1. Honey Birdette Kukuro Sets – Lingerie + Bondage Kits Honest Review and Comparison
  3. honey birdette lingerie: worth the $$$$??? #honest review & try on / unboxing haul
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Honey Birdette Kukuro Sets – Lingerie + Bondage Kits Honest Review and Comparison

hi guys welcome back to my channel and,happy new year 2022.,i hope that wherever you are youve had,a really nice christmas and also new,years period and got to spend some time,with your friends and family,so yeah im super excited for this video,its going to be my first video for this,year,and i thought that i would start the new,year with a bang and do something a,little bit different,so in christmas i got myself a kukuru,date,um set which is this,beautiful,green color kakura set and i thought,that i would do a review video and also,a comparison video to like just compare,all my kukuro collections over the years,and i thought that it would be a very,interesting video just to see how the,kukuru style which is a very very,popular style from honey buddha,has changed over the years and see how,things are similar or different,and i really hope that this video would,be super super helpful,if um you are thinking about getting,kukuro or and,you know youre thinking about,um collecting and after the older kokura,styles so yes lets get straight into it,so,this is the kokoro day,as,as you can see its a very very,beautiful vibrant like blue green color,i know honey but that calls it jade but,honestly ive never seen jade that looks,like this in real life having said that,its such a beautiful color and its,very vibrant and also very luxurious,i feel like um,it really stands out against my tan,complexion so if you have a similar,complexion this could be like a really,suitable color for you but ive also,seen it like um very beautifully worn by,people who have also fair complexion so,i think that,i know ive not really seen anyone um,anyones skin tone,not suit this color so i think that um,it suits a lot of people across all,different kinds of skin tone,so,at first glance,you might see that,there really is no um difference between,all the kokoro bras,over the years and also between all the,different collections and styles,ill show you my pink one as well,as you can see like theres literally no,difference,i dont notice that,at first,feel,um,i can pretty much tell straight away,that all the elastic and the materials,are quite different the cups are really,similar to the leopard and also the,blush one which just feels like you know,really nice and smooth satin but you can,tell that the elastic feels a bit more,stiffer,um it has less stretch and give and also,yeah it feels a bit thicker almost and,less smooth and um,stretchy,so,this can be like both a good and bad,thing i feel,um,i feel like you know this kind of,sturdier feeling elastate would,definitely you know,hold against time a bit better,and its less likely to like show wear,and tear with use,but also,because its more firm it has less,stretch and less give so its actually,less forgiving in terms of sizing and if,youre in between sizes it might make,sense to then size up because it just,doesnt stretch as much so its more,comfortable to like get just a bigger,size,having said that i dont think um there,is any like significant design change at,all when it comes to the bra,um with this kukuro jake they do use all,the yellow gold fittings,and i personally find that the bra fits,exactly the same with all my other,kukuro in the same size,which is 10 e um,my black kukuro,was actually the first full set ive,ever gotten from honey but and this was,like some time ago so,the sizing is like slightly different,this is a 10d whereas this is a 10e so i,feel like i cant compare it as well,although i feel like with the black one,because it seems to be more forgiving in,terms of the elastics and,the sizing its still kind of fit but i,just wish that i had,gone with at least a 10 double d instead,of a 10 d because now,its just a bit of a struggle to like,fit myself into this one,so yeah that is the bra and ill show,you guys,the suspenders,now as you can see ive got like,all the suspenders here as well because,i,i i tend to like complete all my kukuro,sets and keep the full sets because you,know it has a bit of a sentimental,meaning to me,um given that the black kokuro set was,like the first set i fully fell in love,with from honey with that and so i do,tend to like keep all the full sets,plus it actually,is such a hot set like i gotta admit you,know its probably one of the first sets,from honey but that just made me look,twice,and,just really and test me into like,collecting the whole brand,so yeah very very powerful set,um,and yeah very sentimental,and,here are the suspenders as you can see,um,with the blush pink suspender,its actually a little bit different so,what i have is the first release cooker,blush pink set,and this is the first release suspender,this will not apply to the re-release um,kukuro blush pink because that will be,like exactly the same with the green one,where theyve changed a lot of things,but um i wanted to show you the,difference so,just take note that this part here is,satin,and the new release would be exactly the,same as the green one,which has been changed to like,clear mesh,and also,which have the adjustable um settings at,the back of it,instead of like,the older kokura sets which just,literally only have one setting and you,cant tighten it or loosen it in the,waist,although you can do that with the leg,garters and its the same across,both sets and in fact,all of them so all of them have leg,garters which you can adjust,um,only the newest one will have the,adjustable waist settings,so let me show you the black and the,leopard one as well to