1. HK VP9 Tactical OR – Everything You Need To Know!
  2. The H&K VP9 TACTICAL OR. The newest VP9 offering from HK.
  3. H&K VP9 Tactical 5 Year Review and Glock 19 Comparison
  4. The Ultimate HK VP9 | Tactical – Optics Ready
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  6. H&K VP9 Tactical
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HK VP9 Tactical OR – Everything You Need To Know!

[Music],so,so today we are going to be doing a,video on the hk vp9 tactical or this is,kind of hks,user ready uh vp9 not saying the other,ones arent this is just,has all the bells and whistles on it so,before we get into it i would like to,say thank you to myself for buying this,pistol because,hk doesnt know,who i am but i did pick the pistol up at,kerr so uh go check out curry ammo,because uh they did have it on sale,really cool people down there and if you,pick up ammo from them you can use code,delp 10 to save you 10 off on your first,order so big big shout out to kerr for,having this in stock able to get it for,me um and uh,for being able to uh shoot this video,so lets dive right in to the specs and,the features of this pistol but before,we do super short quick plug basement,operator company my apparel line adds,plus 10 to your agility and adds plus 10,to your accuracy all right now thats,out of the way so hk vp9,pricey pistol most expensive pistol i,own,to date and will really be the most,expensive pistol i own once we get a,nine millimeter suppressor for it which,is not here obviously okay so this thing,runs,[Music],and sixty dollars so you might as well,just say 1100 after you get it,transferred or brought in or whatevers,happening but msrp is pretty pricey so,youre shooting over a thousand dollars,for a pistol but it is an hk,all right so were going to talk a,little bit about barrel length first and,foremost you have a 4.7 inch barrel,length um this is pretty common this is,i wouldnt say its a full-size missile,theres actually bigger pistols out,there believe it or not uh 1911 this one,has a five inch barrel 4.7 not quite the,same as five but still a good sized,pistol i wouldnt say its small by any,means someone really call it a compact,either i guess it is a full size,technically so we have the barrel the,slide has nice serrations on it,in the front and in the back in case you,want to uh,you know rack it from the front,rack it from the back,the slide also comes optic ready,so the hk vp9 tactical oro stands for,optic ready,then suppressor sights as well which is,a nice feature especially if youre,going to be running this thing,suppressed okay i like the vp9 sites so,you have the two white dots and a green,dot for your front fixed site up here,and,i mean theyre smooth or theyre not,really smooth but theyre easy to,acquire and they look good especially in,like low light scenarios or whatnot you,just,wouldnt say theyre as good as the m17,sites but maybe im a little biased i,dont know so we have a polymer frame on,the frame there is,a piece or a place for your light were,running a stream like tlr-1 hl on here,im a big fan of these i have this is my,second one and,they run good they run long time theyre,reliable so,tlr ones big big fan of them in terms of,the grips they have nice grips nice,finger place or nice i guess finger,grooves theyre textured and you can,swap them out very interchangeable piece,of equipment right here,in terms of the mag release,this thing is empty that we dont have,any ammo here,on the trigger guard so this is kind of,very similar to the walter or walther,i did one i think its the m1 the ppq m1,im not 100 sure,but uh on the the actual numbers but,ill pop it up on the screen which one,is similar too but its just a little,paddle on the trigger guard,and if youre used to a button release,like i am its a little different its a,little uh more to get used to so one,thing i forgot to mention was the,threaded barrel so if you are running a,suppressor this thing comes ready to go,it does come with a uh thats kind of a,barrel protector so thats nice,and the last thing id like to mention,is the weight on this thing so its 26,ounces,fairly light,compared to a full,metal pistol like a 1911 right here im,not going well,1911s got full metal on the frame and,the receiver,whereas this has a just polymer and,really cuts down on weight but once you,load it down with an optic and a light,you can start getting a little heavy,all right so lets talk about how this,pistol performed but before we talk,about how this pistol performed i would,like to say thank you,to daryl holsters their holsters did,send out the duty duty holster for this,uh pistol review this is what i was,running the whole time this is a level,two duty from dara with the aoqd,attachment so i can pop it in and off of,my uh holster there makes some pretty,pretty high quality holsters i run there,for literally everything theyre awesome,and if you want to pick something up,from dare you should check out the top,link in my description its federa delp,10 save you 10 percent so,big shout out to dara for helping us out,all right so how it performed this,pistol performed pretty well um i was,surprised i am a super big sig fan so,obviously when i picked this thing up i,was like ooh hk no it did really good,shot really well especially with the,vortex venom on top of it,im a real big fan of pistol red dots i,think if you havent got into one yet,go ahead and make the purchase this was,250 dollars for that pistol red dot next,to nothing it was super cheap super,affordable and uh it ran great,dialed it in right in with the uh,right in with the sights put the little,dot right on it and uh never had to,touch it ever again i was,zooming with it and it performed great,shot great its super comfortable and,im a real big fan of it i wouldnt say,i like it better than my sig,but,it is quite a decent pistol for that,thousand dollar price point though it,better be a decent pistol,and oh one of my complaints and i didnt,even think to mention it um,back when we were talking about specs i,had to buy an optics plate for this,thing,so youre you have a 1,1100 pistol freaking i have to buy,optics plate,[Music],it is what it is i guess so lets talk,about who this is for,and why you would buy this thing so this,is kind of your duty pistol um you can,do everything with this pistol its not,too big its not too small,and if you want to carry it for self,self defense its definitely usable,concealable maybe if you want to run it,on like an appendix carry like this or,if you just want to carry it on your,side its very doable its not too heavy,it comes ready to put literally every,single attachment you can put on a,pistol on it suppressor light red dot um,it comes ready for it you do pay for it,with that eleven hundred dollars though,so what i recommend it if you want an hk,and you want something that has,high quality,well-built beautiful finish,sure pick one up,would i say there are more affordable,options out there that,do get the job done,yes,sig m17 prime example,um,for 650 dollars you can run everything,but a suppressor on the sig,and,its a really really good shooting,pistol cavy after that sig did have a,few problems there at the beginning,where youre dropping the pistol and,shoots but its fixed now,so,maybe save you some money you still have,to buy an optics plate unless youre,buying a delta point but uh,or if youre running a suppressor i,guess it can start to add up because,youll have to get a new barrel and,everything but,i think there might be better options,out there but if youre looking for the,top tier,echelon like,top standard i guess hk vp9 serves its,purpose and serves its purpose pretty,well i mean i have no complaints other,than just how pricey it is and thats,just me being cheap so i think thats,going to wrap the video if you havent,already make sure to follow me on,instagram and make sure to hit the like,and subscribe button on youtube both,those help me out a lot and help me keep,bringing you more content,so go check me out there also big shout,out to kerr,for helping me out picking this thing up,sourcing this for me and supplying the,nine millimeter ammo for this video,remember code delp tend to save you ten,dollars off on your first order and big,shout out to dare for the holsters,so i guess that about does it ill see,you guys on the next one as always take,someone outdoors peace

The H&K VP9 TACTICAL OR. The newest VP9 offering from HK.

