1. NEW Hyundai Kona Electric Review: An Affordable 400 Mile EV?! 4K
  2. The 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Is An Affordable Quick Long Range EV
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NEW Hyundai Kona Electric Review: An Affordable 400 Mile EV?! 4K

[Applause],a lot of people are looking for a,no-nonsense electric car thats cheap,thats practical and also has great,range not a lot of cars can tick all,those boxes but,heres one that might be able to its,the hyundai kona,electric,[Music],when i say its practical its a small,family suv with loads of space when i,say its got good range itll do 300,miles and when i say its affordable the,entry level car starts from 27 000,pounds and online on a pcp you can pick,one up for around 450 pounds a month,which sounds like a lot but for an ev,with 300 miles,trust me,thats a bargain,so its an attractive proposition but is,it attractive to look at well ill let,you be the judge for what its worth i,think it looks like a crossover pretty,generic in its shape but entirely,inoffensive and thats a compliment who,wants an offensive looking car i like,the paint finish which is called smurfy,blue metallic and the fact it has a,light on the front logo that illuminates,to tell you when its not safe to touch,any of the high voltage cables under the,bonnet not that you ever would but im,not so sold on the lights which at the,front have slim drls and chunky lower,main beams likewise at the rear the,brake lights are totally separate to the,reverse and indicator lights,i really dont know why they do that i,mean is it too expensive to have one set,of lights that does everything anyway,while im back here let me show you the,boot it opens manually no electric,operation here and its a fairly decent,size 332 litres not massive but its,well shaped there isnt an awful lot of,underfloor storage and your charging,cable is kept in a bag which does eat,into some of the room its got a flat,load area just here which is nice and,the rear seats fold down fairly easily,so you can get yourself a washing,machine in the back of there so decent,amount of space although to be honest,not that much bigger than say a ford,fiesta well im here actually let me,just have a word with some of you,americans out there every single time i,do a review of a hyundai somebody pipes,up and says its pronounced hyundai like,sunday no its not not in the uk over,here hyundai taught us to say hyundai,its in all of their adverts pronounced,hyundai so dont come in my comments,telling me how to pronounce that in this,country all right,sorted,where was i oh yeah rear space its okay,i fit ive got lots of headroom although,leg room for anyone around the 511 mark,might be a bit on the tight side what,might be more of a concern is foot space,theres not a lot of it my feet just,about fit under the seat in front but it,is quite snug probably because the,battery is in the floor and eats up some,space also our test car didnt feature,any rear usb ports or any rear,ventilation which seems a bit mean but,it does have a fold down armrest with a,couple of cup holders thanks hyundai,[Music],now whats it like from the best seats,in the house,well its all right,its all right look this isnt a car,thats built to make people say wow but,it does the basics,really well i hear a lot of people,complaining about the material quality,in some hyundais including this one but,its actually not that bad all right,yeah there is a bit of scratchy plastic,going on on the lower section of the,dashboard but just above that youve got,some textured stuff which i think looks,quite premium i think the main problem,is the fact that on the center console,youve got quite a lot of this grey,plastic which doesnt look amazing it,also appears here on the lower section,of the steering wheel but if you got rid,of that and swapped out for some gloss,black i think that would lift the cabin,quite substantially but look im not a,snob,today and i will say that the cabin to,me,is all right a quick word on,practicality youve got a couple of cup,holders youve got a big old storage,area in the center console youve got a,little flap just in front of the cup,holders for a wireless charging mat for,your mobile phone and also a usb port,you also get a second usb port,underneath this force floor just below,the center console and a 12 volt socket,but i do wish that given a few more usb,ports in this day and age,the more usbs the better,something else i have a little moan,about is the amount of space you get in,the door pockets its not massive,theres enough space in there for a,drink and maybe some haribo but thats,about it although having said that those,are two of the major food groups in my,household so maybe i shouldnt complain,too much ive only got positive things,to say about the technology in this car,as well its got a nice big digital,driver display which shows off your,speed your tire pressures and whether,youre putting power into the motor or,recuperating energy back into the,battery youve got a nice big,infotainment screen as well which is,really simple to use a lot of,manufacturers go for these,flashy animated icons on their screens,but this is no nonsense and everything,is nice and easy to find its also got a,row of physical buttons shortcut buttons,that make it so easy to find the,specific screen that you need also,look at this its got,knobs,knobs big twiddly knobs for adjusting,the volume and also changing the radio,station you gotta pay extra for that in,premium cars these days so its a very,welcome sight in this hyundai also look,more knobs theres another knob for,adjusting the temperature controls and,the the fan speed,just so refreshing isnt it plus this,car also comes with the option of apple,carplay and android auto so all in all,in terms of tech yeah decent,[Applause],before i talk about anything else in,this car i want to talk about range,because its its quite important in the,kona electric there are two battery,options a 39 kilowatt hour battery pack,and a 64 kilowatt hour battery pack the,39 will give you about 200 miles of,range wltp