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Bookers Bourbon + Horse Soldier Bourbon

[Music],go was it coming in for a landing,to those people oh Im Daniel Rex,Bookers Bookers we have to have done,Bookers I like bait but well remember,this is a cool thing I think okay so,there are companies like barrel bourbon,by the way this is from Harry Falkenberg,everybody wanna give us it no no no no,no hes patron saint,[Applause],[Music],and bookers is not getting as much,credit as I think they deserve which is,ironic to say about a really famous,well-known brand but essentially whats,happening is they have started to do,what companies like barrel bourbon and,where they hand select single releases,and special editions and just release,with a slight variance in flavor,profiles each time yeah yeah so barrels,winning all these awards,well Bookers have started to do this,where theyre releasing editions of,Bookers that are each chosen according,to the preferred preferences of one of,the people in the company okay and its,always going to be in the the character,of Bookers but it might be a slight,variation and I think thats a really,cool thing to do never a large brand Im,getting more of a caramel and vanilla on,this nose than I was expecting,yeah yeah this one is for Theresa would,immerse she worked in the lab in quality,control and blended batches of bourbon,with Paterno and then continued to help,with his son Fred oh so she works in the,lab yeah she just the last train today,hey come over here lets do a little,sauce doing that you like yeah all right,they need more credit for that six years,three months in one day old 77 corn 13,ride 10% malted barley Oh see I think,Bookers is one of the most theres a,lot theyre underrated big brand so you,got the Bookers the Bakers the basil,Hayden and enough basil Hayden enough,and I think of those behaviors is,probably the least recognized and it was,kind of we I think we liked it yeah well,way back in the day I think we did some,side by side between those four yeah I,like the big but I think that Bookers,while really well known and sought-after,is is not getting enough credit for,creating interesting variation yes deep,colored thats yeah its just a good,version and is that cash strength again,yes is this CEOs sixty two point nine,five percent what this smells like it,smells like the spice section and a,Cracker Barrel and the gift shop I know,what you say yeah,right all right like you can smell the,food being cooked and pancakes but they,have this case like the crafty,knick-knack yeah like old southern type,of tchotchke stuff yeah so you get the,wood floors the baked goods being cooked,for breakfast next door and then all of,the the whole thing John tried to do the,Cracker Barrel over there in Buda,yeah thats nonsense its two bits busy,like its really crowded its always,crowded its like the crowded barrel see,what I do uh-huh I just led you down,that one are you doing here all week,okay so add a little water to this,because it is no its its 62 point it,is a very high proof whiskey but youre,not overwhelmed by the hall the alcohols,its present and it shows up for real any,a little more wanted but its not,kicking your ass so much just a little,thats good the sweetness subsided a,little bit and the grain came out oh,yeah with a little water thats its a,lot more rounded and rich than that,perfumey heavy-handed kind of flavor,profile it does kind of melt those,flavors together yeah its beautiful,melts them together the oak shows up,very nicely it doesnt go too far with,it too far with the lid eNOS by the way,a Harry get those Harry sent us this,bottle in one of those Chinese puzzle,containers right that has like a lot,wood blocks on it and then rope and ball,and things and you have to undo the,puzzle to get to the bottle right I,figured out how to do the puzzle huh you,know how puzzles are hard I think Harry,vastly overestimates the amount of time,we have more patience anyway to dick,around with the body now he thinks more,highly of us than we deserve he theyll,figure it out yeah,with a knife okay so this straight out,of the Rubicon man well once I get it,opened,straight ahead of the Rubicon this is,like brother John with Sinskey John get,you magnificent this is horse soldier,bourbon its named s oh its a company,called American freedom okay distillery,I think they are on eclis from Singapore,yeah started in Florida if I remember,correctly,well so what it was was it was a group,of some of the first men to be dropped,into Afghanistan on horseback they jump,in a movie about him part of that group,founded this distillery now they did a,really cool thing which was they wanted,to create their own whiskey but while,they were building up their own,distillery right instead of just,sourcing they went to Middle West,spirits okay right which is in Columbus,Ohio and had Middle West spirits crafted,their whiskey four of them okay,according to what they wanted to create,yeah and then stay set on it so this is,two years old,whoa but its actually a craft made,whiskey not not a just a source from,like we did from MGP a lot more,developed in just two years right Im,getting a really nice candied walnut and,vanilla yeah I I agree completely on,those things and I really like the,walnut note to this yeah slight kind of,wax Enis,Id already 3.5% I dont often get the,candied walnut but when I do I enjoy it,oh I like that theres a bitterness to,it thats not bad theres a bitterness,to it like like it like zesty or yeah so,Im thinking of it like this when,something is pleasantly sour like a sour,candy yeah and youre looking for sour,because you want that to be part of the,experience right this is that kind of,salary theres a thats a barrel grain,sourness to it thats not like its gone,off its like its a part of the,experience I agree thats interesting,fairly little proof of 43.5%,but its enough to,some layers in there its interesting a,lot very high right,they already percent right Im gonna,reverse where the that Tang is coming,from I try a little bit of water in this,even though its low just to see what,happens and then some honey and sweet,tea sweet tea with honey mixed in there,mmm yeah I like this its nice,we got citrate be true on my journey of,miniatures to explore any whiskey I,tried my first peated I think Im a con,con Maura that was the photo that the,lizard that you stepped on was I think,Im a converse I think Im a convert to,Pete there you go so heres the thing I,forgot about miniatures yeah weve never,really brought it up and we recommend,trying out things we always say go to a,bar that has