[Music],[Music],uh,[Music],whats up guys my name is jeff im the,owner of rdr gear here in salt city utah,and today i got a cool new gun this is a,personal pistol i recently purchased,this is the vp9 tactical optics ready so,ill give you a history of how much i,love this gun this is my original vp9,back from 2014. this is the first,striker fired gun that hk,came out with,after the p7 m13 so this is my personal,gun this is an original paddle bag,release 17 round magazines actually this,was a 10 minute i dont know why but um,this gun has been through hell and back,and i always reference it because im,not the best on maintenance and you can,see thats pretty nasty inside there,but the,cool thing about how well aged care,products are made is because of this,right here,youll see the frame is broken,it broke a buddy of mine i lent it to,and unfortunately he was going down the,stairs in a shoot house and the gun fell,and he stepped on it and i think this,thing it cracked,that was back in 2015 that this happened,going this is their first rounds out of,this gun other than me zeroing it last,night um so again were gonna run this,thing through its paces this one was,unfortunate through my distributor was a,california gun um so i did have some 10,rounders but i pulled all my old 15,round magazines from my original vp9,were going to use those today so all,right lets get on it,eyes and ears,all right,and it gets you guys wondering this is,one of our modified safariland holsters,for the vp9,there are some comments on the youtube,that this couldnt work or something,that nature i havent quite seen him yet,somebody had mentioned to me that there,was some comments that,either those are misinformation or some,misunderstanding but the bottom line is,youll see how the holster works today,all right lets shoot this,little guy right here,[Music],so i love this trigger man i had a lot,of striker fired guns i probably should,dabble in some double action single,action guns but man i just that,that striker fire is just phenomenal,[Music],dropped a little low but,awesome super stoked this thing i have a,standard barrel and a threaded barrel,ill probably swap out the sweater,barrel im not a big fan of three,barrels because my bad luck i end up,losing thread protectors,and then the barrels get dinged and its,just like expensive,ill swap the barrels out most likely,but,phenomenal,[Music],all righty,lets check our camera make sure that,little frag didnt kill our camera,downrange and well be back all right,good news camera survived it was fine so,im going to give you my final thoughts,on some details on this pistol back in,the studio this is probably,i know that i im a big striker fired,gun guy right i dont really own,anything double action single action,either striker fired or single action,thats kind of two guns i own this,probably could rival,as,the best striker fired pistol on the,market not just so much on trigger but,ergonomics features etc,i love the vp9 so much that im going to,show you,my original so in 2014 the vp9 dropped,this was the first record-fired handgun,that hk had launched since the launch of,the hk p7 m13 that launched in 1972,so there was quite a huge,huge huge huge,gap,in striker fire pistol from hk when the,vp9 launched this thing was a frozen,rope laser beam,out the box this thing was amazing,people will say oh paddle b sucks,it does not it just takes a little bit,of skill to figure out how to use it,with thumb and or index finger either,way you dont need the button i do,understand that the new guns there are a,small amount of vp9s on the market with,the button release i have not seen them,yet in order really care because the end,of the day the paddle does not,affect me whatsoever,this gun here i had this was probably,one of the first that hit the shelves,here in utah i paid full retail for this,gun back in 2014 and the only thing ive,ever hated about,the vp9 when it first came out was the,sloped novak style and the painted,glow-in-the-dark paint thing they put on,these dots that was and i just never,changed it,whatever reason was but this was a,phenomenal pistol this pistol is so well,built and,shoots so well still even though,i have this very cool feature,on my frame,it is for people with fat fingers,right now im kidding um this frame,cracked right underneath the trigger,right here um a buddy of mine i let,borrow it and he was at a class or,something theres a structure class and,somehow,i dont know what the holster was using,whatever but the gun fell,it went down he went to get it and he,actually stepped on it and it cracked,that true yard ive just been running,super glue in trigard the whole time i,did contact hk a couple times and we,were going back and forth and it i,didnt really have any issues with the,pistol so i left it alone so that is my,little history on the original vp9 that,i own,and now we fast forward to the new baby,so,im not a big threaded barrel fan um,and reason for that is that i have a,notorious habit of loot like this ones,already loose,and this was just from shooting today,these little guys if you dont own a,threaded barrel pistol,the thread protector is there for a,reason your,suppressor goes on to the handgun,these little guys protect your threads,but if you lose this guy right here,theyre very difficult to find,a replacement for,hence your fancy very very expensive,threaded barrel is now exposed and if,you ding one of these threads,its shot to [ __ ] its done because,youre not gonna be able to cross thread,your suppressor through that dented,thread on the barrel so what i normally,do is on these i just since i have this,gun and i have another backup barrel and,i have a sweater barrel i will most,likely just swap barrels and run this,gun as a dedicated non-threaded barrel,pistol and ill put the throttle barrel,under this one and call today so lets,go over this pistol here one right off,the bat that i really really like,is the new suppressor hide sights that,come,with the gun,the suppressor hides sights its a,blacked out rear with a tritium hi-vis,front and it is suppressor height sight,so therefore you have a true co-witness,on the gun,it works great its very easy to pick up,and that front sight is very very bright,that is phenomenal because this was not,the style of sight that was used in the,past it was a basically a taller sloped,type site so again having the suppressor,height sight a very wide rear notch to,catch that front sight phenomenal there,im using the rmr from trijicon this is,the 3.25 moa dot,adjustable and the cnh precision plate,for the vp9 this plate mounting is very,very cool and unique is basically it,mounts from underneath so the two,t-posts go up from the plate the two,screws go down it pinches down on the,plate and then the screws go into the,gun phenomenal design very very rigid,very sturdy the gun is full ambi for,anybody who is a lefty so if