that is incorrect it replaces the h9g,sorry about that,one of the disadvantages of getting this,tv before anyone else before it was even,announced,is that i had limited information to,start fortunately highsense has filled,me in now,that deja vu comment i just made has a,lot to do with brightness and black,levels but,spoiler alert this tv behaves very,differently to the h9g,and for the most part thats a very good,thing well get into peak brightness,measurements take a look at how the,backlight is behaving and black levels,dig into color accuracy and,customizations to the picture quality,and see if it all adds up,to a tv you will want to buy before i,dive in though this 65 inch model is,coming out,at 300 bucks thats a bit more than the,950 or so that the h9g came out for so,my question for you,is what does this tv need to do in order,to justify the added expense for you,let me know about that in the comments,so we can talk about it and of course,please click like and subscribe because,its really helping us grow,and bring you more great videos and as,always shopping links in the description,for the products we cover in our videos,in case you want to help us that way,thanks a big bunch now lets go,so lets start with this u-led moniker,because i think that could be confusing,for some folks,to be clear this is a quantum dot tv so,it could just as easily be called,a qled tv hysense just has its own,branding thing going on so this tv is,comparable to other led backlit,q leds on the market and as long as,were talking about the backlight lets,talk,peak brightness this tv just like the,h9g,outperforms its claims at least this,model does hisense has,1500 nits stamped right on the box for,this u8g,just like the h9g had a thousand nits,stamped on the box,ill get to the knit numbers in a moment,but i did want to point out two,improvements that hysense made over last,year almost as if they watched my h9g,video and said,right were fixing that so unlike last,year i was able to make individual,two-point white balance adjustments for,sdr and hdr which is a big help toward,color accuracy,also where the h9g was heavy on the blue,in the white balance this tv heads in,the opposite direction,i pulled the red and green back a little,bit and got one of the best white,balance measurements ive ever seen,certainly better than any sub 2 000,tv ive worked on and those measurements,were great for both sdr,and hdr so in sdr after some adjustments,i measured just,over 700 nits peak which is just intense,switching to hdr i got just over 1900,nits after adjustments and,it was more like 2100 before i shifted,the white balance thats,pretty incredible that puts this tvs,brightness for hdr right up against the,samsung qn 98,which is a substantially more expensive,tv those kind of brightness numbers are,great but you also want to see solid,black levels and the good news here,is that the uh gs black levels are as,impressive as the h9gs were,which is to say there is minimal,blooming on axis and you get deep inky,blacks where youre supposed to,the level of detail on this tv is also,very impressive the u8g resolves fine,detail with minimal artifacting,passing most of our stress tests with,ease very rarely do we see any more,array or screen door effect on this tv,also this particular sample has a pretty,clean lcd panel im not seeing much,splotchiness or even much vignetting in,the corners,as for color its kind of a mixed bag,bright colors look,fantastic well saturated but not over,saturated,very rich nice color gamut coverage low,luminance color seem to struggle though,i could see it in the measurements the,dimmer the color the more there was some,shift to the color,you dont notice this often when viewing,real content but there were some times,when the image did seem to have some,darker areas which looked like a panel,uniformity issue,but actually seems to do with the,backlight performance again,i dont see a lot but it has popped up a,few times with some of the content ive,watched,mostly i see it when im watching,something that fades in going from dark,to bright,and while color banding is not a problem,for brighter images,it can be for dimmer ones so keep that,in mind otherwise the backlight is very,quick to respond the tv has no problem,with slowly dimming or brightening,backlight responses weve seen,from some other tvs this year so when,something goes black it goes black very,quickly and when something lights up,it brightens up quickly,[Music],now setting aside all of the objective,measurements and just sitting back and,watching this tv,its hard not to be impressed if youre,sitting right in front of it,unfortunately the u8g like so many lcd,based tvs shows its backlight quite a,bit,off axis blacks turn milky and you can,see a bit of halo around bright objects,but viewed dead on this tv is a real,dazzler,that super high contrast is reminiscent,of oled tvs in some ways but you get,that contrast no matter how much light,is in the room,hdr images on this tv look outstanding,and fortunately theres plenty of hdr,adobe vision content to enjoy these days,the tv also looks solid for sdr i would,just say that,if youre viewing in a dark room you,might want to tone down the backlight a,bit because the tv can almost look,too bright in general not a terrible,problem to have some headroom available,though,motion is also pretty good on this tv,its got an excellent response time and,it is also very bright,so you will get some stutter which can,be ironed out by using a minimal amount,of motion smoothing,but for sports movies tv whatever the tv,handles motion very well from what ive,experienced i think my one real,complaint about this tv would be around,some of the macro blocking im seeing,with low,bit depth content id like the tv to,clean that up a bit better,there are moments when i was watching,youtube and could see a lot of macro,blocking,in darker areas fortunately though,higher quality content doesnt suffer,that so your netflix,disney plus hbo max blu-ray discs they,will all look pretty stellar oh and,surprisingly enough,this tv sounds pretty good its got a,respectable amount of bass,dialogue is always very clear and the,treble isnt too harsh,though it does sparkle and has a good,amount of high-end detail so thats,definitely a big bonus as for gaming,this tv,is extremely well suited we connected,our xbox series x and,actually i need to go into the picture,settings and turn on enhanced hdmi mode,but once i did,we got all green check marks from the,xbox series x,its got a very low input lag in game,mode the hdr,images leap off the screen the shadow,detail is solid since theres plenty of,bit depth happening,and again the motion looks solid as well,the uag supports vrr,and punches right up to 120 fps thanks,to a 120 hertz native panel,you only get two hdmi 2.1 ports and one,of them is the earc port but again,thats what were seeing from,almost every manufacturer except lg so,on balance this tv,excels for gamers,[Music],i think its safe to say that this tv is,definitely an overachiever,its like the h9g but better in most,meaningful ways,the price for this tier of tv has gone,up a bit but you get performance for the,premium that you pay,i think the value is very much there,considering the uhgs performance,im looking forward to doing some,comparisons in the coming months because,right now,this tv is looking like its going to be,very hard to beat for the price,thanks as always for watching everyone,do you know somebody whos in the market,for a high performance tv,with a more reasonable price if so do

Hisense U8G TV Review (2021) – Bargain Premium

