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Hustlers – Movie Review

Hustlers is directed by lawrence calf,aria and stars Constance Wu and Jennifer,Lopez and is based off of an article by,Jessica Pressler and that article,detailed a true crime story in New York,in which former strip club employees,band together to target Wall Street,clients of theirs this film has been,getting a lot of positive buzz most,recently out of TIFF it showed there and,a lot of people had praised for it,Jennifer Lopez in particular and yes she,is great in this movie one of her best,performances possibly her best she has a,jaw-dropping opening scene its a very,physically demanding role but its also,a challenging role in that she has to,appear effortlessly in control despite,portraying a character that many people,will look down upon but this character,is extremely smart and very savvy from a,business perspective and knows how to,make hundreds of thousands of dollars,barely lifting a finger and so you kind,of had to sit back and respect that even,if theyre committing crimes I read the,entire article by Jessica Pressler after,seeing the film and its a fascinating,read the film does stay pretty true to,that article even though jessica admits,while writing the article that her main,subject known as Rosie doesnt always,tell the truth so its sort of like,unclear exactly how much is exaggerated,or not but whatever the truth may be,this film remains pretty true to the,article still keeping with the positives,this movie has a lot of energy its a,pretty fast moving movie it actually is,pretty hilarious at times and I really,want to see what else Lauren scoff Aria,if Im saying that wrong Im sorry,Durex because shes super talented its,a really well shot movie although there,are some scenes that do feel sort of,like they rushed them the club and bar,scenes are so beautifully shot that when,other sequences feel like they were done,in a couple takes and really rushed it,stands out the first act of the film I,really liked because its Lopezs,character taking in this new girl under,her wing but once the year 2008 rolls,around because this movie does take,place in the past a few years and the,stock market crash happens these women,start to lose a lot of their best,clients Wall Street brokers who would,come in and just spend thousands and,thousands of dollars every night so they,look to make money and other ways and if,you dont know the true story Im gonna,get into that here so if you really,dont want to know anything about the,movie thats your warning I dont really,consider it a spoiler they decide to,start drugging their clients drinks and,the men pass out or become extremely,drowsy and just pass off their financial,information to these girls and they,steal tens of thousands of dollars from,them and this goes on for a while and,this really happened its [ __ ] crazy,this second act can get a bit repetitive,its a lot of rinse and repeat theyre,at a bar they got a guy in the same,corner we do a whip pan over to the,girls coming in they drugged him they do,things with him and they steal his money,and this happens a lot over and over and,it did start to get a bit repetitive now,I understand that this is what happened,and this is sort of the really exciting,aspect of this story but I wish they,found other ways for these scenes to,happen its always just them in a bar in,the exact same corner doing the same,thing and even if that means stretching,the bounds of reality a little bit just,to have these things happen in other,locations or at least make things a,little fresh sometimes I think that,could have helped with the pacing and as,the film progressed I figured at some,point there would be consequences for,these actions because yes theyre,terrible you shouldnt drug people and,steal money from them even if theyre,[ __ ] nobody has any sympathy for,these Wall Street brokers who were,involved in the 2008 stock market crash,I mean theyre criminals too as far as,Im concerned and so its not like you,give a [ __ ] about these characters its,just that you know eventually theres,going to be some kind of consequences,for our protagonists and again if you,know the real-life story there is but,the film doesnt really have much of an,interest in that,I wish the movie had a little more of a,mature exploration of what these women,were feeling inside while doing these,things it kind of glosses over that and,goes for a more comical route which I,thought was a bit disappointing I,thought that was a pretty,interesting opportunity to really get,into these characters minds and see,whats going on and the film stays away,from that and tries to maintain its,entertainment value which to me was a,disappointment the way the film wraps up,it portrays things a little bit too,Hollywood for my tastes if you actually,look into what some of these women are,doing today the woman that Jennifer,Lopez is portraying Samantha has tried,to sue the production company saying,that they stole her story and its not,true and theyre misrepresenting her and,shes not happy,and it just seems a little too clean and,perfect by making everything seem,happier than it is in real life I think,that was a bit of a missed opportunity,but still Jennifer Lopez is really damn,good in this movie Ive been hearing a,lot of buzz about her and she didnt,disappoint at all most of the cast is,pretty good too although a lot of them,are just playing sort of exaggerated,versions of their real-life personas,like cardi B for instance and theres a,cameo in this movie that I thought was,really out of place – that didnt have,any basis in the original article to my,remembrance and it just sort of felt,like Jennifer Lopez called in a favor,from a friend so this movie could have,been great Im gonna give Hustlers a C+,guys thank you so much as always for,watching look forward to more reviews,very soon and if you like this you can,click right here and get stuck mine eyes,[Music]

