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Humankind Review

[Music],i dont want to spend an entire review,comparing humankind to sid meiers,civilization but its very clear that,this is amplitudes riff on that classic,4x melody while i was delighted by some,genuine improvements and innovations on,my turn-based march from the stone age,to the space age most of the basics felt,pretty familiar and more than once that,left me wishing it had pushed the,boundaries a bit more like the studios,previous endless space and endless,legend games did this tribe has come far,but the rest of their story is your,story,you are the one who will build them into,a great civilization,how far will you push humankind one of,my favorite new ideas in humankind is,the neolithic era which starts each run,with a small band of nomadic,hunter-gatherers who have to collect,enough food or science to advance and,become a settled society this way i,enjoyed this unorthodox playstyle so,much that i wish i could have spent more,time with it or even remained nomadic,but you eventually settle into a more,traditional forex routine of expanding,cities through districts to collect food,science production and cash against up,to nine other ai or human controlled,empires,there are two new resources that mix,things up a little influence limits how,much you can expand externally and,spreads your culture to neighboring,cities well stability limits how much,you can expand internally as urban,centers that sprawl out further and,further become more difficult to govern,these considerations made planning out,my empires path to prosperity an,interesting and often challenging puzzle,as a chill tile painting game in which i,watch my civilization spread across the,gorgeous world map humankind stands up,well against its competition,[Music],influence is also used quite a bit in,the diplomacy system and this is,probably the cleverest idea humankind,brings to the genre you can just declare,war out of nowhere but doing so gives a,large bonus to your enemies war support,which is a measure of how enthusiastic,their people are to fight you there are,no more discussions its blood and,battle now if you instead spread your,religion or culture to one of their,cities first you can gain a grievance,against them for oppressing your people,which will slowly tick up your sides,war support over time so to truly be a,successful conqueror you need to be,exporting your gods and your top radio,hits not just have the biggest army as,neat as this system is it didnt put a,lot of pressure on me unless i went,looking for a fight even on higher,difficulties i never had a war declared,on me even once over the course of three,campaigns that included when i had a,very small army that couldnt have stood,up to my neighbors if theyd come,knocking and the independent people who,sometimes gave me trouble were all too,easy to pacify compared to sieves,sometimes nasty barbarians its all,together too trivial to keep everyone,happy by making trade agreements paying,bribes and forgiving your grievances,against them and while humankinds,battle system has a nice pacing to it,since multiple battle turns could take,place within a single world turn the ai,is consistently disappointing,[Music],theyll often spread their attacks out,over multiple units and then get,obliterated when they could have focused,fired and at least cost me a unit on the,way out not that civs ai is exactly,legendary but the recent old world,showed us that this can be done a lot,better,[Music],and while the zoomed in 3d map looks,fantastic,amplitude has tried to go the route of,replacing map overlays with a system,that gives you different information the,further you scroll out the problem is,that both of the higher level ones look,atrocious and you cant turn them off,this middle one is a soul-crushing gray,void that doesnt really give me any,useful info i couldnt get on the 3d map,and id enjoy humankind more if they,just removed it entirely and this top,level one which is at least useful for,seeing political boundaries looks like,disorienting neon vomit and gives me a,headache i hate looking at them and i,hate that they hide the rather,attractive and realistic terrain in,cities i would compare it directly to,crusader kings 3 which uses a very,similar system but each of its zoom,levels has a clear job and looks great,doing it the other headline feature is,that youll be choosing a different,culture for every era rather than one,that sticks with you through the ages i,really liked this on a mechanical level,for one thing it means you have a unique,unit every era instead of only for a,small part of each campaign since,cultures all have niches like,expansionist or scientists you can focus,on a different playstyle every era too,and that wont hamstring you since,victory is based on a fame system that,adds up all of your deeds from conquest,to building the biggest cities,geography cartography algebra optics,astronomy,[Music],even so it doesnt exactly solve the,role-playing problem of telling a,coherent historical story like id hoped,it might sure we could say my my kingdom,was conquered by the ming empire when i,chose them as my next culture but,where did these chinese bureaucrats come,from were they hiding in the forest,outer space,they werent on the map anywhere before,i decided to play as them this is of,course no sillier than sivs version of,this same problem where you have,american tribesmen founding the city of,washington dc and 4000 bce but its not,necessarily a lot more logical either i,was also fairly disappointed with the,late game there is an event chain,related to climate change but in my,games it only cost what was at that,point less than one turns worth of,income to avoid any consequences at all,and even ignoring it completely only,gives you a minus 30 to all resource,production in your cities for 10 turns,which isnt much by the time it comes up,the map doesnt even change to reflect,rising sea levels or growing deserts,similarly there is a pollution mechanic,that kicks in once coal becomes,available,but hell if i know what it does the tool,tip doesnt really explain it theres no,encyclopedia entry about it and even,when i was trying to produce as much of,it as humanly possible in my soviet run,just to find out it never got above,level zero or had any effect on anything,downplaying the climate crisis in any,game about humanitys near future is not,only factually incorrect its also,really boring game design giving up on,the chance to mix things up and,introduce new challenges at a point when,youre probably just taking victory laps,[Music],i dont dislike humankind far from it,but as the sun sets on my attractive,empire im not that impressed with it,either it certainly has some strong,ideas and the diplomacy system at least,in theory is excellent,i loved the flexibility of being able to,specialize in something different with,each new culture i adopted but,especially against the passive and,tactically inept ai i kept feeling like,id rather be playing civ 4 or civ 5 or,civ 6. to be fair if this were a,civilization game that would almost be,expected theyve each come out in a,state that was a bit underwhelming,compared to where their predecessors,ended up after multiple expansions and,maybe with time and dlc humankind will,stand alongside the best of them as well,for now its an intriguing though not,always excelling offshoot of a,time-tested formula that succeeds at,making me want to keep clicking one more,turn,for more historically inspired mayhem,check out our reviews of assassins,creed valhalla the siege of paris and,samurai warriors 5. and for everything,else stick with ign,[Music],you

HUMANKIND – The “Civ 6 Killer” | One Year Later… Is Humankind Better?

