1. Hyundai Ioniq 5 review with 0-60mph test!
  2. 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Full Review: Stylish and Very Quirky
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  4. Hyundai Ioniq 5 | After 5,000 miles of ownership, hows it doing?
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Hyundai Ioniq 5 review with 0-60mph test!

this is the new hyundai ioniq 5 and its,a little bit like us open tennis,champion emma radekanu because its one,ace grand slam smash of a car its also,very clever and good looking thats,actually not my personal opinion im a,middle-aged dad i have no opinion on,that its the view of one of my members,of the team is much younger new balls,please anyway in this video im going to,tell you all about this car talk you,through the exterior design the interior,design im going to test out some of its,technology take it for a drive and of,course im going to launch it see how,quick it is from north to 60 miles an,hour im matt watson and youre watching,car wow and if you havent done so,already make sure you subscribe to this,channel because ive got another video,coming up with this car in the future,which is a little bit different and you,wont want to miss it buying a new car,then head to car wow and my team will,help you find your next car at a fair,price car wow your one-stop car buying,comparison site lets start this video,by talking about the design of the ioniq,five and im going to use some classic,car designer cliche so the rear its,fascinating love this light bar and the,light graphics the side is emotive,especially the wheels they look like,theyve been drawn using that spirograph,toy you had as a kid this is what spike,graph is in case you dont know the,front is,its inspiring,actually i should stop mocking i love,the look of this car this is how i hoped,cars would look in the future when i,thought about them when i was a kid sort,of like got a stormtrooper thing going,on as well at the front i love the,lights the light design and you get this,light bar here you cant really see it,so well in the daylight but you can see,these little strips at night they look,great do you know what i think tesla,could learn a thing or two about car,design from hyundai here on the inside,the ioniq 5 is a nice place to be,question is is it worth the asking price,so here on carmite says that it starts,from 37 000 pounds so you can save an,average of just over 400 pounds on one,through car wow in fact if youre,thinking about buying a new car make,sure you click on the pop-out band up,there or follow the link in the,description to go to car wow so you can,make sure youre paying a fair price for,the car youre looking at alternatively,if you want to do that at a later date,simply google help me car wow we can,even help you sell your current car and,get a great price for that too anyhow,does it feel worth the money well,quality is pretty good in here the,design is cool as well its fairly,minimal it feels just as futuristic as,the outside i like it i like it a lot i,also like the fact that you actually,have some buttons here which are quick,to get to your climate controls however,annoyingly theyre touch sensitive,buttons so they may as well be on the,screen like in some other cars at least,you have some shortcut buttons here for,the infotainment system speaking of,which you get these two nice big screens,the system is fairly easy to use and to,swipe through its nice and bright as,well and of course youve got apple,carplay and android auto if youd rather,run that now moving on to the ioniq five,digital drivers display its very nice,easy to use its clear and theres lots,of different menus and itll also change,the color and the look of it depending,on which driving mode youre in its got,all the information you need i like that,i also like the driving position and the,steering wheel design its good its a,bit odd that they dont have a hinder,badge here instead there are four dots,is that their new logo i dont think so,but there is a lot of adjustment in the,seating position so if youre big or,small you should be able to get comfy,when youre driving what about if youve,got lots of stuff dont worry theres so,much storage in here this is a built,from the ground up electric car so,theres not all the stuff like prop,shafts to send power to the rear wheels,or exhaust or stuff theres loads of,space i can slide my feet through there,and like pick my,front passenger i dont know why i do,that,but you do get all this extra storage,here look at that so you can fit your,bag under here if you want to got more,storage under there big cup holders,perfect for cups of coffee theres some,more storage down there also,door bins they are big rock they can,take a big bottle and you should check,out,the glove box or should i say glove draw,its a huge draw,massive,thats good connectivity is pretty good,as well so youve got usb down there got,12 volt charger there if youre,old-fashioned actually i dont know why,theyve got that then youve got two,usbs there as well and of course a,wireless charging mat on this particular,car,hmm,impressive two last things to show you,i love the fact this car has a huge,vanity mirror which is perfect if youre,very vain like me,also either way they put the plus and,the minus on the accelerator and brake,pedal plus to accelerate a minus two,decelerate offs here in the back of the,ionic five there is loads of space loads,of headroom loads of knee room however,there are two slight problems one is the,fact that because youve got the,batteries underneath the floor the,distance between the floor at the top of,the seat isnt actually all that much so,you do feel like youre squatting a,little bit another issue the isofix,anchor points so its dead easy to get a,baby seat in through the wide door,opening but then youre stabbing away,trying to find the anchor points of the,isofix system obviously once youve done,that youre probably not going to have,to do it again for a long time and there,is loads of room back here to even,accommodate one of those big bulky,rear-facing child seats so thats good,another thing thats good is that youve,got some storage nets