1. HP ENVY X360 15” (2021) Review – Great Price & Amazing Performance!
  2. HP Envy X360 13 Review – The More Affordable HP Spectre!
  3. HP Envy x360 15 (2022) – THE REVIEW
  4. HP Envy x360 13.3-in REVIEW – INSANE 2.8K OLED Display!
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  7. HP Envy x360 AMD Ryzen Review

HP ENVY X360 15” (2021) Review – Great Price & Amazing Performance!

so this is the hp envy 15 x 360. and,before i get into the review i want to,do a little sponsored,laptop deal segment by best buy they,want me to tell you about their best,laptop deals happening,right now and the first one is the,macbook air now this is only 50,off but the reason why im bringing it,up is because if youre looking for a,macbook,with an m1 the air is the best deal,dont waste your money on the pro dont,waste your money on the imac if you,dont have to,get the air because youre getting the,best bang for your buck and youre not,going to see that much of a performance,difference,the second one is even better the asus,q507 this was selling for 850,and right now you can pick it up for 750,bucks and this thing is stacked,r7 4700u processor by amd,256 gigabytes of ssd eight gigabytes of,ram and most importantly,an nvidia mx350 the next one is a,surface laptop three,the four is out on the market which,means the three is getting heavily,discounted,and you can pick up one for four hundred,dollars less,at best buy doesnt matter if its the,ryzen or intel model,and finally if youre looking for a,convertible check out the hp pavilion,x360,this is a two in one it was selling for,800,and right now you can pick it up for 650,bucks,if youre interested in any of these,deals therell be links to it in the,description,down below now the one thing that hp is,doing very well is making the envy,lineup the more affordable lineup look,very classy like this is a metal chassis,it looks clean,it has a black grayish look to it with,the hp logo in the middle,sure it doesnt have the crazy gem cut,design of the spectre,but it holds its own now this is a metal,chassis but it does feel a bit like,plastic and theres a little bit of flex,but its not nearly as bad as the hp,omen 15. the other thing to note is that,this is a convertible so you can,completely flip this,display 360 degrees and use it as a,tablet,or purchase the pen and you can of,course draw on the display,i will say this though the hinge is kind,of stiff when you open it up a bit,but as soon as you get back to about i,dont know 90 degrees,it feels very loose like if youre,holding this up like this screen,is going to tilt backwards now the,weight on this thing is about 4.11,pounds so its not the lightest 15 inch,ultrabook by any means but i still think,its light enough that youd be okay,carrying this,on a daily basis theres a lot of i o to,work with here,like on the left-hand side you have your,usb port,hdmi usb type-c if you want thunderbolt,youve got to go with the intel model,but because this is using ryzen,its just a regular usb type-c port,audio jack and then,on the other side you have your barrel,connector for power,another usb port and a full-size sd card,slot,now probably not a big deal for a lot of,people but you cant open up this laptop,with one hand you have to use one hand,to hold the deck down,hey nice deck dude thanks dirk its real,cedar,and because this deck is so big some of,you might say why didnt they put,a numpad and look you have two options,you either put a numpad on this,and then put the speakers on the bottom,or you go with upward,firing speakers me personally id rather,have the upward firing speakers,now the typing experience is okay i find,the keys to be a bit too mushy compared,to the spectre,but its fine if youre typing on them,for a long period of time theres a,fingerprint scanner,right beside the alt key if you want to,use windows hello to log you in,and the touchpad its centered and its,19 bigger,compared to the previous year now the,touch pad doesnt have the same,finesse as a true glass touch pad its,fine,but its nothing compared to lets say,the touchpad on the surface laptop,now when you open up this display,theres a bit of wobble so like if,youre typing on this very aggressively,the screen will shake,a little bit and the display is okay,like theres two versions of this,theres a cheaper one,thats only 250 nits but if you spend 80,dollars more,you get this one here its 16×9 and i,feel like this would have been a good,opportunity for hp to incorporate,a 16 by 10 display instead but,its not a bad panel like it gets close,to 400 nits of brightness the color,gamuts good,and i feel a lot of people spending the,extra money on the more expensive one,will have a good display for design work,now since the speakers are on the top of,the deck if youre curious how it sounds,im compared to the surface laptop 4,and you guys let me know which one,sounds better,[Music],now the price on this is a thousand and,thirty nine dollars at least the review,unit that i have here but i think its,pretty fair considering its packing the,latest,ryzen 5000 cpu with 16 gigabytes of ram,and a 512 gigabyte nvme,ssd like if youre doing anything,multi-core related,this thing absolutely screams like if,youre some sort of developer,and youre compiling code then this,thing is going to be absolutely awesome,to use,the one area that it kind of does suffer,in is when youre doing anything in the,adobe suite,like intel processors paired with their,iris xe,still give you better results but most,cpu related tasks has an advantage on,these amd,processors now when it comes to heat,management it does pretty good,like i tested this out on balanced and,performance mode when youre using,balanced mode,it keeps the cpu temps under 80 degrees,celsius but you get a nerf in clock,speeds the advantage to this is you get,a very quiet,laptop under 40 decibels or around 40,decibels of noise,when you kick it onto performance mode,it gets a little hot it goes up to 90,degrees but it doesnt do this for a,very long period of time,the fans will be louder it will slightly,go over 40 decibels but youre able to,push this thing,a bit more yes i think hp could have,been more aggressive with the tuning,but most people are just using this for,every day and i think,they value fan noise a little bit more,than having the maximum performance,now thankfully a lot of the regular,stuff youd expect,is upgradable like theres one slot for,an nvme ssd,and you can swap this out for something,bigger the other thing is the ram,this is not soldered onto the,motherboard so if you want to put more,ram in here down the road,you have the option to do so and i,always love seeing,two fans on an ultrabook i know a lot of,companies,tend to use only one but even with just,an integrated gpu like this one,two fans do a better job of keeping this,thing cool you have your swappable wi-fi,six card,and then you have a 51 watt hour battery,which gets me about 11 hours and 44,minutes of use,before needing to charge so heres the,thing the hp envy 15,x 360 is obviously not perfect but i,dont have a ton of complaints,yes i do wish the screen was 16 by 10. i,do wish the keyboard was more tactile,and obviously the hinges should be a bit,tighter,but for the price for an envy being,aimed towards budget to more,mid-range users i think they nailed the,most important things,fantastic performance great battery life,and low fan noise like when youre,running this under full load,its not going to bother you or the,people surrounding you,so yeah if youre interested in checking,this out or have any more questions let,me know in the comment section down,below,also if youre interested in any of,those best buy deals therell be links,in the description,if you want to check them out like the,video if you liked it subscribe if you,havent already and ill see you guys,in the next one,[Music]