posed initially by some as the,civilization vi killer humankind from,amplitude studios has developed into a,new contender within the forex,historical strategy game genre,now comfortably sitting within its,second year post launch and with,development and expansion both behind it,and ahead of it still lets consider,humankind a year one in review if you,will by exploring how humankind has,changed and evolved over time what,potentially it could still be missing or,looking to improve on in the near future,and ultimately how it stands up within,the genre more broadly toward the end of,the video will also look at what is next,for humankind this is quite the,discussion piece and it will of course,be reflecting not only on the five,things that amplitude as you can see,here announced or sort of discussed more,recently in their video reflecting on,humankind the fact that theyve added,end conditions war support and force,surrender changes balance changes,immersive player names and of course,new dlc content however in my discussion,ill take that a step further yes ill,draw on those things because i think,theyre very important but ill add my,own twist and flare to it as a player,who you may or may not already be,familiar has made one or two videos on,humankind but more importantly ive,logged hundreds of hours in this game,across its life cycle from the cultures,of africa dlc to the more recent of,course cultures of latin america dlc and,all of the patches throughout without,any further ado lets begin,the gameplay in the background by the,way slightly super cut brand new and,fantastic so please enjoy,firstly though before updates and,gameplay changes we have to consider the,actual dlc the expansions firstly in,january came the cultures of africa dlc,pack this introduced six new cultures,that you can see on screen to humankind,more importantly it slightly changed the,play style of the game these cultures,enabled us to broadly build districts,outside of the normal boundaries i.e,they didnt have to be adjacent a lot of,them could be placed in unique places,different places like open desert where,you could farm for food youll see a,little bit of that later in the video,the second expansion likewise one purely,focused mainly on adding new cultures,with a couple of other things around the,edges was of course the latin america,pack where again we saw six additional,cultures a freebie released around the,same time the mississippians these,cultures further developed humankinds,resources trade warfare system by,introducing new mechanics across the,board districts again were more flexible,than before units had new abilities that,we havent seen before in humankind like,the healer for example and crucially and,my personal favorite some of the later,cultures like the argentinians for,example have their own unique luxury or,strategic resources that they add can,build with their own upsides downsides,trade abilities you name it theyve got,it lets talk either way its nice to,see a little bit of extra flexibility be,slowly teased in through these packs and,if i was a gambling man which i may or,may not be i put my money on the fact,that as we move forward we should see,more and more flexibility and,customization although its important to,note that they still broadly remain true,to the initial premise of humankind that,thing that of course makes humankind,distinct and unique from other strategy,games and ultimately builds that,humankind experience by changing,cultures as we move through the eras,the dlc packs also of course introduced,a whole load of other sort of flavor,elements into the game into the base,game if youve got the dlc enabled,everything from events to wonders,probably the most important one because,youll see them indeed in this video,around the map you can build them of,course with the built wonders as well,and really everything that you would,expect to encompass a games dlc pack,including of course the soundtrack for,humankind which remains fantastic,now we get into some of the real meat,though the changes that were actually,made to the core game itself the first,category that im going to start with,are game conditions these were some of,the ones that straight out of the gate,put humankind at quite a big,disadvantage and were a frustration,source for many players there was the,pollution effects now off by default,they used to be very harsh and always on,also youll see here end conditions as,well thats those sliders down the,bottom there mars conquered all empires,eliminated that kind of thing those also,werent in human kind from release these,things we really ought to expect and,many players did anticipate that,humankind would release with them,because of course one of the most,logical comparisons is to look at,civilization some players will choose,sieve six some players have five those,are two of course very different games,from the same place humankind of course,throws its hat in that ring as well,historical strategy and therefore we,carry through expectations and i think,thats important to keep in mind for the,remainder of this video however more on,the game uh end conditions the other,thing really i think that was uh more,profound here also was the ability to,turn off the turn limit another one just,like pollution that was a real source of,frustration for players me included i,wanted to be able to play through beyond,the turn limit or turn pollution off and,not have on by default these things are,now all adjustable a fairly simple and,straightforward change to how a,humankind game is set up or indeed how,it ends however there were some other,game condition tweaks that they didnt,mention in their video that i want to,mention here that i found sometimes even,more important,most significantly the resource spawn,condition sliders,now we have at least some control over,the frequency of resources and also the,quality of them too do you want more,strategic resources on them on your map,then you can slide that up to abundant,do you want resources to be clustered,together or scattered far apart you can,change that now too it might sound,simple but really nailing these game,conditions the resource spawns the map,conditions of course as well all of that,stuff is fundamental to an enjoyable,humankind game experience and i can say,now again as a player with hundreds and,hundreds of hours and certainly a real,enjoyment for humankind but also of,course i bump into those same,frustrations that you may do and likely,a lot more often because i play it a lot,more often,i can confidently say that the game,conditions are nicely rounded off and,completed they may see some you know,little tweaks as we move forward maybe,there are more added