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Huel Hot and Savoury: A Normal Persons Review

[Music],good,[Music],[Applause],[Music],so,[Music],and now,[Music],so were going to try fuel hot and,savory this has been,quite requested had a lot of asks for a,normal persons review of hot and savory,we decided to get three flavors we got,mexican chili,we got tomato and herb and we got sweet,and sour didnt really fancy the super,spicy ones,um i might try them in the future,im quite interested to try this because,if youve seen my videos youve seen i,tried a hot and savory version where i,just added hot water,and um thai bread curry paste,to huel unflavored and its,i think its fair to say it didnt go,well,so im hoping theyve actually managed,to do it right and,itd be good now there are images that,theyve put out of how it should look in,the bowl so well also be looking and,seeing whether,it compares well to how theyre,presenting it but,certainly to look at how theyre,presenting it it looks like its going,to be essentially,rehydrated peas and lentils and rice and,nice bits and,it doesnt look sloppy thats one of the,key things in all of their footage it,doesnt look sloppy,it looks like a really well balanced,rehydrated meal that,should be good so lets try it lets see,whats going on,lets say you need to shape the bag well,there we go,my wifes here with me shes going to,try it as well because,theres a nice puff,and it certainly smells like mexican,chili so i just got a real,uh burst of powder up my nose um,looks promising theres lots of bits in,here with your first order you get a,fuel hot pot it is just a plastic tub,with a lid,like it looks quite cool in the photos,is,its all right but it is just a plastic,tub in the lid so its two scoops,and in hot water they only sent us one,obviously because,they only design it for one person so,one scoop i can see my wife literally,going why are you getting powder,everywhere,two scoops my wife as well,do you want two scoops,you missed the face that she made though,so we put it all out and now we just,need to wait five minutes to let it all,soak in,i have a feeling it might be actually a,bit more sloppy than i expected,it smells and looks a lot like a cuppa,soup basically like posh kappa soup a,cup of soup thats actually,nutritionally balanced and stuff um so,be interesting to see how it tastes,smells good smells like mexican chili,im not good mexican chili but it smells,like mexican chili it smells like a,mexican chili copper soup or pot noodle,or any of those sorts of things but,um yeah lets see how it tastes in a,minute or two,right and its,kind of set and its definitely still,sloppy,its yeah its definitely still sloppy,its not quite,the rice and grains look,that id envisage from the um,from the advertising but it smells,pretty good,[Music],got a big bit of seed stuck in my tooth,last night,ill deal with that in a minute actually,remarkably tasty it still has that,slightly fuel,texture so essentially its nice,rehydrated bits,in a huel base so its like a,stew sort of consistency um its got,much more flavor than i expected,yeah id say really tasty the texture,the texture is good it might take some,getting used to,thats probably the best way to describe,it there are a few bits that you have to,chew,[Music],so it feels like you should just be able,to follow it straight down it feels in,between,a fuel and a rice bowl,if that makes any sort of sense but yeah,no actually thats a lot better,that is a lot better than i thought it,was going to be,i dont know whether that just means i,didnt think it was going to be very,good,one of the things that im looking,forward to actually were in the process,of,selling our house and buying a new house,and at the moment my commute,im home at lunch from work and so its,never been an issue i can come home and,if i want to make myself lunch i want to,make myself cure,its very easy but where were moving to,i wont be able to come home at lunch,so actually being able to take just put,two scoops of this into here,take this with me and then top it up,with hot water at lunch will be really,simple,and a lot cheaper than going to gregs,or waitrose or,mark spencers or subway or anything like,that and probably healthier too weve,got a couple of other flavors to try,so well do that over the rest of the,week and then well let you know what,the update is,so my wife loves being on camera,thoughts impressions it looks nice,and i like the way you paused before you,said nice i dont i dont know im,intrigued by what these little puffy,bits are,from having tasted it what are they no i,think theyre like puffed rice okay,yeah okay it actually tastes nice,quite spicy um,and thats white people spicy yeah why,you know kind of spice thats quite,spicy for me texture is,its got a bit of graininess but its,not too bad its basically like a thick,cup of soup i would say but its nice so,you can get those posh,hot noodles but theyre with rice kabuto,that type yeah um and i guess theyre,similar,similar to that again so its quite yeah,so theres slightly more slop in it,than yeah those things but yeah and more,flavorfully,yeah im quite impressed what are you,doing,um because im not very good with spice,im actually going to put some yogurt on,it,pretend its sour cream so yeah id,quite like to try it definitely,was it tomato and herb but weve got it,i think there might be more on my street,i would say i was a bit mean calling it,white person spice,its the more i eat the spicier its,getting,i wouldnt say its unbearable,but its definitely spicy nice with,yogurt,right is that a particularly special,yogurt,new valley greek style natural yogurt,which our daughter has decided she likes,yeah,the onion yogurt she likes so she has,only eight months she doesnt have a,particularly wide palette here,so day two of your heart and savory uh,were gonna try,the tomato and herb one today,um this is a non-spicy one a couple of,thoughts from yesterday,it was good and i i did feel full its,one of the questions i get asked quite a,lot is how full did you feel did you,feel full enough to,carry on did you feel like you needed a,snack i felt absolutely fine,right through till dinner emma was,saying that she got a bit peckish,so we had that at 1 30. said she got a,bit peckish,six six six thirty um,but was fairly easily resolved yeah ive,been thinking about it i,i actually i really like it i think its,a its its something different to have,for lunch,so youre not just having the same,flavors and the same texture its nice,it has a bit of texture,i still wouldnt want to do it 24 7,just fuel even with this because theres,a bit of chewing in this but its not,like having something to really get your,teeth into,i guess you could use theyve got like,the protein bars and the,various things that you if you wanted to,but i really,thats not how i see using it but,actually as an easy lunch,tip would you stop trying to get up on,the lap right now,come here right okay you be in the video,i dont use it that way i like having a,proper dinner,i also thought itd be really good in,the van actually having a bag of this in,the van,particularly if you went out for a walk,youd feel a bit chilled after a winter,walk or something like that,fuel is fine as a source of energy,normal fuel cold mix,but if you have something to actually,warm you up and feels a bit more filling,i think we might well end up with a bag,of this in the van just to sort of keep,us going,i also think its a bit of a shame that,the heel pod is not designed to,transport,made fuel its only designed to do the,dry mix which is fine,but like yesterday i was cutting a bit,fine with lunch and i thought i could,put it in my bag,its clearly not waterproof it is not a,waterproof pot,if you put hot water in there and mix up,your fuel you will just get leaking,all over your bag but it will be fine,for transporting dry heel,um but yeah other than that i think,thats about right so lets try,tomato in here lets see what it smells,like,[Applause],smells like tomato and herb grilled,cheese dip,the other thing that i didnt ha


