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  2. We Are the Champions | Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review
  3. Zelda: Age of Calamity Full Story Explained (SPOILERS)
  4. Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – Full Review | No Stone Left Unturned (Switch)
  5. Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?
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  7. Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Review

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review

[Music],if theres one thing breath of the wild,fans want its more breath of the wild,an age of calamity is here to give us,well something kind of like that,like the previous hyrule warriors games,this is zelda as seen through a dynasty,warriors lens,but the key difference here is that age,of calamitys premise takes us back to,the events referenced throughout breath,of the wild,this is the story of the champions of,zeldas struggle to awaken her power and,of the resurrection of ganon,the resulting game is a great fit for,kohitech most famous one vs 1000,gameplay,and also a fun new spin on a much loved,world,hyrule warriors age of clementi really,does feel like a love letter to breath,of the wild,it goes out of its way to include as,many of the signature elements of that,game as it can,from the bestiary and chica powers,through to cooking corks clothing,options and of course paragliding,terrifying all of that really sets the,tone but the developers dont stop there,age clarity is packed with systems,mechanics locations and easter eggs,pulled from the object of its affections,and coming across these in my more than,40 hours with it has been a joy,of course link can shield surf and parry,guardian lasers,and why shouldnt he wield tree branches,soup ladles and mops,and why not cast magnesius to yank,tracer just out of the ground,use an octorock to polish up rusty,weapons,and what could be more normal than,tuning the sheikah sensor to find,ingredients across the map,age of clarity is able to go even,further in some areas too theres a,large cast of playable characters for,one letting you get a sense for how,deadly impere was as a young woman,or how skilled the champions were in,battle,we even get to part the divine beasts,and while these missions arent actually,all that exciting,theres still a good palette cleanser as,well as an effective way to bring breath,of the wilds backstory to life,and to make these lumbering titans feel,more real than they ever did before,perhaps the most significant new twist,however is also likely to be the most,divisive,the opening cutscene introduces us to a,miniature guardian who comes alive at,the moment zeldas powers awaken when,all hope is lost,and then travels back in time to warn,the heroes about what is to come,now the guardian itself is cute dont,get me wrong but the time travelling,motif naturally raises the question of,whether this prequel will follow the,events as described in breath of the,wild,or whether itll create its own timeline,im not going to directly answer that,question here as the story should be,yours to discover,but what i will say is that while many,events transpire and theres plenty of,high-stakes drama the actual,characterization along the way is pretty,lacking,unlike breath of the wild age of,calamity is able to tell a traditional,linear story,it still doesnt really give us any,meaningful insight into its characters,whatever could you be little one,to be fair age of clarity is not trying,to be a final fantasy game,big events in this story are often,delivered through narrated text,on screen with somewhat questionable,voice acting,to stop calamity ganon it was crucial,that they possess the sword that seals,the darkness,while the cutscenes are largely just,brief interludes that help keep the,story going or,show something cool the primary purpose,of the time-bending story really is to,provide a backbone for ever-evolving,gameplay,across the length of age of calamity and,in this capacity it serves its purpose,admirably,while id have liked a little more,insight into the core characters the,rock roast of this game really is its,combat,every character has an array of,different combos based around regular,attacks transitioning into strong,attacks,as well as a unique central mechanic,impa for instance places symbols on,enemies which she can then absorb with,strong attacks to create mirror images,of herself,absorb three symbols and shes at full,power and has a line of clones fighting,to either side of her,imba can feel absurdly powerful in this,state spraying a barrage of blades at,anyone and even the vaguest of,vicinities,this feeling of power only grows as you,upgrade her weapons and start to take,advantage of weapon augmenting seals,that suit her playstyle,this short sword for instance is focused,on range speed and charging hippos,special attack,every character is this distinct irbosa,wields lightning as a weapon,mifa uses fountains to close gaps and,launch enemies into the air,and zelda wields the sheikah slate,id love to also tell you about some of,the insane characters youll unlock,further in,but that would be spoiler territory so,instead ill just say,whoa watch and learn age of calamity has,some awesome surprises and some truly,deep cuts that fans are really going to,love,they dont all land some characters are,more intuitive to use and more robust in,design than others,but still the overall roster is a lot of,fun,coming back to what we can show meow,link is perhaps the most traditional,character but he also offers up the most,variety,boasting different combos special,attacks and bespoke mechanics based on,the weapon type hes using,whether it be sword and shield spear,or two-handed weapon,sword and shield for instance opens up,parrying shield surfing and a rapid-fire,bow,whereas two-handed weapons let him,sacrifice some of his own health to,juice up attacks,hes a powerhouse,of course these are just a few of the,ingredients going into this mighty,combat stew,every playable character can also use,four chic runes stasis,cryonis magnesius and remote bombs with,a unique,implementation for each character thats,the way link launches off his coroners,block for instance,while impo rides hers around like some,kind of ultra compact ice car,its fun seeing how each has been,realised in game i,the wonder of ruins in combat is less,freewheeling than you might expect it to,be however,as each boss including area bosses,clearly signposts when to use a,particular rune against them,this actually discouraged me from,experimenting with my ruins more during,these fights as i didnt want to get,caught out needing a specific,counter while the ability recharged,the action has a real sense of speed and,being able to lock onto larger enemies,then dodge away from their