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  5. Hoka Rincon 3, Clifton 8, & Mach 4 COMPARISON | 2021
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Hoka Rincon 3 FULL Review

[Music],oh,amazing amazing i mean again i probably,could have given it a 9 out of 10. well,keep it,[Music],[Music],[Music],so,[Music],[Music],here we,go,welcome back to the studio,oh my mom we are live everybody,not in the basement back in the studio,1.5 just getting it uh getting it,organized and still trying to figure out,the right place for me to stand exactly,get the camera set up where the lights,should be but it is coming together,finally kicking it off with the hoka,rincon 3-4 the first review,in the new studio unbelievable,lets dive in its surreal right its a,little surreal down here still yeah im,still hanging lights just so you know so,youll see some developments happen over,the next couple of shoe reviews all,right here we go a neutral lucy goose oh,my my im trying to imagine that,remember the last shoe that was this,loot its a flock it is a flock of geese,guys it is twisted like you wouldnt,believe were looking at a five,millimeter drop 29 in the heel 24 in the,forefoot for a uh im gonna go high,stack height but medium to high stack,height through that eva based midsole,okay women size eight men size nine on,your screen and lets just confirm we,still got the scale over here feels good,to have that back lets just double,check i believe 7.6 ounces,in my size theres my score unbelievable,score for unbelievable weight i should,say for a neutral road training shoe,unbelievable okay and i am going to try,and link all right upper right hand,corner to the rincon 2,full review all right there it is and,then the original rincon which is where,im pulling the comment of the day from,so stay tuned for that okay looking at,an engineered sandwich mesh,decent lockdown but not amazing okay,theres my score kind of a standard,score not a semi-gusseted nor gusseted,tongue very thin tongue,nice breathability through the toe box,um and what you know the highlight for,me is the heel counter in this upper,okay and hopefully you can see me again,im trying to work on the in the old,studio i knew exactly where to stand i,knew exactly where to put the camera i,knew exactly like where to hold the shoe,i think the camera actually is going to,eventually,i can already tell it needs to go a,little bit this way anyway so the heel,counter unbelievable very not quite,plush but so nice okay so thats the,highlight for the upper overall score 8,out of 10 full compression eva all right,its a revised early stage,meta rocker and i didnt feel,i didnt feel personally i didnt feel a,huge difference from the rincon 2 for,the revised stage meta rocker uh it felt,very reminiscent and actually lets do,this whoa,whoa,whoa,whoa crazy durometer score i mean im,trying to okay rebel v2 you know how i,always say other shoes to buy at the end,of the at the end of the vlogs these,shoe reviews,rebel if you like the rebel v2 feel,youre im trying to think which the,rebel v2 might be actually even a softer,landing than this but this is a very,very soft durometer score for the rincon,three so ride in energy return im,loving it 8.25 out of 10,overall score though for that uh eva,based midsole is not amazing because,its breaking down quickly outsole we,got this high abrasion lightweight,rubber loving it theres not too much,you know how i dont love a ton of,rubber on the outsole but again it will,impact the durability a slightly,decoupled groove from the heel moving,gently up into the midfoot but again,so youre not going to buy the shoe for,uh you know taking it out on semi buffed,out trails and then uh transitioning,back over to,pavement or concrete because it will,break down this outsole very very,quickly fit true to size no issues for,me comfort eight and a half out of i,now that im reflecting a little bit i,mean i could have gone nine but i went,eight and a half out of ten for that uh,comfort score okay uh positives,drawbacks,i had to go with the weight i could have,gone with the uh the fact that it is so,comfortable while still having a nice,energy return through that midsole,anything under seven ounces in my size,is unbelievable frankly for a daily,trainer so hoka great job there so if,you like a light shoe this is the shoe,for you and lets actually dive into it,oh yeah drawback durability speaking of,which did i give the durability,prediction,250 miles,maybe all right how will i use the shoe,whos the best for,uh daily training but its so light,temp i mean i think tempo okay now its,a little soft so you might have to do a,little extra work through your foot,strike but overall uh you could use it,and actually if youre just getting off,the couch and youre just trying to turn,the doorknob for the first time in a,long time and you but you want to shoot,for a 5k or 10k local road race goal,i would consider buying this shoe and,use it for training and then hop in the,5k 10k and race in it as well and um you,know baby okay baby your legs a little,bit go a little softer underfoot,just you know especially if youre just,getting back into it let your tendons,ligaments bones adjust a little bit to,that uh,ill just call it to that pounding okay,so there you go oh my goodness,unbelievable now,price point 115,come on,boom,amazing amazing i mean again i probably,could have given it a 9 out of 10 but,well keep it at 8.5,out of 10. thats just a great great,score other shoes to buy im gonna bump,the rebel v2 to the top of the list that,is definitely the most reminiscent uh,probably sketches go run ride nine would,be next on my list mach four and then,asics gel nimbus,light two hoka rincon three quick specs,on your screen soak it in one more time,there you go engineered sandwich mesh,high abrasion lightweight rubber on that,outsole and that 115 dollar price point,full review score by the way did i i,think i was like 52 miles 53 miles there,it is again from strava follow me on,strava wed love to connect with you,there uh,i think the scorch,see okay this is where the scoring,system is really critical and i know,some people are like seth you dont need,to give a scoring system but this is,where it really comes in handy is that,and us is holding you know hoka,accountable and and ever but the idea is,that by keeping the score not in the,eights the challenge now for hoka oneone,uh is to increase,the durability of the rincon 4,in 2022,while keeping the weight,down how do they do it thats where,innovation comes in okay uh necessity,whats the same necessity is the uh is,the something of innovation or necessity,is the uh maybe the uh um i dont know,necessity is the something of you you,tell me down in the comments what