Its here! We got our hands on the Hisense U8G!,Hi, I’m Dago, a tester at RTINGS.com, where we help you find the best product for your needs.,Today, were reviewing the Hisense U8G to show you how it performs for various uses.,Well start with the movies and HDR movies categories, then well move on to TV shows,and Sports. Well also talk about gaming and HDR gaming, and finishing with PC use. Throughout,the video, well be comparing it to its predecessor, the Hisense H9G. Thats right, its not a,replacement of the H8G like many believe, but rather a replacement of the H9G because,Hisense shifted their entire lineup.,Also, we received your questions pertaining to our #AskRTINGS. We hand picked some of,them, and I will be addressing them later on in this video, so do stick around for that!,We bought the 55-inch Hisense U8G to test, but its also available in a 65-inch size.,We expect the larger size to have very similar picture quality. In Canada, this TV is known,as the U88G. We dont know of any equivalent model outside of North America because Hisense,has a different product line depending on the region. Theres a model with the same,name in Australia, but thats a completely different TV.,First, lets look at the overall design, the inputs, and the Smart features. From the front,,it looks almost identical to the H9G. It still has thin bezels and a solid center-mounted,stand. The back has a checkerboard-like pattern, with all the inputs facing the left side.,There are tracks and clips to help with cable management. Except for the metal borders,,its mostly made of plastic, but the overall build quality is good, and theres very little,wobble. Theres a bit of flex around the VESA mounts, but this shouldnt cause any issues.,For inputs, there are four HDMIs, two USBs, a Digital Optical Audio Out, a 3.5mm analog,audio out, a composite input that requires the included adapter, a coaxial, and an Ethernet,port. HDMI 3 and 4 are the HDMI 2.1 ports, but HDMI 3 is also the eARC port, which means,you can only plug in one HDMI 2.1 device if you want to plug in your soundbar through,eARC, unless your soundbar supports 4k @ 120Hz passthrough. If you dont know what eARC is,,it basically lets the TV pass high-quality audio to an external sound system over an,HDMI connection. Its like ARC, just better.,In terms of Smart features, its still running Android TV. Hisense said theyre sticking,with Android TV for now, so its not going to get updated to Google TV, but it did get,updated to Android 10. Its still fairly easy to navigate around the interface, and it actually,runs smoother than on the H9G. The remote got a slight redesign and has more quick access,buttons to streaming services. Theres a microphone for voice control through Google Assistant,,which you can use to launch apps, ask for info, or change simple things like the volume,and input source, but you cant change more complicated settings like brightness and contrast.,Before we start talking about the performance, its important to know that some of the things,that we consider important for a specific use are based on assumptions, so some of them,might not apply to you if your viewing conditions are different. For example, we assume that,most people watch movies in a dark room, but there are also plenty of people out there,who watch movies in a bright room. Well point these things out as we go along because the,viewing condition, or the amount of ambient light, affects the viewing experience a lot.,Alright, lets get to the test results now, and were going to start with the movies and,HDR movies categories. One of the most important aspects for movie-watching is contrast, the,difference between pure black and pure white at a given brightness level, without local,dimming. It has a huge impact on picture quality and is essential for viewing in a dark room,because a TV with a high contrast ratio can produce deeper blacks. Its not as important,if you watch in a bright room, but it does help produce better details in dark scenes.,In this regard, the U8G is excellent because its using a VA panel. Its not quite as good,as the H9G, but excellent nonetheless. It gets even better with local dimming, so youll,get very deep blacks when watching in a dark room.,Speaking of local dimming, its great, one of the best we measured outside of an OLED.,On the High setting, theres almost no black crush and small objects like stars are still,visible. Theres some blooming, but the algorithm does a good job of averaging the black level,,so its not as noticeable. Its visible around subtitles, but only if the background is black.,Likewise, zone transitions are visible with our test pattern but not in real content.,One thing to note here is that the 55 inch has 132 dimming zones, while the 65 inch has,360 zones, so we expect the larger one to perform a bit better. As for uniformity, the,screen is not entirely black when the local dimming is disabled, and theres also some,clouding. With local dimming on, the black level is better, but you get some blooming,around the test cross. Black uniformity is something that varies between individual units,though, so yours might be different.,If you watch a lot of movies in HDR, then youd be happy to hear theres a huge improvement,over the H9G when it comes to the color gamut. It has almost full DCI P3 coverage, the color,gamut used in most HDR content, and the Rec. 2020 coverage is also very good. On top of,that, its well-calibrated out of the box, although color accuracy might vary a bit between,units. As far as our unit is concerned, it doesnt really need calibration because most,inaccuracies arent visible to the naked eye.,Gradient handling is good, which is how well the TV displays color gradation. Its not,quite as good as the H9G, and you can see some banding in grays, greens, and reds. Unfortunately,,the noise reduction features dont do much to smooth out banding.,Ok, lets talk about HDR brightness because thats one of the most important things for,a good HDR experience. Its a bit brighter than the H9G in real scenes, close to 800,nits, and the automatic brightness limiter is not as aggressive, so theres less brightness,variation between different scenes. As you can see in this EOTF, which is essentially,the gamma in HDR, Its actually overshooting the brightness target most of the time. This,means that most scenes are brighter than they should be, and that can make some scenes appear,washed-out. Basically, what you need to know is that its more than bright enough to deliver,a fantastic HDR experience, but its not the most accurate.,The last things we need to touch on in the movies and HDR movies categories have to do,with motion, and thats stutter and judder. Movies are usually in 24p, so you get stutter,on TVs with fast response times like the U8G because the frames are held longer. If it,really bothers you, you can use motion interpolation or the Black Frame Insertion feature to smooth,out the stutters, but some people might not like that Soap Opera effect, and motion interpolation,also causes some artifacts when theres a lot of movement. Well talk more about Black,Frame Insertion in the Sports section. As for judder, the U8G can remove judder from,all sources, so thats one thing less to worry about.,So, whats it like to watch movies and HDR movies on the U8G? In short, its excellent.,Blacks are deep, and it gets super bright. The only thing is that you might see some,banding in some scenes.,Now, lets move on to the TV shows and sports categories. First up is the response time.,This is essentially the time that it takes for a pixel to change from one color to another,,and this affects fast-moving content. Having a display with good response times usually,means you get better motion handling with less ghosting or blur trail behind moving,objects. The U8Gs response time is not quite as good as the H9Gs, but its still excellent.,Its a bit slow when transitioning from a dark to a bright color, so you can s

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2021 Hisense U8G TV Review vs Samsungs Best QLED: How Good?

