1. 2021 Hyundai Elantra | Review & Road Test
  3. 2022 Hyundai Elantra // BIG Style & BIG Tech for a SMALL Price! ($20K)
  4. 2021 Hyundai Elantra | Changing Again?
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2021 Hyundai Elantra | Review & Road Test

[Music],if there was any doubt about the compact,sedan segment being,alive and well well look no further than,what im sitting in right now,this is the 7th generation hyundai,elantra thats all new,and this little number looks better than,ever,on the outside the longer lower and,wider elantra takes on more of the,presence of its bigger sibling the,sonata,and this is 100 a very good thing,theres only one part of the exterior,design that vexes me,and thats the creasing in the door,panels it seems a bit over,wrought or like zorro showed up,the rest of it is snazzy looking perhaps,its vying for the personality plus,award,objectively the elantra is officially a,handsome looking small car,i particularly like the view from the,rear,inside the elantra doesnt disappoint,either,it feels roomier than a compact sedan,should thats because its passenger,space is actually similar to some,midsize sedans,the seats are really comfortable there,are upscale materials in here,and theres an overall high-tech feel,that the last generation,lacked the cabin is pleasing to look at,and comes with,myriad standard features an 8-inch,touchscreen display with wireless apple,carplay and android auto,and driver assistance features including,forward collision mitigation,and lane keeping assist of course,whatever elantra you get comes with,hyundais,industry-best 10-year 100 000 mile,powertrain warranty,the higher up the trim ladder of course,there are more goodies to be had,including leather heated front seats,sunroof,more usb ports adaptive cruise control,blind spot monitoring,and dual 10.25 inch color displays,one for infotainment the other for,driver information,the elantra gives you great options in,the engine compartment department as,well,save that five times fast the base,engine that powers the,se sel and limited trims is a more than,adequate two liter inline four,thats an upgrade from the previous,generations base model which was a 1.4,liter,this 2-liter feels energetic and peppy,the acceleration is great its made into,a cvt,but i am going to go on the record by,saying that kias and hyundais,is actually one of the best of the bunch,i think it mimics,gears very nicely and i am completely,unoffended by it,[Music],the acceleration feels solid and powers,this small car well enough for when,youre in a pickle,hybrid models come equipped with a dual,clutch six-speed automatic transmission,and the elantra n can be had with a,manual transmission,yes you heard me correctly or it comes,with a seven speed dual clutch,transmission with paddle shifters,the new elantra hybrid model gets a 1.6,liter inline 4,paired with a 32 kilowatt electric motor,the same 1.6 liter turbo 4 that powered,the gt,line now lives in the sporty elantra n,of course your gas mileage numbers go,down as those power numbers increase,but even if you opt for more,accelerative,mojo you wont get gouged too badly at,the gas pump,please enjoy this museo musical,interlude while you drink in the fuel,economy numbers,power numbers out of the way how does it,handle i hear you ask,well just like the exterior styling that,doesnt disappoint either,its new dimensions make for a lower,center of gravity which translates to,much greater balance than the previous,elantra,it rides on a new platform that feels,more solid and sportier,the steerings been improved and i,absolutely love taking this thing into,turns quickly now,to me the handling is dramatically,better on this 7th gen model,so one nitpick in the driving department,rear visibility can be quite challenging,theres a narrow windshield c pillars,are quite thick,so its a good thing that you have a lot,of electronic eyeballs helping you out,there,as a package this thing is getting,dangerously close to civic and mazda 3,levels,and if i dare say surpasses the corolla,for me,the elantras making huge strides in,catching up quickly,so hey other guys take notice,youve been served i think its high,time for consumers to stop saying they,feel weird about driving something,called a kia,or a hyundai you know or say that they,dont know what those brands,are honestly the koreans are absolutely,killing it in both the design,and engineering departments right now in,my opinion,they are one hundred percent the ones to,watch,for your excellent compact sedan hyundai,will ask you to part with about twenty,thousand seven hundred dollars for the,base,elantra the elantra n with that manual,starts at around twenty five thousand,dollars,the top of the line limited hybrid will,take you for the most cash,at about twenty nine thousand one,hundred dollars,if youre still not convinced this is a,good bet other cars in the segment,include the honda civic,toyota corolla mazda mazda 3 nissan,sentra,and subaru impreza if youre looking for,something a bit,more rugged looking,so if youre looking for a high-tech,compact car thats got,sassy styling and some awesome r d,behind it,dont let the badge freak you out go,check out the hyundai elantra,im betting youll be pleasantly,surprised,so,you


Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi,wabarakatuh selamat kembali ke channel,saya,daripada 3 minggu lepas,subscribe,tapi kesempatan saya hari-hari tengok,kereta,jadi saya review,mungkin memenuhi keperluan anda jadi,hari ini kita tidak pergi tengok yang,Dilan,Jadi kalau masuk nampak masih,yang ini namanya,Jadi kalau ada yang enak datang kedai,kami Buka setiap hari di pada pukul,10.00 pagi sampai pukul 06.00 petang,belakang di banyak lagi,baru masuk stok pondasi yazek ada dua,unit,tahun 2012 oke Hari ini kita topik kita,ke pasar Hyundai Elantra,sangat-sangat ramailah,yang sangat-sangat segitiga,orang ramai punya sampai kami banyak pun,tak berani oke tapi first of all sebelum,tuh,yang model yang Saya tunjukkan ini tahun,2014 engine 1 poin 6 JLS Oke dia ada,kalau dia ada 3,atau 2 jenis,1,8 yang ini sepatunya dia bertanding,dalam segmen si kereta dengan artis,dengan CV tapi pada harga kereta,terpakai pada,lebih kurang dengan Honda City Oke kalau,nak bandingkan dengan Honda Civic tahun,2014 yang ini dia jauh lebih murah kalau,saya mandi yang sepatunya lah tapi,disebabkan Thunder,Honda City bukan yang inilah yang ini,tahun 2018,tapi yang ini 2014 Kalau Anda compact,Honda City tahun 2014 dengan Yandi,dia harga dia lebih kurang