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  2. Hubble Contacts Review | My Scary Experience with Hubble Contacts
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Watch this BEFORE Trying Hubble Contacts – Hubble Contacts Review

so have you ever heard of hubble contacts? if  you have, its probably because youve seen a  ,social media advertisement on instagram ,tick  tock or facebook selling their hubble contacts  ,for just $1. yeah thats right, 30 contacts for  just a $1! so is trying hubble contacts worth it?  ,well i got some, tried them out and theres  a few things i think you should know about  ,before you try them out yourself so join me in my  hubble contacts review, as we take a closer look,hey whats up there this isDr. Allen here from the  Doctor Eye Health channel helping you learn about  ,the eyes, vision, and finding the best vision  products. if youre new here to the channel you  ,know like learning about the eyes seeing your best  and consider hitting the subscribe button down  ,below so that you dont miss any of our future  videos now today were talking all about hubble  ,contact lenses, now again if youve never heard  of hubble contacts they are a direct to consumer  ,marketing company that sells online contact lenses  and again theyre just a dollar or at least so it  ,starts. in fact if you check that out its a  dollar for about 30 contacts about a two-week  ,supply but afterwards suddenly the price goes up  to about 39 a month and then just continually send  ,you out a months subscription supply now before  you go ahead and order anything up yourself let  ,me walk you through my experience well go through  the ordering experience ordering the lenses well  ,go through wearing the contact lenses and just how  it felt to have them on my eye and then well go  ,over the technology the lenses as well as the  price starting off with the ordering experience  ,from hubble is pretty simple you just go to their  website or you can see one of their advertisements  ,on your social media at the top itll basically  say hey get a contacts for just a dollar  ,you walk through it enter your prescription  and hopefully theyll send you the lenses  ,now first off one thing i want to comment on being  an eye care provider and other eye doctors were  ,not stupid to the fact that a lot of people  try to order their contacts online without a  ,valid prescription a lot of people will try to  bypass this and just put in any number and hope  ,that theyre able to get them now contact lens  companies are supposed to verify your prescription  ,by contacting your eye care provider or you  need to supply a copy of your valid prescription  ,and we know that theres online companies that  fail to validate contact lens prescriptions so  ,i tried it out my individual contact lens  prescription is a minus -5.50 in both eyes  ,and i wear the dailies total one by alkon so  what i did is on their website i entered in  ,minus -5.25 slightly off trying to see if they  would validate my prescription or if theyre just  ,gonna send me lenses and hubble did a good thing  they validated my prescription by contacting our  ,clinic and found that no my prescription was not  correct and they would not send me the contacts  ,i even got an email saying hey sorry you need  to contact your eye care clinic and validate  ,your prescription then reorder the lenses so  hubble lenses at least whens a good point there  ,but the next problem was that then i entered my  real prescription the next powers the minus -550s  ,but this brings up another issue where the contact  lenses that i ordered were again hubble lenses but  ,the contact lenses on my prescription that  i uploaded to their website was specifically  ,for dailys total one contact lenses and there  is nothing similar between those two companies  ,the daily total one contact lens and the hubble  lens do not have the same bass curve they do  ,not have the same diameter theyre not the same  seg height not the same lens design not the same  ,lens material the only thing that was similar  between the two was the minus -550 power and  ,this is actually a big deal because in the united  states the fda the food and drug administration  ,categorizes contact lenses as a class 2 or  a class 3 medical device and by changing out  ,one contact lens brand for another is basically  the same thing as your pharmacist switching out  ,your high blood pressure medication for your  birth control pills they are not the same thing  ,and theres potential for causing bodily harm  in fact the ftc the federal trade commission  ,explicitly says that an online contact lens  company or a retailer cannot switch out one  ,brand for another unless they are exactly the  same lens material just with a different name  ,and again there theres nothing similar between  these two lenses so hubble big shame on you. but  ,this is not news to myself and other eye doctors  there are many online companies that do this and  ,we know about it its just i dont know if the ftc  actually does anything. anyhow i put my order in  ,got my contact lenses a few days later in  the mail and then went ahead and tried them  ,out the day that i wore them in both eyes my  first impression putting them in was they were  ,pretty comfortable at least initially when i first  put them in they they felt good they felt wettable  ,comfortable i could see out of them no big issues  there and after about four hours or so they they  ,did feel a little bit dry i mean all contact  lenses do tend to dry out and feel a little  ,uncomfortable after so many hours i went ahead and  asked one of my doctors at my clinic to check on  ,them