1. Hurst Review Info Session
  2. How to Pass the NCLEX-RN | UWorld vs. Hurst, My Study Plan, Helpful Tips, Study Schedule, and Q&A
  3. 4 Reasons Why Hurst is BETTER than UWorld! (Bonus Hurst Discount Codes)
  4. I passed NCLEX on my 2nd attempt. HURST review was my ultimate savior
  5. Hurst Review Info Session
  6. How To Pass the NCLEX-RN in 75 Questions!!! Do’s & Don’t’s!! Uworld vs Hurst Review vs Archer Review
  7. How I passed the NCLEX on my FIRST try! (Hurst Review)

Hurst Review Info Session

hi Im Tara with hearse revue thank you,for allowing me to speak with you today,Ive been a nurse for 14 years in 10 of,those years as an instructor with hearse,revue it is so much fun to work for a,company whose founder is a nurse and,after 30 years it continues to be run by,nurses and we know where you are helping,nurses students pass the NCLEX the first,time is all we do and we do it well did,you know that we maintain a 98 percent,pass rate no one wants you to pass in,clicks more than hearse review with,Hurst you dont have to waste your time,trying to decide what to study or how to,study,you see we integrate content strategy,and realistic test practice we give you,a step-by-step guide so lets do a,question together so I can show you how,important it is to combine content,strategy and practice when answering and,click style questions,it says the nurse is assessing a client,post thyroidectomy when the client,reports mild neck pressure well what is,the priority intervention you can either,remove the dressing and strike the,client to stay in bed place a trach at,the bedside or reassess in 15 minutes,now I know we worry about the dreaded,select all that apply and priority,questions,they make us panic dont they well you,dont have to panic because were gonna,help you master them our first strategy,today is there are no happy in CLECs,questions they make everything sound,like everythings wonderful and great,and everyones doing fine dont be,fooled someone is dying in every,question you better worry we may not,even know what were worried about but,we know were worried so lets look at,the question and lets try to figure out,whats wrong so what are your hints in,the steel,by roid ectomy mild neck pressure and,priority intervention so what are you,worried about the airway at the NCLEX,Hospital mild neck pressure means an,airway problem because the clock could,be constricting the airway due to,bleeding or swelling within the tissue,right thats right so heres another,NCLEX strategy on the NCLEX we must,assume the worst because its a safety,test and its a brand new nurse I need,to identify the problem early so now,were worried weve identified the,problem and were thinking like a brand,new nurse when you know what the problem,is then you must see which option will,fix the problem so lets apply another,testing strategy ask yourself this,question if I could only do one thing,what would I do you see on the NCLEX,when you pick an answer and you hit,enter youre sending a message to the,NCLEX lady youre telling her what kind,of nurse youre gonna be a killer or a,non killer so lets look at our options,look at option four reassess in 15,minutes if you selected this youre,delaying care we never delay care on,NCLEX lets look at option three placing,a trach at the bedside nurse and,students know that a trach set is to be,placed in the classroom but if you,selected this option this is what youre,telling the NCLEX lady I realize my,clients airway is closing so Im just,gonna put this right here and tell my,client call me when you cant breathe,okay placing a trach at the bedside is,not going to fix the problem now lets,look at option to instruct the client to,stay in bed,now nursing students like this answer,because it sounds like a good safe,answer doesnt it safety safety safety,thats what we learned a nursing school,and I know what youre thinking keep the,patient in the bed,side rails up and charted but thats,just wrong,because it doesnt fix the problem your,client has mild neck pressure your,priority is to remove the dressing when,there is something that the nurse can do,to fix the problem you do that first you,see by removing the dressing from the,neck youre relieving the pressure see,the neck is swelling and the bandage is,constricting the airway thats what a,non killer nurse to do see the NCLEX is,not just testing your knowledge they,want to see that you can apply your,nursing knowledge and clinical reasoning,so lets talk about how Hurst can help,you apply your knowledge Hurst offers a,very organized approach to helping you,pass the NCLEX the first time in fact we,have a step-by-step guide for you before,you even attend a review you have access,to a thousand practice questions we also,give you immediate access to our,resource documents ebook which includes,infectious control disaster planning,growth and development and everybodys,favorite pharmacology now lets discuss,the actual review and how its different,from other reviews were not going to,reteach nursing school thank goodness,nobody wants to suffer through nursing,school again I know your teachers have,done an excellent job but we at hers,have the privilege of tying it all,together and one nice little package for,you as we review core content this is,our book you receive this on the first,day of the review and we will work,through this together,see how manageable this is you can put,everything else away and just study this,some of you are probably thinking you,dont need to review your content and,that all you need or practice questions,well let me just tell you Hearst has,been studying the NCLEX for 30 years and,we know that theres a certain amount of,information that you must know without a,doubt or hesitation when you know your,content backwards and forwards you can,apply it to all types of questions on,the second day of our review part of,what we go over is the endocrine system,and we talked about the four effects of,glucocorticoids now I know your eyes are,probably rolling back in your head right,now youre thinking of endocrine thats,the hard stuff but just listen if youve,taken her serve you I expect you to,understand endocrine and those four,effects of glucocorticoids without a,doubt or hesitation I really want you to,be able to tell me instantly that they,change your mood they alter your defense,mechanism they inhibit your insulin and,they promote the breakdown of fat and,protein why do we need to know this,content because you can use this small,amount of core content to answer all,types of questions if you understand the,actions of glucocorticoids then you,would be very concerned if youre,diabetic client was receiving high doses,of steroids you dont want a diabetics,insulin to be inhibited and it may not,be a good idea to have an unstable psych,patient on steroids because does that,affect their mood even more yes and now,they may be even more unstable,you see we teach you must know core,content and how to use it so lets talk,about what happens after the review you,start by taking time to view the,specialty lectures which include,maternity Pediatrics oncology and,management and delegation which is a,very important one now the last step of,our plan is realistic testing practice,we call this the Q review our ki reviews,consists of four exams with 500,questions total the content areas match,the current test plan now some students,say taking the NCLEX was just like,taking another one of our Q reviews,Hearst is proven to work but you must do,your part also according to ncsbn,students who take the NCLEX study an,average of 50 to 100 hours so follow our,god invest time to study the right way,and Hearst works on behalf of Hearst I,want to thank you for viewing this,informational session if we can help in,any way please visit our website or,contact us

