1. Pet Nutritionist Ranks Cat Foods | Purina, Orijen, Fancy Feast, and More!
  2. Worst cat food brands – avoid these!
  3. Why You Should Not Feed Your Cat Iams (or Any Other Cheap Food)
  4. IAMS kitten versi murah dari Proplan Kitten?
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Pet Nutritionist Ranks Cat Foods | Purina, Orijen, Fancy Feast, and More!

hi everybody and welcome back to my,channel if you are new here hello my,name is skylar,i am a certified dog trainer and pet,nutritionist,today we are going to be doing a tier,list,ranking a whole bunch of different cat,food brands,now this is not a list of all of my,favorite brands in fact this is more of,a list of some of the best,and some of the very worst kibbles in,the industry,so keep that in mind while we go through,this video,i would also like to make sure that,everybody is on the same page here,kibble is not the best diet to be,feeding your cat or dog,or any animal kibble was originally,created for the,convenience of the pet owner and not,necessarily with,whats best for the cat or dog in mind,that being said,the more wet food that youre able to,add whether it be canned raw,or cooked meat the better and adding,those things to a kibble diet is going,to make it much more well-rounded,much more nutritious cats are also,obligate carnivores which means that,they need meat in order to survive their,body cant produce some of the essential,amino acids they need to live,and they have to therefore get it from,the things that they eat if you would,like to learn,more about biologically what a cat,should and should not be eating,i do have a video all about that that i,will link above and as well as,in the description now a couple of,disclaimers,just because the food is not on this,list does not mean that its a bad food,it also does not mean that its a good,food,my goal with these lists is that you,listen to me kind of talk about each,food,and pick up on some information that you,can then apply to whatever food youre,feeding in the future,we are also not going to be diving into,any of the,recalls or ethics of the company,or any of the sourcing practices,necessarily in this particular video,i do go into those topics during my deep,dive review videos,i have a couple of those here on this,channel that you can definitely look out,for ill link them,up above and in the description but this,is purely just,looking at the packaging and the,ingredient panel the things that you,would see when you walk into a store,and you start doing some base level,research on a food,we are also going to be touching on some,veterinary and prescription foods in,this video,and again i am purely looking at these,as,someone with some pet nutrition,background,and analyzing them as a food as,what it is i would love to go into a,whole separate video about,vet foods and my opinions on them but,again thatll be a completely different,video,if you would like to see that be sure to,give this video a thumbs up and leave me,a comment down below,um just so i can maybe bump it to the,top of my filming schedule,so with all that said lets go ahead and,take a look at our ranking system,so right at the very very bottom here we,have the pee pee poo poo,and this is gonna be food thats more,suited,for chicken feed than for feeding your,cat,this level is all gonna be really really,crude ingredients,like corn wheat soy by-products,these are all probably going to be,larger companies that dont have as,great sourcing as some of the,independent companies and these are,going to be foods that again are,predominantly corn versus,the meat that these obligate carnivores,need to survive,the next level that we have is yucky,this one is,a step up from the pee pee poo poo foods,these still do,include corn wheat soy and by-products,for ingredients that we like to avoid,but these ones might have meat,as the first ingredient and have these,other four ingredients,a little bit farther down on the,ingredient panel which makes them a,little bit better,but i would still not recommend feeding,foods in this level next up we have,cheers cheers are going to be great,entry-level foods,to kind of get you started into this,world of feeding your pet better,these foods are typically corn wheat soy,and by-product free which we love to see,thats like our bare minimum here on,this channel,but these foods also come from larger,companies and with that,comes less control over sourcing not as,great sourcing,and a lot more recalls and that kind of,stuff which again,were not going to go too far into this,video but i do want you to be aware of,that and then we have,oh hell yeah oh hell yeah is kind of my,base level of foods that i typically,recommend to people when im doing,nutritional consults,these foods are typically independent,which means they have a little bit more,control over their sourcing and their,ingredients,theyre all going to be meat first foods,theyre going to be very high quality,these ones it does not mean that they,have never had a recall,but being in this tier and being that,their independence and being that they,have a little bit more control over,their sourcing,typically means that they are less,likely to have a recall so thats good,to keep in mind,next at the very tippy top we have,chefs kiss this does not necessarily,mean that these foods are better than,the ones no hell yeah,these are just ones that i especially,like the ones that,do something cool or something kind of,out of the ordinary something that sets,them apart,and so these ones i do want to give just,a little special spot to show off,all right so jumping right on in we are,going to start with fancy feast,this particular fancy feast is the,gourmet dry cat food,with savory chicken and turkey were,only going to be looking at the first,five ingredients in todays channel just,because those first five make up the,bulk of the food,and can tell us a lot right away about,the quality,of course companies could be hiding some,less than desirable ingredients past,those first five,but today its just a general overview,were only gonna be looking at these,first five ingredients,so first five for fancy feast we have,ground rice,poultry byproduct meal corn gluten meal,beef tallow naturally preserved with,mixed chicopherals,and whole grain corn so first and,foremost we have a poultry byproduct,meal,when byproduct meal isnt even named,thats like an,extra red flag so youre gonna hear me,mention afco a lot and afco rules,this is because afco is the organization,that decides,what goes into pet food how you can name,things in pet food,different wording that has to be used,and the fda doesnt necessarily have any,control,over pet food so usda,fda they work kind of in conjunction and,partnership