attacks is a,big part of that letting you dance,around them with confidence,and best of all dodge at the right time,and youll trigger a flurry rush,giving you an opening to take a big,chunk of the opponents weak point gauge,many of the most thrilling missions,double down on the fast-paced combat by,putting you on the clock,theres a real sense of urgency when you,know you need to capture a certain,number of outposts or take down a,certain set of powerful enemies within a,time limit,in these missions youre not bothering,with the cannon fodder or scouring the,corners of the map for corks or treasure,chests,instead youre beelining for your,objective entirely focused on dodging,attacks and finding ways to whittle down,those weak point gauges,often youre also dispatching ai,controlled allies to other key points on,the map so you can switch directly from,one objective to another,combat can be a little rough around the,edges however the camera isnt always,helpful,and sometimes loses the action,completely,and while age of calamity generally,feels fast and responsive the frame rate,can vary a bit,and this is even more noticeable in,split screen co-op where the games,gorgeous visual style also takes a,significant hit,its a real shame koei tecmo didnt,allow for online co-op,playing solo though age of calamity,really does offer a wealth of content,at no point did i hit a wall instead i,always felt like i was making progress,and was always having fun,and even now with the main story,complete my journey still isnt over,because theres so much left to do,[Music],hyrule warriors age of calamity offers a,welcome trip back to a world ive,clocked hundreds of hours in,set in a time weve only h

We Are the Champions | Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Review

Hello my giant, swirling, pig head-shaped friends!,Arlo here, and today we’re reviewing–Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.,Part prequel, part sequel, part spinoff, it’s the game that literally no one saw coming,,yet somehow also feels like it was inevitable.,It also marks something of a new foray into continuous storytelling for the series, so,suffice it to say, it had a lot to live up to when it hit the scene.,So now the question is…,Is it a BREATH of fresh air, or an absolute ca…TASTROPHE?,Gotcha there!,Let’s find out!,Woosh!,Hyrule Warriors…is hard for me to say.,Hyrule Warriors…,Hyrule Warriors…,I don’t really know why, I just don’t quite know where to put the emphasis and it,doesn’t come out of my mouth right.,Hyrule Warriors…,Fortunately this time around I’ve got a subtitle to cling to, which makes things a,lot easier.,AGE OF CALAMITY is of course something of a continuation of the original HYRULE WARRIORS,,though this time with a canonical story set one hundred years before the events of Breath,of the Wild.,And in case I haven’t said it enough times in other videos on the topic, I think this,is a genius idea.,The war against Calamity Ganon was very big and involved a lot of people, and that’s,not a story you’d be able to clearly communicate through Link running around solving puzzles,and collecting spiritual doodads from temples.,The Warriors gameplay provides an opportunity to live these battles exactly as they would,have been.,And speaking of that gameplay, let’s start there.,Age of Calamity plays very similarly to its predecessor, as you would expect.,You’ve got quick attacks and strong attacks, and instead of a more complicated combo system,where you alternate between them and combine them with other moves, here your combo is,performed when you do a strong attack after a certain number of quick ones.,Basically you mash Y, then you’ll perform a different combo depending on when you hit,X in the sequence.,The concept is a little new to me, and sometimes I still have trouble pulling off the exact,combo I want, but overall it’s a pretty intuitive system.,It’s all about practice and feel, and it allows you to pull off combos instinctively,while keeping most of your attention on your enemy and other actions.,Whenever an enemy is in a vulnerable state–such as at the end of a big attack–its weak point,gauge shows up.,Chip this all the way down to nothing and you get to perform a special attack.,You can also perform special attacks by spending chunks from your special gauge, which you,fill up through combat.,All standard stuff so far, but one really excellent addition is the flurry rush from,Breath of the Wild.,Here it works just as it did in the source material; if you dodge an attack right at,the last second, time slows down and you get to unload on your enemy.,This is especially good for breaking weak point gauges.,It’s tricky to pull off and sometimes feels a little inconsistent or even random (which,is funny, because that’s EXACTLY how it felt in Breath of the Wild–nice little bit,of authenticity there).,But it’s also immensely rewarding, and of course very empowering.,Basically every attack can be perfectly dodged if you’re quick enough, so the desire to,learn attacks and perfect your timing runs through the entire experience.,It’s a relatively small change but I feel like it makes the game significantly more,fun than the first Hyrule Warriors.,Another change is how the game handles items.,The first game had your basic Zelda items which could be used against specific enemies,during specific attacks, and also as a means to overcome obstacles on the map.,I did enjoy the “Zeldaness” of the system, though it did feel a little tacked on at times.,In Age of Calamity however, the whole system has been refined and streamlined.,Right from the start every character has access to Sheikah Slate runes: your magneto, your,freezydoo, your zappo bombs and your hold it right there.,At first I thought it was strange to give these powers to every character instead of,just Zelda, but now I see how beneficial the system is.,It’s no longer used to progress on the map; it’s all about battle now.,And using these runes is a very basic, common element of combat.,The devs came up with a lot of very clever uses for them, such as using a block of ice,to stop a charging foe, or grabbing the metal weapon someone is throwing and sending it,right back at them.,You can use these runes whenever you want and they can be very helpful, but using them,at the exact right time will break through an enemy’s defenses.,It took a while for me to really get the system down, but now it’s woven through the gameplay,,and instantly reacting to an attack with just the right rune is a lot like the flurry rush,in that it just makes you feel awesome.,Despite the differing genres and overall gameplay styles between the two games, similarity to,Breath of the Wild actually runs through even more of the combat than just the runes and,flurry rush.,The game doesn’t control like Breath of the