1. I Tried Hungry Root For A Week! // Honest Hungry Root Review *Not Sponsored*
  2. Three Weeks of Hungry Root Meal Delivery Review
  4. Is Hungryroot Worth it? Vegan Meal Kit Delivery Service | Unbiased Review | Recipes & Groceries
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  6. Honest Hungry Root Review I I Tried Hungryroot for a Week & Here Are My Thoughts
  7. A Hungryroot update after some BAD experiences ????????‍♀️ (Is Hungryroot worth it in 2022?)

I Tried Hungry Root For A Week! // Honest Hungry Root Review *Not Sponsored*

hey guys whats up welcome back to my,channel this week i decided to switch,things up in the kitchen a little bit so,i ordered a meal kit grocery delivery,service i think that this one is a,little bit less known and the reason i,decided to pick this one instead of,something like hello fresh or blue apron,or something its because it isnt just,actual meals with those pre-proportioned,ingredients its actually groceries as,well as much as i love making my own,meals and going grocery shopping i just,love to switch things up and it,definitely stops me from doing things,very repetitively making the same meals,all the time and getting the exact same,groceries so this week im gonna be,trying out hungry brew and taking you,guys along for the ride but before we,get started make sure to give this video,a thumbs up because it really does,support my channel and dont forget to,click subscribe so that you never miss,another video its here yay,all right so this is the card it comes,with with all of my items on it and then,on the other side are all the recipes,that i have for the week so thats cool,and it also like saves paper just,putting it on like one piece i love it,all right what do we got on top,oh pancake mix yum oh we got the goods,oh my gosh we have so much stuff,oh my gosh,this looks so fun oh my gosh i love it,im so excited all right im not gonna,go through everything right now i need,to put this stuff in the fridge and then,we are going to officially start on this,meal plan tomorrow im so excited good,morning and welcome to the official,first day of trying hungry roux im,starting this on a wednesday because the,shipments come in every tuesday night,everything is completely customizable,but for my plan i chose four to six,dinners four to six lunches i think two,to three breakfast two to three snacks,and something sweet and something i,noticed while i was checking this box,before i got it was that they dont,really do like actual breakfast meals,they do like breakfast items and i am a,full-on breakfast girl i eat like a very,full meal in the morning which i know,probably isnt super typical and so,really for the breakfast all they do is,like provide little items here and there,so were gonna see what we have for,breakfast this morning but i feel like,its not gonna be enough food and just,as a disclaimer this isnt supposed to,fill like every single meal to a tea,its just kind of supposed to fill in,like most of your meals so that your,life is a little bit easier this is one,of the first breakfasts that they,included its an egg bite in the spinach,and feta flavor and i actually do really,like egg bites but im kind of curious,as to why they only included one i feel,like egg bites always come in like a two,pack you know i feel like thats like a,real full breakfast yeah this is only,100 calories and usually my breakfast is,like 400 calories so were going to need,to supplement this with something else,that i already have all right i have,some bacon in the fridge so i am gonna,do three slices of bacon and these are,50 calories each so thatll bring my,meal up to 250 calories and i feel like,thats like a decent enough breakfast,that itll get me through until like,having a nice snack before lunch all,right and just like that we have,breakfast so weve got the spinach and,feta egg bite and then i have my three,slices of bacon which bacon is delicious,and then i also have some green iced tea,for breakfast just because you guys,already know i love iced tea so ill,definitely try this by itself but i,personally love hot sauce on my eggs so,im probably gonna add some tabasco,after,wow its like actually really good what,the heck it definitely does need some,tabasco though kind of just like you,know every bite wow this is really good,though i would actually totally buy,these its just like egg bites,themselves are usually just like a waste,of money i usually like to make them at,home myself but it is true that they,definitely do not taste the same oh yeah,oh tabascos good,all right im just gonna finish up my,breakfast here and then i actually have,a pot of water boiling right now because,im going to make the ravioli and,sausage dish for my lunch i have four,meals for this week but i just wanted to,pick like the quickest one and easiest,one possible that i can actually take to,work because i didnt have time to prep,the other ones because i got the box,last night and even though it came,before i got home colin and i saw a,black widow last night so i did not have,any time to actually like prep food for,the day so this is the ravioli that they,provided for me and this makes two,servings and the entire recipe does as,well so im just gonna make up both,servings right now and then ill have,something ready in the fridge,[Music],all right this recipe doesnt have any,veggies in it and thats totally fine i,mean i eat plenty of meals sometimes,that dont have veggies in it but i do,happen to have some pre-made bell,peppers and onions that i made the other,night so im just gonna throw them in,because you know why not like theyre,already made and then in my shipment,yesterday they did also include a huge,bag of spinach which i know is for,another recipe but theres no way im,going to use all this spinach so im,just going to throw some of this in as,well because i dont want it to go bad i,am notorious for never finishing spinach,and gita is out of breath from how much,she has been running this morning youve,just been sprinting all over the house,all right im home from work now and i,just wanted to tell you guys how my,lunch was i actually really really,enjoyed it i mean you cant really go,wrong with ravioli and a sausage though,something that i realized later though,was that its actually not real cheese,in that ravioli its the cuthill brand,and the ricotta is actually made with,almond milk which i was kind of worried,about but it actually ended up tasting,totally normal the only thing that i,would know is that it was just slightly,more dry than a normal cheese would be,which is okay i mean it still tasted,really great and also thats not a,hungry root problem thats like a kite,hill problem you know but yes lunch was,delicious and i cannot wait for my next,meal but thats not gonna be tonight,because kat and i are watching the,bachelorette and were not gonna eat my,hungry root stuff for that all righty,its the next day and im gonna make one,of the meals right now thats supposed,to be