1. Huusk Japan Knife Review (Independent) – Is This Worth Buying for Regular Kitchen Use?
  2. HUUSK Knives: The Actual Worst
  3. Do Not Buy HUUSK Japan Knives for £29.99 – You Can Get them cheaper (HUUSK Knife Review/Comparison)
  4. Huusk Kitchen Knife – Very Sharp!
  6. Huusk Knives Test – Old vs New – Is the Blade Still Sharp?
  7. Can you sharpen specialty chef knives? HUUSK Japan Sharpening and Review

Huusk Japan Knife Review (Independent) – Is This Worth Buying for Regular Kitchen Use?

hi im rob kramer today were taking a,look at the husk japan premium control,knife which we actually saw advertised,on youtube and decided to buy one,ourselves at a cost of 29.99,as far as were aware that is an,all-inclusive price including v80 and,shipping to the uk now before we begin,and look at the knife its features and,quality lets address the elephant in,the room,if you look at the husk official website,you might see all sorts of claims being,made the knife being inspired by,traditional japanese crafting techniques,138 step design and rigorous testing you,might also see reviews which some might,suggest are false reviews using stock,images you will also notice a,never-ending discount of 50,which is a standard technique lots of,companies use to drive sales of,ditherers if you look beyond the website,and head over to trustpilot for example,you will get a different picture and,perhaps some more red flags here you,will read all sorts of opinions and,accusations of husk removing unfavorable,reviews adding their own bot reviews,people not getting their items and a,three out of five star rating from,summer 1 286 reviews of which 44 are one,star and 40 are five stars,looking deeper you will see that,customer service seems to be the biggest,issue with some initially submitting a,review before they get the actual,product slating husk in the process and,then amending the review once he,actually received the product in a,nutshell you cant put any trust in,trust pilot reviews either whether,negative or positive,so lets talk about our experience with,husk and the knife itself the bottom,line is regardless of where the product,is made or where the registered offices,is located in this case uab echo molita,in lithuania or even where its shipped,from is the knife any good and is it a,scam as many people would like you to,believe,for the record though depending on where,you live your experience may differ,especially with regards to shipping,times things like your item being held,at customs is not really husks fault,they have no control over this,we ordered the house knife after seeing,the advert on youtube and not long after,doing so got tracking details via email,however as is often the case these are,set up prior to the item being shipped,and to this day updated after the,product arrived so a little bit useless,we did get a few other emails from husk,detailing more products which is,understandable and can easily,unsubscribe from those if desired,our knife arrived approximately two,weeks after placing the order which,isnt bad it seems our item was shipped,from another country to slough in london,then on to us the packaging contained a,customs declaration sticker with the,words kitchen tools,in terms of it being a scam definitely,not we received the item we ordered and,it looks legit,whether its worth the 29.99 is up for,debate you might find cheaper versions,of the same design on amazon or,aliexpress for example but they may or,may not be of the same quality which,notably the type of steel used which we,find is most commonly 5 cr15 mov which,is a cheap lower quality steel the husk,japan premium control knife came in a,lovely and stylish looking black box,with silver writing on the outside,alongside the husk japan logo on the,rear of the box a list of knife,specifications,upon opening the box the knife sits,neatly inside and is covered in a,plastic wrapper and a plastic point for,the end tip,we have taken these off here since weve,used a knife already it looks great in,the box and as you can see,older versions came with a cheap leather,or fabric sheath but we assumed they,ditched those due to the cost and the,fact that lots of people complained it,was pretty useless,looking at the specs the knife is quite,weighty and feels solid at,252 grams or half a pound the blade,length is six inches and with the handle,its just shy of 11 inches or 28,centimeters,the handle is oak wood and carbon onyx,although we think the handle finish,looks a bit cheap in comparison to the,blade itself,visually were very happy with the way,the husk japan knife looks but dont,believe the design is original as you,can see versions using the same design,with names like the viking knife we,honestly think these are standard made,possibly in china and then companies,like haas japan can laser etch their,logos on them or in the case of the,viking knife no logo at all its,possible that this design does originate,from japan but we cant verify that,though using the huss knife and wow we,were very pleasantly surprised at how,sharp it is we have a set of silver,kitchen knives which are dull and,unsharpened we put various fruits veg,bread and paper to the test one thing we,will state though some of the tests you,might see in the marketing are a little,inconsistent the tomato test for example,is not easy depending on how the tomato,is stuck to the surface to offer grip or,how heavy it is paper cutting is also,not balanced as well because there are,many different types of paper we cut,through an entire newspaper with gentle,sawing motion but that was with it face,down slicing through plastic bottles of,water is gimmickier than anything so we,didnt try that,what we do like is the finger hole for,added stability so you could slice,thinly rather than pull and tear some,stale bread making it crumble everywhere,like our old bread knife the husk knife,was able to cleanly slice