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Hold Tight (2022) Netflix Series Review | Zachowaj Spokój

the newest netflix harlem cobin mystery,series has arrived this time its the,polish adaptation called hold tight now,its got a lot of signature cobin,features but is it worth the time,when a young man goes missing soon after,his friend dies life in a tight-knit,affluent warsaw suburb slowly unravels,exposing secrets and lies all right so,if youve seen any of the other harlan,cobin adaptations on netflix you know,that his stories typically feature a,smaller cast that is pretty much,connected to each other in small ways in,hold tight weve got adam a young man,who goes missing shortly after his best,friend igor dies now as adams parents,frantically search for where hes gone,the police are occupied with a series of,other disappearances this is six,episodes with each of them being between,40 and 50 minutes long now the base is,pretty consistent but there are portions,to the story that i think end up being,more of a distraction to the overall,plot the show captures a lot of urgency,with adams parents as they are,consistently met with obstacles and,complications most of which come about,because even though adam may be missing,hes 18. so the police see him as not a,missing child but an adult who just,figured he wasnt going to check in with,his parents the story does a good job of,placing characters within adams,disappearance storyline now hes got a,girlfriend her best friend along with,two of his friends and then from there,we have adams parents as well as his,girlfriends family and the mom of igor,adams best friend who died as this main,plot is going on we also have a few,additional story lines that follow some,disappearances also a blackmailing and a,student whos being bullied and these,are interesting on their own and they,have some thematic interconnectedness,that works but they also serve as a,larger distraction to the main storyline,there are ties to that main storyline so,theyre not completely disassociated but,once the finale arrived it felt like we,had two different short stories going on,that were then intertwined to make the,series last six episodes now even though,i felt that way with these i was still,invested in the show i mean i was drawn,into the characters especially adams,mom and his dad as they struggle to,understand what happened to their son i,also like that the possibility of him,just blowing them off is a reality that,is present within the narrative its,acknowledging that hes an adult who may,just be tired of his family but the,frantic search they undertake is,emotional and palpable at times which it,creates an urgency to find him and sure,it is a false feeling of urgency because,we dont actually know if anything bad,has happened and its not like theres,some ticking clock that if hes not,found within a certain time frame that,his head is going to fall off or,something but still you know a parent,looking for their kid can be intense and,it comes across well within the story,now something thats funny or maybe more,curious is that because we barely meet,adam before he disappears from the story,its hard to have a connection with him,to feel any concern that he could be,missing i think that the story wants us,to be invested in his outcome but its,difficult to do that what i think we are,able to become invested in though is,adams parents as they are such a large,driving force within the search we also,get to see all sorts of emotions from,them now the story also begins to roll,out pieces of information that involves,their connections and their pasts giving,us a much better picture of who they are,as parents as well as insight into their,overall relationship with adam the mom,is certainly concerned but shes also,overprotective i mean are her actions,what led to his disappearance now i,enjoyed the doubt that is placed on,different characters throughout the show,and as more pieces are uncovered we get,to learn about how characters or events,are connected which then sheds light on,small areas of the character and that,then provides intrigue and some doubt,throughout this mystery though i never,really felt much misdirection pretty,much everything just comes straight at,us the doubt and the mystery come just,because we havent been shown certain,facts or relationships and once we do,more of the puzzle falls into place,there was never really an aha moment for,me during this i mean where the mystery,was just so complex or engaging that i,was patting myself on the back for,having figured it all out i had fun with,the show for what it was but at the end,of it i wasnt blown away by the,cleverness that i had hoped for now i,love the settings in this weve got,these run down industrial looking areas,that are covered in graffiti and trash,giving it a slightly ominous feeling but,then well see all these well-dressed,people milling about creating a really,good contrast i mean its like garbage,chic mixing the well to do with the riff,raff now this has nothing to do with the,plot or the story but the house that,adam lives in is an awesome design its,this massive duplex but the house is,built into sort of a levee type of hill,so the front of the house faces the,street but then theres this natural,hill wall that creates a fence to,provide privacy for the backyard then it,slopes down into this body of water i,mean its a gorgeous building and i know,that thats neither here nor there but i,wanted to share it so overall hold tight,is a good family drama that infuses some,decent mystery but it also gets,overshadowed at times by a parallel,story the acting of our two leads helps,to build some anxiety and we can feel,the urgency that they feel even if there,isnt any pressure other than them,missing their kid the story plays out,fairly methodically without much,misdirection but i still found myself,engaged with it all and some of that i,think is because i wanted there to be,more complexity so i kept watching and,hoping but even when there wasnt i,dont feel like i wasted any of my time,watching this is just one that im not,gonna revisit i think if youre looking,for an entertaining show that provides,some attention and intrigue this can,provide about six hours of casual fun,theres sex nudity a lot of profanity,and some violence i give hold tight,three out of five couches so what is,your favorite harlan cobin netflix,adaptation or if you dont have one,whats one of his stories that you hope,will be made into a series let me know,in the comments below if you enjoyed,this review please give it a like also,dont forget to share and subscribe im,chris this is movies and munchies thanks,for couching with me

Hold Tight REACTIONS That Will MAKE You Watch The Show..

