1. HK P30 Pistol Review
  2. HK P30S First Shots: Is It Still Relevant?
  4. HK’s Weird Trigger System and the P30SK
  5. The Ghost Pistol: H&K P30
  6. HK P30 9mm
  7. HK P30 – 6000-Round Review

HK P30 Pistol Review

so,ive been a big fan of hk firearms,for 30 years,all the way from the p7 handgun,or the hk 91 93 and 94 mp5 usp handguns,i mean theres just a lot of different,products,that really drive hk to where they are,today this is the hkp30 you can get it,with the 15 and one with nine millimeter,or 13 in 1 and 40.,and so lets before we get started lets,go ahead and take a look make sure were,safe we are this is a hammer fired,pistol which you know were seeing more,and more of the striker fires especially,in a polymer frame,but this is a reinforced glass polymer,frame,it has a really ergonomic feel to it and,were going to look a little bit more at,the interchangeable back straps and,side panels that can be replaced which,is really unique the grip itself is,really ergonomic and of course that adds,to accuracy it adds to your confidence,the slide is a nitro carburized steel,milled from one solid billet of steel,very corrosion resistant in fact its,what they call the hostile environment,finish on it it is a nice matte finish,it actually says blue finish,on the hk website but its really black,with just a hint of blue but the pistol,itself is just a beautiful design,the slide is just extremely well,engineered and very nicely executed,cocking serrations on the front and the,back which are fairly aggressive you,have your hk p30 here and then of course,the caliber on this one is the nine,millimeter now the pistol is fully,ambidextrous and you have your slide,release here,and on the other side,and then it has the magazine release,which is a paddle design which thats,really big with a lot of your german,guns now im really accustomed to using,the magazine release here but theres,something about this little paddle,release that i really like,you do have to adjust your grip just a,little bit to get to it but it is really,solid and of course its ambidextrous,because its on both sides the only,thing not ambidextrous on this pistol,is your ejection port it has a picatinny,accessory rail on the front now on some,of the hk pistols they have a,proprietary rail only for hk products,but this one is picatinny so you can put,any of your,m1913 accessories on here it has a nice,square trigger guard,has serrations on the front and it is,large enough to accommodate gloved hands,even with gloves everythings accessible,because of the way that these controls,are its really easy to be able to,manipulate and to get your finger in the,trigger guard the length of the barrel,is 3.86 inches it is a cold hammer,forged barrel and it does have polygonal,grooves which,really add to the length of the life of,the barrel,and plus it adds to velocity because,theres less drag as the bullet goes,through and so its really going to hold,up well one thing you dont want to do,is to use a lot of lead reloads in these,barrels because it builds up in the,polygonal grooves it does have three dot,sights very low snag design,these are luminous sights theyre not,tritium and one of the things that they,purport is they dont use theyre,non-radioactive so these are just,painted on but they do show up really,well at the range and in low light,conditions in low light conditions your,sights are going to show up well heres,a little sig p290 with tritium sights,and the illuminated sights actually,stand out,more,than the tritium,look at the sights on that its got that,theyre illuminated theyre not tritium,wow they look good yeah,it does have three different sets of,back straps and it has side panels three,different sets and one of the things i,specifically like is theyre marked,which ones large these are medium,theyre marked with an m right here the,large and obviously the smalls are two,and even the side panels right and left,and it has the size right here marked of,course this is going to make this almost,like a custom pistol,you can fit it to however you want to,three different back straps three,different side panels thats a lot of,combinations now to remove the back,strap make sure the gun is unloaded,right here is a pin that pushes through,just take your punch,pop it through,the back strap comes right off the,panels slide this way so the back strap,holds them into place,and then theyre easily changed,replace the back strap slides into place,slide the pin back into place as well,this also gives you a lanyard point,right here with the pin out you can put,a lanyard strap in and then put the pin,back in the ergonomics on the grips are,second to none in my opinion,they do have finger grooves here but,theyre very natural a lot of times when,im grabbing pistols that have finger,grooves i always feel that my hands,dont fit right and thats one of the,things about this because its so soft,and the way its lined up it just really,fits very well in the hand,you can see the texturing here its,almost like a very small little stipple,and its not aggressive but you can feel,the texturing and it gives you a sure,grip when firing the pistol and in wet,conditions this would also aid,you do have it across the back,and then of course with the finger,grooves its in each of the panels now i,typically like a very low bore axis on,my pistol and really it gets up there,far enough to where you can get a really,good sight picture and the recoil system,itself though is what i think makes this,pistol hk has its own proprietary,recoil reducing system and ill tell you,what guys its just a soft shooting flat,shooting handgun,now this is the lem version,and one of the things that i love about,this is its double action only but im,going to show you a couple of things,about the trigger pull this is one of,the things that once i got this pistol,i fell in love with typically when you,have a double action trigger pull its,long and drawn and thats no different,from this pistol its hard in fact its,a really heavy trigger pull and then you,pull the hammer,but one of the things thats different,about the hk is once you charge,the pistol and you put a round in the,chamber,it sort of half [ __ ] this system so,youre always going to have a very,consistent trigger pull its always,going to be the same and its going to,be really,sweet watch this,you have a long draw,but then you have a,really,crisp,little pull,on your second shot,again,its just a really smooth feel to it,now reset,if youll watch the hammer and the,trigger,it resets the hammer,comes out a little ways the resets a,little bit long,but when you consider that you still,have a lot of travel this way its still,about,a third i guess forward but checking the,reset,not too bad you do have some trigger,travel once you get past it but ill,tell you this it really out on the range,this was a really fun gun to shoot and,the trigger pull itself you dont even,think about it and really its so smooth,its really excellent but with the,double action only standard models with,the decocker back here on the back and a,spurred hammer,this is really a long trigger pull if,you ever have to decock and so thats,one of the things about this pistol is,you never have that really long hard,trigger pull for double action its,pretty much every time single action,or at least a single action feel to it,now they do make the p30s which has a,standard safety here so you can carry it,cocked and locked and you know if you do,need to shoot double action you are,going to have that long trigger pull but,if youre going to carry it cocked and,locked you do away with that anyway to,me,the lem version is the best of both,worlds and i would highly recommend,before you buy any versions to take the,three and lay them out together and try,them side by side i think that youre,going to find that youre going to,really like the lem version over the,others but one of the main things about,having a hammer fired pistol is your,second strike capability if you pull the,trigger and its a dud you can re-pull,the trigger,and fire the round that is the only time,youre going to be able to fire this,pistol in that long double action mode,with a round in the chamber so a

HK P30S First Shots: Is It Still Relevant?