through it,with minimal pressure to create,perfectly thin slices this is the same,with peppers cucumbers and various,fruits,the indents on the black portion of the,blade prevent sticking which is handy,therefore we can only conclude that the,husk knife is a good quality based on,our own usage although we read one chap,who dropped a similar knife onto a stone,floor and it shattered,this feels like a premium product and,one that needs looking after were going,to assume it will need regular,sharpening to maintain its quality but,we think that largely depends on what,youre cutting wood bones meat paper,will assume is going to dull the blade,far quicker than fruits veg and bread,to conclude then the husker japan knife,arrived two weeks after placing the,order with zero issues aside from,non-existent tracking details it comes,in a nice box looks well made is,pleasantly sharp and easy to use,therefore its not a scam if you order,via the original official website based,on our experiences the only possibility,of it being a scam is if the knife is,cheaply made in china and then sold for,a premium price far above the cost of,production we have no way of verifying,that or whether the knives you see on,aliexpress which look the same are of,the same quality,at face value then we are very happy,with our purchase for now i recommend,this for anyone looking for a nice,display knife or sharp tool to aid your,culinary designs,ok im rob kram thanks for watching

HUUSK Knives: The Actual Worst

so i woke up this morning snuggling with,my fur husband and i had two sudden,epiphanies the first is that i probably,have toxoplasmosis,and the second one was,those husk knives on instagram they have,to be right hello did you know,that water is wet that the sun is hot,and that yes,as unsurprisingly,husk knives are so when husk,japan,japan started carpet bombing instagram,so that everyone who had said the word,knife in the vicinity of their,smartphone for the last month started,getting husk knife ads on their,instagram feed im the guy that you,probably didnt want to buy your knife,and the ins im the influencer that you,probably didnt want to give your to to,integrate your product into my channel,synergy or whatever so these knives were,just leaks to millions of shill,influencers who you know paid probably,thirty dollars to put it in an instagram,story and then even more of us were,probably sent them for free to do um you,know,puff piece videos on um and theres no,way in hell that i would do that in fact,i had a feeling this was what it is so,that is why ive got one to hopefully,make some counterpoints some contra,points even about the husk knife,japan so this,is the husk japan,japanese premium control knife,there is a lot of this going on in this,review so you know what,just assume theyre here for the entire,time so i can take my hair otherwise my,hands are going to get so sore my arms,will get fatigued holding them up so,just pretend theyre here,and so i can take them down but theyre,still here for basically this entire,review especially when im saying the,facts about husk as they present them,so,this knife has been sold in a few,different iterations over the last 10,years it used to be sold as viking,knives back when like vikings was the tv,show kind of led by like the the new,sort of european fantasy film you know,game of thrones and stuff vikings,obviously the show vikings um,made everyone horny for vikings once,again right so it was sold first as the,viking kitchen knife because you know it,is a vaguely a vaguely historical,looking knife i guess is it though i,dont know so does that for a while on,your wishes and alibabas and whoever,the heck huskar theyve just said no you,know what its a japan knife now where,husqv japan and so they say the word,japan about 60 times per minute in all,of their marketing guff theyve gone,with the whole you know they give you,these pointless history lessons on like,old iron forging techniques and things,like that as if this knife isnt in any,way involved in those processes there,may be some iron in the blade in fact,its probably mostly iron and um,yeah its um its just going for like a,re-skinning or a rebranding of what is,it a tired existing and frankly not very,good kitchen knife even if it was made,of of vibranium or adamantium which it,is certainly not,so,first thing that kind of gets me,offside is that,again theyre saying husk japan and,everything without actually saying,explicitly this knife is made in japan,they dont really say that because that,would just be an outright lie so what,theyre trying to do is heavily infer,that this is some hammer finished,samurai produced,hattori hanzo knife,when it is most clearly not,um the biggest tell for me was that i,ordered it about six weeks ago and when,the package arrived it did come from,what is clearly a chinese industrial,district so,that seems like an unnecessary detour to,take from japan to a chinese factory,district to sell their 60,ish dollar knife so,im gonna go ahead and call,right away on this is even anything to,do with japan this is in fact highly,likely to be the same wish alibaba type,knife that has been circulating for ages,just sold you in a different box with,japanese stuff all over it,lets have a look at it a bit closer,so lets look at this knife here we go,look so this is what theyre trying to,say is like a hammer finished pattern,here im going to use this,el cheapo masterchef brand kitchen knife,to remove what is basically just paint,they just its its hot its homogenized,black paint this isnt like some kind of,nice charred you know forge finished, theyve literally just painted,it on and just spray painted it on in,the factory it is just you can see how,shiny it is its like an enamel paint,just scratches off,so its not its indeed not a,hammer finished especially japanese,forged knife its just simply not a very,steep hollow grind,fairly