compare,so as i said,um,what ive said about the pink one also,applies to these two they do not have,any of the adjustment features um in the,waist,um,and also,this one um,sorry oh my god,i need to have my free hands,um yeah the leopard one same as the pink,one has the satin panels instead of mesh,panels at the front although now that,ive,looked at my black one again,um and this was a re-release of the,black one it also has this mesh panel,and its slightly different to both the,paint one,and also the,the leopard one which is interesting,and i actually have never noticed it,before,today,just like comparing them side by side so,always learning something new,another difference with the suspender,that ive noticed is that the all the,older ones actually have two of these,hooks at the front,whereas the new ones only have one of,them,and yeah this will be,uh the same with the re-release of the,kukuro blush pink as well it will only,have one of the hooks instead of two,like all the previous older styles of,kukuro,and so,thats the suspender lets now look at,the briefs,i have the briefs for all the kukuros,its not that i do not like that song,but i find that the briefs are so much,more interesting,uh when it comes to the bat like its,all strappy and theyre like nice chains,and,it just its just so hot and i just,prefer the brief more the um over the,song,um,so this is um the kukura jade brief,at first glance,you might not notice any difference with,the pink one for example you have the,same strappy,um,strappy accent at the back and also the,chains but if you look closely um,the green one is actually really,different in the crotch area so,you can see that its like flat and,horizontal,uh when it comes to the crotch area like,this um this bit is very bluntly cut,almost,whereas the pink one and all the older,ones as well,they kind of taper,taper into nothing,so thats like a big difference which,ive noticed between the um kukuro green,date and also all the older kokuras,aside from that um,obviously the elastic is also different,and i mentioned that before when i,talked about the bra,um because of the like different elastic,though it feels much firmer than all my,other kukuro briefs and again if youre,in between sizes i would suggest,sizing up for this because unfortunately,because its firmer and its less,forgiving it tends to give you more,lumps and bumps,and,like,if youre like me who dont really like,that and i know most people dont its,probably a you know a better idea to,size up then


hi its Jesse so a couple of weeks ago I,went into honey Burdette this shop for,the very first time I know what but it,was actually really cool and the girls,who worked there were really really,lovely,so I mean my friend went along to the,little Halloween party the next week,which ended up literally just being us,too and then nothing wrong about that,and I went in looking like others and I,won two hundred dollar gift card for,best dress oh yeah so obviously having a,gift card I had the cash that in as soon,as I could,so I went in a couple of weeks later and,I message around the girls saying I was,coming in to come pick out something,with my new gift card she is such a,beautiful soul her name is Hannah and,she laid out all these sets for me to,try on and she was just an absolute,angel but after like an hour of trying,on basically everything in the shop I,went ahead and got this set this is the,Samantha set and its red if you cant,tell already and I love a red I love,wearing red it is like my favorite color,to wear so it was sort of the obvious,choice in me but let me tell you,something this set has so much strap,sorry Im gonna do a little bit of a,review of this Ive had it for about a,week now Ive still kept the tags on I,was gonna pretend like its brand new,but Ive already worn it a few times Im,for a photoshoot and just because Ive,been really excited and just wearing it,so we have got the top here like so and,what this does is it just clips in the,front light sorry and you have your bra,top its not like a normal bra where you,put it up at the back but it does have,an adjustment,belt he also if you wants its height are,looser Ignace go ahead and do the Shaban,so basically theres a part under it,which Ill show you how to use in a,second its what holds up the choker,its held up by a bit of clear elastic,to give a sort of a floating effect I,guess I did notice that after trying it,a few times uh it did break itll be an,easy fix but it did break pretty quickly,I wouldnt say I was very rough a bit,but what can you do its very good,quality I mean its sort of expected,from Hobart,to be good quality but it is gorgeous,feels so soft and comfy on the inside as,well its so comfy and lets not forget,about the branding on little straps and,the straps are quite thick so it gives a,lot of support not that I need it next,in the set we have the undies now these,are pretty cool theyre not your usual,sort of undies theyve got a very thick,elastic but its very comfy and even,though theres like metal on it as well,its comfy as well and throughout the,whole set its got this whole branding,the router which is a nice touch of,course it is mesh at the bottom so if,its see-through,its very cool and the last piece of the,set is of course the suspenders voila so,these arent your normal suspenders,because normally with your suspenders,they have little clips that come down,and you can clip them into tight I just,leave you hang in whatever you want to,do this is a bit different because this,one actually has cuts so this sits on,your hip or your waist or if you want it,to be and it clips up,here now the one thing about this is I,find it very complicated because the,clips are the same metal thats just the,decoration the decoration its at the,right where