1. 2022 Honda Insight Review | 55 MPGs!
  2. 2019 Honda Insight – Review & Road Test
  3. Review xe honda insight hybrid 2010 chạy 1 lit được bao nhiêu km???? [Tham Khảo]
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2022 Honda Insight Review | 55 MPGs!

[Music],what is up you guys welcome back to,another one if youre,new to the channel i am gold penny i do,new car truck suv reviews on youtube,and today we are in the new 2022,honda insight courtesy of apple honda,in york pa for more information on their,inventory please feel free to check out,the link,in the description box below with some,im in this one today because there,actually are a couple changes,for the 2022 inside of course you get,great,mpgs in this one then as well so if,youve got a long commute this may just,be the one for you but in this video,i will be testing out and going over,everything about this one from,acceleration to braking steering feel,exhaust clip will try to lease sound,system all that fun stuff so,having said all of that what do you guys,say lets just go ahead and jump right,into it and as always,lets start with pricing all right so,when it comes to pricing let me of,course start with trim levels there are,two,of them for this year and this is the,major change for the 2022,insight there will be no more lx trim,level for this particular model year so,ex trim level which actually is the one,we have today well start at 25,210 then you have the touring which is,going to start at twenty nine thousand,two hundred and forty dollars but,regardless of trim level that you go,with the power plant on the inside is,going to be the same,powering this beast is a 1.5 liter,atkinson cycle inline four cylinder with,hondas two motor hybrid system then in,addition to that,putting on 129 horsepower with the motor,at 4000 rpm with the combined horsepower,that bumps it up,to 151 horsepower 197 pound-feet of,torque coming in at 0,rpm because this is a hybrid after all,its instant torque,but power sent to the front wheels,through a cvt 0 to 60 time get this you,guys,7.3 seconds in a hybrid that is pretty,darn cold,we will of course be testing that out in,a little bit here but overall,what everybody wants to know mpg numbers,are going to come in at 55,in the city 49 on the highway taking,regular,unleaded fuel so before we do that,acceleration test here on our inside i,did want to mention there are a few,different driving modes for the insight,all of those buttons are located kind of,directly behind the shift buttons and it,will include,econ sport and ev mode adjusting things,like the shift points the throttle,response the climate control system,actually as well so if you put in that,econ mode its going to,dial back the climate control like the,ac a little bit on hotter days to save,you a little bit there but,ev mode of course being full electric,mode you got to be fully charged up for,that but overall,pretty cool a lot of adjustments can,certainly be had there but,lets go ahead and put it in that sport,driving mode and it did immediately,downshift for me there or kind of holds,the rpms on a much higher level i should,say,giving you more power on demand so,having said that what do you guys say,lets go ahead and find a straightaway,here and lets see if,see if that zero to 60 and 7.3 really,feels that way all right you guys,in three two one,a little bit of skidding there wow,yep sounds like a cvt its actually not,that bad its plenty more than you would,expect from a hybrid so if itd be,quite honest its really a lot more than,i expected from the inside definitely,not going to have any issues with,merging onto the highway but,to go along with that acceleration as,always braking is equally important so,up front you will find 11.1 inch,ventilated front discs in the back 10.2,inch solid rear disc,as far as that 60 to zero stopping,distance goes its going to come in at a,respectable 122 feet to be quite honest,thats pretty average for most sedans,out there right now so,absolutely no issues with that 60 00,stopping distance braking feel,feels a little bit different than you,may be used to if youre not used to,driving a hybrid you can definitely tell,it is one of those hybrid braking fields,but having said that its perfectly fine,you certainly will get used to it ive,had no issues with the braking feel on,this thing in my short test drive here,today,as far as suspension and handling goes,up front youre going to get a mcpherson,strut front suspension in the back,independent multi-link rear suspension,front and rear stabilizer bars then as,well,as far as the ride quality goes were,actually about to hit a super big bump,here lets see,it actually impresses me i got to be,honest a lot better than i thought it,would be,soaking up pennsylvanias road,imperfections actually quite nicely,got to be honest so well done honda for,that you did pretty good with the,ride quality here in the inside as far,as steering feel goes thats the first,thing i muttered to myself let me see if,i can find the clip of it let me just,insert it right here for you guys oh,nice steering feel,not expect that it is weighted extremely,nicely and,more than i expected here on the inside,and what i mean by that,is its definitely on the heavier side,of things which i,absolutely love typically that heavier,steering feel comes on sports cars but,not definitely not hybrid so,well done honda with the steering feel,really honda always nails the steering,feel i guess i shouldnt have been,surprised there but steering feel is,definitely very nice here in the inside,as far as cabin noise goes you get a,little bit of road noise you guys might,be able to hear that right now so its,not something that should annoy you but,its pretty much as expected here so you,get a little bit of that but,as far as visibility goes that is 100 on,point i can see perfectly fine out of my,rear view mirror so,absolutely no issues there and in,addition to that if you were to go with,the touring trim level that we dont,have here today,you would also get rain sensing,windshield wipers which is always nice,essentially what that is,is whenever the inside detects any kind,of mr rainfall its going to,automatically turn on this windshield,wiper so its just one last thing you,got to worry about so thats super cool,there as well,but that about rounds out the,performance segment of this review guys,lets,go ahead and take a look at the exterior,of our brand new 2022,honda insight all right so here she is,you guys the new 2022,honda insight finished in modern steel,metallic,in case anybody was curious of our,exterior color name we had here today,lets go ahead and start up front this,one has a very accordish looking,front end which makes it look very good,in my personal opinion to the sides,led headlights actually do come standard,for both trim levels of the insight,which is pretty cool you dont always,get that,automatic feature coming with that as,well meaning when it starts to get dark,at night those headlights are going to,turn on automatically for you there,led daytime running lights also coming,standard and,if you were to go with the touring trim,level only you will