1. UPDATED: Hypervolt GO Review
  2. Hypervolt Go Review | Best Small Massage Gun For Travel?
  3. Hypervolt Go vs Hypervolt Go 2 – A Comparison
  4. Hypervolt GO Unboxing & Review
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UPDATED: Hypervolt GO Review

whats up everybody welcome to best,massage tech where today,im taking a second look at the,hypervolt go,[Music],so about a month ago i did purchase the,hypervolt go,and i conducted a review of it on my,channel here and i was quite,disappointed with the device it was,really loud i was having some issues,with,what seemed like the attachment head was,catching and making a lot of noise,and the stall force was really really,low on the device so,i went ahead and returned that device,ive now purchased a new one and im,going to give it another shot im going,to check it out right here in front of,everybody,this is still a sealed box so were,going to open it up take a look at it,and see how it compares to my first,initial review,so got the scissors here just gonna open,up the plastic,and for those of you that are looking,for a full review of the hypervolt go,do make sure you check out that first,initial review of it because this is,just going to be,a little bit supplemental i will still,cover everything about it but i might,not go into as much detail as i did in,my first review so,um heres the box that it comes in it,does not come with a case so the box is,all you get,when you open it up this is what it,looks like um,this is going to come out of the box,just with the charge,that they send it in so this is going to,be a quick initial test the first thing,i want to look at,is to see if this is as loud as the last,device that i had,and i also want to test the stall force,quickly but one comment ill make about,the stall force is,someone commented this on my last video,that because my battery wasnt fully,charged that it was likely,impacting the stall force i havent,necessarily seen that with a lot of,other devices but,it seems like a justified reason why,maybe it wasnt uh,you know fully putting up to the force i,was applying to it so,here it is hypervolt go brand new out of,the box,put the flathead attachment in it this,is the attachment i was having issues,with the noise last time,again in order to turn this device on it,does just have,a little trigger here on the front of it,so you press and hold that,for two and a half seconds,to turn it on so you see its got the,yellow ring so its not a fully charged,battery,so i am definitely going to try fully,charging it and see if that changes,but i do just want to see how this,compares to the last one that i reviewed,straight out of the box so,here you go turn it on,and this is much much quieter than the,one that i had last time,again those of you that saw that review,the first thing i noticed when i turned,it on it was super loud and like a loud,clicking noise so,this is real quiet go ahead and crank it,up,this three speed so put it on the,highest speed here,much much quieter this is what i was,fully expecting when i reviewed it the,first time,id say its about the same as the,hypervolt and hypervolt plus maybe,slightly louder,and i will go ahead and measure the,decibels and ill mention that here,later in the view,um and now the other thing i wanted to,check was the stall four so ive got,this on the highest speed right now,well see how much it holds up to force,here,see this so the stall force is still,relatively low on this,but again and now its a little bit loud,again,after i used it,just running a little bit loud again,again it sounds like the same issue as,my last,one had so im gonna yeah and again its,the same thing,it looks like is the last one which,again i dont know if this will get into,focus here but theres this,rubber gasket on it that kind of makes,that noise,and its not super distracting but its,enough,that i know it should be quieter than,that it almost just seems like,the gaskets just a little too big and,maybe catching,but so thats just a quick look again,the stall force is really what i cared,about the most with that so im going to,go ahead,and fully charge this device and then,ill come back here and do a quick,update once weve got it fully charged,and ill run through some more of the,features and specifications,for anybody that might be seeing this,device for the very first time,so stay tuned for this fast forward here,all right so its been about 45 minutes,that it took this device to fully charge,out of the box i know its fully charged,because when it was charging,the ring let up in green if i turn it on,and again to turn the device on theres,just a little trigger button here,you press and hold that for about three,seconds it comes on youll see there the,ring is lit up in green right here so,thats how i know that its fully,charged,so what im going to try now is to test,the stall force and see if its any,different now that the battery is fully,charged,someone in the comments on my initial,review video just mentioned that because,my device was not fully charged thats,why the stall force wasnt as high,they said that they were getting a,higher stall force than what i was once,they fully charge their device,so thats what im hoping for here im,hoping thats all the issue was,but well check it out and then i will,review some of the other features and,specifications of this device,however i will say that im not going to,go as in depth as i did on my first,review video,but i will still touch on pretty much,everything just for anybody thats,curious,but i would recommend just checking out,that first review video,just to see my initial reaction to that,first device so,again to turn it on the first speed you,just quick press this trigger button,it comes on and actually now it,is sounding a little bit quieter than,the first time but so this is the lowest,speed,speed one of three just gonna test the,stall force again here,hoping its higher,and its not again,if i float kind of my muscles its good,but if i put,any sort of pressure on it its stopping,so try it on the higher speed here this,is two,go all the way up to three,and its stalling and now its getting,loud again,and so again i do think its just this,attachment head thats making,most of the noise so im going to try,just spinning it here and see if that,changes anything,accidentally turned it off,so its still making noise i wouldnt,recommend doing this but im going to,try rotating,the massage tip while its on here,just trying to see if i can find a spot,where it gets a little quieter there,so you can hear i hold up to my mic you,can hear how loud it is,this is what i think it should sound,like roughly,much smoother similar to the regular,hypervolt but,so you know thats the two things that i,was hoping to take a look at the stall,force and the noise the noise again,it seems like its just dependent on,where the attachment head is in place so,i can probably get over that but the,stall force for me,you know me personally how i like my,visage i like it a little bit more,aggressive so,it certainly is great if youre just,looking to,float over any muscle areas which is,really what you should be doing in most,scenarios anyways,but when you do start to get into some,of the bigger muscle groups and you want,to put some force in,its probably going to stall pretty,easily for you but,just as a quick recap though is some of,the specs the stroke length on this,is 10 millimeters compared to the,regular hypervolt which is,uh 12 and then the hyper bolt plus which,is 14.,so 10 millimeters on this one for me,its just a little bit more of a,vibrational feel at 10 millimeters i,typically like something that is at,least 14.,it does come with two different,attachments so i have the flat head,attachment in here now,and if i pull the box back up here it,also has,a bullet head attachment in it and again,to change these attachments its just a,little bit of a,twist and pull and then you press it,back in it is a three-speed device,its not uh its not adjustable in any,sort of way or the angle is what it is,youll see here it is not directly at 90,degrees,id say if im putting it beyond 90 itd,be probably about 110,so theres a little bit of an angle to,it the battery is not removable but it,does hav

Hypervolt Go Review | Best Small Massage Gun For Travel?

