1. Best HOKA Shoes For Beginners | Where To Start With HOKA Running Shoes!
  2. Hoka Bondi 8 Review: Good for Casual Wear?
  3. HOKA CLIFTON 8 – FULL REVIEW // Can This Shoe Do Everything?
  4. Hoax or Hoka? Why do Hoka Shoes Look Like This?
  5. HOKA Challenger 7 Trail Running Shoe Review | ALL TERRAIN TESTED
  7. HOKA Bondi 8 and Clifton 8: Tested and Reviewed!

Best HOKA Shoes For Beginners | Where To Start With HOKA Running Shoes!

[Music],you know,i love hoka,but i always didnt know what hooker was,i remember like years ago walking to a,store and i saw him and i was like,nah,just hype and here we are through,everything,they changed the entire industry,and i hope that someone watches right,now,who may not know,well see this light,today,were telling you guys,about the best hook of shoes that you,need to know about and connor theres,one shoe i have in mind whats that,jamie,the hoka clifton now the clipping is the,main shoe when people ask what does the,huckle feel like i say,try the clip jamie i will agree the hoka,clifton is probably the shoe i recommend,the most for people who are starting out,with the hoka brand it offers a high,level of cushioning maybe not the most,cushioning within the hoka line but,there is a lot of cushioning underfoot,especially if youve never tried a hoka,shoe its extremely soft youre going to,get that nice squish in its really a,versatile shoe that can be used for any,day of the week walking running jogging,anything in between this is going to be,your shoe,for sure theres also a max cushion,option called the bondi seven and the,bond i7 gives you all the perks of the,clifton but just in a more max cushion,wider format,a little bit wider fitting as well and,just more secure,now its a running shoe but its great,for walking if you just need a recovery,shoe if you stand up a lot at work,teachers nurses this is the go-to shoe,and for me i do like it for running so,definitely one of the shoes that you,want the whole experience of a hoku,cushion this is the one you go with,bandai seven now jamie im glad you,brought up the bondi because it is a fan,favorite here at running warehouse in,between the clifton and the bondi you,cant really go wrong with either if,youre new to the hoka line the bondi is,going to offer that max stack height a,little bit more protection and the,clifton is still going to have all the,cushioning you need but just be a little,bit more versatile both options are,great neutral daily training options but,if youre a runner who needs stability,needs a little bit more support hokas,got you covered with the hoka arahi,jamie what are your thoughts on the,iraqi where does this fit in the line,now for me the right is your everyday,daily trainer with a touch of stability,they have the j-frame which is going to,cup your foot from pronating inward or,stipulating outward keeps your foot in,line so if you need an extra structure,that extra protection that extra,stability this is definitely way to go,within the hookah lineup this really is,going to be your clifton with stability,you cant go wrong with the arahi and,its a fantastic option those are just,three options within the hoka lineup,theres lots and lots of daily trainers,performance trainers racers but this is,going to keep it simple for someone,whos new to the brand and wants,something to get them through their runs,day in or day out if youre looking to,pick up any of these shoes theyre,available now you can find them here at,running warehouse

Hoka Bondi 8 Review: Good for Casual Wear?

all right so in this video I have a new,pair of Hoka sneakers that released a,bit ago and I finally got a pair to try,and it is a really Sleek overhaul for a,pair of sneakers that was pretty much,the max cushion King I think depending,on who you would ask so this is the,eighth version and you could see its,completely redone from the previous,versions The midsole is absolutely,ridiculously massive and it has a really,cool different look to the shoe they,made it a lot more Sleek for a really,big chunky shoe theres some things I,really really like but there are some,things that I dont like about this shoe,as well and so lets go and get in the,video,foreign,[Music],and they do feature regular wide and,extra wide versions of the shoe and Ill,link them in the description if you guys,are interested in purchasing a little,bit about the shoe it says the ultra,cushion game changer one of the hardest,working shoes in the Hoka lineup the,Bonnie takes a bold step forward this,season reworked with a softer lighter,foam and a brand new extended heel,geometry taking on a Billet effect the,rear Crash Pad Fords an incredibly soft,and balanced ride from heel strike to,forefoot transaction it says these are,best for everyday running walking and,comfort features engineered mesh,construction recycled content lining,mesh ortholite hybrid sock liner,lightweight resilient foam and a zonal,rubber placement for weight savings its,vegan and partially gusseted tongue heel,pull tab and durable rubber outsole they,say that this is a neutral stability,sneaker and that it is very plush on the,cushioning end so this is like the,biggest stack for what they offer now my,personal preference for Hoka is the,Clifton series Im waiting for a newer,version of these but until then I wanted,to get the Bondies to try them out the,cliftons in my opinion are the best like,all around Comfort shoe from Hoka that,Ive tried Ive tried maybe five or six,different versions uh but this is the,one that I really like if you guys have,a favorite leave a comment in the,comment section this new revised version,said its lighter so first of all I want,to check the weight were looking at,11.5 ounces versus the Clifton 8 thats,9.4 ounces so obviously a little bit,lighter there and then for comparative,purposes