HP Envy X360 13 Review – The More Affordable HP Spectre!

so a little over a week ago I reviewed,the HP Envy X360 15-inch it came with an,AMD processor it was good but I didnt,love it because the display they were,using it was a pretty poor display but,this is the 13-inch version and for its,price of 11.79 youre getting a 2K plus,OLED display and it looks really good on,this laptop now personally I prefer this,form factor a 13 inch laptop even though,the display is smaller its just a lot,easier to carry its lighter and its,better for travel HP is using a,magnesium alloy with a bunch of ocean,bound Plastics to help save the,environment and overall the quality and,feel to it feels pretty good now this is,the Bluer model it does get a lot of,fingerprints on the chassis the top lid,is a little bit flexible but its not,terrible you have the HP logo in the,middle the ports are not too bad like on,the left hand side you have an audio,jack and then you have your micro SD,card slot you have a USB a port again,Im not a fan of these flaps they do,break easy so as I always say these HP,videos be very very careful when youre,plugging in a USB peripheral on the,right hand side you have two Thunderbolt,4 ports and another USB a port now,unfortunately theres no RJ45 but what,it does have is Wi-Fi 6E which means I,got to test out my new Deco xe75 Pro,Wi-Fi 6E tri-band mesh system by tp-link,who was kind enough to partner on this,video the speeds can go up to 2.4,gigabits per second but since my,internet connection is only one gigabit,per second it had zero problems handling,it the first thing I noticed is how much,smoother my Wi-Fi experience has been,compared to my old system my studio is,in a commercial condo and Im surrounded,by other Wi-Fi networks that use older,Legacy bands but since the Deco xe75 pro,has a six gigahertz band it does a much,better job of avoiding any interference,and also acts as a backhaul the design,is super clean and it connects up to 200,devices theres three Lan ports on the,back two one gigabits per second ports,and one 2.5 gigabit per second port for,multi-gig internet now Im using the try,pack which can cover up to 7 200 square,feet but if thats a bit too much,coverage theres a two pack option as,well upgrading from Wi-Fi 5 to Wi-Fi 6E,is the best upgrade you can make for a,better wi-fi experience The Deco xc75,Pro is one of the most affordable and,fastest Wi-Fi 6E mesh systems you can,buy today right now you can get up to,100 off until October 16th links will be,in the description down below now,opening up the laptop is tough with one,hand because this is a convertible like,the display can flip 360 Degrees which,means they have to be a little bit more,stringent on the hinge make it a bit,more stiff since its going to be,constantly being open the one thing I,noticed right away is that the hinge,quality on the 30 inch model is better,than the 15 inch version because the,display is not as big so theres just,less wobble when you open it up in fact,the wobble on this display is very,comparable to a normal clamshell laptop,so I was quite impressed when I opened,up this display the keyboard is very,comfortable to type on its a little bit,mushy in the middle but the keys feel,fantastic theres a nice click sound to,it which I always appreciate its good,travel distance and I had zero issues,getting used to typing on it you have a,nice quick shortcut key to the HP,Command Center if you want to quickly,put it in performance or quiet mode but,you can also do things like use camera,features that you know lighten up your,face a bit better by creating this like,ring on the screen that uses white light,and also adjusts the exposure the,trackpad is right in the middle it feels,very comfortable to use its very,accurate so no complaints there and the,sticker placement is actually good for,once now the 2880 by 1800 OLED display,looks absolutely gorgeous it is using a,glass panel so it can be a little bit,reflective depending on the light,scenario brightness is pretty good color,accuracy is obviously fantastic contrast,ratios are through the roof overall a,great panel to look at there is a bit of,pwm flicker it is 60 hertz but that pwm,flicker doesnt kick in until about 40,percent and lower theres Windows hello,facial recognition to log you in but,theres no fingerprint scanner in case,you want to use something physical,theres a bit of bezel on the bottom but,overall the bezels are fairly thin on,the sides now performance has been,pretty solid like this is an i7 1250u,CPU it doesnt beat out the ryzen 7,version I tested in the 15 inch model,when it comes to synthetic benchmarks,but depending on what youre doing this,excels in some areas and the R7 excels,in others for example if youre doing,anything specifically CPU related like,Mozilla Firefox or compiling code then,the 15-inch ryzen version will be a bit,faster but if youre doing any sort of,video editing or creative work mostly,video editing where it needs to use that,integrated GPU then the 13 inch i7 1250u,is the better option now if youre just,doing General productivity it really,doesnt make a difference which process,you go with they both feel equally fast,and noise on this is really good right,now I have it on performance mode and,that gets up to about 43 to 45 decibels,but if you put it on balanced or quiet,mode you can get the fan noise to go,down below 40. heat management is also,fantastic I had no issues it does,obviously power throttle when the CPU,gets a bit too hot clock speeds tend to,stay a bit higher on the 15 inch model,just due to the bigger chassis but the,13 inch version performs very well for,everyday tasks now it does have two,speakers on the bottom it sounds good,but obviously not as good as front,firing speakers but everything was nice,and clear and there was no Distortion at,max volume now internally not much is,upgradable you do have a swappable nvme,SSD and a swappable Wi-Fi 6E card Ram is,soldered onto the motherboard you have,one copper heat pipe to cool the CPU and,integrated GPU plus a 66 watt hour,battery that gave me pretty good battery,life honestly for the price 11.79 I,think this is a pretty good deal not,only do you get a 2880 by 1800 OLED,display but you also get the pen,included in the Box I think the build,quality is slightly better than the,15-inch version just because the hinges,do a better job on a 13 inch display and,the i7 paired with a very fast nvme SSD,make this a great choice if youre,buying this for work or even back to,school if youre interested in checking,it out Ill Place links in the,description down below or let me know if,you have any questions like the video if,you liked it subscribe if you havent,already and Ill see you guys in the,next one