and this 64 will give you 300,miles of range wltp or at least thats,the theory wltp is normally not very,accurate normally you get slightly less,than what they claim but in the kona,electorate guess what,im getting more,it is,hyper efficient i did the school run,yesterday and i managed to get check,this out six miles per kilowatt hour,multiply six by 64. you get,384 miles of range,which is just,its ridiculous,i dont think ive sat in another,electric car that achieves those figures,its its frankly unbelievable,i will caveat that by saying that the,temperature was 12 degrees c and i was,running between sort of 20 and 40 miles,an hour not in stop start traffic but,still very very impressive i wanted to,do a run in the cold as well so i did a,school run this morning and it was two,degrees so i cranked up the heating to,the maximum and that was what it,indicated 27 degrees in the car with the,heater running full blast but i still,managed to get three miles per kilowatt,hour if you do the mass on that that,works out to be just shy of 200 miles so,regardless of what temperature it is,what season it is,you could end up getting between sort of,200 and 400 miles of range in this car,its just shocking isnt it im also,quite impressed by the fast charging,abilities of this car its not the best,in class but it will recharge at up to,77 kilowatts and that means you can go,from,10 to 80 in 46 minutes in this car you,combine that with the more than decent,range and what youve got is a car that,is more than capable of traveling long,distances,on the subject of rapid charging a,slight gripe in that area the charge,port makes the front of the car look a,little bit weird it ruins the lines but,the positioning is quite useful when the,flap works it lets you use charges,whether theyre on the left or right,hand side of the car and i must give,credit for the built-in lights which,make it easier to use in the dark and,the battery indicator leds are a nice,touch,also like to drive again more than,decent nice and easy to maneuver around,town the steering is quite sharp quite,nippy quite responsive but not,hyperactive the gear selector buttons on,the cente

The 2022 Hyundai Kona Electric Is An Affordable Quick Long Range EV

about three years ago hyundai surprised,consumers by introducing an electric,version of their strong selling hyundai,kona subcompact suv now the kono,electric was pretty intriguing because,this was an all-electric small suv that,offered nearly 300 pound-feet of torque,and it challenged tesla and chevy for,range with its 258 miles on a full,charge now of course over the years,hyundai has given the kona a few updates,however for 2022 they are giving the,kona the biggest update and this week as,you can see im testing the refreshed,2022 kona electric it has a new styling,on the exterior on the inside it also,got some more tech under the hood it,still has the same 201 horsepower single,motor front wheel drive power chain with,a 64 kilowatt hour battery pack now of,course now that hyundai has the ioniq 5,their dedicated battery electric vehicle,for those of you who are looking for a,more affordable and smaller long-range,ev how does the 2022 kona electric stack,up stay tuned to find out,[Music],so before i show you guys the exterior,changes that hyundai made i want to go,over of course whats going on,underneath the hood now the ionic 5,their dedicated ev does offer a small,front however as you can see with the,kono electric because this was designed,to be a gas car first it doesnt offer,any kind of front space which is to be,expected now there are no changes for,2022 with the powertrain of the kona,electric we still have a permanent,magnet synchronous ac electric motor,that powers the front wheel so this,vehicle is still only front-wheel drive,it still makes 201 horsepower and,291 feet of torque thats the most,torque in the kona family that actually,has more torque versus the high,performance kona n that i tested late,last year it all goes out through a,single speed reduction gear transmission,of course and like i mentioned earlier,only front front-wheel drive with plenty,of front-wheel drive burnouts now this,is one of the most efficient evs on the,market,hyundai says it uses the same 64,kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack,and youll go a maximum of 258 miles on,a full charge now,a lot of people have been able to beat,that ranged figure uh in the real world,which i will be testing ill mention,that later on during the driving scene,uh and uh in terms of performance this,should do 0-60 and around the six and a,half second range in terms of charging,this vehicle will charge basically from,10 to 80 to 100,on a level two charger in about nine,hours and if you guys can find a dc fast,charger which you can see the port is,actually right here um this vehicle will,charge at a maximum of 100 kilowatts,which means you can go from 10 to 80,charge on a fast charger in roughly 47,minutes which is definitely slow for the,segment but it should be quick enough,for most of you especially when you,consider the price range of this car,now lets take a look at their styling,of the refreshed kona you can see just,like the gas model the electric version,did get a new front fascia and i have to,say i think the electric version is,probably my least favorite in terms of,the exterior styling you can see hyundai,had to get rid of the grill because it,just wasnt necessary for the electric,version it doesnt need the cooling the,headlights have been updated you still,have the x led daytime running lights,and turn signals at the top where it is,separated from the actual headlight,module you can see you have a refr,reflector style led the turn signal here,is not a sequential as you can see no,fog lights on the car but those are,functional vents right there that allow,air to kind of create a curtain over the,front the front charge part as you can,see is right here and it creates an,awkward look this is why i dont like,the exterior or the front end styling of,the electric version because i dont,like where hyundai put the charge