1. HP Reverb G2 Review – 100 Hours Later
  2. The BEST LOOKING VR Headset on a BUDGET – Reverb G2 V2 Review
  3. Is the HP Reverb G2 the best VR headset for Microsoft Flight Simulator?
  6. The New HP Reverb G2 V2 is HERE! Best PC VR Headset of 2022?

HP Reverb G2 Review – 100 Hours Later

one two three four,[Music],all right all right all right,whats up and welcome to my review of,the hp reverb g2 now ive spent well,over 100 hours in the headset including,playing all the way through half-life,alex and,all the missions in star wars squadrons,as well as a bunch of multiplayer,and then a bunch of gameplay in elite,dangerous pavlov,beat saber hyperdash and a bunch of,other games as well,currently steamvr has me logged in at 2,700 hours of steamvr usage,for some reason steamvr counts at two,times the rate but then ive also spent,hundreds of hours in my quest 1 and,quest,2. so while im not an expert vr,reviewer i have spent over 2 000 hours,in vr so after spending so much time in,the hp reverb g2,do i think its a headset thats worth,buying so in this review im going to,talk about the ergonomics of the headset,the usability the clarity of the display,setting it up and using it with a,computer how to optimize your computer,when using it and also how powerful of a,computer youll actually need,to run this really high resolution vr,headset its priced very competitively,and i think its worth taking a good,look at if youre interested,in an enthusiast level vr headset,lets dive into this review here we go,now the first,major pro for the hp reverb is its,incredible,visual clarity especially when compared,to basically any other headset,except perhaps the pimax 8k x,the reverb g2 provides the most detailed,vr image,ive ever tested period theres,basically,no screen door effect at all its almost,retina display level clarity but not,quite because you can still see,the aliasing along the images corners,and lines here and there,but it is incredible clarity you can,perfectly read text inside of vr,simulator type games like elite,dangerous star wars squadrons or,microsoft,flight simulator now ive set up the,reverb g2 on,four computers setup is very,straightforward you can utilize a,full-size display port for a desktop or,they give you a mini displayport adapter,or i,also purchased a usb c to displayport,adapter,for the scar 15 since it didnt have a,mini display,port now they also include a usbc to usb,a,dongle in the reverb box so if you need,to use the usbc for the displayport you,can use,the usbc to usb a dongle like i did on,the scarf 15 to get everything,set up and running once everythings,plugged in windows 10 will install the,mixed reality portal,and from there youll need to pair your,controllers and set up the play space,and the last thing youll need to do is,download steamvr and whatever games you,want to play now the hp reverb,is excellent for virtual desktop usage,because the clarity on the headset is so,much better than all the other ones,that said the fov on the hp reverb is,lower so youre probably going to have,to turn your head looking around,quite a bit if you want to have like,full detail on like a really,high resolution desktop like experience,now i want to also thank hp for sending,the reverb g2 for me to review,i will be sending this review unit back,to them and i also want to mention that,there is a link in the video description,down below,uh that if you do decide to buy the hp,reverb g2,it does go to help support my channel,that said no pressure to buy this,headset,only buy it if you think itll meet your,needs now the reverb comes with,comfortable padding on the headset,straps,and it feels very comfortable and,lightweight to keep on your head for,extended,periods of time like i was able to play,vr for three to four hours of time,in a row without having discomfort or,anything like that on my head,like for example if i play the pi max 5k,plus theres just a lot of weight on my,cheeks or on my top of my head like if i,play the quest,2 and kind of clamp it down really tight,so i have good visual clarity,well with the hp reverb i dont really,have to worry about that because its,very easy to hit the visual sweet spot,right as i put it on weve got an,elastic band here,so theres not too much pressure on your,head and it just kind of sits there its,very easy to find that visual,sweet spot and and maintain that sweet,spot uh throughout the vr,experience which helps improve immersion,because youre not like,battling the headset very often to,improve clarity like youre just,youre there and its its easy two,giant thumbs up for ergonomics of the,headset,and comfort taking it on and off is very,very easy now the ipd adjustment goes,from 60 to 68 millimeters,um but the ipd on this device is not,really that sensitive and,i know that because the ipd slider slid,around on me a lot,um and sometimes i didnt even notice,the difference like when the ipd is off,on the quest,too ill be like oh this is not correct,but with the reverb,it just didnt bother me as much when,the ipd was incorrect you may want to,tape the ipd,knob so it doesnt move if you find the,sweet spot for you now when i first got,the reverb the soft rubber cable felt,very sticky and basically got stuck,to everything and it was very annoying,like when youd move it across your,shirt it would like catch way more but,now that the cable is worn in and more,dirty i guess,it just slides more easily if youre,gonna do wired vr a lot i highly,recommend getting a cable pulley system,i got this off amazon for 30,and ive spent thousands of hours now in,vr and a lot of that time i did not have,a pulley system and i was just fighting,the cable getting caught on my shoulder,on the chair,uh driving over the cable with the chair,which is not good for the cable,ive recently set up this pulley system,it only took about 10 to 15 minutes to,do,and it significantly increases vr,immersion since you dont have to fight,the cable anymore,uh the cable stays up and out of the way,and if you have it set up correctly you,basically dont even notice it the one,thing you have to keep in mind though is,dont,turn too many times in one direction,without untwisting it,because you dont want to over twist and,torque the cable,and damage it now there are a couple of,tools that you can use inside of vr,to help you keep track of your twisting,one way versus the other way,which i will link in the video,description down below as well the nose,blackout rubber prevents,quick and easy view into the real world,but because,it blocks the light that would come in,like around the gaps around your nose,it does increase immersion and overall i,do prefer the increased immersion,it was just hard to get used to not,being able to see down through the gaps,because with my quests too like when i,need to get a drink or check my phone,i can just look down through