in or existing ones,that changed with future dlcs i dont,know but the important thing to note,here is that,as far as im concerned game conditions,and game settings,big win big change and very happy,the next category a broad one with a few,different things within it,balancing uh the most logical place to,start i think is with the cultures that,may be where your mind moves first of,course humankind has seen a huge variety,of changes to the cultures,you could take the french as one example,incredibly overpowered at the start with,their insane science game then scientist,affinities as a whole as well as the,french culture itself were tweaked down,way down and more recently amplitude,have given the french culture,specifically a lift back up i think this,reflects on their ability uh and,willingness to change cultures,and of course they are the french so uh,extra kudos to you for taking it that,extra step and getting it just right,because i think broadly speaking the,changes that have been made so far have,all been generally received in,pretty good grace by me by you,potentially my regular viewer or if you,are somewhat unfamiliar with humankind,but maybe play it now and again or see a,video or two youve probably picked up,that same impression most of the,

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Humankind in Review | My Honest Impressions after 100 Hours

as i sit down to record this video,humankind has been out for one month and,it would be fair to say you guys seem to,be just as interested in the franchise,as you were one month ago,and indeed general reviews have been,mostly positive on steam and across a,variety of media platforms in this video,im going to reflect in detail on,humankind this is my one month in review,i like to do this for a lot of strategy,games the one i did before this was old,world and i figure humankind being,probably the most significant release of,2021 as far as strategy games are,concerned is probably worth revisiting,im around three figures into my hours,played so i have a fair amount of,experience with this game if youre new,here i make a lot of content on,humankind including live streams right,here on youtube do consider sticking,around and subscribing but first hear me,out lets jump in and im going to start,with the big one cultures so as we know,in humankind we dont choose a,civilization from the very beginning of,the game but rather we change,civilizations or cultures within each,era we have six opportunities to do so,throughout most humankind games and each,culture has its own unique flair and,flavor right they specialize with,affinities some are scientific in nature,with special abilities around their,science production others are agrarian,focusing on food so on and so forth,through seven of the key metrics in,humankind just as they are in any other,strategy game but how do the cultures,work,and are they working well in practice,this video is a reflective piece on the,last month worth of intense humankind,coverage after all,i think overall the historical flavor,that the cultures give us is actually,very unique and to be honest and this,will be a very raw and honest video,im really pleased with just how the,developers have managed to capture the,uniqueness and the nuance of real world,cultures in humankind let me give you an,example when you move through into the,games second era one of the cultures,you can choose are huns right the huns,their unique unit as you would expect is,the hanukk horde and for those,unfamiliar historically the huns ran,rampant across really the entire asian,continent right the way across to moscow,and even further still,and absolutely took it by storm,humankind captures this very very well,indeed when you play as the huns you,cant build new cities indeed the huns,arent known for their massive,urbanization in fact the opposite is,true right they were a largely nomadic,people again humankind captures that,very well with the unique unit the,hanukkord which can scavenge just like,the very early game units in humankind,that we have in the neolithic era right,when you win fights or find food in,those units cases,they multiply the honu chords can,multiply and that is so true to life,right they ran across this open terrain,they scavenged and ransacked everything,they could and multiplied and took land,and i think that humankind does a great,job at capturing that historical essence,its a flavor its a sound and its a,feeling and i think that the game does a,very good job at that moving along from,that sort of feeling that objective uh,balance how does humankind handle,cultures in terms of real game balance,and this one is still a little bit more,up in the air to be honest,i tend to be of the belief and to quote,one of my favorite movies of all time,the incredibles if everyone is super no,one is,what that means in practice is if all of,these cultures seem overpowered if they,all have a strategy or multiple,strategies that leads them to be,broken or what have you,then maybe,none of them are and that tends to be,the mantra that i follow when im,thinking about humankind now do the,cultures need some rebalancing yes right,in the first era we know for example,that the egyptians and the harappans,tend to be better than basically any,other culture the insane industrial,production of the egyptians and the food,powerhouse the population gain of the,harappans does tend to lead these,cultures to be stronger than others,however this can be relatively easily,fixed by either dropping them down or,what i would like to see lifting the,others up once the developers have a lot,of data behind them right they can see,all of our player data they can see the,cultures were playing us how often,were winning so on and so forth i think,theyll be able to make some really,informed decisions and ill touch a,little bit more about this in two other,parts in this video when i talk about,faith im going to talk particularly,with one key example around how i,believe cultures and humankind are,actually a bit stronger than what we,might think even some of the weak ones,and a little bit further on in this,video as well i should say now as were,five minutes in ill be talking about,cities and territories pollution speeds,glitches patches and some,ford focus anyway lets move into my,second point in this review and that is,cities and territories in humankind we,have a very different system to say,civilization which is what a lot of,historical strategy gamers will be,playing as well indeed i am included in,that group i do love civ and i also love,humankind full disclosure right so we we,have that sort of historical balance,there but its very different from the,structure of civilization and