the hypervolt go the latest portable,massage gun from hyperice,but does it actually live up to the hype,well in this video ill be breaking down,the good,and the bad and hopefully help you,decide if this is the best portable,massage gun for you if its your first,time here my name is noah i make videos,on the best tech and tips to help,improve your health and productivity,if this sounds interesting to you go,ahead and hit that subscribe button so,starting off with what comes in the,actual box itself,first off you get your handy dandy,instructions warranty and other,paperwork it also comes with a standard,wall charger with three separate,adapters,echoing to its travel friendly nature,and the hypervolt go comes with two,attachment heads with the first being,the flathead which is good for overall,general use,and then the second is the bullet,attachment which is great for getting to,those hard to reach places,and of course you get the hypervolt go,itself the one thing missing,was a solid portable case it would have,been a great addition to have for this,but,honestly its a pretty nice overall,fairly minimal setup the hypervolt go,definitely takes after the look of its,older brothers with an,l-shaped type outline however it does,have a little bit more of a modern look,and feel to it compared to,the others because it has more curved,edges and i honestly prefer this look,over the,the basic design of the hypervolt and,the hypervolt plus which,honestly is fairly plastic and looks,like it could be heavily replicated,the handle itself has a rubberized grip,which is comfortable to hold,and then along the grip is a single,button which is used to power the device,on and off and also adjust between the,three different percussion speeds,on the lower end of the grip is a small,circular light that wraps around the,entire grip,which provides the battery status of the,device itself and at the bottom of the,device you can actually see the single,charging port,and the three leds which let you know,what speed the device is currently,at now the most important part when,looking at the performance of the,hypervolt go,i think this device has a lot going for,it in terms of power with around two and,a half,hours of battery life this device can go,at three different speed levels with,level one being 2200 ppms level two,being,2750 ppms and then level three being at,3200 ppms,surprising enough this is actually,around 800 ppms more powerful than,my theragun elite something else that i,really liked was the fact that,even in such a small package you dont,feel that the power is,too much and overwhelming for the device,to handle it feels solid,and firm at all speeds you get what im,saying,i also love how the hypervolt go comes,with two different attachments first,being the flathead which is good for,large muscle groups,and overall use so think about like your,glutes your hamstrings your thighs but,then you also get the,bullet attachment which is great for,more of the trigger points and digging,deep into those smaller muscle groups,and getting to those hard to reach,places you can also purchase their other,various attachments on their website,if you wanted a few more options in,particular i really love the fork,attachment its,really great for using on the cavs in,your forearms now one of the main,aspects that i also love about the,hypervolt go and really,just the whole hypervolt lineup is how,quiet they are compared to,other massage gun brands and they found,some sort of magic,like listen to this bass speed,thats pretty quiet now it does get a,bit louder at higher speeds but even at,the highest level it isnt as loud as my,lowest level on my theragun elite again,this is great if you dont want to,disturb anyone that is around you while,you use the device,now what i really really love about the,hypervote go,and more so just the hyperice brand,is their app connectivity and,integration their,whole technology software ecosystem is,one of the best integrations ive seen,between a massage gun,and a mobile device you could choose,from different massage routines based on,your days activity or body preference,where each one of those routines has a,quality video showing you how to best,use,the device on each body part,unfortunately the hypervolt go is not,bluetooth compatible so you cant,control the speeds through the app,its still fine because the app,definitely has a ton of other value to,offer,from videos on preventing injuries,improving mobility and even,a hyper smart score which helps you to,maximize your recovery,and overall wellness by integrating your,apple health data with the amount of,massage therapy sessions you complete,it is a hundred percent the best app,ive seen so far for a massage gun,there are a few quirks i guess you could,say that i wish were changed such as a,better ergonomic shape versus just a,slimmed down version,of their original hypervolt and i wish,that the battery was removable,especially if were going to be,traveling out and about itd be great to,have two batteries but those are,really minor in the grand scheme of,things i was just super impressed with,how hyperis was able to provide,a travel friendly product that still has,a top notch quality of its higher line,of devices i definitely would recommend,you try it out if youre in the market,for a massage gun,especially if youre looking for a,cheaper option because it sits around,200 compared to like,the other brands which are around 350,400 if youre interested in purchasing,one feel free to check the links down in,my description,i try to find the best deals and fastest,shipping times that i can,and it also gives a nice kickback to,support the channel so itll be greatly,appreciated now i would be super,interested to do a comparison between,this and the theragun mini,let me know in the comments below if,youd like to see a video on this but,that basically wraps up todays video i,hope this video was extremely helpful if,it was go ahead and compile that like,button,subscribe if you havent already and as,always stay healthy stay productive,and you already know embrace the hype,[Music],my girlfriends