the little,gap by my nose and see,the text messages that just came in for,example but with this one i have to lift,the headset up,and away and then look at the text,message now the reverb includes,great speakers the same ones that are,included on the valve index they sit,off of your ear and provide great,immersion,and surround sound now taking a quick,look at the stats weve got 2160 by 2160,per eye resolution this is very high,resolution per eye thats 4.7 megapixels,per eye,that means were going to need a lot of,computing power to fill in those pixels,especially if you want to get the full,90 hertz refresh rate on the display in,all the games you play,now we do have fresnel lenses on here so,we do have some god rays on the display,these only really become visible when,you have like,predominantly a dark environment with a,handful of really bright,objects but overall for me that the god,rays on this device were less intrusive,than they are,on other vr headsets ive tried now the,fov,is rated to be 114 degrees um maybe even,slightly worse than the quest 2 for,field of view and i got to say that fov,does make a big difference for me but,the actual visual clarity improvement,that the reverb has is also awesome the,controllers themselves feel bendy,compared to the valve and oculus,products,so like heres the three controllers you,know the quest controller has like no,flex in it at all the index controller,

The BEST LOOKING VR Headset on a BUDGET – Reverb G2 V2 Review

imagine this you are looking to buy a,new vr headset right now you mainly want,to do vr stuff on a pc but you want,better than what a quest 2 offers but,dont want to spend a thousand plus,dollars on something like an index well,i might just have the thing for you,[Music],the vr market has honestly been crazy,this year experiencing record-breaking,growth which is interesting because,nothing really happened vr hardware wise,besides htc releasing a few new headsets,and vario releasing the beautiful but,prohibitively expensive arrow with one,exception the hp reverb g2 version 2.,and i gotta say im pretty impressed if,the vario arrow is a spectacularly clear,amazing headset that costs more than 2,thousand dollars hps g2 v2 is kind of a,hyper budget feature cut super consumer,version of the aero costing just a,quarter of the price and lacking a lot,of the features but making it up where,it counts where your eyes are and i also,realized that ive owned an original g2,for more than a year now and i never put,out a full review so heres the perfect,opportunity with version 2 of this,headset and i gotta say right away this,is pretty much the best looking vr,headset for the price even if there are,some drawbacks and there are some,drawbacks so lets take a look into some,high resolution virtual reality on the,chief i think we should start with some,background of the reverb g2 this is,actually the third version of hps,latest windows mixed reality headset and,its also pretty much the last wmr,headset but rest assured its easily the,best thats ever been made within that,category originally released about a,year ago the g2 was poised as being a,possible valve index killer the best,option for pcvr boasting a super clear,display great audio great comfort and it,never really ended up being that index,killer as good as it was it suffered,from a few big problems tracking quality,was okay and bad at times field of view,was okay and it required windows mixed,reality portal which just adds more,weight oh and the controllers lack,something that most vr controllers do,have capacitive sensors and thats a,huge negative well after the more,enterprise focused omniscept edition,with eye tracking and face tracking here,is hps official second try at the g2,pretty much if you buy a g2 right now,itll still just say g2 but youll get,this upgraded version instead and in the,list of improvements it includes a,pretty massive hardware based tracking,update that supposedly increases the,tracking volume by up to 30 percent as,well as the accuracy of the tracking,also updated is a new face gasket system,that improves field of view clarity and,increases comfort for glasses wares and,the ability to launch steamvr without,ever touching windows mixed reality,portal and a new longer cable with,better support for amd video cards so,does it live up to all of this who is,this for and is this a viable index,killer uh not so fast killer well touch,on all of that but lets get into the,actual specs and my experience with it,first this time around im gonna start,with my favorite parts of the g2 v2,before i talk about the bad the viewing,experience is actually pretty amazing my,two main headsets are a valve index and,the quest 2 with most of my time being,spent on an index the g2 has a,resolution of 2160 by 2160 per eye but,due to the lenses and displays the,perceived resolution is a lot better,than what paper specs can really show in,terms of how this headset looks as a,user its closer to the 2 000 vario,arrow than either the index or quest 2.,the super high resolution and the panels,that hp used are really impressive the,text is extremely clear the colors are,noticeably more vivid than something,like the index and the contrast ratio is,still in lcd territory so black will,look like a very dark grey but because,everything is so clear and the colors,are vivid and theres just about zero,screen door effect it does end up,looking pretty good and its not that,distracting i dont mind this contrast,ratio especially compared to other lcd,panels plus it has manual ipd adjustment,through a slider allowing it to be more,comfortable for more peoples eyes and,the g2 only has a refresh rate of 90,hertz but thats kind of not an issue at,this resolution because not gonna lie,even with a 30 90 its kind of hard to,stay at 90 fps at full render res but,moving on another thing i love about,this headset is the comfort and weight,it is significantly lighter than the,index is 809 grams at around 500 grams,similar to a stock quest 2. except this,is probably one of the most comfortable,head straps on the market akin to the,original oculus rift its got one strap,on top two adjustment straps on either,side of the headset and i was able to,make it tight wear it for a three hour,game of demeo it doesnt wobble or shake,its just a good design and it matches,the headsets weight since we just,talked about the visuals i will mention,that the field of view is one place that,will talk in the negatives if youre,waiting for that but a couple more,positives first the next huge thing for,me is the audio and microphone designed,by valve the same off your speakers as,the index these are best in class for,watching content in vr experiencing,spatial audio which is what they are,designed for i am no true audiophile but,these give me a really great open back,sennheiser 600 feel