how,civilization has us settle,players who have played amplitude,studios as other games like endless,legend for example will feel a bit more,at home with the system though basically,in a world we have pre-defined,territories with,relatively natural feeling boundaries,they tend to be along rivers or lakes or,ridges so on and so forth inside of,these territories we can choose where we,want to place an outpost which can then,be turned into a city and these can be,connected to each other as well you can,merge outposts and cities together for,example to create mega cities,what players didnt really like as much,about this at least was the feeling i,got from sort of combing the forums and,reading all of your many comments on my,videos thank you so much for those by,the way the feeling that i got was that,players were a little bit disappointed,with having predefined territories,because we liked say the flexibility and,sieve of being able to settle anywhere,but,we like the extra flexibility that comes,with having outposts that can turn into,cities being able to connect them and,place them where you like and overall i,dont think theres necessarily an,objective answer as to which is better,or worse but what i can do with well,over 100 hours into this game now is,reflect on does it work or not how well,does it work,and to be honest and again these are my,raw unfiltered not at all sponsored or,affiliated opinions i think that the,system works very well,it works well because of the way it,interacts with humankinds influence,influence kind of like culture in civ,kind of but different and the way that,influence works basically is it sort of,scales your settlements it allows you to,spread naturally and sort of have,governance over your people its,sort of designed to mimic political,control,in a way and it interrelates within,humankinds societal system and how your,influence can spread over other,societies and influence say their social,policies and their laws its a detailed,and complex system and its not just,about territories and where you place a,city and whether your borders expand,naturally around those territories or,not its about influence its about,trade posts its entirely connected in,with the fabric of the game and to,change that would be a mistake and that,is my full opinion on cities and,settlements in humankind one thing to,note here,and im not sure whether this should,even be fixed or not but it does,tend to lead us to play wide,not only that but also the way that the,error stars work in humankind and from,rewarding players from expanding to more,territories,and placing more districts and these,districts have in

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Being Unkind to HUMANKIND™ (Review)

humankind has come a long way on its,journey to where it is today from the,primordial waters of our earliest,existence to the many great discoveries,and inventions along the way the,harnessing of fire agriculture society,nuclear annihilation and perhaps most,importantly of all,video games and now comes a video game,about exactly that amplitude studios own,human kind a game that ive been very,excited for and thats here to give the,civilization series a proper run for its,money but if there was a word that i,could use to describe exactly what the,humankind experience is its,[Music],dont get me wrong or anything the,games pretty fun and all but i wont,pretend that i wasnt expecting more,from it its got a lot of good ideas but,many of them are shallow or almost feel,like theyre separate from the core of,the gameplay entirely and along with a,bit of lack of polish one cant help but,feel that this game was released a,little earlier than it should have been,but hey its not like thats the state,of the entire modern games industry or,anything,[Music],i hate capitalism i hate capitalism i,hate capitalism so you know what no more,mr nice today im being mean its time,to be unkind to humankind,much like many forex strategy games the,goal of humankind is to win the way you,do this is by collecting the most fame,points of any of the competing empires,which youll earn through completing era,objectives building cultural wonders and,other general deeds that you can,accomplish throughout human history,humankinds big selling point is that,you dont play as a fixed civilization,youll initially start as a nomadic,tribe before you settle down and choose,a civilization to play as in the ancient,era before choosing a new one once you,progress into the next era and so forth,each civilization has one of seven,affinities either builder estate,expansionist agrarian merchant scientist,or militarist which will earn you extra,fame for completing their associated,error objectives and will provide you,with a special ability and each,individual sieve also comes with their,own emblematic district unit and bonus,ability however rather than choosing a,new civilization upon aging up you could,also choose to transcend your culture to,the next era which will provide bonus,fame for completing era objectives at,the cost of not receiving a new passive,bonus for your civilization if youre,familiar with the civilization series,then youll be relatively familiar with,humankind from the get-go if youre,gonna liken this game to any particular,title i guess youd probably save civ 6,largely due to the games city quarter,building mechanics very similar to the,districts from civ 6. the technology,tree is straight out of a civ game unit,movement works in a very similar way and,one of the more important resources,youll accumulate is influence which,draws some parallels to culture in the,civilization series and is used to both,build new outposts to claim territory,and enact civics its cool to watch your,cities grow from small little urban,centers to vast sprawling metropolises,by the end of the game and theres a,good amount of strategy involved when it,comes to clever district placement and,city settling and youll need to be able,to make sure the secure luxuries,amenities and not to overextend too,quickly to keep them stable now i know i,promised you that i was going to be mean,to this game and that will come have,patience you little but first there,are some things that i do like about it,being able to choose a new civilization,each era is a unique mechanic and,probably the biggest selling point of,the game and i think its nice it allows,you to choose a specific focus not only,for the entire game but for each era,individually and the bonuses that come,with each civilization allow you to,shape a totally unique culture by the,end of each game i think that the way,that era progression is tied to progress,stars rather than technology is also,cool and i like that it doesnt force,you