am i,trying to say so i think hoka youre,moving in the right direction with this,shoe we just need to increase i mean,that midsole its just going to break,down very very quickly so full review,score 7.5 out of 10 matthew small you,get the comment of the day its kind of,long and im pulling it from the rincon,one,vlog matthew if youre still watching,let us know in the comments id,appreciate it sir i hope youre doing,well thanks for tuning in two years ago,for the its just amazing the ring con,one i gave the full review in a hotel,in chicago so its kind of a trip anyway,upper right hand corner for you there,seth i definitely watch you more than,less on my tv okay i remember that,question of the day definitely a sign of,the times and i definitely appreciate,higher quality well-lit videos like,yours were getting there matthew also i,have found the sound coming through a,sound bar etc so good sound a plus two,um he goes on to talk about the ring,cons on the ring cons i love the idea of,the shoe but hoka seemed to be at the,bottom of the list for value so dollar,per mile so thats exact thats why he,got the comment of the day because,i and especially two years ago remember,the uppers on the hoka shoes were,tearing a lot right through the vamp,okay right here on the side of the toe,box so i think hoke has come a long way,but i do think they have a ways to go,with durability matthew im not going to,read your entire comm

Rincon 3 – After 100 Miles

the rincon 3 is a lightweight do-it-all,shoe that has been popular since its,initial launch,but the main criticism,is that it just doesnt hold up over the,miles,have the updates to version 3 solve the,rincons problems,lets take a look at the ring con 3,after,100 miles,[Music],10.44 miles eight minutes 59 seconds,from 141 beats per minute today going,for an easy run with some strides thrown,in at the end a perfect way to round out,my testing of the hoka rincon 3. now,before i give my thoughts on this shoe,after 100 miles i do want to go over,some disclosures this is a pair of shoes,that hoca sent to me for the purpose of,review however theyre not paying me to,make this video or to use the shoe and,theyre not going to get a chance to,preview any of my footage or my thoughts,before you guys get a chance to see this,video on youtube so with that disclosure,out of the way lets talk about the,rincon 3 after 100 miles and the way im,going to divide this up is im going to,talk about how ive been using the shoot,because sometimes as you run in the shoe,over the miles that may change over time,so thats what ill talk about first and,then ill talk about the wear and tear,and how this shoe has been holding up,first how have i been using this ive,been using it as kind of an everyday,trainer doing a little bit of everything,in it but especially when i do want to,pick up the pace a little bit thats,where this shoe really comes in handy so,a day like today where im running 10,miles easy where i think around mile,eight is where i threw in eight bursts,of sprinting pretty much like at mile,pace uh for about 15 seconds with 45,second recoveries,and then cooling down for the rest of,the run to round out that 10 mile run,for today thats kind of like the,perfect way in my mind to use this,rincon three so something where it might,be a couple of pace changes maybe not so,many that you would reach for say a,carbon plated shoe but just enough that,you might not want to bring your heavier,daily trainers this shoe really fits the,bill for me or if your preference is,just to have a lighter weight daily,trainer this is a shoe thats certainly,going to work for you ive done speed,workouts in this shoe 5k pace work,running 800 meter intervals the shoe,does a really fantastic job of quick,turnover and a fast feeling when youre,really pushing off the toes so its a,very capable shoe of doing everything,from like easy running all the way to,pretty much mild pace at least for me in,fact this is the shoe that i took with,me when i went to go film the new york,city marathon last year so its a shoe,that i was using for a lot of just,standing around and the compression,molded eva does a pretty good job of,being comfortable for that but then i,would very quickly all of a sudden have,to run to try and keep up with some of,the professional marathoners as well as,professional 5k runners as i was,watching the uh new york road runners 5k,the day before the marathon and thats,where i was really running very hard,pretty much as fast as i could go trying,to keep up with those speedy 5k erasers,and having the rincon 3 on my feet was,pretty much the perfect shoe to have for,that kind of day where i was still going,to be spending most of my day on my feet,so like carbon plated shoes wouldnt,really have been an ideal choice for,that kind of spectating the rincon 3,definitely stepped up to the plate i,know that thats a very unique scenario,but it just does go to highlight kind of,the range and versatility of what this,shoe can do everything from a literal,standstill to at least for me,a sprinting pace the shoe,really did a fantastic job and i was,very surprised that i was able to do all,of those things without me ever really,having to think about it at all and by,the way it does make for a pretty decent,travel shoe as well my feet tend to,swell a lot when im on an airplane i,dont know if its the fact that you,know air travel tends to dehydrate me a,little bit or the pressure and altitude,changes that are really messing with me,but my feet tend to swell a lot when im,traveling and uh having the rincon 3 was,nice and comfortable because there was,plenty of room in the toe box for my,feet to swell even when im standing,around all day at the airport or,traveling in an airplane now lets talk,about though how well its been holding,up over those last hundred miles now i,mentioned at the top of the video that,longevity and durability were the,biggest concerns when it came to this,shoe for a lot of people,and im happy to report that i think,that this shoe is doing better than the,previous two versions of the rincon did,in terms of holding up over the course,of the miles now this midsole foam is,compression molded eva theres no plate,or anything else in there its just a,compression molded eva with a very,strategic use of rubber on the outsole,for traction in the compression molded,eva its going to kind of compress over,time you could see some of the creasing,which for compression molded eva,indicates that the foam is starting to,kind of lose some of its liveliness but,for me this shoe still feels like its,still absorbing impact from the roads,really well and still is very capable of,picking on the pace for some faster work,so i feel like as far as shoes go in