you guys,are out there you have slide stop,on both sides,powder release on both sides,and the ergonomics of the,frame itself you have your replaceable,back straps so you can get big small etc,this one unfortunately was a california,gun so it did come in 10 round magazines,but i do have a buttload of magazines,for this gun so were just putting our,17 round magazines in this pistol now,and that,is it just fits the hand so well point,so well,when we shot today was the first rounds,through the gun outside of zeroing the,pistol it just shoots very well,one thing i did not know,prior going to this review was that,through hks web shop,you now have a lot of options in regards,to buying parts for your hk,i did not know that if i had worked on,as this was this diy stipple for me to,keep it from slipping out of my hand for,i used to shoot this guy gun at night,epa i could have simply just went and,bought the top end and i have to buy a,whole new gun but here nor there its,glad im glad i have both you guys can,get if you have a standard vp9 you dont,want to get it cut you want to get,c

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H&K VP9 Tactical 5 Year Review and Glock 19 Comparison

hey welcome to Slick triggers uh today,were going to be reviewing a h k vp9,tactical um Ive had this gun for about,five years now havent seen too many,videos on YouTube on the vp9s here,recently I figured Id make one as a,good refresher Im going to compare it,to a Glock 19 and kind of give you my,thoughts on it after five years of,ownership stay tuned,so having the Box an older model of the,vp9 Tactical this is the pre-2020 update,non-optics ready modeled when I bought,the handgun it came with three 15 round,magazines in basic height night sights I,believe the tacticals now come with,suppressor height sights and 17 round,mags but I could be wrong the vp9,Tactical model comes with a threaded,barrel,for H and K it is a cold Hammer Fords uh,polygonal bore Barrel made from Canon,gray Steel,I can tell you this handgun is very very,accurate it is a tack driver honestly,its so accurate Its Almost Boring the,threads are left-handed if you notice,Im turning to the right and it is,loosening uh the thread protector,the vp9 is set up to use a combat hold,which means you hold over the target,instead of at a six oclock hold,the six oclock hold is slightly under,the bullseye if youre target shooting,the sights are kind of cut at a notch so,if you want to Rack this off a belt or,table or a shoe or something you,probably could I mean theyre honestly,pretty good I dont know which sights h,k is currently installing on their,pistol because their website does not,match up 100 percent,it also comes with these cocking,supports that makes charging the pistol,a little bit easier you can remove these,theyre made of polymer if one breaks,theyre pretty cheap there are front,slide serrations as well,the pistol does offer removable and,interchangeable back straps and side,straps,so I have a punch in the Box,uh it didnt come with a punch but I,like to keep one in here just in case I,want to change it up,so basically we would drive this punch,out,and from there you can remove the back,straps,and side straps,theyre small medium and large side and,back straps,I did play around with these I did feel,like the large fit my hand a little bit,better so I did use the large for a,little while and then I just ended up,switching back to a medium uh which the,gun came installed with due to the mag,release location,I did notice an increase in accuracy,while using the larger back straps,though I did use this gun in a USPSA,practice match it performed very well,accuracy wise handling wise not so much,I found that the slide stop slide,release is pretty big if you have your,hand anywhere near it the gun will fail,to lock back on the last round,additionally if you insert the magazine,with some Gusto the slide will drop and,rack around this is not really preferred,because you dont really know if itll,happen every time,so here I have a dummy round,and we can see it wrapped around,the gun has a phenomenal trigger it is,very close to a single action trigger it,doesnt feel like a Glock Trigger or,theres a little bit of a creek in a,creep then a break it has a little bit,of take up and then you hit a firm wall,and then its basically like breaking,glass,probably one of the best uh Triggers on,a striker-fired pistol out of the box,one thing to note if you do want to do,any kind of DIY Gunsmithing on the,pistol itd be pretty difficult the way,this thing is put together its not like,a block a block thats super simple to,break down and replace Parts as needed,uh this thing is pretty complicated,honestly maybe not something that youd,want to do yourself at home if you,wanted to do a trigger job or,replace parts,I found the polymer grip its kind of,slick I had handle it grips on this,pistol for a long time which is like a,rubber overlay and they work pretty well,ergonaut ergonomically the gun is great,to shoot for long periods it has an,undercut underneath the trigger guard,allowing you to get really high and also,the edges are kind of rounded you wont,get Glock knuckle with one of these you,can shoot this thing all day super,comfortably it has a flat recoil spring,too Ive read that flat recoil springs,dampen recoil a little bit,uh but I dont know if thats 100 the,case,uh it definitely does have a different,recoil impulse though versus uh like a,Glock 19. I cant really say if the,recoil is softer on the vp9 versus like,a Glock 19 but it does have a different,recoil impulse I find it to be very,controllable and pleasurable to shoot,the gun is ambidacious it has a paddle,magazine release on both sides and you,can engage the slide stop on both sides,foreign,paddle mag release is pretty neat it,does take a little bit of getting used,to though I noticed for instance for my,hands Im not able to keep a firing grip,on the gun while dropping the magazine,I have to kind of clock the gun over,and then Im able to drop drop the,magazine,uh I have seen some people that are able,to use their index finger mine just,doesnt seem to bend like that so for me,in this gun I do have to change my grip,to drop the magazine,its not the biggest deal in the world,but also it isnt as easy as a Glock or,something where you just push the button,and launch it it doesnt hassle to,change a grip to drop the magazine,theres also enough space to stick your,finger behind the trigger if youve ever,had to like Sprint with it or something,you could tuck your finger behind the,trigger to get a better grip a funny,story actually fell down a flight of,stairs with this gun,it has pretty good aftermarket you can,buy mag wheels you can buy extended,magazines base plates extend the,magazine releases,uh you can really John Wick this pistol,out the magazines are made in Germany,they are steel magazines theyre high,quality