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Hypervolt Go vs Hypervolt Go 2 – A Comparison

comparing the hypervolt go to the,hypervolt go 2.,[Music],so about a year ago hyperice introduced,us to their most portable massage gun,the hypervault go at the time of its,announcement i was really really excited,to take a look at it because they had,hyped it up as a super powerful small,device that you can take anywhere on the,go and i was severely disappointed when,i reviewed it because uh the first thing,i noticed it was just really loud and,then secondly just the stall force just,wasnt what i had hoped it would be this,device is actually quite big compared to,a lot of true mini massage guns so id,hope that it would have a little bit,more power than some of those and the,noise really is the one thing that just,stood out to me the most though and so i,did actually go ahead and buy a second,one and review it again a month later,just to try to update and see if maybe,the noise had been improved or i had a,faulty one unfortunately it just wasnt,the case and it was just equally as loud,that second time around it i was pretty,clear in my videos that i just wasnt,really a fan of this device compared to,other mini massage guns so this week,when i found out that they were,introducing the hypervolt go 2,i was really excited because i thought,okay maybe maybe this is the one,i thought it looked way cooler i love,the color uh i wanted to check out you,know maybe what they made big,improvement-wise but i really couldnt,find anything on their website that they,were hyping up they were just calling it,a lightweight device that you could take,anywhere and use for anybody and,they just really werent highlighting,anything that was a big change with it,so,really curious just went ahead and,bought it i did create a full review of,this device not the intent of this video,this video is intended to be a,comparison of the two and ill actually,highlight what are the differences,between the two but if you are curious,about the full reviews of either of,these go ahead ill link them in the,description you can just go ahead and,click and watch those full reviews but i,am just going to quickly run through,this because again this is just meant to,be a comparison video so im just going,to show side by side what are the,differences do you get anything,different with these out of the box this,is still available at a lot of places,second market so maybe someones looking,to get this if they like it better so,to start well just take a look at what,the devices look like side by side they,do look very very similar obviously,different in color,slightly different in design so you see,the top of the the go to here has some,vented holes in the top the hypervolt go,does not have that,the hypervolt co2 has this little,extension off the back you do not have,that with the hypervolt go,very similar in shape they are very,similar in size overall theyre,basically the same height ill see if i,can try to show that the best here,basically the same height youve got the,hypervolt go to is slightly shorter ill,say,from where the massage head actually,comes out but part of that is because,theyve taken this and sort of shifted,it back to stick out the back of the,handle there in terms of the handle they,feel very very similar the material of,the rest of the device feels very,similar,nice smooth matte finish a big,difference is though and how you,actually turn the device on so the,hypervolt go has sort of a trigger,button here,the hypervolt go 2 has a power button on,the back ill say the hypervolt 2 is,much similar looking to their full-size,devices just with the top part and the,back part sticking out here so,overall from a look standpoint a very,very similar field standpoint my hand,they do feel relatively the same,in terms of specifications neither of,these come with a case they both have,the same exact stroke length so they,both are going to move 10 millimeters,again thats the distance that this,massage head moves back and forth,uh the stall force again they dont,advertise their stall forces anywhere,but from what ive measured they are,both roughly 10 millimeters,not a super deep massage feel not super,percussive it does feel a little bit,more vibrational with both of these they,both come with the same two attachments,they are a little bit different looking,so they both come with a flat head,attachment you can see them both here,the hypervolt go to has a little bit,more of a beveled rounded edge versus,the hypervelco is more of a true flat,one this has maybe a slightly uh,smoother feel on the hypervolk o2 but,overall roughly the same uh you know,attachment there they do both also come,with a bullet head attachment these are,truly identical one is just sort of that,arctic gray one is the black the,attachments are interchangeable so if i,wanted to use,the go-tos attachment uh,in the hypervolk o i could certainly do,that you can interchange any of their,devices so thats one nice perk of that,they both are three-speed device so the,three different speeds are going to be 2,200 percussions per minute 2 2750,percussions per minute and then 3 200,percussions per minute neither of them,are adjustable so they are fixed at this,angle neither of them have removable,batteries,the only real difference that i could,find is that the,hypervolt go 2 its battery life is about,three hours the hypervolt go their,battery life is two and a half hours,they both have 40 watt motors so no real,big difference there so it does seem,like theyve maybe made a slight change,in the battery uh with the improvement,of the design,i do believe that the redesign was maybe,to help with some of the noise issues,that i had with the hypervolt go however,most of the noise issues that i found,with the hypervolt go were actually,seemed to be due to the attachment head,and this little,rubber gasket thats on that and it was,like catching back and forth but in,terms of noise the relatively similar,sounding