1. Home Sweet Home Alone – Movie Review
  2. The TERRIBLE Home Alone Reboot…
  3. The New Home Alone Is A Disaster
  4. *Home Sweet Home Alone* is AMAZING(ly bad)
  5. Disney’s Home Alone Reboot – The Death of a Franchise
  6. that new Home Alone movie is worse than you could possibly imagine…
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Home Sweet Home Alone – Movie Review

yeah,merry christmas to you too story time,yesterday was one of those days you know,those days happens once in a blue moon,where you just do nothing i laid in my,bed for 12 hours and i listen to music,its kind of amazing i wouldnt suggest,doing that every day thats not an,everyday thing but once in a blue moon,oh it felt good to do that but i knew,today i needed to give back and i was,like okay video what to do,and i ran across home sweet home alone,and i was like morbid curiosity hook man,i need to see what all the fuss was,about heard it was terrible but i kind,of need to see for myself,and now here i am,a broken man but i do have a theory here,it is i think by the end of this class,and also uh this is a really good scotch,if youre looking for a scotch thats,smoky kind of like a campfire meets a,leather-bound book its quite good but i,think by the end of this glass,this movie will start making a lot more,sense or at least its very existence,thats now plagued humanity but hey,santa scotch has arrived so,lets review,[Music],so home sweet home loan is actually a,movie,in concept,it could have been quite good actually,quite excellent it could have been a,great take on the home alone formula but,flipped so home sweet home alone could,have been a great flip because its not,a kid who was left home alone for,christmas,and now these bandits are gonna break,into his house and steal his things and,its his house he has a defendant no,home sweet home alone was a kid who was,left home alone for christmas and then,this family this couple who also have,kids are in dire financial straits and,they need to sell their house and they,find out that they own this doll thats,worth two hundred thousand dollars it,would really help them but the dolls,not there and since they were selling,their house they suspect someone who was,at the open house when they were showing,off their house stole it and the kid was,the only one who saw it so theyre like,obviously the kids stole the doll so,were gonna break into that house and,steal our property back which is why i,say this could have been a cool take on,the home alone formula instead of having,this kid whos this innocent and these,bandits who are dicks and they come in,and try to steal his stuff you could,have this other psychopath kid if im,gonna mention another mcculloch culkin,property the good son its like theyre,breaking into the good sons house who,stole their property so the bandits are,actually the good guys and the kids a,little psychopath and you know so you,could be rooting for the bandits this,time that could definitely work if it,were you know written and executed well,also not called home alone dont make it,a home alone property make it this,smaller movie maybe debut it at a film,festival and then you could have the,critic praise when the trailer comes out,to the masses after the film festival,where critics will be like oh its like,home alone with the dark twist and i,dont know about you but id be like,that sounds interesting kind of want to,see it but no because this movie wants,to ride the coattails of home alone you,hear that in the musical score the,musical score throws back to the john,williams score so it sounds familiar it,has that self-aware moment that ive,seen more movies like this do where they,its a remake and they know it sucks so,they have to have the self-aware moment,one of the cast members you know one of,the characters they go why do they try,to do remakes youre never as good as,the original its like i see what youre,doing youre trying to soften the blow,dont soften the blow you know your,movie sucks thats why you said that,manipulative i tell you but the home,invasion part sucked too its not,imaginative the original home alone,there was a charming simplicity of them,slipping on micro machines then home,alone two they were like all right lets,do everything bigger im not gonna lie,child jeremy in the movie theater,i had never laughed so hard in a movie,theater than when marv is getting,pummeled with bricks that kevins,throwing from the roof,what can i say i was laughing really,hard in that movie theater i never,laughed in this movie like a chuckle,here and there sure but it was more of a,pity chuckle just like in the way that,they slip on the driveway and theyre,sliding back shes like this is not,working out but it was just a chuckle,like if this was in practical jokers and,they were doing that thing like hey try,not to laugh whatever chuckle i gave,wouldnt have constituted a laugh i,wouldnt have lost the challenge its a,weird reference to me whatever its,working but also theres no sense of,them actually making headway and getting,into the house if they spend so much,time on the driveway just trying to get,to the house also the kid just ices the,entire street leading to his house im,like you didnt think that through i,mean home alone law says,the house the property anything in the,property thats fair game but if you ice,the street yeah it made them crash could,have made any of your neighbors crash,too then youd be in a world of,financial shed or at least your parents,would then when the dude finally gets to,the porch theres these milk and cookies,that are laid out there like dear santa,hes like oh dont mind if i do im like,okay now im officially not rooting for,you guys either because youre idiots,why would you eat cookies and drink the,milk of the house youre breaking into,why would you do that its just light,dont of course they had red hot peppers,in there and so burned his mouth but,thats why you dont do that tell you,what i feel bad for the kid in this,movie like the actor,he was great in jojo rabbit archie yates,he was a standout and jojo rabbit he was,a great pick,for a kid in a home alone movie how did,his agent convince him to do this you,know poor kid probably didnt know its,home alone was huge in the early 90s and,have been,well home alone 3 was theatrical but,since then been straight to dvd [ __ ],since instances like this always feel,bad for the kid actors who are having,the time of their lives i hope that he,knows that the hate that this movies,getting has nothing to do with him its,the studio in that soulless,cash grab mentality that was this,movies inception,that has nothing to do with him archie,yates we love you so im rooting for him,archie yates this is for you rooting for,you buddy home sweet home alone quite,simply is the sign of the times my,friends its that new installment of a,movie that became a franchise that was,just supposed to be a couple of movies,does all the cheap tricks to,nostalgically link it to the originals,but doesnt have an original thought in,its entire [ __ ] horrid script the,biggest problem with this