Hustlers – Movie Review

Im gonna get right into the review but,first a word from this public service,announcement dedicated to the guy who,sat behind me during this movie who,wouldnt shut the [ __ ] up youre going,to burn in a very special level of Hell,a level they reserved for child,molesters and people who talk at the,theater you will be going there after,this life God guy he was stoned in his,defense that was clear about halfway,through hustlers so hustlers is not,about that magazine you used to have to,steal from your dads drawer do we,remember God its all digital now paper,porn hustlers is based on a true story,so we dont really know where the,[ __ ] ends and the real story begins,or vice-versa but its about this group,of ladies who work in this strip club,and then times are hard after the,economic crash so theyre like what do,we do were gonna start hustling and,then illegal stuff and then more illegal,activity and then it gets out of control,and here we go we have ourselves a,scandal the main star the movie revolves,around constants whoo of crazy rich,Asians Fame but yes the scene stealer is,as you have heard Jennifer Lopez gonna,get that right out the gate gonna give,props JLo crushes it right when you meet,her you know she shes the matriarch,shes the one shes like everyones,looking to her for guidance shes,clearly the leader she just has that,leadership quality she owns every scene,shes in like every scene is her scene,and everyone else is just visiting and,when the hustle is going down well call,it the second half of the movie I was,really entertained I dont I just I like,seeing crime I mean not that I like,crime to happen but once it has happened,its a story to be told I like the story,being told and thats the thing this,movie has going for it this story is a,really interesting story again based on,a true story so I dont know where the,real story ends and the [ __ ] begins,but the story is really fascinating but,the fascinating part is in the second,half of this movie the first half is a,lot of build-up and I get why its,build-up because you have to see that,characters you have to be introduced to,the characters there are trials their,struggles their family dynamic why,theyre led to do what theyre about to,do just felt like it dragged on a bit,like if they condensed the first half of,the movie when its all going down the,big schemes are going down they could,have concentrated on more of what was,more or less mention,in the second half some girls start,their own little crime ring you should,have shown more of that more conflict,that comes with that had to lend itself,to some good tension rather than a,passing phrase and then now we move on,JLo carries the first half and then the,hustle carries the second half but I,would have liked to have seen more of,that it would have liked to have seen,more of the hustle because thats why,were here its the name of the game,its actually the name of the movie,thats kind of tough this movie just it,feels a little choppy like this movie,was supposed to be a three hour long,epic but in the end it doesnt lend,itself to quite being a three hour long,epic it felt like its not Goodfellas,you dont have the Joe Pesci being made,moment or anything like that but it does,feel choppy like its like they have,these little tick marks like alright we,need that that that that in there but we,dont have enough time to really flush,all of it out but we still need it in,there I want to give the director props,in terms of use of audio a lot of people,you know a lot of times the visual,aspect the visual appeal that gets all,the shower and the audio kinda gets left,behind so this movie has a couple of,audio tricks that were used actually,they made the scenes more impactful than,they would have been had those audio,tricks not been used its one scene the,audio goes out entirely thats when I,found out guy behind me talking the,entire time was stoned,she was like all going out or something,oh my eyes hes so hes high because,thats something a high person would say,when a brilliant use of an audio trick,was used just now but the scene was,really cool as were a couple other,scenes of audio techniques I really,appreciated that so not denying Jennifer,Lopez completely crushes it in this,movie not denying the fact that the,story is actually an interesting story,that Im glad as told hes like oh this,movie feeling like theres something,wrong with me because everyone at TIFF,was going it was alright theres