a lunch dinner and meal prep that,tonight so i can have it for lunch,tomorrow at work im literally,surrounded by cats look at these things,theyre just everywhere so tonight i am,making the chicken with potatoes and,broccoli so this is the box that it came,in and actually was kind of crushed in,the box that i got but this is a half,chicken and it says to roast the whole,thing but this thing says that its four,and a half servings so im kind of,wondering like,how much am i really supposed to put in,a meal you know because the recipe card,just has to do the whole chicken half of,the potatoes and then all of the,broccoli so i guess im gonna have quite,a bit of leftover chicken so this is,what the chicken looks like its,actually not raw it is fully cooked and,thats why you only put it in the oven,for 20 minutes because youre basically,just like heating it up which i guess,technically theres no need for me to do,this since im just packaging it for,tomorrow im not actually eating it,tonight im still just going to follow,the recipe though and see where it takes,me,[Music],all right i have my full meal put,together but i cant lie when the,chicken was in the oven it smelled kind,of funky and like not like good like it,actually kind of smelled a little bit,bad i dont know what it is about fully,cooked meat that you like reheat i feel,like sometimes its kind of weird so,were gonna give the chicken a taste,test right now because i am very curious,to see what it actually tastes like,i think it tastes normal,i dont know its like mostly

Three Weeks of Hungry Root Meal Delivery Review

hello and welcome,and welcome to the video,high fructose corn syrup high fructose,corn syrup hydronate hi,hydrogenated oil,hello and welcome,todays video is about hungry root if,youve never heard of hungry root it is,a grocery delivery service that focuses,on simple recipes if thats something,that youre interested in just stick,around and ill get right into the video,you will be getting a complete unbiased,review,[Music],hungry root,alright lets see what this is about,recently we gave hungry root a try its,very different from a bunch of the other,delivery services out there because this,one focuses on grocery delivery,when you sign up they have you do a quiz,so that they can make meal suggestions,you pick a plan size and get either,their suggested meals or ones you choose,to substitute in yourself,and because its a grocery delivery,service you can also order snack foods,and other a la carte grocery items that,you might need for the week using a,credit system so you really could get,all of your groceries from them if you,wanted to,the first box had a ton of food because,my husband was taking advantage of a 20,off deal and figured it was a good time,to try a bunch of different things,in this box we got five dinners for two,and five breakfast and lunches for one,plus snacks plans start as low as 59,for three,two serving meals,meal number one was beef burgers with,sweet potato fries you do end up with,extra because they give you an entire,package of buns or wraps or tortillas or,whatever it is even if it is a meal for,two,we did ours on the grill,and these burgers were so good they were,blended with vegetables and bursting,with so much flavor i probably could,have skipped the condiments and it still,would have been really good,my husband said he was stuffed after,this meal,i wasnt i felt like i could eat more,and then an hour later i did feel a,little bit more satisfied but,i still think i could have eaten more,this is an example of the breakfast just,simple oatmeal in a cup,and these are some of the healthy snacks,that came in our box,hummus and crackers mini blueberry,muffins,and basil zucchini and white bean salad,okay so these are the ingredients for,meal number two rotini made from,chickpeas,portobello mushroom caps and,a spinach artichoke sauce,im always so bad at knowing,what will fit in what size pot hopefully,this works,all the meals are super easy most of,them can be made with just one or two,pots and pans so that also means very,minimal dishwasher,[Music],oh my god,im sorry but,this grosses me out,[Music],i could not handle scraping mushroom cat,gills i could not deal with the texture,or the appearance the pasta had a lot,more flavor than normal pasta it was,made with chickpeas maybe that made a,difference i dont know but i tasted it,right out of the pot and it was just,really good the spinach artichoke sauce,was full of flavor too,so good super quick and an easy meal,even for me minus the portobello gill,situation okay so excuse the wet hair i,worked out i took a shower and then i,cooked dinner thats how it works in my,life so todays meal is tofu with quinoa,and broccoli very simple only,ingredients are,this,brown rice quinoa blend broccoli,braised lemongrass tofu nuggets,and a coconut curry sauce,so thats it were gonna see,just how easy and straightforward these,meals really are,[Music],it says to cut the tofu in half and its,already pre-cut so i guess that just,means to cut them into smaller pieces,then im going to be browning this in,the skillet with a little bit of oil,okay got my quinoa and rice blend in,bowls,set aside my tofu,and now its time for the broccolini,it does not say to cut it so im not,going to but,im just thinking how do we eat this,salt pepper broccolini and oil,[Music],just added a half a cup of water covered,it and now it is steaming,[Music],i cant tell if its soft enough,i am going to have to reheat these,because,theyre not hot anymore,if i were a little bit more efficient,this probably wouldnt be a problem,and then,figure out how to add this what am i,supposed to do with this broccoli,this was my favorite meal so far those,lemon tofu nuggets were so tasty and,together with the curry sauce everything,was so good he said he was full,afterwards but it was just filling,enough for me so this meal is,ricotta ravioli,with spinach garlic chicken sausage in a,tomato marinara sauce,and these are the only three,pieces,required,another quick and tasty meal boil and,drain the ravioli heat up the chicken,sausage over the stove in a pan heat up,the marinara drizzle the marinara over,everything and serve we added some,additional seasoning to the marinara,because it didnt have quite as much,flavor as we wanted,this was one very very filling meal and,my second favorite so far,silly chicken is that what they call it,i think everyone has made tacos before,nothing fancy but super easy and really,good tacos are simple and even,more so when its all pretty much done,for you theres the chicken which was,basically pre-cooked just needed to be,warmed up,theres the salad mix,and we added,green onions because we had them,im not a fan of guacamole so i didnt,add any but there you have it,[Music],looks,delicious,one thing that i dont like about this,service is much like the others and that,you do have to remember to pause your,account or skip your delivery or else,you will get a delivery every week you,forgot