Wild, yet the enemies are almost identical.,If you’ve played Breath of the Wild, then you’ll know all their weak spots and exactly,how to bring them down.,Everything from hitting a Hinox in the eye to climbing on top of a Stone Talus to reflecting,a Guardian’s beam back at it with a perfect parry.,Familiarity allows you to just jump in and already feel like you’ve got a good handle,on any situation.,One of Age of Calamity’s biggest strengths is how authentically it recreates the look,and feel of Breath of the Wild.,If you removed the UI and the zillions of enemies onscreen and all that you’d be hard,pressed to tell the two games apart.,The characters and the world have all been carried over and/or faithfully recreated,,even down to the exact cell shading and lighting effects.,I can only imagine the cutscenes were handled by the original Breath of the Wild team, because,you would never know they didn’t belong in the base game.,All this naturally works wonders to make you feel like you’re playing a real Breath of,the Wild story.,It’s great revisiting familiar locales in this new context, and it’s fun to see how,some of these places were reimagined as self-contained maps.,Perhaps predictably it’s particularly fun exploring locations that are only ruins and,rubble in Breath of the Wild, such as Hyrule Castle Town.,And you want to talk about familiarity?,Amidst all this fighting and running around, what else are you doing?,Well what do you do in Breath of the Wild?,You collect materials!,Monsters drop stuff, you can find stuff in boxes, and there are even Koroks to find on,each map!,What do you do with all these materials?,A whole lot, my friend.,This right here is the map.,As you can probably tell, it’s identical to the map in Breath of the Wild, and even,the menus and the sounds are all the same, which gives it a great feeling of authenticity.,You’ll spend a lot of time on this map, and if you’re like me you’ll enjoy it,a great deal.,That’s because this is one place where Age of Calamity actually outshines the game it’s,based on.,Here there are TON AND TONS of things to do with your spoils.,You can spend rupees to raise the levels of your characters, which comes in VERY handy.,As you play you accumulate weapons, and in this case you can fuse them together to make,them stronger, which gives you something to do with weapons that would otherwise be worthless.,By mixing and matching runes you can unlock stat boosts and stuff as well, which is a,fun way to customize your fighter even if a small amount.,On top of that the map is OVERSTUFFED with quests.,Provide a specific amount of specific materials, get a reward.,It’s one of those silly, somewhat arbitrary “gamey” kinda systems, but I absolutely,love it.,Getting some materials on the field or for completing quests?,Feels good, I might need these later.,Spending those materials on other quests to unlock features or simply earn other materials,to use in OTHER qu

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Zelda: Age of Calamity Full Story Explained (SPOILERS)

[Music],hyrule warriors age of calamity takes,place during the titular event,the great calamity one of the darkest,most extreme events in the history of,the series,when ganon returned from deep below,hyrule castle and laid siege to the,kingdom,this war as we know it led to utter ruin,nearly everything and everyone was lost,in the ensuing battle,as the beast turned the sheikah weapons,against that which they were designed to,protect,however age of calamitys telling of,this war is a little different,all owing to a small egg-shaped guardian,it goes without saying that this video,contains full spoilers for age of,calamity,so if you havent beaten the games,story yet and dont want to be spoiled,come back later,otherwise lets get into it,[Music],age of calamity begins during hyrules,darkest,hour the climax of the great calamity,guardians swarmed through castletown,laying waste to everything in sight,their systems,flooded with gallons malice which has,bound them to his will,malice is of course a thick purple ooze,concentrated evil inextricably tied to,the calamity,nowhere was hit harder by the cataclysm,than hyrule castle,which crumbles and burns as guardian,lasers sear through the air,tearing through stone like it was paper,inside the citadel itself,in the western wing lies zeldas study,filled with books,notes and chica artifacts the object of,the princesss research,the battle outside shakes the tower,which knocks a small,wooden box off of the highest shelf a,box containing terraco,a tiny guardian its revealed later on,in the story that tereko was almost a,sort of pet,belonging to princess zelda when she was,a child the princess,activated the guardian by inserting a,small glowing,screw-like piece into the machine or,perhaps even built it in its entirety,however later on after the death of,zeldas mother and the prophecy of,calamity ganons return,king rome confiscated the diminutive,guardian believing it to be merely a,distraction for the princess,who needed to focus on training to,awaken the sacred power latent within,her,and years later here it is still,intact found in a wooden box in zeldas,study,despite falling from its shelf it,remains dormant,that is until a miracle happens,elsewhere in hyrule,across the kingdom near fought herteno,in the nicuda region,zelda and link were engaged in a fierce,conflict,a hopeless struggle against a seemingly,endless number of corrupted guardians,though the hero fought valiantly his,legendary strength,finally failed him and he fell resting,his weight,upon his damaged blade in this moment,when all hope seemed lost something,stirred within zelda,her sacred powers finally awakened,triggered by the prospect of links,demise,as well as extinguishing ganons malice,from the nearby guardians,saving fort hattano and links life this,sacred power had another effect,somehow back in her study zeldas power,awakened,tereko who shone with the same golden,lights before,sparking into life seeing the kingdom,burn from zeldas window,tereko knew what it must do the guardian,played a short song,and suddenly a portal opened before it a,blue,maelstrom in the air this portal,featured sheikah text,translating to open gate of time,a doorway to another era but before,terraco could jump into the rift,the door of zeldas study was blown open,with a massive force,by a guardian the machine smoldered with,ganons malice,and without hesitation began aiming its,laser at tereco,who leapt into the portal narrowly,avoiding the blast,and so the miniature guardian left the,time of the great calamity,but it was not alone seconds before the,portal closed,something followed it malice,somehow perhaps by a conscious decision,of ganons,or perhaps even by an unfortunate,accident malice bled out from the,guardian in the