1. HOKA Running Lineup 2022. 11 models Review and Comparison.
  2. Best HOKA Shoes For Beginners | Where To Start With HOKA Running Shoes!
  3. Hoax or Hoka? Why do Hoka Shoes Look Like This?
  4. Top 5 BEST Running Shoes of (2022)
  5. Hoka Rincon 3, Clifton 8, & Mach 4 COMPARISON | 2021
  6. HOKA MACH 5 review- The BEST daily running shoe of ALL TIME ?!
  7. HOKA Running Shoes Review *2022 version*

HOKA Running Lineup 2022. 11 models Review and Comparison.

there are 11 models of hawker running,shoes theyre all very different and,suit different runners,some are better for new runners others,for amateurs or professionals,lets try to sort them all out,to begin with their brands name is hoka,but they changed the name just half a,year ago that is why we see the old logo,on the shoes made before the rebranding,we found that quite interesting,now lets sort out the hawker running,shoes for this season,as always we start with the key,technologies by hawker,then we define the main segments,later we filled the segments with models,and lastly we choose the best hawker,running shoes by different features,these are the time codes so you can,easily skip forward to see something,specific,[Music],lets see the key technologies of hawken,starting with foam types,first of all there is hawker cushioned,midsole a universal eva based foam,this foam is a little softer and lighter,than other brands foams,so their running shoes here are lighter,and more comfortable but less durable,second there is profly which has more,bounce for those who need more speed,surely this foam is not as comfortable,as the previous one,and third we have profly plus the,bounciest form by hoka,there are just a few models with profly,plus but they feel something like a,trampoline,next there are several design,technologies by hoka,the first one is profly x which is a,combination of profly foam and a carbon,plate,this mix secures the most efficient,running,the next technology is active foot frame,this is a dip in the heel counter and a,rim on the sides,active foot frame gives a lot of,stability and comfort,g-frame is sure enforcement on the inner,side of the foot,it secures additional support for,runners with over pronation,finally there is meta rocker,this technology gives a wheel shaped,roll,it is very comfortable and most,importantly efficient,[Music],these are forms and technologies by hoka,now lets define the key segments for,their running shoes by their features,above all there is the base segment,here you will find the most universal,shoes with optimum features,they are not extra stable or super,bouncy,base models are for every runner to,train comfortably,then there is this support segment,here we see models with stability,boosting technologies like g-frame,support shoes are for new and,experienced runners to train comfortably,and safely,last is the speed segment,here youll find the fastest models for,amateur and pro runners to break their,personal bests,here are the segments for hawker running,shoes lets fill them with relevant,models,the central model for hawker is clifton8,it has a soft cushioned midsole form and,the comfortable active foot frame fit,the upper is very breathable while meta,rocker is also there,for hawker these shoes have medium,features,but if we compare them to the central,models from other brands clifton 8 are,softer and more comfortable,but not that good for fast running,in fact all hawker running shoes are,something like this,softer and more comfortable but a little,less dynamic,some runners might need more cushioning,than clifton can offer a nice choice for,them would be bondi 7 with a thicker,midsole and better shock absorption,hoka modified the upper here and made,lockdown better thanks to these extra,elements,but they kept metal rocker and active,foot frame,all this makes bondi 7 great for heavy,runners,but note that these shoes are much,heavier than clifton,on the other hand we can make the shoes,lighter to run a little faster,if we make the upper lighter and less,comfy we get rincon running shoes they,suit more experienced runners,lets now cover their brand new model,from hawker for this season cavanaugh,running shoes,the main focus here is on the transition,poca found