to cancel and i get it this is a,business and its in their best interest,to have recurring customers but i can,only imagine how much money is made off,of accidental deliveries with hungry,root you can skip up to three deliveries,or pause your account but it does take,four to eight weeks to pause it and you,do have to tell them how long you want,it paused,okay brussels sprouts,wraps,grilled chicken breast already seasoned,black bean brownie batter,looks like lunch meat lets pray for,your lunch,this was one of the lunches sausage and,spinach flatbread with artichoke sauce,it was so good,and this basil zucchini white bean salad,is so,good,with blue apron you have one card for,every recipe and its a lot of times,double-sided with this,theyre all right here,the recipes are just so short and simple,i like that all the cook times on this,card are between 6 and 23 minutes so,even if it takes me,triple the time to make everything on,there its still quicker than just about,anything that i can make on my own,[Music],this half chicken with rice quinoa,and brussels sprouts was the most,involved meal of them all,a whopping 23 minutes to prepare,most of that being just because of the,required time in the oven to heat up the,meat,all the meat is pre-cooked so you were,just heating it up,so this is the chicken lemon pepper,sous-vi,[Music],you dont have to make your sauces or,cut your vegetables most of the work is,already done for you,[Music],i really love this rice and how quick,and easy it is to make,its basically just heating it up on the,pan,all done,these are pretty,good sized portions i went ahead and,served all of it up,[Music],this meal was super filling very good,this will be my first time ever trying,beyond burger i hear theyre really good,the texture looks a little bit,sticky like,kind of weird,beyond burger with baked beans and the,burgers were really good much better,than i expected im a fan,this is grass-fed meatballs with fusilli,pasta and tomato sauce it was really,good and probably the most filling of,them all like a lot of the other beef,the texture is a bit odd and kind of,sticky,but,had so much flavor and i really loved it,this is saucy tomato chicken linguine,the pre-cooked and seasoned chicken had,lots of flavor this was another good one,and he forgot to cancel,again so weve got another order and,im not really mad about it,he did remember to remove all the snacks,and lunches,so it is just five dinners,this box was 95 so that gives you an,idea of the cost for five meals for two,people which,i dont think its that bad because we,have spent

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in todays video we are talking,specifically about grocery delivery,services because who in the heck wants,to spend hours at the grocery store,every week when you can get on your,phone tap on the things that you want,and it comes delivered right to your,door as you know if youve been,following my channel for any amount of,time i have tried many different meal,kit and grocery delivery services but,today were talking specifically about,grocery delivery services that are,trying to reduce food waste namely ones,that deliver all kinds of groceries,including produce dairy meat and more,here are the contenders that im going,to be reviewing for you today we are,going to review misfits market hungry,root and imperfect foods all of which i,have used before just in full disclosure,this video is not sponsored in any way,whatsoever i wanted to try these out so,that i could share with you guys which,one i thought was the best some of you,guys are probably saying what about,thrive market yes i love thrive market,ive used them for years now and they,are fantastic however they do not offer,produce and they dont offer dairy items,and so for this particular video im,just focusing on these particular,companies so if youve never used one of,these delivery services before you might,be asking yourself why would i want to,use one of these,well first of all you are helping to fix,a broken food system if you are not,aware and you live in the united states,we have a huge huge problem in this,country with food waste and in fact,almost a third of what gets grown in the,u.s is not harvested because its just,not pretty enough to go to the grocery,store and per the u.s department of,agriculture about 30 to 40 percent of,our food supply in this country is,thrown away which equates to over 200,billion dollars a year that is crazy by,using one of these delivery services you,are able to purchase produce and other,items that may potentially otherwise be,thrown away in addition these delivery,services are super convenient for busy,people using a service like this can,save you honestly probably hours per,month at the grocery store i also find,that it helps save money by curbing that,impulse spending and i also find that i,have access to a lot of different foods,and items that i wouldnt normally have,since i live in the rural midwest,lastly it can help you push your,boundaries for you and your family to,try new foods so most of these services,allow you to choose and customize what,comes in your box but all of them,usually will also auto generate a box so,if you want to be surprised on that,particular week you can just get what,they send you and then that can help you,and your family try new fruits and,vegetables and it can also help inspire,you creatively in the kitchen so the,first one im going to review is misfits,market and this when i started this,particular video was a new to me service,but ive tried it about three weeks now,so i feel like ive formed a pretty good,opinion all right so here is my haul,from misfits market the total for all of,these groceries was around 90,and i did have a 10 off promo code since,i was a first time buyer so i think the,difference with some of these online,delivery services is that you do get,access to more organic produce for a,cheaper price a lot of the times than,you can find in the store depending on,where youre at and what you have access,to so it kind of seems like a lot when,you look at these groceries but honestly,there are a lot of organic produce and,premium items here i got some organic,yellow potatoes,some white onions i got two lemons,three kiwis i did get two cucumbers,actually so this one is just a regular,uh sort of like conventional cucumber,and then i also got a,or an english cucumber which we already,ate another thing that we already ate,out of this was a beef stick which i,ended up getting for free thats what,happens after i,you know get things and i dont film a,haul for a day or two my family eats,them so lets keep that in mind too i,got a couple different kinds of broccoli,we like to have broccoli as a side,frequently so honestly well probably go,through all that in one meal i got a,couple different kinds of apples,these are organic fuji apples,and gala apples and i did price compare,these with walmarts organic produce and,they were actually pretty comparable