there got some,more storage there two usbs theres a,flat floor once again because of the,fact its an ev so the middle seat is,usable youve also got big door bins,large rear windows you get a good view,out quality back here is the same as in,the front which is nice and look you do,have an armrest though it is a shame,that youve got the cup holders there so,you end up putting arms in there oh look,at this as well look you can recline the,seats,and you can slide them forward if you,want to create more boot space speaking,of which the boot capacity on the ionic,5 is,527 liters but if you need an ev with a,bigger booty you should check out my,in-depth review of the skoda eniac you,can do that by clicking on the pop-out,banner of the top right hand corner of,the screen or following the link in the,description so this boot is a nice,square shape and theres not much of a,load lip so you can easily slide things,in and out do you like my little,high-end shopping bag,other features bit of under oh,and uh oh i cant get it up thats what,she said under floor storage there we,can hide your cables away that is handy,and look we have the,load cover there to hide things away at,a supplement site but its,ill tell you what,its a little bit annoying you know,whats going to happen now,its getting thrown,and that brings up to five annoying,things about the ioniq five the front,boot on this car the fruit,is normally 57 liters in capacity if you,have the rear drive only version but if,you have the four wheel drive version it,shrinks to 24 liters,it really is a tiny little fruit,well the interior design of this car is,cool there is one bit i dont like and,its the drive selector i mean the the,location is all wrong it feels cheap and,looking at it it sort of reminds me of,the kind of thing that a married couple,thats trying to revive their love life,might purchase from a specialist adult,store i wonder if it vibrates,well these door handles look cool the,way you actually open the door is a bit,odd because pull on this bit its not as,good as just grabbing a handle normally,sort of reminds me of when you have one,of those slightly embarrassing handshake,when the other p

2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 Full Review: Stylish and Very Quirky

this is the new 2022 Hyundai ioniq 5.,and its a rather quirky electric,vehicle you can tell that its quirky,from the moment you first look at it,because the styling is a little,unorthodox and there is more Quirk you,discover as you poke around further and,today Im going to review the ioniq 5,and show you everything,before I get started be sure to check,out cars and bids which is my Enthusiast,car auction website for cool cars from,the modern era now with free listings,you can list your cool car for free and,auction it on cars and bids and weve,had some great sales recently including,this E39 BMW M5 brought thirty four,thousand dollars this fantastic Audi R8,V10 plus sold for over a hundred and,twelve thousand dollars and this,wonderful Subaru Impreza WRX STI,hatchback brought almost thirty thousand,dollars those are excellent cars if,youre looking to buy or sell a cool,modern Enthusiast car from the 1980s and,up cars and bids is the place to do it,with daily auctions and great selection,at,carsandbids.com so lets talk ionic five,like I said very quirky fully electric,and even though it has kind of a,hatchback look this is intended to be a,crossover a rival for the Tesla Model Y,and Ford Mustang Mach e now pricing,starts for around forty thousand dollars,in Horsepower ranges from 170 in the,base model to 320 in this version with,dual motors and all-wheel drive as for,driving range Hyundai says base model,ionic fives will do about 220 miles of,range while the top version is a little,bit over 300 and as for the quirks well,theyre still to come and today Im,going to show you all of them first Ill,take you on a thorough tour of the ioniq,5 and show you all of its quirks and,features then Ill get it out on the,road and drive it and then Ill give it,a Doug score,all right Im gonna start the quirks and,features the ionic 5 by discussing the,way it looks because it looks strange,the overall shape of this vehicle is not,really that unusual but the lines like,this giant diagonal side line the entire,side of the car just gives it a very,strange and very distinctive shape,compared to other electric vehicles and,frankly other vehicles in general now I,recently reviewed the Kia ev6 which is,Kias version of this car same platform,same powertrain same size but the ev6,has a far more traditional look if you,want to go weird you go ionic five I,will say most of the people Ive talked,to like the way this looks a lot of,Daring car designs are not well accepted,but this one has generally been pretty,positively received but it certainly is,strange now beyond the general weirdness,to the shape and the look of the ionic 5,there are also some very strange details,like for instance the tail light,situation you have a light bar going,across the entire rear end and its,pixelated its made up of these little,squares and the light bar itself is,rectangular one of the strangest vehicle,lighting things I have ever seen in any,car you can see when the turn signals,come on same deal they blink in large,rectangular pixelated form of very very,strange look from the tail lights,contributing to the strange overall look,of this car and if you thought the tail,lights were weird how about the running,lights up front which are even stranger,again squares or at least rectangles,these white bricks basically coming,towards you and when you turn on the,turn signal they flash as orange bricks,again very strange this weird sort of,pixelated almost 1980s video game look,really contributes to the strangeness of,the ionic 5. and theres more strange,still to discuss on the outside how,about the wheel arches that have this,sort of cyclone pattern coming out from,the wheel very unusual cant just have a,normal wheel arch in this bizarre,vehicle and how about this color Hyundai,calls it cyber teal and I think its,excellent most of the original press,photos of the ionic 5 were shown in this,gray