a good whiskey slip in some,is just so hard to find miniatures with,a good selection it is,so heres the thing locally it specs all,the mentors are things like coconut rum,and tequila Jim Beam right so if you can,find a local store that has a decent,miniature selection of real whiskey,expense and I think us included more,craft distilleries should be focused on,miniatures right because it gives people,a chance to buy introduction especially,at Christmas you know like stocking,stuffers for your kids yeah you know,itll be a good Christmas yeah,anyway I love that idea so good on you I,think if you live in an area where you,can get a selection of miniatures thats,a great way to try new whiskey before,committing to four bottles and then we,got the do you want a maker,Ive got underwear older than that,whiskey now I only put that in there,because I just love that idea I love the,idea that anybody would be confident,responding to somebody elses post with,Ive got older than that whiskey and he,commented on that on our post of,Macallan 18 you have like its time to,buy a new underwear man I dont care how,clean Im imagining this you know Swiss,cheese this users just tissue paper or,its just hanging in like lucify eggs,from an elastic band,like theres not even the connective,pieces anymore have fun where you have,just like it a tattered hobo kilt its,like a grass skirt but made from cotton,strips from underwear remnants all right,so these made me laugh the the

Horse Soldier Bourbon Review! Breaking the seal Ep #68

okay all right John no no and hes just,jumping protocol here oh yeah we should,have like an actual layout I feel like a,good idea,mm-hmm tonight welcome back,they already said that were the Brits,all staying in rhythm her already said,that too tonight we review actually one,of the most requested things when I put,out a YouTube poll yeah one of the most,requested things and one said emphasize,horse soldier cat strength boom theres,a horse on thats why I make that noise,see the actual horse,[Music],so yeah oh Im waiting the whiskey oh is,that what it was,wake up its time to drink I think what,is this like 50 something percent,this is horse soldier cast rank okay,whats the cash train,its from what whats the proof yeah,theres a lot of whiskey on my hand,theres a lot of whiskey a 57.1% which,is a k114 through its gonna tell you to,wake up horse soldier Reserve bourbon,whiskey legendary men legendary spirits,for didnt fire yeah uncut theres a lot,of words in front a sometime about it,whole old psyche is so much dude alright,listen this is uh from American freedom,distillery have you ever heard a more,yeah Ive never felt more free than just,pull you like bald eagles should just be,screaming every time there should be,something in the bottom of pork that,every time instead of the fork pop it,like it gets air and when it gets air,makes it Eagle noise thatd be cool we,do we have a lot of Technology these,days I feel like its possible okay so,heres the okay youre not gonna guess,anything that Im about to say I was I,wouldnt have guessed that based on what,I smell this Bell has been open for two,weeks,this bottle we didnt even do the thing,oh this this rock tea this bottle has,been submitted slash donated Mort,donators of word I was looking for,yeah but it wasnt really came out yeah,its been donated by David Hatton so,anyways,David Hatton sent us this bottle he,asked if we wanted to buy it and we just,bought cornerstone and like eight other,expensive things and Im like dude Ive,been counting stores yeah and so it was,like dude ruff-ruff Montebourg listen if,we didnt just buy it,all this whiskey alright Id be in and,he goes you know what Im sending it,anyway dude thank you sir thank you so,much this whiskey does not come to me I,dont know anything about this American,freedom salary is from Florida the,seller is what they did was now they may,this whiskey or this whiskey is made for,them this is the part Im a little,unsure of but its its made in Ohio,okay this is a wieder okay holy [ __ ] I,was gonna say something like oh so you,just kept rambling and I didnt have it,theres no ride at all okay its porn,hi corn 70 something some we if you look,back in the video you might watch my,eyes go mmm,and I thought it was like that musty,weed it smells like red apples and,caramel and I think the must is almost,like a hey yeah,look a biga maltiness to it its not,quite there so its just supposedly,eight years old okay thats the part,that surprised me and I smelt it I,actually like the note like it really,caramel its different its definitely,different it doesnt smell super floral,but there is that like no not super its,that like antique it smells just like,anything its not even close theyre,even closer to seven yeah so alright so,um so heres the thing horse soldier is,named after after 9/11 and I dont know,that this is true Im assuming its true,based on their story okay Im making,this mate Im trusting you guys so there,were some Green Berets after 9/11 that,went out into the Middle East on horses,to deal with some [ __ ] if you dont know,just read a little bit of freedom,alrighty theyre trying to spread,freedom so that that is what this is,based thats nice name horse soldier,okay because they got the nickname horse,soldier because in todays day and age,you dont go on horses those guys went,you dont hold our brains freedom for,everybody freedom just more freedom dude,thats what they did Im a bum so heres,the thing this is thats why I like,theres a horse with the guy on the,front it is very cool,a very very cool like the bottle shape I,like the arrow with the machete slash,axe thing on the top you try it,Im its kind of opening up its getting,a little more floral really I think its,a little it is floral floral then this,must be a wieder thing I dont know why,its got that fresh smell of like like,cut flowers but it doesnt actually its,not floral in that aspect I think thats,that greener note were going off of,like its a freshman no oh,freshly delicious in my mouth okay so,its this handmade and bottled by,American freedom distillery in Columbus,Ohio and the whiskey comes from Columbus,even though theyre in Florida so it,sounds like they have Im they have to,match bills in Ohio I think they share a,distillery in Ohio or like a waging,warehouse or something thats,interesting to save the very leaf do you,think you like this is I dont be very,interesting to get into well are,foolproof yeah with this big this um I,feel like that is it translates from,nose to palate extremely well like a lot,of the exact same flavors Im getting,out of the