movie is i,wasnt rooting for anybody i wasnt,rooting for the kid,because i wasnt attached to the family,like the glue that held the original,home alone movies together you know that,family element that fell short in this,movie so i didnt care about the family,i didnt care about anyone in the family,so i didnt care about the kid so at,that point i was like all right lets,root for the ones breaking into the,house because they are essentially,trying to get their property back but,they go about it like idiots so im not,rooting for them either so im rooting,for nobody in this movie because the,movie fell short where it just couldnt,fall short and that is to justify its,own existence it never did home sweet,home alone didnt have the heart that,the original home alone movies had it,didnt have the laughs that the original,home alone movies had if youre going to,watch a home alone movie just watch the,original home alone movies they still,exist and theyre enjoyable as hell ever,do that thing where its a streaming,service youre like how much more to god,were only half through okay i did that,i did that with this one i heard it was,dog [ __ ] what can i say the internet,remains undefeated it is actually,telling of streaming services and what,those can do,for bad movies yo

The TERRIBLE Home Alone Reboot…

this video is sponsored by displate,its christmas time,mid-november so of course the world sits,in for its annual viewing of one of the,most iconic movies of all time and its,sequel the 1990s classic that is home,alone weve covered the home alone,franchise every christmas on this,channel first with the home alone movies,we dont talk about covering the,atrocity that is number three four and,five compared to the originals then last,year we followed it up with the dog,ripoff version that is bone alone yes,that is a real thing and this is the,series that just keeps giving as we now,have a whole new installment number six,of the official list and our seventh run,through the archie gates remake that is,home sweet home alone i dont have high,hopes for this movie but i do have a,pretty decent idea of what makes a good,home alone movie having seen how it can,be done badly four ish times now so,lets get into disney rehashing an,unoriginal idea once again presumably,with all the magic ripped out of it hey,you know whats relevant to a home alone,video home alone merch were sponsored,by diss plate today whats a disc plate,displate is a one of a kind metal poster,created on a 21st century canvas thats,sturdy durable and magnetic needing no,tools to set up you can customize,collect and rearrange them at will not,only is it supported by 1.4 million,artists but they even have a tree,planting initiative planting one tree,for every sale and theyve planted 14,million trees so far they are officially,partnered with all sorts of brands but,as a movie channel i shall direct your,attention to marvel star trek and of,course home alone i also got myself a,collection of some of my favorite,artwork from their site so click on my,link for a discount on your displays,today thanks again to display for,sponsoring us now i too can have home,alone immortalized in my home,the good ones anyway now lets get back,to the bad so we start off with a bunch,of people investigating a house to buy,it not the worst start i can see where,its going giving us the foreshadowing,elements of traps well see later i know,where this goes i see what youre doing,open is my favorite concept,oh god its going to be 90 minutes of,this aint it,forgetting the dialogue for a moment the,gist of this scene is people are looking,to buy this adult isnt good at lifting,the property up and we are following our,protagonist as hes driven to the place,to go pee thats the motivation all,right but it does bring up our first,major scene archie at max confronts the,adult over a box of dolls and does his,smarmy kid routine oh the boy doesnt,want to share his dolly until hes,eventually taken away by his mum im,sorry has he been bothering you,no he hes a delight and i can see what,they were going with here but they,really could have built this up a tad,you know make this guy seem like he,really hates this kid a little bit more,to lead into where the plot goes later,this is just,and its like awkward some of this,execution i like the line,what a mcshame but then as he drinks the,moms just standing aimlessly as archie,powers up or something and while,disgruntled archie looks menacingly at,the dolls so driving home archie is,upset for having to be cramped up with,all their relatives sharing one toilet,and all that but as the mom says exactly,and christmas is all about spending time,with family meanwhile our other pair are,hiding the fact that theyre selling the,house from the kids over to the other,family people are playing games dad is,grumpy mum is on the phone sisters in,vr kids are running around uncle is,sitting on the couch,remember how in the original films we,actually saw a little bit of each of the,family relatives there were these two,whining about him the snotty kid buzz,the big old bully uncle frank and they,all to some capacity antagonize kevin,something goes wrong and everyone else,hates him,look what you did you little jerk hes,not isolated just because its cramped,but because everyones a problem but,here weve got generic gaming kids who,arent even paying attention and god,forbid uncle stu cant work the homebot,its just not the same,archie hides in the garage silently,while back in the day kevin full-on,states i hope i never see any jerks,again,fully leaning into what happens here,its just going through the motions we,have to fill in the gaps also in the,middle of the night the pair get a visit,from their extended family why are there,two families okay,oh my gosh im so sorry sorry its the,last one why does he remind me of john,mulaney,so i was going to the store,anyway the adult here now comes to,discover that the doll from before is,worth two hundred thousand dollars,and its missing time to visit the,family who are in a rush,not like a rush from the original too,with montage music and fun to watch,chaos just a mild rush is this a good,time for a selfie in front of an uber,hashtag ill judged,god stop,but something i do like about this,little intrusion is that the dalt does,get some actual intel from this one two,one one one two brilliant well thats a,bad code and he sees the keys but,doesnt enter now nerves but to be fair,same thing happens in the original so,now we have a,bell ringing scene why is there so much,on this couple are they the protagonist,anyway this scene is stupid speaking,mid-performance where its clearly not,masked like is it supposed to be like,the choir scene in number two like a,lightbulb oh my gosh this is so terrible,yeah,hey max is awake in the original we get,two minutes of wandering silence here we,immediately get to the motif,its a christmas miracle instead of,leading into it more i made my family,disappear,[Music],and you know i think theres a bit of a,nelson mandela effect here as max goes,on to his 90-second montage