one of the books of winning author,harlan koban has been adapted for the,seventh time in a new netflix series,hold tight and fans reactions will make,you want to binge watch the show so,whats reeling viewers in why are fans,so enthusiastic about a thriller focused,series keep watching to find out more,and who knows maybe after this youll,open up your laptop and binge watch the,series too so what is hold tight hold,tight revolves around anna who is a,doctor wife woman and mother of two her,eldest son adam tragically lost his best,friend igor due to an accidental,overdose his change in behavior is,present and he keeps pushing away his,parents at all costs and because of her,worries for him she decides to install,special software on his phone despite,the protest of her husband michael she,gets obsessed over all the messages hes,been sending and receiving acting like a,version of a helicopter parent however,acting so will be more useful than she,thinks throughout the series as it,snowballs into telling a story of crime,and betrayal the show is an american but,has english voice-overs in fact the show,is actually polish and filmed in poland,magdalena boscharska stars as anna,barczyk christoph olexon is adam barczek,lesac lakota as michael barczyk gregors,doma key as paul kupinski bill rodgers,as pauel kapinski and agata labnome as,kaja kapinsky and how are fans reacting,according to fans on rotten tomatoes the,show is definitely a must watch i enjoy,a good mystery and this was a good,mystery however its definitely,difficult to figure out until the very,end how everything ties together looking,forward to the next series based on,these books rachel s a reviewer had said,its a good suspense filled with family,drama with matching performances,direction and editing another user on,imbd said i dont know what to expect,and i had to get through the first,episode before it got really good but,its a very interesting series also,polish people have the prettiest eyes,another user on imbd said one user had,already taken a liking to magdalena,bucharska writing as in kobans manner,starts with seemingly unrelated lines,which finally all come together well,written and convincingly well played,especially by magdalena bojarska which,was not a surprise for me check her,other films my recommendation will there,be a season 2 unfortunately the book,didnt have a sequel and or it wasnt,part of a trilogy nor was it an even,more extended series its a standalone,so that being said it will not return,for season 2. according to hitc.com,sadly for fans of hold tight the series,will not be returning for season 2 after,its gripping six episodes hold height,has been billed as a limited series by,netflix meaning that its story is told,over just one season before ending for,good however the source also says while,hold tight may not be hanging around for,multiple seasons an ever growing number,of harlan cobans novels are being,adapted in the series with several,available to watch right now on netflix,the source also writes that the most,recent of these tv adaptations is stay,close which was released on netflix in,late 2021 while other series available,on the streaming service include the,stranger gone for good the woods safe,the five and the spanish adaptation of,the innocent coban is a huge success,because not only are his books adapted,on netflix but on other channels as well,in france networks aired two versions of,no second chance and just one look in,2015 and 2017 and kobans other novel,tell no one was turned into not a tv,show but a french feature film in 2006.,hopefully kobans novels will keep fans,reeled in so soon enough well get more,of his work portrayed on the big screen,and this biopic is a must see this new,blockbuster is getting a lot of,attention starring austin butler elvis,focuses on the good and bad of the king,of rock and rolls career especially,focusing on the relationship between him,and his manager played by tom hanks,butlers elvis is mostly charming,conjuring the stars recognizable,gestures without sliding into caricature,no easy feat when playing perhaps the,most imitated man of all time especially,in elviss earlier days where butler,sings and hip thrusts and zoot suits he,superbly encapsulates a jittery young,man realizing his potential in real time,the magazine paced praised butler while,hanks is the perfect villain butler,embodies the iconic hero the only man to,capture pressleys essence in years and,the only one who could find the humanity,and the layers of a boy who knew he was,destined for more who became a man who,just wanted a simple life we got this,covered and the film was so good that,even actor hugh jackman praised it he,saw it tuesday with his wife deborah lee,furnace in a movie theater in new york,you have done it again elvis is,incredible he said in a video on twitter,tagging the movie director baz lorman in,the comments everyone went crazy the,music the visuals the acting the,production design everything about it,just so