also get led fog,lights,down below but that pretty much rounds,out the front of it actually lets now,go ahead and make our way to the side,of the insight so now to the side of,this insight here chrome window,surrounds do come standard,when it comes to those side mirrors they,are heated power adjustable body colored,side mirrors,if you were to go with the touring,though you will get led integrated turn,signals with some chrome accents,actually on the side mirrors as well and,of course,just in front of that you will find some,hybrid badging found on the front fender,of course since the insight is a hybrid,when it comes to the door handles they,will also differ amongst those two trim,levels there will be body color door,handles for,the ex that we have today and then you,will find some chrome accents,kind of to tie them with the side,mirrors if you were to go with that,touring trim level at least so i wanted,to mention that then taking a look down,at the wheel setup again they will,differ amongst the trim levels 16-inch,alloys coming with the ex,17-inch alloy wheels then coming wi

2019 Honda Insight – Review & Road Test

You know how hybrid cars tend to look weird,,well, weve turned a corner. This is the Honda Insight, and its a hybrid, but you,wouldnt know that by looking at it.,Aside from some badging the latest Insight looks like a normal sedan.,Actually, scratch that, its more attractive than a normal sedan, almost,like elements from the handsomely-styled Accord have been expertly grafted onto a,Honda Civic. Well, thats not far from the truth. The Insight springs forth from,Hondas excellent Civic platform, though it has a distinct character all its own.,Aside from the 10th generation Civics roof and rear-quarter panels, the,Insights exterior is unique. Standard LED headlights impart premium aura, but,the Insights semi-elevated stature really hits home inside. With added hood – and,fender insulation along with standard active noise cancellation, the Insights,cabin is notably quieter than the Civic. It also looks fancier, note the stitching,and the perforated leather. Thats class, baby. Heated power-adjustable leather,seats are reserved for the priciest touring trim, but even the cheapest LX,trim features stitching, plenty of soft materials and this helpful multifunction,7-inch screen in the gauge cluster. Like the Civic from which it spawned, the,inside is a monument to practicality. Passenger space is great, yes, even in,back. The center console is large and easily reconfigured sight lines out of,the vehicle are nearly unimpeded, and theres a handy USB adjacent phone tray,thats big enough to hold an iPhone 8 plus. FYI despite how it looks, wireless,phone charging is not available. Its not a big deal since wireless CarPlay isnt,ubiquitous yet. At some point it will be, and then Ill complain about it. Actually,,no Im one of those moody guys whos going to complain about it now.,To soothe the pain of having to connect the cable every once in a while, consider,the Insights outstanding efficiency with the LX and EX trims youre looking at,55 city and 49 highway knock four mpg off both of those figures if you choose to,swankier touring trim. Evidently class adds weight and drag. The Insights,efficiency comes via a 1.5-liter Atkinson Cycle four-cylinder engine, a,lithium-ion battery pack, and Hondas two-motor hybrid drive system. With gasoline,and electric bits smoothly merging their outputs, power is respectable among,hybrids, especially that torque figure. Put to good use on the mean streets of,rural Minnesota the Insight accelerates authoritatively for a 50 mpg-plus,hybrid. It wont set your heart ablaze, but if you wanted to merge with traffic,or overtake traffic you could do that, somewhere with traffic. If you really,stand on it, youll be treated to CVT- style engine drone. Thats the price you,pay for efficiency. Like its Honda Clarity hybrid kin, the Insight offers,multiple drive modes that vary the throttle pedals urgency. The sport is,sharply responsive. Econ is mellow, and normal is you know normal. Theres also,an EV mode that under the right circumstances lets you cover up to a,mile using only electricity. Returning from a night of partying but dont want,to wake your parents? Try EV mode. One of the Insights greatest tricks are its,regenerative brakes. They feel like normal brakes. Theres no hybrid,woodenness, and gliding to an imperceptible stop is not only possible,but likely. Its so nice when I can cross something off my complaint list, which,reminds me, theres no adjustable lumbar support in the Honda Insight.,One last braking note, the driver can adjust regenerative braking intensity,with paddles on the steering wheel. Left paddle for more intense braking, right,paddle for less. Its a helpful feature that keeps you from having to ride the,brakes down long hills. Honda has also done an admirable job tuning the,suspension. Road impacts are absorbed with smooth sophistication. Coupled with,a quiet cabin and nicely weighted steering, the Honda Insight is a,supremely comfortable, long-haul commuter, but can it be driven stupidly? Apparently,stupid mode is available. On a more pragmatic note, cargo space is a generous,15.1-cubic feet, and thanks to the hybrid batterys placement under the rear seats,,the seat backs fold like a normal sedans. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are,included on EX and Touring trims, as is this smartly arranged volume-knob,equipped eight-inch touchscreen. Meanwhile, for a little less than $23,000,the LX slums it with a still usable 5-inch display and honestly its,probably overstating it but for our money,the EX is worth its modest premium. For a mere $1,200 or so the EX has remote,engine start, Hondas lanewatch blind-spot camera, smart entry with walk away,auto lock, 60/40 split rear seat backs, a center rear armrest and external trunk,release, and you know it, just spend the extra $1,200. On the safety,front, automatic high beams, traffic sign recognition and a multi angle backup,camera are standard on all trims, as is Honda Sensing. So even the cheapest Honda,Insight provides dynamic cruise control, lane keeping assist and forward,collision warning with automatic braking. As noted elsewhere, Honda Sensing works,wonderfully. Lane keeping assist in particular keeps the inside squarely in,its lane without any of the jittery steering action youve seen in similar,systems.,Obvious Honda Insight competitors include the similarly efficient but slightly,pricier Toyota Prius and the less expensive but also less fancy Hyundai,Ioniq. Both cars are traditional answers to the hybrid question leading back to,the core problem with hybrids they come with baggage. Many car buyers still think,of hybrids as slow, strange-looking self-congratulatory, eco mobiles. Then,theres the Honda Insight. Its a prime example why we should focus on results,not labels. Okay, it is literally labeled hybrid, but youve got to look close. With the Insight theres no,pretense, no posing. Its just a handsome, enjoyable, practical sedan that also tops,50 mpg. Whether through magic or hybrid engineering, thats a remarkable result.