nose just come through and,shine on the palate Im only living,family like it suit caramel smack the,hell out of you yeah youre like Dave I,feel like theres a little bit of a like,I dont know if its an off note no but,it sound like the middle of my tongue,and it almost feels like a prude bird,but its not that its like spicy but,its like tingly I think theres,something think they use like winter,wheat or something like that I read,winter I do know put on screen its one,of those its a week and I and I know it,has a name,I dont know which one it is thank you,yeah welcome now there you go no heres,the thing its all on their site their,site all their bottles on their site,very transparent all the mass girls are,there,dual its specific whatever looks like,seventies 2% corn maybe and then it says,like X kind of corn yeah and then its,like this must we this,trying to be ever putting it out its,definitely a wiener which is super,interesting it doesnt taste overly,complex it just tastes really good its,nice and like its kind of it is semi,floral I will give you this the more I,have had of it now like its starting to,build up a little bit more but really,really strong flavors up front the proof,feels perfect on this like I do like Im,not again overwhelmed with proof I agree,with that but it is full on three nice,and warm,it doesnt feel it feels a little short,its okay its not like a super strong,finish I feel like its a delicate it,kind of fades out youre like and I feel,like the finishes on this I feel like,the finish is the simplest part of the,whole thing,yeah the POW is way more compliant,youre going to get a toasted caramel,hear me out on this go ahead this Im,starting to understand this wheat world,right okay its I mean in the last,minute you get a PhD and Im starting to,understand what we doesnt whiskey we,gives things because Im now that Im,experiencing more wheat wheat gives,things its a smooth spice which sounds,killer intuitive like a subtle its like,its like a soft massaging velvety spice,its not like rye spice is more like,like peppery spicy maybe sometimes Cinna,minions up yeah but this is more like,its like this gentle soft massaging,spice so Ill give you sitting the,massage chair at the mall right like,this and then when youre singing the,massage chair somebody just lays it all,that on your face and rub with it but,you probably took one or two mollies we,go to different moles Im a real real,real big thing of that I what sprays on,man,I sold online 475 I think David paid 60,okay,Im these are thoughts I know I saw 475,online okay,online prices are so low this is one of,their first products thats really good,thats crazy so heres the thing the,theory is they went with their first,because there are other maskulls a,high-rise okay I believe what am i right,i its not we 30 I think its like a 22,37 think you I know that I saw I dont,remember so but I know

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Horse Soldier Bourbon. Straight Bourbon, Small Batch, and Barrel Strength. See how they compare!

[Music],whats new with charlies,whats doing charlie is still on name,all right welcome back to another,edition of whats new at charlies uh,tonight were going to be opening three,bottles uh they are horse soldier,they are new to michigan uh brand new,just available in the last uh few weeks,and so were gonna its something ive,read about heard about theres a great,story that well get into later about,these bottles and the company and,everything about them but um ive never,got to try the bourbon so tonights at,night were going to try them all at,once why not right don,so anytime you could try three,we might as well go for it why not so,anyway uh so anyway so uh we have a,straight,bourbon whiskey,we have their small batch and then we,have a barrel proof um,this is a barrel,uncut,strength bourbon whiskey is a single,barrel do you know i dont know whether,its single barrel it doesnt really say,but it is a straight barrel um a big boy,at 123 proof so were going to save that,one for last were going to start with,the straight whiskey here um a lot of,cool information about these this,company the brand the people that are,involved,where the name came from um man i dont,know where to start but im going to,lets start with my friend don williams,of bourbon full how are you don good,charlie um this uh,the first time i heard of this product i,was sitting here at charlie still on,main i remember and one of your,customers came in and he was so excited,he had just found one of these bottles,and,i was astounded that he started telling,me the story,and i had not heard the story yeah so i,immediately,went on a search for it,went down to florida was going thats,what you do was going to try to meet,with the people because they have a,saint petersburg florida location,they hadnt opened yet and i didnt make,the connection,but i did find two bottles in florida,i have not tried them because to me,theyre keepsakes because of the,tremendous,military story behind them,but im anxious to see,what they taste like because,anything that these gentlemen,did,for our country was heroic,and was superior,absolutely and i would assume that they,bring that same discipline,to,making whiskey and it could be,a phenomenal story oh yeah yeah like i,said theres so much to talk about uh so,the name horse soldier comes from the,fact that these,um these guys were green berets and they,were the first guys to go into uh,afghanistan afghanistan on horseback,basically on their own um no backup no,military behind them they were the first,guys to land on that there um as a,matter of fact when 911 happened if im,not mistaken they were training on the,cumberland river that is that is a true,fact when it happened then were going,to fast forward a little bit um,they just broke ground a matter of fact,this week i think it happened uh on a,200 million dollar facility that will be,the home of horse soldier bourbon um in,on lake cumberland in kentucky,its going to have an amphitheater its,going to have its going to be a,destination its going to be a place,youre going to want to go and theres a,huge military,military presence in everything they do,it is uh you know part of the building,is a tribute to the military and things,like that so you know its uh its a,great story uh and and,you know our hats off to these to these,guys uh just true american heroes um,yeah,so,uh a couple interesting things before we,get into the bourbon uh,one of the stories that when the,gentleman came in here and told us about,it was the bottle yeah,yeah it is um,so,they used steel from ground