all right whats up guys so today i have,a special video,and i just wanted to see you guys have,seen,all over instagram and all of your,social media that heal is this hot and,ready meal thats ready to go within,five minutes you just pour hot water let,it sit and apparently its supposed to,have all the nutrients and macros that,you need in order to stay fit,so i wanted to see whether or not this,thing is first off tasty second off has,the macros and third off worth your,money so went ahead ordered my own box,right here,and were gonna go ahead and get into it,lets see whats good unbox this baby,ready so it comes with this little,package here oh okay this might be the,free shirt,that i have um,well break it out in a sec,we have the thai green curry here,just in this big old bag,feels kind of powdery,weve got cajun pasta and we got mac and,cheese very hyped to try this one,we also have this uh heel pot i guess it,just kind of comes with it its plastic,um,yeah i mean looks like normal old cup i,guess and then we got,two scoops which i guess is the standard,measurement so heres the shirt,and you guys can probably see it says,heel,kinda clean,on the back it says heel with a little,stripe i like the design its kind of,soft,man can i gonna have to put this on real,quick nah just kidding,yall gotta pay for that type of,[Music],all right so how this works,is were going to go ahead break these,bags open,all right,now its all shaken up were gonna go,ahead,we add,two scoops,to the bowl,and i already have water boiling but,youre just going to add boiling water,to it and cover it so,bam,its done like that and now all we have,to do is grab the water,its boiling um its about done now and,well go ahead and add it to,the pastas and then we just cover them,all right bam,it doesnt look too appetizing right now,but,now we all have to do,is uh pop some lips on them and then,just play the weight again,[Music],all right so for the moment of truth,as you can see i ran out of small lids,so so you can see,doesnt really look too appetizing let,me uh let me try stirring it around,lets see lets see if i could fix this,it doesnt look like all that amazing,well see all right so i stirred it in,give it a little bit of time and heres,the finished product,so thats,this is the thai green chili,the mac and cheese im actually very,excited for it looks pretty good,and the occasion it looks a little,little suspect im not gonna lie all,right now for the moment of truth lets,try this,stuff out,so right now got the thai green chili,here,you can kind of see it kind of thickened,up a little bit as it was able to sit,out,um kind of looks like an actual like,porridge now but,im not gonna lie im not really a fan i,dont know,maybe ill gotta let it grow on me,its really just nutty thats it kind of,like oatmeal,they just made it look kind of like a,chili,i dont know if im a fan ill be honest,second bowl,we got the mac and cheese and this,actually looks pretty solid like it,thickened up,let me let me show you the consistency,but,thickened up you know,sounds proper,and uh were gonna go ahead and try it,you know,pretty solid but,i dont know i feel like one of the,noodles didnt cook through or maybe the,taste is a little little off but,yeah definitely getting uh,getting,a strange like nutty flavor from it,but i mean,not bad,not bad,all right last bowl,were trying out the cajun pasta,looks kind of watery,i dont know how to feel about this but,well see,the noodles are cooked through though,theyre definitely watery,and i dont know theres not really any,flavor to it its just literally like,eating noodles i dont know how to feel,about it,[Music],all right fellas so,the taste test im not gonna lie,wasnt good i dont think any of these,uh these items really pass the taste,test for me um wouldnt necessarily be,able to recommend it for the taste kind,of the the big important factor here,but lets go ahead and well look over,the macros real quick so per bag theres,going to be about 400 calories,for two scoops and 24 to 25 grams of,protein per bag,and well also have 13 grams of fat,and 50 grams of four carbs,so overall the macros are pretty good,and it actually has a lot of good,micronutrients um ill just throw the,tag on the screen here you guys could,read through them all so the macros are,pretty good for someone with a sedentary,lifestyle you know maybe some light,working out but nothing too crazy,uh but,if you were to eat i guess every meal,and get all two thousand calories per,day,with straight yield youll end up with,about 125 grams of protein pretty solid,if youre lifting weights you want to,get probably one gram of protein per,pound of body weight,uh id probably say you could either,substitute out some of those calories,for a protein shake to hit that target,or to eat one meal thats a little bit,more anabolic and hit that as well so,overall yeah i would give the macros a,the check mark you could definitely work,it into your diet,and make it work and then,also the micronutrients huge plus,honestly i didnt expect it to have,micronutrients like that so thats,awesome,and were looking at this from a price,point it is about four dollars per bag i,think it was 380 if you get the,discount its a little bit on the,pricier side but with the time you save,i could kind of see the the pricing on,it because it is a full meal if you cook,a full meal by yourself from scratch,its probably like going to cost you 283,bucks so its only a dollar up charge,for the convenience factor,but,would i be able to recommend heal,that,im not gonna lie has to be a hard note,for me,just,generally i really wanted it to work out,because i wanted it to be a substitute,if i needed to go somewhere or someone,had to go to the office and theyd need,to just microwave something or put,boiling water in it and let it sit,become a meal,wouldnt be a bad substitute you dont,you wouldnt have to pack lunch that way,or,lets say youre just literally trying,to shred up and you could fit in some,some anabolic meals here and there but,overall you want to just simplify your,meals cook less or youre not that,experienced with cooking that would be a,great substitute um but i really,couldnt recommend it just purely on the,taste um,i really wish that,it did taste good especially since,uh when you order it you have to order,it in i think,packs of seven servings i cant remember,the actual number hopefully ill correct,myself here yeah so overall you kind of,have to buy a large bulk whenever you,order it makes sense logistically but,its kind of like a big commitment for,something that just doesnt taste good,and i i wish it was good,uh and you know even if they sacrificed,a little bit of the macros i would take,it over that,so,would i give heal my recommendation im,sorry youll not gonna lie,i cant i cant it just doesnt taste,good i wish it did,great marketing looked great i think you,guys have a great idea in your head but,just refine the flavors man go youll,get it down yeah thats pretty much all,it is from me um just wanted to let you,guys know what my opinion is on heal and,my experience uh feel free to drop a,like comment subscribe and uh let me,know whats good hope you all stay,beautiful,peace,im not gonna lie though this this,caught fire im not this look kind of,good on me all right time to change,back though,just kidding yall need to pay for that,,i see you if you still are here,man get,get out of here get out of here,[Music]

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Huel Mac N Cheeze Hot and Savoury – A Tasty Complete Nutrition Meal – Any good?