port,door it should have been at the side or,at the back of the vehicle like you,might find on the hyundai ioniq 5. now,looking at the side profile you can see,this is a very small suv i mean you,could even you couldnt even call it an,suv in some countries or some areas,because it only offers 6.2 inches of,ground clearance which is pretty low the,battery pack that lines the floor,obviously lowers the center of gravity,in this vehicle but youre not going to,be taking this vehicle too far off the,beaten path you can see all kona,electrics come standard with these uh,17-inch wheels they have they have been,refreshed theyre uh riding on two 15 55,series tires and again these tires all,season tires simply do not have enough,grip uh for how powerful this car is now,looking at the rest of the side profile,you can see this is only,165.5 inches long its a really small,vehicle its wheelbase is 102.5 inches,long its roughly almost 20 inches,shorter versus the ionic five so again,this is going to be great for those of,you who live in smaller urban,environments above me you can see that,sunroof is standard on this limited,version it does open thats something,you cant get on the ionic 5 but it is,optional if you guys go for the baser,sel trim now looking at the rear you can,see the taillights have also been,slightly tweaked i do like the new led,turn signal over here the reverse light,is just an incandescent the tail lights,and brake lights are however led uh it,just it basically just looks like an a,hatchback for me back here theres also,a pretty large electric badge over here,surprisingly no blue badges or anything,like that youre gonna find on some of,the newer hyundai vehicles,that are electrified opening up the,trunk you can see no power liftgates,available thats kind of expected in,this segment but you can see cargo space,is actually on the small side this,actually has less space i believe than,the old accent hatchback at 19.3 cubic,feet of space there is a little bit of,under uh floor storage over here but you,cant even fit something like the charge,port door on this but if you open this,up you can see thats actually where the,charge port door fits and hides there is,no spare tire just to fix a flat kit so,thats something to keep in mind if you,fold down the second row seats itll,expand it out to around 45 cubic feet of,space which is good but again it is a,lot smaller than some competitors,because this is a really small suv,so the exterior changes were pretty,minimal so lets go ahead and hop into,the interior of the kona electric you,can see heres the key fob for the,vehicle all kind of electrics come with,hyundais smart key access system it,includes remote start on the actual fob,but as you can see it doesnt have the,smart park feature like the ionic 5,where you can pull the vehicle forward,and back hyundai does offer their,digital key where you could use an,android phone to actually unlock start,the vehicle with just your phone as a,key but again i use an iphone so thats,not possible right now now as i approach,the vehicle and open the doors you can,see very traditional door handles,because remember this is built off of a,traditional gas powered car and this,limited version that im showing you is,has a pretty nice,safe color combination the gray with the,gray leather interior with the,contrasting blue stitching these seats,are an 8-way power adjustment with a,two-way lumbar support no memory seats,however but the seats are heated and,ventilated which is definitely nice,wasnt expecting to find that the,steering wheel is also heated and,basically it makes a pretty nice first,impression with the upgraded technology,features now as i get into this vehicle,im going to notate that you actually,have to fall into the vehicle so it,doesnt give you that you know easier,higher step in height that you expect,for the crossover but once youre in,here you can see it does give you a,pretty good view of the road as i shut,the door,the door has a relatively solid sounding,thunk remember this is built off of the,previous generation hyundai elantra,platform now to start it up you can se

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New Hyundai Kona Electric vs Kia e-Niro – Two sisters, only one winner / Electrifying

okay so todays video is actually going,to be a little bit different isnt it,works,oh cool were going to do some dancing,no i would not subject,the audience to our dancing ive seen,you dancing its pretty,[Music],lets good actually i take that back,yeah moving on swiftly,uh no we are actually going to do a bit,of a refresher course,in two pure electric cars that we at,electrifying really love,yeah we do actually get asked about,these two quite a lot on electrifying,so what we thought wed do is break it,down to the bare basics so that even,someone like me could understand,and that is saying something today we,are going to be talking about,the kia e nero and the hyundai kona,electric,as we said this video is a little bit,different so please do let us know in,the comments if you find it,useful and click on that little bell,icon,so you find out when our latest video,pops up,right so lets get down to brass tacks,or more pertinently small,electric korean suvs now as we said,were going to break this down a little,bit,because we get asked about these cars a,lot on the website,and it can get slightly confusing,because theres been a lot of electric,cars launched in the past what,18 months but one of the reasons we like,these cars is that theyve got really,efficient batteries and motors,and also up until recently they would,have been considered the absolute class,leaders because you got the kind of,range out of them,that you was the preserve of much more,expensive cars,and also i think the other thing to,point out is that these two cars,make going electric easy yes they do,they are very,very straightforward cars to use and it,really helps you for making a nice,simple switch um the other thing is,quite ironically we are comparing two,cars that are kind of identical,um despite the exterior and the facade,underneath they