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Testing Amazon Slimes! Amazon Slime Haul Honest Review

[Music],hey everyone its cupcake here today,were trying out Amazon Prime and I,dont know how theyre going to be they,look so pretty in the pictures I was,tempted to buy every single one that,Amazon recommended me and I am an avid,Amazon shopper so anything that Amazon,recommends I gotsta Bay,so uh yeah well just go ahead and dive,right in and see these slimes are worth,it,weve got a total of 15 slimes to look,at today and I think theres a range of,fluffy cloud and maybe some butter slime,so lets first dive into this rainbow,slime I will insert the picture of how,it looked on Amazon over here and how it,looks in person its definitely not as,pretty in person but lets see maybe,itll make up for that once we get the,slime out this says easy slide TT okay,fun so I have ordered slimes,from those cute slime shops and they,pack their stuff so so nicely like,kawaii slime shop I have like all my,supplies and almost all of my charms and,add-ins from kwai slime shop and they,package their stuff so cute and they add,like cute little extra gifts for your,order,but slime on Amazon they range from like,eight ninety nine to nine dollars,theyre the same price basically as the,slimes on these slime shops but they,dont come in with all the extra foo-foo,Ness and the quality of the slime might,be as good as theirs but lets try it,out okay so here is the rainbow slime,and oh its soft it looks like from the,jar that you would be dealing with,crusty dry slime and thats why I was,worried but lets go ahead it says its,cloud slime and its scented and it also,came with this little charm so lets go,ahead and give this a lift,oh it is scented it smells like vanilla,like a yummy vanilla cupcake thats the,only thing I can think of when a,smelling that avoidant so soft okay so,for texture Im already leaving at a 10,out of 10,yes the colors are a wee bit off so here,it is it came out so nice and the,texture,I honestly compare it to when youre,smashing cake for cake pops thats what,it feels like its super moist it is,cloud slime because weve got the little,strings the spiderweb strings pulling,out of course once weve got the colors,all mixed together were probably gonna,end up with a grey lets add our little,charm in here so a 10 on the smell the,texture is not dry so thats always good,but maybe if we play around with it a,little more yeah our colors will be,mixed in a lot more and with rainbow you,kind of want to make the colors last a,little longer but I think I can get it,some stretch as soon as we work with the,slime yep its starting to become a,whole lot structure mm-hm,and there you go weve got the spider,webs and the fluffy clouds look but,were also getting grayer looking slime,okay yeah its getting so much better as,we play with it and you know what the,more I mix it the more Im getting like,a cherry scent from it hmm kind of,smells like the gummy bear scent that I,have okay more than grey we ended up,getting brown slime thats so cool look,at that Oh looks like its a sandstorm,alright next up lets see which one we,should try I think we should go for,unicorn slime now this slime came,together with this and this slime and,this is from Team,cloud slime unicorn slime it seems like,a lot of slimes on Amazon awesome not,Brandt and weve got birthday cake,unicorn ice cream and unicorn ice cream,the price for all three of these is 15,and 99 so lets check this one first,weve got a unicorn ice cream number one,oh its cute so weve got sprinkles and,a unicorn charm lets check these other,wands Oh some more sprinkles and this is,a cute little unicorn,how about this one okay its the same,unicorn charm from the first one but,with a pink mane and Im loving the neon,sprinkles so 10 out of 10 on the,decorations and always it go ahead give,it a smell smells the same as the first,slime and here it is its the same,fluffy cloud slime I love the color,gradient nice and soft and smoochy it,looks like youre mushing a whole bunch,of ice creams together so 10 out of 10,on the texture also its nice and soft,lets mix these colors and see what we,get out of these three so it kind of,turns into a light pink slime and the,little charm can go up on top ah such a,pretty light pink unicorn color now,lets try the next unicorn ice cream,with the cute well Java unicorn very,nice and soft oh this is getting so,pretty its turning into a pastel,lavender color so let me know in the,comments section what slime channels are,your favorite and which ones do you,watch,I think slime is something fun that all,ages actually enjoy I know theres lots,of teens and adults that love slide and,theres lots of kids that love slime too,and finally here is the birthday cake,I wonder if this one smells are,different no it smells the same so weve,got pink white and blue in this one,shes in moisturize these are so much,fun to play with look it looks like a,slushy you know those swirls ice creams,theyre like ice cream flushes this,totally reminds me of that look how,pretty and vibrant those colors are Wow,ah this is also turning into a very,pretty purple slime it could also be,like the periwinkle color very very,pretty paint in different Unicorn charm,can go right up top okay guys so those,unicorn slimes get an a-plus in my book,ten out of ten thats right,were grading all of these you give them,a score I give them a score and well,see how they pan out lets try,strawberry bike Iman Munn looks like,this ones a nice mixture of white and,what is bad oh no it was that a diet,hair in my slime oh I hope not,weve got a little strawberry bits too,this reminds me of that strawberry milk,that you can get in boba shops oh this,looks so good but I dont know what that,is we shall find out oh its this fluffy,I think this is fluffy slime oh and its,borderline getting old cuz its drying,out mmm,youve got our little strawberry bits in,there little strawberry add-ins very,cute oh it is plastic so the plastic,that was meant to keep it from going,crusty up top funk all the way to the,bottom mmm,well in texture wise this line its 10,out of 10 I can feel it already you can,tell how good this feels just by looking,at it its so nice and stuff except for,the top part that was kind of crusty it,really made up for the bottom part its,not sticky its,nice and moisturized it feels like they,put some type of maybe lotion to make,this one and Im loving it the,fluffiness is on point uh I would say,even this is actually more of like a,butter slime its just perfect,and these two colors even when you mix,it