1. Home Depot Credit Card Review 2022 – Home Depot Consumer + Project Loan Home Improvement Mastercard
  2. Home Depot Credit Card Review 2021 – Home Depot Consumer Card & Project Loan Home Improvement Card
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Home Depot Credit Card Review 2022 – Home Depot Consumer + Project Loan Home Improvement Mastercard

think about him just go from,proudmoney.com in this video we are,going to review the Home Depot consumer,credit card as well as the Home Depot,project loan card before I do that can I,ask you to please subscribe to this,YouTube channel if you have not already,and if you have already I thank you for,doing so so uh its been a couple years,since we have looked at the Home Depot,credit offerings not a ton has changed,but maybe a little bit different so the,Home Depot basic consumer credit card,kind of not a lot to get excited about,its a no annual fee credit card that is,issued by Citibank and the reasons that,you would get the Home Depot credit card,number one if you wanted to buy,something on credit obviously and then,number two if you wanted to get special,financing on larger purchases which is,the more likely reason that you would go,after the card so lets look at those,two points separately number one yes the,card gives you the ability to buy on,credit at Home Depot however it doesnt,offer you any sort of rewards it really,doesnt offer you any perks on a sort of,everyday basis to incentivize you to use,the card probably the only thing that,might tip the scales in terms of using,this card regularly at Home Depot is the,fact that they do extend the return,period on items that you buy at Home,Depot if you have used the Home Depot,card so you have a full year on,potential returns when you buy with the,card so thats not bad now they say,thats four times the regular amount,which would suggest that the regular,return window is 90 days which for most,people is probably plenty but maybe if,youre making a larger purchase maybe,you would like to have that ability to,return something within the year now you,look at the Home Depot card versus their,competitor Lowes and they have a credit,card that gives a five percent discount,on all your purchases at Lowes while,Home Depot is not giving any sort of uh,reward or discount on your everyday,purchases now maybe you could make the,case that you go to Lowes and theyre,going to charge you five percent more on,everything and so getting a five percent,discount only takes you you to you know,Home Depots regular everyday pricing I,dont really know if theres a case to,be made there or not so but if you feel,thats true sure maybe it doesnt seem,like a difference but definitely on the,surface it feels a lot better to get a,credit card thats giving you a five,percent discount than to get a Home,Depot credit card thats not giving you,anything which brings us to number two,which is probably the reason that more,people get the Home Depot credit card to,begin with and that is for the special,financing as I make this video you can,get a zero percent financing on,purchases of 299 or more for six months,with this card so you can buy today and,you get six months to pay off that,purchase without having to pay any,interest the only thing to worry about,there is that this is something called a,deferred financing so yes you get six,months to pay it off and as long as you,pay it all off youre not going to pay,any interest but you should know that if,you pay most of it off but you dont pay,it quite all off theyre not going to,just charge you interest on the balance,that is left at the end of six months if,you have havent paid it all off theyre,going to charge you all the interest,from the date you made the purchase on,that original purchase price so that is,kind of the deal you are making you are,saying yes I can pay it all off in six,months and if I dont you can just,charge me all the interest as if that,zero percent offer never existed so,thats definitely something that you,should know and this card has a regular,interest rate anywhere from 17.99 all,the way up to 26.99 as I make this video,and theyll tell you what your interest,rate is based on your credit history so,if you end up having to pay the interest,at 26.99 that definitely is something,that would make you unhappy now there,also are other special financing offers,sometimes zero percent offers for longer,periods of time on purchases that are,bigger as I make this video they have a,special offer on installed carpeting,Ive seen things for fencing in the past,and all sorts of different things,depending on the season or whatever you,can get zero percent offers elsewhere,but always make sure you understand that,defer to find financing piece of the,equation if you are going to use the,zero percent offer many people when they,are approved for the Home Depot credit,card will get instant approval and the,ability to use the card right away which,is something that may be attractive to,you as I make this video a bonus was,being offered to incentivize you to use,the card right away these change often,but what I was seeing as Im making this,video is they would give you 25 off a,purchase of 25 up to 299 if you spend,three hundred dollars up to 999 dollars,youd get fifty dollars off and if you,spent a thousand dollars or more with,the card I think on a single purchase,with the card on the day that you are,approved you would get 100 off if youre,wondering about your chances of being,approved for the Home Depot credit card,retail store credit cards usually quite,a bit easier to be approved for than,your Mastercard or VISA cards from a,major bank now this card is issued by,Citibank but the approval odds are still,probably going to be better on a retail,card even if it is issued by a big bank,because the retailer themselves want to,get that credit card into more peoples,hands so that they will spend more money,at their stores so what does that mean,in terms of credit credit score probably,if your credit score is 650 or above you,hit probably have a pretty good chance,of being approved for this card and then,obviously if youre below 650 then,youre getting into a gray area but your,chances definitely are going to be,better being approved for a retail card,like the Home Depot card than you know a,Chase Visa or something of that nature,so its hard to get too excited about,the Home Depot credit card that special,financing is probably the most,interesting thing going on with this,card it would be nice if they would,offer some sort of Rewards program but,this cards been around for a while and,they never have so Im not really,holding my breath for that to happen now,lets turn and look at the Home Depot,project loan card which is a very,different animal so the Home Depot,project loan card is intended