have exactly the same,hardware and now that is because hyundai,actually owns kia um so theyre kind of,made together theyve got all the good,bits the same,underneath so that means theyve both,got a 64 kilowatt hour battery,they both have 201 brake horsepower,motors which is pretty good which is,pretty good,and well i think this is particularly,good they both,do not 62 miles an hour in under eight,seconds,thats actually quite fast when i was,not when you were young but when i was,young anything under eight seconds was,like a hot hatch,um i mean its not surprising but the,the nearest slightly bigger,heavier less aerodynamic so on the wltp,range that should get about 282 miles,wow which is pretty good yeah but i have,to say,the uh kona because its slightly,smaller slightly less weight slightly,more aerodynamic,thatll hit the magic 300 which is,which is a big wltp range by anybodys,standards yeah that is a number that,puts a smile on our faces um,and they do have impressive ranges and,this is genuine theyre not just,official stats,we have actually both and actually the,rest of the electrifying team,spent quite a lot of time driving these,cars and doing long distances in them,hang on you were on the launch in 2018,so i was at paris mode show when we did,yeah a big you know i was one of the,first people to get experience the drive,in the kia inero and i drove for 467km,its about 290 miles so its like just,under 300,and that was normal kind of driving so,you werent hyper miling and drafting,trucks,no no hyper miling no nikki shields,driving normal driving,so you did it properly did it properly,and i also then i think a year later,drove from london to paris on a single,charge and thats big news because you,dont get away with,you you have to drive them properly to,do that kind of mileage in a day,yes of course youre on motorways but,these two cars regularly will get in,winter,more than 250 miles of range which is,brilliant yeah that is super super,impressive,and its probably why we like them so,much,as you might expect the same goes for,charging because they both have the same,battery and seven to seven kilowatt,charging ability,so thats 10 hours 15 minutes from flat,to full on a home war box,10 to 80 on a big public rapid charger,in 45 minutes,or 63 minutes on the more common 50,kilowatt charges,both get 11kw ac charging ability on,some models,but thats industrial power so unless,you live in a warehouse unit,its not common both cars charge from,the nose under this flap here which is,actually really quite handy because then,you dont have to,reverse into a charging space and both,cars,have battery warming systems on all,models for when it gets,chilly however if you want a heat pump,that harvests heat from elsewhere,to warm the cabin when its woolly hot,weather its an,875 pound option on the kona and,only standard on the e nero on the top,four plus model,now they both get apps that let you,control things like winter preheating,but,both of these cars are very efficient,and that of course is a very good thing,so what were actually talking about is,exactly the same car,wearing different bodies right yes,exactly,underneath they are identical its like,its basically like they put a different,outfit on,um so you really only have to choose,between,which one you prefer the looks of i i,mean,both neither not im not sure same same,that looks just a bit generic to me like,every other,kind of suv of that size i know you,dont like that,that kind of pointless grill the diamond,diamond grill,cut out shapes why do you not like that,though i think that looks fine,it just is a bit pointless well i look,at that and think its like its got,its got no mouth it doesnt need a,mouth its got the grill underneath,where it needs to be,it serves a purpose the the other bit,doesnt need to be there,and thats thats the 2021 model isnt,it so its got the slightly slimmer,lights you know the top lights,theyre actually daylight running lights,and then the headlights bit the bigger,bit,i think i prefer that just because it,looks a little bit more weird,and i like weirder so i would agree but,disagree i like it,because it looks cool its like sleek,its stylish,i dont think it looks weird this looks,like a practical family car there is one,thing to point out though,well im going to say two words space,race,because this is why ikea may win,so to demonstrate boot space i have,packed everything i need for a night,away,and so have i ah everything,including the kitchen sink but its a,bathroom sink,[Music],okay right lets get down to the serious,business um,so this is i would say a typical size,weekend bag,uh and in the kona now as you would,expect,the kona boot is slightly smaller it,comes in at 361,liters um fine for a weekend bag but,if you have small children and youre,dealing with things like buggies and,travel cots and big suitcases,then its going to be a bit limiting,however,you can put the back seats down cue my,not so glamorous oh ow this is more,complicated than it looks,come on dear right now,hes not gonna be employed again for,this job thats for sure right and the,seats,do actually seamlessly go down um just,get a better assistant,and that gives you a whopping 1143,liters and theyre,theyre not completely flat but theyre,almost flat um,so its enough its not loads its,something to be aware of,i can beat you have a look over here,because this is the inner okay lets,just check this out look,youve got a proper bit of underfloor,storage there so you can put your cables,in and its actually a proper space,rather than some sort of shelf which the,cone has got also if i put our test bag,into the into the space youll notice it,is a bit bigger so thats 451 liters,so its a good chunk more than the than,the kona and if my glamorous assistant,puts the seats down,with the seats down thats 1405 liters,so again,it is unsurprisingly a little bit more,than the kona more to the point though,its quite a good square space so if you,have something like a dog in a dog,carrier then,this will be slightly more practical did,you you just literally said,a good dog in a dog well thats it well,as,a demonstration im going to