of being a,home alone kid and loving it i wanted to,check out the originals montage and,guess what,there is no montage its not a montage,there is just a fun track that plays as,he bounces and screams but thats all,there is then it stops,[Music],and goes to a series of normal scenes,buzz crate shooting a gun ice cream and,film sledding all taken about four,straight minutes compared to 90 seconds,of much more generic enjoyment not so,young kidly and with christmas music,rather than just happy music something,about it is just inferior maybe part of,it is because archie is 12 and culkin,was 10 and looking even younger this,feels like a young teen approach rather,than the much more fun and innocent,original the next scene were just gonna,skip its not fun funny or needed i,guess just turning the mum to wanting,money now,[Music],how dare you stand where he stood this,moment for a scene of envy,recontextualizing a happy song into a,sad scene for an emotional hook its not,a scene about happy memories because the,song is called somewhere in my damn,memories and it looks awful what is this,feathered vignette just play the scene,with some nice romanticized bloom or,something this aesthetic is terrible but,now the parents go for break-in attempt,number two and since youre here come,subscribe home alone content every year,heres my links hit the bell lets go,oh youve got to be kidding me whats,the point of giving that dolt the code,if he just still fails it anyway the,thing that kicks this whole thing off is,one verbal miscommunication all we have,to do is find that ugly little boy and,then some crazy old lady will pay us 200,000,for him,but were still not on the actual fun,bit yet because the police got called,from that code,[Music],evening oh hell yeah the actual actor of,buzz is in this movie thats a great,reference hes duped by some basic,flirting max doesnt come out to explain,while its safe because of course he,doesnt and he moves on its actually,because max thinks the parents will be,arrested for negligence but again the,aesthetic looks the same as reliving,memories i hate this blurring but buzz,gets going i look forward to buzzs next,appearance oh by the way maxs family,have twigged

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The New Home Alone Is A Disaster

whats up Greg I hope youre having a,great holiday season I know I was until,I watched a New Home Alone movie and I,got sick also I think the movie might,have given it to me honestly you know,guys when you think about it I guess it,makes a lot of sense that they would,make a New Home Alone movie you know,Hollywood loves their sequels their,sequels of sequels and theyve already,made like five Home Alone movies so why,stop there and sure like nobody has,watched or even been interested in the,last like three but,all the more reason to make another one,you know sort of a comeback Home Alone,movie this could be I guess could it,could have been,if it wasnt already out and wasnt,already bad its a shame man I really,liked the first two Home Alone movies,but then after that they just nothing,feels the same and I dont know what it,is about this one in particular but,watching this little kid beat the [ __ ],out of these burglars its just not as,fun as it used to be,I guess I really am grown up oh no you,know what it is actually its not that,Im grown up its that instead of making,the villains in this movie like,cartoonishly evil burglars they made,them like a struggling middle class,family who are only breaking into this,kids house due to a misunderstanding,theyre not evil theyre not trying to,hurt anyone or kill anyone theyre just,like a down on their luck family and,this rich kid is just [ __ ] them up at,every turn dude this movie is insane you,know how a Home Alone movie goes theres,a kid he gets left in his house by,himself theres robbers who try to break,in and the kid sets up a bunch of traps,to try to hurt them and embarrass them,and thats exactly what happens in this,movie so youre probably wondering who,are these robbers and why do they want,to break into this kids house so bad so,let me tell you Pam and Jeff McKenzie,are parents they live in the same area,as the main kid Max and the movie starts,off with them having an open house,theyre trying to sell their house,because theyre both down on their luck,one of them doesnt make very much money,and the other has just lost his job and,so theyre trying to sell their house to,keep food on the a table for their,families its very sad the movie sort of,tries to make it into like a funny thing,happening theres like Millennials that,come to try to buy the house wearing,Berets and scarves you know how like,Millennials do always wearing Berets and,scarves I am the schools here are,amazing they are totally,lit and theres a lot of scenes like,this in the movie that seem like theyre,trying to get you to empathize with,these this couple in this scene theyre,just talking about how they cant afford,to live in this house anymore even,though they love this house and they,always thought that theyd be growing,old together in the house unfortunately,it just wont be able to become a,reality for them I always thought wed,get old and weird in this house but,weve done the math we cant afford it,on my salary alone yeah but I mean I,crushed my interview with IBM questioned,[ __ ],but that was three months ago its very,sad and,when I watched this I didnt know that,these two were going to be the ones who,were gonna have all of the booby traps,happen to them and its kind of crazy,now watching it back being like holy,[ __ ] just about an hour and a half from,now these two are gonna be getting,maimed by a rich child,how [ __ ] up is that so whats their,motivation to Rob this kid you might ask,well its sort of I feel like everything,in this movie is so long and convoluted,to explain probably because theyve done,this same movie like six times now and,so they keep having to come up with like,new more obscure ways to explain,everything like how does the kid get,left home alone and why why are burglars,trying to get into his house basically,theres this doll that the McKenzies,own they have a whole collection of,these dolls that were like his grandmas,or something and they find out that,their one of them is worth like 200 000,which is enough money for them to like,save their house and have enough time,for the husband to find a new job and,they could even remodel the whole house,its great but during their open house,Max and his mom who are rich by the way,they live in a mansion stop at their,open house because Max has to pee do the,maths six soda refills into one tiny,ten-year-olds bladder does not go they,sort of are using this uh less wealthy,familys house as a public restroom of,sorts and Kenzies talked to Max about,this doll and thats actually how they,learn how valuable the dolls are its,because Maxs mom knows this information,it was this elderly lady who bought one,at a garage sale for about ten dollars,and then it ended up going for about,five thousand and then the dog goes,missing,the brat kids stole