tapi yang ini,adalah segmen B yang ini pula saya MNC,dan dia punya host Paul pun stop host,130 kaos power kalau Honda City 120,eh 150 lebih kalau Honda City d140 lebih,150 yakni 150 lebih,kurang dalam 10 atau 11 lebih daripada,Honda City ini saya cakep kita,perbandingkan antara harga yang lebih,kurang sepatunya dia,Oke tapi di sebabkan harga pasaran yang,menjunang untuk kereta terpakai dia ada,kelebihan di sini untuk kita komplit kan,dengan Siti Jadi kalau nak buat direct,comparison minta maaf saya tempat dengan,Siti lah oke kalau Mungkin saya akan,disebut beberapa konversi Tapi sebelum,itu kita tengok dulu desain ini saya,cari general perempuan ini yang hyunda,nih,dari padi Angle nih,daripada Angle ini mah cantik,tugas Polri,Kalau Anda tengok daripada bahagia Sisi,Oke sebelum itu untuk yang pertama kali,jumpa channel saya terima kasih kalau,anda Sudi tengok video Saya dari pada,awal sampai habis kalau anda rasa,berminat dengan konten yang saya buat,basically Saya tunjuk kriteria dan dalam,sambil sambil seimbang pasang kritik,kalau ada pengguna,review dalam channel saya ini Anda boleh,tinggalkan komen mungkin komen yang,berguna ataupun info yang berguna untuk,bakal-bakal pembeli kreatif Sekian yang,saya buat review inilah Anda boleh,kongsinga pengalaman Mungkin ada yang,betul-betul minta nih tapi dia orang nak,tahu juga sedikit sebanyak Terus apa dia,punya counts kelebihan kekurangan,maintenance problem ke sparepart problem,ke terus terang cakap untuk brand Korea,macam,lebih dengan customer Jadi itulah Tujuan,saya buat video ini untuk saya Kalau,boleh,ndak minta tolong tuan-tuan perempuan,pasal desain oke kalau kita tengok dekat,bahagian muka depan ini bagi saya Ini,ini,desain yang boleh diterima pakai dia,nampak macam ready,dia adalah,banyak lekuk lebih banyak lekuk daripada,g70 nampak body lain dia dekat sebelah,kanan ini sebelah kanan kiri nih body,lain dia,pagi saya suka,ke belakang ini,saya suka dia punya lift depan nih jadi,ada satu Angle dekat sini,kereta ini terus terang sejak dari segi,desain di masa relevan untuk Tahun 2022,Walaupun dia first facelift nih kalau,taksi 2011 ke 2012 Kalau saya itu salah,minta maaf Oke tolong betulkan yang ini,modal ya kalau Anda keluar kereta ini,tugas,-tute saja,untuk kritis dan kritik keluarga,di sana,Ini semua bukan dia buat,dari padi bawa turun sampai ke Bonek dan,bersambung dekat bambu bagian bawah,cantik kalau tanya,dia senang sih nak tangkap,lagi-lagi orang muda orang muda,Oke kita masuk bagian dalam,yang ini dia datang dengan,batu,kita masuk bagian dalam,bismillah ya ini datang dengan pusta,batin,tapi tak DPD,bukan full spek sangatlah oke,oke,ruang dekat dia punya pintu sini,mungkin orang Korea ini,sampai ke dalam gitu sampai ke dalamnya,nih jadi saya tapi kalau anda udah masuk,gambaran nggak sih,dipatuk buat macam nih Honda Jazz itu,hari video saya yang lepas Saya,tunjukkan Honda Jazz kan Ya ada satu,lubang guys ini untuk kita ambil barang,yang kalau anda tengok lagi video itu,klik dekat saya punya video tengok yang,Honda Jazz warna kuning Oke untuk bunyi,bagian pintu sini ada ruang enggak ada,silinder ke kunci ke sini semua tingkat,biasa untuk belajar full auto oke lock,unlock lepas bule aja saya mirip tapi,dia tak dia folding,itu satu kekurangan deh kalau anak,komplain kalau Siti ada batin untuk,lipat,kalau City tahun 2014 dia masih lagi tak,ada auto full tapi dia kurang-kurangnya,dia ada satu batin adalah untuk kita,lipat Oke kita masuk bagian dalam,Saya tunjukkan yang dekat bagian tepi,oke yang ini saya pegang pun secara,mendatai,Angle ini masuk kalau Anda duduk memang,Anda,terus bersanda terus dekat sini anda,punya bagian punggung tuh bersandar,terus dan kita otomatis akan bersandar,dekat Kursi ini dengan cukup cukup,selisih,memang cukup cukup selisih dia punya,support bagi saya Nong komplain Saya,tinggi 160 cm berat 68 cm 68 kg itu,untuk badan saya cukup,sundaylandrani daripada Honda City di,lain,yang ini tapi saya bandingkan dengan,Honda City Sebab Dia punya tanda harga,lebih kurang mungkin Siti lagi mahal,sekali,yang ini datang dengan original,dan juga sini sini,Kalau Anda datang kedai kami,untuk icon Oke untuk ikon penyejukan,dalam cabin Saya rasa tak ada masalah,walaupun,dekat sini walaupun tak ada kayak gini,tapi dia punya position ini saya suka,posisi Indonesia,yang paling ideal kalau diletakkan dua,dulu Bang Eko ini dekat bagian tengah,tapi di sebabkan Si Andi minat yang agak,ready oke,nampak alien gila yang ini dibuka,original ya yang ini,tapi,gila,oke mungkin kalau ini baru dinakkan itu,oke yang ini semua masih lagi original,oke sepatu ini paten untuk ikon yang ini,bagus supaya Tika senang jadi enggak,tengah-tengah nih kita tahu kapan ini,terus,oke yang ini walaupun bukan dekat Tengah,macam saya cakap tapi masih pretty untuk,sampai ke orang belakang tak ada masalah,untuk penyejukan dalam cabin krete ini,Oke,bukan ikhlas,Oke lagi satu yang saya perasaan saya,masuk di dalam Kristen ini dia punya,visibility agak terlihat untuk orang,yang tinggi misalnya Anda 160 cm,lebih-lebih kurang saja Anda,ini Laras tinggi rendah oke yang ini,Laras untuk ke depan dan juga ke,belakang,begini Ini dia ada Steel,untuk dia punya Paddle feel saya lebih,suka yang ini Oke untuk dekat bagian,tepi ini boleh aja,sini dekat speedometer punya Lampu ini,untuk posisi pemanduan untuk posisi,pemanduan saya tak rasa sukar langsung,untuk saya dapatkan posisi pemanduan,yang sangat-sangat sesuai saya suka saya,suka gitu Ini,dia lebih kurang mencermin,dia punya kata apa tahap bijibility dia,tak terlampau macam bass sangat kalau,macam Honda Jazz mungkin besar,dan dia bawa dia punya ketinggian tuh,kebahagiaan tepi dan juga belakang,belakang kejar lagi kita tengok Jadi,bagian tepi Oke jadi Anda nampak Enggak,ini ini bahu Oke ini dia punya solder,untuk pintu,untuk orang belakang,nice ini pun oke nah pembuka pintu ini,pun tak ada masalah tingkap nih pun,sesuai tapi dia agak pelit sekilas,selalu kita,sepatunya dia kontrol dikasih Nia Oke,kalau kita Letakkan sini,oke untuk efek keselamatan kriteria ini,Sayangnya dia ada dua efek saja Oke,kalau orang Honda City itu dia ada lagi,saya baik Kalau kriteria ini ada dua,Ebeg saja yang ada bagian driver dan,juga pada bagian passing di hadapan,steering dia just nice stand that size,ada control untuk reduce Di sini tak ada,Cruise control 3 ini untuk adjust yang,dekat situ oke nampak tuh saya jelaskan,oke,Oke biasa saja simpel saja semua senang,nak paham semua senang untuk digunakan,untuk dia punya speedometer desain ini,saya suka dia nampak nampak macam mati,alien orang Korea ini,ada fisika sini sini kelajuan dan sini,RPM sini takuk mite tako minyak lepas,Susi ini yang penting ada engine ini,benda yang paling penting tapi banyak,kriteria Honda City saya 2018 pun tak,dindala nih,in

