1. Taste of the Wild vs IAMS: Monday food mash-up
  2. Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List
  3. Iams Adult Lamb and Rice Dog food review
  4. Whats The Best Dog Food? Taste Test
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Taste of the Wild vs IAMS: Monday food mash-up

[Music],all righty guys so for todays Monday,mash up food review we are going to be,putting two really popular brands one,super natural brand I call it an ultra,premium and one grocery brand so,starting with a super premium brand,right there we have that one that is,taste of the wild prairie it is a puppy,formula it is fantastic the other one,going head-to-head with this one is,right there,we have iams puppy one of the most,popular foods sold in the United States,find it in any grocery store across the,country so lets go ahead and dive in to,the video Ill see you guys on the other,side and I forgot to pause my phone my,bad,all righty so this weeks test is iams,1/4 of a cup this is an Ames,puppy chicken formula 1/4 of a cup of,taste of the wild puppy formula chicken,bison 2 cups water from the trusted,Eagles class lets get one squirt of,lemon,[Music],to stimulate acid like you would it in,the dark stomach all right Ill see you,guys in three hours three hours lets,get to it,[Music],all righty so after seeing that,time-lapse that was about three hours,and a few things that take note – one,right here we have the taste of the wild,now it broke down a little bit on the,bottom which is really good I really,like to see that but also this didnt,really expand very much it didnt blow,it out if I look at it actually most of,the food is still there slowly breaking,down very good very very realistic of,what you would see if I start just kind,of twirling it not a lot of stuff builds,up around the top of the rim so if I,compare that to the iams which is all,just bloated and if I start whirling,this around the rim just a little bit,you can see theres a lot of residue,thats like oily residue on the top of a,glass and in the actual you can I dont,know if you can tell but its kind of,bubbling on top really awkward I havent,seen that yet happen before I dont know,so still kind of the same coloring that,you see I I do expect to see the brown,weve talked about them before in the,past and so you know just because the,pectus actually held its its form not,expanding not absorbing a lot of that,moisture really kind of just holding its,ground Im gonna have to give this one,to good old taste of the wild now some,things about taste a while you might not,know their reputation is fantastic one,of the things about their product that,makes them very unique compared to all,the other brands so they use water,thats already borrowed D ID what that,mean its been pre treated so they have,all the chemicals all the chlorines all,the stuff taken out of the waters with,purified most food companies do not take,that extra step which supposedly is kind,of a thing they say that that helps with,tearing and it helps with,Ashtyn and it helps with school,production true or not Im not sure I,have heard that many times so this,weeks winner taste of the wild see you,guys next time,if you have a food you want me to do a,challenge on please put in the comments,below what you think and what you want,to see coming up Ill see you guys next,time thanks this is Adam,[Music]

Pet Nutritionist Ranks Dog Foods | Tier List

hi everybody my name is skyler and i am,a certified dog trainer and pet,nutritionist,today we are going to be creating a tier,list of a bunch of different dog food,brands,um and kind of ranking them seeing where,they line up from a,nutritional perspective quick disclaimer,all of the,things shown in this video are my own,opinions based on my experience,as a professional pet nutritionist,im always continuing to do research as,we all should in our field,especially with something so ever,changing as pet food,i have been working with dog food for,going on three years now,and ive specifically been working with,nutrition and consultations,for probably two and a half years i am a,huge nerd and,not everybody cares this much about dog,food and i think that thats,definitely an issue that we need to,address because,i could go into a whole other video just,about all the sketchy things that dog,food manufacturers are allowed to do,but thats not this video were going to,touch on a bunch of different topics,im hoping to just skate by and if you,would like me to go further in depth on,anything that i talk about in this video,please let me know in the comments below,i also just want to point out that if we,were to make a nice happy little pyramid,of whats most biologically appropriate,for your pet,kibble is by far at the bottom like,canned food,exponentially better than kibble and you,should never be,feeding a diet thats entirely kibble,you should always at