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HP Envy x360 15 (2022) – THE REVIEW

now last year I reviewed one of the more,popular convertible laptops on the,channel it was the HP Envy x360. what it,brought to the table was a good price to,Performance ratio good display good,battery life good performance and an all,metal design and best of all it doesnt,break the bank it came in at a very good,price well I couldnt wait to see what,HP had in store for its refresh here for,2022. I took delivery of it I did a live,unboxing of it and Im really impressed,with it now one of the key differences,this time around is you can now get this,with an OLED option a full HD OLED,display still 15.6 inches but having an,OLED on this at this price point is a,Big Boon for a lot of people now I have,the full HD IPS model well see how that,does it has excellent battery life and,once again it doesnt disappoint in that,category improved performance with an,all new processor well talk about that,and it has an all metal design well see,if this all once again makes this one of,the best mid-tier valuable in terms of,price to Performance ratio convertibles,here for 2022. stay tuned were going to,find out now hey everybody its Andrew,and this is my review of the HP Envy,X360 all new for 2022. coming up,[Music],now before we get to the unboxing I want,to let everyone know in the interest of,transparency in full disclosure are not,being paid by HP Im not being sponsored,by HP all the opinions youre about to,hear are my own HP is not getting copy,approval that means theyre seeing this,video for the first time just like you,though this unit is on loan from HP and,once this review is done Ill be sending,it back pricing for the X360 two-in-one,starts at,639.99 over at hps website that to me,is a steal considering the upgrade,youre getting this year over last,years model fully loaded with the new,OLED option youre looking at,1049.99 and price here as configured,with my review unit,899 dollars over at Best Buy I will,leave a link in the description below,for more information and where you can,buy it and I think when you look at the,price to Performance ratio here this to,me is a steal I would not hesitate on,this I would jump on it this is an,excellent two-in-one convertible,especially for the price and with the,specs in pricing out of the way lets,find out what you get inside the Box,lets open it up,its the Nightfall black think you could,also get this in silver but I dont know,if thats only for the Intel version Im,not sure and it feels a little bit of,heft on this again 15.6 inch display all,right lets see what some warranty,information some product information,thats pretty typical so weve got our,power charger its USBC 65 Watts from HP,of course and I dont see the pen so,well have to bring our own pen I guess,and of course we get the unit here,get it out of the plastic,and there she is and thats of course,the Nightfall black and she is pretty so,you can see theres a vent on the bottom,there,sort of yeah you can see the fans there,actually coming through a little bit of,a fingerprint magnet because seal ready,Lets uh lets take a look at the,back of it first and then well get to,the ports theres some Envy branding,here you can see the color here its,beautiful again youre gonna have to,keep it clean boxy look I guess you know,the linear edges and so forth now when,it comes to the fit and finish of it I,would say its pretty good although I,noticed a little Flex in the chassis and,on the keyboard deck but not much but,again at this price point Im not,surprised but for the most part this old,metal design really holds up and one of,the things Im seeing a big Improvement,is less green wobble than you got last,year so when youre typing you dont,have a lot of movement on the screen and,that was a big complaint last year and,Im glad they remedied that in this,version,okay lets check out the port selection,on the left side is a USB a port next to,that is a 3.5 millimeter microphone,headphone combo Jack and I love to see,this a full-size SD card reader and the,card sit flush with the unit they click,right in there and I love that now on,the right side are two USBC ports that,are full functions supporting data,charge and display out now no longer do,you need a barrel pin connection to,charge this laptop as this does support,USBC charging hence they give you a USBC,adapter this time around now,unfortunately these are not USB C4 ports,which would give you a lot of the,functionality youd get from a,thunderbolt port and it was not able to,get it to work with my Thunderbolt drive,that I use for SSD storage that didnt,work on this so its not usbc4,you can put it into the tent mode,and then of course presentation mode and,then of course tablet mode and again,its a little heavy for a tablet but you,can do all the things you need to do now,there are four total options when it,comes to the display and itll depend on,whether or not you got the Intel version,of this laptop or the AMD if you go with,the AMD there are two options I have the,IPS version with the 250-nit display and,theres also a new OLED option thats,also full HD 1920×1080 thats the first,time theyre offering an OLED version on,this panel in terms of an AMD laptop now,if you go with the Intel version of this,laptop then you can go with the IPS that,can get as bright as 400 nits and then,theres a brand new Quad HD version,thats 2560 by 1440 that also has a high,refresh rate 120 hertz and that can get,as bright as 300 nits again intel only,now HP sends over the IPS version that,can get as bright as 215 nits now thats,not what I I was really hoping for here,I was hoping to go above 400 nits even,but of course if you go with the OLED,option which I highly encourage you to,do so that will get as bright as 400,nits but this one is rated at 250 nits,in terms of the brightness I actually,measured 260 again below my 300 nit,threshold,now one thing you need to be aware of,this is a very glossy display you will,notice that glare and Reflections,depending on your lighting conditions,but I think the OLED version is going to,have less of an issue because that will,get as bright as 400 nits as opposed to,the 216 nits I measured in this IPS,model having that higher brightness will,reduce the amount of glare Reflections,they have to contend with but it wont,totally eliminate it so just keep that,in mind and in everyday use for the past,week or so that Ive had this has been,actually pretty good now this retains a,16 to 9 aspect ratio so what does that,mean you wont get the black bars on the,top and the bottom as you would with a,three to two aspect ratio or even a 16,to 10. so retaining that 16 to 9 on a,15.6 inch device I dont mind that and,you also get 88 screen to body ratio,that means youre going to get those,really small bezels so you dont have to,contend with the black bars and you get,the small bezels Ill take it now as far,as watching Netflix Amazon YouTube its,been great on this again that is a,glossy display youll have to keep that,in mind and but for the most part its,worked out pretty well and of course the,OLED will be even more enhanced in terms,of the really deep blacks the vibrant,colors the really high contrast that you,get with an OLED display so for those,spend the extra money I think its a 90,premium and that to me is well worth it,although it wont do quite as well in,terms of the battery life well get into,that in a little bit now if youre a,content creator I would stay away from,this IPS panel judging by these numbers,that I was able to measure on here,especially the color gamut not being,very good in terms of coverage thats 61,percent srgb 46 Adobe RGB 45 percent of,the DCI P3 wide color gamut and 44 ntsc,I would go with the OLED model youll do,much better in terms of that coverage,youll do better in the color accuracy,Im pretty sure that this has a pretty,high Delta e score 3.03 meaning its not,the most color accurate out there wed,like to see it below too so if you do,any type of content creation go with the,OLED itll