[Applause],whats up guys this is chris from honest,outlaw here and today weve got,something pretty cool for you,were going to be shooting the p30s,ive had a p30 on the channel before,here it was the p30l,same gun that john wick used in the,original john wick and i love that gun,but i saw this one at my local shop and,i figured why not this is actually the,shorter version of the p30,if you want the standard version i,should say and it has the v3 trigger,system in it,which is pretty sweet as well this one,here has the manual safety on either,side some people like that some people,prefer the decocker im really,indifferent uh whichever one is more,comfortable to use im usually all in on,this one is not the lem trigger like my,previous p30,which is basically double action only,this one is single action,uh and double action so double the,single action like your standard czs and,stuff like that which i,usually prefer this one has the paddle,mag release,and it is as i said a double single,action nine millimeter pistol,with a four inch barrel and a full-size,grip,so kind of a glock 45-ish overall,size except in double action and made by,and made by h,k got a picatinny rail here a spot for,your finger,awesome little undercut and if youre,not familiar with the paddle release,its actually ambi so you can use it on,both sides,with either your index finger or your,thumb p30 comes one of the best grips in,the game not only does it have,adjustable back straps but it also has,side panels as well,so you can make the grip pretty much as,big or small as you need to,the only thing i dont like about it is,it doesnt adjust the overall,finger length so that can be a bit of an,issue,stuff like glock and stuff like that,does address that so,it really depends on what youre after,comes with light,gathering uh i dont even know how to,say that with iridescent,iridescent night sights and well theyre,not night sights i should say,so theyre not going to be tritium or,anything like that but they will gather,light out in the day and then when you,use them,in dark areas they will be illuminated,which is pretty cool,its kind of like a budget version of,night sights hks been doing that for a,really long time,its got rear serrations its got front,serrations and both are very usable,partly because of the chunky slide the,p30 uses allows you to get a ton of real,estate on the gun,and operate the gun in adverse,conditions and thats what hk is really,all about,hk over builds all their guns including,this one they have extreme reliability,even in adverse conditions,hk is a military producer at the end of,the day they produce military firearms,for militaries across the world,and they do that relatively well the,civilian markets always been secondary,to them,so they build these things pretty bomb,proof that way you dont have to worry,about it you can drop these off a bridge,whatever you want to do fire them when,theyre wet shoot them in sand all that,fun stuff and they work really well,the p30 series is one of the most tested,firearms on the market,and exceeds most expectations the issues,that i have with the p30 is not,reliability durability or build quality,its usually the trigger so ill be,interested to see what the double single,action trigger,on the standard p30 does that being said,theres lots of awesome companies that,do trigger jobs for these but well have,to see how awesome the trigger is when,we go out and shoot it,i got this gun for around 600 and if,youre a collector like me,this is a pretty good piece to have in,your collection,and overall its got a lot of history,which makes it really cool,any hk gun any hk pistol is really cool,to me personally,it comes with two 17 round magazines,however more,are easily available i wish it came with,three or even four but,it is what it is before we get on the,range i want to mention my patient,supporters thank you guys very much,because of you guys this gun,is in my hands bought this gun with the,patron dollars at my local store,and i appreciate that very much if you,want to help all you got to do is go,down to the link in the description sign,up,and youll be a part of the exclusive,content and all that cool stuff weve,got going on over there,also i want to mention a local shelter,in ames iowa its the yss,its a youth shelter and itd just be,really awesome if you would go down,click the donate link in the description,and donate all right so the kind of cool,thing about the p30,is that you have the ability to have not,only double strike capability,with the double action but you can carry,it double action if you want just like,this and thats good for a panics carry,stuff like that protect the old junk,with a little extra level of protection,but you can also carry it cocked and,locked if you like as well,and the p30 is kind of weird whereas a,lot of guns you have to choose a safety,or a decocker,but it actually has the decocker on the,back here which i kind of forgot about,and ive never used before ive just,heard about it on the internet,so all you do is press down and then you,can decock the pistol safely,so if youre carrying it cocked and,locked and you come home at night you,want to unload the gun,then you can decock the pistol and be a,little bit safer about it than the,standard method which kind of stick your,thumb in the way,and lower it im really used to that,method because i do that with my shadow,too,in competition but uh yeah you can do it,both ways you can,load with your thumb or you can hit the,decocker there which is pretty sweet,that being said lets shoot it at 75,yards here this is the first time ive,ever shot this gun,so well hopefully well hit some stuff,were not,were way off were gonna go up close in,print okay,all right we couldnt hit anything for,75 yards so were back up here about 35,yards,and were gonna throw a group down on,one of those half uh sized ipsec targets,because theyre all freshly painted so,just kind of see what kind of group,were getting where were going,and ill aim for the aim for the little,bolt that holds the target on,that way ill have kind of an aiming,spot so you can see where the group,actually sits,oh boy i missed that thing,missed it again,missed it again,i cant even hit this target from 35,yards which is really,i mean i can hit with like a taurus,subcompact at this distance so,uh this thing kind of sucks not going so,well,no all right now were at 25 yards and,move up a little bit more,and well try to lay down a group on my,moa target down there which has got like,a little,uh four inch circle six inch circle in,the middle there and well just try to,aim for that,all right lets go take a look at the,group,[Applause],all right so heres where i was aiming,right,and heres where i hit one two three,four five,six all right there now low left,that is almost always trigger control,right,so what im doing is im most likely,since the