when she released their hot and savory,range i said it was a game changer,the perfect balance of carbs proteins,fats all your nutritional macro,micronutrients 27 vitamins and minerals,all of those things weve come to expect,in a shake but in a quick simple hot and,savory meal,well now theyve added a new flavor,mac and cheese,now im looking forward to tasting this,so without further ado lets get on with,it,traditionally when it comes to meal,replacement products like huel its,normally in the form of a shake or in a,ready to drink,the beauty being you get all your,essential macro micronutrients,scientifically formulated in a perfectly,balanced meal,so you dont have to worry about,preparing and buying all the ingredients,to make sure that youre eating healthy,food etc,especially useful for those with busy,lifestyles or work you know forget to,have lunch and things like that but it,can get a bit boring and bland,just having shakes and stuff all day,but the huel hot and savoury range,offers a hot tasty meal that does all of,that is ready in under five minutes,contains all your carbs your 24 grams of,plant-based protein your healthy fats,loads of fiber and every vitamin and,mineral your body needs now ive tried,and tested all the flavors,from the hot and savory range from the,super spicy madras,to the more plain tomato and herb,but mac and cheese,now this is the first time i think,theyve used pasta as an ingredient,now ive had a,pasta based complete nutritional meal,product,in the form of sort of the cayenne pasta,plenty pot from jimmy joy and that was,okay,so,lets check out the ingredients of this,hot and savory cheese and mac,notice how they spell cheese,cheese with a zed which suggests that,its not real cheese for those worried,about that hell describe it as an,indulgent creamy pasta with a subtle,smoky cheese flavor sweet tomatoes and a,hint of garlic,note it does contain gluten if that,matters to you so this this one does,contain gluten in terms of the main,ingredients,youve got here youll see youve got,dried macaroni,uh which is durum wheat semolina cheese,style seasoning cheese style seasoning,which is made up of maize starch,dairy-free creamer sunflower oil glucose,syrup modified starch then youve got,your rice flour onion powder yeast,extract spices which are like mustard,turmeric paprika black pepper garlic,powder,some natural flavorings like oregano,pea protein coconut milk powder,soluble gluco fiber flaxseed oil powder,dried tomatoes and then your,micronutrient blend,which delivers all those vitamins and,minerals etc etc anyway you can check,out all the ingredients on the website,there as weve come to expect from fuel,were getting a nutritionally balanced,instant meal yeah the macronutrients,vitamins and minerals that your body,needs to help you thrive a basic serving,of the hull hot and savoury contains a,balanced macro split which is 38 25 37,so thats carbohydrates fats protein and,fiber and all the 26 vitamins and,minerals that your body needs to thrive,so basically thats made up of carbs 40,grams of carbs 24 grams of protein 30,grams of fat 11 grams of fiber and then,a vitamin and mineral mix is about two,grams but what you really want to know,is what does it taste like,well lets find out prep wise its super,easy easy you make sure you give the bag,a good shake because the ingredients can,settle so you want to make sure youve,mixed all the ingredients,then its basically two scoops,for a 400 calorie meal two scoops,of the hull and then you can add to,those two scoops add 250 ml of boiling,water stir thoroughly uh make sure that,you get uh ensure even heating cover it,for five minutes,boom youre done alternatively you can,do it in the microwave but were going,to be doing it in the bowl in terms of,microwave two scoops 250 mls of cold,water microwave two minutes stir and,then another uh one minute under the,microwave,but anyway there you go lets uh make it,up and see what it tastes like,[Music],okay so here we are,you can see that,mac and cheese,yes its got a nice,theres certainly a cheesy smell to it,and uh,from sort of constituents point of view,constituency point of view it looks um,looks okay,you can see a few sort of herbs and,stuff in there,a few other bits with sort of vegetables,or and stuff,but lets get on with the tasting thats,what youre here for,oh its nice theres a nice cheesy taste,to it,give it a taste though i mean a cheesy,smell to it thats the important thing,okay,thats nice the pasta is slightly,crunchy but not in a kind of,its not cooked properly way but in a,kind of,nice way but its also sort of soft i,know thats uh,oxymoron,yeah thats nice oh my lord,so um some of the spicy ones they do,like madras is super spicy,and the mexican chili i quite like its,quite spicy as well,and then the tomato and herb people find,say to me which are not so spicy they,say oh thats quite bland,a bit the corner although i like them,all to be honest but this if youre not,sure about the spicy one,im,surprised,at how well the pastas come out in this,considering,all ive done is added two scoops of the,stuff,250 mls of water,mixed it up left it for five mins,im curious what itd be like in the,microwave but to be honest,using the boiling water from the kettle,method,this is really nice,its just a nice just a hint of,sort of cooked crunch to the to the,pasta but theres also a chewiness to,the,pasta and it,like its been like youve done a a mac,n cheese and you put it under the grill,yeah so you know you get this slight,crispy bits of pasta theres elements of,that to it,and yet also elements that are sort of,normal chew,im really enjoying this,yeah,sorry im pleasantly surprised i was,excited about this i was hoping it was,going to taste good,and it does,ive seen some comments on my instagram,i posted going its disgusting whatever,of course taste is always subjective but,thats really nice,i mean is it the tastiest mac and cheese,youll ever have in all your life is it,gourmet mac and cheese of course not but,theres real flavor to it,it tastes pretty well it tastes cheesy,i mean ive had sort of instant meals,before with pasta and stuff like that,and cheesy pasta you can get from the,supermarket super cheap,its better than that,in terms of its taste,yeah so you know those quick kind of,make pasta things you can get in the,supermarket it tastes better than that,significantly better than that its a,nice savory cheesy taste to it i want,some more its very its very nice,im definitely going to be ordering some,of this because i think it tastes really,nice,and if you you know,yeah if you sort of fed up the spicy,stuff it makes a great change from that,if youve got some of the more spicy,meals they do,and then some of