with afco,but what afco says is what goes,according to afco meat byproducts dont,have to be slaughtered,so this is where we kind of get into the,4ds the down dead,dying and diseased that can potentially,be in pet foods,this does not mean necessarily that any,of the brands im going to be talking,about,use these 4d meats in their foods but it,is something that i want to make sure,youre all aware of that could happen,and could be totally legal according to,afco,so thats why byproducts especially,raise red flags,now when you get into unnamed byproducts,thats when it gets even,a little weirder for example here we,have poultry byproducts,this can be basically anything with,feathers and all mixed together,if you see chicken byproduct at least,you know its all chicken,when you see poultry you dont really,know what kind of animal it is,and then we have whole grain corn and we,have corn gluten meal,corn turns directly into sugar in the,pets body,it would be like giving a kid a whole,bunch of pixy sticks right before bed,having a bunch of corn is not only no,nutritional value,and not digestible in the pets body,just think of yourself when you eat a,cornicob how do your stools look,pets can digest it even worse so corn,we just like to avoid we dont like corn,in our foods,this food also uses the with rule again,this is a afco regulated thing,the width rule means that the,ingredients in this case,chicken and turkey only need to make up,about three percent of the food,and so using that information we can,kind of gauge,how much meat and how much of the,advertised meats are actually in those,foods,so in this case

Worst cat food brands – avoid these!

did you know that one cat food manufacturer is  responsible for 11 different cat food brands?,guess what? these manufacturers  make junk food for humans!,hey friends its jess and  jericho from caticles.com  ,here to teach you how to feed your cat better.,before we get into the worst  cat food brands to avoid,at the end of the day you are responsible for your  ,cat and you have the option to  feed or avoid whatever you want.,just like these manufacturers have  the option to produce these brands.,im here to give you the facts and those  facts are based on these four things.,number one cat food manufacturer. so not just the  ,brand but whos actually  manufacturing the product.,two aafco product name rules.  the product name rules tell us  ,the minimum requirement of the named ingredients.,number three aafco ingredient definitions.  ,a lot of these worst cat food  brands have mystery ingredients.,and number four the approximate carb amount  based on the guaranteed analysis numbers.,by the way the nrc says that carbohydrates  are not essential to the diet.,in fact many holistic veterinarians say that  carbohydrates promote hunger and weight gain.,all pictures in this video were taken by me  at my local grocery store at pet food stores.,so if your brand isnt listed that doesnt  necessarily mean its the best cat food.,some brands just arent at my  grocery store or the local pet store.,so you should still learn how to  read cat food labels properly.,the first worst cat food brand  manufacturer is mars pet care.,im sure youre familiar with their products m&ms  tasty bits combos chocolate bars frozen foods.,do you think these foods are healthy for us?,lets take a look at their cat food brands.,heres royal canin aka a veterinarian  ,recommended cat food brand. this  particular product says oral care.,theres no named ingredients so that means we  dont know the minimum requirement of meat.,and here the first five ingredients are  ,chicken meal corn brewers rice  chicken fat and wheat gluten.,first of all meat meals are rendered meats.,according to a crs report to  congress rendered meats can include  ,four 4 meats which is dead  disease dying and disabled.,according to the guaranteed analysis the  approximate amount of carbohydrates is 46%.,46% thats almost half!,three of the first five ingredients are  corn brewers rice and wheat gluten.,these are all sources of carbohydrates.,side note amylase is an enzyme that  breaks down carbohydrates. cats  ,cannot produce amylase in their saliva.,therefore cats cannot break down  carbohydrates in their mouth.,this product is marketed as oral care but half the  ingredients are carbohydrates. if cats cant break  ,down carbohydrates in their mouth how can this  high carbohydrate food be good for their teeth?,heres another worst cat food  brand manufactured by mars…,these are marketed as treats but i  cannot believe this it actually has  ,feeding instructions on the label.,youll see a huge mars petcare  on the back of the label.,the product name is tasty chicken flavor.,according to aafco product name  rules any product that has the  ,word flavor in the name has a zero  percent minimum requirement of meat.,and the next rule up says three percent is the  ,minimum requirement and those product  names have the word with in the name.,so we know that this particular brand has  anywhere between zero and two percent meat.,the first five ingredients  include chicken by-product meal  ,corn animal fat brewers rice and wheat flour.,interesting that the first five  ingredients of this brand is  ,very similar to the first brand that we looked at.,the approximate carb amount on a  dry matter basis is 37 percent.,other brands in mars petcare include sheba iams  whiskas nutro and the treats called greenies.,next on the worst cat food brands  are manufactured by nestle.,and this is the manufacturer that  i mentioned in the beginning. so  ,theyre responsible for 11 different cat  food brands that are on the market today.,and remember each brand has several  different products under that same brand.,nestle as you may know manufacturers  cereal drinks and chocolate for humans.,heres friskies which is  created under the purina brand.,the product name here is with beef and gravy.,so that word with means the minimum  requirement of beef is three percent.,our next rule up is 25 minimum  requirement. so we know that  ,this product has somewhere  between three and 24 meat.,isnt that crazy? food intended for obligate  ,carnivores has less than 25  percent meat in the product.,our first five ingredients include water meat  byproducts beef wheat gluten and chicken.,so the very first meat ingredient that  we see here is a complete mystery.  ,meat byproducts what kind of  meat? what kind of byproducts?,byproducts are also rendered meats so that means  ,it can include 4d meats dead  diseased dying and disabled.,jericho doesnt like 4d meats.,even worse that crs report to congress said  ,that rendered animals can include  dead animals from animal shelters.,and we have absolutely no idea  because it only says meat by-products.,thats a dangerous mystery!,even though this is a wet food the approximate  ,amount of carbohydrates on  a dry matter basis is 23%.,heres purina one this is our first 25%  minimum requirement of meat rule so far.,and the first five ingredients include  chicken liver broth pork lungs fish.,three out of the first five  ingredients are a complete mystery.,what type of liver? what type  of broth? what type of fish?,give me a polydactyl thumbs up  if you get what im saying here.,by the way did you notice those fancy  label claims premium natural grain free?,i cover this in another video but premium and  natural mean absolutely nothing in feed law.,and grain free does not mean carb free.,so this particular food that  says grain free is actually  ,approximately eleven percent  carbs on a dry matter basis.,you might think that thats low  but compared to two percent the  ,approximate amount in the cats natural  diet thats a 450 percent increase!,heres purina pro plan which  is a veterinarian recommended  ,brand. the product name fits under the 25 minimum.,but here we have lamb and  rice in the product name.  ,so that 25% minimum is lamb and rice combined.,the first five ingredients are lamb  ,rice corn gluten meal dried egg  product and soy protein isolate.,now im sure youre saying meat is the number  ,one ingredient. how can this  be the worst cat food brand?,yes meat is the number one ingredient however  ,the usda says that muscle meat is  approximately 75% moisture aka water.,kibble is cooked and pressurized three times and  the finished product is only 10 percent moisture.,so most of that first ingredient of meat is  gone by the time the kibble hits the bag.,the next two ingredients are carbohydrates and the  ,approximate carbohydrate amount on the  dry matter basis here is 27 percent.,jericho can i have a kiss? thank you!,this particular product says  for sensitive skin and stomach  ,but how can it be good for sensitive stomachs  if cats arent designed to digest carbohydrates?,other brands in this manufacturer  include fancy feast beyond  ,deli cat muse kitten caboodle kitten chow  and cat chow and all purina products.,by the way im talking about kibble and wet  foods made by these brands and manufacturers.,next worst catholic brands are  manufactured by jm smucker.  ,jm smucker also owns companies  like dunkin donuts crisco and if.,heres rachel ray nutrish. the product name  here is chicken and potato recipe. so thats 25%  ,minimum requirement of  chicken and potato combined.,the first five ingredients are chicken chicken  meal dried peas pea flour and turkey meal.,again we see rendered meats that  can include 4d meats. the other two  ,ingredients are carbohydrates. again  grain free does not mean carb free.,the approximate carb amount of this  product is 39% on a dry matter basis!,heres meow mix wet cat food.  the product name rule here

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Why You Should Not Feed Your Cat Iams (or Any Other Cheap Food)

why you should not feed your cat eyms or,any other cheap food,i had been debating switching my,veterinarian but i made my final,decision swiftly when i asked him what,was a good food to feed my feline friend,and he recommended ims,my colleagues and i working at a,veterinarian hospital as vet techs and,staff,all knew that ims was one of the worst,foods available for pets,however we also knew that behind closed,doors,veterinarians were being pushed to sell,ims eukanuba,and science diet pet foods if you look,at its commercials,or at the promises on the package you,may perceive ims as a good company,producing healthy cat food,but its easier to find out if a cat,food is good by looking at the label,not the advertising a label tells the,truth,or at least gets the closest to the,truth learn to read a cat food label and,list of ingredients,dont be impressed by the shiny coat,healthy teeth,and healthy heart im promises most of,these benefits simply derive from,feeding any dry crunchy diet found at,any store,the truth is that like many other cat,foods sold at supermarkets,ims is full of fillers fillers are,simply cheap ingredients used to save,money,fillers allow cat food producers to use,less meat because fillers will make up,the bulk of the kibble,fillers are unnecessary to cats think,about it,most fillers derive from corn cats have,lived without corn throughout their,history,so there is no reason why cats need corn,now,high carbohydrate levels derived from,corn and other grain fillers have been,associated with the onset of feline,diabetes,furthermore fillers can cause food,allergies,cats need only five simple nutrients,besides water to live healthy,protein taurine vitamins minerals and,fatty acids,carbohydrates preservatives flavorings,colorings and binders are not at all,necessary and likely to be rather,harmful,the second biggest flaw of ims is that,it contains meat byproducts,this term means that the meat used in,the product has been found to be,inappropriate for human consumption,that is meat from diseased or dead,animals or spoiled meat,this meat derives straight from the,rendering industry,good cat food should list actual types,of meat on the label,things like chicken lamb or fish any,reference to meat in general or worse,meat by products means the material very,likely came from the rendering plant,one pro of ims is that it contains,omega-3 fatty acids,which help cats get glossy shinier coats,ims promise of healthy heart derives,from the presence of taurine,but keep in mind that taurine is added,to most cat foods nowadays,even though it is not mentioned on the,label because taurine deficiencies have,been related to blindness and heart,problems in cats,good dental health another promised,benefit derives from the simple fact of,chewing any dry kibble,what food is good for my cat then while,ims is not the worst cat food available,on the market,it can be categorized as mid-grade not,the worst but a far cry from the best,there are many better foods with no meat,by products and no fillers,more and more pet owners and,nutritionists say proper foods are the,key to a cats health and longevity,i would recommend all feline lovers do,their homework when it comes to choosing,a good diet for their cat,while the best cat foods may be costly,the truth is you get what you pay for,and owners investing in high quality cat,food will save money in the long run,chances are that if cat owners do their,math well two plus two will make four,meaning that healthy diets will make,healthy cats,looking for the best food for your cat,watch karen beckers video for some,pointers

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IAMS kitten versi murah dari Proplan Kitten?

