1. Hyperverse / Hyperfund SCAM & Rug Pull – Video series 4 of 4
  2. HyperVerse Review – Scam Broker HyperVerse Deceives Traders
  3. ???? Is HYPERCOSMOS A SCAM? HYPERVERSE Full In-depth Review???? Ryan Xu ???? Sammy Lee
  4. HyperVerse Review – Exit Scam Warning
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Hyperverse / Hyperfund SCAM & Rug Pull – Video series 4 of 4

hey guys marcus here yet again investing,embers and uh man if youre hanging in,there congratulations this is video four,of four,a four day four video series that i,started four days ago and this is the,last one i broke it up because the,topics are so vastly different and some,of them dont apply to you but my,challenge each video has been to watch,each video because i think that there,are,really valuable pieces of information,that you can take from each video so a,couple quick announcements one uh yield,nodes man,is it not amazing i mean if you havent,watched any of my previous videos check,it out theyve been making eight percent,per month in the last four months in the,past theyve made well over 10 percent,in a month,fantastic platform im also invested in,drip i had a,video recently where i talk about drip,but i do believe that drip is going to,do amazing things this year just need to,see the animal farm take off,but this video is about the scam that is,hyper fund or hyperverse and if you are,invested in this as thousands and,thousands of people are,you are as frustrated as i am this is,one that i got into early on,and i compounded and compounded and i,finally decided to withdraw i think i,was able to withdraw once,which was,early december of this past year so a,little over four four months ago,and then something odd happened um i was,unable to actually withdraw,in the the type of coin that i wanted to,withdraw,to be able to actually turn it into real,money and i was a little perplexed ive,got a contact out of south africa and i,spoke with him and hes experiencing the,same issues and uh ive been on their,telegram if you get an opportunity go on,the hyperverse telegram group,theres over theres like 10 000 people,and they are all experiencing the same,frustrations that we are,because its a rug pull this is the,middle of this thing absolutely,collapsing i never put a lot of money,into it because i didnt feel,comfortable with it but i did this with,multiple different companies if youve,seen my previous videos you know i,invested in,mirror trading international which was,also a big scam and has since been,completely shut down and the guy that,was running it hes been like on the,lamb for,i dont know a year now something like,that im sure hes living it up on an,island with all of our money uh but,hyperverse same thing you know they are,in the midst of collapse and they keep,talking about that things are going to,be okay in fact um i got blocked from,the telegram so if you go on there and,you want to stay in dont say anything,negative dont talk about the reality,that people have been waiting four and a,half months to be able to withdraw their,funds,but what i wanted to do is talk a little,bit about whats happening why is this,happening and so ive got some screens,to share lets take a look,so,this was mof was the coin,that,was a you were able to withdraw from,hyper fund and,so i was able to withdraw this and then,one day i was no longer able to,convert my funds into this to withdraw,it,but lets look what happened here this,is the last month so its its worth,basically nothing,but lets look back,wow,heres,december 11th this was,right after one of my first first,withdrawals,this thing was worth two dollars and,eight cent,and then it dropped to next to nothing,and then it continued to drop it just,dropped completely off,so this was a big factor in the crash,that is hyperverse and the rug pull and,im not sure what the catalyst was here,but i mean it happened like,you know instantly it was worthless,um,similarly,they have a coin,uh its their own hyperverse coin called,hvt,you know look back here this thing came,into play they introduced it sometime,after the mof coin dropped out it was,six seven dollars and were in january,now were in february and here we are,now with a current value of,you know 92 93 cents so this thing has,also dropped down to nothing so the,whole thing that is hyper versus is,completely imploding on itself,um and it,i think you know,they they never had a plan you know i i,dont know where they were generating,their funds other than new money they,had no,catalysts they had no,outside money you know when i look at,drip i look at all of these things where,theyre bringing outside vendors that,are going to participate in the drip,platform and i hope all that comes to,pass its absolutely necessary,for drip to to survive,but i believe it will the hyperverse the,whole thing,i dont think they had a true plan i,never could grasp how they were,generating money they had these,beautiful flow charts youll see all,these folks on youtube that talk about,how awesome it is and theyre shilling,it out and theyre getting all their,referrals,and uh man i mean you go on the telegram,group youll see a very different story,folks are unable to get money out,in fact,lets go see what its like to try to,get your money out so,ill jump over into my,hyperverse area look at these pending,rewards,uh eighty six hundred dollars that is,going is slowly being paid out to me and,if i go into my asset area youll see,that im actually due,2407 hu which is the equivalent of u.s,dollars twenty four hundred dollars,thats due to me that i cannot and will,never see,in fact theres some more rewards down,here,um that are just sitting because ive,tried everything i can in here to get,this money out um if i go under i think,its financial,hey lets go withdrawal lets withdraw,some cash,you know heres oh look i can withdraw,all of these all of these so theres mlf,thats what i used to would be able to,withdraw,and and thats great,but i have no mof converted within the,hyper fund back end so im going to back,up lets back up and lets exchange i,mean