1. How To Leave A Review On Etsy 2020 | Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Etsy Beginners | Cayce Anne
  2. How to Respond to Customer Feedback & Reviews on Etsy
  3. How to ask for reviews on Etsy with an automatic message. Selling on Etsy for beginners
  4. How TO: Leave a Review on Etsy/ Etsy Review From Your Cell Phone!
  5. How To Leave A Review On Etsy
  6. How to leave a review on Etsy!!
  7. Get More Real Reviews on Etsy from Your Customers ????⭐ [Message Template Included]

How To Leave A Review On Etsy 2020 | Simple Step-By-Step Guide for Etsy Beginners | Cayce Anne

hey everyone and welcome back to my,channel I hope youre all doing really,well so today as you might be able to,tell from the title I thought I would do,a video a little step by step guide on,how to leave a review so if youre new,to Etsy and you just purchased a couple,of products and youd like to leave a,review but you dont know how well this,video is for you dont forget I put out,videos every Tuesday and Thursday all,about Etsy and running your own business,so if that sounds like something youd,like dont forget to hit that subscribe,button give this video a thumbs up and,let me know down in the comments below,if this video was helpful so without,further ado lets get into it so if you,know me you know that I am a huge Harry,Potter fan and when I saw this cute,Hagrid port I just had to have it I,think that what Hagrid is saying here is,so true and I just want him to be one of,the most inspiring characters from Harry,Potter so this little design its from,something for all of us so I will review,that now so you simply click on your,icon up here click on practices and,reviews so to leave your review on a,digital download you actually have to,download it first so to download a file,you just simply click download file and,its as easy as that,then to leave a review you click over,here to the stars,so Ill get 5 stars because I love it,and then this box pops up prompting you,to write a couple of words and you can,even have it photo two protos are great,so other people that are thinking about,buying the item can see it out in the,wild and see it maybe for example this,one could be hung up on the wall not,only are they great for the potential,buyers to see the item and what it looks,like but also theyre great for the,store in it as well and Im sure that,they would really appreciate it,so once youve figured out how many,stars youre going to give it it says to,add at least five words so the words are,optional you can just leave your star,rating but I recommend to leave a couple,of words so Etsy has some suggestions,for you it says what do you like about,this do it show up on time describe,your experience with this shop I would,say something like thats a lovely item,loved Harry Potter and cant wait to,hang it thank you,so once youre happy with it you just,click post your review and there it is,Ive left my review for the product so,that it thats my little step-by-step,guide on how to leave a review as you,can see once you know how it really is,so easy and leaving a review really is,so helpful and so appreciated by the,Etsy business owner and it really does,boost people up and help them to keep,going so I highly recommend to leave a,review if you have purchased a product,and youre satisfied with it also dont,forget if you have any concerns over a,product it is best to contact the Etsy,seller rather than leaving a 1 or 2 star,review you might be something easy and,simple that you two can work out so its,best to contact the owner if you have,any concerns I really hope that you,found this video helpful and this little,tutorial let me know in the comments,below if you did thank you guys so much,for watching I really do appreciate it,and I hope youre all having a great day,out there and have a lovely weekend and,Ill see you next week bye,[Music]

