1. HP Spectre x360 14″ Review
  2. HP Spectre X360 2-in-1 Review – Its Too Beautiful!
  3. HP did it AGAIN!!!-SPECTRE x360 14 Review????Best Laptop 2022 ???????
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HP Spectre x360 14″ Review

this is lisa from mobile tech review and,assistant here for our first video for,you for 2021 and its a good one too,this is the hp spectre x360 14 inch not,the 13 anymore,so what theyve done here is theyve,given us a three by two aspect ratio,display like microsoft surface products,have,a lot of people were clamoring for 16 by,10 aspect ratio displays which is,typical for apples macbook laptops and,were seeing that come this year,and several laptops but three by two is,still pretty rare not only that,you have an option between ips full hd,plus because its a little bit more than,the standard full hd resolution or an,oled model its a new panel thats very,good,of course intel 11th gen cpus inside,with faster,iris xc graphics a pen included in the,box that magnetically attaches over here,sounds good right were going to look at,it now so though the aspect ratio has,changed and this is a little bit deeper,depending on how you look at it,than the previous generation the design,is largely the same and thats not a bad,thing because that spectre x360 gem cut,look is really pretty,and the build quality is excellent on it,just as it has been,color selection is the same too we have,the nightfall black which is,obviously a little bit towards the brown,color with some copper accents,the poseidon blue that weve seen before,that has the more like light brass,accents,and then just the staid silver for those,who want to look,chill and not too designery one of the,gem cuts on the back has a usbc,thunderball 4 port weve got two,thunderball 4 ports we have a micro sd,card slot,and a usb a port which i do appreciate,because i dont have to resort to dongle,life within two minutes of unboxing and,wanting to plug in a mouse or something,like that,so pricing starts right now and you know,hp always has sales and we just had the,holiday sales and im sure therell be,more again but pricing starts now around,1300 or so but you might find it for,less sometimes as low as 9.99 thats for,the core i5 with 8 gigs of ram and 256,gig,ssd and the full hd plus ips display,all the way up to our 1699 currently,exclusive to best buy in the us model,with,the core i7 16 gigs of ram a terabyte,ssd and that,lovely oled display on board now even,best buy just had it on sale for 1500 so,again,shop around if you like it and the price,can be more attainable,as has been the case for some time with,the spectre is the and most ultrabooks,really,the ram is soldered on it is ddr4 you,can get it with 8 or 16 gigs of ram you,cannot upgrade that yourself,afterwards you can get anything from 256,gigabyte all the way up to,a 2 terabyte ssd and they have both,intel,optane and nvme ssd options whichever,you choose im good with,nvme myself and thats what most skus,offer on this,we have intel wi-fi six ax201 on board,and a fingerprint scanner and a little,bit of a redesign of the keyboard deck,speaking of that fingerprint scanner,ergonomically its not a bad location at,the bottom row of keyboard keys there,but,it does displace the control key which,might bug some of you muscle memory if,you use that right control key a lot the,power button is not on the side,anymore since this is a 360 degree,convertible we often see the power,button on the side so if youre using in,tablet mode whatever,its accessible now its on the keyboard,some of you will take issue with the,location of that versus the delete key i,would have liked if they swapped it,around but that is what it is,we have a webcam privacy switch and this,ones electronic so its not a physical,shutter that slides over but you can see,the diagonal white leds that go across,it basically i think it functionally,blinds it,theres also a quick access key for hp,command center so there are various,settings to control the laptop thats,fine with me,and a in bag protection feature now this,one i really like so you know how,sometimes you,close your laptop put it to sleep you,put in your bag you discover its woken,itself up,killed the battery and the thing is,running hot supposedly this will make,sure that that doesnt happen,so far it hasnt happened to me but its,not like i get to go a lot of places,anymore thanks to,you know what so lets talk about the,display some more because thats one of,the bigger changes here that three by,two aspect ratio display gives you a lot,of height if you spend a lot of your,time just watching,videos which are typically 16 by nine,youll see blackboards,bars at the top and the bottom but if,youre doing anything else,web browsing working on word documents,all that stuff,the added height is really appreciated,also if youre using that included pen,and doing,art you got that golden ratio 3×2 for,artwork and,a lot of digital cameras still we shoot,in three by two aspect ratio so if,youre using photoshop or something like,that thats nice,so for the display options since this is,hps premium ultrabook,none of them are slouches lets put it,that way they have an ips,display the base one thats 400 net and,its a pretty good one you got your full,srgb color gamut nice enough looking,display,theres the hp sure view one that is the,privacy screen so its,a thousand nits and primarily its a,thousand nits so it can do that kind of,white out trick to make it hard for,people on either side,to see but that ones available too if,you want and those are 1920 by 1280 so,three by two aspect ratio but not the,super high resolution of,the oled display which is 3000 by 2000,pixels again,something like if youre thinking about,remember surface book yeah,that kind of resolution there and thats,a very nice display its a new,generation of oled they say so,contrast ratio is improved of the,previous gem that we saw from hp,and a bit maybe it is an improvement in,the coating on top of the glass but a,little bit less of that kind of sickly,off-axis greenish kind of tint that you,sometimes see obviously color gamut and,contrast are going to be very high here,and the color calibration theres a,couple of different profiles it has an,auto switching one to try to maintain,color accuracy,but out of the box i have to say it was,calibrated pretty well so the days of,oled panels that were blown out,and you know egregious levels of too,much color everywhere,thats not a problem here well done i,its its sweet,all of them support pen and touch now hp,includes their active pen,and that is microsoft pen protocol 2.0,which is entry technology,and its improved too and usb hps,intrigue pens lag,behind microsoft surface products which,also use that technology,and this is feeling more like it the,diagonal lines are smoother its more,responsive i actually found i,enjoyed drawing on it some its not a,wacom cintiq and wacom emr or an apple,pencil level of awesome sauce but,its not bad at all honestly and for,note-taking its,perfectly good this is a glossy display,the oled display and,its hp they do tend to have a lot of,glare but unfortunately its fairly,bright so,in terms of performances like any other,intel 11th gen ultrabook here yeah no,amd ryzen sorry but i think one of the,reasons is,hp really wants thunderbolt and,thunderball 4 is what we have here and,amd is just getting to the point where,now that you know that was intel,on property but now theyll be able to,use it but not yet so for thunderbolt,docs and all that sort of thing,they still go with intel we have core i5,and core,7 options again we have the core i7,segment you see the benchmarks going,across the screen,you can base it on that and performance,is quite good as you would expect a four,core cpu the intel,xe graphics are really the star for this,generation because a,significant leap in improvement here for,integrated graphics this doesnt mean,that youre going to be playing,cyberpunk 2077,woohoo you know that kind of thing but,if youre playing older games if you,need a little extra um for doing some,adobe premiere or working on photoshop,and all that sort of thing,then its got you getting in the,direction that you want to go for some,improv

HP Spectre X360 2-in-1 Review – Its Too Beautiful!

