1. H&K 416 22 22lr Review
  2. HK 416 .22LR unboxing and review! Great budget friendly platform for beginners!
  3. HK416-22 VS M&P15-22 Ammo Shortage Break Range Day
  4. New HK 416 22LR Pistol & Rifle
  5. New HK416 .22LR Review and Shooting
  6. The New HK416: The Heckler & Koch HK416D .22 LR. (2022)
  7. Walther/Umarex HK 416 .22LR Review

H&K 416 22 22lr Review

hey guys weve done this become too from,GNA today so Im gonna do a little,review on the Walter made H&K 416,chambered in 22lr so Im going to jump,right into this this rifle has,H&K stamped on it right there but this,rifle is actually made by Walter and you,can see that right here says made by,carl walther in germany so this rifle is,is licensed by H&K so its a it can be,as true to H&K as possible but its not,made by H&K now thats not necessarily a,problem but definitely want you to,understand that so like I said this is,licensed by H&K which means that Walter,can make it look exactly like a 416,whereas sometimes people who companies,who try to make these these look likes,they dont get permission from from the,company that that rifle comes from so,they kind of have to change a few things,so that its not exactly like that so,they dont get sued well this is,licensed by H&K so it can be a perfect,replica of the 416 in it and its pretty,good of course its not exact but it,from the appearance its pretty good of,course magazine is is a key that its,not the same thing but anyways it looks,pretty close to it all right so this,rifle is made out of aluminum it has an,aluminum quad rail as an aluminum upper,has an aluminum lower it has an aluminum,receiver extension aluminum charging,handle alumina aluminum castle nut I,mean this whole thing is metal all the,way throughout so thats a very good,selling point for this rifle it feels,very very solidly built it feels like a,tank,so lets weigh it real quick okay so you,cant see it but the needle is right,down here its just less than seven,pounds its about six pounds 12 ounces,so this is a pretty heavy rifle,especially for it being a 22 caliber,okay so variance on this rifle theres,really not very many variants there is a,international model of this the H&K 416,d 10 RS and it has a 12 inch barrel so,in America if we were able to get that,we would have to get a tax stamp for it,for having a short barrel but that that,rifle really Ive never seen Ive just,seen specs,on it this is the one that were,normally going to get which is the 416 D,145 RS which has a 16 point one inch,barrel on it,but and I saw another guy mentioning,this on on an on his review of this but,the barrel actually comes to right here,and so thats why this barrel looks,short here is because it comes so far,back into the receiver it makes it look,more like the 416 where it has a shorter,barrel here so that thats a good thing,about that but other than that theres,really no other variants of this theres,a pistol version of this but I dont,think that you can get compliant,versions of this rifle as far as I know,if you can leave that in the comments,but Im pretty sure that that they dont,make this a fixed stock they may sell,them with 10-round magazines Im not,sure but anyways just just a few,variants there this pistol grip is very,nice its got a good texture to it I,like I like this texture its its kind,of grippy its not rubberized really but,it but it feels pretty good this grip is,replaceable although if youre buying,this rifle this grip is so nice I dont,really know why youd want to replace it,but it is replaceable,you can take off the little storage cap,here and you wont be able to see it,probably in there but theres just a,standard bolt in there looks like for a,standard ar-15 top bolt ok the buttstock,is a very very small or the receiver,extension is very very small its its,even smaller than a milspec let me get,out my calipers real quick so you can,see the receiver extension is 1.13,inches just a little bit over that so,this is a very very small diameter,receiver extension,so again if youre wanting to replace,the buttstock and same thing I dont,know why youd want to this is so nice,but if you want to replace this its,its going to be difficult