together youre just gonna get the,prettiest pink so lets give it a smell,hmm,the snow is kind of throwing me off I,would say its like a lemon scent and,its not supposed to be I dont know it,doesnt match the strawberry in there Oh,is there a little charm in here yeah,theres a little strawberry charm sweet,we get a little charm in there we always,love our charms and our slimes,Im trying to get the slime off but Im,actually gonna get stuck into the slime,can make the prettiest swirls with it,okay dont judge my swirl oh that is,some pretty flam most Couture Charmin,theyre all so pretty now this line was,nine dollars and 66 cents and it does,say its a butterfly fee slime and that,its supposed to be strawberry-scented,it obviously says that right here but,its not so if youre like really really,into the strawberry scent and thats,what you buy it for its not what youre,gonna get,[Music],who shall be our next chosen slime lets,go for pineapple cloud fluffy scented so,this slime says that its all oh and you,can see the little charm at the bottom,nice so this one says it has an upgraded,scent and that its a butterfly fee,slime and this is sold by Dorothy world,and this is what the slime is supposed,to look like they have some very,tempting pictures a very very satisfying,slimy pictures on Milesi is it gonna be,that good well right off the bat weve,got some pretty flat looking slime mmm I,do feel fluffiness and butteriness goo,feels so nice and soft texture wise,perfect slimes for ev

Amazon’s Home Security Robot: The REAL Reasons to Own One (Astro Review)

[Music],ive spent over two weeks with amazon,astro to find out if i can recommend it,i cant yet and heres why,astro is a one thousand dollar home,robot thats invite only from amazon,right now if and when this thing gets a,full launch that price will jump up to,fifteen hundred dollars were going to,cover the basics of what astro is and,then were going to put it to the test,how good of a home security device is it,what about the convenience it adds is it,good at playing with your kids and how,does it stand up to a plain old echo,show 10 lets get right to it,astro does a lot of stuff you can play,music while it follows you around the,house you can send it into another room,to deliver a drink or snacks you can,watch shows on its screen you can,monitor the house while youre away and,plenty more,astro basically has the same exact 10.1,inch screen as an echo show 10 but a,different speaker array including two 55,millimeter full range speakers and a,passive bass radiator what really sets,it apart though is its mobility long,story short amazon took navigation,technology that robot vacuums have been,using for years and it applied it for a,different purpose astro doesnt have to,cover every inch of your floor it just,has to navigate quickly and efficiently,from one room to another without,knocking into things falling down stairs,or knocking over that pile of blocks,that your kids have been spending the,last 20 minutes building in addition to,the navigation tech astro also boasts,three cameras one five megapixel camera,on the bezel of the screen and two,cameras on this periscope a five,megapixel and a 12 megapixel camera,which you can use for everything from,taking selfies although is it really a,selfie if youre taking it astro,to monitoring your house while youre,away this little robot seems pretty cool,in theory right well before you go,hitting that pre-order button lets see,it in action,[Music],once we started setting astro up we ran,into our first problem basically astro,failed twice to map the ground floor of,the cnet smart home so i hopped on a,call with an amazon rep and talked about,possible explanations what we concluded,was that either the floors were too,shiny or the windows were too bright or,the exposed staircase with its railing,was messing with how astro set up room,boundaries,so we closed the shades covered the,exposed staircase with cardboard and,tried again,this time astro successfully mapped the,floor the takeaway,this is still very much a work in,progress yes astro is a finished piece,of hardware but the updates that are,going to be rolling out progressively,for it are going to make it better able,to navigate architecturally diverse,homes,and when we did remove the cardboard,from the staircase astro was able to,navigate without further problems after,that initial mapping we walked around,the house with astro telling it which,rooms were which which gave us this nice,little map in the astro app where we,could adjust room boundaries as we saw,fit all in all aside from the initial,problems with mapping the space setup,was fairly quick and easy,[Music],okay but you dont just want a robot to,zoom around your house for no reason,its gotta actually do something and,astros clearest justification it seems,to me is its home security monitoring if,youve got a ring protect pro plan astro,can patrol your house while youre away,sending you notifications and checking,on unusual sounds and even emitting an,alarm if you tell it to do so you can,also manually take over astros eyes and,ears to drive around your house while,youre away checking that nothing is,awry the real question is how well do,these features actually work well if you,thought the setup for the mapping was,bad just wait till you see what we had,to do for home security we spent a,couple of hours trying to get astro to,connect with ring before yet again,having to get on the phone with amazon,to troubleshoot well turns out all we,had to do was delete our existing ring,cameras and unpair all of our other,alexa compatible devices to make it work,no problem right,right,okay look i am frustrated that im going,to have to spend a few hours at least,rebuilding our amazon powered ecosystem,here at the smart home,but this thing still is just a work in,progress and amazon did tell me that,they are working on a fix to this,problem right now,once the ring integration was finally,working though we decided to put it to,the test by staging a break-in,essentially were gonna see if chris can,enter the house through the exercise,room make it to the master bedroom to,steal a rock that definitely probably,has a geode inside and then get back out,the door before astro hears and,confronts him,during the first test chris breaks in,and despite being very loud astro,doesnt move so i realized that despite,ring protect throw being active and,astro being armed you also have to have,guard plus set up separately which is,its own feature on the amazon voice,assistant app,okay so we reset everything is ready and,chris