without ever feeling,something like headphones on my ears,plus the microphone is pretty superb and,i deem this a requirement for a vr,headset i spend most of my time in,social vr you know talking to people and,stuff and it shouldnt be hard to put a,good mic in a vr headset,testing the microphone quality on the,htc vive pro 2.,but this is a massive feature that needs,to be nailed and the g2 nails it heres,a quick microphone comparison testing,the microphone on the oculus quest 2,testing the microphone on the valve,index testing the microphone on the,reverb g2 v2 but now on to the negatives,which unfortunately may be kind of a,deal breaker for some people tracking,quality controllers field of view and,software performance ill start with the,best of the worst the field of view the,reverb g2 is not a high field of view,headset by any means its not terrible,but its not great either compared to,the competition the original gts field,of view was noticeably smaller the g2 v2,however has a removable glass spacer,that brings your eyes closer to the,lenses by six millimeters from 15,millimeters to nine and that brings the,old field of view up by as much as 15,all depending on your face of course and,its a much needed improvement its,immediately noticeable when using the,headset but the field of view in general,still just really isnt that great my,perceived field of view is about on par,with the quest 2 but the index is still,quite a bit wider and i find myself,missing that the clarity does make up,for it but of course i wish i could just,have both index or better field of view,with this sort of resolution would be a,perfect vr viewing experience next up on,my gripes are controllers and tracking,quality so the g2 v2 was updated with,better camera angles to provide a,supposedly 30 increase in tracking,volume allowing you to have your,controllers above your head and to your,sides without ever losing tracking and,actually the tracking in general is a,lot better now including no longer,needing to have really textured play,spaces with specific lighting like the,original did but i still experience,tracking dead zones quite often heres,one i noticed while just playing demo,and you will lose tracking if you bring,the controllers too close to the headset,as well as the cameras can no longer see,the controllers there are still some,issues with having my hands down at my,sides which is just not ideal and you,will lose tracking above your head just,like before but you have a slightly,wider tracking volume in terms of,tracking accuracy though i didnt lose,tracking ever actually so for playing,games li

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Is the HP Reverb G2 the best VR headset for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

this headset does provide the best image,quality in microsoft flight simulator,however to get this headset working,requires significant time and effort,its not an out of the box solution,the headset boasts some impressive specs,a resolution of 2160 by 2160 per i,beaten only by the vive pro 2.,it has valves excellent over a speaker,system,valves microbial facial interface foam,and a high quality microphone,but and this is a big butt,every time ive tried to get the reverb,g2 working ive got very frustrated and,ive ended up giving up on it,you see i actually enjoy flying,not tweaking settings not dealing with,tech gremlins and not spending hours,trying to get headset working,if youve seen my previous videos youll,know im a huge virtual reality fan ive,owned every major vr headset back to the,original rift the rift s both versions,of the quest the valve index the vive,pro 2 and of course the reverb g2,im also a software engineer and im in,the process of developing my own vr game,so im very accustomed to the various vr,ecosystems the game development process,and im usually most peoples go-to,person to solve tech problems,many microsoft flight simulator vr,enthusiasts recommend the reverb g2,but despite,all of my technical knowledge ive,always found the reverb g2 very,difficult to get set up and working,ive had usb connectivity problems,problems installing windows mixed,reality if you can believe that,problems getting windows mixed reality,to detect the headset,random disconnects very strange,artifacting and some gut wrenching,wobbling inside microsoft flight,simulator,and the valve index by comparison was an,absolute breeze to get set up,you plug it in it detects it and it sets,it up in a really slick process,so all of the problems with the reverb,g2 just kept pushing me back to the,valve,index i run a youtube channel called,virtual reality pilot and with so many,flight simmers recommending this headset,the reverb g2,i decided that there really must be,something in it so i set myself the,challenge i was going to get the reverb,g2,up and running no matter how long it,took,so i did what every good software,engineer does i went to reddit and i,found a smorgasbord of helpful advice so,i started knocking off my technical,problems one by one,i discovered that my connection problems,were related to an incompatibility,between the stock cable and the amd x570,motherboard i was using a quick,and surprisingly helpful call to hp and,they dispatched a new cable out to me,so friendly and helpful was the engineer,i spoke to and he was definitely an,engineer,not a service desk call handler,i started asking about all of the other,problems i was having my mind was blown,he sent me a really long email,explaining how to solve every one of my,problems one by one ive never had such,good tech support so the new cable,solved my connectivity problems,forcing an update to windows mixed,reality got that installed and the,headset detecting properly i then,downloaded the open xr tools from,microsoft,that allows you to set a custom render,scale and enable reprojection a clever,technology that adds in missing frames,when your graphics card cant deliver,frame rates at the expected refresh rate,of the headset thats 90 hertz for the,reverb g2,but in addition to this i discovered the,open xr toolkit and this is really where,the magic happens,this kit allowed me to do three,important things number one it allows,native upscaling within microsoft flight,simulator because it makes use of the,open xr platform for delivering vr,you can use either amd or nvidia,upscaling technologies which are both,open source and freely available in this,tool this gave a massive boost to frame,rates,whilst maintaining the visual quality by,upscaling a lower rendered resolution to,the headset resolution,number two it allowed me to reduce the,wobble in the headset its got some very,specific settings to reduce headset,shake and i was genuinely surprised at,how much of a difference this made,number three it allowed me to reduce the,resolution in my peripheral vision the,parts of the