a part,of me that feels like this tried to be,Mollys game but not quite Mollys game,the movie had a solid second half when,it picked up at the first half I just,felt a little bored and its like the,hustle was cool but not the flow Ill,say in the end this movie would have,been a better time if I were drunk yeah,now its a party maybe if the guy was,[ __ ] talking behind you I feel like I,can compartmentalize the two that guy,did not help love shes truly is gonna,burn in hell buy some hustlers have you,seen it what do you think about it are,you with all the hype thats come out of,Toronto International Film Festival if,or whats your favorite movie involving,a hustle of some sort whatever it is,whatever you think comment below let me,know and know the beginning of the Dark,Knight that thats not applicable this,time thats a straight a bank robber,its not,actually the other bank robbers got,hustled by the Joker whatever as always,if you liked what you seen here and you,want to see more click right here to see,more,[Music]

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Hustlers Review

I find it very interesting,that Hustlers is oh so similar,to The Kitchen, yet is getting a very different response,from critics and the media…

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Hustlers reviewed by Mark Kermode

so hustlers which is very interesting,too since hustlers premiered the,festival there has been quite a lot of,Oscar buzz about it people saying you,know okay fine we think that Jennifer,Lopez may be in line for an Oscar,nomination,so sentence Ive ever heard before well,its its an interesting thing because,the critical responses means right I,mean were pretty early on in the Oscars,race we were inserting it but you know,its basically whenever you get Toronto,van its the starting gun has been fired,so now any movie thats quite good,people will talk about so that its its,a feisty drama which is inspired by a,New York magazine article by Jessica,Presler about exotic dancers scamming,their stockbroker clients in New York so,Jeff Lopez plays Ramona who is a veteran,dancer who takes on destiny with,Constance whoo under her wing and shows,her the tricks of the trade shows of the,rope shows her at first how to be a,dancer that can get the most amount of,money out of the clients then becomes,involved in a in a scam basically which,is as the market collapses everything,falls apart then people find themselves,falling upon hard times money is harder,to come by,so she says look you know all these all,these guys theyre all basically crooks,anyway if theyve kind of wolf of Wall,Street but theyre all theyre all,people who have you know been scamming,the economy for ages we should take them,for everything that theyve got and this,involves essentially drugging them and,and then maxing out their credit cards,in what looks like a fairly dangerous,scam heres a clip what if somebody,calls the cops and says what I spent,five thousand dollars at a strip club,send help I think Im gonna throw up,were not the only ones doing this how,do you think the club stayed in business,post 2008,its a side hustle everybodys had to,get creative baby I know a girl in,Queens who did it does she get caught no,she sent her two kids to college and now,she lives in Miami opened up a nail,salon exactly I do think that line is,really good what are you gonna say I,spent five thousand dollars in a strip,club send help um so this shes written,and directed by Aaron Scafe Aria who,made,seeking a friend for the end of the,world remember that which is that kind,of melancholy pre-apocalyptic rom-com,very strange movie movie that I sort of,rather liked and stylistically I think,the best way of describing it is and it,hard immediately to imagine this is that,its a cross between the wolf of Wall,Street,Mike Radfords dancing at the Blue,Iguana and a more than a touch of Magic,Mike so the central idea is that that,these are women who are you know having,to having to earn a living by whatever,means necessary theyre smart theyre,independent and very much like the Blue,Iguana they are women who are dancers,rather than dancers who are women and,the way in which the scam plays out is,that the film essentially unfolds in,flashback that there is there is a,journalist interviewing the two central,characters saying how did this happen,how did this all come about and then we,sort of you know we flash it backwards,or forwards has played by Julia started,which is a sort of fairly clumsy and yet,also effective a narrative technique,which again I think ties it into,something like Wolf of Wall Street in,which the our central character tells,you the story as were going on cos you,know the Leonardo DiCaprio character,does that think about turning to the,camera and explaining it in this way you,do it that there is a journalist saying,well what happened then and how does,that feel and you know how does those,things two things play together um I,think what was what was really,impressive really firstly its its good,fun I mean its its a very entertaining,movie its very slick it does have hints,of Soderbergh in some of the direction,and it has its not very kinetic feel to,it you do get a sense of the world