1. 2021 Honda Odyssey | Review & Road Test
  2. 2021 Honda Odyssey review: Better than the new Kia Carnival?
  3. 2022 Honda Odyssey review // Sienna, Pacifica, Carnival or this?
  4. 2022 Honda Odyssey Review | This Minivan Will Surprise You
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2021 Honda Odyssey | Review & Road Test

[Music],minivan fans,time to celebrate the honda odyssey got,a mid-cycle update,[Music],at kelly blue book weve already,reviewed the fifth generation odyssey,and named it our minivan best buy,several years in a row,rather than rehash all the details in,this video were busting out a targeted,blast,of whats new in the refreshed odyssey,best hang on to your hat because this,year is the wildest ride in the,wilderness,in a sensible minivan sense,gentle turn minivan aficionados if,thats a thing,well note the odysseys reshaped front,fascia and,now standard led headlights inside,things dont look much,different aside from new dash trim on,higher models,the addition of third row bag hooks a,new illuminated third row usb,port on touring and elite trims and,second row seats that fold slightly,flatter,okay none of that is earth shattering,but the big news is safety related,the honda sensing suite of active driver,assists has been improved and is now,standard across the odyssey lineup,a new radar sensor and electric brake,booster enable low speed follow,abilities for the dynamic cruise control,plus pedestrian and bicyclist detection,for the automatic braking system,im told the brake booster offers better,pedal feel well be the judge of that,lets see steady oh come on do it come,to a stop smooth,smooth oh yeah,thats pretty good another addition is,the standard rear seat reminder that,alerts the driver to check the back,seats once they come to a stop,if they place something back there,whats cool is that the rear seat,reminder integrates,with the cabin watch feature offering a,handy automatic view of the rear,quarters so nothing precious,gets left behind honda has also,simplified the odyssey lineup and,adjusted pricing,most trims see a modest price increase,but the touring trim,is now 2500 cheaper of course as a fancy,man,im driving the most indulgent elite,trim,saying its luxurious might be overkill,but seat piping,perforated leather in the first two rows,and 19 inch wheels do give the elite a,dusting of swagger,updates aside the odysseys fundamentals,remain strong,the third row is adult worthy the magic,slide second row seats facilitate,impeccable interior flexibility plus,easy third row access the odyssey is a,perpetual top performer where safety is,concerned,ride quality is not thrilling but it is,comfortable and the 3.5 liter v6 along,with its 10-speed automatic transmission,accomplice,deliver ample dignified thrust,though it remains americas best-selling,minivan as of when im saying these,words,the odyssey has increasingly formidable,competition in the form of the toyota,sienna,and chrysler pacifica toyotas all-new,sienna offers all-wheel drive and comes,with a standard hybrid powertrain,while the pacifica offers its popular,stow and go seats optional all-wheel,drive,plus an available plug and hybrid model,that depending on your commuting needs,might never need to be gassed up in,total the refreshed honda odyssey has,been,honed ever so slightly making an,excellent minivan,just a bit more excellent but dont wait,too long to introduce generation 6 honda,your minivan competitors are coming at,you hard and fast,either that or theyre late for soccer,practice,[Music],you

2021 Honda Odyssey review: Better than the new Kia Carnival?

gday im paul so if you havent been,sucked in by the,suv craze but you still need a car with,plenty of seats a people mover is,probably on your shopping list this here,is the honda odyssey its just been,face lifted for 2021 this competes with,things like the kia carnival which is,kind of a personal favorite of mine,the volkswagen multi-van and also the,mercedes-benz valente,this one here is the top spec its,called the vilx7,its priced at just over 51 000 but if,thats a little bit too much the,entire range kicks off at a little over,44,000 today were going to do a detailed,review of this car if you do want to,skip ahead to other parts of the review,youve got time codes up on the screen,there or if youre on youtube,there are chapters below that you can,click on and if you havent done so,already id love it if you could,subscribe to our channel and press the,bell icon as well thats going to tell,you every single time we drive one of,these,big old buses so lets talk exterior,design youve got four colors to pick,from and they are all,free of charge what about the styling,there is a lot of chrome up the front,here so this has changed a lot since,the last odyssey that i remember well i,dont know the one that i enjoyed the,most and that was the really low slung,version it was kind of sporty to drive,as well,its now very much gone down the path of,i guess american is what you could call,it with that design so its got a giant,grille,that chrome that i mentioned and then a,lot of these piano black portions that,are blacked out its really only these,sections here and then the bottom that,actually lets air into the car,and a big honda logo there as well in,terms of headlights you have,full led headlights with an led daytime,running light these also have a,semi-adaptive beam which means that when,you turn the steering wheel these two,little portions here light up to,give you a bit more color down this side,of the road and you also have,progressive indicators as well so when,you pop those on,they come along the top there as a,little sequence down the bottom there,you have led fog lights as well,whip around to the side down here youve,got 17 inch,alloy wheels and fairly chubby profile,tire which means it should ride nicely,in terms