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  6. Hoka One One Bondi 7 Review
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HOKA ONE ONE Bondi 7 Performance Review

hi this towns from believing the run,and this is Megan from believing around,two times is awesome but todays review,before we get into the Bondi its,sponsored by polar and the grit X if you,want to check out the watch Ive been,using it for my training the last couple,runs Im enjoying getting used to the,new buttons and all this stuff thats on,here it looks cool does look cool,it tells you when its time to refuel it,knows like how many carbs youre using,excellent heart rate data long battery,life you really should check it out so,do that in the description Koller that,pretty much covers that right make,covers it make why dont you tell people,what sure we reviewing today today we,are talking about the hookah onaona,Bondi 7 now weve run in the Bondi 6 you,have one right here as a matter of fact,you do and I have to say this shoe was,one that you have always liked a little,more than me yeah this is a true,Hocus shoe youve got a giant midsole,here 31 for the women 33 millimeter,stack height for the men so youve got a,giant slab the foam to run on lots of,foam its almost like a trampoline,pretty much originally when the Bondi,started out it was one of the cushiest,most stack height shoes a lot of other,shoe companies have caught up to kind of,that max cushion so you know what makes,this one special what makes this one,stand out to me one of the best things,about this shoe is just the comfort and,actually what they updated in this,version is the upper and theyve put,this memory foam here so it actually,molds to your foot really really well,when youre out on the run its really,comfortable I mean this shoe is all,about comfort and when we look at that,memory foam we look at stuff like that,its that cushioning I mean youve seen,it in your mattress youve seen it in,your pillow now its in your shoe and it,feels great how did you feel the rest of,the upper this engineered mesh worked,out for you you know it hasnt gotten,too hot here yet in Baltimore so I,havent really tested it in those humid,hot summer days but so far its been,nice and breathable and even though its,a little bit thicker than some,other daily trainers weve been using it,was breathable enough for me its padded,everything is cush this goes back to,that person thats really wanting,comfort when they run I dont even know,if its for the heavier runner or for,lightweight runners that just want those,extra easy miles on their legs this shoe,will deliver comfort and it goes right,down into this molded eda yeah youve,got tired legs maybe you are upping the,mileage this is the shoe that youre,gonna want to put on when youre just,waking up and youre tired but you gotta,get out the door this is this is your,go-to as a matter of fact you just did,some serious mileage during this whole,project and use the Bondi for some of,their runs I did yeah especially those,mornings I was just tired and I didnt,know what should I want to put on but,this one is its a lifesaver your legs,shes being a little modest but she did,two weeks of over a hundred and I dont,know 115 miles what were they 115 110,and you use this shoe as a recovery shoe,during some of that yes and didnt you,also take some Strava crowns in the,Bondi I did I have three CRS in the,Bondi which is kind of crazy because it,just goes to show you how strong a,runner Megan is because I cant get the,pace up in this shoe and Megans taken,down course records so why why did you,choose this shoe to do that in well it,would just happen to be you know I,wanted that I entire legs I wanted,something cushy something comfortable,then I get a little competitive when Im,out there happened to be wearing these,and just went for it,so you can pick up the pace in these if,you want to would you recommend it for,somebody who wants to do speed work or,to you know,no but you can do it if you want to so I,was getting over here to this molded eda,you got a pretty high stack height that,Megan mentioned earlier and its a four,millimeter drop so you can do the math,with that 27 and the women yep and that,would make this one like 29 there you go,alright thats mat for you and then,getting out to the outsole showing,youre out soul mate yeah Robert,slightly beveled heel yeah youve got,that early stage metal rocker that rolls,you through your stride so even though,theres a heavy,mine came in at twelve point three five,ounces or 350 grand,oh yeah thats heavy but with the wood,geometry and the way that you set up it,does roll through to strive as you can,see from Megans crowns you can get it,moving but it aint light I have a the,womens size seven and a half which came,in at nine point one five ounces or 260,grams so again its not like the foam,does feel a little bit denser than some,of the other foams weve been running in,but again you get a nice you get a nice,rebound when youre out there running,even when you pick up the pace so people,are gonna ask Megan you got the rink on,Rinku I can never say that one you got,the rink own you got the Clifton you got,the Bondi were gonna see the Clifton,edge soon where does this fit into this,whole family and how would you compare,and how are you gonna pick which you I,would line them up with the Bondi and,then the Clifton and then the rink on,bring whatever in terms of speed so,slower to faster and I would say heavier,to lighter and just generally this is,your Clydesdale of running shoes which,one are you gonna pick most often out of,the out of that lineup thats a toss-up,for me its the Clifton seven Ill just,put it out there Im excited for this,one to be out there for the runners that,need that extra cush for me this just,runs a little too heavy a little too,much cush ground feel do you feel any,ground feeling this none youre not,feeling but Im okay with it yeah shes,not feeling the ground but you know for,me the Clifton is my sweet spot thats,just my personal princess and the pea,story so if youre thinking about just,write mattresses or Goldilocks Clifton,hits it for me the ring cons a little,too thin this ones a little too thick,Cliftons just right but for Meg you can,see this one fits into your arsenal yeah,you know I just I love it for the,recovery days I think the Clifton has a,spot to for those daily runs or even,some long runs but this is your guy if,you are tired AF so alright weve gone,through the Bondi seven now and the only,thing that we havent talked about is,that it fits true to size and I have to,say they did a really nice job with the,engineer,mash the upper the comfort we talked,about just the overall feel the fit of,the shoe is done right it feels right,its