as the,name suggests for bigger projects that,you might do in your home things like,kitchen renovations bath Renovations,that sort of thing now while this is a,card and it has the MasterCard logo on,the front it really does not function,the way a normal credit card works and,in fact it is an installment loan so,what happens is you open the card or,open the loan and then you get a six,month period to make all those purchases,that you would make as part of whatever,the project is that you are doing so,its nice in that way because its not,like you have to buy everything all in,one day and then they turn it into a,loan instead they give you a six month,window to make all those purchases and,then at the end of that six months they,roll it all together and now you have a,loan for whatever that amount is that,you have spent at Home Depot over that,period so your loan amount could,potentially be up to fifty five thousand,dollars for your project and then youre,also going to have a payback period,again this is an install loans so on the,low end you could have 66 months at an,APR as I make this video of,7.42 percent so 66 months is like five,and a half years or you could go all the,way up to 114 months but then youre,going to get an APR at least as I make,this video of,19.96 where thats nine and a half years,youre talking about then and youre,talking about paying almost 20 percent,on those purchases that you made so,thats kind of doesnt make a whole lot,of sense to take out a project loan for,something that youre not goi

Home Depot Credit Card Review 2021 – Home Depot Consumer Card & Project Loan Home Improvement Card

hey im adam jusko and this is strictly,credit cards where we talk about,strictly credit cards subscribe why,dont you in this video im going to,review,the home depot credit cards the home,depot consumer credit cards as a,consumer credit card theres also the,project loan card were going to look at,both of them,now the main consumer card is a no,annual fee card,that is issued by citibank,it is a card without a whole lot of,bells and whistles,if you were going to get this card,theres really only i guess,two reasons i would say that you would,do it number one is you want to buy,something at home depot,on credit because its only accepted at,home depot so you cant use it anywhere,else,or perhaps and probably more likely,you are buying something big at home,depot and there was a special financing,offer that would lead you to sign up for,this credit card so i dont think too,many people are walking into home depot,or going online and just,applying for the home depot credit card,i think its when youre buying,something,big that you are doing so because you,might get zero percent financing or you,might get some other special financing,specifically on an everyday basis you,can get a zero percent interest rate on,purchases of 299,or more for six months when you make,those purchases,with the home depot credit card now that,is a nice deal as long as you pay,off that complete 299 or more within,those six months but you also should be,aware,that you have to pay off every penny,this is something called deferred,financing and what that means is,you have six months to pay off whatever,that purchase is and youre not going to,pay,any interest if you do so but if you get,to the end of that six months and you,havent paid off every penny of however,much,you put on the card youre going to be,charged all the interest,from the date of purchase as if the zero,percent rate never happened youre going,to get,charged that at the cards regular,interest rate which could be as high,as 26.99 percent as i make this video so,if you use that special financing and,you know you want that no,interest for six months you have to make,sure you pay off everything,or its just the same as if you made a,purchase and got that 20,interest rate or more now in addition to,that everyday,zero percent financing that is offered,on the card there are some special,discounts or special financing that is,often available too and that changes,over time so the last time i looked,there was 12 month financing,on new windows and doors that came from,home depot a discount on,fencing purchases and installation of,fences and other things as well that,stuff changes over time and the,types of financing that might be offered,or discounts offered,are going to change as well so those are,sort of the two,big things that come out of this car the,zero percent financing and those,special financing offers otherwise not a,whole lot going on with this card,no rewards program to speak of,occasionally there,are bonuses for new card holders which,usually takes the form,of a discount on your first purchase,maybe of 10,or 15 percent so nothing super,significant,card holders do get a longer return,period on items that they buy with the,cards so you get up to one year,on returns otherwise not a lot to get,excited about,now i said earlier this card tops out at,a 26.99,interest rate you also could be approved,at a lower interest rate as low as,17.99 percent none of those interest,rates,is particularly good though so i would,not suggest you use this card,outside of those special financing,offers so for your you know sort of,everyday,home depot purchases especially if you,were going to revolve a balance if you,pay off your balance in full every month,you wouldnt pay,interest but if youre going to revolve,the balance this card isnt particularly,one that i would say,you should do it on now in terms of,credit scores with this card if you are,interested and maybe if your,credit score is a little on the shaky,and,hard to know exactly whos getting,approved and whos not this card is,issued by citibank i tend to think of,them as being a little tougher than some,of the other banks in terms of approvals,but this is a retail store credit card,and oftentimes,they are easier to be approved for than,bank,credit cards so i am sort of guessing,here but i would say if you have a 650,credit score or above you probably have,a good chance of being approved below,650 is going to get shakier right on,down the line depending on how far,you are away from that score overall,looking at this home depot credit card,kind of disappointing from my point of,view,because theres no rewards program here,and even the special financing which is,okay is something that youll probably,use when you get the card for the first,time but for a lot of people,you might pay off whatever your big,purchase was that sort of,spurred you to get the card and then,youll never touch it again,you look at the lowes credit card which,obviously is home depots biggest,competitor sort of in this home,improvement space,and that card is giving you five percent,off every purchase that you make,with that lowest credit card so you have,incentive