How to Respond to Customer Feedback & Reviews on Etsy

hello and welcome to this video in,todays video i wanted to share with you,a fairly new update to etsy that now,allows you to respond to customer,feedback,previously before this update you could,only ever respond to feedback if the,customer left a three-star review or,less,im not entirely sure why etsy had,feedback responses set up this way but,in my opinion it was frustrating because,ive always wanted to respond to,customers who leave raving reviews to,thank them for taking the time out to,even leave a review to start with,but with etsys update you can now,respond to any feedback good or bad,and finally get in touch with your,customers publicly how great is that,so now that you know whats possible,lets head on over to my own etsy shop,and ill show you how you can start,responding to your customer feedback and,reviews today,okay so in order to actually respond to,your customer reviews and feedback what,you need to do is you actually need to,get to your etsy shop itself so here,were in my etsy shop dashboard for my,shop penny street studio but what i want,you to do is i want you to actually go,to your store so you can easily do this,just by clicking on here where its got,etsy and then your store name so my name,is penny street studio so ill just,click on that and itll open up my etsy,shop,and then here is my etsy shop as it,appears on etsy so if a shopper is,shopping this is what theyre going to,see,and all you need to do is just scroll on,down,all the way until you get to the area,where your reviews and feedback is so,just keep scrolling so here we are so,here weve got reviews,and then its going to have all of your,reviews here,so its going to have the,the name if theres an image for your um,shopper its going to give the star,review so in this case its five stars,and then here is the feedback so it says,love the simplicity saves a ton of time,and simplifies things for clients so,thats what sarah one of my customers,has written here on the 4th of april so,now if you want to respond its as easy,as clicking on this button here so,previously this wasnt um available,unless you had a three star review or,less,so all you need to do is just go ahead,and click on post a public response and,its gonna open up an area where you can,add your public response so here im,just gonna write something like thank,you so much for your feedback and taking,the time to write this review,now i just want to um,let you know that when you do make a,public post so once you actually respond,to this reviewer,you want to take note of what it says,here so please note by submitting your,response the current buyer rating their,review and your response will no longer,be editable,before responding we recommend trying to,work out this issue with your buyer read,our guidelines for resolving and,responding to viewers so this would,really apply to someone whos left a,negative review or you know a three star,or under review because if you do,respond to that person that has made a,less than ideal review or feedback for,your etsy shop or your etsy listing,as soon as you make a reply its going,to be logged in so theyre not going to,be able to change their review whereas,if you were to get in contact with them,via etsy messages then you might be able,to resolve the issue so maybe you could,contact the customer and just kind of,negotiate you could say listen,im sorry that youre unhappy what is it,that youre unhappy about or you could,even,perhaps give them a refund or a partial,refund,in the hopes that perhaps they could,change their review for you because,potential customers really do,read these reviews and look over these,reviews so you know you just want to,make sure that youre putting your best,foot forward okay so in my case im,really happy with this and im happy to,lock this in so im just going to go,post a public response,and there we go and there is my response,so it says here alicia responded on the,5th of april thank you for your feedback,and for taking the time to write your,review its greatly appreciated all the,best and there we have it so i would go,ahead now and just go probably not to,all of my reviews because some of them,have been you know months and months ago,but maybe the most recent one so people,probably reviews that ive had in the,last couple of weeks,and um ill just go ahead and just,respond to all these people for leaving,such wonderful and lovely reviews,okay so thats all for this video today,just a quick and easy one,so go ahead go to your etsy shop now,check out your latest reviews and,respond to your wonderful customers okay,i will catch you in the next one bye for,now,[Music]

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How to ask for reviews on Etsy with an automatic message. Selling on Etsy for beginners