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2022 Hyundai Elantra // BIG Style & BIG Tech for a SMALL Price! ($20K)

whats going on youtube so the hyundai,elantra has,long been one of hyundais best-selling,vehicles,and its easy to see why with the,combination of style,and technology that the elantra has,thrown in,coming off of a full redesign just last,year,im now standing next to the latest 2022,example,so without wasting any more time lets,go ahead and jump right into the review,and see if this is the compact sedan for,you,[Music],so some vehicles in this class like to,blend in and be kind of,anonymous transportation but as you can,tell thats not the case with this,elantra this new design,is very bold extremely angular and,really stands out a lot,and that starts up here in the front,youll notice almost the entire front,end is dominated by this grille,it goes all the way across has this kind,of squared off texture,and theres a couple different finishes,depending on your trim level it will be,blacked out on your lower models and,then the limited and the sel with,premium package will get this,smoked chrome which i think looks,particularly good,youll also notice down here at the,bottom you have these kind of aggressive,juts,and shapes even a functional vent so,this is definitely a very unique design,for this class,now lets turn our attention up here to,the headlights next we do have premium,led daytime running lights as standard,equipment,but as far as the headlights themselves,these are actually going to be halogen,headlights until you get to the limited,trim level,now carrying on with the bold design,hyundai has several bold wheel options,for you,you will get standard alloys on every,model so the sc has a 15 inch alloy,the sel trim levels those are going to,come standard with a 16,inch gloss black finished alloy however,you notice this particular model has,something different,this is a 17 inch contrast alloy this is,part of the premium package and this is,also shared with the limited trim level,and then finally coming up here to your,mirrors youre going to have standard,blind spot monitoring on every single,trim level,and then heating is available on the sel,and standard on the limited,now here at the side you cannot mistake,the cilantro,for anything else because this is,probably one of the most angular designs,i have ever seen,on any modern vehicle we have three body,lines shooting out over here and if you,trace them back,you have another one coming down here,you have another one going here,all types of angles you got going on,with the elantra so,its definitely a very bold design,now whether you like that or not thats,going to be up to you i think it looks,pretty good and then when we head around,to the rear,the angled design is going to continue,so up here in the top we have all of,these body lines kind of come to a point,here,we dont have a spoiler on this one but,you can get that if you go for something,like the inline,and then if you drop down here we do,have led accented tail lights these are,going to be full length across the,entire back,however the brake light turn signal and,reverse light portions are all,incandescent until you get at least the,limited or inline trims,we have a launch of branding then down,here at the bottom were not going to,have exposed exhaust,outlets until you get the in-line model,so hyundai is going to throw in three,out of your four,safety systems standard equipment across,the board so its going to be your ford,emergency braking lane keeping assist,and auto high beams adaptive cruise,control will be optional on the sel,trims or,standard on the limited and above thats,also going to include hyundais highway,drive assistant,well guys that wraps up the very bold,and cool design of this elantra now,lets go ahead and check out the inside,before we take it on a spin,before we do all of that please hit the,subscribe button down below its,completely free to you,and it really really helps us out,so on the elantra if you choose anything,except for the very base model hyundai,does nicely,include a standard smart entry system,and we do also have remote start,integrated onto this key fob,i should also mention if you choose the,limited trim or the sel with,uh premium package thats going to throw,in hyundais digital key system,so youll be able to unlock the doors,with an android smartphone or an nfc,card now to get inside the vehicle,itself youre just going to reach behind,the handle here and it will unlock,all right and take a look inside of this,cabin,of course this was just fully redesigned,last year so,were not going to see any significant,changes to the cabin,so youve got that fully modern hyundai,design which matches quite nicely with,what you get in this big brother the,sonata,now in terms of your different material,and color options for this cabin,uh its pretty simple so youre just,going to be dealing with cloth seating,for your se and your scl trim levels,and then if you go for the fully loaded,limited thats going to get you leather,seating,and as far as your color options as you,can see we have gray you can also get,black as well,[Music],now turning over here to the door trim,it is nicely finished,we have a padded material across this,armrest portion through here,and then all through this middle portion,we have this really cool,rubber textured material with the triple,stitching detail that goes through here,and a little speaker grille so this is,very classy looking touch,for this category of vehicle is going to,be hard touch on the top though,and then as far as your windows gonna be,one touch auto up and down for just the,driver,coming over here and taking a look at,the seats,these are gonna be eight-way power,adjusting uh optional on this,sel the lower models have six-way manual,and then like i was mentioning we do,have a cloth seat since this is an sel,trim level model,i do like the appearance of this design,and the cloth material feels nice and,high quality,and you have some cool details right,there in the middle,so when you first glance inside of this,cabinet it looks like a very,modern and sophisticated place and as,far as your cabin materials they are,very good,for the clasp so across our upper dash,this is all going to be finished,and