thick spine and you can see how,fine that tip is because of that hollow,grind there,and then you know husk,japan once again wooden handles,and then lets look at this box again if,youre making something in japan if i,made something in japan i would say,everywhere i could,made in japan it does not say that,anywhere on this box,its heavily inferring that it might be,made in japan by,trying to really tickle the japanophiles,out there but,definitely not saying anywhere made in,japan a japanese-made knife will,generally say even what district its,made in because its a point of pride,for them so this is the specs here again,the blade steel stainless steel 1810,stainless steel,1810 stainless steel,1810 stainless steel i went into my,collection and i found two things that,are made in 1810 stainless steel,oh do you think i meant my knife,collection,no,1810 stainless steel is a pot metal,so,this gabrielle gate pot it holds its,base really nicely ive used it on gas,and electric cooktops,good job conducts heat well you can boil,so much water in this guy fantastic,this clean canteen double walled 18 8,stainless steel on this one so i guess,not as good at being a knife as the husk,knife almost but not quite,and yeah geez it just keeps chilled,water cold for,20 24 hours just,perfect really really good use of the 18,8 and the 18 10 stainless steel,thumbs up,if i was and im not and im not one to,get offended on behalf of other people,however,if you are someone who is,interested in japanese culture knife,making heritage things like that,and the idea of someone putting all this,japanese pomp and,inference out there you know,blacksmithing iron extracting,cultural you know blacksmith processes,and then go ahead and put 1810 stainless,steel,in the knife that theyre saying is a,product of that process,yeah,i wont get offended on your behalf but,go ahead,like why would they even say what the,steel is you can google the steel and,the first thing that comes up is pots,this knife is just made for people they,think you are dumb they think you are a,dum-dum if you if they try and sell you,this knife,be it,be intellectually disturbed,you could literally look at the thing on,the back that says 1810 electroplated,stainless steel and you could google,that and you could be like why is my,knife made of a pot metal you do not,have to know anything about knives to do,that,it just baffles me so the blade came,from the factory with an edge on it its,an edge its not blunt it is a,very heavily burred edge and you know,what it is because this steel would not,even hold a sharpening temper like it,wouldnt even,you wouldnt even be able to heat treat,it correctly to hold and maintain a bur,which could put up a fight against you,know,gravity let alone being cut like being,used to cut something so ill be very,interested to see how this goes in a,cedric inader robe cutting test,i call this next trick trying to polish,a turd,[Music],all right so this knife is definitely,not heat treated at all like the,the steel just this is going to have a,rockwell hardness of about 40 or,something the steel is just,its just grinding away with this 300,very quite fine diamond stone and i am,just,just completely,removing this,steel i mean its a very quick,sharpening job but wow um i will be,surprised if i can get this to hold any,kind of a decent edge,just going for 17 degrees which for a,kitchen knife should be fine,[Music],i feel like i need to apologize to my,kme,[Music],i will say it is very easy to sharpen it,just like how its really easy to shape,play-doh into the shape of a v

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Do Not Buy HUUSK Japan Knives for £29.99 – You Can Get them cheaper (HUUSK Knife Review/Comparison)

hi im rob kram and today were taking a,look at the very controversial,husk japan,so i previously did a video on my,youtube channel which spoke relatively,favorable for the knife now i have to,admit from the off that my knife,experience,is of a regular person,that would just use it in a regular,kitchen at home,so one thing as well gonna say this is,that most people in the uk at least,theyre gonna buy their meat,pre-packaged pre-cut and they werent,not going to have much use for boning,and doing all sorts of stuff like that,so my video was titled,is this worth it for regular kitchen use,and i came to the conclusion that yes it,was,now,i wasnt sure,about the origins of the knife but if,you look on the website for husk they,made a lot of claims that were quite,frankly dubious and misleading,and also another thing as well as their,claims that they made on their website,never really sort of implicated them too,much because they was very careful with,the choice of words that they used so,for example they said that they are,knife,making techniques they they were,inspired by that,so you can be inspired by anything i can,be inspired by,many different things but it doesnt,necessarily mean that thats how my,knife or my or whatever is is made so a,lot of people pointed out to me in the,video that the,claims that it was made using a 1810,steel was a load of rubbish and that,steel is useless its meant for pots and,pans and flatware and my belief and i,meant i mentioned this in the comments,was that basically husk which is a,lithuanian company decided to just do,look it up and say oh yeah that looks,like high quality steel well just call,our knives made with that so what seems,to happen then and this is where were,gonna go now i ordered one of these,knives from not from kwanki or it might,be from kwanky i ordered one several,months ago from aliexpress and you can,see my order there uh theres a date,yeah august 21st so i ordered that,pretty soon after id got the husk knife,to do a comparison of the two knives so,if we look here now quan ki is another,company that you know is selling the,same knife is exactly the same knife as,the husk knife and im going