so,i think those were a good deal i also,got a bag of mandarin oranges these are,also organic again i know a lot of,people have a lot of opinions on organic,versus conventional i personally dont,prioritize it that often,it depends on whats available but,obviously with services like this again,you can get a lot more,organic produce for sometimes cheaper i,got a bag of these um true sweet mini,peppers so my kids really like to snack,on these i havent had them for a while,so i thought they would like those i,also got some kale im gonna make a,salad out of this i need to eat lots of,things that contain more iron and kale,is one of them,i also grabbed some of this lemon lime,flavored sparkling water thats another,thing i like about some of these,services is that i can try items that,ive never seen around me before this is,called ugly flavored sparkling water i,dont know its lemon lime you got four,cans for 1.99 so,50 cents a can i think thats a pretty,good price i also got one of these,josies organic chopped salad kits again,this is something that i cant normally,find around me and this will make a good,lunch,i got some fresh rosemary,some fresh chives and then i also got,some blueberries i also wanted to,mention that they do a really great job,of packaging things i have to say when i,have ordered imperfect foods before i,cant tell you how many times ive had,to email them and ask them for refunds,because they would just put,like a bag or a box of blueberries and,like a glass jar and whatever they would,just put it in this big box and by the,time fedex shook it around and it came,halfway across the country to me uh it,was all smashed and so id have to,contact them because id have to throw,away a lot of the food which kind of,like defeats the purpose right so thats,one thing i have to say about misfits is,that they do a fantastic job packaging,everything nothing was smashed nothing,leaked it was great so i got these,blueberries these look really fresh and,delicious i also got some tzatziki sauce,this is um,like a yogurt sauce with cucumbers i,have some falafel in the freezer i can,use with that i decided to try some of,this grand cru,cheese um i dont remember if ive had,this before or not but,it looks good always love cheese and,crackers i also thought this was a,really great price on the marys,free range chicken breast this was a 14,ounce package for 4.99 which is actually,a really good price for this good of,quality of chicken that was not the,correct sentence structure but you know,what i mean i cant find this around me,either i also picked up this huge loaf,of waterfront seattle sourdough i dont,know i just thought it looked really,good so i might try and make like some,type of paninis for dinner to use that,up or just with toast i love sourdough,bread its delicious,uh i got this on some,spicy bulgogi uh korean starter sauce it,comes with three little packs in there,and it says you can make this with pork,chicken tofu tofu or salmon i actually,thought about making it with beef so im,not sure how im gonna use that yet but,that will be fun to try and then i got a,couple of these probiotic vanilla and,chamomile,um whole milk yogurt the brand is nor,organic again ive never seen this,around me so i thought i would try that,im excited also to try this king arthur,baking company buttermilk pancake mix,another thing that i cant find around,here and i do make pancakes from scratch,mostly but,its always nice to have a pancake mix,around especially if you dont know what,to make for dinner and youre like boom,breakfast for dinner its super simple,this king arthur baking flour was also,not bak

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Is Hungryroot Worth it? Vegan Meal Kit Delivery Service | Unbiased Review | Recipes & Groceries

over the last week paul and i finally,tried hungry root which is a service i,have been wanting to try for a while in,this video im going to go over exactly,what hungry root is all the food that we,got how much it cost then were going to,go into some vlog footage of me unboxing,everything making the meals eating all,the food and then ill come back and let,you know what i liked and didnt like,about hungry root and at the very end,ill let you know if i thought hungry,root was worth it hungry root is another,one of these services like other,services ive reviewed where i was,really confused about exactly what it,was until i actually looked into it and,really signed up for it i sort of feel,like a lot of these modern millennial,food companies they almost make their,marketing kind of deliberately vague and,mysterious so that you then have to go,in and research it and look into it for,yourself heres how hungry root,describes themselves hungary root is,your personal grocer delivering modern,healthy food with recipe and meal,planning support how i would describe,hungry root is a happy medium between,something like a bistro and something,like a purple carrot so its not just,pre-made frozen meals that you just have,to eat and eat like bistro but its also,not just a bunch of ingredients with a,recipe card that you have to completely,prep and cook everything like purple,carrot its somewhere in the middle,there are meal kits which they actually,call recipes but theyre extremely uh,simple pretty much pre-prepped all you,really have to do is heat them up and,put them together hungry root also has a,grocery component so you can shop for,produce pantry staples specialty items,snacks etc so you could use hungry root,just as a meal delivery service you,could use them just as a grocery service,or you could do a hybrid of both which,is what i did hungry root isnt vegan,but their marketing is definitely very,plant forward to be honest i couldnt,even tell you what their non-vegan,offerings are because when you sign up,you have to fill out a food profile and,then based on what you select as your,dietary preferences they only show you,food within that dietary preference so,for me i only saw the vegan offerings,which is actually kind of nice from,seeing other peoples reviews they,definitely have meat dairy eggs but like,i said they definitely push plants as,their main sort of thing or component to,all the meals i wanted to try hungry,root because like ive said in other,videos lunch is the most annoying meal,of the day for me,its just always super inconvenient so i,wanted something to take the worry out,of lunches where i could just make,something simple quick filling and not,have to think too much about it so like,i said when you sign up for hungry root,you fill out your food profile and then,they recommend to you a certain number,of meals and grocery items and they they,basically give you your suggested order,but you can take things out you can add,things in you can completely change it,its just them recommending things based,on,whatever their algorithm is when you,sign up at least at the time that i,signed up they also give you a free item,for life so you have three options