1. HONEST HoneyLove Shapewear Review- Size 10 Age 35
  2. Reviewing Shapewear At Expensive Price Points [Spanx vs Honeylove]
  4. HoneyLove Shapewear Review + Summer Party Dress Haul
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HONEST HoneyLove Shapewear Review- Size 10 Age 35

hey welcome to my channel my name is,lauren and in this video im going to,review honey love shapewear so if youre,curious about their products then youre,going to like this video because i go,through basically all of their products,i first found honey love when i bought,this white sweater dress and it was,really form-fitting and it highlighted,every single area of my body that i did,not want to highlight but its so cute,that i had to figure out something that,would work so as far as shapewear went,all i really had was like these shaper,shorts,and theyre super comfortable and like,lightweight but,they would roll up at the bottom and,they really just didnt do much they,would kind of hide some areas but,it wasnt enough and then i got lipo and,i should say i have botched liposuction,and i found that these didnt really,smooth out those new bumps that i,acquired from the botched surgery so,like i had this new weird hip indent and,it like went out at my hip and then in,and then out at my thigh but mostly on,my right side and it was just like,things didnt fit me the same anymore so,i dont it was just frustrating i never,really wanted to wear the tight,shapewear because theyre usually really,uncomfortable and then when i would try,them on i found that they looked really,obvious under the clothes i was wearing,and like you could see the rolls in them,and i dont know i would try them on in,the store and i would just never pull,the trigger on buying them because they,were expensive and they just werent,that comfortable and i knew i would,never really wear it so,it has been a few years since i looked,up any shapewear and i was determined to,make this white dress work for me and,during my research is when i found honey,love i was so intrigued by honey love,that i ended up ordering quite a few of,their styles because i was like okay,well heres shorts and then heres a,thong and then heres like the brief,ones and then the bra and im like if,this could help fix all those lumps and,bumps that i have now then okay like i,will wear this if its comfortable so i,got basically everything and in this,video im going to review them all for,you so im going to show you what they,look like without clothes with clothes,and ill share my final thoughts on each,piece first im going to share a few,unique things that i learned about honey,loves because i just think this will,help you make your decision but they,really dont roll down so they have,these like structures in them you can,see that kind of stiff,and every product has that basically,their version of boning like in a corset,from back in the day but its way more,comfortable and bendable,so these are hidden in the seams to hold,the garment up without needing,any of that rubber that a lot of,shapewear has or those bra straps to,like give you that additional support,they do come with the bra straps,so each set comes with these little bra,straps if you want them but you dont,really need them they really do,stay up very well they also make me sit,up straighter so when i wear them i find,that i have better posture so i feel,like thats just an added perk of,wearing honey love another thing i like,is that they dont rely on that rubber,that a lot of the brands have because,the boning really holds it up so if,youre sensitive to rubber then youll,probably love these something i didnt,realize is that theres a difference,between shapewear and sculpt wear and,those elastic shorts that i used to wear,are really just considered a light,shapewear they have basically the same,level of compression all over and they,squeeze every area of my body uniformly,but honey love has compression panels in,them,so,i dont know if you can even see through,this but like theres mesh on the side,and then,in the front it just gets a lot,stronger let me show you on this guy,lets see if we can see the xs,can you see that,so this is like extra compression right,here,and theyre strategically placed to,apply more compression through places,like your tummy and your upper thigh,area where you want the added support,but then they taper off in areas where,you want to breathe more or move like,through your rib cage or like down by,the bottom of your legs this is one,thing i always would struggle with with,trying on the shorts and even like the,biker short trend thats happening today,i dont wear biker shorts because they,just really accentuate that knee fat,that i didnt even know that i had,so thats one thing i really like about,the shorts and ill show you what they,look like on and what im talking about,but they have this mesh panel that just,its so flattering its not like that,shapewear where it gets tighter around,the knee or like your thigh area and,then you can see it if your dress goes,down further if youre wearing them,underpants and its like,like a panty line but around your thigh,its so weird these dont do that to me,something else i really like about honey,love is all of their sizes go from extra,small to 3x so thats a huge range im a,large i usually wear a size 8 to 10 or,29 inch waist and then im a 36 c,for my bra,and i wear a size large i probably could,do like medium large and it would fly,but,i love that they have extra small all,the way up to 3x so you can find,something that will fit you,something else i never knew about,shapewear is youre meant to wear them,without undergarments and,i did not know that but thats cool to,know so if you get one like the shorts,they have that gusset in the,crotch area so you can go to the,restroom really easily and everythings,machine washable so youre wearing them,without underwear youre sweating in,them its not gross you can just wash,them throw them in the machine they come,with this garment bag that you can wash,them in or you can just hand wash them,and then lay them out flat to dry and,youre good to go its not going to,damage them when you dont have to like,dry clean your undergarments,which is good i love a good return,policy and honey love lets you return,anything within 30 days for a full,refund or you can exchange so if you try,it on at home and its the wrong size,you can return it and get your money,back which i love that okay now lets,get into the undergarments so first is,the queen brief and this is 84. so this,has medium compression for natural,smoothing,and,it has what they call the power mesh,brief so this helps smooth your booty,like all of those little dimples that we,get but its so comfortable so the back,has this rushing and then the side has,the boning structures in them,its just super breathable and this,would be great if youre wearing a dress,that has a slit up the side but you,still want to hide the cellulite in your,butt but you want to show off your leg,this would be a really great option,so im going to be honest with you here,i