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How to Write a Literature Review: 3 Minute Step-by-step Guide | Scribbr ????

Writing the literature review might be easier than you think.,Its only a critical recap of what has already been researched on a topic, so no need to,panic.,In this video, youll learn how to write a literature review in 5 simple steps.,Hi, Im Jessica from Scribbr, here to help you achieve your academic goals.,We also zoom in on all of the steps outlined in this video in separate videos,check out the playlist here.,Lets get ready to start writing!,Step 1, search for relevant literature on your topic,In this context, literature just means any academic sources like books or journal articles,about your topic.,First, you need to search in the right scholarly databases, so something like google scholar,,JSTOR, science direct.,Search your keywords with boolean operators like these to help you filter and refine the,search results.,Check out this video to find out how to use them.,Step 2, evaluate and select sources,Unless your topic is super niche, you probably can’t read EVERYTHING that’s been written,on the topic.,Once youve got the sources from step 1, read the abstract to scan whether an article is,relevant or not.,Also scan the bibliography to find other relevant sources!,You should also pay attention to the citation count on Google Scholar.,If the count is high, the source is probably important and you should include it.,Step 3, identify themes, debates, and gaps,As you read, take notes and pay attention to the connections between different sources.,This way, you can organize your literature reviews arguments and structure a lot easier.,Here ar e some things to look for: Trends and patterns in theory, method or results.,Themes Debates or contradictions,Influential studies And gaps,Step 4, outline your literature review’s structure,You can go about your literature reviews structure in a few ways.,It all depends on what you found in the literature and what you want to emphasize.,Here are 4 common approaches to structure the literature review.,Chronological, that means from older to more recent publications.,Thematic, so organized around several key themes.,For methodological, you can compare the different research methods being used across studies.,And use theoretical to discuss opposing theories or models.,More details in this video, check it out.,And finally, get writing!,Make sure your literature review has an introduction, a main body that summarizes and synthesizes,the sources, and a conclusion, just like other academic texts.,Now lets get your literature review started!,To learn more about literature review, click this playlist!,Ill see you there.

LITERATURE REVIEW: Step by step guide for writing an effective literature review

hello there my name is chelsea seaburn,welcome to the smart student,im so excited for todays video because,its been a topic thats been requested,time and time again,and that is how to write a literature,review now,first things first please know that this,video is time stamped im saying this,because this is going to be a longer,tutorial so if you dont want to sit,through the entire thing,thats fine but please use those to,navigate the video but for everyone else,i hope youre comfortable because were,going to have some fun am i right,[Music],so what is a literature review well a,literature review is a preferred method,a torture used from professors all over,the world,just kidding as torturous as writing a,literature review may seem,i think theyre just highly,misunderstood so a literature review,is a review of literature obviously,what that means is that its a review of,research thats already been done,about a specific topic in other words,youre simply reviewing,work done by other people so that you,can gain,a clear picture of the current knowledge,on that subject think of it like an,audit or an inspection great so why does,a literature review matter,well if youve been assigned to write,one you probably want to do a good job,but,on a deeper level a literature review is,going to significantly,increase your knowledge on your given,subject so to be clear,a literature review is not the place,where you introduce your own original,thoughts and ideas,it simply sets the stage so you can do,that later on,and that right there is the fabulous,thing about a literature review because,whatever your research question is,chances are someone has already answered,that for you,so youre not reinventing the wheel,youre simply,so in other words youre not reinventing,the wheel,youre simply researching it so that,later on,you can look at it from a different,angle you can question it you can debate,it,you can add your own information to it,but with the literature review,youre not reinventing it youre simply,researching it,so for example before i made this video,before i make any video i spend some,time,researching the internet about my video,topic i do this so that i know what you,guys have most likely read,watched and researched yourself so that,way i know where to fill in the gaps and,give you the most useful content when i,do this im essentially doing,an informal literature review because,im looking to see where current,information stops,so that i know where to properly pick up,from there during that,initial researching phase im not adding,in any new information,im setting myself up to add in new,information,later when i make my script or film my,video i hope that gives you the basic,understanding of what a literature,review is and why,it matters now lets get into actually,creating one so first things first,you need to know if your literature,review is a standalone assignment,or a part of a larger assignment if its,a standalone assignment youre going to,follow the same structure,as if this were a standard writing,assignment in other words youre going,to follow the same formatting by,creating a title page,a reference page and then your paper is,going to be structured with an,introduction body paragraphs and a,conclusion,if its a part of a larger assignment,like a research paper,your literature review is usually going,to be located right after your,introduction,because its going to be that last piece,that sets up your reader for the rest of,your research,all right now lets talk steps so ive,broken the process of writing a,literature review,down into two halves that are broken,down into four,phases you have search organize,structure and write search and organize,pertain to the researching phase,structure and write pertain to the,actual creation of writing your,literature review,for this example im going to be,creating a standalone assignment because,thats going to cover the formatting for,both,types okay so