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Hyundai Kona Review after 20,000 miles, is it still a game-changer? | Fully Charged

this is a game-changing MetroCard really,[Music],there we go,parking brake on park switch off I do,will eat the seatbelt get out of gum so,its all so straightforward so welcome,to the second of my garden reviews this,is the Hyundai Kona and this is fully,charged so weve had this car for over a,year now and its done over 20,000 miles,about twenty thousand and four hundred,or something like that it has been this,has been a real revelation this vehicle,so my wife generally drives this car if,if both of us have a complete choice and,theres no stress in the relationship,and we can either use this car or the,Tesla Model 3 to do a longer journey we,will both tend to choose the Tesla Model,3 my wife included but she absolutely,loves this car now this is really,interesting because the Tesla Model 3 is,the most sought-after electric car in,the world,the Hyundai Kona is a very close second,to the most sought-after car in the,world so they are both incredibly,popular its very understandable why,this is so popular its a lot cheaper,than a Tesla Model 3 this car starts at,29,000 pounds Ive got a spec sheet Ive,got a spec sheet so I can do the funky,numbers right it has a 64 kilowatt hour,usable battery that is really important,thats a R its not a 64 kilowatt hour,battery its much bigger because a,electric car battery is never full and,never empty and thats what protects it,and thats what gives it its long life,it doesnt drain it to the till its,properly empty or fill it till its,properly full so its got a buffer but,theres 64 kilowatt hours of usable,electrical power in the battery which is,far more important to know then its,overall gross size the,on all these figures are according to,evey database which is you know if you,really want to have a real world look at,whats going on in electric cars thats,a good place to start all alternatively,fully charged dot show which also,contains vast swings a beautifully,manufactured information that isnt,right is that you shouldnt manufacture,information it should collect,[Music],now apparently it has according to Evy,database this is where Im slightly I,might dispute this with them they are,saying its 260 watt hours per mile is,the average energy consumption because,thats the really critical thing about,this car the energy efficiency of this,vehicle is truly remarkable it was a,really the first one where we noticed oh,my god this uses less electricity than,other electric cars its really really,noticeable so theyre the real world,range 245 miles average so that is,probably not that far out because what,weve found with this is big variation,summer and winter big variation in,highway driving urban driving so one of,the fascinating things is theyre saying,170 miles range highway at winter I,dont think weve ever got it that bad,but you know thats when its really,cold youre driving at highway speeds,for a long time it definitely reduces,the range I would say 190 you know,theyre disputing a tiny amount really,but the testing and these these tests,have been done three hundred three,hundred and seventy miles,this time counter temperature from from,April till end of September that if,youre driving in urban environments,slowly here and theyre just short slow,journeys three hundred and seventy miles,range I wonder if this would be any good,as a taxi so yes amazing amazing fuel,efficiency the one anecdote that I can,do I was when we drove to the,Netherlands a couple of years ago and I,was driving a Jaguar I paced fantastic,brilliant car camera and Mark was,driving a Nissan Leaf the first 40,kilowatt hour one which had amazing,range but that was all we had to charge,the most and Johnny Smith who was,driving the Hyundai Kona he was getting,5.2 miles to the kilowatt hour so,confusing these numbers lets just stick,with how far it goes on a killer in on a,killer hour thats the closest weve got,to a a gallon I plead with all,manufacturers to measure your battery,size in kilowatt hours BMW and to,measure your consumption in miles or,kilometers per kilowatt hour that makes,it much easier to understand,dont obfuscate like you have done with,miles per gallon and we buy it in liters,who knows how efficient their cars are,no one vehicle fuel equivalents so if,this car had a petrol engine but did the,same energy efficiency as it does it,would do 176 miles to the gallon which,is pretty good for a car of this size in,terms of cost its doing about 400 miles,per gallon but lets not even talk about,that nought to sixty two is seven point,six seconds which is faster than the,mini e in fact youre faster than quite,a lot of cars one of the quirks of this,car and this is particularly for a,gentleman my age who is not trying to,show off and do sporty burnouts thats,not something I do but Ive pulled out,of two supermarket car parks when,theres pedestrians around is back in,the olden days when they were,pedestrians around and it was quite,quiet in a you know a little nervous,market town supermarket Im not showing,off and Im pulling out into traffic and,I just give it a bit too much throttle I,span the front wheels its front-wheel,drive enormous screech of screaming,rubber and then I have to drive really,slowly up this like 20 mile an hour zone,Im not trying to go fast I was just,pulling out its got so much grunt,youve got to be really careful with it,now that is you know its not a good,sign really because you it should be,more controlled than that but if you,want to spin the tires and get some,smoke coming off them you cant do it,charging really interesting again so it,has CCS and type-2 I charge it seven,kilowatts here at home I can charge it,on a rapid charge 50 kilowatts CCS,charger thats really good Ive used one,charger on this car at an eye on a t,charger that could charge up to 350,kilowatts and it pumped 70 kilowatts,into this car so more than 50 and it was,noticeably quicker it really did bump it,up well apparent I didnt realize