1. How To Leave A Google Review Without An Account
  2. How To Leave A Google Review Without A Google Account
  3. How To Leave A Google Review Without A Gmail
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  6. How to Leave a Google Review
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How To Leave A Google Review Without An Account

now often when it comes to google they,do like to tend to keep things within,their own realms within their own areas,and so obviously when it comes to,leaving reviews on google my business,google would prefer you to use their own,email which of course is gmail and a,huge amount of people do have gmail,accounts so thats fine,what happens if you dont want to sign,up to another email account or gmail,itself what happens if you dont want to,use your gmail account you want to use,say a different email account is it,possible to still leave good reviews for,people that have given you good service,but without using gmail is it possible,to do it on an iphone as well or on a,local mobile,were going to look at all those,questions today but also before we do,that were going to just see at the,beginning how can you leave a very,simple link to get reviews from your,your clients and from your customers,were going to dive straight in now into,the tutorial and then well then be able,to answer those questions for you before,we talk about how to leave a review and,particularly if you havent got a gmail,account just first of all uh check the,importance of making sure you know how,to give a review,link so were going to particularly look,at that how can you actually provide a,link for someone to leave a review,and googles made this really easy now,so if you log into your google my,business account and youll come up with,your dashboard which is uh here if you,click on home if youre not there and,you should find at the moment google is,providing this box here get more reviews,share your business profile and get new,reviews from your customers and it,really is as simple as that if you click,on this share review form,and that will then give you,a link and you can just click on the,link,and link is copied and now if i go,anywhere i can paste that and that will,then give the person thats given that,link,the opportunity to then provide a review,so lets see how that works now of,course you can of course share it on,facebook whatsapp twitter or share it,via email its nice and ready to fill in,its even put some kind of some ideas as,to what you can put and so on and then,also if you can get your person to leave,a photo of the product or the service,theyre happy with or even a smiling,customer thatll all have a bit more of,an impact on how google views this,review its a positive thing so,especially as the fact that if they take,it on their camera it will then have the,location of where it is taken if the,location is around the corner from you,theyre a happy customer,then that all adds to google seeing you,as authentic in a local area,now what im going to do is im going to,tackle this slightly differently because,im logging into my own login and that,doesnt help but if i do this in,incognito mode,and if i now type in that address in,incognito mode,and youll see then that the map comes,up,and it now wants me to sign in now this,is where most people are put off because,they go sign in with your google account,i dont have a google account and i,dont want a google account i dont want,to use a google account now for whatever,reason you dont want to use gmail or,google that shouldnt put you off giving,a review and this is what im going to,show you now that you can still give a,review to someone even if you dont have,a gmail account now the way it works you,click on sign in and of course it still,wants a gmail account but you notice,here it says create an account so you,still feel like am i going to still,require a gmail account so im going to,create an account for myself,and this is the bit that you need to,look out for use my current email,address instead and thats the bit that,most people arent aware of that you can,still leave a review so you just put in,your name,and you dont need to put in a gmail,account you can use your own current,account and then you can add your own,password as well so in that case you,just put in say a yahoo account a,hotmail account outlook account whatever,account it is that you want to use,you just fill these things in with that,account and you then do not need to use,a gmail account and that will then log,you in so then you can leave a review,and thats something that most people,dont realize exists,so,that,url,will take you through to a link where,you dont need to use a gmail account to,leave review hopefully that means that,youll get more reviews from people that,say that they dont want to use a gmail,account,so if you just want to get someone to do,it on their phone its just the same way,really you just log into your phone and,it can be on an iphone or a samsung or,whatever it is android,in this case on android im just going,to paste that g page review that we,mentioned at the beginning of this,tutorial so just paste it in there enter,that,and then just in a similar way really it,asks you to log in with your gmail,account,and you can just do that either your,email address or your phone number and,thats fine and once youve logged that,in you can then just then put in the,review if you dont have a gmail account,once again just click on create an,account,and you can either go for a new account,in gmail or if you dont want to use,your gmail account again you can use,your own current email address so its,exactly the same on a phone as it is in,a tutorial but just slightly less,options and you often find thats the,case so hopefully thats been useful too,so if we go back to where we were and,just to say that of course if you do,have reviews coming in do make sure you,reply to them make sure you click on,replied and if you havent replied then,make sure that you get this emptied out,because replying to reviews is really,important it also emails them and thanks,them and its also again another signal,to google that youre on top of your,business so make sure you do that