starting in phase one with,step one which is to search,the first thing you need to do is,identify your topic,which shouldnt be too hard because if,youre assigned to write a literature,review you were probably given a general,topic,my pro tip for you is to take your topic,and think of it in terms of a question,in other words go ahead and formulate a,research question,if you dont already have one because,this is going to help you guide your,research its much easier,to go online and search for answers to a,question,rather than aimlessly search about a,given topic,if you need help with turning your topic,into a research question i suggest,checking out this video up here,but for this example my research,question is,what are the lasting mental health,effects women,experience when they diet for weight,loss,yay us we have our research question now,is the time to go search in other words,lets go find the literature lets go,search for the information,when you do this there are a few,different angles you can look at your,research you can look for,answers to your research question trends,or patterns,contradictions or debates common or,reoccurring themes,or gaps in the research but no matter,what or how you look for it the key is,to do smart research and im just going,to briefly go over this right now but my,best advice is when you find an article,the first thing you should do,is read either the abstract or the,introduction,because its gonna tell you if whats in,the article is gonna be useful for you,then if the answer is yes go ahead and,read the conclusion,because the conclusion and the,introduction together is gonna give you,the full scope of what,exactly is in that article then if you,need to read more,on something in that article you can use,either the table of contents or maybe,section headings,to go find that and read more on it,thats the key to smart research and,thats simply being strategic about it,if youd like to know a few safe,academic places to look you can start,with google scholar,theres ebsco medline econ lit,proquest and open access google scholar,is a great place to look so lets go,ahead and start there,the first thing i recommend doing is,copying and pasting your research,question,into the search feature this is going to,give you a good pool of,potentially relevant articles that you,can sift through first,one thing i recommend paying attention,to is a citation feature listed at the,bottom of each listing,so for example note how this one has,only been cited 349 times,while these three sources are in the,thousands close to two thousand,what they should tell you is that these,are strong articles,that would make for good sources for,your research from here,something else you can do is change some,of your keywords to refine your search,so,instead of saying mental health effects,i might come up here and say,psychological,impact instead and lets go ahead and,change that thats a hard word to spell,am i right,here we go and this is going to give me,some new articles to look through that,are still,relevant to my topic shifting through,academic,databases you can then do very targeted,searches through google,by using the boolean feature so lets,say i come up here,and i start with dieting for weight loss,this is going to give me a bunch of,articles,that are about that topic if i want to,turn this into a refined,boolean search im going to come up here,and use keywords,for this example lets use womens,mental health,and what this is going to do is its,going to pull up very,targeted search results so its going to,fall under the category of dieting for,weight loss,but then womens mental health will be,included in those targeted keywords,if i want to refine this even further,lets say i put dieting for weight loss,in,quotations because now its going to,keep this phrase,and this phrase in this order which is,going to refine my search,even more please note that a lot of the,academic sources,are protected by pay walls if you run,into one,that is what i suggest doing is taking,down the tit

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Literature Reviews in APA 7th Edition

hi everybody,today im going to be talking about uh,our lit review assignment,um and im going to use an exemplar that,i created a couple years ago,um i wrote this its uh good news and,bad news,impacts of ai in the workplace in,education,and i wrote this for students to see,how the um lit review looked,kind of going through the process of,creating it,and to give you some content that,you could relate to as well so,im going to go through the lit review,starting with the title page,hopefully between this video and,also using the examples that i have,listed in sam,that will help you get your head around,what is expected,from you for this assignment if you have,questions after this video please dont,hesitate to ask if youre wondering,something theres probably,others out there that have the same,questions,so were looking at the title page right,now,notice that the title is a little bit,long and thats typical,of a lit review when you write a lit,review,your readers should know exactly what,that lit review is about,so you dont scrimp on the title okay,so we have the title at the top,we have the author name below so thats,me,then we have our holland college and the,course,and then i have here the date,and i have updated an apa 7th edition,so that,is it just means that i actually wrote,this a few years ago,but because i did an update on it i just,wanted to make that clear in the date,now notice up here i have impacts of a,ai and thats just kind of like a little,shortened version of the title,this is called the running head and,thats what goes in the running head so,its up in the header okay so i just,double clicked on there,its up in the header if youre someone,whos used,apa before you might remember that you,had to write the words,running head on the title page well good,news you dont have to worry about that,anymore,um your running head looks the same on,each and every single page,so for you guys itll just say impacts,of ai,and then over to the right youre going,to have the page numbers,notice that there is no formatting its,actually quite boring its all double,spaced,and um not really a lot going on with,this title page,but that is the way its supposed to,look so kind of refrain from,grabbing on to any templates that you,might find in word,because theyre typically not going to,work with apa,all right a lot of those templates they,like to use,different images and designs and,for apa its kind of you stay boring,boring is good,so all right so im gonna move along,im on to page two so notice you have to,put in the proper page number so,the page numbers change consecutively,and,impacts