zero,uh and and that made the was it the,press for the bottles the molds the,molds for the balls are made from metal,from ground zero so theyll never forget,um and theyre all made in america,theyre made in lawrenceburg indiana um,pressed there at anchor glass makes all,these bottles for them all made in,america that kind of stuff the,this whiskey is actually distilled in,columbus ohio uh says right on the back,um im gonna guess it was a contract,distill that they had a uh disorient,make it for them,um,like don said they they have offices in,saint petes and now theyre,opening their own place and in kentucky,to be a kentucky bourbon so yeah and im,pretty sure their st pete location,actually has a small distillery i think,they can do some of their own product,there,so,every time you touch one of these,bottles it was actually pressed with,ground zero steel which is actually,pretty fantastic yeah but,if you have not read the book the story,of these guys,they literally were americas first,response to the 911 attacks,they went in,with no backup,and their job was to,work with the northern alliance work,with the various,tribes in afghanistan to beat back the,taliban,and,the,uh,bravery,of these gentlemen,when you read the story is beyond,reproach,literally,they took saddle bags full of cash with,them,because in afghanistan money talked,and they needed to,make an impression really early on uh,literally,some of the bravest military stories,ive ever read and,im a military kind of buff so its a,pretty incredible story and we hope that,theyre extremely successful they hire a,lot of veterans and we wish them all the,luck in the world absolutely our hats,off to them um you know with,without brave guys like that we wouldnt,be here today so god bless you all of,you yeah uh theres a movie too right is,there a movie yeah i and i im trying to,remember i think it was called 12 strong,yeah i think its kind of the story yeah,kind of the story i really like the book,and the book is horse soldiers yeah uh,and i just its one of those that i,couldnt put it down once i started,reading wow so well im gonna start,cracking these open because we dont get,too carried away,uh,but were gonna start with the straight,whiskey and now,whats the definition of a straight,whiskey don we dont know we talked,about that before,so this this has a,age statement on it says a aged a,minimum of two years yep so one,distillery got to be,two years old yeah to be called a,straight whiskey right and this one is,uh what 87 proof,yep 87 proof yep,so by the color,its young they say the range is two to,four for those bottles okay this ones,on the young side,non-chill filtered,um,so,sweet yeah sweet i like it but you dont,it it to be honest it you could tell,that its a young bourbon but,it shows you know a lot of potential a,lot of potential for whats coming wow,its uh its its got a great flavor for,for if its a two-year bourbon its uh,yeah really nice,so lets see where the small batch goes,now is this,what do you know on this one is this age,longer same bats barrels same,all i know is its a blend,and its a blend of,several different ages,yeah uh so i believe were probably,talking more like,this one could be in the three to five,okay,range yeah it doesnt really give us any,idea on the bottle so but it is,definitely darker yep than the straight,burp absolutely yep,its a little different nose than the,first one did,well thats much different yeah,oh thats pretty smooth and that ones,95 if i remember right,yeah 95 proof yeah,yeah so that one is spicier,more of a bite more of a hug,a lot of like nutmeg,kind of a,baking spices type of finish to it,so really,really a big step away from the sure,yeah yeah two totally different so now,the big boy,well this one has a great color to it so,lets see what we got here once again we,had a little trouble finding uh,finding uh an age statement for this,right we did so we dont really know how,old this is,we dont really know that its single,barrel or not single barrel but we just,know its barrel proof,so it has a nose similar to the,small batch it does,its 123 proof its 123 proof,thats a big boy,definitely more similar to this,to this one just right,actually,it has the same spice,base to it but it has some actually some,fruit,comes through,like,think of dry figs a little bit,and,yeah kind of at the end there,you got to get through that uh that,first blast,yeah yeah,solid solid ye

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Horse Soldier Bourbon Breakdown – Whiskey TTv // Ep 047

today were bringing you horse soldier,[Music],hey welcome back to whiskey thieves tv,im joe the baker you got the general,here and what are we doing today joel so,today,we are going to be chasing horse soldier,okay now theres a great story behind,this particular,street bourbon whiskey yeah uh so a lot,of you guys heard the stories,uh saw the movie probably read the book,about those those brave soldiers back in,afghanistan,were they greedy yeah yeah you know they,they pursued the taliban up in,afghanistan,by horseback right and its a great,fantastic story but uh,yeah so the story goes like and you know,just kind of,add to the leos like so the taliban,had you know basically taken all the low,ground they had tanks they had like you,know all these,like these positions were from uh from,uh,adventist advantage yeah yeah from an,advantage point they had all these,advantage points,so the only way that they could advance,on them was to take the high road,so through the mountains right um and,the only way they could get through the,mountains was by horseback right so you,got these green berets that have never,rode horses,ever oh really yeah no it was like it,wasnt part of their training,no and so theyre like well we gotta go,horseback with you know green berets man,theyre badasses,lets adapt to the situation and i mean,look at this bottle i mean this bottle,is absolutely gorgeous,um you know what did you say about the,label here yeah so,rumor has it um the label i mean its,metal and its actually forged,by some of the 911 wreckage so,this steel in the 911 uh the,trade center yeah this is actually,forged,from that its pretty cool great,backstory yeah super cool,so what do you say we pop this cork do,this get into this huh,you know im gonna let you do this this,is you,all right i hope i dont screw this up,all right here we go,nice oh thats a good one that was a,good one oh wow whats the proof on this,bad boy,thats a good question 87,okay nice not bad so its not not super,hot,im gonna pour not not a jewel poor give,it away yeah,[Music],all right nice look at