that the landing mainly,impacts the outer part of the shoe,so they modified it to make the roll,better meanwhile they lighten the inner,side to make the shoes more dynamic,anyway we encourage you to try this,unique roll yourself,[Music],but all these models we have covered are,somewhat slow compared to mac 4 with a,powerful and bouncy profly foam,here we have a thinner midsole for,faster running,so mach4 are very dynamic even compared,to light models from other brands,and we still have the active foot frame,for the sake of comfort the only,downside might be their cushioning it is,lower than in clifton,[Music],so yeah mac 4 are great but they will,soon fade out because hawker offers us,max supersonic,they are pretty much the same except for,some minor details and the form,the midsole here is made of profly plus,which is even bouncier,so mac 4 supersonic became better and,kept their advantages,[Music],lets now head on to the support segment,the first model for support is araki 6.,on the inner foot side we see stiffer,form called g-frame,hoka used it to improve stability by,limiting the excessive pronation,other features are similar to the,clifton model perfect cushioning,breathability and comfort,of course this extra support makes the,shoes a little heavier,there is a similar model for heavy,runners gave you the tree,here we have a thicker midsole and,better shock absorption,and again there is g-frame for extra,support and the lockdown is also better,so these running shoes are perfect for,beginners thanks to the high level of,security,but note that they are very heavy and,not very fast,there is one model that is somewhere in,between base and speed segments called,bondi x,here hawker kept perfect cushioning but,lightened the upper and locked down,they also added a carbon plate for,stability and running efficiency,so we have a soft model with decent,efficiency,but we can hardly call it a true speed,model it seems bondy x are perfect for,heavy runners who need cushioning,combined with speed,and now we will see the truly fast,models,first there is hoca carbon x3,and you know hoka carbon shoes are a,little slower but stable and comfortable,so for amateur runners carbon options by,hokka are much better than adidas or,nike,for carbon x3 they went even further,these shoes now have a neat upper which,is more comfortable,of course it might be less breathable,but you wont even notice it,the midsole for carbon x3 is profly x,which is a combination of profly foam,and a carbon plate,running efficiency here is much better,but the stability is lower,[Music],finally the fastest model by hawker is,rocket x,here we see an extremely thin midsole it,feels like it is hardly even there,the same goes for the upper it is,extremely light here,all this reduces the comfort but allows,much faster running,alright this is the full picture for,hawker running shoes for this season,please note that we might see new models,during this year for example we have,already seen several unofficial pictures,of models with crazy midsoles that might,come out this autumn,you can always see the relevant brand,schemes by the link in the description,but we are moving on,lets pick the best models of hookup by,different features,we think clifton 8 are the most,comfortable shoes for everyday running,thanks to the comfy upper and perfect,cushioning,gaviota 3 are the best for preventing,injuries because of their extra,stability support and stiffer upper,materials,rocket x are the fastest shoes by hockey,they are the lightest shoes in the range,and have a carbon blade,hocker carbon x have the best running,efficiency,because of a thick and bouncy foam,combined with a carbon plate,and the last award is for the best shoes,overall if you had picked just one model,we would go for max supersonic,we think theyre just awesome,theyre so light while there is so much,bounce and decent cushioning,just a supreme model,[Music],okay we hope you got the full picture,we learned the key technologies of hokum,its segments,and models,we also picked the best running shoes to,help you navigate all this,dont forget to subscribe if you like,our videos we are preparing new brand,and cross brand reviews really soon,and thats it for t