of ai running head is still,there,and the title of the paper repeats,itself,okay thats important and youll also,notice,again its double spaced and,we use a first line indent for the body,of text,okay refrain from using the tab button,for this,make sure you actually go up to your,ruler and set it at a first line,indent and uh over the course i will,make sure that you know how to do that,but just kind of be clear on that,all right so usually the first paragraph,just introduces,what your paper is about okay there are,different ways to introduce,and we will talk about that um over the,course,uh notice here we have our first,in-text citation so this an in-text,citation,um means that i got this information,from another source,now it just says the last name in the,year so that also tells me that i just,paraphrased,from this author okay so,ill ill just go into that sentence,this sphere of automation,was apparent as far back as the 1800s,when the ludites,destroyed mechanical looms in their,attempt to combat,automation and joblessness alright,so i took the information that was given,and i wrote it in my own words,so therefore i was paraphrasing but,i still had to give that author credit,because he talks about it,um in his article that i used as a,resource,all right so im going to keep going,now i have um a first level,heading and its bold and its center,okay,so this is not a very long lit review,you will not be writing a very long,review,so youll probably have maybe a couple,of first,level headings maybe a couple of second,level headings,um headings are good i do like that,because i find that,uh writers who use headings tend to be a,little more organized with their,information,everything is very clear the only thing,is,when its a short paper youre not going,to have,too many okay because you dont want to,be constantly shifting,um so if you find that you have,a lot in a short paper start putting,some information together,all right so again here we have,um a different author but again these,are in-text citations okay,im going to scroll down,now youll notice here this in-text,citation,is a little bit different it says cosby,at all,so that means that there were three or,more authors,that wrote that article so the first,author gets the credit,and then we list the rest as at all and,at all means,and others okay um now,below that in our next,in-text citation i have as touring,so im quoting from alan turing um,im saying as touring states and then i,go into a direct quote,okay so its obvious when its a direct,quote because i use quotation marks okay,but the other thing that tells me its a,direct quote is i used a page number,here,so uh when youre paraphrasing youre,really just,repeating an idea in your own words so,its not something that you can put your,finger on,if you use a direct quote the reader,should be able to go back and find that,direct quote,so keep that in mind when youre doing,your uh in-text citations,thats a difference in how you set them,up,paraphrase you dont need a page number,for,direct quotes you need a page number,okay keep that in mind,all right so im just going to scroll,through okay so,now weve moved on to a new section and,its called,impacts of employment and its a first,level heading,okay so thats fine,now weve gone into steps in education,and training,alright so thats another first level,heading,now somethings going to happen here,ive taken this concept,and ive broken it into two so,im talking about educational reform so,now i have a second level heading,so this second level heading is,left aligned and its still bold okay,if you go into like third and fourth,level headings,they change slightly as well um i just,went as far as second level headings,again because its a short paper youre,not going to go into too many levels,so now we go into the other,part of that section employee training,and then i take it down to my conclusion,all right so the conclusion tells the,reader were wrapping it up,okay notice that as i go along,i still have that running head i still,have the page numbers im up to seven,pages,and now i have my reference page,so the reference page im very picky,about the way this is set up,the word references is not bolded or,anything like that its just,um its just as it is here,um i have everything listed,alphabetically the,the authors listed alphabetically and,theres,what we call a hanging indent so in the,body,of the lit review it was a first line,indent now its a hanging indent,okay so if i click here and i look at,the ruler,just click down here if i look at the,ruler,well notice that this kind of almost it,did the opposite,okay so this part hangs out,over the second line okay thats,how you want to set that up you dont,want to have any extra spaces,between your references okay,listed alphabetically and we start with,the author last name,we start with then we go to the year in,parentheses,with a period then we have the title of,our,article then we have the title of our,journal and it should be,in italics then we have our volume,again in italics then we have our issue,number,its not an italic so you have to kind,of be careful you have two numbers side,by side one should be in italics one,should not,and then we have the page numbers now,these,are all um,references that belong to journals,and youre probably going to find that,a lot of your stuff is going to come,fro

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APA Literature Review

Hi, this is Dr Diane Gehart, and this is a lecture on how to write an A.P.A.,style review of the literature.,A lot of my students over the years have asked me how to do this,,and Ive tried to compile some of my best tips.,I know I wont cover it all, but I want to just kind of lay out some of the basics,,a kind of understanding what is a literature review,,how might it be different from other papers.,I do teach in a marriage family therapy and counseling program,,so my examples and such will be geared towards that audience although I know,that people from many different disciplines do use the A.P.A.,style in this particular type of lit review.,I hope you find this lecture helpful in helping,you get started on enjoying the process of writing a literature review,,because it should be a ton of fun, seriously.,So what is an A.P.A. style literature review?,I think its important to get this very clear because sometimes theres,even confusion on what it basically is.,Now in another lecture I describe how to do A.P. A style and the formatting.,In this lecture I want to talk about how to conceptualize the literature,review piece, not writing a whole research study and how that goes, but,just that literature review portion.,So A.P.A., American Psychological Association,,this is a scientific