doorway,large tendrils leaping forth as if being,sucked into the rift,with that the portion of age of calamity,set during the timeline were familiar,with,ends terraco and the malice,travel into the past to a time shortly,before the great calamity,even without anything that follows this,creates a separate timeline,in one the one in which breath of the,wild eventually takes place,tereko lay dormant until zeldas powers,awakened,but in this new timeline a terracote,from the future,alongside tendrils of malice appeared,from the time portal long before,calamity ganon had even resurfaced,fittingly the very first time we see,terraco in the past,hes surrounded by butterflies a nod to,the butterfly effect that something as,small as the flap of a butterflys wings,can lead to a chain of sequences,resulting in massive,changes often used as an example of how,large an impact changing anything using,time travel can have,terraco a tiny diminutive guardian,enters the past which sets off a chain,reaction of events,eventually leading to an entirely,different outcome,in this new timeline in which terraco is,present and active before the calamity,we now have two versions of the,miniature guardian present at the same,time,one is of course the future tereko who,does not belong in this time but there,is still this timelines,actual terraco who of course is still,dormant within the box on zeldas shelf,except it isnt as our main group,along with future terrico enter the,royal tech lab,a small guardian enters the frame on the,left,though it burns a violent purple when,the malice followed future terrico back,through time,it latched on to the deactivated tereko,found on the shelf in zeldas study,corrupting it with ganons dark magic,this malice brought the little guardian,to life,though it was now fueled with the,beasts hatred,because it was possessed by a sliver of,ganon from the future,it knew the future and was able to,control,guardians and monsters this corrupted,terraco,the terracot which actually belongs in,age of calamitys timeline,is the reason behind the guardian,mysteriously becoming corrupted as the,group made their way to the ancient,lab a wave of malice hits the machine as,if from nowhere,but as we see later on corrupted terraco,was following the group at this time,a machine able to control guardians with,its malice,at the ancient lab robbie and pura were,able to extract,data from terraco harrowing images,showing hyrule during the great calamity,this vision of the future accelerated,zeldas plans to prepare the kingdom for,war,and the princess travelled alongside,link to recruit,four champions to pilot the divine,beasts,but elsewhere the corrupted terraco was,busy,it had made its way somehow to the,gerudo desert,where it found the yiga clan and more,importantly,astor a prophet devoted to calamity,gannon,again as the only difference in this,timeline is the presence of future,terrico,and the malice which corrupted the,current terrico astor must have existed,during breath of the wilds great,calamity,though he would have had nowhere near as,large an impact on the events as he did,here,as he was without the miniature guardian,a machine which the prophet calls his,harbinger,this harbinger the corrupted current era,terraco,is poisoned by malice from the future,this malice is from the calamity ganon,were familiar with,the ganon who brought hyrule to ruin,prior to breath of the wild,so even though the calamity has yet to,happen in this timeline,a ganon is still present in some form,able to influence a different timeline,with his malice,this means that when the calamity,finally occurs in age of calamitys,timeline,we have two separate ganons in different,forms,malice from breath of the wild calamity,ganon and the actual calamity ganon of,this timeline,this is why astor is able to infest the,korok forest with malice,even though the calamity has yet to,occur he has access to the powers of a,different ganon entirely,through the harbinger this is likely,also why age of calamities gallons seems,far far stronger able to create powerful,foes like,malice lionels or electric guardians as,well as conjure blight ganons which are,far,stronger than their breath of the wild,counterparts its because,

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Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition – Full Review | No Stone Left Unturned (Switch)

its hard for me to even know where to,begin when it comes to reviewing this,game Hyrule warriors has basically,become a franchise of its own from the,time of its initial release on the Wii U,in 2014 to today in May of 2018 where it,is finally coming to the Nintendo switch,in this video Im going to attempt to,lay out all of the information that any,kind of watcher will want to have when,thinking about purchasing this game I,want to make it clear to the person,unfamiliar with this franchise and for,those familiar with it as well as to,those who may have bought one or the,other versions of this game before and,for those who like myself bought both,Hyrule warriors has had a complex,development cycle to say at least the,Wii U version was lauded as a successful,merging of the Legend of Zelda and,dynasty Warriors brands yet it was,doomed to be released on a very,unsuccessful platform the follow-up,release Hyrule warriors legends for the,much more successful 3ds included all of,the DLC that was released for the Wii U,version in the purchase price however it,too was marred upon its release due to,its technical troubles on any 3ds that,wasnt the new type as well as a few,noteworthy lazy reviews which either,didnt really play the game or simply,refused to consider how the new,improvements included in that version,could make it easily a superior version,of the original in all ways but,graphical clarity Hyrule warriors,legends for 3ds and new 3ds is the,portable version of Hyrule warriors for,the Wii U heres what we said about that,game it just feels like there are water,pokemon in nearly every battle for all,things Elda keep it right here at IGN it,seems to me that because it was released,on a weaker platform it was instantly,deemed as the inferior version even,though that was very much not the case,in its life spanned through the two,versions of Hyrule warriors koete ECMO,released two separate successful,campaigns of DLC for their respective,versions which were both defined by,consistent quality and purchase,value and for the players that took the,dive on either version of the game they,were justly rewarded with fantastic new,play styles unique new adventure mode,maps and a slew of new creative costumes,and weapons for the massive cast,however as all things do this had to,come to an end eventually and it did,until now so what exactly is Hyrule,warriors definitive edition well let me,set this straight right off the bat