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Review xe honda insight hybrid 2010 chạy 1 lit được bao nhiêu km???? [Tham Khảo]

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ở trong cái con ô tô này,thì nó sẽ căn cứ và rất nhiều yếu tố khi,mà anh em tăng tốc anh em lên dốc chẳng,hạn Hoặc là em tăng tốc thì nó sẽ có một,cái bình Hybrid chứa tích điện và tùy,theo hãng Toyota thì cái bình 2 lít của,nó sẽ rất là công suất nó rất là lớn cái,chữ pin của nó rất là lớn còn đối với,Honda thì nó nó không đủ lớn cho nên là,nó chỉ là hỗ trợ thôi nó không thể hoạt,động độc lập được thực ra là nó có lúc,hoạt động độc lập được nhưng mà trong,trường hợp là khi anh em chạy boong ở,trên đường phẳng và gần như anh em không,gặp bất cứ một cái địa hình lồi lõm nào,mà nó chạy được thẳng hay thì lúc đấy,mình mình chỉ hơi mới ra một tí thì lúc,đấy động cơ nó mới cho phép đình Bình,Heros chạy hoàn toàn thuận tiện luôn,Mình đã gặp rất nhiều ở trên đây và nó,có cái màn hình hiển thị anh em nhé Đây,mình để cho anh em xem cái chế độ này,này đây cái chế độ này là cái chế độ mà,khi nào xăng Khi nào hai vít anh Em nhìn,ở đây là anh em thấy rõ được luôn nhá,mình zoom vào cho anh em xem này Đấy

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Terpakai: Honda Insight 2010, selenggara murah, bateri tak bermasalah

Hai picture wernicke uh Hah Hei Roro,tipu mengetik mengetik Steven uh next,wortipu harus menyeting uh uh uh uh,[Musik],Assalamualaikum Selamat balik FTV itu,merekam kawan tanya coba review sedikit,tentang aki the Hybrid spesifik kita,happy pakailah sekolah ada juga yang,berminat mungkin namun jejakkan kaki ke,dunia fitnes semuanya dunia situs KPU,dengan cepat setelah Flying elah semua,Mungkin ramai,begitu belum belum menerima jika inilah,ini termasuk oleh dengan buat itu,pemilik sebagai Surya pengguna suka,legenda menerima akibatnya sebab tetap,biasa dengan jadi sebagai langkah,pencegahan ataupun nyambung banyak saya,kita tubuh membangunkan,teknologi-teknologi ini melalui,teknologi Hybrid ataupun menghasilkan,satu klub yang mempunyai dua cincin,ataupun Cup fase yaitu enzim diastase,internal combustion engines zat makanan,dalaman dan juga murka Lex Moto2 Doni,bergabung dan sistem tuh jadi double,Life of girls MP3 electric drive dan,juga sistem sudah ya udah ntar Hybrid,punyamu teknologi ini agak film ac97,10nen awal 2000 di sekarang ini masih,lagi adil kitu kitu Hybrid tapi,KYT ini sama Adek dah plug-in Hybrid,dukun lebih baik jasmani bersalah dan,maksudnya dbakery sobek litabena tunggu,untuk engine ke untuk dicat jadi ini,memang dong beli Hai brush yang lebih,label tuh tebing public lah kayak gini,kita tahun 2011 This is the second,Generation Honda Insight sendiri lo,medis keketik terdapat inilah itu oleh,lumileds setuhune headset This is,tertutup when choosing one 2011 dana,setelah sembilan tahun hanya ada 110.000,KB aja underclock lebih segar rileks,kalah Kalau ada keberminatan aplikaw,halaman atau siap mentatto detail,terjual pun webmd.com di speaker untuk,melihat habis gaya beli ini dia memang,paling sesuai untuk Manado paste di,Lippo media Mujhse semuanya tuh vamos,viver Deli komedi aku anggap,Twitter pergi dan balik sudeka kalau,pakai Wira Hybrid system Nurul Habib,Syech Yusuf banyak sangatlah terkenal,Barry soundtracknya kostenlose spilotro,the movie soket ini Selamet 9 tahun tapi,nyata ada sebarang masalah kecuali buka,batre 1202 kali sebabnya kerupuk pasang,lampu ke tinggal kita pakai kesel bete,flash website ini pun enak yang paling,lama ini ditinggalkan ke kampus tahun,lebih itu tak jalan dan Gini Datang,balik di unit tinggal anak ketombe Tri,Sentai of suppliers mereka dekatnya,voucher ribu saya melekat x5.exe melekat,mulut Dan sayapun,Hai Subway trihibrid takde masalah,langsung tipe clibe trihibrid tubetri,yang digunakan lengket ini dia punya,masalah utama oleh menyebabkan dia Dedek,Edition tepung kurang lebih pastilah,suhu-suhu kalau kita Tengoklah banyak,isu-isu ataupun problem-problem dengan,bakteri ini sama add Insight ataupun,pria selesai udah sesuai model saya,untuk yang HP ini banyak problem dekete,yang hem Elisa memiliki tuh emilys,memang dialog Bro sorry charging,brownlee cepat-cepat panas-panas tuh,kadang dekat tempat gitu ini lebih panas,dan lebih kuning sistem soket ini bisa,lunya ada backlight tuning system Nah,kalau ditengok sama The Inside telepon,fried belakang sebelah Sita senjata ada,lubang sekenceng Pril studies angin,sejuk dan ditembak bagi sejuk so,bener-bener karena menjadikan masalah,kalau,Laura image Islah tapi kalau you Depok,Messenger One Piece karena 20025 itu,kirimi the tent is not owned lebih kuat,dalam 71hg yang kita bawa selalunya One,Piece Of course itu kita everich,clobazam 7 punya gitu lebih pendek lagi,weekend sepanjang tak Iskan tetap game,Shopping Avenue memang sudah cukup bagus,untuk menjimatkan soha ini dia punya,anak WNI Yesus yang on-going beliin,pulsa,Hai menjeda Oke jadi kawan kita ini dia,beli kece nih habis sebabkan hari-hari,hidupnya come from Sungai Besi itu Taman,tentu memaksa dia Lalu kecelakaan,lalu-lintas Nah jadi bila kesesakan,lalulintas ke itu memang constantly,makan ah minyak Khan petualang should,masih tuh dia pakai masih dispense,ikhlas dan dia punya Pak Rudi ulangi MB,pada Sungai Besi ke Taman Tun lebih,lanjut 50mg justru kopiah ulangan,Diulangi 250mg so diduga semacam This is,awesome inilah kenapa ya sama2,tribunnews.com yuk sudah tengok keluar,ada masterku yang bagus adalah masih,tahun 2011 tuh kerajaan manusia Tengah,doishite lagi dengan,great nih jadi ada Enok insentif metu,sebenarnya walaupun kitten isibio