organization.,I know there are some people out there who might debate whether psychology is,a science, that is a whole different lecture and topic.,Here were talking about what is written by people and written for,people to disseminate psychological and social science information.,So the A.P.A. style lit review, you need to think of it as this is a review of,scientific literature, and so what is the literature?,Its not like literature in your English background, novels and such.,The review of the scientific literature,are 1st primarily to review research studies and,also theoretical literature that is formally recognized by this community.,So not everything thats published in the world is appropriate.,In fact, a lot of stuff thats published, and most of whats on the Internet,,is not appropriate for being put into an A.P.A literature review.,You know just because you find a website ,you know, on anorexia or autism,,it doesnt mean that the information on that website is appropriate for,putting it into the scientific discourse.,Theres only certain things that basically are allowed.,Wittgenstein is a very famous philosopher who talked about language games.,And theres a very specific language game thats being played here as to what counts,as evidence, what counts as literature in the social sciences.,So in general though, you can be focusing on whats considered scientific,literature, and youre going to write from generally an objective voice or,objective point of view.,What an A.P.A literature review is not.,Your opinion has no place in here unless you are an extreme senior in your field.,Maybe in the conclusion portion of your lit review you can have a statement,because youre senior in the field and everyone recognizes that.,But even then, regardless even of your level of seniority,,the appropriate way and what goes in here is,whats in the literature in discussing whats in the literature.,And, you know, again generally youre not arguing your position.,Now there are some more senior people in the field who will be arguing a position.,But if youre writing your 1st A.P.A. style literature review in,an undergraduate or a masters level type program youre generally not.,Not unless your professor is really giving you instructions on how to do this,,arguing a particular position.,What youre doing is youre outlining what is there.,And yes youre opinion and bias is there.,You cannot not have that opinion and bias.,But you want to keep it to a minimum, and you want to keep the voice objective.,You dont want to have dramatic language in here.,Sometimes,you know, I read papers from students and theyre trying to,make a point by being very dramatic about how terrible the plight is for,certain types of children or whatever the situation might be.,And in general that, even that dramatic language when youre trying to argue,a point, even if there are citations, keep it toned down.,I always joke if its dry and boring youre on the right path.,Just think scientific, objective, dry boring, non-dramatic, not your opinion,or view of the scientific evidence base.,So in terms of finding the literature generally youre going to use some kind,of database.,Such as psych info theres ERIC.,There are social science databases that,help people locate journal articles and other professional references.,These are the databases that are kind of,pre-screening what counts as professional literature.,So this is really what you should stick with.,There is something called Google Scholar and sometimes you find things there,,Ive not been particularly thrilled with that.,Its not been consciously screened the same,way a database like Psychinfo or ERIC has been.,You can especially if youre doing certain types of literature reviews.,Its sometimes worth, if youre researching for,example what is the literature on a particular psychotherapy or,family therapy theory, you can scan Amazon to see if theres any major publications.,Thats sometimes appropriate, but not always.,And then there are also sometimes professional book publisher,websites you can always check out again,,looking for some of the more pertinent professional books.,Some of these professional book publishers include Norton, Guilford, Rutledge.,I always joke at the way you know its a professional book, not a popular book,,is that the professional books cost a lot more, generally.,And so if youre looking at $15.00 to $20.00 books generally its,not a professional book.,They have as much smaller circulation than the pop psych books.,Generally you want to avoid any of the popular psychology literature.,Thats not appropriate unless youre citing whats in those because youre,discussing an issue related to that.,But you cant use those as like evidence for anything, you know,,like you would a journal article or professional book.,And so when youre in the literature and,youre putting in your keywords you want to- There are all of these,professional databases like Psych info or Eric that have keywords.,And you can go in and actually, they have lists of keywords that fit.,So you can, for example if youre doing,,lets say you wanted to research Adlerian child therapy.,So you would put in and Adlerian is a key word and it might,pop up with some other options and you can click a box to allow it to do that.,You can research the keywords section; do they use adlerian therapy do they use,,you know, individual psychology?,What term are they using for that?,And then you might check to see if the index is using child therapy or,child counselling or are they both kind of in the database as key terms?,But youll be putting in these key terms and,then as you start getting hits for things to get,,” Yeah, this is the type of article or book or book chapter I was looking for”.,Notice you will see in the entries for,these that theres a list of the key terms.,And so what you want to do is look at the key terms that are associated with that,article, select the ones that you think, ” yes, these are what Im looking for”.,Keep putting those then into the search,options to generate hopefully articles that are more on target.,And you also want to keep an eye out for,recent dates as well as studies in the United States.,I once had a student in one of my Masters program do a study on suicide with teens.,And this is for a professional preparation program for,being a marriage family therapist in California.,And so all the research studies were from Australia and Japan and Europe.,Thats lovely, its very interesting, and a little of that is fine.,But, their assignment was to actually do a presentation,as if they were presenting to the local California audience about teen,suicide here in California in the Unit

How to write a literature review fast I write a lit review fast!