i should be able to turn my hu into,mof or any of those others so that i can,withdraw it,i go to exchange and look what my,choices are,gnx,i cant even,this is not an option to withdraw so if,i convert,my hu into gnx i can do nothing with it,this is i dont even know what this is,this is worthless to me so again im at,a im at a stopping point and theyve,done this to confuse folks theyve made,the whole process,incredibly confusing i mean you saw,those buttons theres theres like 50,different ways to screw this up and not,even get to the point to realize that,you cant actually,withdraw or convert into a withdrawable,form of coin or token,and this is all intentional i mean you,can you can look again on their telegram,theyve got all these excuses and,theyre going to be making announcements,but the fact is,they have no money to pay out and there,are folks that are actually somehow able,to convert into hvt ive heard about,them on the telegram group but you know,what happens when you do that you get a,fee,off of the money that youve already,generated that should already belong to,you and you cant even fully withdraw it,you have to withdraw it at like one,percent per day which is,slower than youre actually earning it,so again,absolute scam absolute rug pull im just,waiting for these guys to,um to be on the run honestly you know,im waiting for the whole thing to go,under and there are entire groups not,just individuals or families but groups,of families folks that have everyone,they know and everyone they love,invested in this thing and theyre never,going to see these withdrawals theyre,never going to see this money it is an,absolute shame the point is,a dont invest in hyperverse if youre,considering it and you got people that,are hot on it man i mean look at let me,show you youtube look at look at youtube,this is crazy,you just you just youtube hyperverse,hyperverse scam alert hyperverse is a,big scam heres somebody talking about,it like its a good thing two weeks ago,new membership,uh what is hyperverse is it a scam,its a big scam,a lesson in red flags exit scam plan,look when youre seeing this,hopefully youre doing your own research,on anything youre going to put your,money in passively,these are big red flags,go look at the trust pilot for,hyperverse youre not go

HyperVerse Review – Scam Broker HyperVerse Deceives Traders

hyperverse review,in this review of hyperverse we have,gathered all the important information,for you to make the right choice,Traders opinion,the first step to protecting yourself,from fraudulent parties online is to do,thorough due diligence on the companies,and entities that you are planning to,send the funds to,in all probability there have been other,users who have already used the same,service and have expressed their,opinions and feedback online on various,forums,after conducting some research on,various social media platforms Facebook,Twitter Instagram as well as online,trading forums a general theme emerged,where users were dissatisfied with their,experience with hyperverse,based on this user feedback it appears,that hyperverse is not a trustworthy,broker and hence Extreme Caution should,be applied before investing through,their brokerage platform,there are a lot of Brokers out there,operating under fake company names or,that have other fraudulent operations,a little bit of preliminary research can,go a long way in protecting you and your,finances,is hyperverse legit or a scam,when searching for Brokers to conduct,your trading activities with the first,and most important step should always be,to learn about their certification,this will tell you whether they are,regulated by a central Authority or if,hyperverse is an offshore and or,unregulated entity,when a broker is unregulated or,regulated by an entity outside of your,jurisdiction you have limited to no,legal recourse in the event that your,funds are compromised,in an event of theft complaints can only,be made if that broker is licensed by,the regulator in your jurisdiction,some examples of regulatory authorities,that issue brokerage licenses are,the Cypress Securities and Exchange,Commission,the financial conduct Authority,the Australian Securities and,Investments Commission,if a broker is not licensed by the,regulatory Authority in your,jurisdiction that likely means that they,are unregulated and should be avoided,even if the brokerage is regulated it is,best to avoid it if the regulator,happens to be outside your jurisdiction,we have done detailed research and,analyzed many parameters and selected,the best brokers,you can find the list in the description,of this video,how online trading scams work,one of the most prevalent online trading,scams is to initially display profitable,trades that give the investor a false,sense of confidence and get them hooked,to the idea of easy money,once this confidence is established the,investor will be marketed the idea of,investing more money to earn greater,returns,additionally other incentives may also,be provided to encourage the investor to,get their friends and family on board,the platform too,once The Brokerage believes that they,have extracted all available funds from,an investor and his her network they,will then proceed to suspend the account,and the investor will no longer be able,to access the funds put in,many fraudulent firms will even claim to,be domiciled in a regulated jurisdiction,and display fake regulatory licenses and,addresses on their websites to try and,improve their credibility with,unsuspecting investors,be careful and verify your information,through multiple sources,constant vigilance should be applied at,all times when sending money online,got scanned by hyperverse trade if you,have lost money with hyperverse dont,panic,you are not the first and you likely,wont be the last,mistakes can happen even with the most,cautious of investors and should be used,as a learning opportunity,chargeback is your solution,the good news is that there is help,available,the team that assistance refund a,Specialist Group dedicated to helping,consumers recover funds Lost online his,available 24 7 and has helped consumers,all over the world recoup millions of,dollars,using a trustworthy service such as,assistance refund is critical in this,endeavor as a typical chargeback process,can often be complex and drawn out,without the right guidance,after filling out the form above and,validating your eligibility for their,programs assistance refund will help you,build a solid case to regain your funds,as soon as possible