gun has very little texture on,it,most likely what im doing unload the,gun show clear,is i am pressing down on the trigger and,since the trigger is so long and heavy,sorry pressing down on the trigger and,since the trigger is so long and heavy,what im doing,is probably when it breaks im probably,pushing uh the gun to the left a little,bit,a lot of times you can fix that with,your support hand,however the gun is so slick theres no,spot for my thumb theres no spot for my,hand really,so i dont have a lot of space to get an,iron grip on it i dont have a lot of,texture to get some grip on it,and then i have a really bad trigger as,well to work with so uh that is the type,of accuracy were getting,im gonna probably uh do a little bit,better uh the next time i shoot it,well go back there try it again and,knowing that ill really focus on that,trigger control,and well see if we can diddle diddle,right in the middle a few times,[Applause],put on go on a new target that way we,have a new group,[Music],[Music],all right thats four lets go take a,look at those,all right so thats better you can see,her

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[Music],[Music],[Music],hey guys,austin here with 715 tactical welcome,back to the channel,today were going to be checking out the,hk p30l,the p30l has been on my list for quite,some time,and i finally found one at a decent,price if you search for these online,youll see them going for around a,thousand dollars if not more,thats just crazy i was lucky enough to,pick this up at my local gun shop brand,new,for around 730 dollars the hkp30 series,of firearms is nothing new to the market,i want to say they were introduced right,around 2006,but the p30l really took off in 2014,with the release of the first john wick,movie the p30l,was a primary sidearm used by john wick,throughout the first movie,im a huge fan of the john wick movies i,love collecting the memorabilia,and im starting to collect the firearms,from the movies as a hobby,thats probably the main reason why i,picked up the p30l,before we dive into this firearm we,gotta give a huge shout out to our,channel sponsors,black dot ammunition black dots always,nice enough to send out the ammo that,you see me shooting in my reviews,if it wasnt for them there is no way i,would be able to keep up with this many,videos,if youre looking for some readily,available ammo still at a decent price,during the national ammo apocalypse,make sure you check these guys out they,restock their website every tuesday and,thursday morning,you can use my discount code 715,tactical at checkout,to save some money on your order i,recently switched over to shooter loop,versus your traditional smelly gun,cleaners shooter lube is a two-stage,weapon cleaning system,made right here in the united states and,its eco-friendly,once again you can use that same,discount code 715 tactical at checkout,to save some money on your order by,using these discount codes,it really helps out the channel i would,really appreciate it if you did,but if you dont no hard feelings i,still love you,lets dive in the hkp30 is a modern,police and security pistol that combines,function and safety,ergonomic features of the p30 are going,to include a special grip frame with,interchangeable back strap inserts,and lateral plates allowing the pistol,to be individually adapted by any user,ambidextrous controls include dual slide,releases,and magazine release levers this firearm,is made in germany so its not going to,have your standard,magazine release button just like the,walthers it has these levers,located right underneath the trigger,guard if youre not familiar with using,these,it might take a little bit of practice,and a little bit of getting used to,i honestly dont mind them ive used,them enough in my life where im,comfortable with them,the p30 is available in a few different,variants,v1 v2 and v3,this is going to be the v3 with the,double action single action trigger,if youre not familiar with the,different variants that hk offers,i highly suggest that you hop online and,you check them out,i havent had a double action single,action firearm in quite some time,the first pull with the double action is,going to be extremely heavy,but once you clear that first pull it is,smooth sailing from there,this firearm also has a serrated,decocking button located on the rear of,the frame,variants with hks enhanced double,action only law enforcement modification,also known as lem have no external,decocking controls,youre only going to find it on the v3,the p30 has already been adopted by,several european police agencies,excellent weight and balance make the,p30 naturally pointable,easy to control and accurate to shoot an,open notch rear sight with luminous,non-radioactive contrast points,allows for fast and accurate target,acquisition even under poor lighting,conditions,im usually not the biggest fan of three,dot sights but,im kind of a fan of these these things,are so bright its very easy for my eyes,to pick up,during an endurance test around 2009 and,2010,there was a p30 test pistol that fired,more than 91 000 rounds,without any major component failures,thats,crazy i dont know if you can wrap your,head around 91 000 rounds,but good god now ive heard before that,hk used to include three 17-round,magazines with this firearm,mine only came with two but you know,what two is better than one,made in germany 17 round capacity these,are great magazines,and i cant see any issues coming from,these this specific p30l,is going to have an ambidextrous safety,selector these are available without a,safety,if you prefer that i wish i would have,been able to find one without the safety,that would have been my personal,preference but for how hard it is to,come by and how expensive these can get,if you find them i figured beggars cant,be choosers,i better jump on it while i have the,opportunity lets talk about the double,action single action trigger on this,p30l,the first pole is going to be extremely,heavy and when i say heavy,i mean heavy its probably coming at,around 10 or 12 pounds,after that first double action pull the,rest of the single action pulls are,going to be buttery smooth,youre going to have a little bit of,take up which is going to bring you to a,very distinct wall,once you get past that wall youre going,to have a very nice crisp and clean,break,i know a lot of people arent the,biggest fans of these triggers you know,they left something to be desired,i know theres a few companies out there,such as lazy wolf who offer aftermarket,triggers for the hk firearms,i really like the fact that this firearm,has a decocker,if i was going to carry this i would,load one in the chamber i would hit that,decocker,and my first pull would be that double,action everything after that,would be single action the ergonomics of,this firearm are damn near perfect for,my hand,this is