because even,if you get a milspec a milspec is,smaller diameter is still going to,rattle like crazy on there so anyways,just just making you aware of that but,this is a very very nice buttstock so,you can twist the butt plate off of this,and its got storage in here for,batteries and all of this is hollow up,in there where you could store stuff,has these plastic sling loops right here,this is kind of a rubberized it flexes,just a little bit this is not rubberized,this is just hard plastic and I think,theres five positions on this stock,alright next rifle controls on here so,you have your standard ar-15 for 16 top,safety from safe to fire 90 degree throw,their standard mag release ok charging,handle works just like a standard ar-15,and like I said this isnt aluminum,charging handle from the factory so,thats very nice it does have a last,round hold open and itll hold that even,with with the mag out but you cant,close the bolt on that empty mag whoops,drop my a snap cap there but you cant,drop this this bolt on that empty mag,you have to take the mag out before you,can drop the bolts so that brings me to,this right here this bolt catch bolt,release is purely purely cosmetic this,serves no function is just it doesnt do,anything you cant it doesnt rock it,doesnt rock theres just it just,doesnt do anything for the rifle so,thats definitely kind of a downer right,there but at least you know that so you,can deal with that alright trigger pull,on this its very very heavy its above,7 pounds its probably seven to seven,and a half pounds maybe even up to eight,but its a its a very heavy pull so and,the thing about this is this has a,proprietary trigger mechanism in here,theres just no way to replace this and,if you want to if you want to reduce the,the pull on this the weight on it youre,definitely going to have to have a,gunsmith to do that and its still going,to be is still going to be difficult to,do that so basically really youre kind,of stuck at at the trigger pull on this,thing so let me show you how this thing,breaks and like I showed you a second,ago we have a snap cap in the chamber,all right well youre set to fire it has,just a tiny little bit of slack right,there,and then it just breaks from right there,all right so lets show the reset,theres a reset and just a tiny bit back,out to its final or full resting,position all right lets take this rifle,down and its pretty simple it has these,push pins on it all right and the upper,comes free from the lower and just like,its on a standard ar-15 and of course,this is not a standard ar-15 lower you,couldnt put a 223 5 5 6 upper on this,and same thing you couldnt put a,standard ar-15 lower on this now as far,as this goes its the same as an hour 15,from here its its nothing like an,ar-15 so to take this apart youd have,to pull this out and disassemble this to,be able to get to the trigger and thats,definitely not going to be very easy all,right to get your bolt carry out and,Walter and H&K dont recommend that you,take it past here they just recommend,that you you do your cleaning here drop,a bore snake in there and do all your,work like that okay but to take this off,its fairly easy if you just thread off,the flash powder here okay and while,Ive got this off they there is an,adapter that you can get that will adapt,from the threads on the end of this,barrel to a standard 1/2 by 28 threading,so you can put whatever kind of flash,hider noise noise suppressor whatever,you want to be able to put on here they,do sell an adapter for that okay but,once you take off the flash hider thats,whats holding this whole assembly in so,now that Ive got that office what I do,is I just take this charging handle and,be careful because when you pull this,its going to be kind of hard youre,gonna be tugging on it,but theres really nothing holding it in,so if you go to tug in real hard and you,jerk this out you could,just be careful so what I do is I start,pulling and itll pull free and heres,the part that lots of people dont like,is that this has a very very thin little,barrel in here so 0.31 of an inch so,very very thin diameter barrel here and,it is thin theres just no way to get,around that bu