to see how they looked on my eye and heres  a video quick of what it looked like on my eye  ,now heres the lens on my right eye on here you  can see the lens is overall still fitting well  ,its covering my cornea however it is feeling  a little bit tight and you can clearly see the  ,optical zone on these lenses are pretty small  and that means that the lens moves too much  ,the optical zone could go off every pupil and  then your vision could fluctuate with these lenses  ,in addition these lenses also were drying out on  the front surface pretty easily even the doctor  ,who is evaluating it they were able to see that  just as i blinked the wettable surface just dried  ,out instantaneously the teeters just kind of moved  off to the side of the lens and just to give you  ,a comparison heres another video of me wearing a  newer contact lens from the Bausch and Lomb Infuse  ,one day line these lenses are basically top  tier right now out on the market theyre one  ,of the newest lenses there uh it fits very much  flawlessly on the eye has no problems with dryness  ,and you cant even see a center optical zone of  these lenses and theyre the exact same powers  ,now the real big difference i had with the hubble  lenses i noticed in the evening coming around  ,wearing the lenses for about eight to ten hours  about six oclock at night my eyes started to feel  ,red irritated and they were just they were sore  it was a unique feeling with contacts im used  ,to dryness with contact but never actually felt  like pain like a deep throbbing pain sensation  ,with contacts before but i went ahead and did  the right thing my eyes were not feeling well  ,with contacts i took them out and typically after  taking them out switching back to glasses the eyes  ,start to feel a little bit better but this didnt  happen in fact my eyes continued to feel sore and  ,painful for the rest of the evening until about 10  or 11 oclock at night when i finally went to bed  ,and i think i know why this happened and it  has to do with the lens technology itself  ,now hubble contacts are a daily contact lens  these are one time use lenses so you wear  ,them for one day you throw them away and then  the next day you put in a fresh new pair and  ,theres a lot of positive benefits to having  daily lenses versus monthly or two-week lenses  ,in fact i have a video on that if you want to  learn more youre not sure what the pros and  ,cons are you can check out that video ill put  in the link description below but the big thing  ,with hubble contact l

Hubble Contacts Review | My Scary Experience with Hubble Contacts

[Music],whats up you guys so today I just want,to share my experience with Hubbell,contacts if you dont know what Hubble,is it is a subscription box of daily,contacts that you can get every month,you can do the trial and do a two-week,trial for shipping which was a dollar or,and after that every month you would get,a 30-day supply for $33 so you pay $30,for the contacts and $3 shipping every,month for these contacts um I wanted to,lock these so so bad but I just want to,tell you guys my mean I do like them,dont get me wrong but just my,experience with them wasnt the best so,just oh Ill walk you through my,experience and you guys make your own,decision on what you think so basically,I got these contacts for $1,I got a two-week trial and they come in,a cute little box theres what the box,looks like,and then you open it and your contacts,are individual these are dailies and I,recommend you use them as dailies,dont try to stretch them out any longer,um like I do personally Im so bad like,I order a box of I usually use actor,some Oasis and I will stretch those out,and make them less me for like months at,a time which Im very bad at sleeping in,my contacts so shame on me I know I need,to be better with that and with this,experience it really made me start,wearing my glasses more in thinking,about my eye care so anyways so I got,these very early they come theyre,supposed to be here on Tuesday and I got,them Friday which I was super excited,because I couldnt wait to try um got,these I opened them up at first I was a,little skeptical because I was like its,too good of a deal it couldnt be true,so um I watched a few other YouTube,videos and seeing what other people,thought about them and I watched this,one girl and she was talking about the,danger of them um and at first I really,blew that video off because I wanted to,lock these and I really was just like,you know they this material is from 20,years ago what they used to make it out,of used to make them out of so I was,like you know it didnt hurt them back,then it wont hurt them hurt me now but,I honestly I wore these for four days in,a row I even slept in on one night um,just to really put them through the test,these are super duper comfortable,theyre very thick and durable nothing,like my other contacts they fit my eyes,great I didnt have any,I hear attention whatsoever my I was,very I have very dry eyes and my eyes,were they were great I mean comfortable,they were wonderful but that one one,morning I took him out it was like the,fourth day I took him out and I wore my,glasses to work and I go to work and,its still dark outside,I had rainbow vision I was seeing,rainbows around the car had lots street,lights it freaked me plumb out I mean I,was tripping out about my eyes I was,like the one person that these contacts,are gonna hurt it would be me it would,be me so I was tripping out and I was so,scared but by that not it had went away,which I wore my glasses so I got to,thinking about that video that I blew,off and she tells in her video that,these are thicker material and it