least be adding,moisture in there somewhere,that being said this is only going to,focus on kibble,because that is the most popular and,most,affordable way to feed your pet so,if youd like me to do a similar video,on canned or,raw diets absolutely let me know i would,love to do that for you,so first of all lets address the tears,so at the very very bottom we have the,pee pee poo poo tear,these are foods that are either,basically,not dog food like this is more suited,for a chicken than a dog,super sketchy practices or,theres something in the food or,manufacturing or branding,that i find scammy tier two we have,yucky,so any food that contains,corn wheat soy or by-products,automatically,cant go any higher than yucky for those,that dont know,corn turns directly into sugar in the,dogs body wheat is the number one food,allergen,soy can cause endocrine disorders and,byproducts or all those nasty parts of,the meat that you dont want in your,food so why put it in theirs,third tier we have cheers these are all,foods that,are fairly clean in their ingredient,panel,there might be a couple ingredients that,im not a huge fan of youre doing great,if youre feeding,in this level it means that youve,probably done your research,but there are bigger and better foods,that you can move up to so these are,great entry level foods number four we,have ohelia,and if youre feeding in that level,thats awesome,you are doing great at that point,you can focus on adding add-ins and,different things to even make their diet,even better,but this is a great level to be at and,above that we have chefs kiss,and this is a very special tier it,doesnt necessarily mean that these,foods,are better than the foods no hell yeah,and i know thats a little bit confusing,this tier is more for,foods that do something very specific,that i,really appreciate or i really think is,cool this is the tier where if i turn,over the bag,and i look at it as a nutritionist,i get very excited because they at least,did something cool,now all of these brands im taking into,consideration,are from the very best to the very worst,and everything in between if i were to,make this just of the super premium,brands,it would look completely different just,keep that in mind so we will go ahead,and start with our very first brand and,thats purina alpo,i feel like i talk about alpo way more,than they deserve,and its because their ingredients are,laughably bad like this food,is laughably bad if you look at the,first five ingredients which makes up,the majority of this food,you got ground yellow corn beef and bone,meal,soybean meal animal fat preserved with,mixed trichophyrols,and animal digest,this particular food also follows the,flavor rule,which means that in order for them to,put beef flavored on the bag,they just need to have something in,their food that they can trace to the,beef,flavoring in this case it would be the,beef and bone meal that doesnt actually,mean,they have to have meat in it this,brands also manufactured by,purina which is owned by nestle so when,you get,higher up bigger companies manufacturing,the food,especially something as big as purina,the ingredient quality,completely depletes because you only get,so much,to go around with all that said alpo,deserves to go into pee pee poopoo,next we have diamond naturals first five,ingredients,of diamond naturals beef meal grain,sorghum,ground white rice dried yeast and egg,product,not too bad of an ingredient panel just,looking at those first five,this food also uses the 25 rule which,means that in order for it to be,beef meal and rice those two ingredients,have to make up at least,25 percent of the food with a minimum of,three percent,this food is manufactured by diamond pet,foods which is owned by shell and camper,inc,so this smaller kitchen smaller,facility than purina for sure,but still and youll see later in this,list still a pretty big manufacturing,company,all that said if youre feeding diamond,naturals you get a cheers,next we have purina beneful and,first five ingredients we got beef we,got whole grain corn we got barley,rice whole grain wheat and corn gluten,meal,this one also uses the with rule which,means that in order to be labeled beef,flavored or have beef in it have beef on,the front,um it needs to be at least three percent,beef with water included,and the fact that its beef and not beef,meal is their first ingredient,leads me to believe that the finished,product has significantly less than,three percent beef this brand is also,made by purina which again owned by,nestle so with the sketchy but totally,legal use of beef is the first,ingredient advertising beef is the first,ingredient,and looking at that ingredient panel,assuming that beef is not,the most by weight,um beneful goes in the pee pee poo poo,next we have hills science diet,and im gonna have to make a whole,separate video about veterinary