this this will add,great variety to that to sort of chop,and change but um,its quite moorish as well i im,pleasantly surprised i thought it would,be okay,but its a bit better than i actually,thought to be honest so well done huell,price wise you need to buy a minimum of,three bags of the hot and savory which,in fairness does seem a lot if youve,never tried them before,but that does work out about 49 50 for,three bags which is 21 meals so thats,two pound 35 per meal so youre getting,seven meals a bag so thats if you,subscribe and thats still significantly,cheaper than to say a shop bought,sandwich and of course much more healthy,in terms of just not subscribing and a,one-off purchase then its 54 pound 99,which is 2 pounds 61 per meal so in,conclusion as i say i like the option of,having a hot and savoury meal especially,in the autumn and winter and knowing,that i dont have to faff about with,buying all the right ingredients and all,the food waste that comes with that the,prepping cooking a meal to ensure i get,all the right nutritious kind of healthy,elements that i need when i can,literally just boil a kettle,a couple of scoops of this leave it for,five minutes boom,there is my nutritional requirements,being met in a hot warm tasty meal which,is p

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The Weirdest Thing Ive Eaten… Huel Hot and Savory Powdered Meals Review!

[Music],so,[Music],all right what is going on guys joey,suggs here welcome to todays video,and let me start by i guess putting on a,shirt and to fit the video what better,shirt to put on,than this one alright so i dont know if,you guys are anything like me,but i have been seeing an insane amount,of instagram facebook ads,for this company called hule,hole im not quite sure the name or the,specific correct name,but ive been seeing their ads,everywhere and something,one of their products really got me off,guard,actually and its what theyre calling,their hot and savory,product so im going to briefly run over,what i got from them,see what im working with and i think,were going to try and make some meals,try them out for you guys,and see how everything goes if you guys,are pumped for todays video can you,please,smash thumbs up button if youre new to,the channel subscribe,i gotta get it out early gotta get it,out now while everyones still here,now lets get into it so ill say my,entire order i think was 78,and the shirt was free so i didnt have,to pay for that but,this is the bulk of my order,i got three flavors of whatever,this hot and spicy meals are,im gonna be honest whenever i saw their,promotion for,their ad for it i was like ooh that,looks disgusting,like gross now that im looking at it,and im like reading this stuff,this is actually pretty sick i think so,first of all i got three flavors i got,the sweet and sour the,mexican chili and tomato,and herb okay so just looking at the,sweet and sour one here um,all of these seem to have 400 calories,the macros are a little different but,what im surprised to see is that,theres actually a decent amount of,protein,uh for the calories so you get seven,servings,per bag im not sure exactly how much,each bag is ill put it up like,right over here like i said my order was,78 bucks all together shipping and,everything,it looks like all you have to do add one,or two scoops,add water cover and heat for five,minutes and youre good to go,so it looks like you get 14 full scoops,per bag and each scoop,is 200 calories so,lets say i have a scoop and a half i,got my phone hold on,so you get anywhere from like 20 to 30,meals,from these three bags for 78 bucks,thats pretty solid,all right so obviously im going to try,this stuff this is the mexican,chili flavor i think its going to,happen tonight maybe like,make a little ground beef or ground,turkey or something and then put this,with it,thats the way im picturing this is,like a different way of like the,what is it uncle bens bagged rice,thats kind of how im figuring this is,gonna fit into my diet,bag tear for the boys,oh a little dusty what the hell,this is wild whoa,okay this is not this is not what i was,expecting okay so,this is what the inside of the bag looks,like,theres like way more like powdery stuff,than i thought honestly honestly i,cannot wait any longer i just want to,get this in the microwave and see what,[Music],happens,all right im gonna get down to food,level with you um,thats that is not,what i was expecting i dont know i just,feels like its im eating like military,food kind of,either way were gonna try it i dont,know if this company is supposed to be,vegan or something,but im gonna put some meat on top uh i,made,which by the way if youre not doing,this you got to start doing this,mixing lean ground beef with 99,fat free ground turkey mwah,all right now that we got the meat in,there im starting to understand it,maybe a little more this is more like a,chili than more like a rice dish than,what i was thinking of,but it does not look horrible,but it definitely looks very weird first,bite,possibly best bite possibly worst bite,okay its not bad no its definitely not,okay wait,it says mexican chili right there,im an idiot i shouldnt have been,expecting a rice dish this entire time,okay as a chili i gotta say the flavor,is pretty good,actually the consistency is solid if,youre thinking of it as a chili im,gonna eat the whole thing,im gonna think and im gonna come back,to you a few,moments later there we go,meal done that was kind of spicy,honestly but,surprisingly very good i was not,expecting that whenever it first came,out of the microwave,it was it was pretty good it tasted like,a chili that you would buy at a,restaurant so if i had to rate it i,would probably,rate this flavor itself,maybe a seven and a half out of ten,which is good for me thats thats good,im probably end up trying the tomato,and herb next,so lets check that one out,[Music],all right we took a little different,approach with this flavor,by the way this is the,tomato and herb rice and quinoa meal,so i did this a little differently i for,one,measured out everything on a scale,instead of just using the scooper,and i think it made a big difference in,the consistency and,i put chicken on top uh instead of,ground beef and this is like just,some rotisserie chicken that i had,leftover and im telling you this meal,one looks huge and two looks delicious,lets give it the old college try,all right,yo okay,yes,oh let me straighten you up,okay this right here is what i was,expecting these meals to be like,you can see its still pretty creamy,kind of like a little pasty i guess you,could say,but this is more of a ricey meal and,this is the perfect meal for what im,doing right now,at work having a lunch