stop the fomo do you ever feel missing,out on the hyacinth uag otherwise known,as,that tv below and just above it is the,samsung qn98,so far my choice for the best non-oled,tv of 2021,huh that brings us to a query why dont,you let me know in the comments below,right now do you think do you predict,by the end of this review that the,heisens uag will be,as good as the q 90a not as good as the,q 98 or better than the q and 90 a,and now on to the review,[Music],but first let me introduce todays,sponsor who keys,yep you just finished your big old pc,windows build you have the best of the,best,and sadly you have less than 20 dollars,to your name,who keys to the rescue use my code sf20,and immediate discount within minutes,you can download,the windows 10 pro key and youre up and,running but thats not all folks who,keys has,keys for games too steam origin,uplay you name it you got it check out,their sites there are discounts for all,sorts of stuff,and most importantly you want to be,productive what about,office suite yep you can download a copy,of,office professional with my code sf20 at,checkout and,bam under forty dollars whats not to,love,today we are reviewing the 2021 hyacinth,u8g can it come close to or even,beat the samsung qn 98 both tvs,are the 4k flagship for their respective,brands,the q 98 is a mini led with what almost,800 dimming zones,the high sense is a full ray local,dimming zone,system no mini led and its 360 dimming,zones,twice as much as last year on the 65,inch size,the 55 inch size i believe has 160,dimming zones so i dont think thats,worth it definitely,upgrade to the 65 inch size for the,additional dimming zones,that is worth it now lets talk about,the hyacinth uag real quick,first i did not buy this tv they sent it,to me to review,but they wanted me to do an honest,review i could say whatever i want,no prior approval needed and most,importantly im gonna keep this tv for,about six months before i return it so i,can compare it to,the sony x95j and the all thats coming,out the work,well have an idea whats gonna happen,there but regardless we need to try,and test and see what youre getting for,the money for the non-oled tvs this,year okay so on to the actual review,itself,well start with its improvements over,the hisense,h9g i think thats important because,thats still on sale and its under a,thousand,and this tv is just above 1300 a quick,comment about that i believe at any,other time this tv would be under a,thousand or at a thousand,i honestly dont believe that it was,supposed to be priced at 1300 because of,supply chain constraints raw materials,global inflation,it is now selling for 1300 i think any,other time,it may be just a thousand maybe just,above a thousand but certainly not 1300,it is identical to the h9g in every way,physically,i did the unboxing i looked at it it it,looks like an h9g with a different,inside,and hdmi 2.1 ports but essentially,this is a progressive upgrade over the,h9g,its nothing revolutionary its not,adding mini led i think this is the,natural,progression of what the h9g would have,been this year,okay with that in mind what are its,improvements over the h9g,two things that come to mind as a,definite improvement without a doubt,first im going to address the red,motion bur the red ghosting as some,people call it,and in the scene of the crown right this,is a very common scene where people see,it the most,definitely it is improved id say 50,better but you notice i said 50 better,not 100 better right,it is not completely eliminated,unfortunately it is still,there however it is less noticeable but,when you compare it head to head,with the q90a yeah as you can see,there are certain instances where it,pops up but then it disappears and then,it pops up,much better than last years h9g but,its still there so hopefully hi since,you figured this out,maybe next time next year itll be gone,but that,takes us to motion how good is this,motion so thats another strength that,is unbelievably,awesome on the one hand the red motion,blur was,kind of a downer but this the stuttering,the lack of stuttering,its amazing so you guys heard how i,love the samsung qn 98s motion,as good as if maybe not slightly better,than a,sony a9g the hyacinth u8g,is definitely as good as the qn98 when,it comes to,no processing anti-stutter or actually,slightly better a touch better and i,cant believe im saying this high sense,has caught up to sony,when it comes to this anti-stutter as a,matter of fact,the h9g if you set it to film there was,still too much noticeable stutter,but when i bring it to clear on the h9g,then it was just too much,soap opera on the u8g in,film right so theres a motion setting,called film the stutter,is a match for the samsung qn98 at a,setting of,three or four but heres the best part,where,the samsung at three or four actually,may have a touch,of soap opera that uh g,does not im like wait how did they do,this and so,thats where it wins i will give motion,overall to the uhg barely,buy a hair it beats the qn90a,but if you are sensitive to the red,motion blur then maybe that brings it,down below the q and rda,so keep that in mind but those two,points alone though,i believe raises it above the h9g,and justifies the 300 improvement just,for the motion,now we go to brightness compared to the,h9g,the uag is as bright if not brighter but,this is the more important point,the h9g when it gets too bright you lose,color volume you lose color detail,the uag preserves more of that,than the h9g okay how does it compare to,the qn90a my favorite tv so far,not oled tv that is well,i hate to say it uh g beats out,the q90a in this watching condition,youre in a bright room youre in a,medium lit room right,in those two watching environments the,uag,has better specular highlight,and it feels the contrast is better as,well,than the qn90a specifically,in this scene what you see is that hat,the infamous hat where the q a 98 was so,focused on the deep blacks,it brought down the sparkle of the hat,whereas the uag less focused on the deep,blacks so you notice the black bars are,slightly lifted so heres the thing,in a bright room both black bars,will appear the same you will not notice,that,the uag is slightly lifted but what you,will notice,is her hat will sparkle,way more than the q and 98,and thats the problem for the q and 90,a the q98 in a dark room,well its black bars are perfect in a,dark room as well whereas the uag in a,dark room youll notice its slightly,lifted,but the sparkle just makes up the,difference for me,so hdr content this is true,hdr and the uhd delivers that concept,that ideology of the sparkle,against great contrast black bars,unfortunately,slightly lifted that is