my dog and so the,mackenzies assume that Max stole the,doll from them so they are breaking into,his house to try to get the doll back so,that they can save their family which is,not a decision that they take lightly,mind you theyre not like stoked to do,this theyre like a normal family just,like anybody else but this is like the,only thing they can do to try to keep,their family afloat theyre actually,like extremely nervous about doing this,because they dont want to get caught,and they dont want to hurt anybody,little do they know they will get caught,and they will get hurt so yeah in,various ways this movie goes out of its,way to show you how nice of people the,mckinseys are how much they dont want,to break into this house but how theyre,like left no other option its like its,its honestly,you got to kind of respect it in a way,theyre like look how these people,theyre so nice theyre so sweet,wouldnt hurt a fly they just really,want to keep their family well fed and,in a nice house,um were gonna [ __ ] with them were,gonna [ __ ] with them hard dude this is,like an evil Mr Beast video so at first,only Jeff is on board but then this,scene happens and this is what finally,gets Pam on board to help out with the,robbery as well youve gotta save our,house seriously mom will you just get,the doll its just entering Pam we,Pam you have to call me,line no,I will you ugly little boy weirdly,inspirational music as as this woman is,having a full meltdown shes like,hallucinating this is the moment shes,realizing she has to do something that,is like deeply against her morals just,to put food on the table for her family,and the music is just kind of this like,inspirational Christmas song does not,seem like the right tone but okay so now,you may be wondering since I brought it,up how does Max so now you may be,wondering how Max gets left home alone,theyve done this movie a million times,how can they possibly come up with new,ways for a child to be left home alone,from a family vacation well the short,answer is they basically just they,everything is so confusing that they,just leave him home its confusing for,them and its confusing for us as the,audience theyre going on vacation to,Japan with a bunch of extended families,so theyve got a bunch of families,staying at their house its very chaotic,its very hectic the whole beginning of,the movie is just them like rapid fire,introducing a bunch of characters that,we literally never see again and all,this confusion the families get split,onto two different flights to go to,Japan you have hit our family onto two,separate flights dude can you speak up,please its very loud in here and so,they cant really keep track very well,of whos on which flight now as for how,he actually gets left at home Max is,sort of a scrooge of a child while Max,has like all of his cousins over playing,theyre all running through the Halls,playing video games shooting Nerf guns,at each other next I guess is like,overwhelmed by all of this and goes to,hide in his familys BMW,[Music],ah,amazing,theres like a random car commercial at,the beginning of the movie he leaves the,the Ruckus of his house on the holidays,to go sit in the garage in his

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*Home Sweet Home Alone* is AMAZING(ly bad)

hello troublemakers to this movie,commentary monday on a,frigid night in,phoenix arizona it is a brutal,76 degrees,many of you know that i love christmas i,love the season theres a cheer in the,air people are happy oh my noses,ringing oh shoot i forgot i got an image,to maintain here because you know when,you think dylan you think like oh really,well dressed really cool looking and i,feel like i dont have the nose ring i,just let you guys down were gonna watch,the the probably what is going to be one,of the top 10 christmas movies of all,time which is home alone alone at home,again what is it,home sweet home alone lets just watch,this all right i i dont wait,it just occurred to me that i,i have disney plus i cant im pretty,sure i cant i thought i cancelled oh my,god the only thing ive ever watched on,disney plus i think is atlantis,which i signed up for just for the video,and then i forgot to cancel oh disneys,been siphoning money from me my,expectations for christmas movies are a,little bit different i dont need like,phenomenal filmmaking i just need,entertaining fun if someone dies thats,a plus but you know thats the kind of,the criteria were looking for,is that is that is that keenan thompson,is he is keenan thompson selling this,house,oh my god some people can just not pull,off jewelry and as someone who totally,can as evidenced by this thing here i,hope this is the man that dies oh just,no no i cant i cant stop looking at it,oh hes an extra you made your extra,weird era like that he stole the show,but in a bad way he ruined the show look,at this look at this color you see,colors this is for kids so good job here,every wall is painted like a bright,color it captivates childrens attention,but also my attention because i have the,mind of a child look at that red wall,green yellow oh,ellie kemper the schools here are,amazing correct jeff yeah some of the,best,i keep especially since they put in new,metal detectors okay jeff what are you,doing,i look heated did you use the restroom,in the coffee shop darling steward been,in there really well uh the home alone,kids british well no im not how can i,cheer for him hes some posh british kid,[ __ ] baby heart in here i cant i,cant cheer for you suck it like harry,potter glasses yeah i can get away with,it because i talk with a normal accent,which is an american accent which is the,true neutral,every time i say that people get so,upset which is why i say it okay ive,got an idea okay okay so this kids got,a [ __ ] right hes like i gotta go now,and she is she gonna take them to the,open house and then hes just gonna,destroy a bathroom and then the parents,get their revenge on the poor british,pooper im gonna have to pretend were,going to my house,[Applause],oh can i get one of those theres a lot,of sugar in them so oh,wow youre so tall you almost look like,frankenstein yeah yeah yeah screw off,kid all right give me flashbacks you,ever had a kid look at you and go mommy,hes so tall,not that tall kid all right youre short,youre small human,uh,cool,dolls theyre very delicate so why dont,we just leave them oh boy doesnt want,to share his dolly excuse me excuse me,excuse me excuse me excuse me excuse me,i dont understand this why are they,making him unlikable screw this kid man,right well were not cheering for him,doesnt mean like frankenstein to you,sorry no he doesnt look like,frankenstein it was like frankensteins,monster yeah,okay well,i know theres a rule against hitting,women and children its a joke its joke,thats one of those ones i had to,preface or,whats prefacing but afterwards pre post,postvis i gotta post face that one,that doesnt sound right well now we,know where the kids get it from well now,i hope the mom dies and then this family,adopts the child and instills some good,american morals