How to Pass the NCLEX-RN | UWorld vs. Hurst, My Study Plan, Helpful Tips, Study Schedule, and Q&A

hey everyone its christine from nurse,in the making,so many of you have asked me about my,nclex experience,what i recommend how long i studied and,different study tips,so im going to be answering all your,different questions right now,but before we get started ill tell you,a little bit of my background with the,nclex and kind of what i went through,i graduated from an absn program in may,2020 from the university of tennessee,after that i moved back home to new york,where me and my husband are originally,from,i had this wonderful and unrealistic,plan that i would take the nclex in june,get a job sometime in july and then,move on with my life but that did not,happen i received my att,this is your authorization to test this,is the code that you need,to register for the nclex you cannot,take the nclex if you dont have this,code,from your school i didnt receive this,att,until august 12th and because of covid,and everything going on so many testing,centers were at,half capacity and some were even just,closed all together,so even when i got my att there were,barely any spots open,in new york so i basically had to wait,until someone canceled which would have,been the day of,or waited until january or february for,an opening,which would have been like a few months,ago and i was like im,not waiting that long however i saw that,some testing centers from,other states had a couple of spots open,probably from just people cancelling and,different availability,so i ended up driving all the way to,boston massachusetts with my husband,because i scheduled myself for the first,day i saw open which was august 19th,so lets take a step back on august 12th,i got my att,and eight days later i took the exam,with all of that said,you have to learn to be flexible through,the process i had this,great plan like i said that i would take,it in june and get a job in july,but obviously that didnt happen so be,flexible,so lets dive into some of your,questions,the first question is asked by shelby,she said did you fail or,pass on your first time after a lot of,preparation and a lot of studying i,passed on my first time,now lets look at the next question,kayla asked what resources would you,recommend to study,so since i had such a large amount of,time to study like i said,i used hearst review at first i did,their three day,live stream online and they sent you a,little bit,a book to fill in which was really,effective i think by just being able to,fill it in,as they were going through the live,stream the content they taught us,during the live stream was extremely,helpful although they did have you,review some sections,on your own after the live stream was,over like,pediatrics mother baby and neuro these,sections were not,nearly as good as the actual live stream,then when i went to dive into some,practice,problems i didnt really feel like,hearst was very helpful,their practice questions werent really,nclex style questions in my opinion,so i started to look elsewhere for,better practice questions,i signed up for uworld and their,questions were,honestly a lot better than hearst they,were very nclex specific,they were so similar to the nclex i,really feel like on the nclex i got some,of the exact same,questions from my u world practice,questions,although i loved how hearst taught you,and walked you through it,if i had to choose one for the nclex i,would probably choose,you world i also did you world,self-assessment test,and ranked high chances of passing which,i think was really accurate being that i,did pass on the first,try this score gave me confidence going,into the exam,hertz didnt have this self-assessment,feature so there really was no way,of you to know how ready you are for the,exam,so final answer of my official,recommendation,i would choose uworld their questions,are so similar to the nclex,now for the next question sam asked,how can i pass the nclex in 75 questions,i love that you asked this question,because i want to talk about this,golden 75 question thing social media,youtubers all make it sound like passing,in 75,questions is the only way to take the,nclex but i honestly think that this,trend and golden standard is not healthy,and im going to talk about why i feel,this way,so when you take your nclex and you get,to question,75 and then you press next and you get,to question,76 you are going to feel like you failed,or youre gonna feel like youre on the,verge of failing this is actually what,happened to me,so i remember being at that 75 question,pressing next for my exam and,seeing that it went to 76 questions i,started to freak out,i ended up getting 86 questions and my,exam ended,and like i said i passed with 86,questions so my advice to you,is dont walk in expecting to end at 75,questions,take every question as it comes and take,every question,seriously this leads us right into our,next question,the next question is asked by taygil14,they ask how to stay calm while taking,it and not freak out when the number of,questions,keep on going thats why i dont like,this whole,75 question gold standard wed invented,because then it gets in your head after,75 questions and you start to freak out,so lets circle back to when i got 76,questions,i remember pressing next and feeling,like a failure,when i hit 76 questions i chose to take,my break,i went to the bathroom and i really,remember looking at myself in the mirror,looking at myself thinking,you can still do this youre still in it,you didnt fail,i also had a friend who got 120,questions and she walked out thinking,she for sure,failed the test and she ended up passing,so whether you passed the nclex with the,magical 75,or 120 questions you still pass the,nclex,youre still an rn with a license number,it doesnt say on your license number,passed with 75 questions with the gold,star so dont let this get in your head,dont be hyper focused on passing with,75 questions,you need to be hyper focused on passing,and knowing the information,thats my rant about the 75 question,gold standard lets go to the next,question,the next question is asked by brynn,cardinis they asked,can you explain the format of the nclex,the number of questions you need to get,right,a lot of people think you need to get a,certain number of questions,right to pass the nclex but the short,answer is it depends,youve probably heard this statement one,too many times in nursing school,and so let me tell you why it depends,imagine that nclex,test has two lines one green,at the top representing pass,and the red at the bottom representing,fail,you start in the middle at the beginning,of the exam,the black line will be the middle as you,answer,questions correctly you move closer to,the top,green line lets say that you start to,get some right at first,but then you get some difficult,questions wrong,you move closer to the middle line,this is why you may get more than 75,questions,because the nclex is going to give you,more questions to prove your knowledge,this is why you hear of people getting,all the way up to like 120 questions,they werent able to move their score up,to the green,passing line until later in the exam,so this is what i mean when i say it,depends there isnt a set number of,questions you need to get right,its more of like an algorithm like i,just showed you on the paper,lets go to the next question jane,morgan 27,asked did you feel prepared for it,before going,so i i dont really know if you can ever,feel truly prepared for an exam like,this,its your entire nursing school in one,exam,this is why the world assessment score,definitely gave me confidence going into,the exam,i was also scoring above average on all,the quizzes i took in uworld and like i,said i got a high chance of passing,on a self-assessment scoring tool you,just kind of have to trust that,things will come back to you on the exam,and that you did enough to pass,so yes and no to that question yes,because i had prepared,so much in advance but no because i had,no idea what to expect on the nclex,lets go to th