id say maybe the go is,slightly quieter i will go ahead and,just turn them both on here just to show,the stall force the speeds and the noise,for each of them so again to turn them,both on you just press and hold the,power buttons the light up ring will,indicate that it is on,ill go ahead and show the first speed,of each of them,[Music],so first speed,again theres no indicator light on the,go but you do have an indicator light on,the back of the go to in order to adjust,the next speed you just quick press the,button second speed,i dont know if you guys could hear the,noise of these either but they found,they sound,basically identical,and then,third speed,stall force there on the highest speed,versus hull stealth force here,on the highest speed,so,not much different there between the two,of them,again the weight of these is both,advertised as 1.5 pounds however on my,food scale i weighed both of these the,hypervolt go 2 is slightly heavier just,about an ounce ounce and a half heavier,but for the most part youre getting a,pound and a half for each of these i,will say the hypervolt go 2 just feels,maybe slightly heavier than it should be,for the size of it again it is basically,the same size but for some reason just,with this being shifted back it just,feels smaller to me,the price,of the hypervolt go 2 is 199 thats the,same price that the hypervolt go was,introduced at,theyve now reduced the price of this by,40 dollars i think,neither of these are bluetooth,compatible devices so you can still use,the hyper ice app but youre not gonna,be able to control them with their,bluetooth app uh they both come with a,one year warranty so,you know overall uh kind of,disappointing i thought i was gonna be,getting a much improved device here,specs wise it is basically the exact,same device minus a half hour longer,battery life and maybe what is designed,to be a little bit quieter with the,ventilation holes and some of the,redesign here but for the most part im,getting between 50 55 decibels on the,low end up to 60 to 65 decibels on the,high end with both of t

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Hypervolt GO Unboxing & Review

whats up everybody welcome to best,massage tech where today im taking a,look at the brand new,hypervolt go,[Music],so the hypervolt go is a product that i,speculated that hyper ice was going to,be releasing,i speculated about six months ago we,finally got it i finally got my hands on,one,it is their newest massage gun that is,30,smaller than their other massage gun the,hypervolt and the hypervolt,plus so im excited to take a look at it,today were going to take a look at what,comes with the device straight out of,the box,youre going to see it just like im,seeing it and well look at some of the,specifications then so it does come,with this little sleeve around it and,youve got uh,this nice little white box lifts apart,here,just like that and it does not come with,a case so just like,the previous hypervolts no case here so,you see everything,inside of it uh the first little,envelope here well take a look at it,inside,and you got a lot of different cards,here and this is something that,i dont know why but theyve done this,in all the hyperice products i just,really dont understand why so many,different cards just,high price just make it a book so weve,got congratulations,on your new hypervolt go a quick start,guide on how to power it up,uh how to choose the best attachment,head,uh some information on their app,some information on their customer,service team and then another card on,their other suite of products and then,at the very end we have an instruction,manual,so thats everything that comes in the,top envelope when you get into the,box here underneath that you have it,says power supply,18 volts comes in a box here,inside of this box we have,its like a couple different things so,some different adapters,for uh international use and then,in a little plastic bag here we have,the actual charging cord itself so with,the,adapters you can looks like just unscrew,them,it says open and lock so lets see how,easy this is,okay so it looks like theres a little,button here on it press that,and twist it and it pops off so,pretty easy there to switch those,in and out if you are going to be,traveling internationally or if you are,not based in the us,so looks like i dont know i think this,ones europe i dont know what this,other one is,maybe some uh my other followers can let,me know what that is there so,thats the power cord it looks like,theres one more in here that i missed,as well,so three different uh adapters for,international use,and then lets see you take a look at,the device itself,it is definitely smaller,just for comparison i do have my,hypervolt,plus here so its i had speculated that,it was going to be about the size of the,handle,pretty close there hard to put them side,by side,in terms of the handle they,feel about the exact same size,you know there they are in comparison,there on the bottom of the device,theres no power switch so on my,hypervolt plus theres a power switch,this one has nothing,does look like its maybe set up right,here for,maybe a docking station of some sort um,but looks like you just have the the,charge port on the bottom,uh this just plugs into it,like so just like that so,thats how you charge it assuming um,really light now theres some plastic,around the handle here so im going to,take that off,and looks like the power button it says,on off hold for two seconds to activate,remove before first use,so well take that off as well,and there you go you got your power,switch right here kind of,like a trigger uh and then lastly we do,have,two attachment heads in here so weve,got a,flathead attachment and,a bullet head attachment,so im going to put the flat head,attachment in and while i do that,im going to share some of the,specifications on this,the stall force on this i couldnt find,it on the website so i guess we will,find out right now what it is,it is a three-speed device so in order,to transition the speeds you do just,quick press