that nice golden,hue there its beautiful oh yeah,quick nose mmm so dude,yeah cinnamon cinnamon little vanilla,yeah nutmeg im telling you man this is,sweet its like warm apple pie,apple pie like my grandmother used to,make oh,god all right cheers,cheers cheers all right before you go,yeah i know its rude whats that but,look at this we just got,yeah cj cigar just hooked us up isnt,that awesome yeah,so cheers to cj cheers to you cj all,right sorry,lets get into this,[Music],holy hell thats good thats really good,that is really good oh my god,they they did it right the fact is you,really are,instantly hit with the notes of uh you,know a little bit of honey a little bit,of pepper,pepper for sure right honey vanilla,cinnamon you definitely taste this,cinnamon in there,this is like something youre gonna,drink after a thanksgiving dinner i mean,yeah its full and youre like i cant,do anything heavy,or thick or you know this,is good that is really good this is,to me its a keep im gonna enjoy it,yeah but im happy to share it so whats,the price point on this yeah so i think,uh when i went and bought this a while,ago though it was like around 86 dollars,okay yeah yeah i i would spend 86,dollars on that,i would recommend this to anyone,absolutely definitely recommend,you did good did good hey cheers,cheers baker cheerson,thurston and to joey hey thanks for,stopping by,hope you liked the horse soldier review,dont be shy like and subscribe,yeah you know hit us up on,whiskeyfeestv both on instagram and,facebook thats right,stay safe stay sane peace good night,have a good day or whatever or whatever,this is good thats good thats a keeper,dude,wheres joey where is joey i dont know,where joey is,joey just wheres joey i dont know,joey hes not in the barrels i swear to,god in and cut him up into 50 pieces,this is this is number three that joeys,missing,yep joey joey if youre shall we,if youre out there joey right please,call text message just let us know your,opinions,something whatever morse code wheres,smoke signals,hey if any guys out there finds joey,please let us know,hit us up on whiskey yeah,were giving bottles away yeah thats,what were doing,literally literally well give a reward,a reward you can pick one of these fine,bottles we have drunks

The Bourbon Note review: Horse soldier

hey everybody welcome back to the burpa,note im greg im ben,and today were drinking bourbon,[Music],all right ben,bring it on in all right we have,bam,this is horse soldier,small batch bourbon,so this is one of those experimental,ones where we dont know a lot about it,now,on the internet weve learned that this,is a group of guys who were formerly,military green berets,bounced around afghanistan i may have,ridden around on the helicopter with one,of them at some point maybe maybe,and so anyway they came back to the,states um and formed a distillery called,american freedom distillery i think it,is in columbus ohio started up a bourbon,this is the small batch version 95 proof,okay we know nothing about the bourbon,itself whether theyre doing it,themselves or,lets see handmade and bottled by,american freedom distillery in columbus,ohio so i guess,seems like theyre doing it themselves,yeah this seems like it might be their,own distillate um theres some,information in the back im not going to,read the whole thing,because that might get a little,long-winded on the show here,it doesnt say straight bourbon so it,could be,under two years okay,so,could be,oh that was a nice one nice cork pop yep,cool bottle cool bottle great logo great,logo its an actual metal,foil stamped thats,yeah on the front,it looks in the bottle like its got a,little color to it i cant really tell,sometimes the lights you hold it up to,the light,and its actually too bright,to tell if its got you know what kind,of color it has to it so this could be,you know it doesnt say straight bourbon,so it doesnt have that minimum year,or minimum four-year non-age stated yeah,so,small batch which we dont know what,that means yeah,well we dont know what it means to them,yeah doesnt really have much of a,meaning not officially legitimately yeah,yeah no no legal,ramifications there yeah,[Music],but recently weve tried out a number of,small distilleries um,and i think that our experience recently,has been pretty good with small yeah,weve had a couple of good ones yeah and,ive always contend that you learn more,from a not necessarily a bad bourbon but,a younger bourbon you try to figure out,okay whats making this bourbon good and,maybe whats making this bourbon you,know not quite there yet sure so,all right,lynn knows its a little grain forward,so its probably got some,some youth to it getting toffee notes,though yeah a little toffee little,caramel,i mean its got that kind of some,classic bourbon notes,hey,to it yep,not overwhelming at 95 proof but its,got some flavor,on the nose yep a little bit of char,based on the color i like i,like im having a hard time figuring out,because the glass fit looks kind of,light i did a small pour i acknowledge,but i think the wider like im looking,at looking at it this way and its a,wider bottle so it makes it look darker,and then the bar top is black so,like it feels like maybe this was in a,less than number four char,could be you know and maybe not for,super long time,all right lets go in for it here,oh,thats got more to it than i was,expecting wow a lot of kick a lot of um,like i wonder if its a little bit,higher rye on the mash bell because,theres a kick theres barrel spice,theres a sweetness from young corn,which i my guess is this is fairly young,in the barrel,but it it doesnt add a little barrel to,it though it does theres definitely,some oak to it on the palette not maybe,not so much on the nose right but on the,palette for sure theres a little bit of,oak spice there,thats interesting,on the nose it kind of just reminds me,of a lot of other craft yep bourbons yep,where its just kind of like we said,its kind of youthful got that grain,forward note backed up by some of those,candy sort of notes like the caramel and,the toffee and a little bit of vanilla,yeah but yeah its got a nice little,kick to it nice little spice to it so i,get like initially the first flavor is a,super,pointy,sweetness,then it really dries out,like wood tannins really kick in yeah it,becomes a really nice smooth finish,with peppery kind of spice yeah its a,nice experience theres not like im not,fighting anything about this right,theres nothing unpleasant about it or,off-putting right,which sometimes theyre,you do have that oh definitely you know,with,maybe some stuff thats not