1. [Review] H&K VP9: The Best Striker-Fired Pistol Weve Fired Yet?
  2. H&K VP9 Review – As Good As They Say??
  4. HK VP9 Striker Fired Pistol Review
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[Review] H&K VP9: The Best Striker-Fired Pistol Weve Fired Yet?

in a world of compromise some do,and considering we took hks vp9 out to,the desert in the current heatwave,destroying the west coast,its me im the one that compromised,that [ __ ] sucked,what is up guys my name is john with,pptactical.com your definitive source,for gun reviews gear guides and all,things,related to the official sidearm of the,european police that ostensibly protect,eurovision,[Music],when i invoke the almighty brand name of,heckler and coke probably a few things,come to mind,via association for you be that,relatively high price tags,some of the most unobtanium and coolest,submachine guns and rifles ever made,or an ephemeral sassy social media girl,who,may or may not have gotten axed after,she called marines crane eaters,if she ever really existed to begin with,regardless,polymer striker-fired handguns probably,arent the first thing that comes to,your mind,when you see those big blocky red,letters but perhaps,it should be first released in 2014 the,vp9 aims to build on the success of hks,p30,another polymer framed pistol aimed,primarily at the european law,enforcement market,and was apparently breathed into life,after bavarian state police,requested a modern replacement for their,aging hkp-7s,first introduced in the 1980s while,theres a few different flavors of vp9,floating around at this point,i think the vp9 as a platform can really,be distilled to two unique selling,points,that set it apart from other modern,striker fired handguns,now if youve watched any of my recent,handgun videos youve probably heard me,say this a million times im a glock guy,and thats where the majority of my,handgun experience comes from,i like glocks generally as theyre,essentially just the honda civic of,pistols,and i like my personal glock a whole,bunch but ill be the first to admit,that striker fired triggers,usually leave a bit to be desired,straight out of the box,and such is just the nature of the beast,this however is precisely one of the,main issues that hk set out to address,when designing the vp9,essentially reworking the strikerfire,mechanism to cut down on both the,sponginess and pre-travel pull,that typically increases in resistance,as the shooter squeezes the trigger,rearward,the end result here is quite noticeable,and thankfully has,very real implications for how this gun,performs rather than,you know just being marketing hype but,more on that in a bit,the other primary selling point of the,vp9 is hks ergonomic handgun grip,design,which actually feels quite nice in my,hand straight from the get-go,but includes a variety of back straps,and interchangeable side panels,that should allow those with even the,most atypical pause to find a,combination that works for them,from front to back youll notice the,vp9s got some relatively aggressive,forward slide serrations to help get a,positive grip when charging the gun,and a full-size pick rail up front for,attaching lights lasers or,anything else you can think of those,same serrations are repeated again at,the rear of the slide,and the iron sights are a standard three,dot setup that,while nothing fancy gets the job done,just fine,though our particular vp9 came with,night sights pre-installed,as mentioned the guns ergonomic grip,system feels fantastic in the hand and,the modular back straps and grip panels,feature some swirly texturized patterns,to make sure youve got positive,retention when needed,the vp9s trigger guard is bizarrely a,bit,oversized although i imagine this is,probably at the behest of euro cops,who might need to use the pistol with,thick winter gloves in,conditions that seem unfathomable to,contemplate while our record-breaking,heat wave boils my gray matter,its also got a bit of an outward,parabolic curvature to it as well,and it kind of makes a more modern grip,that might utilize an undercut,modification just a bit trickier,though a cursory googling reveals,several companies offering services,that will flatten that curve out for you,if desired unfortunately theres not,really enough material there to be able,to get the inward grip divots youll,typically see on glock undercuts but,cest la vie probably one of the largest,differences most non-european users will,notice,as compared to the vast majority of,other modern handguns on the market,is the placement of the magazine release,appearing here as an ambidextrous paddle,where the grip meets the trigger guard,while initially a little unfamiliar,feeling,it really isnt as hard to get used to,as you might first assume,with that bit of background out of the,way were off to the range,in some of the most miserable conditions,weve shot in in,quite some time we burned through a,couple hundred rounds of nine to really,get a good feel for the vp9,and kind of see if the selling points,that we mentioned up above,were going to have a tangible effect on,the shooting experience,spoiler alert they do as i mentioned,first impressions are that the vp9 fits,my hand phenomenally well,im quite fond of my trembled up g17 and,like i said,its what im used to but the vp9s,ergonomic grip setup,is dare i say that much better and lends,itself to a very,naturally pointing handgun that just,feels downright great to punch out with,however its not all gravy unfortunately,while that pistol grip might be one of,the best ive ever used or felt when,attempting to utilize the same high and,thumbs forward,grip thats natural for me at this point,my offhand support thumb winds up,resting directly on the vp9s takedown,lever for extra purchase,which might not seem like a huge deal at,first but once you get a few mags,through the gun and it starts to heat up,you might see where im going here in,fact that lever winds up getting so hot,that i actually bubbled a good chunk of,my thumb skin off via a heat induced,blister about midway through the shoot,and as much as i,absolutely hate firing pistols with,gloves i bit the proverbial bullet and,decided to wear,just my left glove to make it through,the end of the day as an extra layer of,fun,the ambient hell temperature meant that,the vp9 wasnt cooling down at all,between magazines and that lever is hot,enough to induce that type of completely,subconscious flinching that occurs when,the deep reptilian part of your brain,goes,uh-oh burning before your conscious,brain has had time to process it,as you might expect this made shooting,the vp9 with even my normal,level of okayish proficiency a bit of a,challenge,and i couldnt decide whether the weird,half glove thing was a better solution,than,just hovering my support thumb off of,the frame to beat the heat,that being said the vp9 just shoots when,you get a feel for it and i find myself,lamenting the fact that my trigger time,with the gun was spent in a,sweltering hell hole hks take on the,striker fired pistol,does indeed feel quite different than,other adjacent polymer pistols with a,rather long but smooth take up before,you hit a very obvious wall and a clean,break that feels,much more similar to a single action,trigger than anything youre going to,find in potential competitors,the reset is also so short that itll,probably catch you off guard until,youve got some reps in and,more than once i found myself,accidentally double tapping targets,while trying to ride that reset wall,thats not intended as a humble brag at,all but more so i just want you to be,aware,theres a good possibility thatll,happen to you too particularly if your,primary striker fired pistol experience,is also something glock-based or similar,even with the,running threat of first-degree burns,once you get a feel for how the vp9,behaves,id say it easily threatens even more,tricked out glocks,for usability in its stock configuration,and because of that improved trigger,system the vp9 stock trigger pull weight,of about,five ish pounds or so feels better,overall than the three and a half pound,setup ive got in my personal g17,weirdly enough,i was expecting the euro paddle mag,release to trip me up here and there but,i actually found

H&K VP9 Review – As Good As They Say??