so this is the brand new hp spectre x360,211 and its updated in the sense that,it has a new processor but the design is,very familiar and similar to the,previous version that came out last year,its still one of the better looking two,and ones on the market because instead,of just using like your traditional clam,shell they have this,gem cut design and what that means is,you get these like chopped off corners,with ports on them theyre not like,super sharp or anything but theyre,definitely sharper than the sides of the,laptop the sides are very soft but they,roll off and one thing thats super,interesting is you can see the keyboard,inside the laptop whereas most other,products tend to hide that when the lid,is closed but with this one you can see,it now obviously with this sort of,design you will get more dust and grime,that goes inside the laptop but i still,think its a very unique look compared,to whats out there its a black laptop,but theres also a blue one and i do,love the gold chrome accents it just,makes it look super classy now theres a,few ports more ports than lets say a,macbook air with a usb a port on the,left hand side and then your audio jack,right here in the corner but then on the,other side you have a micro sd card slot,and then two thunderbolt 4 ports one,right here and then of course another,one,on the back right you get a few things,in the box for example the charger comes,which is a 65 watt charger it has this,wonderful wonderful well-made braided,cable i love this stuff it comes with a,pen in the box this time which was,something you got if you bought it from,a certain place but if you bought it,from somewhere else it didnt this time,the pen is coming in the box and it,works fantastic you also get this laptop,sleeve so this is a leather or faux,leather laptop sleeve that you can put,the spectre inside if you want to keep,it protected now because this is a,convertible the hinge has to be a bit,stiffer than your traditional clamshell,laptop because the screen has to rotate,360 degrees and stay put now obviously,its a little difficult to open up with,one hand but the best way to tell if the,hinge is good enough is you put the,screen not all the way back but to a,position like this and you pick it up if,you see the screen stay in its true,position that you left it in when it was,on the table then you know the hinge is,good theres very little wobble so the,hinge is where it needs to be i do like,the fact that you can flip it 360,degrees and use it in a tablet format,this is touch so you can go ahead and,use your fingers to touch the display i,will comment on the pen i dont mind,this pen like its its not the best pen,ive used you know like if youre just,taking simple notes its great but if,im using this to draw a lot i did find,the latency to be a bit too slow its,not the worst but i find this pen to be,better for taking notes rather than,drawing professional designs theres a,place for it i had to look but i found,it its on the side of the laptop if you,just slap it right here theres a little,magnet where you can keep it in place if,you want to travel around its not the,strongest magnet but i think its strong,enough that youre not going to lose it,if youre holding it around in class,like this i dont think its going to,fall on the ground now one thing that hp,has really improved on over the past few,years is the keyboard experience typing,on this thing is an absolute joy it,feels comfortable it has good travel,distance its clicky but its not too,loud like if youre buying this to write,a lot youre gonna appreciate this,keyboard its a very good keyboard to,type on now you dont have a page up and,page down key which is unfortunate but,the keys are very well spaced you have a,massive massive touchpad which feels,very accurate to use it has a good click,to it it feels solid you have a bunch of,special keys at the top that obviously,change the level of the back lighting of,course you can mute and unmute your,microphone or just quickly bring up the,hp command center if you want to change,a few settings there is a fingerprint,scanner between the arrow and alt key,but if you dont want to use your,fingerprints to log in you can use,windows hello because it does have an ir,camera inside of it sticker placement,not the worst okay i would have loved,them to move it just below the bang and,olufsen,writing because i think it would look a,little cleaner this is off to the side,it just ruins the symmetry speakers are,on the bottom and this is probably its,weak point like dont get me wrong,theyre super clean and clear they just,dont get nearly as loud and vibrant as,the yoga 9i the yoga 9i soundbar is the,best idea for toon one because it,follows you in different positions when,you flip the laptop,uh,[Music],but the star of the show is this display,not only is it three by two so you get a,lot of vertical space right if youre,working in office or excel and want like,a proper paper representation youre,gonna want a 3×2 its just a better,option than 16×10 on top of that this is,oled it looks so good whether youre,consuming content typing for hours it,just looks fantastic you get good color,gamut good color accuracy screen,brightness is around 400 now for those,of you sensitive to pwm flicker there is,a little bit under 50,so usually you want to keep the,brightness at 50,or above also just like the hp pavilion,plus it does come with a 5,megapixel camera and it looks absolutely,fantastic i think they did a good job,with the color science it doesnt over,expose anything in fact you can actually,go into their software and change things,around its called the glam cam and you,can make it auto-frame you so basically,if you move your head into different,positions the camera will actually,follow you and you can change the,lighting and the way it looks to give,you a more appealing experience now this,is the second laptop i reviewed this,year with an i7 1255u the first one,performed very poorly this one performed,as it should and you pair that with 16,gigabytes of ram one terabyte nvme ssd,and you get a pretty good light and,portable laptop is it gonna crush a,macbook air or a macbook pro 13 m2 no,its not but for general stuff like,working in microsoft office google docs,powerpoint excel this things great even,if youre using it for photoshop or,lightroom its more than capable even,for light compiling code if its every,once in a while itll handle it fine the,only thing i wouldnt buy it for is if,youre crushing video edits or using it,for any sort of 3d work this is just not,your machine youre better off with the,16-inch version that comes with a,dedicated gpu fan noise can get a little,loud if you leave it on performance mode,i found it went up to 47 decibels and,even