six tips on how to write a literature,review first so you want to do a,literature review for your dissertation,or research project not sure of the,firstest a most effective way to do this,I will show you how to do so in six,simple steps make sure you watch this,video to the end so you can get a free,template that you can use right away,first what is a literature review and,why do we bother with it a literature,review is simply a critical recap of,research that has been conducted on your,specific narrow topic academic writing,is about standing on the shoulders of,giants you do this review to develop and,document your knowledge of the field,without a literature review you wont,know who the big guns in your field are,or what others have said about your,topic,no reader will take your research,seriously if you dont demonstrate your,knowledge of the subject the literature,review also serves another critical,function it helps you identify where to,focus your study lets say you have,identified a topic about how teenagers,communicate with their parents once you,do your literature review you may find,that a lot of work has been done on the,topic in the United States but very,little in sub-saharan Africa this is a,gap you may then decide to focus your,study on parents and teenagers in one,sub-saharan African country lets say,Sierra Leone or you may find that,researchers have focused mostly on the,perceptions of parents and little on the,perceptions of teenagers so you may then,decide to focus your study in this area,remember there is no point in simply,repeating what others have already done,unless you are setting out to verify,what they did for doctoral degrees you,are required to contribute to new,knowledge so you must be able to justify,that your research is filling a specific,gap for research done by practitioners,your literature review will help you,focus your field research theres no,point in asking people questions you,already know the answer to so now we,know what a literature review is and why,we do it what should be our first step,step one search for relevant literature,by journals articles or books on your,topic create a list of keywords some,phrases for your topic for example teen,and parents and communication or,teenagers or adolescents communication,and/or are known as boolean operators,and narrows your search because you must,have all of the key words while all,makes it broader because it can include,any of the keywords search for your,keywords or phrases on scholarly,database such as Google Scholar PubMed,or ScienceDirect,none of these databases are perfect you,will find some sources in one that you,may not find in another step to evaluate,and select sources scan through the,results say the first hundred results,and tick whilst are the ones that seem,relevant based on their title all of,these databases allow you to save the,relevant articles then you need to lock,all of these results somewhere I like to,do this in Excel I simply note the date,the author the title if youre using,Google Scholar it also shows you the,number of citations the number of,citations is important because it shows,how many times other scholars have cited,the study the higher the number of,citations the more important the study,is in the field however remember new,studies may have less citations simply,because scholars have not found them yet,I have linked to the template I used,down below now you have all the sources,listed you need to find the actual,documents some of these documents may be,available free on then thats great but,often you will find that there is a fee,to download them if you are a student,you should now head to your schools,database and search for these documents,if you are a practitioner your,organization may be subscribing to a,service that lets you access these,documents step 3,file your sources once you have the,documents read the abstract to decide if,the source is still relevant if it is,then save the document I like to save my,documents directly into my reference,management software I use Mendeley and I,have linked to a great video that,explains how to use it anyway the,important part is that you save the,document once you have read the,abstracts decide on the articles that,are most relevant I like to highlight,these in my excel tool I showed you,earlier and create a second sheet just,for them step 4 create your annotated,bibliography now read the documents then,write a short summary about,teach source you can do all this in your,Excel document also make notes on the,study design methods there is used the,results and conclusions make note also,of your own critical analysis of the,publication for example did the study,results