tried these on in my mirror and its,definitely a different view than when,you film yourself on camera i actually,did not like how this looked on camera,and i found that it gave me a panty line,but its it is comfortable i feel like,it doesnt really do much for my stomach,and it does accentuate that hip indent,that i mentioned earlier so,out of all of the shape where i tried on,in this video this one is not my,favorite,so this is that white dress that i,mentioned and this shapewear gave me,back fat rolls because it goes up and it,squeezes the fat out the top so that,wasnt very fun to look at but it also,didnt really do much for my stomach i,decided to try it on with a different,tight dress and it really isnt,flattering at all its squeezing my hips,weird and i feel like it didnt compress,my stomach very well so i would skip,this one,next is the super power brief so the,super power brief has more targeted,compression it uses those panels on the,inside that really shape your stomach,and your waist and then it releases,everywhere else so the super power line,is honey loves most compressing mine if,you see anything that says superpower,thats going to be like that hourglass,shape tha

Reviewing Shapewear At Expensive Price Points [Spanx vs Honeylove]

today were going to kick it up a notch,and try the og,spanx and then a new come around the,scene honey,love i hate this thing i want to get it,off yesterday,i dont understand what youre wearing,this briefly whoa,whoa from the side oh my gosh,hello and welcome back to clevver style,hello,today we are back to explore an article,of clothing,that can be treacherous kind of,controversial shapewear oh yes so we are,back with,another foray into shapewear if you guys,can recall ive actually,done this on this channel before but the,last time we did it,we compared the ultra popular everybody,wants to get their hands on brand skims,versus a much more affordable option,fashion nova and you better believe,we had some thoughts body suit to the,side and it just,yeah right that was real classy so today,were going to kick it up a notch and,try,two brands that are a little bit on the,higher end the og spanx that everybody,knows and then a new,come around the scene honey love i,personally had never,heard of honey love until bridget kept,saying it over and over again were like,what is honey love what does this honey,love you speak of,what is it honey honey love is honestly,my new love i was browsing the internet,as one does and i found the shapewear,and i was like ive seen it everywhere,i have to try it i wore it in the,wedding guest dress under 100 under my,first dress,ive never felt more comfortable in a,shapewear like i,would live and die for it so im really,excited for you guys to try it but ive,also,never tried spanx i used to wear spanx,when i was trying to hide my pregnancy,from all of you guys it worked,yeah i did i hate shapewear i think,shapewear,should go somewhere and die leave me in,peace,i hate shapewear not on other people,like live your life,live your truth but for me personally as,a curvy girl,shapewear makes me like a potato pancake,like i feel like,i am like a smooshed like gumby version,of myself,in shape where all of my curves go away,and they come out of weird places,you know like the curves theyre here,but all of a sudden theyre here,and youre like where did i get a curve,there and its because your butt curve,comes up to your armpit curve because of,spanx,shapewear its treacherous so if one of,these spanx beats the honey love like,ill definitely tell you,so im really excited to put these two,head to head because maybe ill find a,new true love i thought you said a,neutral love,i also think you said mentoring instead,of mentally,are you mental cuz okay so in order for,us to really truly put these two brands,head to head,we have three categories were gonna try,on,a similar style from each brand in each,category with the clothes that we would,be wearing the shapewear with so we have,a,high-waisted brief a short and a,bodysuit well right now,i have circulation moving in my body but,whos to say in the next few minutes,when we get changed if that will be the,case,[Music],so round one were gonna kick this off,with spanx this is their high-waisted,brief option it runs 68,and all of us are wearing it in,different sizes schneider were both,wearing a small,and bridget youre wearing it in a im,in a large in a large so,i think its interesting to see how its,on all of us,so differently like i can tell it looks,so good on,you and what youre wearing like i cant,see it at all yeah,this is also a pretty thick material all,the items i brought to try on the shape,are,dresses because thats when i would wear,shapewear the only problem with this one,is because it is a brief like it cuts,here like you can see this,and like the butt is definitely not,flattering like i would want to like,yank it up my butt so it was a thong you,know,but up here i do think its very,comfortable,im not like suffocating yeah i really,had to tuck it under my bra,just for safety but throughout the day i,dont know what would happen,if it would roll down yeah you really,have to try them on,i think because you dont know what size,youre going to wear in,shapewear its not the same as normal,clothes yeah and it depends like if,you really want it to be like in you,could go down a smaller size but if you,just wanted to smooth it out normally,you could probably get your normal size,but,i also feel like shaper is something you,have to one try on and to wear it,for a couple hours to really get the,feel of it you know like,could you breathe is it rolling down,like are you uncomfortable my only,complaint is that its a brief and not a,thong,really i hate these so bad yeah i dont,understand like what youre wearing this,with this is such a weird shape first of,all its cutting into my thighs so hard,its actually just like,giving me the weirdest like ass ive,ever seen i dont understand what youre,wearing this briefly how does this work,in clothing i dont understand im,so damn confused i do think it would,roll down i think youre right about,like maybe needing,a different size because this is really,really loose up here for me but,everything else is nice and,i dont feel like im dying inside of it,but i dont,know what this is they just shouldnt,make them,in this brief cut because are you,wearing it with pants thats really,great what are you wearing you wouldnt,wear it with a flowy dress i mean you,might wear it with a flowy dress i,personally wouldnt so,i just think they should just not make,briefs at all i think its for dresses,that are like,super fitted here but maybe,on the bottom and you still want to have,that security but you want your legs,free so you dont get caught like a fish,in a net you know tripping,i think its sexy when im naked with,just the spanx but when i put clothes on,i hate my body it looks so bad,i feel like all of my butt is has now,moved its way up,and im more like a square like i,mentioned earlier,um okay so as far as the tummy control,of it all and like