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Hridayam | Beyond Bollywood | Anupama Chopra | Film Companion

The Malayalam film Hridayam takes its title seriously. Hridayam means heart.,And that’s precisely where this film operates from and what it operates on.,This is a film that seduces you with its vulnerability and generosity.,Director Vineeth Sreenivasan tells the coming-of-age story with such compassion,,that it coaxes you, as you watch, to revisit your own life,,those heady days of college, friendships, fights and romances that molded you.,The blossoming of Arun, a young man who goes from Kerala to Chennai to study,,becomes a bittersweet blend of nostalgia, memories, hard knocks and ultimately,,the understanding that despite the heartbreak, the missed opportunities,and failures, it’s glorious to be alive.,And, that our mistakes make us.,Trains are a running motif through Hridayam.,We first meet Arun as he is making the journey to Chennai.,He meets other students on the train.,The pivotal interval point takes place at the train station.,And his relationship with Nithya,,the second woman he falls in love with, becomes deeper after a train journey.,When he asks if he should upgrade from second class to AC, she says no:,”You can’t open the windows in an AC compartment and feel the wind”.,The look in his eyes in that moment reveals that he’s understood,, that this is the woman for him.,Its almost, as if trains are the connective tissue of Arun’s life.,Chennai is where Arun grows up.,The first half is almost entirely set in college,and focuses on the emotional upheavals in his life, his ecstatic love affair with Darshana,,the way in which he loses his grip, when his heart breaks,and how he slowly finds his mooring again.,Vineeth, who has also written the story, packs so much into the three-hour running time,,that the film is bursting at the seams.,And some of it doesn’t organically develop from the story,,like Arun’s profession materializes from a random meeting with a stranger on a bus.,A bit of comedy with a student who Arun has a run-in with,,first in college and then later again in life, doesn’t land.,These parts feel stretched and a little sloppy, especially after the smashing first half.,But the tenderness in Vineeth’s telling, overrides these soft spots.,And then there is the music, a soaring 15-song soundtrack by Hesham Abdul Wahab.,That’s an intimidating number, but the songs do not weigh down the film.,It becomes another character, coaxing the story along. My favorite is the gorgeous Darshana.,Even if youve never watch this film, just go to YouTube and listen to this song.,It’s euphoric and thrillingly alive.,Darshana is the fulcrum of Arun’s life.,At two different points in the film, she poses to him the question, that this film pivots around.,Its a question that you will continue to grapple with, even after the film is over.,Hridayam advocates moving on, reinventing, constantly evolving,,but the romance between Darshana and Arun is so magical, that you keep asking: What if?,And that’s what gives this film its enduring ache,,as Kishore Kumar sang so beautifully in the 1974 film Aap Ki Kasam,,“Zindagi ke safar mein guzar jaate hain jo makam, woh phir nahi aate, woh phir nahi aate.”,Hridayam romanticizes the college experience, the classrooms, college fests,,sneaking out of the hostel for dates, the drinking binges,,that first flush of freedom and adulthood, the formidable friendships that form.,The ragging gets nasty, but it doesn’t scar. No one is truly terrible.,It’s rose-tinted, but it isnt plastic,,in the way that student life is depicted in films like the Student of the Year franchise.,The young people in Hridayam are like young people everywhere, fumbling, awkward, flat-out foolish,and also, hopeful and endearingly naïve.,It’s that magic hour of life, when you believe that everything is possible.,The actors Pranav Mohanlal as Arun, Kalyani Priyadarshan as Nithya,and Darshana Rajendran as Darshana, deliver solid, unshowy performances.,They look and behave like young adults.,And watching Arun and Darshana mature, becomes a keen reminder of how quickly time passes,,these precious formative years are over before we can appreciate them.,Though the subject matter of Hridayam isn’t new, the film moves into unexpected places.,And Vineeth creates some lovely moments that linger,Like Arun and Darshana parting after their first date. He says: Good night.,She says, “One minute”, holds his hands for a fraction longer,and then says, “Okay, now go.” It feels exactly right.,You can watch Hridayam at a theatre near you.