Best HOKA Shoes For Beginners | Where To Start With HOKA Running Shoes!

[Music],you know,i love hoka,but i always didnt know what hooker was,i remember like years ago walking to a,store and i saw him and i was like,nah,just hype and here we are through,everything,they changed the entire industry,and i hope that someone watches right,now,who may not know,well see this light,today,were telling you guys,about the best hook of shoes that you,need to know about and connor theres,one shoe i have in mind whats that,jamie,the hoka clifton now the clipping is the,main shoe when people ask what does the,huckle feel like i say,try the clip jamie i will agree the hoka,clifton is probably the shoe i recommend,the most for people who are starting out,with the hoka brand it offers a high,level of cushioning maybe not the most,cushioning within the hoka line but,there is a lot of cushioning underfoot,especially if youve never tried a hoka,shoe its extremely soft youre going to,get that nice squish in its really a,versatile shoe that can be used for any,day of the week walking running jogging,anything in between this is going to be,your shoe,for sure theres also a max cushion,option called the bondi seven and the,bond i7 gives you all the perks of the,clifton but just in a more max cushion,wider format,a little bit wider fitting as well and,just more secure,now its a running shoe but its great,for walking if you just need a recovery,shoe if you stand up a lot at work,teachers nurses this is the go-to shoe,and for me i do like it for running so,definitely one of the shoes that you,want the whole experience of a hoku,cushion this is the one you go with,bandai seven now jamie im glad you,brought up the bondi because it is a fan,favorite here at running warehouse in,between the clifton and the bondi you,cant really go wrong with either if,youre new to the hoka line the bondi is,going to offer that max stack height a,little bit more protection and the,clifton is still going to have all the,cushioning you need but just be a little,bit more versatile both options are,great neutral daily training options but,if youre a runner who needs stability,needs a little bit more support hokas,got you covered with the hoka arahi,jamie what are your thoughts on the,iraqi where does this fit in the line,now for me the right is your everyday,daily trainer with a touch of stability,they have the j-frame which is going to,cup your foot from pronating inward or,stipulating outward keeps your foot in,line so if you need an extra structure,that extra protection that extra,stability this is definitely way to go,within the hookah lineup this really is,going to be your clifton with stability,you cant go wrong with the arahi and,its a fantastic option those are just,three options within the hoka lineup,theres lots and lots of daily trainers,performance trainers racers but this is,going to keep it simple for someone,whos new to the brand and wants,something to get them through their runs,day in or day out if youre looking to,pick up any of these shoes theyre,available now you can find them here at,running warehouse

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Hoax or Hoka? Why do Hoka Shoes Look Like This?