just gonna come down to your,preference if you want something this,soft this big this heavy or you want,something lighter so I didnt have any,hot spots in it or any issues did you,know and anyone who knows me knows I,have wide feet no issues with this guy,yeah and Ive narrow feet high arches no,issues with this guy so if you want to,check it out do it also shouldnt we,tell people to subscribe why theyre,here do it yeah and hit that like button,thats always nice we always appreciate,that join our travel group weird yeah I,enjoin this drop now kudos yeah we hand,out kudos like candy and you can also,follow us on Instagram where weve been,doing some really interesting live shows,with I mean we got Cara Goucher coming,up we just weve done a six and we also,put those here on the YouTube channel,you can check them out and what else do,we wanted to do the Facebook group join,our Facebook group if you really love us,you can become a patreon and thats,about it stay tuned we got more stuff,coming were excited we got the hookah,on Aon a cliff Im at edge on the way,you can buy half of we dont really,promote okay yeah they can say they get,yeah so made all right so now weve gone,through the clip theres anything we,missed,the Bondi oh and if you really really,really love us are you gonna give us,money no dont say that,anything else you want okay I think that,covers I think we pretty much nail it,w

Hoka Bondi 7 – After 100 Miles

today im talking about the hoka bandai,7 after,100 miles,who does this,[Music],so,[Music],[Music],seven point five nine miles eight,minutes 56 seconds from 142 beats per,minute today,going for a nice and easy run in the,hoka bond i7,taking it to the 100 mile mark and,before i get to my thoughts on how this,shoe has held up over that last 100,miles,i do want to go over some disclosures,this is a pair of shoes sent to me for,the purpose of review by road runner,sports,no ones paying me to make this video or,to use this shoe and no ones gonna get,a chance to preview any of my thoughts,or footage before you guys get a chance,to see,this video on youtube now with the,disclosures out of the way lets talk,about the hoka bandai seven,after 100 miles first lets talk about,the stats and what this shoe is,this is hokas most cushioned road shoe,that has available,and it backs up that claim with 32,millimeters of compression molded eva,in the forefoot and with a four,millimeter drop that means it has,36 millimeters of eva foam in,the heel and with all that eva does come,a little bit of a penalty it weighs in,at 10.7 ounces making it a little bit of,a heavy shoe,but the reason why you would put up with,all that weight is because its just,got so much cushion on it and to help it,get through the gait cycle without being,too muddled with all this cushion in,here,theres a couple of things that has got,going for it its got a beveled heel,on the backside so that way youre not,dragging your feet on some extra,material back here,and its got that early stage metal,rocker in the front where basically the,front of the shoe is curved,so you kind of have like a rocking,sensation as your foot hits the ground,all the foot strikes are really smooth,even though there is a lot of cushion,in the midsole it doesnt feel like,youre getting too muddled down,now im not going to say that this is,the fastest shoe thats out there,definitely youre going to be paying a,little bit of a speed penalty for all,that cushion,because not only do you have all that,eva thats really nice and soft in the,midsole,youve also got an ortholite sockliner,in there adding to not only the comfort,but also kind of taking away from a,little bit of the responsive feeling to,the shoe,so its not something youre going to,bring to the track for your fast workout,but on a long run a recovery run or an,easy run this is definitely a shoe,that you could be reaching for in,addition to all that comfort on the,midsole,theyve also got memory foam type,material all around the heel collar all,around any part thats going to be,touching your foot or ankle,a little bit of padding in the tongue as,well,all creating this very plush sensation,every time you put your foot into it and,when youre running in the shoe it,definitely,loves the pavement it just soaks up,pavement miles really well again theres,that smoothness kind of,coming through with all your foot,strikes but you also even if youre,taking it on some dirt roads like i took,it on a lot of dirt roads for my running,out here,it just soaks up all the impact from the,rocks that you might have underfoot so,you can definitely go anywhere you want,on those rocky surfaces and,the amount of eva that youve got,underfoot is gonna soak up any of kind,of like the rocks poking through,now lets talk about how the rubber has,held up over the last hundred miles,i think its done a fantastic job uh,theres only a couple of,little very light spots of where in the,usual spots that i normally get them,a little bit right out here and just a,tiny bit its hard to even tell with the,pattern of the rubber here that theres,a little bit of wear just in that spot,in the forefoot where like underneath,the pads of my feet otherwise the rubber,is holding up really well,theres also a lot of exposed foam just,that eva that youre running directly on,even that is holding up really well even,though ive been doing a lot of mid-foot,striking with this shoe,and you would think that this part would,get all chewed up its actually holding,up really well im kind of,surprised by that one thing that i will,notice when were talking about a little,bit going from the outsole to the,midsole is,in that area where i am seeing the most,wear i have also noticed that there is,kind of like creasing going on,i think thats kind of going along with,the way that my foots hitting the,ground,its probably the area thats taking the,brunt of the impact when my foot hits it,and i am starting to see a little bit of,kind of like signs of wear in the,midsole foam,after 100 miles but overall in terms of,how the midsole foam has been,behaving i think the thing that i really,appreciate about the bondi7 this year is,that has been a very,consistent experience and i ran into,bandai six last year,and it was one of those shoes where i,didnt like it very much,in the beginning it took a good 30 to 40,miles,before it really started to kind of,break in and i feel like its 20 well,last year was 2019,in 2019 and 2020 you really shouldnt,have to break in a shoe you should be,able to run,them right out of the box that wasnt,the case in the bandai 6.,by the time i got to the 100 mile mark,in the bot 96 then i felt like it was a,really great super cushioned,shoe but it also meant that the the,characteristics of the shoot,changed quite a bit from