to continually use it every,time you go to lowes where with this,home depot card,you really dont have much incentive to,use it other than for those special,financing arrangements,now home depot also offers the project,loan card and this is a,different beast it is intended for large,home projects that you might do,and it gives you low rate financing or,at least somewhat low rate financing,for very large purchases made of home,depot products as well as home,services so the project loan credit card,is an installment,loan credit situation so what it does is,it gives you a credit line of,up to potentially 55 000,for a big project and it gives you when,you sign up for the card,up to six months worth of purchases that,are you know made around whatever that,project is so lets say youre doing a,bathroom remodel youre gonna be buying,things you know potentially,over time not necessarily just plunk,down a ton of money for things,all in one day so what it does is it,gives you six months of sort of a,wrap around to make purchases that are,uh you know for,that particular project and then what it,does is you pay,it back in installments now you could,pay back,in as little as 66 months and they show,as i make this video an interest rate of,7.42,on those purchases or you could really,stretch it out now 66 months is five and,a half years you could really stretch it,out,to 114 months and thats nine and a half,years,but you would pay an interest rate of,19.96,so stretching a uh you know bathroom,remodel out for nine years in order to,pay it back and pay,20 interest essentially in order to do,so would be a very bad idea,like most installment loans the project,loan can be paid back quicker so you,have that 66 month,period you could pay it back faster if,you had the money,to do so but it is nice in some ways to,give yourself that leeway to know that,you have to make,you know sort of an equal payment over,those 66 months in order to pay it off,but,if you have the ability to do it quicker,you can so you have some security and,knowing that you have,sort of a long runway there and getting,it paid off but you can do it quicker if,you want to,so the home depot project loan card,really is not a credit card so much as,it is,an installment loan in the form of a,credit card it does not come from,citibank like the regular consumer card,it comes from a company called,green sky credit this card shows,mastercard on the front so it is a,mastercard but im not quite sure why,and im not quite sure if you could,actually use it anywhere else,other than home depot theres nothing,online that shows what the terms and,conditions would be,and i dont understand how you could use,it as a mastercard from somewhere else,when the way it works is as a,installment loan for these big purchases,so im not sure why its a mast

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HOME DEPOT CREDIT CARDS: Business & Personal Credit Cards Offered By Home Depot ($1M)????CREDIT S2•E567

i want to quickly talk to you about the,home depot credit cards so i want to,review business and personal credit,cards offered by home depot up to 1,million credit limits dont go anywhere,youre going to love todays,conversation i guarantee it,[Music],so,[Music],welcome folks to another edition of the,awesome city kiwi show how are you today,i hope you are doing fantastic im doing,marvelous if you already ask me if,youre doing as great as i am go grab a,cup of coffee or tea or vodka and lets,roll,[Applause],in todays conversation i want to talk,to you about the home depot credit cards,the business and personal credit cards,offered by home depot were talking here,about up to one million dollars in,credit limits,if you want to get any kind of credit,from uh home depot you got to go to the,home depot commercial and consumer,credit card services im showing you,right now on the screen they actually,call it the credit center at home depot,okay and the cool thing here is that uh,we actually home depot has a credit card,or,loan or funding arrangements for any,kind of project honestly for example,credit card provides you with special,financing on purchases of 200 299 or,more and up to 24 month financing during,special promotions it is perfect for,everyday needs like appliances lighting,and fans paint tools loan and a garden,maintenance product if youre tackling,lets say a larger renovation project,like a bath or a kitchen makeover you,can get a home depot project loan with a,line of credit of up to 55 000 with up,to 84 months or seven years to pay it,off and no annual fees so i want you to,see right now on the screen,here are the four products that i want,to talk to you today about so we have,the consumer credit cards,the project loan,the commercial revolving charge card,and the commercial accounts,what are the main requirements here for,consumer cards fico 560 minimum,income 24 000 minimum thats gross,income,no active bankruptcy you got to have a,bank account your dti your debt to,income ratio must be 38 or less and you,got to be 21 or 18 years of age in the,state depending on the legal uh the,majority age in the states where you,apply from,and what about business cards what are,the requirements here,ein ein only application is possible,your fico score must be 560,revenue,50 000 per year theres gross revenue 50,000,no active bankruptcy on personal credit,startups are welcome business credit is,not necessary for approval the dti that,the businesses dti has to be 38 or less,and operational history three months at,least okay,something to think about and one thing,all i want to say here is that you need,to find the best card for you and you,need to choose exactly what kind of,project and what kind of limits what,kind of amount youre looking to be,approved for,[Music],now lets get into the actual reviews,here so we first have the home depot,consumer credit cards,our score 9.5 over 10,and this is a card for general consumers,okay and,what we love here is that you will be,able to get everyday financing,for the first six months on purchases of,a 239 or above that means that you will,not pay interest if you pay off the,purchase in full within six months,however interest will be charged from,the date of purchase if you dont pay it,full within six months okay so this is a,car that allows you to extend your,budget for making home repairs updates,and improvements think about that and,you you may get up to 24 months,financing this is really good think,about it you can actually get up to two,years financing during special,promotions you also have one year to,make returns okay this is four times,longer to make returns just for being a,card member,and you have zero liability on,unauthorized charges credit card limits,based on credit worthiness minimum,payments are required okay and the cool,thing