the,you know sucking everything in i think,its doing a great job without,making me feel very uncomfortable i feel,like i cant breathe the material is,very,like light and soft when you put it on,its not like clasp in the crotch,class are such a pain when youre,wearing shapewear because its so,impossible to pull the pieces together,wouldnt it be so,nice if shapewear had like a zipper or,something that you could just like when,you go to the bathroom,all you have to do is unzip it versus,buttons like buttons are the worst,yeah i think zipper just it makes me a,little bit nervous being that,i didnt think about those details,okay now weve transformed into wearing,our honey love,super power brief cost 79,shane and i both are wearing it in a,small but just wearing it in a large,it is a very different kind of shapewear,experience i was kind of skeptical that,all of these would look and feel the,same,to me this feels completely different,than the spanx did,for me personally i feel like this,is made of different types of materials,in different places its constructed,very differently where the spanx was,kind of like,one piece of fabric that sucks you in,theres,boning theres like a lighter pantyhose,type of material theres thicker,material theres a lot of,other things going on with this brief,than the other one,why that is is on the website they say,the material is like almost like an,x so its supposed to like suck you in,or like control it in that way yeah i,feel like this gives me a little more of,a waste,because of that fact because its not,one piece of material just smooshing i,think theres,more room for your body to be a real,normal,shaped body its not quite as,high-waisted as the spanx one was i feel,like,it kind of stops right here where the,spanx was a little loose it could roll,but i think with that you could also,pull it up or pull it down,you dont really have that customizable,option with this one um and it doesnt,cut me as much because the spanx right,in here,has a really tight seam and this one,doesnt feel as,tight its like a totally different,material yeah how do you guys feel in it,i definitely like this one a little,better i think becaus

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[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel or,welcome if youre brand new and youre,just finding me my names olivia and im,so excited to have you here for todays,video specifically because,it is a video that ive been wanting to,do forever so lets just jump into what,it is you can already tell by the title,today im reviewing honey love shapewear,okay shapewear first of all like highly,highly requested on my channel lots of,you want to know how shapewear fits on,my body so you can kind of reference,that to your body,and i am really excited about honey love,in particular,you guys asked for honey love honey love,listened they sent me some pieces today,to try on so thank you so much to honey,love for working with me and sponsoring,todays video they sent over some,shapewear for me to try and ive already,trialed it i know theyre kind of fit,and im definitely feeling really kind,of knowledgeable on how i can explain to,you how it fits on my body and that,hopefully will help you in your search,because we are definitely in the season,wedding season you know bachelorettes,maybe you have some bodycon dresses,tighter pieces that you want to wear and,maybe you just feel a little extra,confident with shapewear you dont have,to wear shapewear i feel like i have to,reiterate this shaper is one of those,things that its not going to make me,feel like this brand new woman because i,already love my body my body is curvy,shes beautiful but i personally,i love a little shapewear moment i do i,personally love to wear them under even,everyday pieces if you do want to wear,shapewear it better be good and so i,want to give you guys the full breakdown,on honey love hopefully this helps you,if youre looking for some shapewear and,just before i jump into it my,measurements just in case youre,wondering i am a 38d 36 double d totally,depends on the brand 31 in the waist and,43 on the hips we got some extra juicy,hips and usually shapewear digs in so,youre gonna see if it does or if it,doesnt so grab a snack grab a drink get,comfortable get cozy lets jump into,todays honey love shaper review and,yeah lets jump into this youre getting,a little sneak peek of the shapewear,before i show it a little more in depth,but i am going to talk about the lift,wear crossover bra first and this one is,such a little dream bra it is really,comfortable and im going to show you,just kind of next to me kind of what i,look like in this bra a little bit more,up close and personal hello me a little,bit closer with the bra so you can,actually see it and even though you can,see it here as im wearing it as well um,but this is the lift wear crossover bra,and im wearing this one in a size large,it is the perfect fit for me and it has,such a comfortable smooth material that,just feels like im not wearing anything,if that makes sense but at the same time,i am completely lifted in place i am,completely separated the girls are,separated and if you know you know,usually with a wireless bra wirefree bra,its just one uniboob like theres just,no separation this one im actually held,in place the other thing i love about,this one it has these like really sexy,sassy mesh details very similar to the,shapewear it is super nice to have,something thats like a very sexy little,touch its not often a good wireless,wire free bra will give you actual lift,especially when you have d slash double,d and above um it can be really,difficult to actually get that lift and,support also showing you the difference,with another bra so you can actually see,how a different bra is digging in to the,back of me and thats where i struggle a,little bit dig in a little bit and just,cause a little bit of spillage over top,and so this one was really nice because,it just is completely smooth this one,has pretty thin straps but theyre not,digging in with larger chests usually,the straps that you get are really thick,because these ones even though theyre,thin theyre still holding the girls up,and theyre still comfortable so,love that this bra is just super cute it,comes in other colors overall i just,love this style of wire free bra its a,really comfortable option and if youre,someone whos kind of been on the fence,with wire wire free or just havent,found the right one um i definitely,suggest this one its a great option and,i,feel like it looks very cute so yes,next up we are going to chat about the,shapewear,lets take a look at kind of what this,looks like on me it is really,comfortable i am wearing a shapewear,that i actually feel like isnt going to,be rolling down as i wear it and i do,show you at one point kind of like,stretching bending um all the things,that you might be doing if youre,dancing at a wedding and things like,that when you have to you know pull your,shapewear back out because it starts to,roll down these ones dont do that which,is really