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HP Envy x360 13.3-in REVIEW – INSANE 2.8K OLED Display!

now HP just sent over what I think might,be the best convertible 13-inch laptop,here for 2022. it not only brings a 16,to 10 aspect ratio 12th gen Intel,processor of course its a u-series,which is going to be good for battery,life it also has a 2.8 K OLED display,now Im not talking about the Specter,line people Im talking about the HP,Envy X360 13-inch all new here for 2022.,thats right they now moved to a 16 to,10 aspic ratio offer this with that OLED,display 12th Gen processor and were,seeing really good battery life even,with the OLED display this is not,something we normally see lets see why,I think this might just be the ultra,portable convertible for 2022. hey,everybody its Andrew and this is my,review of the HP Envy X360 13-inch,convertible laptop all new for 2022.,coming up,[Music],you know the drill folks so before we,get to the unboxing I want to let,everyone know in the interest of,transparency and full disclosure on not,being paid by HP Im not being sponsored,by HP all the opinions youre about to,hear are my own HP is not getting copy,approval theyre seeing this video for,the first time just like you now this,review unit is on loan from HP and once,this review is done Ill be sending it,back the nvx360 13-inch starts at 8.99,it is customizable over at hps website,Best Buy offers a really good SKU that,gives you excellent battery life thats,10 49.99 and my review unit which is,fully maxed out comes in at 1299.99 over,at hps website for those interested,Ill leave links in the description,below for more information and we can,buy one now the only available color,right now is the natural silver weve,seen that before but HP sent over this,one this is space blue and its a really,nice color and it will be a custom,advisable color for you to choose later,on its just not available yet and for,those wondering whats the difference,between the 2021 model and this years,model well this chart will show you some,of those differences,and with the specs and pricing out of,the way lets find out what you get,inside the Box lets open it up,lifting the lid you greeted by the unit,itself were going to get to that in,just a moment but lets find out what,else you get you get some product,information along with some warranty,information as well now you get a 65,watt USBC power adapter its a braided,cable and you get the power cord they,also sent over the HP tilt pen that,gives you extra pen tips and it charges,via USBC were going to test that out,later on as well now handling this unit,for the first time I love the blue color,on this this is thin light and its all,metal design is Rock Solid nice job in,terms of the looks and the build okay,folks lets check out the port selection,on the left side is a 3.5 millimeter,microphone headphone combo Jack a Micro,SD card reader next to that is a drop,jaw usba Port moving over to the right,side you get a second drop jaw usb-a,port and two USBC Thunderbolt 4 ports,that are full function supporting data,charge and display out now one little,nitpick is Id like to have these two,USBC Thunderbolt 4 ports on opposite,sides of each other instead of being on,the same side of this convertible laptop,the other thing is Id like to have HDMI,I understand this is a very thin and,light Ultra portable so space is at a,premium but it would have been nice to,have it nonetheless,now HP made it really easy to get inside,this laptop no longer do you have to,remove any rubber strips to get to any,hidden screws all you need to do is,remove the four T5 Torx screws and,thats it use a guitar pick or a pry,tool and pop off the bottom plate and,youre in I like how easy that is,and as far as user upgradability is,concerned it comes as no surprise that,the ram is soldered into the motherboard,my review unit has 16 gigabytes of RAM,and it is running in dual Channel mode,now it seems to me that 16 might be the,maximum you can go as I didnt see on,hps website an option to go to 32 which,would be a little bit unfortunate but,again Ill look into that and report my,findings or whatever HP tells me but as,far as this unit again 16 gigabytes of,RAM now as far as the SSC is concerned,that is user upgradable my review unit,has one terabyte of SSD storage and as,you can see from these reads and writes,excellent speeds indicating that this is,a Gen 4 SSD something we like to see,here in 2022 good job on that front now,it comes to wireless this is running,Wi-Fi 6E along with Bluetooth 5.2 no,issues on either the Wi-Fi or the,Bluetooth and one thing to note that is,slotted in so you can upgrade it,yourself down the road thats always a,nice option to have its not soldered,into the motherboard thats good to see,as well,now when it comes to the display there,are actually three options you can go,with a full HD Plus option thats IPS,1920×1200 multi-touch display that can,get as bright as 400 nits then the,mid-tier one would be the one with a,2560 by 1600 resolution that also can,get as bright as 400 nits and then,theres an OLED option thats the one I,have its a 2.8k option 2880 by 1800 and,that is a low blue light filter it also,is at high dynamic range in terms of HDR,content thats going to be great and it,also has a brightness and standard,definition of 400 nits so thats the one,that HP sent over thats the top of the,line display,and I love the move to a 16 to 10 aspect,ratio youll see a little bit more on,the display youll do less scrolling,when it comes to web browsing thats a,big improvement over the 16 to 9 display,you got last year now something to keep,in mind with a 16 to 10 display youre,going to get slight bars on the top and,the bottom when youre consuming media,that was optimized for a 16 to 9 aspect,ratio so thats just something to be,aware of and as with any OLED display,youre going to get the really deep,blacks the super vibrant colors that,just pop off the display the really high,contrast its all there thats why I,love an OLED display it just looks,fantastic and the fact that this is an,HDR display watching High dynamic range,content on this OLED display has it been,simply superb Im absolutely loving this,for consuming media and it has excellent,coverage of the color gamut so this is,going to be great for the content,creator as well as having really good,color accuracy so if youre going to do,Lightroom Photoshop video editing in,color grading this panel will not,disappoint it is excellent for those,tasks now a couple of notes about the,display theres no 4K plus option this,is as high as its going to go the 2880,by 1800 thats 2.8 K theres no high,refresh rate other than the 60 hertz you,dont get 120 you dont get 90 thats,something to be aware of that would have,been nice especially if youre doing,gaming or something like that but for,Content creation or youre doing things,like that 60 hertz will certainly,suffice and itll give you better,battery life and its also a glossy,display and youll notice the glaring,Reflections itll depend on your,lighting conditions something to be,aware of but my overall takeaway is this,2.8 KO LED display is simply superb and,if you have the money I would go with,this option but there is one caveat of,course and that means the OLED display,will use more power and take up more,battery life youll do better on the IPS,versions if youre looking for more,longevity now this being a two-in-one,convertible means you cant quite open,it with one finger that has really tight,hinges by the way a big improvement over,the last generation you dont get a lot,of screen wobble either thats again a,big Improvement wed like to see that,and of course this being a two-in-one,convertible means you could put this,into the different modes you get the,tent mode which is great for recipes in,the kitchen consuming media watching,Netflix Amazon and YouTube the same,could be said of the stand mode thats,be great for presentations and so forth,I actually really like that mode and,then of course you could always put it,into the tablet mode great for use w