into choosing a new era straight,away in fact sometimes its worth,sticking around and earning a few more,stars before aging up at the risk of,someone else getting there first and,pinching the sieve that you wanted to,get i also really like how the map has,different elevation levels rather than,just tiles that are considered hills or,mountains it makes the map not only look,more appealing but adds a lot to the,strategy of the game particularly when,it comes to settlement placement and,unit formation in combat the combat in,general is far more interesting than the,civilization series as well and i liked,how it created the little battlefield,zones where all units are deployed and,the battles can span several turns if,not resolved in less than three rounds,city sieges are also much cooler than,the civilization series and the more,realistic you can actually wait out,sieges and build up siege equipment or,just rush right in if you have enough of,an advantage the way that the map is,split up into different territories,somewhat reminiscent of the province map,in the game like eu4 is also cool and,how territorys acclaimed also feels a,little more natural than just instantly,spawning a city out of nothing with the,settler and not every territory has to,be assigned to a city either they can be,attached as an extra territory to expand,your borders without creating more,cities which is often necessary due to,receiving a large influence penalty if,you go over your city cap i do feel,however that the city cap is too,restrictive and should scale with larger,sized maps because it really hampers,your expansion in the early game,especially speaking of things i dont,like so much about the game,lets get into that shall we one,deviation of a mechanic from the,civilization series that i dont like is,how wonders work rather than simply,unlocking them through technology and,being able to queue them up for,production you can just spend influence,to claim a specific wonder only you can,build that wonder once youve claimed it,and you have to build that wonder before,you can claim another while sure it,stops you from just spamming wonders it,means that you can just claim a wonder,and then build it when youre ready to,theres no risk aspect to it you cant,get within a few turns of building a,wonder before someone snatches it off,you it takes away a huge amount of the,strategy associated with building them,and i think is a much worse system in,general not to mention that wonders,didnt really seem that good and they,take up a lot of production time same,with how civics take up a whole load of,influence and give you fairly meager,bonuses and only slightly move your,ideology axes which are more commonly,moved by random pop-up events anyway i,often didnt bother with many civics and,spent all my influence on expanding,instead except for the uh nuclear,proliferation one of course and then,theres religion and i dont know if,ive ever seen a more half-baked,backseat mechanic in my life i would,just forget it existed until i got to,unlock a new tenant the tenant bonuses,were so meager and having a dominant,religion made almost no noticeable,impact on the game honestly focusing on,religion was almost as pointless as it,is in real life am i right my fellow,atheism enjoyers and on the theme of,half-baked ideas i really like the,concept behind the ideological axes of,your country and how theyre shaped by,civics and events but i would have liked,to have seen more involvement from them,especially when it came to diplomacy and,relations between other major empires,rather than just your affinity with,independent peoples it also feels like,theres a bit of a lack of sieves in the,game too especially when some eras have,no sieves of a certain affinity come on,only 10 per era you could definitely,have more why is there no bosnia siv why,isnt there an ancient hyperborean,finnish empire sieve and where the frick,is my dang woo passive like this video,if you 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Humankind First Impressions Review – Worthabuy?

humankind is it worth the bad guys is it,lets read the words the words,of the developer,humankind is amplitude studios magnus,opus,a historically strategic game where you,will rewrite the entire narrative of my,human kind,a convergence of culture history and,values that allow you to create a,civilization that is as unique as you,are,how far will you push my human kind,now guys,to give you an idea of how deep this,game is,im labeling this,kind of review as a first impressions,review because ive only been playing,the game for two and a half days,solid,you have to know a few things first,before you watch this ive never played,civilization i think i did,like 20 years ago when the first came,out and i didnt really like it um but,ive never played them since so this,game here was a complete new learning,curve for me all right there was bits,and bobs of other games similar that,ive played and i have played a lot of,4x space games but not a one like this,so i had to learn i had a l2p guys,big time um,now i did that using the really good,tutorial that this game has so if youre,a newbie like me coming into this game,dont freak out you can do it and i,watched i think i would estimate about,five hours of tutorials online like,different people doing walkthroughs and,play-throughs to try and learn just,stuff about the game and that combined,with the tutorial of this game,and lots of head scratching allowed me,to play this game now ive had a restart,three times and i want to be uh this is,actually restarted twice my bad i want,to be third one now and,ive got,quite a way in now um for me,ive got a lot of landlords ive done a,lot of fine ive done a lot of the stuff,thats in the game got through a few,different eras so i thought yeah lets,tell people what i think at this stage,of the game so i havent been to the end,game or anything like that so you know i,dont know how it goes and ive been,playing it on an easier difficulty,simply so i can learn the game theres,no point in playing it on a hard,difficulty and just getting wrecked and,thats not going to help at all so,thats where im coming from so i guess,this is really going to benefit people,whove never played civilization and who,are looking at this whats it like well,you start off its its a turn-based,game and its hex but you cant switch,the hexes off if you so desire uh you,start off with just a bunch of bloody,nomads on a map,you dont have a culture you got nothing,really um you dont have a city youre,just youre homeless looking around the,map for little bits of food i love that,because when you get an empire going and,you think where you came from,its really satisfying