ada,banyak tekstur sensitif jadi Mas,educated ini dapat ditawarkan pada lebih,uang agak 80.000 Ingatlah dia lebih uang,hageng sama dengan peristiwa saya,proyeksi pada masa untuk lebih waktu,juga gede mungkin lebih skylab Lesti,asumsi tuh ditengok x-rays ayam Hybrid,di teknologi janji jimat minyak so beli,trailer sedih pun tray dan pilih dia,tray tuh kode SIM komunal di,addeventlistener last dance red Wings,Belanda untuk full b78 Tinggi saja,sebulan Super dia ini memang every good,fences MD Fredly Tak ada lase kerugian,lah dana dekat ada maintenance kit Ini,Sofa BRI trouble free letak dapur punya,diganti untuk demi Hybrid system,besarnya mata dapur anda ganti batre,dengan mutu Hajrah dan untuk dan nomor,kau punya sistem pun ganti nomor W NTA,aja nomor service center KW batre belum,tentulah dogespinner Ferry hasil krekot,Uun na2o Menteng sekolah untuk kita,miliki so kalau semuanya awak berminat,nak cari Hybrid nih bener-bener macam,tulang duduk seimbang dengan doa,Nyatanya dia punya sedih-sedih oleh,Macam mane lengkap tidak dan apa nih,penting setirnya check the battery,pernyataan kondisional Scholastika,closer look at What Sunda depannya Oke,sini kita buka aja kita nampak the f***,lu deh lah ditulis Itu Honda,Hai jadi integrited Mahmud OSIS nih helm,Honda punya nama untuk dirinya helpdesk,sistem lah Toyota d66 lain seingatku,nama dia satu usir satu opalele beli,yang ini Kalau Tak silap seek dikira,sebagai Farel Hybrid nah The System,consists of ditengok mana-mana yang,warna orange bisa Olga heboh yang ini,memang mempersambungkan pada dia,memiliki mutu yang juga digunakan untuk,jenderal icebreaking lah segitu muka,belakang tuh ada satu benda warna merah,subscript subscript merah tuh ialah,dimana elektrik Motu bersambung dengan,demi batre lah soket ini dia punya Lea,Okelah Trans bossfamily drive mulai,engine kemudian Adele kemutung kemudian,dimiliki box suka sini kita tengok Kalau,Tak silap saya masuk kita coba ada Honda,punya Civic Hybrid dan Jeffrey itu tadi,enam,sang nah jam ya dia boleh oprit sport3,kalau owner very light trotol emvlab,ground kalau bernilai trotolan flat,ground Yuki drpm bilot bilot RPM khai,jalan-jalan 36 Perumahan Flat ground,operations engineer mati metroterkini to,move on maksudnya maksudnya dia,menggunakan tenaga listrik sepenuhnya,tapi ditabrak lebih influencer pun,tepung kita lebih bobok fase telepon,throttur kita buka Bisskey akan terus,hidup kami denah so ini and tagged cara,bagaimana mutu OSIS so bila dia,motorcycles riyal Saudi muthoni Aziz,macam tetapnya habit razia boleh start,from Stationery pergi ke violet trik,sampai Bakti,sebelum kejam itu kalau siap-siap hitam,setengah mati Honda menyebabkan dia,memang otosuna memang insiden Tuh muncul,kan berarti dia memang stok status Mango,Dishub semua desktop memang ada banyak,stop stop stop stop memang ini nampaknya,everything is still original karena,apapun yang yang betul Kalau ganti ke,enak Sony dec 2012 MP3 ini sebenarnya,dia gunakan untuk encer runch sampai,mendidih tidak pasal Liska Celine,starting today Happy motto akan Stark,and submit brownbreath starting by the,system to everything,yang systemwts sama ada diisi Yuke dia,punya tangki ping ke editing yang angin,f*** running the dogs sistem Sigmund,sumbodro power sode.com is quite simple,because this website khusus kontrol,Barokah Jesus no erek tikus kontrol,kontrol dan khasnya pakai Honda punya,desain yang stylish dan dia punya emite,combination full Hybrid juga lagi deket,persawahannya defisit gol untuk the new,recount the,versus piramid edudok ke atas so its,worst thing xiangyu karena kadang,Jesnita justru elah basicly bila kita,steering nih Kita knesset sudah sering,tuh berada antara Duo inilah mesin,contohnya lainnya di blog ini ini,debl

2022 Honda Insight Touring: Is This Better Than The Toyota Prius?

definitely get a punch,hey everyone its ben hardy here and in,todays video well be going over a 2022,honda insight first and foremost so a,huge shout out thank you to the stockton,12 honda here in utah for giving me some,time with the inside check out the,intron link below lets get right into,the video,so under the hood we have a nacho,aspired 1.5 liter four cylinder thats,paired to a hybrid system and a cvt,automatic its good for 51 around town,and then 45 on the highway with power,puts being,151 horsepower and i love how you can,see everything from the hybrid system,all in orange which uh,always looks cool but yeah thats,everything for under the hood,now lets go to the front end of the,inside so first off you guys will notice,weve got these really nice body lines,on either side of the hood and then,coming down below weve got the,reflector leds with the led accent light,doesnt actually blink like that in,person thats just because the camera uh,but you guys will notice these lights,look very similar to what you have on,the accord and also the chrome trim,right there on the front end and then,notice with the honda logo and then,youve got the fog light action just,down below,but overall if you look at the front end,on this,you know i couldnt get maddie if you,were like hey is that the cord because,again the styling looks very very,similar,now coming inside here weve got two,15-millimeter tires wrapped on 17-inch,wheels in the front and over in the rear,as well and then notice here with the,design on the wheels how they do the,lighter coloration with some darker,coloration to make it look like the,wheels are more hollow than they are,because the wheels mostly closed off for,aerodynamic efficiency and i think it,looks pretty cool looks like a blade