the cost which,takes us to overall brightness,overall brightness were talking one,percent two percent ten percent window,the q90a sometimes is a little bit,brighter they trade blows,i would say both are bright q 98,may win it here and there but at the end,of the day if you max out brightness on,both tvs,these are the brightest tvs youre going,to be able to buy this year,unless the x95j surprises me but right,now the uh g,is definitely a match for the q and,90 a when it comes to overall brightness,so lets take,us to darkroom performance and you heard,the hint,the q98 is definitely the better,darkroom performer,if you consider black level the,important part of darkroom performance,meaning lifted blacks annoy you so the,u8g,has a touch more lifted blacks not as,lifted as the x900h from last year,its about the same as the h9g maybe,even slightly more lifted than the h9g,for certain its more lifted than the,q19a but i see what its doing,what its doing is giving you the,specular highlights,because it feels hdr is defined by that,so its a choice its a value choice for,you guys,if you need that deepest darkest black,you might have to go with samsung,deep blacks is what samsung is focused,on but,its compromising on specular highlights,i,i dont like that compromise,unfortunately but

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Hisense U8H Or Hisense U8G? The BEST Hisense TV To Buy!

Hisense brought the heat to its own high,sense u8g when it launched the u8h,earlier this year the u8h aimed to bring,increased HDR performance in deeper,black levels and maybe land a place,among the best TVs so is the Hisense u8h,a worthy successor to the Hisense UAG,which of these two is the Best Buy for,you hey lets find out for more,information and updated prices check the,links in the comments below while the,Hisense u8h may not have the flattest,profile or Cutting Edge design it does a,good job of keeping bezels to a minimum,it has a long noticeable silver bar,along the bottom where youll find the,high sense Insignia but the rest of the,edges are all screen like the UAG the,back of the Hisense u8h isnt Slim from,front to back youre looking at depth of,around three inches thats not,unreasonable but its certainly going to,hang out a bit if you want to wall mount,it the Hisense u8h uses standard vesa,400 by 400 millimeter brackets so it,shouldnt be a difficult job but inside,the box youll also find two legs if,youd rather put it on a table the good,news is that the legs can be placed,further apart if you want more stability,or closer together if the table that,youre placing the TV on isnt very wide,this offers some decent versatility in,where you can place the TV as for the,u8g while it isnt the slickest looking,TV out there it has some design elements,that make it distinct the case is mostly,dark hard plastic the case houses a,quantum dot LCD panel that features full,array backlighting with 360 local,dimming zones the result is a uniform,picture all the way to the edges the,back of the TV has a diamond pattern to,it and the front features a slim bezel,and a metal strip at the bottom with a,few angular touches to get the TV design,some Flair speaking of flair the uags,stand stands out instead of the,boomerang style that is common these,days Hisense uses two triangular feet,that form an arch for the TV to sit on,it definitely catches the eye whether,thats what you want in a stand is a,matter of personal preference the stand,provides a sturdy if slightly wide base,the footprint with the stand attached is,10.2 inches also if the stand isnt your,style or doesnt offer enough clearance,for your sound bar you can use a mount,that supports 400 by 300 vesa pattern,any of the options on the best TV mount,should do the trick in terms of ports,with either the TVs youve got four HDMI,ports on the back two of these ports,will support 4K at 120 hertz while the,other two only support 4K at 60 hertz,however thats not incredibly uncommon,on mid-range models like the Hisense u8h,or even the u8g but having all four of,them be full spec HDMI 2.1 would have,been great and would probably cause,fewer headaches besides HDMI the rest of,the ports include an RF antenna input,that hooks up to an atsc 3.0 tuner and a,single composite video input as well as,two USB ports for sound you can connect,via the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on,the side or optical digital audio or 3.5,millimeter serial input on the back or,Go Wireless with Bluetooth inside both,the TVs theres an 802.11 AC Dual Band,Wi-Fi antenna or you can use the,ethernet port on the back in terms of,performance the Hisense u8h is a roller,coaster with some of the best,performance youll ever see on a,mid-range TV in terms of brightness,contrast and color saturation but,extremely lackluster when it comes to,motion processing and upscaling it,measures an incredible 1300 nits and a,10 window right out of the box in,standard mode with 99.6 percent of the,rack 709 color gamut cover thats,significantly higher than the u8g minus,one or two of Sonys top models if you,switch the modes to its calibrated,settings you can easily squeeze upwards,of 2000 nits from the TV and 80 of the,rack 2020 color standard for a mid-range,TV these numbers are extraordinary the,problem here is that when you put these,numbers against Real World content,especially content that isnt native 4K,HDR everything from YouTube videos to HD,Netflix streams just dont pop the way,they do on other TVs with the same specs,and performance data one issue that,comes with the u8g is the color Bandy,where in sunsets you could see a,distinct cutoff point between the end of,one Hue and the start of another rather,than one flowing mural another issue is,the way in which it handles motion as,objects simply look blurry when theyre,in motion thankfully you can turn motion,interpolation off entirely in the,settings but its a shame motion,processing isnt a bit better than what,it is the good news is that it has no,noticeable blooming and the black levels,are great for HDR content the u8h,provides a great experience and Gamers,wont have an issue with motion or lag,time as the u8h supports Auto low,latency mode and 120 hertz vrr the UAG,on the other hand impresses immediately,with its color and contrast credit this,to the combination of the TVs,brightness and support for HDR Dolby,Vision HDR 10 plus HDR 10 and hlg the,UAG comes with a ton of picture modes,and you should explore them because each,has a significant an impact on what you,see the picture mode options differ,based on the source material which can,be confusing if youre watching,something that Sports Dolby Vision you,get three options Dolby Vision