[Music],[Music],[Applause],whats up guys this is the Honest outlaw,here today were going to be doing a,review on the HK vp9 Im gonna tell you,some really good things about this,pistol and honestly I got some bad,things to say about it too,were gonna start out by talking about,what comes in the box comes with the,pistol here your polymer frame,striker-fired vp9 shoots a nine,millimeter cartridge comes with a box,itself with all the grip panels in there,that were gonna talk about in a little,bit two magazines feel like it should,come with a little bit more but thats,what you get from H&K sticker another,gun lock is if you guys need more of,those and the operators manual the,intended use of this firearm in my,opinion is a really good all-around,handgun its not great at everything but,its good at almost everything you could,use it for home defense its got a rail,its got night sights on certain models,the grip is big enough to control it for,repeat shots and concealed carry its so,obviously a little too big but you could,definitely do it with the right holster,especially if it was the only gun that,you had WRL pistol word competition,would work for IDPA other things like,that as far as other guns go that are in,its class youre gonna be looking at the,Glock 17 the M&P 9 the XD the Walther,PPQ and you have to remember guys all of,these guns do about the same thing this,gun does what they do it for a little,bit less money as far as reliability,goes on this pistol it has been 100%,Ive shot about 500 rounds through it,and it has performed flawlessly the,durability is also 100% HMK makes things,like tanks if you break this youre,really gonna have to work at it,HK also has a quality track record many,of their pistols have been used in the,military and if theyre using the,military thats usually good enough for,civilians as far as price goes the MSRP,on this gun is $700 but nobody is gonna,pay that I got it for 600 a gun show,brand new thats pretty decent magazines,are about 40 bucks apiece that is a,little high if youre gonna compare it,to other guns in its class the Glock is,much cheaper you can get one of those,Gen 4 for about 500 bucks,and peas or even a little less than that,about 450 the ppq is right in there as,well all those are in this comes class,they dont come with the HK name and,youre really gonna have to decide,whether thats worth it lets talk about,the ergonomics in this pistol and for me,thats a very important category the,weight on this is 29 ounces which is,comparable to most other guns in its,class the Glocks a little lighter,I believe the XDS a little bit heavier,M&P spray right around the same,its got good balance 7 inches long,which aids in sight radius,it also helps control muzzle flip a,little bit the barrel is 4 inches long,and it is cold hammer-forged it has no,safety on it which is a big plus if,youre carrying it its got a,european-style mag release which i cant,get used to personally I know that you,can get used to it in training but I,just just cant stand it every time Im,gonna reload I look for that button and,it is not there just cost you time,another thing that I really didnt care,for is the slide release Im not sure,what it is about it but every single,time I shoot I rest my thumb right on,that thing and when the gun goes empty,the pistol does not lock back another,great addition to this HK that I havent,seen another guns is the cocking fence I,didnt think I would like him when I,started out but I ended up using them,more and more and more and I gotta say,Im a big fan of those lets discuss the,grip panels now other guns in its class,like the Glock in the M&P they have back,straps that you can change to make the,grip seem bigger or smaller the HK took,it a step further not only does it have,back straps removable back straps and,how you remove that as you push a pin,out right here you slide this down pull,this off it comes with three different,size back straps small medium and large,but where it differs from other guns is,it also has side grip panels easy to,remove and easy to replace as I said,earlier it comes on accessory rail to,mount lights and lasers and things like,that theres a cocky and indicator on,the rear of the gun I guess its useful,if you like that kind of thing for me I,guess it doesnt matter whether its,there or not theres a flat Riko,which I personally dont think helps,that much considering the recoil on this,gun is about the same as a Glock 19,which is smaller and lighter and I shot,it next to my Glock 17 and I think the,Glock 17 had less recoil feed lips on,the magazines are actually rather sharp,I can roll in a picture to hear these,things cutting my thumb because it,happened more than once so you just have,to be really careful about loading your,mags when I load it on video I actually,put a glove on the entire time firepower,is 15 plus one which is pretty good,until you reload a mag and cut your,thumb accuracy though is where this gun,really shines its really the selling,point of the gun as far as the sights go,theyre easy to pick up theyre bright,three dot sights are always better than,the Glock square the trigger is Bar None,the best trigger of any polymer gun that,I fired,I mean its ppq is close I like this a,little bit better the flat trigger face,on it it is a five point four pound,break the reset is also very good,lets take a look at that right here,[Music],better than your standard Glock anyway,as far as takedown and maintenance goes,its fairly easy to take apart its got,a takedown lever here slide it all the,way to the gap takedown lever down you,just pull the slide right off pull your,bear here youre sorry guide rod out,like that barrel comes right out it goes,together,the same way now even though I didnt,personally like this gun as much as I,thought I would its still a very good,gun and most of the things that I dont,like about it are personal preferences I,would consider this gun to be a solid,eight out of ten it would work for,almost every situation that you could,put it in make sure to LIKE and,subscribe if you liked the video leave a,comment if you think I could have done,something better,believe me Im new at this so I could,use the comments thanks for listening,guys this was the honest outlaw please,help your local homeless shelters and,make sure to recycle or my wife will,find you,[Music],[Music]