we have these guys here the New,Balance fresh from more V4 and those are,10.9 so 11.6 versus 10.9 these are a,little bit lighter than these its,definitely a lightweight shoe though,considering how ridiculous the foam is I,mean literally the entire thing is a,lightweight foam hocus says that the,foam is softer I have a short a,durometer here and I want to just test,it and see it says its about a roughly,a 38 for the foam and then on the old,pair here and maybe its the same as on,this one it says its a 40 38 40 roughly,in between there so its kind of on the,firmer end of sneaker cushioning if you,ask me like the Fresh Foam X is actually,softer this is like a 35 36 at least,from what my reader shows so the fresh,foam X is softer than what the body,offers now my initial impressions of the,shoe is again I thought it looked beefy,and I like that its like a revamped,version of what I have seen in the past,because the other versions I just,thought it was too chunky uh but this is,chunky but also done in a nice Sleek,overhaul I mean really new balance and a,Hoka are really like the kings of this,and both of these look really incredible,and I love the fact that both of these,have been completely revamped is it,super comfortable though I mean,obviously theres a huge Max stack of,cushioning here but I had one,fundamental issue that I had from first,trying these on that I just I couldnt,get past it and maybe its just my feet,maybe its just this exact pair maybe I,just need a wider version but I had this,problem where the heel on this side of,the shoe right here when I put the shoe,on the heel it digs into my my on the,bottom of my foot and Im like why is,this digging in it feels like its,cupped like this and it feels like my,foots landing on the top of the cup,instead of being inside of the cup and,because of that like the comfort of the,shoe is greatly impacted so I feel like,maybe I just need a wider version of the,shoe maybe I should return it and try to,get a wide but I dont know I dont know,if its wider in the heel or wider in,the forefoot you dont need it wider in,the forefoot I just needed a little bit,extra room in the heel but that was kind,of a bummer that being said if that,wasnt an issue and it did fit in like,the forefoot squish is there the heel,tone transition is really nice and the,cushioning of the shoe is maximum,obviously based on the look of the shoe,and just the stack of the the foam that,they have so Comfort rating minus that,one issue that I had I mean Id give it,a 7.8 if that wasnt an issue it might,be higher yes its wide foot friendly,they have two different versions of uh,these for wider feet so thats a big,plus for less people uh with the wide,feet gang breathability I would say is,pretty much the same as the other hokas,and basically anyone that has engineered,mesh on the upper its like a seven and,a half out of ten its average for sure,but its not bad its its I mean its,there for a reason obviously ground feel,you dont have too much because it is a,Max cushioned shoe this stability,ability rating is actually pretty,surprising I gave it maybe a 7.8 again,its very wide and because of the width,of the shoe and just the overall foam,density its surprisingly very stable,traction felt okay on here if youve had,hokas in the past it doesnt seem like,its anything new to the Hocus space,same sort of rubber that you get like on,the the cliftons and whatnot so nice and,soft and sticky I think that Saucony,probably has the best rubber on some of,the running shoes that Ive seen its a,lot firmer and stickier this is like,softer and stickier but it definitely is,not bad durability if you guys want to,leave a comment and let other people,know like how durable the shoe has been,for you first casual folks like how many,weeks or months or have you actually,been wearing the shoe like day in and,day out and has it like had any wear,issues or not I dont think that this is,going to be anything out of the ordinary,though like it seems like its going to,be fairly durable just an average pair,of hokas which is exactly what it is and,the aesthetic rating Id give it like a,seven out of ten I do like that its an,upgraded version I love the waves on the,sides of the shoe in hand its still,really Big And Chunky like a smaller,version would be kind of cool to see as,well like again I would love to see,Clifton version of this with this crazy,midsole like Im waiting for something,like that thatd be rad but uh in the,meantime I mean this is Max Cushion,World and so this is going to look very,massive comparison to the sleeker,version of like the the cliftons Ill,have a different video comparing like my,top five Max cushion sneakers these two,are probably both in the top five uh,just because they are tried and true for,what theyve been in the last handful of,versions if I had to give you guys a,verdict on which one I would personally,prefer out of these two hands down the,New Balance a freshman more V4 its more,soft on feet very stable I love the look,of this one better its a little bit,lighter as well overall everything about,this shoe I like better than this,version and the Hoka again because of,that weird heel issue that I had um not,as comfortable for me as the more v4s,and if you guys are interested in buying,either of these shoes I will link them,in the description as well as the,cliftons because thats my favorite,honestly I would still probably choose a,Clifton 8 over this shoe and I know this,is not the max cushion this is the max,cushion but I like this better than the,pre previous version of the body with,the look of the shoe but I still like,the Clifton eights over the Bondies its,just kind of my personal preference

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HOKA CLIFTON 8 – FULL REVIEW // Can This Shoe Do Everything?