of the design it seems to,follow the trend of what were seeing on,a lot of cars these days which is a,darker interior section and then a sort,of brushed chrome look on the outside,over on the wing mirror you have an,indicator built in privacy glass and,then if you come around to the back,youll see led tail lights here as well,these actually look really cool at night,time they,sort of give this quite a unique design,and then a little bit more chrome,along the back there with another honda,logo so were inside the honda odyssey,ill show you the key to start with so,thats what it looks like there youve,got unlock,lock buttons to remotely open the two,power doors and then a button to open,the boot,on the back you have a honda symbol now,this is a proximity sensing case you can,just leave that in your pocket,and then once youre inside the cabin,you have a push button start that glows,waiting for you to give it a hit now in,terms of the actual design i reckon this,feels and looks a whole lot more premium,than the kia carnival the reason i say,that is just the materials that they use,throughout the cabin just feel,soft to the touch and it has that sort,of premium vibe to it including this,wood grain along the top that carries,over to the sides here,it all just looks nice including the,seats i love that sort of grouped,leather look its kind of old school but,it really suits the demeanor of the car,now what about your touch points well we,dont have a center console here which,is a little bit strange well go into a,bit more detail on that when we talk,storage,but you do have a touch point here on,the door that is really nice and soft,how soft is it well weve got our,durometer weve tested all the main,surfaces in this car,if you want to see how this car compares,to others that weve tested before,simply follow the link in the,description now what about build quality,theres nothing here for me to grab,but the rest of this kind of feels,nice and solid nothing really feels out,of place here which is good,lets talk about infotainment so honda,has upgraded the infotainment system,its now an,eight inch color infotainment system,its a touch screen,and youve got shortcut buttons on,either side now this comes standard with,some inbuilt smartphone mirroring and,that is,android auto and apple carplay both of,them are wired though so no wireless,here ill show you what android auto,looks like to start with,there it is there so full screen,integration look at maps,thatll look nice as well nice and easy,to use and it also pairs with a voice,recognition system you can forward,commands straight through to your phone,as well so,the cloud will recognize them and this,is what apple carplay looks like,so full screen integration again nice,and fast,and smooth which is great now the thing,to note here,is you get a speaker sound system but,unfortunately you dont get any digital,radio so you just have am fm,usb and bluetooth and your smartphone,mirroring so,you know it is 2021 digital radio would,be,a nice to have i think but it does come,with inbuilt satellite navigation its a,third-party garmin,system this works pretty well comes with,traffic recognition there as well,so if you dont have a smartphone to,pair to the car at least you have this,and you know itll solve most of your,dramas ahead of the driver is a seven,inch display and this gives you things,like your tachometer and also some of,the trip computer functions,also easy to use with a little scroll,wheel here that allows you to transition,between all the menus,lets talk safety technology so you have,low and high speed autonomous,emergency braking you have an auto,dimming rear vision mirror,lane departure warning and a lane,keeping assistant theres also a semi,autonomous steering,set up for your radar cruise control,doesnt really work very well though on,the way here this morning it was sort of,veering over the lines and i dont know,just didnt really fill me with,confidence so i switched that thing off,you have blind spot monitoring built,into that wing mirror and in terms of,parking you have a rear view camera but,no,front or rear parking sensors you could,just rely on the camera,lets have a quick look at what that,looks like put that into reverse,the quality is actually pretty good and,then you can change your angles as well,depending on the view that you want,and if you are connecting a trailer,which you wont really be doing much,towing with this but just in case you,are youve got that top down view,it also has rear cross traffic alert so,you can see cars and pedestrians coming,from the rear that you cant actually,see yourself now moving on to,practicality and well talk,about connectivity options you have one,usb port down the front here and thats,used for your smartphone mirroring,next to that is a 12 volt outlet there,is a second usb,point for your front row and thats,located up here in this little cubby,hole,then in terms of the rest of your,storage,get rid of this cable for a second where,youre going to put your phone well the,phone,can really only live here theres no,center console which i find really,strange would have thought this would be,the perfect opportunity to have,a whopping big center console here maybe,its available as an option i dont know,if it is let me know in the comments,section but,for the moment your phone lives down the,front there now what about,cupholders so you have a few options to,choose from over here you have,one that comes out of the dashboard its,adjustable as well easily fits the,coffee cup nicely so its easy to reach,down here this actually moves outwards,so you can put that in or out and then,that also comes with two cupholders as,well,easily fits the coffee and holds it in,nice

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2022 Honda Odyssey review // Sienna, Pacifica, Carnival or this?