AMD Laptops – Faster, Longer Battery, and CHEAPER! – HP Envy x360 13″ Review

– Even with the knowledge of how good,the Zen 2 was on the desktop,,I was shocked at how well AMDs Ryzen 4000 series,mobile series performed.,Asus Zephyrus G14 shredded its Intel competitors,in both performance and battery life,,while also being considerably cheaper.,Now it looks like HP hopes to recreate that success,with the Envy x360.,And, spoiler alert,,they did.,This thing sips power, yet it has six cores,and is $800 for a configuration,that we can actually recommend.,What?,You know? Like, what?,Like, whats a segue?,GlassWire lets you keep track of the weird stuff,thats connecting to your PC,,even when you arent using it.,You can see if a strange device joins your Wi-Fi,,and block it instantly.,Get 25% off by using code LINUS at the link below.,(upbeat music),Our config of the HP Envy x360 sports a Ryzen 5 4500U,,a 7-nanometer, 6-core, 6-thread processor,that boosts up to 4 gigahertz.,The last 6-core Ultrabook we looked at,was the Dell XPS 13, a beast of a machine,,except that it costs a casual 1,800 U.S. dollars,,which is why we will not be comparing the Envy x360 to it.,Instead, well be testing it against the HP Spectre x360,with an Intel Core i5-1035G4,,a 4-core, 8-thread CPU on Intels newish 10-nanometer node,that you would hope would give the Ryzen 5,a run for its money, especially since its in a machine,that costs (clears throat) $250 more.,But that maximum boost speed of 3.7 gigahertz,isnt a good first sign.,A much worse sign is the performance tests we ran.,In multicore loads, the Ryzen 5 4500U,is set to shred the i5 with a 45% higher score in Cinebench.,Like, I knew it was gonna win, just not by that much.,And remember, guys, this isnt even,the top-spec 8-core model.,Even more surprisingly, though, the 4500U,managed to dominate the single-threaded test as well,,thanks to that higher boost clock.,Now, although I dont expect anyone,to be doing much hardcore gaming,on either of these machines, the Ryzen 5 4500U,was also 20% faster in 3DMark Time Spy,,and Im never gonna complain about a bit more GPU muscle.,Thermals, unfortunately,,didnt redeem the Core i5 version either.,It immediately shot up to 100 degrees and stayed there,,managing clocks of only around 2.3 gigahertz,,something we might have accepted,if Intel was the only option in town because,,I mean, in fairness, that is at least faster,than the 1.5-gigahertz base clock.,Thing is, Intel isnt the only option anymore,,and our Ryzen 5 config avoided thermal throttling,,albeit barely, at 91 degrees,,while keeping all six of its cores,at a whopping 3.3 gigahertz.,Look how thin it is, guys! 3.3 gigahertz!,Its worth noting that youll have to,enable performance mode to get these kind of speeds,,but theyre truly remarkable.,Remember that Dell XPS 13 with a 6-core i7,that I mentioned at the start of this video?,Yeah.,In performance mode, this Ryzen machine,is faster than that too.,The thing is, performance matters a lot less,than longevity in a thin-and-light,than it does in a gaming laptop,,and HP already has some of the best,battery life in the biz with their Intel Core i5 model,,managing nearly 13 hours on a single charge.,That is gonna be hard to…,And the AMD Envy x360 made it almost 14 hours.,Thats the kinda battery life that not only,gets you through the day, but maybe even the weekend.,Like, you could just leave the power brick at work,,without worrying that your lttstore.com browsing session,is gonna get cut short.,- This is my whole weekend.,- But that raises the question: Is this the kinda machine,that youd wanna take home with you anyway?,One of AMDs big problems, for years now,,has been not getting their CPUs into the premium designs,,and this is no exception.,The Envy line does sit below,the Spectre line in HPs lineups.,So has HP given their Envy x360 enough love?,Or should you just save up a bit longer,for a Spectre x360 or an XPS 13?,Actually, I am pleased to report,that HP has committed no such crime against AMD here.,The Envy x360 has a premium