enters,grabs the rock and astro stays put,the whole time,once again i double check with amazon,and everything is set up properly it,just didnt hear chris at all,i wanted to give astro a fair shake so i,set astro to patrol you can only have it,patrol at most once per hour so its,fairly unlikely that astro would be,patrolling during a break-in but,it turns out if it is it actually,responds and catches chris pretty well,so just make sure that you ask your,burglar to schedule their break-in,accordingly since astro isnt a good,listener we set up an entry sensor with,our ring alarm pro system on the door,chris will be entering,chris comes in and sets off the alarm,and,astro goes rolling the opposite,direction,okay were calling it honestly im,really underwhelmed at how astro,performs as a home security robot,really the big problem is that you have,three apps that youre having to,navigate to make this thing work you,have the astro app the alexa app and the,ring app and its unclear how they,interface and how to make the whole,system work together well now i do like,being able to remotely check in on my,house but that doesnt really deter,burglars and astro cant reliably,respond to sounds in the house either,when it comes to home security,reliability is kind of the name of the,game,another much touted feature astro boasts,is its ability to run basic errands for,you finding people and making deliveries,and it can definitely do that when the,way is clear but we wanted to answer two,questions number one can it find people,around the house and number two can it,make deliveries in a house thats a,little bit messier,for our first test we want to see if,astro can find andrew whos hiding,somewhere around the house faster than i,can find him using astros manual,navigation,ill go first,so im going to start by just heading to,the kitchen i guess,lets see,lets see if i go,[Music],so if i go this way,andrew over here is not behind the,counters that i can see,lets maybe head to the dinette,not seeing him in here,oh can i turn around,all right lets lets head back maybe,hes in the bathroom,[Music],im just gonna take a quick peek in,there,its honestly faster for me to navigate,just by telling which room,astro should go to than it is for me to,try to actually manually navigate around,um,and so in that way,astros navigation just on its own is,pretty efficient,um what i would guess is that its not,as fast as i will be at kind of looking,around and that you know,seeing if i actually see andrew around,all right hes not in the exercise room,so lets head on back,ill just go back straight to the,bathroom maybe ill see him on the way,in the bedroom,lets see,oh i found him hes in the bathtub,all right,there we are,okay now that i found andrew in about,two and a half minutes lets see how,astro does,astro,go find andrew,its driving down the hallway stopping,in the kitchen and right off the bat you,can see its taking a similar route to,the one i took whic

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Why Amazon Has A Fake Review Problem

From counterfeit goods to fake N-95 masks, price gouging to disappearing,orders, shoppers on Amazon have a growing need to proceed with caution,before clicking Buy Now.,Since Amazons early days, reviews are the one big metric customers rely on,to determine the quality and authenticity of a product.,Turns out many of those reviews cant be trusted.,The review system as of today is broken.,Before the pandemic, the usual benchmark around our average fake reviews,was 30%.,The norm has now become close to 35%, 40%.,In recent years, thousands of fake reviews have flooded Amazon and Walmart,,eBay and others, just as sales numbers have skyrocketed.,And as shoppers stay home, online orders are up 57% since the same time,last year and the number of reviews is up 76%.,Theres an element where you simply want to trust those stars and you want,to trust the numbers, because if you cant trust that, how do you know,what youre buying? From Facebook groups where bad actors solicit paid,positive reviews to bots and click farms that upvote negative reviews to,take out the competition, fake reviews have boosted sales of unsafe,products, caused huge brands to sever ties with Amazon and hurt business,for legitimate sellers.,We cant compete. We cant surface our products that are new and innovative,and truly valuable to consumers because other products that arent so,great are playing this game of review manipulation.,We decided to find out why fake reviews have infiltrated Amazon, how,customers can spot an unreliable review, and what the trillion dollar,company and others are doing to stop them.,One big draw over competitors like Walmart, Target and eBay is that,Amazons listings often have hundreds or even thousands of reviews instead,of just a handful. Its so easy, no matter what site youre on, to simply,say the most reviews with the most stars means the most level of,happiness. Its just simply not the case.,If those Amazon customers arent really customers or if theyre an,organization of paid individuals who just sit there and go five star, five,star, five star, that doesnt really tell me anything meaningful about the,product. Review software company Bazaarvoice did a study of 10,000,consumers at the end of last year.,42% of consumers are saying that fake reviews from the brand itself would,cause them to lose trust.,82% of those consumers are saying that would cause them to never buy that,brand again. The problem is fake and real reviews are getting harder to,tell apart. When you have no reason to think its a fake review, thats,when the consumers in the most danger.,And as shoppers increasingly turn online for things theyd normally want to,shop for in person, like the nursing bras made by Simple Wishes, theres a,higher chance of serious repercussions from the purchase of a counterfeit,or low quality product.,And if the products Amazon page is filled with fake positive reviews,,shoppers wont know to steer clear.,We see reviews of people saying that their breast tissue was torn and,irritated and bleeding because of irritating seams.,And, you know, we see things like this or like this product broke or it,tore after I wore it three times.,You see those real reviews surface and then all of a sudden therell just,be massive positive reviews.,A high rating can also trigger the coveted Amazons Choice badge, although,Amazon did say it will delete the badge if a product isnt adhering to,policy. Amazon prohibits any attempt to manipulate reviews and told CNBC,it will suspend, ban and take legal action against those who violate