dont,allow a lot of air to get to your cornea,um and just like any part of your body,you need air and all that stuff so dont,allow any air to get to your cornea and,then that morning when I when I read,about,why Im seeing rainbow vision it said,because my cornea is swollen so Im,guessing that you know your cornea needs,air thats part of it so I do not,recommend using these unless its just a,couple hours I mean theyre great I see,perfect out of them they are great so,like an event or something like that or,if youre in a bond,I would definitely you know use these,but I dont recommend them for everyday,use I dont because even a few days,after wearing my contacts and getting my,eyes straightened back out even a few,days after I was like you know what Im,gonna try them again so I you,like 3 oclock in the day so I put them,in and then by 8 oclock it was dark and,I took them out and I went outside and I,seen rainbow vision again so these were,definitely the cause of me seeing,rainbow vision I dont know for sure if,it was my cornea swelling because of,these but that is just what I personally,think,you guys look let me know if you got any,comments or if you know anything,anything about these I mean Id love to,hear your experience Im just telling my,own personal experience but definitely,dont recommend these dont risk your,eyesight guys I was Im the worlds,worst for not caring about this or that,or just you know its cheap lets do it,your eyes are not worth it when theyre,gone theyre gone,and it really it really scared me so too,in this video a dick I definitely,recommend you take care of your ass guys,go that Wow,pay pay that extra for your good,contacts that you know that is updated,with the best for your body definitely,check with your doctor before you even,try these I dont think your doctor,would recommend these necessarily but if,you want to try them definitely,recommend you check with your doctor,so you feel off the thing they do ask,you though youre gonna verify your,prescription with your doctor and youll,put your doctors name and stuff what I,did not verify anything with my doctor,so thats a red flag there but that is,it for this video and take care of your,eyes guys,I mean but bye

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Hubble Contacts vs Aveo Contacts vs Sight Supply Contacts vs Waldo Contacts | Contact Lens Reviews

hey guys dr. Ryan cord here from intro,wellness.com today Im gonna be,reviewing for different direct consumer,subscription contact lens companies but,before I dive into this its important,to remember contact lenses are medical,devices so I mean you have to have a,prescription to legally purchase them in,the United States whether its from a,provider whether its from a big-box,store whether its online or even from a,subscription service so the background,on this Im sure youve seen Hubble and,other direct to consumer subscription,contact lens companies advertised,Instagram Facebook and other places on,the internet so I went ahead and I said,okay I got to be an educated provider,and just learn more about these lenses,so all four of these companies they,offer free trials so I went to their,websites I signed up for the free trials,and put my contact lens information but,myself is the provider and was just,hoping for a follow-up to verify or,validate my information unfortunately,three out of four to these companies did,not validate my prescription at least,not to my knowledge I asked my team to,check our voicemail to make sure they,answered any calls to check our fax line,or email nothing the one that did send,an email they sent something that,essentially I said hey you have about,eight hours to go ahead and and just,reply back if this prescription is,accurate if we dont hear from you were,just going to move forward and send the,patient the contact lenses as a provider,all I can say is thats scary I did,receive trials from all four contact,lens companies Ill talk a little bit,more about why I think thats kind of,crazy with pretty scary later but lets,go ahead and talk about each contact,lens individually so you guys have more,information first up is Waldo contacts,out of London I got a 85 base curve 14,to diameter here are the Waldo contacts,theyre manufactured in Taiwan by a,company called pega Vision out of a,material thats known as NF L con a they,come up power ranging from plus four to,about minus twelve and have class two UV,blocking so they have some UVA and UVB,protection as well as what the company,calls super fine edge design,they came in a ten day trial and it was,about 295 for shipping and if you want,to purchase these lenses for a month I,think its about $36 for a one month,supply and thats for both eyes my,personal opinion when I got these,contacts I tried him a couple times,Oh immediately upon putting him in they,were uncomfortable I could feel the,edges they shifted every time I would,blink so I kind of noticed that just,really couldnt didnt find them be,comfortable at all talking about it for,maybe an hour and a half that was the,longest time period I could keep him in,so was not too impressed next up is,sight supply you can see they give you a,30 pack for their trials this lens is an,8 6 base curve and a 14 2 diameter here,are the sights apply trials and these,contact lenses are manufactured in,Taiwan by company called Unicom optical,out of at a filk on a just like the,waldo contacts they have a power ranging,from about plus 6 to minus 10 and some,degree of you be blocking any protection,as no down the months its just not,specified online these lenses come in a,30-day trial youll pay about $3 for,shipping and if you want to purchase a,month supply