hey hey welcome agen Michael lover Hai,aku Nita jangan lupa kamu share video,ini like and subscribe kalau kamu merasa,video ini membantu banget untuk review,makanan kucing So hari ini enggak pakai,lama aku akan bedah komposisi dan review,makanan iamsrk event yang healthy kitten,kamu udah pernah nyobain belum jadi ini,tuh adalah makanan premium dari Whiskas,yang mana distributornya itu sama dengan,Royal Canin yaitu PT Mars kira-kira,untuk Iam sini katanya Ide ini makanan,super premium so kita akan bedah,komposisinya Apakah benar sesuai premium,itu dan apakah iya kandungannya itu sama,kayak problem-problem dengan harga yang,lebih murah bener nggak sih sebenarnya,lebih murah C kita kalau dari packaging,nya ini tuh udah freestyle ya jadi atau,yaitu bisa kamu tertutup lagi dan ada,pengaitnya juga dengan satu kilo,packaging itu freestyle nya udah kaya,Royal Canin yang 2 kilo dan protein yang,dua setengah kilo ini dia seperti,namanya itu adalah chicken dan juga,untuk lemnya ada omega-3 Dea yang,membantu untuk brand development,kemudian healthy digestion artinya di,situ udah banyak probiotik untuk,pencernaan dan juga imun health jadi,kesehatan imunnya itu terjaga dengan,makanan ini di depannya itu juga ada,bentuk dari keyboard-nya Jadi udah,kelihatan Ini luar tuk bentuk ibadah,seperti apa kemudian bagian belakang nih,ini kan klaimnya adalah premium food for,kitan ya jadi disini ada beberapa klub,di belakang selain brand development,healthy digestion dan inhealth dimana,ketiganya itu membantu untuk pembentukan,pertumbuhan kucing terutama dalam hal,membentuk massa otot dan itu dari,proteinnya yang diklaim cukup tinggi,selain otot dia juga,klem untuk menguatkan tulang nah,Sebenarnya kamu juga bisa mampir ke,websitenya Nah kalau di websitenya itu,di ayam situ ada lima varian yaitu yang,pertama kithen yang keempat selanjutnya,yang ke kanan itu adalah untuk yang,dewasa kalau yang ijo itu untuk senior,yang ijo gelap ya kemudian disini ada,websitenya yaitu ioms dot com dot ao,artinya dia itu aslinya dari Australia,dan didistribusikan di New Zealand lain,kali Coba deh kamu itu mampir ke,websitenya Karena disana itu lengkap,banget ya hampir lengkap sama dengan,kayak di Royal Canin lah ya Ya nggak,kalah penting dari kemasan pastinya dia,itu aturan pakainya jadi ini tuh harus,dimulai untuk usia kucing yang dua bulan,ya Jadi enggak boleh di bawah dua bulan,dengan gramnya adalah 40 gram perhari,ingredients itu langsung di bawah ya,MP3 ingredients ini memang benar-benar,sesuai dengan proplan Jadi yang pertama,itu ayam kemudian gandum jagung nah ini,menyajikan feat ada Bud dan jagung,kemudian ada perasaan yang natural,katanya Lalu ada Turki Turki telah,kalkun lalu beat pop beat pop itu adalah,tanaman untuk anti herbal dan juga ada,sebutir telur kemudian brewer yeast itu,adalah prebiotik yang fungsinya kemudian,ada salep garam mineral Ada fish oil ada,vitamin metino in atau kita sebut asam,amino ya kemudian taurin struktur,oligosakarida sama prebiotik dan,antioksidan nggak lupa tentunya disini,harus kita lihat protein itu berapa Nah,disini ternyata protein itu 29 koma lima,persen moisture nya 10 feat nya lewat,belas koma lima fibernya cuman tiga,mineral atau es itu sebelas persen,omega-6 nya 2,1 Omega 3-nya 0,4 dan di,hanya nol koma,lima jadi dia ini sebenarnya mengklaim,bahwa produknya itu hampir seperti Royal,Canin ya jadi dibuat berdasarkan dari,penelitian jadi veterinarian dari,Australia kibel nya juga kecil dan pas,banget untuk kitten warnanya itu coklat,gelap Ya seperti yang kamu lihat di sini,dan renyah aku Zoom ya supaya kamu tuh,bisa lihat kalau di sini tuh teksturnya,Seperti apa dan seberapa banyak sih,sebenarnya sout nya yang bikin dia itu,lebih gurih ini kalau aku bandingin sama,iams yang dewasa jadi yang agak lebar,dan pipih itu adalah untuk yang dewasa,Kalau yang kecil pastinya untuk hitam,nah ini kita aku sih Molly itu lumayan,suka meskipun dia itu ya makanya ya kamu,bisa Lihatlah ya makanya itu sebenarnya,lebih berasa atau ya kayak makan,biasa-biasa aja,Hai jadi karena dia kitchen pastinya dia,milih duluan yang Kidul yang kecil FW,sebenarnya kita mengaku itu enggak,terlalu pemilih ya Jadi biasanya kalau,mereka Etoo kasih makanan apapun itu,pasti selalu habis brand apapun yang,selama ini aku cobain yang selama ini,aku review di YouTube aku itu selalu,habis tapi khusus untuk makanan ini,ketika aku kasih pagi atau mungkin ya,sekitar 10.00 aja ya itu tuh dia itu,enggak habis sampai malam karena,kayaknya dia itu sama sekali nggak,kepengen makan terus kalau pun makan,makanya tuh dikit-dikit kecuali besok,paginya itu baru dia makan baru habis,karena kan malamnya Enggak aku isi lagi,kalau misalkan malamnya itu masih ada,gitu ya jadi antara malam ke pagi itu,dia mengkonsumsi makanan ini tapi,secukupnya sebenarnya enggak masalah sih,jadi ketika dia sedikit makan ini pupnya,pun tetap keluar dan padat Enggak ada,masalah sama pupnya Jadi sebenarnya,makanan ini Tutik tidak berakibat buruk,tapi juga enggak di doyan sama,kucing-kucing aku meskipun bahkan,aromanya itu juga mirip-mirip sama,problem dan juga isinya juga itu kan,salty salty yaitu persis banget dengan,prokleen sayangnya memang kalau dari,quarantine