i dont know why im,just so anti-british i think british,people are better to be honest but i,think harden just ruined everything for,me because now im changing my opinion,now i think americans are better i saw,these on treasure trunk you know that,antique show it ended up going for about,five thousand five thousand bucks for an,ugly little porcelain kid i didnt get,half that for selling my real kids oh,i think we should go home oh god this is,my future if i didnt have you guys this,would be me making bad jokes and no one,laughs i could be this guy i didnt get,half that for selling my real kids,oh if like if a kid ever,reacted like that to my jokes i i dont,blame whatever this man is going to do,to this child i dont blame him and also,im cheering for him i hope he succeeds,kids got to learn some lessons tough,love its tough love thats what it is,tough love minus the love,tough [ __ ] no mcdonalds for you on the,way home,mom you cant promise okay mcdonalds,and not deliver what a mcshame,[Laughter],oh thats good yeah stick it to the kid,man oh how are you cheering for him no,mcdonalds for you,oh hot no see disney disney do you not,understand children anymore how did you,nail it so many years ago and now you,make this character who just,oh,whoa how did that happen who just you,know needs needs some guidance some good,tough guidance,stop,oh is he the nefarious one oh my god i,think hes the bad guy oh so hes gonna,steal it outside and christmas is all,about spending time with family even if,everything they do makes you anxious,furious and insane see everyones just,angry and bitter and sad i havent met a,single character yet who has a joyous,outlook on life the kids are home why,are we scared of the kids we havent,told them were selling the house uh who,are these huh hi oh some good american,children i i i im so annoyed with this,user interface disney the space bar,needs to be paused always the spacebar,doesnt need to be sometimes minimized,or toggled between full screen and,novels thats not what the spacebar is,for thats what the f button is for,i am getting more and more angry i cant,control my hands anymore thats when my,angers at his peak good american,children here though i hope they beat,the [ __ ] out of the bridge personal,trainer that yes going to be training,your your flabby dad mm-hmm were going,to get rid of that jelly belly dad am i,right yeah were going to the jellyfish,flat pan oh i think,space bar disney listen to me space bar,pause pause space bar big shot pause i,think one thing thats going well is the,casts the cast is doing a good job,keenan enjoyable ellie great bad yeah,take them or leave them the brits the,brits not a fan of i hope i hope hell,awaits them,clean up all this crap right now see,thats the problem is i feel like he,deserves to get bullied because we felt,like kevin for the most part he was a,little lippy but,for the most part he was a good kid this,kid sucks,shes on the phone,max please you are not the only person,who has darling i wish i was i wish you,were the only person that left,[Music],oh theyre super rich too bmw just,tablets built into the back seats okay,richie rich,i shouldnt say that thats a macaulay,caulker film i always thought wed get,old and weird in this house we cant,afford it on my salary alone now shes,likable shes likeable she shes not,gonna be the villain i dont think but,it might take a while to find another,job,gosh i miss the snow,[Laughter],gosh i miss this though,im slowly going insane hey,12 minutes in how cammy will l jackson,bring it in so big okay oh my gosh sorry,its the last one its the last one i,promise,yeah we had a great year okay is that,the thing he doesnt have a job his,brothers got a great job brought a lot,of presents all right so now what you,know hes gonna hes gonna,rob people or what,oh the kid did steal the thing he stole,it like i said were rooting against the,kid this time poor guy he doesnt have a,job hes got to sell his house his,marriage is suffering because of it then,he hosts an open house some brat comes,in not intended to buy the house and he,runs to the bathroom stinks it up comes,out starts making fun of you steals the,doll were not

Disney’s Home Alone Reboot – The Death of a Franchise

um i really have to pee i cannot believe,you need to go again i told you to use,the restroom in the coffee shop darling,after uncle stu had been in there really,did you see how many deviled eggs he had,for lunch oh goodness guys im eating,junk and watching rubbish you better,come out and stop me do the math six,soda refills into one tiny,ten-year-olds bladder does not go,all right im gonna get this out of the,way at the start home sweet home alone,the reboot of the home alone franchise,is the worst of the series and thats,saying a lot as the series has been on a,downward spiral since 1997.,harry ive reached the top,but this film is worth discussing due to,one baffling element is it really a,crime to steal something that was stolen,from you yes thats what oj got in,trouble for,the second time the writers made the,films villains to be the most likable,rational and relatable characters in the,story who are completely justified in,trying to rob a child home alone,wow,what a hole itd be like if in the,original home alone harry and marv were,completely justified in planning to rob,the mcallister household after kevin,intentionally stole something from them,in the first act and then retaliated,when they rationally tried to get it,back from him,yep thats basically the plot here im,not kidding just calm down,and we can talk about this rationally,so easy on the soda okay,instead of the wet bandits we get a,married couple that are trying to,provide for their kids during the,holiday season itll be so fun to watch,them nearly die right,i guess this was intended to subvert,expectations but it just ends up taking,the charm and heart that made home alone,a holiday classic and replacing it with,a mean spirit unlikability,stuffed with as many modern references,as possible hey bethany is this a good,time for a selfie in front of an uber,hashtag ill judged,and then embarrassing out of touch,references,and of course farts,im sorry,as well as those awful jokes that every,comedy reboot seems to have today where,the characters acknowledge that theyre,in a reboot and add some meta commentary,about it oh this is,garbage i dont know why theyre always,trying to remake the classics,never as good as the originals,i mean even the movies tagline seem to,reference this,ill-judged and yeah i know this is just,the kids movie released on disney plus,but it represents a larger problem with,most modern kids movies in that studios,are just afraid to take a chance on any,original content no pressure,well,maybe a little fresh,you know its a lot of pressure but,theres still a lot to dissect here some,good mostly bad,so lets look at how home sweet home,alone not only kills the spirit of,christmas but also a franchise dont,blame her thats you,sorry shame on you,the year was 1987. when casting child,actors for his upcoming film uncle buck,director