really is and as,you move around the map um you will,uncover the fog of war youll find bears,youll find deer youll also find nomads,knocking about youll also find,barbarians and you may find some of the,other players depending on how many,places in the game and how big the map,is you can tweak all this from the very,good options screen guys now which tile,each tile on the map has a value of some,sort whether thats a,building value a food value a science,value and these are the kind of the i,guess they are currencies i guess in in,the game and what you have to and also,the tiles are within different,territories marked by little lines so,you can see which how big each territory,is and these territories are just all,predetermined on the map now you can,capture any territory you like and so,what youre kind of looking for very,early on are things like um iron ore,bits mines horses stuff like that so,that you can nab them early and its,kind of like a race i didnt realize,this which is why i had to start again,twice because i was lagging so far,behind and i just that you know anyway i,dont want to go into all that so you,claim a territory that becomes yours you,then move on looking for other,territories and you start claiming as,many territories as you as you can until,you can raise a city on one of them once,you do that then it all kind of changes,because as you get your city going you,then have different districts in that,city that you can build,you can emphasize stuff on um,science food building,and stuff like that and you can see them,across the top of your screen and you,can move these around to suit whatever,you want to do so if you want to put a,bit more in food for expansion thats,what you need food for,you can assign a few more of your,population to that if you want to,bring the building costs down you put a,few into the building side its really,flexible i love that i really love the,the flexibility of this game and as and,as it goes on and on you get more,territories you link them all to your,first city that i found very very uh,useful you get way more currencies,coming with way more money coming in,until you can then raise another city,when it and i did this really late i was,playing i didnt realize the importance,of the cities,and i left it far too late and id be,again lagging miles behind because i,didnt do that but i was learning as i,was going along you see i still dont,know everything but i was just like,learning as i was going along um,i mean the current game that im playing,ive screwed up a lot of things ive,learned now late on but im so far in,im thinking but i aint starting again,ill just know for when i do me next one,but i havent had time to continue,thats why ive had to do the review now,because uh im going to be running over,by the time i get this review out,because ive got other things that i,have to do but anyway you get your,cities down and then the game just kind,of totally opens up well it did for me,massively open loads of new stuff just,started to happen like forming a,religion uh reaching the end of uh an,age and having to adopt a culture for,your people a religion,and then as you get through that one,another culture on top of the culture,that youve got which which makes it all,kind of weird um i didnt know which,ones to go for so i just went,militaristic and then as i got into the,middle ages i went as english,i evolved religion into christianity,trying to redo the british empire,sort of thing you know um,and being a bastard to everybody and,then you have to work out the laws that,govern the land youll constantly be,given things to sort out feuds and,things and then you come across the uh,another player another ai player and,youve got like all these treaties you,can do with them and trading and it was,starting it was getting really really,exciting i mean i havent played the civ,games but it was really exciting stuff,that i was coming across and i was,seeing there landed we was we were doing,a massive land grab me and this guy who,was me neighbor and uh then he foolishly,attacked me which wasnt foolish when i,realized the only army i had was three,people running around in line clothes so,i was like thats not an army so i then,focused on me building onto military,stuff and ended up with chariots archers,spearmen and one of the disappointing,things in this game is the combat i,was kind of hoping that,um youd get a bit of a total war thing,going on when armies collided and all of,that little units to move um its,trash the combat so,every time it comes to a combat i just,auto resolve it because the little mini,game is just crap very disappointed in,that to be honest for a 40 pound game i,would have liked something total worry,and as you expand more and more,especially in your laws the talents if,you like youve got different ones for,religion different ones for your,population and things like that you can,own more cities the more cities you want,the more income that comes,ploughing in which allows you to raise,up more armies and you can see how it,just expands and expands and all the,time youre looking to get to the next,age so that youre researching because,youre researching through the ages um,and as youre plowing more stuff into,science you can research faster as you,research through the edges you want to,get to the good st

Civilization 6 VS Humankind | Whats the BEST Strategy Game in 2022? (Civ 6 vs Humankind)

whether its civilization 6s intense,roster of historical leaders or,humankinds more balanced fame-based,approach to victories and historical,strategy these two games civilization 6,on your left and humankind on your right,are two fantastic picks for historical,strategy games in 2022,in this video im going to break down,the key differences albeit strengths for,the most part of both of these games to,help you have a better idea of which one,you should potentially buy or play in a,wonderful world of strategy games there,are time cards below if youd like to,bounce around between sections my name,is jumbo pixel consider subscribing to,join our community and lets begin,firstly by setting the scene,civilization 6 released in 2016,and it has since received all of these,wonderful dlc expansions improving the,game adding new civilizations new,gameplay features and a suite of patch,updates have followed these the last one,the famous final free update was,released in 2021. civilization vi is a,complete experience whereas humankind,having released in august of 2021,is in really its relative infancy in,comparison it has received one dlc,expansion the cultures of africa dlc,which added some new cultures and,wonders to the game but for the most,part we could consider it still in its,post-release