these,policies. For any review, even the most genuine, it always is worth asking,why is someone writing that review?,What is the incentive to write that review?,Free products and payment are increasingly common incentives.,Sellers solicit pay-for-play reviews through popular Twitter accounts and,Facebook groups with thousands of members.,So I joined some of these groups just to kind of poke around.,And the first groups I joined, there were five different postings from our,competitor asking for a review.,I felt like I just struck gold finding my competitor there, reported it to,Amazon and nothing happened.,UCLA and USC released a study in July that found more than 20 fake review,related Facebook groups with an average of 16,000 members.,In more than 560 postings each day, sellers offered a refund or payment,for a positive review, usually around $6.,Amazon told CNBC it works with social media sites to report bad actors who,are cultivating abusive reviews outside our store.,And weve sued thousands of bad actors for attempting to abuse our reviews,systems. The FTC requires reviewers to disclose any payment or connection,to the product being reviewed.,On some sites like Fiverr and Freelancer, users get around this by,advertising marketing services, a thinly veiled reference to pay-for-play,reviews. Theres also the more direct approach where sellers include a,note inside a package asking for a review in exchange for a discount or,other compensation. Its hard to keep on top of five million sellers and,600 million products.,Theres always a few bad seeds in the mix, and its the bad seeds that get,the attention. Its not that Amazons sitting back doing nothing.,Its that the scope of what were dealing with is so vast.,There are legitimate paid reviewer programs like Amazon Vine, Early,Reviewer and Amazon Associates, which require reviewers to disclose that,theyve received a product for free in exchange for whats supposed to be,an honest review. But Amazon has little way to detect a compensated review,when deals are made outside these programs.,Theres a Velcro panel in the back so you can constantly reset the size and,its always the proper support.,Sisters Joy Kosak and Debra Abbaszadeh designed a new type of hands-free,pumping bra and started selling it on Amazon in 2009, where sales took off,quickly. But for the past three years, sales have been flat, dropping off,after Amazon started to openly court Chinese sellers to join its,marketplace. Cheaper bras with an exceptionally similar design to theirs,started popping up, getting hundreds of five star ratings seemingly,overnight. When that happened, we saw a pretty immediate race to the,bottom in terms of pricing.,The sisters have been tracking review activity on listings from competitors,like Momcozy and sharing the data with Amazon.,Our best seller, where we used to be number 25 in baby, we over the past,ten years of being on Amazon, we have collected a little more than 10,000,reviews. It took them a couple of months to to increase by 4,000.,Big brands like Nike and Birkenstock have been so burned by competitors,selling knockoffs with thousands of five star reviews that they stopped,selling on Amazon altogether.,Although Nikes landing page still appears active on Amazon, the items,there are being sold by third-party sellers.,Theyre fake, theyre counterfeit.,Theyre either bought from Alibaba or eBay and then theyre resold on,Amazon. So a lot of these sellers are actually ruining Nikes reputation,and theyre putting in all the reviews into the official listing for Nike.,At times, big brands themselves are soliciting fake reviews.,Last year, for example, skincare brand Sunday Riley settled with the FTC,after it was caught encouraging employees to post fake reviews on,Sephora.com. On Amazon if youre not doing some sort of, you know, tricky,technique, its at least one hundred orders for each review that you get.,Bernie Thompson sells about 120 consumer electronics products on Amazon,from his warehouse outside Seattle.,Competitors have tried to undermine his sales with fake review tactics.,Weve had people take our most negative review, the one thats most,embarrassing, and weve had competitors vote up those negative reviews.,Lets say your competitor has a one-star review on the first page, you can,buy 100 helpful votes.,When theyre considered most helpful, they show up at the top of the,results. And so you can really harm your compe

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What It’s Like To Be A Professional Amazon Reviewer

So what is the best video editing software?,In this video Im going to share with you…,If youre looking for cheap video cameras…,So what are the best ways to make money?,In this video Ive got three of my favorites and were going to jump into,that right now.,Another day in paradise.,My name is Sean Cannell and I make a living as a professional reviewer,,especially on websites like Amazon.com, and I do so on YouTube through my,channel Think Media.,So lets jump into it right now.,I live in Las Vegas with my beautiful wife, Sonja, our chihuahua Sophie and,our baby on the way.,I made videos probably for around a year without getting any money at all.,I remember my first Amazon affiliate commissions paycheck, which was back,in 2010, and it was for two dollars and 12 cents.,Ten years later, in April of 2020, we almost hit $40,000 in profit from,just the Amazon Associates program, which was nearly $1 million in sales,for Amazon.,I really like to take my mornings to study, to kind of do spiritual,practice and to do a couple of laps in my neighborhood.,Got to stay fit, keep the mind sharp and keep grinding.,Its typically more flattering to go a little bit higher with the camera,and angle down rather than go lower and shoot up.,But why should you even care about my opinion when it comes to cameras?,I guess because Ive been doing this forever it seems.,Back in 2003 is when I got started.,I just started volunteering at my small church an hour north of Seattle in,the youth ministry, and I started making weekly video announcements for,the youth group. I took out a loan to buy a DSLR and buy some lenses.,That also gave me the opportunity to start a YouTube channel called Think,Media where I started to talk about how to use the cameras I had just,purchased. Recently hit a million subscribers on Think Media.,Kind of crazy because Im just a small town kid, college dropout.,Started to shoot videos in my bedroom and now Im actually still just in a,bedroom here in Las Vegas.,Really you are doing the work of at least four to six to 10 people, and,thats