to show you,in a minute the um comparison of them,both together but as you can see husker,asking for 29 pounds for one knife and,that doesnt include any shipping,whereas the one on aliexpress is only,asking for about 10 pounds so thats a,third of the price now i have to say,that my knife only just literally,arrived a few days ago and that was cost,a couple of quid for the shipping now,you can have other shipping options,which will get it to you quicker but you,know i was prepared to wait the long,shipping time from china so going back,to another issue with husk knife who,asked us however you want to pronounce,it they say on their terms and,conditions that the knife isnt for,professional use the knife is for,regular kitchen use and the knife ship,is manufactured in china so what is,easily discernible about all of this is,that what seems to happen is on,aliexpress you can sort of buy bulk,orders of these knives for about get,them down to as low as,three or three or four dollars per knife,if you start buying 2 000 of them so,what has happened here and this is my,estimation now my speculation ill say,its speculation because i dont have,any actual proof but this is whats most,likely they bought a whole bulk,wholesale price i thought even quankie,offer wholesale price if you contact,them they bought 2 000 pieces or more,got the price down to about three,dollars four dollars per knife and then,did a load of marketing on,their website to say how its made etc,and then sold them for a massive markup,of 29 for one knife a huge markup from,the amount of cost now they did make a,little nice box that it came in which is,probably worth a couple of dollars at,the most if that,mass-produced box and yeah i recommended,the knife i said yeah i said its,probably way too expensive its weight,cost way more than what its actually,worth but in terms of using it in the,kitchen and i still use it today its,absolutely fine for chopping up veg uh,chopping up like breasts of chicken its,chopped its fine its held its edge so,far although it has dulled quite a lot,since uh i first bought it so i still,stand by this is a decent knife,its not gonna be the best knife and,its very expensive a decent knife,for just regular cutting vegetables in,the kitchen which is what most people,are going to be using a knife for most,people,so i stand by my video that says is this,suitable and worth it for kitchen use,well yeah,and no the problem is you can get this,exactly the same knife for a third of,the cost,therefore i cant recommend the husk,knife anymore yeah its gonna work,youre gonna get it its not a scam you,get the knife it comes in a nice box but,youve paid way too much price for it,thats what happens theyve laser etched,it as help with their name theyve made,a misleading husker japan name,to suit their sort of rubbish marketing,and you end up with a knife that is,worth that cost them a few dollars to,buy and youve just paid 30 pounds for,it so someones making some good money,if they manage to sell all of those,units which they probably have with all,of their youtube advertising and thats,how i initially came to find out about,the husk knives was through a youtube,advert yes a bit of a novelty shape as,well and im sure many chefs will tell,you that that shape is not ideal for,many different ways of cutting but you,have to use a specific cutting action to,suit the blade that youre using rather,than a long flat blade which ill show,you in a second so thats the crux of it,so lets now take a look at the knives,together and how they look side by side,so you can see exactly that the,similarity well theyre not even similar,theyre exactly the same in every single,way okay do it so here we can see the,husker knife,effortlessly chopping an onion,finely chopped onion works pretty fine,and this is after months of use,as ive said the blade,has dulled its not as sharp and this is,a newer version of that same knife its,going to cut through that onion a lot,more,easier than the husk knife you can just,feel it when youre chopping but thats,how the husk knife was when we first got,it since then its just done a lot of,work in the kitchen so obviously,naturally the blade is going to dull it,still does what it says on the tin,this is the cheaper knife from quan ki,that you know works fine chopping up,this onion so these knives do work,thats the point they do work for,chopping up vegetables and im going to,show you the,chopped veg,chopped onion close up yep nicely done,thats great for cooking,if youre just going to be chopping up,onions,so we move on now to potato peeling,potato again thats something a lot of,people will be doing,first heres the husk knife,so im just going to chop that and it,has no problem just slicing through the,skin of the potato,i mean its uh not a hard thing to chop,and just slice that bit off there and,then thats it i just finished that off,and then im slicing the potato but,potatoes pretty soft absolutely no,problems at all for this sort of basic,kitchen use so,it does need sharpening if i want to get,that knife to be exactly the same as the,cheaper one i got from quan ki,then i need to sharpen it and for that i,might need a wet stone sharpener,im not sure an automatic sharpener is,going to be good for this type of blade,because of its shape so these nice work,in the kitchen for vegetables and im,going to say again i think most people,will be chopping vegetables in their,kitchen rather than slicing through,loads of different meat,im gutting out fish in the uk at least,you can get most of that all pre-done,for you in your supermarket so youre,not going to be buying a whole fish and,chopping its guts out and doing and,requiring,the right sort of boning knife to be,able to do all of that but,the takeaway here and you can obviously,get a takeaway if you l

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Huusk Kitchen Knife – Very Sharp!