mile 1 to mile,100.,not that thats necessarily a terrible,thing but its also something that had,me concerned in terms of the really long,term,longevity and usability of the shoe with,the bond i7 i feel like theyve done,something to resolve that issue because,i enjoyed the bandai 7 right out of the,box from the first day,and i feel like im getting a very,similar experience if not almost the,exact same experience,on mile 100 that i had on mile one so i,feel like,the consistency has really improved on,this shoe,and so its not something that you have,to kind of like think about,wait for it maybe itll get better maybe,it wont,youre either gonna know that you like,this shoe or youre gonna know that you,dont its not for everyone,because it is a max cushion shoe not,everyone wants that kind of shoe,but if youre looking for max cushion,this is definitely something in the bon,i7 that you should be,looking at in terms of the upper this,year i talked about all that plush,memory foam its really nice and,comfortable to put your feet in,when youre a little bit more tired and,youre looking to go on that recovery,run or that easy run,the upper material here is nice and,comfortable as well,i think that here they also improved,over the bandai 6 where,last year i felt like the bandai 6 was a,little bit too snug,across the toe box like i felt like it,was kind of like pinching me it wasnt,wide enough it wasnt a problem but it,was definitely something where,you know for a max cushion shoe i,shouldnt feel like the toe box is a,little bit uncomfortable,they fixed that this year on the bond i7,as well and,there wasnt any stretching or changing,in terms of how that felt,on my foot throughout the hundred miles,either so its holding up really well,no signs of undue wear anything like,that pretty much just some discoloration,from,the dirt and dust that i am running,through otherwise,it looks pristine as far as the upper is,concerned so,holding up really well im very,impressed with the bondi7,the bonnet 6 was a pretty good shoe the,bonnet 7 i think is,even better so those are my thoughts on,the bond i7 after 100 miles let me know,in the comments if you have any,questions or better yet feel free to,stop by my daily live stream,here on youtube at 3pm you can always,ask me any questions there,thats all i have for today everybody,thanks so much for making all the way to,the end of the video,hopefully you guys are staying safe out,there on your runs and ill see you in,the next one,[Music],you

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HOKA ONE ONE BONDI 7 VS NEW BALANCE FRESH FOAM 1080V11 (Shoe reviews + how to pick running shoes!)

whats up bros welcome back to the,channel if youre new here today were,going to be doing something a little,different we are going to be unboxing,and then i am going to review the new,balance fresh foam 1080 v11 now im a,big sneaker snickerhead but im also a,certified personal trainer i have been,for a few years ncaa certification and i,purchased these because i am in need of,a new pair of running shoes now for,years i wore various models of the a6,gel kiana and then two years ago i,ordered my usual size 11 in the latest,model it was like i dont know 22 or 23,at the time and they were way too big so,i switched for a 10 and a half and i,will say they actually felt a little,weird so were going to talk about how,we pick running shoes in a minute but,they were too big so i ended up ordering,down a half size in the a6 gt 2000 and i,want to say the model was seven at the,time so i have two pairs of those which,ive been running in,kind of rotating for the past couple,years,and i thought it was time to try,something new and i bought a pair of new,balances right they were sneakers,theyre basketball shoes because im a,big fan of the spurs the jonte murray,who currently starts with the spurs and,just hit his first all-star appearance,had a fiesta colorway which is a spurs,colorway so i ordered that and i will,say they are the most comfortable pair,of shoes that i have so i thought might,as well try a pair of new balance,running shoes because new balance,sponsors the biggest race in the world,the new york city marathon and i thought,hey might as well try a new brand kind,of branch out a little bit so if youve,watched any of our previous videos i,typically get 11 in my sneakers but the,a6 that i use to run are 10 and a half,so i ordered a 10 and a half im hoping,that the sizing is consistent but well i,guess well see when we get to that,point so lets talk about running shoes,a little bit because especially if you,oh man these suckers are light light,light now im gonna say i dont think,these are the prettiest shoes but i,aint hated on new balances thats all,running shoes i think that theyre a,little ugly but thats just me as a,sneaker head but these are really light,i like that they have this curve back,here,for the heel because im really big on,heels not slipping and i never,personally use heel tabs as a runner,thats just me if you dont know what,those are its if you see the little,laces right this top here is a heel tap,and its designed to keep the heel from,slipping but i have found right ive ran,four full marathons right,first disney two dopeys new york city,ive ran probably 15 halves handful of,10ks i think one 5k or two,four or 5k something like that and i,have never once used the heel tabs on my,shoe because i feel like if your shoe,fits well you dont necessarily need,them but thats just me so,with running shoes specifically there,are a lot of things if youve listened,to our episodes that anyone can run,where we talk about running gear you,will know that i have said as a personal,trainer right who has worked with,clients who have ran their first races,their first marathons i feel like you,get a lot of gimmicks in,the,running or the fitness industry when it,comes to gear man i want the black,because i think thats simple right but,this feels really light really cushiony,and im excited to see how these feel so,what i always do i promise were gonna,circle back and talk about how to pick,running shoes in just a few minutes here,but something i always do with running,shoes obviously i make sure they fit,right like theyre not too long then i,wear them around my house for a day then,i go for a walk in them and then i,actually start running because i,personally like breaking the middle a,little bit now i have really flat feet,but i have found that as long as the,shoe feels comfortable right like there,isnt a hardcore arch i can wear pretty,much whatever running shoe is most,comfortable or at least what i find to,be most comfortable and if youre new to,shopping for running shoes youre gonna,see a lot of people talk about pronation,right and what that means is