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4 Reasons Why Hurst is BETTER than UWorld! (Bonus Hurst Discount Codes)

hey guys welcome back to nurse tangs if,youre new here hi Im Dave a nurse,practitioner and in this video were,gonna talk about why I think that Hurst,is a better value than new world and why,you should choose Hurst vs. year-old,when it comes to your NCLEX preparation,I really do think that hearse and you,world are some of the bigger names and,definitely the ones that get recommended,the most which makes sense theyre both,fantastic programs but in all likelihood,youre not really gonna want both of,them youre gonna want to pick one or,the other because they both cost a good,chunk of change so really were trying,to compare Hurst and you world in the,way that we actually have like one,dedicated winner for the majority of,people out there and Im going to try to,compare their most comparable programs,head-to-head to see who wins in each,category so the one that Im going to,look at is their 90 day course because,they cost the exact same amount of money,$1.99 just is for Hurst now and for the,you world 90 day course access so these,are both $1.99 so theyre the exact same,on price so that point is a tie now,lets talk about practice questions you,world has two thousand-plus practice,questions with great rationales versus,Hurst who only has one and a half,thousand practice questions with also,great rationales so really the point,here is gonna go to you world but there,is a big point I want to make here way,back in the day I think you world really,nailed it first,they were the company that really came,out with the dedicated practice,questions with incredible rationales,that nobody else was really doing to,that extent back in the day but like,anything else in life people catch up,you know its been a while since Hurst,and you will have both been around and I,honestly do think their practice,questions programs are very comparable,so I still give the point to URL because,I think that you know they are still the,class leader when it comes to practice,questions and rationales and they have a,little bit more in their bank they have,like 500 more practice questions than,Hurst but are you really gonna take,2,000 practice questions I did not I,might have taken 500 or so maybe a,thousand at most there is no way that I,took 2,000 practice questions I just did,not have the mental capacity to take,that many practice questions I would,have gone insane so if youre like me,and youre probably not going to take,the max amount of practice questions it,doesnt really make much of a difference,for you but will still give the point to,you world the next thing that we need to,talk about is the,that both of them have whats called,readiness assessments so these are like,NCLEX simulations thats going to have a,dedicated amount of practice questions,was a good grouping of questions that,kind of simulates the test points that,youre gonna see on the NCLEX like the,topic breakdown both of them are once,again probably going to be great the,only real difference is that with you,world youre gonna get to readiness,assessments in this program but with,Hurst youre gonna get four of them so,youre gonna have twice as many,readiness assessments using Hurst versus,you world so for this one the point goes,to Hurst now we have the reason that I,think Hurst really just wipes the floor,with you world and that is they actually,have a review that youre going to get,in addition to practice questions now,everybody says yes you can learn through,you worlds practice questions because of,the rationales theyll teach you based,on that questions topic and you will,learn something based on that question,but thats true but its kind of,learning in a disjointed kind of a way,theres really no structure to it it,doesnt go over things in like a nice,concise summarizing kind of a way but,what Hurst does is they actually give,you a review on all of the content,thats going to come up the most on the,NCLEX and so I really think they have a,significant advantage because they,actually give you a dedicated review now,like I said earlier their practice,questions and rationales at this point,in time have pretty much equalized so,youre gonna learn with the practice,questions in rationales regardless but,with Hurst youre actually getting a,dedicated review thats going to make,the biggest difference in my opinion,versus just hey take your practice,questions and learn as you go,so guys I think that Hurst is a better,value than you world because of the,reasons weve listed theyre the same,price the practice questions are,basically the same but herse really just,gives you something extra that you world,does not and it doesnt just stop here,there are two main reasons that I will,always recommend Hurst over you world so,reason number one Hurst has a 100%,money-back guarantee,I dare you to go find you worlds 100%,money-back guarantee spoiler alert