beautifully done its just so,much fun and i highly highly recommend,you all go out and see it he told his,twitter followers austin butler has,devoted over two years into this film,and hes even managed to keep his elvis,accent having trouble adapting to his,voice before but fans dont mind knowing,how he put hard work and dedication into,this film next steve carell minions the,rise of gru speaking of movies steve,carell just attended the fifth movie of,the despicable me franchise and second,of the minions franchise minions the,rise of gru premier the former the,office actor talked about how his kids,leapt at the chance to go to this fun,movie premiere with him he attended with,his two kids elizabeth age 21 and john,age 18. theyre here today these movies,started when they were four and seven,and now theyre 18 and 21. he had said,at the premiere i put it out to them,like well the premiere is this week do,you want to go and they were all over it,like not even a hesitation i think its,nostalgic at this point they love the,characters and they love the franchise,its been a big part of our family and,not only that but carells son was,talking to him after the premiere,praising the movie profusely steve,talked to savannah guthrie outside the,today show saying and my son after the,premiere pulled me aside and said dad,seriously all kidding aside about this,you know a kids movie hes like it was,really good hes like i love the shots i,love the composition you know all the,editing the timing like he really was,into the movie as a movie and it was fun,to see up next its not office ladies,but its jenna fisher and angela kinsey,started their podcast office ladies a,while back where they watch episodes of,the show they co-starred in the office,and talk about it after with some behind,the scenes intel fans might not have,known and a certain trio of classic 90s,sitcom is doing the same danielle fishel,ryder strong and willie friedl of boy,meets world they call their podcast pod,meets world and will be adapting the,same podcast format except its about,their show fishel played the quirky and,fun topanga love interest of main,character cory matthews on the show,strong played bad boy sean hunter or,corys best friend and frido played eric,matthews corys big brother on the show,on the first episode ryder strong had,discussed hes taken a backseat to,acting for almost 12 years and has,mainly worked in directing in production,frida has also worked behind the scenes,in acting doing voice overs his most,well-known voiceover being ron stoppable,on the popular animated show kim,possible danielle has also done some,work behind the scenes in acting and,even released her own care line be free,by danielle fishel although they were,all happy to be back discussing their,glory days unfortunately ben savage,wasnt able to be part of the podcast,but that hasnt shaken the chemistry of,his co-stars they even spoke about his,character on the podcast well he was an,11 year old sta

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Hold Tight – ending explained

hello everyone welcome back before gay,joes and blasage can put the phone down,adams father mitchell receives a call,from adam this information is given to,the cops by anna and mitchell meanwhile,the two womens killings are being,investigated by the police tattius is,enraged and believes it was him who did,it nathan assures him that he is doing,everything he can for him gay joes in,blazage meantime check to see if adam is,still alive after attacking him for,using his phone they dispute because,they assume he is dead they dont know,what to do so they call kaja on adams,phone she is distressed as she receives,the message adam told kaja that he,doesnt want anything to do with him,which she tells her father anna and,mitchell they checked the numbers and,codes because they dont believe the,texts shes received are from adam natan,is confronted by tatties who asks if he,killed those women he is remorseful for,asking for his assistance natan,describes how he thinks about the,taliban soldier and his inability to,shoot every day and how tadios saved him,tattoos on the other hand is,uninterested in discussing the past gay,jose and blazage informed joanna at guru,that they have the codes but that they,would require assistance in removing,adams body in the meantime anna and,mitchell investigate whether the check,phone numbers can be traced tadius,approaches the police to inform them,that he is a witness and is aware of the,murders and kidnappings but he leaves,before they can speak with him however,adam is still alive and speaks with,joanne about the e-prescription codes he,believes his mother will be sentenced to,prison as a result of her actions joanne,claims that she has spent her entire,life assisting children with the right,medications she feels she can establish,a safe sanctuary adam on the other hand,threatens to report her to the,authorities blaming her for igors death,in the meantime gassage is questioned by,the