weve got the 2022 honda odyssey,lets go for drive you know what folks,we get all kinds of different cars to,drive performance cars electric cars,little cars big cars ive never seen,andrea so excited about a vehicle like,this the honda odyssey its fabulous,all right andrea whats up good minivan,whats under the hood of this thing a,3.5 liter v6 engine with a 10-speed,automatic transmission 280 horsepower,and,262 pound-feet of torque front-wheel,drive only i think youre going to,notice a theme minivans are getting,expensive but they come with some nice,equipment andrew what are the key,standard features of the odyssey the,base trim in canada comes with an 8-inch,touchscreen apple carplay and android,auto leather trimmed heated front seats,power driver and passenger seats driver,seat memory moon roof power sliding,doors and power tailgate led headlights,and led tail lights 19-inch wheels a,spare tire and honda lane watch with,adaptive cruise control andrea our,favorite a push button transmission what,do we have to put it in you got to put,it in s for subscribing if you can hit,that notification bell youll be,notified when all of our reviews drop,and then you can watch them and we do,this the couple car review twice a week,the first one drops on wednesday we put,another one out on saturday so please,subscribe hit the bell but also follow,on instagram its motormouth underscore,andrea to get a sneak peek whats,happening behind the scenes for me its,motor mouth underscore auto and the,links are below this video is brought to,you by canada drives shop online for,your next used vehicle and enjoy the,convenience of two-year door delivery,and the confidence of a 7-day love it or,return it guarantee visit,canadadrives.ca to learn more i think a,lot of people with a minivan its kind,of a grudge purchase weve got to buy a,minivan but then when they own it and,they use it they fall in love they go,wheres this thing been all my life i,think that its not a grudge purchase,for everybody some people just love the,practicality and comfort of a minivan,and some people even like the looks of a,minivan but what they dont do is buy a,minivan for handling hows it going over,there its not bad,this is actually quite a nimble vehicle,i like the seating position in here i,sit kind of up and over the dash its,its just very comfortable its very,comfortable and this engine is used,across the honda line in all kinds of,different vehicles so its not down on,power and one of its main competitors is,the sienna hybrid and its actually,coming up in our hot topic what would,our top three vehicles be how would we,rank them so stay tuned for that yeah,and this used to have a nine speed,automatic transmission on the lower,trims and then on the higher trims this,10 speed now it is just a straight 10,speed automatic transmission i like the,fact that this is not a cvt i think that,the transmission shifts smoothly in this,and it really goes when you want it to,you definitely dont feel a lack of,power in this even if youre on the,highway and youre passing so its not,available with all-wheel drive now that,is a deal breaker for some people we,always talk about this listen you get a,big heavy vehicle like this and you put,on a good set of quality winter tires,its going to be just fine all-wheel,drive is nice but its not necessary,this isnt the most beautiful vehicle,out there thats for sure but it comes,standard in canada with 19-inch wheels,and i like this white with all of the,black trim its the first thing i,noticed when we picked it up i think the,front grille looks okay it comes,standard with led headlights and tail,lights its actually pretty loaded on,the base model in canada now kudos to,honda for hiding the sliding door rail,in the past it was exposed and it kind,of really stuck out and theyve,integrated into the trim around the,window but i would say on looks that the,carnival from kia it has a really kind,of chunky,fashion forward look i like that for,styling now coming up in questions,coffee and cars we have a question about,the dashboard and also the size in,comparison to its direct competitors so,thats coming up in just a second but,overall comfortable and functional yeah,the seats are really comfortable in this,i could see myself going on a long road,trip picking up a few snacks especially,chips i like a good chip chocolate too,um and the only thing that this is,missing on this top trim which we have,is theres no height adjustment on the,passenger side and i dont actually find,that seat to be that comfortable for me,my legs sit up a bit higher and i dont,love it i wish that there was a height,adjustment this has got some great,available features like cabin watch and,cabin talk where youve got your kids,sitting in the second and third row and,you can see what theyre doing on the,touch screen or you can talk to them,through the speakers so you dont have,to shout at them um keep it down back,there thats the way i roll,oh my gosh you would not use the,speakers at all he would be shouting um,so i think that thats great and then,youve got the second row seats the,magic second row for the best value trim,in canada i would just go with this base,model it comes with so many features for,just over forty eight thousand dollars,we went through it all in the u.s youve,got a strip down version its got a,really low starting price but you dont,even get these magic seats in the back,so its a seven seater thats the one,id want andrea you wouldnt want that i,recommend you go up to the exl trim in,the us to get all of those extra,features like the moon roof and the,power tailgate and the larger power,tailgate,and the larger eight inch touchscreen,you get even a smaller one than that,so i would go with those two trims and,you should be golden now of course if,you are interested in the ventilated,front seats a wireless charger,navigation you can get it on the top,trim and also these seats have piping on,them that is on the highest trim one,thing to point out because of the,removable second row seats you do not,get heated rear seats like something you,would get in the carnival now a lot of,people look past minivans and go,straight to suvs because they want space,and to move people around you want space,and