you,have you can choose between a chickpea,cookie dough produce of the week or,premium protein of the week i chose the,chickpea cookie dough but you can switch,out your free item for life whenever you,want so you get sick of the cookie dough,in a couple weeks you can change it so,the meal kits or recipes typically have,four components to them theres a,protein a starch a veggie and a sauce a,lot of the items in the recipes are,hungry roots own,packaged items but they do sometimes,source from other brands so they have,beyond meat they have kite hill but i,would say for the most part its hungry,roots own proprietary foods the meals,that i chose were the lentil green curry,tofu bowl,the baby broccoli black bean bowl,coconut curry tofu and lentil stir-fry,and the vegan cheesy tofu burger bake i,also got for snacks a couple of cedars,hummus and chip stack packs spudsy,barbecue sweet potato puffs which is,kind of my least favorite flavor but i,was just so excited to see they had,spudsy that i had to get it garlicky,herb chickpea duo which was meant for,snacking and of course my free item,which was the chickpea cookie dough so,this order was supposed to be a hundred,and ten dollars but looking at my,account i got a discount i honestly,dont even know why i got a discount i,dont remember using a discount code or,anything but i did end up getting a,discount and so i only got charged 68,for my first order all right so now,lets jump into the vlog footage so you,can just really see everything im,talking about in action and then well,come back and i will let you know my,final thoughts on hungry root,lets go my box was supposed to come on,a sunday it ended up coming on monday,afternoon not sure why that happened but,it was not a big deal,when i opened it up i saw this climacell,insulation which i was happy to see,since this stuff is curbside recyclable,i initially honestly completely forgot,that i ordered spudsy so you can hear i,was pretty excited when i realized,had all my items and then it also had,this packing list and then on the other,side of the packing list were my four,recipes in the bottom of this box was,this enviro ice ice pack,that said that it was drainable and also,could be used for plant food,so heres my whole hungry root order,just all spread out on the counter and,of course little miss knows he had to,just had to investigate i made space in,a little section of my fridge for all of,my hungry root items just to kind of,keep them all together and organized the,first meal that i made was the green,thai curry tofu bowl im just following,the instructions and putting everything,together the lentil rice mixture which,came pre-cooked in a plastic bag was,super clumpy so i kind of had to spend,some time breaking up all the clumps for,the curry sauce they actually sent this,mikes organic curry sauce which was,really simple ingredients but i was kind,of surprised that it wasnt a hungry,root sauce,[Music],and then im just kind of putting,everything together pouring the sauce,over the top and heres how they came,out so heres a little taste test i was,talking kind of quietly because paul was,on a work call its good,the curry sauce is really,tasty,and its very warm,and theres a lot of,protein from,the lentils obviously and the tofu,so,kind of,kind of really happy with this,after my meal i just had to try the,chickpea cookie dough heres what it,looked like took a little spoonful tried,it it was so delicious the next meal i,made was the baby broccoli black bean,burrito bowl again just kind of prepping,everything pretty simple prep pretty,simple instructions,theres a flavor in the beans thats,like unusual,oh oregano theres oregano,and bay leaf kind of unusual but i like,it,and now im just putting everything,together topping with the green chili,sauce and its done,its good not adding any salt to the,broccoli was definitely the right call,just to balance out all the other salt,thats in like literally everything else,yeah another thumbs up from me paul and,i each had one of these cedars hummus,snack packs this is the roasted red,pepper flavor i really enjoyed this it,was delicious it was satiating it was a,perfect snack next i made the vegan,cheesy tofu burger bake which i was,pretty excited about it was made with,hungry roots own hearty tofu veggie,burgers and also with their superfood,tomato sauce which,had roasted red pepper in it and also,had hemp hearts which is i guess why,they call it superfood so thats pretty,cool has some extra protein so basically,for this meal it had you kind of,assemble all the parts and then put it,all in the oven together,on you know just one tray which is nice,and when i was done i divided it up and,we gave it a try here we go nice bite,not crazy about this one,burgers like really kind of rub

Honest Hungry Root Review – Pros & Cons

hey guys welcome back to my channel in,todays video Im going to be doing a,comprehensive review of the food,delivery service hungry routes,full disclosure hunger did offer to send,me a box for free in exchange for review,but as always Im going to be talking,about the pros as well as the cons of,hungry route they did not tell me what I,had to say or anything like that,I am just going to tell you my honest,opinions of hungry route and I think,what you need to know from my own,experience with the company todays,video Im going to structure into a few,different parts the first part Im going,to talk a little bit about what hunger,rout is as well as show you some of the,food and what came in my box after all,of that so Im gonna follow up with you,guys after Ive already used up all the,food and at that point Im going to tell,you my thoughts about the pros as well,as the cons of hungry route so if you,want to skip ahead to any of those,portions I will put these skip ahead,links in the description also hunger,rout did give me a link that will give,you guys a discount if you are,interested in trying out on your route,so after you watch this video if you,want to try it out I would be super,appreciative if you use my link I get,some credit from that as well and you,will get a discount so I will put all,the details for that in the description,box but as at this point I dont know if,its worth recommending or not because I,havent tried it out yet but know that,thats all out of the way lets get into,the box,[Music],basically hunger route is pretty,different than any other food,subscription service that I have seen in,the sense they basically send you a,whole lot of different ingredients that,you can mix and match and kind of create,a pretty wide variety of meals out of,now Im going to show you what is in,this box,just so you know for this box I got the,largest size technically this is like,the family size and theres only two of,us that are gonna be eating this but I,just figured for the sake of this video,it would be good to just show you as,many different items that they have so,lets see whats in here,[Music],the first recipe I had was basically