authorities and he reveals that adam,is in danger meanwhile adam is fighting,joanne and his parents track him down,and bring her down adam informs his,parents that he didnt steal medications,but that he had been aware of the,situation for a few months and wanted to,address it its a bittersweet family,reunion adam tells the cops hes willing,to testify but he lies and claimed he,has no knowledge who kidnapped him,putting gay joes and blasage in the,wrong adam then admits that igor was,trying to stop him from hacking the,prescription codes using his technology,his parents assure him that he is not to,blame for igors death nathan and the,lady attacked mariannas ex-husband,theyre looking for his laptop the mom,discovers the kids under the bed and,orders them to keep quiet one of the,girls pulls out a revolver and points it,at natan her father holds her clothes,for saving her after she shoots natan in,the chest hold tight on the other hand,provided us one final twist before it,finished after an encounter with,mariannas daughter tatties confesses to,the police that he had an affair with,her he admits he was hacked because,their affair was being taped janice,novak his ex-husband he feels was the,person blackmailing him,the cops tell tatties that he has no,evidence to back up his assertions,janice novaks daughter was sending the,videos in a weird twist it was,eventually found anna wonders how the,prescription pads were stolen despite,being in a safe at the end of the,episode as she considers this she casts,a distant glance at adam and pledges to,protect him she recognizes him but a,mothers love is powerful secrets are,disclosed in episode 6 which concludes,the series let me know what you think in,the comments down below if you enjoy the,video click the like button and also,subscribe to the channel for more,breakdowns thanks for watching see you,next time,[Music],you

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HOLD TIGHT: Harlan Coben talks about his new Netflix series

good morning,good morning i mean for you its good,morning because youre in new jersey,arent you,yes yeah for me its not good morning uh,its after lunch in warsaw,but hello,we dont have much time so let me go,straight to my questions,and i would like to ask you about the,beginning,to be particular about the beginning of,the book there is,a thank you note at the beginning,for your friends,and its about a dinner party and a,conversation that inspired you to uh to,write this book,could you tell me what was this,conversation about,yeah i was having dinner with a longtime,friend of ours who had a teenage son,and they were a little worried about him,so they confessed,that they had put spyware,on his phone and his computer so that,they could keep an eye on,and my first reaction was oh my god,thats terrible with a violation of,privacy i would never do that,and then they said well you know you,wouldnt let your kids walk down a,street where theres,beheadings and all sorts of awful things,to see and do,the internet has right so its your job,to keep an eye on them and it started a,very lively discussion,on the subject and i realized it wasnt,all that easy its a very great question,and more important wow what a cool thing,to write to use in a thriller,yeah and um well lets say that,technology is,well maybe not a villain,in a show but it is a topic,one of the main topics um in the show,and in the book uh what do you think,about technology in modern world,i look its easy to criticize theres,good and theres bad like in anything,else its how we use it but in this case,you know what i hope with the book when,i wrote the book and when the show comes,out i hope that families watch it,together and then it leads to lively,discussions between parents and teens,about where those lines,should be drawn and im suspicious of,anybody who knows the right answer if,everybody says ah technology and uh is,bad and you should never eat or never,use spyware never ever im always,suspicious of those sort of answers its,never a one size fits all everybodys a,little bit different every circumstance,a little bit different,and so thats what makes it really,interesting and fun to make a drama out,of it again if it was an easy answer it,wouldnt be it wouldnt be interesting,to explore so in the tv show when anya,and mikhail have these sort of arguments,and discussions and and find their own,way,i think we i hope we as an audience,agree with one disagree with another and,get both sides,yeah um because hold tight is also about,apparent uh children dynamic,um,yeah and um and its also about abusing,ones trust,and um lets say children independence,you are a father of four children,so you are,quite experienced,in this field,do you think teenagers should be,more or less controlled by their parents,again i dont think its one size fits,all i think you have to depend it,depends,um on the kid im usually on the side of,not,um i think i think in general,we are probably a little bit too much we,call helicopter parents were