HK 416 .22LR unboxing and review! Great budget friendly platform for beginners!

foreign,[Music],thanks for joining us at JK Firearms imj,bringing another very cool video here,that we just got some product into,inventory here at JK Firearms so before,we get into that the unboxing and review,we do want to thank all of our,subscribers as we always do thank you,for joining us on our social media,platforms whether it be right here on,YouTube otherwise Facebook Instagram,Twitter whatever it may be thank you so,much for following us along now if you,are on our YouTube channel follow us,along in a subscriber please click that,Bell button below that will notify you,anytime JK Farms puts out any new,content whether it be new product,inventory which youll be the first to,know about first or any new updates that,we have at JK Firearms such as adding,Gunsmithing to our uh list of services,that we will be offering here at JK,Firearms uh we are NFA uh distributor,now or seller so we can sell NFA items,which is very cool we got a lot of,suppressors coming into stock here so,were going to be doing some reviews on,those live fires are coming up very very,shortly here as soon as we can find some,time to break away here were going to,do some live fires of some suppressors,some new products and everything just to,let you know and let you see firsthand,what they look like being fired before,you make a decision if you want to own,one yourself all right now if you came,across our YouTube channel because,youre looking for a specific problem,product and the algorithm says hey go,ahead and check out JK Farms lets make,sure you click that subscription button,below does not cost you a single penny,and it also helps our Channel shows that,we are putting out good quality content,so thank you so very much good for,clicking that subscription button below,and it also shows your support for the,Second Amendment all right the unboxing,here lets go ahead and get in this,unboxing and review this is,the h k 416 now hnk 416 is very very,popular and theres a couple different,calibers in that but this one is the,22LR model of the h k 416 here all right,so we sell a lot of the AR platforms,with the 22LR calibers so,um they move very fast the reason for,that is because again you can suppress,them theyre very easy to suppress,theyre already quiet enough as it is,unsuppressed and theyre great for,beginners whether its children getting,into the AR platform you want to take,out a hunting small game hunting varmint,hunting whatever it may be or you just,want something with a minimal recoil or,low recoil this is a great model the,AR-15 platform with the 22LR so h k 416,22LR right now the one you are looking,at right here this is a 16 inch barrel,model it is 32 inches overall length and,8.6 pounds now very very nice but again,8.6 pounds is a little heavy on the AR,side especially for a 22LR,but the reason for that is because it is,all aluminum you got the aluminum m-lok,rail aluminum lower aluminum upper so,its very very well built its very,sturdy,um if you dropped it youre not going to,be banging it around its not plastic,its not polymer or anything like that,so very very durable so which is a nice,again option if youre if youve got,some young children or anything if they,drop in the dirt or they drop it on the,ground you dont really have to worry,about breaking off little pieces or,anything like that it does come with,polymer flip up sights they are rear,adjustable site there it is a rear,charging handle style there and again,the hnk butt stock here very very,popular,um,right there so its an extendable,collapsible AR-15 buttstock by h k there,you do have your forward assist and you,do also have your ejection Port door,right there but again were going to go,ahead and do a safety check magazine is,empty,and chamber is empty its never been,fired brand new so we should not have,any issues with it being loaded at all,all right but again very very nice very,durable its got the picatinny rail you,can put additional things on it whether,you want to go scope on it you want to,go Red Dot whatever it may be if you,want to take off the flip up sites,whatever you your options are you got it,right there for you,all right it also does have a 20 round,magazine it comes with one 20 round,magazine you can get additional,magazines they run right around MSRP,22.99 or so for the 20 round magazines,for these guys so you can also have more,of them but well go ahead and pop that,guy in right there and there is your h k,416 22LR model in the AR-15 platform,now we got some 22LR suppressors coming,in very shortly here well throw one on,this one for a live fire here very soon,it does have a threaded barrel on it so,you can suppress this one too if you,wanted to but again well do a live Fire,coming up very shortly for these guys,for the 22lrs to kind of show you what,it sounds like we got some sound uh,recording devices that will measure the,sound in decibels everything there so,very very cool live fires coming up very,shortly so make sure you stay tuned,thats another great reason why you want,to click that Bell button below all,right besides that thank you so much for,following us along thank you for joining,us every day thank you for seeing all of,our videos commenting subscribing,whatever it may be passing along we,really do appreciate it as always stay,safe fire down range and we will see you,soon,[Music],thank you

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HK416-22 VS M&P15-22 Ammo Shortage Break Range Day