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hello again everybody and welcome back,to the channel thank you so much for,joining us today,well weve got a pistol video for you,and,ive received many inquiries about,reviewing the vp series of hk pistols so,in the interest of keeping that promise,i present to you today,the vp9 nine millimeter pistol by h k,for me my experience with the hk up to,this point has been strictly hammer fire,models,no particular reason i just ive been a,huge fan of the usps,mark 23 hk45 the p series just to name a,few,and,ive had a lot of requests for this so,its i i see that its time to get into,this one,so i guess the question is going to be,is does a vp series stack up to the,hammer fire models does it have the,quality and reliability that one expects,from hk,and of course is this a sensible choice,for a concealed carry weapon,well were going to answer all those,questions and many more,in just a minute,[Music],alright once again welcome back we sure,appreciate it,if this is your first time coming to the,channel or if youve been watching our,videos and you just havent had the,chance to do so yet theres something,that you could do that would help us out,a lot and that would be to locate that,little,subscribe button there in the lower,right hand corner of your computer,screen and,hit the subscribe button if youre on a,mobile device you can scroll down below,the video and hit subscribe and hit the,bell icon itll let you know whenever we,do something new,it helps us out a lot and we do really,really appreciate it so thank you so,much,all right,hk vp9 nine millimeter,now,this is not a brand new pistol okay,now,when this pistol came out,you know a lot of people were saying,well you know,why is hk just now coming out with a,striker-fired pistol i mean its,ridiculous glocks have been out forever,and you know there was all this,discussion but,you may or may not know,but hk was actually the first company to,produce a striker fire pistol uh back in,1970 they had the vp70,um and then shortly after they also had,the p7 but the vp70 the only reason why,i didnt do that well is because it had,a really horrible trigger that was i,dont know close to 20 pounds they just,didnt sell that many of them,but obviously theyve had experience,with the striker fired uh design before,so when this pistol came out in i,believe 2014,everybody was pretty excited to see that,hk was getting back into it,and of course for me,knowing the fact that,hk had once made a striker fired pistol,and the trigger was awful,i was a little reluctant to even look at,the pistol when it first came out number,one because i was perfectly happy with,my hammer fired models and number two,you know you never know whether anything,had changed or not,but well get into all that whenever we,get into the features and the,performance but also we always like to,do a little uh,size comparison for you here for,purposes of carry so were going to do,that,and theres a good reason why were,using this um,this particular model of course,the,magazine capacity 17 rounds so you got,17 plus one,and of course we have a good standard to,measure that against as far as capacity,and that is our good old-fashioned,glock 17 which is also going to be a 17,plus 1 capacity so taking a look at,these,side by side,you could see that were very very very,very similar in size now of course the,the grip on the glock is a little bit,bigger and its a little bit different,and so you wind up with a,slightly different overall,picture here on the grip which ill show,you on the overview here,but as far as overall length and you,know trigger guard,theyre close the hk has a little bit,bigger trigger guard which i actually,like,but theyre extremely similar as far as,the,profile the gun thats going to be in,the holster and obviously whats going,to be in your hand when you look over,the top you can see that,theyre very very similar,in length,the total length,on the glock is just just a hair longer,looking down the,sights,and on the back you can see once again,that the glock is just a tiny bit bigger,as far as the,depth but where you really see it,is when you look at the grip,over the grip on the,vp9 its a little bit fatter,and you can change the,back straps and the side plates on the,vp which well get to in a second but,even with the largest ones the,glock seems a little bit,fatter overall,but its a good comparison and like i,say the reason we do this mainly is,because,if youre going to be carrying this gun,on your person obviously,if youve tried similar size firearms,and you know how they feel if youre,comfortable carrying something like this,well chances are youll be comfortable,carrying something like this because the,size and the weight are so close that,you know the differences are negligible,so,thats going to be your basic,size comparison between the two as you,can see theyre very similar,all right lets go ahead and talk about,the features um well just start the,basics here coming back um we mentioned,the capacity but just let me show the,word clear real quick before we get into,all that you can see that our weapon is,clear,and empty and,of course our magazine is empty as well,so taking a look at this,obviously its a 17 round magazine and,they give you two of them,which,you know,thats,kind of a big deal its kind of nice if,you have had to buy magazines separately,of any kind of firearm you know that,theyre pretty bad expensive just like,anything related to firearms seems to be,these days,but going over the firearm one of the,first things that youll notice,by looking at it if youre familiar with,any other of the newer,hk pistols,the,the basic look and ergonomics of this,look a lot like the,uh the p30 series,of hk pistols now obviously,theyre comparing apples and oranges for,anything other than ergonomics because,the p30 is a hammer fired its a striker,fire but if youve seen the the p30 you,know what im talking about,so just kind of looking over the weapon,youve got some pretty nice pronounced,serrations on the front and the rear of,the slide these are really nice and,something else that you may notice here,too is youve got these,um,spots these cocking points here on the,rear,and you get them a certain angle here,you can kind of see how thick they are,you can see them sticking up,and yeah you could use these,in a lot of different scenarios you know,theyre,just your fingers getting a positive,grip on it if you had gloves on,um,or if youre having to rack the slide,with one hand this give you something to,you know put against the surface,in order to rack the slide,so its interesting and i thought that,that would bug me a little bit but,really they dont stick out that far and,by the time the guns in the holster of,course this is in the part that sticks,out a holster,so its not that big of a deal,you can see here you have a pretty good,size