they,dont have one,Ive looked Ive asked them they just,dont have one and that is crazy to me,because you would think if youre,offering a quality product to people you,should stand by that quality product and,say hey if it doesnt work for you Im,not gonna take your money yeah Im not,gonna expect you to pay me,for something that doesnt work and so,Hirst will stand by their product they,say you know what we are very confident,that youre gonna pass if you use our,program so were gonna give your money,back if you dont pass and that is,commendable and I will definitely,recommend them on that front the second,reason is they actually advertise a,passing rate and its really good so,Hurst has a ninety eight point six,percent passing rate once again tell me,what you Worlds is please I want to know,but because they dont advertise it why,not advertise it that could be a huge,selling feature like lets say that its,ninety nine percent why would you not,say that I mean thats like a huge,selling point so that just tells me,theyre not that proud of it because,theyre not advertising it and nobody,seems to know what it is they dont,stand by their product they dont give,you a hundred percent money-back,guarantee if you dont pass your NCLEX,and so I think Hurst is the absolute,winner here and I will recommend from,now on until something changes people,should choose Hurst over you world at,this specific product point at a $199 if,you have to go with run program over the,other I would definitely say Hurst is,the better value and youre youre,protected with their one hundred percent,money-back guarantee and theyre really,high pass rate so guys I hope this video,has been helpful I hope this is maybe,helped you make the decision between,Hurst and you world,I still think both products are good but,Im definitely recommending Hurst over,you world so let me know your thoughts,in the comments Id love to hear them,like this video subscribe to our Channel,and well see you guys in future videos,take care,you,[Music]

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I passed NCLEX on my 2nd attempt. HURST review was my ultimate savior

hey guys,this is penny and um,i am so glad to be here again and today,i am going to talk about,my experience taking nclex so,it was a really,challenging situation you know being,that i studied abroad,and um,its like i had to figure out you know,the setup and uh,just the entire thing about these nclex,here in the u.s,so i took twice the first time i did not,parse and i did all the i did all the,265 questions but basically what,happened,i just walked in and uh you know i,wasnt like a hundred percent prepared,but i was really,you know i just wanted to see how this,exam is said and,you know i just didnt care i just,wanted to see and to just give it a try,and,the first time i took it oh my i was,like okay i need to prepare myself,so in the verge of taking the test i was,kind of you know,learning you know just mastering some of,the questions,and,i figured out they were setting a lot of,infection control,and select all that applies and theres,nothing you can do about that you just,have to know the content,and also there was a lot of delegation,and prioritization,yeah so,it was uh you know it was a challenging,moment but as soon as i got out i,exactly knew what i needed to do,so i went ahead and,researched on some of the,you know like nclex preparation you know,like classes and all that,and i wanted something more content,because you know i felt like i need to,prepare more on content because i had a,lot of questions that i had done,so i came,i came across this course called heart,review and i read all the reviews from,people and everything every mostly most,people are positive about it and i,purchased it was probably 350 dollar,but it was worth every,money i paid,so,this uh heart review is more into,content you know they teach you about,all the,you know like,physiology of different uh you know,system of the body like cardiovascular,and they go through everything they make,it so simplified,that you know you you understand so,quick and,once you finish uh all the system they,pretty much went through all the system,you know,and once i finished,i,definitely knew,like i got something so,then i purchased this book from a,charity its called delegation and,prioritization ill put a link on that,and i made sure i,went through the entire questions you,know like from a to z,and also i researched on some you know,infection control i made sure i knew,everything on my fingertips and lab,values you know you just have to know,those,and after that,boom,i went took the exam and i passed that,75 questions you know so i think its,doable you just have to prepare yourself,and also relax and you know just know,that you got it you know,yeah so ill put some of the,link of those uh,things i mentioned ive mentioned the,house review the book and everything,else and just go through all that and,trust me youll get it