color but personally I like this,better sort of blue sort of green,depending on the light very interesting,and very unusual which fits with the,whole theme of this car frankly and if,you want weird on the outside of the,ionic 5 we are not done yet lets talk,about charging or at least the charge,port door which is right here now to,open it you tap on these little pixels,five of them as you can see arranged in,a square of course or you can hold down,a button on the key fob which I will you,hold that and then the charge door pops,open revealing more pixels this time a,series of squares arranged in almost,like a triangle pattern this shows your,charging status when you have the car,plugged in and youre charging but the,weirdest part of this charging situation,is the car comes with an adapter that,you can plug in and it has a regular,household Outlet on the end meaning that,you can use the car to power stuff when,youre out doing things for instance,right now I will use it to charge my,cell phone making the ionic 5 the,worlds largest portable cell phone,charger and frankly the worlds most,expensive too now I did an earlier video,like a preview video with the ionic 5,where I use this adapter to power an air,compressor that I used to blow up a,beach ball and thats something you can,do as well anything that plugs into a,household Outlet you can plug it in here,and use some of your Ionix charge to,power your device or whatever it is,anyway you want to close this port you,just tap on the pixels on top and it,closes up automatically very nice but,anyway next we move on to the inside of,the ionic 5 which is arguably even,weirder than the outside we start on the,door sill where you can see it says,ionic 5 and theres like a little square,of pixels you also have these pixels on,the door panel this like long row of,pixels and that is only a preview of the,weirdness thats to come in this,interior now you Prime in and the first,thing you notice is this dashboard long,and flat it doesnt have any like swoops,or Curves or really that much style to,it like most modern vehicle dashboards,instead very simple very flat and it has,two big screens mounted on it you can,see a gauge cluster screen directly in,front of the steering wheel and then a,center infotainment screen now strangely,to the left of those screens you have,this little pad area looks like a,speaker but it isnt its actually a,magnetic panel where you can mount,magnets thats what you want if for some,reason you want to stick a magnet on,your cars dashboard this thought has,never occurred to me but if its,occurred to you well the ionic 5 is the,car for you because you have a magnetic,panel next to your screens now the gauge,cluster screen is very bizarre you dont,have traditional dials instead you can,see its just weirder which fits,perfectly with the rest of to this car,you can see a theme going on here you,have your speed on one side and the,power that youre using over on the,other side and again displayed in a,rather unorthodox manner one thing I,love about this gauge cluster when you,change the drive mode sport Eco normal,it changes the display but none of the,drive modes have a traditional display,they all just have their own weird,version of the weird cage clusters,playing the ionic 5 which is just so,perfect but drive modes were getting,ahead of ourselves a little bit lets,talk next about the steering wheel which,is certainly kind of strange you can see,just two spokes in the center sort of,flat you have no upper or lower spokes,like most cars steering wheels and while,that is certainly weird weirder still is,the center you dont have the Hyundai,logo it doesnt even say ionic 5 instead,just four pixels again you can kind of,see a theme here now coming off the,steering wheel bottom left you have this,little circle dial this is your drive,mode selector and its actually not a,dial its a button you push that to,change between your different Drive,modes also on the steering wheel you,have these little panels and switches,which control various functions like in,most cars like you

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Hyundai IONIQ Electric vs. Hybrid Comparison (ENG) – Test Drive and Review

this is like hyundai ioniq actually -,hyundai ioniq s– a hybrid and an,electric model which one is better and,in which conditions which one will,better suit your needs watch this to,find out,[Music],[Music],the hyundai ioniq is a compact liftback,which debuted in 2016 from a distance it,looks a bit like the Toyota Prius or the,Honda Insight the ioniq started in life,as a hybrid as well but soon enough it,was joined by a pure electric and a,plug-in hybrid version in case of the,ordinary hybrid the petrol engine works,with the electric motor in order to,optimize performance and fuel economy,whenever it makes sense the car uses the,electric motor which temporarily aids or,replaces the petrol engine a small,traction battery has just 1.5 kilowatt,hours capacity it is recharged with,kinetic energy or excess energy from the,petrol engine in the plug-in hybrid,there is a nine kilowatt hour battery,which you can charge from a home socket,and drive up to 62 kilometers on battery,power only before the car goes into,classic hybrid mode and finally there is,the ionic electric which has 38 kilowatt,hour batteries and AW LTP range of,around 300 kilometers today I am,comparing the hybrid and the electric,Ive tested the pre-facelift hybrid,three years ago and I want to see whats,changed and I like electric cars because,they are supposedly the future of,Motoring Ill start with the exterior,the facelifted hyundai ioniq has a new,grille with a larger logo there are also,new headlights no noticeable changes on,the sides in the back there are new tail,lamps the electric version has a slicker,grille with two automatically opening,vents and it locks a tailpipe there are,more differences on the inside but well,get to that later,the ionic hybrid should use on average,between four point four and five point,two liters per 100 kilometers,according to W LTP the pre-facelift,model was tested according to any DC and,it was supposed to use between three and,a