a,pasta that was made out of sweet potato,noodles and then it also had chicken as,well as the garlic Parmesan sauce this,one it wasnt bad it wasnt amazing it,was it was just okay I would say that,portions were pretty small but not too,bad to start with the next recipe I had,was a red lentil fusilli pasta and it,included some of this like crunchy,lentil mix this one was extremely easy,to make and it actually tasted pretty,good I liked the combination of the,lentils as well as the pastas now the,next recipe it was definitely my,favorite and had this delicious peanut,sauce and basically that one was the,ginger tahini huben noodles with the,Thai peanut sauce youre gonna try out,hungry route I would definitely,recommend ordering some of the peanut,sauce the thing about this one though is,I was making this one only for myself,and it had less than 500 calories it had,like 400 70 calories just with me eating,the entire thing so this one was a very,small portion so Im glad this one I was,not sharing but it was really good the,next one I had was a market plate,basically it was the smoked salmon the,super blend salad and the roasted,vegetables again this one was super easy,the only thing that took time was,roasting the vegetables everything else,was just like put it on a plate,basically super easy however this one,was only like 337 calories when you,split it into two this one I was sharing,with my husband so combined it would,have been 600 something calories but it,was a very small portion so I added some,artichoke hearts to beef it up a little,bit but again very small so the next,recipe it was a stir-fry that was again,using the peanut sauce with tofu nuggets,this one I thought was not bad not my,favorite but not terrible,again I really liked that peanut sauce,but again this one was a pretty small,portion split between two people that,next one was,when he ate calories each so pretty,small if you ask me okay and so the next,two recipes were basically the exact,same recipe they both had the,cauliflower rice they had the green,chili sauce and then they just varied in,terms of one had the garlic chicken,sausage and the other one had the spiced,tofu bites they were both very low,calorie one of them the chicken sausage,was a little bit higher it was about 420,calories when you split between two,people and then the one with the tofu,bites was last only 300 calories each I,liked the recipe I think I love,cauliflower rice I wasnt crazy about,the sauce just because I dont,personally like spicy food and it was a,little bit on the spicier side but if,you like green chili and you want that,spice then that recipe could be really,good for you okay so now youve seen the,recipes and youve kind of gotten a feel,for it now I want to just talk about my,overall feelings on the pros and the,cons of hunger route so now lets get,into all of that,so the number one Pro and I think the,most impressive thing I would want to,say about the service is all of the,recipes are actually really easy and,really fast of any meal delivery service,that Ive tried that its not just,giving you the meals already,pre-prepared like freshly this is by far,the easiest in terms of preparation all,of the recipes are like only like three,or four steps for the most part all of,the vegetables come pre-cut all the,sauces are pre-mixed everything is,pretty much done for you youre really,just like mixing things together or,heating things up baking things just,doing very easy cooking but youre not,doing anything really extravagant so the,meals are very practical and they were,just really easy and I knew that I could,whip them together really fast so I,really like that now the number two Pro,is the price I was actually pretty,surprised at how affordable the services,compared to a lot of other meal delivery,services so I got the largest box which,was $130 for the week and it had seven,meals that I was splitting with my,husband so 14 servings as well as some,snacks so I had this hummus bowl and I,also had these cookies as a snack so,thats under ten dollars a meal and its,cheaper than most other meal delivery,services so for that reason I think the,price is the second Pro now the third,Pro is the recipes were all very,healthy theres a lot of fresh Whole,Foods that youre putting into your,recipes so there werent a lot of extra,process stuff so thats the third Pro,the fourth Pro is the flexibility what I,really like about hungry root is you can,choose from any type of dietary,restriction you haves so for example if,you want everything to be dairy free or,you want vegan or vegetarian meals all,those things are totally flexible to,change and to be honest I think this is,probably the most flexible meal kit,delivery,service in the sense that you are,choosing every single ingredient youre,not just choosing recipes but youre,choosing every single ingredient that,you want in your recipe so if you just,want to order a bunch of sliced zucchini,and you want just this particular sauce,you could customize every single,individual ingredient so theres a ton,of flexibility and that is the fourth,Pro the fifth Pro is that for the most,part I would say the meals tasted pretty,good you know theyre not gonna be like,the most gourmet meals ever but for the,most part there were solid tasty meals,and I have to give that the fifth spot,for the pros,okay so now we have all the pros out of,the way lets talk about some of the,cons these unfortunately there were some,cons the first con and I think the,biggest problem I had with hungry root,is the portions and the portion size it,just didnt make sense,like it kind of felt a little bit,haphazard how they were putting these,recipes together so as I said I got the,biggest box which is advertised as like,a family box but there is no way that a,family more than one or two peop

Honest Hungry Root Review I I Tried Hungryroot for a Week & Here Are My Thoughts

so a few weeks ago I was scrolling,through Facebook and I came across this,healthy food delivery service called,hungry route so I decided to test it out,kind of like how I tested out daily,harvest and share my experience with you,guys so when you go to their website the,first thing you do is build your food,profile so what that means is you,basically tell them about your dietary,restrictions your lifestyle you tell,them about the types of foods that you,enjoy and also how many people you want,to feed with your plan you can also,select how many days of the week they,cover you can do the whole entire week,or you can do just a couple of days and,then based on that information they give,you a list of recipes for you to choose,from and you have a couple of days to,customize that before your box ships so,this is what my final plan looked like,and I paid I think about $100 and this,was with 30% off and free shipping,generally the cheapest price that you,can get per meal on the two-person plan,is 8:49 okay now lets get into the,video and see how my week on hungry,route went my box