[Music],whats up everybody welcome back,so glad you could join me today we have,a very special video,today were talking about this shoe,right here this,is the brand new hoka clifton clifton8,and im going to tell you all about it,today in my full,[Music],review,[Music],well everyone thank you so much for,clicking on this video and spending some,of your time with me today,as you know were talking about the hoka,clifton8 which is not out yet,so i do need to let you know that hoka,sent this to me for the purpose of,review,but theyre not getting to watch this,video before you are and,they dont have any say in what i say,these are,my own opinions the clifton 8 will be,available june 1st,but im told that pre-orders will start,in the middle of may so thats coming up,really soon,i just hit 50 miles in this shoe and,honestly it was really easy so,that means its time to give you my full,review of the hoka clifton 8. right away,lets talk about some specs,in the heel we have a stack height of 29,millimeters and in the forefoot we have,a stack height of 24 millimeters giving,you a,5 millimeter drop the weight for this,shoe in a size 9 is 8.8 ounces for the,men and 7.6 ounces for the womens,version,my size 11.5 weighed in at exactly 9.99,ounces,so it did feel really light for me and,it put it right in the middle,of the hoka mach 4 and the a6 nova blast,its supposed to be hokas all-around do,everything shoe,and in this review were gonna find out,if that is actually the case,for me all right so lets take a tour,around the clifton eight the upper,is made out of an engineered mesh and it,is 100,vegan materials which is kind of cool it,sort of looks and feels like a knit,upper,although it is much stronger than that,and i havent had any issues with any,sort of wear,or stretching or tearing or anything,like that the upper is very breathable,even though,it has multiple layers it still felt,really cool even on really hot days or,even,inside on the treadmill where i was,cranking up the heat in the garage,the tongue is semi-gusseted its theres,a little piece of fabric that connects,the tongue,to the base of the shoe on each side,which holds it in place which is really,nice and its a really thin piece of,fabric the stitching is almost,non-existent like it i didnt notice it,at all it wasnt an issue,tongue also is very padded which is very,nice you can crank these laces down,and get a really secure fit and it,doesnt bother the top of your foot at,all some shoes i have issues with the,tongue being too long or too short,this one was actually the perfect length,i was able to do the runners loop the,tongue covered up all of where the laces,would have been touching my foot and it,is also not too long,that when you do tie the shoe tight the,tongue just like puffs out into this,big like bubble that didnt happen with,this the tongue is the right size moving,around to the heel we do have the same,flare that we found on the mach 4,and im not the biggest fan of it feels,a little bit weird to me,but it is comfortable i didnt have any,issues with my achilles or anything like,that,the rest of the heel cup was really nice,it was the right height didnt have any,pressure,points on my heel bones or anything like,that i was able to get a really good,lock in in the back,overall good shape but we do have the,same heel flare so just letting you know,about that,swinging back around to the front but,staying with the upper of the shoe,i didnt have any issues with the,forefoot or the toes the sizing was true,to size,just like with all hokas my size just,fits,the width of the shoe is a little bit,narrow but,its kind of consistent with all of hoka,so if you like the hoka fit,its gonna fit just fine for you the,midsole is a compression molded eva,and so its got that typical like hoka,feel if youre used to that,i liked it uh they said its got an,early stage meta rocker,for your forward movement and that felt,nice but well talk about that in a,minute moving on to the outsole weve,got,a partially covered rubber outsole the,rest of it is this eva foam and with the,eva foam the one thing that im finding,is that it compresses,so easily that this rubber is actually,holding up really well,but where the rubber compresses in the,eva foam is actually kind of like,scratching off like when i hit the,pavement,all right now that that is out of the,way lets get into my review of the,clifton 8. and as always were going to,talk about,four things here were going to talk,about the fit were going to talk about,the ride the performance,and the appeal and then at the end im,going to tell you,whats the deal so first off the fit for,me the clifton 8 was just right,my size as soon as i put my foot in,there it just felt like i was ready to,go,the comfort was great right out of the,box this eva foam was just,really nice to step into as always,though,like hoka is a little bit tight on me,right around here in my metatarsal,area but it is something that ive been,able to get used to thats kind of,typical with hokas for me her feet are,all shaped a little bit different so my,point is,its consistent with the hoka fit so if,youre okay with the hookah fit youre,gonna be okay with this one,running in this shoe i just had a really,secure fit i didnt feel like my foot,was gonna flop out there was no movement,going on inside and a lot of that has to,do with this foam thats kind of lining,the inside and kind of all throughout,its got,just a little bit of padding so that,when you get your foot in there and when,you lock it down,its just a really secure like a really,nice,hug for your foot there were no hot,spots or pain points and honestly thats,just kind of why,the clifton is recommended for a lot of,people to try as their first hoka,because its just a really comfortable,shoe all right now lets talk about the,ride of the clifton 8. as ive said,several times,in