magazines but theyre like 50,bucks a piece this one came with three,15 round magazines I understand the 2020,and up models come with 17 round,magazine,Ive never really had a failure with,this pistol besides the slide failing,the lock back from me riding the slide,release in the occasional racking of,around from forcing the mag in too,swiftly its been very reliable Ive,seen the torture test done on vp9 and it,doesnt seem to fare too well my,thoughts on that is Im probably never,going to drop this gun into mud dirt or,sand its kind of like a range toy for,me I think if I was a person who had to,carry this thing on duty I would just,find a decent holder that would cover,all the cracks and seams and everything,on the slide I think I would be,comfortable with that I think the,failures probably come from the tight,tolerances,foreign,so what I have here is the Glock 19,compared to the h k vp9,a lot of people want to see these,comparisons I figured it might be a nice,one to do,honestly I really should be comparing,the Glock 17 to the bp9 as they would be,more similar in size but this is what I,have,as you can see the Glock has a much,smaller slide stop uh slide release,versus the humongous one on the vp9,foreign,does have a much bigger better trigger,than the Glock right out of the box,the sights are better on the bp9 because,theyre metal and tritium the Glock has,much cheaper polymer sites,Im not sure if the base model vp9 comes,with metal sights now or if theyre,polymer uh honestly hkas website is not,the best the vp9 is easier to take down,with the lever theyre both about on par,with accuracy,I would say the vp9 is a little bit more,accurate and consistently accurate I,also have a few more of those dummy,rounds loaded up in the Glock Factory,magazine this is one of those California,compliant ones that I got for free uh I,just hold dummy rounds in it,I want to demonstrate that it doesnt,matter how hard I send this thing home,the slide will not drop so,so we notice with the vp9 uh you know if,we,load a magazine that hard,a slide wheel dropping and load around,also I found on the vp9 the mag well is,a little bit thin so right here you kind,of see,uh where the mag well is a little bit,chewed up,from inserting mags that this area could,be a little bit

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The Ultimate HK VP9 | Tactical – Optics Ready

[Music],if youve been watching the channel for,any time now you know that i,love firearms but i have a very special,obsession with one company in particular,some might call it unhealthy but at,least i can admit that i have a problem,my name is tim and im an hk addict,at least as of right now the only,therapy i can come up with for this,affliction,is more hks which brings us to todays,little feature,what i would call the peak offering in,the vp9 series,a gun that ive been wanting for quite,some time behold,the optics ready suppressor ready vp9,tactical,before we get into all this german,greatness a huge shout out to todays,video sponsor tacpak,if youve never heard of tacpak theyre,a monthly subscription service that,delivers great tactical and edc,gear to your door every month its,basically the stuff you wish your loved,ones would get you,but somehow you always end up getting,socks or some other useless crap you,will always get way more gear than the,cost of the pack,in my last pack i got this really cool,punch set some targets that are always,usable,tac pack will always hook you up with,some really good pocket knives and there,was even a little muzzle break from rex,celentium,also right now if you use the code,alabama youll get a 40,grab bag in addition to your regular,package,[Music],if youre not familiar with the vp9,lets start with a brief history,that will also let me flex a bit and,show off some of my hk collection,[Music],the vp series actually got kicked off,with the vp70 or volks pistol 70,which literally translates to the,peoples pistol,and the year it was created in 1970 that,was actually the first ever polymer,pistol,predating glock by over a decade to all,the glock fan boys out there that just,heard that for the first time,dont worry well get through this,together,and you may want to go pick up an hk,the vp9 is also the first striker fired,pistol that hk has made since the,legendary p7,that was discontinued in 2008 the p7 is,one of the greatest pistols ever made,and it would be amazing if hk,brought that back since they have been,bringing back the hits here recently,and i want you to know that im not just,showing off all these classic hks to,flex on the pores,im doing it to deliver the highest,quality hk porn to you the viewer,and trying to satisfy hk addicts,everywhere,[Music],just imagine it though hk could have the,sp5,sp5k and a new p7 it would be like a,greatest hits album or a comeback,tour it would be amazing if we could get,an hk53,a ump and a g36 my life would be,complete,anyway enough with my sick fantasies in,2014,hk released the vp9 to finally silence,the pores,and they received great acclaim sig guys,pay attention this ones for you,hk also launched it without any major,recalls,i know that hurt that hurt,in all seriousness though hk made a,full-featured striker-fired pistol,and offered it at a more affordable,price than some of their more premium,pistol lines,giving almost anyone who wanted to own,those two magic red letters the ability,to do,just that and enter the upper echelon of,firearms ownership,in the vp9 youll get a legendary,polygonal hammer forged barrel,the spider-man grip that not only has,adjustable back straps but also,side panels as well making this one of,the most customizable pistols,ever made it also has a more vertical,grip,and a very good trigger,in 2020 hk gave the vp9 a little,facelift most notably they added an,optics cut this allows you to add,virtually any pistol red dot,by purchasing the adapter plate and,removing the filler plate that comes on,the pistol,red dots on pistols do provide quicker,target acquisition,and finding the target quicker lets you,shoot the targets faster,so this is a huge deal and a very,welcomed and anticipated upgrade to the,vp9 series,hk also changed the magazine internally,allowing it to hold 17 rounds over the,15 rounds of the original,hk also accomplished this without,changing any of the external dimensions,of the magazine,and they also now ship with a hi-vis red,follower,the sights on this one feature a,blacked-out serrated rear,and a high-vis tritium front sight and,these are both suppressor height sights,so you can use them to co-witness,with most red dots,this is the vp9 that i have been wanting,and dreaming of for quite some time,because if youve been watching the,channel for any time at all you know,that i love to suppress,just about everything i can and i do,really like pistols with,optics,doing this youtube channel we get to,shoot a lot of different guns