for both eyes it comes down,to about $36 a month my personal,experience I tried them out a couple,times and when I first put them in they,felt okay but it was like the three,maybe four hour mark I kind of felt like,I had sand in my eyes they were gritty,they were uncomfortable kept him in for,a little bit longer and by the eight,hour mark I had to take him out they,were far from ideal for a daily contact,lens next up we have this fancy box here,thats a veil visioned another 30 pack,of lenses,like site spa they come with an eight,six base curve and a 14-2 diameter here,are the avails these contact lenses are,manufactured in Malaysia by supervision,Optimax,out of oma filk on a they have a power,ranging from plus six to about minus ten,and class two UV blocking so UVA and UVB,and then what the company calls aqua,lock technology and a bliss edge design,this context come in a 30-day trial,youll pay anywhere between I think its,three to five dollars for shipping and a,one-month supply for both eyes would,cost you about $30 my personal,experience I wore them for a couple of,days and they actually thought okay when,I initially put them in,I could definitely notice that they were,a little bit thinner than the other,lenses I had trialed out here so it,didnt feel them as much with the blink,and I was able to wear them for about,ten hours or so so while a little bit,longer than the other two lens is still,not the entire day which is something,that I would expect from a daily contact,lens last but not least is the highly,marketed probably most well known,Hubbell contacts helpful contacts come,with a eight six base curve and a 14-2,diameter there are the Hubble contacts,theyre manufactured in Taiwan by saint,shine optical out of methyl con a they,come in a power ranging from plus six to,minus ten just like the other contacts,have some class to UV blocking so,blocking some uva and UVB light as well,as a thin edge,I come in a 15-day trial youre gonna,pay about $3 for shipping and if you,want to get a month supply of contact,lenses it would be $33 for both eyes so,my personal opinion of Hubbell contacts,I tried them on for a couple days and,noticed that they actually thought okay,when I initially put them in but after,about seven or eight hours just like the,other three lenses they were drying out,they were blurring up when I blinked and,they were just uncomfortable so I took,him out and disposable and moved on with,my day before I provide my final,thoughts on these contacts its,important to know contact lenses are a,medical device you want them to fit and,prescribed by an eye care professional,for your safety for your eye health for,your overall well-being I cannot,emphasize this enough all these contacts,our hydrogel contact lenses with an,oxygen permeability value so were the,20s and what that means is that they,just dont allow a lot of oxygen from,your tears through the front surface of,the lens to the front of your eye I can,definitely impact comfort your vision,throughout the day the other thing is,they do come with some you know,technology that we dont know a lot,about of possibly questionable,technology in my opinion just based on,how new the lens has popped up into the,marketplace and so definitely no,clinical studies that I was able to,review or any you know data based on the,backing of the technology of these,lenses provide with this to mind I,really do question the ethics of the,companies that I just reviewed I mean,theyre happy to go ahead and send,trials to somebody like me who sent it,information that was never validated or,verified they dont know what the,contact lens looks like on your eye they,dont know how youre gonna see out of,the contact lens but if you run into a,complication theyre happy to put all,over their products and materials to go,see an eye care professional that,concerns me so which of these contact,lenses do I recommend quite frankly none,of them there are a lot better options,available for your eye care professional,compared to whats available their,quality is poor their cost is comparable,to what you can get with a contact lens,manufacturer rebate and their,cancellation return policies seem to,a disaster if you looking for a,subscription contact lens option check,out companies like lens Butler sight box,or talk to your eye care professional,about the options available through them,last but not least for more contact lens,reviews and full reviews of these,contacts visit intra wellness comm

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Hubble Contacts | Try On With Me | Review

[Music],hello everyone welcome to my channel,just ria if you dont know who i am i am,ria and in todays video im going to be,doing a review of,you can see that,hubble,so,if you have been scrolling through,instagram and using those hubble contact,ads or if that the ads just pop up on,the website that youre on,and you were skeptical on trying them,out well i have the review here for you,so lets just,get into it,so i will say,it comes in this little small box,fits,about,i guess two boxes so two of these came,in a,box they say hubble,and um,basically,you go you try them for a dollar and,then after that i think the prescription,amount is 47 or something like that,let me just put it out there well ill,say that for the end um,ill let you guys know whether or not i,decided to keep the prescript the,subscription going,but,for starters you have to know your,prescriptions i didnt order three times,three because i forgot my prescription i,forgot,this right here this amount,if there it is,i forgot that,so,you know each eye is a is a theres a,prescription for each iron and for some,people its the same in