break being able,to just bring a bag of this to work,with some sort of meat source just,because i want more protein,is perfect for me for quick easy fast,lunches,and like i said this flavor and this,combo with the chicken actually taste,really really good im going to eat this,work for a little bit,and i will tell you my overall opinion,on it after im done,sound good cool,all right as you can tell i am now,finished,whoo time elapsed that was like a little,over,30 minutes of eating like straight up,just,like taking a bite working taking bite,its filling,very very filling a little bit pasty as,well but i think if i would have added a,little more water in the mixture it,would have made it,nice and even but overall i think im,going to have to rate this one,flavor-wise right around the same around,7.5,maybe slightly better maybe like a 7.8,out of 10. im pretty impressed,pretty satisfied with how tasty and easy,it was,for this meal if i had to come up with,like the total macros for it,i used one and a half servings so about,300 calories,and 60 grams of protein in that chicken,so almost,80 grams of protein in that meal thats,pretty solid for just getting a meal in,midday while youre at work in literally,three minutes,so we got one more to try im to try it,whenever i get home for dinner so i will,see you guys,there and were back,back in the hule shirt whole shirt,whatever the hell its called,back with another meal and this one is,the,sweet and sour oh were also back with,this wonderful animal right here,maddie um so i made,this for dinner,it is a sweet and sour and then i put,some mahi on top,so this is just like the other one same,process you do the two scoops and then,the water and then a minute 30 of the,microwave and youre good,to go uh i have a confession to make i,am still,extremely full from lunch and thats,because i,am well one not very diligent at reading,the instructions and two,i guess just a horrible youtuber i did a,serving and a half of the tomato basil,and i said it was like probably around,300 calories no it was double that it,was actually like 600 calories thats,why it was so,big and so filling but i only used,a half of a serving or no 75 of a,serving of water,so thats why it was so pasty im sure,youre not as dumb as i am and,im sure i will hopefully get this down,the more i do it,but as of right now this one is exactly,correct so its two full scoops one full,serving,400 calories with the correct amount of,water and the consistency,is perfect,okay lets see what were working with,flavor-wise i gotta say the aroma from,this one is really,strong we got some mahi on there as well,as some of the stuff,first bite

I ATE NOTHING but HUEL for 30 Days and This is What Happened (Perfect Food for CLIMBERS?)

i feel like climbers in particular can,struggle with diet because theres so,much emphasis on strength to weight,ratio,man i did so much training and climbing,and felt like super good,all the needed macro and micro nutrients,in perfect balance,i was told i need to get another blood,test,because im going to be in trouble they,actually,max out at 100 your daily value,long-term damage to my body is probably,not worth it,have you ever struggled to eat right i,mean everyone always talks about how a,proper diet is,so important for climbers but then they,say we need like such and such amount of,carbs and proteins and fiber and,vitamins and blah blah blah,so you got to get all these ingredients,from the store you got to cook yourself,these healthy meals like three times a,day and oh my god like who has time for,that,now what if i told you that theres,another way what if i told you theres a,food that has all the nutrients you need,it only takes 30 seconds to make it,tastes amazing,it costs the same or less than regular,groceries,and its delivered to your front door,you call me crazy right,but as it turns out this magical food,does exist,its called so,i made a decision in the name of being,healthy and climbing well,im throwing everything out in my pantry,to see,what happens if i try to live work and,climb,on only heel for 30 days and considering,i dont exactly have like an,iron stomach this could get interesting,[Music],right before we jump into it i want to,be clear that this video is,not sponsored in any way by hewl also,remember that im a physical therapist,not a dietitian so take my opinion on,nutrition with a grain of salt,however i did just download my own,nutritionist instagram page so im,pretty qualified,so fuel claims to contain all the needed,macro and micro nutrients in perfect,balance,all you have to do is add water to the,powder and shake or,blend it up so it like takes 30 to 60,seconds to make and requires no cooking,each scoop is 200 calories so its easy,to get the exact amount of calories you,want no more no less,and its really inexpensive costing less,than two dollars per 400 calorie serving,for the huel 3.0 powder,there are many different flavors which,you can also combine and make new,flavors so you,really dont get bored too easily and,since it has the consistency of a,smoothie it can be easier for people to,digest compared to solid food,and is less likely to leave you with,that like heavy feeling,now if that doesnt peak your interest,i honestly dont know what will so just,leave,[Music],so before i start the challenge i first,had to figure out exactly how many,calories i need to consume,each day in order to not like wither,away and die,its a pretty important aspect to cover,a quick bmr or basal metabolic rate,the calculation yields 2 700 calories a,day approximately,second in the hopes of not getting,completely burned out from just eating,one thing all the time im gonna take,and spread out the bulk of my calories,between,several different flavors of the huel,3.0 powders,supplementing that with some heel bars,and hyoja and savory,all of which have the same balance of,nutrients just slightly different,like form factors finally i need to get,my,baseline health and climbing,measurements ill do this through a,series of subjective and,objective measurements which ill track,throughout the 30 days,ill also get a blood test midway,through the challenge to make sure im,not dying more on that later though but,for now,lets get to hewlin,[Music],day one im liking it i dont know its,pretty easy not having to think about,what foods im gonna prepare and whatnot,i dont know if i did as,good as i thought i would gonna do on,like the max,pull-ups in the max push-ups liking all,the heel,ready to keep rocking going in tonight,man i did so much training and climbing,and felt like,super good and im realizing something,that may be making the difference,ive been up for five hours now and,ive peed four times already,i think