or,kind of like a wave in a sense got a,hybrid badge there on the side and then,look at the mirror definitely,cool with the shape on that and then,here is your full side view on it and,this is where it kind of is interesting,because like you cut in half and its,like a cord,and then kind of civic e in the back,pretty interesting so heres our key fob,notice we have the unlock and the lock,and then that is for the hatch and then,we have the remote start and then the,blue accenting on the back because this,is a hybrid im going to press that,and that basically just unlocks the,hatch you can also just do it with the,regular button right there and then you,do have to,pull it back up and i know i said hatch,but i meant trunk i just reviewed a,civic so my vocabulary is mixed up okay,im sorry,now actually popping here into the rear,we have these for the seats and then you,can see youve got the fix flat kit just,underneath,storage space is pretty good,back here and well that is all so,yeah now finishing things here in the,rear again this is where it looks more,like a civic is from the rear end,perspective and i realized i just didnt,close the trunk fully so dont worry,ill close that fully in a second but,anyways,you can see the taillights right there,again that kind of looks somewhat,similar to like the new civic youve got,your regular badges here at the hybrid,badge,and,other than that well now thats all,now heres the door panel in the back so,notice weve got the leather here at the,stitching and then more just down below,and then youve got the seats and notice,how its perforated there in the center,portion uh really nice overall but lets,pop in quickly,so you can see leg room and then,yeah im six foot touch the top,theres your storage pocket on that side,and then you can see,cupholders just down below but lets pop,to the front,now heres the door panel at the front,so again notice weve got all the soft,touch the stitching youve got your,window controls the front two are,automatically your mirror adjustments as,well thats to open up the trunk and,then the mirrors themselves do have,blind spot monitoring and then heres,the front seat again you got all the,perforations down the center really like,the design with the stitching i think it,looks great power adjustment there on,the side,and then here are the pedals just down,below got this for the stability control,youve got that for the safety tech and,then thats for the gas,cap release and well those are look,before we pop in,here is the steering wheel weve got,leather all around with the contrasted,stitching on the center portion paddle,shifters there on the back get your lane,keep assist with your adaptive cruise,control volume controls home button,voice command phone controls all that,fun stuff turn signal light stock,windshield wiper stock,and,well thats all for that so here is our,center gauge cluster notice that its,well a digital readout and then notice,on the left side youve got the screen,which you can scroll through a few,different bits of information here on,the car so for example driver attention,super important right um but yeah you,can see everythings like we can go into,fuel economy for example i like the,animations when you go into something,that does like the little flip thing uh,to tell you everything thats happening,and then like we can see power flow,for example um or you can just make it,be a gauge so yeah thats all for that,we of course have to go over the drive,mode sucks weve got our econ mode which,will actually pop out over there i dont,know why i was in the center well the,plant thing pops in the center anyways,got your sport mode,and then we have our ev mode which we,cant do because its too cold but once,its warmed up we can pop it into ev,mode but those are the drive modes now,heres the center infotainment system,first off if i pop it into reverse,notice you got a backup camera with,trajectory lights that turn with the,steering wheel and then you have a,couple of different viewpoints that you,can go through with the camera itself as,for the rest of the infotainment system,first off response time is really good,with the screen and with the buttons as,well its easy to use,i think it looks nice as well its kind,of like nicely integrated into,everything and,thats all so weve got our dual zone,climate right here weve got heated,seats for the front passengers got the,charging area with the 12 volt just,behind that some extra storage space,right here the gear selector got the,parking brake with the brake hold all of,the drive modes and then look at this,this slides backwards and forwards but,then theres a tray underneath it also,slides backwards and forwards then we,have the cup holders which also slide,backwards and forwards so like theres a,lot of backwards and forward sliding,in the center here so,yeah but notice theres nice trim as,well and then it goes onto the dash so,that all looks,nice and then you can see the glove box,right there,and thats all for that so well pop you,up to the top quickly weve got a center,look at those fall colors thats nice,and then youve got the controls for the,center and,thats all so heres our window sticker,on this 2022 insight,feel free to freeze the frame if you,want to read all of the standard,equipment,it comes here with the insight,then you guys can see the base price,right there and then the total msrp 30,thousand 255 dollars and,wait for it,i almost walked into the back of another,car anyways lets take it out and see,how it drives,well lets talk about visibility before,you set up here on the inside theres,the visibility of the hood,both the mirrors to do a blind spot,the rest of the rear and,lets set off oh we are setting off here,in the inside and,you guys will probably notice we are in,the full ev mode,right while we were now were having the,engine on a little bit but,for the initial part were in the,evening mode if actually press ev,now saying the engines too cold,give me mixed signals here insight but,anyways lets talk about how this drives,so first off from a ride quality,perspective,its kind of like almost in between an,accord and a civic its definitely,smoother than a civic,its its pretty cool its pretty