hi everyone today i want to talk about,how to ask for reviews because reviews,are important to an etsy shop and if you,sell on etsy you want people to review,your transactions because that builds,your shop authority it builds your shop,quality rating and it also helps the,individual listings if you sell,something that gets sold a lot because,people can come back and see that people,like that thing when they bought it so,let me share my screen were going to go,into my vintage shop and im going to,show you the easiest way to put up a,repeating message that people will get,and it will remind them to leave a,review and then ill also give you a few,other tips so this is my vintage shop,now if you want to set up a message that,will go out automatically when someone,places an order and etsy sends them the,verification email,and then also when the order is shipped,then you want to do this go to your,settings,and choose info and appearance,and then youre going to scroll down,here and right here is your shop,announcement and then right under that,is the message to buyers now in this,section if you type something in here,and save it it will send that message,out to the customers when they purchase,something and its printed on the,receipt it will also go out in emails,that etsy sends for notifications when,the item ships,and,i think when its delivered it sends,different things at different times but,you want to definitely fill this out and,if you sell digital what you would do is,click this box right underneath it and,that goes with digital items since,theres no,notification emails that go out for that,but what you want to do is just put,something like thank you,for,choosing,circus pig,vintage be enthusiastic but also spell,things correctly okay so you just want,to thank them for their purchase,and then say something like please let,me know if you have any problems with,your order and thats important because,a lot of times people dont know that,they can contact you and if they know,that then they might be more likely to,contact you if they do have a problem,before they actually leave a review and,if someone has a problem you dont want,them leaving a review until you have a,chance to address the problem okay so,thank you for choosing circus big,vintage please let me know if you have,any problems with your order and if you,love,your item,i would,appreciate it if you,left a five star review dont just say a,review tell them leave a five star,review people tend to do,what theyre instructed to do if theyre,gonna leave a review and then you can,say because and the word because is,magic in human psychology if you tell,someone because something they tend to,do it more than if you just say leave me,a review so i would put because it helps,my shop a lot and ive already said i,appreciate it and im going to put a,little exclamation mark and then im,going to sign it kara,put your name on there because youre a,real person okay so it says thank you,for choosing circus big vintage please,let me know if you have any problems,with your order and if you love your,item i would appreciate it if you left a,five star review because it helps my,shop a lot thats all you have to put,and that goes on the notification email,that is sent out to verify that the,order was placed and theres a couple,other places i did write an article on,the artisan shopper blog ill link to,that in the description because it goes,into this in more detail when exactly,that message is sent out and i took some,screenshots when i purchased something,on etsy recently so you can see exactly,when that goes out now the one thing,that i would say and always click save,changes the one thing that i would warn,you about is that you dont want to send,customers too many messages because like,i said etsy sends out messages when the,order is placed when the order is,shipped when the order is almost about,ready to be delivered and when its,delivered so theres a point at which,people are going to be like okay i dont,need more emails telling me about this,order so if you start sending them,things on top of that its going to get,annoying for some people and then,theyre going to give you a bad review,also etsy does remind people to leave,reviews if they dont leave a review,right away so dont pile on with people,if you can help it if you can just set,up these automatic messages thats fine,you also cannot send people a coupon in,exchange for review or a discount or,anything that there are laws against,that because its considered,like trade trading a review for,something and if you do that then the,customer legally has to say i received a,coupon in exchange for this review and,nobodys going to do that so you cant,do that again i would go read that,article because it goes into more detail,about the things that you cant do and,the communications that you can send,people but that is basically the easiest,way to do it on the etsy end i know,another thing that you can do is to put,a handwritten note or just write on the,receipt that says thank you id,appreciate it if you left a review and,on the etsy receipts at the bottom it,prints out that says please leave a,review so you can just circle that and,draw i circle it and draw a smiley face,next to it some people draw a heart,around it you just want to do something,to draw attention to that but if you add,a little thank you on the receipt and,that will help to personalize it and it,makes people more likely to leave a,review so if you have any questions post,them but definitely check out the,article in the link below,and i will talk to you later

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How TO: Leave a Review on Etsy/ Etsy Review From Your Cell Phone!

welcome to grocery tops by ss help us,grow our business,simply by sharing our videos on facebook,instagram your community tab or other,social media platforms,thank you for supporting this channel,now lets get into todays video,[Music],in todays video im going to show you,how to leave a review on etsy,this video was requested but before we,begin the review,id like to share some of our handmade,items that are available for purchase,links to shops will be in the,description box below,we encourage you to leave a review on,our handmade items,you may just be our lucky customer,selected in our free giveaways,thank you for supporting handmade and,lets begin the review,as most of you may know im the shop,owner chantal sergeant,in todays video ill be showing you,guys how to leave a review from my,personal account,of course if you order from my shop,youll be able to leave a review,on your selected item it can either be a,diaper cake,or a beanie so the first thing you want,to do is of course,open the app and at the bottom screen,select,you once you select you its going to,take you to this screen and then you,select purchases,and review itll give you a list of your,purchases and how youre able,to leave a review so im going to leave,a review on the first item,which was this cutting board so i just,select leave a review,and then i select my star rating and im,going to give it a 5 because this was an,amazing,product and then it brings you to,another screen and asks,three more questions item quality,shipping,and seller customer service,so im just gonna give five stars for,all of them because they were pretty,excellent,and then after this youre going to give,an option also,where you can leave a written review,which is where i do right here,so im just going to say a few good,words about it this item was,came out absolutely amazing,and then after i finished that im just,going to,press submit,so youll see in a second the next,screen,that pops up after i do so,so im just saying this item came out,absolutely amazing the engraving was,done perfectly,and would definitely purchase from this,shop,again,so once that is completed im going to,hit submit which is at the top,right corner and this is all done on,your phone,so were gonna then hit submit,and then they also give you an option,where you can leave a,image i dont have an image so i just,selected finished and then thats all,you have to do to leave a review on etsy,thank you for watching and i hope this,helped you guys,understand how to leave a review on etsy,dont forget to subscribe and like us on,facebook and follow us on instagram,at crochet tops by ss diy with shanty,[Music],you