well hello good afternoon everybody,Welcome Back Jiu Jitsu 2000 here today,Im back I hope you guys are doing,fantastic out there Ive got an,interesting video for you today were,going to talk about a kitchen knife,today,[Music],[Music],oh,foreign,this is the husk now when this company,reached out to me to review their knife,I thought that it was a camping knife so,I said yes and they sent the knife so,its a kitchen knife weve created the,most exceptional kitchen knife the world,has ever seen if youre a survival guy a,hunter or camper or if youre just a,cook you can use this knife so lets go,ahead and open this packaging up as you,can see it comes packaged very well in,this little box now on the side of the,box here this has like a magnetic kind,of enclosure kind of reminds me of the,Olight boxes so you open that up and you,see the knife inside now before we get,to the knife I want to show you this,little package this has basically a,catalog it shows some other items that,are available,from husk welcome to the husk family,feel free to pause your screen folks if,you want to read any of this longer,very cool,theres another model that theyre,offering,now this knife its currently on sale,and Ill talk about those details here,towards the end of the video theres a,leather sheath I believe that goes for,the knives so very cool theres a,sharpener that you can get theyre just,showing like kind of like a mini catalog,here some scissors that you can also,purchase and then right here this is the,knife that were taking a look at today,theres the little uh code if you want,to get anything off of that and how to,care for your knife very cool so lets,go ahead and take a look at this blade,Im going to talk about the specs and,things of this blade so this thing is,beautiful as you can see its a Full,Tang knife,very nice looking blade,youve got like a little finger hole,where you can choke up you can really,get a good purchase on the handle,very very cool,theres some jimping up here on the,thumb ramp area so you can really get a,nice secure grip on this blade which,would make it very easy to control,its a sharp sharp blade too before I,film this video I took it out and kind,of looked at it to familiarize myself,with it a little bit and this thing is,razor sharp it has a 38 degree edge here,on the blade the result of that is,extremely sharp now this is a balanced,knife too its very easy to control and,its very comfortable in the hand so I,dont think if you had to cut like a lot,of vegetables or something or meat I,dont think that youre gonna get,fatigue hand fatigue from doing a lot of,cutting its a very comfortable knife,its a quality build as you can see as,well very nice quality and its a,durable knife because its Full Tang now,lets talk about some of the specs real,quick if you want to look at the overall,length from the tip to the end were,talking about 28 centimeters long thats,the entire knife thats about 11.2,inches in length now if you want to talk,about just the blade length itself,thats 15.7 centimeters or 6.2 inches,this blade material its the stainless,steel so its that 420 J2 stainless,steel so if its going to be around,water its not really going to hurt this,blade too much so like I mentioned,earlier if youre into survival we could,totally take this knife out and bang on,it and do some batoning and stuff this,spine of the knife is fairly sharp I,think it would hit a fair rod and make a,spark this would not be my first choice,for a Bushcraft knife not at all,thats razor sharp lets get this coat,right here,Im gonna get into these drumsticks,wow that cuts very nice,look at that easy work and this things,still tiny bit Frozen,wow right through the bone,good cut there,theres one,look at that,nice cut all right lets flip this bird,over and lets see if we cant get under,here,look at that it went right through the,bone,very easy cut,Im impressed this knife is definitely,sharp Im going to try to cut like right,here I know that this is kind of going,to be a weird looking piece but,theres a bone there I dont know if Im,going to get through that bone its,pretty thick,so lets try it right here,look at that,wow right through it,perfect,lets do another thigh or another leg,here,or that makes easy work of that,Im trying to find out where the bone is,yeah this knife is definitely Sharp,so right there I think,yep right there boom,that thing did a good job right through,that bone,fantastic lets get some breast meat,here I was cutting the back,there we go theres some nice breast,meat,very easy to slice,so this breast meat can be used for all,kinds of things,probably make some chicken enchiladas,tomorrow,and Im really just demonstrating the,knife I dont have to cut this up like,this to make enchiladas Im just trying,to showcase the knife a little bit,normally what I would do for enchiladas,is I would cut or I would put the bird,in the instant pot,and then I would cook the whole thing,and then I would cut it so,look at that that meat just rips right,off,the knife is doing a fantastic job as,you can see I mean it goes right through,that through that meat,no problem,so very good job,so here were dealing with a little bit,of chicken breast,this is semi-frozen,I mean it just goes right through that,stuff no problem at all,very sharp knife,easy work,beautiful,nice little chunks,yep,thats a good knife folks hopefully you,enjoyed those shots there its a,beautiful looking knife you can see that,its manufactured very well now this is,a authentic Japanese inspired knife and,currently they have a 70 percent,discount on this knife if you were to,purchase this knife without the discount,youre looking at about a hundred bucks,for this knife,but with the 70 discount if you purchase,one knife you get them for 29.95,if you want uh two knives you can get,them for even cheaper 49.95 if you get,three of them you can get them for 65.95,and if you want four of these knives,79.92,thats a good price,so I dont know how long that special,price is going to last,but Ill make sure that Im putting a,link in the description box down below,you can click on that special link and,itll take you over there and hopefully,you can get that fantastic price you can,also get the sheath that I showed in the,book a minute ago the sheath is very,nice leather construction and the same,thing applies on the sheaths if you get,one of them its like 20 bucks I think,and then two three and four I dont,recall what those prices were but you,can look in the link in the description,box if youre interested the weight of,this knife,252 grams thats 8.8 ounces or,approximately about a half a pound heavy,so its a not not a bad knife nice thick,spine Full Tang I love it its got this,little area on the bottom you could put,a lanyard on there if you wanted to,and folks with all that being said thank,you so much for stopping by I hope you,enjoyed this video please feel free to,leave your comments down below like this,video share this video and until next,time have a beautiful day well see you,then,bye for now