nice they come up nice and,high you can see right here its,actually meeting my bra line which is,super nice and this one actually is not,sort of giving me any digging in lines,at the hip region that is an area where,i struggle the most and you know why the,theyre a genius for implementing this,any shape where i struggle when its a,hard seam i love when they have,something like a mesh kind of band or,lace some sort of detail where its not,such a harsh end to your material,because that actually allows it to skim,over your your shape the thing i love is,the fact that it has this crisscross,kind of banding here in the midsection,it gives you extra hold extra,compression in the tummy region and you,can see in my navy dress that i actually,its a you know its a body con but,theres no structure to it so i would,definitely feel more comfortable,personally wearing something thats,going to give me that extra hold in my,tummy region and this one with these,bands its a definite hold and it gives,you some really good compression and,its going to give you a little bit of,added strength um in that region,specifically to hold when youre wearing,something that has a little bit more of,a you know a sort of a tighter fit on,your body the other reason i absolutely,love to wear shapewear and it just,doesnt have anything to do with the,shaping itself is the posture support,its definitely a big reason for me that,i personally love a shapewear moment it,just gives me the ability to stand a,little bit taller a little bit prouder,and i feel a little bit more confident,when im wearing shapewear for that,reason the other thing i love in this,one is it gives a good like a booty,smoothing situation a lot of shaper will,just flatten you it kind of,forgets that people want shape and,curves and theyre a great thing im,obsessed with this whole,two-piece situation um but i am going to,go ahead and change into another option,for you guys to see a different bra and,also shapewear for you in a short so,lets jump into okay so moving on i,threw on a little dress that youre,going to see me trying on with some,shaver in just a second,but i am trying on in the next um,portion some shapewear shorts and then,another wire free bra for you guys and i,am loving both of them youre gonna see,why in just a second so lets go ahead,and start with the bra and wearing this,one again in a size large it is a very,very comfortable bra it does also have,adjustable straps that actually can,crisscross so if youre someone who,needs a little help when it comes to,like a racerback tank top or a straps,with a dress that do cross in the back,this one will give you the adjustable,option to kind of crisscross if you need,to i also noticed with this one that it,did have some boning in the sides which,i didnt expect to have with this bra,but im in love with that it gives you a,little bit of added structure which,gives you a little extra lift which,youre going to see in this one it kind,of looks like the girls are just being,lifted more than they usually are which,so grateful for that but it just really,gives a really great shape to me as well,so this one is really comf

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HoneyLove Shapewear Review + Summer Party Dress Haul

what is up you guys hope you guys are,doing well how are you guys doing let me,know,um you guys im so excited about todays,video because we have a summer dress,haul and these dresses are,poppin once i can i am ready to dress,the nines,and one thing thats always critical in,making sure im looking and feeling my,best is some good,shapewear you already know where this is,going,you guys i had to put you on to honey,love shapewear,i have worked with honey love in the,past actually on this bra which im,obsessed with ill talk about it in a,second,but they wanted to send me some of their,shapewear and i had a chance to try it,out for a while and you guys,you have to go get it its really really,good,like tell tummy wear,booty poppin smooth silhouette,this is what i look for in shapewear,especially shape where im gonna be out,and about in,so when i am wearing dresses i love to,wear shapewear underneath just so it,keeps me,nice and tight and right um you know,typically when im wearing a dress im,eating im drinking im really not,paying attention to sucking in,and making sure you know my posture is,perfect,im having a good time and so while im,having a good time,my shapewear is doing all the work for,me so,i had to put you guys on to honey loves,shapewear,they do it really really well they take,into consideration,all of those areas where you want,compression,or where you want to pop they take it,all into consideration,so as were trying on all of these on,party dresses im going to show you the,honey love shapewear as well so you guys,can find,the right shapewear piece for you um we,have a brief we have a dong,and we have a shaper short like this im,a fan of all of them for different,reasons but well get into that in a,little bit so i hope you guys enjoy this,haul again everything will be linked in,the description box all the dresses i,try on,all the honey love shapewear so i hope,you guys enjoy lets do this,so before we get into the first dress i,have to give you a rundown of this,shapewear because its so bomb,you guys im not gonna lie it took a,minute to get into this is some intense,shapewear,the other ones are gonna be more casual,ones you can,you know pull down and pull up this one,actually has a pee hole,you know when it has a pee hole its,intense but,i love me some intense shapewear because,it transforms the body,like lets just be real if you got a,struggle to put it on its going to do,wonders to the bod so this one is a full,shaper short it goes,mid thigh um this is a really seamless,material down here so if you have,thicker thighs,no problem youll be good it wont like,you know dig into the middle of your,thigh or anything,but look at this ribbon right here i,dont know what you want to call this,but its doing everything for me my,lower belly,shes gone she left the building and my,muffin tops are also,out of the door with her so im loving,this one it was,it was a pain to get on but now that,its on im here,im ready so yeah this is where its,doing the main amount of compression,there is also compression right here and,on the legs,um but its not as intense as right here,and i really like that they took that,into account,of real womens bodies we do tend to,carry more weight,on our lower belly so thats always been,a problem area,not a problem area but an area that i,like to you know have a little bit more,compression,um so its doing everything i needed to,do for me,its also lifting and poking out my,booty as well theres compression,material underneath my butt so its,creating a nice distinction from my,thigh to butt,ratio which is going to look bomb and,dress besides,that its also smoothing out to the back,i do carry a lot of,um fat in my back so between the honey,love bra and the honey love shaper short,they got me covered no back fat its,going to be a very smooth