that,its creating secondly the the,characters are are sort of fully rounded,characters who we see with their their,home lives and their work lives and we,understand we understand them as people,who are brought to the point that they,need to pull off a heist which reminded,me for example if you think back to a,film like set it off which is from the,late 90s which is you know these women,decide to pull off a bank heist this is,essentially a heist movie that is taking,heist movie tropes and,you know using them to come subvert,stereotypes and do things that you,wouldnt particularly expect it to do,I think Constance Wu is very good as,destiny the film has a very nice balance,between things and its its you know,its a comedy so you know its a kind of,rump but it also has a certain amount of,serious underpinning and its played,with a with an awful lot of gusto an,awful lot of bravado and you really get,the sense that for a start that rents,cavalry understands the characters,understands the world and you know wants,you to 1.so but its its in the,interaction between them in when they,say when they start cooking up the scam,at least somebody called together it is,fun and so I enjoyed I thought Jennifer,Lopez was very very good in it its a,very very impressive performance you,know she throws herself into it 100% and,I think it will be a real crowd-pleaser,I dont Ive seen some reviews have been,a bit sniffy about it I think generally,people think its you know its its,its a very solidly put together Paiste,kind of romp with as I said a bit of,Magic Mike a bit of dancing the Blue,Iguana which the film that nobody saw,you know quite a lot of nodding toward,wolf of wallstreet but I you know I have,very big problems with wolf of,wallstreet this is something which is,directed by somebody who actually,appears to like the company of these,characters and want you to understand,and invest in their work as I said there,is in the back of it this New York,magazine article which is that which is,the starting line which is the true,story behind it which apparently I,havent read the article apparently its,not a million miles away from what we,see depicted on screen

Hustlers Movie Review: Women, Criminality, and Female Friendships | Cheyenne Lin

Its interesting how male viewers will watch this movie and judge the,characters and these women for what they spend their money on and call it,wasteful, but at the same time wish that they were Jordan Belfort. Hey,everyone welcome back to my channel and today were going to be talking about,the 2019 movie Hustlers, directed by Lorene Scafaria starring,Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu. And I really liked the movie, just a,spoiler alert, I thought it was very refreshing,and good. However, before I get into what I liked and didnt like, I am going to do,what I always do, and that is give a rundown of the plot.,So the movie starts out in 2007 and is told from the point of view of Constance,Wus character Destiny, and shes a dancer and she,decides to move to New York City or start working,in New York City because that is where the money is.,Destiny isnt doing so hot because shes a new girl and shes being taken,advantage of by the clubs management, however one night she meets Ramona,,portrayed by Jennifer Lopez, and she is everything Destiny wishes she was -,strong, confident, and self-assured. Destiny goes and talks to Ramona and,Ramona decides to take destiny under her wing. And this is a cute friendship,moment, but theres also an ulterior motive,as Ramona knows as a seasoned dancer that two girls working together,can get more money than one girl working alone. Ramona knows that when there,are more women paying attention to a man that he becomes more careless,and easily distracted. So Destiny and Ramona continue to work together and,its the year before the 2008 financial crash,,so theyre living large as the men who they depend on for money,are also living large. However, when the stock market crashes the club goes down,with it, as most of the clientele were Wall Street tycoons with money to,burn. The crash of the stock market coincides with Destiny getting pregnant,,so she leaves the club and tries making minimum wage, but with,only a GED it doesnt look good for her. Ramona goes,to work at Old Navy, but the money shes making there is minimum wage and nothing,compared to the money that she was making at the club. Destiny goes back to,dancing, but the club is totally different than how she remembered it.,All the old dancers have left and have been replaced with Russian immigrants,,who are a lot more stereotypically attractive,and also are down to have sex with guests, which Destiny is not.,Also, side note here, the movie does kind of shame the Russian,immigrants for being immigrants and for stealing,Destiny and Ramonas jobs and also for having sex with the guests,,which is very strange. Anyway, Destiny realizes that having sex with the guests,is where the money is and she ends up giving a guy a blowjob,for three twenty dollar bills, which she thought were three hundred dollar bills.,After that Destiny sees Ramona at the club and shes back to making money,,but how? And here is where we learn what fishing is.,So