a lot of cargo space the back when,you open the liftgate has a huge well in,there no problem for carry on on the,cooler no its super deep so i laid the,carry-on and a cooler down but i also,put one of them up and you can see that,youve got a lot of space on the right,as well,you can also climb in and have a nap so,weve established for a road trip,minivans are great,chip chips chocolate,and coffee time now for questions coffee,and cars your questions from instagram,hi im looking for a new minivan that,offers biggest cargo space with two and,three row seats down and widest back,gate opening which one would you pick,for that purpose,well this one has the most room but you,gotta wrestle the second row seats out,and theyre kind of heavy,i was shocked actually at how heavy they,are but once you get used to it theyre,also clumsy to get in and out yeah i,mean its a good system because this,provides an eight passenger vehicle on,all trims which some of the minivans,dont have because you get captains,chairs or bench seats so i really like,this idea even though its not the,easiest to get them in and out this has,got obviously the best overall space and,then it also has the best second row,space its the pacifica and the carnival,that have the most front row leg room,and its the carnival with the most,space behind the third row which is,something that a lot of people are,looking at sienna has the most third row,leg room okay so this one gives you the,most space because you can remove the,second row seats,overall space is the biggest yeah the,easiest to use is the chrysler because,you have the stow and go seats that they,pioneered and they just fold into the,floor easy peasy and that is why that,vehicle is popular it

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2022 Honda Odyssey Review | This Minivan Will Surprise You

what is up you guys welcome back to,another one if you are new to the,channel i am going pony i do new car,truck,suv reviews on youtube and today,we are in the new 2022 honda odyssey,courtesy of,apple honda in york pa for more,information on their inventory please,feel free to check out the link,in the description box below and so,wanted to check this one out today,because,in a world where suvs are absolutely,taking over the honda odyssey is still,absolutely killing it and there are,actually some minor changes,for the 2022 odyssey as well and not,only that one of the main reasons i,wanted to check this one out today is,honda for the first time i feel like in,forever,is offering zero percent financing on,quite a few,of their models so definitely want to,check that out go to hondas website and,check out offers so you can see if,theres zero percent financing on,whatever honda youre particularly,interested in but,also the odyssey is known for great,reliability has a very good track record,for that and so,in this video i will be testing out,everything about the odyssey from third,row legroom the acceleration braking,steering feel ride quality,sound system even exhaust clips so,having said all of that what do you guys,say lets just go ahead and jump right,into it and as,always lets start with pricing and so,as you can imagine there are several,different trim levels,for the 2022 odyssey first one being the,lx starting at thirty two thousand,ninety dollars,ex for thirty five thousand four hundred,ninety dollars the ex,l which actually is the one we have,today starting at thirty eight thousand,seven hundred and sixty dollars,touring for forty two thousand eight,hundred and lastly the elite,starting at forty seven thousand eight,hundred and twenty dollars and so,regardless of trim level that you go,with the power plant on the odyssey is,going to be the same,powering this one is going to be a 3.5,liter direct injected v6 pointing out,280 horsepower at 6000 rpm,262 pound-feet of torque available at,4700 rpm,power sent to the front wheels there,were 10-speed automatic with paddle,shifters which you guys know,we will be testing out in a little bit,here but 0 to 60 time comes in at,approximately,6.6 seconds which you gotta admit is,quite impressive for a minivan if you,were comparing,the odyssey to the sienna sienna comes,in at approximately 6.9 so the odysseys,got the,sienna beat there when it comes to 0-60,at least mpg numbers come in at 19 in,the city,28 on the highway taking regular,unleaded fuel but so that before we do,any kind of fun paddle shifter test or,acceleration test here in our odyssey i,did want to mention there are actually,some drive modes on this one they will,include,normal snow eco and sport those drive,mode buttons are all located just,underneath,the infotainment display there and they,will adjust things like the shift points,the throttle response,climate control settings and of course,traction control settings as well for,example if you were to put in that,snow mode that is going to adjust that,traction control to give you the best,optimal grip in the snow but nonetheless,since we now have that out of the way,what do you guys say lets go ahead and,find it straight away,first wanted to put the paddle shifters,here to the test and lets just see how,quickly,theyre going to react for us here all,right we are in fir hang on,now yep yep yep now were in first gear,here we go,theres a little bit of a delay its to,be expected its a minivan,after all but anyways i do like that the,paddle shifters are there typically,what i recommend people do if you want,to it doesnt matter but,when youre going down a hill lets say,when its snowing out you can always use,the paddle shifters to do a little bit,of engine braking,as opposed to actually hitting the,brakes when youre going down a hill and,then sliding off the road because the,roads are slippery so,they are good for engine braking i will,say that but im gonna go ahead and give,back full control to the odyssey here,im just gonna press that d,button again that gets back full control,and having said that lets go ahead and,do a quick little acceleration test with,the odyssey having full control and,lets see how quickly we can get this,2022 honda odyssey here,up to speed all right so we got a little,bit of an uphill climb here but three,two one,got started,its not bad itll get the job done its,definitely