today we find ourselves over at trinity,armory for a quick range day,the more i come to this place the more i,like it this is my third trip over here,my first time shooting here and the,people,and experience has been top notch so far,originally this wasnt going to be a,review,of the hk416 22 but,after shooting it i decided what the,heck lets just do a review and,comparison between,the hk416 22 and the mmp22,full disclosure i did shoot about four,magazines each of the cci,22 before i decided to do this review so,both rifles functioned flawlessly,and worked 100 percent,first up we have the smith wesson mmp,1522,this is the pistol version they also,have a rifle version with,of course a different stock and a little,bit longer barrel and ive owned several,the rifle versions uh,shot them to death and uh theyve all,functioned,100 this pistol version this is the,third time ive shot it,and again not one flaw,and when you do run into hiccups its,almost 100,ammunition related the federal and the,cci stuff i was shooting,nothing not one hiccup but if it just,comes down to the lightweight,the fit and finish its amazing,i like it personally because i have two,small children and with the really,lightweight they can,shoot it pretty easy and they dont,struggle so bad,its great great rifle for kids,now lets talk about the hk-416 imported,by umarix,umarex makes a lot of airsoft stuff,airsoft rifles but theres nothing soft,about this rifle,the fit and finish and quality,really blows your mind when you consider,the price point around 475.,it feels like a full-size ar-15 it feels,like a full-size rifle,theres no polymer in it its all steel,and you really feel like you get what,you pay for when you compare it to the,mmp15 which is a little bit more polymer,a little more plasticky,uh you like the mmp15 a lot until you,pick this one up,just feel the quality difference,but even things like the magazine you,know when you pick up the magazine,itself it feels more solid it feels like,its better built,better quality and then when you take a,look at the mmp 15 magazine,youre like kind of underwhelmed feels,kind of like a kid toy,and when you compare them both side by,side you could absolutely see the,quality difference between the two,the one with red is the m p15 and the,solid,black is the hk416 22.,i wish they were interchangeable but,they are not,the only hiccups we had with either,rifle was after four or five magazines,with this winchester white box hollow,point,so it shoots super super dirty and it,made both guns,very unreliable,first up lets shoot the hk-416-22,right out of the box it was super super,accurate at 15 yards,it was hitting bullseye almost every,other time with just a little bit of,adjustment,it was right on the money so straight,from the factory,super accurate the sights were already,felt like it was done for me,and speaking of sights you know thats,probably the only drawback i could find,with this gun the sights were kind of,wobbly,they felt cheap the only thing on this,gun that felt a little cheap were the,sights,i dont know if they would hold up under,a big hit or a couple big bangs but,if you swap these out with some magpuls,or some troy industry sites then you,know this gun would be,you know top notch all the way around,i would really highly suggest buying,multiple magazines for each rifle as,theyre so much fun to shoot,you just want to keep going and going,and going and stopping every 25 rounds,to load magazines its kind of a dragon,now lets shoot the smith and wesson mmp,1522,and youll notice right off the bat,after you shoot a regular rifle or,the hk when you pick it up its super,super lightweight it really feels like,kind of an airsoft toy,no knock against a lightweight because,it does have its pros but if youre,looking to really simulate a real rifle,two two three five five six then i would,definitely,kind of stay away from this one,now lets take a minute sit back and,relax and talk about the jamming issues,i experienced with both rifles,and it was due 100 to really,dirty nasty ammo if youre shooting,really clean ammo you should be able to,shoot,both these rifles all day long with no,problem the mmp,15 22 the first time i shot it i didnt,clean it or do anything,right out of the box i shot 400 rounds,at 22 federal,not one hiccup with this winchester,dirty trash ammo i was shooting,uh you know nine magazines in it was,just jam-o-matic all right guys lets,see just how dirty they,got were gonna use the old q-tip test,all right lets use the mmp 15,first so were gonna rub it around rub,it around,look at that with just a basic little,swab pass,look how filthy that got that 22 ammo,that winchester was just trash,all right so lets,flip it around,also real quick guys this is what i use,to clean all my guns this break free cop,ive been using it for a long time,seems really simple but if you guys have,something else you guys use please post,it down below,im always looking to try new things,all right so lets look at the hk,real quick swab,oh yeah its almost,its almost tar god that stuff is nasty,i gotta tell you guys i absolutely love,this rifle,i i cant speak highly enough about it,its just so much fun to shoot,the only thing is weird that i dont,like like i said before,was the sights they got kind of a wobble,to it they dont seem too firm and then,the stock itself,instead of pushing down here to move the,stock you got to push in,and that moves the stock and that takes,a little bit to get used to,not a deal breaker though because the,stock theres no real wiggle to it,and the gun itself is just really well,made its,firm so even though i like the hk,a lot better lets get a second opinion,hey bud,huh what are you doing um i was just,trying,im in here okay all right so remember,we went to the gun range and we shot,both of these,yes which one do you like better this,one,why do you like this one because its,easier to shoot,was this one not fun to shoot or just,too heavy,too heavy it was too heavy but it was,fun to shoot,okay well every gun is fun to shoot,right yes,awesome awesome so you like this one,because its easier to shoot,yes awesome thanks bud go go play yay,and there you have it you know it has,the kids,seal of approval so my final thoughts,you cant go wrong with either one,i like both of them a lot kids really,like this one a lot because its easy to,shoot,this one really feels like a better buy,this one you know the msrp is around 525,right now that ones around 475. i would,probably get this one,just because when you hold them you,understand why they both work great they,both are amazing,hey you cant run through my videos,im kidding go ahead final conclusion,theyre both awesome,now back to the range for our final,thought of the day,till next time okay okay,all right wink when you want me to go,its already going i hear at trinity,army with my boy briggin were out just,shooting you know trying to,scope it out a little bit for our event,on uh april 24th so make sure you come,out april 24th,its gonna be great

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New HK 416 22LR Pistol & Rifle