How To Leave A Google Review Without A Google Account

hello im jeffrey kirk,google reviews are important for locally,based businesses in fact google reviews,are so important that i have a complete,webinar showing you how to adjust your,online business presence so you can get,as many good quality reviews as possible,i hope you click the webinar link below,and join me for an upcoming event its,free in the meantime let me share with,you a question that i often get along,with an answer that can help you out how,can my clients give me a review if they,dont have a google account i have,several different answers to this,question,depending on how its being asked,sometimes the question is general like,the one i just shared with you and,sometimes its more of a problem,statement like i have clients who want,to give me reviews but,they dont have a google account or,it could be more specific like a client,said he tried to give me a review but,google wouldnt let him because he,doesnt have a google account in the,more general cases my answer is that,most people already have a google,account they just might not know it for,example most people with an android,based phone already have a google,account because it helps them take,advantage of some of the features on,their phone they may have set this up,when they got their phone but havent,thought about it since anyone who has,ever used a google app of any kind such,as google analytics or gmail,those people already have google,accounts in fact gmail is the easiest,because the gmail address itself is the,account name but for those who really,have never created a google account for,example,iphone users or maybe theyve lost track,of their account details,theres still an easy way for them to,leave a google review now its easy its,just not obvious so thats what im,going to show you in this video now,lets go to my computer so i can show,you the details okay here i am at google,now lets say im one of your clients,and i want to leave a google review for,your business what am i going to do well,typically i search for your business by,name,and then i look for the reviews section,so i could leave a review,but in this case,i dont know your business,so instead,im going to pretend that i recently,visited crush wine bar with some friends,and i want to leave a google review,about our experience,so we had a great time and i want people,to know but,i dont have a google account,so what do i do,i start off the same way as everyone,else im going to come here,and im going to search,for crush wine bar,and then i see the reviews line here 129,google reviews and ill click on that,down below i can see reviews that other,people have left but the important thing,for me is to click on the button up here,that says write a review and then google,instantly recognizes that im not logged,into a google account so it puts up the,sign in page if i had an account,i could put in my google account email,and then click next but i dont have one,so what do i do,and this is where most people get stuck,because they dont have that account to,sign into so they just they give up they,stop here,they dont want an account so,they dont think to really click the,create account button and thats why i,say that the solution is easy but its,not obvious because what they really,should do is click the create account,button and ill show you why when they,do that a drop down menu appears where,they can choose for myself and click on,that and then heres where it gets,really interesting,instead of creating a google account,they can simply use an existing,email address they want to use,so they would come up here and put in,their real name,like this,but then in the username at gmail.com,well if they dont have one and they,dont want one certainly not wanting to,create a new gmail account for,themselves,so instead they can click the link right,here that says use my current email,address instead upon clicking that now,it asks them for their existing email,address,of course it has to be a real address,because google needs to verify they,really are who they say they are they,dont want people,anonymously leaving reviews or leaving,reviews from fake accounts,so to leave a review,you still have to enter your name,and you have to enter a real email,address,your name is whats going to show in the,review as the person who left the review,and the email address is going to be,used to confirm that youre a real,person so ill just type one in here so,i can get past this spot,see random email at randombiz.com,then you also need to enter a password,doing this allows you to get access to,the review again later if you ever need,to,sometimes its necessary to change a,review or to remove a review and google,certainly needs to make sure that the,same person who created it,is the one whos editing it but then,once you have all that filled in,you just click the next button,at that point google will send a,confirmation email to your email address,to make sure its legitimate and then,just follow the confirmation process to,leave a new review,thats all there is to it,however im not clicking on next because,if i were leaving a real review for the,crush wine bar i would want to use my,real email account and this is a fake,account so i cannot even confirm it,and im certainly not going to attempt,to leave a fake review just for,demonstration purposes but im sure you,get the idea the key is to click the,create account link and then use your,current email address and it makes it,all very simple you now have a process,you can tell others about if they want,to leave a review but dont have a,google account simply send them to this,video to learn how i hope this helps you,get more quality reviews to make sure,you get the best reviews and as many as,possible which is truly important these,days please join me on an upcoming,webinar ill show you the steps you need,to take your business deserves to be,seen online ill see you again soon and,have a great day