not the quickest thing in the,world but,im excited it is quicker than the,sienna and there was a little bit of,slippage as well at the beginning there,because the roads are quite,wet its kind of been raining all night,so this morning the roads are,not going to be the best for grip but,having southern youre not going to have,any issues with merging onto the highway,its almost good there but anyways to go,along with that acceleration,as always braking is equally important,so up front you will find 12.6 inch,ventilated front discs,in the back 13-inch solid rear disc as,far as that 60 to zero stopping distance,goes,it actually comes in at a respectable,124 feet so,again for comparison sienna comes in at,128 so theyre pretty,pretty close when it comes to the,stopping power but having said that,i do love the brakes on the odyssey,theyre actually a lot better than most,suvs that i test like,lets say the volkswagen atlas comes in,at 139,feet from 60 so definitely a very nice,bite theres no,dead spots in the brake pedal or,anything like that so i do like the,braking on the odyssey and touching on,suspension and handling up front youre,gonna get a mcpherson strut front,suspension,in the back independent multi-link rear,suspension front and rear stabilizer,bars,as far as ride quality goes its pretty,much as expected its actually i would,say a little bit above,average compared to a lot of the suvs,that i test so ride quality is pretty,much as expected its perfectly fine for,me,as far as steering feel goes i actually,really like it i kind of,expected the honda odyssey to have this,super loosey-goosey steering feel with,no response whatsoever to it but,i should have expected differently,because typically honda really kills it,when it comes to steering feel this is,no exception i actually do like,the steering feel i mean its not going,to be as heavy as maybe a civic type bar,or something like that but,steering feel actually is quite nice in,the odyssey i will say that but,touching on cabin noise its perfectly,fine definitely absorbing a lot of the,wind noise so not a whole lot coming,into the cabin you guys could probably,tell that and i will say,that may be due in part because we do,have the excel trim because you do get,acoustic laminated front windshield,if you were to go with the excel trim,level and up and then acoustic front and,rear doors,if you were to go with the elite but,then touching on visibility that is one,of the first things i noticed visibility,is,amazing absolutely amazing i love it i,can see perfectly fine out the back,definitely better than the suv,counterparts that i tend to drive so,absolutely no issues whatsoever when it,comes to visibility also one to mention,though,rain sensing windshield wipers coming on,the elite trim levels thats pretty cool,whenever it detects any kind of mist or,rainfall,its going to automatically turn on,those windshield wipers for you if you,go with the elite trim level at least so,just one last thing you got to worry,about there but that about rounds out,the performance segment of this review,you guys lets now go ahead and take a,look at the exterior of our brand new,2022 honda odyssey all right so here she,is you guys the new 2022,honda odyssey actually looks pretty darn,good completely blacked out,in my opinion and so one of the minor,updates for the 2022 model year is going,to be a new color called,radiant red metallic 2. did want to,mention that so lets go ahead and start,up front on this one though,led headlights actually do come standard,for every single trim level acros

10 Things To Know Before Buying The 2023 Honda Odyssey

the comfortable and spacious cabin,gorgeous design language and Punchy,powertrain are some of the main unique,selling prepositions of the Honda,Odyssey,this year a new mid-range sport model,joins the lineup and the rest remains,unchanged but Honda has added a,complimentary scheduled maintenance plan,for all 2023 models and the base LX trim,has been cold from The Herd,so lets look at 10 things you need to,know before buying the 2023 Honda,Odyssey,thank you,the 3.5 liter naturally aspirated V6,motor of the outgoing model is present,with no changes on this 2023 version,this is one of the smoothest and most,refined Motors in the segment and is,capable of producing a healthy 280,horsepower and 262 pound-feet of torque,making it more powerful than the Toyota,Sienna and Kia Carnival,the motor is eager to accelerate in any,gear and even when hauling your entire,family this minivan doesnt feel,lethargic,the excellent mid-range acceleration,makes it an effortless freeway Cruiser,with a 0 to 60 miles per hour time of,7.1 seconds and a quarter mile time of,15.5 seconds it is faster than the,Chrysler Pacifica,the V6 motor comes mated to a 10-speed,torque converter automatic transmission,with the shift by wire and manual mode,with paddle shifters,this transmission is more than enough to,provide impressive gas mileage and,effortless acceleration both of which,are highly important for a family hauler,when driving through the freeways the,transmission is eager to upshift to the,10th gear which does help tremendously,in Saving quite a lot of fuel,however floor it and the transmission,never misses a beat and gives the,correct gear every time,it shifts adequately fast and is very,smooth in operation as well,one main reason the Honda Odyssey is,even more attractive is the superb gas,mileage it returns,this is partly due to a well-tuned,engine with IV tick and a ridiculous,10-speed automatic gearbox which helped,give it fuel sipping capabilities in the,cities and freeways,as a result The Odyssey returns 19 miles,per gallon in the city and 28 miles per,gallon on the highway with combined gas,mileage of 22 miles per gallon it offers,a combined tank range of close to 370,miles with the help of its 19.5 gallon,fuel tank,however the Toyota Sienna which comes,with a plug-in hybrid system managed to,give out the Best in Class combined gas,mileage and tank range,foreign,the interior of the Odyssey has nothing,much to complain about,most parts of the dashboard and door,cards come covered with soft touch,Plastics which makes it look and feel,very premium,the fit and finish are superb and there,are no uneven panel