this review the clifton 8 is meant to,be hokas kind of all-around shoe so,its not specifically targeted for your,race day shoe,or your super long run or your short,interval sessions,its just meant to kind of do a little,bit of everything thats what i was,expecting from this shoe,and it honestly delivered the one thing,that i will say though is that i dont,think its really specialized for one,specific type of run,or a style of running but its just,specialized in,comfort its not going to be a shoe that,youre going to see people winning,marathons in,or running their 10k prs in but it is,going to be a shoe that people are going,to be putting a lot of daily training,miles in and for that its really good,the energy transfer of this shoe was,really nice i felt like what i was,putting into each step was translating,well,i felt like the forward rock was just,enough and the eva foam,is just a really nice experience at kind,of all speeds,all right so lets talk about,performance of this shoe its springtime,in the midwest so i was able to test,this out in pretty much every condition,and it did really well i was able to,test it out in the rain i was able to,test it out in super hot,super cold on the treadmill where i was,basically filling the shoe with sweat,the outsole did just fine the rubber is,in the right place,like it just worked really well it,gripped in all conditions theres this,little cutout in the heel here and that,helps provide a little bit of a,trampoline effect ive talked about that,in a few of my other reviews,where youve got this kind of like,negative space right here and when you,push down on it it actually pushes back,quicker so that was really nice stack,height even though this is a hoka i,would not consider this a max shoe its,kind of in the middle there but i did,feel really connected to the ground i,just felt like turning,cornering speeding up slowing down like,it just felt really good at,pretty much anything i threw at it it,was definitely not the best shoe ive,ever tried for certain runs there are,a lot of other shoes out there that are,much more specialized for like a 5k,pr or

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Hoax or Hoka? Why do Hoka Shoes Look Like This?

do you wish you had a boot that looked like it  had a soggy diaper on well Ive got just the  ,boot for you the Hoka pone hones so were going  to cut them in half and see if this big old booty  ,is just a cheap marketing ploy or if there  actually is some functionality behind it  ,all of the graphics in this video were made on  Canva pro which is the sponsor of this video  ,and i wanted to show you what was really possible  with one of the sponsors so we decided to do this  ,whole video on Canva pro and if you dont know  what Canva is its an all-in-one design and  ,marketing hub basically for anything from social  media to videos like this one presentations simple  ,designs for flyers and whatever it happens  to be its just an all-in-one simple to use  ,drag-and-drop design hub and its an easy way to  up your game when it comes to your marketing and  ,your graphic design without needing to learn all  the super complex and hard to learn programs for  ,graphic design canvas about about as simple as it  gets so whether youre a team of 2 or 200 Canva  ,pro has all the productivity collaboration and  creative tools you need to quickly achieve your  ,goals and Canva pro has an endless collection of  premium content templates anyone can jump on there  ,and collaborate on beautiful professional designs  in no time so that sounds like something you need  ,give Canva a try you can try for 45 days with  their extended free trial by using the link in  ,my description thanks again to Canva and like i  said all these graphics were made in Canva pro  ,and youll notice a quality difference between  the regular videos and this video there these  ,the graphics really cool so check them out  I keep seeing ads for these everywhere and  ,theyre very eye-catching for this big old booty  hanging off the end and eve in in the ads they  ,look ridiculous but its not until I saw them in  person when i was shopping for the climbing shoe  ,video last video that I saw in person I was like  oh that is a ridiculous hill and so that along  ,with the fact that in the packaging it says please  do not operate vehicles or navigate stairs while  ,wearing this product I I had to do it its got to  be the most ridiculous booth that Ive cut apart  ,on this channel Im a sucker for gimmicks whether  good or bad so Im really curious if this is just  ,a gimmick or if theres something inside of here  or if it works in a certain way that you actually  ,do get some real benefits from it so go over the  boot information starting with the brand so the  ,brand is Hoka the style is the TenNine GTX hiking  boot the color is Moroccan blue and saffron they  ,weigh one pound each they retail for 250 dollars  and theyre made in Vietnam and the description  ,says part hovercraft and part hiking boot the 109  hike GTX offers peak cushioning durability and  ,traction with the extended Hubble heel geometry  engineered for an exceptionally smooth ride this  ,bold new profile creates an effective heel to toe  transition surprisingly smooth and exceptionally  ,cushioned this long distance hiker employs Vibram  mega grip with light based construction in an  ,outsole compound that reduces weight without  reducing durability go ahead hike forever as  ,they say all that marketing jargon to say it makes  it easier to transition from heel strike to toe  ,lift all the way through your stride they just  threw a lot of extra words in there and now lets  ,go over the information we can gather about this  shoot to see if we can find some clues as to how  ,they achieve that other than the big ole diaper  on the end here so starting with the upper like  ,always so there is not a single piece of leather  on this boot anywhere that i can see but there  ,are some cool synthetic materials that are using  like the rip stop nylon and the Gore-Tex water  ,waterproof booty and not this booty the theres  a lining that they call a booty on the inside  ,and synthetic materials are superior than leather  in a few ways like the breathability and the the  ,weight because theyre really lightweight but  theyre not as durable and they dont offer  ,quite as much protection then moving to the inside  you can see on the this pattern on the inside is  ,their 100 RPET or our pet lining textile mesh and  our pet stands for recycled polyethylene terraform,phthalate I dont I have no idea Ill put the  spelling up here and one of you uh engineers or  ,chemical guys can help me out with that  but that material is a similar material  ,to what we see in a lot of waterproof and  insulated boots its a moisture wicking layer  ,that pulls that moisture away from your foot so  that you dont get the swamp foot or at least  ,thats what they claim it does so moving on to  the construction this as far as I can tell is 100  ,cemented construction and cemented construction  means that theres no stitching and theres no  ,rivets theres no nails holding this this boot  together its all glued together and once again  ,theres the pros and cons pros its lightweight  and uh flexible but its not as durable and its  ,not as long lasting and you cant resolve it as  easily its pretty hard to reset this style of  ,boot and a lot of times the cemented construction  boot is going to have a lot of foam because foam  ,glues really well but it does not nail well  it doesnt rivet well it doesnt stitch well  ,then quickly to the insole so this is just an  ortholite insole nothing great nothing bad but  ,one thing that stood out to me was when I pulled  this out its a lot more anatomically correct  ,the shape of the insole which means the shape of  the shoe is a lot more actually a lot more like  ,like limbs and these wider toe box boots maybe not  quite as wide but it is a little bit wider in the  ,toe box judging by the inside and now finally to  the interesting part this whole sole construction  ,what is going on with this and what is it  supposed to do and how is it supposed to do it  ,so the majority of this boot is the midsole  at least what thats what it looks like  ,from the outside its a compression molded eva  midsole with a Vibram mega grip rubber outsole  ,slapped on the bottom there and the thing I really  liked about the the outsole is these little relief  ,spots here allow this boot to flex really easily  and compress really easily see how that compresses  ,I was surprised at how thin this outsole actually  is because the the lugs themselves are five  ,millimeter but the layer underneath has got to  be around one millimeter which isnt the worst  ,thing because this is a completely different style  of boot than like a traditional hiking boot with  ,the v100 thats super chunky you know youre  going for lightweight and comfortability and  ,flexibility with this more than anything so what  is the the bubble butt area supposed to be doing  ,so they call it their Hubble system Hubble butt  is what weve coined it in the shop and like it  ,said in the description its designed to limit  the impact on the body for a better heel to toe  ,transition because if you take a regular boot and  youre out hiking the way you walk is heel to toe  ,heel to toe and that heel strike can create a lot  of force and a lot of shock that moves through  ,your body so I think the idea behind the Hubble  butt is to ease that heel strike bit so before you  ,would regularly make contact with the ground you  slowly roll your way into that heel strike rather  ,than a heavy heel strike its more of a rolling  motion next lets cut these things in half then  ,well do the waterproof test and then Ill take  them hiking and come up with the final result,so,surprisingly easy to cut in  half so lets see whats inside,so surprisingly simple but this is by far the most  foam Ive ever seen in the scene in a boot and I  ,really like these little flex points up here you  know because a lot of this boot as Ive said over  ,and over is flexibility and light weight and so  these little cuts right there in the foam allow  ,th

HOKA Challenger 7 Trail Running Shoe Review | ALL TERRAIN TESTED

do you ever have those days when you,picture yourself only driving Corvettes,or the tops down on that nice Porsche,but then you know youre driving to work,and its really rainy and youre like,Im really glad Im in my comfortable,stable sedan,Challenger seven its like the SUV you,can commute in,so hook has been working on their ATR,line for seven years is this the version,that you can really use as a daily,Runner and take anywhere,so just a quick disclaimer before we get,a little further I do work for REI and,these shoes were provided for review but,the opinions Im sharing are all based,on my personal experience in the shoe,the Challenger is really cool because,the design was informed by input from,green vest at REI you know we really,pride ourselves in kind of understanding,what the customer is looking for and,what the customer wants and we have lots,of ideas and Hoka was like yeah those,ideas seem really valuable youre saying,that people want to run out their door,but still have a little bit of grip on,the trail and were like yes we would,love that our customers would love that,and theyre like we think we can make,that um and they did they make a Stinson,version of the ATR and they make a,challenger version of the ATR its,really just giving you that signature,Hoka ride giving you a little bit of,that kind of Road traction but that kind,of security on trails and its a shoe,thats done really really well for us at,react and its