we love with this card guess what,you can actually pre-qualify for the,card i want you to see right there on,the screen you can pre-qualify,so your personal credit will not be,threatened,and you can see if uh the uh you are a,fit for the home depot consumer credit,cards one thing i want to see here also,is that the apr on this card oscillates,from 1799 to 26.99,and the minimum interest charge two,dollars okay and uh if no interest,obviously no interest if paid in full,within the promotional period either six,months or 12 months,so for example 12 months is for,purchases of a 299 to 998,18 months on purchases of uh 9.99 to,1998 or 24 months on purchases of uh,11,1 999 or more,remember the interest will be charged to,your account from the purchase date if,the purchase balance including premiums,for optional credit insurance is not,paid in full within the promotional,period so before you actually jump on,that bandwagon please make sure that you,have a budget in place that allows you,to pay everything in full by the due,date after the promotional period is,over very important okay and uh the fico,score for this consu home depot consumer,credit card is 560 minimum,and uh your uh income requirements,24 000 gross income per year thats,about thats two thousand dollars per,month gross income and we love the fact,that this card has no annual fee,you also get access to exclusive offers,and you have the ability to return items,up to one year after purchase so this is,really good,next we have the home depot project loan,card,our score 9 over 10.,so this is not really a credit card its,a project loan card what does that mean,it means that home depot lets you apply,for a loan that you can then use to make,purchases at the home improvement store,so unlike the,credit cards ill be speaking to you,today,the those are offered those three credit,cards are offered through citibank but,this home depot,this home depot project loan is a,partnership between home depot and green,sky,okay so it is a card but actually it is,a loan so its a hybrid so once you,apply for a loan and are approved you,will have,up to seven years to repay the amount,you will be required to pay varies,depending on how much you request and,the cards fixed 799,apr,so you are allowed to apply for a credit,line of up to 55 000,note that after you approve for this car,slash loan you will have a six month,window to purchase products or,installation services there are no,annual fees to worry about with the,project loan card okay however because,its technically a loan,do not expect any rewards like you might,receive with a normal credit card okay,and thats just the way it is,and so,one thing you need to also remember here,is that you have fixed low monthly,payments with more time to pay and,flexibility to pay off any time and now,and i want you just to look on the,screen right now,here is how the the payments breaks down,so you pay only twenty dollars per month,for one thousand dollars borrowed so for,a loan amount of one thousand monthly,payments twenty bucks five thousand one,hundred bucks 10 grand 200 bucks 25,grand,500 bucks 35,seven hundred bucks and fifty five,thousand dollars eleven hundred okay so,remember that the period here begins at,approval okay and the loan product has,four tiers with term and apr subject to,qualifying credit approval so you can,have 66 monthly payments at 7.42,apr,78 monthly payments at 12.86 apr,90 monthly payments at 16.24 apr,or,114 monthly payments at 19.96 percent,apr,okay monthly payments will not exceed 20,per 1000 spin,and apr is fixed for the life of the,load theres no down payment of course,and this product is not available in,puerto rico us virgin islands and guam,so those are the three restrictions you,need to think about all right,[Music],let me now talk to you about the home,depot commercial revolving charge card,our score 9.5 over 10.,the thing here is that this card is,called revolving charge card but it is,not a charge card,with a normal charge card you need to,pay off your balance every month right,with the home depots charge card you,have the additional option to make,payments in increments,yo

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$3,000 Home Depot Credit Card! Soft Pull Preapproval!

hey everyone i hope you guys are doing,well,i wanted to bring you some information,where you can get,a uh three thousand dollar home depot,credit card,and home depot can help you start,to build your credit um now if youre,new to my channel,my channel is dedicated to helping you,learn how to build your credit if you,are on your credit journey,and you have trouble credit but if you,have good credit,also showing you ways to leverage credit,lines,to make cash flow now home depot,and if you um are new to my channel i,talk about,leveraging store cards to help you,improve your credit score,so for those that are looking,to get a higher credit score,by adding unsecured lines of credit,this can help you increase your credit,score,really quickly now home depot,offers two types of credit cards,one is a pro card and one is a,customer uh credit card now before i go,any further,i want to let you guys know if you can,if you like the video uh and if you like,this kind of content,make sure you subscribe to the channel,and also,if you like the video give it a thumbs,up i am currently not giving credit,consultations,so if you have any questions for me,that is personal innate nature please go,to my website,i will put the link here in the comments,and in the description so make sure,that you be aware of anybody using my,photo telling you to email me at an,email address,that is not me if theres a whatsapp,number,that is not me so only contact me at my,website,and im not giving credit consultations,anymore because,of this uh rampant uh,fraudulent stuff going on youtube so im,not the only,youtuber that you might see that just be,very careful you guys,now with this card,from home depot i want you guys if,youre looking to build credit,to focus on the consumer credit card,now the project loan cards and the,commercial cards,this is going to be primarily for people,who do,have much stronger credit scores,and more established credit with home,depot,customer credit card you can pre-qualify,for this card these other cards you,cannot pre-qualify for,and the reason why i tell you about,and i try to bring you content on,pre-qualifications,because it help you minimize your hard,inquiries if you do not know i had a,client,with a 740 credit score had 11 heart,inquiries he could not get approved for,anything,if you are a person that have a lot of,hard inquiries,we do have a free heart inquiry removal,letter,uh a whole package at our website but,you want to minimize,hard inquiries and at the same time hard,inquiries can reduce your credit score,three