differ from what others had been,reporting this is your annotated,bibliography step 5,decide on how you will organize your,literature review by now you know an,awful lot about your topic and you can,start to see themes and connections,between sources how do you want to,organize your literature do you want to,organize it chronologically from older,to more recent publications thematic,organized around key themes,methodological the types of methods used,and theoretical but there is a models,used,step 6 write the literature review using,the information in your annotated,bibliography organized in the way that,you have chosen make sure it has an,introduction main body and conclusion,thats it you have written your,literature review if you found this,video useful please subscribe and click,the notification bell so you can be,informed when we make new videos like,this

How To Write A Literature Review In 3 Simple Steps (FREE Template With Examples)

مرحبًا يا رفاق ، مرحبًا بكم في حلقة أخرى من برنامج Grad Coach TV حيث نزيل الغموض عن,عالم البرج العاجي في الأوساط الأكاديمية ونوضح لك كيفية العمل بذكاء وكسب العلامات,الكبيرة . اسمي ديريك وفي هذا الفيديو سننظر في كيفية كتابة,مراجعة الأدبيات – والأهم من ذلك كيفية القيام بذلك في ثلاث,خطوات بسيطة ومباشرة. الآن يعتمد هذا الفيديو على,أطروحتنا المجانية 101 كتاب إلكتروني ، والتي يمكنك تنزيلها من موقع,Grad Coach . سأضع رابط ذلك أسفل هذا الفيديو. لذلك دون أي تأخير ، دعنا,ندخلها مباشرة. الآن ، قبل أن ننتقل إلى كيفية كتابة مراجعة الأدبيات ،,من المهم حقًا التراجع والسؤال عن الوظيفة ، وما سبب,مراجعة الأدبيات. إذا فهمنا السبب ، فإن الكيفية تصبح,أبسط بكثير ، وما يصبح أكثر بساطة. لذلك دعونا نتحدث عن بعض,أهم وظائف مراجعة الأدبيات. لذا فإن الخطوة الأولى ، أو الوظيفة,الأولى في مراجعة الأدبيات ، هي أن تثبت أن لديك فهمًا,قويًا للأدبيات ، وأن تقوم بالبحث عن حالة البحث حول,أسئلة البحث الخاصة بك. لذلك سيكون بحثك حول موضوع معين,ونقطة البداية لمناقشتك هناك هي إظهار أنه مهما كان,سؤالك البحثي ، ومهما كان الهدف من بحثك ، فأنت بحاجة إلى,إثبات أنك تعرف ما تم إنجازه بالفعل . تدور الكتابة الأكاديمية,حول الوقوف على أكتاف العمالقة ، ولذا عليك أن تُظهر من هم,العمالقة ، ومن هم الأشخاص الذين أجروا هذا البحث من قبل ، وماذا,قالوا ، وما هي حالة الجدل. إذن فهذه الوظيفة رقم واحد,ويمكن القول إنها الوظيفة الأكثر أهمية. لنلق نظرة على الدالة,رقم اثنين. الوظيفة الثانية ، السبب الثاني لمراجعة الأدبيات ، هي بالنسبة,لك ، من هذا الأساس للأدب لإظهار أن هناك فجوة. لإثبات أن,هناك حاجة لبحثك المحدد. لذلك إذا كنت تقوم بعمل الماجستير ،,فأنت تقوم بأبحاث الدكتوراه بغض النظر عن المستوى الذي أنت فيه ، فهناك بعض,متطلبات الأصالة. بشكل عام ، لا تريدك الجامعات أن تبحث عن,شيء تم إجراؤه مليون مرة ، لأن الغرض من ذلك. إذن ،,ما تقوم به مراجعة الأدبيات هو أن تذهب وتؤدي العمل,وتكتشف أين توجد الفجوات في الأدبيات ، وأين توجد فجوات في,البحث ، وكيف يمكنني اتخاذ زاوية فريدة وشيء لم يتم إنجازه,من قبل ، آمل ألا يتم ذلك حتى الموت ، ولكن كيف يمكنني اتخاذ زاوية فريدة,من حيث السياق أو من حيث بلد معين أو بيئة معينة,وما إلى ذلك. لذا فإن الوظيفة الثانية لمراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك ومراجعة الأدبيات,فقط فعل مراجعته ، لك أن,تثبت تلك الحاجة الواضحة الواضحة لبحثك. الآن ، الوظيفة الثالثة,ليست بالضرورة مناسبة للجميع ، ولكن بالنسبة لأولئك منكم الذين يخططون,لبناء نموذج نظري أو نموذج مفاهيمي ، فإن الإطار المفاهيمي ،,مراجعة الأدبيات هي أساس ذلك. إذن ما ستفعله بعد ذلك هو,أخذ النظريات المختلفة إلى الأجزاء المختلفة من البحث التي تم,إجراؤها في الماضي وبناء نوع من النموذج المفاهيمي الذي يمكنك,بعد ذلك اختباره والتحقق من صحته. ربما لا تكون مناسبة للجميع ولكن,هذه وظيفة مهمة إذا كنت تقوم بأي نوع من,اختبار التحقق الكمي وما إلى ذلك. الوظيفة الرابعة المهمة,لمراجعة الأدبيات هي أن يكون لديك أساس أو أن تبني أساسًا للمنهجية.,إذن ما أعنيه بهذا هو عندما تقوم بمراجعة جميع الأدبيات الموجودة في,مساحتك ذات الصلة بسؤال بحثك الذي يهدف إلى البحث ، ما,سوف تجده بشكل طبيعي هو أنك ستتعرف على جميع الدراسات المختلفة,التي تم إجراؤه وستعرف المنهجيات التي يستخدمونها.,هل استخدموا النوعية ، هل استخدموا الكمية ، إذا استخدموا الكمية ،,هل لديهم مجموعات أسئلة تم التحقق من صحتها جيدًا واختبارها جيدًا ، وهل قاموا بنشر,الاستبيانات وما إلى ذلك ، لذا تمنحك مراجعة الأدبيات,فرصة للتعمق في ما تم إنجازه بالفعل و للبناء على ذلك.,في كثير من الأحيان إذا كنت تجري استطلاعات الرأي ، يمكنك أن تجد من خلال مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك,مجموعات أسئلة جيدة ، ويمكنك العثور,على مجموعة جيدة من المقاييس التي تحتوي على ألفا كرونباخ اللائق وما إلى ذلك. إذا لم يكن,لهذه اللغة أي معنى ، فلا تشدد على أننا سنصل إليها في فيديو آخر.,النقطة المهمة هي أن إحدى الوظائف المهمة جدًا لمراجعة الأدبيات هي,أن تحصل على بعض الإلهام ، والحصول على بعض الأفكار وربما حتى بعض,الأدوات العملية المفيدة والوجبات السريعة لإثراء منهجيتك. هذه هي,الوظائف الأربع الهامة لمراجعة الأدبيات وأول وظيفتين هما حقًا ما,تحتاج إلى تذكره. بعبارة