if you leave it on balanced or cool,mode and youre crushing this thing to,its full potential itll stay in the,mid-40s if you want it to be quiet you,got to put it on quiet mode and then you,can get the fans to go below 40 decibels,heat management was good it did a good,job of staying relatively cool now,internally its pretty much all battery,right this is a big 66 watt hour battery,but ive got around seven hours and five,minutes before needing to charge you do,have a nvme ssd that can be swapped out,for something bigger and you have two,fans to cool the cpu and integrated gpu,so i think my biggest complaint about,this laptop and again this is very minor,and me nitpicking is the fact that it,has a usb a port that has a flap im,just not a fan of these things but i,understand why they did it its chiseled,you cant have a flat side so you have,to use this style of port the other,thing is this open space i know this,will eventually just allow a lot of dust,in and will keep your keyboard kind of,dirty especially if youre moving around,a lot but those are minor things you,know overall this is a very solid,product i think it comes down to what,youre doing with it like if youre,living your life in a productivity su

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HP did it AGAIN!!!-SPECTRE x360 14 Review????Best Laptop 2022 ???????

in this video well be going through the,powerhouse that is the hp spectre x 360,14. featuring top tier hardware that,provides excellent performance the hp,spectre is also available in three,colors and has an ultra thin profile of,just .67 inches,if youre looking to buy a quality,laptop that will serve you well for,years to come or just want to buy the,best of the best no matter the cost then,the hp spectre x 360 is an excellent,option,so buckle up your seatbelts because,were about to explain why the hp,spectrex 360 could be the perfect laptop,for you,the chassis for the hp spectre x360 is,made from machined aluminum and is,available in three colors with the,poseidon navy model looking especially,stunning,the 180 degree hinges feel sturdy and,solid while folding the laptop from,tablet mode to laptop mode and vice,versa,there is absolutely zero side to side,play which is great for long-term,durability,the laptop weighs just under three,pounds and manages to pack a 14-inch,screen into an 11-inch housing measuring,just 0.67 inches thin,the included rechargeable tilt pen looks,and feels like a high quality,traditional ink pen,and the input buttons are perfectly,placed for use in either hand,the pen comes with two additional nibs,for quick and easy replacement,the hp spectre also comes with dual usb,c ports a usb type a port a headphone,jack a micro sd card reader and,bluetooth 5 capability however the,bluetooth 5 connection only allows for,setting up two simultaneous devices,bad news for anyone who has invested in,multiple wireless peripherals or needs,to connect multiple mobile devices to,their laptop,with wi-fi 6 compatibility you can take,advantage of next-gen wireless internet,speeds to transfer files to and from,cloud storage services like dropbox or,google drive,its also perfect for anyone who has,frequent video calls and virtual,meetings,when it comes to the display you can,choose between a 1920 1280 full high,definition display or an oled,touchscreen,the full hd screen is more than enough,for normal home use,the display has incredibly wide viewing,angles with which youll be able to,watch videos or drop into virtual,meetings and video calls in almost any,lighting environment,while testing we were able to find that,colors remain vivid and true to life in,both tablet and laptop mode even at,extreme side angles,although if youre a digital artist or a,graphic designer you may want to opt for,the oled touchscreen for more consistent,brightness and enhanced color,both displays are made with gorilla,glass for extra durability,the glass feels smooth and sturdy with,very little flex so you wont have to,worry about damaging your screen,the keyboard feels highly responsive and,great to type on though if youre used,to mechanical or optical switch,keyboards it may feel a bit mushy and,take some getting used to,the two different levels of backlighting,make it extremely easy to type in almost,any setting,both the display and trackpad allow for,intuitive gesture controls,taking notes with the tilt pen feels,almost identical to writing with,traditional pen and paper,if youre left-handed you may want to,use sticky keys to lock the windows,start button and taskbar so you dont,accidentally close out your document or,art program in the middle of a project,the pen has two input buttons that can,act as a right or a left-click button,just like in a mouse,they can also be customized to suit,whichever program youre working in for,personalized shortcuts,this is great for quickly switching,brushes in photoshop or effects in,lightroom,the hp spectre really packs a punch when,it comes to audio quality the four,speaker array located above the keyboard,delivers crystal clear sound in both,laptop and tablet mode,while many laptop speakers can sound,distorted at high volumes the built-in,bang and olufsen speakers sound amazing,even at full volume,the hp audio boost software included,with the laptop allows you to create,custom audio mixers to suit your tastes,in music and switch between several,presets quickly and easily when youre,in the mood for something different,when it comes to performance the hp,spectre cant exactly be classified as a,gaming laptop because cranking up the,graphic settings can take a toll on the,performance of the laptop in terms of,raw numbers the hp spectre does fall,short against competitors like the dell,xps 13.,so if youre looking for a laptop,specialized in gaming then you might,have to reconsider,the speed of the ssd is decent enough,and if youre looking to edit videos on,the go the hp spectre x360 performs a,tad better than its other counterparts,like the dell xps 13 and zenbook duo 14.,the laptop also sports an updated 4-cell,lithium-ion battery that supports 21.5,hours of video playback thats way,better than the dell xps 13.,more importantly it means you can go all,day before you need to even think about,plugging in,when you do need to top up your battery,the usb c port supports rapid charging,giving you up to 50 battery in just 45,minutes so you can recharge over your,lunch break or while youre in a meeting,the laptop has a physical camera shutter,and dedicated mute button for the,integrated microphone which is extremely,helpful for virtual meetings,if you deal with sensitive information,or creative projects the integrated,fingerprint reader creates a password,free login shortcut for important,programs files and accounts