what it is now. Were like a team of eleven.,And now Think Media is actually multiple personalities and its more of a,brand with multiple content creators.,But it certainly was built on my personality and me as the lead reviewer.,From my lifestyle channel Sean Thinks.,Going to be doing a review and kind of more of a tutorial on this Samson,Q2U, a super budget podcast mic.,Im going to tell you a little bit about it just to hook you up with,something cool.,If youve never heard about the Amazon affiliate program before, to me its,just a cool way to get a small commission when you share or recommend,products that you love and use on the internet In a way youre a,salesperson thats like, hey, welcome to the internet.,Youre thinking about making a purchase?,Well Ive tried both of these.,I recommend this one. If you want to check it out, theres a link below.,About to do a livestream in our YouTube Influence Facebook group.,Im actually going to be unboxing the Q2U.,This is the Q2U.,Its prepare and get ready in the morning, shoot for a couple hours, edit,all afternoon, get everything optimized and edited and uploaded to YouTube,at night, and then get up and do it again.,All right its 3:00 p.m..,I just got done with some meetings.,Got done with that livestream where I was talking about that Samson mic.,But its a little after 3:00, just now getting to lunch.,Super hungry. Not entirely uncommon.,And lunch is the time to catch up on your YouTube subscription feed.,And now youre also just getting started.,Answer the comments.,Share it on social.,Answer them. Then come back hours later.,Answer them more.,Email the brand back.,Promote, promote, promote.,You can look up about YouTube creator burnout.,And its massive.,Its everywhere. When possible, I like to take a couple skate breaks to,get out of the office from sitting at the desk and just creating and,meetings. I think having structure, having discipline and focusing on your,health in this career is important because I will say the demand is,endless. Theres always another video to make.,Theres always another product to review.,Theres always another brand to email.,I pretty much work seven to seven, five days a week and plenty of,weekends. Im happy to grind 10 to 12, 14 hour days dont intimidate me at,all. But I think its all about rest and run.,I pretty much check in on my Amazon earnings every single day.,So yesterday on Amazon, across all of our properties, we earned,$1,411.,Whats up, guys?,Sean here with Think Media. So on average per week we are posting probably,around 10 videos across all of our brands.,I just shoot a video for YouTube talking about the product.,And in the video, I would say something like, “And if you want to check,out this product or see more about this, theres a link in the YouTube,description below.” If someone goes to the YouTube description, clicks on,that link, it takes them over to Amazon and then their behavior is tracked,for 24 hours.,If they do make a purchase within that 24 hours of anything on the,website, even different than what I recommended, that is credited to you by,the next day.,Categories like luxury beauty can be as high as 10% and then categories,like groceries are like 1%.,And our biggest category is photography and cameras and thats 4%.,Amazon by far is absolutely the biggest source of revenue for us.,Again, April 2020 making nearly $40,000 in profit, which was a record,month for us by far.,Right in the middle of Covid-19, Amazon,released an announcement that they were slashing commissions in a lot of,categories. Amazons demand was just shooting through the roof and they,needed to manage that.,And we saw 50 to 80% cuts in that percentage.,Fortunately at Think Media, we saw our 4% in cameras stay locked in and so,we feel like we kind of dodged a bullet there.,But thats sort of the nature of this industry in general, is a lot of,these online things can change.,You are your own boss so its all on you.,And thats a pressure to carry, that you cant just lean on your employer,through good and bad times.,It feels like, oh, cry me a river, youre a YouTube influencer with a,seven-figure business.,How could you possibly have hard days?,But the truth is, were all humans.,I think my hardest days come from some of the messaging and response that,can come from people on the internet.,Usually in the evening Ill go into the comments section and answer lots of,comments, as many as I can get to.,I end up with constant inspiration and a list of what products and videos,to review and create next.,You feel accountable to your audience, accountable to brands, accountable,to keeping up the momentum.,There is no 401(k) baked into this thing.,There is no consistent paycheck if you stop.,And then try to spend five minutes with Sonja before I fall asleep with no,energy left at night and then get up and do it again.,One of the interesting things that comes up when reviewing products is what,do you do if you talk about a product thats not good or what if a brand,sends you something and you feel almost pressured to say good things about,a product that maybe isnt great?,Were not afraid of offending one brand.,And we care about our audience most of all.,I mean, if the autofocus sucks on the camera, the autofocus sucks on the,camera. It kind of has a hunting and general loss of focus and at times it,sometimes just loses it completely and still wanders off even with the new,firmware update.,When we say best budget camera for YouTube, we mean it.,I want to scour the ends of the earth to find the best answer to the,question. I think that the Mark II to this day is still a great camera to,invest in. Amazon never sends me free products to review.,The ways that I get the products are either number one, I buy them and we,buy a lot. Second way of getting products, though, is getting products,typically directly from the brands.,So somebody like Rode Microphones might send us their

Amazon and the problem of fake reviews