to five points each time,so you want to minimize that home depot,offered a pre pre-approval,for this credit card for a soft pull,keep in mind anytime youre getting a,pre,approval its a soft pull initially,to see if you pre-qualified but if you,take that card,and you pull the trigger on that card it,will create,a hard inquiry so youre not being,approved,for the credit card at the finalization,with a soft pull,its going to result in a hard pull so,this is a way,when you pre-qualify you can see if you,fit in their profile of a customer that,theyre looking for,if you are not fitting in that category,they will not give you the,pre-qualification,but it is not guaranteed even if they,say youre pre-qualified,in any situation that youre going to be,guaranteed to get that credit card,so try to always keep in mind if you,have recently,had a negative item hit your credit,report,you need to wait a good especially like,a late payment,a good 90 days probably even better to,be safe than sorry,six months before trying to apply,for another credit card okay so,thats just a caveat to give you guys a,heads up,but with this card they do offer a,pre-approval,now keep in mind this is only for the,merchandise,for home depot you will not be able to,use this card anywhere else,and the minimum that they will approve,you for,is 300 if you have trouble credit,but if you have trouble credit and,youre trying to build credit,uh if youre in that category youre not,probably getting large credit lines,anyway youre gonna have to work it your,way up,but if you are a person who are also,a builder someone whos a handyman or,somebody whos,i have a side business where you use,merchandise,this might uh or building materials this,might be a great card for you to have,so right now with new accounts theyre,having that you can save up to a hundred,dollars,so this is only valid from uh,january 28th to july 28,2020 and with purchases theyre saying,of 25 to 299 dollars,is 25 off and purchases from three,thousand dollars,to i mean three hundred dollars to uh,just about a thousand dollars youll get,fifty percent off,and theyre saying a hundred dollars off,well,not fifty percent fifty dollars off and,a hundred dollars off,of purchases of a thousand dollars or,more,now some of the details with this card,they do offer six months financing,financing,on purchases over 299,or more also up to 24 months,financing during special promotions,one year to make returns and its,four x longer than uh to make returns,for just being a card member so theyll,extend that return time frame,zero liability on unauthorized charges,so any fraudulent charges thats made,you dont have any liability,credit card limits are based on credit,worthiness,and minimum payments are required and,then,theyre telling you you can check to see,if youre pre-qualified without,impacting,your credit score so subject to,credit approvals terms and conditions,do apply now one some of the um,things that you do need to take away,thats positive about this card,if you are a person who are looking,for trade lines to build your credit,home depot credit cards have no yearly,fees,but they dont offer yearly rewards but,at least,you have in this card some subprime,cards,that theyre going to constantly,um with that subprime card charge you,eight dollars a month 12 a month,whatever it is and they have very high,annual fees,now with this home depot credit card,the apr can be on a higher side,especially if you have trouble credit,so it is dependent on your credit,worthiness so that,regular apr for this card is,17 17.99 percent,through 26.99,but like i said it has zero annual fees,now they do have a late payment fee of,40. if you dont,pay your card on time so you want to,make sure you make your payments on time,but it is a great opportunity for those,who,have a home and maybe is going to,finance,thinking about financing uh,trying to get a washer and dryer and,certain appliances,this could be a great opportunity,because they,are giving you 12 months financing,on appliances more than two more than,299 dollars,so this could be a great way to help you,build your credit,but they have um really not,deep requirements to qualify for this,credit card,the credit score the minimum credit,score,on the consistence is going to be like,if your credit score at,minimum is 620 a 620 credit score,you can get pretty much pre-approved for,this card,now like i said its based on your,credit profile if you had anything,recently you might see where you might,not be,approved pre-approved now the age,requirement,for this card to qualify you must be 18,years or older,and if you are under 21 years old you,must have proof,of independent income or co-signing,so if you have a child that youre,trying to help,build credit they if theyre under the,h21,they have to have proof of independent,income so they cannot be your dependent,and you may have to cosign if they dont,have,that in place now they do have a,residency,requirement you do have to be a us,resident now you must have a physical,location,also to qualify for this card you cannot,use a po box,and um the application on this card is,very,minimum so for you to qualify for this,credit card so if you are a person,thats looking to build credit this is,a great way for you to start to build,credit,if you need a trade line at least,this card offer you very little annual,fees,if you have more prime credit you can,get approved for more on 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Home Depot $3,000 Credit Card | pre-approval | soft pull

puzzle drinks production,[Music],youtube whats up its your boy who is,king sean and we back again with another,classic you know on this channel we talk,about finance we talk about credit we,talk about anything to take you and your,family to that next level i told you im,gonna be here im making a couple videos,tonight because i want to get this,information out to yall i want you to,grow as a person i want you to be able,to take your family and i dont want you,out that job slaving a 9 to 5 for the,next 30 to 40 years,so off the back im gonna let you know,um if you have a 620 credit score or,higher youre gonna be able to get,pre-qualified for this card so off the,back um were talking about the home,depot card,um,off the back they have four cars the,consumer credit card the project loan,card the pro extra card and the,commercial account card now im gonna,let you know um for these three cards,right here,do not even think about applying for any,of those three cards except the one,were gonna be talking about today,because they will deny you um theyre,real strict theyre real picky you need,to have at least a 700 credit score or,higher now i actually have the project,loan mastercard with a 15 000 limit i,had it for a year i use it for projects,and things im doing