silhouette,front to back so i think this one is,gonna look so bomb so let me get into,the first dress and see how it looks,okay you guys so this is the first dress,oh what do we think,you guys first of all i have to call out,how it,looks so damn popping with the shapewear,underneath,it like lower belly wear hip dips wear,like this looks really really nice and,it actually worked really nice with the,honey love bra,you know the straps are a little thicker,still giving a little cleavage but,not a ton um it just looks so seamless,on me and dont even get me started with,how my booty is popping,like that came out of left field my butt,is not looking that nice these days i,gotta get back in the gym and hit it but,honestly you guys this makes my body,look so nice,it makes me feel so confident having the,shapewear underneath,this dress was a dirt cheap as well so,if you need a cute little dress for,maybe a late,night date night or something like that,or,youre going to a lounge or i feel like,this is even wedding appropriate because,it goes pretty low,i dont know you guys decide if it is i,think it is,um this dress is so affordable though,this dress was 17 i got in the size of,large because i like my dresses,tight and fitted um it is fairly,stretchy but its not see the running,or anything the material is really nice,so i think its super cute i feel like i,could wear this a lot of places,okay you guys so here is the next honey,love piece of shapewear that,i have um so this is a shaper brief and,if you guys have been at my channel,for a while you guys already know how i,feel about shaver briefs,i typically hate them i typically hate,them because they create,you know kind of a line on your booty,kind of like a granny booty line,not these though so i had to put you,guys on,if you guys dont love a shaper short,and you dont love a thong,get these girl because they have,like this mesh material right here on,the butt,so it creates a seamless line youre not,going to have any,underwear lines or anything like that,going across your booty so,i had to shout these ones out,specifically thank you honey love for,finally coming out with a shape or brief,that doesnt create grainy booty lines,nobody needs that in their life,especially not eyes so,these ones are great you guys i like,that these do go a little bit lower on,my hips,so it is smoothing everything out on my,hips but its not creating any,noticeable lines because of this mesh,material that they did,so im super happy with it a lot of,compression right here in the middle,no lower belly like where did she go she,was just there a second ago,but i im not gonna ask questions shes,gone and its fine,so yeah you guys this is the queen brief,by honey love im so excited about it,finally a shaper brief that doesnt,create the,granny booty lines we love to see it so,let me hop into the next dress and ill,show you guys what were pairing this,with,okay you guys here is the next dress i,paired this with the honey love shaper,brief,this is a true party dress like this is,clubbing in miami type of dress um or i,feel like youd be perfect for a,vacation like a tropical vacation,where its hot because this is,see-through,so obviously its not like all the way,see-through because there is a pattern,on it but it does,have a little bit of its just like a,mesh material,so i really like these dresses though,because they are,fun and playful if you wear the right,undergarments underneath them and honey,love,actually has the perfect undergarment,for this so,a lot of women will wear like a dong or,something with this type of party dress,im not about that life so i have on the,shaper brief,so i think that this shapewear is,perfect for this type of party dress,because,youre not giving away all the goodies,but its very sexy this dress is so,cute the pattern is so unique and fun,its kind of this,mauvy purple color i love this color,um it does ruche in the middle so you,can make it a little bit shorter if,youd like i didnt do all that because,i like my dresses a little bit longer,but you have these big bell sleeves as,well which are super fun,um it is just an off-the-shoulder dress,but look at,the silhouette

THE POWER OF SHAPEWEAR | Honeylove Review & Try On

hi everybody and welcome back to my,channel today were gonna be doing a,review and unboxing and try on of the,shapewear of honey love and this is how,the shapewear,comes this is the package i havent,unboxed this,and im a little scared im not gonna,lie because i think they match me with a,large or medium size,and i almost never use that side i,normally use a small,so lets see if it is fits,lets see how it looks like lets unbox,this and here,is the garment this is how it comes and,oh my god this,is large i bought a large because they,were saying that,because of my hips it wouldnt fit me a,small wooden feet,and but then im not sure how its going,to look in my waist,because my waist is really small,compared to my hips,so im wondering if this is going to,even fit,this is you are you on masterpiece,honeylove.com,and lets lose this im a little,concerned of the size,to be honest but i wanted to follow,their directions,and here is a garment i picked the black,one,here it is the garment it is a very very,pretty garment i bought,the classic one that it has kind of like,two shades and you can see the,s in the garment you can see that,x in there this is super super pretty,i can see the waist is very very big,i dont think this garment is going to,fit me,um it seems big but you never know,you never know lets see it might have,not that much,stretch to it i dont know it seems big,to me,already but its very very structured,made,so maybe it does fit i dont know okay,lets see lets see,this is how it comes inside its kind of,like a different material,more thick and it has a structure like a,band here on the sides to make sure that,you dont,that this doesnt roll down this is made,in california,and this brand is owned by woman so,this is something for us made by us,i wish i picked the new one because they,are always easier to show,i dont know why i picked this color,anyhow it has a,hole for you to go to the bathroom,some people dont like it some people,need it i am the team,i want it i need it i dont want to,remove the whole thing,to go to the bathroom this is more like,a shake wear this is not a fa,fajas are normally something that it,will help to super super tight your body,and make it,smaller this one is more to,yeah help you to look a smaller more,flat but,not a huge drastic difference this is,more for like,you everyday garment if you are not used,to fajas or you dont want to use fast,because theyre very suffocating,sometimes,i love them but i i understand the,concept,if you dont like it um and these ones,are more like for wearing for,dresses and things to smooth your body,and your skin and,and make everything look even and nice i,dont think this is anything,to actually reshape your body,this is more for like a smoothing your,body,if that makes sense to you so were,gonna be trying this product,with different dresses with the