analisisnya itu beda jauh,dengan prokleen dan kalau kita bicara,harga ya dengan harga 135.000 dan satu,kilo sebenarnya itu kalau di 2 kilo ini,tuh udah sama kayak kamu beli RC ya,padahal di rc ini Untuk proteinnya jauh,lebih gede feat nya ya hampir,mirip-mirip kemudian fibernya lebih,kecil yang RC padahal seperti yang kamu,lihat tadi sebenarnya kandungannya itu,bagus banget dan The First komposisi itu,adalah chicken kandungannya benar-benar,hampir mirip dengan problem,selamat 3 kandungan utama dan juga,klaim-klaim nya disini ini sesuai dengan,kalori yang cukup gede ya 403 kcal per,100 gram itu adalah kalori yang cukup,besar untuk kitchen dan sebenarnya bagus,tapi aku nggak tau kenapa karena kucing,aku itu jarang makannya sehingga semakin,lama dia semakin kurus kira-kira sekitar,dua mingguan aku coba inilah ya biasanya,kalau aku kasih makanan apapun karena,dia makannya banyak itu meskipun dia,tumbuh memanjang Karena kan dia main,Coon Ya itu dia juga tetap tumbuh,kesamping nah Kalo yang ini dia tuh,semakin memanjangkan tiap harinya tapi,enggak menggemuk sehingga kelihatannya,dia jadi kurus dengan isi yang 1 kg ini,dia itu baru boleh dikonsumsi ketika,kucing itu usianya dua bulan jadi jangan,kurang dari dua bulan harganya untuk,satu kiloan ini adalah sekitar 100,ribuan Jadi sebenarnya cukup mahal ya,Otomatis ini sebesar 2 9,5 persen,sebenarnya itu adalah protein yang cukup,untuk kitchen Ya tapi kalau misalkan,dibilang ini adalah pengganti per,dan mulut aku nggak karena aku lebih,milih proplan dengan komposisi protein,yang sekitar 40-41 persen sehingga bikin,kucing aku itu lebih cepat gemuknya,karena kan dia masih kita nih ya kalau,kita msih aku lebih fokus memang untuk,menggemukkan badan nya kemudian,meningkatkan imun tubuhnya kalau udah,gede udah satu tahun ke atas baru kita,nggak boleh bikin kucing kita lebih,gemuk sehingga solusinya ketika kucing,aku nggak mau makan ini banget aku,campur ini sama makanan murah lainnya,jadi nanti akan juga review makanan,namanya mereknya beauty premium catfood,ya kamu bisa lihat nantinya karena aku,juga lagi coba itu dimix dengan ini,karena 1qb like sama bulatnya sama,kecilnya pun sama dan kalau beauty itu,dia boleh untuk Adobe maupun kita Oke,kalau gitu semoga teman-teman terbantu,dengan bedah komposisi kali ini jangan,lupa share ke teman-teman kamu share ke,sosial media kamu see you on the next,bedah komposisi dan review makanan,kucing bye bye,yo yo eh tunggu dulu aku ada review dua,produk ini yang mana aku akan cantumkan,ke description boks untuk link-nya untuk,yang ada maupun untuk yang kita

Top 10 Best Dry Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

Hello everyone, my name is Mallory, and Im here with All,About Cats, bringing you our top recommendations for the best dry,cat foods you can buy. So after hours researching feline,nutrition and the cat food industry, reading customer,reviews and trying out a few different recipes with my own,cats, Ive chosen these 10 products as the best dry foods,you can buy right now. So Im going to try to keep this video,relatively brief. So Im not going to get into all the nitty,gritty details about these foods. But if you are interested,in that kind of thing, we do have a resource for you. In the,description, theres going to be a link to our complete written,buyers guide which is going to go in depth on how I chose each,of these foods, which qualities were looking for in the best,dry food, as well as an in depth analysis of each of these,recipes. Youre going to learn about the macronutrient,breakdown of each of these recipes as well as a complete,analysis of everything else about them. So all that being,said, lets jump into it. Well start with our number one,recommendation for the best dry food you can buy, which is Dr.,Elseys cleanprotein. Their cleanprotein line is doing,something that very, very few other dry foods are doing and,that is creating a crunchy, palatable kibble that is also,radically low in carbohydrates. So by using gelatin, instead of,the typical starchy binders, youll see in most other kibbles,this food manages to keep the carbohydrate content extremely,low, under 10% on a dry matter basis, and this makes it an,unusually species appropriate choice for your carnivores. This,food emphasizes highly digestible protein sources,including chicken dried a product and pork protein,isolate, so it should be a highly digestible, really,bioavailable source of protein for your cat. So Dr. Elseys,cleanprotein foods are a bit more expensive than your average,dry food. This recipe is going to cost roughly 80 cents per day,if youre eating a typical 10 pound cat, but given its,extraordinary macronutrient distribution, it might be worth,it for your cats health. Our number two recommendation is not,your traditional kibble. Instead it is a freeze dried raw food.,These freeze dried morsels can be rehydrated into a nice,,tender smush. But if your cat prefers dry food, you can also,feed the morsels dry. So this makes them a good option for,cats who are in transition between a dry and a wet diet.,This food contains chicken muscle, meat, organs and bone,,making it a whole pray inspired food that honors your cats,needs