Hridayam Malayalam Movie Review By Baradwaj Rangan | Vineeth Sreenivasan | Pranav Mohanlal

for all the latest reviews interviews,and everything entertainment in tamil,kannada malayalam and telugu subscribe,to film companion south now hello and,welcome to from companion south in this,episode we are going to be talking about,vineeth universe and sridhan starring,pranav mohanlal kalyani priyadarshan,now on the surface this is a very simple,movie its a series of scenes that shows,a college age boy becoming a man that is,turning towards fatherhood and you might,also think that i have seen these scenes,in many films you know which ones im,talking about its the coming of age,films where its about meeting your best,friends uh you know getting ragged in,college uh the college music fest you,know having your first crush but despite,the familiarity of the situation there,is always a tweak or a twist that kind,of turns the scene around a little bit,now for example take the scene where a,bunch of seniors find out that arun the,character played by pranam mohan lal is,alone in his room and they want to come,and beat him up the scene,goes as predicted for a bit but then,suddenly a third character is introduced,somebody who will go on to become a much,bigger part of the movie later on and,the scene ends with a joke about,malalis and the english language or,take a scene where a prana becomes a,father you expect happy cheery music but,you hear,sad heavy strings like something like,the santur or the sorrow or something,like that and it gives a touch of,melancholy to the scene to the moment,that you cant exactly put a finger on,kesham abdul wahab score is simply,fantastic i heard the songs on youtubes,and i ran to the theater just to hear,the movie with these songs playing and,discord playing in those kinds of,speakers or take a scene where theres a,kind of shocking revelation from an,ex-girlfriend just at the point youre,going to leave college you mean the,semester is over the final semester is,over and youre leaving college youre,leaving all your friends and thats when,this big revelation comes most,filmmakers would make this the big,interval point but vinit lets the scene,happen and then he goes on to a little,bit about he leaves this girl alone and,then he just shows the male protagonist,and his other male friends running and,chasing the train to give him one last,gift before the train pulls out of the,station and when you dig really deep,thats when you see the power of the,writing now for example take this,question what is the difference between,college age love and love after you get,married here is venusans answer now,when in college you may be in love you,may have a girlfriend but youre also,very hormonal so lets say youre alone,and you meet someone else another girl,uh if she asks if you are single you,might be tempted to say yes and even,though you dont exactly want to you may,end up lying to your girlfriend about,this girl that you met you dont want to,tell your girlfriend about that girl but,when its your wife your conscience,kicks in in a different way its not,that the conscience didnt kick in,earlier but you were able to at least,place your conscience a little aside and,say shut up for a little while you know,let me just handle this but when it,comes to your wife the conscience is in,full form inside you and the scene plays,like an echo of the earlier scene where,you are again going to meet a girl and,again youre saying something like,youre lying youre saying im going to,meet some friends but the minute you,step outside the door,your conscience says,knock on the door go back inside and,tell your wife where youre actually,going and thats exactly what happens so,hidden lies between these two stages of,adulthood or youth whatever you want to,call it which is the,college age,youth to the early fatherhood kind of,stage and yes you could argue that,are in their uh college-age youths who,are faithful to their girlfriends and,who would if somebody asked them if,youre single say no im