accessory rail so if you are one of,those individuals who,prefers to have a lighter laser setup or,both on your pistol you can do that,talk about this large trigger guard i,really like these oversized trigger,guards and yes i have a bigger hand and,so i like having one big enough to where,my finger can just,go in with not a lot of complications i,do like that,um so thats a good thing of course your,magazine release it does have the little,trigger guard one here you can see here,on either side of the trigger,youve got these two points so its,ambidextrous um theres a lot of,different ways to manipulate that but i,personally like that location,for the magazine release,looking at the other controls,youve got,your slide release here,and,if you look you can kind of see,in the frame,you can see where theyve put this into,kind of a recessed pocket,so its easy for you to manipulate with,your finger but it doesnt stick out,that far because its inside that little,pocket and i really like that,and then another thing about this,the,when you do your cleaning your,maintenance and all that this is pretty,easy to do because once you have it,locked back li

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HK VP9 Striker Fired Pistol Review

the hk vp9 this gun rocks,hks just announced their brand new,pistol,the vp9,this is a striker fire offering from hk,and hk was actually the original,designers of the first,striker fire pistol with the vp70 and,then the p7 squeeze cocker which of,course is world renowned,those both were striker fired so its,been 35 years,since hk,has developed a new striker fire pistol,of course the first thing were going to,do,make sure the gun isnt loaded and it is,one of the things that im going to,mention before we get into all the,details of this really high quality,pistol,is the price,retail price,719,which translates,for your local gun shop or street price,for about the 650 to 675 range getting,your hk pistol you have a nice,form-fitted case,of course the pistol comes you get an,extra magazine 15 rounds is standard and,of course they do supply 10 rounders for,those states that arent so free one of,the things that they do though thats,really unique about hk and were going,to look a little bit more at that in,just a few minutes is their back strap,and their side grip interchangeable,panels,they offer three different designs for,your back strap,and three different designs for the side,panels which is really unique a lot of,pistols out there are doing the back,straps but not the side panels you also,get a spent shell an hk lock which is,going to go on my gun drawer,and the operators manual which is very,concise now the vp9 is based very,similar to the p30 design in the p30 i,just did a review on it about a month,ago,just a phenomenal pistol it is p30 is,hammer fired whereas this one is striker,fired striker fired pistols are easier,to produce theres not as much going on,with the mechanism so you know that,translates into a better price,but striker fire pistols are exceptional,but one of the things that the vp9,really purports is that it has one of,the best trigger systems for a striker,fire pistol out of the box ive got a,number of striker fire pistols were,probably going to do more of a,comparison between those coming up in a,next video or so,im going to be doing a series on the,vp9 because it is a brand new pistol,this is not at this time,uh in june 2014 itll at least be,probably mid-july before these become,available i actually got this directly,from hk which is a huge honor for me to,be able to get a hold of one of these,before theyre even released it does,have the standard trigger safety which,of course is very reminiscent of the,glock system right here and this is,going to keep the trigger from firing,unless youre depressing that center bar,so its going to hold it into place,theres also a hammer drop safety in,here as well this is a very safe gun to,shoot and a safe gun to carry and thats,one of the things about the striker fire,system with its internal safeties is,its quick to deploy but it is very safe,and thats been proven over the past 30,years one of the things youll notice is,this little red indicator that means,that the gun is cocked,and so once you pull the trigger,thats going to disappear of course it,is a polymer frame pistol and it does,have a very nice high quality slide the,first thing were going to do is check,out the trigger system because hk is,purporting this to be the best trigger,system of any out of the box striker,fire pistol,as we,have the take up its really smooth,really smooth trigger take up and then,there is a slight little,click,its very consistent,and that is huge because most of your,striker fire pistols have a lot of creep,and a lot of pressure even with the,glocks as you pull the trigger it,becomes almost spongy before you hit it,this is a lot more crisp,to take up,click,and its really nice,the reset is very short,and sweet so youre going to be able to,get those follow-up shots,really easy,according to hk the trigger pull is,around 5.4 pounds,and the return on reset is just under an,eighth of an inch,were going to demonstrate two different,trigger systems and both of these have,been safety checked to give you a,comparison here is a glock 27 this has,not been modified typically i do a lot,of polishing on the interior of the,trigger system but this one has not been,modified now we have the take up,and then,theres a lot of pressure before you,pull it now im used to shooting glocks,and thats fine but once you get spoiled,with a really nice trigger,it really makes a difference at the,range,so,kind of a take up and then pressure as,it comes back and then it snaps with the,hk again the take up,and its just a nice,click one of the best reported striker,fire triggers up to date has been the,ppq from walther,it is a very nice trigger system,there is a lot going on on that take up,in fact theres a lot of resistance and,then theres a really crisp,snap,ill have to say the ppq at the very end,the little click is so definite it makes,it really nice but all the take up and,everything thats going on,the hk i believe,has it beaten they are using the p30,magazines which are already readily,available theyre all steel the magazine,release is on either side of the trigger,guard i really like this system and its,not very difficult to get used to,in fact its pretty intuitive,they are using the steel magazines of,course these are made in germany,excellent quality with a polymer based,plate,they slide in and out of the magazine,well very well even at the bottom of the,grip you have these