my case mine is,the same in each eye so i forgot so i,did it one time it was the wrong one and,i lost the,thing that they give you at the eye,doctor,so,i put an order in it was the wrong one i,put another order in and guess what,it was the wrong one the first time i,put positive,negative i mean positive the number and,then the second time i was off five,and the third time was a charm well,well see,so,okay this is how you open so its saying,that 15,[Music],if there is,15 comes to,one pack,their daily contacts so youre supposed,to change them out every day you get two,boxes for 30 days so 15 15. um so this,is how they come,and i am a negative 550,so thats what my prescription,is for each eye,so i am just going to try these on,camera i havent worked um contacts in,about two months now giving my eyes a,break um,you know just want to give my eyes a,break,so i have two and they literally say,daily on them,so,lets see im gonna take these off,believe it or not i cannot,see,yeah i cant even see the name of my,camera,alright so,i am going to do a try on for you guys,this is what the contact looks like,and my hands were already washed so im,just going to put it in my eye,doesnt matter which one because theyre,both the same,okay i will say,i can see,the prescription is right its just,watery i guess probably because i,havent had none in a while,but,lets just get the second one in,so if you are different in each eye im,assuming that they will mark one box,left in one box right,thats the other one,ah this ones gonna give me trouble,isnt it,it like literally stung my eye because,my eyes like no,it would have been nice if i would have,had some tissue,okay i can see you guys,im gonna wear them for a little while,and just you know see how they feel on,the eye,but i can um i can see,the,prescription in the,contacts they i can i can see like as if,i had my glasses on so that is a plus,thats a plus,um,i will say,they feel really thin which could be a,good thing because i guess your eye can,breathe,but,it feels like theyre about to flip out,my eye thats what it feels it doesnt,feel like theyre fit where theyre,supposed to be fitting,and it feels like theyre,popping out or puffing up i dont know,what to whats,how to describe it but to me it just,feels like it feels like they have to,keep repositioning on every time i blink,thats what it feels like,and,of course thats going to cause you to,rub them like i just did,i dont know guys,they were easy to put on and i only,tried them for a dollar so,i have 30 days to try them today is,february 1st so im going to give them,28 days im going to try them out for 28,days and we will be back with a review,on february 28th,well with the final review so for right,now i cant really say if i like them or,not,um,and ill let you guys know,at the end of february,if im going to,continue this subscription,i will say um,for 30 days,for 47 that is a bit expensive because i,can get,two to three boxes of monthly contacts,for sixty dollars,so forty seven dollars for thirty days,thats a lot,thats just me though and i usually use,i think its opt optics or is it,activity,ill put what i use when i figure out,what i use in the description in the,description box below so yeah but i will,see you guys in 27 days with a final,review on,thanks for tuning in to this video and,ill see you guys soon bye


hey guys welcome back to my channel my,name is adria for those i dont know me,and if its your first time here welcome,and todays video I wanted to do,something super casual Im literally,sitting on my living room floor in front,of my amazing windows with all this,natural lighting that I love so much,today Im going to be reviewing the,Hubble content these babies right here,start using these contacts about I want,to say five six months ago I dont,remember but when I did purchase them I,posted a picture of them on Instagram,and I got a lot of D end and people,messaging me asking me if they were,comfortable to let them know how I feel,about them because they might want to,purchase as well so I feel like after,five months I feel like after five,months of using these contacts I can sit,here and kind of like review them and,just let you know my thoughts on what I,think about these contacts so first Im,just gonna give you a little backstory,um I started wearing contacts at the age,of I believe eleven twelve Im on there,it was a very young age I had to make my,eye doctor said that me wear contacts,because I used to play softball at that,time of course my insurance didnt cover,these contacts they only covered my,glasses stole all these years since,twelve years old which was 12 years ago,Ive been paying for contacts on my own,to wear that Acuvue Oasis I believe,theyre called and theyre super,expensive a box of three pairs is like,sixty seventy dollars,I am blindness my prescription is,synced 3.25 I also have a stigmatism,which pretty much means that even if you,do have something up close to your,vision is still a little bit better,instead that I give you a wasted thats,my I definitely doesnt like these my,eyes are used to them theyre drying out,super fast I need something new so he,introduced me to the Acuvue video which,are supposed to I think thats how you,Veta of Idaho there any kind of purple,packaging and again that were taking,month to month contacts and they were,supposed to be like super moisturizing,baba so I used that again my eyes guy,used to them so finally I got into,two helpful contacts on Instagram,because I kept seeing like these,advertisement pop up on my feet and Ive,been my research cuz I was like damn,like these are magic its like whats,going on and theyre also dailies which,I always wanted