do you wish you had a boot that looked like it  had a soggy diaper on well Ive got just the  ,boot for you the Hoka pone hones so were going  to cut them in half and see if this big old booty  ,is just a cheap marketing ploy or if there  actually is some functionality behind it  ,all of the graphics in this video were made on  Canva pro which is the sponsor of this video  ,and i wanted to show you what was really possible  with one of the sponsors so we decided to do this  ,whole video on Canva pro and if you dont know  what Canva is its an all-in-one design and  ,marketing hub basically for anything from social  media to videos like this one presentations simple  ,designs for flyers and whatever it happens  to be its just an all-in-one simple to use  ,drag-and-drop design hub and its an easy way to  up your game when it comes to your marketing and  ,your graphic design without needing to learn all  the super complex and hard to learn programs for  ,graphic design canvas about about as simple as it  gets so whether youre a team of 2 or 200 Canva  ,pro has all the productivity collaboration and  creative tools you need to quickly achieve your  ,goals and Canva pro has an endless collection of  premium content templates anyone can jump on there  ,and collaborate on beautiful professional designs  in no time so that sounds like something you need  ,give Canva a try you can try for 45 days with  their extended free trial by using the link in  ,my description thanks again to Canva and like i  said all these graphics were made in Canva pro  ,and youll notice a quality difference between  the regular videos and this video there these  ,the graphics really cool so check them out  I keep seeing ads for these everywhere and  ,theyre very eye-catching for this big old booty  hanging off the end and eve in in the ads they  ,look ridiculous but its not until I saw them in  person when i was shopping for the climbing shoe  ,video last video that I saw in person I was like  oh that is a ridiculous hill and so that along  ,with the fact that in the packaging it says please  do not operate vehicles or navigate stairs while  ,wearing this product I I had to do it its got to  be the most ridiculous booth that Ive cut apart  ,on this channel Im a sucker for gimmicks whether  good or bad so Im really curious if this is just  ,a gimmick or if theres something inside of here  or if it works in a certain way that you actually  ,do get some real benefits from it so go over the  boot information starting with the brand so the  ,brand is Hoka the style is the TenNine GTX hiking  boot the color is Moroccan blue and saffron they  ,weigh one pound each they retail for 250 dollars  and theyre made in Vietnam and the description  ,says part hovercraft and part hiking boot the 109  hike GTX offers peak cushioning durability and  ,traction with the extended Hubble heel geometry  engineered for an exceptionally smooth ride this  ,bold new profile creates an effective heel to toe  transition surprisingly smooth and exceptionally  ,cushioned this long distance hiker employs Vibram  mega grip with light based construction in an  ,outsole compound that reduces weight without  reducing durability go ahead hike forever as  ,they say all that marketing jargon to say it makes  it easier to transition from heel strike to toe  ,lift all the way through your stride they just  threw a lot of extra words in there and now lets  ,go over the information we can gather about this  shoot to see if we can find some clues as to how  ,they achieve that other than the big ole diaper  on the end here so starting with the upper like  ,always so there is not a single piece of leather  on this boot anywhere that i can see but there  ,are some cool synthetic materials that are using  like the rip stop nylon and the Gore-Tex water  ,waterproof booty and not this booty the theres  a lining that they call a booty on the inside  ,and synthetic materials are superior than leather  in a few ways like the breathability and the the  ,weight because theyre really lightweight but  theyre not as durable and they dont offer  ,quite as much protection then moving to the inside  you can see on the this pattern on the inside is  ,their 100 RPET or our pet lining textile mesh and  our pet stands for recycled polyethylene terraform,phthalate I dont I have no idea Ill put the  spelling up here and one of you uh engineers or  ,chemical guys can help me out with that  but that material is a similar material  ,to what we see in a lot of waterproof and  insulated boots its a moisture wicking layer  ,that pulls that moisture away from your foot so  that you dont get the swamp foot or at least  ,thats what they claim it does so moving on to  the construction this as far as I can tell is 100  ,cemented construction and cemented construction  means that theres no stitching and theres no  ,rivets theres no nails holding this this boot  together its all glued together and once again  ,theres the pros and cons pros its lightweight  and uh flexible but its not as durable and its  ,not as long lasting and you cant resolve it as  easily its pretty hard to reset this style of  ,boot and a lot of times the cemented construction  boot is going to have a lot of foam because foam  ,glues really well but it does not nail well  it doesnt rivet well it doesnt stitch well  ,then quickly to the insole so this is just an  ortholite insole nothing great nothing bad but  ,one thing that stood out to me was when I pulled  this out its a lot more anatomically correct  ,the shape of the insole which means the shape of  the shoe is a lot more actually a lot more like  ,like limbs and these wider toe box boots maybe not  quite as wide but it is a little bit wider in the  ,toe box judging by the inside and now finally to  the interesting part this whole sole construction  ,what is going on with this and what is it  supposed to do and how is it supposed to do it  ,so the majority of this boot is the midsole  at least what thats what it looks like  ,from the outside its a compression molded eva  midsole with a Vibram mega grip rubber outsole  ,slapped on the bottom there and the thing I really  liked about the the outsole is these little relief  ,spots here allow this boot to flex really easily  and compress really easily see how that compresses  ,I was surprised at how thin this outsole actually  is because the the lugs themselves are five  ,millimeter but the layer underneath has got to  be around one millimeter which isnt the worst  ,thing because this is a completely different style  of boot than like a traditional hiking boot with  ,the v100 thats super chunky you know youre  going for lightweight and comfortability and  ,flexibility with this more than anything so what  is the the bubble butt area supposed to be doing  ,so they call it their Hubble system Hubble butt  is what weve coined it in the shop and like it  ,said in the description its designed to limit  the impact on the body for a better heel to toe  ,transition because if you take a regular boot and  youre out hiking the way you walk is heel to toe  ,heel to toe and that heel strike can create a lot  of force and a lot of shock that moves through  ,your body so I think the idea behind the Hubble  butt is to ease that heel strike bit so before you  ,would regularly make contact with the ground you  slowly roll your way into that heel strike rather  ,than a heavy heel strike its more of a rolling  motion next lets cut these things in half then  ,well do the waterproof test and then Ill take  them hiking and come up with the final result,so,surprisingly easy to cut in  half so lets see whats inside,so surprisingly simple but this is by far the most  foam Ive ever seen in the scene in a boot and I  ,really like these little flex points up here you  know because a lot of this boot as Ive said over  ,and over is flexibility and light weight and so  these little cuts right there in the foam allow  ,th