this,game is a combination of all of the,content of Hyrule warriors and Hyrule,warriors legends no more and no less in,reality this is more like a version of,Hyrule warriors legends for the switch,as really the few things that were,changed are more like remastering zuv,the systems which were first introduced,in that version I have been playing this,switch version since day 1 of its,release in Japan and I have been from,one end to the other in it I have done,everything that I did before in the Wii,U and 3ds versions and more meaning that,I have likely put upwards of 900 hours,into this game throughout all of its,releases if you came here to simply hear,about whats different in this version,dont worry because I will be getting to,all of that in a bit however let me do,this thing right and start at the,beginning,finally okay so Hyrule warriors is a,spin-off game of the dynasty warriors,franchise making it essentially a game,in the warrior series with all of the,aesthetics of a Legend of Zelda game,altogether it consists of a somewhat,lengthy story mode with the three new,story additions which were included and,other versions such as the SIA and,linkle stories and the Wind Waker,epilogue after tackling all of the story,modes content once most of the real,gameplay of this game is to be found in,the adventure mode which is a series of,challenges laid out on an NES style,Zelda map with unlockable characters new,weapons unique costumes and all manner,of other great prizes strewn throughout,unlocking all of the content in this,game or at least most of the content on,all nine of the adventure mode Maps is,really the bulk of the experience here,and to me its also the most rewarding,part this game will take you hundreds of,hours to even get close to completing,which means that just,through the story mode once and calling,it quits will leave a player hardly,familiar with what this game actually is,so for the people who are only Zelda,fans and are watching this video you,might be asking yourself will I like,this game if Ive never played a Dynasty,Warriors game before wow I cant say for,sure if someone like that will like the,game what I can say is that in many ways,Hyrule warriors is the most accessible,warriors game in the whole franchise for,this game series it is true that,controlling the characters is simple in,the way that pulling off all of the,attacks that your character can do is,never more complicated than hitting two,buttons in a linear order however there,is a lot of depth here that is not just,in repeatedly hitting the buttons there,is monitoring the battlefield,paying attention to the information,given to you responding to new threats,to your allies etc whenever Im playing,a battle in this game my brain is,usually two steps ahead of my character,Im always thinking about what place I,want to go to after the place Im going,next and I think its this dynamic,gameplay and planning of needing to,constantly shift plans on a somewhat,organic battlefield that allows people,like myself to play these games on and,on and on for an absurd number of hours,in fact I think its even easier in this,version because of the new features that,have been brought along from the legends,release all in a beautiful 1080p and a,constant 60fps so as for those new,features I should probably explain,exactly what they are for anyone who,didnt play the legends release sorry if,this is old info for those who did,anyways included in this version is the,ability to bring multiple playable,characters to a battle and to be able to,freely switch between them with the,press of a button you can have a maximum,of four characters in the battles,however each fight in the game has a,limit of the number of characters that,you can bring one thing that I noticed,is that there are no adventure mode,battles that allow you to bring four,characters with a maximum their seeming,to be three its only in the story mode,where you can have four characters at,once as I mentioned before this game is,no more and no less than the previous,versions of it so logical upgrades to,the system which have been seen in this,games very own spiritual sequel of Fire,Emblem warriors are unfortunately,absent this means that for example the,other characters that you bring will not,gain any experience unless you are,actively controlling them and just as in,legends although you can order your,characters to go to specific points on,the map they will really not be able to,do much without you directly controlling,them you can bring a level 100 Ganondorf,to an early game mission and order him,around from the sidelines all you want,but unless youre directly in control of,him hell really do very little except,move from place to place on top of the,character switching the other big new,system from legends thats in this game,is the my ferry system its a little bit,hard to explain this kind of bizarre,system from the outside but in a,nutshell I guess I can describe it as,such starting in the first adventure,mode map youre able to find ferry,companions as well as food and themed,clothing for them throughout the various,battles from then on you can choose to,bring one of the ferry companions for,each of your individual characters to,the battles gameplay wise they function,to allow your character a new explosive,ferry magic attack that affects a very,large area around you which is great for,netting tons of easy Kos and helping you,to reach your a rank ko goals however,this also leaves a lingering elemental,effect on the affected blast ar

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello there lovely pee,politanix from nintendo life here and,today its time for us to review hyrule,warriors age of calamity,on the nintendo switch this review was,originally written by the superb gavin,lane,and has been adapted for video by me oh,very quick note that i forgot to mention,during the initial recording,um if you ever see this icon in the,bottom left hand corner that means that,this is demo footage,and does not come from the full release,game were a little bit limited with,what we can show we dont want to show,spoilers,so this is going to have some demo,footage in it as well because a blooming,big video,but anyway thats more than enough,waffling lets dive,right into things,[Music],[Applause],you know the gerudo valley theme from,ocarina of time it is what is currently,known by the kids as a kick-ass tune,probably top five zelda tracks and one,thats sure to get your blood pumping,hyrule warriors age of calamity is all,gerudo valley,a rousing number thatll fire you up for,the journey ahead,its also a tad repetitive and just one,part of the symphony of themes and,flavors,that make up a zelda adventure age of,calamity very successfully co-opts many,of the elements of the legend of zelda,breath of the wild,and