the,overall scheme of things it is like,losing a little bit of that life in the,midsole foam a little bit faster than,some other shoes might that are kind of,comparable in terms of use case and,price point but i also think that its,holding up better than previous versions,have in the past and i think a big part,of that is the way that they change the,outsole or rubber so youre not running,as much directly on the outsole foam,here there are some exposed parts and,you can see theres a little bit of,scuffing in terms of my shoe uh and,where ive had direct contact of this,foam onto the pavement or other surfaces,that im running on but also theyve,extended the rubber and theyve given us,like an extra row of these little,islands of rubber and changed the way,that the rubber is positioned so that,way some of those other higher traffic,areas that got really chewed up in,version two,arent getting chewed up this year and,were just seeing some wear in the,rubber now also i would say that the,rubber is a very soft,compound that helps with grip but also,wears down a little bit faster so as far,as rubber holding up longevity goes its,also breaking down just a little bit,faster than i would normally see in a,100 mile shoe but i think the changes to,these little islands or pods of rubber,were really well calculated and are,doing the job of protecting this midsole,quite a bit as far as the upper concern,its still very comfortable theres no,signs of,wear or any of the material starting to,fail so still a very comfortable shoe,still a very breathable shoe loving the,fit of it i went true to size in mine,and i think thats the right way to go,for most people that are out there even,this pull tab on the back i was certain,that this little thing was going to rip,within the first month of me having this,shoe but its still here its still,hanging on its still doing its job and,im really surprised by it so ultimately,this is a shoe that i took out for a 10,mile run today with some strides and i,would not hesitate to keep doing that,with this shoe for lots of miles in to,the future so i think that the rincon 3,is definitely improving when it comes to,that durability and longevity which,means that now you have a lightweight,daily trainer that you can use pretty,much in any situation so that is,something that i am absolutely loving to,see with this shoe if you have any other,questions about the rincon 3 please feel,free to put them in the comments down,below or better yet stop by the live,stream that i do monday through friday,right here on youtube over on my kofuzi,run club channel id love to see you,guys in the chat thats all i have for,today everybody thanks so much making,all the way

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Hoka Rincon 3 Review: Tested and rated after 200 miles

hey people welcome to the run testers,kieran here and in this video were,going to be talking about the hoka,rincon 3 now this is a shoe that takes a,little bit of heat for not being quite,as durable as some people would like so,weve taken some of the comments that,you put onto our channel to heart weve,put this shoe through a test over 200,miles to see how it held up for that,durability the comfort how it runs is it,better than the two should you buy it is,it a bargain watch on to find out the,quick details first well the hoka rink,on three come in at 210 grams or 7.4,ounces in the mens 176 grams or 6.2,ounces in the womens and there you have,a drop of five mil and the price is 105,pounds in the uk or 115 dollars in the,us and you can also buy these in wide,sizes,so this third gen ring con supposed to,be a fast light cushioned versatile,train that can actually step up to a bit,of racing too so lets have a look at,whats different here in the generation,three well youve still got a decent,slab of molded eva foam in the midsole,there that also comes with an early,stage meta rocker thats been slightly,tweaked from the second generation,theyre lighter than the hoka carbon x3,and the hoka mac 4 and actually theyre,around the same way as the rocket x,theyre a lightweight shoe but they,dont have that more responsive profly,foam that youll get in those other,shoes they feature a new vented mesh,upper and a flatter thinner foot,wrapping tongue thats got much less,padding than before but you still get a,healthy amount of heel collar padding,for comfort and hocus familiar bucket,seat feel that helps with the comfort,and ground feel overall theres also a,slightly accentuated heel tab here,thats to help you slip them on and off,and theres also some high abrasion kind,of rubber zones to protect that eva kind,of midsole foam and to provide a little,bit of grip and extra durability,[Music],now a quick word on fit i ran in this,true to size in a uk and a half thats,my regular size and i found that it was,fine good kind of hold around the heel i,found ive got kind of nice sort of lock,down across the top if you have really,wide feet some people do report this,comes up a little bit narrow but they do,also come in wider sizes so it might be,worth looking into those if you struggle,generally with that kind of sometimes,people have to think that hocus have a,narrower fit i personally have found,these fine without going for the extra,wide they fitted really well i found,theres actually a reasonable amount of,room in the toe box so no problems there,i would recommend personally going true,to size,onto the run test then ive put in 200,miles at least in this shoe over a kind,of mixed variety of sort of terrains,ive gone on some roads ive done some,stony pars ive done some things that,might kind of trouble the outsole really,in terms of that durability ive used it,over a mixture of paces,different runs lots of long slow stuff,for sure just to test out also how that,kind of midsole foam holds up its one,of the big questions here that weve had,posed to us about the rincon 3 about the,first and second generation actually is,about that durability how well do these,shoes last over a long time and i have,to say in my test im still a big fan of,this i was a fan of the one i was a fan,of the two and i think these have held,up pretty well now for my money youre,pretty much getting its almost like a,same shoe really as the second,generation if you like the second,generation hockey youre going to like,the three for sure i think they run,light i think they run kind of fairly,agile i think you know the uppers are,nice and comfortable theyve got a,really lovely sort of disappearing feel,on the foot i think they offer just that,kind of balance actually of directness,but cushioning and protection that some,shoes really struggle to hit the balance,right and i really like that they do i,think run maybe a little bit