as a carnivore. It contains some prebiotics and,probiotics which may help to support digestive health,,because it is a limited ingredient food that is,extremely straightforward and also contains some probiotics,and prebiotics that might support digestion. We recommend,this as a good food for cats with sensitive stomachs. So that,includes chronic digestive issues like IBD, as well as food,allergies and sensitivities. So again, this food is not your,traditional kibble. And its also not going to be priced the,same as your traditional kibble. So depending on how much your,cat weigh s and how much they eat, this food is going to cost,between $2 and $4 per day. Our third recommendation is going to,be a good option if youre on a tight budget. So this Kirkland,Signature food does what so many other Kirkland products do it,combines great quality with a great price. This foods price is,comparable to Purina Cat Chow, but its ingredient quality is a,lot different from anything that you would find on grocery store,shelves. Its primarily made from clearly named ingredients,with chicken and chicken meal, the first couple of ingredients,and it doesnt contain any of the artificial colors and,preservatives that you might find in a lot of other lower,cost foods. It also contains prebiotics and guaranteed levels,of probiotics, which may help to support digestive health and are,seldom found in foods of this price. This food is, like most,dry foods, really high in carbohydrates, and its overall,not really a species appropriate option. But if youre on a,budget and you want a relatively good food, it definitely is a,superior choice. So this food is going to cost about 14 cents per,day again, putting it in the same price range as Purina cat,Chow and a lot of other budget foods. Our number four,recommendation is another product that takes an,interesting approach to dry food. Its an air dried food,from Ziwi Peak. So this New Zealand brand takes a lot of,meat ingredients. This food is 96% neat, and then air dried.,Today, were focusing on the mackerel and lamb recipe which,contains mackerel as its first ingredient along with lamb,mussel meat and an array of lamb organs. It even contains lamb,tripe, which is an enzyme rich, very nutrient rich ingredient,that you arent going to see in a lot of foods. So this food is,among the most expensive dry foods you can buy at roughly two,to $3 per day. Our next recommendation is another,product that takes a slightly different approach to kibble,creation. It is a baked dry food rather than an extruded food.,This food from Tiki Cats Born Carnivores line is relatively,high in protein and emphasizes animal proteins only the food,features deboned chicken, chicken meal, dehydrated chicken,liver, and dried egg product as its main protein sources. And it,keeps plant protein to an absolute minimum. Though the,food isnt a radically low carbohydrate food it is,significantly lower in carbohydrates and many other dry,foods on the market. Its going to add up to over around 18%,carbs on a dry matter basis. Our sixth recommendation is going to,be a good option for picky eaters. Its Solid Gold Indigo,moon cat food. Solid Gold has been around for decades and it,has earned a reputation for quality and consistency and,remained a favorite among multiple generations of cats.,The food features chicken meal as its main protein source, like,all Solid Gold foods, this product is marketed as a,holistic food. So it contains a lot of planning gradients that,your cat doesnt really need but which purportedly increase the,nutritional value of the food, so it contains some peas and,pumpkin and carrots. It also contains probiotics which might,help to support digestive health. Though it does contain,all of these plant ingredients, the food remains relatively low,in carbohydrates. compared to most dry foods. Its about 22%,carbs on a dry matter basis, which is again relatively low,,but still more than your cat should be. Ideally consuming,,the food is moderately priced at about 34 cents per day. Next up,is our top recommendation for senior cats. So this is a food,from Only Natural Pet. Its their poultry dinner recipe.,Its not marketed for teen years and you can feed it to a cat of,any age, but it does have some qualities that I think set it,apart for older cats. First off, it is primarily made from highly,digestible, highly bioavailable protein sources like t bone,,chicken, turkey meal and chicken meal. And it also contains a few,different ingredients that might help to ease inflammation, so it,contains both salmon oil and green lipped mussels, both of,which are good sources of omega three fatty acids and omega,three fatty acids have a really strong reputation for helping to,ease inflammation associated with things like arthritis and,other inflammatory issues that your cat might encounter during,his senior years. The food also contains a mix of prebiotic,fiber digestive enzymes, and probiotics, all of which may,help to support digestive health and overall well being. So,overall, this food is far from perfect, it does contain some,plant protein sources which may be less digestible than protein,from animals. And its also relatively high in carbohydrates,for an obligate carnivore like your cat, but still compared to,the majority of dry foods, it should be a really good option.,So our number eight recommendation is going to be a,particularly good choice if your cat needs to lose weight.