this,but its maximum input is 77 kilowatts,well we noticed 70 I think it does have,roof bars a lot of people ask about this,its got roof bars you can put a roof,rack on this car and it can carry a,maximum capacity of 80 kilograms which,sounds like a lot to me,it has to ISOFIX seats for children,seats five seats altogether it has a 332,liters of space in the boot and if you,put all those seats down it has 1114,liters which is good its very roomy,okay so heres our experience of this,car is when youre driving on a longer,journey the question is what podcast,audio book or radio channel do I listen,to not have I got the range you dont,even think about that how I have stopped,so many times in this car to get a,coffee and have a gentlemens break,without thinking about plugging it in,doesnt even occur to me just isnt,necessary in the summer last year I,drove to economy remember where it was,not in them its 130 miles and I was all,motorways except for the first 11 miles,till I got on a motorway then its,motorway highway all the way drove there,did a talk in the evening when you could,do things like that and there was an,audience people in the same room its,hard to explain this to young people,they dont know what that was like many,of us gathered together in one space did,the talk got back in the car drove home,listen to an audiobook fascinating audio,book probably about the history of the,oil industry thats the sort of weird,listen see and got back home and went oh,my god I didnt even think did not even,think about stopping to charge the car,didnt even cross my mind and when I got,back it was I dont know what maybe 25%,something I mean it wasnt nearly empty,it wasnt flashing and going alarming,its amazing on test that theyve done,with the this car and many others,the Hyundai Kona and the Tesla Model 3,were the closest to their advertised,range you know when you see all these,things when you see them advert for,petrol cars that do you know 63 miles to,the gallon no they dont do that if,youre going downhill with the 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2022 Hyundai Kona Electric SUV review | What Car?

a nine-month gap,between ordering a car and seeing it,turn up on your drive,might be something youd expect for a,limited edition version,of an extremely expensive sports car but,some people,had to wait nine months to get hold of,this hyundai suv,but with respect this is no ordinary,hyundai suv,the hyundai kona electric is the korean,manufacturers trailblazing fully,electric suv,which burst onto the scene in 2018 with,a 300 mile range,and a reasonable price tag in early,electric car terms at least,so perhaps then its no wonder that the,limited initial supply,was very quickly outstripped by the,demand but theres,no such problem now part with your cash,for one of these and the longest youll,have to wait in the uk,is two weeks if you have to wait at all,so is this,the moment instead of buying a,fuel-powered suv with a posh badge,should you instead take that budget,embrace the electric revolution,and go for this 300 mile ready kona,electric,were going to tell you in this review,but first do make sure youre subscribed,to our channel so you can watch all of,our new car reviews,and if you do want to go and buy any new,car go to our website whatcarl.com to,get a great saving,the kona electric has just had a,facelift and the biggest change is down,here,at the front where in the previous coney,had this kind of awkward-looking,plasticky grill,but now you can see its got a much,sleeker front end,but even after a slight nip and tuck,its unlikely to turn as many heads as,the new hyundai ioniq 5 which is the big,brother,to this smaller suv click the link to,see your review of that car,theres also now a 10.3 inch digital,driver display which comes as standard,on every kona electric but,thats it in every other respect this is,very similar to before,the bigger change is more out of the,kona electrics control,when it first went on sale the kona and,the closely related kia inero,were very much outliers they were the,only real option,if you wanted an ev that was cheaper,than a tesla but still,had a massive range but that is,different now in this price range,between 30 to 40 000 pounds youve got,a big number of rivals and many more to,come so now were looking at cars like,the peugeot e-2008 the citroen ec4 the,vw id3,and also theres the mg zs ev which is,actually a lot cheaper than all of those,rivals plus,theres more and more being released all,the time it seems so,with this new competition how does the,kona electric compare does this change,our opinion of the car well the truth is,that the interior has never really blown,us away,so its always had quite a plasticky,look,and feel to it so the robustness isnt,in doubt does all feel,pretty well put together but its the,materials here and there that just,feel a little bit cheaper than you get,in some other rivals particularly,whatever this steering wheel is wrapped,in just doesnt feel very nice,so even the closely related e-nero does,feel like a step,up compared to the kona electric and so,too does the peugeot e2008 which has got,a really nice interior,but to be fair the koni electric is,quite similar to what you get from the,vw,id3 but while it might not be towards,the top of the class in terms of quality,the infotainment system that comes with,the kona electric,is very good indeed its among the,better infotainment systems you get out,there so,its got all the features that youd,want including apple carplay and android,auto as standard,fairly simple layout and you also have,these helpful physical shortcut,buttons and a couple of dials to help,control it as well so that is,very impressive and this new digital,driver display really good to have great,that it comes as standard very easy and,simple to see all the information that,you need,and you generally have a really good,driving position here as well youre not,really high up as you might expect in an,suv necessarily but its still,all aligned very nicely comfortable here,as well plus its great that every cone,electric gets