development and it likely,has many years to follow,lets break down the first key,difference between these two games and,its really how they handle the,historical journey here you can see in,humankind its divided into errors and,within each era im rewarded fame or you,can kind of think of this as score or,points for my various actions throughout,the builder stars are awarded for,building a certain number of districts,military stars for successfully,defeating enemy units,all of these victory stars scientific,builder military etc combine into my,fame points and it is the player with,the most fame at the end of the game who,is victorious humankind therefore allows,us to branch between different cultures,different historical flares each one has,its own emblematic unit and district to,build throughout its many in-game areas,its much more flexible its much more,diverse and it rewards players the,journey that they play out,regardless of which ultimate victory,condition youre pursuing you can take,on a historical journey as you play,through humankind in the ancient era,choosing your first culture following,from the neolithic era another,distinction that separates the two in,humankind youll start in an era without,a culture simply roaming the land,looking for a place to find to settle,and to place your roots whereas of,course civilization vi takes a very,different approach to forex historical,strategy and it is this approach to the,journey of the game that most,distinguishes these two titles which can,in many cases be confused for each other,or seen as very similar games,civilization sixs approach is of course,very different you choose one,civilization from the beginning of the,game and then you build your journey you,build your empire there are other,differences of course to the way that,the games play out but this is the key,difference that helps to establish the,scene and really distinguish the two,titles civilization vi in this game for,example im playing as rome but you will,see more throughout therefore really,delves into the detail of its,civilizations you choose one and you,play it throughout you are led by its,historical leader not an avatar created,by someone from around the world,it therefore builds a story and a,journey from the start that is,continuous throughout you have your one,unique unit which youll use in its,appropriate era and it will quickly,become redundant as you move beyond that,you have one historical leader with a,set of traits that are much more,detailed and nuanced than what humankind,can offer in its more generic system and,it has to be because in civilization vi,from these very early foundation stages,right the way through the game you are,playing as one historical leader of,course its important to note and i will,touch on this more later in the piece,that this also breeds civilization sixs,greatest strength or one-off thats its,leaders and its diplomacy you can see,the intense roster of historical leaders,in this video there was john curtin of,australia but theres more where that,came from of course here is gorgo queen,of sparta and one of the leaders of the,greeks it is civilization sixs approach,to these historical leaders that help,give it that forex historical flair that,we desire from this kind of game it also,leads into greater diplomatic features,throughout the game including trade,friendship diplomacy relationships some,of which youve already seen on screen,and youll see more later but its,important to note that this is,civilization 6s rebuttal to humankinds,rewarding of the journey civilization vi,says well you can change your journey,with humankind develop it you can be,more flexible but i will offer you a,much more detailed roster of leaders to,fulfill your historical itch,moving along to combat and this is an,area where humankind and civilization 6,again really significantly differ here,you can see humankinds combat playing,out and essentially humankind offers it,to you in three ways you merge all of,your units together across the map in,armies rather than moving them one at a,time this allows more flexibility across,the world,you can then enter combat where within a,turn its broken down into rounds so in,turn 89 you can fight and fight three,rounds of a conflict within this one,in-game turn you can choose to instantly,resolve it and have the battle done or,you can manually control each round and,each unit adding a layer of strategy,that civilization 6 cannot add you could,also of course choose to do something in,between like im doing here manually,trigger the battle to see your units,fighting each other and then flick it,onto auto sort of a semi-auto resolve if,you will this flexibility that humankind,offers ill come back to a little bit,more later really does help to,create more significant tactical battles,over on civilization sixes front the,battles are a little more simplistic,fights are simply a point and click,however its important to note that both,games do reward certain things like,promotions like land types high,elevation versus low in fact when it,comes to promotions and you can see a,few of them on screen here civilization,vi actually takes the cake it rewards,you for keeping your units together it,provides promotion classes very specific,to specific unit types and it rewards,the player for therefore keeping their,units alive longer promoting them in,more nuanced ways giving them better,strengths to make better use of those,features that i was talking about,earlier that both games link to in their,combat rivers providing a combat penalty,hills or forested areas providing combat,strengths from high ground or from,protection from ranged fire however it,is this element to humankind its manual,assaults or its auto assaults if you,choose to play your combat that way that,really helps to separate humankind out,from civilization vi,and its important to note that this,takes place in the early game right the,way through to the late game where you,have more advanced toys and weapons to,play with both games of course are,similar in that respect but humankinds,manual combat system will allow you,particularly if youre after more detail,more nuance and really being able to use,the specificities of your gameplay,whether it be those geographical,features i was talking about before or,specific unit promotions and,characteristics that help to separate,humankinds combat apart from,civilization sixes and lift it up to,provide a better level of tactical,gameplay that civilization vi does not,offer in its command and combat,techniques,however civilization vi does utilize its,unit movement and more hands-on approach,to shifting individual units arou

Why did Humankind FAIL?