a soft touch plastic with this kind,of dimple texture which is pretty cool,as you move down to this middle area,youve got this cool vent detailing that,runs all across the,dashboard there down below this is going,to be hard touch,we do have this large handlebar here for,your passenger grab on i guess if youre,going a little too fast,got some piano black accents some more,textured material through here,and everything does fit together very,nicely,now start it up put your foot on the,brake and press the bump,[Music],now as soon as i hit the ignition there,youre probably noticing,a premium feature you wouldnt expect to,see in,a compact sedan thats the fact that we,actually have a digital gauge cluster so,this is the 10.25,full digital gauge cluster this is,included with the sel,premium package or standard on the,limited trim level,as you can see it looks very nice super,crisp graphics,they just change with the drive modes,and does all the same tricks as in,any other hyundai product so certainly,very cool to see that otherwise youre,going to have a more traditional analog,setup with a 4.2 inch multi-function,display,and since we got a lot of comments and,questions about this last year i do want,to point out this little,accent over here it looks like its a,screen this is actually just painted,onto this piano black,plastic kit so it doesnt actually do,anything its just a styling element,but lets come back to the steering,wheel now as you can see we do have,electric power assisted steering weve,got,a the newest four spoke hyundai design,and it is nicely leather wrapped on the,limited and the self,with convenience package as far as the,wheel itself it is going to be manual,tilt and telescoping,lets talk about interior storage,because a lot of cars in this segment,can struggle in this area,but the elantra do

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2021 Hyundai Elantra | Changing Again?

[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],[Music],[Applause],you just had a look at the brand new,elantra exterior,there is quite a change here from the,previous generation,same with the interior i feel like,hyundai and kia are in high school right,now,every week its a new style a new look,they cant quite figure out what their,identity is,but the positive part about that is they,are the most flexible automaker when it,comes to adapting quickly,they can do a mid-cycle refresh or a,change to the exterior faster than,anyone else,which means they can respond to what the,industry wants,in an insanely fast way now,when you get over the exterior somewhat,over styling you get to the interior,and there are some great changes here,compared to the previous gen and i would,say that the last elantra was way too,conservative,and in the compact segment now it needs,to have a more youthful fun,just proportion style and everything,about it and that,thats exactly what this is without,screwing things up,so door panels great design elements,you have sharp just sweeping lines,across the door,you have some stitching the grille,design looks interesting the door card,and door storage area is usable but the,biggest negative ill just say this here,much like the previous generation it is,a doldrum of black,and this is where you see most companies,just,cutting over to glossy black plastic,which would be the temptation here,but i feel like all the textures are,good they just need to add,some alternate color in the door card,maybe a silver trim piece or,contrasting stitching or just changing,the color a little bit across the entire,dashboard as well,the other part is theyve added ambient,lighting this is the limited trim its,about 25 grand,and you can infinitely change the color,of the ambient lighting that runs across,pretty much the whole center and that,gives it some definite design flare at,night,and something that you have to pay a lot,of money for typically in the ultra,premium brands to get that privilege and,thats something that hyundai and kia,are amazing at doing theyre giving you,a lot of these upper end features for,not a lot of money,you get seat heaters here but its just,a great use of technology,and thats the the highest point their,screen technology for their electronic,gauge cluster looks great its something,that you would find in a 50 60,000 car the graphic display is good the,clarity is good,the configurability is great and the,infotainment is one of the best in the,industry at this point,at an affordable level to get around,this quick you have a touchscreen that,is responsive,most the menus make sense the audio,configuration is great and then all the,physical controls here are some of the,strongest at least,what you expect in this price all the,physical controls are here hvac is,all manual theres nothing that you have,to use the touch screen for and you have,a manual shifter so if youre somebody,coming out of older cars you know,exactly how this works,thats the biggest thing about the,elantra they havent totally messed up,the formula on how to make a usable car,now there is another change the audio,system theyve moved away from harman,kardon,as a brand to bose audio and i think,audibly it sounds worse to me the,compressed audio or bluetooth is not as,good and the graphs somewhat,support that although i never tested the,previous generation elantra but when you,look at the harmonic distortion,the bass frequencies theres something,rattling in here so the bass response,looks bad,with the harmonic distortion and you get,to the mid-range and theres these 10 db,swings all over the place,its just doesnt look good and it,doesnt particularly sound good,but to be fair its completely average,in this price point so keep,keep that in mind the seats are,comfortable you could take a long trip,on here although they feel a little bit,a bit smaller but perfect for my body,type,the back seats have great and ample room,much like the previous generation the,car feels huge the front,pillars are smaller so you dont have a,bunch of blind spots on this thing,the trunk space is good with the seats,folded down this is going to be a very,usable sedan,it just gets down to the point do you,like the style,lets get into the shop and talk about,some of the mechanical changes,underneath the new elantra was about,five years ago that i was at the launch,in san diego for the previous generation,they made some huge changes to that car,in terms,of refinement lowering nvh vibration,they started using,an insane amount of structural adhesives,which quieted the