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How To Leave A Google Review Without A Gmail

okay guys so super quick video for you,here get my mic on okay so context of,the review video we just put out,yesterday um going through the whole,thing of how to get a five star review,we had a question on it of okay so im,at the job site and i have two options i,can either send them a link to their,personal device,for my reviews page along with the,questions to ask or i can hand them some,sort of company tablet uh ipad something,like that and then give them the,questions probably in like a print out,or something like that,when i do it this way when i give it to,them im logged into all of my stuff and,they have to log in and how do we handle,all of that and what what steps to,follow so,heres exactly what you can do the main,thing is opening up an incognito tab,um so if youre on desktop thats,command shift in,and if youre on mobile at the bottom,theres new tab and then private and,basically its so that all of everything,everywhere that youre logged in it,doesnt know anything about that anymore,and any login information that they put,in is not saved so then you dont have,to worry about scrubbing it after,theyre done um you know somebody else,comes in tries to log on and then they,you have an old clients info,it wont save so everybody that you do,this is a clean slate so thats the step,one is incognito window,then what youre going to do is go to,your reviews link,once again the link to that googles,specific tutorial will be down in the,description of this video and also in,that reviews video,if you do not have that you can google,yourself,find your google my business click on,reviews,on desktop youre going to click on,write the review on mobile youre going,to click on the stars it its a little,bit deceiving here because it seems like,youre giving the review and thats,awkward before you have them log in,just click on any star amount it doesnt,matter you can do five stars for good,luck but it doesnt change its just a,way of its the same thing as clicking,on write or review its just a different,way of getting there they can change the,star amount later on,so youre going to click writer review,if they have a google account theyll,sign in like normal no big deal,most people have a google account if,they do not then youre going to go to,create account and this is kind of,honestly they set it up in a way that,looks kind of like confusing but heres,what you do you hit create account for,myself and then you can hand it to them,theyll put in their first name last,name and then right here youre going to,click use my current email address,instead so then they can do first name,last name their email,password confirm and do it basically,theyre just creating a google account,because everybody that does a google,review needs a google account to make,sure that these are not,um inaccurate or like the people it its,a way of creating no spam reviews its a,security measure,so,thats what youll do um,because you have to go through those,extra steps,um,you you could just preface it with hey i,have an ipad here,do you happen to have a google account,and if they do then easy thats the way,to go if not it might just be easier to,send the link to them,but that is up to you guys let me know,what you end up liking more but thats,everything if you guys have no context,for this no idea what im talking about,check out the reviews video we just put,out it is,super in depth 20 minutes long all about,the exact way that you can make sure you,dont get ghosted when you ask for that,review um yeah we worked on that one for,a while and im happy with the way it,turned out and weve gotten some good,feedback so its awesome,jared,thank you for your question dude and if,you guys have any more id be happy to,shoot another video and help you guys,out because thats the goal so ill see,you guys

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How to (properly) Leave a Review on Google – How to Rank on Google Maps [08]