aged quite,enough but,i mean kudos to these guys for what,appears to be their own distillate i,think so because it says its you know,handmade and bottled so,um you know a lot of times craft,distilleries we talked about that if,they want to put their own distillate,out its kind of hard to wait even four,years for a smaller company so you start,putting them out at one year two years,three years,and sometimes youre not always giving,your,your bourbon a fair fighting chance when,you do that but i mean i get that you,know you kind of have to yeah,its really turned into a butterscotch,note,almost like butterscotch candies,theres that nice spice again,its not cinnamon,no its like uh i think im getting more,of an oak spice from it yeah which is,interesting,you know,probably younger but its got a really,nice balance to it yeah it does,its a little different than youre just,traditional like a,evan williams or something like that,totally,uh but yeah its like i said theres,nothing offensive about this at all i i,im pretty impressed with this can like,i said considering its their own,distillate and their own,thing yeah this is,this is one of those ones that,especially,im excited to see where this goes yeah,because if this is their,you know,[Music],i think if it was aged a certain amount,they would put that on the,label especially being a,craft yep which i dont know how craft,they are i just i dont know what any,other other products are but craft,meaning theyre not,one of the big main theyre not being,yeah exactly,and so uh,just seeing you know if this is kind of,a starting point,you know so then where is this gonna,have a bourbon they have the small batch,and then they have their reserves okay,and i dont know the details about the,others um but my guess is in a couple,years hopefully they can get one with,age statement and be in the barrel a,little bit longer,and i think it could be awesome yeah,yeah for sure the one downside and i,wouldnt even call it a downside is its,60,for 95 proof,um,[Music],it is kind of a cool story great looking,bottle,but uh thats you know i feel like,thats another thing that craft,distilleries have to struggle with,totally is they are putting out their,stuff,early earlier yep,but they need to get their moneys worth,out of it i mean going into the whiskey,business its a horrible business plan,if you look at it i mean it really,really is and if youre not going to be,sourcing capital expense yeah no revenue,for years yeah for years yeah you know,and then by the time you put your,product out there you have to get that,back so thats the one area where i can,feel bad for craft distilleries,especially ones that are releasing their,own product,its like man thats a lot to contend,with and i dont i mean,i agree i dont know how people do it,its a its such a complicated business,it seems yeah you know,so yeah kudos to these guys good job i i,would say well done on this one i,actually really really like it its got,a nice balance now theyve had a decent,pour,its come across really well yeah there,was no part of that experience that i,was just like yeah i just kind of want,this to be over with or you know lets,move on to the next one a little bit,unique like if you know if we were doing,a flight you know this would be the one,that would be wed be talking about,because its kind of cool yeah its cool,and it definitely sticks out like i said,its not like a,you know like youre one of your,standard bourbons it does kind of have,that craft taste to it a little bit but,i think definitely much better than a,lot of other ones have had for sure oh,absolutely so yeah i would say this is i,mean you gotta,decide for yourself on the

Horse Soldier Bourbon Whiskey Review | Ak Taproom | 4K

so here we got horse Soldier whiskey yeah yeah  horse Soldier were excited about this one drink  ,through the flavor profile theyve won all kinds  of awards um all over the different circuits since  ,theyve been out a little bit of a little bit  yeah a little bit yeah oh wow okay thats good  ,that is good what a unique flavor yeah great drink  easy easy Drinker okay so you can tell theres a  ,little more heat with this one definitely with  the being a little bit that Oak stands out more  ,for me yeah well thats the peppery you know  thats probably the Oak in the high cast drink  ,but truth be told I actually really like it I love  it but yeah I really like it its still a little  ,bit bitey not in a bad way overall I really like  to see something like this american made it helps  ,the the overall focus of why you like something  what is the history lesson on this um history  ,lessons Reef one as far as what we touched on  were gonna ride horses make sure you have a gun  ,exactly and if theyre gonna be a bad guy choose  a different job thats just the moral of the story,foreign,whats up folks welcome to a cracking episode  of AK Tap Room Im Murdock tapping in Im Josh  ,tappanen Im Brett tappanen today we got horse  Soldier whiskey yeah yeah were Soldier were  ,excited about this one straight through its an  American-made whiskey here that we have here out  ,of uh what Columbus Ohio yeah okay yeah yep yep  whats the story behind this Brett youre asking  ,me yeah I was sorry a little bit I know about  it is that it was some X Special Forces soldiers  ,went into Afghanistan first on Horseback and  horse Soldier yeah and basically kick some ass  ,absolutely distilled their blood distilled their  blood exactly so its a army group of Special  ,Forces and theyre the first soldiers in right  after 9 11. Oda 595 and if you dont know what  ,Oda is its operational Detachment Alpha so these  guys went in did their thing and then afterwards  ,they had a love and appreciation for fine whiskeys  so were going to try to drink through this Spirit  ,today and figure out uh well were going to try  to were gonna accomplished yeah we got what are  ,what kinds of which ones do we have we have small  batch and then we have the reserve so whats this  ,small batch coming in at this one I think is  47 and a half yep 47 and a half 95 proof were  ,not whats this one coming in at a special little  note um so the Port Authority of New York after 9  ,11 reclaimed some of that steel and they used the  molds to press these nice horse Soldier uh emblems  ,on this so all through and through you cant  really get more American than horse Soldier I mean  ,yeah thats a cast ranked one cash strength thats  pretty hot too its like this is 62 bucks three  ,two Ill go all by volume nice beautiful looking  bottle theyre really ornate theyve got a nice  ,design its a Sleek looking bottle the history  behind it is awesome gives it an extra pump  ,but Im really excited the flavor profile theyve  won all kinds of awards um all over the different  ,circuits since theyve been out aside from the  backstory it looks like an interesting whiskey  ,that were gonna Endeavor to drink so lets go  ahead and get these bottles going all right so  ,this is the small batch well start off first  with uh of course the 47 percenter and whats  ,that price point yeah this ones coming up coming  in at 74.99 or 75 bucks okay so this ones not  ,too far after whats this one uh this one was that  90. 