a shoe that our customers,are really excited when they kind of,want just a shoe that they can train in,most of their runs are kind of just out,their door but they still like getting a,little bit of dirt on their feet so if,we take a look from top to bottom we,kind of noticed some interesting things,namely the bright colors this shoe is is,really vibrant its really cool people,will notice it youll notice it I think,it its worth mentioning like when,youre excited about the colors of your,shoes you kind of want to put them on,more so thats the first thing that hit,me its really bright its like put me,on go for a run,the upper is really going to be a dual,layer upper if I put my hand in the toe,box of the shoe youll notice that you,cant see my hand through there I cant,see my socks which means that its got a,couple different layers on there that,layer extends to the rest of the upper,so it gives you a little bit more of,that protection adds a little bit of,warmth and that kind of similar feeling,goes throughout the tongue this tongue,is like really plush its really,cushioned you can see through there its,got a little bit of that breathability,but its still pretty thick its not one,of those like single layer really thin,tongues that some of the Hoka Road shoes,have if you come down you can kind of,see in between the tongue a lot of shoes,are doing that like kind of the gusset,that goes all the way out there so this,shoe on the upper is really going in the,direction of more of their Trail line,which is kind of exciting the laces,youre going to have of a flat lace kind,of like a medium length lace there,theres three reinforced eyelets on the,side so you got lots of options for heel,lock ties if you use all of them then,theyre probably going to be a little,bit short I just came up to the second,one so I have a little bit of a lace,there to kind of do a little bit more of,a heel lock tie if we move towards the,back you kind of have of that signature,heel that hokas got a lot where its,kind of flipped up a little bit more,its not super high but still again,giving you more of that kind of like,Trail feel on the upper a lot of,reinforcements a lot more shoe a little,bit of that stiff heel cups that kind of,keep you secure on the trail moving down,into the midsole it looks like theres,might be two different like layers of,midsole but it really just feels like,the same density again giving you that,kind of signature hooker Ride With The,Rocker that kind of takes you throughout,flipping it over down to the bottom,youll see that you have a little bit,more of the Eva kind of exposed midsole,down here to give you a little bit more,of that comfortable ride on the road,which is really nice because sometimes,if youre on trail Runners on the road,you can feel a little bit less,comfortable however if you did get onto,some dirt you do get some braking,Traction in the back here from some of,that trail tread its not super like,sticky its not super rubbery its just,really going to be like if youre on,your four feet a lot like I am you can,kind of get a little bit more of that,secure kind of traction up here at the,top with that green outsole all thats,going to give you more of that kind of,closer knit Trail traction there so you,know this is the Challenger 7 meaning,that its been around for seven,generations and all those Generations,that its been around its been at REI,um and Ive been at REI so Ive kind of,like grown at REI with the Challenger,every time weve got a new Challenger,come through the door you know I was,really excited my co-workers and I would,pull the Challenger out and really like,tried to decipher like how did they,really get that balance with the,all-terrain right how is it comfortable,on the road and on the trail Ive always,viewed this shoe as like its a road,shoe that can get you on some lighter,trails and when I pulled this version,out I was like whoa this feels like a,trail shoe that isnt uncomfortable on,the road and I think it comes because of,a couple different features and specific,like Design Elements and one of them is,just like the upper doesnt feel like a,Road Upper it feels more protective its,got that longer gusseted part of the,tongue its got more structure in the,heel and it just feels like a little bit,its more reinforced and flipping over,the bottom its definitely that right I,was a little bit skeptical because this,feels again a little bit more traily,which is exciting for me but if youre,like again take a trail Runner out on,the road Im like uh you know the first,thing I was really excited to do was,like run out my door and hit my local,trails and it was comfortable I live,kind of in a situation where I would,have to run maybe about three miles to,get to my local park since Ive been,living there for the last two years Ive,been thinking like man is the ATR shoe,the right shoe for me like that would be,perfect usually I wear Road shoes to get,to my local Trail which is fine but when,it gets a little bit techier it gets a,little bit wet then I kind of find,myself thinking like an ATR shoe would,be really cool I think this shoe has,been a really fun shoe to run in and it,kind of like gives me that reality check,of like well most of your runs are this,right like is do you want a shoe exactly,for that I didnt know if I did for a,long time and now I have it and Im kind,of stoked that I do because I think Ill,reach for it a lot more often,[Music],so Ive been able to put about 45 miles,in this shoe and I think like Ive been,able to exhaust all different types of,runs in just that short amount of time,first thing that I wanted to do with the,shoe was like well what does the ATR,mean right it means I can go from my,door to the local park so that was the,first run I did a recovery hike with,these which um like how slow can I go,pretty slow is the answer so I can go,really really slow you know on that like,man this shoe is super comfortable both,in my like Z1 run that was on a little,bit more of a technical kind of trail,system and then on my recovery hike I,think they did great I did get into some,kind of like slippery wetter terrain if,I wasnt paying too much attention and I,got on that road out so I was like whoa,Okay cool so now I know I tend to do,most of my landing on my forefoot but I,was as I hike I tend to do a full kind,of heel to toe off and if I go Heel To,Toe I can notice the difference in,traction in different places so it was,good to know and it was good to know,like how that can inform my future and,when I have tak