to try Baileys I just,never did because again I dont wear,contacts on a daily basis when on their,website and I did some research my first,initial question was why are they so,cheap llegas I believe I paint $36 or a,monthly supply of daily lenses which is,super cheap compared to 80 bucks for,three pairs of monthlies I am on their,website I just want to read off a couple,things really quick that they claim so,the reason why they are so inexpensive,is because they work with the,manufacturer so it says we are precisely,manufactured we spent almost a year,researching lens manufacturers and,visiting their factories after careful,consideration we shall st. shine as our,partner which is an FDA approved contact,with contact lens manufacturer with more,than 20 years of experience so thats,not which is why theyre able to sell,their contacts for cheaper they say,about their product description is our,lenses are made from high-grade meta,silicon a hydrogel material with 55,percent water content UV protection and,a thin edge theyre designed for easy,insertion all-day comfort and,crystal-clear vision now this right here,is a hundred percent true but the first,thing I notice about the contact is that,they are super super thin my Acuvue,contacts work thick as hell like I would,put them on my eye and when you would,blink like you can feel the contact in,your eye with things I do not feel them,at all and I feel like they are way more,way more moisturizing than the Acuvue,that I was using prior to these so they,are a monthly subscription service,because they are daily so every order,brings 30 contacts for the month which,is $36 and they let you try the first,month for free and you just have to,Peter $3 shipping thats how I started,and its a hundred percent true,nothing fraudulent about it I just paid,$3 and I got a months supply which is,two of these boxes right here now they,have different different types of,description where if you dont want to,get them monthly you can get them either,every two months or every three months I,believe it is and I do every three,months and the reason for that is,because if I were to get the monthly,subscription these would just be piling,up piling up piling up because I do not,wear contacts every single day majority,of the time I want to say probably 70%,of the time I am wearing my glasses with,these I have experienced very very,minimal irritation but I dont think it,has to do with the contacts themselves I,think its just because of my eyes are,extremely sensitive another thing I,noticed is that they do not get dirty,with my makeup and if they do they,easily just clean themselves off when I,blink with the active úbeda if I was,doing like eyeliner or eye shadow and,some of the powder will fall in my eye,it would stick any Klinge,onto the contact lens so I would have to,take them off clean them and put them,back on which is annoying as hell and if,something does happen to them or what is,irritating me or whatever the case may,be I just take it throw it out and pop,another one right back on me so I do,feel like they are very moisturizing,they do I have worn them like pretty,much all day I would say the most Ive,worn them its probably like 8 hours 9,hours and they do not feel trying at all,and I do not feel them in my eyes,theyre a super super thin material,which I absolutely know so I was really,surprised that these contacts are,actually really good theyre super clear,as soon as you put them on its like in,HD world and theyre just come there,boldly they are really really,comfortable and like I said if they do,if one does irritate you because your,eyes just being sensitive and annoying,that they just take it off throw it away,and pop on another one I dont really,think youre gonna go through your,monthly supply if you are a glasses,where I have these toolboxes which I,have anything,open and every scene please probably,like a month ago and I still have,contacts from the last time I got them,so I love that and so Im just gonna,open up the packaging so you guys can,see what it looks like and what I love,about them is that they use recycled um,cardboard and plastic so theyre kind of,like a clean brand so when you open it,you get your contact like this so you,get 30 pairs so what I like to do is,just rip them off in twos of course this,is five so its not an even number but,what I like to do is just rip them up,and tools like this and I keep them in,like a little a little like container,and my drawer and then of course its,gonna be one left over of every one so,you just pair those together but its,just cute and like I could just pop,these into I have like one in my up here,and my parents just in case Im out and,I need to switch them up for whatever,reason if they start bothering me or,break it something in my eye you never,know its super easy all the,informations on them I mean what else,can you ask for are you paying $80 a,compact I highly highly recommend them a,hundred percent I throw away all my,little contact cases and I feel like,this is going to provide um i infections,I used to get a lot of eye infections,and I feel like is because I didnt,change my I know this is all girls but I,didnt change my water out every single,day when I used to wear my monthly if I,could take them off and put them in the,case and not change the water huh youre,supposed to change the water every time,you wear them and I can honestly say,that my lazy-ass did not do that,and I think it just minimizes bacteria,and you know just a chance of you,getting an eye infection for what they,are the price is amazing and they may,not be like oh my god the best contacts,ever but hone

HUBBLE Contacts! Worth the buy?