dress,that i have right now and all the,dresses maybe one or two more,and lets see how it looks like,hopefully it fits me i dont know i have,already concerns that it might not,because its large but,my booty area should be fine so if this,doesnt fit me i have 60 days to return,this product,for a different size this is 89.,and its its high price but if you,notice most of the good garments up,there are,around that price so i dont have any,concerns about the price or anything,like that thats the normal price,let me also show you what other things i,got i got a match,to wash the garment this is very helpful,because,watching this by hand is a little bit of,pain in the butt to be honest because,obviously we have so many busy life and,many things to do so if,you can throw it inside this match and,put it in the,wash machine that is a very nice thing,so this is actually a little different,than the normal ones that i have this is,more,cushiony it has more thickness to it so,i definitely will be using this,for washing this specific garment it,also comes with straps so if,you want to put it itch the straps in,here,it has the place for the straps if you,want to do that,um i normally dont use the straps on my,garments,because i dont feel like i need it,and this one has more like a on the side,here,and more center in the back,but yeah lets try this i really like,the material,i really like the material okay lets,try it and this is how i look without,the garment i definitely have a little,pouchy thing in here going out so i,definitely need to,smooth this area i do have a nice waist,as i said before,thats why im concerned about the size,and,then we have here my side i need to,lift that booty a little bit,and then well my back right this is how,it looks without the garment lets try,now the garment i dont think this is my,size,this is very big,yeah its very it feels very easy to put,on,lets see i might be fully myself,all right,this is always so hard to do oh,okay the legs are definitely big,theyre not feel tight and thats nice,because sometimes the legs when theyre,too tight,you see it in the dress,uh that little a little tie lets see,i yeah definitely my booty is large,because my booty area is having a hard,time getting,the garment on it,im almost there okay,almost there,okay again i took the quiz,and this is what they told me to buy,so i,i got the one that they told me oh my,god i think im large,maybe i can squish myself in in a medium,but they were so right what,okay let me check,this garment is so pretty,hes so so pretty,oh man this is one of the prettiest,garments ever like seriously,i like the tension in the ads i like,the tension that i feel under my butt,this garment is very very pretty,so this is how it looks in the back,its actually very very pretty i like,i like this its shaping my butt so well,let me show you now with the dress down,its definitely smoothing things out a,lot and its looking,my butt is looking like,its so lifted it feels so nice,i really like it it looks so cute,i feel comfortable i feel nice,let me see will roll down if i see and i,move around,this is an exercise,it doesnt move it doesnt move,it feels very sturdy and nice i,definitely definitely can squish myself,in a medium,but yeah i like it i like it i like it,very very very very,very very much super pretty though,super super pretty okay so lets do,another dress,im gonna try a dress that is more like,a,for work yeah i have a kind of like a,red one then we can try that one lets,try that one,and this is how this dress looks without,the garment,it looks okay to actually wear it a lot,like this,but im telling you the garment makes it,feel a little more comfortable,less bumpy less belly,and obviously my booty gets more smooth,in the garment but this is how it looks,without the garment okay here is another,dress,again this is a little more,work dress this is a dress,that i will go to work with this is,exactly the type of dress,that i buy these garments for because,theyre so tight to the body,and i want to be like so,secure and comfortable and this is what,it happens when i wear,work dress i want to be comfortable and,secure right this is so nice this,garment is so comfortable,it feels like so comfortable like,seriously,i feel like a coca-cola right now its,just so comfortable,and it makes my curves like so defined,and beautiful the ads is the key here,seriously e flats this area here,and here so from here to here is flat,has the s in here to make your waist,smaller,and then it has that,band in the butt to lift it this garment,is,genius like its genius this is,genius this is a really nice one and,again it has,the little thing down there to go to the,bathroom this,is the most comfortable garment i have,wear,that it works and its nice,like its nice it works and its,comfortable,10 out of 10. i should definitely try to,get the size medium,i just look at my receive and i was 100,convinced it was 60 days,and its not its 30 days so,i think im gonna keep this large one i,still like how it makes my body looks,like,and im gonna size down in a few months,because i am in a diet,im gonna be honest 100 i m

and its hot i think i forgot to keep,the ac on,is it the room where is it me,hello guys its your girl kyrie and i am,back for another video so today i have,some very exciting stuff to share with,you guys so stay,tuned because this is going to be a long,and fun video so i do want to share with,you guys that this is sponsored and they,sent these garments for me,to try on but i am gonna be completely,honest im gonna let you know what i,think how it fits,how it works for me and yeah i have,actually already opened the box but you,do get a box you are gonna get the,garments,in these containers and it tells you,honey love,on the other side it says you are your,own masterpiece,and i think thats a really pretty quote,in the box you actually also get a,welcome card which is really cute from,honey love,and here inside you have pictures of all,kinds of women with different shapes and,sizes,on the other side it says welcome to the,honey love family it also tells the,story of how they really started as a,company which is basically the owner was,a touring musician,and she looked for shapewear to feel,confident on stage every product that,she tried,rolled down had no structure squeezed in,the wrong places,so she needed something that would just,work and i think even though im not a,musician,i could relate because i struggled,postpartum and looking for the perfect,postpartum shapewear,not just something flattering but really,make me feel,stronger and more supported in the,abdomen and i have,tried so many brands you have no idea,and i feel like there was always,something missing so if i,liked the color of this it wasnt,comfortable if i,liked the shape of this or it felt,compressive,it would roll down and there was always,something wrong and so im like why,cant i find something that has,everything that im looking for because,of my experience i didnt have high,expectations i was just about to give up,when i came across this on instagram