humankind weve done a lot over the past,100 000 years creating amazing things,from fire to the wheel and now the,dogecoin dog making many people the,younger generation incredibly rich the,game developers over amplitude studios,were so inspired by these creations that,they decided to make a game about,humankind which came out a few months,ago they considered this to be the,greatest game theyve ever created,strategy game critics got very excited,about this with some even saying it,would wipe the floor with a civilization,series want to play civilization 6 with,your friends heaven will be hopping on,humankind in a few months so make sure,to get your games in quick the strategy,game niche has always been fairly small,in comparison to other genres and people,thought this game would be something,that could go beyond the niche and bring,it to a completely new audience,with a big budget behind it who knew at,the time what levels this game could,reach given the fact they had lots of,feedback over the last two years and,tons of marketing done for it,a lot of people believed it would be the,next big thing but in this video we,discuss even though it was a good game,and there are a lot of things amplitude,got right like the graphics,ultimately it hasnt met expectations,and in fact currently hasnt really,established itself in the strategy game,market as a big player which can,numerically be backed up also we are,trying to get to 75 000 subscribers by,the end of the year so why not help us,out and consider clicking that button,for more content like this,so how on earth do you even play this,game well very similar to the,civilization series humankind is a,turn-based strategy game spanning across,six major eras of human civilization and,we start with a nomadic age i initially,found the starting age quite fun for,some reason when youd go around hunting,deer the way in which you win is by,collecting the most fame points,and you do this initially anyway by,completing era objectives for example,hunting 5 animals or finding 10 signs,the person with the most fame points by,the end is the winner after the first,era you can then decide which,civilization you wish to pick with each,civilization having different weighted,era objectives and also giving you,different bonuses once you complete,enough objectives you can then move on,to the next era and so on this is in,stark contrast to the civilization,series where you must stick with one,civilization as time goes on i suppose,amplitude thought this customizable,journey for your civilization would make,it better than its competitors but while,maybe you could put forward the argument,i didnt particularly feel that strongly,about it and im sure a lot of people,would agree with me besides this part it,felt like i was playing civilization vi,especially once i went into the second,era when you start to build cities and,the way in which you fight other,civilizations it almost felt like there,was a very limited difference between,the two however having said this the,graphics in this game do not disappoint,and its some of the best graphics ive,seen ever in a strategy game also,humankind is fun and its no wonder its,popular to a certain extent and its,popular for the same reasons as the,civilization series some other nice,things that have been added as well is,that you can now build wonders allowing,you to get some fame we could keep going,on into how to play this game but i,think ive explained the basics and the,main purpose of this video is to,discover why it failed which im sure,youre here for,the 17th of august 2021 amplitude,studios after years of development,finally decide to click the button and,release the game to the audience im,sure some of them were sweating,nervously waiting to get the reviews,strategy gamers then chuck their,civilization 6 steam codes into a fire,becoming the first humankind ultras,two clicks later and thousands of people,have already brought the game eager to,give it a go the first views are in,everyones waiting to see what these,brave souls have to say and well lets,say the initial response was mixed i,think its almost expected but a lot of,people initially said it was released a,bit too early and the game wasnt,entirely finished this has been a trend,in recent years with a lot of gaming,companies,fixing the game after release perhaps,this gaming company needed the cash flow,overall though amplitude must been happy,initially with the numbers of people,buying it it was even able to beat,civilization 6 peak player number for,august and it got 55 000 active players,at one time perhaps everyone would now,only play humankind however the months,following august tell a different story,as time went on the active player base,began to rapidly decline losing 70,percent of active players the next month,and 66 percent of active players were,then lost humankind therefore went from,24 000 active players to just 2500,active players only two months later now,whats expected but you tend to see a,drop off in active players after a,release date the drop in magnitude is,pretty unexpected and quite frankly,given all the hype surrounding it,becoming the next best strategy game it,is miles below lots of fairly average,strategy games so why has humankind lost,so much of its active player base and i,believe the answer lies in reviews and,how i personally feel after playing it,once a lot of people had played,humankind for a couple hours one word,comes to mind dull once the novelty of,the graphics have worn off many people,including me think it just lacks a bit,of depth and you struggle to find,reasons to play it its not that i or,many people particularly despise the,game in fact i think a lot of people,like it in some ways but it is just a,little underwhelming and very repetitive,after a couple games once again a lot of,the pc critics in my opinion rated this,game far too highly and if i had to give,this game a rating it would probably be,around a 6 out of 10. lets go into some,details why this is,firstly there are significant balance,problems in the game with some,civilizations being far more overpowered,than others,the civilization era objectives that,focus on agriculture and building in my,opinion have a significant advantage,early on when compared to civilizations,who have era stars of war and conquest,its therefore simply not possible to,earn victory with some of these,civilizations making the game far too,unbalanced for my liking and therefore,if your objective is to win you cant,play as some of the civilizations,another problem i have with humankind is,that geography just doesnt feel,important with lots of empty seas and,im not particularly sure for resource,allocation the map is particularly,balanced or fair i think theres still a,lot more that could be added when it,comes to the map and itll make the game,far more enjoyable other mechanics of,the game like religion and the tech tree,also didnt really interest me that much,it feels a little empty with a few of,the mechanics having no impact on the,game as far as i can see i think these,are the main points for me personally,so taking everything into account its,clear to me that humankind isnt a bad,game with lots of good ideas and it,brings great immersion of the graphics,perhaps with a few updates the balance,and issues can be sorted out and the map,can be added in greater detail maybe if,a game didnt have such a big weight on,its shoulders the game could be,considered a success,but ultimately for now anyway humankind,has failed to become a big player in the,strategy game market,and given a lot of people like myself,feel a bit underwhelmed while playing it,perhaps it will stay that way but what,do you guys think do you disagree with,me let me know in the comments below and,thank you guys for watching make sure to,subscribe and ill see you next time,goodbye for now

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