89.99 not too far after so and obviously those  ,prices will vary wherever youre at but overall  not bad yeah no not bad lets see what we got here  ,Im gonna give this one to you thank you sir give  this one to me and then lets go ahead and pour  ,that one now yeah lets go ahead and pour it let  it open up well get that nice aerated well see  ,yeah absolutely lets see here oh man interesting  nose I cant wait to that bottle looks baller yeah  ,it is a nice presentation yeah man overall so uh  lets get into the nosing Jets okay so the ones we  ,were first starting with some small batch a voice  horse Soldier yeah right off the bat I definitely  ,get that sweet theres a sweetness in it but its  like a Cola yeah like a cola yeah a little bit of  ,a little bit yeah a little bit Yeah flat Oak yeah  you get that up I get the O big time I want to  ,definitely get that Oak a little bit of vanilla a  tiny bit get that hay smell a little bit you know  ,a little bit of grassy it smells interesting  Im gonna go ahead and cut into it yeah wow,oh wow okay thats good that is good what a  unique flavor as far as yeah it tastes that Cola  ,oh yeah that Cola is like right there  its in the beginning it fades and then  ,it comes back at the end for me yeah  yeah it goes now smooth its like cold  ,yeah kicks back up a little bit yeah right  before you swallow yeah yeah I get that oh,yeah I get the Oak right in the front and in the  back and I get along with that Cola mixed in but  ,I do get quite a bit of oak on it yeah its good  I like it overall what a unique flavor yeah its  ,definitely something out of the realm of your  typical uh bourbons and whiskeys that we have  ,you know so theyre kind of you know forging  their Niche so to speak its not really a more  ,oily like a thinner oil like filled mouth feel  yeah definitely its definitely more viscous  ,than some but not super viscous where like  say that 1792 which was yeah yeah super super  ,viscous yeah yeah I like that yeah sugary taste  like brown sugar like you know well see they got  ,it before you drink it yeah it does theyve got  a nice styling of brown sugar thats that Cola  ,vanilla like sweet but its flat Cokes exactly  like a flat Coke exactly so you left it cold  ,out for a while and then mix it with something  you know what I feel like it adds a really nice  ,flavor to it so yeah thats an easy Drinker too  not in a bad way dont take easy Drinker as like,yeah well you want uniqueness you want it to be  easily drinkable you dont want it to be like a  ,punch in the face yeah something you want to look  at youre expecting something out of it like this  ,its just because this is like their you know  their small batch and their cast rings you know  ,it doesnt mean its not going to be good but  still a 75 bottle big part of this is its also  ,non-shell filtered which is always a big thing  with us with those giants yeah we all prefer  ,that yeah non-shield filtered so we appreciate  you for non-shill filter for your products so  ,man I still get that a lot of that Cola knows  off of Just whats left over in my glass yeah  ,great drink easy easy Drinker can we get this  in Alaska so maybe maybe I had to have this how  ,did you get your I was I had to have it especially  uh flown in yeah flown in only uh imported by the,there was a bearing that came up no Im not no  you know we have our ways of getting different  ,things but no this was not here a find here  in Alaska this was definitely a unique find  ,lower 40 its all over but Im sure theyll  be making their way up shortly yeah we take  ,them myself though because you see something  Ive seen someone I was in Hames for with her  ,for a couple days when I stopped and hang  Canada and that was there was nothing was  ,dead another liquor store well half the battle  is and the fun is trying to go out and Source  ,yeah exactly I still like to go into it  yeah yeah trying to go out and doing that  ,stuff kind of stuff I was secretly hoping  there was like a Dusty bottle of pappies,yeah just not knowing what they had you know and  everybodys right you know everybodys there for  ,twenty dollars for this game yeah uh Brent we  need to get some of this yeah definitely really  ,added to your repertoire yeah the next time we  go to Anchorage or we look at all those places  ,yeah yeah yeah fruitcake or oh if uh the food cats  cant get it in yeah yeah then we can always try  ,to go to Anchor absolutely its definitely worth  trying next and next month w

The American Heros Whiskey – Horse Soldier Bourbon | Master Your Glass

welcome back to master glass im your,host levio and today i have with me on,set an american hero will summers i,cant wait for you to hear his story as,well as the story of these three amazing,award-winning bourbons horse soldier,bourbon,lets get into it well i these are words,that you would think anybody would say,but i am genuinely happy youre here,today and its just such an honor to,have you here in las vegas on the set of,master glass to talk about you yourself,your bourbon,and your life and uh why dont we just,start with that tell me a little bit,about will who are you what are you all,about all right well thank you for,having me on master glass this is a,great program uh i am uh so will summers,25 years in the military,married to my beautiful wife dawn we,have 11 children no twins,six boys and five girls and they range,from 21 to 3 years old and we live on a,little family farm in east texas wow,east texas family farm 13 people in the,house so im assuming that other than,love,and food,uh theres probably a little bit of,bourbon involved as a night cap oh yeah,thats it that is the thats the show,ender at the end of every day nice,bourbon before you hit the rack i love,it i love it,now you represent this very cool lineup,of bourbon whiskies called horse soldier,which im excited to taste and im,excited to talk about but before we do,all that can you give just everybody a,little bit of a rundown what exactly