when it comes to,real estate or my personal home either,or so um were talking about the,consumer credit card off the back youre,trying to build credit um you might be,getting denied for discovery chase,mastercard bank of america pnc wells,fargo whatever it may be and you need,another account to report to your credit,report um but you know youre looking to,see what kind of accounts you can add,this is a count that you can use,to add on your credit report if you have,that low score now i did have i have,seen people with a 6 10 credit score get,approved for this card but,by home depots policies im letting you,know now you should have a 620 but at,the end of the day it dont hurt its,not going to hurt you its a,pre-qualification so if you got a 590,and you apply for this card and you get,a denied its not going to hurt you so,it doesnt matter so off the back,um theyre pulling from experian,and echo fasting excuse me from experian,and transgender theyre not pulling from,equifax now um i did the data on it um,theyre pulling 70 percent from experian,and about 30,from transunion so lets make sure um,those two is uh pretty decent not really,bad where one of them youre having like,10 collections and 19 inquiries and,things like that but equifax theyre not,pulling from they got a big relationship,with experience so they pulling more,with experience just to give you a heads,up with that but they could pull either,off,so were talking about the consumer,credit card um another thing about this,car as we stand as of today they do not,have any annual fees so you do not have,to worry about any annual fees but you,know how these companies do in the world,they change daily you know you go to,sleep tonight you wake up tomorrow,somethings changed but as of today that,im making this video it is no annual,fees where some of these cars you do,have it in your fee so,were gonna move right along for new new,accounts only,save up to a hundred dollars today on,your qualifying purchase when you open a,new new card um what theyre basically,saying and this whole little lines right,here um,its gonna be on one item,so if youre gonna go purchase something,that may be whatever four or five,hundred dollars and then you have some,other small items for twenty thirty,forty dollars you can only do on one,item so obviously youre gonna pick your,big your biggest item you know whatever,that may be a patio set for six seven,hundred dollars you could use that,hundred dollars so its on these three,cards right here um 25 or more purchases,from 25 to 299 50 off purchase from 300,and 999 basically a thousand dollars and,a hundred dollars more,off purchase off a thousand dollars or,more so this card is pretty simple were,gonna go right through it were not,gonna play around i want yall to build,your credit report i want your scores to,go up this is why im giving you all,this information do not be lazy i wanna,see comments i to see that yall got to,prove what was your limits what was your,apr and that you are excited now because,now youre going to have your credit,score shooting up,right here you can see prequalify now,apply now pay manage card and you know,the phone number if you want to contact,them to ask any information because i,always tell you no matter what,information you get from youtube,youtubers or content creators go ahead,and do your own extra information so,even though you get a lot of information,from me or whoever else you can even get,go to extra mile to get you know some,some extra information that maybe a,youtuber or,content creator did not cover so,as you see right here extend your budget,for making home repairs updates and home,and improvements so you know youre,working at home if youre into real,estate you got properties um you could,buy you know supplies lumbers whatever,whatever you may do plumbering uh uh,bathroom stuff toilets you know fixtures,whatever you may do this card is going,to work great for that as you see six,months finances on purchase of 299,or more up to 24 months finance during,special promotion so what they mean by,that special promotion home depot they,have a lot of special promotions around,christmas thanksgiving um i think labor,day um fourth of july,and uh,mothers day i believe so any of those,days um you can get you know basically,up to the 24 month financer on items,that you pick so uh,uh thats great thing you know um zero,liability on unauthorized charges,um credit card limits based on credit,worthiness so minimal payment required,check to see if you pre-qualify without,impact to your your credit score so,again people this is a simple one um,this is an easy one um like i said,nine out of ten people that i told them,to apply for this card got a proof,one person got denied because they had a,6 24,but they had a lot of collections on it,people i mean they had about five six,collections on it so,even with that 620 credit score,that wasnt even good enough when you,got five six collections you know i mean,one two ah,were in the winner but you work on five,six aint too many people,um,um basically gonna um approve you for,that you know again six months uh,six months every day financial available,on purchase 200.99,or more um this is pretty simple this is,pretty pretty easy people um we,shouldnt be making excuses we should be,working if you on the low end this is,going to be a great card for you to add,to your credit profile its easy its,simple people we need to stop being lazy,and we need to do the work yall be,asking for the information we give you,the information but you dont want to do,anything like i had a person that got,the letters from me you know this just,to go left field real quick they got the,letters from me right,there collection removal letters,and they called they they sent me a,message two months later saying um,can you resend the email,and i asked them um what was you know,the email was the problem did you delete,it by accident i have no problem i have,no problem um if you got the letters off,for me i will resent it is you know,thats no issue,um they said no i had it sitting in,there for two months but i never did not,and im just thinking,you asked for all this information to do,the work to better your life to get to,that next level and then you have people,like me and other people thats willing,to give you the information,and you let something sit in your email,for two months,that you was,going crazy on getting these letters and,you got it and you never did not then,you contacted me months later saying do,you mind to resend them which i have no,problem resending it but im just,thinking,youre trying to do the work youre,trying to get to that next level but,youre letting things sit in your email,f

WORST CREDIT CARD EVER !!! HOME DEPOT Credit Card (Brutally Honest REVIEW) ???? ???? ???? ????