if does,your foot roll slightly inward slightly,outward when youre walking and people,will tell you oh you should pick shoes,based on that blah blah blah im gonna,tell you as a personal trainer i think,that that is ridiculous because you can,correct that if you train with somebody,right so it used to be when i was,younger i would pronate i forget if its,over or under but when you pronate in a,little bit right i used to do a slight,teeny bit of that right and i have,clients who did the same right they go,running and they say their heels would,hurt their balls and the feet would hurt,because theyre running too hard and i,would tell them okay when you go running,focus on the middle of your foot or you,know just under the balls of your foot,striking the ground so,really be cognizant of the middle of,your foot actually hitting the ground,and what do you know that corrects,pronation so i personally think that,buying shoes based on that is not,something you should do i think you,should go off comfort i think you should,go off sizing there are differences,between trail and road running shoes but,honestly i dont really care i have ran,like i said multiple races i like going,with road running shoes because the sole,tends to be a little thicker i like more,cushion a lot of people will tell you to,go with really light stuff or to go with,really cushioned stuff the preference is,up to you i will say somebody who likes,distance running right which is,categorized as anything over five miles,i like a lot of cushion so thats why i,went with these but i have to actually,try them on so well get an on foot look,in just a second here but i wanted to,kind of branch out right because i did,create that anyone can run podcast right,we do bi-weekly episodes if youre a,psycho maniac member of the running,community and you arent subscribed to,that im gonna tell you right now youre,missing out and,you get a lot of people who i feel right,and this is just me because i dont like,spreading negativity but i feel like you,get people who will tell you when you,get into a new hobby oh you need to do,this you need to do that blah blah blah,and i mean,some of it may come from a good place,but i feel like a lot of it is just,snake oil but when it comes to actually,picking a running shoe what you want is,to make sure that you have one that is,comfortable right so,some people have hardcore big arches,some people dont if you go to a running,store you do a treadmill test youll be,able to see or at least theyll be able,to tell you based off cameras and the,treadmill what kind of shoe you need if,you have a big arch or if you dont or,you can just do a wet test if you dont,know what that is you literally dunk,your foot in the water put it in your,paper towel and then you can see how,much of an arch you have if you dont,have it on right like i have pretty flat,feet so my arch is next to nothing but,thats just kind of like how i go and,pick running shoes what i would,recommend honestly is reading reviews,from runners world because thats what,ive done for years they didnt have,this i dont think on their list of best,running shoes for the year but i read a,review that they did on these shoes they,seemed like to be really good they had a,lot of positive reviews on new balance,and i went to some different websites,just to read reviews of this shoe and it,was really well received so i wanted to,get them and try them out so,now that i have loosened it up a little,bit lets see how they actually look on,foot and how they feel is this really,cushioned i dont know lets find out,all right so i got the shoe,lets slip in the foot and see how they,feel,holy moly,this might actually be too big look at,this,how much space i have now that being,said right you dont want your foot to,touch directly,the ends because obviously when youre,when you go running your feet are going,

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HOKA BONDI X REVIEW | The Ginger Runner

oh its big its plump and its got a,carbon plate this is the bondi x a new,experiment from hoka that blends two of,their standout technologies into one,large inflated package combining their,thick eva cushioning and breakout x,carbon plate this shoe is designed for,those athletes who preferred hokas max,stack and felt alienated by the carbon x,so starting with a soft mesh upper and,comfortable gusseted tongue the bond ix,is impossible not to notice courtesy of,that quintessential max midsole and new,hoka elf-like heel those familiar with,the standard bondi will feel right at,home in the shape and feel of the new,bond ix but the more responsive ride may,be more than they bargained for this is,surely an interesting road kick and,experiment from hoka that im sure will,have many runners divided can one of the,brands most popular cushion shoes blend,with its racing counterparts does the,addition of the carbon plate do the,bondi any good or is it just too much,hopefully well find out todays review,lets dive in,[Music],what is up everybody ethan newberry the,ginger runner here for another ginger,runner review its marathon season i,hope you are enjoying the coverage of,all the big marathons that are coming up,uh its an exciting time for runners,across the world and today were gonna,be talking about a road shoe from hoka,were gonna talk about the bondi x their,new max cushioned carbon plated,racer recovery shoe well figure it out,now before we dive into the review of,the bond x i have to point out that this,shoe was provided for review by hookah,im under no obligation to say anything,positive or negative about the shoe im,not financially compensated in any way,for the review of this shoe uh and all,opinions are my own you are the first to,see them no one has to approve them,with that said,lets dive in talking about always the,things i like and dislike,starting with the things that i like the,carbon plate lets just be honest i like,what has been doing with their carbon,plates ive run on a number of their,carbon-plated shoes and i think theyre,really fun and really dynamic so if you,are used to the bondi experience very,cushioned a lot you know real high stack,height adding the carbon plate to the,shoe certainly changes those dynamics,one thing i really like is just the,follow through in your step,it does want to propel you forward which,is sort of the intention of the carbon,plate so overall i think the addition of,the plate contributes to a more dynamic,feel underfoot a very responsive ride if,that is something that youre going for,so it will make many of you happy if,that is what you enjoy fit so despite,the shoe size its massive uh the fit,through the midfoot and the upper is,really nice i think these mesh upper,materials the gusseted tongue,the lacing