I want to show you how to leave a proper,review I know we had a video on it,I want to show you how to leave a proper,review I know we had a video on it where,I told you that you needed to include,your keywords you need to have a long,and detailed reviews I also told you how,you can get more reviews but today I,want to tell you how to live a proper,review lets look at some examples,so our goal is to live long and detailed,reviews we can either ask our customers,for it or we can of course do it at the,black hat way which is we buy some,Google accounts or take some Google,accounts from our friends and family and,write the reviews ourselves,and of course you can use regular Google,accounts or a local guide accounts which,theres none here let me see if I can,find some local guy accounts,they chat they just have a badge on top,of it uh,yeah lets just do this right here,I cant find one right now let me just,show you what a Google local guide,account is,to basically a little star appears on,your profile and these reviews carry,more weight okay and yeah thats,basically regarding that so if you can,get reviews from local local guide,accounts sorry theyre better theyre,more powerful than uh regular accounts,and we can see here that the actual,keyword of the business business name,209 Dental,of course its not the full business,time but its a partial match 209 Dental,is in the,review name and its a long editor,review of course of 305 Stars again,lets scroll down this one right here,glad I found this dental office in NYC,and I guarantee you this is a keyword,that this business tries to rank for,because these guys are a dental clinic,so dental clinic NYC dental office NYC,best dentist NYC so this is great,including these keywords and partial,matches and long tail versions of the,main keyword in reviews is something,thats necessary,something that I dont see here which,Id like to see is the the people,leaving reviews with um pictures because,you can do so if you choose right to,review you can leave a five-star review,you can insert your review and then you,can add a picture this gives extra,relevancy so if you can do this make,sure you do it so,five star reviews keyword optimized long,okay long content,and add pictures if you can and ideally,youd have reviews from local guides but,thats not always possible so yeah lets,discard this one,foreign,now something else I want to tell you is,Google also picks up reviews from other,places so as you can see here,reviews from the web,Facebook Health grades because this is a,health in the health niche,as you can see reviews people live here,on Facebook,are also picked up by Google so this are,picked up by Google here and this is yet,another signal because Google in order,to rank your your listing your GMB,listing in Google it pickups big sub,signals from all across the web okay so,these include the reviews people live on,your actual GMB and the reviews all,across the web and this is great because,it may be easier for your business or,for your Niche to ask for reviews on,Facebook some people only use Facebook,okay and Ill show you here another,example for example this one right here,uh uh also pulls from Facebook but for,example this one is right here pulls,from a directory,this is a Portuguese company director,and Im gonna be honest with you here uh,if I remember correctly,uh lets just do,um,plumber,okay,yeah I think yeah right so say this,directory you can just leave a review,like this,I just gave these guys five stars and of,course this wont appear right now I,dont even know if these guys have a GMB,yeah I dont think they do these are,arent the guys but as you can see,because Google picks up reviews from,local directories,these guys managed to get a review here,on the GMB listing which gives it extra,power and extra relevancy and extra,trust in Googles eyes uh right here and,yeah this basically pulls in reviews,from all the directories it finds your,business in thats why its important to,have citations okay because this is a,citation this is a website on on Google,this is a business listing website where,you can sorry,where you can list your website you have,your nap so your name address and phone,number name address phone number a,business description Services a little,map so this is why its important you,have also citations because Google pulls,in if of course the the website allows,for reviews its a mix its a citation,website that also allows for reviews if,it does that that sorry its good for,Google because it will pull in that,information as you can see from this,directory or from Facebook or in this,case a medical Niche from healthgrades,in this case this is not working right,now but there are many many examples of,this so,to recap living rate reviews its not,just about leaving them on GMB but if,you do leave them on JB make sure there,are five stars ideally from local guides,and ideally with pictures and keyword,optimized and long and detailed but,reviews also are dependent on the web so,make sure you have them on your Facebook,page on whatever else you you you know,that people can leave reviews of your,business because all of these are signs,that build trust in Googles eyes that,will rank your GMB higher okay thats it,regarding reviews

How to Write a Review on Google

[Music],method one placing a review using your,computer one log into your google,account you can log in from any google,website including the google search page,click the sign in button on the top,right corner of the page and sign in,with your username and password if you,are not signing when you try to write a,review you will be asked to sign in,before writing if you do not have a,google account you will need to create,one two search for the business or place,you can write reviews for restaurants,businesses attractions etc simply search,for the establishment either through,google search google maps google plus,etc in order to write a review using a,mobile device you will need to open the,locations info in google maps and then,use the rate and review box three look,for the existing reviews when you see,the establishment in the search results,youll see a star rating as well as the,number of reviews that have been written,4. click the write a review button or,link depending on how you searched for,the establishment you may have several,options for writing a new review click,on the link or button to open the review,form the link will be next to the star,rating in your search results while the,button will appear underneath the,establishments name in the sidebar in,google search 5. give the location a,star rating reviews come in two parts,the star rating and the written review,most people who see your review will,look at the star rating first so make,sure that it matches your feelings about,the location you can give anywhere from,one hated it to five loved it stars this,will be averaged into all of the star,reviews creating the review that is seen,from the google search of the location,6. write your review once youve given,your star review you can write the,written portion use the space to,critique your experience with the,location refer to this guide for tips on,writing a comprehensive and useful,review,7. publish your review once you are,finished writing your review click the,publish button to publish it to the web,the review will have your name and a,link to your google plus profile method,2. 2 placing a review using your,smartphone 1. launch your smartphones,web browser you can use any web browser,installed on your device 2. go to,googles main webpage type googles,address in the search bar of your,browser this will take you to the google,search page 3. search for the,establishment you want to review type in,the name of the place you want to review,into the google search box and press the,enter key to load the results 4.,initiate the review process the right,side of the results page will feature,the one that you referenced in the,search scroll down until you see a box,that says write a review and tap it,five,log in to your google account on the,next page that loads enter your google,login details into the fields provided,then tap login to proceed,6. select the star rating you would give,the experience all the stars are already,full so just tap where appropriate with,5 stars being the highest,7. tap the box below the star button and,write your review into the field be as,specific as possible 8. tap the publish,button on the top right side of the,screen to publish your review,[Music],you