hey guys now on this video im actually,going to be doing a review on the home,depot credit card,now i personally have the home depot,consumer card,um and it did ive had it for about a,year and i want to just give my honest,review on it,some pros and cons of it and what i,think about it lets get into it now,now first and foremost its not like,another car its not like another credit,card where,it does not have a visa or mastercard,logo so you have to,use it only either on the home depot,website or at a home depot store,so you cannot use this card at any other,retailer,so i want to make that very clear,now while i was checking out the cashier,actually said that the credit card had,no interest or very low interest there,were limited time discounts and offers,and there was an extended return policy,if i chose to get their credit card,i took the little card that she gave me,and went about my way,however i did go on the website i went,ahead put my information in and got the,credit card,in about five to ten days the card came,in the mail now i did purchase a few,items with the card i actually bought,our,i actually bought a washer with a credit,card,and it turned out pretty okay um it was,interest-free so i was able to,pay it off in i dont know two or three,months and just keep it on my card and,make sure that my balance stayed low now,because i spent,over 299 dollars that is what kept my,interest free,so the interest rate that the cashiers,are telling you about is only specific,to if you spend over 2.99 if you spend,less than that you will still incur,interest now another reason i wanted it,is because i knew that if i spent a,thousand dollars,i there were home depot was actually,running a,discount program or discount special,that said if i spent a thousand dollars,i would actually get a hundred dollars,off which,was super amazing i thought well an,extra 10 percent off,why not so i went with it this discount,was enough to get me to,apply for the actual credit card and,like i said it came in about five to,seven days,now another thing that you can enjoy as,a cardholder is the extended,return policy now normally home peoples,return policy is the standard 90 days,but if you are a cardholder thats,actually extended up to,one year of the date that you purchase,it and the great thing is,if youve actually made that purchase,with your card,its an in-house card so you likely,wont even need a receipt,to return that item now i want to,also really highlight one of the other,cons that you have,that is the high apr interest rates now,if the balance is not paid in full,the interest rate will skyrocket and,like i said its usually a six month,interest rate free promotion that they,will try to sell you,which will work as long as you pay it,down or completely off before those six,months is over,if not then that interest is retro,activated,by the end of that promo period,now my personal opinion is to completely,86 the home depot credit card,since ive had it there really hasnt,been much of a benefit other than me,getting a washer and dryer being able to,have a little bit of extra time to pay,it off,uh once that six month which was the,promotional period was over,i dont get any benefits other than the,extended return policy,which to me doesnt really help me much,at all,now if youre in a different situation,and you want to use it for a small,project,like adding something removing something,from your home or just doing any type of,home improvements,youre able to do that but my opinion,would be to just,take out a small loan maybe even a heloc,to see about getting it done that way,so again the pros of the card are its,interest-free financing while its in,that promotional period,there is a promotional discount on,certain items,and you have that one-year return policy,know the cons you can only use this,credit card,at home depot also high apr interest,rates will come to you if the balance is,not paid off in full,and theyll also retroactive your,interest if you do not pay it off by the,end of that promotional,period so definitely think about that if,youre interested,in trying to get the home depot credit,card now at the end of the day when its,all said and done ill likely end up,paying this puppy off,and moving to a different credit card i,do still have my capital one,which gives me different points and it,just kind of has different benefits,there,if youd like to see me do a review on,my capital one credit card im totally,fine with doing that but,again no points no special gestures just,an extended return,policy and thats kind of it so if,youre thinking about getting a home,depot credit card definitely look at the,pros and cons that i discussed in this,video,and figure out what you want to do now i,do videos like this all the time,where i can review a product uh on this,channel i teach you about ways for you,to get paid and to save and i would love,for you to be a part of that team,if thats something youre interested in,definitely subscribe be a part of the,team,wed love to have you here i think were,25,subscribers strong so i really feel like,im just doing,some life-changing things i have a whole,room full of people watching me so,thank you guys so much were small but,were mighty and were moving on forward,so talk to you guys next time,bye guys,you

Home Depot Credit Card vs. Lowes Credit Card – Which Is The Better Choice

in todays video we will be comparing,the lowes credit card versus the home,depot credit card,hello everybody my name is sanad and,welcome to another episode,of the clever millionaire so if you are,a real estate investor,or a homeowner that is doing some,renovations around the house,or you just want to buy brand new,appliances whatever the reason,youre debating which card you want to,go with,so in todays video i will go over all,the pros,all the cons and all the benefits that,each card offers we are going to compare,them side by side,and at the end of this video i will let,you know my personal opinion,of which card i use personally and which,card i recommend so make sure you watch,the video all the way to the end we all,know home renovations cost a lot of,money,it does not matter if you are simply,replacing a toilet,or if you are rebuilding your entire,bathroom,or kitchen both of these jobs are very,expensive,so having a credit card that can save,you some money,is very very beneficial we all know,material,is very expensive and now lets jump,right into the comparison,and compare these two cards both the,home depot,and the lowes credit card do not have,an annual fee,so every single year you will not have,to pay any fees whatsoever,which is absolutely awesome me,personally i love,credit cards that do not have an