system and the overall ankle,lock,just makes the shoe fit on your foot,really really well and for a shoe that,sits you higher off the ground and you,dont get a lot of ground feel and stuff,like that having that,trust in the shoe,being and feeling attached to your foot,is highly important and i think the fit,through this is better than i,anticipated and better than other,bandais ive experienced in the past,wait so my size size 11 this shoe weighs,346 grams or 12.2 ounces which for its,size and girth,is exciting i cant believe that they,managed to get so much shoe in such a,light package i dont want to say 12.2,ounces is light or featherweight but for,something this big and massive its a,surprise and a welcome one so overall,weight being as low as it is for,something of this size that is a perk it,is a plus i like it that being said its,not all gingerbread crisps and eggnog,with brandy there are a couple of things,that i dislike about the bondi x lets,get to those now stiff,yes i talked about how i liked the,carbon plate i like what hook is doing,with carbon plates however i have to,point out that this shoe,is extremely stiff it is extremely,responsive almost to a detriment the,bandai in recent versions in my opinion,has sort of suffered from that midsole,becoming more and more responsive less,really soft and cloud and pillowy,what we get is that more responsive eva,mixed with the carbon plate and it makes,for an extremely stiff,ride that just separates you from the,ground so it doesnt give you,quite that snappy feel that you would,hope out of a carbon-plated shoe or a,race-ready shoe it just gets you a,really stiff package i wish i could just,delete that if you were a fan of the,bondi if you were a fan of responsive,shoes this may be something youd like,however for me i always kind of lean,into the bondi as a recovery day shoe or,a really long effort shoe where youre,not planning on going really fast so,when you start to add that real stiff,factor underfoot it makes it less,appealing its not close to the carbonx,or other carbon plate issues from other,manufacturers that i really enjoy that,do feature cushioning it is just kind of,in its own realm of of stiffness how,many times can the ginger say stiff,price at 200 it is certainly on the more,expensive end of things however,comparing it to other carbon plated,shoes that price point isnt completely,outrageous or out of the question it is,a question though of whether that 200 is,worth it for the experience that you get,underfoot i will say that for 50 less if,you are into a max cushion shoe and you,really like something like the bondi,that might be the shoe that you just,want to stick with because those shoes,are leaning more responsive these days,and almost to the point where they feel,better underfoot than adding a carbon,plate and that max cushioning bondi x,style here so 200 bucks i think its a,pretty high price point to pay for,something,quite like this size yes it is,lightweight however it is enormous it is,not quite as large as the hokas 10 9,experiment but i will say the extra,length the extra width in the shoe,when looking down it feels like youre,just wearing giant marshmallows on your,feet and uh it is a bit off-putting for,me the overall size of the shoe is big,im sure you can clearly see just how,big it is its not quite as big as my,head but it is quite large and my final,dislike is more of a question who is the,bondi x for so thats sort of ultimately,what i kept asking myself when i was,running in the shoe it is extremely,responsive and stiff so those who like,that max cushion bondi experience,theyre not really getting that same,experience and those who like the,snappiness of a carbon-plated shoe,arent really getting that either,because theres so much,more going along with this shoe so it,really kind of comes down to a question,of who is it,for it doesnt feel like a fast shoe it,doesnt give you that uh excitement,underfoot so it really just leaves me,scratching my head it does a lot it just,doesnt do a lot of what hoca is known,for really well um so its kind of a,surprise kind of came out of left field,i was excited by it but now im just,sort of left scratching my head that is,it for dislikes so lets get to the,breakdown where we break down five,different categories of the shoe build,quality comfort fit price and look,starting with build quality i do think,the materials theyre using are highly,durable youve got plenty of miles out,of the shoe i have well over a hundred,miles in the bon diax at this point and,its still holding up really well,theres some upper snags and stuff but,nothing no blowouts no real issues going,on with build quality its just sort of,again the combination of the ingredients,that has me questioning like what is,this,who is it for comfort i would say that,thats probably the weakest point of the,shoe i dont think its a super,comfortable shoe uh those who do prefer,a more responsive ride that is where the,shoe is certainly catered towards um but,its just,i dont know it just doesnt provide me,with that comfort underfoot i feel like,im fighting the shoe quite often and,longer runs 10 plus miles in the shoe,is really fatiguing im ju

HOKA Bondi 7 Full Review | Long Run or Easy Day…

especially the outsoles um after lets,say,300 miles 500 miles 800 miles just put,take a picture,[Music],here we go here we go second video,publishing today,in the studio just like i said this,morning at 5 00 a.m,im gonna put it out there again because,why not who owns a,neon sign company out there or know,someone i want to make,a neon sign even though neon sign making,is uh,its hard like its an art form so i,want to put a studio right there,because i know theres a lot of people,that wonder like what is this guy doing,out in his shed he calls it the studio,so,for all the new subscribers we call this,the studio where we do a lot of running,shoe reviews on that note,this morning skechers go run razor plus,full review 50 i think weve taken it to,55 miles,right there so that published this,morning upper right hand corner try to,remember to link to it lets put this,guy,actually lets switch it out so now hoka,bandai,seven i believe we made it to about 54,55 miles,so it is time now for the 50 mile full,review lets dive in here we go a,neutral road running shoe,from hoka were looking at uh 33,millimeters in the heel,29 millimeters in the forefoot for a,four millimeter drop,definitely leaning in that direction of,a ma definitely a maximal issue,there are shoes a few other shoes out,there that do have a higher stack height,but definitely,uh 33 and 29 is a beefy beefy shoe for,the weight in mens and womens sizes,there you go,on your screen im putting it on the,scale right now yeah wow,so thats why the score