car down,it they were attempting to make it the,quietest most refined vehicle,in this segment now time has moved on,thats a hard thing to chase with with,mazda going out market,so theyve improved some things here and,theyve also taken a step backward,the previous car was way too refined had,very little character and now,theyre kind of going the opposite,direction so underneath what do you,think so this is the k3 architecture and,much like,mazda did with their mazda 3 they threw,away the independent rear suspension,they ditched the multi-link for a,torsion beam thats for one reason mark,saving money yes cost and when i talked,to the kia engineers which,also share the same architecture with,this they said it was over,300 per car that they saved by just,using a torsion beam,and the justification is at around the,20 000 price range people are not buying,this,for amazing handling they dont need,that overhead so,when you sell a hundred thousand of them,you add do the math on that,they can put all that money back into,the interior electronics which is one of,the most expensive parts about designing,new cars is infotainment electronics,and the dash architecture to make all,that fit and thats what sells cars mark,honestly if you go to a dealership and,you dont know a whole lot about cars,a salesman is not going to wow you with,suspension architecture its,mood modes interior lighting and all,that other fun stuff all the gimmick,stuff,but underneath this is also not a piece,of to be fair to them they they,havent forgotten about this,so you still have all the structural,adhesives which require less steel they,also made some changes to the body right,and basically,typical every automotive manufacturer,fashion the car is now wider,longer and lighter its also lower as,well,and you have three engine options here,jack for the,regular sc and the like this is the,limited which is the top trim at 25k,you get a 2-liter naturally aspirated,engine with multi-port fuel injection no,di no direct injection so thats a big,thing here if youre looking at this car,it also does not have start stop except,on the lowest trim level which makes no,sense to me,but again if you want the middle trim,level you dont have to have start stop,uh when you go up to the hybrid it goes,to a 1.6 liter naturally aspirated motor,that makes 100 horsepower and then you,have the hybrid motor,and the hybrid drivetrain which adds,power back and then you go all the way,up to the end line which adds,independent rear suspension hybridosa,gets it though independent rear,suspension,youre correct so hybrid and the n-line,get,independent rear and then the n-line,also gets,a drag or a dual clutch setup which is,also a dry clutch setup,and with the 1.6 liter turbo so it kind,of has that spread there,interesting last to talk about,underneath its all steel,its exactly what you would expect but,if youre going to buy this which youre,not going to lease this car its,something to keep you can get at,everything here which we typically dont,see most companies now cover everything,up they havent over covered this if you,need to get your oil filter,your drain plug the cvt which they call,the ivt and,hyundai fashion for north america for,marketing purposes its the intelligent,cbt,thats right and their engineering goal,was,to make it imperceptibly or it was,imperceptible for normal people from a,regular tournament,mostly a

Is Hyundai Elantra a Good Car? (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

this is the seventh generation hyundai  elantra a car which started off as a  ,nondescript canon wheels but over the years it  has transformed into a miniature audi a7 sportback,the audi reference is not an accident as  the current head of design for hyundai  ,is luke donker volker yes the same look donker  volker who designed for audi bentley lamborghini  ,set and skoda at hyundai dunker volker replaced  another audi veteran peter schreier although  ,the 7th gen elantra exterior was designed by  a korean belmsu cho the vw group influence  ,is clearly visible the front is dominated by the  new parametric design grille which weve seen in  ,the new tucson this time though the headlights  are separate rather than being incorporated in  ,the parametric grille the bonnet starts low and  it seems to be stretched forward thats because  ,of the reflective elements in the lower corners  of the bumper they create this optical illusion  ,of overhangs being much longer and the front  being much slimmer this illusion disappears  ,when youre looking at the car from the profile  however here your attention is drawn to the lines  ,which form an arrow-like design across the side  it gets more interesting in the rear where the  ,roofline goes straight into the rear window and  from there it flows seamlessly into the boot lid  ,there is also a light bar going all the way  across the back and that also makes the elantra  ,look like an audi a7 sportback however the a7 is  a liftback whereas the elantra remains a sedan the  ,compact sedan is almost extinct in europe on the  old continent it is offered in bulgaria poland  ,romania and then further east however the elantra  is doing fine in the americas and the middle  ,and far east until recently it was hyundais  best-selling model only to be recently dethroned  ,by the tucson in europe the closest to elantra  is the i30 fastback but the 465 centimeter long  ,elantra is almost 20 centimeters longer  than the i30 based liftback the elantra  ,is also three centimeters wider and has seven  centimeters longer wheelbase also the elantra  ,is still made on a different platform  it may be a new platform for the 7th gen  ,but its still different to the one on which  the compact hyundais are built in europe  ,the boot at 474 litres it seems only ever so  slightly bigger than in the i30 which has 450  ,liters however in the i30 fastback there  is a double floor and dividers underneath  ,and here in the elantra what you see is what  you get also the elantra gets a spare wheel  ,thats what you get in eastern markets  folding the rear seats is done with a  ,pull on a lever here in the boot there are no  shopping bag hooks unfortunately and no grip  ,to close the lid so you have to touch the  exterior of the car which may be unpleasant  ,in the winter when the car is dirty and speaking  of dirt you need to hire someone to keep your  ,elantra spotless at all times because this car  is just too striking to drive around filthy,not much is happening in the back there