and i,greatly enjoy that,and get to shoot a lot of really cool,guns however i dont necessarily always,get to shoot exactly what i want,and i can say that before this review,had been a little while since i had shot,an hk pistol,and it felt really good to be shooting,one again,everything about them just feels right,to me i like the way they feel in my,hand,i like the way the sights present when,you bring it up to shoot and i like the,recoil impulse,hk firearms just radiate quality and all,the function is just so tight with no,slop or play,they are usually far more accurate than,the shooter shooting them,and this one with the aimpoint acro,dialed in is amazingly accurate,the trigger just feels great too while,it may not be the lightest,its lighter than most its also very,consistent with a great reset,as far as striker fired guns go this is,one of the best triggers going,and mine is pulling right at about four,and a half pounds,but if you ever want to talk about,amazing triggers we should look at some,of the hk,hammer fired guns,vp9s are also ridiculously reliable,we tortured one years ago and while it,deeply hurt me inside to do it,the gun was flawless all the way through,the test just like this one,and with some striker fired guns you,have to get some rounds through them,before they start functioning reliably,with a suppressor,but this one worked right out of the,gate with no issues,as i already said im running the,aimpoint acro for an optic,and i know she big but i still love her,the acro is a great,optic in my opinion with the one caveat,being the battery life,we did a whole video discussing that and,you should go check that,out in this video we primarily ran the,yankee hill machine,n2o suppressor this is an extremely,impressive can with so many features and,details,youll just have to go check out that,video to get the full,scoop on the yhm n2o,of course a handgun isnt any good,without a quality holster,and whenever i need a holster i always,turn to harrys holsters,i love his holsters i have several for,several different pistols,and they all have been great it always,seems hes one of the first guys making,holsters for the guns i want,while the full-size vp9 isnt a regular,carry for me,his executive model does a great job,securing it and it even works,with the threaded barrel and the,aimpoint aggro,if youre in the market for a quality,holster i always recommend you check him,out,and you can save a little bit of money,with the code aa5 at harrysholsters.com,the vp9 has been a major contender since,it first hit the scene,it brought polymer striker fired pistols,to a level of quality that was thought,impossible,before hk joined the chat and yes,that was aimed at glock,the new upgrades the series received in,2020 were very welcomed and a great,improvement on an already amazing,handgun,now in 2021 with the optics ready,tactical version,im just not sure that the vp9 can get,any better,and to me this is the pinnacle of the,vp9 lineup and im just so ecstatic to,finally have one,huge thank you goes out to callaway,ballistics for providing the ammo for,this video,i dont know if youre aware but ammo is,a little hard to come by so then,providing it for the video is a massive,help to me,go check them out at,callawayballistics.com i think youll,see they have some of the best prices,with ammo currently as well,as always guys thank you so much for,watching if youre not subscribed to the,channel go ahead and hit that subscribe,butt

[Review] H&K VP9: The Best Striker-Fired Pistol Weve Fired Yet?

in a world of compromise some do,and considering we took hks vp9 out to,the desert in the current heatwave,destroying the west coast,its me im the one that compromised,that [ __ ] sucked,what is up guys my name is john with,pptactical.com your definitive source,for gun reviews gear guides and all,things,related to the official sidearm of the,european police that ostensibly protect,eurovision,[Music],when i invoke the almighty brand name of,heckler and coke probably a few things,come to mind,via association for you be that,relatively high price tags,some of the most unobtanium and coolest,submachine guns and rifles ever made,or an ephemeral sassy social media girl,who,may or may not have gotten axed after,she called marines crane eaters,if she ever really existed to begin with,regardless,polymer striker-fired handguns probably,arent the first thing that comes to,your mind,when you see those big blocky red,letters but perhaps,it should be first released in 2014 the,vp9 aims to build on the success of hks,p30,another polymer framed pistol aimed,primarily at the european law,enforcement market,and was apparently breathed into life,after bavarian state police,requested a modern replacement for their,aging hkp-7s,first introduced in the 1980s while,theres a few different flavors of vp9,floating around at this point,i think the vp9 as a platform can really,be distilled to two unique selling,points,that set it apart from other modern,striker fired handguns,now if youve watched any of my recent,handgun videos youve probably heard me,say this a million times im a glock guy,and thats where the majority of my,handgun experience comes from,i like glocks generally as theyre,essentially just the honda civic of,pistols,and i like my personal glock a whole,bunch but ill be the first to admit,that striker fired triggers,usually leave a bit to be desired,straight out of the box,and such is just the nature of the beast,this however is precisely one of the,main issues that hk set out to address,when designing the vp9,essentially reworking the strikerfire,mechanism to cut down on both the,sponginess and pre-travel pull,that typically increases in resistance,as the shooter squeezes the trigger,rearward,the end result here is quite noticeable,and thankfully has,very real implications for how this gun,performs rather than,you know just being marketing hype but,more on that in a bit,the other primary selling point of the,vp9 is hks ergonomic handgun grip,design,which actually feels quite nice in my,hand straight from the get-go,but includes a variety of back straps,and interchangeable side panels,that should allow those with even the,most atypical pause to find a,combination that works for them,from front to back youll notice the,vp9s got some relatively aggressive,forward slide serrations to help get a,positive grip when charging the gun,and a full-size pick rail up front for,attaching lights lasers or,anything else you can think of those,same serrations are repeated again at,the rear of the slide,and the iron sights are a standard three,dot setup that,while nothing fancy gets the job done,just fine,though our particular vp9 came with,night sights pre-installed,as mentioned the guns ergonomic grip,system feels fantastic in the hand and,the modular back straps and grip panels,feature some swirly texturized patterns,to make sure youve