to prevent,theft and unauthorized access the,integrated webcam has infrared,capabilities and works with windows,hello to allow facial recognition for,another layer of,protection there isnt much room for air,or liquid cooling to keep the machine,running at optimal temperatures making,it one of the reasons why you cant,actually use it for graphic intensive,purposes,however the built-in fans do a decent,job of drawing heat away from vital,components like your cpu and forcing it,out of the vents in the bottom of the,laptop,during typical usage the laptop doesnt,get too warm to the touch and the fans,stay fairly quiet which is great for,anyone who works in an open office,the hp command center app allows you to,choose from four fan operation presets,or manually control the cooling fan to,suit your work,you can also use this app to monitor,your fan speed and cpu temperature to,catch problems before they escalate,[Music],the hp spectre x 360 14 is a great,long-term investment for anyone looking,to upgrade their mobile workstation you,can customize the laptops configuration,on the hp official store site for the,optimum balance between power,performance and design,the two in one convertible form factor,is ideal for anyone who wants to,streamline their workflow and eliminate,redundant devices like tablets the 180,degree hinges make it a breeze to switch,from a traditional laptop to a tablet,for watching videos or drawing,while the price is steep the top-notch,components are definitely worth it,[Music]

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HP Spectre x360 13.5 Review – 3:2 OLED Two-in-One with Pen Support – 14t-ef000 2022

hey everybody its lanzibe and were,taking a look today at the hp spectre,x360 13.5,this is a pretty lightweight intel base,two in one with an oled display in the,configuration that were looking at,today so this can work as a laptop it,can work in tent mode here you can have,it in display mode and of course use it,as a tablet if you want and were going,to be taking a closer look at this new,device and what its all about in just a,second but i do want to let you know in,the interest of full disclosure this is,on loan from hp so were done with this,it goes back to them all the opinions,youre about to hear are my own no one,is paying for this review nor has anyone,reviewed or approved what youre about,to see before it was uploaded so lets,get into it now and see what this,spectre is all about now the price point,on this comes in at around 1749 as,configured thats with the oled display,we have here with an led display and an,i5 processor these start at around,twelve hundred dollars or so and of,course the price varies based on where,you buy it and how you configure it this,one has an i7 1255 u processor this is a,lower powered variant of the 12th,generation intel chips so a little,lower performing versus the more power,hungry p series chips that you might see,on laptops out there well look at the,performance of course on this in a,little bit,16 gigabytes of memory is on this one,that ram is not upgradable so you have,to choose the amount of ram you want,when you purchase this one has a one,terabyte nvme ssd that is upgradable,along with its wi-fi card now the,display on all models will be a three by,two display,at 13.5,inches this one as i mentioned is,running with the oled display which,looks spectacular you get very deep,blacks on this and a very high quality,image,the oled also runs at a higher,resolution 3000,by 2000,versus 1920 by 1280 on the led displays,that theyre also offering,this one runs at 400 nits the led,displays run at the same level of,brightness however they do have a 1000,nits display with a privacy screen on it,so there are a couple of different,display options but i really do prefer,the oled here one thing to note though,on the oled is that it will consume a,little more battery power than the led,displays might and one way to conserve,that power is to of course run the,display at a lower level of brightness,but also,to have your display running in dark,mode here which will consume less power,generally though youll get about eight,ish hours of battery life out of this,machine doing basic tasks with the oled,youll probably do closer to 9 or 10,hours with the led display also with its,brightness down also doing more basic,tasks and the oled displays just consume,more but they do look really really nice,and this one of course looks even nicer,because it is running at a higher,resolution now the build quality on this,is quite nice its got a good hinge on,it that keeps the display in place,without bouncing around a lot its very,easy to flip it around into different,modes its not all that heavy either it,comes in at just around three pounds or,1.36 kilograms so it wont weight your,bag down all that much its got a good,keyboard and track pad here as you can,see the keys are backlit theyre pretty,well spaced theyve got that familiar,square look that weve come to,know from hp and theres a good amount,of key travel on it i really like the,track pad its very accurate this is a,physical click pad and you can click,just about anywhere on the pad almost to,the top here and still have clicks,registered so it feels like a really,nice,overall package here for typing and,general navigation there are a number of,ports on this one and like some other,hps weve looked at theyre pretty,creative in where they put them so you,can see here youve got these flattened,out corners here and their headphone,microphone jack is there this port here,is a full-size usb a port but they have,a little door on it so they can keep the,laptop thinner so if you have a keyboard,or mouse or something to attach you can,put it in there just by opening up the,little door on the other side here we,have a micro sd card slot and then two,thunderbolt 4 ports you got one here and,another one here on the corner and this,is a good spot to plug the power cord,into but you can plug the power cord,into either one of these ports and,because these are thunderbolt ports you,can connect an external gpu if you want,or any other usb or thunderbolt,peripheral and of course those,thunderbolt 4 ports are full service,ports so in addition to power going in,you can get video out from the laptop to,an external display you can plug in,docking stations and get power in video,out and data devices all working over a,single cable the webcam here looks,pretty nice it is a 1080p webcam i shot,this with just basic room lighting and,even though it was kind of dark in the,room i thought it did a nice job of,exposing me properly without a lot of,noise so they do some ai stuff with the,image to make it look a little better,they have an app built in called glam,cam that you can use to make