half and four litres per 100,kilometers obviously the W LTP result is,more realistic so everything should be,in order only its not three years ago,in my test the car used just below five,litres per 100 kilometres and in this,car my best result was today Sunday,morning six oclock empty rows 5.1,liters per 100 kilometers the best,result I got ever,three years ago I drove the car in,similar weather conditions and on the,same Road so there is no reason for this,discrepancy,moreover the facelifted ionic has three,stage recuperation system so it should,be even more efficient but its not the,ionic hybrid has 141 horsepower 19 more,than the previous and it is also,slightly slower than the Prius 0 to 100,kilometers per hour takes ten point,eight seconds in the ionic ten point six,in the Prius,just in case if you want to race them,however the Prius is optimized for,efficiency and the ionic it seems a bit,confused as to whether it wants to be,efficient or engaging and fun to drive,in my opinion the steering and,suspension in the ionic are much more,pleasant for the driver than in the,Prius and thanks to using 6-speed DCT,instead of CVT like in Prius the ionic,feels fairly agile in sport mode,yeah,because an eco mode it doesnt,interestingly enough I observed the,ionic hybrid is more efficient in,extra-urban environment than in urban,environment something youd not expect,from a hybrid vehicle I achieved five,and a half liters per 100 kilometers,driving extra-urban,whereas in the city I struggle to get,below six here I need to add that the,day after the recording was much warmer,close to 15 degrees Celsius instead of,two three above freezing on the same,route the ionic hybrid achieved below,four and a half liters per 100,kilometers so temperature does have,significant impact on economy a few,words about the interior of both cars in,the hybrid model two main changes are,visible versus the pre-facelift car,there is a new instrument cluster and a,new central panel with a larger,infotainment display and mostly touch,operated climate control panel the,instrument cluster now presents more,information at the same time which,should help achieve better economy the,infotainment system is intuitive but as,far as Im concerned the most important,feature is apple carplay and android,auto support I am NOT a fan of the touch,climate control panel one because it has,no physical buttons – because this large,black shiny surface is prone to collect,dust and fingerprints otherwise the,ionic hybrid cockpit is well laid out,door pockets accommodate medium sized,bottles and there are cupholders a,smartphone shelf with an induction,charger medium sized glovebox,and storage under the armrest next to,the armrest there is a place for tablet,or notebook this test car also gets,ventilated and heated seats as well as,heated steering wheel,in the bag the legroom is sufficient but,there is a small tunnel running through,the middle and Headroom is not brilliant,especially if you are taller than 175,centimeters there are no charging ports,but the side seats are heated the boot,has around 450 litres volume the finish,has improved instead of a chipboard with,some felt on it there is now a proper,double floor with some plastic,containers underneath the boot has a,very regular shape which makes it easy,to pack luggage there are still no,shopping bag hooks but there is an,elastic net to secure loose items the,ionic hybrid boot is smaller at just 360,liters with small storage under the,floor possibly for a charging cable,space in the rear is similar with the,only difference being a slightly taller,Center tunnel in the electric car,differences are easier to spot in the,front to where there is a slightly,different presentation of data and the,instrument cluster and there is a lot of,free space in front of the centre stack,there are also buttons instead of a gear,selector lever and this is still a very,pleasant and well laid out in here lets,say it is better quality than in the,humic on electric where there are a lot,of hard plastics in the ionic electric,many surfaces have rubber lining so no,rattling keys for example,Hinda promises the ioniq electric has,over 300 kilometers w ltp range lets,calculate 38 kilowatt hour batteries,13.8 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers,that gives us two hundred and seventy,five kilometers range extra range can be,achieved using recuperation thats what,the paddles are for on the steering,wheel or you can set the reparation into,automatic and the car will choose,recuperation level based on the,situation in the road ahead just like in,makea,electric models ISA Landy Nero something,I found missing in the electric kkona,was an indicator that shows you how much,energy youve recuperated its here now,if not for the different center console,I might not notice which version of the,ioniq Im driving both have good,suspension with impressive damping,perhaps thanks to lower center of,gravity the electric model corners,slightly flatter but youre not buying,an Eevee to carve through corners,the ionics aerodynamic shape helps keep,things quiet on the motorway its not as,quiet on regular roads where you pass,cars going in the opposite direction,those you can hear and its the same in,the hybrid as well as the electric so,you know what the ioniq looks like,inside and how it drives and now I will,tell you how the hybrid and the electric,model perform in the city and on the,open road and I will compare the costs,lets go,were starting from a petrol station on,the outskirts of Warsaw and we need to,get to a business district across town,its maybe 12 kilometers in a straight,line the shortest route is about 18 to,19 kilometers and the route suggested by,the sat-nav is 26 kilometers in war so,the ionic electric can use bus lanes so,the shortest route across town makes,sense the hybrid will be faster avoiding,the city centre its 8 a.m. let the race,commence and we have set off from a,petrol station which is on the outskirts,of war zone now Anna will drive right,across the city

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Hyundai Ioniq 5 | After 5,000 miles of ownership, hows it doing?