what are we looking at today guys well,we are going to look at this husk knife,husk japan,uh youve seen other people do it i know,petes pete uh pete did it over at,cedric and aida i personally think this,is one of the biggest scams going on on,the knife world on instagram and the,internet so,uh,you guys know what time it is here comes,the logo were gonna crack into this,so like i said this is the husk,h-e-u-u-s,its called husk japan,this is touted as a hand-forged kitchen,knife,made in japan now i cant find anywhere,that says it is or isnt made in japan,other than the claim it makes husk japan,uh it could possibly be making being,made in japan that this is more along,the lines of what i was seeing with some,cheap knives that looked a lot like this,um they were not,listed as a japanese cooking knife they,were listed as something else like,eastern european i cant remember but,they were made in china and they looked,almost identical to these if i can find,a picture of them i will show you so,this says on it husk knife blacksmith,heritage at your fingertips,they call this a hand-forged,hand-hammered knife im going to tell,you right now that is stamped that is,not what a hand-forged knife looks like,this has been rolled through a mill,because if youre to look lets try and,find,that pattern,over here somewhere youre going to be,able if you get enough of these youre,going to be able to find that this was,rolled through a pattern die,uh youre going to see,spots on this that are going to look,identical from side to side you dont,get that,in a hand,forged knife so thats my first big,concern the other thing is that this,thing is not,really a kitchen knife at all this could,pass this could be passable as an,outdoors knife i do know that theres a,couple cooking channels um eastern,european guy that uses these and another,brand of knives but,were gonna get this stuff out of the,way were gonna look at this real quick,so let me get this out of the way and,were just gonna focus on this little,envelope so theres a little packet of,information you get with it this has got,a lot of stuff in it most of this is,just,touting the merits of this,perfect grip were going to look at some,of these precise crafted each detail,pleasurable in every way im going to,disagree on a lot of that how to care,for your host knife,special offers for you here are some,must-haves that will complete your husk,perfectly and then thats you get a,leather sheath and,sharpening stones and im looking at,these stones and they look like just,some cheap water stones a fairly cheap,leather sheath like what youd get from,something off of,um cutlery corner network but its they,theyre upselling you on some stuff and,then you have this information,congratulations on your new knife and,its uh welcome to huss family brand,ambassador all this so this is whats in,here but this isnt the important stuff,were gonna get that out of the way and,were gonna look at the knife by itself,so before we go any further big shout,out to chuck it,um he actually sent this to me uh,because as you guys know i dont get,nice from companies anybody thinks that,i get all these free knives from,companies is wrong i do not very often,get anything for free and usually its,from artisan because im one of their,designers so this came from one of my,paying members now they made a lot of,claims about this being like this,excellent excellent kitchen knife super,comfortable grip im going to tell you,right now it is not a comfortable grip,and it is not a real good functional,kitchen knife it is big and bulky it is,not comfortable in hand and it is very,thick so if you look here it does come,down to a hollow grind,but as pete over at cedric and eight,approved it doesnt hold that edge very,well,its very cheap,no listing as to what the steel is,anytime you have a knife and it doesnt,mark the steel or at least come with,some documentation as to what the steel,is i would always be a little suspect um,i know theres a lot of knife companies,out there that dont specifically mark,it on the blade,but they do however provide you with,some sort of documents showing that it,is a certain steel or something like,that and your rock well um,just like uh sebenza,these pins are not,even sanded close to flush its just,these were just,punched on,and then sanded down slightly they,didnt finish the handles the same time,kind of sharp here,really thick bulky handles where like a,lot of times i like a knife that fills,my hand like that but this does not,feel comfortable its very it thins down,very thinly doesnt feel stable youve,got this big and that is a fairly robust,and or fairly rough fairly large finger,hole there like because ive got big,sausage fingers and i get my finger in,there,but what i would really want to talk,about is this edge here and in kitchen,tasks so im going to get some footage,of me doing some kitchen tasks here in a,minute with one of my really good,kitchen knives and then with this i,think im just going to cut up an apple,im not sure i may not you may not see,the footage it just depends on what kind,of how that footage looks but i will,film it uh if it doesnt go in this,video then the paying members will see,it as b-roll eventually um,so,chuck it tried to sharpen this i dont,think he got it completely apexed its,fairly sharp but like i said,this style knife is really not that good,in the kitchen especially when you look,at how youre going to be doing a lot of,things this is much more an outdoors,knife that has just been kind of,rebranded um a lot of you would have to,do a lot of rocking which i dont mind,with a good kitchen knife but the fact,is,uncomfortable and then like i said,theres a lot of claims youre made this,is like hand forged you can tell thats,not hand forged that spray-painted black,over top is something thats been rolled,through uh a,pressed die,and,then just spray painted black um the,grind on it is not very thin at all for,kitchen knives let me go grab my kitchen,eyes let me give you a comparison,so as you can see i have my matia,barrani,buoy chef out look at how thin that is,that thing is so thin this glides,through material thats what you want in,a kitchen knife in a kitchen knife which,im honestly going to tell you this is,one of the best kitchen knives ive,handled in a very long time,what you want a kitchen knife is,something that is well balanced nice and,light comfortable grip see how this goes,from skinny to fat thats what you want,you dont want to go from fat to skinny,because whats going to happen it feels,like its going to slide out of your,hand,i know you guys are enjoying that it,looks kind of phallus phallic and it,looks like im you know exactly what,youre thinking,um but on this youve got this super,super thin like you cant even it,doesnt want to focus on it super thin,blade stock well not super thin but you,got this relatively thin blade stock,and um it transitions down full flat to,an almost non-existent behind the edge,see how thin that is thats what you,want when youre doing kitchen tasks you,want something thin now if youre going,to chop and you want to cleaver yeah,maybe something more like this but the,fact is that this is not ever going to,come down that is massively thick its,almost as thick behind the edge as this,is at the spine im not even joking if,you get back behind it,its getting close in thickness behind,the edge,to the actual you know what i mean like,maybe about here maybe about midway down,this knife um,this is not a very very good knife for,kitchen tasks,and then its sharp everywhere like i,said for this you this is a this is an,outdoor knife this is something you,would use bushcraft if it was in better,steel and things like this so,to market this the way they have been,im just im at a loss you know this is,what a kitchen knife looks like now,theres other designs and stuff like,they kind of the guys over at methia,brawny they went kind of,a different direction with the design of,this knife it

Huusk Knives Test – Old vs New – Is the Blade Still Sharp?