this button the speeds uh,the lowest speed is going to be,2 700 percussions per minute the next,speed will be,2750 and then the top speed will be 3200,the battery on this is an 18 volt,battery,they claim that it lasts for two and a,half hours,again you do have the additional plug,adapters there to charge it,um it is not a removable battery so this,battery is stuck in here,its not an adjustable device either so,this is kind of the fixed angle it does,have a little bit of an,angle to it if you can see that uh this,top part is tilted,slightly uh again its light its one,and a half pounds,so uh well take a look at it here im,gonna go ahead and turn it on so it said,to press and hold this button for two,seconds,so it just lit up there on the bottom,and then ill press it once again,to turn it on,now as this comes on this is much louder,than i was expecting it to be,um i dont know if you guys can hear,that rattling,almost doesnt sound normal um,try the stall force here try it,wow its stalling really easily here,lets see if its variable im going to,crank it up to the higher speed,this is the third speed this is really,loud this doesnt sound right,so just to show look how easy this is,stalling on me,um wow,something doesnt sound right with this,at all i dont know if its just,okay so you probably cant see this but,it looks like,youre definitely not gonna be able to,see this but theres a little rubber,gasket,that looks like is catching on the,bottom here see if i can pull this off,so theres this rubber gasket on it,right here lets get this in focus,so this right here it seems like its,catching and thats whats making the,noise every time it moves,so let me try my bullet head attachment,and see if i get the same thing,but regardless the stall force on that,seemed really really low,the stroke length feels exactly the same,as,my hypervolt plus which feels like its,about 13 millimeters,feels very vibrational to me again im,someone that personally likes something,stronger so,heres the bullet head attachment,against these attachments they do just,pull out,real easily there im going to turn it,on again and see if we get the same,noise,that we got there with the flat head,because that did not sound right at all,i was expecting it to be just as quiet,as the hyper volt,okay so there we go so it looks like,its just an issue with my,flat head attachment this is still,louder than i was expecting it to be but,so thats low speed second speed,there it is on the highest speed so,there it is for the noise hold it by my,mic here,and this doesnt its a little bit,harder to saw with the bullet but,again its still,it is able to be stalled relatively,easily so,um yeah i dont know thats,disappointing about this attachment,definitely not gonna i mean i typically,would use this flat head attachment but,im not gonna use it if its that loud,um something else though that i do want,to point out i have my hypervolt plus,here,so this is the round ball attachment the,attachments are interchangeable,which is nice so i can put this ball,attachment in here,and its going to work perfectly well so,if you have a hypervolt currently,you would be able to use your other,attachments on it,lets see what else can i talk about so,the noise on there im going to have to,measure that separately but,that was relatively loud and im going,to say its its probably somewhere,between,60 and 70 decibels where the hypervolt,is typically around 45 to 50 on its low,speed so,uh yeah disappointing there with this,flat head attachment but,um well have to see ill have to use my,flat head from maybe my hypervolt plus,but,again it doesnt come with a case this,is currently priced at 199 dollars so,you know theres a lot of companies that,are coming out with,true true mini massage guns that quite,honestly i would pick those over this,right now based on what im seeing for,two hundred dollars,i was expecting something with a much,higher stall force you know youre going,to get a longer stroke length here than,most of those mini massage guns,but this is pretty big compared to some,of those othe


[Music],there is no secret theres nothing that,someones not telling you thats going,to get you,to where you want to be ready,you need to do everything that you can,do every single day to get where you,want to be no matter what,[Music],all right whats up guys welcome back to,the channel for those who dont know my,name is brandon,um i usually make you know fitness vlogs,um documenting my journey,through different things im doing with,fitness but i have a review for you guys,today,i picked up a percussion massage gun,theres a ton,on the market for percussion guns i just,decided to go with this one i did some,research and thought that this one would,be best for me,so the company i went with is hyper ice,and this is the,um hypervolt go so this is like their,i think its their travel version of,their percussion gun this one is mainly,more for travel,but it still has good stats and i like,the company as a whole ive been,following them for a while and ive seen,different people that use them,so i wanted to give it a try and see how,it works so the other big company is,farragun i think those are the two,competitors hyper ice and theragon,theragon has an option that directly,competes with this specific model,the hypervolt go its like their version,of the travel,um option that you can buy and their,version is actually the same price so,this one was 200,i think on the dot the theragon version,was also two hundred dollars i dont,know what its called i think it was,just,i dont even know what theirs version is,called so farraguns version its like,this little palm,machine that you use and it just you,just use it,anywhere you want or need to um on your,muscles and you just kind of hold it in,your palm and i actually tried it in a,store,and it just didnt seem like i could get,a good grip on it and if its vibrating,your hand could slip and ive heard,people i mean their hands got numb after,using it for a while so,i know its a reliable company and i,like their gun from what ive