sorry i have a,girlfriend of course there are such,people couldnt you say that there are,married men who lie to their wives of,course there are such people but this is,how vini sinivasana sees this world this,is his unique universe and pranav,mohanlal finally finds a role that,you know one of those roles where you,are so perfect for it that you seem born,for it there are scenes where you see,the apparent uh effortlessness that you,saw in his father his famous father and,vinishin hawsons world i just talked,about his world his world is unique in,the sense that its not just about the,characters that are unique but its also,the place he romanticizes chennai the,way anjali menon romanticized bengaluru,in bangalore days he makes sambar sadham,sound like the food of the gods he makes,uh anbasim sound like the movies the,gods would see vinit also romanticizes,the process of growing up where,apparently getting good advice and,having good people around you to help,can solve almost every life problem,there are no bad people in chennai,everybody is happy the underprivileged,youths they gather together there is a,sense of community in them they study,together and because these,underprivileged kids are so bright these,tamil underprivileged kids they are able,to help malalis like arun who have a lot,of arrears to clear even the arc of a,ruthless arun finding his passion and,making it a profession,happens by some kind of divine fate,which almost happens through luck in the,form of aju varghese im not saying this,is a problem im just saying this is how,vinnie sees his work he smooths,everything over with the kind of,feel-good flavor rhythm is the kind of,movie for people who want to get lost in,the image of lovers embracing at night,at the beach and theres a full moon on,top and its casting its yellow shadow,in the calm sea behind these people it,is the kind of movie where a father asks,permission to hug his son to embrace the,sun and you find your eyes filled with,tears,true story the only time i had an issue,with this approach this feel-good,approach is with the darshana character,now this is a character that is filled,with angst now because we see the film,mostly from aruns point of view this,angst is not felt fully but there are,times that it burns so bright that you,feel that,you needed a harder approach to her,character or at least give her more time,to process that angst this is the,character that belongs in something like,arjun reddy this is the kind of angst,that doesnt go away easily and at the,end of the film i wanted a sequel rhythm,2,where we would be seeing darshan as the,protagonist navigating the world and,arun and everything else that she kind,of left behind and is now trying to come,to grips with but i dont know whether,vini sinivasan in the space that he is,now is capable of making that movie or,whether he even wants to make that move,kalanis character on the other hand is,very much part of the vineyards,universal universe shes strong shes,sensitive but above all shes a happy,person so is arun the prana character he,doesnt let old wounds fester he kind of,broods a bit maybe it affects him a bit,but he finds ways to move on now if you,did a full character arc of arun you,might come up with gaps of why he does,these things so why he did not do these,things so why chose to follow this and,why he did not choose to follow that but,that is where the screenplays approach,work it is like a collection of,photographs in an album now when you see,the photograph you see that exact moment,but the moment before the photograph was,taken,and maybe the afterwards moments that is,after the photo was taken they may be,fuzzy you only remember the exact moment,of the photograph because thats whats,crystal clear in front of you and aruns,character is like that through this,movie because the scenes become those,crystal clear photograph moments of our,own those snapshots of his life,photographs from the past that would be,an excellent way to describe rhythm,kalini pradarshan and darshan rajend