is good  leg room and surprisingly good headroom for  ,this car shape there is a place for bottles  in the door bins and cupholders in the armrest  ,however there is no ski hatch side seats are  heated there are air vents but no usb ports  ,if you really want to charge you can run a  cable from the armrest storage in the front,the elantra cockpit is impressive across the  dashboard there is a panel with two displays one  ,is the instrument cluster with virtual dials and  the other one in the center is the infotainment  ,display but youre probably wondering about the  white circle on the door side initially i assumed  ,and dont assume anything because that makes an  ass of you and me there is some sort of a warning  ,light here but i was wrong so my second thought  was that perhaps this is a touch panel for the  ,lights or something but it is not so apparently  this is just a design feature but i have a better  ,idea taxi drivers often mount their satnav  here so ive got a suction mount for me phone,okay,this is a cheap suction mount anyway,where do you want to go gov speaking of phones of  course theres a phone copy at the bottom of the  ,center console and it even comes with an induction  charger and a cooling fan for it above there are  ,two usb ports and a 12-volt socket not the best  place because there is really no place for cables  ,and cables you will need as apple carplay and  android auto are not wireless this is yet another  ,hyundai with the sounds of nature being played  every time the infotainment system cant find  ,the last played source so if youre listening to  something via android auto and you unplug your  ,phone youre going to get sounds of nature im yet  to find a setting which would disable this feature  ,i like that there are some physical buttons  for the infotainment and the climate control  ,unfortunately some are just under the display and  as i was setting the satnav i accidentally pressed  ,the media button which results in youll  never guess playing the sounds of nature  ,the gear lever still has physical linkage with the  transmission the lever is large and comfortable  ,especially if you like to keep your hand on the  lever even though this is an automatic next are  ,two cup holders with this clever insert which  makes them deeper or shallower then there is the  ,armrest with some storage underneath this is where  the third usb port i mentioned earlier is located,in some markets the elantra is available  also as a hybrid but here in poland  ,we only get the 123 horsepower 1.6 liter mpi motor  hyundai made the elantra even less powerful than  ,the previous time this is a normally aspirated  engine without stop and start the only potential  ,weird thing about this drivetrain is the optional  cvt and if i didnt read this in the spec sheet  ,i probably wouldnt have noticed its a  cvt however the biggest change is the new  ,platform and resulting improvements hyundai  claims the k3 platform means lower mass  ,better fuel economy and greater rigidity the  center of gravity is now lower which should  ,impact handling as well so hows the fuel economy  hyundai promises six liters per 100 kilometers  ,combined im getting high seven so its similar  to the last gen according to the spec sheet the  ,new elantra is around 40 kilograms lighter than  the previous model thats about half a passenger,hyundai also claims zero to 100 kilometers per  hour in 10.6 seconds with the manual transmission  ,and 10.7 seconds with cbt  ,on wet tarmac i got 10.9 with cvt but  then im not planning to race the elantra  ,its quicker than the old one which took more  than 11.6 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour,so how is the new but less powerful elantra  quicker than the 6th gen model i dont think  ,the 40 kilograms make that much of a difference  but i suspect better aerodynamics as well as the  ,cvd are the main factors here instead of wasting  fractions of seconds for up shifts here the  ,continuously variable transmission continuously  adjusts the gear ratio to whatever is happening  ,handling before i write the press release  and found out about the new platform on what  ,its supposed to do i felt the elantra  handles better than the previous model  ,it may not offer breathtaking performance but its  agile the steering is direct and the suspension  ,and i keep saying this in my recent hyundai  reviews finally has reached a stage where it rides  ,nicely nothing like the hollow sounding  thumps in the korean cars 10 years ago,soundproofing is adequate i suspect aerodynamics  help visibility is okay the seats are comfortable  ,i could deadly the elantra if not for the  driver aids this is the last stronghold of  ,the old hyundai everything beeps you want to  change lanes warning because there is a car  ,a mile behind you youre trying to avoid  a sewer cover and theres a warning cars  ,are starting to slow down a mile ahead and  theres a warning i managed to find some  ,d

2018 Hyundai Elantra: FULL REVIEW | Limited, Sport, Value Edition, SEL & SE

the Hyundai Elantra has always been a,vehicle designed to appeal to a wide,range of people and in no case is that,more true than this new generation on,the lower end of the model lineup we,have really high value trims like this,new SEL trim but it can also be equipped,with impressively high-end features on,the limited ultimate even though the,Elantra was just redesigned last year,there have been several updates for 2018,all of which will be covered in this,review Civic and Corolla,are formidable rivals but lets see why,you might pick an Elantra over the,Japanese view oh so full disclosure this,is Masons personal car that said this,is going to be a normal for of you just,like any other vehicle for all the new,viewers but for you subscribers there,will still be plenty of personal,ownership videos coming soon to the,channel,like I said this is one of the lower,trims so we have the old-fashioned key,and separated fall smart entry however,it does come on the value addition and,up and remote start comes on the app for,limiteds,[Music],like always the first thing well do is,check under the hood,so under the hood of the Elantra you can,find a variety of different things this,is by far the most common choice a,2-liter naturally aspirated 4-cylinder,making 147 horsepower and 132-pound feet,of torque it is paired with a 6-speed,automatic but the base SC can choose to,have a 6-speed manual after that you,have a dedicated engine for just the,sport trim at 1.6 