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Top 5 BEST Running Shoes of (2022)

whats up guys todays video is on the,top five best running shoes in 2022,through extensive research and testing,ive put together a list of options,thatll meet the needs of different,types of buyers so whether its price,performance or its particular use weve,got you covered for more information on,the products ive included links in the,description box down below which are,updated for the best prices like the,video comment and dont forget to,subscribe now lets get started well,kick things off the hoka one rincon 3,the best comfort running shoes available,on the market in 2022 in terms of size,this model is identical to its,predecessor with a 1.25 inch heel and,front profile feet of 1.05 inches the,base reaches four and a half inches in,the frontal part and 3.75 inches in the,heel which is a rather wide shoe in the,back part this type of heel cut also has,an interesting advantage it makes an,incredibly stable shoe the material of,the middle sole is light not too thick,and quite pleasant to the touch the main,change we noticed with this model is in,the geometry the cuts on the side of the,midsole are more detailed in this,version and are focused on providing,greater dynamics to the tread cycle and,less square feel one of the advantages,the hoka one one recon 3 is the weight,despite having a slightly thicker,midsole a more durable sole and more,comfortable upper sole the rincon 3,weighs less than its predecessor,specifically it weighs 220 grams which,is quite a success for training shoes,one of the big improvements perhaps the,most important one is the greater,protection in the sole the rincon series,has always had some pieces of blown,rubber at strategic points but in this,new version the entire front of the foot,is covered with rubber this clearly,increases the durability of the sole so,much so that it will not actually cause,significant wear damage and the middle,sole will probably give in a little,earlier we think that this model has a,top notch upper part the manufacturer,opted for a more classic construction,with a double mesh and an outer layer,full of gills to improve the air,circulation while in the inner layer we,have a more closed textile that will be,pleasant and comfortable inside good,stuff a thumbs up from here the next,product well talk about is the new,balance fuel cell elite v2 in our,opinion the best pair of speed running,shoes on the market in 2022 the new,midsole on this model five millimeters,thicker than the previous one gives nine,percent more cushioning and four percent,energy recovery this focused on,performance makes the new balance fuel,cell elite v2 one of the most advanced,running models out there this elite v2,has more details to highlight from the,start the use of a 3d ribbon logo on,both sides to enhance the fit greater,curvature of the carbon fiber board and,a new sole design with greater thickness,the material used for the entire middle,sole is fuel cell a compound designed,from the ground up to run faster at any,distance its based on damping work as,well as energy recovery without the use,of almost any additional weight another,improvement on the rc elite v2 is the,addition of full-length garment plates,the midsole thickness was increased by,five millimeters almost reaching the 40,millimeter limit the thickness of this,midsole is 35 millimeters in the heel,area while on the front part of the foot,its 27 millimeters the addition of a,new much more robust and resistant,rubber surface secured greater,durability than the previous model the,type of material is solid rubber two and,a half millimeters thick rubber its,function is twofold to help with,traction and to do so while maintaining,high endurance but it also manages to,contribute to stability from the very,contact with the base the upper part of,the new balance fuel cell rc elite v2 is,quite impressive for two main reasons,knitted nets and the exoskeleton that,surrounds it it must be said from the,net is exceptionally open in light,everything is drilled with holes that,allow high ventilation thanks to that,this net made in one piece is very very,transparent so much so that you can,practically see your fingers through it,being very breathable is useful because,it allows you to keep your feet cool,especially during long workouts or races,and it also helps to reduce weight,thumbs up thats for sure up next we say,check out brooks adrenaline gts21,also known as the best support running,shoes on the market in 2022 we must,point out that the elegant aesthetic,line of the brooks model has surpassed,most models out there the latest update,on this set of running shoes is designed,for neutral runners once again offering,maximum cushioning stability and support,to runners who choose any of the brands,models the new model focuses on,promoting more efficient transitions and,smoother running which is achieved by,applying special technologies designed,by brooks running this model includes a,heel structure that guarantees excellent,grip and support that adapts to,different morphologies the use of,additional and flexible grooves in this,area provides great smoothness in the,various phases of running and jumping,the model has a drop of 12 millimeters,which is a staple feature for this brand,combined with the lightweight it makes,this model a perfect option for many,miles of extensive use for competitions,on medium and long distances,the use of new features in the upper,part delivers a better and more,comfortable grip it also increases quite,significantly breathability especially,in conditions with high temperatures,delivering a feeling of comfort every,step of the way on the other hand the,use of 3d fit print technology provides,great flexibility the basic aspect is,that the shoe doesnt make those,annoying scratches that can occur when,we travel many kilometers among other,things this model includes the dna loft,foam located in the area from the heel,to the front foot it offers excellent,cushioning significantly reducing shocks,that occur step by step presenting the,user with a great feeling of softness,during training or running on the other,hand this model represents the integral,support of guide rails which allows you,to enjoy extremely natural foot guidance,in the race,this translates into superior stability,and control of every movement from the,inside we see biomogo dna somewhat,firmer and responsible for greater,stability in the race in terms of weight,these sneakers are best used by runners,ranging from 130 to 180 pounds this is a,quality product and all we can do is,recommend it the next product on our,list of reviews for today is the salomon,sense ride 4 also known as the best pair,of trail running shoes on the market in,2022 among other things this new model,offers excellent grip on all types of,surfaces top notch cushioning and shock,absorption so your joints dont suffer,all thanks to the optivive system the,optivibe cushioning technology combines,two foams one secures excellent basic,cushioning while the other foam secures,a large reactive capacity so you can get,the most out of each step we must also,mention the contra grip ma a compound,that guarantees you can enjoy the grip,that is difficult to improve on all,types of surfaces such as slippery,terrain dry or wet itll extend the life,of the shoe which is awesome so this,model marking the evolution of salomon,sense ride 3 becomes your perfect ally,to tackle races in the mountains the,ride 4 is capable of adapting to,technical terrain trails grassy trails,and even works perfectly in mud also we,like the addition of the 3d air mesh a,more open net with faster drying great,for tough running sessions when we sweat,extensively in terms of reinforcement,the sneakers remain heat sealed along,the entire contour the upper part,retains more than enough width to be,able to run comfortably for hours the,combination of various foams with,consequent results in terms of dampening,reactivity comfort is one of the reasons,why we will not