when were looking for a product on,Amazon most of us have got into the,habit of checking the reviews beneath it,this is what soured Khalifa was doing,when he started to notice something,strange about the products he was buying,so I actually was finishing up my,masters degree and I ordered a few,things on Amazon they were 5 star rated,there was hundreds of reviews and they,were all really really positive,I received the product and there was,something off with the products the,quality was really low it did not last,at all so I went back read the reviews,and notice there was a lot of red flags,in the reviews and so there was a huge,trend of fraudulent activity within the,produce and I could tell that they were,faith mr. Khalifa now runs a new,york-based company called fake spots one,of several new businesses which claims,to be able to help you spot a fake,review the very existence of such,companies highlights a looming crisis of,faith in online reviews which are now at,the very heart of how internet shopping,works in the UK alone they influence an,estimated 23 billion pounds of,transactions each year most Internet,users are aware of the fact that they,they have to read reviews before doing a,purchasing decision and without any,reviews there most products wont get,any sales thats basically it so most of,these sellers know that reviews are a,very critical part of their business,faced with these pressures some,companies are now encouraging customers,to leave a positive review in return for,a free item others opt for more cynical,tactics targeting competitors with,negative feedback in a statement Amazon,told us that any attempt to manipulate,customer reviews is strictly prohibited,and that it suspends bans,and takes legal action on those who,violate its policies the US firm added,that it invests significant resources to,protect the integrity of reviews in our,store this includes teams of,investigators and automated technologies,to prevent and detect inauthentic,reviews as source the US company has,filed lawsuits against more than 1,000,defendants for reviews abuse,but Amazon is an enormous global,platform for selling and so any attempts,are monitor wrongdoing comprehensively,is going to be seriously difficult it is,a cat and mouse game between the,platforms for example Amazon and the,sellers that are on those Hut so they,constantly find new angles new ways to,exploit their system and find new ways,of detecting fake reviews so it is,definitely a cat-and-mouse game when it,comes to smaller sellers reviews can be,a matter of life or death,Kevin Williams founded brush hero a,company that sells brushes used to clean,cars reviews have an incredible effect,on revenues we went through a period in,the last year where we had a number of,negative reviews that werent,necessarily fair but appeared on our,listings and it immediately had a 20 to,30% impact on the individual unit sales,but worse than that it affected the,relevance of those products in the,Amazon search engine the utah-based,brush hero there is a tipping point for,negativity even a few critical fake,reviews could encourage genuine,customers to pile on once the review,level drops below say a 3.5 out of out,of 5 weve noticed a vast increase of,negative reviews that start occurring,because its just easier to pile on what,that leads to is not just a loss of,sales on Amazon and a loss of velocity,on Amazon it also impacts sales all over,the place because consumers are really,relatively savvy theyre looking for,review scores when theyre buying off,Amazon or Amazon so it decreases the,efficacy of our advertising through,Facebook through other social media,channels through Google whatever it is,there is also a sense that the source of,the reviews is difficult to address,Amazon can do a lot to improve its,review system I dont believe that,theyre doing a great job in tracking,where reviews are coming from it seems,to me that Amazon should have the,statistical ability to identify those,those bad reviewers and vet them out of,the system and they havent yet so where,do the bad actors come from for mr.,Williams the problem has one obvious,source,is that its coming from China when,Amazon started to solicit Chinese,sellers directly it seemed to open the,floodgates to a mountain of bad actors,despite his experiences mr. Williams is,himself a devoted user of the platform,absolutely its changed to look at,reviews Im highly analytical about it I,am a avid Amazon shopper I have to admit,that even though Ive had lots of,problems on the Amazon its a major,sales channel for me and as a consumer I,purchase things nearly every day on,Amazon the tangled web of online reviews,is a challenge for Amazon the companies,that sell on it and those of us buying,but its also just one part of a bigger,story the difficulty we now have,trusting anything we read online even as,we spend more of our time in front of,computers

Amazon FBA For Beginners 2022 (Step by Step Tutorial)

hey everyone welcome to the channel my,name is nate and in this tutorial,im going to be showing you step-by-step,how to sell with,amazon fba now quick note here were not,selling you anything theres no courses,theres no pitches,you dont have to worry about us going,through here and just telling you to buy,our like,thousand dollar course look the truth is,you dont have to spend any money,in order to learn how to do amazon fba,its still very much alive and well,in 2021 and were going to show you,everything that you need to know this is,a,beginners guide on amazon fba were,going to give you as much information as,possible,in this video so i recommend taking out,a pen,taking out a piece of paper taking some,notes on this video well leave some of,the show notes down below but like i,said,we have nothing here to sell you so just,enjoy this uh take some notes and i,think its gonna be,of quite a bit of value for you so lets,get started here,uh but its important to note as well,that this is not a get-rich-quick,type of idea uh while this is still very,much alive and well we know people who,are selling,hundreds of thousands of dollars worth,of products on amazon and weve done,this quite a bit ourselves,uh but this is not a get rich quick,scheme okay this is not something,that tomorrow youre going to wake up,and youre going to have 10 million,dollars,from selling products on amazon this is,very much a long process,so hopefully if youre watching this,video its with my hopes,that maybe you already have a job or,youre already in school you already,have something going on,and what i want you to do is hopefully,start to do something like this,on the side right start to build it up,over time you start to learn from your,experiences,and this is the best way to go about,this rather than just trying to jump,into it full time right off the bat,but rather build up over time learn from,your experiences over time,launch one product then launch another,one then launch another one over the,course of the next couple of months,thats what we would suggest doing,rather than just hitting it,running and just going out and trying to,uh make a ton of money,within the next couple of weeks its,gonna be really difficult to do that and,we dont to see,you lose your shirt