liter turbo i4 making,201 horsepower and 195 pound-feet of,torque like the SE it too comes standard,with a 6-speed manual but it also has an,exclusive 7-speed dual-clutch automatic,obviously all models are front-wheel,drive but theres still a lot of,different numbers for fuel economy the,most common variation with the 2-liter,and the automatic is 28 city 37 highway,32 combined but for some reason the SC,gets 1 mpg better the 1.6 liter turbo,engine also gets good fuel economy at 26,City 33 highway 29 combined with the,automatic,thats a real basic rundown of the power,trades so now lets check out the,exterior,[Music],even though Hyundai has branched Genesis,off into its own separate brand I still,see a lot of influence in the Elantras,design,nothing has changed up front for 2018 so,you still have this satin silver grille,on the SE through the value addition,there are two other versions you can get,a dark chrome grille on the limited and,an aggressive black and silver grille on,the sport for the headlights,most models get these halogen projector,beam units but the sport has standard,HIDs and the limited has the option of,getting them down here you would find,LED daytime running lights starting on,the value edition,moving to the wheels this is one of the,key areas Hyundai differentiates between,the trims,this is the middle wheel design which is,16 inches with an attractive dark finish,it is shared between the SEL and value,addition with the base S II instead of,getting 15-inch steel wheels with,hubcaps progressing up the ladder to the,limited gets you 17-inch split,five-spoke alloys and the sport tops out,the range with bold 18-inch contrast,alloys the brakes are 11 inch ventilated,discs in the front and 10.3 inch solid,discs in the rear except on the SE where,they are drunk coming up to the mirrors,there are always body-colored and power,adjusting but you have to get at least,the SEL for heating and a limited for,turn signals the really impressive thing,though is that blind spot monitoring,with cross traffic alert is standard on,all but the base trend,[Music],looking at the side of the Elantra gone,is the swoopy design of the last,generation and in its place is a sleek,design which makes it look a lot larger,the actual measurement is one hundred,seventy nine point nine inches long,which is very close to the majority of,rivals of course safety is also very,important and the Elantra excels in this,area it achieves the highest possible,distinction of top safety pick+ 2018,from the Insurance Institute for Highway,Safety something that the Civic by the,way does not it is worth mentioning that,you also have an advanced suite of,active safety features available as an,option on the limited and sport they,include Lane Keeping Assist Auto high,beam headlights automatic emergency,braking with pedestrian detection and,smart adaptive cruise control however,some rivals do include these things,standard,as we progress around to the rear I,again see a lot of Genesis influence in,the design to me the biggest part of,that influence is in the taillights and,that becomes even more pronounced if you,get the limited or sport trams with the,LED setup the exhaust pipe is hidden,except on the sport which gets its own,diffuser design and dual exhaust tips,so every Elantra has a 14 gallon fuel,tank but the fuel ranges vary widely due,to all the different combinations our,version which is the most popular combo,its 448 miles of range which falls to,406 with the turbo as you would expect,all models use regular unleaded fuel,[Music],well guys that covers everything on the,outside so now Ill let Mason take over,and show off the interior of his car,so first looking inside the cabin of the,Elantra youll find a spacious and,welcoming design available in a variety,of different color and material options,this is the standard cloth interior,available in beige gray or black color,schemes the sportin limited upgraded,leather trim seeds which are black only,on the sport the door trim is also made,of nice materials for the class youve,got a padded material where your elbows,rest and cloth above that only the,drivers window is auto down moving on,to the seat most Elantras will have a,manually adjusting one besides unlimited,where it is power adjusting the sees,themselves I find to be surprisingly,comfortable and the cloth itself does,feel very durable,when you first get inside the cabin of,the Elantra you immediately notice how,large it feels its comfortable,there is great visibility and when you,start feeling around youll notice that,the materials are also quite impressive,the only hard part is above the gauge,cluster with the rest being a nicely,grained soft touch plastic theres also,some nice silver trim to accent and the,rest just has a great feeling of,solidity to it to start it just use the,key or on the value addition and higher,push the standard button when you do the,7-inch touch display will fire up the,gauges are the typical Hyundai design,which is to say classy but nothing,extravagant in the middle all but the,base SC will have this 3.5 inch,multifunction display you can adjust it,through the button on the steering wheel,and it does show you all the normal,stuff youd expect the steering is,electric power assisted and controlled,via a nice leather steering wheel on,value edition trims it up on the left,you have your volume and voice controls,and on the right you have the rest of,your controls the wheel itself is,manually to an telescopic,now as far as storage is concerned the,Elantra fares well for the class inside,the padded bin you have plenty of space,and it is nicely felt lined on the,bottom in the front weve got a sliding,tray that reveals several connections,including two 12-volt power outlets and,aux and a USB port and in the door,theres plenty of room for some junk or,just a water bottle coming over the,shifter is a nice design with a leather,boot you can shift manually by kicking,the shifter to the left but paddles are,reserved for the Sport trim only when,you shift into reverse a backup camera,will appear on all but the base trunk,the quality is good and it does have,dynamic gridlines Plus rear,cross-traffic alert,next to the shifter you have the drive,mode selector you can toggle through,three different modes shown here in the,gauges and three-stage heated seats,would be located here in the value,addition and up the climate is manually,adjusting on the two based rims or dual,zone automatic on the value addition and,higher the kno