seen from,their stats but i just thought the,hypervolt would probably be best for me,at this time,so without further ado guys im going to,get into it im going to unbox it and,try it out and,kind of show you guys what its like um,give an honest review of what i think,so lets get into it and ill break down,what i find,alright guys so on the front of the box,it just kind of shows you a picture of,the gun itself,its a little bit bigger than i actually,thought when i got it in hand i think,they say its like 20,smaller than their bigger version um so,it is a little bit smaller but i was,surprised like i said with how big it,was when i got it,and then it gives an overview of the,features on the bottom so its supposed,to be,quiet so i think its a certain type of,technology they call quiet glide so its,supposed to be really quiet,it has three different settings for you,know different frequencies,its ultra light is what they say so,its 1.5 pounds,it also has an ergonomic handle and it,has 2.5 hours,of usage between charges so on the front,guys,like i said just kind of the big picture,of the gun itself its a little bit,bigger than i thought,its not a true mini percussion gun i,know they make ones that are a lot,smaller,than this but i think they say its 20,smaller than their other guns so it is a,little bit smaller,but i was kind of surprised how big this,was when i got it i dont think that,will be too much of an issue on the side,it just shows you what it comes with so,it has different interchangeable sockets,depending on what country youre in it,also has the wall charger,and then two different heads so it has,the bullet head and,the flat head i think its called um so,it gets it comes with two heads which is,pretty cool,i know theres other ones that come with,like four plus heads so,it would have been nice to have a little,bit more heads and a bag because it,doesnt come with a bag either for,travel,um but those are kind of minor things,its not a huge deal its just something,that,would be nice if they added on the back,it talks a little bit about the,technology of the gun itself and then,also a list of the features,at the bottom which we kind of just went,over so lets get into it guys im just,gonna,um cut the box open and then see what we,got,and like i said guys theres a ton of,different percussion guns out there,im just going to do your research so,this isnt really a comparison video to,see,which one you should get im just,reviewing the specific model since i,i got this one,all right so i got to say i do love the,logo of hyper ice if you guys dont know,i am a sucker for marketing,and i think this is super clean i love,the look of it um so i think hybridized,did a really good job of marketing as a,whole im a weird person i just pick up,on,all the little marketing cues that,companies throw at you with different,products,but i just i love like i said i love how,clean the design is of this company,so in the box like i said we got the,hyper ice gun itself we got the two,different attachments,and then just like a little bit of a,manual kit so on the outside of the box,its just this hyper go on it on the,back it says designed and engineered,for the human body which is kind of cool,so im not going to go through all this,guys its just,you know different cards on how to use,different things the attachments and,pretty much just how to use the,device itself so i wont waste time on,that too much it does come with an 18,volt,power supply i think its like a power,block that you plug into the wall,it is a lithium ion battery um so the,charge should hold,um pretty well and then i also forgot to,mention guys it is,a 40 watt motor on the inside,all right guys so the gun itself let me,see what it feels like here,wow so it is a little bit heavier than i,originally thought it would be,and its also a little bit bigger like i,said before um than i thought it would,be as a whole,just because it is the go size its,supposed to be i dont know if its,supposed to be mini but its supposed to,be smaller,that being said it does have a really,nice feel to it its definitely,a quality piece it doesnt feel like,its going to break or anything like,that so this does have a rubber handle,on it underneath the plastic and i think,its great,for not letting the vibration go through,your hand as much and like i said the,theragun that competes with this one,its more of like a palm handle,so the vibration goes straight through,your hand as opposed to this one,which the handle is below where the,vibration is going which will prevent,which should prevent most of that so i,dont think this is fully charged but i,am going to try,to turn it on and see um how it is so,the button to turn it on is kind of like,a trigger underneath here,so you just press this button and then a,ring comes on so im going to try it,with,the flathead tip just to start and see,what it feels like and then well kind,of go from there so you just hold it,down,until the light comes on so thats a,yellow light so i think its green when,its fully charged,another cool feature is on the bottom,you got the hyper ice logo but then,it also shows three different um levels,so when you turn it on itll tell you,which level,its on alright guys so i did charge the,hypervolt it didnt come fully charged,but i did charge it until it was at,least green so i dont know if that,would affect the power,at all but im going to give it a try,and see how it feels the rubber handle,feels really nice on this hypervolt go,so just turn it on theres just a button,right here right where the trigger would,be,hold that down until the green light,comes on all right so you got the green,light there,im just going to put it on the first,setting to start,just going to use a little bit on my,chest my arms so guys i dont have too,much experience with,using a percussion gun in the past its,kind of a new thing for me,um but i have seen a lot of reviews and,done my research,on these like i said um,also i dont know if i mentioned th

Doctors Warning About Massage Guns, WATCH THIS Before You Buy One!