basically Ramona goes to high-class restaurants and bars and finds the,richest guy she can and takes him back to the club with a,few of the other girls, but not before spiking his drink,to make sure that he has blacked out. And once hes kind of,out of it they leave him in a back room in the club,and take his credit cards and spend upwards,to fifty thousand dollars, while he unknowingly,lies there incapacitated. Ramona also explains that everybody is in on it and,gets their cut, the bartenders, the djs, the girls, and of,course club management. Everyone knows whats happening. Destiny,,Ramona, Mercedes, and Annabelle, portrayed by Keke Palmer and Lily Reinhart,respectfully, go out fishing and are living large yet,again. They pay off debts, get their own places, get cars, and,of course, go shopping. However things end up going,downhill after Destiny and Ramona realized that the new girls, the Russian,immigrants, are doing the same exact thing they are.,Ramona realizes that they can get even more money by cutting out the club,and just taking the men to hotels, so they decide to leave the club and,expand their business, and they even hire sex workers,to do the sexual things for them. And everything looks okay,until Ramona burns through their regular client list and then starts stealing,from random men who are unpredictable and who of course end up going to the,police. I honestly thought they were going to jail for tax evasion, I am,honestly curious how these women end up doing their taxes.,Anyway, two of the men end up going to the police with proof.,One of them is a very rich architect who they stole around a hundred thousand,dollars from, and another man, or the other man, is,actually a very poor guy who had his house burned down and who,also had his wife leave him and he is now raising their son alone.,They ended up maxing out his credit card that pays for his mortgage and he,doesnt have any savings to pay for it. Ramona, Destiny, Mercedes,,and Annabelle end up getting arrested and Destiny,takes the deal. She turns in the other girls for no jail time or probation.,Ramona gets five years of probation and Annabelle and Mercedes get weekends in,prison for around four or five months and also five years of probation, but,they do get to keep the money. And thats how the movie ends. Oh and did I mention,that this is all based on a true story? Ive linked,the article that inspired the movie and interviews with the two women,whose story inspired this movie – Samantha Barbash and Roselyn Keo -,so if you want to read more about the real life,story of these two people, click the links down below. But I am going to give,you a short rundown right now. So they were both dancers and,the heads of this fishing enterprise. Samantha Barbash was not happy with the,films portrayal of her. She liked J. Los performance, but actually,tried stopping the movie from coming out citing defamation, saying that the movie,made her look like a bad mom, citing the scene where Destiny and,Ramona cook blackout drugs in Ramonas kitchen while her kid is at home. Barbash,also said that she never drugged anyone just that she knew the other girls were.,Keo, who inspired Destinys character,,also found the movie to be highly inaccurate, stating that she was not,submissive or subservient to Barbash in any way, and that they were equals.,Both also cited that they had a very business partner-like relationship,and did not consider themselves friends or family. And I think that its,important to know all of this before I get into what I like and didnt like,about the movie, and before you watch the movie, because,this movie is heavily about female friendships what its like to be,a female friend, what its like to be a friend in an abusive friendship slash,relationship. Lorene Scafaria, the director of the movie, did cite that she,added this element of friendship to the movie,because in her mind there had to be some sort of breakup,between the two and emotional tension. And honestly that tension,probably comes from the fact that Roselyn turned Samantha in,,but I dont know, maybe they were close. Scafaria decided that because the,interview with Roselyn and Samantha took place separately,and that the two had not spoken to each other in years that they might have been,really close friends at some point. I, on the other hand,,do believe that they were just business partners and I do respect that they did,not like the movie portrayals of them. But I personally still think that its a,really good movie and also think that no one will ever be,happy with a fictional portrayal of themselves,,But before I get into what I liked and didnt like about the movie,,I just want to say that I will be analyzing hustlers as,a movie – a work of art and fiction. However,,while Im talking about what I liked and didnt like about the movie I will also,bring up the parts that the women say are inaccurate,because its still important to remember that even though I like the movie it is,loosely based on the truth, and therefore we need t

I Tried Andrew Tates Hustlers University 3.0