IQ Dolby,Vision dark and Dolby Vision custom if,its not in Dolby Vision you can choose,for more options including Vivid,standard theater day and filmmaking mode,the latter two can turn off all motion,smoothing this is a plus especially if,youre not a fan of motion smoothing the,uags main flaw is limited viewing,angles scenes appear washed out on the,sides of the screen if you get too far,from Center while watching in terms of,audio performance the Hisense u8g has,two speakers that drive 15 watts of,power it delivers decent overall sound,for a TV it creates a wide sound and has,some bass where many TVs produce none,the UAG supports Dolby Atmos and IMAX,enhanced a DTS X variant with this,Android TV you get quite a few ways to,adjust the sound multiple sound modes,and even an equalizer that isnt the,case for the u8h its audio performance,is a lot like the HDR performance its,its great the u8h has two 10 watt,speakers and a 20 watt woofer that,handles dialogue and dynamic audio with,a bomb normally difficult to hear,dialogue becomes instantly more,discernible when watching it on the u8h,and the volume of its iconic,introduction music is enough to Rattle,the walls of course you might know Im,blaring bass all the time so its worth,playing around in the sound setting a,bit to get things how you like them if,you really want to milk the most out of,the system though youll want to connect,it to Dolby Atmos Soundbar you can pass,an Atmos signal to the sound bar using,e-arc port on the back of the TV which,is nice for folks who are ready for the,full effect of spatial audio on board,the u8h is Google TV the successor to,Android TV and arguably one of the,better Smart TV platforms on the market,right now what I like most about Google,TV is the ability to do surface content,that you might like from any number of,streaming services like Roku Google TV,is fairly agnostic it doesnt really,care which streaming services then you,use and wont refer you to one more than,any others though its responsive and,Speedy right out of the box Im of,course worried about how well the,platform will age on this model yes it,has a decent processor but Google TV is,a resource heavy platform with lots of,graphical elements you can always add on,a smart Streaming Stick sometime down,the road once Google TV starts slowing,down but ideally youd be able to use,the smart platform built into the TV for,its entire lifespan something the,Hisense UAG have had problems with but,dont let that discourage you the fact,that it is powered by Android TV brings,with it a lot of options with all that,it can do Android TV can attack some TVs,but on the u8g it is responsive like all,Android TVs the home screen by default,shows

Hisense U7G vs Hisense U8G (2021) – The Art Of Upselling

We just tested the Hisense U7G, and right off the bat, we can say that its a great,TV.,But considering the relatively small price difference between the U7G and its bigger,brother, the U8G, is it still a good deal, or should you just spend more for the U8G?,And what exactly are you getting more on the U8G?,Hi, Im Kelsey, a tester at RTINGS.com, where we help you find the best product for your needs,Basically, the U8G is the second-highest 4k model Hisense is releasing in 2021.,Theres the flagship U9DG, the U8G is just a step below, and then theres the U7G.,Theres also the U6G, but thats more of a budget TV; you can check out our written review,here.,To compare the U7G and U8G, well go through the individual results, but we wont touch,on everything because there are a lot of similarities.,As usual, well start with the design and do a quick overview before getting into the,individual test results.,For the U8G, we bought the 55-inch, and its also available in a 65-inch.,For the U7G, we bought the 65-inch, and its available in a 55 or 75-inch.,We expect the various sizes to have very similar picture quality.,In Canada, theyre known as the U88G and the U78G, respectively.,We dont know of any equivalent models outside of North America because Hisense has a different,lineup in other regions.,Theres an international model called the U7G Pro, but thats a completely different,model advertised to have a higher peak brightness and a 144Hz refresh rate.,Alright, lets start by looking at the design.,From the front, the only difference is the color of the bottom bezel and the stand.,As to which stand looks better, thats entirely up to you.,The only thing you need to know here is that the U7Gs feet can be set closer to accommodate,smaller TV stands.,The backs look different, but the ports are in the same place; well talk more about them,later.,They have the same type of cable management with these hooks behind the feet.,The build quality is about the same, but the U8G just feels a bit more solid and doesnt,wobble as much.,Theres some flex on the back around the VESA mounting holes on both TVs, but that shouldnt,cause any issues for most people.,Were not going to touch on the Smart features because theyre all the same.,They both run on Android TV and have the same remote; you can check out our U8G review video,for more info.,Before we get to the test results, lets just quickly look at the overall performance of,the two TVs and what youre actually paying for if you choose to go with the U8G.,Essentially, youre paying for better picture quality and motion handling, and thats because,almost all the other features are the same, like refresh rate, VRR, console compatibility,,and so on.,Well get into more details about the differences in picture quality, so lets start with the contrast.,Both the U7G and the U8G use VA panels with an outstanding contrast ratio, so youll get,really deep blacks on either one.,The U7G does score a bit better in terms of native contrast, but that could just be panel,variance.,Theres a full-array local dimming feature, but its not as effective as the U8G at improving,the black level, so the U8G can get slightly deeper blacks when local dimming is on.,As for the local dimmings performance, the U8G also comes out ahead.,Although we tested the 65-inch U7G and the 55-inch U8G, theyre pretty close when it,comes to the number of dimming zones, so were talking 90 dimming zones on the U7G versus,132 zones on the 55-inch U8G.,Overall, the U8G has less blooming and better transitions between dimming zones.,By the way, the number of dimming zones changes depending on the size of the TV.,We dont expect it to change the performance much on the U7G, but its likely better on,the 65 inch U8G because it has a lot more dimming zones.,In Game mode, the local dimming performs exactly as outside of game mode on both TVs.,In terms of screen brightness, they both get very