look about it,,from the super small bezels,to the metallic accents on the hinges.,The chassis stiffness might not quite hold up,to top-tier laptops that are constructed out of carbon fiber,or a solid milled piece of aluminum,,but its leagues better than a budget-focused machine,like Lenovo Flex 14.,So I think its fair to say that HP,really nailed the balance here.,The only thing build quality-wise that annoyed me,was the screen, which wobbles a bit more than Id like.,But bearing in mind that, of course,,Ive got that tablet-convertible trade-off, I can accept it.,And the I/O is really good.,The Envy x360 has two USB Type-As,with the little hingey pull-down bit.,Oh, it turns out you can put a Type-A in a superthin laptop.,How nice!,Its got a Type C with charging,,and its got an SD card reader.,I do wish that, instead of the barrel power connector,on the right side, we got another USB Type-C port,with charging, but presumably,,that wouldve brought up the price,,and I think they found a great balance here.,One place HP fortunately didnt cheap out is the display.,With 300 nits of brightness and excellent colors,,I think anyone short of a professional photo editor,is gonna be pretty happy with it.,My only complaint here is the 16×9 aspect ratio.,These days, many of HPs competitors,are making the jump to 16×10 or even 3×2,,and this is even in the lower price ranges,,with the Acer Swift 3 leading the way.,Get subscribed, by the way, so you dont miss our video,on that little number.,Staying with 16×9 while chasing small bezels,has to be HPs most obvious error,with both the Envy and Spectre x360s,,because it means that some folks,are actually gonna struggle to use the devices comfortably.,- Theres just no way for me to type comfortably on this.,My hands are just simply too big to rest on the palmrest,,making it, unfortunately, just a straight-up no-go for me.,And its going to be a no-go for 68% of males,,and half of females as well.,I also constantly use my right thumb on the trackpad,while writing in Word documents,,and the fact that keyboard and the trackpad,arent centered on each other means,that Im only using a small portion of a trackpad,thats already very undersized by todays standards.,To be clear, the switches are good,,but maybe try it out at a Best Buy or Costco first,to make sure that the ergonomics work for you.,- If you are able to get comfortable, though,,youll have an excellent time typing on the Envy x360.,I personally didnt have an issue with my tiny hands,,and the switches offer plenty of travel,while delivering a satisfying snap when you press them.,Key consistency and stabilization,was also uncharacteristically good,for a laptop in this price band,,so I dont think youre gonna have trouble,getting up to full speed.,As for the trackpad, its less of a highlight.,The tracking is still pretty good,despite the lack of a glass top,,but the small size keeps it from being exceptional,,or even very good.,You will be able to get used to it,,but Id personally be much happier,with a bigger bottom bezel, or better yet,,a taller screen and a larger trackpad.,Now, to be clear, there are a number of areas,where the Spectre x360 is superior to the Envy.,Windows Hello facial recognition is a real-nice-to-have,,although the fingerprint reader on the Envy,is still quite snappy for logging in.,And the Spectre also comes with a pen included,,with the option for LTE, which could easily sway,someone who is constantly on the go.,But then again, if youre gonna be on the go,,with how much better the core performance,and battery life are here, I feel like until HP,puts an AMD processor into a Spectre notebook,they have unintentionally killed,their flagship lineup right here.,For the vast majority of people, the HP Envy x360,is gonna check all of the important boxes for an ultrabook.,Its super powerful, especially for the price,,it feels excellent in the hand,,and aside from the screen aspect ratio,,I just have no real complaints about it.,I cant even

HP Envy x360 15 Review & Unboxing – Best 2 in 1 Laptop?