IAMS Cat food review for Influenster *chaos*

[Music],hi guys so here we are today with a,another box thats come in the post so,weve been selected to sample the iambs,pet food so its come in a nice box so,this is from a company called,influenster,and,we have a nice big bag of,iambs,foods,[Music],oh its a hairball one which is really,good because our cats do suffer quite,badly with hair balls so its quite nice,to have,some hair ball reduction,uh food so thats good,um it says its got 89 animal protein,which is,good im just gonna coat,chicken flavored as well which they like,[Applause],and,and as you can see mads is already,creeping in,intrigued,lets do whats going on here whats,this meds,randy,whats this,[Applause],whats this,[Music],whats in there,is that for you,oh,is that for you,okay,ill open the bag and then,see what he thinks,so not only here,and its attracted,nugget,whos really interested and mads as you,can see shall we do the taste test,whats your name then,is it well ive not even managed to get,it and somebody already wants to eat,everything thats inside,thats a good sign lets see,whats this,whats this oh god,oh god whats this,yeah mad i cant even get you just going,so wild,you like them,okay you know them,very nice,oh good boy,is that nice,thank you,you both like them,hey,well id say thats a its an astounding,problem,before he dives into the bag,[Music],thats an astounding,thumbs up id say,im just gonna get inside,oh no,whats going on,so yeah thank you very much i think that,its a success with our cats anyway so,im sure theyll be looking forward to,having some more of those for their tea,meds enjoying them,oh boy,so yeah thank you so thats um,nugget says thanks mad says thanks and,im sure the other two will say thanks,when they come down as well,so thank you very much for that and,influenster for choosing us to test this,out,um,hope you enjoyed the video it was a bit,chaotic but thank you for watching bye

Top 6 Best Cheap Cat Foods (We Tested Them All)

Hey everybody, its Mallory here with All About Cats. So over the,last few years that Ive been writing about feline nutrition,and rating the best foods on the market, Ive run into the same,question quite a few times. So a lot of you guys are wondering,how youre going to feed your cat while while sticking to a,tight budget, and youre not seeing a lot of good healthy,recommendations that fit into your price range. And thats,completely understandable. I recognize that the vast majority,of the foods that are recommended on those top 10,lists are really expensive and most people arent going to want,to pay that much for their cat food. So in this video, I wanted,to show you that it is indeed possible to feed your cat well,on a tight budget and to give you a few recommendations that,will allow you to give your cat the best nutrition without,breaking the bank, so to speak. So lets jump into the reviews.,My first recommendation is Authoritys Chicken Entree pate.,So Authority is a PetSmart store brand. They offer a variety of,wet and dry recipes. Im recommending this particular wet,recipe because one its popular, and two because it just has,pretty good nutritional qualities. So the food is,primarily made from a mix of chicken and fish. It doesnt,contain any animal byproducts. It does contain ocean fish,,which is kind of a vaguely labeled ingredient, but which,isnt necessarily a low quality ingredient. It doesnt contain a,lot of unnecessary plant ingredients, though it does,contain a touch of brewers rice, which is a lower value,ingredient that bumps up the carbohydrate content a bit. I,also like that the food contains Menhaden fish oil, which is a,good source of omega three fatty acids, and one that you dont,often see in budget-tier cat foods. This food looks a lot,like a premium version of Friskies in the sense that it,contains a lot of animal-derived protein, it doesnt contain a,ton of plant ingredients, and contains a little bit of rice,like so many Friskies pates. But in contrast to Friskies, this,food doesnt contain any animal byproducts and it doesnt,contain artificial colors that could potentially harm your cat.,So again, its like a premium Friskies made with better,ingredients. And in terms of macronutrient composition, this,food looks pretty solid. According to the guaranteed,analysis, its roughly 54% protein, 35% fat, and about 12%,carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. My cats really seemed to,enjoy eating this food. I cant say that it was their favorite,,but they didnt hesitate to eat it right up. So this food cost,16 cents per ounce; its the cheapest wet food on this list.,And its also relatively calorie dense. So that means that you,can feed your cat less of it and end up saving more over time.,Our next recommendation is Simply Nourish Essentials Real,Chicken pate. This is a pretty simple, streamlined recipe,primarily composed of