got positive,retention when needed,the vp9s trigger guard is bizarrely a,bit,oversized although i imagine this is,probably at the behest of euro cops,who might need to use the pistol with,thick winter gloves in,conditions that seem unfathomable to,contemplate while our record-breaking,heat wave boils my gray matter,its also got a bit of an outward,parabolic curvature to it as well,and it kind of makes a more modern grip,that might utilize an undercut,modification just a bit trickier,though a cursory googling reveals,several companies offering services,that will flatten that curve out for you,if desired unfortunately theres not,really enough material there to be able,to get the inward grip divots youll,typically see on glock undercuts but,cest la vie probably one of the largest,differences most non-european users will,notice,as compared to the vast majority of,other modern handguns on the market,is the placement of the magazine release,appearing here as an ambidextrous paddle,where the grip meets the trigger guard,while initially a little unfamiliar,feeling,it really isnt as hard to get used to,as you might first assume,with that bit of background out of the,way were off to the range,in some of the most miserable conditions,weve shot in in,quite some time we burned through a,couple hundred rounds of nine to really,get a good feel for the vp9,and kind of see if the selling points,that we mentioned up above,were going to have a tangible effect on,the shooting experience,spoiler alert they do as i mentioned,first impressions are that the vp9 fits,my hand phenomenally well,im quite fond of my trembled up g17 and,like i said,its what im used to but the vp9s,ergonomic grip setup,is dare i say that much better and lends,itself to a very,naturally pointing handgun that just,feels downright great to punch out with,however its not all gravy unfortunately,while that pistol grip might be one of,the best ive ever used or felt when,attempting to utilize the same high and,thumbs forward,grip thats natural for me at this point,my offhand support thumb winds up,resting directly on the vp9s takedown,lever for extra purchase,which might not seem like a huge deal at,first but once you get a few mags,through the gun and it starts to heat up,you might see where im going here in,fact that lever winds up getting so hot,that i actually bubbled a good chunk of,my thumb skin off via a heat induced,blister about midway through the shoot,and as much as i,absolutely hate firing pistols with,gloves i bit the proverbial bullet and,decided to wear,just my left glove to make it through,the end of the day as an extra layer of,fun,the ambient hell temperature meant that,the vp9 wasnt cooling down at all,between magazines and that lever is hot,enough to induce that type of completely,subconscious flinching that occurs when,the deep reptilian part of your brain,goes,uh-oh burning before your conscious,brain has had time to process it,as you might expect this made shooting,the vp9 with even my normal,level of okayish proficiency a bit of a,challenge,and i couldnt decide whether the weird,half glove thing was a better solution,than,just hovering my support thumb off of,the frame to beat the heat,that being said the vp9 just shoots when,you get a feel for it and i find myself,lamenting the fact that my trigger time,with the gun was spent in a,sweltering hell hole hks take on the,striker fired pistol,does indeed feel quite different than,other adjacent polymer pistols with a,rather long but smooth take up before,you hit a very obvious wall and a clean,break that feels,much more similar to a single action,trigger than anything youre going to,find in potential competitors,the reset is also so short that itll,probably catch you off guard until,youve got some reps in and,more than once i found myself,accidentally double tapping targets,while trying to ride that reset wall,thats not intended as a humble brag at,all but more so i just want you to be,aware,theres a good possibility thatll,happen to you too particularly if your,primary striker fired pistol experience,is also something glock-based or similar,even with the,running threat of first-degree burns,once you get a feel for how the vp9,behaves,id say it easily threatens even more,tricked out glocks,for usability in its stock configuration,and because of that improved trigger,system the vp9 stock trigger pull weight,of about,five ish pounds or so feels better,overall than the three and a half pound,setup ive got in my personal g17,weirdly enough,i was expecting the euro paddle mag,release to trip me up here and there but,i actually found

H&K VP9 Tactical

job welcome to small arm solutions today,were taking a look at the heckler hook,vp9 tactical a very very nice pistol,this pistol started off around 2000,times it was a,product that was requested by the,bavarian police,they wanted a striker fired pistol which,hk,provided now hk is not new to polymer in,fact they were the first polymer frame,pistol that was ever brought to market,that was 1970 the vp70 or volks pistol,70 or peoples pistol uh from 1970,which is many of you may or may not know,that was a complete flop it had nothing,to do with the polymer or the striker,the fact that the trigger was like a,stanley staple gun,but that was the true first polymer,frame pistol glock,they may have the first successful,polymer frame pistol but,the first polymer was pistol was done by,h k back in 1970. the frame was taken,off of the,uh hkp-30 and the striker was very much,similar to that of the vp70,hk is also not new to striker fire,pistols if you go back to the vp70 you,look at the,the p7 series uh pc p7 m8 they were,striker fired,but this was their first modern pistol,that was done,with the striker fired system now glock,has done a very good job on the market,hk has always,got itself out of the market because of,price they were always,two to three times more expensive than,the competition when this pistol was,brought into the u.s it was also,hks first chance to have a pistol under,700,that would compete with everything else,thats on the american market and for,law enforcement,and it certainly has so what were going,to do is were going to go over this,pistol from,back to front and show you whats,special about it we have a weight of,26.56 ounces,with the magazine is 3.28 pounds overall,length 7.34 inches,a bear length of 4.09 inches so again,like the p30 it does have some,modifications to it were going to start,with the grip,the grip as you see here has removable,segments,the grip while similar to the p30 is,much more go for the word modular,this has both removable side plates as,well as back for,a backstrap as you can see here we have,for larger hands we have an,insert and this of course for the back,strap we have one as well,of course you see a large i believe this,is the medium and this is the small,and this fit me perfect this