[Music],[Music],Ive been an HK addict for a long time,in fact if we were gonna put an exact,date on it I would have to say that my,love affair with those two magical red,letters dates back to the 1988 Nakatomi,tower Christmas party and I just like to,go on record that diehard is the,greatest Christmas movie of all time,[Music],with so many great movies like die hard,with all these awesome HKS in them for,my youth when I got old enough I,definitely wanted in on the fun however,when I was first getting into guns,HKS were extremely expensive now in,recent years they have made huge strides,with the VP series which is a phenomenal,pistol at a great price and has those,two magical letters on the side but as a,whole the lineup from HK is on the,pricey side now I would say that the,quality justifies the cost and as time,went on and I could afford them I picked,up a few aged Ks but to me that is the,really big thing on this new offering,from HK,[Music],this is the hk416 22 long-rifle,available in both a rifle and a pistol,this will let so many new shooters,become part of the HK family at a very,reasonable price these are the cheapest,guns that you can currently get with,those two magic letters on the side they,are nearly an exact replica of the,original you can see it here next to my,real HK mr 5 5 6 a1 the civilian version,of the hk416 they are almost,indistinguishable in the pistol and the,rifle are both being offered at the very,affordable MSRP of 450 dollars and that,means the actual street price should be,a little less than that now these arent,some poor quality 22s just trying to get,your money because they look like real,HK 416 s HK teamed up with Umarex of,Germany to bring out of 22 with the,quality level of a genuine HK in a,rimfire offering these are very feature,pack 22 rifles to start off with they,have an aluminum upper and lower this,gives a very solid robust feel and much,more realistic feel than some other 22s,that are offered that have plastic,receivers,[Music],theres also an aluminum m-lok rail that,you can attach any kind of accessory to,the charging handle is aluminum the,magazines are aluminum as well I really,like all the aluminum used it just makes,everything feel much higher quality than,some of the competitors and more like a,real gun than a plastic toy all that,aluminum makes the rifle weigh in at,just under six pounds with an unloaded,magazine in the pistol a few ounces less,than that of course my pistol has some,accessories attached the weight gets the,gun much closer to the real weight of an,ar-15 and again just adding to the,quality realistic feel to me the full,aluminum build is a very big deal the,blood stock also closely resembles the,genuine HK and the pistol grip is,identical to the real HK this is really,impressive because I love the HK grip,and Ive always wanted to use the HK,grip and builds but it cost around $70,and I could just never justify it,[Music],pretty amazing that they have an,identical one in a gun that retails for,only four hundred and fifty dollars and,it does have the functional storage,compartment in the bottom of the grip,they come with pretty nice adjustable,flip-up sights and a rail up top so you,can attach any kind of red dot or other,sites you may like,[Music],all the controls are exactly where they,would be on the real 416 the magazine,release and safety work just as they,would on a real ar-15 the only kind of,downside to the whole package is the,bolt release doesnt work its cosmetic,only now this isnt a deal breaker but I,do wish that it was functional the bolt,does hold open on the last round you,just have to cycle the charging handle,to reload the trigger isnt exactly,light at about 7 pounds on my scale but,it has no creep and a decent reset while,it isnt light the minimum take-up and,christmas make it feel lighter than it,is and the trigger actually feels really,good when youre out pounding steel and,emptying magazines way faster than you,can load them with a steady stream of 22,shells coming out the side of the gun I,really like how everything is set up,which is good because internally,everything looks to be proprietary so,while externally you will be able to,make some modifications using AR parts,internally not so much thats the basic,rundown on both models and while the,rifle is very impressive and nearly a,mirror copy of the hk416 what gets me,really excited about these new offerings,is the pistol version this one comes,with an 8 and a half inch barrel and,with an adapter from HK parts you can,easily attach a buffer tube in just,about any pistol brace on the market,and now you have the baddest 22 plinker,available this thing is short sexy and a,blast to shoot this is probably about as,cool as a 22 can get oh wait theres one,more thing both come with standard half,by 28 threads so right out of the box,you can attach your favorite 22,suppressor they are both extremely quiet,when suppressed and function extremely,well we use the AAC aviator which is an,extremely lightweight suppressor as well,as a dead air Sandman which is on the,heavier side for a 22 can and they,function great with either can attached,I havent been this excited about a 22,in a long time and have been waiting for,something just like this you can leave,it in the pistol format or this would,make an excellent candidate for 22s VR,project both guns were a hundred percent,reliable with a wide variety of ammo,while we probably didnt get a thousand,rounds through either gun both probably,have around 700 rounds through them with,a good deal of that suppressed and,theyve been flawless accuracy is very,good as well while we didnt actually,put them on paper at a hundred yards,they were easily blinking steel from 10,to 100 yards with ease and I bet they,could be really dialed in if that was,your goal,[Music],we didnt have any issues hitting,anything we wanted to hit the magazines,as I said our aluminum and load very,nicely and easily like all hks they are,offered in 10 20 and 30 round,configurations the ones you see in the,video are 20 rounders and one will come,in the box if you own some HKS you may,be afraid to hear the cost of the mags,but dont be they retail for $35 for any,size and they might be able to be found,for a little bit less than that HK has,really done everything they could to,make this a serious contender in the 22,market and if priced this offering very,competitively this thing is built like a,tank reliable is any semi-automatic 22,Ive ever shot and has an impressive,quality feel far surpassing any other 22,in its price range when you consider all,the offerings available the price,features this is my current favorite 22,offering there are a bunch of good ones,out there but theres none that give you,the quality and the features at this,price point and the fact that it looks,just like an HK 416 sure doesnt hurt,anything,[Music],these guns are extremely reliable and,have been very impressive in every way I,think that this is a great offering from,HK and while Im thrilled with it now I,would have been totally stoked to be,able to get something like this when I,was younger I think this is a great,offering to get the younger generation,really excited about shooting but lets,face it these guns are amazingly fun at,any age and its great for HK to have,another affordable offering to let more,people experience the HK quality as,always thank you guys so much for,watching,according to YouTube close to 80 percent,of my viewers are not subscribed to my,channel so if you could go ahead and hit,that subscribe button right now it is,greatly appreciated if you want to see,what were currently reviewing way,before hits YouTube check us out on,Facebook and Instagram you can see what,were reviewing there in real time if,you want to help support Alabama Arsenal,the best possible way to do that is,through patreon we also now have gear so,if you want to go out there and,represent there is a link in the,description and as always guys thank you,so