adjustments,to things so right now its got the,appearance filter on which smooths out,my skin a bit i can turn that off they,have another app that loads up where you,can adjust the white balance and whatnot,you can also have the camera do a crop,and zoom automatically where it follows,you around so if i go over here to auto,frame as you can see here its zooming,in and kind of following my face as i,move around the scene here and thats,something you could enable if youre,doing a lot of web conferences and that,sort of thing and these are kind of,designed for the hybrid worker in mind,and your image will probably look a,little better than some of the other,folks on your call with this feature,enabled theres also a shutter to close,the webcam when youre not using it and,its a digital shutter but its tied to,a key here so if i click on the no,camera key youll see that it puts a,little shutter up in front of the camera,lens and then turns it off,so you can,block the lens here without having to,attach a piece of tape to your laptop,now our review loader came with an hp,pen weve seen this pen before its got,a built-in battery and you recharge it,with its built-in usb type-c port here,and it will nicely attach itself to the,side of the laptop here magnetically and,it will hold on even when you close the,lid on it so it feels like you can walk,around with the pen attached a little,bit when you are out and about and the,pen works pretty nicely like other,windows devices it will detect the,presence of the pen a few millimeters,off the screen and when you rest your,wrist down to right it will ignore any,other touch input and it feels pretty,good as i write here this is the,microsoft journal app that im playing,around with here the screen is a little,slippery when youre writing at least,here on the oled version the pen does,have pressure sensitivity so if i just,do a light touch here we get a very,light line and if i push down harder i,get a darker line here but all in i,think if youre looking to take notes or,do some basic artwork this should work,out quite nicely especially when its in,tablet mode and i found the spectre here,performs quite nicely well begin with,some of the basics here a little web,browsing and we are browsing the web,wirelessly of course off of my wi-fi 6,access point here in the room as you can,see everything is very snappy and,responsive here as we would expect out,of a top-end laptop like this one so i,think if you are just doing the basics,this is going to do well not only for,web browsing but also microsoft office,tasks and other basic work activities,now ive also got a 4k 60 frames per,second video playing back here from one,of my youtube channels and if i have the,laptop plugged in it plays back,perfectly but when i pull the power cord,on it here youll start to see it,dropping frames because it does run at a,slight

HP Spectre 14 x360 Long Term Review – Why I LOVE and HATE it!

all right tech family i just ate some,really good grapes and i thought that,information was critical to this review,so i wanted to overshare,anyway today im going to give you my,long-term thoughts on the hp,spectre x360 14. ive had a good amount,of time using the laptop and feel,very well equipped to share its pros and,its cons,this is not going to be one of my,detailed reviews covering a lot of,benchmarks and tests,if you want that you will find it in my,comparison video of the spectre 14,first the macbook pro m1 versus the,macbook air m1 vs the xps 13. ill place,a link to that video,in the description below instead this is,just going to be me talking about my,personal experience owning and using,this laptop on a very regular basis,i was super excited for the launch of,the hp spectre 14 as were many of my,viewers it was one of the first devices,with intels promising 11th gen,processor,plus it came with a gorgeous oled screen,in a very useful 3×2,aspect ratio and i found that spectres,are usually very high quality devices,that last a long time,unfortunately though for hp this laptop,came out around the same time as apples,excellent new m1 macbooks,that release rightly so suck the air out,of any other device released around that,time,so today were going to look at the hp,spectre 14 to see,is it a device that you should consider,purchasing by the way i actually have,two,both the same config the 11th gen cpu 16,gig of ram one terabyte ssd,and the oled 13.5 inch 3000 by 2000,pixel display,the only difference is one is the,nightfall black and the other is silver,there are three amazing things that i,love about this laptop,firstly the display this is the best,display of any laptop ive ever used,full stop end of story its vibrant,bright and its that middle ground in,terms of resolution that weve all been,asking for,its more pixel dense than a full hd,display but not as dense as a 4k,one on laptops with a screen size the,size of this one,i do find i notice the pixelation on,1080 resolution,im sensitive to this on a 4k screen,things look really sharp to me,so ive personally always opted for 4k,screens,even on smaller laptops that being said,4k screens tend to consume more power,and not be great for battery life,this is the perfect sweet spot its got,enough pixels that things look super,sharp,but it isnt unnecessarily dense like a,4k screen,now i have said in numerous videos a,13.3 inch,by 9 aspect ratio display like in the,hbn v13,is really too small for me to recommend,as a primary device,its good enough as a secondary if you,have a desktop or larger laptop at home,but not as a primary this displays 13.5,inch size and 3×2 aspect ratio is good,enough for your primary productivity,laptop the extra screen real estate that,you see in applications like word or,even when browsing the internet is,noticeable,the second thing i like about this,laptop is the keyboard,it is very comfortable to use it feels,like i have ample key travel and there,is a good,tactile feel to using the keyboard,lastly the laptop is insanely,lightweight for its size,seriously its a decent amount lighter,than the macbook pro 13 and it has a,bigger screen,this makes it very comfortable to have,on your lap and to carry around,oh and bonus thing i like about it is,the price if you are lucky enough to buy,one on one of best buys regular rotating,sales,like i did youll get a really nice spec,machine much cheaper than competitors,like the xbs or apples macbook pro,anyway those pros are the reason that,when i write a script for this channel,the hp spectre 14 always pops into my,mind as the device i seek out to write,the script on,but but there are a bunch of things that,are currently preventing the spectre 14,becoming my sole driver for casual use,firstly the sound it sucks its not the,worst ive heard but it