chicken and chicken liver. It doesnt,contain any of those artificial colors or flavors or,preservatives that might end up harming your cat. It also,doesnt contain carageenan, which is a potentially-harmful,thickener present in a lot of other economy foods. However, it,does contain some plant-derived ingredients that drive up the,carbohydrate content. So according to the guaranteed,analysis, this food is roughly 50% protein, 36% fat, and 14%,carbohydrates on a dry matter basis. My cats really seem to,enjoy this foods soft, creamy consistency, and they ate it,immediately. This food is a little bit more expensive than,the other ones on this list at about 29 cents per ounce. Our,next recommendation is going to be a good option if your cat,doesnt really care for pates and prefers foods that feature,shreds and gravy. Its from Petcos Wholehearted brand and,its their Flaked in Gravy Chicken recipe. Now, I chose,this particular recipe because its popular. Cats seem to like,it. But the Wholehearted lineup is quite large, so you have,plenty of different options if your cat prefers different,protein sources or different textures. And all of those,recipes are roughly the same in terms of nutrition. This,particular recipe is very straightforward. It contains,shredded chicken set in a broth thickened with tapioca starch,and xanthan gum. It also contains some tuna oil as a,source of omega three fatty acids and fat in general.,According to the guaranteed analysis, this food is roughly,74% protein, 17% fat, and 9% carbohydrates on a dry matter,basis. So its a pretty low-fat food with very low carbohydrate,content. And that could make it a good option. If youre trying,to help your cat lose weight, its pretty low-calorie. That,also means that youre going to have to feed your cat a little,bit more. So even though the food is quite economical at,about 18 cents per ounce, its going to be a bit more,expensive. So youre going to end up feeding your cat more of,it. My cats like this food. I fed it to them a few times,before. But I dont know that it was their favorite. Theyll eat,it, but I dont think that theyre that excited about it.,Its kind of on and off. Sometimes theyll eat it,sometimes they wont. And Ive noticed that that is kind of a,trend in customer reviews. This food is kind of hit or miss with,a lot of cats. So I wasnt exactly sure how to classify the,next recommendation. I called it our top recommendation for picky,cats, but it can also be considered a second upgrade,pick. Its a little bit more expensive than the other ones,recommended here. Its the Chicken Pate recipe from,Wellness Complete Health. So this is a pretty well-known,brand. It gets really great customer reviews. Cats seem to,like this food quite a lot. Its a soft, creamy pate primarily,composed of chicken and chicken liver. Now this food, unlike a,lot of the other ones on this list, does contain some,seemingly decorative, fluffy plant ingredients. It contains,some carrots and flaxseed and some other plant ingredients,that arent really necessary for your cats health. That being,said, it remains a pretty species-appropriate food in,terms of macronutrient distribution. So this food is,about 55% protein, 37% fat, and 8% carbohydrates on a dry matter,basis. In other words, it looks like a really,carnivore-appropriate choice. My cats really seemed to enjoy this,food. Again, it has this really soft creamy consistency that,could make it a good option for cats with…even with bad,teeth…I think would have an easy time with th is food. At,about 25 cents per ounce, this isnt the absolute cheapest food,on the market. But as far as foods of this quality go, its,pretty economical. So our next recommendation is Fancy Feast,Fish and Shrimp feast. This is our top recommendation for cats,who need to lose weight. The food is primarily made from,,well, fish and shrimp. It really doesnt have that much to it.,The food also contains some vegetable oil as a source of fat,and guar gum as a thickener, along with an array of synthetic,vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Now the foods main,ingredient, ocean fish, is potentially a lower-value,ingredient. Ocean fish is a very generic term that refers to a,wide variety of fish, generally those that are not considered,valuable for human consumption. Seeing as its such a vaguely,labeled ingredient and one thats typically reserved for,pet food only, its potentially a lower quality ingredient, but,its really hard to say. On a dry matter basis, this food is,approximately 90% protein and 10% fat. So its a very low fat,food and its also a very, very low carbohydrate food. Again,,this is our top recommendation for cats who need to lose weight,because its very low calorie, its low fat, and it has very,low carbohydrate content. So if your cat is one of the many who,is both overweight and diabetic, this food could help quite a,lot. Now, my cats absolutely love this food. They got really,excited about it, probably more excited about it than they have,any other food for the last few months. And I think that they,really enjoyed its consistency. It has this really c

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