,In this section Im saying that I dont use the automatic opening liftgate as I found it annoyingly opening all the time when I would just be standing near the trunk. I would prefer they used a foot sensor under the bumper to open the trunk when your hands are full.

NEW Hyundai Ioniq 5 review – ALL changes in detail | What Car?

this is the new updated Hyundai ioniq 5.,now it was already a very good electric,car before but do a few changes here and,there make it even better in this review,were telling you everything thats new,and were going to tell you exactly what,this cars like but before we start if,you want a great deal on your next car,go to whatcar.com and to see lots more,reviews like this subscribe to our,Channel,the ionic 5 first went on sale in,February 2021 and a raft of changes were,announced just a year later this isnt a,full facelift but its still relatively,unusual for a car to go through some,mechanical upgrades this early into life,which begs the question why Hyundai,Justified this by saying that even,though the arnik 5 had a very successful,first 12 months in terms of sales and,brand building it recognized that there,were a lot of new tough competitors,emerging in this class of car like the,Kia ev6 and the Genesis gv60 both of,which are very closely related to the,arnik 5 underneath so Hyundai announced,these changes to keep the ionic 5 fresh,against tough new competition fair,enough but what exactly is new well some,of the changes are fairly minor theres,been an update to what the trim levels,offer and theres now a range topping,Namsan Edition ionic 5 which is named,after a mountain in South Korea and that,has things like a panoramic sunroofer,standard a leather interior and you can,also now on your ionic 5 get digital,door mirrors so these are swapped for,cameras and then you get displays on,either side of the dashboard and on top,of that you can get a rear view mirror,which at the flick of a switch turns,into a display that gives you a live,camera feed of the view out the back of,the car thats been introduced,apparently partly because of the,frustration that theres no rear,windscreen wiper so the view out the,back isnt great when the weathers bad,some changes are a little more,significant like with the battery,options so the biggest battery you can,get in the ionic 5 is now a little bit,bigger than it was before so its gone,from 72.6 kilowatt hours up to 77.4,kilowatt hours and its now the same,battery as the biggest option that you,get in the ev6 so that means the longest,range in the ionic 5 if you go for a,rear wheel drive model has gone from 298,miles up to 315 miles not a huge,difference but still helpful the the,charging stays the same as before a,maximum charging rate of 220 kilowatts,on the bigger battery 77 kilowatt hour,versions of the ionic 5 puts it among,some of the quickest charging EVS around,at this speed youll get a 10 to 80,charge in less than 20 minutes the same,10 to 80 charge takes a similar time on,the smaller 54 kilowatt hour battery,with a maximum speed of 175 kilowatts,the bad news is that there arent many,public charges in the UK that can,deliver that kind of charging speed,youre more likely to end up on a 50,kilowatt charger and for one of those,you can get 10 to 80 percent in around,60 minutes from a 7 kilowatt home wall,box charger a full charge from Flat,takes 11 hours and 15 minutes,to help with charging theres also now a,new battery conditioning feature which,is standard on all ionic fives and what,it does is it tries to get the battery,at the perfect temperature just before,you have a fast charge and it works,automatically when you navigate to a,charging stop on the cars Sat Nav which,is great the only problem is that it,doesnt work with Waze or Google Maps if,youre using that through Apple carplay,so its a bit annoying that you have to,use Hyundai sat nav to get the battery,conditioning feature to work otherwise,this is the same interior as you had on,the previous ionic 5 which means overall,its pretty good in here with a nice,High SUV like driving position a good,digital driver display the problem is,though that where Ive got the steering,wheel it blocks quite a big chunk of the,screen I suspect lots of other people,are going to have that problem as well,so thats not great the infotainment,system over here is okay you get Apple,carplay and Android auto as standard,thankfully but the system itself is,reasonably responsive the graphics are,all right it just doesnt do anything,particularly amazing there are some,physical shortcut buttons down here,which help hop between the different,functions on it and below this yes okay,having physical buttons and dials for,the climate control is always the best,solution but what youve got here from,Hyundai is this touch screen panel which,okay isnt perfect but at least its,always visible its clearly labeled and,its reasonably simple to hit on the,Move now you might really like the look,of the arnik 5s interior but its just,a shame that the quality of materials is,fairly inconsistent so some of this,interior feels really nice and plush but,other bits like these door handles like,the plastic on the passenger side of the,dashboard feel quite low rent to be,honest and its a bit disappointing,especially because other electric car,interiors that cost similar money like,the ev6 like the model 3 and especially,with the gv60 theyre all a bit more,consistent and a bit better overall but,this is still a good interior and dont,forget you can get Hyundais relaxation,seat which is an optional extra on most,Trims and allows you to fully recline,and relax while you wait for a charge,now with all these changes theres been,no adjustments to the dimensions of the,car so that means that the new ionic 5,is the same for practicality as the old,car so in these rear seats it is very,spacious indeed loads of leg room its,only really a limo that can rival the,ionic 5 although the same goes for the,ev6 headrooms really good as well if,youre six foot sat in the back youll,have absolutely no problems whatsoever,and it feels very open and Airy