its not Christmas so its,been hard to find where it is but once,you get a hang of it its fine this also,ah I just realized you can take off the,cuffs but the cuffs come on like that,and you just put it together like this,and Ive put it on and I have adjusted,these as well so its the right length,on my leg as well because your girl has,long legs but its a very good fit it,feels nice and snug because usually,sometimes two suspenders it feels like,its falling down and its like really,thin but this is thick girls feet of,course theres a little bit of fraying,on the inside but I think thats pretty,standard with normal clothes now she did,explain to me how to put this on,properly but it did take if he tries,when I go home because if the clips are,undone so if all the clips are undone it,looks like this thats a lot of straps,but you got to use your math skills to,figure out where to put it in but once,so I just try to keep it in the spot as,always so I dont have to think as much,okay now Im gonna put this on off so I,can show you how to work up the bottom,belt thing and hopefully it will still,work with the broken glass secret shell,be right but this is just the bra,without all the NASS this is how it,works let me figure it out myself okay,so this strap goes around this way,I think and you just want to put that,together like so so you can put it,together but youre gonna have to rotate,it a bit otherwise the choker will not,be in the right spot so this piece here,its got two different straps and that,is gonna go both around your neck okay I,just realized Im a bit dumb and put it,on the runway sorry lets try that again,shall we,no thats the right way and this is the,right way as well and voila got your,trigger on so now youve got the,branding at the front and you can,tighten up at the back to have it tight,or loose as you want Ive made it so,its being to my own neck,same with here you can adjust this strap,here just see this blue Ill type Ive,done it all my fittings and thats how,you put on the track of it so I really,love this set and you may be able to,wear out in like a shirt like this I can,mesh top Im like a night out or,something like that I think its a,pretty cute and also the goal at home,buddha said that maybe with the cuffs,like a skirt with a slit in it and so,you have little red cuffs coming out I,think thats pretty cool to wear out in,public as well so in total this set was,a three hundred and sixty nine dollars,and eighty-five cents in Australian,obviously I got to use my two hundred,dollar gift card so I just had to pay an,eight hundred sixty nine dollars and 85,cents which its pricey but you gotta,treat yourself but Im very happy with,this I love honey but now I wish I had,more money to spend there,but Im a big fan and I cannot wait to,wear this out and look at myself in the,mirror some more while I wear this so in,total I give this top a 9 out of 10 the,only bad thing about it is probably the,price not gonna lie,thank you so much for watching my video,I hope you enjoyed my review on this,lovely honey Burdette set if you have,any questions let me know,and a big shout out to the honey Burnett,girls that I met at the sharpener shout,out to hangout for being a beautiful,soul and helping me out with all,Byzantine sorry supportive and lovely,Wow,so I hope you have a fantastic day a,fantastic night fantastic wherever you,are and Ill see you in the next one,bye friends,[Music]

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honey birdette lingerie: worth the $$$$??? #honest review & try on / unboxing haul

hey guys welcome back to my channel im,just kind of testing this angle right,now,um,im excited though,i do not care if i break a nail i do,just dont want to break this,body suit from honey burdette,im kerry,welcome to my [ __ ] channel [ __ ],lets go,almost didnt quit my job scared of,failing,forgot that,pressure,okay,hey guys welcome back to my channel if,youre new here,yes im wearing a,blanket hooded blanket,oversized,outfit and thats it,and if that is weird to you then you,need to watch more of my videos because,this is kind of on brand,okay,im super pumped to open this,um ive actually been really excited for,this for a while even though i just i,dont know why i took so long to order,from honey for that ive been like,meaning to for a while and i really,wanted to make a video for you guys so i,ordered a few things from them,and then im gonna make a part two video,why not whats wrong with me why am i,holding this so weird,um,later on,because its a surprise though i cant,tell you,okay,were getting somewhere,lets just see what we got,im super pumped this is my first time,ever ordering from them,and i like that their shipping is really,fast thats obviously,amazing to me,so,i got this cute,bra,oh my god i already love it so much,um let me see so this is in size,30a,i think thats the smallest process they,have so hopefully this fits it looks,like its going to be nice,and then,oh my god im [ __ ] pumped,this thong,that matches this is a,size extra extra small,i love this pink color obviously you,guys know i like pink but just in,general that looks so nice and then i,also got this,um,lets see this is a bodysuit,and,i think its interesting and cool i love,that its all strappy and fun,and i think i got it with extra extra,small,so both of these i did get on sale they,were still kind of expensive but like,it was cheaper than they normally sell,for and like obviously i know honey,burdette has kind of expensive prices,but im so far it looks like good,quality and fast shipping so,im excited to see if it is worth the,price tag,this bodysuit retails lets see normally,for like,155 155,i think it was like 80 on sale but,and they this um thong,is normally 60 im pretty sure i got it,for like 30 