john hughes came across a then,eight-year-old macaulay culkin its,clear from his screen test and later,performance in the film that he had,something truly special wheres your,wife dont have one how come its a long,story do you have kids no i dont how,come its an even longer story are you,my dads brother whats your record for,consecutive questions asked 38. john,hughes realized this himself when,shooting the movie in particular this,scene where his character miles sits,guard at the front door,[Music],the sequence inspired john hughes to,write home alone though he passed on the,directing duties to chris columbus,hughes championed macaulay culkin for,the lead and still guided the project as,producer but chris columbus also made,some creative choices that defined the,movie such as the casting of joe pesci,and daniel stern and securing john,williams as the films composer through,all of these elements coming together,home alone became a smash hit,remaining at number one for 12 weeks,straight,while home alone 2 has been critiqued,for being too similar to the first film,i actually think it took a lot of,chances too,like the plaza hotel subplot and the,casting of tim curry i love you,allegedly john hughes wanted to shoot,home alone two and three back to back as,star macaulay culkin was quickly aging,this never happened though when home,alone 3 was shelved until 1997 by which,time culkin had taken his hiatus from,acting this is why most of the,characters in home alone 3 feel like,clones of the mcallisters because the,script was written for those characters,by hughes this movie underperformed on,all expectations and seemed to prove the,series was not worth continuing without,those original characters,ill judged,so to stupidly combat this fox next made,a sequel that recast the mcallisters for,home alone 4 a tv film released in 2002,yet another negatively received tv,sequel came in 2012 which seemed to put,an end to the home alone franchise but,then in 2019 disney acquired 20th,century fox and all of their properties,in their continued domination of the,film market happy hanukkah marv,and naturally one of their first orders,of business was to resurrect the home,alone franchise,now call me an optimistic fanboy but i,actually believe a legacy sequel to home,alone could have been really fun,disney proved with the force awakens,that they know how to appeal to fans old,and new of a franchise even if they,later went off course they still made a,lot of smart calls in that first movie,with a great blend of old and new,characters working together and the same,formula could have worked for home alone,i mean both macaulay culkin and joe,pesci return for home alone themed,google play ads so its not implausible,to ponder,but what did they do instead they center,their story around completely new,characters while forcing in the home,alone branding sound cues,and occasional nod to the original movie,im gonna give you,to the count of ten,to get your ugly,yellow no good kiss oh this is garbage,the movie stars archie yates as max,unlike kevin mcallister who was a,good-hearted kid that just seemed to be,misunderstood by his family max is an,unlikable vindictive brat from the start,who doesnt seem to care at all about,the holiday or anyone for that matter oh,little boy doesnt want to share his,dolly,but i just dont see why we have to,share our house with every stupid,relative we have oh that sounds great,where do i sign,of this up,you cant promise okay mcdonalds and,not deliver stop whining,archie gave such a great fun likable,performance in jojo rabbit so its just,sad to see the writing fail him here how,the heck do you have so much soda my,parents buying bulk its more cost,effective,early in the movie max is driving home,with his mom carol and has to urgently,use the bathroom so they pull over at an,open house and pretend to be prospective,buyers naturally the homeowners are,present during the open house because,why should they even bother making sense,from the start what are you doing anyway,max comes across one of the owners jeff,played by rob delaney and insults him,for no real reason wow youre so tall,you almost look like frankenstein oh you,mean uh frankincense monster,frankenstein is the doctor fyi max then,notices a box of antique dolls that,belong to jeffs mom carroll comments,that one of these dolls might be worth,something before the two have a little,fight,oh yay i cant wait to go home and share,one toilet with nine blooming cousins,maxwell johann mercer what is with you,today remember that argument seen,between kevin and his mom in the first,movie its pretty heart-wrenching and,came at the end of a long line of,frustrations experienced by kevin i hope,i never see any jerks again,the catalyst for that argument seen here,is simply max getting angry when carol,decides not to take him to mcdonalds as,a result no mcdonalds for you on the,way home,what mom,you cant promise okay mcdonalds and,not deliver,what a mcshame geez if max thinks his,family is bad he really needs an uncle,frank in his life,you know what hows about we just spent,christmas in tokyo without you great,ide

that new Home Alone movie is worse than you could possibly imagine…

so over the last couple years ive done,videos on the first two dare i say the,only two home alone movies and yeah i,know theres also home alone three four,and five but you know lifes just too,short to spend any time whatsoever,thinking about those now you think at,some point someone would have said you,know we had two pretty good movies so,like how about we just leave it at that,no because of course everything has to,be rebooted or continued in some way,these days i mean hey remember when they,made that semi sequel to shark boy lava,girl,oh no,shes got shark streak and so here we,are at the end of 2021 and disney plus,has just come out with another home,alone movie called home sweet home alone,so what do you say we take a walk and,check it out but before that really,quick this video is brought to you by,morning brew so how many hours a day do,you think you spend just aimlessly,scrolling and refreshing the same,websites over and over again trying to,figure out whats going on in the world,but then even after youve been sitting,there for like four hours you feel like,not only did you just waste your whole,day but you barely even absorbed any,information to begin with morning brew,has set out to fix all that by giving,you a daily newsletter seven days a week,that gives you all the important news,and information youre looking for,without all the fluff and unimportant,stuff you get everywhere else like you,can see here this is quick article on,how netflix launched a new tracking,website so you can see like how much,people are actually watching their shows,and movies theres also this article,about whats going on and continues to,go on over at activision blizzard and,all that stuff as well as all the,important news you would need to get,caught up without having to wade through,the rest of the garbage ive been,subscribed for a few months now and i,personally enjoy