and,comfortable and another good thing is,the fact that these rear seats slide and,recline as standard as well but you,cant go back quite so far as you can in,that front seat,and the boots good as well in total you,can get seven of these carry-on size,suitcases into the back here which is,the same as what you get in an ev6 and,its one more then you can fit in a gv60,its just a shame the front boot isnt a,bit bigger than it is on a rear wheel,drive model here its okay but if you go,for an all-wheel drive model then its,pretty much useless its even smaller,than this but anyway all of that is the,same as before,another thing that is different is the,power that you get in the all-wheel,drive version of the ionic 5. so thats,up from 301 brake horsepower to 321,brake horsepower to be honest thats not,going to be particularly noticeable on,the road but the single biggest,difference with the new ionic 5 is the,suspension setup so Highland does fitted,some new dampers to the Onyx 5 to try,and improve the ride quality and improve,the handling,and particularly bad before but it was,very soft so it had quite a nice waft to,the ride but it wasnt particularly well,controlled,now it does feel different so it feels a,little bit firmer still comfortable and,better controlled,ultimately this still isnt as good on,the road as the best cars in this class,like the Kia ev6 and the Tesla Model 3,but these changes make the ionic 5,better and gets it closer to those cars,on the road,the ionic 5 has the upper hand when it,comes to pricing the starting price is a,bit lower than the ev6 and model 3 and,the gv60 partly because you can get the,ionic 5 with a cheaper smaller battery,option but even spec for spec it,undercuts its Rivals we think the pick,of the lineup is the bigger battery and,unless you absolutely have to have,all-wheel drive weed stick with a,rear-wheel drive version because theyre,cheaper and travel further on a full,charge we also reckon premium trim is,the best value option its the entry,level choice but it still gets things,like heated front seats a heated,steering wheel and Dual Zone climate,control on the options list you might,want to consider adding the v2l pack,which essentiall

The Hyundai IONIQ 5: I Get It Now!

[Music],i finally got to try an ionic 5. so i,was gonna do this whole video on the,state of evs electric cars and i was,doing all this research and looking into,it and the more i thought about it the,more i realized i really only had one,major point to make which is that if the,future of cars is electric then were,eventually going to have to get some,really good affordable electric cars,like theres a lot of really good,electric cars out there already and,theyre really tempting but theyre all,so expensive at least more expensive,than their gas counterparts and i also,do remember when i had that conversation,with elon musk in the tesla factory a,while ago and i asked him about like a,potential 25 000,good mass production electric car if,that was even possible and he said yes,and that answer has like made headlines,over and over again every few years,since then but the truth is its never,been harder to make cars than right now,and its never been more expensive to,make cars in right now obviously supply,chain issues and its hard to make a new,electric car for all these companies but,the point is yeah were eventually going,to have to get some good cheaper,electric cars and this ionic 5 that ive,been driving around for about two weeks,has convinced me that we are right on,the cusp of that so the ionic,to me stay with me is kind of like the,samsung zflip4 like its one of the,least expensive options in an expensive,new category,plus a flip phone in 2022 kind of has a,little bit of a retro future vibe and so,does this car i have started a new,channel to talk about all my thoughts on,cars i actually have quite a few of them,so the first video is on the rivian r1t,that i just took delivery of and were,actually already using it to shoot this,video because thats what i got it for,it beat the cyber truck to market by,quite a bit either way you can go,subscribe over there if youre,interested im really excited about that,channel im probably gonna shoot most of,that stuff on whatever phone im testing,at the time but the autofocus videos no,need to fear will still be here on this,main channel and i was so excited to,test out the ionic 5. see at some point,i just started seeing them around more,and more like theres a lot of teslas on,the road already so they kind of blend,in at this point i also feel like i see,a mustang mock e every other day but,these ionics just started popping up and,got my attention and i kept wondering,like okay wow lots of people are buying,them they must be pretty good right,theyre picking them over other options,and now after driving the thing for like,two weeks i get it i fully get it i mean,this is a well-rounded all-wheel drive,crossover with plenty of space a,distinct but not super lame or flashy,design an efficient 250 plus miles of,range and a sub 40 000 starting price,tag and it isnt really bad at anything,so on the outside it has this design of,like what people from the 80s thought a,car of the future would look like now,its obviously a crossover with a lot of,storage which is what people are into,right now but its very retro future and,angular and i really like it and the,coolest part for sure is the dot pixel,theme all over the car the tail lights,and the blinkers are pixels and the,front of the car thats my favorite part,the glossy black rectangle is maybe not,my favorite but everything else around,it especially the dot pattern led lights,is so sick its very unique on the road,and looks electric without looking dorky,i mean i cant really ask for much more,than that and then i have these like,four things that i keep in mind whenever,i see a new electric car just as far as,like pillars of reasonable electric cars,which would be solid range,uh fast charging,zippy performance and extra storage so,range is the easy one how far can it go,on a charge right so the ionic 5 was,giving me a really impressively