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???? Is HYPERCOSMOS A SCAM? HYPERVERSE Full In-depth Review???? Ryan Xu ???? Sammy Lee

hello everyone Sean Mattoon is here from,the Silk Road crypto Channel back today,with another video and today Im going,to be doing a slightly different video,this is a scam review on a company,called hyperverse also known as Hyper,Cosmos as its now rebranded now I got,involved was I was introduced to this,opportunity back in December of 2020 and,I got involved I invested some money Im,going to give you my honest thoughts,also if you stay till the end of the,video I want to show you uh another,passive income opportunity that is legit,that you can make passive income from,without putting your own funds at risk,this is using an AI bot that trades,Forex you can also have a look at my,link in the description but lets get,into,hyperverse hyper Cosmos so so this is,the back end of the hyperverse back,office now I signed up to this when it,was high performed I was introduced to,it by a friend it all looked very very,legit because the people behind it were,around you and Sammy Lee I checked,Ryans you out on the Internet is on the,net is on Netflix hes made a document,entry called the next blockchain,everything seemed legit is a crypto,billionaire and we were led to believe,that this opportunity was great it,showed us how they were making money how,they had,Partnerships with,um the Dubai Royals how they were you,know mining using renewable energy,everything seemed legit how theyve,invested in different icos different,projects you know that had done 50x100x,200x and thats how they were paying us,half a percent a day so everything,on the uh on the face of it looked legit,and this thing was paying out like,clockwork I invested quite a lot of,money into this back in December of 2020,January of 2021 when crypto was on a,bull run,as you can see here that you know it,says Ive got fifteen hundred dollars in,passive rewards now I was earning decent,money from this I recruited my own,friends and family into this because I,thought the opportunity was legit and,then everything started to go wrong in,May of 2022 earlier this year so you,know if you have a look here it says,Ive got 11,678 dollars in rewards now I can tell,you that it was paying out in a coin,called molecular future coins if I go,into financials here you can and I click,on withdraw,um theres you can see my withdrawal,records now these were supposed to be,recorded on the blockchain so you can,see here that I started taking I,invested in it in December of 2020.,uh one and then on this account here,um in fact you could the actual,withdrawals I was making withdrawals,before May of this year but you could,see the withdrawals they started to,pales in a different kinds so it was,painting a coin-con molecular future,coin and then it started painting it in,a coin called hvt or hyperverse token,now if I look at the molecular future,coin this is whats happened to the coin,um if you go to the price action of it,at the time it was trading at about a,two two dollars a car and if I click on,the all-time price of it you can see it,went right up to two dollars and then,the coin just fell off a cliff okay they,then introduced the coin called hvt,which was hyperverse token now this was,supposed to be paired out via the smart,contract and again if we have a look at,that hyperverse talk and its not,exactly the same thing the price just,fell off of closer it launched at seven,dollars hit nearly eight dollars and,then just spiraled right down and you,can see here now they actually had a,smart contract platform and this is my,smart contract platform and you can see,the token is pretty much worthless and,these assets have been pending for,months you can actually see the last,withdrawal that I made so if I go to my,withdrawals you can see here,that Ive got pending withdrawals I,havent had a withdrawal since June so,the the withdrawals literally just,stopped for six months they then,launched hibernation I took absolutely,no no of what hypernation was they were,selling nfts or something like that and,now theyve come out with this thing,called hyper Cosmos so if youre already,in the system now what you can do is you,could take your pending rewards and then,you can put them into this hyper Cosmos,so this is the the back end of hyper,Cosmos let me go into it and have a look,at it so you can switch over and you can,switch to this new hyper Cosmos lets go,in and see what thats about now on this,account I literally only did this,yesterday,and if I go into general settings,lets just have a look at this,let me go back into the star edition of,this,okay so this is now this new hyper,Cosmos which did supposedly launched and,what Ive done Ive just just to see,whether or not you can take money out,you know theyre making you purchase,these packages again so I had about,fifteen thousand sixteen thousand,uh US dollar tether in these uh in um in,My Rewards balance of my hyperverse to,be honest I havent even re-bought I,havent even looked at this for months,until I saw a Facebook post the other,day I went in yesterday Ive converted,my funds into US dollar teleport these,15 000 no its giving me 3x on my,rewards and these funds are supposed to,be dripping out but I did it yesterday,and I still havent had any US dollar,tether so if you yeah I can click in,here and itll tell me what my reward,balances so you can see there its still,on zero now you know youd have thought,youd be able to just convert that into,US dollar tell them withdraw it uh that,is not the case so apparently