maybe,and then this bra is normally 100 and i,think it was like 50 or 60. but lets,im gonna get my camera set up and were,gonna try all this on,yay,im kind of nervous because like what if,i,dont like it and i just spent that,money on,like two pieces that arent even that,great but also at the same time what if,i love it and then im like oh my god,im obsessed with this brand and its,like,i have to get lingerie from there,either way well figure it out im going,to start i dont know which one to do,first i really,think i might do the blue bodysuit first,so ill be right back im going to,change,okay this is already amazing,hopefully i can get this to fit what the,hell,i do not care if i break a nail i do,just dont want to break this,body suit from honey burdette,hey,wow this is tight but i feel i know its,supposed to be,hopefully its not too tight though i,honestly love it though,holy [ __ ],i mean i dont even know i mean i think,its a little small on me honestly but,its so cute,the quality though is [ __ ] like,i did not even think i would care that,much like i thought that i would be like,okay its nice if it was,but i didnt think id be able to tell,how different it is to wear this like,style this brand,um,damn and im not getting paid for this i,bought this with my own money this is,not an ad,i literally was like excited to be like,damn theyre not even that good because,im not like that i would lie im just,saying it would be kind of funny,if they were super hyped up expensive,and then,not even that good oh my god,okay i cannot believe how tight this is,on me though,i know thats kind of the point that,hopefully it looks good let me check,honestly i dont even care if this is,too freaking tight on me im wearing it,i love it,dude this is such a nice material though,i really really love this,oh god damn i really feel like im going,to go back on honey burdette and buy a,million things tonight i really,shouldnt but i want to,im getting my hair done tomorrow so i,probably just wait to take photos in,this but i really dont want to wait,im obsessed this is so beautiful,okay you guys so i really do not want to,take this bodysuit off because,its just so,awesome,like its just very detailed,very nice quality,i have to go on a diet now so i can fit,into it no im just kidding,please i was joking that was joke 100 a,joke,but honestly i really love this and,im gonna do like a full photo shoot in,it like tomorrow or another day not,today probably,but it is super cute but im gonna,change into the other one now,um let me take these tags off of this,one too,um so were gonna do the pink one next,but i just wanted to say one more thing,about bodysuits i feel like part of the,reason,um,like i said bodysuits are supposed to be,like a little bit extra tight because,for example if this wasnt super tight,um,i wouldnt be like i feel like it kind,of corrects my posture and the way that,i stand a little bit so it just like,automatically,is almost like,its not like a push-up problem like,its kind of just like a posture,corrector because of the way that its,so tight and i like it i think it is,helpful honestly i think this would also,be cute as like underneath a pair of,like pants or even like a skirt,at the top like its just super nice and,i dont even know if i should the back,i think i did but just in case,oh god yeah i love this body dude okay,im gonna change out of these boots im,gonna put on the pink one and see how,that one goes,be right back,okay so are you guys um i just really,didnt like that set so i just instead,of trying trying it on and showing you,guys i tried to put it on i dont like,it and just,you know threw it away im gonna burn it,im just kidding,i love it,it fits me so well and im obsessed i,literally never want to take off this,laundry,and the blue one too theyre both really,nice i dont i like them both,heres the back i dont know how much of,this on i will be able to show on,youtube probably not,as much as i,probably not too much but honestly,thats okay,you know where to find the rest on,twitter,and whatever,i mean honestly this is just beautiful,so thats why i really want to show,people it because this,these pieces both lingerie sets like,that bodysuit and,this are like works of art i feel like,its just different you can just tell by,the quality of the material compared to,like um some of the cheap stuff i have,which like honestly i mean theres,nothing wrong with it im still gonna,buy cheap lingerie and wear it because a,lot of the times i wear lingerie for,like one shoot or one plan and i never,wear it again or i like you know it just,sits there for a while and i wear it,again eventually but,you know these kind of pieces i feel,like are super quiet you can tell,theyre really nice quality and they fit,really well i mean like if you get the,right size,and then you want to wear them more so,its just like depending on what your,goals are for your lingerie look you,know,oh my god i have no idea which one i,like the most okay sorry you guys i was,just like,taking a couple um,very quick photos and videos in my,new set i love it i really dont even,want to take it off but obviously,i dont want to ruin it so i have to but,anyway i just want to say thanks for,watching this video i hope you enjoyed,it um,i did want to include like one little,end piece i so basically i went on,aliexpress.com you know like that its a,drop shipping place or whatever and i,found some really cheap lingerie that,looks very similar to a lot of um very,similar to a lot of honey burdette,signature pieces and famous ones and,ones i see all the time so i ordered,ordered it it probably wont be here for,a couple weeks but im very interested,to compare it to like the actual,honey burdette lingerie im pretty sure,that its not going to