annual,fee,also the lowest credit card the apr,is 26.99 but,with the home depot it ranges from 17.99,to 26.99,so both of them have zero annual fees,which is,absolutely awesome but the lowes credit,card does slightly have,a higher interest rate but if youre,like me i never pay interest on any of,my credit cards,if i make a purchase i make sure to pay,it off,that way i do not pay any interest,whats the point of having a credit card,to save money if youre going to make a,ton of payments on it,and then pay a ton of interest it,defeats the purpose,so when it comes to the annual fee they,are tied,they both have zero annual fees when it,comes to the regular,apr interest rate home depot takes the,win,because it offers slightly lower,interest rates and now lets talk about,some of the perks,that these credit cards offer with lows,you will get six months special,financing,on purchases that are 299,or more so if you buy anything from,lowes,for over 299 dollars you pretty much,have,six months to pay it off which is,absolutely awesome,and the best part is you will not be,charged any interest,if you pay it off in those six months in,my opinion this is an awesome perk,that i absolutely love on the other hand,with home depot,you also have a six month special,financing on purchases that are 299,or more also no interest if you pay it,off in full,in the first six months so when it comes,to this perk,it is another tie and now lets talk,about the rewards this is where lowes,and home depot,differ dramatically with lows you will,get a five percent discount,on eligible purchases the discount,cannot be combined with,other credit related promotional offers,so with loads you pretty much get five,percent off,everything which is absolutely amazing,and best of all,you get it right there on the spot so,you are able to see,your discount as soon as you pay i love,the five percent discount,because it is a decent amount five,percent off of anything,is a good number also with lows you get,a 90 day return policy,so anything that you buy with your,lowes credit card you have 90 days,to return it which is pretty good and,now lets switch over to home depot,what kind of rewards do they offer well,i hate to break it to you,home depot does not offer a discount so,with their credit card you will not get,five percent off of,anything but they do have rotating,categories and products,so sometimes they have a sale or,sometimes they have a promotion,where you are able to get i think five,or ten percent off,that product or that service like with,any other rotating category credit cards,their products and services change for,example home depot might have a sale on,appliances,but if you are shopping for plywood or,tools then you will not get the discount,or the promotion,but with lowes five percent discount,off of everything,one thing that i do like about home,depot is their one year return policy,anything that you buy on your home depot,credit card you will have one full year,to return it,which is absolutely amazing lowes is a,clear winner,when it comes to rewards but the return,policy,home depot takes it because theirs is,way longer,and now lets talk about some of the,cons that come along with each of these,credit cards,with the lowes credit card there is a,late fee of,up to 38 dollars so if you are late on,your payment,you will have to pay a 38 dollar late,fee,also theres no cash advance option so,if you are looking to take out cash,off of your loans credit card you will,not have that,option on the other hand with the home,depot credit card,theres no rewards youre not going to,go to any cashback youre not getting,any like special rewards whatsoever also,with the home depot credit card,most of their limits are low you might,get approved for 500,or a thousand dollars while on the other,hand youll be able to get approved for,like 2 000 all the way to 5 000,on your lowes credit card so if you,want a higher limit on your credit card,then lows is the answer if you want to,pay a little bit less,in late fees then home depot is the way,to go,and now lets talk about the welcome,bonus we all love,free stuff we all love bonus money with,the lowes advantage credit card,youll be able to save 10 on qualifying,purchases,and youll be able to get up to 100,cashback on the purchase when you,activate your credit card,which is pretty good on home depot you,will save up to 100,on qualifying purchases also both of,these bonus offers are exactly the same,so this is another tie so to take full,advantage of this,you will have to spend one thousand,dollars in order to get,one hundred dollars cash back if you,have a project going on,make sure to buy all your material at,once and then spend the one thousand,dollars,but if you do not have any plans do not,just spend one thousand dollars on,random stuff to get the hundred dollars,cash back,it will not be worth it now that we have,compared both of the credit cards,side by side you should have a clearer,picture of which credit card,is right for you also make sure to take,the location of each store,into consideration if one store is,closer than the other,you have to weigh the positives and the,negatives of that store,if something is like two minutes away,from your home you have to think about,the convenience that it will provide,versus something that is 30 minutes away,from your home,is it worth driving 30 minutes for the,benefits of one specific credit card,so take into consideration how close the,store is to you,the distance that you will be driving,and what you like,personally make sure to take all of that,into consideration,all right my honest opinion i like the,lowes credit card,way better simply because they offer a,better discount,the perks are better and they offer,awesome stuff,theres plenty of times where ive gone,into loads i have spent money,and they offered me free shipping to my,house simply because i use the credit,card,which is absolutely awesome ive never,declined free shipping especially,if im in the store and i do not have a,lot of room in my vehicle,and they offer free shipping i take it,also when you get to know management on,first name basis,youll be able to take full advantage of,your credit card,and all the special perks that it offers,in lowes,you will get preferred treatment if you,are a credit card holder,which is absolutely awesome especially,if you are a contractor,a real estate investor or somebody that,just spends a ton of money at lowes,youll get preferred treatment if you,hold their credit card,on the other hand with home depot you,will still be able to develop,personal relationships with management,at your store,and youll be able to get differe

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