is,a horse soldier all right well horse,soldier is the nickname we earned in,afghanistan right after 9 11 our country,deployed 12 12-man teams of army green,berets from fifth special forces group,into afghanistan we linked up with a,warlord,and we discovered that we were going to,be fighting against taliban and al qaeda,from horseback and so hence,the name horse soldiers it was kind of a,a little poke from our buddies really,and theyre like oh yeah the horse,soldiers you know um anything to take a,poke at each other but after,transitioning out of the military we,sort of wanted to keep the band together,you know we were comfortable with each,other we had become each others family,over the years and decades that we had,known each other,and we decided to to venture out into,bourbon and make an american spirit,bourbon wow well ive always you always,hear that,uh you know bourbon is a spirit of the,brave people and definitely a lot of,bravery going on so there were only 12,of you when this sort of happened and,how many did you have any children at,the time i had two wow wow thats,incredible very very impressive well uh,lets go ahead and taste this lineup,shall we lets do it yeah well start,with the straight lets do it if you,dont mind passing those glasses yeah,im happy to oh thank you thank you,thank you,awesome,very good now do we need any water for,this wheel you think or should we just,taste it as is i think i think neat is,the way to go need is the way to go okay,im with you so this is our straight,bourbon whiskey thank you youre welcome,its a high rye mash bill,we aged these three to five years and we,served it at 87 proof because were just,convinced that it tastes better there,okay basically thats it is we tasted it,through a,variety of different proofs and 87 just,hit yes huh,very all of us the same cheer cheers to,you,american spirit,i get a lot of little orangey,notes to it a lot of orange,maybe a little like a,i want to say toffee but more like a i,dont know yeah theres a little toffee,note to this really nice on the aroma i,love the color by the way a lot of spice,i get you know the cinnamon,orange definitely,almost a ginger but thats i think,thats the rye um,very nice very very nice yeah the orange,is still there right very dominant that,ginger,popped through a lot more now that ive,swallowed it um and again that i want to,say like an almondy,walnutty,flavor to it that im really digging,those caramel notes that are typical of,a bourbon but super clean like,what i see here is its a its a its a,well-distilled distillate right,sometimes you can tell when things are a,little bit like i like i love craft,spirits sure uh but some of them because,theyre made in small distilleries and,they havent figured out efficiencies,yet you can detect it this is just made,super clean super awesome big big bold,flavors and its probably due to that,high proof as well um so delicious um,by the way can you tell me the story,about the mold of the bottle i know,theres something going on here sure so,the the symbol on the front of the,bottle is the americas response,monument the special forces soldier on,horseback its the only monument at,ground zero in new york city oh wow when,we when we went to new york city to,dedicate the monument the port authority,of new york city gave us um an i-beam,from one of the twin towers they had,kept back a portion of these i-beams for,national monuments they gave us one,we took a portion of that i-beam and,made,saint pete rise so we used it as a,national monument and then we took a,portion of it and we reforged it into,our bottle molds so every bottle every,drop of bourbon is actually touched by,ground zero steel and in memory of of,such an important day,in not only america but in world history,thats awesome absolutely awesome,awesome uh shall we move on to the next,video lets go to the small batch all,right lets do small batch is the first,of our weeded bourbons okay,its 95 proof,these are usually six to eight years in,the barrel,okay 16. and um i i get a lot of the,candy notes in here its a lot older,more mature,uh very smooth,really a soft bourbon i think on the,palette well cheers to this cheers to,you excited yeah this is a oh softer,for sure,yeah a little bit of a,uh,tartness,a little tart,you know,i do ive never detected that yeah and,maybe and maybe thats more gingery you,know sometimes sometimes im im full,bore candy notes on this one i get the,vanilla forward and youll see it in the,in the palette,a lot of caramel,nice,um,oh yeah,this is our go-to,you know sometimes people just told me,leave it why do you go um when you,havent even swallowed it yet,because if the mouth feel,is unbelievable,its the first my brain just goes um and,the mouth feel boom,its so velvety nice and just,slick,i agree absolutely delicious if you get,that velvet heaviness its um,its like its like ice cream melting in,your mouth you want it to stay there,uh opposed to like a stripped alcohol,feeling,that immediately i already like the,bourbon if it starts right there this is,a great call i have to take another sip,of this one,it can be a three sipper sometimes it,sure can and you know what wheat does,when i usually when i taste the wheat,did bourbon,uh i get a spice not the spice that i,would get in a in a rye spice right,which is more i dont know peppery i get,more of a like a baking spice it just,kind of helps boost up those other,flavors and its so nice theyre so,different but theyre so,cool in their own little way right like,it its hard to say,uh which one i like more because it,really depends on what im doing like,every day i would probably go with the,small batch um but in in in a really,cool cocktail i would probably keep the,small batch for the city,yeah for the sipping i would just make,friends man yeah absolutely i dig it im,gonna move these down,okay by the way,i dont know if if its disclosable but,do we know what a small batch means for,you guys yeah sure thats for us its,seven to eight barrels,so we select seven to eight barrels to,achieve a very consistent flavor profile,every time,and we you know our,we say the the the direction is,perfection,and so we are always trying to keep,things where every time you come to,horse soldier bourbon you get the same,high quality product i dig it i dig in,seven to eight barrels now the reason,why thats important for the viewers out,there is that small batch is a,non-defined illegal category it just,means a smaller portion of the barrels,that are in a distillery now if your,distillery has two million or

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