Hurst Review Info Session

hi my name is Stuart Meisner now Im one,of the regional directors for Hurst,review Im here to tell you everything,you need to know about Hurst review and,also I am a nurse and I took the Hurst,review course myself first let me ask,you a question how many of you want to,pass the NCLEX the first time yes so you,can get on with life and pay for the car,you got picked out or start paying those,student loans right well that is great,because that is what we specialize in at,Hurst review we have dedicated years to,studying and understanding the NCLEX,exam working with students who have been,unsuccessful and students like you who,are taking the in clicks the first time,the Hurst NCLEX review provides,everything you need to help you prepare,to pass the first time why do I sound so,confident because we have a ninety eight,point six percent pass rate guaranteed,you see preparing nursing students to,pass the NCLEX is our only job at Hurst,and after reviewing over 100,000,students now practicing all over the,country rest assured we are the experts,at helping you pass the first time now,how many of you know the purpose of the,NCLEX exam well it is to protect the,public from unsafe nurses it is a safety,test and it is not like any test you,have taken today I am going to,demonstrate how to answer an in clicks,question like a safe nurse why because a,safe nurse is a better nurse and one who,will pass the NCLEX,I bet your test-taking skills must be,pretty good or you would not be in this,classroom today thats right you would,not have made it this far and even,though the NCLEX is very different from,other tests there are some things you,can do to ensure your success youve,learned how to make your teachers happy,because they are the ones making your,tests now you must learn to make the in,clicks people happy because they are the,ones honing on to your law,since when most people get out of school,they tell me they dont know what they,know and what they dont know we know,you are exhausted tired of studying and,you are saying to yourself give me a,plan,what must I really need to know to pass,this test so that is what we do we,provide a class that outlines exactly,what you must do to pass the NCLEX the,first time so you wont have to figure,it out on your own,our approach is unique and Im going to,make it easy for you to understand how,the Hearst NCLEX review works I am going,to make the case for why you should take,her serve you case as in CAS e the C,stands for core content review we give,you the must know content a stands for,application and critical thinking our,review is a thinking class and you know,that if you cant critically think and,apply content then you will not pass the,first time S stands for strategies we,are the only company whose testing,strategies are specific to the in clicks,exam and e stands for exams our Q review,test Bank has over 1,000 in click style,test questions and each test is based on,the current NCLEX test plan so are you,getting the most up-to-date information,with Hearst you bet you are this review,is the best of all worlds content,critical thinking and application,testing strategies and then over 1,000,practice questions and we do it in a,nice neat organized step-by-step,approach lets look at each step first,of all we do not try to reteach nursing,school we know this you could study all,your color coded notes from the past,four semesters of nursing school and,read all of your huge textbooks that,some of you have rolled around in your,backpack on wheels and you still would,not be prepared,for the Inc Lex why do you think that is,because the Inc Lex is not about,learning more and more content the NCLEX,is about taking what you do know and,applying it to topics you have never,heard of before are you going to get,questions on the NCLEX that you have no,idea what theyre even asking absolutely,so what do you have to know in order to,pass you must know your core content,what is your core content it is the,information you have to know without a,doubt and without a hesitation if you,want to pass the first time did you,notice I said without a doubt and,without a hesitation there must be a,certain amount of information that you,know perfectly and that you can retrieve,instantly or example the night before,the test if I happen to run into you and,asked well what are the four actions of,glucocorticoids you better be able to,tell me well changes your mood or to,your defense mechanisms and heavy your,insolent and they promote the breakdown,of protein and fat after you have taken,Hearst review you should be able to say,it to me just like that we go over the,core content first and make sure you,understand it we know there has been,little time for you to go back and,review all of the material from the past,two years you know you always meant to,but you just have not had time to we are,going to condense the information and,make it nice neat organized and easily,understood you see this student book it,doesnt look very big does it well when,you leave here this is your handout and,your plan of study now look I know that,you have probably been told that you,need to answer 5,000 NCLEX tile,questions before you can take the NCLEX,well if you do not know your core,content you can try to answer all those,questions from every book in Barnes &,Noble and amazon.com all those CDs,people have given you,and you will not be successful on the,exam why because if you do not know your,core content you are going to be,answering the majority of those,questions wrong now think about this if,you and I have access to all of those,questions dont you think the people who,write the NCLEX have access to all those,questions – yes and they are going to,the extreme to make sure that they write,questions that you and I have never seen,before they do not want nurses out there,who have memorized the books do you know,the number one reason people fail boards,knowledge deficit,it is not stress it is not anxiety not,because the chicken lady doesnt like,you you have anxiety because you know,you dont know your content like you,should the way we teach is an integrated,style for instance when we are studying,fluids and electrolytes,well we not only study fluids and,electrolytes we discuss the endocrine,system and Addisons disease we talked,about the maternity client who has PIH,thats getting that mag sulfate and we,even explain the site client with,psychogenic polydipsia now I know you,have heard people say this oh there was,nothing that we heard in nursing school,that was on that test it was all,pharmacology there was no way to study,for that test right why do people say,that they say that because the NCLEX,people must check out your judgment,ability and you cant learn judgment,from a book it has to be practiced it,has to be modeled for you and we do this,in every lecture first review is a,thinking class we want you thinking the,NCLEX way now are you someone who can,always narrow it down to two answers and,then youre stuck everybody could raise,their hand right well we are going to,work with you so that you select the,right answer more times than not because,we realize this is a problem for me,people and once you complete this course,you will know how to tackle any question,whether youve heard of that content or,not and I didnt say you would get every,question right every time but if you,study the way we recommend you will get,more questions right than wrong and you,will get your license now lets make one,thing clear we are not trying to make a,100 are we we gave up on that on the,first week of nursing school during the,hand-washing check off right so first,things first we are going to explain a,certain amount of content the core,content so you will understand it,without a doubt and without a hesitation,we are going to emphasize why about,everything every since were going to be,asking why if you know why then you can,apply being able to explain why is the,key to critical thinking and answering,pr