once again i am thomas this is robbie,and youre watching believe in the run,what are we doing with a stack of shoes,like this in front of us robbie i think,were gonna like scrooge mcducket and,dive into this thing and just throw,around our gold,or not or we could talk about hookah on,a oni and what hoka on a oni shoe is,right for you yeah where are we at now,whats coming in the future what should,you buy what should you put on your feet,what do you need it for,so what are we going to talk about today,we are going to talk about the hoka ona,oni,what shoe is right for you what is hoka,on a on a why do i keep saying oneeone,if youre wondering if its one one its,not yeah its french for something oui,um and robbie were going to tell them,about the difference between glide,series and fly series so you have pro,glide and pro,fly,yeah so hoka divides their family into,two categories as you said the glide in,the fly good cousins bad cousins yeah i,guess uh fly is more of the faster more,response performance performance shoes,where the glide is more your everyday,comfort yeah comfort go out i mean you,get it sliding flying yeah you want to,glide some days you want to fly some,days so lets start out with the,lets start off the glide series thats,more of like the traditional like every,daily trainers and things like that and,in the past one of our favorite shoes,has been,the clifton there it is and were on the,seventh version now and this shoe is,still great meg and i both love this,shoe,ive actually run a marathon in the,clifton meig,has run several in the clifton run,boston and the clifton before there were,super shoes and you wanted a cushion,shoe that could get you 26.2 miles in,comfort,it was a clifton thats the one that put,them on the map right yeah pretty much,big banger the shoe has evolved nicely,its still a great shoe this shoe,i could pretty much recommend to anyone,anyone who likes running its light,enough that it feels fast underfoot,cushioned enough that your legs get a,really nice break and just and if you,catch our uh fest and gear awards this,year were gonna get we actually give,this shoe the honorable mention for best,overall shoe yeah so honorable mention,obviously one of our favorites right out,of the gate it doesnt mean its the,best it just means its got honorable,men yeah exactly so you want something,lighter than the clifton but with a,clifton feel the ring con in the glide,series is,the clifton skinny dub yeah its a,skinnier version you get less midsole,less upper,less rubber on the body weighs how many,it weighs like three ounces less almost,i think maybe yeah two ounces less yeah,we werent going to get into weights all,right wed have to look them all up but,it is a little lighter yeah and the,thing is,why the clifton still,for me outweighs her income the rincon,has a great step and feel first hundred,miles feel great in the rink so good but,then it starts to flatten out and it,doesnt feel as easy on the legs yeah i,personally wore this shoe i think 200,miles this last summer which is a lot,for sure reviewers we reviewed tons of,shoes and like thomas said one of my,favorite shoes,like of any shoe the first 100 to 150,miles but then once that foam deadens,out its like,so,this is how i would say it for somebody,if you wanted to stay in the glide,series and you wanted one that was more,cushioned one thats a little faster,feeling underfoot thats where these,fall in if youre a lighter person you,might enjoy the ring con because youre,not going to compress it as quickly but,i do feel like theres better options,speaking of better options what do you,think of this this is the clifton edge,so theyre taking the clipton name which,is real popular and so youre already,going to have a fan base for that and,you slap it onto a unique looking shoe,and then youre like people are like hey,let me try that other clifton but this,you see the extended heel segment coming,out of here we first saw it in the hook,of 10 9 the trail shoe which prepared,everyone for this shoe because it would,have been their minds would have been,blown the upper is really nice like i,really would love to see the suffer on,another shoe fantastic upper super,strong super breathable yeah really one,of my favorite hookah uppers i have to,say um and weve lost the pull tabs but,these,these actually really work really well,to get your shoe in on it does work very,well you almost pulled out of my hand,this shoe is great for somebody who,needs stability youre gonna see its,really wide base here because of the,wide base it almost like slaps down and,corrects your foot too yeah so if you,land a little bit on the inside it slaps,it this way if you land a little bit on,that side it slaps your foot that way i,thought i felt the same thing and we,both thought that without even like,talking about yeah yeah im not sure,what would help that out but i think if,you narrowed out this throat a little,bit maybe that would help it out brought,in this a little bit its just so wide,that no matter where i landed on the,shoe it was slapping and what happened,was,my knee would start to feel fatigue on,longer runs id feel like a tweaking,almost in it because