hey dr. pound here with heal better fast,today I want to talk about a worry that,Im seeing here in my clinic with the,growing popularity with the use of these,massage guns and give you an alternative,of something that you can use that may,still provide relief without the,negative side effects of what Im seeing,here in the clinic for those of you that,are new here my name is dr. Michael,pound Im a practicing chiropractic,physician and here on this channel I,review product that not only I have used,but my patients have used as well and,with over forty thousand patient,encounters and over a decade of,experience in pain management I can tell,you I try to bring you the best,information to help you heal better fast,so lets get into todays topic all,right so youve probably seen him online,commercials maybe even flipping through,Facebook these images of people,massaging themselves with these jigsaw,looking like massage devices with a ball,at the end which will supposedly help,loosen up muscles,and the idea of using this to loosen up,muscles increased blood flow,increased lymphatic drainage to these,areas does actually make sense somewhat,as long as you use them properly and,thats where my concern comes in so,before we had gyms shutting down and,athletes were at the gym a lot of people,were seeing these portable guns at the,gym and using them to loosen up muscles,to speed try and speed up recovery and,so there was a surge of this demand or,people buying these products and so you,saw prices go up more and more of them,at trade shows and now prices have come,down quite a bit and many offer,different type of Edges techniques,battery variations to try and get people,to buy them now I will say just across,the board Im not 100% against them but,it goes back to whether youre using,them correctly and whether youre using,them for the right problem so like I,said earlier in the video Im seeing a,growing number of patients coming in new,patients who are developing these issues,where theyll typically tell me that,they had this tension in their neck or,their upper back they they felt stiff so,I got one of these therapeutic,percussing devices and started using,them themselves,and usually they say it felt good for,about 20 or 30 minutes but it just,wasnt going away and typically the,problem will get worse and so thats,what brings them into my clinic well,upon evaluation we find out that theyve,got significant muscle spasm a lot of,times theres inflammation and swelling,and severely restricted range of motion,in their spine yet they have no history,or deny a history of any recent trauma,but what many of these people are,experiencing is some sort of spinal or,nerve or joint problem and so the,problem comes when you take this,percussing device and point it at the,area of pain which can be the swollen,joint thats jammed just like if you,jammed your thumb or your stubbed your,toe and started jamming it even more,with the percussing device and initially,it may kind of numb out the sensation,but really it just causes more,inflammation and irritation to the area,thats already irritated and inflamed,and this can lead to more muscle,guarding or muscle spasm in the area now,muscle spasms a little different than,say strained muscle where,you overuse it will work out and get,some soreness muscle spasm is actually a,Guardium technique where the muscles,tend to tighten up and resist movement,and so if you stretch them if you try,and stretch us muscle in spasm,oftentimes it will fight back and spasm,even more and clamp down to prevent the,body from moving in a way that may,irritate or cause more injury to the,problem so for post-workout recovery,where youre kind of ripping and tearing,those muscles a massage device may feel,really great because it actually,increases blood flow and helps with,lymphatic drainage to those areas of,muscle repair but with regard to a,problem or an injury especially related,to a joint or spine or nerve or disc if,you go in and jam it over and over again,with one of these percussion devices you,can cause a lot of irritation and the,bodys gonna try and protect by clamping,down and causing muscle spasm and,guarding around the area of irritation,and although it may feel good for about,20 to 30 minutes after youre done,oftentimes the problem gets worse and,can last longer in duration because,youre offering the wrong solution to,the problem so these devices when used,properly for the right reasons can be,beneficial however if you use them for,the wrong problem which often people is,like have this issue in the in the,joints which were locked up its like,that itch you cant scratch and they try,and percuss it they can actually lead to,further problems down the road so what,do you do instead is I always recommend,consulting your healthcare practitioner,in order to figure out whats going on,its so dangerous to try and diagnose,yourself and figure out whats going on,especially if you dont have training,with regards to musculoskeletal problems,so if you go see your doctor and figure,out whats wrong then they can help you,decide ok this is how you manage the,problem without making it worse now does,that mean you should get rid of your,therapy too gun not necessarily like I,said for normal workouts and recovery go,ahead if theres no injury use that,massager but in clinic and what a lot of,my patients prefer over the percuss,Irgun is something like this device here,its called the genie rub variable,massager now Ive used this for over 10,years and you can,we find it on Amazon Ill include a link,below and Ive been using these on,thousands of patients in my clinic for,years and chiropractors who have been in,practice for way longer than I have had,also used these devices but the great,thing about the genie rub is theyre,made pretty durable and theyre gonna,last a long time like I said Ive had,mine for almost ten years,and its still going strong and I use it,for patients throughout the day so,whats the difference between something,like this and maybe one of the massaging,guns,well the difference it is actually how,they work so a percussion massaging gun,acts like a camera over and over again,percussing a localized area and again if,you have a joint thats already,irritated jamming that joint are,percussing in it can actually cause,further irritation and further problems,now a device like this like the genie,rub this is an orbital massager,so this massager has has more of a broad,contact its not very localized you can,actually use this not only for muscle,but you can also use it across the spine,whereas if you take one of those,percussion devices and jam it in the,spine even if you dont have a problem,you can still end up irritated and,inflamed and locked up whereas these,orbital massages you can use them almost,anywhere without any negative side,effect now again if you have an issue,you dont want to just be going and,throwing on a massager to the area even,if it is one of these junior ups so its,very important to figure out when to use,them and when not to use them with the,help of your healthcare practitioner but,I have used this genie rub massage on,people who have had surgery who have had,back surgery who have steel rods have,sprains strains and overall its pretty,safe to use as a massage device and the,nice thing is is you can vary the speed,on it so you can make it more intense or,less intense depending on peoples,preferences the other nice thing is you,can use this right over peoples clothes,and it comes with different covers as,well so you can make it even softer or,just use the straight massager without a,cover so at home this is what I prefer,over the massage guns in practice this,is what I use on patients over a massage,gun and Ive had a lot less negative,side effects using this device then a,localized massager which I have used,those in the past and again the results,were very mixed because if you even,percuss around an area thats jammed if,the muscles can still spasm u