firmer than,some people might like but for me thats,thats something that i enjoy with my,feet i like that kind of direct kind of,ground contact and i think you get that,with the shoe here and one of the things,i think is theres versatility here like,there was with the two i think the,lightweight kind of nature of these,shoes means that they and the kind of,this sort of still sort of fairly high,stack of foam means that theyll cope,with those sort of longer slower runs,but theyre also agile enough versatile,enough that when you want to pick up the,pace they can cope too for sort of,shorter faster distances now theyre not,kind of a fast fast training shoe by any,stretch of the imagination,but i think you know in my head ive got,this kind of use case when youre doing,those runs where maybe youre,progressing to get faster during those,miles starting a little slower getting,faster by the end or you want to go and,do some long runs in your training where,youre going to be required to put in,some faster marathon pace say intervals,or maybe even slightly faster than that,and then go back to kind of doing sort,of a slower recovery sort of jogs these,shoes i think do that job really well,and ive definitely in my running where,im at right now im not running,particularly fast i am doing quite a lot,of sort of longer slower stuff and ive,taken these on some some very long kind,of three-hour plods if you want to call,them that where im you know im just,sort of ambling along and i think,theyve coped remarkably well although,they are a firmer shoe as ive said,thats something that i like other,people might need a little bit more,protection i dont think i would choose,them as a marathon or half cut a race,shoe though i do think they are capable,over that distance but i think there are,better shoes out there to do that now,another thing i really like about the,hoka rincon 3 and after 200 miles this,has sort of really come into play,particularly on those kind of long,ranges you get this kind of wide base,you know its a good platform good wide,sort of platform i think offers really,good stability to run off particularly,for me im sort of mid to forefoot kind,of striker that that makes for sort of,good reliable kind of stability over,those longer runs even when im sort of,feeling a bit tired and my forms may be,getting a little bit ragged the other,thing youve got this kind of trademark,sort of bucket sort of seat inside the,shoe where the although these feel like,a high stack your actual foot kind of,sits a little bit lower and its a,little bit kind of its held in place i,think inside the shoe thats something i,think you know adds to the overall,comfort of this shoe and i enjoy that,feeling youve got you know ample kind,of cushioning up and around here even,though youve got its a really sort of,lightweight shoe you they have managed,to squeeze in some sort of decent kind,of long run kind of cruiser cushioning,that you would normally find on shoes,theyre a little bit more kind of,cruiser than these and the other thing,to say about that having done all those,miles theres very little wear to this,you know this is one of the places that,tends to go very early in shoes in my,experience you sort of wear through,those kind of heel heel areas here no,problems at the moment with that youve,got an early stage rocker in here too,and i think that creates a really nice,kind of easy pleasant sort of roll,through in the stride that helps to make,these shoes i think feel a little faster,and kind of helps me with my kind of,transition when im wearing these makes,me feel a little bit more kind of kind,of nimble and and particularly when,youre sort of hitting some of those,sort of cruising paces that i think they,sort of come into their own they perform,really well now one of the criticisms,that get leveled at these shoes is that,not enough to change between the,generations so theres not a great deal,of difference here between the two and,the three youve got a slightly tweaked,upper though i dont think its,particularly th

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HOKA RINCON 3 REVIEW | The Ginger Runner

first it was hoka oneeone then it was,hoka one one then it was hoka oneone,again and now,its just hoka,this is the new hoka rincon 3. its,everything id hoped for in the latest,of the rincon lineage continuing on the,tradition of building a low profile,cushioned and lightweight road trainer,while the new renkon may look the same,as the second version there are a,handful of hearty updates that,contribute to an overall improved shoe a,redesigned sandwich mesh upper allows,for improved breathability complemented,by a new lighter and thinner tongue a,thinner heel loop and reinforced lace,holes the squishy midsole is very,similar though feels maybe a little,softer underfoot but the addition of,more outsole squares is a much needed,improvement overall the new rincon 3,keeps what worked in the previous two,versions and improves upon them ever so,slightly but with a saturated market for,cushioned road trainers and questionable,durability does the hoka rincon 3 hold,up lets find out,[Music],what is up everybody ethan newberry the,ninja runner here for another ginger,runner review now before we dive in if,youre a regular on the channel you,might have noticed that the background,has changed a little bit thats because,were making some improvements to studio,4.0 4.5 6. i i dont even know what,version were in now but i am excited,that everything behind me is going to,continue to evolve and change and get,better been doing this for 10 years i,thought it was about time to spice it up,a little bit today were going to be,talking about a new shoe from hoka just,hoka no one no one one,apparently theyve just gotten rid of,that all together to make it simple,which is,smart the hoka rincon 3 a very exciting,shoe that ive been wanting to talk,about for some time i just wanted to,make sure i put the right miles in it i,have done so lets get started now,before i get into the review of todays,shoe i do have to point out that these,were provided for review by running,warehouse im under no obligation to say,anything positive or negative about the,shoe i am not financially compensated,for anything i do or say in this review,and all opinions are my own youre the,first to see it no one has to approve,this review or anything like that so,with that said its time to start,talking about the rincon 3 as always i,like to talk about the things i like and,dislike about every single product on,this channel starting as always with the,things that i like,lets do this first the cushioning it is,super soft and extremely lightweight it,actually is very similar to the second,version of the rincons midsole but