andrew tate one of the most popular and,controversial man on the face of the,earth,he even has his own online university,called hustlers university with over 200,000 monthly subscribers absolutely crazy,according to the legendary andrew tape,there is no better way of making money,online than joining hustlers university,i have a hundred business tips im going,to teach you which will allow you to,make your own money instantly although i,dont 100 percent agree with this but,the truth is that inside of the hostage,university there are hundreds even,thousands of people making,real money,but whats the point of this i already,have some knowledge on making money,online well not only am i interested in,seeing whats actually going on inside,of the hustle university but its rather,something that im really curious in,seeing the results of how easy it,actually is to make money inside of,hustlers university,now right when i decided to join the,university i found out that they were,closed due to some update so i had to,wait a few days until it reopened,when the doors were finally open again i,was the first one to get my hands on the,new updated hustlers university 3.0,once inside i had to watch some videos,fat ugly if youre a worm youre not,even a man or a woman youre just a worm,answer few questions,and finally join the discord server,where the university takes place now,inside of the university there are six,different campuses and each has their,own leader or so-called professor if you,have no money and no skills you are,recommended to join the freelancing or,copywriting campus if you have a little,bit of money to invest to create the,cash flow you should join e-com or,amazon fba campus and if you have money,to invest and want to multiply it your,options are either crypto or stock,campus after going through the campuses,one by one i noticed that andrew tate,himself is not present in this,university but rather there are so,called professors running the whole,university for him and all that andrew,tate himself has to do is to market the,course which he undoubtedly has done,successfully you will never achieve,anything without me thats why you need,hustle university in the war room you,need us i dont need you now when it,comes to the actual knowledge and,content inside of the university its,super surface leveled and this is the,point where it starts to hit you i mean,you were told you were going to get rich,and make money instantly you own money,instantly but the content you find,inside is just something you can find,from youtube i dont know but for me it,did raise some alarm bells now all this,being set aside our objective still,remains the same how can we make money,inside of the university well because my,channel is centered around e-commerce,lets go with the e-com campus but i,wont use my previous experience with,drop shipping rather lets see what the,professor has to say and well lets just,follow the guidelines of creating a,successful drop shipping store,[Music],okay so first things first we need a,product to sell according to the,professor a winning product solves a,problem has a wow factor and a good,margin in the product research section,there are many ways on how to find a,winning product after doing a little bit,of research on what product to sell i,came across this cat litter mat on tick,tock that has been absolutely blowing up,this product actually solves the problem,has a wow factor and a good margin also,there are not many stores out there,selling this product once the product is,found its time to move on to the next,step which is store setup now im not,going to bore you too much with the,setup process but i did pretty much,everything as told in the course and,after customizing the theme installing,few apps creating a logo and setting up,our store legal pages this is what our,store looks like,now i try to keep our homepage as simple,as possible and as we can see we do have,how it works section our product section,and reviews but the most important page,on our store is actually the product,page this is actually the first page,that our potential customers will see,when they click on our ad and the first,thing on our product page is actually,the product itself followed by few,guidelines on how the product works okay,so now that we have a potential winning,product and the store fully set up our,next step is advertising and for that we,are going to go the old-fashioned way,facebook ads first things first we need,ad creatives to run the facebook ad,campaign and in the course there are few,recommendations on where to actually get,these ad creatives and by an absolute,coincidence while i was shooting this,video i was contacted by the owner of,virally commands we hopped on a zoom,call and he was more than happy to help,me out with the ad creatives inside the,viral league commands you have a lot of,different options to choose from but if,youre just starting out with a new,store then split testing video ad,package is the way to go so this is what,i did i made an order on their website,and already within 24 hours i had four,different ad variations ready to be,tested in my mailbox super quick super,easy and if youre interested i do have,a discount code for you in the,description of this video but our next,step is to actually put this ad,creatives to the test according to the,course we