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Top 5 Amazing Non-Hindi Indian Movies You Need To Watch & Celebrate Now

[Music],january presented quite the lack of,content in hindi cinema owing to various,lockdowns and multiple movies not,releasing and getting postponed a lot of,producers had to re-evaluate their,strategies and took time to adapt to,whatever the new normal would be in the,coming weeks who definitely came to save,us from the sense of boredom in january,was online content especially coming out,of the states of tamil nadu kerala,andhra pradesh and telangana in the,process of covering a lot of content i,actually missed out on speaking about,gems also that were available in the,latter half of 2021 through this video i,want to talk about some of the films,that thoroughly impress me and that i,would highly recommend to all of you,they will be in ascending order and do,also let me know two things one what you,think about the films that i will be,mentioning in this video and whether you,have some hidden gems that i have,probably not covered from india in,different languages other than hindi,without further ado here is tried and,refused productions with top 5 amazing,non-hindi indian movies you need to,watch and celebrate now number 5 goes to,moodle name modibum knee a film that,will generate a perpetual smile on your,face for the nostalgic trip it takes you,on is this tamil film titled model name,modibumnee available on the z5 platform,boasting of mostly new and young faces,the movie showcases the formative years,of students during high school during,the 90s more than the film itself and,its storyline its visual treatment and,attention to detail of the era will,especially connect with you this api,like grainy tone the infancy stage of,technology mostly characters roaming,around with walkmans and cassettes and,congregating simply to view that,scandalous vhs tape account for moments,that will simply take you on a trip down,memory lane the atmosphere the film,successfully creates of the school,dynamic in the first hour is extremely,impressive from the eccentric school,groups teachers the awkwardness with the,opposite sex the lack of clarity of,oneself and what lies ahead in life all,of it accurately represents what me you,and all of us at one point of time,experienced in life well the film,expects you to take a leap of faith as,the students meet one another for a,reunion ten years later each one,creating a niche for themselves while,still trying to put a brave face for one,another leading to the screenplay,momentarily losing its core focus its,emotion overrides the analytical process,of me dissecting this movie while most,of the cast puts forth such earnest,performances krishnadasas vinod really,stands out in the film as the most,mature performance ive seen him host,several shows on youtube for various,companies and its beautiful to see his,journey from hosting to playing a,fictional character in front of camera a,movie that sheds light on ones choices,and taking the reins of the consequences,that follow will make you reflect on a,time that was simpler and also put into,perspective on how much youve grown,from an adolescent teenager to a mature,working adult bhutakalam a film that i,have been looking forward to for quite,some time as all of you have been,recommending it in the comment section,is the sony live horror film titled,bhutakalam starring,a film that is about a mother-son duo,who are dealing with the death of the,grandmother of the household and the,sheer sorrow then engulfs their life,over a period of time manifesting into a,secret that concerns their life and the,house in which they reside which they,least expected one of the main reasons,why this movie captivates you is because,of the suffocating atmosphere it,attempts to transport you to there is,not an iota of happiness in this world,while a son should be exploring and,taking risks in his life in his early,20s is subjected to the wallows of his,mother that echo in the household,clinically depressed the mother cant,find herself to have a moment of peace,as she sees her own blood withering away,dependent on alcohol as a means of,staying afloat the heartbreaking,performance of both the main leads are,the standout features of this film and,the sole reason of why the last 30,minutes of this film becomes even more,haunting this movie does not resort to,the cheat codes of the horror genre,which allude to depending on a blaring,background score and jump scares but,slowly and steadily makes you spiral,down with the characters who cant,comprehend their descent into madness i,warn you as well the film will provide,you no closure whatsoever leading to,several theories about the film which i,urge you to write in the comment section,with a spoiler warning because trust me,there are too many theories regarding,what happened in the life of vinu and,asha and this definitely should be in,your must watch list thinker last year,in nishtayam one of the most beautiful,films that i regret not watching sooner,is a malayalam film titled thinker last,year nishtayam available on sony live,the film focuses on a family preparing,for their daughters engagement and the,complications that follow which range,from increased debt of the family the,romantic interest of the soon-to-be,bride and the various complicated,relationships in the household that,ultimately manifests into several,outbursts while a house should be filled,with joy and meri this film and its,treatment reminded me of one of my,favorite films the miranaya directed,film monsoon wedding that just like an,onion uncovers the deep seeded problems,of a family that are preparing for their,daughters wedding the music the star,cast the performances all of it,accounted for a movie that still stands,the test of time while this malayalam,movie does not thread to dark waters,like monsoon wedding its hilarious,writing is something that will really,connect with you as a viewer from the,gluttonous uncle the overbearing cousin,always reminding one of his benevolent,actions or the one that really got on my,nerve the sister-in-law and her,judgmental comments of the familys,conduct all of it accounts for the,quintessential family gatherings one can,think of and gets nightmares about while,everyone puts forth brilliant,performances it is manoj k you as a,patriarch vijayana that stands out his,abrupt outburst account for some of the,most hilarious yet intimidating,sequences this movie has been showered,with praise and awards and deservedly so,a film that is truly worth your time,kadasila biryani a film that kept hold,of my attention throughout its running,minutes has to be the tamil film titled,kadasila biryani that is available on,netflix a film that was shot in 2016 was,available for release in 2018 only to be,released three years later and still,have the desired impact says a lot about,the quality of the movie aided,beautifully by the narration of vijay,sethupathi this film is about three,brothers who are in the rubber estates,of kerala with the sole aim of avenging,their fathers murder as their,personalities clash with one another a,rather straightforward mission becomes,murky as they come across their target,psychopaths son who will not let them,go scot-free the film is a cinematic,trait making me regret not watching it,in the theater as the expansive shots of,the film are something to marvel at,whether it be capturing the characters,in motion or the aerial povs of the,establishment that are being targeted,the film really makes use of its,surroundings with great skill hakim,sharjah in this film puts forth the,christof waltz like performance that,will definitely be the highlight for all,of you trust me his demonic presence and,especially his monologue addressed to,his parents will send chills down your,spine the film with its rather,simplistic storyline has a way to keep,you hooked because of its screenplay and,this one accounts for an exhilarating,thriller experience fans of the genre,will definitely have an absolute ball,watching this one number one undoubtedly,goes to rhythm a fi