[Music],[Applause],[Music],whats up youtube,how goes it so you may remember several,weeks ago i actually did a review on,hps mid-range hp laptop 15 and that,review kind of left a bitter taste in my,mouth when it comes to hp,products that laptop was not good at all,for various reasons,if you are interested in checking a,review out ill leave a link in the,description below,for your own reference however with that,being said i figured id give hp another,chance but this time in their higher end,premium market so for today,were actually reviewing the hp envy,x360 two in one 15-inch laptop,this bad boy has been refreshed with the,latest tiger lake processor,its got a lot to offer and were going,to see in this review,if it lives up to its hype and,expectations or if its going to be,another disappointment by hp,whatever the case were definitely going,to try to answer the question if its,worth it for,you guys so as always guys if you enjoy,the content,hit that like button consider,subscribing to my channel we got all,kinds of awesome quality content here,thank you so much for watching without,further ado lets get started starting,off with a super quick,unboxing so the very first thing youre,going to notice of course,is that theres a very nice sleek modern,black cardboard box here,with the hp envy graphics im glad to,see hp put priority around premium,packaging,once you remove the content seal itself,and proceed to actually open the box,youre going to find a number of items,first and foremost of course,our laptop tightly wrapped in plastic,wrapping,once you remove the wrapping itself,inside here it is in a nice,metallic silver color looks pretty sleek,to be honest but well come back to the,laptop in just a second,beyond that youre going to find you,have another white box inside this white,box the first thing you have is a 65,watt charging adapter unfortunately its,proprietary honestly its becoming,shameful how a,high-end laptop is using a cheap,proprietary charging adapter as opposed,to a usbc adapter,they could really learn a thing or two,from the dell xps 13 or the new macbooks,of course with that being said you do,also get a wall outlet cable for the,adapter,and inside you have a smaller black box,inside this stylish black box you have,the hp stylus i cant remember the exact,name for it,ill put in the description however and,it looks pretty nice,its also matching with the color its,made of hard tpu well come back to this,in a second as well,and thats pretty much all the important,things inside the box,next lets talk about the design of this,laptop so this is a pretty heavy laptop,weighing just,over 4.2 pounds keep in mind of course,firstly this is a 15 inch laptop,and secondly this is technically a two,in one and not a ultra book,of course with that being said hp has,used a nice mix of standard and premium,materials,and this laptop definitely looks premium,and it feels premium as well for the,most part,starting off at the top side of the,laptop you have this nice smooth,metallic finish,theres no particular texture which i,kind of like it seems to be a growing,trend with premium laptops,any dead center you have this super,stylish hp,logo it looks more modern more sleek im,digging it,and thats pretty much it for the top,side on the rear side of the laptop you,can tell this is a pretty thick laptop,from a height perspective,you also notice you have the hp envy,branding on one of the hinges,and in the center area is where you have,your outtake vent this is where all the,hot air basically comes out of from the,laptop,as you make your way to the side of the,laptop io port diversity is definitely,less than ideal,so on one side you have a headphone jack,a,usb a port you also have a hdmi port,and yes you do have a usbc port with,power transmission capabilities,on the other side you have that hideous,proprietary charging jack and of course,you also have,another usb 3.0 port and lastly you do,have a full-sized,sd card reader which is a nice touch,finally as we get to the bottom of the,laptop,i again have to appreciate hps,consistency in terms of quality here,the bottom of the laptop actually also,has a metallic finish,you have this nice large vent this is of,course for air intake and if you look,carefully youll notice on either side,of the laptop,you have a speaker grille this of course,is for the bang,olufsen stereo speaker setup we will by,the way do a sound test later on in the,video,so make sure you stay tuned for that as,you unfold the laptop,youll notice a few things first and,foremost you have this nice metallic,finish here as well which is the same,color as the rest of the body,also youll notice that you have a,reasonable amount of camera space,while its not the most ive seen on a,15-inch laptop it is well within the,acceptability threshold,also youll notice you have a pretty,large track pad that actually looks,really sleek and modern,with a glass surface unfortunately the,minute you actually start clicking on,this trackpad,its less than ideal quality the clicks,are flimsy,the trackpad tends to off-balance a,little bit if you click on one corner or,the other,so why i wouldnt say its terrible it,doesnt meet,the looks it portrays so you know,theres a little quality gap here,next up we make our way to the keyboard,and i have to be honest the keyboard,here is pretty decent in quality,so its not flimsy or loose in the,slightest the keys look like theyre,well made,and definitely match with the rest of,the laptop unfortunately i find theres,a less than ideal key travel i would,appreciate a little bit more key travel,which would end result give me a more,tactile feel but some people might,actually appreciate the more soft touch,nature of this keyboard its gonna come,down to preference,you also have the inclusion of a full,size 10 key number pad,and yes the keyboard is fully backlit,the backlighting is pretty strong,also you do not have any dedicated media,keys,they are all integrated into the,traditional function keyset,so theres that you also have the power,button which is kind of meshing with the,rest of the keyboard i personally like,having dedicated power buttons,but again thats more of an aesthetics,preference also near the aero case at,the bottom of the keyboard,youll notice you have a dedicated,fingerprint sensor,so awkwardly placed however it looks,pretty sleek past the keyboard itself,youll notice you have this nice,large mesh grille this is not a speaker,grille,those are located on either corner of,the laptop towards the bottom side,this is actually a passive cooling vent,and more of a design,choice also directly above that youll,notice you have a two tier,hinge system so you have one inch on,either side and this is a really well,built hinge,i found for the most part its super,sturdy it doesnt wobble too much,and it has to be sturdy because this,laptop can technically rotate 360,degrees,and turn into a hybrid tablet so of,course that quality is expected,as you make your way to the actual,display fitting youll notice you have,super thin bezels that are more or less,in line with 2021 standards,a relatively thin chin on the top side,you have,another laptop with another mediocre,720p webcam,thankfully its not any worse than the,competition but unfortunately its not,any better either,if youre using it in low light,condition lord have mercy on you lets,talk about the display quality,i dont know what it is with a lot of,these premium laptop makers,but when it comes to making laptops for,creative users,its like they dont know who their,target audience even is so,the display quality here isnt,inherently bad its just not good,considering this is a premium laptop,so you have a full hd 1080p screen which,in itself is not bad the resolution is,clear and sharp enough,where things start getting very,depressing very quickly is when you come,to the color accuracy,so you only have a 45 ntsc screen,in other words you only have a 67 s rgb,rating,so colors dont look washed out