How To Leave A Review On Etsy

hi everyone and welcome to my first,how-to video in this video Im going to,show you how to leave a review on items,that youve purchased through etsy.com,Etsy reviews are really important to the,shop owners such as myself they let us,know that you guys liked your product or,just liked your product,sometimes people talk about the smooth,how smooth communication was with the,shop owner how quickly it shipped the,quality of the item I mean every theres,all kinds of stuff people include in the,reviews and they really help us shop,owners who are getting positive reviews,because were making good quality items,and have good customer service it lets,other buyers know that we are a shop,thats worth shopping at and you can,expect good things when you shop from us,so I just wanted to do a video because I,thought maybe some people didnt realize,how simple it was or never actually even,tried didnt know you could leave,reviews things like that so thats what,this video is for and hopefully after,you watch it you will be able to see how,simple it is and you guys can start,leaving some reviews yourself so first,you just want to go online and go to,Etsy calm let me sign out real quick,sorry I thought I was already okay go to,Etsy calm and this is the screen youre,going to see youre gonna go up here to,sign in and thats what youll type your,email or username and then your password,and then youll click sign in and then,youre going to go up here to the little,icon that says you click the down arrow,and then youre going to click purchases,and reviews its the second thing down,it goes conversations then purchases and,reviews go ahead and click that and then,youll be taken to a page that shows you,all the purchases that youve made on,Etsy and if an item is not ready to be,reviewed yet it will say you can leave a,review on,item and then the date that you can but,if theres if its ready for a review,you can go ahead and like this would be,available to you if its not available,its not ready to be reviewed yet so you,just click the amount of stars that you,think that item deserves and I really,like these so Im going to do 5 stars,and then that brings you to this little,window where you can write something,about it now you dont have to write,anything you can just leave the 5 stars,and call it a day its also really nice,if you leave something about it,especially if its 5 stars,you want to tell them that you loved,your Ida and why you loved it and things,like that so Im just gonna go ahead,real quick and say I loved these two lip,balms each one is individually wrapped,making them easier to use so they dont,all crumble in the container they smell,great and do a great job freshening my,bathroom period and then youre going to,click post your review and thats it,super simple really helps out the shop,owners because they get to see that,theyre doing a good job,it also helps other shoppers because,they get to see that oh this person,really liked these a whole bunch of,people really like these this shop has a,5 star rating,so its probably a good shop to work,with I can expect good things when I,purchase items from here super simple,helps us a lot and we really appreciate,all of the love feel free to go to my,shop wwo crafty Quonset comm see all the,cute stuff Ive got going on,over there and go back through if you,purchase stuff from Etsy go back through,all of your reviews should still be,there and just go ahead and leave a,review on anything thats available to,you I hope you like this video I hope it,was easy to follow let me know if you,have any questions and have a great day,bye

How to leave a review on Etsy!!