is not so good,in my size,10.3 ounces thats pretty high,anything uh frankly anything over nine,ounces but anything over 10 ounces is,very very heavy in my size so the score,for the weight although i will say the,score for the weights did bump,up from the first impression vlog from i,dont know maybe three or four weeks ago,because,i did feel a little more energy return,through the midsole than i expected,well get to that in one second were,looking at a redesigned,open engineered mesh breathability,uh spot on no issues with breathability,in fact,it was so breathable um i would,recommend wearing,thicker socks if youre running in,colder temperatures because i did feel,just uh just a breeze through that toe,box out there in these cooler temps now,here in denver,pretty stout heel counter okay is it a,gusseted tongue it is not,all right so just note that and the,lockdown was solid not,a a pretty solid score for the lockdown,8 out of 10 there,uh what else it does have a pull tab,there in the back sometimes thats nice,especially in the winter when your,fingers are freezing,after getting back from a run and youre,trying to get a shoe off it just,sometimes its nice to have something to,pull on so anyway i like that pull tab,there in the back,overall score for the upper a solid 7.5,not jumping on,not you know nothing crazy to write home,about um pretty plush through the collar,a decent tongue and yeah pretty standard,hoka upper i would say,overall for the hoka bondi 7.,and for that compression molded eva,midsole all right thats,the production process that hoka uses to,create their midsoles many of their,midsoles,uh so im gonna give it a solid score,for the energy return again it surprised,me a little bit,coming out of the box and lets do just,a little thumb test yeah oh man thats,thats a good sign,i think youre going to get some good,solid miles out of this shoe i forget,what my durability prediction is right,now well get to that in a second but,overall pleased with the energy return,uh for the overall ride,more so more more than i expected,considering it is,10.3 ounces in my size,really no major issues did i mention at,the beginning its a neutral shoe,all right so not a stability shoe so if,you need to but i gotta say,the landing of the midsole and into the,outsole is so wide,and its just like a nice it just feels,like pretty high build quality i dont,think,youre going to be if youre an,overpronator i dont think youre going,to be,too like if you want a shoe that has a,lot of midsole cushion,and you just cant find the right match,in the stability running shoe lineups,out there,you might be able to wear the shoe like,overall i just,it feels like the uh the midsole is,gonna protect you from over pronating,too too much,decent decent amount of rubber there on,the outsole,no after 50 miles and i realize thats,not very far,really no just a smidge no signs of,major wear and tear,for that outsole its not a decoupled,groove,and i think the amount of rubber on the,outsole is pretty good now,will this shoe perform i dont think,its gonna do,great in ice and snow all right i didnt,get to test this,did i maybe i did actually but it was,just starting to snow the last run i,took this out in,about three or four days ago so i i,would say not,a winter shoe if you live in areas with,a lot of ice and snow maybe,just snow but ice definitely not the,grip on the outsole,is not even though the rubber theres,quite a bit of rubber but the grip on,the outsole is not,jumping off the jumping off the shoe at,you for the fit and the comfort i went,true to size okay as far as the length,of the shoe,and i went standard with but ive heard,i do believe ill try and,confirm it down in the description i,think this comes in wide,and even double wire extra wide okay so,if you have a really wide foot,ill just double check that and link to,it down below if that is the case and,for the comfort theres the score on the,screen i think the,the main reason the score is pretty high,is again that midsole ride,just so much eva cushion underfoot if,you,and lets just do it now if you are a,runner whos this best for,if you just like to uh protect your legs,from the pavement and the concrete,and you dont enjoy feeling the pain,like,no ground contact feel if you like,ground contact feel,this is not the shoe for you as you can,probably imagine with that stack height,you can you probably already guessed,that all right so make sure that,if you do get the shoe you enjoy a ride,that feels uh pretty plush underfoot is,a good way,uh to put it for my positive and,drawback positive i did im gonna stick,with,the lockdown from the first impression,good solid lockdown through the eyelet,chain,really no issues i will say though ah i,think they could add a gusseted tongue i,think that would help the tongue,lay on top of the foot just a little bit,better uh for the drawback of course,is the weight oh man 10.3 um,man thats why i hesitate a little bit,and how will i use this shoe moving,forward,easy day long run middle distance,theres other shoes that i would,personally choose for,long runs all right to 10 point i dont,want to carry 10 ounces underfoot,for my 20 mile 21 mile 23 mile long runs,uh but again if you know youre in a,city and you in a big city and theres,no dirt,and you need to protect your legs a,little bit uh from the pounding on the,pavement then yeah,this shoe could work for you for the,long runs uh but at the same time i just,uh,i would lean more for me personally id,lean more in the direction of an easy,day shoe,and you know quote unquote a daily,trainer shoe just to get the miles in,definitely not a tempo day too heavy for,that way too heavy for that,um yeah so there you go thats how ill,be using,the hoka bandai seven for that,durability prediction,500 miles which all right,for hoka and you know out there if,youre a hoka owner this actually comes,up a lot in the facebook group,people post pictures in the facebook,group that we have again its down below,and they take pictures of the outsole of,their shoe,in fact if youre in the facebook group,i,i cannot approve every single post,because theres so many,but if you do give us reports and,updates on your shoes,especially the outsoles um after lets,say,300 miles 500 miles 800 miles just put,take a picture,because that that is in that is so,valuable for everybody in the group to,see,how the outsoles are are holding up and,because i just cant take shoes to 500,miles so,its very app

Hoka One One Bondi 7 Review