a little,too involved in their lives and that,thats not necessarily healthy for,either,the kid or the parent but its not,it really isnt one size fits all its,not everybodys a little bit different,every circumstance is different and,thats again,what makes a compelling drama but for me,personally,and also i was very lucky my kids are a,little older now but while they were,kids i really didnt have too many of,these issues my kids were really,pretty had their heads on straight which,made it a lot easier um for me so uh,yeah thats thats how i but how i side,is kind of not really relevant and i,dont want to say you know this is good,this is bad yeah thats what drama is,for thats what stories should be about,and my hope is that,hold tight,raises those issues first of all it has,to in an entertaining way my job is to,entertain you you know my job is to keep,you up at night,im hoping this show you click click,click click click and get through all,six because youre so held in suspense,and want to know what happens to anya,and mikhail and and everybody else,thats in the story um but,its not my job to say to you put,spyware in your kids computer or never,put spyware in your kids computer,thats not my job but this subject is,quite universal i mean,it easily translates into,polish english french and whatever,language there is available,but um,hold tight is the second polish,adaptation of your,works ive read somewhere that you,really lied into the woods i dont know,if its true but i read that you liked,it even though theres been some changes,um because there have to be,some changes especially,lets say,you have to transpose some circumstances,some cultural uh references from english,to polish and uh into the woods is,polish i mean its the story is,universal,but um,there are local references there is a,polish popular music from the 90s and my,question is,how do you like the polish version of,hold tight,well it sounds self-serving but i think,my view when ill ask your opinion in a,second because ive spoken to i think,seven journalists,yeah and after seven ive asked all of,them which theyd like to better hold,tight in the woods and six out of seven,said hold tight,only one like the woods better and im,with those six or seven i think that,hold tight is better uh it was a better,show,you know its different its different,theyre all my children so i love them,all,but i i think cold tight is a little bit,more um compelling i mean uh yeah hold,tight a little more compelling a little,more dynamic,um and so um theres things i you know,but i think both have incredible acting,incredible directing,beautifully shot i think i like the,setting of this one more with the,housing development and that one shot,when the car is going over and you see,warsaw,in the distance the skyline so theres a,lot you know in that way i really love,about,about the show,i never mind changes i encourage changes,i think the worst adaptations are the,ones that sit that stay,slavishly devoted,to the book and worry about being close,to the book i never worry about being,close to the book if you want the book,read the book i worry about making a,great show so im always willing to make,changes thats every show ive done the,stranger in the book was a man and the,woman in the book in the tv series it,was a woman um you know we made a lot of,changes with stay close all seven that,are going to be on netflix have made,massive changes,and that makes them work better i think,the other thing is um yeah its in,poland and so it should have it should,not,should reflect those differences so the,way i look at it is um the book is a hit,song right i i wrote and recorded a hit,song and now really talented band in,poland wants to remake it well it,wouldnt be any good if they made the,exact same song that i made whats the,point of that and just listen to my song,but i want them to bring in their polish,culture their polish instruments their,polish musical tradition all of that,thats whats going to make it,interesting the blend,of the two and i think thats what works,really well here in hold tight,the idea of parents going too far to,care for their children thats universal,but the setting and some of the cultural,differences and things that go on,that makes it uniquely polish which i,think will appeal to people of poland,but i hope it appeals to people all over,the world,one of my goals we always with netflix,is that you know this shows going to be,seen in 190 countries including here in,the united states and,im hoping that well introduce,americans and british and french and,poland and everybody else to a polish tv,show and these wonderfully talented,actors and that cast and crew,ive read that for years you avoided,adapting your novels you didnt want to,uh to do it and then something changed,what was it because now you are not only,a writer youre also a tv producer and,you are,linked to one of the biggest vod,platforms,you know worldwide right,um what happened well

Hold Tight Season 1 Review (2022).