indentions to be,able to pull the magazine if you need to,if it actually gets jammed of some sort,you can actually pull in here and get,that out with a little more ease the,texturing on the grip is exceptional,its very nice and aggressive i mean you,know when you have it in your hand its,a little different than the p30 and ill,tell you right now were not going to,compare this to the p30 today were,going to do a full comparison between,the vp9 and the p30 coming up were,going to focus though on the vp9,this is such a new gun theres so many,cool features i just dont want to get,sidetracked,of course with the smoothness where your,fingers fit right with your trigger it,gives you a lot of slick smoothness to,be able to just get right to the trigger,the grips really,felt good in the hand it gives you a lot,of confidence when youre grabbing the,gun and firing it youre not worried,about it slipping and it really holds,into place well especially with rapid,shots trying to get to that target,really quickly i mean seriously along,with the p30 design,this grip is the most ergonomic grip,ive ever felt bar none,has military standard 1913 picatinny,rail system and its full all the way,out the trigger guard is enlarged for,gloved hands also has serrations here on,the front the grip design is deep cut,here and this really gives you a close,fit to the frame and it actually helps,with the low bore axis it gets that,slide really close down and so when its,coming back,its going to ride closer to the hand,and its going to just help with,accuracy and with follow-up shots the,slide has serrations on the front and,the rear but one of the things that i,really like thats a little bit,different with this in fact ive never,seen this before,are these little cocking ears right here,on either side,that allows for extreme positive,gripping,of the slide,these cocking lugs really are easy to,get a hold of its just so easy whether,youre doing it overhanded like this or,youre pulling it straight back,it just gives you that added leverage to,it i really when i first picked the,pistol up and looked at it i didnt,really know if id like them i really,like my pistols to be really thin but,because its way back here in the back,for some reason of course thats going,to stay out of your holster,its just going to be up top it just,really is a great place for it looking,at them im not sure that theyre,actually removable looks like they fit,under the rear sight but um,im going to leave them on because i,just think its a real advantage to be,able to grab that slide really fast,the slide is a really high quality steel

Heckler & Koch Pistol | HK VP9 Review & Unboxing | Concealed Carry Channel

[Music],[Applause],lets go ahead and jump into the,range review oh my god look at this,kind of proud of myself on this one,this thing fits like a glove,i think im gonna have to buy one,hey everybody thank you for joining us,today on the conceal carry channel im,grant mclean we got an awesome review,lined up for you,for an hk vp9 pretty,sweet gun super excited to share this,info with you,anyways before we jump into this i want,to say thank you so much,to the folks over at northwest armory,hooking me up making sure i get those,guns,get down to the range come back with,good info for you guys that way if,youre looking at this gun,hopefully this information will help you,make a well-educated decision so,if you need to order a gun visit,nwarmory.com,order up your gun there have it shipped,to your local ffl or,if you happen to go into the store tell,them that grant mcclain over at the,concealed carry channel sent you in,and theyre of course going to take good,care of you and say hi to khaki because,hes such a good boy,the other folks i want to say thank you,so much too is x hunt targets,another one of our big sponsors of the,channel we use their reactive targets on,the channel,and they are awesome so visit,excellenttargets.com,order up some targets from them after,you watch this video youre going to be,super happy you did,and i want to say thank you to our,patreon supporters if youd like to,support the channel in any way you can,wed greatly appreciate it as you know,guns ammo and range time all cost money,you can go down into the description,its the top link to our patreon its,going to give you,exclusive content plus entries into,drawings,for prizes from yours truly really good,ones too,and of course it helps us and we thank,you guys,so much for supporting the channel as we,do want to make this a full-time gig,of course make sure to hit that like if,you,support concealed carry gun owners you,are a concealed carry gun owner,you support the ability for people to,defend themselves,hit the like comment below and get us up,high,in those rankings of youtube that way,people can find good,information of course if youre not a,subscriber already go ahead and hit that,subscribe and,share the channel with your friends,family and other gun enthusiasts,lets go ahead and jump into the,unboxing portion of this so if you were,to go to the store youre to buy this,gun,its going to come in a nice plastic,case you can definitely run a lock,through this case lets go ahead and,unbox that,there she is underneath the foam,youre going to find your lock manual,sticker gonna have that sticker and it,also comes with,this which is kind of cool inside here,you have replacement little pads for the,magazine release but,theyre also different sizes,and you have the tool as well so if you,wanted to,make this larger or you need to say it,wore down for whatever reason which,i cant foresee that happening,well i guess anything is possible right,but,you have replacements and larger sizes,to kind of accommodate so the other uh,thing were gonna find here is,the vp9 there it is awesome lets jump,into the specs here,in a second and go over the rest of this,stuff you get an extra 17 round magazine,you get a loader,a couple sets of replacement side panels,this way you can choose how big you want,the grip kind of cater it to your hand,customize that,and then you also will have a couple,back straps in there,and ill show you as we go over the grip,portion of this how those go on,very simple thats pretty awesome i,havent seen that with other guns,where you can replace the vertical,side panel the back strap and,change out the size of the magazine,release,thats pretty darn custom as far as that,goes which hey,thats pretty sweet all right lets go,ahead and jump into the specs of this,real quick so as you know its an hk,vp9 this ones chambered in nine,millimeter,double stack nine mil 17,rounds in this magazine holds quite a,bit,you