accurate,range estimate as i drove around which i,really like its more accurate than,teslas and so on a full 100 charge it,would give me around 250 miles thats,right around my comfortable baseline and,itll charge up to a ridiculous 350,kilowatts which would theoretically take,it from 10 percent to 80 charge in 20,minutes now most of these chargers,available to this car arent that fast,but thats another story for another day,but then the zippy performance is the,other easy part this is the dual motor,all-wheel drive variant so its a little,more powerful than the single motor 300,mile version but with a little less,range and its easily as quick as any of,its gas powered equivalents i think on,paper its like a five second zero to,sixty which is already pretty good but,its not even about that its the zero,to thirty or the twenty to forty like,just zipping around town or merging onto,highways and with all that its very,responsive now the last pillar i say is,extra storage because when you get rid,of the gas engine obviously theres just,a bunch of extra space and all the parts,that come with it are gone and so every,company has a different way of taking,advantage of that extra space so rivien,did a pickup truck with a gear tunnel,and lots of other cars like tesla and,ford have added a front trunk the ioniq,does have a front trunk but its so,small that i dont really count it,really they just extended the wheelbase,and made a crossover suv with a ton of,internal storage big big trunk lots of,legroom and headroom in there and a ton,of space between the seats and theres,even this like movable armrest thing,between the front seats honestly other,than that this is a pretty average if,not slightly subpar interior for a 45,000 car but if nothing else it is,spacious so i say it checks that ev box,so the ionic hits all those fundamentals,which you know if we were missing one of,those then i would sort of question like,maybe i cant recommend this or id,question why its missing it but it has,all that stuff so that means everything,else is just extra you know stuff like,software features,autopilot type stuff,creature comforts little quirks and,features so ill give you a few things,that the ionic does that i really like,and then some other things that i dont,like so much so the ionic has paddle,shifters which might sound kind of weird,for a one gear electric car but they,adjust between levels of regenerative,braking so you can adjust on the fly,with the paddles between coasting like a,regular gas car all the way to one pedal,driving where it breaks when you come,off the accelerator its not the first,time ive seen that but i like it a lot,that is dope it also has an hud up front,with this top tier spec it has a really,solid traffic aware cruise control that,takes over on highway driving and makes,stop and go traffic way easier and it,supports both android auto and apple,carplay which is convenient because,aside from these capacitive buttons,which really should have either been,full on touchscreen or regular buttons i,think the worst thing in this car,is the maps and its funny the software,and navigating around is actually pretty,responsive its totally fine and the,features are nice it shows you how much,range youll get in each driving mode,plus how much extra you can get if you,dont use the air conditioner but the,second i pop into the maps which is,theoretically the most important part of,an electric car its brutally slow and,clunky and unintuitive so apple carplay,and android auto are great you know,in-car replacements for the ui but they,arent particularly good at charging,stuff so they dont know as of right now,if youre driving an electric car or not,and so if youre planning a trip they,dont know how many miles of battery you,have when you arrive at the charger and,how long you need to stop before you,need to go again its uh you kind of,need to rely on it so again android auto,apple carplay really good but for,actually doing a road trip and,navigating through chargers and planning,that way you kind of need the in-car map,to be good i might have to add

Hyundai Ioniq hybrid 2018 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

actually its not its the ionic the,high-end ionic this is basically their,version of the Toyota Prius now it,starts with 21,000 pounds and if you,click up they can go to Colorado dont,you okay and you can compare offers on,the ionic or any car for that matter,online in fact if youre thinking about,buying a new car any new car or your,friend is checkout car wow you can save,yourself some money so its locked it,also locks its a link you can turn that,feature off you just go through the,menus up here and its actually dead,easy to do so here on the inside in,terms of quality yeah soft touch,materials on the dash and up here it,its alright its not luxurious but its,just okay equipment levels are good,though so standard its pretty much cut,all you need this car you get stuff like,a turn English it on so you can see it,its got stuff like typical beeps and,bongs and charge from a hybrid you get,stuff like a reversing camera you get,things like deer be digital radio youve,got apple carplay and android auto if,you set it to the next level the SC then,you get an eight-inch touchscreen its,its actually quite nice to use its not,the fastest to respond and the graphics,arent the sharpest and you got some,physical shortcut buttons which do help,you out to navigate through the,different menus very quickly now if you,click up there you can actually see my,fault into it video review of this,infotainment system storage wise its,good you know youve got largest door,bins some storage under here theres an,area few mobile phone there and it does,have wireless charging if your phones,capable of doing that from the SE model,and above and of course if you dont,have that theres lots of places to just,charge the phone anyway now lets move,into the back now you looked at anything,decently room thats good,plus the foot wells with decent size and,the floor is almost flat and then you,sit back and that happens you hit your,head