i,was like,maybe its worth one more try and so,i got the products try them on lo and,behold,i fell in love it didnt just have,everything i was looking for,in shapewear but it went above and,beyond my expectations,thats what makes it so crazy so before,i go into all the different products i,want to tell you guys that i already,have one on,this one is the liftware tank this is,probably my favorite item i think it,just knocks,three birds with one stone for sizing,they do,have a calculator in the website and,basically,it just asks you some questions its,like taking a really easy quiz and,theres no way to fail it,but the most accurate way is if you can,input your measurements,so its going to ask you your bus size,is going to ask you your um,what is this called the waist the hips,your thigh,so i went through a lot of body changes,after giving birth,prior to giving birth i always was the,tiniest size,and it was so easy for me so this time i,was so scared and i didnt know what i,was doing but,with the calculator it knows and so i,put in my measurements and they,calculated it and told me that it was a,small,and because of that everything i got was,a small so again i have the liftware,tank,and the color runway size small i also,have the liftware tank in the color,spicy and yes its like a chili pepper,i also got two v-neck bras one is the,color,vamp which is basically black vamp like,a vampire,and we have one in lilac,and i love pastel colors and so this is,just stunning,and now for the stuff that goes in the,bottom so first we have,the queen brief look at that,and this is in the color astral,basically white we,also have the super power brief,and this is in the color runway i love,runway i bet it makes you feel like,youre a model going down the runway,anytime you hear runway you are gonna,get this two-toned,x design last but not least we have the,super,power short and this,is in the color sandwich so lets start,dissecting,and talking about each of the different,garments and im going to start with,what i already have on this again is the,liftware tank and this is basically,a supportive bra a smoothing garment and,a stylish top,all in one thats why i said its like,three birds with one stone you have a,bra,and there is no wire in it and it has,lifting abilities,i mean look at that look at my boobs,dont they look good even without any,wires it lifted my boobs,it made it look good i didnt even think,its possible to to have like,cleavage without wires second you have,that compression,and then last but not least you can wear,it it doesnt just have to be an,undergarment,if youre lazy like me you can just wear,this as is which is what i have been,doing,i mean come on the design is so perfect,and sexy,this is one of those things where i,dont think you want to hide it,you want to wear it like this i feel,like im really obsessed with this,two-tone design,can you think of anything more perfect,than when youre feeling lazy and you,want to look good,you want to have that compression you,dont want to wear an uncomfortable bra,and you need to just get out this is it,this is the solution to that this,okay and now i have on the spicy i,am loving it it still has the exact same,compression,the exact same material same everything,just different color,what i like about it is that its smooth,this isnt going to be digging into your,skin there is no,metal anywhere i dont know about you,but that low,back design is money,it is stunning why would anyone,want to wear this like under their,clothes i would want to show this off,maybe thats why its called spicy,because its gonna make you feel hot,and now were gonna talk about the,v-neck bra first i just wanna say sorry,if youre like a little bit bothered by,the belly,i know i still got that line from when i,was pregnant still working on the belly,you know but thats why i need shape,wear it is part of like that healing,process,i did get some dye stasis recti but that,was the whole reason why i really needed,compression so lets talk about the,v-neck bra,its designed to be kind of invisible,under your clothing so you know how,sometimes you get those bras metals are,popping through,it doesnt look smooth this one will,solve that still,youll get lifting ability i dont know,how they came up with this design,that is just genius,i swear im not narcissistic but these,garments,make me feel good about myself and trust,me i had some postpartum depression,and i struggled looking at the mirror,and like hating what happened to my body,because of,giving birth twice this is helping me,feel good about myself again i mean i,work as a nurse too,and i have to be honest with you guys,when you work 12 hour shifts in the,hospital,man it is just not comfortable wearing,those bulky,wired bras thats why i hated hated,wearing bras,so i was a little bit worried about,finding bras thats going to be,comfortable,and dang i can wear this for 12 hours,straight,without feeling like i want to take it,off so this is my new favorite work bra,i mean it gives me that support,its smooth and its so comfortable oh,my gosh,look at this color i love pastels so,its the exact same thing its still the,v-neck bra just a different color and,this,is lilac lilac is so pretty i feel like,its one of those colors thats,flattering on everybody,wow,now lets talk about the ones that go in,the bottom okay so,this one is the queen brief in the color,astral but i love,how it has that like lingerie design,look at that,its like got those lines that are a,little bit see-through,to make you feel sexy it does have,medium compression,in the front for that belly all right,lets get this on wow,look at the butt part maybe i need to,get up here so i can show you guys,okay you see there you go,and if youre someone like me who has,absolutely no butt,this gives the illusion that you do,[Applause],you think i have a butt and so now we,have on the super power brief,and this is also in the color runway,again that two tone x,so this one has a little bit more,compression,im out of breath its been run ive,be

Honeylove Shapewear New LiftWear Tank REVIEW | Yay or Nay? Before + After