New HK416 .22LR Review and Shooting

[Music],[Music],all right guys its been a while since,we did any shooting on this channel and,this is the hk416,and its a 22 caliber its actually,really nice like its built very very,well and Ive had some other 22-a our,style pistols and rifles and this pistol,actually its all all-metal everything,its an actual HK from from HK its,built essentially the same as their 416,military version except for like,existence in 22 on the inside it its,all essentially proprietary stuff,doesnt really match any AR stuff but it,does like I said it chambers 22 breaks,down very easy but a pretty nice very,nice weapon here its everything works,as it should as a normal a are the mag,release is not the bolt release for them,anyways,but its a super nice things can em lock,rails got pop-up sights on it the short,break here alright guys our target is,way down at the base of that tree,theres a little white thing there,thats what were shooting its just an,old can so were gonna try to hit that,got a pretty stiff trigger like almost,thought I have to safety own,hey theres our can you said I got one,shot in it there I think I was hitting,pretty low the whole time down there at,the bottom so but it seems a shoot,pretty good I think we had a full-size,target we could probably see a little,bit better and were pretty far back,well move up a little bit this time,[Applause],thats the offender he knocked it over,[Applause],[Music],its acting like a way bigger caliber,than then 22 XANA yes three well I guess,it is the button holds mine the top ones,are daddys I look with this thing just,ripped through there I mean it looks,like a large caliber rifle coming,through here and look down here where,its torn up the dirt or it was hitting,kind of high theres big gouges in the,ground that came up out of there thats,pretty impressive for just the 22 pretty,awesome,[Music],you,[Music]

The New HK416: The Heckler & Koch HK416D .22 LR. (2022)