image that i cant see,and that boosts frame rates because the,graphics card has got less work to do,this is a process known as fixed,foveated rendering,i pulled the headset on and wow oh wow i,was completely blown away,now ive been,very damning of this headset in the past,partly because of all the technical,problems ive had but,the tracking for the controllers isnt,the best the field of view is certainly,not the best either,but my main gripe was the poor,performance in microsoft flight,simulator,but i have to say it looked,stunning,i still cant get on with the windows,mixed reality motion reprojection system,it hurts frame rates way too much much,more than steam vr does it creates odd,artifacts and wobbling on straight edges,but with the upscaling and foveated,rendering i was getting average frame,rates between 50 and 55 frames per,second it was perfectly smooth enough,and it looked incredible,now i largely made the effort to get,this up and working to help inform all,of you on whether this headset is worth,your hard-earned cash,and if i wasnt planning to make this,video i probably wouldnt have gone to,the effort and ill be frank this has,taken days to get set up and it really,shouldnt have but the results were,absolutely stunning,so stunning in fact then rather than,getting on and making this video i ended,up doing flight after flight after,flight it made me fall in love with the,sim all over again,ive flown,so much,that yesterday is the single biggest day,of flight simming that i have ever had,and trust me i have put some serious,hours into flight simming i was in awe,at how crisp and clear everything looked,whilst still being silky smooth and very,flyable i will confess,with the sim tuned and the use of the,open xr toolkit i was getting smoother,frame rates than the index was able to,deliver whilst maintaining higher,resolutions with better visuals i,couldnt believe it ive actually been,able to crank up my settings and the sim,looks incredible its almost as good as,it looks on my monitor so is this the,best headset for microsoft flight,simulator and you have to ask yourself a,couple of simple questions,the first one being,are you just using the headset for,flying if the answers know if youre,doing a bit of simming but predominantly,playing,other vr titles the valve index is still,the better choice its got a better,tracking solution its got better field,of view its got better comfort better,adjustability better controllers and,youve got the brilliant steamvr,ecosystem,the second question is,do you want a plug-and-play solution if,the answer is yes this is not trust me,this is not the headset for you the,quest 2,is probably the simplest of the valve,index is not too bad either,but if you are mainly simming if you,want this headset just for microsoft,flight simulator and you want the,absolute best visual quality and youve,got the time and patience to get it set,up correctly,this is without a doubt the best,consumer vr headset for microsoft flight,simulator,the revision 2 reverb g2 has improved,upon the original with increased field,of view with an adjustable face gasket a,40,better tracking solution improved,controller tracking and even if youve,got the revision one there are plenty of,third-party options to improve your,field of view the headset tracking on,its own is perfectly good enough this,headset is,now my daily sim driver,and now that its set up and working it,really is actually quite straightforward,to get in the sim and fly ill be doing,a detailed setup guide for the reverb g2,so make sure youre subscribed so that,you dont miss out on that video as,always i hope youll very well wherever,in the world you are stay safe in the,skies and ill see you in my next one

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hey here so welcome to the VR Tech,Channel welcome back to the traditional,series the series where we stick a,camera in front of the lenses of our VR,headset to see which one is the best,which one is the right for you now this,one was really requested by you and also,promised that I was going to do it so,yeah I should myself in the foot but,here we are with a big PC VR comparison,featuring The Pico 4. with two LCD,displays with a resolution of,2160×2160 each High RGB pixel,Arrangement running up to 90 Hertz and,of course the new pancake lenses were,gonna compare it with the HP or Reverb,G2 the PC VR behemoid win at resolution,of 2160 by 2160 each High RGB picture,Arrangement running in 90 Hertz the,custom frontal lenses and the valve,index with two LCD displays with a,resolution of 1440 by 1600 RGB pixel,Arrangement running up to 144 Hertz with,hybrid front lenses so yeah this is,going to lets remember that were gonna,compare two native PC VR headsets with a,standalone headset that also can do pcvr,so it doesnt have a complete display,port connection but its gonna work over,USB or of course Wireless but yet again,as I always say this is not a science,these lenses these screens are made for,your eyes and not for the lenses of the,camera so take care of conclusions see,what you want to see and then were,gonna talk about every single detail at,the end of the video because nothing is,really lucky since so stick with me will,you but thats about it lets enjoy the,video,[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],[Music],thank you,foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],[Music],[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],foreign,[Music],[Applause],[Music],thank you,[Music],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Music],thank you,[Music],[Applause],[Music],foreign,[Music],between the HP Reverb G2 the pic of 4,and the valve index and I have to say,that all of trees and says have,something particular going on and kind,of the root of preference if you will,the first thing that you notice right,away between the G2 and the Pico 4 that,by the way have the same resolution for,key displays at the end of the day is,that the HP Reverb G2 is always crisper,when it comes to delivering the images,and thats due to the fact that of,course as we said at the beginning were,using a real DisplayPort connection so a,video output inside the Pico 4 has to,get compressed file via USB or Wireless,and then uncompressed it and reconstruct,the image a little and what we can,notice right away is that at the,distance well we have much less Clarity,even if there were running at the same,resolution by the way every time that I,make these comparisons videos I compare,the native resolution so on steamvr 2160,by 2160 for these two headsets because,of course if you want you can,supersemble the crap out of him but then,it becomes oh I super simple that and,you super simple that and lets super,sample that so understood so again I,want to talk a bit more about the G2 and,the Pico 4 because theyre on the