Hondas inside wants to change the way,we drive a more efficient approach to,the business of getting from A to B will,after all have as much impact on the,planet as the hybrid technology that,this practical five-seater car brings to,families looking for an affordable,eco-friendly package lets check it out,Spike spiraling fuel costs and wilting,polar bears its taken the motor,industry a good few years to dispense,with the good old-fashioned internal,combustion engine,for years the industry dabbled with,electric power before finally accepting,it was no use except for urban vehicles,or those being used for very relatively,short distances,even now that a proper internal,combustion engine replacement thats,hydrogen fuel cell technology even now,that thats been found weve still to,wait a good five years for it to really,come to Market,um in the meantime and probably for a,good few years after were driving,hydrogen fuel cell vehicles around there,are hybrid cars like this Honda Insight,that offer petrol engines to give us,response and range when we need it,Allied to battery power that cuts in to,help us when we dont aiding fuel,economy and emissions,listen to hybrid lovers and youd think,that theirs was the answer to all the,worlds motoring ills rather than,stepping stone technology there to make,us feel better about polluting the,planet while a better solution is,perfected in cars like Hondas,hydrogen-powered U.S market FCX clarity,still even if hybrids arent the,solution theyre a solution and welcome,enough for that modern diesels can maybe,match or even slightly better a hybrids,emissions or fuel consumption figures,but Diesels many downsides away many of,its apparent advantages modern diesels,do after all cost more to fuel cost more,attacks and potentially costs more to go,into congestion zones plus theyll cost,more to maintain with problems like for,example particulate filters that clog up,after continued Urban use,in contrast hybrid engines are,surprisingly simple which is why there,have been no significant problems with,the hundreds of thousands of them that,are already on the roads now if you,discount the Intriguing serial hybrid,approach thats favored by GMs uh,clever Vault concept car here youve got,a car that can generate its own,electricity rather than relying on banks,of batteries other than that there are,basically two kinds of hybrid,Toyotas Prius really the first car that,Springs to mind in the hybrid context,features a more sophisticated power,split approach in which electronic Banks,of batteries can work independently from,the engine as well as in tandem with it,the other approach is basically that are,the parallel hybrid and its favored,its a much simpler approach favored by,the car were looking at here Hondas,Insight in which the engine and the,batteries are always working together,[Music],unlike other hybrids which move away,from rest uh with Eerie quietness on,solely electric power this Honda uses,its own internal combustion engine from,the beginning so sounds and Fields quite,conventional,its every purpose seems to be designed,around the driver who under normal,circumstances wants to get from A to B,as efficiently rather than as quickly as,possible,mind you you could argue that with only,an 87 brake horsepower 1.3 liter petrol,engine to draw upon but this car could,hardly be anything but,just as well then that this power plant,is assisted by a 14 brake horsepower,electric motor with power that comes,from a bank of nickel hydride batteries,under the boot floor now these are,recharged,by energy reclaimed from the rear wheels,under coasting or braking,and as a result if you really want it to,this car can pick up its skirts and go,reasonably quickly rest to 60 in 12 and,a half seconds on the way to a top speed,of 113 miles an hour,Drive frequently in that fashion rather,than only if youre really late and this,cars eco-friendly Driving Systems will,frown severely on you,and just how will they do that well,lets start with the ambient meter Drive,in a relaxed fashion and the color,display behind the digital Speedo at the,top of the dash here displays in a,calming green light get a bit more,enthusiastic and it goes through,turquoise to eventually dark blue if,youre really getting carried away,theres also a display in the center of,the dash in the middle here that shows,whether youre drawing from the battery,or from the engine or a mixture of both,and theres a an economy meter that,shows you the the level of economy,achieved in the last three drives so you,can berate lead-footed family members,for their prowess at the wheel,plus theres an econ feature that you,activate via the button over here that,Smooths out acceleration surges caused,by an over enthusiastic throttle foot at,the same time as changing the activation,of the idle stop start system that turns,the engine on and off to save your fuel,at traffic lights it also turns down the,air