[Music],hi this is sue and I want to leave a,quick video for anyone whos trying to,leave a review in one of my shops or for,any shop on Etsy its very easy once you,see it the first time but sometimes its,hard to locate when you havent done it,before,so what youre gonna do if youre on a,laptop or a computer is sign into Etsy,comm and find your account this is your,this is the opening page youre going to,go over to where you have a picture or,an icon and youre going to click the,you button and youre going to go down,to purchases and reviews so these are,going to be where youre going to find,all your past purchases of physical,products digital products instant,downloads theyre all going to be here,and theyre here forever as long as you,have your Etsy account you can leave a,review on Etsy up to 100 days after you,have received the product or immediately,for the time starts immediately for an,instant download or a digital product,for a physical product its after you,get it delivered you have a hundred days,to leave a review when you order a,digital product or an instant download,usually you can review the item right,away if you ordered a physical product,like a mug and you got the mug say five,days later or seven days later there,will be a timeline here that will tell,you when you can review the mug so this,wont be available sometimes Im almost,thinking its seven to ten days after,you receive it which I dont understand,why its so long but you have to itll,say sometimes can you can review this,item after like April 25th so itll give,you an idea of when you can come back,and leave a review for that product for,digital products unless its being,customized and then sent to you theres,sometimes a delay when you can do when,you can review that one but an instant,download you can as soon as you have,downloaded the files to your desktop,then you can go ahead and leave a review,so thats really fast,you can also edit a review anytime you,want up to those hundred days I do want,to caution you that if you are,disappointed in something or something,wasnt quite right its really great if,you just try to contact the shop owner,and work it out with them before you,leave a review that isnt a five-star it,really affects the sellers shop and if,you if you leave the bad review and say,you know I found this wrong and that,wrong and I was disappointed and the,seller reaches out to you and then you,get everything fixed and youre super,happy and there was great customer,service and you want to go back and,change a review thats lovely for what,shows in that seller shop but Etsy keeps,the first review so they take stock on,that first review it doesnt matter that,it was changed later so its a very,serious thing so if you do have any,complaints at all please try to reach,out to the seller everybodys you know,just this person at home will has a,dream and it has a small business and,they really they really want to do a,good job for you and if theyve done,something wrong or something hasnt gone,right they truly want to make it right,almost every single time so please reach,out first and then if you do have a,great experience if you had the time to,leave a review its a huge huge help for,the sellers it really promotes small,business other people read reviews they,will have more confidence in that shop,it shows us if some people leave,pictures of how theyve used the product,or how it how the print looked on the,wall or print looked at a party and it,excites other people and they feel like,they could trust that shop there is,hundreds of thousands of shops on Etsy,so their reviews and the pictures and,the kind words that people leave really,help shop owners to to move ahead and it,matters to Etsy as well what reviews you,get so its a lovely thing if you can,leave a review so having said that,youre in here now so Im Allah this is,an instant download that I bought so I,can review this item right now so I,would always you know do the,five stars and then I can leave a,description of why I was happy with it,if I had interaction with the seller if,I got it very quickly if it was a great,quality product any of those things you,can write in here you can also leave a,picture so you would just click on here,and it would open up to your desktop and,so leave a photo of whatever your,product or item is if you want to leave,it put it on your desktop when you click,on here you can pull it up and it will,pop in to rate into that spot and then,after youve written this youre just,gonna post your review if you buy three,things from one shop you can leave a,review on each one which is great now,the one time you cant leave review,which confuses everybody is that if a,customer signs in as a guest you cannot,leave a review Im hoping in the future,this will get changed but as of right,now a customer cannot leave that is,signed in as a guest cannot leave a,review so that gets confusing as well so,thats unfortunate actually what else,can I tell you about that so I think,thats probably it so you just go in,there you click on their can leave a,picture can lead wording when youre on,the desktop or laptop when you go in,here youll see it says at least five,words you cant just leave the five,stars and and post it it wont it wont,let you so Ill show you right here Im,clicking that Im not doing anything in,there Im clicking post and see it wont,let me leave that so you need to do,write some sort of something in there,when youre on a laptop or computer but,when youre on your phone or tablet that,the Etsy app will let you just leave the,five stars and not write anything if,thats what you prefer to do so I will,show you how to do the phone and tablet,one as well so well get out of here,cancel that and Ill minimize this so if,you go into your Etsy app on your phone,which we all know is this lovely button,so go in there and go sign in if you,need to,sign in and once youre signed in youre,gonna see your icon or your face up,there here is down here is where you,would look for your account and then,purchases and reviews are right here and,youre going to click this arrow here to,go to the next screen so here we are,with the same items that I just showed,you so if I wanted to leave a review,here I would click on this button or,here the next page that pops up is going,to be this screen and everythings gonna,be grayed out but as soon as you tap on,this fifth button it will all light up,and then you will also have a spot that,you can write in but it will not say,leave five words,itll just be blank but you can,definitely write in here and there will,also be an area to upload a photo as,well really easy from your phone,actually if you take the picture with,your phone then you can just click on,that button where the camera icon is and,go through your photos and grab the,picture upload that write your story and,then go up here and press submit and,thats about it its pretty easy and I,hope this helped thanks for watching