in this video were going to be taking a,look at the brand new hoka on a on a,bondi 7.,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,hey whats up everyone and welcome back,to 40 runs now if this is your first,time at 40 rounds i want you to smash,that pink button down there that says,subscribe on it,go to our facebook page and join the 40,rounds around the community and check,out the description theres loads of,cool things,including a link where you can get these,now these are the black black black,black version of the bond i7 so lets,have a look and see if theyre any good,and get stuck him,right guys so here we go bondi 7 max,cushion running shoe from hoka now this,is an extremely popular,shoe in the hoka lineup and theyve just,updated it,they havent really done too much to it,in terms of update theyve basically,just giving it a new um,sort of updated upper and the rest of it,is very similar to what was there before,and if its not broke dont try and,fix it now lets get into some of the,stats and some of the features of this,big old boy,um firstly lets talk about the price,its 120 pounds here in the uk which i,dont think actually,to be honest with you not too bad really,uh what else have we got,weve got an 11.4 ounce weight which is,quite heavy but dont forget youve got,a massive slab of eva,uh youve got a four mil drop youve got,33 stack in the back 29 in the front,like i said a second ago youve got this,reworked upper,which is um got a multi-level engineered,mesh,uh with a number of sort of minor,laminated overlays well come on to,those in a second,uh the midsole is it is like this,massive slab of evo,foam um which isnt like the flash is,the coolest material out there,but it does the trick and then obviously,youve got the hawk the hawker,the hoka meta rocker on it now the shoe,is actually 125 pounds i was wrong,its 125 pounds and it does come in some,other colorways,but i kind of like the black black black,black black version,which uh is very similar to the ghost 13,that ive got,now these are the sort of um overlays i,was talking about can you see that,and theyve done a similar sort of thing,on the clifton seven theyve got rid of,some of the,um overly excessive overlays,and theyve sort of lined it up and,thats what theyve done there,now hoka shoes are cool if they suit you,now some of them do come up narrow i,actually found that the bondi 7 hasnt,come up narrow and its true to size,as is a uk nine and a half some of the,shoes out there they do come up narrow,um uh whats it a good example,he rink on two good example,um that came out slightly narrower but,the clifton seven was a little bit wider,than i was expecting the clifton edge,hes got loads of room in it and this is,just right actually the bondi seven the,way theyve done it,sometimes with cliff and cliftons uh,with hocus my feet feel a little bit,like that but actually again,theyre a bit like that and theyre nice,and stretched out and normal in this,shoe,which is kind of cool so the fit is,actually kind of wicked,uh around here youve got just a mount,uh the right amount of foam in there not,too much not too little the tongues,nice and traditional um and it just has,got enough foam and its not,overly um thick i think with this shoe,because its got so much eva,i would be concerned if it had too m any,more sort of foamy i just think it would,be like feel like,too much shoe but theyve done a good,job of sort of making the right amount a,nice balance,actually to to make your foot feel,comfortable but not feel like its being,suffocated,uh youve got a cool tab on the back,youve got a bit of reflective elements,on the back as well which is kind of,cool,uh the lacings not stupid like the,clifton edge so its not too bad,um and the whole lighting is sort of,traditional and does a good job gives,you a nice,locked down feel youve got elements of,structure along the lateral side so it,just kind of,keeps you nice and tidy i would have,preferred a little maybe,some more stability on the hill maybe a,little hill counter would have done,us some favors especially with the high,stack you know you can sort of rock,around,maybe thats something they could have,thought about um you know like they did,in the,uh carbon x with the sp they put that,heel counter its maybe something they,could think about,for the next version on the outsole uh,youve got strategically placed bits of,rubber,um and theres plenty of grip down there,um theres always a question with hoka,about wear and tear,well see how we get on with that but,theres uh definitely a,nice bit of rubber versus some of the,other shoes,okay so thats that out of the way now,lets talk about this,big slab of eva foam now i think most,people,buy these shoes who want a super,comfortable ride,um plenty of cushioning and that,combined with the rocker just to sort of,move you along this is not,obviously an up-tempo shoe youve got to,be looking at the ring con for that,this is all about sort of,just eating up miles the clifton 7 is a,is a sort of,middle um of the road version of this,against the rincon so youve got like,the carbon x,youve then got like the ring con i,would say then youve got like the,clifton seven and then youve got like,the max cushioning of the bondi,down at the bottom roughly speaking how,does it feel well,it kind of feels a bit sort of nothing,its its not very inspiring,its uh a little bit stiff,it will sort of get better the more,miles that i put into it,uh theyre always the same with hoka but,it does feel sort of stiffer than,other versions of hoka shoes that ive,had i was expecting it to feel a little,bit more,softer and maybe thats because of the,visuals,you know so much evil i was expecting it,to be a little bit softer,it felt cumbersome,uh versus like the clifton seven the,clifton seven i think is the right stack,height,for me there was just a little bit too,much stack here,but that said you might be looking for a,max,cushion shoe right so this is going to,suit you to the to the tee,but personally i think if youre looking,for something thats max cushioned,i would look at like something like the,triumph 17,18 even the new version check out the,review ive done of that,i just think thats a slightly better,shoe in terms of it just gives you that,little bit more feedback,with the power run plus midsole where,they tweak the geometry it just gives,you that,little bit more feedback than this this,just lacks,any sort of feeling on the roads any,sort of feeling down the toe pass,youre just hitting sort of eva foam and,then going off it just doesnt really,inspire me to go out and run you know,fast slow eat up miles its just its,just a bit of a,bit of a letdown i think i think,personally if youre looking at the,bondi 7,it is a good shoe for you know max,cushioning but,me personally i prefer the clifton seven,and i think thats where well leave it,if youre looking at the hoka bondi,seven it is a you know,mild update but personally even though,hes a really popular,shoe i would go with a reworked new,clifton 7.