foods,um but lets just look at the first five,ingredients of hills,so we have lamb meal brown rice whole,grain wheat,brewers rice and corn gluten meal,whats important to note about hills in,particular,is that they actually trademarked the,term,prescription so youll notice that no,other veterinary foods use the word,prescription because they legally cant,because hills science diet owns it that,is an issue,theres also nothing in veterinary foods,that make it prescriptive in the first,place theres no medication,theres no need for a prescription um,so thats in my opinion kinda scammy,especially when youre spending 80 on a,bag of food,that being said hills is made by hills,pet nutrition,which is owned by colgate palmolive,the ownership of the word prescription,alone,that puts immediate red flags in my,brain,hills goes in the pee pee poo poo layer,next we got taste the wild,first five ingredients for this,particular flavor of taste of the wild,is water buffalo lamb meal chicken meal,sweet potatoes and peas,not a bad list of the first five however,this particular flavor is advertised,as being with bison and venison the,width rule,uh means that at least three percent of,whatever is listed so three percent of,each,must be included in the food and when,you look at the actual ingredient panel,itself,bison is number nine and venison is,number ten,so obviously youre losing a couple,points for me for,easily misleading the consumer because,obviously not all consumers know these,weird rules that im talking about,and again if youd like a whole video on,pet food rules let me know,uh that being said taste the wild is,owned by,our friends at

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Iams Adult Lamb and Rice Dog food review

hi everyone and welcome back to the,channel i hope you guys are having a,lovely wonderful day,my name is dr ray for those of you that,are new,welcome were happy to have you on this,channel,we review pet foods we answer questions,and we kind of jumped through some of,the marketing strategies that pet food,companies,use to try to trick you guys and,emotionally hijack you to buy foods that,maybe you otherwise wouldnt have,considered so today were gonna go,through,the pet food company items and this was,requested by a couple subscribers and so,were going to do that today,but before we get into ions i want to go,into a little bit about the parent,company which is,mars so a lot of pet food companies,are smaller um children if you will,of larger pet food companies or larger,companies in general and so,iams is made by mars and mars you guys,might be familiar with,because they are well known for making,candy and so the specific candy that,everybody thinks of,when they think of mars is of mars m,ms but they also make some of these,other foods or,other candies as well so they make dub,they make a,couple different um gums like eclipse,like,[Music],doublemint,um they make twix which is my all-time,favorite starburst skittles,all those um candies are made by mars,and so mars also does a whole lot of,different,pet foods as well so they dont just,make items,so they also make we scroll down,they make pedigree which we just,recently did a review of they make royal,canaan,shiva neutral caesar yucanuba,temptations,greenies etc etc the other interesting,thing,about mars is that they also own several,veterinary facilities and so um,mars also owns the ever popular banfield,the pet hospital,they own vca and blue pearl so vca and,blue pearl,are also veterinary care facilities they,tend to be,more in the specialty realm some of them,do also have general practices,but all this is owned by iambs excuse me,all this,is owned by mars who also own irons so,today were going to review the,irons lamin rice adult dog food were,going to jump,on over to the iambs website,iams.com and kind of see what its all,about,okay so here we are at the website and,right in the front you can see we have,the adult mini chunks,with lamb and rice so thats the one we,are going to review today,all right so here we have it we have the,ions adult,mini chunks with lamb and rice and so,starting out like we normally do lets,just take a look at the package so,youve got the red package with the cute,little dog on the front,in the top corner youve got the made in,the usa stamp so,if you are you know if thats something,thats important to you,this food is made in the usa when we go,down,we see another really bit of important,information and a lot of people kind of,overlook this because they dont realize,the hidden meaning in these words so,in the middle youve got the big iams,logo and then underneath you have the,name of the pet food,lamb excuse me youve got the name of,the pet food which is,lamb and rice recipe,the words lamb and rice recipe actually,have some hidden meaning that you guys,may not be familiar with,and so when a pet food company