How To Pass the NCLEX-RN in 75 Questions!!! Do’s & Don’t’s!! Uworld vs Hurst Review vs Archer Review

[Music],hey loves its your girl love is sorry,and im here with another video,again,lava shower here also known as your,favorite nick you are in,catch me in the nicu nurse ari you know,whatever you want to call me so im just,here to give you guys a update not an,update im lying im here to tell you,how to pass this in clicks okay first,time 75 questions and you know,im here to tell you exactly what you do,and if you do this im pretty sure,youre gonna pass for those of you who,do not know i took the inklings twice,and clicks are in twice,um the first time unfortunately i failed,one,36 around that,the second time i passed with 75,oh okay yeah,so it took me a while,to get over failing well it took me like,a week to start back because i knew i,had to start back i had to get back in,the game do what i need to do to pass,but i was depressed for a minute like,even when i was studying again i was,depressed i was down i felt,all type of ways about myself i doubted,myself,of course i was nervous to retake it who,wouldnt be but,i just was down to myself really bad,didnt have any confidence,i was thinking like i was like im not,gonna tell anybody i thought it says,this is the most embarrassing thing like,i was just being so dramatic but at the,time it wasnt dramatic it was it was my,life you know but,now that i re ive retaken it i passed,in 75 im like look,nothings dumb about you,youre not slow,none of that you just did it wrong the,first time and you got it right the,second time thats it thats all and so,thats the purpose of this video to tell,you guys the wrong and the right so you,dont waste your time and your money the,first time like i did im gonna start,with the donts,this is what you do not want to do okay,all right so do not waste time in your,textbooks,i know everybody has this book right,here clicks are in,san sandra standards theyre going to,call it look,my school gave me they gave me both of,these books but this is like towards the,end of the year we did like a,nclex prep type of thing,throw it away okay,now if you do decide to use the book,if you just wanted you like one of those,people like i need a book,i would recommend this book,this is kaplans nclex prep plus book,now this book is not really like,information,it has,test taking strategies which is what you,need to pass this test the strategy is,there all right like,but it also has a lot of questions,kaplan has good questions as well and,i will say some of them a little,familiar and thats all im say so,if you just want to get a book this is,on amazon i think it was like 40,something dollars do not watch long,videos if you see a video on youtube,so hour long,i did that my first round but it was,because of a package,that i purchased the company i purchased,but well get into that later okay do,not underestimate the test,dont go in here thinking,oh i got this i just graduated i,remember this stuff i got my nose,such a such feeling i made such a such,passing 75 i might definitely be,im studying two weeks before,dont underestimate you because,youre going to come out like me you,might not but,most of you you i didnt underestimate,the test dont take it seriously think,like it aint that hard youre going to,come out like me okay so dont do that,and also dont start studying right,after you graduate you need to mentally,be ready to study for this test,celebrate first okay because,dont just be like oh my goodness,i need to study for this test,i have a child i know that,but,just listen to me a week will not hurt,you okay a week will not hurt you,so,just take a break,another dont do not use other peoples,account if,you can help it purchase your own so you,can track your progress because that was,very like my second goal tracking my,progress was very beneficial to helping,me pass and helping me focus on what i,needed to focus on stuff so lets just,get into it this is what im going to,talk about now my first time taking my,test spelling what i did wrong,like i said i