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Hridayam Review by Sucharita Tyagi | Malayalam Movie | Vineeth Sreenivasan | Hotstar

hi before i start here is me in a voice,over telling you,subscribe,for the first time ever i am feeling,important enough to make,will be found only here on my channel,[Music],for anyone who cares not a movie review,movie review because this is my girl,film companion,i cut my teeth there i learned a lot and,i have come to it a little late insert,covert warning wear a mask if you go out,written and directed by vineet,srinivasan 171 minute long saga of a,moderately eventful life of an,unremarkable man arun the film is a,journey from 17 to 30 literally the,first shot is at a train station as arun,leaves to join his engineering course,money destiny,and just as well kuki if the film had,spent more time setting up aruns,backstory first it would have been even,longer and i would probably still be,watching it arun is a regular looking,kid with a regular name hes almost a,college student cliche guitar on his,back unfortunate goatee choice unkempt,hair and desperate desire to start his,independent life vineeth srinivasan then,baits us his audience to expect what,weve come to expect of college films,purposeless kid finds something to stand,up for rangavasanthi style maybe theyll,murder a politician or maybe theyll,simply learn to stand up to bullies,while rising above college politics and,theyll find romantic partners as their,friends make excuses for why theyre not,in class,but rhythm is a strange beast which,doesnt bother with what you expect of,it conflicts are resolved as quickly as,they arise and theres a steady flow of,anti-heroes throughout our own largely,uneventful life instead the film plays,out like a memoir a recollection of,instances from the narrators formative,ears which he is now looking back on in,his 30s when hes mature enough to,understand and point out exactly which,tiny moment helped shape which part of,his current personality you know,pointlessly angry seniors indulging in,mean-spirited dangerous ragging rituals,as a rite of passage first love,inevitable heartbreak and the years you,spent getting over it the apartment you,first rent with six other dudes pot,cheap beer making out dancing realizing,your own ambition versus your parents,projections onto you beginning to find a,little bit of yourself through every,single one of these activities and,interactions this is what were watching,because vineet sreenivasan is looking,back at these and more with an almost,romantic longing hes happy with the way,its turned out but hes also maybe,wishing he could do it over with the,worldly awareness he now possesses its,a highly relatable emotion you guys,if you could tell your 20 year old self,something what would it be and most if,not almost all the answers are,variations of its going to get better,hang in there but despite this,relatability rhythm occasionally tends,to go overboard with the nostalgic,adulation and it doesnt seem to want to,acknowledge that this kind of college,life while common is not ideal for a,persons emotional well-being the,lengthy wordy screenplay also tends to,oversimplify aruns transitions from one,kind of person to another without,playing on the insights hes gained some,subplots like his fathers inability to,properly communicate his best friends,online dating a college friend who is,now a rock star another who has a,youtube career these are flippantly,mentioned as side notes without any,depth or real emotion a treatment which,belongs to a lesser film frankly not one,as ambitious as rhythm pranav mohanlal,is arun nila fully aware how unaware i,am of his larger career i thought his,acting performance was entirely,acceptable not bad not particularly,invigorating darshana rajendran as love,interest darshana is clearly a way,better actor but she is saddled with a,shallow character built mostly on,stereotypes the third lead kalyani priya,darshan as nithya might be the most,gorgeous new face ive seen in a while,shes beautiful and is an apt casting,choice for the kind of performance the,character requires in obtrusive passive,observational rhythm absolutely excels,in the music department crowd favorite,darshan has been playing on loop in my,office despite me unable to fully,understand the lyrics the entire album,by hisham abdul vahab is truly a labor,of love and is worthy of every praise,its garnered if youve been vaccinated,and better still if youre boosted go,watch rhythm in a movie theater i do,believe an ott release is imminent this,month so my immunocompromised gang can,hang on and wait,now i want to take a moment here to,thank you for being here on my channel,with a very small team freelancing do,help me out with it all my subsequent,reviews will be up only here id say so,subscribe if you would like to see,journey again,i love myself i love movies and you guys,you

Hridayam Movie Review in Tamil by Filmi craft Arun | Pranav Mohanlal |Darshana | Vineeth Sreenivasan

[Music],hello viewers welcome to filmicraft,uncle hello,foreign,foreign,foreign,bye

Hridayam Review | Unni Vlogs

in english,[Music],foreign,foreign,thank you so much for watching,thank you so much,[Music],[Applause],you