HP Envy x360 AMD Ryzen Review

my never ending search for an all-in-one,windows laptop that i can also,draw in has led me to this this is the,hp,envy x360 13 with an amd,processor can this be my budget windows,art machine of my dreams lets find out,hello my name is brad i review tech for,creative professionals and as you all,know when it comes to drawing tech,things can get,pretty pricey when a budget alternative,pops up there always seems to be a catch,the surface go looks really,cool but its underpowered theres some,super cheap 200,android tablets out there but eh theyre,kind of janky and ive been looking for,that sweet spot the place where,good price meets a good drawing,experience and today that search brings,me here the hp envy,x360 this is an all-in-one windows,convertible,laptop the screen flips up all the way,around so you can set it up and,draw on it using the included pen,unfortunately and were just gonna get,the bad news out of the way here at the,beginning the pen isnt as good as i was,hoping it would be but when you factor,in the price,it might be a trade-off that youre,willing to make to have a small,portable nice little windows laptop,lets take a look at what weve got in,the box weve got our power brick and,also the extension cable that plugs into,it,also we have the pen included also that,comes with the battery right here in the,box,you can upgrade it and get a,rechargeable version of this pen for 30,dollars more,that pen will charge via usb then we,have the laptop,itself it looks pretty nice its got,this nice brushed metal look its a its,a darker color its not,ultra light in fact it weighs a good,amount but its solid,it feels premium hp has made laptops,like this before but what makes this,particular one special is its the amd,version the product i am checking out,here is the entry level configuration,that starts out at 650,dollars its got a 13.3 full hd thats,1920 by 1080 screen,you could jump up to a 15 inch model,which has the same resolution,but a couple more ports in it on these,smaller screens especially a 13 inch,screen not having that higher resolution,doesnt really bother me much it looks,pretty good and it gets plenty bright at,300 nits,the viewing angles of the screen are,just okay for every position i was in,for drawing or using a laptop,it was just fine but when i got to,filming it i could really,see that when you get off to the side or,move it around,it gets kind of dark this is also a,touch enabled screen its great for,pinching and zooming but also,the occasional accidental palm mark more,on that in a minute also worth pointing,out is this screen is a 16 by nine,aspect ratio inside we have 256,gigabyte ssd which is more than i,expected at this price point,like i mentioned before this one is,rocking an amd ryzen 3,4 300 u processor if you wanted to spec,this out with a better ryzen processor,like the 5 or the 7,you can do that too im not a benchmark,kind of guy but what i wanted to see,with this amd ryzen processor was,is it too slow for drawing an,illustration task does it stack up that,way,against intel and im happy to report it,ran adobe photoshop and the creative,suite,just fine probably not something id,want to do video editing on but for,illustration it was great this model,also comes with eight gigabytes of,memory built in or if youre an artist,or illustrator thats usually the base,point i tell most people to shoot for,when youre looking at a laptop is you,wanna go,eight gigabytes or higher you probably,dont wanna go under that and theres,some more good news here if you got a,phillips head screwdriver you could open,up the back pretty easily and install,more ram down the road if you need to,on the left side we have a headphone,jack a usb a port and a usb,c port that is not thunderbolt 3. in,this case,thats because were rocking some amd,internals not intel on the right side we,have a power port another usb a port and,also,a micro sd card slot ive seen photos of,these before but the usb,a ports are the kind that kind of flap,open to make the laptop center i thought,that was kind of cool and you can make,it talk,hi i should also point out if you,upgrade to that 15-inch version of this,laptop theres more ports,for example it adds an hdmi port along,the side as well there arent a lot of,bells and whistles to this,budget-friendly laptop so,things like the camera its only a 720p,camera its only okay but they did,manage to fit in,a kill switch for that camera and also a,fingerprint reader on the keyboard the,battery on this thing was pretty good,hp rates it about 12 hours of battery,life,i would say drawing in photoshop i was,getting closer to around,six hours which is decent windows,laptops have come a long way,in recent years the low end laptops feel,a lot more premium now than they used to,this keyboard feels pretty good to type,on the all aluminum body gives it a more,premium feel in general and even the,speakers sound good,the speaker grilles are along the bottom,of the laptop so,its a bit muffled in laptop mode,because of that but it sounds really,good when you prop it up for drawing,because,the speakers are now facing you speaking,of drawing the angles on this are pretty,good,when you flip it around youre probably,going to want to hold it with one hand,since it is a laptop putty the pull,pressure of your palm is gonna close the,thing but i found it was pretty,comfortable to rest my hand along the,side,while drawing on it and propping it at,the angle i wanted to use it at and that,360 degree hinge,holds up pretty well thats something,that i worry about the most on these,laptops is i have,no idea what that hinge is going to be,like two years from now one thing i did,miss is theres no real place to put the,pen theres nowhere to store it on the,inside theres no magnets in the pen or,along the side of the screen so you,could stick the pen to it,the pen just kind of is there another,thing to be aware of is the fan,tended to be on when i was drawing on,this thing and the fan points like right,its at the bottom so it points right at,your wrist while youre drawing on there,so if you dont like hot air blowing on,you while youre drawing,it does that on to the drawing,experience,so this is the pen that comes with the,hp envy x360 and the main thing to know,about this pen,is in the back of it there is a battery,and what you find in many battery,powered pens,is that you get some wave and jitter to,your lines and this pen,is no different so im starting this,process this little demo here that im,about to do,in autodesk sketchbook and and the,reason why,is because sketchbook sentence to have,wigglier,lines wigglier im trying having a hard,time getting that word out,than many other applications and thats,totally what im seeing here let me zoom,in here so you can see,these arent like super slow like,sometimes ill go really slow,to get the wobble in there these are,just kind of normal speed lines,and and they look nasty they look,absolutely,horrible the other thing that was,happening in sketchbook,is i was getting these palm recognition,dots,i should point out im wearing a drawing,glove people ask that in every video,and the main reason i wear that is is,not so much to reduce these,uh palm rejection dots the main reason,is because its august,and its hot and my hand sweats and,sticks to this smooth glass screen,there is a way to turn on streamlining,with these lines which is how i drew,most of this character,so your wine will start really jittery,but when you let go,itll come in there and itll smooth it,out for you,so there are some ways around that if,you choose to go this route,lets jump over to photoshop here and,im going to go ahead and create a new,document really quick,because in photoshop i feel like im,getting better performance than,i do in an app like sketchbook now you,do see,some wiggle to the lines but its,you know its not as bad as what we were,seeing before let me undo that brush,stroke,and let me get some lines in here just,some normal speeded lin

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