moves,similar in terms of quality because the,index lets say right away as the,particular thing of having the a much,higher refresh rate 144 Hertz so,everything feels like smooth and better,at the same time though we have a much,lower resolution and you can see it from,these shots for sure so going back to,the other two the G2 is crisper as a,clear images is easier to spot details a,distance to redext and also the screen,door effect is much less noticeable and,thats due to the fact that were using,still final lenses refracting the light,in between the two pixels with these,resolutions doesnt really matter at the,end of the day even with packet lenses,yes you can notice it but really if you,zoom a lot so Ill say there is a,non-issue but its something that we,have to point out because yeah were,making this video for these details of,course even if the front lenses are not,as crisp as the pancake lenses on the G2,we have more Christmas more more clear,text because the resolution is the,actual resolution is not streamed via,Wi-Fi or via USB so its completely,uncompressed and we get all of it on the,other side Notebook 4 yes we lose a bit,of the crispness of the 4K resolution,but at the same time we gain something,that none of these headsets can actually,reach and thats the full fov Christmas,you know using the cameras in these,videos when you go out of The Sweet Spot,is very very noticeable its a bit less,notable of course when youre actually,using the VR headsets but with the,packet lenses we are totally on another,level and as you can see in this video,either well everything is on Focus,everything has the maximum resolution,possible and everything looks clean in,every part of the shot instead on the,other side they get blurred harder to,read and everything like that so this is,for sure the big Pro for the Pico 4 with,my oven smaller within the index for,example but at the same time is much,more enjoyable because well you know you,can see an entire field of view instead,of just the center point of it and you,start to get used to actually using your,eyes more and moving your eyes instead,of just looking straight and moving,around anyway this was the comparison,anything that each one of these actually,a very strong point to be your,preferable choice for the index as,always we have a nice refresh rate its,still unpaired in the VR ecosystem and,also we have a very nice bump in the fov,for the G2 we have steel the clear and,crisper quality for resolution in a,consumer headset by the way last week,was just 350 in the US and that was,absolutely a steal and Bridget is going,to go back for Black Friday at the same,price and talking about the pic of 4,well this is Standalone headset so it,can also work completely different from,pcvr something that the others can do at,the same time as an amazing screen even,if you dont use is it like 100 percent,unfortunately but it has pancake lenses,that really makes the clarity much,better in every part on the fov and not,just in the center like it happens on,the G2 what a video headset is,substitute your G2 for example if you,have it as a PC VR headset no but if you,dont have the G2 well it might be a,very nice Contender for higher,resolution displays using PC VR and also,you have the bonus of a standalone,headset and uh playing Wireless if you,want instead of always attached to a,cable for me though they all get it fast,I really love all these headsets but I,have to say that lately Im using a lot,of the vehicle 4 also because theres a,problem with Windows mixed reality where,the controllers dont work with Windows,11 but thats completely another story,but here are the guys I hope you enjoyed,these videos always take very long time,so remember to drop a like also keep,your eyes peel and subscribe because,then were gonna feature the quest Pro,that is gonna be interesting for fifteen,hundred dollars,yay yeah that was all what you think,about it which one is your favorite,which one would you pick whats your,important thing for you uh in this,comparison let me know in the comment,below and as always guys if you liked,the video like if you did like videos,like subscribe to the channel for more,of your Tech if you love the channels,return button there please dont further,in the description also the pattern,thanks all the patrons and the channel,scores for the support and I see you,guys next video it might be the review,of the Pico 4 by the way so finally I,think I have enough content and I used,it a lot so I can actually tell you what,I think and uh yeah I see you guys in,the next video thanks for watching,whats up


hi and welcome back to mr tv this is the,new version two of the hp reverb g2 now,finally this is available in most of,europe and in the uk in the states this,had been available for quite a while now,the first version was plagued with quite,a few problems nhp says they have now,solved those for example the amd main,board compatibility issues then the,sweet spot and fov problems that lots of,people reported about and last but not,least they also say they have improved,the tracking volume all of these i will,check in this review of the revision 2,of the hp reverb g2 and im also going,to compare this headset with the quest 2,to allow you to make a more educated,decision which headset youre going to,buy also,if you own a hp reverb g2 version 1 im,going to let you know if its worth it,for you to upgrade to this version so,absolutely stay tuned watch the whole,video because all of this goodness is,coming up,welcome back to the channel my name is,sebastian ang and if you are excited,about virtual reality and if youre not,yet subscribed to this channel then,absolutely do that now and click on the,bell button so that you dont miss any,of my videos and if you want to chat,with me about the hp reverb g2 or about,any of the vr headsets out there,absolutely do join the mrtv discord,server the link is down in the,description of the video and yes i am,waiting for you right now in this moment,so simply join,lets start with the basics the hp,reverb g2 revision 2 is going to set you,back 569 dollars in the states thats,already including the controllers in,europe you got to pay 649,euros also including the controllers and,in the uk unfortunately ive just,checked it its already sold out but if,you still want to buy it you can buy it,from bestware the link down in the,description of this video lets talk,about comfort and build quality of the,hp reverb g2 revision 2 and well nothing,has changed this is an incredibly well,built headset let me show it to you and,well if you know the build quality of,something like the valve index then you,know what youre getting here youre,getting a headset that is very well,manufactured very high quality and yeah,simply a very nice headset how about,comfort,still the same just as good as the first,revision