adjustable lumbar support,as standard to help save your back on,long journeys,rear seat space isnt a strength of the,kona electric its relatively tight back,here,but if youre just under six foot as i,am then you can still,sit up straight without your head,brushing the roof lining,theres an all right amount of knee room,and leg room and,a couple of six footers could sit back,here relatively comfortably,over long distances but for the money an,id3,and also an e nero are more,accommodating for rear passengers,those rivals also have bigger boots than,the kona electric because in this car,you can only fit,four carry-on sized suitcases into this,pretty shallow load bay,but in an e-nero you can fit five and a,nissan leaf you can fit seven,but even in something like a renault zoe,that can get six into its boot,plus in the kona electric there isnt,much in the way of underfloor storage,either so that means that youre stuck,with these charging cables,in this handbag with some handy velcro,strips on the back,to sit in the boot and take up space,there,but while it might not be quite so,amazing for practicality there is,clearly one,area where the kona electric still,massively excels and that,is the range now the claimed official,wltp,electric range from a full charge in the,kona electric,is 300 miles to go much further than,that in an electric car youd have to,spend,quite a bit more money on a ford mustang,mackie or a tesla,and even in our independent real range,testing which gives you a genuine,real-world figure for the range of an,electric car,it managed 259 miles which is far enough,to fit into plenty of peoples lives but,what about the rest of the driving,experience,well the kona electric has never been,the most,comfortable electric car in its class so,whatever speed youre going at,it does kind of jostle you around a bit,inside its not enough to become,really uncomfortable or annoying but if,you compare it to an e-nero,or the id-3 both those cars feel much,more settled,and much more cushioned as well so they,do ride better,its also a bit noisier in here too,compared to those cars,the handling doesnt excite much either,an id3 superior body control and better,weighted steering,makes it more enjoyable to drive and,inero is slightly better too,but the corner isnt terrible at low,speeds around town,its a typical electric car really,smooth,really quiet very easy to steer into a,parking space,all those basic stuffs covered plus,its actually pretty quick as well so,north to 60 miles per hour is covered in,about seven seconds,which is as quick as youd get from an,id3 and an e-nero but admittedly,a tesla model 3 would leave it in the,dust but you do,still need to be quite gentle on the,accelerator,with the koner electric because with 201,brake horsepower,the traction control turned off sport,mode engaged and a bit of steering lock,applied,it is quite easy to overwhelm the front,[Applause],tires,[Music],that is with the 64 kilowatt hour,version of the kona electric which were,driving here but you can also get,a 39 kilowatt hour version of this car,now with that smaller battery you also,have a less powerful electric motor so,theres less burnout potential,but it also reduces the range so on that,version of the kona,the claimed range is 180 miles and in,real-world driving conditions you can,expect between 150,160 miles now its cheaper but,when you take away the massive range,that this car offers,you lose a significant chunk of its,appeal,on the subject of price the 39,kilowatt-hour version looks really quite,competitive next to its rivals,but because the range isnt particularly,great we definitely still recommend,jumping up to the 64 kilowatt-hour,version,and if youre wondering which trim to go,for theres three to choose from but,even though entry-level sc connect is,really well equipped,it only comes with a smaller 39 kilowatt,hour battery so instead wed go for the,middle trim,which is premium and then you can get,the bigger battery and you also get,led headlights and automatic

2022 Hyundai Kona Electric | Should This Be Your First EV?

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New Hyundai KONA Electric – Full Review

hello and welcome to evie review ireland,my name is derek reilly today were,looking at the refreshed hyundai kona,and its one sometimes people forget,about but its still an amazing range,vehicle well built,size-wise sometimes it can get a bit,tight in the back and in the boot but,a lot of people like this car in a,couple of different variants because it,comes in a combustion engine and it also,comes in a fully electric but as you,know on this channel we only deal in the,fully electric and how would you know,this is the fully electric one and again,like a lot of electric vehicles youll,know because it has no,front grille and with the refresh,version this is all nice and smooth,whereas the other one kind of had a,checker plate finish,so really like the styling on it you,also have these new designed um,daylight runner lights and theyre also,your indicators underneath you do have,halogen bulbs not leds um you have your,charging here seven kilowatt on ac and,on dc 77 kilowatt two different battery,sizes as well you have a 39 kilowatt,hour and a 64 kilowatt hour with that,range on the smaller battery about 300,and thats what i this is the smaller,battery one getting about 294 when i got,into it and then with the larger battery,the 64 kilowatt hour battery that is up,at around 470,and with good weather and easy driving,ive seen people getting over 500,kilometers on it,this is the entry level uh hyundai,electric,you used to have the ioniq the original,the uh,the og,also known as the wind knife but now,youve got the ionic five but for this,prices are starting at around 34 000,euros going all the way up to about 30,sorry 44 000 euros,depending on the trim youve got,executive youve got premium and then,youve got premium with two-tone,but obviously with the black wouldnt,make much difference,otherwise on the front its all fairly,same you have some cooling in underneath,for um for battery cooling etc,and then you