Get More Real Reviews on Etsy from Your Customers ????⭐ [Message Template Included]

hello its arith here welcome to another,video on the escatino artist channel,where we share,all kinds of videos related to money,marketing and mindset for creative,entrepreneurs,so i have another etsy video for you,guys today and in this video im going,to share with you a tip that has really,helped,us increase reviews on our store and,these are,real reviews authentic reviews from real,customers,so reviews are super important on etsy,they really help your store,especially when youre a new seller and,youre trying to get your first few,sales,it really helps to create a really good,connection with your customers your,first few customers,and to ask for them to leave a review,so that is the how we first got started,in growing our store and as you can see,here,its still actually working still um at,the time of recording this video,these are recent dates here its still,the,same thing that weve been doing over,and over again,and that is messaging our customers,once they receive their product asking,them for a review,now it sounds super simple and yes not,everybodys going to leave a review,if you ask them nicely but it does help,and if you give them a good reason to,leave a review that also just,adds a little bit more in terms of,getting them to,take that action so im gonna share with,you the template that i use,to message our customers over and over,again,with this request so the order came,through on april 22nd,and on may 15th i sent her this message,so i basically track when the customer,receives their package i can see,tracking on all of the packages that go,out so when it says arrived i,then message the customer with this,message right here,so i say hi annabelle name of the,customer,just wanted to check in with you to make,sure your package arrived safe and sound,if so i would love to hear your feedback,by leaving a review on our store,and then tell them why why does it mean,so much to you,i say in this message these reviews help,our store immensely,but if youre just starting out this,this sentence actually changed when we,were,first starting out we put these reviews,help grow our new etsy shop,immensely you know like hammer in the,fact that you are a new seller,if that is the case and that its really,helping your store right now,if you have another reason you can put,that in there as well but explain,to them in a way that they can connect,with you and then you can,give them instructions for how to leave,that review,very important just making it super easy,for them you can share your feedback,with me by going to,you purchases and reviews and then,leaving a review on your order,thank you again for your purchase and,hope you have a wonderful weekend,and then what we also do not um,not a total requirement but this is,optional,is we give them a coupon code,to enjoy a discount on their next order,or their next purchase,so this might not necessarily this is,just more of like a customer retention,thing although,it might be the case that it helps with,um with leaving a review i dont know,but you dont have to include this if,you dont want to,so you can see here its very much,structured like,hey you just want to check in if you you,know would love to hear your feedback,share your feedback with me here are the,instructions thank you,right so this was sent to her on may,15th,and i actually got the um,when she left the review much later july,15th it just makes you think that if,they didnt receive that message they,might have not remembered at all,to leave that it was almost kind of like,a reminder because not,every customer knows how important,reviews are,to the etsy sellers to shop owners,so i know its a super simple tip guys,but if youre not already doing it,please implement it,into your etsy operations because,one review goes a very long way in,helping your store,grow if you want to expand your learning,on selling on,etsy even further and how you can,succeed with your store,please take a look at our other videos,we have a lot of other videos on selling,on etsy,a full playlist in fact and im going to,link,that in the description below so you can,check out those other videos,and if you found this video helpful,please let me know leave me a comment,give me a thumbs up,and subscribe to the channel for more,etsy videos coming your way,thank you so much for watching and i,will see you in the next one,bye

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