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Honey Birdette Try On Haul + Review

hello,[Music],so today very very special try on,um yeah like a while ago my friend,visited me,and we went uh went you know like walk,around central London and then she saw,the shop,the shopping,all the brand which I love I had few,sets before,um but I I just I dont know why I,didnt know they have a shop in London,and,we had to go inside and we obviously,went inside I tried a lot of sets I was,just like okay I want this this is and,this,and well I bought a lot of them,um its honey bearded and this is not,the cheapest,brand definitely I would say like its,like not maybe you know like if if you,have a levels,um of the pack prices,um its not cheap its not like maybe,the most expensive but definitely is a,little bit more than on the middle shelf,you know,um but the quality the Styles details,everything is just a Perfection and and,I I truly love this shop,anyway I dont know like you can already,see,so beautiful,um so what do you have today,uh well have this,amazing,um this is a bodysuit,its its quite revealing Ill have to,probably cover myself a bit uh on patio,you can see the video without all of you,know the stickers uh nipple covers and,stuff but,slice like its not just everything you,know,um and what is very cool and I I also,know a lot that they also have they do,matching stockings so I got these ones,to this set and to another set which I,will show in the second uh this one is,pretty classy with a line you know uh on,the back and with some lace you know,with silicone,um then we will have uh yeah the,stockings will be to this set which is,like seriously I have a huge problem to,say which one is my favorite because all,of them they are so different and,so beautiful so thats another one,um,yeah,um panties,the right way,the back,like,yeah the thing with this one that they,have also the whole uh,uh on the on the needle you know,um,Im not like maybe the biggest fan of,this thing but you know and also I got,this belt,and there will be like I got two beds,because they did in two different styles,and I love them both and I think that,belt can change this look a little bit,so I thought like if it can look on two,different ways because just of the bed,its cool to get stool uh so that,another one is like kind of corset,um Im going to have,quick,so cute color you know,with all of the straps on it and yeah,okay,um,they have also a lot of stuff like you,can see um,I just cant its its just,you know it could give me a lot of joy,[Applause],um,and bells,for this one uh I also got this one,magic stockings they also have the strap,in the back I hope I will put them you,know properly so it will be straight,sometimes it is difficult to do it on my,own and also to this set is we have this,stockings which doesnt have a line on,the back uh they are like quite more,simple,but yeah lets lets do it with this,kind of sets I feel like,um its much better to show a full body,because,you know its just like I know it would,be cool to see it closer to but because,we have all these stockings which are,matching and and all of this quality I,just feel it deserved to this full full,length look,and yeah I have,the shoes which I oh not that,comfortable,but they are quite beautiful so,I will post with them,and oh my God I didnt show these,panties uh on the beginning because I,had it on me these panties they are,they are stunning I have you know like,they they are cut in the back we have,the straps around uh,its its its something else,foreign,[Music],so intensive,and like I said this one I I have to,cover myself because its its very,see-through and I could actually wait,for this stockings but I decided that,you know like anyway to all of the other,sets I will wear them so to this one,and shoot some legs and,like I said before you know from the,beginning of the video this lace this,quality is just breathtaking and,yeah just look look perfect,so how it works like you see we dont,have the straps on our arms we have that,strap which is going around the neck and,also we can make this strap longer or,smaller,um,the same is on the back we have the,strap,and we plant this is quite easy but,there is I I think that theres also the,thing to adjust uh the length of it,foreign,yeah like this color its so special but,I feel like I can say that about you,know all of the sets which Im showing,today,um yeah I was able to see all the,details,um it just,I dont know I feel I feel them like,yeah very special,foreign,and this last one,and last set,um like I said on the beginning we have,two different bells to this one uh and,of course I will show another one after,this so you can see the difference which,like the style of the belt can make in,the set,I mean its still the same style like,you could see,um,is different design,so,or maybe like its the other way around,but yeah yeah well see like it will not,be a huge huge maybe change but always,something,foreign,[Music],style and this one simple I had some,problems with attaching the straps on,the back so I just stuck them inside uh,the stocking so Im sorry for that uh,but yeah at least even more anyway more,or less see how does it looks,and yeah thats thats all for today,um a link to the Honey Pig that will be,in the description uh like also the,other my social medias link,um,about launching my website and my Store,with uh can since that there will be,some information,uh like when I regret I will let know,everybody and for sure there will be,like something especially live stream of,something like this,um yeah and if anybody is interested to,see like,um some more fun videos you know with,Savage Im showing and with some extra,stuff,um I publish a lot of videos and photos,and live streams and stuff like that on,my patreon uh so linked,also in my description and yeah thank,you for watching