gaps,there are also leather inserts neatly,placed onto the interior making it a bit,more premium than some Rivals,the leather upholstery of the higher,trim configurations feels plush and the,contrastive stitching helps the cabin to,stand out,the clicky feeling switch gear Silver,and chrome inserts feel well put,together,all trims come with the 8 inch digital,audio touch screen infotainment system,and this is an impressive unit with,almost all the features as standard,the list includes all the connectivity,features such as Bluetooth Android auto,Apple carplay mobile hotspot Honda link,and many more,many entertainment features like Sirius,XM radio AUX support media streaming USB,ports and cabin talk in-car PA system,are also offered,the interface turned out to be pretty,intuitive with no major lags or stutters,to report and the learning curve is,minimal,the audio quality through the 11 speaker,audio system turned out to be pretty,decent,The Odyssey cabin turned out to be very,spacious similar to the outgoing model,year,the front seat passenger and driver will,appreciate the superb Headroom and,legroom and the shoulder room is wide,enough,apart from that the seats offer,excellent side bolstering under thigh,support and lower back support,the same applies to the second and third,rows as well,even though the second row space of the,Odyssey isnt as good as the Chrysler,Pacifica it is not congested by any,means,however in the third row the 23.1 inch,of legroom is much Superior to all the,rivals,other features like magic slide seats,and HVAC ducts for all passengers are,also offered,foreign,ever since the arrival of the fifth,generation Honda Odyssey into the,American Market this minivan has managed,to come out as an impressive proposition,in terms of safety,the ongoing model received accolades,from the national highway traffic safety,administration and Insurance Institute,for Highway Safety for its top-notch,crash safety performance,the same solid construction with high,tensile steel and aluminum makes it feel,tough,along with that all the regular and,advanced Safety and Driver assistance,features like automated emergency,braking with pedestrian detection Lane,departure warning with Lane keeping,assist and adaptive cruise control come,standard,[Music],the Honda Odyssey was very comfortable,when driven leisurely through the cities,this minivan comes with strut front,suspension and trailing arm rear,suspension with coil springs and,anti-roll bars,the suspension is tuned to the softer,side and that is what makes it very,comfortable at slow speeds,however as the speeds rise during,highway driving the ride quality is not,the best in the segment,there is a bit of vertical movement,easily felt from the third row seat,making the ride a bit tiring and,uncomfortable,the front end comes with 12.6 inch,rotors and the rear gets 13 rotors,smaller than the rivals like the,Chrysler Pacifica and Toyota Sienna,however even with a smaller rotor setup,and a heavier curved weight of,4603 pounds the odysseys braking,performance was satisfactory,the braking Hardware offered an,impressive initial bite and the braking,progression was more than adequate,however the brakes felt a bit wooden,especially in comparison to the KIA,Carnival,nevertheless the features like,ventilated rotors ABS with EBD and more,helped this minivan to come out with a,decent 60-0 miles per hour breaking,distance of 125 feet,foreign,[Music],the conventional minivan design of the,Honda Odyssey doesnt look boring,even with more than four years of being,in production with no major design,changes the Odyssey still looks handsome,with its imposing front end and the,masculine side profile with multiple,character lines,there is a radiant Red Metallic two,color palette which gels well with the,overall design,apart from that the seven exterior,colors LED headlights and tail lights,19-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 235,section tires and the chrome moldings,help the Odyssey become one of the best,looking offerings of the segment,thank you

2022 Honda Odyssey // Whats NEW (and Whats Gone) for 2022??

whats going on youtube so the minivan,segment has,really been heating up with the new,sienna,new pacifica and this honda odyssey,which was just refreshed a few months,ago,but despite it only being january honda,has already released,the 2022 version so,without further ado lets go ahead and,see whats new for 2022,and how it stacks up against the,competition,[Music],[Music],so on the outside honda has added one,new exterior color for 2022 and that is,called,vibrant red metallic thats not what we,have,we have the standard gray and as far as,the rest of the front,this is going to be the same as what you,saw with the refresh model,so youve got this new grille on board,its got a lot less chrome than what you,previously had,and it is finished in a gloss black for,this model you do still have a piece of,chrome though that goes across the top,and that leads into,the headlights now these are fully led,and thats standard on,every single model you also have an led,daytime running light right here,you have incandescent turn signals down,at the bottom and all but the very base,model will also come with led fog lights,now checking out the wheels uh all most,of the models will come standard with an,18-inch alloy however the top two trim,levels come with 19,inch alloys this to me is the most,aesthetically pleasing wheel option,because the elite ones are,a little bit of a weird design and then,moving beyond that we have our,mirrors of course these are going to be,heated as well as having blind spot,monitoring on all but the lx trim level,and if you want power folding and auto,dimming that will require the fully,loaded elite,all right now there is a big change for,2022 with this odyssey,as you can see we have a two-tone white,roof,on this one no i cant even say it with,a straight face but,we dont get much snow here so might as,well enjoy it while we have it but,theres really no changes for 2022 with,the odyssey as far as the side and rear,design,now of course i refreshed it last year,so you are going to have this new,black piece of plastic with a silver,trim going through it,that kind of gives it a more unique and,sporty