[Music],hey youtube,its mix native beauty and im here to,do review on,hubble contacts so im a long wear,contact wearer ive been wearing,contacts since i was in the ninth grade,i am 30 now so thats a long time my,experience with contacts and glasses,i always keep a pair of glasses but i do,always wear my contacts when i do go out,if im going so were important,if im working with my hair clients i,always wear my contacts normally i may i,give you oasis,or just that i give you wearer and i did,move it to the acuvue oasis and i,believe,its activeview2 oasis or two ive used,mostly accuvue majority of my contact,wear,but if you are on instagram and you are,a contact wearer of some sort,somehow advertisements will get you and,show you hubble contacts,so ive been wearing hubble contacts for,over a year now,my experience with them im going to,compare them to my iqview oasis,and then the hubble of course my,experience with these when i first got,them,i put them on they fit pretty well they,feel,comfortable these are daily contacts so,you wear them one time,you throw them away if you are a,longwear contact,user you know that we sometimes you know,extend our wear on certain things like,for example my accumulations i would,wear them,more than two weeks but i would make,sure i take care of them kept them very,clean,im not recommending doing this because,you could cause yourself to get an eye,infection and other,issues but personally thats what ive,done,so with hubble ive actually wore them,more than once because if i dont wear,them all day,i will wear them you know the next day,and so forth,until i felt like they were getting,uncomfortable or,at the actual contact lens looked like,it was kind of getting worn out when you,get your hubble,it will come in a box like this i want,to say i tried the trial version which,you can get it for a dollar,you do pay for shipping i believe but,they do have an advertise where you can,try them for a dollar and they will send,you a smaller box,like this one here and it will come with,the amount that comes in the box which,is 15,and this one and then you have your,description here on the back i did try,these out,and once you do want to continue to,wear them theyll send you a bigger box,which you will get,the 30 im not sure if you can see this,because its kind of bright,but you will get the 30 in each one,and they do come,they do come in little containers like,this so far,my experience with wearing them theres,some days where i feel,like i put them on they fit perfectly,then theres some days i feel like,one of my eyes and particularly my right,eye for some reason,they just dont fit you know they just,kind of feel a little uncomfortable it,sometimes feels like i may need to,put a new one on or a different one on,but,after a while of wearing them they do,get comfortable so on a scale of one to,five,overall as far as like comfort contact,wear,how they fit on my eye and just overall,ill give them a,four three and a half to four but a,strong four theres some times where i,do get my contacts and,sometimes one may not feel comfortable,or i cant get it to get comfortable,or doesnt fit you know it doesnt feel,right right away,sometimes its okay very rare that i,have to actually put on a new one but,there has been times where,i had to put on a whole new concept,because something was wrong with that,one,and i also give it a four because you do,get,liquid they do of course come with,liquid in them,and i feel like sometimes depending on,how theyre being shipped or where,theyre at exactly,that depending on if theyre laying like,this for a long time or just whatever it,may be,given it is still they are closed no air,should get in them,i feel like the rim of the contact that,goes around the edge of the eye,i do feel like sometimes theyre not,very smooth,or that they have a little ripple in,them and normally when it happens with,contact is that it hasnt been,in the water long enough or got dried,out a little bit of some sort,so thats why i gave it a four because,of just how they come sometime theyre,not comfortable and i have to put on a,new one,very rarely and also that they just you,know,they come with a little ripple around,the edge sometime you know,i will say though um these are okay,to wear and you know ive been wearing,them but in a few i will,honestly just probably go back to my,accuplaces and my reasoning for that is,because i do get longer wear out of them,one and two i never have any issues with,them,three theyre very very comfortable,keyword oasis so my eye feels very moist,i dont feel like theyre getting dry,and so forth but if youre interested i,would give helpable try,and this is great for somebody who,doesnt have their eye prescription,change,often im 30 so i feel like at this age,my eyes very rarely change,ive been a three a negative 3.75 and,actually both my eyes are exactly,that prescription now instead of me,going to the eye doctor every year like,they say you should,i go every couple years but im able to,order this without having a,per se doctors prescription they will,ask like hey,where do you go whos your doctor but,they dont,you know require you to have a,up-to-date prescription for it if youre,interested,give it a try you may love them i dont,have a stigmatism or anything like that,i just im pretty blind but,i dont have any extra things that i,need they may ask you that when you,order them,like whats your prescription and all,their specifications but,they may be able to accommodate someone,who has astigmatism,but give it a try now if youre someone,who has tried help of contacts i would,love to hear your feedback,also your eye history and also just how,it works for you did it work for you did,it didnt work for you,do you know someone that tried them,leave a comment down below and let me,know,and like this video and share it if you,think somebody could benefit from this,thank you,ill be

Hubble Contacts | Review

have you been thinking about those,Hubble contact lenses you know the ones,that are supposed to be a fraction of,the price of active you Bausch and Lomb,cooper vision or zebra vision right,those are the big players and the,contact lens game that most people are,pretty familiar with but you have,certain questions right like why are,they so cheap,are they safe is really something that,Im saving that much well these are,certain questions that I do believe I,have certain very important answers for,you and it may make the difference,between you wanting to subscribe to,Hubble contacts or considering just,staying with the ones that you currently,have so keep on watching this video for,all the answers that youre looking for,all right here we go all right so lets,talk about the first thing why are,Hubble contact lenses so cheap well they,went directly to a contact lens,manufacturer thats based in Taiwan,called st. shine optical this is,information which is provided on the,Hubble website so you can find it there,yourself Im not making this stuff