i do,say it has a bit more squish underfoot,just literally wearing these on two,different feet and kind of going for a,run youll notice that you have a bit,more give in the midsole here whether,they redesigned it change the durometer,it is a great midsole that is extremely,comfortable and manages to keep the,weight down the resilient strong the,responsiveness there for those who need,it and ultimately the rincon 3 feels,very similar to the original clifton a,shoe that i reviewed many many years ago,and have probably talked about more on,this channel than any other shoe just as,sort of a model that i like to reference,quite frequently the ring con 3,feels very similar to that shoe that is,a good thing really happy with the,cushioning in the shoe it doesnt try to,do too much it does give you everything,that you need,does quite well wait so the shoe,continues the tradition of being,cushioned yet lightweight hoka claims,its one of the best in the business as,far as that ratio coming in in my size,size 11 it is 233 grams or 8.2 ounces,that is 10 grams lighter than version 2,which puts it even lighter than version,1. because version 2 got a little bit,heavier than version 1. uh that is,excellent for a shoe that provides hoka,level cushioning it does a great job of,keeping the weight down they have some,magic formula that keeps this midsole,super springy and lightweight its great,its light those first two likes,certainly go hand in hand improved now,if you remember my review of the rincon,2 one of the things i liked about it was,that it was very similar to version one,it was the same this is not only the,same but improved and thats all you can,really ask for in a new version of a,shoe so im talking about the,breathability of the upper is improved,over version two i dont think its,nearly as good as version one but i do,think it is a step in the right,direction i love just this little heel,grab here that over what you get from,version two or version one a much bigger,webbing strap saves weight easy to grab,does the job that its supposed to do,theres just a lot of improvements,including one of my more favored updates,and that is the addition of some outsole,potting compared to version two theres,just a little bit more outsole on,version three it is enough and it is,located in places that are higher wear,or higher contact ultimately what that,does is contributes to a higher sense of,durability which is good its not a lot,of outsole just very subtle updates and,changes um in the right places and its,that focus to detail and improvements of,this new version that really do help it,stand out from the previous version and,continue to make it a shoe that i enjoy,that being said its not all pumpkin,spice lattes and halloween decorations,there are a couple of things that i,dislike about the rincon 3 lets get to,those now first is one of those new,design elements that they implemented in,three and that is the redesigned tongue,i mentioned its thinner it doesnt have,nearly as much cushion as the second,version which saves on weight yes it has,some benefits to being thinner and a,little bit more out of the way but its,new asymmetrical design and lower,profile thinner profile,kind of allow the tongue to slip down a,little too far some of these laces along,the top two lace holes begin to go,across your sock line as opposed to over,the top of the tongue,that can be a problem i think a lot of,people will probably be able to ignore,that fact theyll fit fine theyll feel,fine but for me i did notice on days,where i really needed to sort of lace,the shoe down or i was going for really,long runs there is added pressure here,along the top of the foot up towards the,top of the tongue theres something to,be said about having a little extra,protection that the tongue provides here,you just dont get a lot of that and,really my biggest dislike is a carryover,from version one and two and that is the,shoes overall durability i do wanna say,that i put the shoe through the ringer i,probably have 80 to 85 miles in this,shoe 20 of which on one run i decided to,run a full-fledged trail run in this,shoe up mountains down slopes and,everything maybe a total of two miles on,actual concrete or asphalt it was mostly,gravel dirt technical trails it was a,choice i made on purpose because i,wanted to really put this through the,ultimate test not that anyone would be,running trails in the shoe i just needed,to see could the durability hold up,youll notice that theres no holes in,the upper theres no rubber outsole,peeling off of the midsole or anything,like that in that case im actually,pretty impressed with the overall,durability it comes down to how much,this shoes dynamics changed as a result,of that long run and many of the long,runs that i did in the shoe it doesnt,feel quite as squishy it doesnt feel,quite as resilient it feels like i lived,a lot of life in this shoe so while its,not at the end of its life cycle ill,certainly be able to get more miles out,of it it feels like i really pushed it,and of course i did on purpose where the,midsole is exposed is really breaking,down where the upper gets a lot more,stretch is certainly stretched out the,squish of the shoe is gone the,responsiveness of the shoe is gone,overall the durability is a concern,i did certainly put this shoe through,its paces as im talking through this as,a dislike maybe

Hoka Rincon 3, Clifton 8, & Mach 4 COMPARISON | 2021

hey everybody this is steve moore owner,of runmore this brick and mortar running,shop located on main street in,westminster maryland today were going,to do a little comparison video between,three popular hoka shoes were going to,talk about the hoka rincon 3 the clifton,8 and the mach 4. these are three shoes,that we get asked a lot about that are,all considered neutral trainers so a,neutral trainer is great for somebody,who sort of runs down the middle or,maybe runs a little bit to the lateral,side if youre somebody who just a,little bit under pro over pronates these,shoes should be okay but if youre,somebody who severely over pronates or,know you have a history of ankle,problems and knee problems and such,there might be better options out there,or a shoe that you might want to add an,orthotic or something into to give a,little bit more stability but right out,of the box these are neutral trainers,from hokel from hoka we get asked a lot,about like whats the right hookah for,me people will come in and just say you,know i want the hoka shoe and we carry a,ton of different hoca shoes and they all,sort of have a rhyme and a reason for,what youre doing and what theyre sort,of designed to do so,the rincon 3 is the lightest of the,three shoes this is sort of in there,this is in their glide,category