أخرى ، أظهر أنك تفهم ما,تتحدث عنه ، وأظهر أنك لا تأتي فقط وتحاول إعادة اختراع,العجلة ، أظهر أنك قد قرأت الأدبيات ذات الصلة بمشكلتك,المحددة ، ثم أظهر بالطبع أن الزاوية التي ستأخذها هي في,الواقع أصلية ، وهي فريدة إلى حد ما ومبررة بطريقة ما من حيث الخروج,وإجراء البحث. لذلك دعونا لا نعزف على هذا بعد الآن. دعنا ننتقل إلى,الخطوات الثلاث لكيفية كتابة مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك. حسنًا ، لنبدأ بالخطوة,الأولى حول كيفية كتابة مراجعة الأدبيات الخاصة بك. الخطوة الأولى ليست مفاجأة حقًا.,الخطوة الأولى هي الخروج والعثور على البحث ذي الصلة. قد يبدو هذا واضحًا جدًا,ولكنك ستندهش من طريقة تعامل بعض الأشخاص مع هذا الأمر. لذا فإن الخطوة الأولى هي الخروج,والقيام بالحفر. اخرج وابحث عن البحث. الآن إذا كنت قد فعلت بالفعل,اقتراحكم والتي تم قبولها ثم هناك احتمالات كنت قد حصلت على,نوع من الأساس الأدب الأساسية بالفعل، ولكن مع ذلك حتى,ولو تم قبول الاقتراح الخاص بك، وجامعتك والمشرف,يتوقع أن تذهب على وإجراء المزيد من المراجعة ، ومراجعة أعمق لما هو,الأدبيات ذات الصلة . لذلك في هذا القسم ، سوف نتحدث عن أربعة,تكتيكات مفيدة جدًا للخروج والعثور على الأدبيات ذات الصلة. قد يستغرق,هذا الجزء من العملية الكثير من الوقت حقًا. إذا لم يكن لديك النهج الصحيح للخروج,والصيد ، فيمكنك إضاعة الكثير من الوقت في طريق مسدود,ولا أحد يريد فعل ذلك حقًا. هذا مشروع كبير وتريد الاطلاع,على الأدبيات بأسرع ما يمكن. حسنًا ، سأتحدث عن أربع,تقنيات / أربع طرق للعثور على الأدبيات والعثور على الأبحاث ذات الصلة الموجودة,هناك. لذا دعونا نلقي نظرة على ذلك.,الطريقة الأولى في العثور على الأدبيات هي ما نسميه تنقية الباحث العلمي من,Google ولا يوجد شيء في الحقيقة لهذا الأمر. ربما تكون بالفعل على,دراية ببرنامج الباحث العلمي من Google. إذا لم تكن كذلك ، يمكنك التحقق من ذلك على موقع,scholar.google.com. الباحث العلمي من Google هو مجرد محرك بحث عن المواد الأكاديمية,، يشبه إلى حد كبير محرك بحث Google لبقية الإنترنت. لذا فإن,الباحث العلمي من Google هو حقًا محرك بحث قوي يستخدم,تقنية Google وبالتالي من حيث العثور على مواد ذات صلة فائقة,بكلمات رئيسية مهما كان الموضوع المحوري الذي تبحث عنه ، لا يمكنك,التغلب على الباحث في Google. الباحث العلمي من Google رائع حقًا للحصول على تلك,الفكرة الأولية لما هو الأدب الموجود هناك. ما يجعل الباحث العلمي من Google,رائعًا حقًا هو أنه يعرض بيانات الاقتباس. بمعنى آخر ، كم مرة,تم الاستشهاد بمقالة معينة في المجلة. لذلك يمنحك هذا,فكرة جيدة عن سلطة ومصداقية أي مقال معين. إذا كانت,هناك متطلبات محددة من جامعتك فيما يتعلق,بمصداقية المحتوى الذي تستشهد به ، فعليك بالتأكيد,أن تولي اهتمامًا جيدًا لعدد المرات التي تم الاستشهاد فيها بكل من هذه المقالات,. لذا ، فإن الخطوة الأولى هي الدخول إلى الباحث العلمي من Google والبحث فقط عن أي,كلمة رئيسية ذات صلة محتملة وقم بالتنقيب في جميع المقالات الموجودة,هناك. من الطرق الجيدة لمعرفة ما هو ملائم هو فتح,المقالات التي تبدو ذات صلة من حيث عنوانها وإلقاء نظرة على,الملخص. الحصول على قراءة سريعة لذلك سيعطيك,فكرة جيدة عما إذا كان هذا هو الشيء الذي يناسبك أم لا ، أو يتناسب مع,أهداف وغايات بحثك. ما ستجده عند استخدام الباحث العلمي من,Google هو أن الوصول إلى بعض المقالات مجاني تمامًا – تنقر,على الرابط وتفتح يا سمسم – هناك. يمكن الوصول إليه.,لكن الكثير منها ستجده خلف نوع من جدار الدفع ، لذلك ستصطدم,بهذا الجدار كثيرًا – قد تكون محظوظًا وقد تجد أن,كل ما تحتاجه مجاني ويمكن الوصول إليه بشكل مفتوح ، لكنك من المحتمل أن,تواجه الكثير من الطرق المسدودة من حيث الوصول إلى المجلات حيث يتعين عليك,الدفع ، وعليك تسجيل الدخول وما إلى ذلك. لا تقلق بشأن ذلك في هذه المرحلة. ما,تريد القيام به هو أنك تريد فقط إزالة عناوين كل هذه المقالات. إذا كان,بإمكانك تنزيل أي شيء مجانًا ، فابحث عنه وقم بتنزيله ، ولكن ما,ستفعله هو إزالة هذه العناوين. قم بإزالتها تمامًا كما تراها,، بما في ذلك تاريخ اسم المؤلف وما إلى ذلك ، ثم انتقل إلى الطريقة,الثانية ، وهي قاعدة بيانات جامعتك أو مكتبة جامعتك.,ستمنحك كل جامعة عمومًا إمكانية الوصول إلى مجموعة المحتوى المرخصة الخاصة بها,، وعادةً ما يكون هذا واسعًا جدًا ، لذلك غالبًا ما ستجده هو أنك,ستجد الكثير من المحتوى على طريقة الباحث العلمي من Google رقم واحد وأنت,ستقوم بجلب ذلك إلى الطريقة الثانية ، ستذهب ونسخ / لصق هذا,العنوان تمامًا كما وجدته في الباحث العلمي من Google. تذهب وتقوم بنسخ ذلك ولصقه في,محرك البحث الخاص بجامعاتك ، وبعد ذلك ستجد في أغلب الأحيان أنك ستتمكن,من الوصول إليه هناك. إذا لم تستطع ، فقد ترغب في إرسال بريد إلكتروني إلى,مؤسستك واسألهم فقط عما إذا كان هناك أي طريقة يمكننا من خلالها,الوصول إلى هذه المقالة. المهم حقًا عند استخدام الطريقة الثانية ،,بمعنى آخر قاعدة بيانات جامعاتك ، هو نسخ عنوان المقالة,ولصقه تمامًا كما تراه. السبب في قولي هذا ه

Lit Review Outline