makes,their label the label,is largely uh dictated by legal,verbiage and so everything thats put on,the package is put there for a reason,and so on the label it says lemon rice,recipe,when a food on the label says recipe,what that actually means is it only has,to be,25 of what theyre listing so,in this case we say lamb and rice recipe,that means lamb and rice only have to be,25,of the diet and so that means uh,it could be 10 lamb and 15,rice it could be 5 percent rice and,20 percent lamb as long as those two,items,equal 25 they can put recipe on the,package,that also goes for the words lets say,entree,and so the easy way to think about this,is if you go out to a restaurant and,lets say you order,a steak entree when you get that entree,its not just steak that youre getting,theyre gonna be other things on that,plate so youre gonna have maybe a,little bit of mashed potatoes and youre,gonna have some vegetables maybe you,have a dinner roll,and so that is your complete entree its,not a hundred percent,steak its got some other things on,there and thats,um the legal definition when a company,puts the words,recipe or entree on the package,similarly if you look on the website,right here you can see they put adult,mini chunks,with lamb and rice and so again that,means this food is not 100,lemon rice its with lemon rice and,those have,legal definitions as to what the,companies have to put in the bat,and so very important to understand that,and,there are other kind of tricks they use,so for example if something says,its got a chicken flavor that only,requires there to be a certain amount of,chicken in there and if it says,something like all beef that has a legal,definition of what can be in there and,we go over all those legal definition,and some of our,earlier videos ill link those videos in,the description and,you guys can check those out to go over,what exactly every single one of these,legal definitions mean and how much of,that food is,actually in the package now thats not,to say that its not nutritious or,theres anything wrong with it were,going to go ahead and get into that when,we look through the guaranteed analysis,however it is just important to know,that,when you look at a package and it says,lamb and rice or chicken or fish or,whatever it says,that doesnt mean that thats all thats,in there and so we are going to jump,down,um to the ingredient list so that you,guys can understand,what i mean by this and so they say on,the package,um lamb is the number one ingredient,and so right underneath that lemon rice,there is a nice,banner that says number one ingredient,is lamb,and so that is not inaccurate that is,true,the first ingredient on the list is lamb,but its followed by chicken by-product,meal um it is followed by,grain barley whole grain corn theyve,got some chicken fat in there and so,this diet yes maybe 25 percent uh,lamb and rice but theyre 75 percent of,other things in there that make up this,diet to balance this diet and in this,diet those particular things,are chicken and some other ingredients,and so just keep that in mind i know a,lot of people will use lemon rice,because,they feel that their pet may have an,allergy a food allergy to other,ingredients,and thats a very valid concern,however when you have a pet that is food,allergic its important to understand,your pet most likely has to be on a,special prescription,pet food that limits ingredients because,commercially available diets will do,this they will slip,in other ingredients in there um because,theyre not prescription,they can put other things in there and,theyre not legally,being dishonest they are just being a,little bit savvy with their marketing,so keep that in mind the other thing i,like to look at in the ingredient list,and i dont like to harp on it because,just as weve illustrated they can use,the ingredient list,to somewhat manipulate our emotions i do,like to check for dyes because i dont,like it when they add dyes to food and,so if we go through the,ingredient list it does look like right,here in the center we have,caramel color but,i dont see any other,any other dyes in there so thats good,some of the other companies do heavily,dye their food so it does look like,theyve added caramel,color why they do that i dont know,again thats mostly,marketing because our dogs dont care,what the color of the food is,um but as far as pet food companies go,this is a minimal amount of dyes added a,lot of them add a lot a lot of dyes so,im happy about that,lets go ahead and scroll down and the,next stop is going to be the guaranteed,analysis,and already im noticing something that,is quite aggravating,and that is that they have um not listed,some of the ingredients that we,like to see which is they have not,listed the calcium,and phosphorus and so uh lets review it,for what we have here available,and so weve got crud