on the sloping roof now its not,like Im exactly tall Im 179,centimeters yeah even if Im just,relaxing my head is still touching the,roof its its such a shame you know,its a little bit ironic its a bit its,a bit like rain on your wedding day here,to throw it figured anyway,now lets move on to the boot its,actually a very good size so you can fit,quite a lot,stuff in this cars booze Ill just,remove the retractable no cover,and the way there doesnt appear to be a,specific place for it in the car this,looks like it could accommodate it,theres some like cutaways there it just,doesnt seem to add up,anyway Ill take it a hit from the head,cuz I cant be sure,now there is a bit of a boot lip to lift,stuff over so as you can see ya load,anything thats really heavy could hurt,your back and the boot just seems a,little bit devoid of features there are,a few tender points but that is about it,youre looking to hear though space over,spare wheel which is a good thing now if,I fold the seats down for even more,space yeah loads and loads and loads of,room but you do have a ridge here have,no one fall in which means that it makes,a bit harder to put things right to the,front so you have to do that and then,they slide around the city and then,which isnt great now for more,information on this cars practicality,click up there to watch my detailed,video youll be able to see just how,much stuff we could fit in this cars,boot how easy it is to fit a childs,seat what its like with three adults in,the back now weve looked round the car,lets see what its like to drive right,lets start this eye on the cup take it,for a drive,I hate all those annoying chimes all,right stick it to drive and off we go,now when you first pull away you can,actually do it on electric power alone,after all this car is a hybrid so youve,got a 1.6 litre petrol engine up front,and an electric motor but if you just,tickle the throttle slightly the petrol,motor kicks in and youve got that,whirring away as well though its not,too noisy when it does so its quite,seamless really and yeah meantime its,quite an easy car to drive,it feels very normal actually very car,like the brakes are nice and smooth,theyre not to grab you at all like they,can be in some hybrids and its simple,the gearshift its its a 6-speed auto,so thats like youll find in a normal,car and its generally pretty easy one,complaint I have though is a visibility,huge pillars theyre very small rear,window with a bar across the back of it,for the spoiler and rear pillars massive,so when youre looking at your shoulder,to pull out at Junction Z it can be a,bit awkward suspension wise its its,comfy enough in town not as comfy as a,Toyota prayers but its alright when you,head out on a faster a citizen boat when,accelerate it just works its way through,the gears like a normal car would its,its perfectly natural I think this is a,really good choice actually if you would,just like a normal car and have been put,off buying a diesel because of the,recent scandal and he wants and its,very economical this this is quite easy,to move into you can actually get a,plug-in hybrid version of this car and a,full-on evie electric version but,theyre heavier and the more expensive,and I think this is the suite by the,razors to the normal hybrid and its,alright for cruising on the motorway you,do get quite a lot of tire roar but its,its not overly unpleasant did its bare,I suppose the big question that you want,answered though is the economy so this,particular ioniq Im driving here should,do 74 miles per gallon and Im getting,68 its close and its very very,impressive,now some hybrid cars come in a little,bit cumbersome when you throw them into,some corners but this ionic doesnt at,all actually its just feels like any,other normal family hatchback really it,grips and goes with it seems absolutely,fine,its all fun but who cares not supposed,to be fun is it supposed to be,economical you can even change gears,yourself actually what do you do the car,feels pretty quick its noticeably,quicker than a Prius the only problem,with driving like that though is that,theres a little meter which logs your,driving style and mine saying that Im,12% aggressive Im sure my therapist,would think I was a lot more aggressive,than that now if you want more,information where this car feels like to,drive click up there to watch my point,of view test drive video which puts you,in the driving seat now then its time,for the car Wow five annoying things,about this car this flat iron die plaque,may be slightly more aerodynamic than a,normal budge but it just looks horrible,if youre great from the standard,15-inch wheels to these 17 inches the,cause economy falls by 12.5 miles per,gallon what are the tires like covered,in glue or something its just odd why,does high end I have to have such a big,dual reflectors and make invisible with,the door shut its not I hate it when L,can save dangers takes over the glove,box is full of manuels acts I mean,manuals look theres so many of them and,theyre so huge theres no space left,for anything else,there is no rear windscreen wiper on the,car so you have to improvise like this,if it starts to rain,its not all negative though heres five,good things about this car the carpet,and the roof lining and made from,sugarcane derived products to make them,more recyclable the ioniq has lots of,aerodynamic features such as air,breathers for the front wheels to help,make it slip for the air as effortlessly,as possible,to maximize the economy in fact it has,one of the most aerodynamic bodies of,any car on sale today with a drag,coefficient of 0.2 for CD theres a,driver only mode for the climate control,system so if youre in the car alone it,only blows you thats a bit rude but it,does save energy,aluminium is using the suspension of,this car and it saves 12 kilograms of,weight also the low cover in the ioniq,is actually 25% lighter than a normal,high and I like of our same yeah all,that helps improve the efficiency the,ionics engine has 40% thermal efficiency,which is really high in f

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