bright, so you shouldnt have any problems,with glare.,The U8G can reach higher peak brightness, and its visibly brighter in most scenes when,we compare them side-by-side, even though it measures less in our real scene test.,As for the reflection handling, the U8G is better at reducing the intensity of the reflections,,especially direct reflections, like when you have a bright light source directly opposite,the TV.,Unfortunately, they both have narrow viewing angles, which is expected for VA panels.,This means that you have to be almost directly in front of the TV to get the best viewing,experience.,Otherwise, the image looks washed out when you view it from the side.,The U8G has a better color gamut and volume than the U7G, but its not a huge difference.,Basically, the U8G can display brighter and more saturated greens and blues.,Our U8G is more color-accurate out of the box than the U7G, but that can vary between,individual units.,If you watch a lot of HDR content, then the good news is that both TVs can get very bright,to deliver a great experience.,Without getting too much into the numbers, what you need to know is that the U8G can,get brighter to make highlights pop more in HDR content, but the U7G is more accurate.,This is because the U8G overshoots the target brightness and makes the image look slightly,washed out.,Like the local dimming, the HDR brightness stays the same in Game mode on both TVs, so,theres no change there.,Theres a fair amount of dirty screen effect on both TVs, which can be distracting when,watching sports or wide panning shots, but again, this varies between units, so yours,might be different.,Black uniformity is a lot better on the U8G.,As you can see in these pictures, it has a lot less blooming than the U7G around the,test cross.,Okay, now lets talk about motion handling.,The U8G definitely comes out ahead in terms of response time, which leads to a clearer,image with less ghosting.,They also have the same motion features, like Black Frame Insertion and Motion Interpolation.,Subjectively, the motion interpolation looks pretty similar on both, but theyre not as,good as the top-end models from other companies like Sony and Samsung.,Both TVs have a 120Hz refresh rate and support variable refresh rate for gaming.,Speaking of gaming, input lag is fantastic on both.,Its slightly lower at 120Hz on the U8G, but its a tiny difference that most people wont,notice.,Except for 4k @ 120Hz in Dolby Vision, there are no other compatibility issues with the,PS5 and Xbox Series X.,Of course, theres still no VRR support on the PS5; youll have to wait for Sony to implement,that in a firmware update.,If you want to use the TV as a monitor, they both support all the common resolutions; you,just have to force a custom resolution for 1440p.,The inputs are exactly the same, theyre even positioned the same way.,So, you get 4 HDMIs, two of them are HDMI 2.1, two USBs, a 3.5mm analog audio out, a,digital optical audio out, a coaxial, a composite with an included adapter, and finally, an,Ethernet port.,eARC is supported on HDMI 3 if you want to hook up a soundbar or home theater system.,If youre just using the built-in speakers, the U8G sounds better.,It has more bass extension and sounds more balanced.,So, overall, its safe to say that its absolutely worth spending more for the U8G.,The extra money that youre spending is going towards better picture quality and motion,handling.,This is not to say that the U7G is bad in any way; its just very good upselling on,Hisenses part.,So thats it!,What do you think of the Hisense U7G and U8G?,Which one would you get?,Let us know below.,You can check out all of the measurements on our website.,If you like this video, please subscribe to our channel.,You can also become an insider on the website for early access to our latest results!,Thank you for watching and see you next time.

Hisense U8G – Best Budget 4K TV of 2021 | Hisense U8G Series Quantum 4K ULED TV Review

[Music],the high sense u8g series,quantum 4k uled android smart tv,is nearly everything wed want from a,mid-range 4k tv,that features hdmi 2.1 capability up to,1,500 nits peak brightness across 132,local dimming zones,for the money there are few tvs that can,match it in terms of picture quality and,feature set,making it top of its class for mid-range,models,might be thinking to yourself right now,what is the meaning of uled,display as the term seems unfamiliar,let us explain uled is not,oled technology rather it is an lcd tv,with a proprietary led backlight,technology,that uses quantum dots qds with the,first sets appearing in 2015,hisense touted its uled tvs as close to,oled,quality at half the price honestly,though,we kind of saw this coming last years,hisense,h9g model was one of the best budget tvs,for all the same reasons and now,hisenses made it even better with its,improved quantum 4k,uled display panel that offers even,better outstanding sharp colors,contrast brightness and motion,we like it so much because its a native,4k 120hz tv,with two full-spec hdmi 2.1 ports,for gaming on the pc xbox series x,and ps5 it also features variable,refresh rate,freesync and auto low latency mode plus,it uses a full array panel with 1,500 nits peak brightness across 132,local dimming zones for better black,levels and incredible brightness,setting it up is also easy and the tv,uses,the android tv platform that puts,recommended content,front and center however the one,lingering issue we were able to find on,this tv is how it looks,from off axis viewing that only matters,to those who are used to looking at,their screen from an off-axis,angle as the hisense u8g struggles with,limited viewing angles,it is not as bad as say other tvs in,that price range,that lose a ton of color saturation when,you are just 30 degrees left or right of,the tv,but it is noticeable the further off,access you sit that is one of the issues,we could find on this tv,and thats pretty much it,otherwise the high sense u8g succeeds in,delivering,stellar performance from incredible,contrast rate,to outstanding response time for a,reasonable price,the good news is that sitting straight,on the tv looks,phenomenal even when it is set to the,standard picture mode,out of the box the picture is nicely,saturated and does not suffer from any,picture defects or motion artifacts,switching to another mode will give you,a different color tone which is nice if,you want even smoother control for,watching sports,but most times youll be just fine with,standard or custom profile,with a few tweaked settings kicking,things off,lets start with the elephant in the,room picture quality as you would expect,colors and highlights look absolutely,gorgeous