pole tide is the latest harlan koben,adaptation and much like the woods takes,place deep in the heart of poland our,setting here is a small warsaw suburb,with two concurrent mysteries that,interweave together to form a rather,tepid episode series,while there are some nice ideas at work,theyre overshadowed by an overwhelming,amount of mediocrity and a dragged out,story with a pretty poor resolution,in typical mystery fashion the story,focuses on a death,in particular that of a boy called igor,as everyone attends his memorial igors,best friend adam feels guilty and,believes hes responsible for what,happened,whether he is or not remains one of the,consistent question in this show but,when adam two goes missing his parents,anand mitchell set to work trying to,work out what it all means,while that in itself would be fine hold,tight then adds another mystery on top,of that convoluting the story and,muddying the waters there are a number,of other characters who appear to either,be related or play some part in what,happened to igor or they may not,alongside adams disappearance is,another plotline involving two,kidnappers nate nanwyra,those names wont mean much though given,we are not actually told who they are,until the penultimate episode all we,need to know is that theyre desperate,for information on a laptop which,appears to be linked to one of the other,characters in town i wont spoil,anything about the finale or the big,plot reveals but suffice to say the,outcome lands with an indifferent shrug,and a bit of head scratching rather than,a triumphant blast of fanfare the,mystery itself is incredibly predictable,and the story feels rushed leaving many,questions in its wake whether this be,the script or the mediocre acting,everything here just feels so,perfunctory the story has echoes of all,the other common adaptations including,the stranger safe and the woods but it,all feels stitched together with loose,bits of gaffer tape rather than forming,a solid and strong foundation to build,upon this is something thats not helped,by the plot constantly throwing you off,your game without any real direction or,thought to be fair the n reveal,involving the identity of a blackmailer,is foreshadowed and a definite highlight,but beyond that its hard to find many,more positives this isnt a bad show per,se but its not particularly outstanding,either its a very bland and average,affair with a poor payoff for the time,investment in many ways hold tight feels,like a hybrid monster of ideas a,grotesque cobble together mess that just,does not work,if youre a fan of mystery thrillers you,may find enough to like here and hold,tight does do just about enough to keep,you gripped until the end however this,ones woefully mediocre in this golden,age of tv average just doesnt cut it,anymore viewers deserve better and sadly,hold tight is not going to be one to,remember for very long

Netflix Hold Tight Limited series Review based on Harlan Cobens Book | Ending spoilers

hi everyone today ill be reviewing this,limited series just dropped on netflix,called hold tight and it is a polish,show and the show is based on harlen,corbins novel theres many show flips,are based on harlan corbins and theyre,always my favorite because i do like,checking them out although theyre,always very similar to each other if im,being honest here all the setting in,every show theres always same,uh they take place in a suburb like,upper class suburb and you see someone,goes missing and after that bunch of,other people got missing in the same,show uh although sometimes ending can be,really sad like stranger the ending was,really sad and last year there was,another show called gone for good uh,that show is also very good and uh,theres another show called the innocent,uh all of them,are really very interesting like this,one hold tight although it is a polish,show but i could see the tone the way it,was made and all the,uh thriller suspense uh were quite,similar like those other show i have,seen again i enjoy all of them so for me,i thought this show was very interesting,hold tight,so then the show we see,adam the show centers around adam his,parents and his best friend igor who,goes missing beginning of the show the,show starts with igor goes missing after,that he goes missing uh we see adam also,goes missing in the show after adam goes,missing,many other people goes missing in the,show,without giving away because im gonna go,to the spoiler territory im not gonna,go into spoiler right now all i will say,this show has many plot twists and turn,so many plot tweets,some of them will leave you like oh my,god i did not see that coming and some,of them are like oh that did not make,any sense that is what i thought about,one plot twist,so in the show you also see the,crosstown there is a one couple they are,kind of kidnapping women in a band and,like theyre questioning them and youre,like oh what is going on how they all,this story will come together they all,come together in this show and overall i,had really again good time watching,harlan corbins,books or show they dont disappoint,this show it is very slow burn show so,you have to be patient if you didnt,like any other show or based on harlan,corbins,book you might not like this one however,i would say about this shows one thing,about this show is like uh,subtitle its not always good the,dubbing i would say the dubbing its not,that good