have to create five to ten ad,sets each targeting one interest with an,ad set budget of 10 dollars per day and,each asset should have at least 3 to 5,ad creatives so i did exactly that and,publish,so currently five days have passed since,we launched the ads but before we hop,into the results i will give you a few,of my thoughts about the hustlers,university is it really worth the 50 per,month,for me not really the content and,guidelines are really really basic and,honestly you can find much more valuable,content from youtube but there were few,things that i actually liked about the,university and one of them being very,supportive community for example in the,e-com campus there is a general chat,where you can ask all e-commerce related,questions and they usually do get,answered by another student or by,professor himself within minutes and the,second thing is that you are surrounded,by winners guys who actually seem to,know how to make money with e-commerce,and i suggest you try to take it as a,motivation to push yourself forward okay,lets get to the point now how much,money did we make inside of the hostage,university,twenty 320,yep throughout the five days that years,were running we were able to generate,three hundred and twenty dollars in,sales but wait a minute thats not our,profit if we subtract our ad spend that,came in around one hundred and seventy,dollars domain 10,and our product cost which was roughly,125 dollars we are left with only,15 dollars in profit now we didnt have,to pay for the ad creatives because they,were provided to us by virally commands,but if it was the other way around we,would not have made any money at all,so whats the conclusion here now we did,end up with 15 in profit but do i,honestly think it has anything to do,with hustlers university,nope and right after i was done with,shooting this video i cancelled my,heartless university subscription,cold-hearted and as far as the e-com,campus goes you really cant find better,information from youtube now yes i did,follow the guidelines that were given in,the e-commerce section but if you are a,beginner thinking to join hostage,university to make some quick money with,e-commerce,just dont alright guys i think this is,a wrap for this video and if you got any,value out of this video please make sure,to like and subscribe and i will see you,in the next video

Hustlers movie review – Breakfast All Day

hey Bri welcome to breakfast all day,its an intimate breakfast today just,Christiane Alonzo all right,talking about hustlers the new stripper,caper con artists movie starring,Jennifer Lopez and Constance Wu you want,to describe words about I will this is,based on a true story its specifically,based on a New York magazine articles,about a group of strippers in New York,whose gorge at scores which is like a,Costco of strip clubs,its cavernous and legendary and a,favorite of the Howard Stern Show thats,all I know,youre not frequent to scores during,your visits to New York no you know try,and fit in a Broadway show and a night,at scores and just know it yes the only,have so much time in the big city so Im,so a bunch of strippers kind of got,however you want to call it revenge they,got what they thought was coming to them,by manipulating and drugging and,fleecing all these Wall Street,for their money things are things are,great at the start of the film its like,2007 in New York and everyones riding,high on Wall Street and all of these,financial jerks have money to throw,around and throw up peoples asses and,literally money gets thrown at peoples,backside they make it rain a lot they do,and high street crime its Thursday,morning in West Hollywood so so then the,crash happens right then the recession,comes and they have to find creative,ways to survive and so Jennifer Lopez,who is as incredible as you have heard,the hype is totally justified and its,this fascinating performance cuz you,never forget that youre watching,Jennifer Lopez you never lose sight of,that shes using all that charisma and,all that swagger and all that like its,a starter it is no it isnt but also you,know all that incandescent like audience,working and she knows how to work it but,she also you forget can act yeah right,and so long before she was JLo she could,really act in films like Selena like out,of sight and so she gets,to finally have a juicy rule that allows,her to tap back into that ability once,more Im not sure that the rom-com she,did like made in Manhattan no the,wedding planner were the best use of,Jennifer Lopez enough oh yeah but didnt,you get to use her Krav Maga and that,[Laughter],the whole scheme to you know just put a,little pinch a little dollop of ketamine,and MDMA right in and she and casas whoo,who was the young stripper that she,takes under her wing literally a true,and and teaches her the ways of the,world yeah they had the sort of this was,wonderfully diverse array of sirens to,to seek out their easy marks and drug,them and drag them back to the strip,club and max out their credit cards it,is so much fun to watch it is such a,blast and it has tremendous energy but,gosh is there a lot of good fellows in,here totally four theres like a,Steadicam shot through the strip club at,the very