and today were taking a look at the,husk,japan knife after about three or four,months of use,you can check my other video to see how,long ive had it,but yeah ive used it quite extensively,in the kitchen,um for chopping up basic like chicken,breasts and meat this is another knife i,got from aliexpress,for about a third of the price of the,husk knife,and its not has been used as much so,this is much sharper and more like how,this was when i first bought it but i,have to say from the off after about,three months use,its quite um dulled its blade quite a,lot,so its not as good as this knife its,just a regular very old bread knife just,im going to show you in a minute to,demonstrate,so lets first start off with bread,and this is freshly baked loaf brown,bread this morning obviously you want a,serrated blade for chopping bread so im,just going to demonstrate how that cuts,through,very easily,its quite a tough dough,nice cut,so were going to try the um,aliexpress knife now so im going to,cut it somewhat differently,you see that sort of cut nicely,and fairly effortlessly,now the husk knife,and,still gonna do it,not too bad,i mean that is quite hard to cross there,so yeah it,didnt too bad but wasnt as good as,the newer version so if we move on,right now this tomato test,not the typical slice thinly test,to see if you can slice through this,skin here this is kind of quite um,difficult if a knife is blunt im not,going to use this as a weighted blade,this is the new knife,and im just going to slice through that,very easily ill just do a thin slice,like that,and it slices very nicely,through that,spin it around take that stalk off,and now do the,husk knife,not too bad,so yeah,[Music],why im having to saw a bit more so yeah,it does cut nicely for veg,that is quite a ripe tomato food,so it has held its edge but its just,obviously not as good as when it was,first,purchased,all right so were going to try,something a bit different now were,going to try and cut through,some sweet corn which is extremely tough,um,may not even do it so this is the uh,you wouldnt normally want to slice,sweet corn like this but this is just,for demonstration purposes im just,going to try the,husk not the uh,cheap version that cut through that,pretty easily as you can see,and ill do the same with the um husker,knife,and its no its not getting get through,as you can see that was a lot more,difficult to slice through that,but it still managed to get a nice,decent cut,so,last thing,lets try and slice through some paper,to see how that,fares,and try and slice it up its probably,not the best paper to do it,[Music],[Applause],sliced in half pretty easily,i mean remember this is a envelope which,is double,sided so it slides through that quite,nicely,now the husk or husk knife do the same,thing,and slice it through the middle,more of a tear than slice,but yeah i kind of got through it,as you can see,but,you know the test that uh other people,lets see if i can just pull that off,and do it on the side is to do it on the,side here and try and slice it that way,but no its not happening,because its not sharp enough,try the other one,i dont think im holding it right,theres a bit of grip there you can see,that it does actually get,its not a very clean slice but this is,quite thick paper,so,[Music],whats my verdict then on these two,knives,husker knife cheap knife as you know in,the other video this knife cost me about,12 quid,this knife cost me about 30 quid,theyre exactly the same this one is,newer this ones older,great for cutting veg in the kitchen,um not so good for things like boning,gutting fish or they may be originally,when you first buy them but after a bit,of use they become a bit less practical,a bit duller okay for chopping up,tomatoes,but the husk is definitely not worth,30 quid,when you can get this one for,a fraction of the cost it might take a,bit longer to ship,but they are exactly the same wooden,handle,same weight,same dimensions these are mass produced,in china theyve got nothing to do with,japan at all,and,youre going to need to keep sharpening,it if you want to maintain the blade now,i havent sharpened this one at all,since ive had it,since last year so um yeah,okay so yeah house knife i wouldnt,bother buying it from the husk website,go to aliexpress and get this one if you,really want to have this,kind of fancy shape but uh any chef will,tell you,that this sort of curved blade is not,very practical for cooking,um,and its a bit of a gimmick knife to,have maybe nice for a little gift for,somebody,um,comes in a nice case,the husk comes in a nice case,but um,[Music],the cheap one,just comes in a box,standard box but um obviously you want,it for the knife,um yes it works,but um,[Music],you know slice your tomatoes,slice your onions ive got an onion here,to demonstrate so it does slice nicely,you know you can slice up,you know cut my fingers off so this,knife here i still,ive managed to cut myself i would,definitely hurt myself this is still you,still feel the blade is sharp,this one not so much,after how many months but it has had a,lot of use and youve got to think as,well,chopping away,its going to really sort of hammer on,that edge so you really are going to,have to um sharpen it if you want to,maintain the edge okay,so im a cram,thanks for watching,[Music]