probably one of the most,comfortable feeling firearms that i have,in my collection,the fact that it comes with different,side plates and back straps,is also a blessing if you have those,really big meaty hands,im sure youll be able to find,something that fits your hand,if youre familiar with the first john,wick movie you already know that he used,a custom compensator on his p30l,speaking of compensators lets talk,about the hk parts,rail mount compensator made of aircraft,grade,black teflon hard coat anodized aluminum,and then cnc machined from a solid,billet,these things are pretty sweet and you,can pick them up for around 180,these rail mount compensators have a,very sleek design that flows with the,lines,of the p30l for a seamless addition it,has five sets of ports that,significantly reduce both muzzle flip,and recoil,each compensator is made right here in,the united states and this thing was,designed after the john wick movie,so if youre looking to build your own,wick stick this is one way to do it,whats cool about this is the fact that,its rail mounted,you dont need a threaded barrel to use,it it simply slides onto your picatinny,rail,tighten down a couple screws and youre,ready to rock,fully machined in house by hk parts i,think this rail mount compensator is a,great addition,now keep in mind it is recommended by,the manufacturer,to use 124 grain and above ammunition,just for testing purposes i ran some 115,grain through it,and i had no problem cycling with the,compensator you can tell that this thing,was made with precision,it sits on there very nice and tight,very flush,this comp does add quite a bit of weight,to the firearm which im sure also helps,reduce that muzzle rise and recoil,another addition to this firearm by hk,parts is going to be this low profile,mag well,this thing is kind of the icing on the,cake not only does that help you direct,those magazines into the firearm,but it also gives you a better grip hk,parts is calling this their low profile,everyday carry mag well im not sure if,i would use this for everyday carry,i mean you could this mag well is super,easy to install,all you have to do is remove the,backstrap roll pin slap it on the frame,reinsert the roll pin and youre ready,to go,what i like about

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HK’s Weird Trigger System and the P30SK

hello everybody i am chris baker from,luckygunner.com and today i am going to,talk about the unique heckler and coke,lem trigger as well as the h k p 30 s k,pistol the lem trigger is really,interesting concept that i think a lot,of people either misunderstand or maybe,arent aware of at all it is available,as an option on several h k pistols my,focus for this video will mostly be on,the lem system but since a lot of you,guys have asked me specifically about,the p30 sk i will share some of my,thoughts on that at the end since the,1990s hnk has offered multiple action,configurations for each of their hammer,fired pistols for example if you go,shopping for a p30 the most common,variant youll run into is a double,action single action with a decocker,button on the back of the slide you can,also get that with or without a frame,mounted thumb safety but if you look,around long enough you might also find a,p30v1,that means it has the law enforcement,module or lem trigger the lem version,has no safety or decocker its easily,mistaken for a double action only but,thats really only half true if you just,pick up the gun and pull the trigger,youre going to get a fairly stiff 12,pound double action pull however when,you rack the slide as if you were,actually loading the gun the slide,pre-cocks the main spring about halfway,that gives you a trigger with a lot of,pre-travel and very little resistance,followed by a clean five and a half,pound break the reset point is very,short so you only have to let the,trigger out a few millimeters for your,next shot the only time you actually get,that 12 pound trigger pull is if you do,a re-strike so like if you run into a,failure to fire and you want to pull the,trigger and try that round again youll,get the full double action pull shooting,in lem feels a lot like a single action,pistol with a first shot that has the,length of travel of a double action but,not the weight of a double action its,kind of like a dasa for people who dont,like dasa or who are really bad about,remembering to decock a dasa since it is,a true hammer fired pistol you can pin,the hammer with your thumb to disable it,while you put it in the holster i first,heard about the lem trigger several,years ago when daryl bulky wrote an,article about it for pistoltraining.com,daryl is a big fan of lem especially for,law enforcement in his experience,investigating and being involved in,shootings theres a lot of chaos before,and after the shots are actually fired,thats when stress often causes fingers,to end up on triggers when the shooter,really didnt intend for them to be,there and they really shouldnt be there,some use of force researchers believe,the distance a trigger has to travel,matters at least as much as trigger,weight in terms of mitigating stress,related unintentional discharges the lem,trigger is not any heavier than a,typical striker fire trigger but its,got a lot more pre-travel for that first,shot theoretically thats an added,opportunity for you to think is this,really what i want to be doing right now,as private citizens we dont have to do,things like chase suspects with pistols,in our hands we dont have to do a no,look holster while also trying to put,handcuffs on somebody but i think the,logic of the lem trigger still has some,benefits outside of that law enforcement,context making the trigger hard to press,when you dont want to and,simultaneously easy to press when you do,want to is a tough thing to pull off,mechanically speaking in that respect,the lem trigger is a very impressive,effort based on my range time with this,gun so far i can see a lot of potential,in the lem trigger but it does take some,getting used to ive only got about 500,rounds through this gun and i just now,am starting to feel like im getting the,hang of it i would prefer more of like a,rolling break like a light double action,and i prefer for the reset to be a,little stronger,apparently both of those things are,possible to achieve with the right,combination of factory parts from h k,as it is i still much prefer a good dasa,but ive got a lot of trigger time with,dasas theyre not for everybody for a,novice shooter i think an lem trigger,would be a much better trigger for,learning the pistol basics its also an,ideal option for somebody who really,likes the simplicity of striker fired,pistols but they also want the added,safety of that exposed hammer k offers a,few versions of the lem trigger this,pistol has the most common variant known,as the light lem its also available,with a heavier