so this would be a shoe for,somebody looking to do some light soft,fast miles but somebodys coming in and,saying like im gonna be running three,to four days a week maybe doing a 5k,here to there im not super serious i,might run 15 miles a week and i just,want something relatively inexpensive,fun bouncy this is a great shoe for you,at 115 dollars to get in a really nice,light cushioned shoe its a great value,something that you can go turn some fast,miles on maybe if youre somebody you,want to get up to like 10 miles you can,do that in the shoe and feel really,comfortable about it the new updated,version of this also has more its more,rubber on the outside because the,previous versions kind of broke down a,little bit faster so theyve made some,updates to the outsole on the shoe to,give it a little more durability and it,also fits and feels great ive gotten a,chance to log some miles in it and so,far very much like this shoe and its,funny because when you look at this shoe,and you see the weight of it and like on,the mens its so airy and light this is,the lightest per lightest shoe with this,much stack height and cushion that,youre going to find out there and its,kind of fun that im doing this review,because it was kind of going through my,catalogs getting all my nerdy stacks,nerdy notes for this they all the shoes,that were talking about here have the,exact same drop and the exact same stack,height so all these shoes on the mens,side for example have a 29 millimeter,stack height and they all have a five,millimeter drop but just holding them,just to even do that they all are very,different so this is the lightest of,them and this is the lightest of hocus,shoes in general for a daily trainer,its really nice really snappy because,it is so light and because its designed,to do some shorter faster stuff you,really feel that hoka roll when youre,kind of going through this rincon shoe,so this is your nice lightweight,everyday trainer if youre doing some,light shorter miles if youre looking,for something thats a little bit more,beefy youre going to go to the clifton,this is the most popular shoe that hoka,makes in general this is a mid-cushion,neutral shoe so this is like your im,gonna be doing maybe some training for a,half or a full marathon i need something,that i can run 20 30 40 miles a week in,and feel great about it and get my 400,miles of shelf life out of it,i can go run from a mile to even a full,marathon this is a great shoe for you,same neutral trainer 29 millimeter stack,height five millimeter drop doesnt have,quite that aggressive a toe off as,youre gonna get on the rincon but again,by design this is a shoe thats gonna,get you just nice and healthy and,comfortable through a lot of long miles,and its still very light you know,coming in at 8.2 ounces on the mens,this shoe is still super light compared,to its other shoes in this category when,you compare this to shoes and that mid,cushion neutral stuff you know like a,new balance 880 or a brooks ghost or,stuff this is still going to feel way,lighter on foot compared to those,options out there this is a great shoe,for getting on your foot if you need a,little bit extra width of all the ones,were talking about this shoe has the,most forgiving width,it also has a really nice breathable up,breathable upper thats going to give,you some nice flex as youre going,through it if anything this shoe is cut,a little big so a lot of people have,even had to size down on it,this one of the three is the only one,that comes in widths as well you can get,this up to a 2b on the mens and up to a,d-width on the womens but again its,actually cut naturally very nice and,wide so the clifton is your everyday,trainer and now were moving over to the,mach 4 and i think of all of the hoka,shoes that we carry we probably get the,most questions on the shoe part of it is,sort of i think the way that its,categorized this shoe calls is a fly,category so the fly is for the the,racing stuff so this shoe in like a hoka,catalog goes side by side with somebody,looking at like the rocket x or the,carbon x2 so its designed you know its,listed as sort of a racing shoe but when,you read about what the intention is,this is a daily trainer so its sort of,listed as a racing shoe but its,objective as more an everyday trainer,i was really excited when i got a pair,of these it has two different densities,to it and of all the hoka shoes like it,has that nice squishy upper but a very,firm,base to it the lower level of this shoe,is very very firm so a lot of people it,almost doesnt quite feel like a hoka,you know thats one thing when you put,in a hook it has that nice airy squishy,feel to it but this doesnt quite have,that because its designed to be a,faster trainer you know when we talk,about like what this shoe is its sort,of a clifton,mixed with a carbon x2 so its a,fast-paced trainer you can race in this,shoe as well but its sort of,categorized or its sort of talked about,as a daily trainer for going fast so,like i like this shoe if i was gonna go,out and do,a fast 10 miles or if i was going to go,out and run a half marathon or something,this might be a shoe that i would pull,um ive done some shorter races in this,and ive done some workouts in this,where ive done like 400 800s and mile,repeats i didnt love it of all the hoca,shoes that i had i think i was most,excited about this but i didnt love the,run in it and i think part of it is that,i was trying to put it through its paces,on some shorter stuff to me the,wheelhouse of this shoe is longer faster,stuff if youre looking for something to,do like i said like a 10 mile tempo run,or something this is a great shoe but if,youre trying to run like a super speedy,mile i probably wouldnt pull this i,probably would pull the rincon first i,just feel like this shoe the way that,this shoe kind of makes me feel like im,towing off faster to me is a better,option than this shoe even though,technically this being a racing shoe,should be more designed for it i almost,feel with the mach 4 that its,encouraging me to land more on my heel,than on my toe and thats the opposite,of them getting on the rincon,so again if youre looking for a shoe to,do to race in a marathon or to train for,a marathon or to do some faster stuff in,the mach 4 and a neutral shoe at 140 is,great its a lot of fun doesnt quite,have that exact same hoka feel that you,might be expecting but if thats what,youre looking for this is a great shoe,for that and again because it does have,more of a firm feel to it youre still,going to get a couple hundred miles of,life out of this looking at sort of the,the what i think as far as durability,goes im probably going

HOKA ONE ONE Rincon 3 | FULL REVIEW | Has The Durability Improved?