sometimes often the dialogue,didnt match on the screen i was like,whoa so we have to be patient with that,dubbing is not that good so theres to,that let me say ill go to spoiler now,what did i didnt like in the show i,said i didnt like that this guy he was,cheating on like he cheated on his wife,then that is the reason this couple was,kidnapping other women in the band,because they were questioning them do,you have tape on him because someone was,a blackmailing him,uh this cheating video like they were,sending him and telling him like theyre,blackmailing him that is the story about,that and we see uh,adam mom she knew all about this,prescription drug drama like that is the,reason adam went missing because he,uh i guess his dad is a doctor and his,prescription pad,i got he stole it somehow and uh through,their internet password he stole that,from through that and,i guess he was selling those,prescription pad to this lady and,and that lady and hargoon is the one who,kidnapped adam in this show and we at,the last episode we find out that mom,knew about that and im like,if you knew about it,like why didnt you use it when you were,looking for him that didnt make any,sense,and the other thing is we see in the,last scene that little girl is the one,who is blackmailing that guy and i,didnt like that the little girl she is,the one blackmailing that guy like the,one who was cheating on his wife that so,that was very weird i would say,as i was saying some plot twists it will,make you like whoa that didnt make,sense and some of them will uh,uh so the adam storyline i didnt mind,it uh because you know he was he was,around 18 so when he went missing you,know the police didnt want to hel uh,help,his parents to find him so you know his,mom and dad were looking for him like,crazy and i guess a,whole reason for iger to get uh murdered,by these people because he was you know,giving them the prescription pad and,then adam i guess somehow he also got,into this and he got kidnapped there is,this show centers around,i thought the show definitely had many,suspense and,especially in episode 2 i really thought,adams mom was dead,but turns out she was in the hospital,im like oh the whole episode you told,me like she was dead she might be dead,but she isnt,this is one of the show its definitely,very interesting watch uh,some of the twists turn uh will make you,like oh what uh but overall this show i,thought i had a really good time,watching it and that was my thought on,the show let me know in the comments,what do you think about this show and,adventure about this review dont forget,my other reviews on other netflix show,if you enjoyed this please subscribe,until i see you next time please take,care

Hold Tight Season 1 Ending Explained | All Breakdowns Explained in Details.

it seems like netflix is loyally,committed to turning each and every,harlan koben thriller novel into a,series,based on cobins 2008 novel of the same,name hold tight is yet another addition,to the series based on the novels and it,follows an overprotective mother anna,barcic who finds some shocking truths,about her 18 year old son adam the,series begins with the death of adams,best friend igor who dies from an,overdose of prescription drugs for some,undisclosed reasons adam blames himself,for igors death and therefore runs away,from the house which compels anna to,begin an investigation of her own not,only to find out about her sons secret,world but also a conspiracy that adam,has inevitably become a part of hull,tide is a polish drama series that,consists of six episodes of 40 minutes,each,similar to kobens signature style the,mini series branches into two major,plots one being anne under struggle to,find adam and the other part follows an,ex-army comb assassin natan who ducks,and brutally kills his victim while,trying to locate a mysterious video for,his friend who served with him in,afghanistan hence without any further,ado lets explore the intricate world,created by harlan copen anna barczyk is,an orthopedic doctor who lives in the,suburbs of warsaw with her husband,mitchell an 18 year old son adam and a,pre-teen daughter ola adam recently lost,his best friend igor hall who died from,a drug overdose and since then adam has,been acting strangely and has distanced,himself from his parents,to find out what has been tormenting her,son anna install spyware on adams phone,and through the text messages that adam,sends to his girlfriend kaja kapinsky,anna discovers that adam is blaming,himself for igors death for some,unknown reason meanwhile another student,from the school jasmina who studies with,adams younger sister ola is bullied,after her teacher tattoos jokes about,her facial hair in front of the whole,class jasmina lives with her divorce,father janice novak while her mother,marianna has been distant since the,divorce,janice gets worried as his daughter,starts skipping school and all our,friends abandon her after the incident,and hence he threatens tattoos to make,up for his mistake,the teachers arrange a memorial service,for igor hall where his mother beta gets,hysterical and blames adam in front of,anna for not helping his best friend,when he needed him the most,later at her house beta finds a picture,of igor that was clicked before his,death and in the photograph she spots a,hoodie that she believes belongs to adam,therefore concluding that at the time of,his death igor wasnt