Hoka Rincon 3, Clifton 8, & Mach 4 COMPARISON | 2021

hey everybody this is steve moore owner,of runmore this brick and mortar running,shop located on main street in,westminster maryland today were going,to do a little comparison video between,three popular hoka shoes were going to,talk about the hoka rincon 3 the clifton,8 and the mach 4. these are three shoes,that we get asked a lot about that are,all considered neutral trainers so a,neutral trainer is great for somebody,who sort of runs down the middle or,maybe runs a little bit to the lateral,side if youre somebody who just a,little bit under pro over pronates these,shoes should be okay but if youre,somebody who severely over pronates or,know you have a history of ankle,problems and knee problems and such,there might be better options out there,or a shoe that you might want to add an,orthotic or something into to give a,little bit more stability but right out,of the box these are neutral trainers,from hokel from hoka we get asked a lot,about like whats the right hookah for,me people will come in and just say you,know i want the hoka shoe and we carry a,ton of different hoca shoes and they all,sort of have a rhyme and a reason for,what youre doing and what theyre sort,of designed to do so,the rincon 3 is the lightest of the,three shoes this is sort of in there,this is in their glide,category so this would be a shoe for,somebody looking to do some light soft,fast miles but somebodys coming in and,saying like im gonna be running three,to four days a week maybe doing a 5k,here to there im not super serious i,might run 15 miles a week and i just,want something relatively inexpensive,fun bouncy this is a great shoe for you,at 115 dollars to get in a really nice,light cushioned shoe its a great value,something that you can go turn some fast,miles on maybe if youre somebody you,want to get up to like 10 miles you can,do that in the shoe and feel really,comfortable about it the new updated,version of this also has more its more,rubber on the outside because the,previous versions kind of broke down a,little bit faster so theyve made some,updates to the outsole on the shoe to,give it a little more durability and it,also fits and feels great ive gotten a,chance to log some miles in it and so,far very much like this shoe and its,funny because when you look at this shoe,and you see the weight of it and like on,the mens its so airy and light this is,the lightest per lightest shoe with this,much stack height and cushion that,youre going to find out there and its,kind of fun that im doing this review,because it was kind of going through my,catalogs getting all my nerdy stacks,nerdy notes for this they all the shoes,that were talking about here have the,exact same drop and the exact same stack,height so all these shoes on the mens,side for example have a 29 millimeter,stack height and they all have a five,millimeter drop but just holding them,just to even do that they all are very,different so this is the lightest of,them and this is the lightest of hocus,shoes in general for a daily trainer,its really nice really snappy because,it is so light and because its designed,to do some shorter faster stuff you,really feel that hoka roll when youre,kind of going through this rincon shoe,so this is your nice lightweight,everyday trainer if youre doing some,light shorter miles if youre looking,for something thats a little bit more,beefy youre going to go to the clifton,this is the most popular shoe that hoka,makes in general this is a mid-cushion,neutral shoe so this is like your im,gonna be doing maybe some training for a,half or a full marathon i need something,that i can run 20 30 40 miles a week in,and feel great about it and get my 400,miles of shelf life out of it,i can go run from a mile to even a full,marathon this is a great shoe for you,same neutral trainer 29 millimeter stack,height five millimeter drop doesnt have,quite that aggressive a toe off as,youre gonna get on the rincon but again,by design this is a shoe thats gonna,get you just nice and healthy and,comfortable through a lot of long miles,and its still very light you know,coming in at 8.2 ounces on the mens,this shoe is still super light compared,to its other shoes in this category when,you compare this to shoes and that mid,cushion neutral stuff you know like a,new balance 880 or a brooks ghost or,stuff this is still going to feel way,lighter on foot compared to those,options out there this is a great shoe,for getting on your foot if you need a,little bit extra width of all the ones,were talking about this shoe has the,most forgiving width,it also has a really nice breathable up,breathable upper thats going to give,you some nice flex as youre going,through it if anything this shoe is cut,a little big so a lot of people have,even had to size down on it,this one of the three is the only one,that comes in widths as well you can get,this up to a 2b on the mens and up to a,d-width on the womens but again its,actually cut naturally very nice and,wide so the clifton is your everyday,trainer and now were moving over to the,mach 4 and i think of all of the hoka,shoes that we carry we probably get the,most questions on the shoe part of it is,sort of i think the way that its,categorized this shoe calls is a fly,category so the fly is for the the,racing stuff so this shoe in like a hoka,catalog goes side by side with somebody,looking at like the rocket x or the,carbon x2 so its designed you know its,listed as sort of a racing shoe but when,you read about what the intention is,this is a daily trainer so its sort of,listed as a racing shoe but its,objective as more an everyday trainer,i was really excited when i got a pair,of these it has two different densities,to it and of all the hoka shoes like it,has that nice squishy upper but a very,firm,base to it the lower level of this shoe,is very very firm so a lot of people it,almost doesnt quite feel like a hoka,you know thats one thing when you put,in a hook it has that nice airy squishy,feel to it but this doesnt quite have,that because its designed to be a,faster trainer you know when we talk,about like what this shoe is its sort,of a clifton,mixed with a carbon x2 so its a,fast-paced trainer you can race in this,shoe as well but its sort of,categorized or its sort of talked about,as a daily trainer for going fast so,like i like this shoe if i was gonna go,out and do,a fast 10 miles or if i was going to go,out and run a half marathon or something,this might be a shoe that i would pull,um ive done some shorter races in this,and ive done some workouts in this,where ive done like 400 800s and mile,repeats i didnt love it of all the hoca,shoes that i had i think i was most,excited about this but i didnt love the,run in it and i think part of it is that,i was trying to put it through its paces,on some shorter stuff to me the,wheelhouse of this shoe is longer faster,stuff if youre looking for something to,do like i said like a 10 mile tempo run,or something this is a great shoe but if,youre trying to run like a super speedy,mile i probably wouldnt pull this i,probably would pull the rincon first i,just feel like this shoe the way that,this shoe kind of makes me feel like im,towing off faster to me is a better,option than this shoe even though,technically this being a racing shoe,should be more designed for it i almost,feel with the mach 4 that its,encouraging me to land more on my heel,than on my toe and thats the opposite,of them getting on the rincon,so again if youre looking for a shoe to,do to race in a marathon or to train for,a marathon or to do some faster stuff in,the mach 4 and a neutral shoe at 140 is,great its a lot of fun doesnt quite,have that exact same hoka feel that you,might be expecting but if thats what,youre looking for this is a great shoe,for that and again because it does have,more of a firm feel to it youre still,going to get a couple hundred miles of,life out of this looking at sort of the,the what i think as far as durability,goes im probably going