delivers a satisfying combat focused,spin-off with a whole bunch of content,but,youd probably be left wanting more,thats not to say that koai tecmo,in close partnership with nintendo on,this latest zelda-flavored warriors game,hasnt done its absolute best to blend,the other themes of the series into the,mix where its appropriate,hyrule warriors age of calamity is,positively dripping in references,adapted mechanics and systems and its,attachment to the kingdom and characters,of a high rule that were intimately,familiar with,is arguably its greatest strength that,intrinsic link though,is a double-edged sword as a prequel,adventure to the celebrated twitch,launch title,the developers invite direct comparison,to one of the greatest video games ever,made,hyrule warriors age of calamity is a,markedly different divine beast of,course,and the fact that it captures so much of,the games spirit is pretty remarkable,considering that this remains a hack and,slash,dynasty warriors slash muso titled to,the very core,the fact that theres no zelda in the,title of this one is no,accident the love of more hatem nature,of the muso series is tempered here by,nintendos quote-unquote,dressing much like it was in past,crossovers like hyrule warriors and fire,emblem warriors,although breath of the wild elements,here are far more than skin deep,they blow life into the template and,produce the most accessible entry point,in the series that youre likely to see,even musso haters may find something to,enjoy here although if youve played the,free demo and you werent impressed,just move right along this one just,isnt for you the map,menus and environments here are,seemingly ripped directly from breath of,the wild,and bring with them nintendos patented,spit polish perhaps most evident in the,story,told via skippable cutscenes at the,start and end of each sub-chapter,the simple narrative is surprisingly,effective plenty of familiar ground is,covered and we found the conclusion,which we,we wouldnt spoil even if we were,allowed to a little,unsatisfying but it did provide a better,emotional framework for the combat than,we initially expected,seeing older characters in their younger,days is certainly fun,but as we may have previously mentioned,in our preview that wasnt a video,links silence stands out all the more,against this chatty bunch,certain characters do begin after a,while to grate a little bit,and old king rome could certainly do,with some parental pointers,on the whole though spending more time,in the company of this motley crew and,the four champions solidified our warm,feelings for them,impressions only vaguely formed in,breath of the wild oh gee,deruk is still great company rivali is a,bit of a prick still,and the whole cast bounces off each,other well in order to keep things peppy,you may well find yourself tempted to,pick up that champions amiibo four pack,after playing this one,obosa we love her shes just brilliant,one question that might crop up is,whether you should play this before,breath of the wild,the answer to that is a no in fact the,answer to that is,what do you mean you havent played,breath of the wild yet what are you,doing with your life,hyrule warriors age of calamity relies,on your affection for and attachment to,the characters,for its story to actually properly hit,home and in order to make all these,endless trials and battles actually mean,something,for anyone remotely interested in the,characters this tiny whimey prequel,narrative,is designed to be played afterwards the,basic combat here will be instantly,familiar to anyone whos played a,warriors game in the past,regular and strong attacks sit on the,ynx buttons respectively,and following up two three four or more,regular strikes with a strong version,results in a variety of combos each of,the unlockable characters some of which,are rather unexpected,have their own unique attacks as well,you sprint dodge and jump and all that,stuff with the b button,and dispatching crowds of grunt enemies,such as picoblins lizzlefoss and the,like,builds up a meter which allows you to,unleash a powerful and bespoke special,attack,when you whack that a button so far so,muso,its a system that works nicely once you,get into the flow with your combatant of,choice,although it does take time to appreciate,the nuances between them the segmented,weak point gauge from hyrule warriors is,present here again,and its the key to taking enemies down,quickly parrying by holding the zl,button,and combined with a well-timed y press,is usually the quickest way to expose,this gauge,although dodging an attack at just the,right moment opens up the familiar slow,motion flurry attack from breath of the,wild allowing you to chip away at those,trivial pursuit-style,pieces of pie and initiate a devastating,weak point blast,again these are different depending on,your character and a sometimes even,weapon,situation and even enemy dependent,characters also have a unique action,sitting on their zr trigger,for example link whips out his bow and,fires a flurry of arrows,rivali will take flight bosa will,recharge the lightning meters she uses,to power strong attacks,you know that kind of whole thing then,there are sheikah slate rune attacks,such as remote bombs and cryonis,again bespoke to each fighter which are,activated by holding,r and hitting the corresponding face,button enemy weaknesses are signaled,when they begin a vulnerable attack,which removes any guesswork from the,equation which is,i suppose a good thing defeating wiz,robes around the map also nets you,elemental rods accessible by holding,l another handy way to quickly get at an,enemys weak point gauge,no prizes for guessing that ice-based,enemies wont take kindly to a,bombardment of fire blasts from your,appropriate rod for a game that pretty,much asks you to do the same thing over,and over and over and over and over,again,hyrule warriors age of calamity offers,plenty of variety and options to explore,within this limited loop youre,encouraged to experiment with different,weapons and play as other characters,besides link,whether through expansive battlefields,which makes switching to a faraway,fighter far more convenient than just,sprinting across the terrain,or removing the hyrules number one,knight from your character pool,altogether for certain,missions youre rarely forced to use,someone you dont really get along with,though,initially we werent immediate fans of,rivali and went through almost the,entire story without touching him,although going back to mop up some of,his combat trials we did come to,appreciate him much more,at a certain point the number of glowing,icons that unlock across the map upon,completing a subchapter soon becomes,comical,although we cant really show

Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity – Easy Allies Review