I bought EVERY Hypervolt massage gun so you don’t have to

papavo mamavold babyvol in this video i,want to help you decide on which,hypervolt massage gun is the best for,you because not all massage guns are,created equal which is why most massage,tech companies like to have different,product lines and for hypervolt i bought,all of them the hypervolt 2 pro the,hypervol 2 and the hypervote go 2. now i,know ive made a ton of videos on the,theragun products but hyperice has,definitely caught my attention lately,especially with their new upgrades to,their massage guns and to keep it super,simple for you imma break it down,between design and functionality and,then compare each to each other across,sound portability and power to inform my,recommendation to you for which one you,should purchase now this recommendation,will come near the end of the video so,make sure that you watch until the end,so you feel comfortable on making the,right decision now when unboxing all the,devices you can clearly tell that there,are three different colors the hypervolt,go 2 being a clear white and being,around 1.5 pounds the hypervolt 2 is a,metal gray color at around 1.8 pounds,and the hypervolt 2 pro is a solid black,and it sits around 2.6 pounds and it is,pretty hefty and in the box they all,come with the standard charger and user,guide but when it comes to attachments,the hypervolt go 2 only has the flathead,and the bullet head but the hypervolt 2,pro and the hypervolt 2 actually both,come with 5 attachment heads and a neat,little case that you can store them in,unfortunately unlike the there guns they,dont come with their own cases,themselves which to me is a pretty big,misstep especially when youre trying to,carry these around now they all have,very similar design features such as the,l-shaped form factor as well as the,power indicator at the bottom and vents,at the top for ventilation and airflow,now the hypervolt go 2 has the simplest,design with an angled handle most likely,for better handling and portability and,the power button is on the back which is,also used to control the massage speeds,which are shown with the led indicators,on the back as well but the hypervol 2,sticks with the standard shape of the,original hypervolt with a new and modern,millennial look and feel to it and it,also includes the three led indicators,for pressure sensing and then finally,the hypervolt 2 pro is a more refined,and souped up version of the hypervolt,ii definitely has more pro features you,actually turn the device on at the,bottom of the device and you control the,different speeds by turning the dial,left or right but the special feature,about this thing is actually this,a removable battery which is probably,good for charging and always having an,updated battery on the go if i was,compared to cars the hypervolt 2 would,be the toyota the hypervolt 2 pro would,be the lexus and the hypervolt go 2,would be a prius now what really matters,is how powerful are these devices the,hypervoco2 is around 40 watts 3 speeds,and no bluetooth the hypervolt 2 has 60,watts 3 speeds but has bluetooth as well,as their pressure sensing technology and,the hypervolt 2 pro has 90 watts of,power 5 speeds bluetooth capable as well,as the pressure sensor technology and in,real world terms yes the hypervolt 2 pro,is the most powerful and you could,definitely feel it honestly after you,hit speed 3 youre like whoa this is a,lot but when it comes to the hypervote,go 2 as well as the hypervolt 2 they,kind of go neck and neck i definitely,would probably give the edge to the,hyper bold and thats because again its,60 watts but the hypervolt go 2,definitely holds to its own now my,favorite part the sound test i dont,know about you but sound is definitely,very important to me when it comes to,massaging because i dont like being,distracting whether its at the gym or,traveling and i would definitely admit,that the hyperice massage guns are,definitely known to be quiet with their,quiet glide technology the hypervolt go,2 is the quietest of the three it is,around 65 to 75 decibels in my test you,can definitely hear your tv while using,it these two however definitely get up,there and sound both going around 81 to,80 decibels but i will say the hypervolt,2 pro definitely starts off a little bit,quieter just because of the fact that it,has those five different speeds and,starts at a pretty low speed and ends at,a high speed so if youre looking for,the most quiet device the hypervote go,to would probably be your best option,now when it comes to app connectivity,this is something that i do really like,about hyperis is the fact that their app,is just really intuitive and really,helpful all the devices have specific,programs within the app but you can only,do the wireless control with the,hypervolt 2 pro and the hypervolt 2.,unfortunately this is not the case with,the hypervolt go 2 because it doesnt,have bluetooth capability so you just,have to follow along with the videos on,your own alright so after breaking,everything down from a design a,functionality standpoint which hypervolt,massage gun do i recommend well honestly,it really does depend and i would say it,depends on your experience level as well,as your needs so ill kind of break it,down for each one the first level is,beginners somebody whos just kind of,getting into the space and just getting,a step into recovery and trying out,different massage tech i definitely,recommend the hypervolt go 2 just,because the fact that its simple to use,easy design its portable its powerful,enough and it does the job just fine or,if youre a more advanced experienced,level or a hardcore athlete or weekend,warrior i actually would recommend the,hypervolt 2 pro just because of the fact,that its heavy duty its a replaceable,battery love the dial on the back where,you have five different speeds to go,through it thats why i would choose,this now you might be asking me why not,the hypervolt ii well for me it actually,just sits in the middle like it doesnt,provide the extra great possibilities of,the hypervolt 2 pro and it doesnt,provide the portability of the hypervolt,go to it kind of just sits in that weird,middle child space which is why for me i,would either go super portability or go,big or go home let me know in the,comments which one would you choose,would it be the hypervol go 2 would it,be the hypervolt 2 or the hypervolt 2,pro say that three times fast and if,youre trying to decide between the,theragon and the hypervolt check out,this video right here or if youre,interested in other massage tech check,this video out right here you already,know embrace the hype fam boom,[Music]

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