HOKA MACH 5 review- The BEST daily running shoe of ALL TIME ?!

the comfort the lockdown the way this,shoe fits on top of your foot is yeah,ill put out there the best of any shoe,that ive ever worn,[Music],so good morning welcome back to the vlog,hope your trainings going well and,today ive got a first impressions,review of the hawker mac 5,and this has been a highly anticipated,daily running shoe for me,last year in 2021,my favorite shoot of the year was the,hawker mac 4 so,as soon as i saw the fifth iteration was,coming out ive been excited to get this,shoe on my feet,ive now around,50 kilometers in this shoe,um,in the last three days so that just goes,to show you,um,how well ive been getting on with it so,far,and yeah big,big big spoiler is im absolutely loving,the mac5 and even better than the four,which is going going some way um,yeah absolutely loving it im gonna give,you my first impressions in todays,video go over some likes and dislikes,but first well start off with some,specifications when i get back from this,lovely 16 kilometers,or 10 mile run this morning,[Music],thank you,so here is the hawker mac 5 just back,from my run this morning 15.5 kilometers,at uh 5 10 per kilometer i put the runs,on screen that ive done in the shoot so,far the first run 24 kilometers straight,out of the box on the treadmill at 409,per kilometer pace and then ive done,two warm-ups for four track workouts in,this shoe both around six seven,kilometers long um so yeah totally,around 50 kilometers in this shoe so far,ive just dug out the mac 4. this is the,first shoe ive ever ran over a thousand,kilometers in um as you can see its now,in retirement i havent run in this shoe,for about uh one or two months probably,that since i put it sort of,in the in the cupboard put it away for,videos like this,but as you can see from the outsole,coverage there it did sort of wear down,over time but not too much and i will,talk about that a little bit more later,in the later part of this video but,anyway the mac five lets talk some,specifications ill go over a bit about,um whats changed between the mac 4 and,the mac5 so first of all lets talk,specifications this shoe comes in 130,pounds here in the uk or 140,in america great price point i think,thats exactly the same as the mac four,it definitely hasnt gone up uh much,maybe its gone up by five pounds i,think the drop in this shoe is a five,millimeter drop again the same as in the,mac four weve got 29 millimeters in the,heel dropping to 24 in the forfeit in my,uk size 8 it weighs 228 grams which is,absolutely nothing its definitely one,of the lightest daily training shoes,that i now have in my collection so yeah,credit to hawker there i think its,about two or three grams um lighter than,the previous shoe which is a great way,to trend a little bit lighter than the,predecessor one of the big improvements,to the mac 5 is the upper so weve got a,jacquard,engineered mesh um much much more,breathable than the mac 4 here um it was,more of a fabric on the mac 4 whereas,this is more of a mesh and the toe area,here especially is very very breathable,i wore this shoe in the car in the hot,weather and i had the air conditioning,on and my feet actually were getting,cold because the aircon was coming,straight through that,upper so yeah very very breathable not,only in that toe box along the sides,here as well so if you if youre,somebody who gets hot feet when you run,then this is a great shoe um option its,very very breathable and finally onto,the midsole weve got a dual density,midsole so as you can see here weve got,this sort of orange and blue layer and,then weve got this white layer,underneath so this,sort of orange and blue layer is the pro,fly plus,in the mac 4 we had pro fly so this pro,5 plus is a slightly softer supposedly,more responsive,foam and then underneath that this white,layer here is a rubberized eva,interestingly this shoe doesnt really,have an outsole as you can see its just,this um this white eva on the bottom,theres no sort of hard rubber bits on,on there so yeah durability was a bit of,a concern for some people with the mach,4 but again ill talk a little bit more,about that in just a second so lets go,into some of my first impressions of the,mac 5 first run on the treadmill and the,first thing i noticed was it feels,exactly the same as the mac 4 in terms,of the ride the fit which to me is a,great thing um sometimes when shoe,companies develop a range they can,change they can change too much about,the shoe and it doesnt feel like the,previous one at all so for me i really,got on with the mac 4 so when the mac 5,came and it felt very similar very,familiar that was a very pleasant,feeling to me when running in this shoe,for the first time i noticed that it,feels a little bit softer than the,predecessor this pro fly,midsole has a softer sort of stepping,feel and when you land in this shoe you,definitely sort of sink into that top,layer of foam a little bit more than you,did in the mac 4 so id say its,slightly less firm,and softer feel i wouldnt say it feels,more responsive which is what matt which,is what hawker sorry are claiming um id,say its as responsive as the mac 4 but,it just offers a little bit of a softer,sort of stepping feel now the real,standout point about the mac5 is the,comfort,this upper and the way the sort of,tongue sits on top of the foot is,excellent um id go as far as saying,its a 10 out of 10. ive not worn a,shoe that fits better than the mac 4 mac,5 sorry the mac 4 and the 5 fit very,similar but id say this ones slightly,better,theyve made improvements to the tongue,its sort of,slightly more minimal tongue this time,round but theres padding in the right,areas sort of on this top bit here where,you tie up your laces so theres no,issues with sort of lock down and these,eyelets here on this shoe are a real,plus point the way they sort of wrap,around the top of my foot um it just,feels yeah incredible and i think a lot,of shoe companies can look to the mac 5,when designing uppers as a sort of,example model basically now i am clearly,a huge huge fan of the mac five and i,would recommend it to a lot of people,but one thing i will note is the,responsiveness of this shoe doesnt,necessarily blow you away um i dont,want to put the impression in that this,is the best shoe thats ever been made,the responsiveness i would say is is,good its definitely adequate for those,easy slash tempo runs um but it doesnt,blow you away like yeah i dont know the,zoom x foam would in the nike range so,yeah just wanted to put that in there,and my final first impressions was i was,just really really excited about this,shoe i feel like ive been missing sort,of an easy day shoe like the mac 5 a bit,more minimal um doesnt protect my legs,as much as say sort of the nike,invincible word theres a little bit,less underfoot which i think is quite,important to add into your rotation you,dont want to be sort of babying the,legs all the time you need to build up,that strength in the ankles the mac 4,was the first shoot i ever put um a,thousand kilometers into uh a shoe i,never reached that sort of mileage in,any other shoe and people said oh this,shoe hasnt gone out so its not gonna,be durable but yeah i just wanted to,share with you um the bottom of this,shoe as you can see it does wear down um,and the outsole that shows signs of wear,sort of after the first even the first,few runs if im totally honest but that,doesnt affect the performance of this,shoe um,so yeah something to note durability,appears like it wouldnt be good but,ive actually found from the previous,model which has the same eva,rubberized outsole that it was actually,pretty good if youve watched any of my,other shoe reviews you know i like to go,over some likes and dislikes for each,shoot i get into review now finding some,dislikes for this shoe was quite,difficult um i sat sort of on the stairs,after my run and was trying to trying to,cut up some,negatives about this shoe which ill go,into in just a second but firstly my,positives the comfor