because basically its all the,same right im going to tell you of,course the differences in a moment but,in terms of comfort nothing has changed,this is an incredibly comfortable vr,headset the great thing is,if you know the comfort of the valve,index which is an incredibly comfortable,headset you know how comfortable this is,but its even more comfortable because,this is simply lighter as compared to,the valve index it is very balanced and,simply great to wear now,one thing is different,the face gasket now you dont really,need to exchange it for the first,version i told you go and exchange it if,you want to get more fov and a better,sweet spot here you dont have to do,that anymore you can keep the original,which is incredibly comfortable right,and you dont need to change it because,well the changes that im going to talk,about in a moment i also told you i,wanted to compare the reverb g2 with the,quest 2 and im also going to do that,here in terms of comfort this is more,comfortable than the quest 2 out of the,box when you get the quest 2 you get an,elastic strap its not so great and well,the device is very front heavy here,directly out of the box without having,to buy anything you get this really,great head strap everything is super,balanced and its simply more,comfortable out of the box,lets talk about the features of the,reverb g2 revision 2 and well we just,talked about the head strap lets,continue talking a bit about it well it,reminds us of the head strap of the,valve index the only difference you,dont have,this knob here where you could like,set up the size of it instead you have,velcro here so you set up the velcro,once,and then,it is set to your head size and then,well if you put it on you see theres,some kind of spring mechanism and well,it will fit every time now if you use,this on your own that is fantastic so,you dont have to think about it its,always going to fit perfectly but if you,share this with someone of course then,you have to change the velcro and that,is not so great it depends what you,prefer for me its okay since im now,only using it here on my own also no,knob here and actually i found out that,lots of you like that feature because if,you are simming if youre sitting in,your simming seat and then if you want,to yeah go back with your head then this,knob would be in the way so many people,actually really like that whats also,fantastic about the head strap you can,put it back 90 degrees then easily get,in and then simply put this back and,youre in the headset and in the very,beginning i thought okay thats a nice,to have thing but actually its,fantastic if you compare it for example,with the head strap off the vario arrow,where you cant do it and its really,complicated to get in if you have a big,head so this is really good then we have,the same grade 2 lcd panels in the,headset and were going to talk about,them when we talk about the visuals of,the headset but what i wanted to tell,you we have real ipd adjustments so you,see,the lenses and also the displays will,move and that is great for people that,dont have the average ipd the,interpupillary distance the distance,between the eyes and well for the quest,2 it only has one display and only the,lenses can move so that is not ideal,this is much better here then also we,have that very nice audio solution that,we also already knew know from the first,revision its still the same these are,the great headphones of the valve index,so these,dont touch your ears and for really,long sessions again if youre simming,for hours this is fantastic also going,to talk about those,in this review were still looking at,four cameras two in the front and two at,the sides and these cameras are,responsible for the tracking hp says,they have improved tracking and im,going to let you know all about this,also in this review but now lets talk,about what has changed and the biggest,change is this here the gasket the face,gasket let me get it out,the big difference now,is that here you can take this part off,and if you take this part off you can,get way closer,to the lenses with your eyes so you can,still put this in now,and now now you are much closer to the,lenses and well that is something that,the hp reverb g2 revision one does not,have and well this i can tell you this,makes a big difference so if you already,own the g2 revision 2 and you didnt,know that get this out,get this out ive heard from some people,who didnt even know that and were using,it like this and i can tell you get it,out youll get much closer to the lenses,with your eyes and its gonna be a much,better experience,the reverb g2 is a pc vr headset so you,do need a gaming pc in order to play vr,games now you connect your device to,your computer with this cable and this,is the new cable that hp has produced,and this indeed is much better first of,all it still has this the same,connections here we have a displayport,1.4 and we have a usb c,and well if you dont have usb-c on your,computer they also will give you that,adapter and then you can use usb a,now the cable the cable from the first,revision was kind of a problem because,users who had a amd main board often had,problems and had to buy a usb hub in,order to make it work now with this,cable they indeed have solved this,problem even if you have an amd main,board you can use your new hp reverb g2,revision 2 without any problems and ive,heard from many of you who now use the,new revision with amd main boards so yes,thumbs up,hp indeed has solved the compatibility,problem so this they did,now lets talk about the visuals of the,hp reverb g2 revision 2 and nothing has,changed here as compared to the first,revision and that is a good thing,because this is still one of the very,very be

The New HP Reverb G2 V2 is HERE! Best PC VR Headset of 2022?

When the HP Reverb G2 came out, they marketed it as the NO COMPROMISE headset.,In my review, I found that was not true.,While I loved the display so much I called it the king of clarity, the lower field-of-view,and especially, the controller tracking let me down, which was sad because it was almost,the best VR headset of that year.,But now, they released a new version of the G2 with improvements to controller tracking,,eye-relief for better field of view, improved compatibility with SteamVR, performance upgrades,,and better support for AMD.,Those were the biggest complaints most other people and I had with the headset.,Now HP loaned me a review unit, so I’m about to share an updated review.,Why now?,Since the new version was out already in the US for a few months.,Well it’s only since February that it’s also more widely available, like in Europe,and other countries.,So join me beyond reality right after a message from today’s sponsor.,The Ridge wallet would have looked nice with the G2 as well, if only it were standalone…,But I digress, the