here is the,20 round magazine,this is more for their competition or,higher capacity the normal magazine it,comes with,is a is a 17 shot magazine,now fortunately because of how expensive,the hk magazines are,you also have magazines that are,manufactured by ets,the ets polymer magazines come in 1720,130,40 round magazines as you can see,theyre translucent,and weve used these quite a bit and,these worked as good as the pot as these,steel magazines,as we look at it from the slide here we,have its machined from a single bar,stock of steel,the finish is carbon nitride corrosion,resistant finish,now you have front and rear serrations,and you also have this really neat,longer tab on the back,which definitely aids very much so in in,retracting the slide,probably better than ive seen any,pistol at all thats part of it its a,just a big hump here on both sides it,gives you a really good perch on it,the sights we have on here we have a,front which is tritium in the back which,is solid black,these sights are high profile and,theyre theyre suppressor height sights,because obviously you can see we have a,suppressor on here,now also looking at the frame youll see,we have the magazine release which is,ambi,its the same side this is very similar,to that of the usp,and also when you take a look at the,trigger here this looks like a glock,trigger but its not you do have the,little tit in the middle for,for a safety but you have a much better,trigger this striker fire as we said,it does have a [ __ ] indicator on the,rear which is one of the neatest things,about this pistol,as you can see we have a cocked,indicator this tells you when this is,ready to go when you pull the trigger,that goes away so you always can tell,from the rear of the gun,whether its uh in the [ __ ] position or,its not now the trigger pull has a very,short take up to it which is one of the,nicest,striker fired uh pistols weve seen in,fact uh if you look at most of the,the you know the current striker fire,pistols the trigger pull has more of a,double action feel,not this one this one has far more of a,single action,type feel to it i think its much nicer,we have ambi,uh slide stop on both sides,you also have a live cartridge indicator,on the extractor,when theres a round in the chamber this,will stick out and this will enable you,to either see,or run your finger across to be able to,tell that the pistols got around in the,chamber,again looking at the left side we have,the slide stop,and we also have this assembly release,lever which well take a look at here in,a minute,now the barrel on here is what makes,these guns really famous,let me remove the suppressor here i have,my silencerco octane,on here which is uh one of my chosen,suppressors for uh nine millimeter,now this does have the left hand thread,on it which uh you know would be nice,for them to make a nice half by 28 which,will be more,compatible the barrel that we have on,here is cannon grade cold hammer forged,uh steel polygon rifling this barrel has,been tested up to 90 000 rounds,so thats an absolute incredible uh,amount of testing thats been done on,this pistol which is what you would,expect out of h,k as you see we have the threaded barrel,you see here we have our trl h1 uh,streamlight,which is a 000 lumens its an incredible,amount of light in such a small package,now underneath here you have 1913 rails,well remove this so you can take a look,now this is also probably one of the,first pistols well the hd uh,the hk45 series i had 1913 rails uh but,prior to that,all the pistols had uh the uh the,proprietary,accessory rail that was done by h k of,course you have to understand that,different proprietary rail goes,back to the time prior to 1913. so,these obviously came up after the 1913,rail,also we have on here this is an optics,ready platform,um the original ones were not optics,right but this is a vp9 tactical so,again we have the optics ready as well,as the,as well as the threaded barrel now the,site that we have on here is the vortex,venom,um its not too expensive with an msrp,around 350 dollars,the 3moa dot reticle takes a cr1632,battery,and it has up from 150 on the high power,up to,30 000 hours on low power,its a one part one power magnified the,length is a 1.19 inches weighs about,1.1 ounces ive used several of these,sites recently on several different guns,and the vortex sights are probably one,of the nicest ones that ive used,especially when you look at the money,which you would pay say for a trijicon,or for,little pulled or something along those,lines for this money youre getting one,hell of a of an optic on here,so were gonna go over how to assemble,obviously were gonna make sure were,clear which we are were going to pull,the slide back lock it open to the rear,drop downward on the obviously the,sub latch and go forward now this one,here like the glock we do have to pull,the trigger to release the slide,now looking at the bottom you have a uh,recoil spring which is flat its captive,just like a glock a flat recoil spring,longer life,we can pull the barrel right out and we,can take a look at the slide,now again what you expect from h k is,just a complete,uh beautiful machining there you dont,see any chatter marks on here whatsoever,you can see we do have a passive firing,pin block in here this is a much,different system compared to with glock,for as far as it being a standard type,striker system this is a little bit more,complex again its much more like their,vp70 that they had again taking a look,at the barrel,a threaded barrel as i said this is not,one half by 20 unfortunately this is a,left-hand thread,its a european thread we would love to,see h k do that but this is a european,gun made in europe so its,you know

Range Report: Hk VP9 Tactical

[Music],hey everybody its Jason from the Texas,gun vault and tonights range report is,about my H&K vp9 tactical the vp9,tactical here is of course hks version,of the I guess its their version of a,striker-fired pistol full size combat,pistol for the American market I guess,trying to compete with Glock is you know,most of the other pistols in their,lineup are hammer fired the USP series,the the p30 the p2000 so they wanted to,get into the striker-fired pistol game,again and the name VP actually stands,for folks pistol which means the,peoples pistol and I think it was first,used in the 1970s with the VP 70 I think,is what it was so they kind of took that,I believe that was also a striker fire,hand gun I could be wrong but I believe,it was so they seem to be using the VP,for striker fire but as I said I dont,know Im sure thats right but you can,fact check me in the comments below but,anyway I got this thing to the range and,just kind of want to do a quick range,report on it this is definitely the type,of handgun that I love to shoot I love,full size combat carry pistols,I guess duty pistols is one of like us a,lot of people