design then off on this side we,do still have our fully incandescent,tail lights,every single component in here is,incandescent and then we have our,touring badge,and of course as you would expect,theres not going to be any exposed,exhausts,now for 2022 your safety systems are,going to remain unchanged but last year,they went ahead and added the entire,honda safety suite,standard on all of the models so even on,that base lx youre going to have ford,emergency braking of pedestrian,detection,adaptive cruise control auto high beam,headlamps and lane keeping assist,well guys if you havent taken a second,to hit that subscribe button already,please go ahead and do that it really,helps us out it doesnt cost you,anything,so what are you losing but now lets go,ahead and check out that inside where,your familys gonna be spending their,time before we take it out in a span,so on the 2022 honda odyssey they are,continuing to give you smart entry as,well as remote start,standard on all but the base model and,of course thats particularly welcome on,a day like this,and to get inside the vehicle itself,just grab behind the handle since there,is a sensor,now taking a first look inside of this,cabin youre gonna not gonna notice,any uh significant changes of course,since this was just refreshed,for 2021. lets go ahead and talk about,the interior color and material options,so like most honda products the lx and,the ex will come standard with cloth,seating,however once you get to the exl or above,thats where youll get real leather,seating,and that comes in your choice of black,gray,beige or mocha colors,now turning over here to your door trim,youll see the same materials reflected,up here,so i have a nice leather trim across the,armrest as well as above it,and then the touring and elite trim,levels will come with the piano black,accents we also have two person memory,seating as well as four fully automatic,windows,heading down here to your seat this is,the standard 12-way power dusting seat,on all but the very base model,and then like i was already saying we do,have a real leather seat which of course,is,incredibly comfortable,now just a few short months ago this was,refreshed for the 2021 model year,so for the 2022 model year you have the,same interior upgrades on board,so across our upper dash this is all,going to be covered in a leatherette,material with a stitching detail,as we move down we have some silver trim,youll see a lot more of this piano,black trim which i said,like i already mentioned is a part of,the top two trim levels,then as we move down youll find some,more hard touch materials but of course,everything feels super solid in that,typical honda way,as well as very durable,and to start the odyssey put your foot,on the brake and press the standard,button,and once the odyssey fire is up you will,be greeted with the standard,7 inch reconfigurable gauge cluster with,the two analog gauges on the outside,edge,uh this is the same as last year so you,just have a lot of different settings,including the settings for your safety,systems right in there,and then coming back to the steering,wheel of course we have electric power,assisted steering and we have a nice,leather wrapped steering wheel it is,going to be manual tilt and telescoping,and if you want steering wheel heating,as well as rain sense wipers thats,going to be,elite exclusive all right but this,is a van after all so theres probably,no more important aspect,than interior storage so lets take a,look of course we have,the uh handles there that we can slide,out of the way and well open up our,center console first,as you can see ton of space super deep,goes all the way down to the floor we,also have some connections inside,so when we get these coupons out i mean,this is this is just a joke guys,it just swallows it up no problem and we,still have a lot more storage from there,so weve got another little slot here,this would be a wireless phone charging,pad on elite we have our two cup holders,and then we just have a gigantic bin,where you can stick anything like a,diaper bag or purse something like that,we have our dvd player as well as some,more connections through there,now of course we cant have that much,storage because we have the shifter,mounted up here and out of the way,this is hondas typical electronic,shifter so you just push down,d4 drive you can press again for the,sport mode,and surprisingly we do have paddle,shifters on board,for reverse youll pull back on the,trigger and when you do you will be,greeted with this,backup camera across every single trim,level,as you can see we do have active,trajectory on all but the lx,and you have three different angles you,can switch between but there is no 360,camera,and you do also get an electronic,parking brake as well as brake hold,all right so now lets move above that,to our climate control so this is a,three zone,automatic climate setup with a nice,toggle here to adjust your temperature,most of the controls are located here,but some of them,you will have to press the front climate,for instance to change the,zones and you can do the same for the,rear climate as well,and then down below that we have our,standard three stage heated seats,on the touring trim level,okay so lets go ahead and take a listen,to the standard six speaker sound system,which comes on,all the trim levels except for the elite,[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],so overall sound quality is decent uh,you know not super,impressive you probably wouldnt expect,just for six speakers inside of a large,cabin like this but like i said you can,get an upgraded 11 speaker sound system,if you want to choose the elite trim,level,okay so lets take a look now at our,infotainment system,so this is the 8 inch display which,comes on all but the base,lx trim level and is running the new,honda link system,now

2018 Honda Odyssey – Review and Road Test