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Whats The Best Dog Food? Taste Test

which dog food tastes the best lets,talk about that,[Music],good mythical morning and good mythical,welcome to our dogs this is Jade if you,dont know her and this is Barbara and,they are their best friends,yes and thats sweet both of them have,demonstrated a propensity to enjoy the,food that we eat if we offer them food,from the table they will take it but we,usually dont do that Barbara will often,just get on the table and begin eating a,human meal herself and that got us to,thinking they like our food but do we,like their food theres only one way to,find out its time for so even though,our dogs are here we are gonna be the,ones tasting the food in order to,determine which dog food is the best for,them to ultimately eat yeah because that,makes a lot of sense yeah and we pulled,together our list of the top selling top,rated dog foods available on the market,and everything we selected is available,at a major retailer Amazon Target Petco,pet smart,so none of that hundred dollar a bag,special order stuff for this test right,and because every dog is different there,is no definitive list of the best dried,dog foods you can buy but we looked at,products that came up multiple times on,best rated and best selling lists and,the winner of our tournament will be,crowned dog food Brian yes Im hungry,okay here we have the AIIMS many chunks,chicken versus the taste of the wild,high prairie,yes I am is the number 10 best seller on,Amazon 3.5 stars out of five I guess on,the dog food advisor thats dont food,advice Im always on that site okay and,this is also the cheapest of all the dog,foods that we see most affordable that,well be sampling most affordable all,right so lets go in like dogs should I,guess dont wanna get too much I got too,much a big bite this is supposed to be,the taste of what chicken I dont taste,any chicken Im gonna say that,farm-raised chicken can you taste the,farm I do taste all right its like,going on to a random spot of a farm and,just biting the earth maybe the high,prairie is better,thing on the packaging it has wolves,stalking bison you dont like it,horrible not that bad the aftertaste is,really wicked okay true but there is,venison and bison in this thing good,were just getting stuff man Im gonna,have to adjust my mindset bigger chunks,one one particular color your glasses,they poke me in the eye can you take,your glasses off while we eat like dogs,then I couldnt see you know how dogs,like to see um this ones not as crunchy,so theres less excitement if Im a dog,this ones got more like organ organ,organ meat like bison organs oh gosh but,yeah I think I think dogs would like,that are we voting for what we like of,what we think that dogs will like cuz,its more punch oh gosh is horrible hold,on I thought my the one we like the best,okay I mean Barbaras always trying to,eat my food room she likes my taste,that tastes like crap this one I dont,just like it cuz I think Im just I,think I have a problem but I agree the,AIIMS should move on yes okay next up,weve got pedigree chicken rice and,vegetable vs. Blue Buffalo wilderness,chicken rice Oh chicken and brown rice,uh-huh,does it look like chicken and brown rice,but this is the number two on Amazon,incidentally in the last round we,eliminated the number one bestseller on,Amazons right dogs got horrible taste,but on dog food advisor this things got,four and a half stars,so theres deboned chicken chicken meal,and fish meal in this chicken and brown,rice and fish meal lets dig in,both meals so theres a just a little,little dark thing I think we gotta get,one of those we get one of those then we,get somebody to pre-loading the little,black turd looking thing like a little,rabbit turds its very crunchy this was,good yeah its good no this one has,different colors and different shapes to,like excite your dog but apparently dogs,did not respond well to that because it,has one star on dog food advisor ooh but,I kind of feel like Im gonna have to,get,one of each color yet little star-shaped,Oh green rain you got red orange got,this brown and this pop them all in and,when I said this one was four and a half,stars I actually said that as if it was,a bad thing for some reason like with,one star would be good I dont know why,this is good I think we all knew that it,was good just the way your brain works,opposite of anyone elses mmm very,crunchy bigger chunks hmm the taste is,slow to hit me oh oh,something released something one of the,colors released something happening your,mouth oh I didnt get one of the stars,yeah the Stars got not a minute oh yeah,okay theyre all the same dude theres,different shapes and colors you think,its like Froot Loops,yes its all a hoax good yeah this was,great I dont think thats bad I like,the colors but I agree Blue Buffalo,moves off okay see here we