this is,supposed to pay out in US dollar tether,but for me this is like this just seems,like a massive scam but theyre just,trying to get more people to invest in,this hyper Cosmos where is the wheres,the money coming from to pay the people,that have invested in in hyperverse,people are just going to withdraw their,funds left right and Center theres,going to be absolutely no liquidity so,all theyre going to be doing is relying,on the people now that are going to,start putting money into hyper Cosmos,and then you know theres no actual real,coin I cant even see a coin if I go on,to,um High perverse Im going to type in,Cosmos and see if theres anything there,is no there is no no thats thats a,totally different coin thats nothing to,do with hyperverse so as far as I can,see there isnt even a coin out there,now,you know this I will totally stay away,from it its a total scam Sammy Lee,ranged you apparently hiding out in,Dubai I mean Im going on to YouTube now,looking at different videos if I go onto,YouTube now you can see,theres people that are pushing this,hyper Cosmos theyre doing reviews on it,theres you know people doing Zoom calls,on it trying to promote it,I could 100 tell you now that youll be,lucky if you get your money back,theres people that invested in high,Converse that that never that never got,the money back I mean luckily I put,money in and I got in early thinking it,was legit genuinely thought it was a,legitimate opportunity with Ranger and,Sammy Lee and you know Google Sammy Lee,all looks legit but what I can tell you,is this is 100 percent,a a scam and it looks like its,promoters that were already in,hyperverse or hibernation that are just,trying to push this and get new people,to invest if you invest in this the,likelihood is that itll be no different,from all the other ones hyper fun,hyperverse,hibernation theyve all ended up,shutting down and leaving people,losing 10 some some people have lost,hundreds some people have lost thousands,theres people that have lost tens of,thousands,on this through through this hibernation,hyperverse hyper Cosmos whatever you,want to call it,now if youre looking for a genuine way,to make life-changing passive income,without risking your own funds like,youre in high perverse take a look at,this Ive partnered with a guy whos,been trading Forex for 15 years and hes,created a whats called an EA or an,expert analysis tool now this is a tool,that Treads gold against the US dollar,and what you can do is something called,prop trading not prop

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HyperVerse Review – Exit Scam Warning

are we about to see a hyperverse exit,scam lets find out,[Music],so,hyperverse are they about to exit scam,so if youre here for the first time and,youre looking into investing into this,company,or if you are already part of this,company this is going to be a great,article for you,and theres a lot,of history behind hyperverse its under,this whole hyper umbrella,they started with um,or a couple of companies before hyper,fund hyper capital hyper cash i mean the,whole thing started like around 2018,guys but i want to read this article,from behind mlm that is a great,publication that,is going to tie into hypernation,on and there thats pretty much,the topic that were going to be talking,about here so,this article was just written a few,weeks ago,and uh,its,you know behind the millennium is saying,that hyperverse ponzi scheme has its,pretty much accepted as it has collapsed,already internally,uh,so,theyre not really calling like a actual,documented,um,collapse,but what is true,is that hyperverse has been having a lot,of withdrawal problems since january of,this year or,2022 22.,so um,thats whats going on guys and ive,been seeing a lot of comments from,people,that havent been able to take their,funds out,so,hyper one and hibernation have merged,have emerged and there appears to be an,internal struggle over which ponzi,hyperverse investors will get funneled,into,and uh piper once revealed earlier this,month was certainly strange,it began with that 2018 youtube video,featuring,hyper turret uh co-founder sam lee aka,zoo lee which this guys actually hiding,right now uh in dubai with samli because,uh,it seems like uh dubai is the place,where all these uh,ponzi scammers end up,so this is the other guy here ryan zoo,which is the co-founder of this whole,hypertech group,and hypertech is the umbrella company,through which capital hyper capital,hyper fund and hyperverse ponzi schemes,were launched through and naturally,misrepresenting a 2002 ponzi launch with,an unrelated 2018 marketing video,raised immediate suspicion,and uh it says that uh accompanying the,2008 assembly video was,where other videos on hyper ones,official youtube channel representing,calpesch patel and keith williams top,earners dating back to hyper fund so,theres a lot of history,uh with this uh companies here,this guy,carl pesch patel was quickly to issue a,video response denying any involvement,within hyper one so whoever is running,hyper one responded in turn by deleting,the videos they deleted all the videos,from the youtube channel,and hyper ones promoters now claim the,videos despite appearing on hyper ones,official channel,were created by a third party so,i mean now theyre telling us that they,were not the ones that created this,right so,other than hyperone appears to be a,carbon clone of hyper fund and,hyperverse,daily returns on new hot,tokens,and an mlm comp plan to incentivize,investors recruitment,and uh they say here that considering,the marketing story behind hyper one is,sam lee split from ryan zoo and went off,on his own its a little strange uh ryan,sue accompanies uh calling stars capital,features on,hyper ones uh website so,this is kind of like the screenshot here,so alongside hyper one you have now,hibernation which,i guess uh behind mlm wasnt aware until,a reader pointed it out a few weeks ago,hibernation also pitches itself as the,successor of hyperverse hyper nations,official facebook page was created,a few more weeks ago in uh