do get two of those magazines as,well the barrel on this,is the same length barrel as youd find,on a glock 19 4.09 inches,to me this is very reminiscent of the,glock 45 kind of that,compact size barrel with a,full-size frame overall length is 7.3,inches,height is 5.4 inches and the width is,1.3 inches so not a super,big gun as far as width goes,but its pretty much the whole thing is,very,wide all the way through so it does give,you some nice surface area into your,hand,and concealability could be well id say,its not for everybody because this is a,pretty wide gun,weight is one pound 9.6 ounces,and we have a msrp of 789 bucks,during the gun pandemic right now i have,seen them definitely sell for,msrp some a little bit more but usually,youre gonna see them sell,for about i would say about a hundred,dollars less than that,uh as you would see most guns selling,for about a hundred maybe 150,even in some cases less than what,theyre selling for right now during the,gun,pandemic of 2020 2021,so supply and demand baby all right,lets go ahead and jump into the,range review oh my god look at this,kind of proud of myself on this one we,did our usual,three five seven and ten yards and what,were doing or at least our goal is to,do,five shots in two seconds and ill tell,you this gun from the factory,is a fast flat shooting gun it looks,good,feels good and it shoots really good,the three yards was a 1.5 inch group the,5 yards was a 1.8 inch group this is,four shots and thats the fifth right,there,seven yards two inch group and 10 yards,2.1 inch group these are,some fantastic groups i must say im,very proud of myself on this one,the gun shoots super flat,smooth you can really get a nice,grip onto this gun as well,its crazy i know some people dont,necessarily care for the finger grooves,youll see that with like previous,generation of glocks where theyll shave,them off,i get it its not gonna fit everybodys,hand but,for me this thing fits like,a glove its almost like if i grabbed,like a piece of,putty and i just squished my hand into,it thats what this grip,ended up like and i have the grip,portion the magazine release well talk,about that,here in a second were going to start,from the top,start with the sights and then well go,down to the magazine,and just kind of show you some of the,feature benefits and things that i would,you know,take a look for and consider if i was,buying this gun,first thing here is we have the sites,and these sites,are kind of unique theyre not tritium,sites but they are glow in the dark,so ill show you here real quick you can,see them right now,theyre not really glowing theyre very,easy to see in regular light and kind of,semi-low light but they do need to,charge from some alternate source of,light,and even if you charge them with a light,youll youll see how bright these,things get,so look at that see how much lighter,brighter those are youre still going to,be able to see them so if you have this,in like,a safe or something like that and its,not being able to,charge per se youre still gonna be able,to pick them up its a three dot sight,and,its almost whitish and then i mean when,these things charge,holy cow uh you can really pick them up,so very cool i like the sights they are,a dovetail style site theyre very easy,to replace if you needed to,they do make different styles almost,like trim levels of this gun so they,make a tactical version,they make this gun with an optic plate,theres quite a few different models,hks website is at least i found,not the easiest to navigate and find,those,item numbers that youd be searching for,online like hey i want this specific,model number,i mean heck they make one that comes,with a crimson trace laser,and thats not even mentioned on the,website that comes from,the factory with a crimson trace laser,its not even mentioned on there,it can be a little difficult to to find,those things so one of the best things i,could recommend,is to either email or call or even just,go into your local gun shop,and see which model it is that they have,because

PDP vs. VP9, in depth comparison

hey guys ive been testing the walther,pdp,full-size grip four-inch barrel versus,the,vp9 full size this one is the optics,ready model this has been my carry gun,for a while its got the swamp fox,liberty on it,and,ive been running the rmr on the pdp,these guns in terms of size theyre,basically identical theres some slight,differences,between,shape the trigger guard and also,probably the single biggest felt,difference is the height from the top of,the sights here down to the grip and,thats noticeable to me because i use,the claw grip,like so as i draw the pistol,lets get into the nitty-gritty probably,the biggest difference in felt size is,the fact that the grip on the vp9 is,more adjustable you have both side,panels and the back strap which can be,adjusted and,i especially love the fact that,i dont know if we can see it here,but my left side grip panel is actually,bigger than my right side,as a guy with average size hands,the walthers is good i would say the,small back strap has been perfect for me,no complaints,grip texture on both is pretty good i,think i like the grip texture on the,wall through a little bit better,its got a little bit of honeycomb style,grip texture to it,while the vp9,just has,you know a little a little bit roughed,up and its a little smooth up top,in order to get,perfection i would like to see both of,them have something more aggressive but,thats personal preference both are,perfectly usable,so in terms of grip,i have to give a slight nod to the vp9,and that brings us to trigger,in terms of trigger ill just tell you,straight out,the walther wins its not head and,shoulders above but it is a little bit,nicer,i will say that being a little bit,lighter there have been some times,that i would go to prep the trigger,during a drill,and i would crank off around because,its just that much lighter i hit the,wall,very crisp,great reset,but its its,im not sure exactly how much lighter it,is because i dont have a scale but its,enough lighter that i would i would,occasionally pop off around ahead of,time when going from the vp9 to the,walther because the walther is lighter,now i will say that lighter is not,better,but i would say that its a little bit,easier to be accurate with the walther,because sometimes,with the vp9 i take it up,i take it up to the wall and then it has,a little bit heavier,if im not really careful with my grip,ill get just a little bit of wiggle so,the walther is easier to be accurate,with but,the vp9 is very accurate and theres,really no complaints slight edge to the,walther