yo bro whats up bro you ever go to the,beach,down the ocean ocean city maryland ah,nah man,you surf at all nah i just see some,crabs,okay if you were a big time surfer,you would know that ringkong,is a beach is that like a big time,surface its a big time surfer beach,its probably pretty big like i think,uh whos whos laird or whatever his,name,probably knows is it is kelly slater hit,us up guys yeah,do you remember the surfing video or the,didnt rest the kid whos like,so pitted yeah it was still pitted like,oh and it was like,when in the wig,[Music],im thomas from believe in the run im,robbie from the believe in the round and,today were talking about the hoka,oneeone,rinkong sophie yeah three,so pitted dude first thing out of the,box,stunning color combo beautiful color,combo i mean compared to the last,the first two versions that theyre not,bad whatever but this is beautiful,yeah i actually did really like the,first version but this is just like pop,pop,like i feel like if i was back in my,room as a child with my black light,going,this shoe would have just been insane,this is the third version of a shoe that,always looks great coming out of the box,always feels great coming out of the box,but sometimes disappoints us down the,road,yeah and this is a lightweight daily,trainer slash,you can kind of do it all shoe maybe,tempo shoe and its a big fan favorite,the first two versions i mean we get a,lot of questions about this shoe,uh just a lot of people excited for the,next version to come out,we cant really jump in without talking,about the previous model yeah,lets pull it up a little history ring,on one,super light first time a shoe kind of,feels like a clifton,but fast and this one weighed around,seven,ounces which was insane my one complaint,about it was the foam,died pretty quick like after a hundred,miles these are like these feel a little,flat,like a 17-year cicada coming out to,brood or a coca-cola that you shook a,lot and left in a hot car,yeah it looks cool too this one was,great lightweight,cushion people were really excited about,it it was the first time that you had a,shoe that was,slimmed down clifton like,so it still had the softness still had,the balance still had that nice feel,underfoot,but weighed a lot less this shoe worked,people dug it its a huge hit then we,moved on to uh number two,and what happened did gain some weight,yeah that was a problem,yeah its still on the lighter end of,the scale,but this one it went from seven around,high sevens to mid eights yeah by the,way which was weird because they,couldnt really understand,what changed because its literally,looks like the same,exact same shoe you know i think its,just more,upper they just more upper it was a,little more comfortable of an upper,but you know pull tabs pull tabs design,everything is kind of the same before we,move on to the,third version i should say in my pair,how many miles i put into it 150 miles,before,it went dead on me which i feel inclined,to mention yes oh thats right because,thats just i do it in every,damn review as a matter of fact we get,comments sometimes when is robbie gonna,mention,ive been waiting for this moment a,whole year so were here so last summer,i did dial up my mileage a pretty good,deal in july,and i got in 150 miles in the shoe,because i sprained my ankle earlier in,the month and i was like you know what i,gotta,get this goal still so im gonna just,run through it whatever,and uh i did it but at the end of the,150 miles,this shoe didnt feel like didnt feel,the same,you were a little sad about it i was,like what happened,what happened this is a great shoe and,then it just kind of fizzled out,ive been wearing this one and getting,the miles in for this review,and i have to say in a short period of,time i put 50 miles on this shoe so like,within humble brag it is a humble break,normally i wouldnt be able to get that,kind of mileage in on a shoe,this quickly and it usually tells me how,i feel about a shoe because,you know it can deaden out and like you,out of the box it feels great,and then you know its like every shoe,every day yeah you go out you feel,starts to feel dead,so far this feels better to me,than previous models and when we talked,to hoka,they had told us that the makeup of this,foam is slightly different than previous,models yeah they said it was a huge,focus of theirs to,to improve the durability uh of the shoe,while also like cutting some weight off,of it,so you know so far so good i personally,only got like 20 miles in the shoes so,far,uh im planning on getting closer to,like 80 in it hopefully in the next,couple months lets get into what makes,this ring con i know theyre loving it,i think i did kill one all right very,good,you ready to come back sir so lets get,into what makes,the rincon 3 a ring con and robbie,hit me off with this upper and why its,special or not special yeah i mean its,like their engineered mesh upper,it seems like its slightly more,breathable than the other at least the,rincon 2 upper,they got some like i dont know air,vents do you know what these remind me,of these air vents,uh no they remind me of the asics shoes,theres some asics use they have,air vents very similar to this so that,when youre going through your stride,its catching the first three three,eraser meta,meta eraser yeah yeah it does a good job,making it breathable we are in like,super soupy conditions matter of fact,this shoe is wet right now yeah,its disgusting it smells perfect i,touched it and now im,gross also a thin tongue,it has just the right amount of padding,to make it feel comfortable over the top,of your foot,i have no problems with lacing this shoe,up and getting a good fit,i know robbie you said that you have a,little i know i just like couldnt get,it,if i kind of get a good lock down and it,might be because its less,uh padding and so on as a ring contour,which i never i didnt have a problem,with,you do you want to make sure you put the,laces through the,tongue uh lets call it lace buckle,least buckle yeah,i dont know what its called is it,really i dont know,you know if you know what that thing is,called we should know this but yeah,ive never thought about it before lace,waist yeah,the little thing that the laces go,through on the tongue yeah so,make sure you thread that up or else,this tongue is sliding off the sides,its,not disgusting it does save weight and,then youre also savings a little bit of,weight on the back you got this little,rope,full tab instead of the traditional,nylon band,uh so yeah so someone in the in the,hookah fling was like,people will lose their mind if we dont,put a pull tab on here true,true someone was like what if we just,use a piece of string,put a piece of fishing line in there,like there hmm maybe that might work,and guess what it does it does i really,like the fit of this i have a low volume,foot with a high arch,its narrow my foot feels really good,over this,i was able to get a nice lock down with,laces you can see theres no buckling,here,it just fits my foot right and i felt,really nicely secure,over the midfoot how about you um oddly,enough i didnt have quite the same,impression i feel like were pretty much,always in line with that,yeah because our feet arent you dont,have like wide feet no like i love nikes,like my favorite fit is probably nike,yeah yeah so so whats going on i dont,know i just like i could not die on the,lacing i kept like,tying and re-tying and tightening it uh,my,foot felt like it was coming over like,the medial side was this just on one,shoe or both,it felt like it was just on the left,foot but i dont know just is it,possible to manufacturers defect,maybe i dont know i just it just felt,weird to me like,not and it could have been like less,cushion less structure to the upper than,the,two which i had no issues with so i,dont know we come down to this,midsole material which is supposed to be,new yeah its like a newer they say its,a newer formula but they didnt really,say,what that