Hridayam movie Analysis | Pranav Mohanlal | Vineeth Sreenivasan

There are many who cringe at the things they did when they were in college, as they get older.,This can also happen in the case of love. If the way of proposing, the aftermath of breaking up etc,are things that you can remember fondly, though with a little shame,,then you have passed this age without much issues, and without any Arjun Reddy level mistakes.,Hridayam also tells the story of someone like that. Love, affection, breakup,some setbacks, coming back from those, victory in life, happiness, maturity are all explored realistically.,in the coming of age drama Hridayam.,As this is an analysis video of the movie. There will be spoilers.,There is a big audience for feel-good coming of age love stories.,They often tend to celebrate youth.It is about how the new generation looks at love and life, ,without being preachy with the message, and told in a light hearted manner.,and there may be people who dont like these kinds of movies. Maybe due to the clear pattern seen..,..in such movies. Within this template, they think about how to make it as different as possible.,The pattern of the movie is something we have seen before.,The different love stories of the main character, being defeated and then finding oneself in life.,Unbrakeable bonds formed in college, and the loss of a friend.,The disillusioned main character turning to booze after breakup, being kept close by his family.,All these are reminiscent of other movies. However, it was given a fresh touch, and made relatable,while making it into the story of a completely new person by the director.,the movie also shows love during these times, and thinking of men and weomen have both progressed.,The ability of the main character to say whether someone is commited or not looking at their eyes,,Love at first sight with the love interest based on her smile and playful attitude,,and deciding this is the girl he wants to marry, barring these acts. it seems like love has progressed.,Darshanas general attitude, the second love interest leaving when she understand what is going on,without causing a scene. Nithyas “I can look after myself, and him if needed” attitude are all,It is refreshing to see there being female characters like this in a story centered around a man.,especially in a love story movie. The main character saying No stalking, you should express your feelings,is also a big change, as far as we are concerned.,The characters in the movie also stand against the viewpoint of having only one love, forever.,The lead character losing his sleep watching over a child, and preparing meals for his wife etc,,becoming symbols of love, while not a big deal, is still refreshing to see in a Malayalam movie.,It makes me happy to realize that this is a change in our society as a whole, not only in the movie.,The main love interest only liking the main character after he fixes his behavior,,is also a notable change. Another positive is the portrayal of importance of academics during college time.,If you dont put in effort, youll regret it, and if you study, youll benefit from it,,is the message. While normally the main character is the college topper even if he does nothing.,If the main character is behind in studies, then good students are portrayed in a bad light.,This is also changed in the movie. Without aiming for any political stance, ,these changes in a romantic feel good movie, however small it may be, are great to see.,Vineeth Sreenivasan is generally known as an actor and director with no haters.,It may be because he takes movies without hurting anyone, and while keeping everyone happy.,In the case of Hridayam also, the movie proceeds without hurting anyone, with some laughter and emotions.,While still having some good changes based on today. Hridayam is excellent as a light entertainer.,The tone, cinematography, BGM etc all enhances this aspect of the movie. The songs were also great.,The duration was on the longer side, and it felt a bit laggy at times.,The proposal scenes felt cringe personally, but this could be due to my age.,As mentioned before, it is likely that one may feel this way after they reach 30.,The tamil characters felt a bit stereotypical, the emotions in the song related to them didnt work out well.,The Pranav-Kalyani relationship and their dynamic were well done. Darshana was exceptional as always.,Pranavs main friend character, though the same as the one found in these types of movies,,the actor was able to bring some more personality into it and help it stand out.,It felt like Pranav as an actor was improving greatly. The personality in the character of Arun Neelakandan,,felt unique, it felt like Pranav had an unpredictability in expressing his emotions. 54 00:05:01,100 –> 00:05:04,000 whether crying, fighting, laughing or angry, genuine expressions can be found.,In short, as all main characters in the movie are good and lucky, ,There was no need to take apart the relationships in order to examine them,,in this feel good, love story showing ordinary people who want a good family life, ,happiness, victory in life etc. Some may not like it or may find it cringe,,and think if only this qualifies as love. The happily ever after love starting from 17 and ending at 30,,might also have people who wish to watch it over and over, What did you feel after watching the movie?,Leave it in the comment box. Well meet again in the next video. Bye!

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