weight or with less,pre-travel you can get an lem trigger on,any of the p30 pistols as well as the,p2000 the 18k 45 and the usp series its,not always easy to find an lem variant,for sale so you might have to have it,specially ordered or in some cases it is,possible to convert a dasa to lem if you,have the right parts,hkparts.net is a good resource for that,kind of stuff okay now lets take a look,at this particular gun the h k p 30 s k,the original p 30 came out back in 2006,but they did not make the sk until 2015.,this is what h k considers a sub compact,version of the p30 its a bit large for,a sub compact if you consider the glock,26 to be the unofficial standard for a,subcompact double stack 9. the p30sk is,taller and a bit thicker but its not,quite big enough to be a compact either,it ships with two magazines one is a,flush fitting with an optional finger,extension floor plate that holds 10,rounds of 9 millimeter the other mag is,an extended 13 rounder fully loaded with,that mag the p30sk weighs 31.4 ounces,which is exactly the same weight as a,loaded gen 5 glock 19. the sk has the,same modular grip features as the full,size p30 it comes with small medium and,large back straps as well as three,different size options for the right and,left grip panels the sights are decent,but pretty basic with photo luminescent,dots the slide release and mag release,are both ambidextrous the paddle style,mag release is a somewhat unusual,feature these days rather than a button,you push in it is a lever that you push,down to release the mag i dont know if,theres a whole lot i can say about this,gun that hasnt already been said about,the p30 series overall the ergonomics,are excellent except that it could use a,little more grip texture especially up,here on the upper part of the frame,where your support hand makes contact i,dont think the paddle style mag release,is the deal breaker that some people,make it out to be however i do have to,shift my grip slightly to reach it which,is something i very rarely have to do,with other handguns the original p30 has,a reputation for quality and durability,thats almost unmatched among other,modern polymer framed handguns some,consider it to be the pinnacle of hammer,fire duty pistol design and engineering,i dont believe the sk has been as,thoroughly vetted as the full-size p30,but,its essentially the same design with a,shorter slide and barrel and a shorter,grip so i would expect similar long-term,performance the p30sk is also one of,just a handful of hammer-fired,sub-compact nines in current production,you guys know i would love to see more,small hammer-fired pistols either,d-a-s-a or d-a-o or even l-e-m,but by todays standards the p-30 sk is,really not all that small chopping the,grip in the barrel only gets you so far,in terms of making the gun easier to,conceal we now have very slim nine,millimeter pistols that sacrifice,nothing in terms of ammo capacity and,very little in terms of shootability,versus an older double stack model like,this and they come from the factory with,slide mounted optic cuts so the p30 sk,is a really nice pistol for some of you,it might be the perfect size its just,what youve been looking for,but considering what else is on the,market for nine millimeter carry guns it,feels kind of 10 years behind the curve,and thats really no surprise since the,american civilian market has never been,a top priority for h k but we have seen,a few hints in recent yea

The Ghost Pistol: H&K P30

I feel like this is the H&K pistol,people still talk about the p30 even,after the vp9 I think its super super,stealth right now really yeah I dont,hear any discussions on the p30 except,with close friends that have them but,not online I dont run into team peers,that have the H&K p30,it seems like people always yeah do the,p30 I love that its the best H&K pistol,its the best 9 the vp9 now whatever,comments in our project theyve been,saying it yep well here you go dude,youre getting it,HK P 30 year 11 TMP took a while why is,that TD we dont really have a lot of,access to H and K stuff we dont own it,we dont buy it I dont have a gun store,we dont have a store that we can just,well we have an association in with,gunnies the great American gun store no,we dont get paid by them we dont give,them money its just a mutual benefit,where I talk about their store and,hopefully you go buy some boxes of ammo,from them mm-hmm and then I check out,via the federal forms these guns for,testing and review yep thats how it,works so yeah we finally got that and,thats why were finally reviewing the,HK P 30 yeah I wanted to review it again,back and Im no 2009 yeah couldnt find,one most of the people we know if they,had them they sold them it seems like,everyone that really collects H&K s that,I know of tend to theyre always in that,cycle of getting another one and selling,it off and dialing in I just never get,well we know people who had an HK p 7,that regretted selling that yeah just,for second cool collectability that is a,cool gun yeah the p7 squeeze Cocker,especially the m13 yeah have some quirks,its gas operated it got super hot when,you fire it up at man was it cool super,low slide in the hand bore axis was,smoking low who would have ever thought,those would be so collectible though,its hard to read when you used to see,him sitting in the counter and youre,like oh look at all those police trade,ends they were always expensive when I,when I was considering them but yeah,there were some p7 the standard p7 used,West German ones I saw back in the early,2000s do I wish I would have bought one,back then,probably not to be honest with you it,would be cool collecting it but for,first cool Im not a big piece a big fan,for second cool I am what it represented,what it was at the time and I think guys,wanted just for collectability but now,youre faced with what the USP p30 vp9 I,think the mark 23 is pretty much tanked,I dont hear anyone talking about the,mark 23 SOCOM,you remember how touted that was when,that gun came out yep oh my gosh did we,have a ton of review just got you the,mark 20 gotta do it man its awesome,like the 2 pound mark 23 huge,I dont think special ops ever really,liked that gun its just too damn big so,run a Glock 20 instead says me I dont,know what the hell an offensive handgun,is anyways yeah its always a backup,tool to fight your way to a rifle oh,yeah p30 here it comes,there are different variations this one,is probably an older one you have what,he call variations 0 through 6 it,usually refers to the type trigger that,the p30 has so this is a standard d82,single action transition trigger and,Ive never had an issue with that Ive,always said I dont like it I mean,thats like a 2 to 6 right standard you,know youll start off with a double,action trigger pull no mag disconnecting,this p30 by the way I like that tool and,then it will cap you know [ __ ] back,standard I dont know why people act,these days like thats such a,deal-breaker for him no one acts like oh,its gotta be single action only or,striker-fired yeah so be 0 through 6 you,can look in Wikipedia I saw a good,listing there of the different,variations of triggers Im not gonna,cover it here its not too important I,really wanted a P 30 L 4.4 inch barrel,long slide to review like my buddy ray,Scott I couldnt get ahold of that so,you got this P 30 I always like the gun,Im gonna tell you that right out the,gate,Ive always liked 2p 30 when I was,handling handling it I like the feel of,it I liked its light weight its only 26,ounces I thought it competed favorably,against Glock in terms of s-awc dug it,did you even know this gun existed back,in 2009 no thats what blows me away,I thought it came out in like oh six,yeah thats been around a while yeah and,its the successor I think to the mm,yeah,yeah again you look online theres all,types of history there what would you,use a gun for standard stuff combat,handgun well I put this in my go to war,handgun playlist here in YouTube,let me just short cut to the quick yes I,will I will I think it is that good it,does have some quirks want to cover them,right here right now but for standard,philosophies of use home defense vehicle,gun without rule of law officers pistol,service pistol yes by the way there are,some countries that use this as their,service pistol yeah I think its a big,hit in Europe Germany federal customs,uses it they had a huge order almost,fourteen thousand pistols Portuguese,security police malaysian navy norway,police and probably some others dont,forget so it does have some service out,there its not wide its not widespread,but the p30,does have some track record and it,continues to serve admirably i think if,it sucked those agencies would dump it,and get something else,yeah they arent hurting for options now,no so many great guns out there so many,great guns anywho standard philosophy of,use on two features hostile environment,coating nitro carburizing on HK like we,see on the USP ie its black and its,tough its a good coating its like,Jennifer yeah any of these have a bad,coating though not really tenifer at all,braun attend on the well on the Berettas,is excellent to baked enamel they had i,didnt never had a problem with it,theyre all good cold hammer-forged,barrel this again is a 3.9 inch one,thats a snap cap by the way we have a,reason for that i gotta reload it now,paula gonal rifling what they see they,say even with an obstruction you can,shoot your p30 cool i didnt try that by,the way incidentally i think we could,compose a test for any handguns that we,ever review to make it fail yeah dont,you think so Oh totally weak,put it in this media that media and,basically sync any handgun you do but we,try to treat them fairly were gonna,talk about how its shot youll see kind,of a surprising thing about the p30,Im gonna kind of give it a pass on,Stevie if you will – well get to that,here a second cold hammer-forged barrel,polygonal ambidextrous pistol Jardine I,think he shot it with my I think he,liked it except for this portion back,here it threw everyone for a loop except,me I dont have a problem with there,when I played it look out trim the ambi,slight releases this is how you do it,very waterish I love that slide Walter,does the same thing they tuck it in,tight and its fully ambidextrous its,tight and its a big area that you can,touch yes and by the way theres no,control confusion theres no other,levers or safeties or other stuff here,they may have a variation with a safety,for a certain market that they produce,again it depends on the variation yeah,but very trim very narrow about the same,width as a Glock and that takes us to,the magazine release also ambidextrous,and surprisingly controversial I dont,know why guysll hate they hate it its,just like the ppq classic the USP Ive,never had a problem with it we always,liked them the ppq classic review I said,yeah I liked it,and yet the American she rocks like this,they dont have a push button here its,a deal sinker so Im really interested,to see what guys say in this update a,review on the HK P 30 if they said well,I wouldnt buy it because a magazine,release oh that bro thats what I would,say I have an issue it so my point in,bringing that up not up is this a great,ambi pistol theres really nothing that,would throw you off as a left-handed,shooter except it does have a,right-handed ejection and in our,shooting video which Ill inset you can,see how it adjusted this I dont like I,dont like humps in

HK P30 9mm

hey gonna do a little shooting today on,the compound you know for some reason I,just have not brought my Agent K out I,have been negligent I guess I keep,meaning to bring it out and do some,shooting I forget over and over again,had this gun for I guess a couple of,years just having to dragged it out of,the safe you know I started digging,around in there never know what Ill,find and today I thought well lets get,the H&K out since I ran across it and I,was looking for something else actually,this is the 18 K P 39 millimeter okay,pretty popular pistol and if you believe,that little intro there youre pretty,gullible arent you you know I did not,have an H&K if you are a regular viewer,oh I can never resist know what happened,here is a local viewer offered to let me,borrow his and so I normally dont do,that but I chatted with the guy some and,said well okay why not I have had so,many requests to do a shoot on H and K,in a video and just havent gotten,around to getting one Ive looked at,them several times and have gotten a,little bit more familiar with them and,when he offered I said okay lets just,do it so great guy doesnt really want,any publicity forwarders name or,anything or user name mentioned which,Ill respect of course but I certainly,do appreciate it know you all do too,because we get to bring another brand of,firearm to the project here and Ill,turn it over because you see both sides,of the Vigo the gun here its a pretty,nice gun in terms of the the way its,made very quality farm as you know H and,K as I make any junk either you know,this gun I think it retails for $1,000,so you know theyre very fond of the,firearms at H&K Ive known that for a,long time,made in Germany says right there on the,magazine its just just the way it is if,you want an H&K you got payson bucks for,it I know its the same with with all,the firearms pretty much because I know,back in the 80s I was I had an actual as,it was a cheek a 93 in 5.56 with a,collapsible stock I paid some obscenely,low price for it to you know think if I,were to $3,000 now to get even find one,but H&K are typically pretty expensive,and its one gun Im not not shot until,today I guess ever in terms of an H&K,pistol I fired a couple of magazines,through it before we started the camera,roll in here and feels