graduated i was free if,you have a job like mine,that starts late after your graduation,day and a couple months go ahead and get,that test out of the way and guess what,youre going to live your best life,because thats what i planned on doing,and i was already i was living my best,life before and i was humbling my best,life after but guess what i failed so i,didnt even get to live my best life,after like i wanted to trips cancel like,yeah so,okay,my first time around i use,archer review,okay,so theres that,do what you want with that information,not bashing them not saying dont,im just letting you know,what i use,first and what happened okay,i will say i did not complete all of my,question banks i completed half,or a little more than half i completed,all of their videos,um,which are like and i attended both of,their courses thats like a day long,and its like,eight,plus hours or nine hours i did all of,that you know so i did what i was,supposed to do,but i did not complete my whole question,bank and they tried to say that was why,but,anyway i chose archer the first go-round,because,it was cheaper,but im not gonna lie i did my research,the guy hes gonna come up hes gonna,review url archer,and,hurt like hes going to review a couple,of them hes going to make archers seem,like,so if you ask me,he getting paid i dont know,but im just saying um he hes the,reason i went with them because he saw,me like im just a little dummy over,here like oh,and then there was some other videos im,sure has like a,99 pass rate and money back guarantee if,you dont pass then you do the steps,so you know youre selling yourself like,that your girl doesnt have that so im,like and i have heard of multiple people,failing you are so im like im just im,gonna play safe thats what im thinking,alrighty so my first time i used archer,um i used the,on-demand cue bank and combo for 90 days,i think and it was like 109,or lower than that when i got it the,videos are really good i will say but,they are extremely long and it feels,like election like uh its like out,theyre all like an hour or something,long before i even started doing archer,i was listening to mark,clement,i was just listening to him casually and,someone sent me like a little study,guide that went with his lectures so i,was casually listening to him and you,know he has good tricks and tips if you,get those questions,anyway,so back to archer so once i finally,decided on archer i was done listening,to mark and i did all their videos i,started doing their questions and i was,doing about,20 at a time,20,i was doing sets of 20 so,you do your questions you do readiness,assessments,archer says if you get four,or more highs or very highs in a row you,have a 99 chance of passing i,did five high or very high in a row and,i failed,okay,so,um also my first time around i wrote out,all of my rationales from archer,this is my book for my first time,yall see,i wrote,flash cards,these are all flashcards that i wrote,you know what im saying so,just think about all this and tell me,im doing its a lot of writing im not,saying dont make flash cards all im,gonna say is,dont make a thousand flash cards,you need all your time because,dont,you dont want to be studying 24 7 and,thats what i did my first go around all,right,enough of,the dunks lets get into,the dudes but i just feel like the donks,are very much important because if you,dont know what not to do you might just,do it thinking youre doing the right,thing set you a schedule okay because,were not going to do what the shower,did the first go around were not going,to study from 6 00 am,to 12 a.m were not doing that were,gonna wake up and were gonna get a,reasonable time if we want to do an,eight to five thats cool what i did,my second go around two pads,i had a cut-off time i started around,nine and i ended around four or five,sometimes it would go over to like a,little over but,no later than six like from six really,five,the rest of my night was my night before,you got your study schedule find ou

How I passed the NCLEX on my FIRST try! (Hurst Review)