may 18th,theyve been spamming twitter through,since uh nine at may 9th,so far nobody has put their face into,hypernation of course,and uh official hibernation marketing,videos feature the dubbed over dork so,um this is i like the sarcasm here but,like uh,yeah i guess they were saying something,like the system has lied like theyve,been lied by the system and so heres,what you can do to,to fight it back you know theyre kind,of marketing that kind of stuff here,so they say like hypernations marketing,theme is the word in corrupt and injust,and the only escape apparently is losing,money in mlm crypto ponzi schemes,so,we got the hibernation,youtube here theres a couple of um,videos there,and uh hyper nations marketing videos,combine anonymous rip-offs vibes with,cringe capitalization of current,economic concerns,and um theyre saying here in the,article that they know the cult the term,cult is,um its more about like candy these days,but uh level as it may be hypener hyper,nations campaign feels more like a lame,attempt at indoctrination,how dumb you have to be to swallow the, remains to be seen,as a,as a as as he writes this uh this uh,review,hyper ones money festive video is,closing on uh 10 000 views so it,probably has a lot more views now,um,500 viewers felt the video was good,enough to click the thumbs up so thats,the video there,unlike hyper one hibernation havent,bothered to set up a website yet which,is concerning considering the ponzi,reboot promised launch in 24 hours away,if youre thinking about hypernations,looks hazely put together youre right,hyper1 has announced a may 27 launch so,[Music],this is this article that i just found,about this guys here and behind mlm so,they write out great articles about,these companies what hibernation does,have going for it for it is the,endorsement of hyper fun and hyperverse,top net winners,and then we got uh some comments here,from this guy again,kapells patel,announcement guys hyper hyper nft will,be launching soon please reserve,yourself a widely spot for the amazing,and cool,nft,it also its also been pushed through,hyperverse official social media,channels,and uh after lee,and as anzu went into hiding this is,what i was talking to you guys about,these guys are actually hiding right now,in dubai because it seems like thats,the place where all the scammers i guess,they the regulators dont really do much,over there so,um,so after these guys wanted to hide in,and rodney burton quietly cashed out and, off,capels patel became the face of high,perverse financial fraud,the respective marketing pitches of,hyper fund hyperverse beneath the market,and youll find reference to nft,investment positions both launches are,just an excuse to run more crypto,buzzwords into existing thrice fail,ponzi offering looking forward their,respective launches next week might,prove interesting,and then this uh this uh the writer for,the article says my take is unless you,see ryan zoo and sam lee on camera,discussing hyper one and hibernation,assume theyve cashed out and someone,else is running the show so thats,pretty serious stuff guys here,and um over the past year,and i beat weve seen anyone,associated with hyper fun and hyperverse,pack up and flee to dubai,theres a reason for that likely,extending beyond the 49 million recovery,efforts by liquidators in australia yeah,so these guys were sued in australia for,for 49 million dollars guys that they,scam people,so,yes guys thats really whats going on,here so,stay away from this anything that has to,do with that this hyper stuff hyper,whatever you want to call it i would,recommend you stay away from that guys,and um,if you actually want to learn a real way,to make real money online,check out my link,because uh what i do is called freelance,digital marketing so guys learn about it,this is a legit way to,build up,profitable online business the right way,so,uh take a look at it im gonna send you,a video presentation if you put in your,email there you can learn about it guys,so you dont have to be,wasting your money with this mlm crypto,scams because ive done a bunch of,reviews and they all end up uh you know,they do pay at first but they end up,collapsing and then people end up losing,money except for the top promoters which,are the scammers themselves so get away,from here guys and i will see you in my,next video,have a nice day,[Music],you

Hyperverse Withdrawal Problem Solved! How to Withdraw money from Hyperverse June 28, 2022!!

whats up guys so,the purpose of this video is to show you,how to withdraw your money out of the,hyperverse ive been having a couple,conversations with people who are kind,of afraid that they cant get their,money out of withdrawal but,this video is designed to show you a,simple way well not really simple but a,way that you can get your money out,without having to worry about everything,being frozen in hyper units,so,what youre going to do first is you,want to log into your hyperverse account,you want to go over to your assets,and you want to click your financial,what you want to do is,switch over your,hyper units that you may have,go to internal transfer,and you want to change your hyper units,over,to your financial account from your,rewards account,so were going to do,about,300 here just for our test,confirm transfer,ill go back to home,next were going to go over back to,assets,were going to click exchange,and were going to switch our hyper,units got about 320 had 20 in here,already the additional 320 that im,going to switch over now,we want to get all hyperverse tokens,scroll to the right click all,so it shows 14 000,hyperverse tokens with a current price,of 2 cents,so were going to click confirm,enter your transaction password,were just going to go back,okay,so from here,were going to move on to the next step,we actually want,to transfer our tokens,from hyperverse tokens,over to,our smart contract which is the hvt,smart contract so im pretty sure you,guys have it already set up,you see our thirteen thousand,nine hundred eighty five units that we,just transferred which is