pretty good got,the same old double single action,trigger the sig has or a beretta that,type of thing so youll hear me badmouth,that a little bit again but so far it,seems hes pretty smooth so what were,going to youre going to be here with me,as I fire weve set up a bunch of,targets and were going to just see what,we can do with it okay we load this last,magazine and talk about a couple of,things with this condense guys I,understand as Im not an H and K expert,but its five six years old in terms of,when how long this particular models be,in production and this gun is used as,well the viewer who is allowing me to,use that subscriber has had it,he bought it used and he fires it so I,think its a couple years old not sure,what the actual age of the gun is but it,is a used gun and it is a hammer fired,pistol double the single action very,much like the sig basically in in so,many ways and well look at as we move,on along and is reloading magazines but,so youve got the hammer there you got,first fires double action if you want,and then,and Amma would be cost of course and,then single action after a shorter,easier trigger pull youve got a deep,Cocker,right there a little button right there,pretty cool I think its designed,probably hit with this this thumb,instead of your right thumb will be,awkward,so as you grasp the gun and just [ __ ] it,right there and safely drops a hammer,without firing of course and it has some,nice sights theyre not night sights in,IG HT theyre nice they gather a lot of,light and they really glow if you take,this thing into a dark room right now,its going to think you have night,sights on it for a little while so you,know as far as thats concerned they do,a good job with that not not tritium,sights but good sights has a chamber,indicator here you know it doesnt come,out much on notice but a little bit of a,chamber indicator kind of like the Glock,you can feel it you can see it what else,you have ambidextrous slide release here,you have ambidextrous mag release too it,has that I understand more the,european-style mag release you know,either side of the gun right there you,push down now thats really weird I know,when I pick these up in shops I thought,what in the world theyre using part of,the trigger guard as the mag release you,know and another little PP as the,Walther pp s its like that yeah first,time I looked at that I thought oh my,gosh I dont want that thing and the,first time I looked at these I had the,same reaction you know its really,different but you know as Ive followed,this thing and mess with it I see these,two that its not a big problem other,than maybe going back and forth you know,as I say often if youre carrying a,firearm for defense or police work for,your profession probably best to you,know stick to one design as much as you,can but I say you can use that pretty,well,not a big deal when the magazines out I,noticed it it it its in not in the,white necessarily but its so its,raised a little higher when you come,back with that trigger like if youre,dry firing whatever you might be doing,its in the way but thats only because,the magazines not in a magazine in its,smooth so its all flush and not a,problem so its just a little bit of,different operation there it would take,a little getting used to all right got,your pick attaining rails on it and then,well shoot a little bit all right,okay now youre youre learning to shoot,this thing with me Ive got a holster he,provided this little holster here with,the gun and thats pretty well lets see,Ill go ahead and go Ive got a cocked,on it I better uh we want to do that we,want to carry it like that let me go,ahead and go double the single,okay oh hey dog with flair,all right not bad,okay leave us with a long range before,we get too into this all right,we can throw anything at the gone and,hold the halfway up it it what happened,all right like every other pistol if you,hope hold them on target they will hit,pretty much what you want – here we go,let me move this amp over here Im,shooting my hand loads and finally got a,few loaded loaded up its a pretty,good-looking gun and it has a one thing,I didnt talk about Im loading here is,the replaceable back strap it has 2 or 3,different back strap sizes you can put,on there that seems to be the thing,these days doesnt most quality down,door starting to do that this one also,has a replaceable lateral strap so I,think as they call them on the sides you,can replace those two that nose up a,little bit if you want to I have not,done that I was really thinking I,wouldnt did mess with that while I had,the gun unless it just felt horrible to,me and the grip feels pretty good it,probably would feel better to me if I,fattened it up some I might do that,before I view all the videos I plan to,do with it but that is a nice feature,its see what else about this gun it the,economics of the gun are really strong,it it fits very well in the hand it fits,like a glove really does I think it does,not have quite as high a bore axis as,the sig does seem to seem to get your,hand higher on the gun more like a Glock,maybe not as high but better than the,sig I think and I have to work on,breaking it down Ive broken it down a,couple of times and it struggled a,little bit,I might have to resort to reading the,manual again I guess but once I get that,a little bit smoother Ill break it down,and and show you that how it breaks down,I mean its not extremely complicated,but every pistol has its own little ego,synthesis in that regard and I dont,want to fumble with it and have a lot of,trouble on the camera wasting that waste,of time but Ill show you the innards,much like every other pistol like this,and its it feels go

HK P30 – 6000-Round Review

[Music],hello friends it is time to reira view,the hkp 30 despite all the insults Ive,hurled at this gun over the years it was,all done with genuine affection and,great love I adore this gun I originally,reviewed it a few years ago and the,sound and lighting really sucked my,videos still suck but hopefully theyre,slightly easier on the senses these days,in addition to being a review this video,will also serve as a 6000 round update,Ive had this gun for about three years,so I dont shoot it as often as some of,the others but it still gets very,regular use I really shouldnt like this,gun and theres a lot that I dont like,about it yet I love the gun and,recommend it to anyone who will listen,so what the [ __ ] gives gun penguin I,hear you saying well this gun is a lot,like the HBO series Game of Thrones,maybe youve heard of it lots of,elements of the show arent very good,the early seasons are ridiculous with,terrible special effects vapid titty,filled exposition which isnt as fun as,it sounds,its just gratuitous you almost get,bored of the fantasy titties after a,while and if movies are getting boring,you are absolutely deploying them in