doesnt get that,loud it also lacks power and presence,i frequently found myself smashing the,volume up button while watching a movie,trying to get more sound out of the,laptop its bizarre as it has a,multi-speaker array with two speakers at,the top,and two underneath plus ive gone into,the bang olufsen app,to try to raise the volume by setting,the equalizer to max,theres just nothing that can be done,honestly,bang olufsen should be ashamed to put,their brand on this,i came from a household where my dearest,mother did not have a lot of material,possessions,the one and only thing that she did have,was a very old bunga novice and sound,system,it was her prized possession and for,good reason it sounded amazing,this is not be an o sound next issue,which compounds that one is the fair,noise,it comes on rather suddenly at times,even when doing something not intensive,like watching a movie,when it does come on its quite,noticeable it isnt high pitched but,its reasonably loud,now when you have speakers that cant,get that loud you cant overpower the,fan noise,so even though this laptop has an,excellent display,its really not a good laptop for,watching movies as the fans are audibly,distracting,now the next issue is the heat you feel,when using the laptop,when on a desk this laptop doesnt feel,warm to the touch at all,its really good when using it like that,the palm rests remain cool at all times,and even the keyboard doesnt feel that,warm however,it does have a very hot spot at the back,of their laptop which you will certainly,feel,if you have it on your lap notebook,check notice the same issue in their,review of the laptop,with the issue from the fan and the heat,i only ever use this laptop with turbo,boost disabled,this prevents the laptop running at its,max power with the trade-off that it,doesnt get as hot and as loud,to do this i just installed throttle,stop click this checkbox and press,save this is sad as im now unable to,get the full power out of my laptop,plus the fans still come on at times,its not as frequent but it happens,honestly this has left me with the,feeling that this is yet another,potentially,really good laptop that has been let,down by intel hp,put an amd processor in this laptop,those processors just run cooler,next is the chassis color although its,a very high quality feeling chassis,i dont like the choices the nightfall,black model picks up fingerprints very,easily and looks to my eyes a little,poopy,the silver model doesnt have those,issues but it has the issue where its,kind of hard to make out which key,is what in certain lighting conditions,this is because they have used the light,character key color on a light colored,background,honestly i find the black keyboard of,the macbook silver models looks dated,but at least it provides contrast and,doesnt have this issue,now even though i said i do find typing,on this laptop very comfortable which i,do,unfortunately i find the keys on the,right side of the laptop odd i mean the,vertical row for the end home key etc,i sometimes mishit them as most,keyboards dont have those keys there,look if this is the only computer you,use youll probably get used to it but,for me,i use a number of other keyboards and,this causes me to mistype a little,it isnt a big issue but its something,i thought worth pointing out,alright next issue is how hard it is to,take the back off the laptop,several screws are under a large rubber,foot this is a premium laptop and i,dont want to rip off the rubber foot to,get inside the laptop,i know i wont be able to put it back on,like it originally was,i would assume that this laptop has a,replaceable ssd and it would be nice to,be able to get at it,next issue is a big one if you are using,an external 4k display with this laptop,you will only get,30 hertz refresh rate seriously,everything is super jittery and unusable,if i scale the resolution of the display,down to 1440 i get 60 hertz so my,assumption here is they are using a very,data displayport version,its odd as there are meant to be,thunderbolt 4 ports,and yes i have all the drivers and bars,updated honestly in this day and age,running a 4k external monitor at 30

HP made it BETTER!!! – Spectre X360 14″

– And here we have,the brand new HP Spectre x360 14 inch,and it is the epitome of listening to what people want.,So HP had this problem before where,theyre kind of only two reasons,that you would get a Spectre x360 laptop.,The first is that you couldnt afford,a Dell XPS 13 2-in-1,and the second is that,you had never heard of HPs Envy lineup because,their Envy x360 was,basically, especially with the AMD processor,,nearly as good in every single way,and also outperformed it and had better battery life,and was a lot cheaper.,But HP finally has updated their Specter lineup,so Im really excited to check this out.,Alright, lets get the unboxing it I guess.,This unboxing is 100% a lie,,Ive actually been using this for about a week cause,I could not wait to open it up. (chuckles),- [Jono] You took it home?,- Yeah I took it home.,I used it over all of Christmas break.,(laughing),Here we have a little leather carrying case.,I love the HP includes these in their laptops.,And,the star of the show here.,Du-du-du-du…,(box toots),Oh.,(laughing),Excuse you HP.,Alright well, lets get past the laptop for a second.,But you do get a pen with this.,It attaches magnetically to the side and,also it goes into the,,oh, where did it go?,And also it goes into,your little leather carrying case right here.,So you should be,,youd have a decent time at not losing this.,Onto the power brick, cute little Type-C do add.,That is, lets see,,65 watts, not too bad.,Its also awesome that its Type-C because,I didnt even open this up over the past week,because I could just use chargers that I already had,around the house.,And on to the main event.,(Jono exclaims),Yeah. (chuckles),Here it is.,And actually, Jono what do you think of the look of this?,- [Jono] Looks pretty good.,Like it doesnt look too shiny or showy.,- Yeah, what really surprised me about it though,is that when I showed it to my girlfriend,who I think is the key demographic for this,,has a business degree, currently owns a surface laptop,,she absolutely hated it.,She would have this nowhere near her at all.,She was like, that is the stupidest looking thing ever.,What is fantastic on this is the IO.,So we have a little micro SD card reader,,Thunderbolt 4, I believe headphone,and then another Thunderbolt 4 port there.,Then on the side, you get a single USB Type-A which is,so awesome compared to something like the XPS 13.,I guess lets get into our sponsor really,,whos it Drop Panda?,The Drop + THX Panda wireless headphones provide,an audio file audio experience without the wires.,It has a THX AAA