مرحبًا بالجميع الذين تشاهدهم قناة Tech Ultimate ،,سنناقش اليوم حول هيكلير وفحم الكوك HK416D,إن كاربين Heckler & Koch 416 5.56×45 مم قصير الشوط من الناتو,عبارة عن كاربين ناجح تم اختياره لإطلاق النار تم استخدامه في جميع أنحاء العالم الغربي,بواسطة المجموعات العسكرية والقوات الخاصة. دخلت Heckler & Koch في شراكة مع Umarex من,ألمانيا لإنتاج نسخة مطورة جديدة من Center-fire 416 ، HK416D .22 LR.,إن HK416D عبارة عن كاربين ذو تأثير ارتداد حجرة 0.22 LR ،,شبه أوتوماتيكي ينسخ كاربين غاز النيران المركزي 416.,على عكس الآخرين .22-cal. البنادق المستوحاة من AR في السوق والتي تحتوي على مجموعات استقبال,مصنوعة من البوليمر ، يحتوي HK416D على جهاز استقبال علوي وسفلي مصنوع من الألومنيوم.,إنه يتميز بالعديد من جماليات وميزات Center-fire 416 ،,بما في ذلك الشكل الجيد لمجلة 416 الملكية ، ومحددات السلامة المرمزة بالألوان ، ومقبض على غرار هونج كونج,ومخزون تصغير ، بالإضافة إلى جهاز استقبال علوي مسطح مع مقطع سكة ​​Picatinny.,يحاكي البرميل مقاس 16.1 بوصة براميل الناتو 5.56 × 45 ملم التي تم تحديدها من قبل الحكومة والتي تم العثور عليها في 416 ،,كما توجد كتلة غاز مقلدة أسفل الطرف الأمامي من واقي اليد كما هو موجود في,إصدار مكبس الغاز المركزي. تحتوي اليد العائمة على مقطع سكة ​​Picatinny,عبر الجزء العلوي مع فتحات متوافقة مع M-LOK تعمل على طول الجوانب والأسفل.,وهي مزودة بمشاهد حديدية قابلة للطي تعلق على سكة Picatinny,والمقبض مجوف بباب حجرة التخزين في الأسفل,ميزات أخرى تمت محاكاته في هذا الاستجمام الخلفي ، وهو عبارة عن غطاء غبار وظيفي مساعد للأمام ،,وغطاء غبار محمل بنابض ، وآخر دائري مفتوح. تشبه عناصر التحكم إلى حد كبير أي,منصة أخرى من نوع AR تتمتع بنفس الأمان وإصدار المجلات ومواقع مقبض الشحن.,يتم فتح HK416 .22 LR من خلال استخدام دبوس دفع مشابه لمنصات نوع AR أيضًا.,ستقدم H&K مجلات 10 و 20 و 30 .22 LR لهذا الكاربين rimfire.