on that one,in terms of sights,quite frankly they both suck i dont,like either of them the walther has,plastic sights,three dot,white sights the only saving grace here,is that they are micro adjustable they,give you a little screwdriver,kind of a match style site you can you,can adjust them up down left right,very nice in terms of that however,theyre still plastic,the advantage i can almost see them,through the rmr its tall enough that,its basically flush at the very bottom,so i cant quite co-witness,but if my dot dies i have tried this,just come up to see the sight and then,drop it down flush with the top of the,rmr and it breaks off perfectly,so its pretty easy,the,vp9 unfortunately i have looked,uh these will not co-witness with this,swamp fox at all not even in the bottom,and so,when the dot goes out if the dot washes,out im just in trouble i have not been,able to find any suppressor height,sights,for the vp9 yet everythings been out of,stock,so,slight edge to the walther there,in terms of reliability,i have to give a slight edge to the,walther,not because the vp9 has been terrible,but because,of the vp9 the walther so far has been,flawless i have run,brass aluminum and steel through it its,eaten everything has no hiccups,the vp9 however,when i first got it my,my tendency is to shoot them dry right,out of the box however they come i shoot,them,unless its visibly bone dry,and,the vp9 did not like,the,wolf steel case ammo that i had it,choked,one in every three rounds,as soon as i ran about 200 rounds,through it that cleaned cleared up,but still,if youre just running it out of the box,the wall through has been more reliable,the vp9 is ambidextrous,the,slide stop slide release whatever you,want to call it go ahead and flame me,get it on both sides,the type a the paddle release,push it down,you can do it with the thumb or finger,on either side so its ambidextrous out,of the box,i will say i would like to be able to,reach that with my thumb,i cant quite do it,but i find that as i come back i can use,my middle finger,and it works great,the walther,is sized well,so that i can,i cant quite keep my finger here and,press that in because my fingers in the,way,but i cant hit that with my thumb,without otherwise shifting my grip,and,the magazine release is reversible to,the other side however its not,ambidextrous out of the box you have to,choose which way you want to set that up,so,slight nod to the vp9 if thats,something you care about,all right in todays prices,the walther,is running,from 550 to about 650 and that depends,on the configuration you get on sale for,550 i actually got mine a little cheaper,than that a couple weeks ago,but,depending on the configuration you want,you cant be guaranteed to get it for,five and a half six and a half you can,get pretty much anything you want,however the optics ready vp9,is running about 750 to eight,so,clearly the walther is a little more,available and that brings us to the,final point which is accessibility of,spare magazines,and things like that as i said i had,trouble finding,good suppressor height sites for the vp9,and right now finding mags for a,full-size,pdp,is basically impossible,you can get them for the compact because,the ones for the ppq will fit the pdp a,lot of ppq parts will fit the pdp,but it seems to be more for the compact,and some internals in terms of finding,spare mags which to me as a shooter is a,big deal youve got to have a bunch of,spare mags,spare mags wear out a bunch and you,dont want to use your range mags for,your carry mags so you got to have more,than just the two that it comes with,so the vp9 wins out at least in the,magazine availability area,however,the magazines for the vp9 only hold 15,stock whereas they hold 18 for the pdp,so,you know its a toss up,holsters,i think you can get,theres a number of pretty good holsters,for the pdp they have made,a lot of strides in that area theyve,reached out to a lot of manufacturers,you can get some really good holsters,so i think its a wash on that and of,course,i dont really have anything to say,about the mounting system of these red,dots i havent had a problem out of each,either one,i i think the fn509 continues to be the,best,manufacturer mounting system the most,robust however,despite what,some people have said about various,problems with the pdp and whatnot it,i havent had a problem so i cant speak,to that,so in terms of,shootability which is,you know a lovely made-up word to say,how well i shoot it its,i have to give,the edge to the vp9 and perhaps thats,just because ive been carrying it for a,while and the pdp is new to me however i,think there the,recoil is felt a little bit more i have,a little more trouble tracking the,sights on the pdp seems like it has a,little bit more muzzle flip,its not,its not terrible,im not saying that,its,its unusable at all its very close,however when it comes to tracking the,sights,and shooting,faster you know shoot something like a,build drill i had better success with,the vp9,so,you just have to decide,which of these features is the most,important to you and,you know get out and rent them both,shoot them i think theyre both great,guns,and,let me know what you think


you got 45 yes we do have the HK vp9,fairly new offering from H&K been,getting a lot of requests to shoot this,thing and let you know what I think,about it well I think its a firearm and,its an HK and they do a good job so,whatever it is HK sig you can count on,it being quality right I dont know,anything HK has made or is making that,its not well made maybe theres,something there Im not as familiar with,their entire line as you might be but,they when I think of VO HK I think of,really good firearms and really,well-made ones so you know what the vp9,is theyve come out with a striker-fired,pistol all right now they had them for a,long time you know though with a VP 70,the the p7 the squeeze Cocker and some,ways they sort of pioneered the popular,I guess of striker-fired pistols of the,modern era but its been a while since I,come out with one and they as well as,everybody else sig bloc of course and,other companies seem to know we want,striker-fired pistols and lets shoot,this one and see whether it is worthy of,that H and that K on the side of the,slide what do you think all right lets,try it see if itll shoot I want lets,just start out with something small like,theres little clay pigeons,where shall I hold it how about right,there right there,theyre not bad I see a can of paint old,can of paint and uh okay lets try some,more small targets while were oh thats,the more that pottery from where I use,the