technology amplifier,,it has a detachable gaming mic and weighs only 375 grams.,Check it out in the link below.,Alright, lets do it,(upbeat music),Tu-du-du.,(device chimes),So this right here is the star of the show,and why Im so excited.,We have a 3 by 2 display, thats 14 inches across,and you just get,so much extra vertical space for activities.,This one right here, we actually specked it,with the OLED screen, which is 3000 by 2000 P,and it looks absolutely fantastic.,Lets just turn it up here for a second.,Now you should not buy this panel.,This panel is really dumb.,They have an IPS version thats Full HD,thats a lot cheaper,,has probably much better uniformity this right here,,the OLED panel still has some issues,I would not trust it,despite it being color calibrated.,These little connector thingies are supposed to be,this nice, brilliant bronze color, (chuckles),but I have put electrical tape over it.,It turns I did that because,they are really, really shiny.,So if youre setting it in office,with overhead fluorescent lighting,,it bounces directly off of that and into your eyes,and thats why I was getting a headache,while using this thing.,I dont know, thats the sort of thing,that I would never think of,,but I did try it and I gave it to multiple people,and they all immediately were like,,somethings off about this.,So another reason why,you dont want to get this OLED panel,despite it looking amazing,,is that it destroys your battery life.,Just get the Full HD display,,thats what Im saying here.,One thing that really surprised me,about this laptop is that it has a lot of,smart things in it that are actually smart.,So one of the ones that it just showed,is that they have automatic color space changes.,So depending on what youre doing,,itll switch between Adobe RGB, DCI-P3 and sRGB,which is awesome cause it means that,whatever you have on your computer,is going to look like it should,,like whoever made it, intended it to look.,So if you go to a YouTube video its not going to be,over-saturated but then if you go,into a photo editing program,its going to properly represent all of those colors,without you having to go in,and change to the Adobe color space.,Fricking awesome.,Another thing thats just so smart is in-bag detection.,So when you close this and you chuck it in a bag,,it knows that it should just be hibernating.,This is something thats,bug me so much about the XPS 15,cause I have to turn it so that,it just automatically hibernates when I close the lid,so that it doesnt warm up,and use the whole battery in my bag.,Another thing that really surprised me about this,,and I dont know if this is a Windows thing,or an HP thing,is that facial recognition has worked with a mask on.,So lets just try this one more time here.,(upbeat music),Yeah it just worked.,Every single other laptop that I have used,,that has facial recognition has not worked with a mask on.,And again I dont know if this,,actually, we can just test it.,This has updated Windows and it has facial recognition.,Mondo…,Its hibernated.,Frickin,,this is the problem come on.,(upbeat music),Yeah so the XPS 15,cannot use facial recognition while Im wearing a mask.,But immediately it gets it when I take it off.,My personal biggest problem,with the Spectre x360 13 inch though,,was just that my hands physically wouldnt fit on it.,So it had a fantastic keyboard as far as,the switches were concerned,,but that doesnt matter if,your hands sort of awkwardly half off of the laptop,,half on it, thats an exaggeration,but it feels like youre typing like this,cause you cant rest your palms on it.,This right here,,because of the taller screen,,also means you have way more space,for your palms and for the track pad.,So I have right here,,a great big Excel sheet that tells you basically,what percentage of males and females,will be able to comfortably type on a laptop.,This is based off of,the standard deviation of hand sizes,,theres some ratios in there, whatever.,Youre from the home row down to the bottom,,lets see 140 millimeters,compared to 129 for the old 13 inch.,So you might think 11 millimeters.,How big of a difference can that be?,Its friggin massive.,The number of males,that were comfortable on the old one was only 32%.,And even half of females on the old 13 inch,,their hands just simply wont fit.,On this one right here though,,60% of males and 80% of females,will be able to type with no problems at all.,Thats just so many more people,that can use this laptop and enjoy it,,fantastic.,It also means have this really nice,and large track pad, thats just,so much better to use,,the old one just didnt have enough vertical space,,so I constantly found if I was going,from the bottom of the screen to the top,,I would just, well, run out of space.,Whereas now, no problem.,Its just generally an excellent track pad.,The only thing that slightly bothers me is that,they have these keys,on the right here that are full size,and that that on the left, youre really close to the edge.,And that means that for things like copy and paste,and so on my hand is off the left hand side,but thats a very minor complaint compared to my hands,always hanging off of the back before.,Lets see how these speakers are.,(upbeat music),Yeah, this to.,(heavy upbeat music),So like, yes, the XPS 15 is better, but like it better be.,Its a 15 inch laptop.,Its just massive compared to this thing,,this is so much lighter.,And

2022 is Better for Creators | HP Spectre x360 14″ Unboxing

they call it the hp spectre x 360 2 and,1. and in this video,lets unbox it,i,have yet to review,a laptop with this specific processor,ive been very excited,about the new p series the i7 12 7,the i7 1260p from intel,and they also have the latest i7 i think,its,1255u,maybe forgive me all my numbering is not,like in the top of my head but this is a,u series processor from intel and they,were really really bullish on their p,series processor and i am as well i,think they get great performance im,very impressed by them so im curious if,the u series processor is going to stand,up as well to the p series performance,now this is the unboxing so were going,to look at the build quality and the,usability of this laptop,and then during my full review well,check out all of the performance,benchmarks which ill run over the next,week or so so if you dont want to miss,out on those performance benchmarks make,sure you subscribe and ring the bell so,you stay up to date on all the,performance that this laptop is capable,of,lets see what we got in the box here we,have a nice,pleather laptop sleeve,im not going to pull that out but,looks pretty good nice soft,pleather material with some padding,inside so thats what comes with it,and then lets go ahead and see i like,the packaging