specs of the HP Reverb G2 are impressive on their own, and so, unfortunately,,not currently possible standalone – you need a gaming PC to run it.,Now, most of what I said in my first review still stands, so I’m not going to go through,everything in detail again.,I recommend watching that review after this video; link is below.,Today, we’ll just focus on the improvements.,But very summarized.,I thought the HP Reverb G2 is a solid headset overall.,GREAT value for the specs at $600.,It’s currently also on sale if you buy directly from HP.,How long the deal will stay, I don’t know, so don’t wait too long if you’re interested,The display is still amazing, aside from some little things that were quickly forgotten,when immersed in VR.,One thing I could not get around was the field of view that was lower than most other VR,headsets,But that’s why that’s one of the things HP improved.,The headset now has a new face gasket with a removable spacer that enables users to adjust,their eye relief distance.,With the spacer on, the eye relief distance is about 15mm, and with the spacer off, the,distance is significantly lower at 9mm.,If you wear glasses, you may need this spacer to make room for your glasses.,But if you can remove it, it improves the field of view and the sweet spot, which is,noticeably better.,The field of view was and is now,And it’s a night and day difference compared to the previous facepad.,When setting it really tight, I do see the edges of the display but it’s certainly,better than the FOV of version 1 where it looks like you’re looking through binoculars.,So this update pretty much voids what I thought about the field of view since it’s a lot,closer to other VR headsets now, and it looks great.,Pretty amazing.,But you are also amazing; if you smash that like button ????,The next improvement is controller tracking.,The first version had a lot of trouble tracking the controllers when occlusion happened.,HP added hardware changes to the physical camera module on the new Reverb G2 units.,So this does not work with version 1.,Something to keep in mind.,Now, it’s hard to test the tracking volume exactly, but I tried it, and indeed, the tracking,range on top and below the headset is better.,Especially playing Beat Saber on Expert, I found I am not losing as much tracking, even,when making fast movements.,Same for grabbing stuff on my belt.,Only if I start looking for it, I can cause tracking loss.,But overall, noticeably better.,The tracking range left and right of the headset has always worked well, so no complaints there.,Unfortunately, the front of the headset is still a blind spot.,That didn’t change.,I still lose tracking when I hold my controllers close to my eyes while wearing the headset,,like when I use snipers,I also tried in different light conditions, bright and dim, and it’s been a stable experience.,I’m not sure if they changed something here too but I remember I lost tracking often enough,to find it bothersome, but now it doesn’t happen or so occasionally that it doesn’t,bother me.,But the tracking was already okay for a casual player like me, however, now, I like it even,more.,I still think it isn’t ideal for certain types of shooters or when you play very competitively,,but I would say it is good enough now for most games, and other use cases.,The last physical improvement is a new, improved cable with better AMD support.,I cannot test this because I use NVIDIA cards.,But for those who do use AMD, the new cable resolves connection issues that some users,experienced.,If you already have the G2 version 1, you have the option to buy this cable separately.,The last updates are software-based, which also work for G2 version 1 owners if you are,on Windows 11 that is.,These updates are only for Windows 11 and they are made mostly to streamline the experience,for SteamVR users and improve performance.,This is very welcome as this headset needs a beefy computer,As you can see, you need a nice graphics card to run the HP Reverb G2 at full resolution,,and even if you have one.,The Windows Mixed Reality software that you had to run next to SteamVR took up a lot of,unnecessary resources (in my opinion, Microsoft probably thinks otherwise :P).,This is just not great as most people use SteamVR as it has the most VR content.,So thankfully, HP and Microsoft listened and includes a new environment built for performance,for the Mixed Reality Portal.,You can find it in the Pins Panel within the Places menu.,There are also a couple of new settings that you can access by clicking the three dots,at the bottom left, then settings,One allows you to skip the Windows software entirely and start SteamVR straight away *yay*.,You can also set whether you want the Mixed Reality Portal to start up at all.,And it does indeed seem better this way.,I used to have occasional crashes for some reason.,But after turning the WMR software off and motion smoothing (a little tip), I haven’t,experienced a crash yet.,So it’s been good.,Now, aside from these improvements, the rest of the specs haven’t changed.,It’s still the same.,So if you want to know my thoughts on all other specs like comfort, audio, display quality,,etc, etc.,Then check out my previous G2 review to get a complete review of the headset.,The link is below.,Sooo with all these new improvements, I would say this is the best value PC VR headset on,the market right now.,Yes, the tracking is still not as good as the Quest 2, but it comes close and software-wise,,Microsoft could still improve.,But, with the added field of view and them solving the most annoying complaints, I truly,think it’s a great headset.,I like it.,Certainly with the best looking display.,It throws the Valve Index off its throne for me.,But honestly, the Index is also just outdated now.,What do you think about these improvements?,Are you looking to buy this headset now?,Let me know why in the comments below.,Now, if you want to buy one, you probably want to make sure you get the right version,as it’s possible that certain stores still have the first version in stock.,Unfortunately, there is no sure way to see what version you’re getting just by looking,at the box.,Even looking at the headset, design-wise, nothing has changed when comparing version,1 with version 2.,Of course, this isn’t great, so I reached out to HP about this, and if they have a better,way, I’ll update it in the comments and description.,For now, I recommend calling the store you want to buy it from and asking them.,Or make sure you have a good return policy before purchasing.,In any case, I appreciate HP for listening to their customers, and I hope more companies,will follow their example.,For now, this is it.,Thank you so much for being here; I really appreciate you; I would not be here without,you, so big love and a special thanks to all my Champions.,VR on.