up or,trying to make them seem like theyre a,cheap company right this is the truth,and they essentially went directly to,them and they are making contact lenses,specifically for Hubble Hubble is not,rebranding Cooper vision lenses like,Costco does Walmart does the same thing,but Hubble they knew they couldnt do,that if they wanted to offer contacts at,the price that theyre selling it at,they needed it to be as cheap as,possible so they went to this company,called scene shine optical now st. shine,does not manufacture contacts for any of,the big players in the game Acuvue,Bausch and Lomb Seba vision Cooper,vision they all manufacture their own,contact lenses right so the reason why,they did this is because Hubble is not,trying to introduce a new contact lens,product theyre not trying to come out,with some new advanced material were,actually gonna get into that a little,bit later but you need to know that hull,Bowl I consider them actually a start-up,theyre a company thats backed by,venture capitalists money theyre trying,to essentially introduce a new business,model not a new product a business model,and because of that they go to a company,like Saint shine that makes contacts for,people or catalogs that want to have a,product without actually investing into,the manufacturing process or the,research and development of new,materials and so thats why Hubble went,to st. shine optical okay so the second,question and maybe one of the more,important ones that people oftentimes,will ask is are the Hubble contact,lenses just as good as my active use,Bausch and Lomb Cooper vision or Seba,Vision contact lenses right because,maybe people have been wearing them for,years and years and years and theyve,been pretty happy with it but maybe,theyre not as happy with the price now,especially with the newer contact lenses,that have been coming out they are,getting pretty pricey sometimes you,could see a 90 pack of daily disposable,lenses going for 85 90 sometimes $100,per box and yeah thats pretty expensive,it could be over $1 per lens and when,you have somebody like Hubble offering,their contacts at a fraction of the,price a third of the price sometimes,less than that then yeah people get,curious so I dont want to make this,video and give a subjective opinion I,dont want to say well I tried Hubble,contact lenses out for a week and then I,compared it to my AK you use compared it,to my blush and loans or or any of the,others so I want to use for parameters,that really define the characteristics,of a good contact lens all right so,were gonna be looking at material were,gonna be looking at water content were,gonna be also looking at oxygen transfer,ability which were gonna refer to as,dkt,okay so this is essentially how the,contact lens allows or how much oxygen,the contact lens allows to reach the,cornea the surface of your eye and then,were gonna have the center thickness,okay so material youre gonna have the,water content youre gonna have the,oxygen transfer ability and then youre,also going to have the center thickness,so those are the four parameters that,were going to look at okay in this,diagram that I put together here in,front of you youre gonna see that I,have a list of the different,manufacturers so youre gonna have,Hubble up there at the top right this is,the reason why we made this video were,gonna try and come,to everything else so you have Hubble,contact lenses right below it you have,the Acuvue true eye a very popular lens,the active view Oasis this is the daily,disposable version not the two-week,version that they make by the same name,then you have the Cooper my day and you,have the Seba total one and then youre,gonna have the Bausch and Lomb bio true,okay so lets start with the material,right so the material is something that,is very important because over the last,few years there have been a lot of,advancements in this area virtually all,of the modern contact lenses today are,made out of a silicone hydrogel alright,so these materials are great because,they not only retain a good amount of,water but they also allow a good amount,of oxygen to pass through so lets start,with Hubbles material they use a,material thats called methyl Conte now,this material when I did some research,on the surface at first just typing in,that name into Google it does it really,provide a whole lot of information it,does state that Hubble does use this,material Wikipedia you can find it there,Ill leave the link below does show that,they use it but when you click on it you,dont really get much else you dont see,who developed the material you dont see,how long its been around thats if you,just scratch the surface but if you dig,a little bit deeper youre gonna see,that Cooper vision actually released,their frequency five five contact lenses,back in 1999 and they use this same,material the Hubble is using for their,contact lenses okay so this shows us,that the material itself the methyl con,a has been around for maybe twenty years,that has been around 20 years,circulating on the consumer level so,its probably been in development much,longer than that so its a very old,material its nothing new Hubble is not,gonna be selling you something thats a,new product like I said at the beginning,it is a business model that theyre,pushing not a new product and so dont,go into Hubble because you are expecting,to get the latest and greatest material,it is not okay so thats just the truth,the second thing that we want to look at,is the water content right so when it,comes to the water content at 55%,Hubbell is is not bad its actually,pretty good 55 percent there are gonna,be others as you can see in the diagram,that are gonna have a higher water,content but there are also some that,have a little bit less like the activity,oasis at 38% and then the true eye also,at 46 right so you would think wow hey,thats great right a higher water,content well that is good the higher one,the higher water content is good but we,cant just focus on one area right like,we wouldnt want to judge any of these,contact lenses just in one area for,example all these different,manufacturers theyre gonna have some,numbers that are higher than others in,in one area and then theyre gonna,suffer in another and its not to say,that that makes your lenses bad and it,also doesnt mean that just because a,certain contact lens has all the numbers,above everyone else that their contact,lens is better than everybody else,because it really does come down to,whats gonna fit your eye the best okay,so theres a lot of things that go into,it but if we do look at the water,content Hubbell does have a pretty good,percentage fifty five percent is,definitely not bad so lets see how they,compare now in the dkt,so when we look at the dkt with Hubbell,it is at a what I I could only say is a,dangerous 18 right sometimes I have to,reread these numbers and say to myself,Im not too sure if most consumers knew,about this

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