alone but adam was,with him which adam straightly denies,after beat his acquisitions adam gets,anxious and behaves violently at his,friend gajos gadgets party who is the,son of a wealthy and affluent lawyer,named boris,soon after the party adam disappears,without a trace and anna gets worried,and tries to locate her son,she reaches gadgets house and follows,gajos to a private party where anna,faces some goons who beat her up,violently in the meantime an assassin,named natan and his young accomplice,coomb lover weira kidnap jasminas,mother mary anna from a local pub and,inquire about a mysterious video footage,later marianas dead body is found in a,dumpster thereby initiating a police,investigation revolving around her death,hold tight further explores annas,plight to locate her son and in the,pursuit she unravels some dark secrets,and a hidden rug racket operating at the,heart of the city throughout her,personal investigations anna refuses to,accept the fact that adam can be a part,of a drug syndicate or has any role to,play in igors death but is adam,actually innocent or is there a deeper,conspiracy at play you,what happened to adam who was guru while,trying to locate her son anna came,across a text in which adam blamed guru,for igors death and thus she started,investigating more about this mysterious,identity co-name guru anna went back to,the same location,where she was beaten up and through a,bouncer she found some information about,guru which was a counseling group for,troubled adults at the premise anna and,mitchell met a youth counselor named,joanna mccoska who used to run the place,she told adams parents that both adam,and igor used to come for counseling,joanna further revealed to anna that,adam often felt misunderstood at home,which was why he ran away from home for,the first time and that he also knew,that his mother had been spying on him,and wanted to control every aspect of,his life that overwhelmed him when anna,contacted the police to find her son,adam sent a text message to his,girlfriend katja using a burner phone he,asked kajit to inform his parents that,he would be away for some time and would,return soon,however it was revealed at the end of,hull tight that it was adams close,friends gaijos and blazage who had,kidnapped adam because he threatened to,reveal their secrets to the police,was adam guilty all the four boys adam,igor geijos and blazage were working for,guru aka joanna mccoska who had started,an illegal business of selling regular,prescription drugs,adams mother was a doctor and hence he,stole her mothers prescription pads and,eat prescription codes and handed them,over to guru who in exchange for them,supplied drugs to adam igor gay joes,and blazage according to adams,testimony igor had been in a scooter,accident a year ago after which he got,addicted to oxycodone fentanyl and other,prescription drugs he found out that he,could get these prescription meds at,guru but probably didnt have enough,money to buy them so he cracked a deal,with mikosuka in exchange for the drugs,mikowski used igors expertise to build,a directional antenna aimed at adams,house and used annas e-prescription,codes to get these drugs but it was a,complete lie as at the end of the series,anna believed that igor couldnt have,stolen the prescription pads from her,safe and that it was her own son adam,who committed the robbery and had been,lying about it the whole time,she also believed that adam gajos and,blazage were with igor when he died of a,drug overdose yet didnt help him or,that they probably were the ones who,killed him however the truth was never,revealed and may remain buried because,anna chose to protect her son at all,costs rather than seek justice for igor,her ignorance of adams crime is,emotionally justified but morally it is,damaging to the core what was nathan,looking for,what happened to natan in the end,apart from adam and annas drug story,hold tight also portrayed the secret,diaries of an ex-army man and hired,assassin natin who was suffering from,ptsd,natan served with tattoos in afghanistan,and once saved his life in the army,after which natan promised to return the,favor,in school tadious joked about jasmina,novaks facial hair and soon after the,incident all her classmates started,bullying her and spreading memes about,her jasmina was tormented and her,parents couldnt see her in pain her,distant mother mary anna found out about,the incident and decided to take revenge,on tattoos she seduced tattoos and,recorded him threatening to send the,explicit video footage to his wife,it was the same video footage that,tattoos received on his mobile phone,several times and because of this,footage he often changed his wifes,email password so that she wouldnt be,able to access her account and witness,her husbands infidelity meanwhile,tadius asked for help from his former,friend from the army natan unaware of,the fact that natan had been struggling,with ptsd and it turned into a ruthless,killer after tatties asked natan to find,the video footage in the black miller,nate and kidnapped mary anna and killed,her,later he abducted mariannas best friend,renata and inquired about the footage,when she told nathan that she didnt,know about it nathan brutally killed her,and dumped her body he even kidnapped a,schoolgirl named nicola rescue whom you,believe had the tablet from

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