ok gang so here it is I promised a video,we covered Monday to help you with this,literature review this massive thing,that youre putting together that youve,never produced like anything like this,before so let me go ahead and get into,this and help you figure out what to do,so I do have this posted underneath your,let me see it should be under literature,review this guide here no its not I,need to post it ok I post it right after,this discussion,okay so quotes number one avoid them,you need to paraphrase the information,in your own words and then when you,paraphrase it you need to cite it using,that APA style so if you do decide to,quote really use one or two at maximum,and if you do you have to include page,number where you got it as one of the,APA requirements so you know its,authors name year if you find yourself,quoting something like online,dictionary.com you probably need to,think twice about how youre doing that,so I am gonna be very particular on on,your APA style and making sure that,youre youre citing things are right,way and writing things in APA style the,right way so heres the thing heres the,big picture so make make an outline okay,make it make an outline of it alright so,so that for instance if we were making,an outline you always come up with Roman,numeral one you know and then under,numeral one you know you have the big,letter A and so it kind of it kind of,like gives you an idea of what youre,gonna do so your text includes an,introduction and literature v together I,think its good to just give an,introduction first and then start your,literature review so in your,introduction youll want to introduce,the subjects youll be discussing you,can take just a smidgen from your,abstract but this is gonna be a longer,section so its not gonna take long,before you have to write new stuff you,know whats the big picture look like,regarding your your research you know,provide the definitions provide,conceptual definitions of what youre,talking about,theres anxiety anxiety one of the,prevalent was the prevalence of anxiety,how many people suffer that males,females whats the diagnosis theres a,lot of things so this might resemble,like a quick book report or subject,report but its theres more to it than,that so then you go into your literature,review and here come your eight to,twelve valid primary sources so one,thing that you can do is just as you as,youre trying to decide how youre gonna,do this read your article and then write,a paragraph in summary so youll,summarize it summarize what they did in,in the article and the study that youre,looking at then critique it how does it,relate to what your study and then that,last sentence should lead you into the,next research that youre looking at so,heres research number two didnt do the,same thing you give a summary of what,they did and then critique it on how it,stands up to your variables how it,relates to your variables no give,another sentence and then go into study,three and study four so it looks you,know it looks kind of like kinda like,this then if you if you get all these,paragraphs written from these from these,different studies then you you know,lets say that you you look at it and,youre like you know this would look,better you know this study four would,look better up here so then you can just,cut cut and paste and you as you write,these paragraphs and just you know move,it move it off so Im gonna see if I can,do that here you know so yeah and then,move study to down study five so you can,make it just and Im just including,these so you know kind of what it looks,like when youre putting this together,so make an outline make an outline,before you get started the very last,thing is you want to do the last things,that youll want to do in your,literature review you want to,operationalize your variables so,remember I talked to Sharma today those,of you that werent in class you,operation operationalize your variables,with the tools youre going to use the,instruments I will use the blank,survey to study you know anxiety or you,know this researcher will sorry stay,away from I and then talk about how they,you know so the the authors of the STA I,II find anxiety as lately look like you,know so youll go into that and you if,this you know if you use their,definitions here if you operationalize,them in the introduction thats fine you,just have to operationalize them,somewhere then at the very end before,you go into your methods there are your,research questions alright and again if,youre writing this and youre like man,Ive got all this other stuff for my,methods Ive got you know Ive even,thought about my results Ive even,thought about some of the implications,that I want to get to in the discussions,you can go ahead and start writing stuff,now Im not gonna grade these other,three sections in this time Im just,gonna grade your literature but if you,want to go ahead and write thats cool,so hopefully this has helped please,reach out if you have questions email me,do Friday midnight see ya

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