equivalent to,about three hundred and twenty dollars,or three hundred and twenty hyper units,we wanna click withdraw click withdraw,were going to determine the quantity,were going to select all,its going to be a transaction fee here,and once these hyperverse tokens have,been withdrawn theyre going to go over,to our smart contract which will show,you here in the next step so,okay,so we have,ill show you here,well go back to our financial well,show you that we have withdrawn our,hvt tokens,our,13985 which is the equivalent of about,320,hyper units,and so now we want to go over to ch,check our smart contract,and so once you click that link,youre basically going to get your smart,contracts page,youre going to click claim asset,and once you get over to this screen,youll see hvt smart contract its,essentially what you want to see its,going to have your address from your,metamask over here in this corner,youre going to have your pending assets,and then youre going to have these,available assets here,so,one of the most important things or one,of the interesting things that ive,noticed about these pending and,available assets is that youre going to,see this number here depending on how,much you have available youll see this,number changing and ive noticed it,changes every 30 seconds so basically,this pending assets are dripping into,the available assets and its going to,be,the rate that ive calculated for mine,is about 17 cents so i believe the more,you have in your pending assets,the more youll get,in put into your available assets via,that slow drip,so the goal is to kind of withdraw as,much as you can put it into the smart,contract so that you can get those large,available assets immediately,so once you claim these assets theyre,gonna go into your metamask account,so,were gonna click claim now,lets scroll down confirm the,transaction,and it takes a,second success,okay,so once you have claimed your assets,theyre going to pop over here into your,metamask account,ill just pull it up,and so,i actually had to do a test here,so the main goal now is to try to swap,these hyperverse tokens,over for some us dollar tether or some,finance u s dollar,so,sometimes you can actually swap it right,here,you would click max,you select your token,review swap,and you would do a swap right here,okay,so one and so now that weve swapped all,of our hyperverse tokens,over to usdt,our next goal is to send over this usdt,so that we can put it into our bank,accounts or whatever accounts that we,want to put it in,so,what i have here is a another account,thats similar to the who exchange and i,know the who exchange is having some,issues with the withdrawals and so,this account that i use is called hot,bit,and so hot bit is pretty much the exact,same platform as the who exchange and i,recommend having a few of these,decentralized accounts so that you can,circumvent,certain practices that some of these,exchanges are going through,and a lot of the changes i know now,theyre locking a lot of the exchanges,so that you cant pull money out and it,may be a it may be happening with the,who exchange im not sure,but hot bit is just another awesome,platform that can help you withdraw,money,so our next step here,is to go into our meta mask account,once youve set up your hotbed account,just go back into meta mask,were going to take our usdt,and we want to send it,right,and so what i need is my address,so ill copy this address,and make sure its your binance bep 20,bsc address,we go into meta mask once thats been,copied,now click send,send again,gonna paste this address,im gonna click max,send all of that over,and so now im sending those six dollars,over,super cheap,confirm,and so it typically takes a few minutes,for it to go through,and once it finally goes through,ill actually show you that its gone,through and then we can go to the next,step into sending it over to an exchange,centralized exchange like coinbase,oh that was quick,so says that it sent says that its gone,through,all right so well check our assets,theres you 0 usdt,yeah,and so okay so once you refresh the,screen youre going to see that those,tokens that were successfully converted,inside of the metamask account ive been,successfully sent over to our hot bid,account,bsc smart chain usdt 6.15,so now what i want to show you is,how to send the money from hot bit over,to your coin basis account,so now that im over in the withdrawal,section on hot bit,its right next to the deposit section,that we just left,i want to go over to,erc20 which is going to be the ethereum,blockchain,its what all of the,coinbase,is what coinbase has run off of the,ethereum blockchain,and so ill basically just click that,i want to transfer those funds from my,spot account,which is my six dollars had another six,dollars in here already so 12 bucks,needs to go from the,spot account,over to the funding account,all transfer,and once its been transferred i can now,copy my coinbase address,and put it in here,so,back,im just going to throw it again like,that,so basically once that coinbase address,has been copied,just copied it from over here,paste it in here,thats going to be a thats a test,address so you see i have a available,amount of twelve dollars which is six,dollars that i already had in my hotbed,account as well as the 6.14 that came,from hyperverse,and im pretty much going to send it,over to coinbase,but there is a thirty dollar fee,so,before you send any money over to,coinbase youre basically gonna wanna,make sure you have enough money that,logged into your account so that you can,overcome that thirty dollar fee so,i pretty much dont wanna cash out any,of my,assets until its well over thirty bucks,this way i can make sure i have some,profit or something so,thats pretty much the end of the video,so i hope you guys find it helpful,um if you have any questions please feel,free to reach out like subscribe ill be,sure to post some more content if you,guys would like just to keep you updated,in regards to the things taking place in,the hype first thanks bye

Hyperverse – Part 10 – THE END !