beginning or like constant,booze first day we see her sort of walk,from backstage on stage off stage and,its just one compressive it is although,nowadays I feel like that card gets,played so often and we know that through,computer trickery you can fake those,things so its not like the old its not,like Touch of Evil right happen I,atonement what was the one with the beat,seven seven minute shot in the beach,[Music],no anyway anyway but you can fake yeah,you can fake it so but no and theres,the whole thing like you know narration,over a crime to explain whats going on,and where the money is going and yet it,I like there yeah theres a lot of,different Scorsese things happening the,narration that you said like zooms at,certain emotional moments and also the,soundtrack though given needle drops so,much I mean like Jed Jackson Britney,Spears Bob Seger the Bob Seger oneself,felt kind of random to me but I was like,yeah all right whatever I think this,movie is I think it has moments where,its working really well and I totally,was seduced by its flash and its dazzle,and the female empowerment story and,even the sort of economic underpinnings,of this is sort of like,class warfare revenge story but I dont,feel like the script connects the dots,as well as it could have like when for,example you talk about you know,literally taking her under her wing suck,you Vera Constance Wu whos the new,dancer in this big club and Jennifer,Lopez rules the roost we have not met,either of these characters we dont know,anything about them and they immediately,become like best friends and like you,know theres this whole mentoring thing,going on and youre like could they like,theres not a moment of suspicion or,getting to know you or like you dont,know if either of them has an agenda it,just happens I viewed that they each saw,an opportunity in the other that they,were both smart enough to recognize and,the other like concepts whew whose name,is destiny her stage name is destiny,sees in Jennifer Lopezs Ramona like,this is a superstar this is a commanding,presence and I need to learn from her at,the same time,Ramona is savvy enough and is barreling,around the block enough to know heres a,pretty young malleable thing and shes,Asian which dudes dig and so lets make,the most of that I think I think they,seen each other theyre both savvy we,have to see each other pretty quickly,that they need each other and then the,friendship comes I guess it seemed,tastier then theres other things like,like Mercedes Ruehl pops up is the sort,of like den mother for the for the,strippers youre like oh cool Ive seen,Mercedes Ruehl in the movie in ages and,what an interesting character and,obviously theyve cast somebody whos,that you know shes an Oscar winner like,thats gonna go somewhere nope shes,gone for most of the movie,Destinys daughter disappears these,childish try if you will disappears for,long stretches of the film grandma you,know theres this montage where like you,know Ramona encouraged me to go back to,school its like great to study what and,are we ever gonna talk about this again,nope you know so theyre just there are,a lot of pieces that feel like they,dont quite go anywhere and Id say Im,not a big fan of Lorraine scruffy I,thought Canaries Clefairy me right sorry,Lorraine skip area I really didnt like,the meddler and I and I really didnt,like seeking a friend for the end of the,world I like this one more than those,two but I think theyre still its not,as that as great as it could have been,but there are enough things about it,that I like,that I would totally still recommend,them the thing that I think is this,weakness is it it doesnt really in any,way explore the troubling morality of,what theyre doing right they seem they,seem okay with it and they seem okay,with it based on the chosen profession,of their targets right these guys have,it come in theyre rich you,know and they are essentially criminals,themselves they are they have it coming,they didnt have this conscience about,these guys because yeah but its,these guys too simplistic so thered be,at least at the beginning of a,conversation about scruples eventually,they do have a mark where were clearly,like you know hes got other stuff going,on hes a human being,and so thats where things start to,unravel but no I I kind of sort of,admired it taking this brash like anti,you know 0.1% tactic to it you know,which weirdly you know you havent seen,Joker yet but its kind of the same,thing like there are there are,stockbrokers who a terrible thing,happens to in the movie does not seem to,be super broken up about it and and it,also is a movie that is suffused with,the Scorsese not only the star they,stockbrokers and financial analysts but,theyre also just like awful human,beings yes and those are the guys that,they enjoy sticking it to the most and,those are the guys who will pay the most,yes actually yeah and also I think in a,lot of cases they its not even their,money you know its like their corporate,card or whatever so its like its but,the the moment that you first see,Jennifer Lopez is so electrifying dog,yes the whole scene and I love that she,comes on stage to criminal

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