[Music],if you know me you know I love a minivan,review say hey 5th generation Honda,Odyssey since were talking minivans a,good jumping-off point would be,functionality as an average adult male I,fit comfortably in both the second and,third rows this is often the case,material quality is nicer the further,forward you sit but at least time to try,to fancy up the rear most quarters note,the fake stitching embossed in the,plastic Ill select the third rows big,empowering vents optional rear power,port and optional sun shades in this,case the nosebleed seats aint that bad,[Music],further back lays a deep cargo hold,into which the third row seats fold with,great ease however if you need even more,cargo space than that there is a snag,its called the second row to get it out,of the way you have two options you can,either slide it forward or remove it,completely if you have back problems,option two will either make them better,or much much worse,the whole lift and ditch routine looks,especially archaic considering the,chrysler pacifica elegant stow and go,solution so if youre buying a minivan,for cargo Duty advantage Pacifica but,for carrying people the odysseys second,row seats function well theyre,comfortable they slide and recline move,easily out of the way for convenient,third row access and the middle seat,back flips forward to reveal bonus,cupholders though we do miss the baby,access afforded by the previous,odysseys independent sliding middle,seat,the folks at Honda tell me that a lot of,Odyssey owners ditch the middle seat,completely do so and you enable buddy,mode where the seats can slide in board,for sibling unity and exemplary rear,seat access or you can also slide them,out board to avoid sibling strife and,enable exemplary rear seat access think,of buddy mode as a built-in litmus test,for your familys emotional health,[Music],all right but a clearer sense of how,well the Odyssey hauls inanimate and,human cargo lets examine how it drives,for a mobile rumpus room behind the,Odyssey drives small big windows in a,relatively tight turning circle its,easy to bob and weave through traffic,leave weave all that needless weaving is,administered from a comfortable drivers,seat that affords good visibility in all,directions even when changing lanes ok,the Beltline could be a little bit lower,but for its size the Honda Odyssey is,quite manageable adding to that,manageable feel is light responsive,steering that helps make quick work of,tricky parking maneuvers you might think,a floatie disconnected ride would be,your penance for driving a minivan but,thats really not the case in the Honda,Odyssey its tuned to both ride well and,steer well I mean ultimate road-holding,is a low minivan priority but enter a,curve with more speed than intended and,the Honda Odysseys oddly tenacious,cornering abilities will be a welcome,surprise,squealing tires slight smirk,I think Im approaching fun,another potential source of fun is the,engine is strong 3.5 liter v6 that,collaborates with a standard 9 speed,automatic or on higher trims a Honda,manufactured 10 speed and practice I,have noticed one minor issue with the 10,speed at swift cruising speeds when you,bury the throttle lets say to pass,slower traffic you can take a beat,before the downshift arrives throttle,Mike give me a beat,mic take back that beats takedown issue,aside the Odyssey delivers silky,enthusiastic acceleration a helpful,trait for a box doomed to spend its day,weighed down with people or cargo,interestingly despite a standard,automatic engine idle system included,with 10 speed transmission fuel economy,is the same across the entire Odyssey,lineup so the tennspeed does offer a,slight tow capacity advantage versus the,9 speed among these standard features,found on the not-quite $31,000 Odyssey,LX based trim our automatic climate,control 8 airbags 5 child seat latch,points which button engine starts a,capless fuel filler automatic brake hold,a sunglass holder / conversation mirror,a wealth of garment hooks cupholders and,storage areas a standard multi-angle,backup camera and active noise,cancellation which helps explain the,odysseys quiet cabin included on all,but the base LX trim is Honda sensing a,suite of active safety aids featuring,adaptive cruise control lane departure,warning and assist and forward collision,warning with automatic braking each,system functions in helpful rather than,intrusive style making Honda sensing a,welcome addition unless you want to,dominate the demolition-derby minivan,style,despite a nearly $4,000 jump from the,base LX wed suggest springing for the e,ex trim with its Honda sensing blind,spot warning cross path alert passive,vehicle entry power sliding doors magic,slides second row seats tri-zone climate,control heated front seats seating for 8,instead of 7 a high-res eight-inch,touchscreen with apple carplay and,android auto replacing be less capable,base 5 inch unit and cabin control which,lets passengers adjust the climate and,audio system via a smart phone app that,takes a little bit of technical finesse,to set up climbing the food-chain,reveals ever more thrilling delights,like rear seat entertainment navigation,leather ventilated front seats a foot,activated and height programmable,tailgate and front and rear parking,sensors so a proper 360 camera would be,better,theres also honda vac a built in vacuum,that joyfully banishes Cheerios to the,land of wind and ghosts,talk which blasts the drivers voice to,inattentive ears and back sweetheart Im,asking very nicely and every parents,dream made real cabin watch using a,fisheye lens in the headliner cabin,watch lets you observe your brood like,Big Brother Big Daddy no big brother is,less creepy spend relentlessly and an,utterly loaded elite trim clocks in at,nearly $48,000 competitors include the,somewhat smaller and cheaper but still,enjoyable Kia Sedona be clever tech rich,and air I say stylish Chrysler Pacifica,which also comes as a plug-in hybrid and,the reliable and smartly crafted Toyota,Sienna which incidentally is the only,minivan you can buy with all-wheel drive,but given its historically strong resale,values and all-encompassing excellence,the Honda Odyssey remains one of the,smartest automotive purchases you can,make minivan or otherwise even so the,Honda Odyssey competes in a rapidly,evolving segment so do your research,examine all your options and if after,all of that you decide that the Honda,Odyssey is the best way to spend your,minivan dollars I will not be surprised,[Music],yeah it sure is,hi buddy

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