Walther/Umarex HK 416 .22LR Review

hey guys thanks for tuning into this,video real quick I just like to cover,some of my initial impressions and some,features of the hk416 clone chambered in,22 long-rifle,first things first this is not produced,by HK it is licensed to HK and excuse me,licensed from HK and produced by Walter,and Germany import it into the United,States by Umarex USA this was a little,bit concerning to me at first being that,Umarex USA is a essentially an air gun,or airsoft manufacturer that concerned,me a little bit I was hesitant about the,quality and reliability I guess some,durability of this rifle I have,approximately a thousand rounds,downrange with it so far and not a,single malfunction,the only issue weve had was one round,from a federal bulk pack failing to,ignite which is nothing unusual,generally youll get a couple of those,per 500 rounds one or two or three maybe,but the price is right so you cant,complain but weve got like I said about,a thousand rounds downrange with this,probably half of them were literally mag,dumps done by a young new shooter that,we brought to the range one day so like,I said not a single failure to eject,failure to feed anything like that just,one failure to ignite and Ill blame,that on the ammo not the not like a,light primer strike or anything like,that just pick over some of the features,well go ahead and start at the rear,here retractable HK style buttstock with,a buffer tube that is replaceable with,air 15 parts this is commercial diameter,so you can throw a milspec buffer tube,in there and run any of the stocks you,choose it does have a storage,compartment in the,rear that is pretty big actually you,just twist and pull out when its in the,center position battery cr123 battery,tubes as well as just general storage it,does have again in HK style pistol grip,which is very comfortable and ergonomic,and neither of these pistol grip or the,buttstock I mean you cant buy them you,know to throw in your ar-15 you can only,get them as far as Im aware,please somebody correct me if Im wrong,but you can only get them by purchasing,a civilian version of the hk416 so its,pretty cool to have this these features,you know that are fairly high quality,you know coming on youre you know,Walter Umarex 416 clone the quad rail is,free-floating not like it really makes a,huge difference,its just attached to the barrel nut,with this Allen head right here in,mounts up extremely firm everything you,know the quote unquote monolithic type,fit is fine I mean you could run your,optic mount over where the the fore-end,meets the upper and everything lines up,perfectly which is cool moving even more,forward its got a fake piston gas,regulator type thing up front here just,for show you got your HK sling hooks if,you did need to m4 looking barrel as,well as an aid to looking flash hider,that does not have a flat bottom like,some it does have proprietary seam on,give the soft threads on it so you,cannot throw any aftermarket flash,suppressor on and this is one thing to,that also concern me before getting out,to the range is that this outer barrel,sheet is not really part of the barrel,this Im hopefully this will come up on,on the video but you can see the threads,are actually on the barrel itself which,is inside of this outer so the barrel,itself is very very small,flimsy this is common with other 22,clones on the market some GS GS or the,Umarex Colt m4 or the Umarex mp5 things,of that nature Im not saying its been,an issue so far like I said me we ran,this thing you know as hard as you can,from a bench well get out and be some,running gun with it in a little bit but,you know barrel warping or overheating,so far has not been an issue like I said,you know 500 rounds,pretty much straight mag dumps and no,issues so you know nothing good to,another CV nothing bad to say so far in,terms of the reliability durability part,the dust cover does work Im like on the,cult cult M force produced by Umarex or,desist is just fake as well as the bolt,hold-open,it does not function but the diopter,type sights with the hooded front is you,know HK look like theyre pretty high,quality actually but they are not again,nothing on this is official HK,quote-unquote produce so its all by I,mean you can see its a license right,here on the mag well licensed trademark,of peckler koch made by carl walther,germany it does not well i actually sees,me does says u.s. importer humor,actually you say another concern I did,have about this was the ability to take,it down completely theres a couple,videos on YouTube you know showing you,know how to take the bolt off bolt out,excuse me out of the upper you know fire,control group whatnot its pretty,difficult Im not going to lie basic,takedown is simple and even in the,owners manual it states this is all you,have to do to clean it and taking it,down any further than this is Im going,to void your warranty which is a little,goofy but here you can see the fire,control group even with a hammer forward,you can select safe unlike a normal,ar-15 you can see the little flappy,paddle here does not hold the bolt bolt,open or release it this is a proprietary,for control group,unlike the Smith & Wesson 1522 where you,can install regular ar-15 fire control,groups this is proprietary to uh you,know Walter or Umarex whatever you want,to call it the triggers heavy not gonna,lie but it is fairly smooth on its,take-up and there is a lot of over,travel you know for for 22 thats not a,huge issue you can still achieve pretty,high rates of fire moreso than the,factory Ruger 10/22 fire control group,but its heavy,does not lend itself for precision,shooting but I really dont think thats,what this gun is you know going to be,purchased for at least thats not what I,want to do as far as precision gun goes,this is a you know quick reflex type,browning gun type planker pretty much,and as far as the upper is concerned you,can see the the bolt in here this is a,proprietary charging handle meaning and,see its function and this is all youre,supposed to do as far as cleaning goes,just clean the carbon use a uh you know,dirt removal aerosol product but they do,not recommend taking down any further,than this so well up you know were,gonna have to wait and see how long-term,high round count reliability goes but,this is it youre looking at right here,this is the field strip so Ill go ahead,and put these back together and well,just cover a few things,alright now lets shes back together I,mean field strip obviously is is easy,like you just saw one other thing that,is pretty cool about this as you can see,the barrel extends into the receiver up,to this point here so it looks like its,gone fourteen and a half inch barrel,its the exact its 16 inches overall,but since the barrel starts right here,according to the ATF it is 16 inches,overall but gives the appearance that it,is 14 inches fair to me 14 1/2 inch,barrel so thats pretty nice it is a,very I mean solid theres no play,between the upper and lower like youll,find common on,fifteen without an EQ wedge or a foam,earplugs shell back there the rifle,feels really good,and just if you guys wondering weve got,a vortex strike fire on top you know,its been good so far it gets fairly,bright better lifes supposed to be good,but the caps do not lock I mean unless,youre really ripping on them they will,not seat which is fine to me for its,price point cant beat it but well do a,review on that if theres enough demand,on the vortex stripe fire but just you,know shoot me a PM if you want to see,something like that um as far as,accuracy is concerned like I said,earlier I dont intend for this to be a,you know DMR type err style gun or,anything like that its just a plank er,some fun to shoot it looks cool it feels,good you know well do some running and,gunning with it and some reflex shooting,but I mean its sufficiently adequate or,excuse me sufficiently accurate you know,shoot an 8×8 square piece of steel at,100 yards consistently you know we,havent even put it

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