its full review time are you ready im,ready lets do this,good morning youtube,whats up everybody i hope youre safe,and healthy and happy and doing okay,ive been doing a lot of first run,impressions videos lately because im,getting a bunch of shoes and i want to,try them all but there are a couple,shoes that i also have that are already,at 50 miles so were going to chip away,at those today and were going to start,with the hoka rincon 3 full review just,to give you some background context on,what the ring con is in hokas lineup,its pretty much like the,lightweight daily trainer slash tempo,days shoe it kind of sits in between,those two categories in my opinion,i have been a fan of the rincon in the,past it reminds me of that original og,clifton one a little bit um there are,some things that i like about this shoe,is some things that i dont and were,going to talk about those today now im,kind of switching it up with my full,reviews im not going to go into all the,detail about the upper and the midsole,and what theyre constructed of,as i do in my first run impressions,videos i think thats kind of redundant,if you want to see that information you,can go to my first run impressions video,right here ill link it,right here instead today were going to,talk about what worked for me in the,upper what didnt what worked for me in,the midsole what didnt outsole price,and my conclusion on the shoe so well,talk about all of that but first of,course,but first of course,the run footage,hit it ruby,[Music],[Music],one,[Music],[Music],before we get started today i do want to,let you know that this shoe was sent to,me by running warehouse and hoka however,neither company is going to see this,before you they cant tell me what to,say and all of my opinions as always are,my own,all in all this upper has held up really,well over the course of 50 miles theres,really no signs of wear on it whatsoever,i,started wearing this shoe in probably,like early september so it was,definitely hotter out now fast forward,to january uh its pretty damn cold,outside and i would definitely say i,feel that breathability even more so now,um with that freezing wind passing right,through that forefoot but this is a shoe,thats gonna give you that breathability,no matter what the season is i felt like,it was breathable then definitely feel,so now as well if i turn it this way,uh i said in my first run impressions,that i thought this would fit a bunch of,different foot types and i still kind of,feel that way although i will say this,definitely airs on the narrow side of,things,and i have a narrow foot so thats,probably why i originally felt that way,definitely is a little bit slim uh this,tongue is still short i still dont like,it and i wish that they would put a,gusseted tongue on the shoe and just,raise it a little bit,so that hasnt changed and,this pull tab has hung on for dear life,i mean really not dear life its still,pretty damn sturdy and stiff i actually,really like this pull tab um it grew on,me i thought it was kind of weird at,first but it really is pretty efficient,if youre,wondering if you should get the shoe if,you want a substantial upper thats got,you know some uh overlays to it for,structure,that sort of thing just want like a,little bit more protection then this,might not be for you uh but if youre,looking to kind of trim down the fat on,your upper and just get what you need,then this could definitely be for you,i like this a lot i dont think that,its flimsy in any way i think actually,for a more lightweight upper it does,pretty well,but i did want to make that point to you,that if youre looking for something,more substantial then you might want to,look in the direction of like the,clifton,but overall it held up well still feels,great on foot so its a thumbs up,if youre looking for a hoka plush shoe,then i would not get the ring con,to me,this shoe feels a little bit firm,and,its interesting as im running like my,first mile it feels firm to me but then,it definitely does like give a little,bit and i think i said this in my first,run impressions video as well so that,still kind of stands here um,but overall it does feel firm and i,think thats because its not supposed,to be the daily trainer that you log you,know a bunch of long runs and miles in i,think its supposed to be you know for,your shorter distance days that are,maybe at like a little bit of a faster,clip um so they didnt want to beef this,up with all that clutch clutch plush,marshmallowy soft foam i took this out,on a 20 mile run during my chicago,training cycle and i was craving some,more cushioning underfoot by i dont,know mile 15. that being said i think,because of the lower amount of foam that,this shoe has compared to the other,shoes in the hoka lineup its able to do,a lot more things,you can take this on tempo day runs i,did that plenty of times during my,training cycle and ive done it still,you know now after the marathon and you,can also take it on,semi longer-ish runs its just going to,feel a little more bare bones a little,more lower to the ground if you prefer,that great if you want a little more,cush up to the clifton now how has it,held up one of the biggest issues with,the ring con,is the durability and i would say that,this shoe has flattened out a bit in,that midsole i dont know what it is,about the ring con but the outsole and,the midsole just never hang on as long,as i would like them to i mean its not,fully dead it only has 50 miles on it,but i definitely do feel a difference,from you know the first time that i ran,this shoe and i feel like it just gets,firmer by the day i honestly probably,have more than 50 miles in the shoe at,this point and,yeah its definitely starting to feel,very low and uh,compressed is really the only word i can,use flattened there you go i do think,this shoe has a lot more miles in it,obviously and its nowhere near dead,but it does compress it does lose that,durability quicker than other shoes in,its category what i think would be,really cool that i would love to see,hoka do in the future is maybe put like,their pro flyx foam in the ring con and,just see how that helps with performance,but also with durability,maybe they will maybe they wont i dont,know overall though the ride of the shoe,is fun i love that it can do different,things its not just stuck in one,category i think thats going to appeal,to a lot of people who dont want you,know seven shoes in their rotation just,want a few this would be a good one to,pick up and put in the lineup would it,be my do everything shoe,no because the 20 mile run didnt go as,well as i had hoped uh but it would,certainly be one in the rotation,the outsole of the rincon 3 actually,held up a lot better than its,predecessors because they put a little,more rubber here i remember in the,earlier versions of this shoe the,forefoot was totally just like,chewed up from the exposed eva hitting,that concrete or that pavement but we,dont have that here because we have,some nice rubber to protect it and it,really did do a great job and the rubber,is not even really that messed up,theres a little couple signs of wear,here and there,but really nothing too terrible and even,the exposed eva is not really chewed up,as bad so maybe they did something to,this that i dont know about but i am,definitely impressed with how they,fixed this outsole and made it just a,little bit more durable because,it was probably the biggest weakness of,the ring con not to mention this,traction is pretty good yesterday was a,really crappy running day as you could,see from the footage well i guess crappy,is relative or opinion but it was a wet,running day and i didnt feel like i was,slipping and sliding around here um it,held up just fine so good job hoka for,improving this outsole,the hulka rincon 3 is 119.95 on,runningwarehouse.com which i think is a,really fair price for this shoe,its a lightweight daily trainer that,might not last as long as some more,beefed up more expensive mode

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