How to Leave a Google Review

hello and welcome today were going to,talk about how to leave a Google review,now if youve ever worked with a local,business that you really loved or eating,at a restaurant you really enjoy were,just gotten great customer service from,a local business or service provider and,you feel like you want to kind of return,the favor a great way to do that is to,leave that business at Google review and,as we all know Google is the king of the,internet so leaving a review on google,is really going to go a long way for,those businesses so in order to do that,you first need to login to your existing,gmail account and if you dont have one,you do need to set one up and thats,just so that your reviews will be,verified by Google if you already have,an email address that you use like a,hotmail address or an email address,through your internet service provider,thats totally fine and its actually a,great idea to have a secondary account,particularly through gmail because its,so secure but its great to have a,secondary email account in case you,happen to lose the password to your,primary account having that secondary,email account can pet you can have your,information sent to that account so that,you can regain that password and keep,your account secure so if you dont have,a gmail account im going to quickly,walk you through the steps in order to,set that up so youre just going to want,to go to gmail com and youre going to,get this screen and so right below this,box youll click on this link that says,create account and youll get this,little form to fill out and I already,have a gmail account but Im just going,to walk you quickly through how to set,that up so youll just type in your,first and last name and youll just,choose a username if you choose one,thats already in existence a little red,text will pop up below this box to let,you know that you need to try something,else but I think you can probably get,away with that great,then youll just type in a password,thats 8 characters long and put in your,birthday information and you can set up,a,phone or current email address these are,optional I believe that these just help,you keep your this account secure as,well and like I said before if you lose,the password to your gmail account you,can recover that using your mobile phone,or your other current email address so,you can put those in as well and you can,just come in here and type in the,CAPTCHA information put in your location,and click agree to terms and services,and then youre going to click next step,to get to that to get to your new gmail,account so i am going to stop showing my,screen just a second so that i can sign,into my account and then i will walk you,through the steps on how to leave a,google review alright so Ive signed,into my gmail account now and to leave a,review for a business on Google youre,going to want to go to google maps and,youre just going to put in the search,for the business that you want to leave,a review for so i am going to leave a,review for a used book store in my,neighborhood that I really loved and you,can leave a review for anything a,provider of home care services a,hospital a doctor that you want to leave,a report you can really leave reviews,for just about anything on google just,search for the name of the business that,you want and youll get this little,screen here on the side and if you,scroll down you can just check the,address make sure that it is the one,that you want to leave a review for and,this is,and you scroll all the way to the bottom,and you click write a review and then a,little box will pop up here and Im,going to give them four stars I really,love this book store so Im going to say,great selection and they do have a,knowledgeable staff and then youll just,click post done and over here you can,scroll down again and you can see that,your review was recorded and thats it,its as simple as that so I hope that,this video was informative and I hope,that you get out there and leave some,great reviews for those businesses that,you really love thanks so much