2021 Hyundai Elantra Review | A Better Buy Than Civic or Corolla?

if youre looking for an in-depth review,of this all new 2021 hyundai elantra,youve come to the right place,in this video were going to take a full,detailed look at all the exterior,features the interior features,take it out on the road for a test drive,and check everything out,for 2021 this elantra is completely,redesigned its got a new platform,its different inside and out and,theres improvements all around i cant,wait to show it to you,lets get started and if youre cross,shopping this with other vehicles in the,class like maybe civic corolla mazda 3,etc,let me know what you think compared to,those and whether or not this might be a,better buy,than any of those now starting on the,exterior youll notice the design is,definitely different they wanted a,new dramatic look its definitely very,edgy and they call it,parametric dynamics and youll get the,same s-e-s-e-l,and limited trims and the limited is,what we have right here,now starting up front first of all with,the headlights the limited trim is the,only trim thats going to give you,led high and low beams but every model,is going to give you the led daytime,running light which is that,kind of unique pattern that runs down,right above the headlight,incandescent turn signal and then of,course with hyundai you get their,signature,cascading grille its wide it kind of,integrates,into the headlights and youve really,got quite the nose on this elantra,and on the corners youll even see a,little air curtain over there,passing through to the wheels that grill,is going to vary a little bit depending,on the trim we have dark,chrome but the lower trims are going to,give you actual brighter chrome,and if you look you can see the light,glistening off of this paint this is,called,portofino gray and its really,metallic-y i think it looks pretty cool,its very sparkly compared to some other,paints it pairs well with this elantra,its a very edgy design,id love to know what you think with all,of these like geometric shapes and the,angles and triangles let me know down,below,now looking at the wheels these wheels,kind of have the same geometric shape to,them,as well youve got kind of a two-tone,look right here its going to range from,15 inch on the bottom,up to 16 or 17-inch wheels like we have,on the limited trim,i actually appreciate that we dont have,super large wheels that are real fancy,looking because,it helps with ride comfort to have more,tire,and less wheel but the mirrors right,here all the mirrors will be power,adjustable youve got the same body,color mirror right here,but only the limited and optional on the,sel will give you heated mirrors,and the turn signal in them now on the,side body youll see just a little bit,of chrome on the window sill at the,bottom of the window sill,thats on the limited trim which is one,distinction its optional on the scl,otherwise its just black moldings and,dimensionally this is 184,inches which is a little bit longer than,last generation where it was 182 inches,and its one inch wider so this is,actually a hair bigger than some,competitors like the civic and the,corolla,suspension setup for the elantra is,torsion beam in the back so not the,ideal,multi-link but there is something to say,about that a little bit later,but as we come to the back look at this,tail light first of all,i guess look at just the whole rear end,this is wide its very angular,youve kind of got almost like an,integrated lip spoiler because of the,shaping of that,trunk deck lid youve got led tail,lights on this trim level,except the blinker is incandescent but,look at that tail light bar coming,all the way across what do you think of,that the led tail lights are on the,limited,and optional on the sel and theres no,actual exhaust,outlet coming out the back its just,concealed let me know what you think,you know how if you have your hands full,it can just be an inconvenience to pop,the trunk,well suvs nowadays give you a hands-free,trunk all the time,and so does the hyundai elantra they,even did this in the last generation,you can get the hands-free trunk on the,sel or the limited trim,and all you got to do is just stand at,the back of the car for a couple seconds,with your key fob,it will beep a couple times and open the,trunk you can turn this off or on if you,want to,now another option to open it up with,the smart key is,that little button right there and this,will actually unveil,just over 14 cubic feet which is nice,and spacious for this class,bigger than some not quite as big as the,civic but bigger than the corolla,and the mazda 3 for some main,competitors youve kind of got some,wide pockets here for example like,youve got a lot of space in between,the wheel wells which is good and as you,can see this pull tab that means you can,fold the seats down its a 40,60 split in this trim and look at the,subwoofer up there,and one nice thing is that theres,actually a spare tire standard,on every single trim level the only,thing i would complain about is that,there are no,hooks for like a cargo net or grocery,bags or anything like that,now for the elantra and the key fob the,sel,and limited give you the smart key with,push button start similar to other,hyundai key fobs and,we even have remote start on the key fob,so the way this works is theres a,little indention right there,you can touch that to lock it or theres,a sensor in the back,to unlock it and then youre good to go,but hyundai also has this thing called,the digital key so you can use your,phone,within a few centimeters of the door as,a digital key to,unlock it or you can use the remote link,or the blue link,app to remote start change the,temperature controls things like that,too,now taking a look at the front seat so,first of all you might notice,since the car has a new platform the,seating position is actually lower so if,you have mobility issues,keep that in mind getting in and out of,here its a little bit more difficult,but we have actual leather seats right,here this is not,synthetic these are real leather seats,and they look nice they feel nice i like,the pattern,on the sides here you even have,perforation in here good bolstering,around the bottom,and the seat cushion the lower trims,only the limited gets leather the lower,will get cloth,and we have 12-way power adjustable here,including tilt,and two-way lumbar support the lower,trims will just give you six-way,adjustment but,sitting here at five foot nine im,comfortable i havent been able to spend,a lot of time in here yet,but space is good comfort is good i like,these seats a lot considering the,compact class,and in the u.s heated seats are standard,on,the limited trim and optional on the sel,if you want ventilated seats or memory,settings you cant get them in here,but you can get ventilated seats in the,hybrid model,the limited hybrid now lets take a look,at the back seat,so as we come back here you get the same,kind of seats and they look,nice got the same color and they even,have perforations back here now i,complain about perforations in the back,seat because its just an easy place for,crumbs and crap like that to get in,if the seats arent ventilated which,they arent now over on the door,as youd expect you know youve got hard,materials up there but you still get a,soft nice material here,good grab handle and a good size bottle,holder and i think the most,impressive aspect is the legroom so,legroom is quite good in here,for a compact class in fact more than,civic,way more than corolla more than the,mazda3 as well,youll see a small hump in the middle,theres no direct charging ports or,direct,air conditioning vents but there are,little heater ducts that can get back,here theres a little map pocket over,there,in this seat this position is where i,was sitting comfortably as a driver,at five foot nine there is a center,folding armrest in the middle but it is,only on the top limited trim theres no,cup holders,on the top or the bottom two trims and,headroom is still good back here like i,said im five foo

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