hello folks and welcome back to the,channel in this video were going to,compare the Pico 4 to the HP Reverb G2,and the only way I know how and that is,to go for a flight and have a chat so,were going to take off from a very,gloomy and frosty Manchester have a play,in the Derbyshire Hills and hopefully by,the end of this video youll have a,clear indication of whether you should,upgrade or keep your review of G2,because Ive been asked this question so,many times recently I think its,important now that Ive had the headset,for a good week or so and quite honestly,been using it non-stop,um Ive got a good idea Ive got a,handle on what I think is good about the,Pico and what isnt so good and how it,compares to the G2 so if youre,interested stick around stay tuned for,this video I just want to say a massive,shout out to todays sponsor which is FS,Academy they do provide the best,tutorials you can find for this Sim and,right now theyve got a 40 discount code,last say right now it starts on the 21st,of December so remember that make sure,you put it in your diary or something,because that is a massive discount and,they do provide as I say the best,tutorials whether youre a ga pilot all,the way up to an airline Captain theyve,got you covered all of their training,packages are bespoke and by real world,pilots and instructors and they come,with charts and procedural information,and honestly even if you just try one of,them for 40 discounts,quite an amazing deal so thank you to FS,Academy for supporting the channel go,check them out links will be in the,description below,right lets light the afterburners up,and by the way I am using my um haptic,Chair by Sims uh Studio Sim racing,Studio rather so many like names and,Things to Remember,and it feels amazing in this aircraft I,can feel,the engine vibration everythings oh and,the gear coming up as well the Third,superb,right then look at it its a bit of a,gloomy lot today,um but I just love the fact that this,Sim actually depicts the weather I mean,look at all these you know areas of,Frost,superb,so I can even feel the afterburner,kicking in there as well,right lets get straight into this video,Im going to talk about the things I,love better about the pk4 and the things,that I think the Riva D2 does better and,at the end of it Im gonna recommend to,you depending on your system whether you,should upgrade or not and in my own,personal opinion on whether I prefer,this the G2 and hopefully Im gonna do,all that in about five six minutes here,we go then so first of all what is,better about the pk4 than the Reverb,well theres two probably three main,factors here for me the first one this,is the Shocker okay is that,the visuals even though,the G2 is a native pcvr headset if,youve got a very fast GPU and you can,use god mode I personally prefer this to,the G2 that is the first time Ive ever,said that let alone a headset thats not,even a native PC VR headset,that is mind-blowing to me and theres,two main factors for that one virtual,desktop is an absolute Game Changer dare,I say it for VR with this headset it is,absolutely fantastic Im getting,a you know a butter smooth 45,reprojected frames per second and its,locked and sometimes it jumps up to 60,frames per second whilst recording it,feels so smooth and the performance is,better than if I use the Riva G2 even on,my system because the windows mixed,reality platform while its pretty,decent especially as its open XR as,well,virtual desktops better even with,steamvr in this SIM can you believe that,folks I cannot believe Im even saying,that but it definitely is better its so,gloomy today in it look at this this is,ladybower Ive got ultra settings on,pretty much everything apart from Lord,um and yeah its running so well,hopefully its going to show on the,mirror image so yeah first of all the,performance if youve got a fast GPU is,better with the pk4 than it is with the,rivo D2 the second big thing this is,probably the most obvious thing of all,the pancake lenses,of the Pico means that Ive got about 75,percent totally Clear Vision I can move,my eyes around instead of my head so,youll probably notice that Im not,moving my head around so much thats,because I can see the entire console in,front of me,its thanks to those pancake lenses they,are absolutely beautiful and it makes a,huge difference,really does and heres the thing even,though I dont think that pk4 even in,god mode is quite as sharp as the G2,it doesnt matter because its sharp,enough over more of the image and I,would take that any day over just a tiny,little sweet spot thats about 10 15 of,your vision because its just so blurry,folks,thats my personal opinion but as I say,you might think differently you might,prefer that real pin shop Center and for,that the G2 still wins but only by a,smidge,and if youre able to upscale a little,bit in Steam VR,then its basically the same in terms of,resolution,and sharpness,but you get that huge massive wide sweet,spot as well as the field of view thats,another thing actually the field of view,in the pk4 is much better than it is in,the G2 in my opinion as well,so lets just recap the three main,points are if youve got a pretty decent,fast GPU okay,then the PK wins on performance,in my opinion its better Clarity over a,wider field of view,and of course the pancake lenses means,you get a better sweet spot as well,what isnt so good,well this is where things get a bit,tricky and I think its important for,you to know this if youve got anything,other than say a 40 series graphics card,so lets say you havent got a 40 80 40,90 which is pretty much most of you Id,imagine,then I would still recommend the G2,because the pico4 demands a lot of power,because bear in mind this is not a,native PC VR headset,so if youve got a 30 series car perhaps,anything loading the 3090,then Id recommend you stick with your,G2 absolutely because youre going to,get better performance simply because,the encoding thats needed to be done,for the GPU especially on Godlike mode,which is the highest resolution in,Virtual desktop its just too much,secondly Id still say the G2 has better,audio however,I must admit the Pico 4 audio is pretty,damn good actually its not bad at all,its very impressive considering its,just firing out of this sort of strap,here the base frequency isnt nowhere,near as good as a G2 but it does a,fairly decent job but if audio is,important to you then absolutely the G2,wins on that one as well I think the,other thing to mention that right now at,the Times recording the pk4 doesnt have,many accessories so,um the G2 is definitely more comfortable,however I do think that the pk4 dont,get me wrong its still a very,comfortable headset I mean its so well,balanced and it feels so light and Tiny,so even though the facial interface is a,bit hard in fact mines getting softer,actually as you can see I dont really,wear it,very very tight its like very loose on,my head because Im not like playing,Beat saber or anything so Im just sat,in a cockpit look at that cloud layer,there lets punch right through that,as we talk about my final verdict so,if youve got a 30 series graphics card,then I would recommend the G2 over the,pico4 simply because youre going to get,better performance,um and also its going to be very taxing,for your GPU since the Pico 4 is not a,native PC for a headset however if,youve already got a 40 series graphics,card say a 40 80 40 90 which I,appreciate or very expensive if more,people are going to buy them over time,so this video you know its going to,still be applicable in say six months,time,um then get a pk4 because youll find,with virtual desktop it runs smooth in,the G2 with open XR which is,mind-blowing cant believe that,you have a much wider sweet spot like 75,percent,of those lenses because pancake lenses,are absolutely beautifully clear and,youre gonna get about 90 95 of the,sharpness of the G2,not only that its a very versatile,headset and it does standalone,brilliantly like for instance

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