all their financial,news stuff myself because like i find,the whole stock market meme stock thing,going on right now just like really,fascinating signing up for the morning,brew newsletter is free so just click my,link down below in the description and,get smarter in just five minutes every,morning by signing up to morning brew,okay back to the ship so starting right,off we meet two of the main characters,of this movie pam and jeff now pam and,jeff have to sell their house because,jeff cant seem to find a job in this,gosh darn economy i always thought wed,get old and weird in this house but,weve done the math we cant afford it,on my salary alone yeah but i mean i,crushed my interview with ibm but that,was three months ago well any company,with a brain needs a good data migration,manager okay i mean i wouldnt trust an,algorithm to port over a mysql database,to a new server without any human,oversight,me neither,this is probably one of my biggest pet,peeves in any movie when characters use,any word thats longer than like six,letters and everyone else around them is,like in english egon you know because it,lets the audience make fun of the nerd,character and not feel done that they,also might not know what hes talking,about but like all he said was data,migration and algorithm and pams like,anyway so they dont really want to sell,their house and of course they cant,tell their kids yet because theyre,already busy worrying about stuff like,uh getting good grades in school and the,irreversible collapse of the entire,natural ecosystem and most important did,you hear that lindsay made out with,jackson at stephanies party last night,how dare she so currently theyre having,an open house can i get one of those uh,that might be a question for your,parents just because theres a lot of,sugar in them so,all,right uh,cool,dolls,well,theyre not mine um they belonged to my,mother,sure they did now this little kid here,who kind of looks like a zombie and is,probably gonna get really good at asking,for hugs in high school is max the other,main character of the movie oh my mom is,that uh schneider kinder i saw these on,treasure trunk there was this elderly,lady who bought one at a garage sale for,about ten dollars and then it ended up,going for about five thousand i think we,should go home i cant wait to go home,and share one toilet with nine blooming,cousins maxwell johann mercer carol,ellen mercer hows about we just spent,christmas in tokyo without you,i just love all this forced exposition,here where shes like huh did you know,these dolls are worth a lot of money,anyway heres my full name and my sons,full name and guess what were going to,tokyo,why are you telling me all this right,now anyway then we cut over to maxs,house which is like a literal castle by,the way where do you live how do you,have a castle in this economy,quit going,max clean up all this crap right now,sorry dad i just stepped on a lego its,the most painful thing in the world,golly gee i wonder if theres going to,be something later in this movie about,people stepping on the legos now as if,it wasnt entirely obvious already max,is this movies version of kevin and his,whole family represents the mcallisters,and as homo movies always go i assume,max is getting pretty frustrated with,his family who are also very frustrated,because they signed on to do this movie,im simply saying that you have put me,on a different flight,to my children,i wish i was oh i wonder whats going to,happen so to get away from everyone max,goes out to the garage and hangs out in,the car all by himself all night but you,know like in the original movies kevin,is a real piece of garbage and honestly,so is the rest of his family but in,those movies hes like if i dont get,any cheese pizza i swear im burning,this house down and taking all of you,with me but then this movie is just like,hey mom can i ask you something im on,the phone honey give me a second oh okay,now also that night jeffs brother and,his family come over for christmas okay,oh we would have called but we thought,itd be more fun to surprise you are you,surprised we are surprised we all,thought she was coming tomorrow but,shes come back im here now dead of,night hey you mind giving her luggage,tuggies i want to get that guy situated,wow,yeah we had a great year and of course,in contrast to jeff his brother is very,rich and doing very well at whatever he,does which with a guy like this could,either be a regional manager with a,chuck e cheese or writing books like,anyone can be cool but awesome takes,practice,and so jeff feeling kinda like a loser,now gets a little idea,wow,that lady wasnt kidding,[Music],where is that crack kid stole my doll,how am i gonna find this kid maxwell,johann mercer carol ellen mercer,bingo so the next morning jeff goes over,to maxs house and sees the family all,in a kerfuffle because wouldnt you know,theyre late for their flight to tokyo,you need to get in a car now we are so,late you have no idea i legit might cry,right now i need that for cheerleading,son of a sandwich,you know if you really want teenagers to,choose abstinence just show them all of,this right here hey kids you like having,fun what if you never got to do anything,fun ever again,do you know if um carols son max is,home um if you dont see him hes,halfway to tokyo by now all right,somebody that lives here whats the code,yo mama one one two one one two,brilliant,now later that same morning max also,wakes up having completely missed,everything that just happened and what,do you know when a shocking plot twist,he ends up getting left behind hello,mom,dad,uncle blake,cause you,[Music],its the christmas miracle now of course,as his movies always go we get the,montage of max being a 10 year old kid,and finally getting his chance to play,video games and and eat candy you know,things kids famously never get to do and,like during the montage scene theres,this part where max tries to use the,internet on his moms computer but it,has some kind of child protection,firewall thing on it for some reason so,therefore max has no way of ever,contac

Home Sweet Home Alone – DisneyCember