have some aero as well,here the air cuttens down along the side,no fronting underneath but you can get,some aftermarket trays that you can put,in there if you wanted to have,some storage in underneath there 17-inch,wheels,good size wing mirrors in fairness you,have a roof rail with a roof rack,attachments youve got the body collar,door handles and also youve noticed on,the upgraded refresh that the wheel,arches are body colored again on the,black its hard to tell it but on the,solid blue or the solid grays youll see,that the wheel arches the same color and,the side moldings are the same body,color as well,and then youve got that flashing of,black back here,in the c-pillar with that c-pillar,window,overall,i think it was a nice little update to,the front and i think the front is what,dated it but this new smooth front,is really nice youve got this hyundai,badge and youve got a little light,inside there and when that light,illuminates it means dont go near any,of the high powered,cables,which is a nice little safety function,that theyve put on the outside of it,otherwise,thats the front and the side of the,hyundai kona lets have a spin around,the back and have a look at the rear,design hasnt changed much either in,fairness,down along the back of the cone and,starting at the top youve got your,shark venereal youve got your spoiler,with your high level brake light a wiper,which is always great to see on any car,youve got your um,led brake lights at the rear and then,your indicators and your reversing,lights underneath it your large hyundai,sign,and,badge but then on the left hand side,youve got kona and then youll also,know if youre following a corner,whether its electric or not because it,has electric in underneath,some gray and black moldings in,underneath,reversing cameras probably one of the,nicest reversing cameras that ive had,and well talk about that on the drive,inside then you have your boost 330 odd,liters so not huge but not bad,now you have a small shelf in underneath,um,for storage and for your,pump etc for your there isnt a spare,wheel in it youve got some tie off,points,on the actual floor pan but also on the,top and youve got a light in here as,well,and youve got your hyundai charging,cable,uh seats fall 60 40 there isnt a ski,through there isnt a ski hatch,and youve got your parcel shaft here,lets have a look on the inside whats,it like on the inside of the high-end,kona and you may recall ive already had,this on the channel at the time i wasnt,able to get it directly from hyundai so,i partnered with ufo or ufo drive here,in dublin which is a an electric car,rental company,but that was an older generation version,whereas this one is the refresh version,and what you have is pretty similar,dont get me wrong,lots of buttons on the door lots of,buttons over your knees lots of buttons,everywhere so if you are a fan of,physical buttons and knobs the hyundai,corner will not let you down,uh doors all your electrics and your,ability to lock windows and lock doors,and over your knee then is um asc,lights uh leveling and also brightness,inside of the dash,its a physical button to start and its,a key,um steering wheel is a good size,some people dont like the feel of the,actual material on it whether its,pleather or leather and on the left-hand,side then youve got your typical,hyundai voice control volume etc and on,the right-hand side its modes and menus,and travel assists behind that then you,have your regenerative braking and,theres a couple of different levels on,that and what theyve done with the,refresh version is they havent allowed,you when you change the drive mode to,keep the regen level it moves around so,if its eco its more and if its sport,its less etc etc um you have your,wipers on the right and youve got your,lights and indicators on the left behind,the actual steering wheel then you have,a 10.25 inch screen really clear great,to see that upgrade,and it gives you all the information,left to speed right is whats going on,in the car and then,in the middle you can change that to,whats displayed it can be speed it can,be navigation etc,starting with the center console moving,from back to front you have a large,pocket in underneath youve got a little,cubby hole youve got heated seats in,the high end icona and also heated,steering wheel your camera your,automatic hole and your drive modes two,cupholders your automatic handbrake and,your buttons for your,drive mode selection park reverse,neutral and in underneath then you have,a usb type a and uh we childless achi,wireless charging pad in underneath that,little cover youve got physical buttons,for your hvac system temperature and,speed but also theres an automatic mode,and then up on top then you have the,updated,10.25 inch screen similar to the driver,infotainment play and cluster,and you recognize the menu because its,that high unlike ikea group uh menu if,you jump into a key ev6 this is the,exact same just a change of icons so,youve got your regular home,and it has multi-screen on them with all,your different buttons android auto on,apple carplay are wired,and youve got your shortcut buttons,underneath your map etc etc no sunroof,in this version and i believe in some,markets and also some trims you also,have a head-up display but not on this,version that were trying today youve,got your glove box which actually is a,fairly decent size,a lot of grays inside here and the,headliner is a light gray the seats are,light gray as well and you know what it,breaks it up a small bit rather than,black i recently looked at the mg4 which,will be a competitor to this and similar,in size,and youll see that review on the,channel,getting a great reaction because because,of the price,of it or the expected price of it,at this time of filming we still havent,got a price on it but its going to be,that sub 30 markers when youre looking,at the likes of this which are mid 30s,to mid 40s um,as much of it has an amazing range,youre starting to get competition,coming into the marketplace now this,does have that amazing

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