Hi there, This is Vinnie from Project Frugal  this is the 10th and very final installment  ,of the story so far – all about Hyperverse.  You dont want to miss this so check it out!,Thanks for staying. My involvement  in Hyperverse began in 2021  ,when a friend of mine came over because she had  an investment opportunity which was to do with  ,Hyperfund which is the precursor to Hyperverse  and she came over we had a look at the opportunity  ,and yeah that raised a few red flags right there  and then and thats how i began my journey into  ,this. Any of these videos or any of the reference  material will be available down in the description  ,below so fill your boots. Have a look at what Ive  got to say and youll see why i dont recommend  ,this particular platform. So lets go and meet  the original founders. Lets check these guys out  ,now. Let me introduce you to the man behind the  Hypertech group: Meet our founder his name is Ryan  ,Xu. He is a multi, hes a multi-crypto billionaire  and a keyword there is self-made, hes a self-made  ,crypto billionaire and hes one of the  worlds biggest crypto miners and investors.  ,Our owner is a part owner of Binance for those of  you in the crypto space you are aware of Binance.  ,Hes a three percent owner of Binance, its one of  the largest exchanges in the world. So thats Ryan  ,Xu, one of the co-founders of the bitcoin group  which was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2014  ,along with Allan Gao and this guy here Sam  Lee. Lets check this guy out in the new house:  ,”Theres already an existing washing machine and  dryer so that could be saved out of an amount.,No no its inclusive maybe later when im actually  earning some money”. Okay Sam, hes a co-founder  ,of blockchain global family is a regular guest  commentator on huge media outlets such as CNN,  ,BBC, Forbes, Bloomberg, Amazon, Microsoft. Again  you guys see these names for them to be able to  ,work alongside with Sam Lee in our company it  lets you know that they have done their research  ,and their due diligence from partnering up  with our amazing company. There we go Ryan Xu  ,and Sam Lee original founders in April 2014 of  Bitcoin group in Melbourne, Australia along with  ,another guy Allan Gao who appeared to be the  main money guy or the guy with the money or  ,the family with the money. One thing about those  presentations you cant read into them too much  ,when it says there are majority shareholders of  five different companies or associated with all  ,sorts of media companies and well-respected and  in-demand media commentators, its all a load  ,of rubbish its all based on hype all to suck the  person in. Now that was episode one. You can check  ,out that up here go for it. So were gonna go  back have a look at the second video in my series  ,this is called rags to riches lets check out a  little bit about Collinstar Capital. Its time  ,to introduce Collinstar Capital which was created  in early 2015. Heres the website here, once again  ,not a secure site but however weve got  Collinstar Capital which basically invests  ,in blockchain technology. Weve got a contact us,  a portfolio, weve got some links here premier,  ,premier and premier – dont know what that means?  I dont think it goes anywhere to be honest but  ,lets go and have a look at the portfolio, and  weve got some mumbo jumbo here of a templated  ,website that has never been filled out properly  that was recorded in May 2022. Basically the  ,website has now been parked its available via  GoDaddy, but you can always go and do a search  ,on the Wayback Machine or the Wayback Archive or  the Internet Archive and go and do some research  ,and see what the website looked like before. If  we have a look and do a search for Collinstar  ,we can always find this particular  introductory website which was designed  ,on Wix so clearly looking at this Collinstar  – its got the date down here 2014 to 2015,  ,this was before they i guess commercialized  or released their production website. Not  ,very flash. Weve got a few bits and pieces here  about us and it doesnt really tell you anything  ,you know our services clients who are their  clients doesnt say doesnt say so this is when  ,theyre trying to get Collinstar up and running  as the venture capital firm didnt pay off.  ,They also had some very impressive offices  – lets go and see what we can find!,Hi, Im Sam. Id like to introduce you to my  girlfriend who has never betrayed me and my wife  ,loves her very much. We all know  who Im talking about right here.,Bitcoin group also attempted to raise money  via an IPO to come on to the Australian  ,market to generate some more funds so they  could invest in some more mining equipment.  ,This is how this company started out doing  bitcoin, doing some mining. Lets check out Ryan  ,Xu in China. Im standing in the mountainous area  around Kangding city, close to the middle of China  ,and not far from the Tibetan plateau, in an area  which is usually known for hiking for culture and  ,history. But its taken on a new claim to fame,  its now one of the biggest bitcoin mining hubs  ,in China and and the world behind me youll see  some blue sheds and they house close to 5000 super  ,computers which are mining bitcoin. You can hear  the whirring now. They mine about 60000 Australian  ,dollars worth of bitcoin every day. 1700 of  those supercomputers belong to Melbourne based  ,bitcoin group. Its a company that tried to list  on the Australian stock exchange earlier this year  ,but was knocked back by the regulators. Bitcoin  is a little understood industry. Its a little  ,understood digital currency and the price is  volatile. The regulators were concerned that  ,Bitcoin group might not make it through the  year with the capital they had. Either you buy  ,bitcoin or mine bitcoin. My bitcoin is like a game  – some people give out a very difficult problem  ,like for for 10 minutes so who can solve the  problem first can get a reward and the reward  ,is bitcoin. So in November 2015, literally  18 months after starting Bitcoin group  ,the initial public offering failed, only managing  to generate 2.9 million out of a proposed 20  ,million which was what theyre after to increase  their mining operations in China. The Chinese cut  ,down on the mining operations and cut down on  bitcoin a bit later on down the track so this  ,particular group had to refocus on what they were  doing however thats another story. So August 2016  ,Bitcoin group rebrands to Blockchain Global. Lets  go and check out Blockchain Global. In August 2016  ,Bitcoin Group rebranded as Blockchain Global to  reflect a broadened focus including management  ,consulting and business incubation. Now were  in the year 2017 – Blockchain Global has been  ,established. They attempt to purchase  a majority shareholding of Digital X,  ,well they get part of the way there. They  do a reverse takeover of another company  ,to get into the Australian stock exchange,  not the coin offering they were proposing but  ,hey something else just to get into the Australian  market and this is when the start of their coins  ,begins. Now these coins are not great. Heres  an example of one of them – check it out! “Hi  ,everyone, um Im Im assuming Im using English  to communicate um that way i can understand said  ,that makes perfect sense. Dallas thank you so  much um so weve got the HCash team with us here  ,at the crypto studios at the Melbourne blockchain  technology center, um the worlds first and  ,uh oldest knowledge hub around blockchain  technology so um i guess weve got a bit of  ,an agenda to uh introduce uh everybodys journey  to the blockchain ecosystem as well as what HCash  ,is. Hi my name is Andrew, Ive got a masters of  applied science, Ive got experience within the  ,insurance and superannuation industry. Ive been  involved with the blockchain for about four years  ,and initially sort of got involved looking  for some strategic investments um and 

Hyperverse Review – In Under 5 Minutes! | Hyperfund Exit Scam Plan?