tea like I have another magazine yes,I do,pretty sweet oh you know you got the,paddle uh mag release there some of you,dont like that probably Im not sure I,do it works fine huh and of course its,ambi from both sides thats one,criticism some of you would have for,this firearm well I have shot it this is,not the first time I fired the pistol of,course and I am pretty well impressed,with its uh you know it has a good,reputation so far and I find that it,does shoot well and has a nice trigger,all those things you might have been,hearing about it it does hurt my finger,a little bit uh its a its not just,that Ive got a trigger finger syndrome,of some sort I get the same feel on my,my left finger when I pull it it hurts,it where it rubs against there a little,bit so I didnt put the band-aid on,today I just left it clean so well see,if Im bleeding the time I in its not,that bad,but I cant tell the difference no,reason I paused here was Im tiring from,all that shooting no I thought Id good,and try some hollow points I havent a,bad habit for getting that so I have I,lost six or seven murdered in here these,are actually plus B plus you think,thatll blow up the gun bet or not okay,get it a little dirty to shoot those,before I forget lets try them on some,water,bowling pins yeah I can tell theyre,pretty hot all right man blew the heck,out of that lets hit the gong with one,of those sweet that jars my finger even,more I got out of the bag thing I just,felt like throwing some out there now it,ran out a little faster than I expected,that is one of the negatives of this,firearm you know every firearm every,firearm I know of has some negatives and,positives negatives for you it could be,the mag release that can grow on me its,not a problem if I were going to carry,this gun and shoot this kind I know,maybe if youre switching back and forth,it would be a little bit of an issue but,one of the things the negatives I was,going to mention is heres my big,negative its not a Glock all man,gagging I said that didnt you know,thats not my point,lets put a maggot no the one negative,there is that this is a Glock 17 believe,it or not and theyre the same size I,mean they are the same size you put,these things together same height same,length the HK is a little thicker its a,little bit thicker on the slide thats,why the HK ways I think about an ounce,more the HK about 26 and a half ounces,the Glocks about 25 and a half something,like that so a little bit heavier no the,thing is its the same height and I,think the bag things are even the same,length,lets see pretty much yeah pretty much,the same size even the mag out of this,brought out the sig 320 cents thats,their claim to fame and the,striker-fired market right recently,these mags all same basically same,length and when its a sig or the block,the,bp9 but the vp9 holds 15 instead of 17,these others hold 17 so yeah that might,be picky but you know the Glock 19,forgot the number from a Glock 19 holds,15 rounds you know with a shorter grip,so I you know I dont know you think the,engineers will say okay were gonna make,a really high-quality,striker-fired pistol what is that we,need to make sure we match with our,competitors and you would think that,this would have held 17 you know thats,maybe splitting hairs 15 versus 17 but,weve been nice you know two more rounds,of same same length so yes it could,manage that or didnt want to didnt,regard that as a priority alright so I,like to say it is the same size exactly,as a Glock 17,except for thickness while were doing,that lets just let me show you a little,bit on the on the slide thickness that,was the thickness on the vp9 on the,Glock you see when you put it on the,Glock 17 you got some space there right,so its about the same thickness as the,big Glocks the fat Glocks okay now if,you get down here on the frame in,defense of the HK lets get the,thickness on the frame of the Glock then,we go back to this then were about the,same okay so you know that you look at,slides a little heavier on this but now,thats all the negatives the grip is,really different from the Glock and of,course the Sig and many other firearms,if this is really kind of a new,variation of the p30 HK youve seen here,we did a video on that its a good,shooter but its hammer fired a little,bit different than the feel but this has,the replaceable back strap and side,panels which I did replace I normally,dont mess with that but I let me go,you can replace on the back strap but,also the side panels and not a big,problem while Im reloading the mag Ill,let you look at that scene there mark,left right and all that medium or large,whatever they are I replaced those the,right magazines here,thats the segment over there,it felt okay but I thought I mean I want,to figure out how to do it anyway and,its really not a problem theres one,pin you take out the bottom heres a,roll pin down there and then you take,the back strap off and that allows you,to replace the the side panel is very,simply slide them in if you want to if,you have to take a back strap off first,and thats a pretty interesting feature,that is a huge plus because you can,essentially rebuild the grip not just,the back but the sides however you like,so theyre real real plus there if I,were going to shoot it a lot carry it,its my defensive firearm bedroom,firearm whatever I would experiment a,little bit might go back to the medium,so Ive got the large on there and I,think it feels better to me theres a,pretty good size grip its not an ideal,concealed carry pistol probably its you,know I mean some of you may carry a,Glock 17 or a firearm that large so not,a big deal for you but its a rather,large pistol so making it a little,larger I didnt think was that big a,deal tell you the truth okay,so again these mags hold 15 rounds it,does use the p30 mags back two of these,are p30 mags and I borrowed from a,fellow and by the way weve got this we,got this firearm from Buds gun shop,its a its a donation for the cause and,we sure appreciate that and as we do,this ammo from the federal so buds gun,shop in federal are the stars of this,video not to mention the H&K vp9 okay,theyve been working on this for a while,as I understand,this this striker-fired pistol theyre,famous for their hammer fired pistols I,guess mostly like one more mag wheres,the hiding here but theyve done a good,job,all in all Ill have to say its its a,nice one the trigger pull is really good,its not just okay they didnt just get,in the ball park on a Stryker firing,trigger as I said they have a lot of,history with strike the

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