im super hydrated because im,still drinking water but,all the fuel has a bunch of water in,with it so,that could be affecting my performance,my stomachs a little weird today,like yesterday my stomach was perfect,today you feel a little more like,um like gastrointestinal reflex,and like a little gassier in general,like nothing like super bad or super,uncomfortable but,definitely different than yesterday but,its only like third day,so im sure my bodys still adjusting,but energy good,[Music],i think the biggest thing ive had to,take away from is like i mean i,obviously feel a lot better im drinking,less caffeine too and feeling,much better energy which is interesting,um,i cant decide if its because im just,getting more,water or if i just wasnt having enough,calories before um because now that its,actually,measured out im being more specific,about it,the coffee caramel bar is delicious,peanut butter bar this cardboard but,yeah so far,so good i may never go back to eating,regular food,interesting day the first,time like this morning i woke up my,stomach was,not cool its the huel am i being,betrayed,actually didnt make sense its day,eight right now its like,why all of a sudden what it kind of hit,me,um there was no real explanation and i,was like,just in the fetal position sitting on,the couch for like three hours,slowly sipping water and finally started,to feel kind of better and then like,all of a sudden i felt fine totally,normal like,i had a great rest of my day i think i,was just really dehydrated my body,freaked out,um which is funny because ive been,super hydrated yesterday but i,sweat a ton in the gym climbing the,other night,our last night i dont think i drink,enough water with the heel,so i need to do a little bit better job,about that because thats what ive been,so,psyched on its like im so well,hydrated,its a little touch and go for a while,there yesterday,back on the water train back to feeling,fantastic,stomach is totally normal again energy,levels are good,crisis averted,i dont have cravings like,at all i dont know if its because of,the huel or just,it just works well for me to be so,programmed with my eating,i have none i dont know why none,im fine,[Music],i honestly feel like this is far too,easy,it just speaks to my lifestyle,its super super efficient and im still,not bored like i kind of experiment,around with some of the flavors,add in different stuff you know just,different combos,see what i like super easy ill just,keep doing this,forever um all right this might be a,little,scattered lots to uh,consider for this kind of serious update,so i got my blood work back and i think,i havent mentioned everything looked,great to me which i was kind of being,stupid about because my potassium was a,little high,and im like oh yeah potassium like,bananas,sodium good im fine and then was,reminded by,medical professionals like who work in,internal medicine,that high potassium can cause damage to,your kidneys,and potential like cardiac arrest,and so i have an interesting decision on,my hands now,i was told i need to get another blood,test,because it could be like a little false,positive if some of the red blood cells,broke,or like i just need to stop because im,gonna be in trouble,im recording now stop recording,why do you think i experienced those,couple of days of sudden,illness a lot of times it it takes a bit,for your body to adjust whenever you,have a big dietary change you,probably were modifying the amount of,electrolytes you were taking in,they actually max out at 100 your daily,value,and so you for however many weeks prior,to obtaining your blood work were,having more than that so you were having,a higher level,and then again the hydration is,something we worry about too,your renal function actually didnt look,bad your numbers were within,normal range um but what was concerning,was that your potassium was quite high,too high or too low can cause you to,feel ill can cause you to feel unwell,and your levels of hydration can,definitely affec

Huel Hot And Savoury, Pasta Editions: A Normal Persons Review

so this isnt quite the video that i had,originally planned this was originally,going to be a video purely on the mac,and cheese hot and savory,because its one of the most requested,videos ive had for a while,and then,about a week before it was due to go out,id filmed it id done it and was ready,to go out theyve announced two new,pastas which is quite exciting because,actually having done the taste test,youll see my results in a minute did,the mac and cheese,and it was good,and the pasta adds a lot extra to it,actually its really nice because of the,pasta so theyve now announced two new,pasta additions to the hot and savory so,there is chicken and mushroom and cajun,pasta,so im just gonna let the video play as,i originally had for the mac and cheese,and then ill come back at the end and,ill give you my thoughts on the chicken,and mushroom,and the cajun pasta because,yeah if theyre as good as the mac and,cheese im excited about this so yeah,anyway lets roll the original video and,well go from,[Music],there so as i said last week,this is going to be a bit of a huge,heavy sort of run-up because there are,just some new products i want to try and,this is one i have been,really keen to try uh this one which you,have been keen that i try as well so,there have been lots of comments on my,previous videos about whether im going,to try this and its one that i even had,a discussion before it was announced,with somebody that said this is what,they should do,and it is,the mac and cheese hue im excited about,this i take my,mac and cheese pretty seriously i,am running a,vague series im not always completely,consistent with it but on my instagram,page dirty fridays where,part of the whole huel thing is,a lot of people have said do i not like,food is that why fuel and actually i,love food and thats why hell because i,love food a little bit too much i tend,to over indulge a little bit too much so,huel helps me,rationalize how many calories im having,during the day so then i can kind of,enjoy my food more in the evening dinner,is probably my favorite meal,particularly,im a big believer in,if youre gonna indulge,do indulgence properly so fridays dirty,fridays,me and my wife we we think about it,during the week and think what do we,really want as our friday end of working,week treat,and so weve done some fantastic we did,a cheeseburger lasagna which is not,just cheeseburgers,put in an oven which somebody thought it,was we do tacos we do we do white people,taco night burgers and,just yeah,pizza,anything and everything um just to,really,enjoy the pleasure of cooking and mac,and cheese is one of my favorites i do,take it seriously,ive