[Music],hi,its molly and welcome back to my,channel welcome here if its your first,time todays video is a partnership with,honey love,shapewear and im going to be reviewing,and trying on their new,lift wear tank spoiler alert i,love it i have been wearing this tank,top for,seven weeks straight now i got the tank,and have not taken it off the,liftware tank is an item that is meant,to replace your bra and its an everyday,wear item were going to cover three,things in this video i want to go over,the details about the tank,things that you could probably google,yourself but im going to give you that,information,but im also going to give you,information about what i personally love,about the liftware tank,and then we are going to try on a few,different sizes and im going to talk,about what i like about each size and i,hope that information will help you,pick your best size and then we will do,a before and after and one of my,favorite,summer outfits before we get started,with that you can find me on,instagram at girlgateglamorous and on,pinterest at mollygardener1,and theres always more on the blog at,girlgakeglamors.com,including this review of honey love and,a few more photos,and if you click below the video on show,more,the description box will drop down and,there is a link to honey love,in that description box and also if you,find this video helpful if you could,give it a thumbs up,i would appreciate that all right lets,get started the liftware tank is an,undergarment that is meant to replace,both your undershirt,and your bra and it comes in eight,different sizes from,extra small to 3xl and it comes in three,different colors their signature color,vamp which is this black crisscross,with a sand lining it comes in solid,black and it comes in solid,sand and in the u.s it retails for 79,i will say my cost per wear is already,so low,because i have been wearing this every,single day and it just,it always amazes me how items like that,shapewear,jeans workout clothes things you wear,all the time,at first you can have a little bit of,sticker shock and then,i just end up wearing things until the,wheels fall off,tank is meant to be worn every single,day you can either wear it like me,working from home with your sweatpants,or you can wear this underneath a work,blouse with trousers and jeans,the tank is absolutely wonderful for,that because it has,this double lining so if you,like me love a more rigid,cotton jean you know how much that can,just dig into your skin and by the end,of the day it can hurt so,badly and what i love is that this tank,really prevents,any of that chafing where your skin,gets you know can get so irritated i,love the tank for that because not only,does it give my clothing smoother,lines which you will see in the before,and after but it just,makes them more comfortable to wear all,day long as well which,i think is actually even more important,than how it makes the clothing look it,just makes everything feel,so much more comfortable more so than,any other undershirt just because of,that double lining,this is the honey love wash bag,you fold up the tank top into quarters,and you can put it inside,this bag and it really does help the,tank,maintain you know the best shape and,then i lay it flat to dry i dont hang,it because i dont want the,straps to stretch out at all one thing i,love about this,tank is that its totally flat,all the pieces are bonded together and,then there is stitching at the side,to reinforce the side theres very,flexible boning let me actually take,this off the hanger to show you,theres a very very flexible boning,which defines your waist and it also,keeps the bra,in place so that things arent moving,around this is what i love about honey,love is its all in,the details at the top and the bottom of,this boning theres about a half an inch,of buffer,fabric so that the boning is not pushing,into your underarm or pushing into your,waistline,i work from home most of the time and so,it really surprised me that i am,actually wearing this tank top for,10 to 12 hours a day and it is so,comfortable,i fell asleep last night on the couch,wearing it that is probably the first,time i think ive ever fallen asleep,wearing shapewear and woken up and still,been comfortable i just wanted to share,that because this little detail of,sewing that extra fabric on both sides,of the bony makes such a big difference,compression wise this is a big thing,there is that,extra crisscross compression at the,stomach which i love,in the shorts because it really gives,you that smooth stomach,smooth lines underneath clothing i will,say in the tank the compression is a,little bit less,but i actually like that for everyday,wear i can wake up and have coffee or,eat lunch,and not feel super,compressed into a garment if you are a,shapewear connoisseur,like me you know what i mean about that,compression so i think that this is the,perfect amount of compression for daily,wear,i tend to wear those shorts on special,occasions under dresses,lately i dont know why ive been,dressing up to the grocery store i guess,thats a special occasion now,ill wear ill put the super power,shorts on and then a pretty dress to go,grocery shopping you know,it is what it is another thing that i,want to share is on the inside of the,bra is a really comfortable,mesh and its very breathable we are in,those summer temps and my,gosh it is getting hot so ive been able,to continue to wear this tank top,without any issues,and the fabric holds everything in but,it is still lightweight enough for,summer in my opinion its,breathable and it is so so,stretchy and i do appreciate that they,have this extra stitching let me turn,this inside out one more time i think,its easier sometimes to,see it from the inside out on this vamp,shade where they sew that sand color on,the inside,you can see that they have the stitching,right here for the,crisscross but then they also have this,stitching down the side,and that reinforces that side seam and,also the,bony one more thing i want to mention i,almost forgot to mention this with the,bra you can see here this,theres a little tiny flap and there,is modesty padding right here in the,bust its a very thin,pad i prefer modesty padding i,especially if you work in a place with,air conditioning i think that its nice,its a nice,insurance policy to have if you prefer,to not have any padding you can just,reach in here and take,the pad out its not hard and like i,said its a very thin pad,the other thing i like about this is,that if you want more of,a push-up effect if you are a push-up,bra wearer,you could always purchase a pad that has,that thicker padding at the bottom to,give you that lift,and put that in there i might actually,try that because i do prefer,a little bit more of a push-up bra,effect but this gives you,really nice natural shaping another,thing that i would change about this,tank top,is that i wish the back was all one,piece,there is bonding right here and i do,feel like,on the smaller size it can dig in a,little bit,into my back and i wish that this was,just,all one piece and double lined like the,super power,short because the super power short,gives me a totally smooth line at the,back let me actually show you that i,have the shorts right here,on the super power short there are just,vertical,and angled seams theres no horizontal,seams,and this part is going to be harder to,show you so please,just i guess trust me um that there are,two layers at the back so i think thats,why i get a little bit more compression,with,the shorts thats the only thing that i,would change about the tank is i would,just like to see,that double lining thats at the front,also on the back i wore this,doing makeup and the bra really did stay,in place,the only thing i would say sometimes i,find myself pushing these up a little,bit more on,my shoulders and that is kind of a nice,transition into,sizing actually so this is the xl that,im wearing,right now ive been going back and forth,between t

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