it was adjusting my,stride a little too if you have a better,foot strike or maybe that will work for,you i do i did kind of like the heel,segment if you are going downhill it,gives you that like cushion and rolls it,forward women like the shoe better than,men like this shoe okay and i dont,think its the colors that might be,anecdotal but yeah it is totally,anecdotal from my expert scientific,analysis,thats what i heard people getting back,to me so we can move on now thats the,big daddy yeah this is the biggest one,of the bunch of really any hoka shoe i,think yeah it bondi if you just dont,want to feel anything that this is your,prozac yeah so this is the hoka bandai,seven so this is how this would go most,cushion,to least cushion,so if you want a lot of cushion for,those easy runs or recovery miles or,just in general,the bondi might be your jam megan loves,this shoe this is one of her favorite,easy day running shoes for me the,balance between weight and cushion,just makes me feel like im running,through sand its a little too cushioned,for me its a little too heavy so,between the two really running through,sand is the way i describe it other,people,this might be one of the top selling,hockey games people think it is i know i,think its one of our most viewed videos,like on youtube because i also think,this works well for say like beginner,runners or older runners or even someone,whos working who spends a lot of time,on their feet yeah definitely going to,give you a lot of support there yeah,people like it for that and also say,clydesdale runners yeah for sure i need,that extra cushioning like,you know if youre above 200 pounds it,could be ripped 200 pounds or youre a,muscle builder youre going to love this,thing yeah because its its not going,to compress like the same way that the,rincon kind of compressed pretty early,in its life cycle this is going to give,you a cushion for a long time yeah you,feel like flying robbie,um yeah lets get into the pro fly,collection thomas for the first time in,a long time the pro fly series is really,stepping up from my opinion i havent,always loved all the pro fly shoes,theyve seen firm they seem kind of a,little bit clunky and now theyre,getting much better,im gonna start off with a shoe that if,it was if it came out this december,it would be probably my top daily,trainer,it unfortunately wont be available to,you till when uh until march 1st this is,the mock bore,and the mach 3 wasnt exactly like a,banger no one really loved it or it was,a little too firm yeah so it really,didnt uh land on the radar of our best,shoes of the year or anything so so what,they did,tell us whats changing you got a softer,foam underfoot paired with a harder,rubberized foam underneath you get a,nice soft landing but you dont lose,that energy com

HOKA Bondi 8 and Clifton 8: Tested and Reviewed!

what up Adventure family and you hear,from get out there magazine and today,were talking all about Hoka we are,comparing the Bondi 8 and the Clifton 8.,both great running shoes but when we,compare them which will come out on top,Lets test them out,[Music],now Hulk is known in the running world,for its bulky shoes and its really been,gaining in popularity both for pro,Runners and first milers and its,becoming more and more popular as a,lifestyle shoe and I know for a fact,that Hoka is now Adam Sandlers go-to,brand when it comes to shoes to wear on,the daily so we know how they look but,how do they feel when theyre on,this is the Bondi 8 or Bondi 8 which is,often called in the Running World the,Hoka of all Hoka shoes with the iconic,Hoka look the most billowy with the max,amount of cushion you will find it is a,bulky shoe and its certainly a lot of,shoes but only 250 grams in weight,though I do find with the addition of,these horizontal lines it does have a,sleeker look than in previous versions,when it comes to stability its neutral,so its not going to push you one way or,the other and it has a lot of cushion,plush when it comes to cushion Max,cushion with a four millimeter Heel To,Toe drop,I will say that I do find more support,in the bond I ate,um and I think that has to do with,having a wider base a wider base almost,like a thicker heel,um that fans out more so more supported,now the Clifton is hokas most popular,shoe and the Clifton 8 is the newest,version of the award-winning Clifton,franchise its a neutral shoe with mid,cushion and basically their everyday,trainer and though it may not look like,it it is very light at just over 200,grams now though its advertised as mid,cushion theres still a lot of cushion,personally I find it more comfortable,than the Bondi and thats because its a,softer cushion its with the Clifton 8,that you really get that walking on a,cloud feeling they made this shoe to be,both soft and light and I think theyve,done a really good job with that Im,also a really big fan of the extended,Achilles pull here which makes it extra,easy to put on,now when it comes to fit it can be a bit,tricky as we know everyone has different,feet and fit styles for me personally I,have a narrow foot and so when I first,put these on they did feel quite,spacious but as you get running your,foot swells and you have space and room,for it to swell and your toes arent,going to jam up against the edge so its,strategic,someone that stands for long hours say,youre a teacher or a nurse or you work,on set for long hours youre going to,want to check out the Bondi 8 because,you really have that stability matched,with Max cushion,so standing youre going to want to,check these out,well-rounded shoes,but also wear on the daily thats quite,comfortable for more info on these shoes,check out Hogans website but I really,encourage you to go to a store and try,them on,till next time dont forget to get out,there see you guys

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