uh by getting in,over your head too quickly,okay so lets start here uh but first of,all lets lets just discuss a couple of,things that were looking at here,in in the big segments first of all,were going to look at how to find,products were going to talk a little,bit more about amazon fba and,essentially what it is,but then were going to talk about how,to find products right how do you find,products that have,a lot of demand and not very much supply,i dont know if youve taken,any type of economics courses or or,studied economics but youll know that,you want to be in the position where,theres not very much supply,but theres a lot of demand well show,you how to find those,different types of products theres a,couple of great techniques that we have,for that,and then well talk about how to,actually source those products right,how do we find the products that we can,then go sell how do we find,manufacturers,should we deal with trading companies,should we go straight to the,manufacturer how do we get that over to,america or wherever youre based in,and so well go over as much as we can,in regards to sourcing products,buying those products it sounds pretty,scary by maybe,ordering pallets of products from some,type of,country on the other side of the world,but it can actually be a lot easier and,simpler once you get the process rolling,so,if at any point you feel intimidated,from this just know that uh,its going to take some time okay but,you take one step at a time you start to,build this knowledge,uh and and you really cant win with,this so,lets start off by understanding,fulfillment by amazon amazon fba thats,what it stands for,its fulfillment by amazon now this is,the most popular route,for people who are selling on amazon,especially in 2021,theres also another option though if,you dont want it fulfilled by amazon,meaning that amazon is actually shipping,out the packages for you,youre not the one putting those,packages in the mail this is what youll,see,with when people do amazon fba youll,see this,prime option as well so theyre shipping,out from their warehouses,youre just the seller so youre getting,a cut there,this is a great move for most people but,theres also something called,amazon fbm which is fulfillment by,merchant which is,essentially you can list something on,amazon and then you can ship that,product out,yourself you can totally do that i,actually know a lot of people who might,prefer to do that when they first start,off selling on amazon,and theres pros and cons to each one of,these now well be primarily talking,about fba fulfillment by amazon where,they shipping announce but we will touch,on,fbm a little bit on if you want to ship,those products out yourself now the pros,and cons of each of these,its important to understand this,because with something like fba,maybe youll save some time and actually,youll probably end up selling more from,our experience,selling more when you do fba because you,have that prime shipping thats,available in most cases,amazons shipping it for you so it might,end up saving you time as well you dont,have to run to the post office to ship,those things out,the problem with amazon fba is that it,can actually be a little bit more,expensive,because amazon does take quite a few,fees and youll notice that as a common,theme throughout this,that amazon they take a lot of fees in a,lot of different areas,this is not without good reason i mean,they are in a lot of cases promoting,your product,for you the amazon search engine is the,largest search engine,for shopping in the world so when people,want to buy something,they go to amazon and amazon can promote,this product for you,so its great to have that on there now,fulfillment by,merchant just very quickly to run over,this its probably going to save you,some money in fees,because you might be able to do this,yourself you dont have to pay all these,various amazon fees,but we find that you actually end up,dont selling as much,and people really do want to have that,prime two-day shipping,included there they dont wanna have to,pay an extra five dollars and,ninety-five cents,for shipping so we suggest going with,fba if you can especially if the margins,are still,there well talk about profit margins in,just a minute as well but lets get into,the section here where we talk about,finding products,how the hell do we find a product to,sell on amazon,now admittedly it used to be a lot,easier to find products with good profit,margins,five or ten years ago selling on amazon,but its still very possible to find,products like this,so one strategy that we could use which,is probably the beginner strategy,is just going through and randomly,searching for things and kind of,guessing,we used to do this actually way back,when i used to sell a lot of products on,ebay,what we would do is i i would any time,that i would buy something,i would look at the product cost and,then i would go and try to source the,product and i would try to compare that,and just see if i could get it for,a lower price this isnt the best method,right like if i go on here,and maybe im im thinking about selling,uh some type of uh,you know winter gloves right and im,looking through here and im just trying,to find something right,this is gonna be really difficult to,just kind of go throughout this,and find products without any type of,software or any type of help,because who knows you know okay this is,selling for 16.95,but is it possible to tap into this it,has a lot of reviews,its already at the top here these are,actually sponsored and so,what we recommend doing is not just,going through here and blindly guessing,on products,this is going to end up in just a really,big fiasco for you,what we sugges

How Scammers in China Manipulate Amazon | WSJ