I like while hes talking my $400 bag,hey guys welcome back to my channel,starting off in a my a for a while and,let me tell yall I have been going,through it okay so first I had to like,prepare for my move from my old,apartment to my current apartment then,in that process I got really sick so I,was on the sick and shut-in list for a,couple of days then once I moved into my,new apartment I had to get my wisdom,teeth removed and Im thinking that,recovery process is gonna be quick but,of course it took me longer than usual,to recover but its cool because Im,back Im better we here were doing this,and you know were just going we gonna,get it done so this video is gonna be,about how I studied and prepare for the,NCLEX for those who dont know the NCLEX,is the licensure exam that student,nurses have to take after they graduate,college in order to get their art in,licensed so the resource that I used was,the Hearst review and I briefly,mentioned the Hearst review and previous,videos but todays video is going to be,like a more in-depth and more like,detailed explanation of how I broke down,the content and how I studied for the,Hearst review so if you guys are,interested in learning more about the,hurt of you and what it consists of and,how I said it for the in clicks stay,tuned so as we know I struggled a little,bit in nursing school and as I was,approaching graduation and starting this,new chapter in my life I knew that I,needed to pass the NCLEX but I didnt,know how I was gonna do that so my,friend in the nursing program he,actually suggested that her should be to,me I was like oh Ive never heard the,hurts of you let me see like what it is,so of course as Im researching the hurt,of you other in cliques prep review,courses populate as well such as Kaplan,in you world but I ended up sticking to,the harsh review because when I went to,the side there are so many great reviews,about how people pass the NCLEX on their,very first try and how the hardship you,made nursing school makes sense and I,was like yes this is what I need this is,what Ive been waiting for please you,know sign me up immediately so I signed,up for The Hurt review so how the harsh,review is set up is that give you three,different options to choose from,one option is the in-class review under,the option is video streaming and the,other and the third option is videos,only now Im not sure what like the live,streaming or videos only options are or,what they really consist of because I,chose to do the in-class review I do not,everyone has access to the same,information information being that her,should view booklet which is which is,that big booklet that will hold all of,your information and study material in,it I dont have my booklet on me right,now but if you like google it Im sure,itll pop up like what it looks like,also practice questions practice exams,and videos that everyone has access to,on that Hirsh review account to use as a,point of reference so I did the in-class,review and that cost four hundred,dollars and uh another reason that I,chose that Hearst review was because,they tell you on the website that if you,dont pass your in clicks on the very,first try that should get your money,refunded so Im like okay well if I,dont pass the NCLEX at least I get my,money back and I get to study more for,it I guess I dont know how the in life,review is set up its a course of like,three or four days in each session is,like seven or eight hours while in that,session you are surrounded by your peers,and there is a Hearst review,professional proctoring the classroom so,what youre doing what that her should,view person is talking is you are pretty,much filling in the blank of the answers,in the workbook and sometimes the person,will be talking or sometimes theyll be,like videos playing just to give the,class like a more like interacting,I feel to it so you dont get like bored,either way no matter how youre,interacting youre filling in the blank,on that workbook because that is how,youre going to be studying for the ink,Lex that is – all the information you,need to prepare you for the ink clicks,so I told myself as soon as the review,was over I was gonna hit the ground,running with studying and thats exactly,what I did so I think I gave myself like,the rest of the day to like chill and,relax after the view review course was,over but the day after I started,studying so heres how I started,studying for the ink Lex in the Hirsch,review it is divided into different,topics so like I know the first topic is,fluids and electrolytes you have,cardiovascular you have psychology you,have OB you have pediatrics pretty much,everything that you learned in nursing,school is right there in that book but,it is divided into like the topic so,what I did was I would look to see how,many pages in each section consisted of,and based on those summary pages I would,give myself a number like however many,days that I thought I needed to study,for that section for example lets say,fluids and electrolytes are 10 pages of,information to study so I would give,myself like 3 or 4 days to study the,information review the information apply,the information know the information so,and then after that I would tell my,friend to like quiz me and if I needed,more help Ill be like ok cool Imani you,need to you need to work on knowing this,about potassium or you need to work on,or this about calcium so then I would,give myself an extra day to review those,little tidbits and move on to the next,section so then lets say that the,cardiovascular section is 30 pages long,then I would give myself more days to,study that particular topic so pretty,much what I did is based,the number of pages that each topic,consisted of I tried to like give myself,a range of how many days that I needed,to spend learning that topic or learning,that material so eventually got to the,point where I would be so like deep in,the book or far in the book that I was,like tell my co-workers like hey ask me,anything from page 1 to page 92 anything,and like I would tell them about it so,what I would do was because they were,not in the healthcare field is if they,could understand what I was saying and,like really get like a general grasp of,what was going on thats what that was,confirmation for me that I knew the,material that I knew that I was talking,about that I understood and that I could,really go on and study the next topic so,I pretty much did that my whole time,studying for the NCLEX I studied for the,NCLEX from May for the beginning in May,to the beginning of July and the week,before my in clicks I did not want to,spend that time studying I wanted to be,strictly reviewing content and,information its so funny because one of,my friends oh we study so much that it,got to a point but now shes a,psychology major it got to the point,where she would ask me something I would,tell her and she would be like money,that dont sound right now by oh my gosh,its so crazy like how much youve been,helping me because she started like,really learning the information too but,yeah like I said once I would like get,like the topics down or like whatever,section down then Ill be like ok are,you this for me and then like once I got,a general or like a very very like good,understanding of the material then Ill,be like ok you can ask me anything just,because – its like good to like refresh,yourself and like stay on top of the,information so you dont forget anything,Sara and I spending the week before the,English freaking out Id be like oh my,gosh I forgot this content you know um,so the day of the inkless comes from me,too,and Im actually very confident and let,me tell you me being confident taking a,test in nursing school very rare right,here um so it comes time for me to take,the NCLEX,and how the Inc Lexus set up is the,minimum amount of questions they can ask,you a 75 and the Maximus is 265 so you,dont know what or how many questions,youre gonna have until the computer,screen just cuts off on you

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