The Legend of Zelda is no stranger to Koei Tecmo’s Warriors franchise,,as the two first collided in 2014 in Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U.,While that spin-off celebrated the entirety of the Zelda series,,this latest pairing is a much more focused affair.,Working closely alongside the Zelda team,,Omega Force dresses up their signature Musou formula with stunning Breath of the Wild flair,in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.,The effort pulls things off to such an amazing degree that it almost comes across as a genuine Zelda title.,At its heart, this is still a Warriors game.,You fight countless hordes of enemies across battlefields while rushing to each new objective.,You still level up plenty of characters,,fuse different weapons into new, more powerful tools,,and obtain resources to craft items to boost your stats in combat.,When it comes to the basics, it’s mostly the same,,but several of the core systems are streamlined,to smooth things out in the name of being less daunting for newcomers.,What Age of Calamity pulls off in spades is the illusion of being an actual Zelda game,,more specifically, a proper prequel to Breath of the Wild.,It passes the eye test with flying colors,by wrapping nearly every facet of its design in Breath of the Wild’s distinct visual style.,Whether it’s the levels with their familiar locations,,reusing the same overworld map to select your next destination,,the menus you interface with, or even the sounds and small visual quirks,,the developers did their homework and it shows.,This believability goes a long way towards selling the union of the two different styles of games,,and while the core gameplay is still action-heavy,,Age of Calamity does its best to sprinkle in classic Zelda tropes for good measure.,Hidden chests and Koroks are tucked into the corners of these sometimes massive battlefields,,bombs can blow up walls leading to hidden rooms,,and there are even optional enemy encampments with treasure,awaiting those who take the time to pursue them.,The Zelda feeling extends into the enemy designs, too.,Their attack patterns and movements bear a striking resemblance to their original counterparts,,right down to the smallest details.,The first time we realized you can parry a guardian’s laser,left us in awe of just how far the team went,to recapture the feeling of Breath of the Wild.,This is also reflected in the characters you play as,,with their trademark moves faithfully preserved.,Each of the 18 different characters comes with a distinct style that avoids repetition,or a sense that one simply clones another’s moveset.,Some come with a bit of a learning curve like Zelda and Revali,,but each is more than capable of handling any situation once you’ve grasped their basics.,The developers have done a fantastic job,of capturing as much of the essence of Breath of the Wild as they could,,but it doesn’t completely make up for some of the game’s shortcomings.,The most apparent issue is the absolutely terrible performance.,It’s true that the more you play, the less noticeable it becomes, but,it doesn’t excuse the fact that it frequently dips below 30 frames-per-second,,with the action getting extremely choppy in some cases.,That’s not to mention that everything takes far too long to load,,including awkward wait times just to rewatch some cut-scenes.,Additionally, the environments don’t quite match the fidelity of the original world.,Yes, it’s a nice touch to see Hyrule prior to the calamity with civilization still intact,,and the degree to which they’ve replicated the iconic locations deserves praise.,Yet each area shows the limitations of this magic trick,with objects and characters displaying very little detail even at short distances.,Some environments, like Zora’s Domain and the divine beast levels, simply look ugly.,The cut-scenes fare much better, though, with a bit more polish, and from a narrative standpoint,,they mark a high point for not only Age of Calamity, but the Zelda series in general.,Historically, Zelda’s gameplay and design tend to overshadow the story for good reason,,but Age of Calamity shows a different side.,Charming character personalities with fully developed arcs do wonders,and prove that narrative richness can enhance the overall experience.,If there’s one glaring omission, it’s surprisingly Link.,The iconic hero is relegated to a side character for most of the story,as others like Zelda have their moments to shine.,Part of this is by design, but a major reason for Link falling behind is his lack of voice.,Having a silent protagonist works well enough in other games,where Link is meant to represent the player,,but when you can play as so many characters with rich personalities,,Link’s silence becomes a particularly awkward device.,It’s not a deal breaker here, but if Nintendo opts to go for the same storytelling direction,in Breath of the Wild’s sequel, Link shouldn’t remain mute.,As for the story itself, it’s not simply an expansion of the de facto events,as told in Breath of the Wild, but rather an alternate scenario,that addresses some of the criticisms leveled against the original.,Another tale of time travel might be hard to stomach for some, but,temporal machinations serve as merely the setup,for a much more light-hearted series of events.,It lets you spend a lot more time with characters,you hardly got to know in Breath of the Wild, as well as some unique newcomers.,Another area where Age of Calamity stands out is with its music.,To be fair, Breath of the Wild features an incredible soundtrack,,but in practice you might not catch most of it due to the minimalist approach.,Age of Calamity allows the full breadth of its score to work in its favor,,with sweeping tracks that get you pumped for the battle at hand,,somber melodies for the emotional moments,,and a few brilliant reworkings of Breath of the Wild’s iconic tracks.,Koei Tecmo and Nintendo have laid the groundwork for something really special,in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.,Whether intentional or not, their ambition crafts a new subgenre of Musou,that’s mostly held back by the limitations of the Switch hardware.,The post-game and extra modes fall short of what the original Hyrule Warriors offers,,yet its solid storytelling and diverse set of characters are captivating until the journeys end.,With a bit more refinement and polish, Hyrule Warriors could become something truly legendary.,Next-gen has arrived, but were also taking time to remember,The Gen That Was.,Tune in every other week as we take a year by year look back at the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.,All of our videos are made possible by generous viewers just like you.,If you like what you see, check out patreon.com/easyallies to help us make more.

Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity Review

im current davina reading for suriel,vazquez,hyrule warriors age of calamity,occasionally lets you take control of a,divine beast,its a moment that should carry some,weight for zelda fans the beasts are,colossal machines crucial to the events,of the legend of zelda,breath of the wild and while theyre,cumbersome to control the levels in,which you play as them,effectively communicate their,destructive power if youve played,breath of the wild,these moments take on pretentious air,the power fantasy of using lasers,bursts of lightning and volleys of magma,to level out mountains and rack up,thousands of bokoblin,moblin and luzolfos kills is undercut,when you remember how the people who are,using them,cant fully control them and that these,tools of destruction will turn on their,masters when theyre needed most,and destroy them the sense of impending,doom is what i,came to age of calamity for but thats,where it blunders hardest,it constantly encourages you to set,aside that feeling of dread avoid coming,to terms with the consequences of its,apocalyptic,premise and instead just kill a bunch of,baddies and think the divine beasts,are cool doing that is fun for a while,but it couldnt stop me from being,enormously let down by that choice,you stand a chance,things start well enough mostly thanks,to how age of calamity infuses the,long-running,muso formula with breath of the wilds,look and feel,mowing down crowds of bokoblins and,lizolfos is simple enough,but larger enemies like maublins and,high knoxes,require real effort to take down dodging,their attacks at the right time lets you,fire off a flurry rush attack one of the,cooler maneuvers in breath of the wild,the original hyrule warriors sub weapons,are replaced by four runes,remote bombs magnesis stasis and cryonus,and theyre integrated into combat well,stasis freezes enemies in place,and launches them based on how hard you,hit them while theyre frozen,while magnesis absorbs nearby metal,weapons and throws them back at their,owners,some attacks from larger enemies prompt,you to counter them with runes,staggering them and leaving them open to,attack that along with magic rods that,rely on an elemental counter system,give you plenty of options in combat,every member of the playable cast has a,distinct mechanic or trick at their,disposal too,and they help keep things interesting,[Music],maybe the biggest game changer though is,how all the fighting is structured as,someone who adores breath of the wild i,got a huge kick out of aj calamitys,interface,and that aesthetic actually adds a,meaningful layer to that experience,you spent a lot of time looking at a map,of hyrule with mainline missions side,quests,upgrades and shops dotted all around it,getting access to a new shop may be as,simple as gathering supplies and,missions and checking off an icon on the,map but its contextualized as securing,a trade route so the shop owners can,properly do business with other towns,with short descriptions of what happens,after you complete the task its a small,but fantastic touch,that gets across the scope of the,warrior fighting and how,hyrule cared for its people as it faced,its end,as the map gets cluttered with icons and,the story starts approaching the major,story beats from breath of the wild,age of calamity explores some of its,historys more poignant threads,zeldas journey to uncovering her,potential how that purpose drives her,father to push her toward her destiny at,the cost of everything else,and how much of a burden that kind of,responsibility puts on someone,is told well seeing the champions in,their heyday is fun too,even if we know where their stories are,headed all these threads converge when,things start to turn,dire hyrules hubris and thinking it,could repurpose technology it didnt,understand begins to destroy it,that sense of doom approaches but in its,most critical moment,age of calamity refuses to look its,expectations in the eye,and blinks without treading into,spoilers i found the last act profoundly,disappointing the way it explores the,most impactful moments in breath of the,wild,story subverts and repudiates much of,what made,breath of the wild so resonant for a,game meant to give that story context,its a fatal misstep it doesnt help by,this point the other parts of the game,start to wear out their welcome,the new layers of combat are nice but,you end up seeing most of the enemies,youre going to fight throughout your,entire playtime early on,with later bosses being buffed up,versions of earlier ones,after playing the game for so long their,tails become simple prompts,missions get so easy theyre tedious and,side missions are grind,its also harder to forgive the camera,and frame rate issues which become more,pronounced,as you head into more interior areas and,produce more on-screen effects that slow,things down,despite how much id invested in this,version of hyrule and the nagging,feeling of leaving things unchecked i,stopped taking on side missions,stopped helping people build up my rule,and prepare for the calamity i had,started out completely on board with,seeing age of calamitys story through,being with the citizens of hyrule until,the bitter end,and just killing some baddies by the end,i was doing these tasks more,out of obligation than anything else,its strange to think of a bungled story,leaving me so lukewarm on a zelda game,even if it is a spin-off but paying off,its premise is the burden a prequel to,the legend of zelda breath of the wild,is tasked with,the main reason i dove into age of,calamity is because i love its world and,history it tries to remember,so for a game to retread them and,proclaim to have something new to say,when its inspirations most striking,moments come from what it leaves unsaid,is a big ask,but my problem with age of calamity,isnt that it fails to live up to that,responsibility,its that it doesnt even try it doesnt,even have the courage,to see things through

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