this was actually one of the first,hoverboard factory they could produce,maybe 15,000 hoverboards a month on,animals I pushed them up in the first,page bestseller actually and you guys,remember not just Amazon us were,talking about Amazon Germany and a,little of France Italy and the UK meet,Howard ty the man who claims credit for,turning this anonymous Chinese,hoverboard factory into a successful,global business I guess thats what they,called me over because I teach them how,to sell on Amazon his job manipulate,product listings in Amazon to boost his,client sales for the someone treated tea,saying that goes out at me pulled a gun,home choose your vehicle if hes Im,falling out so much for do a tell him to,ginger go no no Jude hes one of a,number of self-proclaimed experts who,are sometimes called,the gurus so theres different gurus for,different things most of them they do,have their own traits their own,expertise if you are an Amazon user you,may have noticed that sometimes its,really hard to figure out which products,you should buy sometimes they all look,the same,there are half a billion products all in,one site all vying for your attention,and the reality is the vast majority of,buyers would only click somewhere at the,very top of the list to get one of those,spots some sellers are ready to do,anything fake reviews artificial sales,and even bribes all of which violate,Amazon rules Howard ties advertised,illicit tactics to potential clients and,charges thousands of dollars for his,consulting but says he does it mainly to,defend sellers who have come under,attack did I just get myself in trouble,or anything I did I do anything back yet,The Wall Street Journal investigated for,months around the world and we came to,Chinas tech and manufacturing hub to,know more about the shadowy tactics used,by online sellers here to beat their,rivals,okay we found that many sellers choose a,radical approach to become one of the,first listings you see when you search,for a product they take down their,competitors so here is our logistics,center as you can see we have here like,a small assembly line Amazon,entrepreneur mayor sim he moved from,Israel to China 11 years ago he says he,has been a target of several attacks,holiday seasons two years ago just,before Christmas before Cyber Monday and,Black Friday I wake up in the morning,one day I look at my computer and I see,zero sales the reason was my main,products were suspended if a competitor,want to kill you just have to leave few,fake reviews to your product every day,you wake up the first thing you do is,checking your reviews you wanted to know,if youre still in the business or not,insiders say one reason attacks are so,common is that theyre extremely easy to,pull off the manipulators exploit,Amazons automated system returning a,product and flagging it as dangerous or,fake can trigger an immediate suspension,they will purchase our products and then,they will return it claiming that the,product is not as described by returning,the product they will also increase the,return rate which will make Amazon,suspend our product page so then what do,you do is your product just finished in,some cases yeah you cannot come back,from this kind of attack amazon says it,is put in place of fistic ated systems,to monitor attacks that genuine sellers,are promptly allowed to list again,however sim he explains it can take,weeks to be back online its a jungle it,happens all the time,for me it can cost like tens of,thousands US dollars a year,another way sellers are violating,Amazons rules to try to boost their,products is by writing fake reviews,because the more positive reviews,sellers have the higher up their,products will appear in listings making,customers more likely to buy when you,look at the reviews for this product you,can see that its very popular but,theres almost something too perfect,about it when you dig down a look into,the reviews you realize that while this,product is a pair of headphones the,reviews described and screen protector,it looks like a very clumsy piece of,manipulation in the case of these,headphones we emailed the seller but he,didnt reply so if you are an average,buyer how can you spot fake reviews from,China its easy,according to Howard he sat down in our,studio to explain its just really about,how it sounds like as long as it sounds,like its from natively from the US and,has some kind of saying and and doesnt,have too much broken English you know,then it should be a good good review,anything short I would think its really,fake its awesome kind of sounds pretty,fake to me the question is how do people,actually generate thousands of allegedly,fake reviews every day during our,investigation we found that specialized,websites control thousands of buyer,accounts and use these to sell fake,reviews to sellers based in China or,anywhere else in them if amazon,discovers that a seller is using illicit,tactics amazon will ban that account,however many Chinese sellers have,multiple selling accounts so if they get,banned from one theyll just switch over,to another and if that one gets banned,theyll just make even more,[Music],on Amazon in general the more vendor,sells the higher is ranking so to,artificially boost sales companies have,commissioned third parties to buy their,products some professionals told us they,even sent empty boxes to random us,addresses and claimed genuine,transactions its particularly,widespread among producers of cheap,generic products like those on sale in,this market here we are at one of gen,gen the largest wholesale markets I mean,its just incredible what a range of,electronics and how cheap all of this is,what we see here is that theyre selling,tons of generic electronic products,theyre basically indistinguishable from,one to the other its your cell phone,charger versus another cell phone,charger and because these are all,virtually indistinguishable whoever can,corner the market by making sure that,their product rises to the top of the,listings is going to get all the sales,so that gives sellers a huge incentive,to manipulate the market and drive their,products to the top,and finally lets talk about corruption,which of course is totally against the,rules,during the course of our reporting we,discovered that Amazon is investigating,certain of its own employees to,determine whether they are accepting,bribes to give advantages to sellers,according to people familiar with or,involved in these transactions sellers,pay bribes ranging from $80 to $2,000 to,Amazon employees in China to delete,negative reviews restore banned sellers,accounts and obtain restricted Amazon,data that will help them boot sales so,what does Amazon say about all of us,they told us they are constantly,monitoring the website for suspicious,activity and that users trying to abuse,it system make up a tiny fraction of,activity on its site Amazon also uses,sophisticated technologies like machine,learning to combat bad users they also,pursue civil and criminal penalties but,people like mr. ty saying that so long,as Amazon will be governed by algorithms,and artificial intelligence,there will be humans out there to trick,the machines you get this kind of,problem where automation and will will,lead to a lot of loopholes because their,system right now is very vulnerable and,they dont do enough and many sellers,are getting hurt,[Music]

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