Honey Birdette Lingerie Collection & Review! These are sexy! | Claudia Fijal

what is up youtube,welcome back to my channel today i am,doing a,very very very highly requested video,which is a look through my honey,burdette lingerie collection i totally,understand why you guys want to see this,i totally understand you want to see me,in it,so lets just go through all my favorite,pieces im going to show you some pieces,that ive shot in ill show you some,pieces i havent even worn yet and i,want to have a little discussion in the,comments whats your favorite what would,you wear what do you think is scandalous,what do you think is,maybe too innocent let me know,but of course before we do anything or,start this video,please please please make sure you smash,that subscribe button give this video a,like turn on the post notifications do,all the fun claudia thing so we dont,ever have to miss an episode of any of,my videos so smash that subscribe right,now please its free,all right first set that im going to,show you guys is actually the very first,honey burdette set that i have ever,purchased which is i still think to this,day my very favorite um because it is,black and rose gold rose gold is like my,color i love rose gold so this piece,totally reminds me of like a very,bondagey,bdsm setup so i think thats why i loved,it so much you could see all the,beautiful like gold hardware through it,um its kind of weird to like,show like this,obviously this is youtube i would love,to put it on for you but i cant,so if you want to see these pieces on,you guys know where to go um but it,latches in the front its got this,beautiful rose gold detailing like i,said and i really really love this piece,because it comes with two different,types of bottoms im going to show you,guys both of them um the first one is,just a very classic thong or its,actually a g string i guess i should say,look at this look how confusing this is,girl stuff its so rough you guys dont,even know so through the back through,the g string theres beautiful gold rose,gold detailing and on the front you have,the same chain going through the front,very very sexy,and then,the second bottom option is definitely a,lot more,naughty i guess i would say,um here we go heres the front,and then the back you guys the butt is,completely cut out,that out,open in the crotch area very very sexy,this one i dont really see myself,wearing,out or even under lingerie or under any,clothing obviously because its just,impossible to wear but it is very sexy,to shoot in and i have shot in it before,um,you know where to go to find that,okay next piece i want to show you guys,you already know i love my fun and,obnoxious loud colors,so this beautiful set,actually came in a couple different,colors and i think i got a couple,different colors of it,um very neon very sheer,the back has a little,very thin um,almost like a g string type material,this beautiful silk pattern throughout i,just love this so much this i have,actually worn out believe it or not with,just white jeans over it um with like i,think i wore like some nipple covers,over it maybe i didnt i dont know,um but i do love this super super fun,i love the color so much that i actually,got this in a two-piece as well so let,me show you that okay so this is the,two-piece set also just stunning i love,how honey burdette does like these,little like gems,usually on their bras and on the their,panties as well i just love this so much,the color is just beautiful,and then same thing for the bottoms,its got that little,gemstone in the back so cute the,beautiful thing about honey burdette 2,you guys is that they do offer a lot of,different types of bottoms,so if youre not a thong person if,youre not a brief person i mean they,have like three or four different,bottoms for every kind of set,so thats super exciting as a consumer,so,love honey birdette for that reason too,this right here is literally the same,exact piece as the last one but i have,to get it in blue too because i just,loved the blue and the pink together,so sexy,again with the little,blue gemstone in the middle,and i did get the same bottoms because i,feel like these shoot the best,um for my photo shoots i dont really,like how briefs look on me i think my,hips are a little too wide for that so,these i could at least wear very high up,on my hips which i love so,love this set,im filming,okay,next set probably one of my top three,favorite sets probably because of the,color i love the emerald green color i,think it is just stunning,um this set also totally reminded me of,like mermaid seashells as the tops so i,just had to get it but the color is to,die for,um and this one i actually tried getting,in the little,briefy type bottoms theyre a little bit,more cheeky than briefs so i was like,ill try it,um they do fit very nice i dont like,the full butt coverage ones but these,actually looked very very cute um and,again honey burdette with the detailing,um almost like a foil type detailing,throughout the lace this is just,beautiful,um you really get your moneys worth for,honey burdette stuff like i know its,very expensive but trust me worth every,penny and if youre looking for a gift,for your girl,this is always a sure shot okay next set,this one you guys might have seen on my,instagram page if you havent make sure,you head over there,um just,beautiful,um another,obviously,reason i cant show this on youtube on,my body is you guys see how extremely,sheer it is but it is just gorgeous,again with my favorite little gems in,the middle,so cute,i just love this so much,and then for these bottoms,these i think i got in like a full,coverage just to see what the deal was,yeah these are full coverage still cute,with the