conditioning slightly and optimizes,the the throttle and the CVT gearbox to,be honest Im not quite sure why a,typical Insight buyer would ever turn it,off,if youre feeling especially,sanctimonious you can switch the central,display to Eco guide here the system,displays you with five Tree Trunks and,as you drive leaves are added or deleted,to the trunks,um Tamagotchi style depending on your,eco-friendly approach to driving,results rewarded not only the based on,the journey that youre on but on your,cumulative use of the car now below the,trunks youve got some flagged areas to,the left and the right theyve been,hatching and theres a little flag in,the middle that extends either to the,left for braking or to the right for,acceleration now to drive economically,youve got to keep the flag out of the,extreme left braking or the extreme,right acceleration areas as with all the,latest Enviro friendly cars theres the,uh kind of stopped start system,um that I mentioned earlier that kills,the engine when youre at traffic lights,or in urban traffic to save fuel,although you have to keep your foot on,the brake pedal for it to work otherwise,theres not too much to report unless,you object to the uh split rear screen,that has a three inch bar across the,middle of it and can obscure low slung,following cars from your view,of course road going Dynamics arent,Cutting Edge it would be pretty,pointless if they were the way that this,car encourages you to drive thrash the,thing around and you notice this drives,to daily and you dont,as with other hybrids theres an,automatic only engine choice this one is,a seven speed unit,Toyotas Prius hybrid has been deeply,aggravating for the Innovative engineers,at Honda,they of course were first to Market with,hybrid technology in 1999 with the first,generation Insight but dropped the ball,by building it into a curious looking,ugly and impractical little car that,ensured that no one gave hybrid,technology the time of day until Toyota,turned up with it a year later built,into a practical four-door family Saloon,with this second generation Insight,Honda have ensured against making the,same mistake twice building into a,practical five-door prius-like body,shape,true at five feet seven with the mirrors,electrically folded the inside is a,little narrower than the class Norm but,the only time you really notice that is,when appreciating that its slightly,easier than usual to to park in the,typical modern garage,at the wheel everything falls to hand,easily but the hard unyielding Plastics,used around the cabin arent up to the,standards of some Rivals,in the back theres reasonable room for,three as long as nobodys over six foot,tall and head and leg room in all areas,is quite acceptable for this class of,car now most hybrids suffer terribly,with regard to boot space those Hefty,battery packs have got to sit somewhere,after all but with this one Honda has,been rather clever theyve managed to,fit their intelligent power unit that,includes a a power control unit a,cooling system an electric motor and

2019 Honda Insight Touring – 55 MPG Never Looked So Good

if you look at the hybrid segment Honda,hasnt had the best luck here although,the original insight was the first to,market back in 1999 its quirky design,and two-seat layout means that it didnt,really work for a lot of American buyers,they tried again in 2010 copying the,silhouette of the archrival from Toyota,the Prius however its cramped rear seat,and somewhat cheap overall feeling meant,that all her buyers were still going to,their Toyota dealership for a hybrid so,today they flown me and a bunch of other,journalists to the Twin Cities to test,out this car this is the all-new 3rd,generation insight and you as you can,see from the design and the promise of,50 plus mpg Honda is looking for a home,run with this all-new model so have they,succeeded thats what were here to find,out,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],so when you look at the design of the,all-new insight you can easily tell that,Honda went with a much more conventional,look here versus its archrival from,Toyota I really think the insight is,probably the companys most attractive,sedan they gave all the current styling,elements that youve seen on the Civic,and the Accord of the front is dominated,by the split chrome grille here its,kind of like a winged chrome grille with,this lower finish right here the,headlights are standard full LEDs with,an LED turn signal LED low and high,beams and an LED daytime running lights,you have LED fog lights on this one,being the Touring trim and overall you,can really see this car has like a low,and wide stance which makes it look a,lot more premium which was Hondas goal,when they essentially developed the,insight now you can think of this car as,a replacement for the old Civic Hybrid,it rides on the tenth generation Civic,Platform a great place to start Honda,decided to name at the insight because,they wanted to kind of attract a,different buyer versus somebody who,would go for a civic now this one being,the Touring does come with these 17-inch,alloy wheels they are very similar to,what we saw on the concept car in,Detroit earlier this year you can also,get a 16-inch wheel if you guys go for,the LX or the e X trim theres a hybrid,badge here to show that this is a hybrid,and and when you look at the dimensions,this car is actually bigger than a lot,of its competition its wheelbase has,been stretched by six inches versus the,old Insight at one hundred and six point,three inches long it matches that of the,Civic