Can you sharpen specialty chef knives? HUUSK Japan Sharpening and Review

other,Char brush,thats so cute Brad people send me,emails and stuff and they ask me can you,sharpen a specialty,thats confidence I love confidence,specialty chef knives yes okay for,example all right I have a Japanese one,right here for you okay,so I guess its just,its a folding front along the long flap,thats what I thought it just folds up,it easily folds up looking there you go,oh my oh my oh my God the husk uh,have I been seeing this on YouTube uh,yeah theres been some recent,advertising going on about this knife,okay,um geez my first my first thought is,its heavy uh wow if youre hold,sideways let me see it all,right uh its kind of thick its,probably a little bit heavy I mean it is,heavy then you got your Hollow Grind uh,its probably two inches this way uh a,good solid eight uh to like five thirty,seconds or I think it would be up here,and uh so as far as,uh,I dont know if that would be my first,choice,um but anyway it will give you the name,give you the side let you look at it,okay,and I presume you ordered it uh when the,commercial came on or something,um,so lets see that buddy you just All,Hiding down in here,uh you feel safe,do you feel safe,lets see,okay,it would cut me I mean its okay but I,tell you its not as sharp as the knives,I used to have on my table and speaking,of knives on the table youre going to,start seeing a hundred percent new,different knives because my show bag got,stolen last weekend and Ive got to,start the whole thing over again so,every everything that I had is gone,absolutely everything,all right so lets do the black okay the,new one uh and Im gonna make a little,declaration here brand new sharpeners,are so sharp on that on on The Cutting,Edge right here after you use them for I,dont know,four months,not not that its going to get round but,if you after you use them long enough to,take that absolutely blistering sharp,edge off there my sharpeners actually,work better,okay so lets uh set it down like this I,always use my finger for a guide and a,ramp down and protect that point there,so it would be just like this,come right on down like that,Im going to feel quick for a little mix,another way to feel for next would be,like this,right,there see where that stopped,okay right there is an imperfection so I,will have to pay attention to that I can,even see it on this side all right so,and well just run along like this,its actually soft metal I got to be,careful uh I hope they dont tout this,as hard to feel because it is not,theres one thing about my sharpener,above all the other sharpeners that,little corner sticking out there will,bite the metal if its hard hard hard,steel okay itll slide right along if,its not really super hard steel this,tungsten carbide corner will really bite,that metal and then so you actually have,to hold up on it and and come most the,time Im out here like that Im going to,come back a little way so I touch it,even lighter than normal just like that,and Im also going to say for anybody,who actually knows knives and sharpening,and all that out there they know Im,telling the truth uh a soft blade is,really really hard to put a good Edge on,and heres why picture metal and you,have a candle take your thumbnail push,it down the blade like that take it and,push it down a candle my thumbnail is,going to stick in the candle so that,would be the soft metal this would be,the hard metal so the softer the metal,the softer you have to touch the blade,like that because youre actually going,to bite the metal and sharpener will dig,in and then it wont move as good and,the next thing you know see how goofy,looking blade and just like this right,on out,over a period of a long time you also,have what a lot of people call a goofy,looking blade but heres what I found,when it comes to cutting meat and stuff,uh the teeny little I call them railroad,tracks the little divots in the blade,caused by the tungsten carbide actually,causes a sharper knife and it catches on,the meat better than a what I call a,slick or smooth blades so lets see now,Im being really really really careful,with it because its actually soft metal,and um I think if that is the husk knife,theyve been advertising I think people,are going to be disappointed when they,buy that knife and uh so lets see oh,thats much better,yeah,its a lot sharper but because its not,very hard uh steel its actually going,to go dull faster,and that bites,uh so lets do this again,okay it wont move until it takes the,thumbnail right off so it is sharp uh I,would use it you know they show you you,know using it like that to me that I,dont know I dont like my finger stuck,in a hole like that I would actually,probably not stick it through the hole,but only like like this so you can hang,on to it better and that might be Im,just going off a memory because Ive,seen this on the internet on YouTube ads,um,you know its,wouldnt be my first choice uh but there,it is youve seen it I sharpened it and,if you buy one uh off the internet just,remember its really not going to be,what you would call a quality knife this,red Buckner sharpnessbest.com you take,care and I will see you at the Tanner,Gun Show today

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