arrived on Monday and,everything was really well packaged with,ice and everything so everything in the,box could stay nice and cold for hours,while I was out and about for example,okay guys so now let me walk you through,the recipes the first one is the thigh,chicken and veggie stir-fry and for that,we have sauce we have the veggies and we,have this fully cooked chicken breast,which half of this is gonna go towards,this recipe and the other half will go,towards another recipe Im going to show,you the next recipe is the salmon which,we get this amount of broccoli we get,this whole thing of lentil and quinoa,rice mix and then we got this little,piece of salmon next step we have flat,breads and were gonna use the tortillas,were gonna use the spicy refried red,beans were gonna use the green chili,and beyond burgers next recipe uses the,seven green blend the P snaps and then,one of the chicken breasts the the other,recipe is a turkey burger and it uses,these,spinach feta and turkey patties the,sandwich buns and the avocado crema for,sweets we have these for brownies and,then this almond chickpea cookie dough,for breakfast we get this muesli apple,cinnamon almond and we got the granola,bars which i think theyre for in there,for snacks we got this toasted coconut,clusters sweet potato cups edamame some,microwave popcorn this one beef stick,and thats it for breakfast on Tuesday,morning which was my first day on hungry,route,I have muesli that I soaked in cold,almond milk and I also added some,blueberries and almond butter that I,already had at home its actually quite,nice I think with the almond butter its,definitely I mean for a filling,breakfast so yeah Im gonna finish this,and the options that they send me for,breakfast were basically muesli and,granola bars but I pretty much only ate,the muesli and I just use the granola,bars for snacks and then for lunch I,made the first actual recipe the Thai,peanut chicken and veggie stir-fry,[Music],smells really good really nice I really,enjoyed the meal and even though it,looked like a small portion it was,actually really satisfying I had a room,for dessert though so I decided to try,the prepackaged brownies as well I was,it the typical brownie,its super moist I really like it its,really nice Im not going to talk too,much about the prepackaged snacks,because they were pretty standard like,edamame and popcorn and granola bars and,stuff like that so of course they tasted,pretty good,then for dinner we cooked the turkey,burgers then I added a few things for my,fridge which I already had anyways I,added tomato onion and lettuce,[Music],I think its great,its really tasty but Turkey patty is,really flavorful and then the avocado,really like completes the picture I,think 5 out of 5 this was one of my,favorite recipes it was really delicious,and actually really filling and I think,I would have liked it even if I didnt,add the onion tomato and lettuce moving,on to Wednesday I had muesli again,but this time I made it hot in the,microwave with almond milk and I added,banana blueberries and almond butter,again Im trying to sleep warm today and,I really liked it its like oatmeal and,I added some bananas and blueberries and,almond butter and such a good breakfast,on Wednesday I also tried the edible,cookie dough this is what it looks like,doesnt look super appetizing,Im not one of people who enjoy eating,cookie dough straight up so I dont know,how thats gonna be but I still want to,try it,thats surprisingly good Wow its really,good yeah doesnt taste at all like,chickpeas,Ill try baking this into cookies and,Im gonna show you guys I actually,couldnt make it into cookies because my,husband loved it so much as it was and,he pretty much finished it so next time,maybe the next recipe I tried was on,Wednesday night and I made the grain,bowl with chicken snap peas and peanut,sauce,[Music],this recipe was again super quick to put,together it was really delicious but I,had one small issue with it my only,thing with this recipe is that some of,the piece were very tough and like not,really edible so the next meal that I,tried was on Thursday night and I made,the salmon with broccoli and guys this,was my absolute favorite recipe it,tasted so so good the cooking process,was again super simple I just had to,cook the broccoli for six to seven,minutes and then microwave the lentil,rice mix and the salmon was already,cooked the rice is amazing the salmon,was actually already cooked and its hot,smoked some really curious to try mmm,its so good,Wow,I really really like this dish,I mean this one is my favorite its so,good super simple with everything tastes,really amazing and then on Friday I,tried the Mexican flatbreads this is,what the flatbread looks like its very,unusual so its corn tortilla with,refried beans crumbled beyond burger and,green chili sauce and I added some,cheese just because I had it but I mean,it smells really good Im excited to try,it,mmm my tortillas are a little bit dry i,dont know if i overcooked them,but generally i really really like it,honestly i was pleasantly surprised I,didnt expect to enjoy the meals as much,as I did,I loved how easy and quick everything,was to put together the protein was,usually already cooked so you only need,to warm it up which saved a lot of time,and all the protein options Ive tried,like the chicken the turkey burgers and,the salmon were really nicely cooked and,very nicely seasoned some portions,looked small but they were actually,really satisfying so I dont have,anything bad to say about that I really,like the convenience of this service and,I think the price is pretty reasonable I,usually spend about $150 every week for,groceries and we eat out once or twice a,week so if I end up using this service,and I dont eat out I think the price,would be pretty similar or it will be,just slightly more expensive and now,lets talk about my not-so favorite,things I thought that the meat and some,of the recipes was a pretty small,portion for example the chicken that I,used in two of my recipes you were,supposed to use one chicken breast for,two people and this is actually what I,would use for one person but at the end,of the day the meal was satisfying it,was filling and I think the point of,this service is to actually encourage,you to eat more vegetables and less meat,so I get it another disadvantage for me,just from my personal perspective is,that the meals were kind of heavy on the,carbs which is not necessarily a bad,thing but its just its not gonna be a,good option for people who are doing low,carb or keto and the last thing that I,did not like is the fact that they show,you the calorie counts for each dish,but they dont show you the nutrients,like you dont know how many carbs how,much protein how much fat each dish has,and this is something that I would have,wanted to see overall I like it enough,to keep my subscription going so

A Hungryroot update after some BAD experiences ????????‍♀️ (Is Hungryroot worth it in 2022?)