Drive Square customers to leave Reviews on Yelp, Google Business Tutorial

hey YouTube today I have something,exciting to share with you how to send,your customers paying with Square to,your online review page so they could,leave you just with one click they could,go into Google reviews or where the,google reviews google reviews or yelp,reviews and just it would make it easy,for them to to just write a review right,from their phone so when when paying,with square square has already built in,their own review thingy but it actually,it doesnt really go anywhere but their,website and nobodys reading reviews on,square website so what I figured out how,to put in my own link on the receipt,wheres our receipt over here and so you,would have one you can have one link,actually on the very top that takes you,to the place of your choice like Yelp or,Google and then you can also have,another link here if they scroll down,you can actually make the website click,also not your website but to your Yelp,thing and then there actually you can,put clickable links into a return policy,area and also into notes area so heres,how you do it youre gonna need a google,link shortener or URL shortener too,because usually what you have on your on,your page on your Google Places page is,this long long link and youre not gonna,put that on your receipt this will look,like four lines of text and then also,same thing with Yelp – like you have,this long,URL that will look awkward on the link,so you just you just find your customers,page that you helping them or its your,page just copy it go to Google URL,shortener paste it in,click shorten now you have this what is,it like almost ten letter link that will,take you to the same place that instead,of that long URL then you log in to your,Square account and you go to what do we,go you go to settings I apologize for,this phone I mean camera recording,because I didnt have time to find the,screencasting thing so I just want to,make this quick video so you go to,settings then you go to your business,locations and in in the location area,actually on the very top you can put of,course you can put just the just your,business name or you can actually just,put your business name because this will,show the first thing that will show on,their email when they email the receipt,they will show the business name so you,want to have a business name instead of,likely leave review and then after that,you can write a maybe a little note our,service or how was your experience leave,a review and you you post this little,this link that you just got from,shortened shortened URL and you post the,link here and its actual its not here,on on square portal its not clickable,but what what makes it good your email,client your phone or your you know your,online email it will make this link,clickable because it recognizes that,thats like legit URL because so when,you look on the,it will look like this when you look on,when they look on actually on the,receipt,its a clickable link and then yeah so,you you put your instead of just name,you can put a little note your business,name and that link that you created then,you can also put the same link in the,website area or you can just put the,profile link for your for your page then,Save Changes then also if we go to,receipts wheres the receipts okay right,here so we go settings again then you go,business and then you go receipt and in,the receipt area you see that same thing,that it picks up from the business name,they did it over there you can put a,logo then item description the item,description is actually this field what,you actually put in when youre charging,the customer and that theres a on your,on your app when youre charging a,customer theres a note do it here we go,and in this note you can if you put a,link here it says its actually very,time consuming unless you have it like,saved and posted sorry my its hard to,see it through camera so if if you have,link copy it and you post it this will,also become a clickable link but you,just put a note whatever year we put,like towing this is the this is the,description and then in so show I am,description on the portal and then you,can also,this is website now this is a custom,text are you happy with the service and,and you can you just post your link,again and this actually goes where is it,are you happy with your service on the,very bottom of your of your receipt and,and the link is actually clickable and,same thing is actually on on the phone,too,you see it becomes clickable link on top,then another clickable link the website,this little globe thing its also,actually clickable it takes it to your,Yelp yeah,or it takes you whatever you put link to,and then they can start leaving review,here then also you can see the link it,becomes clickable if you put in in over,here and settings we have a return,policy you can also write down whatever,you want instead of 30 days you can,write another another call to action to,leave up the review and and put the link,so theres like five total like one two,three four five areas on the receipt,that actually can become clickable and,take your customer to one of your places,where you want them to leave the review,and this will hopefully help you get get,more even more reviews more stars,because I notice there are people who,actually leave these reviews but they,its not really helpful they just it,just puts,the stores review on square site and,its no its nowhere its not visible,anywhere else so I hope this was clear I,dont know if I did a good job,explaining it but its actually a cool,way to have your customer easy way to,leave a review after they paid with,credit card on square but another note,these links are do not work if you put,if you send the receipt into the as a,text message,none of these links become clickable so,its always better you know ask them hey,um would you like your receipt emailed,and just email the receipt instead of,choosing earth text because in text,message you can see the links but you,cannot click them and the phone does not,recognize that that this is a clickable,link and so its only an email your,email app shows that hey you wanna click,it and and go where its taking you to,leave a review so yeah that this is what,I find out so hopefully this will help,you and and and work thank you

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