an,uninformed fashion but I digress this,isnt the place for titty tangents Game,of Thrones is also a mixed bag of pacing,strange casting swaps and mishmash tone,is this violent death scene supposed to,be serious or funny yet when all those,elements are combined with all the,elements that really work you have,perhaps the greatest television show of,all time even with the finale which I,happen to love get off my dick alright,Game of Thrones is probably the greatest,show ever made its a goddamn,masterpiece in much the same way the hkp,30 is also a masterpiece the trigger is,bad why is that trigger trough here and,why is this gun the size that it is is,it a compact or a full size when youre,at the range ringing that steel like the,bells of Kings Landing none of that,[ __ ] matters this gun is [ __ ] awesome,and it doesnt hurt that its insanely,reliable oh yeah and the p30,albeit the L model with the longer slide,is John wicks primary pistol choice in,the first film and thats pretty damn,cool features the p30 is hks most,recent and arguably flagship hammer,fired double action single action,polymer pistol,this gun is available in the usual host,of HK configurations with a safety lever,LM all that [ __ ],my particular p30 is the v3 meaning it,has no safety only the decocker speaking,of the decocker is this little button on,the back of the gun here,I will sing its praises later in the,video but really find me a better,decocker it is incredibly awesome this,pistol is available in nine-millimeter,and 40 Smith & Wesson the barrel is 3.8,5 inches long and the gun weighs a hair,over 26 ounces despite the short barrel,the gun is tall like a full-size pistol,in many ways its more the size of a,Glock 19 XR 45 which is my favorite,Glock this gun has front slide,serrations and a generous number of,accessory rail slots up here it comes,standard with those aluminous sights,that you charge with your light though,you can buy these with an Metro light,Nightside straight from the factory,thats what the luminous ones look like,you kind of charge them and actually,lets do that its kind of fun I,probably just whack the [ __ ] out of the,camera but yes you charged them look at,how brightly those glow so thats great,and all but theyre not traditional,night sights you do have to charge them,and by the time were done just with,this section of the video they will,probably not be glowing very brightly,anymore the magazine releases the usual,ambidextrous HK paddles,there and there I find it best to,actuate the one on the right side with,my index finger I think that just works,best for me your whatever works for you,works under the trigger is this little,trough channel thing I dont know if,thats gonna gonna come through on the,video might have to take a picture but,anyway HK says this prevents ones gloves,from being caught under the trigger in,actual practice it just eats the [ __ ],skin off your trigger finger this grip,is insanely comfortable and you can swap,the side panels in addition to the back,strap so thats pretty cool,I havent actually swapped them though,because I find the stock grip,combination to be absolutely perfect but,if you want to you can swap them in as,many different combinations and,permutations and other ations that you,like its a great idea I like the,texturing on the grip too its not too,extreme but it still works great the,texture is sort of akin to the the,skateboard tape decals that folks put on,grips anyway only not quite as rough,its very nice,these slide levers are nice and huge and,ambidextrous much like the paddles lets,look inside the gun and see how this one,is held up for over six thousand rounds,we can also take a look at some of the,internal features so how is the p30 held,up well externally I think its in,pretty damn good shape what do you think,there are a few wear marks here and,there but nothing crazy yeah not bad,so to disassemble the gun were going to,pull the slide back to this notch here,and then were gonna push this pin,through just like other HKS,so lets do that lets get that to where,it goes and then were gonna push that,forward and grab it Im gonna have to,pull it closer to my body to pull it all,the way out then Im sure I whacked the,[ __ ] out of the camera again and you can,see when youve got the pin pulled out,far enough you can see this red,indicating that you dont need to go any,further than that thats right this pin,is captive unlike other HK pins which,come all the way out meaning that you,could potentially lose them its genius,so this could also be used to show you,that you havent reassembled the gun,correctly or it could just tell you that,youve pushed it through very useful,lets face it Im a dumb-dumb truly the,dregs of human intellect and I like,knowing that I wont have to scour my,knockoff eBay Persian rugs for a little,black pen at least when Im cleaning,this particular gun we all know that,small gun parts can easily leave this,realm of existence to forever reside in,the parts dimension a hellish mirror of,this reality filled with ar-15 detent,Springs roll pins glock front sight,screws and action figure guns these,items will never be seen in this corner,of reality again at least until the veil,grows thin and they can return once more,usually when youre moving to a new,house or about three years after youve,replaced the original part so once that,pin has moved outward you can remove the,slide from the frame like so very easy,let me figure out a way to position this,on the desk where we can actually see,everything I wiped all the lubricant and,cleaned the gun prior to filming to help,us see the were looking in the polymer,hks you immediately noticed that the,frame contains very few parts theres,just not much to them the simplicity,makes them very easy to detail strip and,theres not much that can really go,wrong in here you can see the takedown,pin part of the slide release you can,see how that works in the open position,theres this channel in the center,letting the locking block at the back of,the guide rod move through when the bar,is pushed in that channel is out of the,way and this rounded portion sits inside,the cutout on the locking block right,there,I hope you can see that and that holds,the slide on the gun its very elegant,speaking of the guide rod youve,probably noticed this flappity nylon,doodad this is the recoil buffer ring,which replaced the more complex spring,buffer from the USP series,the simpler buffering first appeared in,the USP compact and is what you see in,the p30 the p2000 the hk45,but not the small guns those have the,dual spring setup HK seems to feel that,this ring works as well as the more,complicated Springs and well talk a bit,more about whether or not it actually,does later so we see substantial wear on,the locking block nothing crazy but its,its theyre taking the

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