so back in september i did a review of,hungry root the food slash meal delivery,service,kind of my traditional style of a review,where i tried the service i vlog it i,let you know what i liked and didnt,like and id let you know if i thought,the service was worth it my conclusion,in that video was that i did think that,hungry root was worth it,and,since then ive had some,other experiences with hungry root that,made me feel like i should probably do,an update to let you guys know how my,opinions have changed on hungry root,because they have quite drastically we,did our first order in september of 2021,did it for a week did my review based on,that week you know with these services,how if you dont push your delivery off,youll just automatically keep getting,them so i had skipped the next few,deliveries so then sometime in october,my next delivery just auto fulfilled and,i was like oh my god so annoying because,i didnt get to pick what i wanted it,was all pretty bad,and i decided to cancel it and not do it,anymore,i was like i did like it for the week,that we did it but just really didnt,like that subsequent order then sometime,in december paul and i were going,through a phase where just never having,food around for lunch just finding,ourselves like not eating lunch or not,eating enough for lunch skipping lunch,and we were like we need to fix this so,hes like lets order that service again,like it was pretty good i was like yeah,it was pretty good lets do it again and,so i started back up my hungry root,account and ordered in december now this,time i had a really bad experience and,im going to go into that in a little,bit i think i did one more order after,that and then i was like im done im,canceling so that was around early,january so then i had kind of kept,thinking like you know i should really,do an update to let everyone know kind,of what went wrong so about a month ago,i was planning on sitting down and doing,a video like this while i was writing,out my notes for the video like i was,getting ready to film it that day i went,to my hungry root account because i was,like,let me just check a few things like i,just want to kind of check the timing of,some of the orders and so i had to,re-start my hungry root account to do,this and while im in my account details,i see that i have a 350 credit and i was,like what,what the is that all about so in my,mind i was like did they charge me 350,dollars and i never used it and and,somehow theyre still charging my card,even though i closed my account i sent,an email i was like whats going on why,do i have this account credit the guy,gets back to me and hes like hey,marielle it looks like youve been,sharing the hungry root love and people,have been using your discount link and,so you have account credit from that,so just to give you guys a quick,explainer on all this stuff if you dont,know about affiliate links and im sure,a lot of you do theres a few different,types of affiliate links theres the,kind and youll see these all over,instagram and youtube and whatever when,people are like heres the skirt im,wearing and then they link to it and,then if you buy that skirt the creator,gets a kickback the creator gets a,commission its how its a big way that,a lot of creators make money but then,theres also the type of affiliate links,which uh you know daily harvest has and,a lot of these services have where ill,give a a link and its like you get this,much money off of your first order and,then i also get a credit so i dont,actually get money its not like a,typical affiliate link where youre,actually getting dollars in your bank,account its simply a credit you know i,put a lot of work and effort and time,into my videos and so these you know,credits toward a service that i already,like and already use just feels like a,nice benefit with hungry root when i,closed my account down i kind of forgot,that i even had the affiliate link up in,the original video or i assumed that if,people used it theyd get a discount but,then i would just get nothing because i,had closed my account so i was like oh,my account i no longer have an account,with hungry root so long story short is,that i guess enough people had used my,code i think it was like seven people,that i had this credit building up in my,account so at that point this is like a,month ago,keep in mind i am like preparing to do,this video and then i,find out that i have all this credit in,my account and i was like i could use,that credit you know its basically 350,in free groceries it would kind of be,silly for me not to use it so then i was,like i feel weird using it and making,another order,but also making a video,being like i dont recommend hungry root,so i was like let me just wait let me,use the credit let me get some more food,try it for a few more weeks and then,ill make my update video sort of based,on that experience,and based on that experience things kind,of changed for me again so im going to,tell you,why and sort of where i stand today on,hungry route im not going to reiterate,everything that i liked and didnt like,about hungry root the first time around,because thats all there in the first,video if youre curious but lets get,into the things that,i really didnt like about my hungry,root experience the second time around,which was in december and the third time,around which is this most recent few,weeks okay so the biggest and most,egregious thing,is that,they sent me meat in one of my boxes so,one of the things that i really liked,the first time around was that even,though its not a vegan service it is,extremely vegan friendly basically when,you sign up you know you tell them,what your dietary requirements are and,if you select vegan,then when you get into the system where,theyre showing you the options for food,all youre seeing are vegan options so,it really does make it feel like youre,just ordering from a vegan service i,felt like they took the dietary,restrictions very seriously so as you,can imagine i was horrified when in my,december box i pulled out a package of,turkey meatballs and the way that they,handled it i felt was really,lacking and im going to talk about that,in a minute the second biggest thing,that really drove me crazy about hungry,root and my subsequent experiences,were the substitutions basically you,place your order and you tell them,exactly what you want and then your,order like closes like thats it your,orders closed the order windows done,and for me like my order window closes,on a monday because i get my package the,following saturday by monday ive got,everything selected and then,later in the week i would get emails,from them being like oh we had to make a,few substitutions like dont worry,everythings still going to taste great,or whatever their email said this,happened a lot and i found that it,really affected my enjoyment of the,service because i wasnt getting the,things that i ordered and things that,they were substituting in,werent things that i wanted for example,something that i really liked that they,had on their website were these hummus,snack packs i got these in the original,video i ordered three of those and what,they sent me instead were three of the,solely fruit jerkies which ive had,before and theyre fine but i dont know,do you guys think thats a,comparable substitution,because basically what i ordered was a,savory snack thats crunchy and high in,protein and then what they gave me was,fruit jerky,basically just fruit another time i,ordered chili which was not a hungry,root brand i forget what brand it was,and then they sent me instead the hungry,root three bean salad,which,the only thing it really has in common,with chili is that they both have beans,in them but the hungry root salads like,their bean salads are like super tart,super,like vinegary when i wanted chili im,not gonna be like oh yeah like a tart,vinegary cold bean salad perfect another,thing that was more recent was we had,ordered granola and they swapped it out,for t

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