that they have its very,nice white,clean packaging,see it should come up like this,slow motion,slow motion okay,it smells good,very nice this is the 14 inch model,weight and thickness on the screen,feels thin and light,i always like how they do this with the,spectres its a little preview here,thats your uh headphone adapter its at,the back panel and that corner and then,you also have a usb type-c right here i,think its pretty neat all right lets,see what we got as far as our charger,block oh comes with a pen,awesome,and,[Music],then heres your charger block over here,man packaging is very nice on this model,i like the braided cord they do this a,lot with their more premium laptops this,braided cable its very handsome,everything looks well packaged and put,together,even their little branded paper here,hp definitely stepping up with this,model,okay,so charger cord and all that lets see,what this pen looks like,nice pen pretty basic,look and you also get two uh pen heads,as well so if one of these,breaks or you wear it out you have,extras,inside of the package and lets see we,got under here just some paperwork under,here so you have two extra pen heads,your pen and some paper put the pen back,in there so we dont lose any of that,okay and lets go ahead and get this,thing unwrapped,all right so we have the laptop out of,the box very similar design to last year,except they dont have the wrap the the,beveled edges like the cut edges on all,the corners and i actually like that i,thought on the front it didnt really,look as good but i do like it along the,back corner so they still have that,classic specter look without having it,all the way around the laptop so you,have this nice rounded edge here,which feels very nice when you hold on,to it its not catchy its just very,smooth feels nice under your arm its a,good thing in my package as i mentioned,earlier,and it has this kind of graphite gray,look but we really lose some of those,gold aspects i think were all silver,this year at least in the model that i,have,if you can tell,if youre holding it closely obviously,youre not its here in my studio but it,almost looks like theres a hint of the,gold color but it looks a lot more,silver this year,so they definitely went less colorful,they muted that down when they had this,model come out a few years ago it was,very gold it was almost like a strong,mix between rose gold and standard,yellow gold so theyve mellowed that,back but we still have some of the,traditional spectre x360 looks going on,here,it looks as if the charger cord,can go in oh no oh what is this oh,thats a usb type-a okay so as far as,ports are concerned they actually have,the little flap here to open up for that,usb type-a to keep the laptop nice and,slim so thats pretty neat so then over,here we have a micro sd card reader a,usb type c and then another usb type c,in the corner and on the other side we,have our usb type a and a headphone jack,here in this corner so good connectivity,for this laptop lets check the assembly,and this is assembled,very nicely,no catchy edges bottom panel fits into,the side panel very nicely so good work,on that lets just do a little tap test,sounds good sturdy no hollow,and thats that sounds even,sounds even better im liking that,you have a vent here along the back,panel of the chassis lets go ahead and,do a quick open and close test,pretty firm hinge,so it can be a one-handed open but its,uh its a firm hinge im fine with the,firm hinge personally because id rather,have it when you open it its not,flapping around too much and this one,does not flap,which is nice i mean theres a tiny,bounce there but it stops very quickly,so two-handed open if youre you know,kind of doing this quick that way you,have no issues,wow that is a,very bold screen now what i meant bold,is its a great aspect ratio its 16 by,10 aspect ratio its nice and tall 16 by,10 aspect ratios always make these,screens feel so much bigger and so if,youre going to get a small laptop in my,opinion these days now that they have,these 16 by 10s rather than the 16 by,nine so 16 by nine is a wider screen,its gonna be a taller screen it just,you can fit more onto the screen and it,just feels less cramped i always feel,like when im on a 16 by nine aspect,ratio screen im kind of like squeezing,into the screen because theres very,little screen real estate,this screen looks great and im really,liking these notches it creates a really,neat aesthetic when youre looking into,the laptop creates these little arrows,and points your eye into the laptop and,then these hinges are kind of rounded so,its not like this bar,just,comes straight across the screen here,they have this nice little rounded edge,i dont know if you can see that there,from the top camera but its rounded,its very nice,oh look at that it does auto oh cool,it does auto rotation so say you want to,like set your computer up like this for,i dont know whatever reason so you have,an auto rotation,reader,right now for more accessibility,features,plus get out of here cortana nobody,likes you,hopefully,the laptops keyboard deck is very,unique to other laptops normally laptops,have this very rigid edge here along the,edge of the keyboard deck this one kind,of fades off,and its very comfortable in your hands,because it eliminates that sharp edge,that you would have if this edge came up,at a 90 degree angle but it doesnt it,kind of mellows off and then drops down,and it creates also a very unique,aesthetic it creates a very mellow very,new age kind of spacey aesthetic,i do like it the trackpad is a very nice,glass trackpad has a manual click on the,trackpad its large,and it actually has a slightly different,color compared to the keyboard deck i,like that because you can actually see,that it is a glass trackpad so for me,visually as a techie person its like,man i can tell that thats a quality,trackpad and the size of it for a 14,inch laptop is very respectable so im,excited to see hp bringing out a nice,large trackpad,its secured,very well to the chassis no clickiness,you know that rattle that sometimes,happens,and it has a nice muted quiet click,the keyboard on the other hand is a,little on the clicky side its not like,that click click click of a gamer,keyboard but it is noticeable as far as,typing but its not anything loud or,annoying that you maybe disrupt your,work you know associate or somebody in,class a fellow student it is a,noticeable keyboard but its not loud,and clicky but it has a very satisfying,snapback response with a medium key,press,full size shift key amend to that,fingerprint reader and then you have all,of your arrow keys there on the keyboard,deck so overall im really liking the,look and feel of th

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