here,the tv does an incredible job taking hd,content and upscaling to 4k,and native 4k hdr content especially,those shot in dolby vision,look exceptionally beautiful,so what has changed in the picture,quality especially well,the biggest addition this year is the,new improved,high sense proprietary quantum 4k uled,display that adds more depth to some,scenes,especially to older content shot in hd,and better contrast,it also has support for hdmi 2.1 4k,at 120 hertz hdr 10 hdr 10,plus hlg dolby vision,and dolby atmos plus imax enhanced,in other words it has all the specs,youd expect for a tv,in 2021,overall i found the uag to be an,excellent looking budget tv,to my eyes the tv kicks out gorgeous,colors,its incredibly bright thanks to its,brightness up to 1 500 nits peak,and the full array of 132 local timing,zones helps to,further boost contrast and color,accuracy,as for the refresh rate the hisense u8g,boasts a native 120 hertz panel and can,smooth things out even more,with the motion rate of 480 feature aka,artificial motion smoothing,comparatively the native 120 hertz,refresh rate that is supported via hdmi,2.1,by the hisense uh g series will be,incredibly useful,when using it for gaming the upcoming,generation of 4k 120 hertz gaming will,be shown off,in its full glory on a tv like the uag,lets get into price and availability,two versions of the uag,quantum series tvs are available the 55,inch model,the 55 u8g and the 65 inch,65 u8g we evaluated the former but the,latter,should have a nearly identical feature,set and comparable performance the,significant difference between the two,is the number of active dimming zones,360 for the 65 inch and 132 for the 55,inch which is more of a function of size,rather than performance,the current retail price for a 55 inch,high sense u8g,series tv goes for around 900,while 65 inch model 65 uh g is going for,around 1200,the u8g is hysenses top of the line,series,it represents solid ground-breaking,improvements over the previous model,from exceptional reflection handling to,excellent black uniformity,like last years h9g the u8g is a sleek,looking tv,it is virtually bezel-free on three,sides with just a thin,sliver of chrome trim separating the,glass from the edge,and it sports a slight silver bezel,along the bottom,just below the hisense badge on the,center of the bottom bezel,are a remote control sensor a pair of,far field microphones,and a microphone on off switch theres,also a pair of down,firing 10 watt speakers powered by dolby,atmos and imax enhanced audio technology,the 40 pound 55 u8g is supported by two,triangular metal legs,and has four visa holes around the back,for wall mounting,it also has four hdmi ports on the left,side two that support hdmi 2.1,which is 4k at 120 hertz and two,that support hdmi 2.0 4k at 60hz,one of the hdmi 2.1 ports also does arc,for connection to a soundbar or receiver,since they are,all on the left side the ports are,easily accessible,next to hdmi ports there is an rf,antenna input and a single composite,video input as well as two,usb ports for sound you can connect via,the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack on the,side,or optical digital audio or 3.5,millimeter serial input on the back,or go wireless with bluetooth for,network connection the u8g,offers wi-fi or wired ethernet,the remote comes with all the buttons,you need such as a scroll wheel in the,center for navigation,and a home button as well as a couple,that is not found on any other remotes,for example the fav button allows you to,access favorited tv stations,while the 123 button displays a number,pad on the screen,instead of individual buttons on the,remote it also has six dedicated app,buttons such as netflix,prime video youtube disney plus 2b,and a peacock button the remote also,comes with a backlit feature,which makes it easier to find the,correct button in the dark,you can also control the tv using an,android tv remote app on your phone,additionally the remote offers a,dedicated google assistant voice,control button,the hisense uh-g is an android tv,and as such offers a wealth of streaming,apps news,and sports channels entertainment,channels games and more,streaming video apps include all kinds,of major entertainment apps you can also,add apps like hulu,pandora pluto tv and many other,lifestyle,or sports music and gaming apps using,the google play app store,additionally the u8g has a screenless,mode that lets you use the tv to control,other google assistant smart home,devices such as lights,and thermostats even when the tv is off,the uag can also be linked to your,amazon alexa account,and will respond to certain alexa voice,commands,like other high sense tvs from recent,years the u8g,uses hisenses new speaker to deliver,clearer sound with less distortion at,high volumes,though it does make some compromises on,the base response,gentlemen its time,[Music],you all know what to do,here we go,[Music],shows movies and games we played on the,tv all sounded crisp,and clear with easy to understand,dialogue another amazing feature is that,the tv offers dolby atmos pass through,through its hdmi 3,e-arc port which means connecting it to,a sound bar,and controlling both with the tvs remote,is a breeze,we would recommend pairing it with,something like

Hisense U8G Final Review – The Best In Class Experience Of 2021

so the folks over at highsense wanted a,brutally honest review on the high sense,uhe and they ended up sending one over,to me,dont worry no money changed hands and,im not for sale so dont worry about,me just saying something positive for,the sake of being positive,were gonna give you an in-depth review,and essentially buy it,its one of the best tvs in 2021 smack a,like on this video for getting to the,point because we did that in under 30,seconds,now were going to dive a little bit,deeper and talk about why,in english it has beautiful brightness,wonderful color,deep excellent dark inky black levels,its luxurious from corner to corner,bezel to bezel,and it is one of the best values you are,going to find from not only a,feature-rich perspective,but also from an aesthetic rich,perspective,when we look at the hands-free voice,control with the kill switch,at the bottom thats a feature that only,the three thousand dollar,sony a90j is offering from one of the,big three,no other manufacturer has that feature,that is a huge benefit to you,another thing is that corner to corner,bezel bezel youve got,chrome accents on the bezel youve got,the chrome,hyacinth insignia at the bottom thats a,bygone luxury that none of the other,brands do anymore,that again is just adding to the premium,nature of the tv you are buying,theyve got an anti-glare