really weird mac and cheese,recently theres a recipe that i got,through gusto so ive done a gusto hello,fresh comparison a couple years ago i,need to update one of them if youd like,to see that,let me know down in the comments but,yeah got a gusto mac and cheese yeah was,a chipotle mac and cheese that sounded,fantastic it was a fantastic pasta bake,but it was not mac and cheese there was,not enough cheese in it there was not,enough creaminess it was creme fraiche,and a bit of cheddar,but then a whole lot of tomato paste and,chipotle paste fried onions and peppers,and then with a crispy,topping it was it was a lovely lovely,flavor do not get me wrong but it wasnt,mac and cheese it wasnt creamy thick,unctuous cheesy goodness,so itll be interesting to see whether,this lives up to it now whats,interesting is because it is fuel and,its kind of there,very keen on all these things,is vegan suitable so although its,cheese,c-h-e-e-z-e so its vegan cheese its,a lot of theirs is gluten-free yeah this,has wheat in it so this is not gluten,free,but a lot of their other options are but,it is it is vegan cheese so thats good,so they also sent me a slightly new and,improved,fuel,hot and savory to go hot in terms of,whats new and improved about it,its now got a matte finish,that seems to be about it i dont know,whether its,made of a different plastic but they,seem to send you one with each huel hot,and savoury order which is is quite nice,and then the white scoops are for the,hot and savory i want to see how it,looks,and so actually i want to make it in a,bowl so you can actually see theres,also the question of,they say two scoops,and ive discussed this on the the,videos of hot and savory before as well,because there are always chunks in here,trying to find the right balance of,chunks to powder sometimes becomes a bit,of a challenge so,lets see if we can get that right and,getting the right amount so that was,where that thought was going getting the,right amount can be quite a challenge,so they say you want two scoops which,should be,on the other ones that actually had how,much you should have,so 102 okay 102 grams the two scoops,should be 102 grams,sorry took me a moment there,each of the different fuel haunts areas,has slightly different amounts so thats,where i think theyve gone with two,scoops is just easiest trying to mix,this up so that i get a good mix of,fuel and powder yeah 104 grams that was,pretty spot on,it hasnt been before ive had to do,kind of two and a half scoops before so,its then that to 250 ml of water rather,than go and deconstruct this im just,going to take a quick video so i can,show you so thats the texture dry,so theres actually a lot more pasta in,here,than there are in some of the other hot,and savories,i think i had a different jumper on when,i started this video its not great for,the continuity is it if in doubt get a,bigger bowl,so,texture before i cover it,cover it and we leave it for five,minutes,um,obviously when its in this you dont,need to cover it well you do cover it,because its got a lid i dont normally,cover it but because this is kind of the,trail run i wanted to see how it got on,with covering it because its got,pasture in there so i feel like it needs,to,keep the heat in to cook a bit better so,its been five minutes and ive dragged,emma out with me,which shes loving right now because she,feels so glamorous and uh i havent,interrupted her midway through her,working day just to um,come and taste some mac and cheese i,kind of want her view on this as well so,actually looks,pretty good and gloopy im gonna i know,this is weird doing a video of a video,just to give you some idea of,the texture,yeah,that,i was talking earlier about the gusto,mac and cheese and how it was a lovely,pasta bake,but it wasnt actually,mac and cheese,uh this is completely vegan,okay so what makes making it cheesy,no,idea um the yeasty thing,has been nutritional yeast nutritional,yeast extract yeah yeast extract,smoke flavoring thats always good,cheese style seasoning,come on lets try it okay,all right,im going first am i,its gonna be hot,and savory,could probably do with another couple of,minutes the pasta is um,still has a tiny bit of crunch to it it,doesnt have the,fuel taste,you know that,very thats in every bit of fuel has,that humid taste thats not bad,damned with faint praise it was a quick,and easy lunch hmm,there was a reason i cant quite,put anything on it is it mac and cheese,i dont know what it is,theres a sort of,something fragrant in there which tastes,a bit odd i think coconut milk powder,thats what it is yeah yeah you can,taste the coconut,because its lactose free as well so,its lactose free,yeah so so its completely,so to try and get it creamy you get it,more after youve finished you dont get,it on the first taste then youre kind,of left with this coconutty aftertaste i,would say the texture is pretty good for,me its different from the other hot and,savories as well which is,nice feels like it could do with a bit,of salt,cheese yeah,yeah a bit a bit of real cheese it would,be great better than i was worried it,might be,are you not convinced,and you dont you dont eat these yeah i,wouldnt mind eating that,i dont have a real deal probably thats,a quick thing yeah as a quick thing,thats a good option,so i think that kind of sums it up so

Huel Hot and Savoury Pasta Bolognese – Review and Taste Test

fuel has just introduced pasta bolognese,to their hot and savory range,question is is it any good does it taste,like bolognese and how does it compare,to the other huel hot and savory flavors,well,lets find out,[Music],when shule introduced their hot and,savory range a while back i said it was,a game changer and if youre like me and,use complete nutrition products a lot,then you know it can get a little bit,boring just having you know complete,nutrition shakes all the time so the hot,and savory range offered something else,basically something,hot and savory but yet still with the 26,essential vitamins protein carbs fats,and fiber,now initially when they launched there,were just a few flavors but since then,weve seen some other flavors come along,like the cajun pasta and the awesome mac,and cheese,well now weve got the pasta bolognese,and im super excited to try this one,with the hot and savory range youre,getting a warm and tasty meal thats,super quick and convenient but im going,to say this a few times with 26 vitamins,and minerals and is high in plant-based,protein shaw describes this as a,carefully created blend of whole food,ingredients yeah its got some whole,food in here each meal contains a,balanced macro split of 38 30 25 7 so,thats the carbohydrate fat protein and,fiber split phytonutrients