little stone but,i dont know not my fave im glad i,tried them theyre a lot more,comfortable,if youre just like lounging around in,lingerie um,but to shoot in i definitely like the,smaller little pieces,okay next piece i,solely bought this piece to wear as a,bodysuit with,just denim,and to be totally honest with you guys i,totally forgot that i had it until i,decided to do this video so,i think im gonna pull this out this,weekend,totally forgot i had it it is so cute,um im gonna try to be risky,and wear it without any um coverage,underneath but,how stinking cute is this guys oh i,think its actually flipped inside out,sorry my bad,there we go now you see the little,silk through it,so pretty i love this,um all of these sets like i was saying,earlier like you could get it in a,two-piece you could get in a bodysuit,i adore honey burn up for that because,if theres a little set or something,that you like but you dont like that,its a bodysuit you could get in a,two-piece theyre just so,like,different from any other lingerie,company so obsessed with this,so cute,im gonna leave this out so i dont,forget about it for this weekend how fun,is that,okay two more things i want to show you,guys because you know i love my,obnoxious colors,um,look at how,neony nyani neat neon neon e this is,so pretty so so so so pretty i think,this might be a little too small,32 triple d i dont know,might be too small um im very well,endowed in the chest area so this might,be too small but i think it was the last,size they had,um and the bottoms oh the bottoms are so,cute,you guys look how cute,the only negative at least for me,personally and i feel like my girls will,feel me on this,is,i have to be spray tanned to death to,pull these kind of colors off because if,not i just look like,im a construction cone or something so,um,if im shooting in this i definitely,need a spray tan,by the way you guys excuse my voice i,have strep throat right now but this is,how much i adore you guys i wouldnt,leave you hanging for a week with no,episodes so,i sound like a little boy i have strep,throat im on antibiotics im getting,better um,but i just had to show you my,honeybutton right,okay,final set this one is,so fun um honey burdette actually very,generously sent me this beautiful set,um around halloween time so i dont know,if they were going for like hal

Honey Birdette – Linda C Review & Try On

hi guys welcome back to another review,video with me im nadia and this is,alice in wonderland today im going to,do a review on the linda c blue,collection by honey burdette,[Music],so the linda c is a beautiful baby blue,color,and this is what she looks like,shes this,beautiful,more like powdery blue i would say,and she comes with like straps above the,cups,um two straps,and theres also sheer mess at the front,of the cups,so,its very naughty its very you know,comfortable and also see-through,basically,and yeah i got the three piece,collection,um which included the bra the song,and also the suspender which i have over,here so um linda c was previously,released by honey but that maybe about a,year or two ago and i was completely in,love with my black set,and when they released the blue one i,thought that i would also give her a try,because yeah the color is just stunning,and its unlike anything else i already,have in my wardrobe,so yeah here is the linda sea blue and i,cant wait to show you guys so lets get,straight into fitting,this is the linda c blue on,she is absolutely stunning and as you,can see if you have a darker or more tan,complexion it really stands out against,more darker skin,yeah im absolutely in love with her i,think that you know she fits like a,dream the material is very comfortable,the color is stunning there is really,nothing to complain about,and im just absolutely absolutely happy,with her,although in the beginning i did have a,bit of a trouble finding a correct sized,bra,so im im wearing the 10f instead of my,usual 10e and im wearing the xs,suspender and the asthma,so the sizing is a bit um different to,my normal sizes which is normally 10e,and extra small in honey badettes,but yeah the reason i upsized a cup is,because i wanted a better coverage in,the cup area,i found that with the blue,um as compared to the black one that was,released previously i feel like the band,is a bit place uh its its placed a bit,shorter,um rather than more you know,more along my nipple line which means,that if i get my normal 10e size i might,be you know,prone to getting nip slips which i dont,want so i sized up to 10f it still fits,perfectly for me like on the on the side,it looks like its a great fit,um,yeah im definitely really happy with,how the 10 i feel over the 10 e,as for the suspenders its really quite,true to size although the material does,stretch a lot,so if youre between sizes it might be,good for you to size down same goes with,the song as well i did size up from,extra small to small because i found,that the black song in extra small is a,bit firm and it was digging in,into my hips a bit which i didnt like,but the small song in this blue one is,actually a little little bit so i wish,that i had gone the extra small and,didnt upsize instead,but yeah having said that it still fits,me quite well it definitely doesnt dig,in and you know,um,give me lumps and bumps which i hate,especially in photos,and yeah the,its a its a really,um revealing song so im not im not,even sure if,this will be youtube friendly but the,back of it is literally just a string,but yeah this is the set i hope you guys,like it on me i hope you guys find this,video helpful if you do please press the,like button and subscribe to my channel,if you havent already so you wont miss,any future updates from me,bye,you

Honey Birdette – Lottie Try On & Review