hyperverse review in under five minutes,um as per request by my viewers,anyway all that coming up in just a,moment stay tuned,[Music],hey welcome to the channel please find,that big red button subscribe and also,click on this bell notification icon,that way you wont miss out on any,important information and updates on,this channel most of the time what i do,as per request by my viewers is to,review stuff sometimes i find some good,income opportunities but lately more,often than not i found some brutal nasty,scams responsible for stealing billions,of dollars worth of crypto from,unsuspecting victims you want to make,sure that that unsuspecting victim is,not you okay,anyways today i perverse review uh even,though theres a bunch of them um i got,requests to um to do one on this channel,so here we are hyperverse review a,billion dollar scam for gullible,desperate people sounds like a bad thing,right or a bad thing to say not really,ill explain shortly,anyways,i could spend hours on this review here,but heres the post i found on facebook,by a guy by the name of roy sums it up,in less than 30 seconds i have a few,friends who are in this business and,despite being told that this is a ponzi,scam i mean even having barefacts about,the owners and the ponzi pimps involved,laid out in front of them they are,blinkered by the numbers on the screen,they all unfortunately have one thing in,common they have all been involved in,various online and network marketing,businesses over a number of years and,had no success,then along comes this nonsense which,none of them understand and then they,think they have made it very sad but the,only way,they may learn is when it disappears,okay,uh graham another fellow says roy i,agree 100,then graham comes and says every time we,make new group for scam we see the same,old faces in these scams saying how they,cant withdraw,they never learn,ill also include a link to this blog,post and review for those of you who,want more information to do your due,diligence research,but basically hyperverse in a nutshell,in this review this is how it works,network marketers get an app on their,phone,shows a monopoly money app balance right,they get excited,then they share it with other people on,social media gullible people come along,and they say holy smokes congratulations,and can i have more information okay,before november investors were able to,withdraw,before the original platform that they,called it the hyper fund started,collapsing however investors were,promising,were being promised even bigger rewards,if they didnt withdraw a way to keep,revenue in the platform with a rebuy,strategy and it worked like a charm,99 percent of them didnt withdraw guys,scheme started by,ponzi bosses ryan zoo sam lee,um they ran into trouble,had another shell company called,blockchain global collapse and they owed,a measly 39 million two creditors right,theyre supposed to be billionaires,which i dont think is true,thats what a lot of network marketers,are saying,and they fled to dubai,to avoid paying,39 million,to creditors,in their absence they hired a fake ceo,paid actor to pretend uh hes ceo,calling himself steven reese,hired this lady hope hill and shes fake,too turns out that shes ronnie joel,being pretending to be chief compliance,officer and shes based out of the us,it,she instructed all of the affiliates in,hyper fund hyperverse to not use the,words investment opportunity and roi but,to replace them with rewards and,membership club,that didnt fool and,security regulators they still got fraud,warnings from uk india new zealand,guernsey bermuda and germany,then a long story short they changed the,name from hyper fun to hyperverse hoping,that you know its not going to scare,away new investors,then comes shopping season,just by the end of november they,disabled all withdrawals and no one,could withdraw even though most people,werent,right some people were still you know,figured hey its christmas and stuff and,i think thats what the admins were,scared of,so that is why they did disable the,withdrawals,just before the holiday season,and,a little recap here,hyperverse disables mof ponzi coins,hyperverse replaces mof with hdao,thats more ponzi coins hdl craps out,hyperverse launches hdo to hvt,hyperverse token,thats what its also called now hvt,hyperverse token even more ponzi coins,hvt craps out in less than 24 hours,then by boxing day today,hyperverse disables all withdrawals,again,people as of today you can see december,26 on telegram another field withdrawal,unable to exchange hq for any type of,coin,more disgruntled people,on trustpilot,four days ago,i lost all my investment blah blah blah,sorry to say for me,big mistake etc okay,anyways,in spite of this network marketers are,going to tell you different stories to,try and recruit you,and i refer to these as and bull,stories okay so this sums up hyperverse,review,um i said under five minutes maybe its,a little bit more than five minutes,anyways thank you for joining me i will,see you on the next one take care,[Music],you

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