[Music],[Applause],so im just going to give you a heads up,this is not the review you think its,gonna be dont get me wrong like all of,you when i saw the trailer for home,sweet home alone i felt the same anger,and outrage that all of you did oh my,god have they not learned their lesson,now that disney has bought fox theyre,really doing this theyre actually,making home alone six theyre one off,from the police academy movies and while,yes this is admittedly a bad film and,nothings gonna get me to change my mind,about that i will acknowledge it is not,nearly as bad as i thought it would be,you might be astonished to find theres,several things in this movie that,actually work and while yes this doesnt,ultimately come together i felt legit,effort for it like the people working on,this were trying to make something good,they were not sleepwalking through it,and they could have its home alone six,on disney plus they did not have to try,but they did and i want to acknowledge,at the very least i felt the effort the,story which is surprisingly complicated,and yeah i guess thats problem number,one a home alone movie should never be,complicated is a couple is forced to,sell their house they dont want to sell,the house as they have so many fond,memories of it but when an english,mother and her son named max enter the,house he points out that one of their,old dolls which i will say is,hilariously creepy is actually worth a,ton of money for a series of odd events,like i said it does get a little,confusing the couple realize its worth,a lot of money but cant find it they,think the little boy took the doll and,wouldnt you know it at the exact same,time his family leaves him behind so,this couple tries to sneak in take back,whats rightfully theirs and do so,hopefully without being noticed but of,course max is much smarter than he lets,on yeah kinda he mishears a conversation,thinking theyre actually coming to,kidnap him and he sets up all sorts of,little traps to foil them and while yeah,absolutely none of them are funny some,scenes in the first two thirds actually,did get a few chuckles out of me theres,surprisingly a lot of people i really,like in this movie ellie kemper rob,delaney keenan thompson chris parnell,pete holmes where the hell has he been i,havent seen him in a while its kind of,cool for him to pop up again even buzz,the original buzz is back in this film,and im not gonna lie out of all the,actors you could have gotten to bring,back to a home alone movie this is the,only one i would legit be interested to,see,buzz i think is my favorite character in,the films because he actually evolves,hes a bully but he gets smarter and he,talks more sophisticated and he was,played really well now granted hes not,in the film very long and yes a part of,me did think maybe he was gonna be like,this evil business man you know like,someone whos still a bully but is legit,smart instead hes a cop which yeah,makes sense that is a position where he,can abuse his power but hes also still,kind of dumb i cant explain i was,always hoping hed both kind of get,dumber and smarter at the same time but,he does serve one important and even,kind of clever purpose when the police,are called to check on the kid he thinks,its a prank because the house is the,mcallister house and apparently grown-up,kevin keeps calling him saying the house,is being broken into to mess with him,now apart from that being incredibly,illegal this is something i totally see,grown-up kevin and buzz doing,i thought that was a unique way to think,outside the box to make it that well,everybody cant go and just get the kid,as everybody says if home alone was made,now itd be over in a few minutes but,this movie in a strange way kind of,shows theres different pros and cons to,doing it now for example theres no,landline there so they cant just call,the house but they say why dont we just,call a cell phone well hes too young to,have a cell phone yeah some kids have it,at that age but not everybody does and,there are one or two little bits of,dialogue that i thought was just a joke,but actually come back into the story,with that said theres a lot of scenes,that are clearly just put two come back,into the story like it is so forced in,fact theres so many moments where they,literally use the exact same music from,the home alone movies just to recapture,that same feeling in fact theres a ton,of moments youve seen in the original,home alone the mother at the airport,trying to get back again the family just,ignoring the main kid they all feel,super forced and manipulative but like i,said theres a lot of funny people in,this movie and i get the feeling the,director would just kind of let them,improvise a little bit or rework a line,to make it funnier and a handful of,times it does work the kid himself is,kind of a mixed bag when he has to work,off of other people i think hes legit,funny he knows how to take a clever,insult thats thrown at him and throw it,right back in a funny way but when hes,alone i dont think he can really hold a,movie something about the line delivery,just doesnt work when he doesnt have,somebody to work off of and as youd,assume a lot of the movie hes alone,its in the title again though i have to,give the film credit as soon as he,discovers hes alone whats one of the,first things he tries to do he tries to,look up porn the parents have it blocked,and they just move on to the next scene,but again i gotta tip my hat that they,included that at all but easily the,biggest problem is the burglars because,theyre not burglars theyre just a nice,couple trying to get money to save their,house and thats not fun to laugh at,maybe if the movie had a really dark,sense of humor or maybe if they reworked,it that somehow buzz was trying to get,in oh my god this movie is just buzz,trying to get into this house i would,love the hell out of it but its just,this nice awkward couple that yes it,would explain why they would mess up so,much unlike some of these other people,like i just barely bought it with harry,and marv but yeah when you get like,secret agents and stupid [ __ ] like that,in the movies what they cant outsmart a,kid i do legit believe these two could,not outsmart this little boy but when,they have to say lines to each other,like pam im afraid and she shakingly,says back me too honey thats not funny,thats legit sad if harry and mars said,that itd be hilarious but then im just,[ __ ] depressed now a home alone movie,should not end with the kid and the,people trying to break into his house,embracing and i feel like thats a,pretty obvious problem that could have,been avoided but again to the films,credit i do feel bad for this couples,predicament honestly i didnt think i,would feel bad for anyone in this movie,and while yes theres a lot of lines,that dont get a laugh theres several,lines that do enough where i actually,did go and checked out who directed this,movie i was curious why were they,actually trying to make this good i,found out it was a guy who did a lot of,work on the borat movies in the alley g,show and while yes that comedy can be,divisive i think its safe to say its,still funnier than the home alone,sequels and its very unlikely this guy,got this job and said ooh home alone six,my [ __ ] dream project but you can,tell he and the people that worked on it,tried to turn in the best they could and,while yes i believe theres no parallel,universe where home alone 6 can ever be,a good movie i think this film tried a,lot harder than it needed to thats not,high praise but its still more praised,than i think most people would assume,they would give a movie like this so is,it worth watching uh,only if youre super die hard curious or,a completionist like you just have to,see all the home alone sequels i guess i,can say if youre looking to hate watch,it you wont find a lack of bad things,in it but i dont think its going to be,the abomination youre looking for,either i guess the crowd that would,enjoy it most outsid

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