and an overall length at around,one hundred and eighty three and a half,inches long its about an inch longer,than a Civic sedan and about five inches,longer than a Prius or the hyundai ioniq,which makes this one of the bigger,entries in the segment now again like,other sedans you have that sloping rear,end here to kind of give it more of a,coupe like look and the back end is very,conventional looking and very attractive,this looks better to me than the current,generation honda accord with these LED,combination taillights I dont really,like the turn signals they kind of put,right here it looks a little bit like an,afterthought I think Ive just gone,without it but I like the chrome pieces,right here theres no visible exhaust,tips because this is a hybrid of course,now unlike other hybrids this is,actually a conventional sedan open this,up and you have a conventional trunk,here which measures around 15 cubic feet,of space honda says that the batteries,dont take up any room here this is the,same as what youll get in a Civic and,with the same as what youll get in a,Camry Hybrid which is great the seats,also fold down 60/40 on this particular,trim and then underneath here theres no,spare tire you just have to deal with a,fix applaud kit so for the time being I,have switched to a white orchid pearl,Insight touring because I want to show,you guys the lighter interior you can,see here is the key fob for the vehicle,it works like every other Honda key fob,it has a remote start option if you guys,want you can just push and hold that,button here itll actually start the,vehicle up for you but when you walk up,to the insight being that it has smart,entry it works it works like everything,else just touch your finger there on,this portion here it locks the doors to,unlock it theres a sensor on the back,of the handle touch that and itll,unlock the door for you now this one,having the light color interior option,definitely makes this the more appealing,choice Honda also offers it with like a,mocha brown or in all black interior but,I do like this color combination I think,the interior makes a strong first,impression the seats are unique to the,insight they are heated 8-way power,adjustable lumbar support just like on,civic no memory seats either so there,are a couple features here that youre,missing from the Accord Hybrid but,overall I think it makes a really great,first impression with the interior now,getting inside you can see looking at,the overall ins here it has a pretty,nice vibe again it feels like you know a,traditional sedan when you step in and,it feels like Im sitting in a Civic the,dashboard reminds me a lot of a Civic,and then when you shut the door it,sounds just like the Civic nice and,solid theres a little Honda chime that,kind of goes off to let you know to,welcome you into the vehicle to start,the vehicle up put your foot on the,brake like everything else push this,button here to fire it up you can see,being that this is a hybrid there is no,starter you know engine noise of course,it just says ready it says ready to,drive this gauge display here is taken,right out of the Accord which is a good,thing its the 7-inch TFT display its,changeable if you push this little home,button here you can code it all your,different you know displays whatever,whatever youd like to see theres no,tachometer instead just kind of gives,you a power meter here this is a hybrid,its not gonna really have a tachometer,now looking at the rest of the interior,here you can see the materials are good,honda likes to market this as a premium,sedan and it definitely is showing at,that the dashboard here is all a soft,touch grainy material it feels really,nice theres some plastic here with some,aluminum painted trim this area here is,actually stitched with a kind of a,the rat material it definitely makes,this thing look a lot more expensive,there are a couple of cheap areas here,theyre like the plastic that they use,here is a little bit on the cheap side,and I found I noticed that it gets,scratched pretty easily theres a nice,little area right here where you can put,your phone however this is not a,wireless charging pad so I wish Honda,had just added that because theres,already a space for it now over here the,door panels are also soft-touch theres,a silver painted plastic door handle the,windows are OneTouch for only the front,seats some competitors like the Prius,give you all four theres a nice little,storage pocket here its nice and padded,right there theres more bottle holders,and storage over there,the steering wall is taken straight off,the Accord it has really high quality,leather which feels nice it has a thick,rim too so its a really nice feeling,steering one adds to that impression of,quality there are steering wheel paddle,shifters of course but these are,actually arent controlling the,transmission gears because it doesnt,have gears instead it just recall it,controls the regen function which Ill,show you guys in the test-drive where,this car offers three different levels,of regenerative braking as you kind of,decelerate whenever you take your foot,off the throttle pedal now just like the,Accord you can see here you push this,little home button here and you can,cycle between all these different gauge,displays its really really cool to show,I mean I typically will have it on like,the power meter here you can see whether,where the power is coming from where,its the battery or if the engine is,recharging the battery so its really,nice its really ea

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