would think mainly because,the larger pistols number one fit better,in my hands and number two have a lot,lower recoil because the mass and the,inertia of the slide and the gun they,just shoot a lot better for me so I,really dont have a lot of cons to say,about this gun the only con I would I,would really say is from a and I think,its more of a perception standpoint,than anything else is the striker system,in this gun I dont feel is as beefy or,heaviness or has the same consistency as,I say a Glock now maybe a little bit,biased not that I like a Glock more than,HK because I definitely like HK is a,little bit more but I feel like the,Glock system is a little bit more,consistent versus this system and I,think I figured out why when Im taking,apart and cleaning it I think the reason,that this one doesnt feel as consistent,is that when,striker is back or the gun is cocked,essentially it is already fully the,strikers already fully cocked and so,when you pull the trigger the sear,simply disengages the firing pin safety,and releases the striker but in the,Glocks when you pull the trigger not,only does it depress or release the,firing pin safety it also takes the,striker,back a little bit further to the full,[ __ ] mode and then releases I guess,thats the only way oh the one thing I,can really think of that makes,difference because that the systems are,very similar except for that safety,mechanism in the Glocks and for some,reason I feel like thats a little it,has a feeling of being a little bit more,beefy a little bit more consistent for,me than this this thing still fires,great and you can tell that the gun is,cocked because of a little thing we have,here in the in the back you can see the,back of the striker which I is a kind of,a red dot and when you dry fire the gun,you can see it recesses back in there if,this or if it wok had the same type of a,system when you pull the trigger you can,actually see the striker come back a,little bit further but that be the only,negative the gun still shot great and it,took me about a mag to kind of get used,to it after shooting a Glock but if I,shot this more consistently I dont,think that would that would be an issue,as I said I just think Im a little bit,biased just because I shoot blocks more,than I probably do any other handgun so,Im just used to their striker system,the things I like about this gun,I guess theres me a lot of pros to this,obviously uh this mean the tactical,version of the gun not all vp9 s are in,this configuration theres I think a,long slide kind of a competition version,you have kind of the standard but anyway,this is the tactical so we have the,threaded barrel which is also the left,hand thread so this is a European,threading so if you have a suppressor,you gotta make sure you have the right,booster or piston for that I really like,the front and rear cocking serrations,its finished in the,way that all other HK pistols are even,though this is a relatively affordable,pistol some people have said or implied,these are not made in the HK factory but,by another manufacturer that then HK,stamps their markings on and if thats,the case I really dont sense a lack of,quality in them the the metal finish,seems to be the same the polymer quality,seems to be exactly the same so I dont,I think thats kind of an,unsubstantiated rumor I guess but it,feels like any other HK firearm that I,own super high-quality the fit and,finish is top-notch,uh of course theres the Picatinny rail,in the front I havent used it yet I,typically dont run lasers or lights on,my pistols but it is nice that it thats,there you have a lot of magazine options,of course you got the standards and if,you live in a unfree state like,California or New York they do have the,tin round mags or here in Texas we have,the option of having these 20-round,magazines I picked this up at rifle gear,in in Plano they had a few them in stock,so I knew I had to get one it also fits,the P 30s if you have those as well the,magazines are compatible with that model,and the more I shoot this the more I,really like the German style or the,European style magazine release with the,lever here on the side,I really feel like I can actuate it,either with my thumb on this side,forefinger on this side and the magazine,drops free I love that about this gun,the sites that come stock on this are,the true dot sights,I wish though they were suppressor,height sights these are great night,sights treating them and all that kind,of stuff but I really wish they were a,little bit higher just just a clear,suppressor its not that its a,deal-breaker I know that they offer,suppressor hight sights on other guns in,the HK lineup and I kind of feel like,they should have just included those in,this package taking this and do this gun,apart really easy very much like I think,more like thats like a Sig drop the,magazine pull the slide back,you got a lever right here and then you,just let the slide go forward youre,gonna kind of release the trigger and,then it comes off piece of cake,easy for cleaning very similar to most,other guns that you have probably dealt,with so overall Im going to give this,gun for what it is the accessibility I,think the looks are great oh that,reminds me one more thing the grip this,I think is the best thing about these HK,pistols at the vp9 and the p30 series,both have these which is some people,refer to this as the Batman grip because,it kind of has these finger grooves and,this texture on the side it feels great,in your hand now of course it fits my,hand well and you have removable back,straps you have the small medium and,large I can see if maybe your fingers,are just that right size where it,doesnt fit on this pattern it might be,a little bit uncomfortable but everybody,thats held this gun or shot this gun,has all stated to me how comfortable,that to grip feels and my p30 is exactly,the same way I think this is the best,grip on the market when it comes to,polymer striker-fired hand guns it just,feels so good and it just kind of look,like a Batman grip but anyway thats it,so overall give this gun a four and a,half out of five stars for shoot ability,looks style the only reason I dont give,it five out of five is just because I,dont feel like the trigger pull is as,consistent as a Glock but thats it its,a little bit more I think its a little,bit more expensive than a Glock I think,you can pick these up in the $500 range,so a lot cheaper than the other hammer,fired HK offerings but I think if youre,in the market for a gun like this this,is something that you might want to go,to the range rent try out and see if you,like a little bit different the neglect,you know you get has kind of a different,look a different feel so if you just,dont want to be like everyone else this,might be the way to go if youre also,looking one for concealed carry I do,know

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