HOKA Running Shoes Review *2022 version*

hey guys dusty here today im at my,local running store couch and valley,running here on vancouver island and i,wanted to do a quick little overview of,10 of hokas shoes in their 2022 lineup,so well get started with an ultra,lightweight daily trainer and that is,the hoka rincon 3. so very versatile,shoe,for myself at least ive done long runs,short easy runs tempos intervals in the,shoe love how it feels it has a ton of,cushion for how lightweight it is and,like i just mentioned it handles a wide,range of paces and distances and now i,have the hoka mach 4 this is easily my,favorite shoe in hocus lineup and i,should mention the mach 5 is its either,has just been released or is being,released very shortly so depending on,where you live you should be able to,pick up some mach 4s at a discounted,price so the mach 4 was all the rage,when it was released last year and its,another daily trainer with a heavy focus,on performance,this shoe in particular would be one of,my top options if i had to do a race in,a shoe that was not carbon plated and,didnt cost 300,very comfy on foot i love the ride and,cushion of the shoe its not too firm,its not too soft its very responsive i,was a little concerned about grip on the,mach 4 it doesnt actually have any,rubber its just what they call a,rubberized eva but i havent had any,grip issues the outsole on mine might be,wearing away a little bit faster than,what im used to but overall i have no,issues with this shoe and if youre,looking for a more,performance inspired daily trainer,look at the mach 4. okay so now im,going to be getting into some shoes that,are more what hoka is known for,uh theyre big soft cushioned midsoles,and well get started with the clifton,so this is the clifton 8 one of hokas,more popular shoes,its a daily trainer very cushioned soft,feeling i should mention this is a,neutral road running shoe but all of,hoka shoes theyre they all have a very,wide base so theyre going to be,inherently a lot more stable than,neutral shoes from other brands and,people love this shoe theyll race,marathons in it other people this will,be like their easy recovery run shoe,usually comes in a bunch of different,colors not just this black mens version,and,is also available in wide widths all,right now we have the arahi so with the,arahi you can think clifton but with,more stability so hoka in their,stability shoes have what they call a j,frame so you can kind of see it makes a,j here starting on the lateral side of,the shoe going through the heel and then,up on the medial side,and essentially thats just a higher,dense foam and its going to prevent,your foot from falling in or pronating,and it gives the shoe a very stable ride,another difference with the urahi and,clifton is that the arahis fits slightly,wider and is also available in wider,widths all right now we have the king of,hoka the bandai now theres a new,version of the shoe coming out very,shortly but regardless this shoe i know,at this store is their best selling hoka,and i would imagine at almost every,other store that carries hoka uh this,shoe is going to be their best seller so,big thick midsole,tons of support tons of cushion a lot of,people that have foot problems will turn,to a bondi,sometimes they might put an orthotic in,it,a lot of nurses at work will wear bond,eyes a lot of old people will wear bond,eyes for walking and then of course,runners who are looking for that max,cushion for their long runs easy runs,they love their bond eyes too in fact if,i had to open a store and sell only one,shoe it would probably be the hoka,bandai all right now we have a shoe that,this store doesnt carry this is my own,personal pair its the hoka bondi x so,kind of a weird concept uh think hoka,bondi but with a carbon fiber plate,inside of it so first of all when you,compare the bondi x to the bondi the,bondi x is a much faster shoe but with,that being said it doesnt really,compete in terms of speed and,performance when you compare it to the,other carbon plate shoes out on the,market,its still a very heavy shoe,i use mine as a daily trainer more so,when im doing kind of tempo pace once i,go a little bit faster than tempo when i,start doing intervals or race pace the,shoe feels,to myself at least a bit big and clunky,and ultimately im not entirely sure who,this shoe is for i suppose if youre a,die hard bondi fan and you want it try,something a little bit peppier,you could look towards the bondi x or if,you have a foot issue and you need a,shoe that is stiff uh look no further,this shoe is unbelievably stiff and it,still has that support and cushion of a,normal bond eye so ultimately i like the,shoe when i do temple runs but its,certainly a very niche type shoe and um,definitely just not going to be a shoe,thats as popular as the original bondi,now we have another carbon plated shoe,but this one is definitely more geared,towards race day and that is the hoka,carbon x this is the third version,very similar to version two except it,has a knit upper and the carbon x is,going to be one of the more stable,options for a carbon plated race day,shoe out there and for a lot of runners,that train in other hoka models and they,want something,fast and fun for race day i would,recommend the hoka carbon x,and i dont have it here the store,doesnt carry it but theres another,carbon plated shoe from hoka called the,rocket x that chew depending on who you,ask is might be better suited for some,shorter distances but i would say that,the rocket x is probably their fastest,shoe,oh and the carbon x comes in quite a bit,less expensive than some other carbon,plated options out there on the market,all right now well finish with three,trail options from hoka so get started,with the challenger,this shoe is whats known as a door to,trail shoe so it can handle a mix of,pavement and trails with this shoe,youre still getting plenty of hoka,cushion,the outsole in particular isnt that,aggressive so thats what makes it good,on pavement and hard packed trails,not going to be the best option for hoka,if youre doing like wet sloppy,trails that sort of terrain or,conditions,you might want to look elsewhere next up,is the torrent so definitely more of a,lightweight nimble feeling shoe it,doesnt have a big huge stack of cushion,like a lot of the other hokas personally,if i had to pick a hoka shoe for racing,when it came to trails,the torrent would probably be my number,one option so now we have a beast of a,trail shoe the hoka speed goat 5. so,first of all one of the most cushioned,trail shoes that you can find a big,thick midsole,also very durable shoe comes has a very,aggressive outsole and the rubber is the,vibram rubber and i have two pairs of,the previous version i have a normal,pair and a gore-tex waterproof pair and,honestly i wasnt a huge fan of running,in them i found it to have too much,cushion for the trails,i lost a little bit of ground feel,but ive transitioned them to using them,as a walking shoe at work i have another,job where i have to walk all the time,and i have thousands of miles on both my,normal pair and my gore-tex pair and,theyve proved to be unbelievably,durable i know the speedgo is one of the,better selling trail shoes at this store,and if you like cushion you want some,aggressive outsole traction to help you,get through really wet sloppy conditions,look no further than the hoca speed go,all right and thats it um i know i left,quite a few shoes out of this overview,but this is just what was available to,me at my local running store and for the,most part those are some of the more,popular options when it comes to hoka,and if you have any questions about any,of these shoes just ask them down below,and ill get back to you and like always,thanks for watching and ill see in the,next video,[Music]

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