Hoka Bondi 7 review from a non runner. Worth it?

whats up people you have found the ko,report and im scott killian,today were going to take a look at the,hoka bondi 7 and ill let you know,killians opinion if its a ko or just,okay stick around,[Music],thanks for checking out another edition,of the kale report im really glad,youre here as i mentioned in the,opening were going to talk about a new,shoe at least new to me and its the,hoka,this particular one is the bondi seven,now,ive,done videos on shoes before and,what ive done was the cole haans and,they are fantastic dont get me wrong,but they are a dress shoe i have a,conference coming up a five-day,conference where im in nashville,tennessee and it starts tomorrow and,i was told a you can be in jeans which,is nice but that means you dont want to,be in dress shoes,so with this conference coming up i was,looking for something,comfortable,and,not,old dad shoes,my kids tell me that the,sketchers are and new balance,out,so,uh im like what do you suggest so uh uh,two things that kind of came up with,people that i was talking to was brooks,and hocus ive looked at the brooks,theyre a good-looking shoe ive never,owned a pair but ive seen the hokas and,something about them just really popped,uh they have a wide selection uh theyre,typically priced around the same uh as,the brooks,but the this particular style kind of,stood out to me i actually seen a guy,wearing a pair of church and i thought i,want to try those and i asked him about,him he gave me a little bit of uh,its like walking on clouds,he was not lying,these things are awesome so i went by a,local store and uh shop local stay local,so i went by a local store uh in my,hometown and picked up this pair and,ive been wearing them now for a month,hoping that i needed to maybe break them,in for this event coming up and there,was not necessarily a worry about a,break-in from day one comfort now,this particular style i got this color,as i said earlier it was the bond e7,what i like about it is the way it hides,all of the cushioning that it does have,um,computer going off so,there if you look at the inside there is,a lot of cushioning the,sole,starts,right above,this line,so you have,right at an inch and three quarter of,padding on the bottom of these now the,the bondies is the most padded shoe,that is in the hoka lineup,it has a,heel of the bottom of it uh,is kind of curved so when you go to step,the heel automatically pushes uh pushes,you off now,the first,day uh maybe wearing these i felt that i,was a little,unstable now this is just wearing around,the house these make no mistake about it,these are running shoes,but if you see me running and i dont,have a basketball in my hand you better,run too because somethings chasing me,im just not going out to run for my,health ive,got better things to do,and it has man,ive list i dont run anyway,uh but the if you are running,when the heel strikes these do propel,you forward uh the comfort in these is,phenomenal it reminds me my one of my,daughters uh or both my daughters have,actually done gymnastics and when they,are in that room where theyre doing,their tumbling,if you go out there and walk on it,thats kind of what it feels like on,these the first time you feel kind of a,spongy,feel,but after the first day,and you wear them you really,get acclimated to it or grow used to it,or or maybe your shoes just break in im,not sure but the the tongue on these,has a little bit of um,a little bit of a felt lining a little,bit of padding to it not a lot but its,enough to when you tie your strings uh,if you do cinch them up pretty tight,theres enough padding in the tongue,that you dont really feel it digging,into your foot uh these i want to say,they ran true to size but i typically,wear a 10 and a half to an 11 and these,are an 11 and a half,the collar around here is through the,achilles area the back of your ankle is,very thick at its thickest point,it gets narrow on the inside like that,so this area here,is about,that thick and then when you come to the,top,where the achilles and the ankle is,its about that thick so,lots of padding you have any questions,im not going to bore you with a lot of,back company details i honestly dont,know but the you have a,the thickest sole,and cushioning from hoka and on the,outside i was telling you how thick it,looks here on the outside which is what,people are going to see the most you,dont notice it they got a great way of,hiding it this line coming through here,you would think the sole of the shoe is,actually running along with the white,and transitioning back here to the uh,the light blue gray area but the truth,is youre actually standing on,this,but the way that line is blended in and,the the use of colors and the angles,there you cant tell that youre,actually,standing on,that much cushion uh seeing one of my,buddies at a store is i did have these,on and he walked by and,as we made eye contact with each other,hes like the first thing hes a boy,what and he kind of looks down he goes,what kind of shoes you got on there you,trying to get taller and he could,actually tell because hes always been,just a touch bit taller than me and now,were looking eye to eye uh he thought,it was funny and kind of called me out,trying to joke on me about it but uh it,really im six foot anyway so im its,not necessarily a hot,um,issue that i have or uh you know some,shorter people,have some kind of a complex but it has,been,a great shoe very comfortable i love the,way they do propel you uh its the i,cant complain about them at all they,dont look awkward its a great looking,shoe super comfortable as ive said so,if youre looking for a comfortable pair,of shoes and you are a runner if youre,a runner you probably know more about,these than i do but if youre just,looking for a comfortable pair of shoes,that arent necessarily dress shoes,theres your hook up the hoca bondi,seven highly recommended,if you have any questions or comments,be sure to,leave them down below if you want to,give me a thumbs down you want to trash,talk me,go ahead because im just out here,having a good time,uh these are videos that i place so,when something happens to me,down the road my kids can watch it and,be like hey that was my dad,so i hope you have enjoyed,watching this as much as ive enjoyed uh,doing it if you got,any other opportunities to check out,some of my other videos be sure to check,them out you can find them at the ko,report or under scott killian,thanks again for watching i hope you,have a great day take care,[Music]

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