screen that is,semi-gloss,so it diffuses those reflections that,can be a problem in brighter rooms,so again you dont have to worry about,it being a mirror because it most,certainly is not,motion is smooth its not the smoothest,thing ive ever seen in the smooth,preset,but hysens has said that they are going,to work on that though if you use the,clear preset,it does get a lot smoother now we talk,about the gaming aspect,unlike sony theyre not issuing ious,its not like a,hey buy us now and we promise well,update it later,everything comes as advertised vrr,is there day one with nothing else to,worry about,as far as updates or patches to,get the feature that youre owed its,that little level of of attention to,detail that is going to make this one of,the better,options now again when you talk about,black levels theyre surprisingly good,360 zones of full array local dimming,and theyre done right,i mean when i looked at a star star,field it just,really did everything i was looking for,there wasnt any kind of blooming or,clouding in between the stars,and everything was illuminated really,well and i had just as much detail in,the stars as i did on oled,albeit gray or blacks because its not,an oled it still was really impressive,and there are moments,where this tv can absolutely confuse you,and you might mistake it for an oled,especially,in the brighter scenes in movies its,just simply exceptional,and then we talk about the performance,and game mode,input lag is exceptionally good it does,an,excellent job of making sure that you,can get in there and get the job done,and again theyre not over charging to,give you a responsive tv theyre not,over,charging to give you these luxuries and,in english without all the technical,mumbo jumbo regardless of whether youre,a pro or not,youre able to make the adjustments you,need they make everything very easy,to understand its laid out very clearly,and the android operating system,which is snappy and i didnt have any,problems with lagging or glitching or,freezing,and as far as some of the things that,ive read about online as just kind of,looking around about the high sense uh,and other tvs there is no red ghosting,thats just not a thing on this,particular tv now ive seen some people,say that they,would like me to watch the tv show the,crown a very specific tv show and a very,specific scene in that tv show to,replicate the issue,i will say this ive spent over five,days,of like consecutive testing brutal,torture testing,to try to replicate this issue i havent,found it with a single content piece,ive put on this thing,everything from guardians of the galaxy,to death note,okay and im telling you right now there,has been no issues with,the red ghosting issue so i think if,youre seeing it specifically in the,crown,then the problem is that specific tv,show because i dont have a problem on,my end with any other content piece and,honestly speaking,i havent tried it with the crown,because at that point i just didnt see,a point,so food for thought there that being,said,when i look at everything else that this,tv is doing its just knocking it out of,the park again,you have a backlit remote a flat remote,so you can stand it up instead of taking,up all the real estate on your,nightstand or something like that,and again these are features reserved,typically for premium,high-end three thousand dollar plus,televisions like you see on the sony a90,j this year,and this is being brought to you for,12.99,i think its an excellent value and,again thats not even the starting price,thats just this particular variant of,the 65-inch,you can go down to the 55-inch and pay,9.99,and again getting this tv for that kind,of money is an exceptional value,the over 1500 its a peak brightness,alone will really shock you in some,scenes,honestly coming from my oled sony a8g,i had to kind of step down the,brightness because it was a bit much for,me because im so used to every day,using an oled,that something this bright was just,really crazy,hysons is actually over delivering on,their 500 nit brightness,so if you were worried that they were,maybe under delivering or theyre only,hitting that number,sometimes all around consecutively this,is an extremely bright tv that can,easily hit over 1100 nits on average so,yeah seriously dont worry about the,brightness of the heisens uh g,in english and in a nutshell and without,wasting any time,of yours because time is money right,honestly just run out and buy it dont,waste your time looking around dude,because,sony only has what like 20 zones 40,zones of fuller local dimming they dont,have a lot,thats why they never tell you how many,they have their peak brightness is,lackluster and honestly speaking,their black levels are abysmal because,they have weak local dimming zones,the picture might be nice and the color,might be good but its not going to,compete,with the quantum dots found on this uled,television,along with the brightness i mean the,color volume is allowing you to see more,shades of color than whats possible on,other tvs,even the samsung qn90a and qn85a the,mini led televisions are performing,poorer than this television the hyacinth,outpaces it in color,it outpaces it in motion and it outpaces,them,in black levels when i reviewed the high,sense u8g,as im doing it had excellent black,levels but,reviewing the samsung was the total,reverse i noticed,blooming i noticed a lack of quality,control and i showed that off in a side,by side,comparison just to prove how far,hyacinth has come in just a year the,black level tightening,is incredible and they covered every,complaint that i could have possibly had,on the high sense h9g i hope going,forward,they can continue this stride to move,their quality forward,while not moving backwards one of the,things that is a massive area of,opportunity for them,is to improve that motion in the smooth,preset if they can button up their,motion and get it as fluid as it was,last year in that particular preset,then thats really one of the only,gripes that i would have but again,they said that theyre working on that,and its going to be coming out in a,future update so,by the time you review this it might not,even be a thing,all in all its an exceptional tv and i,really,at the risk of sounding like a complete,and total shill will just tell you to,get it because,theyve really done more than every,other manufacturer has done this year,out of everything ive compared and,everything i have seen,hysense is hitting the strongest at the,led level the q-led level,nobody is doing it as good as theyre,doing it this year,out of everything ive seen so far as of,may 26,2021 there isnt

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