hey guys,welcome back to my channel im nadia and,this is alice in wonderland,today im going to do a very very,exciting try on and also unpacking video,of honey bunnettes newest green,collection lottie,so if you guys havent seen what lottie,looks like,she is this beautiful green,like apple green colored set with,the most amazing details so as you can,see,lottie has strawberries and also daisies,all over,and,those details actually shimmers um and,reflects the light,so shes very pretty shes like this,multi-colored spring garden,surprise kind of vibe,and i i dont normally like green but,when i saw her in person in the boutique,i was just like,instantly in love and i just had to try,her on and of course when i did i wasnt,disappointed at all this,are as pretty on as they look,so,yeah its amazing and i really cant,wait to show you guys in the fitting,which will come next but uh yeah let me,quickly like talk about the um the,little pieces that i got just to like,brief you guys a little bit about her so,i got the lottie suspenders,which um which also has the same kind of,shimmer,shimmering strawberries and lazy details,and also the song which is so cute and,strappy its got like three little,straps on,each side like both right and left and,the back of it is really really cute,its not like the usual honey with that,songs with the t-shaped design this is,like much more rounded and it creates a,much nicer um silhouette of a derriere,in my opinion like it really,helps you to like,achieve that,rounded pitch kind of look in my opinion,and very very flattering before i forget,i also got the matching stockings which,are in this,nice apple green color as well so,without further ado lets get straight,into fitting,so this is the lovely trippy set with,the matching stockings,as you guys can see the color is,absolutely stunning and this is coming,from someone who doesnt even like grape,but yeah when i first tried on i was,just absolutely in love i feel like this,color is really flattering to my skin,tone so if you have like a montan,complexion i feel like this color would,work really well for you as well,and,and yeah its absolutely vibrant,and colorful and nice as i mentioned,before it is just has,it just has this spring garden vibes,kind of feel which is very very nice,cheerful and colorful and it makes me so,happy,but yeah if you cant tell already from,the way im speaking im absolutely in,love with this set i absolutely adore,her i dont think ive ever been in love,with a green set this heart before so,thats saying something,um sizing wise i got everything in my,normal sizes so i would say that the set,is pretty true to size um with the bra i,got a 10e,and i got extra small and the suspenders,and also the bottoms as well,so,yeah i feel like um the cups definitely,fit me well,um as a normal tan e,i do find that the fabric doesnt,actually stretch very much so say if,youre between sizes and youre not sure,which size to,buy or order maybe go up a size,of course best case scenario you can,always pop into the store and try on,things but it doesnt always happen that,way,so yeah,if youre in between sizes go up a size,especially in,the suspender and also the bra band as,well which doesnt stretch very much,with the stockings i got myself a large,size i tend to size up because im,pretty tall im about 100 centimeters,tall thats about,five foot seven oh i did get a faulty,pair of stockings the first time around,so watch out if you buy the stockings,inbox dont just assume that you know,because its new inbox that it will be a,hundred percent good like it doesnt,always happen that way which is,unfortunate because you know like we,kind of expect that when something is,new in box,it has um,yeah it doesnt have any faults but,unfortunately it happened to me this,time when i opened my first pair of,stockings i noticed some holes and,letters like even just before,even before i put it on so basically,just when i took it out of the box and,like you know inspect the stocking stem,cells so yeah needless to say i was,quite upset,but thankfully honey but that is really,good with the customer service i,emailed them i went in store and they,basically exchanged me a pair of new,ones like without much questions asked,which is very nice,yeah,aside from that i really have,like zero complaints about this set how,it feels,how it fits me,and,yeah how it looks as well because its,just truly amazing i,i feel amazing wearing the entire set,although i i also find that i really,like the look of the set even without,the suspenders so im not quite decided,on the suspenders yet im not normally a,suspenders person like you know i like,to have,a full complete set i i just never wear,the suspenders so i feel like this will,be another case of suspenders that i,wont wear so i might,i might think about returning it i might,not keep the suspenders but yeah um the,set itself looks amazing without the,suspense suspenders already i feel um,and yeah this song as i mentioned before,is extremely flattering i find that um,because of the straps on the side it,really helps to like accentuate the,curves of your hips and your waist which,is very very flattering and i like to,pull mine up a bit higher so it makes my,legs look a bit longer and it creates,like more of that hourglass shape,i,as i mentioned i personally really love,it even without the suspenders so,i might i might not keep the suspenders,and just like go with the bra song and,stockings instead yeah so that is all,from me today i hope that you guys found,this video helpful if you do like this,video please press the like button and,if you havent subscribed to my channel,already please do so you dont miss any,future exciting updates for me,see you next time,[Music],you

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