and,all the 26 essential vitamins and,minerals it contains no lactose or any,animal products theres no soy no gmo,and in addition to this the hot and,savory range meets the uk and eu,reference nutrient intake,so thats the rni or the ri in terms of,all the macro and micronutrients that we,should have within a meal plus,its a sustained source of energy and,has a wealth of other nutritional,benefits the way huel achieves the bulk,of vitamins and minerals is to add a,unique vitamin and mineral formula that,provides more than 100 of the,recommended amounts of all those,vitamins and minerals this is very,similar to the micronutrient blend that,they add to the shakes etc in terms of,the pasta bolognese the breakdown is,youre getting 25 grams of protein per,meal 50 grams of carbs 5 grams of fiber,and 10 grams of fat and each meal here,is equivalent of 400 calories,the main ingredients here weve got,dried penne pasta,bolognese style seasoning so thats,basically tomato powder red pepper,powder yeast extract garlic powder,sun-dried tomato powder herbs which is,oregano and parsley onion powder paprika,extract and some natural flavoring salt,and herb extract,and then in terms of the protein thats,sort of derived from a textured pea,protein which basically is pea protein,pea flour etc youre getting flaxseed,oil sunflower oil powder corn starch,then you get that micro nutrient blend,that has all the vitamins and minerals i,told you about,then youre getting mct powder from,coconut yeast extract and dried tomatoes,and then theres natural flavoring in,terms of prep,its super easy whether you do it in a,pot and you just add boiling water stir,cover and then you leave for five,minutes or you add 200 ml of cold water,stir microwave stir microwave a little,bit more then leave that for five,minutes but ultimately,the reason that youre all here,is you want to find out what i think of,it and what it tastes like,so lets find out okay so lets try the,pasta bolognese,hot and savory,um im gonna be trying it both methods,so the two methods are two scoops into a,bowl or the handy pot i have here from,fuel and 200 ml of boiling water theres,a line in this pot so you know where to,fill it to give it a good stir leave for,five minutes,and youre good to go alternatively put,it in the microwave two scoops 200 mils,of cold water microwave a minute and a,half give it a stir then another minute,then you leave it five minutes so those,are two options ill show you what it,actually looks like the powder so there,you can see you see the pasta in there,with the powder and the mineral mix and,all of that and theres some bits in,there as well actually some real dried,bits in there okay so im looking,forward to this,so first of all pot method,so hopefully you can see what it looks,like there,nice and steamy,key thing is whats it taste like,its got sort of nice its sort of,steamed up my glasses then its got a,tomatoey smell to it,but with a added element of savory,lets give it a go,nice mild,am i getting a bolognese,yeah,its a nice mild taste,its not as bland as some of the other,sort of non-spicy ones,it feels a bit more rounded,theres definitely a bolognese,flavor to it,obviously like the chicken mushroom,which is similar to,but,uh there is actually no meat obviously,it just has sort of bolognese flavor to,it,its really nice,um,the pasta is soft theres,crunchy bits there,but generally this pasta seems cooked,through,yeah,thats really nice easy easily,consumable if you dont like any of the,spicy ones,this is good because although its not,spicy,its certainly not bland its a nice,theres a nice flavor to it,thats good i think i prefer this over,the chicken mushroom which is the other,sort of non-spicy one,this tomato and herb one i think as well,this is the best of the non-spicy,and i guess ive seen some people mix,and match you know,rock and roll anarchists mix and match,their uh mix and match their recipes so,maybe you do one scoop of cajun pasta,one scoop of this just if you want to,cut a bit of spice and stuff like that,anyway lets try the bowl method this,ones done in the microwave and,then ive left it for five minutes so,hopefully the pastas all cooked through,as youd expect,oh yeah im getting,steaming up the glasses again were,getting that nice tomatoey smell that oh,theres a bit in here ill show you the,bits,so look what looks like,dried tomato bits,just here,theres like a dried just here theres,like a dried tomato a bit,still super hot put too much my mouth at,once then oh gonna burn the mouth,yeah the pasta is nice and soft in this,one because ive left it,microwaved it and then left it five,minutes,it was soft in the other one but i think,this is has more of an even distribution,its hard to say i mean theyre much of,a much as i think theyre both the same,to be honest,so yeah its really nice,savory,theres definitely a bolognese,taste to it,is it like you know proper spaghetti,bologna of course its not but it has,that bolognese taste to it,considering theres no actual meat or,anything like that no mints in it,i think the microwave method,in the bowl,because its sort of more spread out a,bit and then leaving for five minutes i,think it cooks the pasta through a bit,more that way,pasta is much more softer if you like it,more al dente maybe the pot method,but there you go yeah,you know what,this is nice,warming it does taste the bolognese okay,you know not super super no not like,italian restaurant bolognese of course,it doesnt but it has definitely has a,bolognese leaning as it were,and is a great addition to what i think,is,an awesome range the heel hot and savory,so there you go,very nice i am going to be using this,as my sort of go-to,along with some of the other hot and,savory ranges my go-to,evening meal cheers,price wise you need to purchase a,minimum of three bags so that can seem,like a big investment initially,each bag contains seven meals so it,works out at two pounds 66 per meal,thats if you subscribe and get it on a,regular basis or 2 pound 95 per meal if,you make it a one-off purchase as i said,that may sound expensive but compare it,to a healthy instant meal or even you,know a sandwich from your local sandwich,shop or something even more unhealthy,youll find thats gonna cost around,three pound plus four pound five pound,so comparatively thats not too bad,considering what youre getting,and for me these have all the,convenience of a pot noodle type meal,and yeah its providing me with a tasty,meal thats high in protein,fiber and essential fats and contains a,balanced macro split plus lets sing it,all together all the 26 vitamins and,minerals so,i dont have to think of prep and eating,s

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