have Purina,one smart blend natural adult dry dog,food lemon rice flavor versus wellness,Korres chicken and turkey interesting,fact about this one is that the Purina,contains a lot of corn which is a,controversial ingredient in dog food,because they dont like to put a bunch,of cereal grains in there its two stars,on dog food advisor now which this,raises the question how they get in,these ratings are people surveying their,dogs are people doing what were doing I,think theyre like looking at the,ingredients and stuff like that but,theyre not sitting there eating it now,theres two different comes to be hired,and then theres this weird malformed,like actual piece of meat yeah Im gonna,get one of those hmm I draw dog food in,high school to impress my neighbor Clyde,I remember a couple years older I,remember quite of every other day I was,hanging out at her house and she had,some oh god bones I was like you dare me,to eat that Milk Bone oh gosh doesnt,piece of meat thats real me yeah that,thing that wasnt a particular shape oh,thats right cook this liver,its how are you enjoying this whats,wrong with you very mush II I dont know,its like it bypasses the the negative,experience part of my brain were you dry,sponge Im telling you its how I got,the ladies in high school but I dont,remember you getting any lace thats,true getting Clyde ahead never her being,your neighbor and that was it,it tastes like mush the dogs would love,that but I hate it I dont think its,bad I think that this is gives them a,sensation of eating meat yeah I think,thats great again but thats not what,were doing it we got which one we like,the best all right so now lets dig into,this turkey and chicken this is 5 out of,5 stars,on dog food advisor hmm Ive got Turkey,and chicken combined with real,vegetables essential vitamins and,minerals so it should be healthier,further its all uniform too,no it is the most expensive of all the,ones were gonna try this morning again,this is not bad when nothing weird,happens and nothing putrid is released,which again I think is what a dog wants,what a human wants is nothing putrid,being released what I actually think,that aftertaste on this is a little odd,it does get a little strong I like to,dissolve the meeting nough sup some of,that but I cant I cant imagine no I,just like this either so lets move the,Wellness Corps forward okay weve got,Hills science diet adult sensitive,stomach and skin dog food versus Trader,Joes wholesome and natural dog food,formula lamb and rice this is lima rice,are you saying that this is stomach and,skin flavored yeah it has real stomach,and real skin this is the you know if,youre sensitive thats what you want to,eat number five best seller on Amazon,three stars on dog food advisor theres,a whole lot of science that goes into,this Im not gonna talk about it but,basically theyve really engineered this,for the sensitive stomach and for the,skin which is you know well they better,answered about that for myself better be,sciency because its in the name and,its all so little,thats a fun little ball I can taste the,science Im Im just as I the aftertaste,is really giving me its not great its,not great it just tast

Dog foods that are most popular arent always the best, sounds logical, does it?,Well sometimes it is true and sometimes it isnt.,Are you curious is that true for puppies food?,I am a dog food judge and I have examined top 10 most popular dog foods for puppies.,To see the complete analysis download my comparison table in the description where you will see,everything in one place.,In this video my friend, I want to show you the test results and reveal you the secret,is the most popular food the best food for puppies.,Ok, lets start.,Number one, the most popular dog food for puppies is Natural Balance puppy formula.,The Natural Balance puppy formula is most sold puppy food product on Amazon which makes,it the most popular product but what about healthiness?,Natural Balance puppy food is produced:,Without dangerous preservatives.,Without grain.,Without wheat.,And without soy.,However, this food contains a lot of plant-based proteins which are less acceptable than animal-based,proteins.,My judgment for Natural Balance brand is 86/100 points.,Puppy food number 2 Hill’s Science Diet for small and toy breed.,My analysis shows that Hill’s Science puppy food is well balanced and there are no dangerous,preservatives and soy.,However, I detected 4 problematic ingredients:,First, wheat.,Second, corn.,Third, peas.,And fourth, dried beet pulp.,To long short story, my final judgment for this food is 81/100 points.,Ok, for now, it is the true the most popular brand is the best, will third food change,that fact?,Food number 3 Taste Of The Wild puppy high prairie venison & bison.,Taste Of The Wild brand of foods is the most popular on the internet.,However, the Taste Of The Wild puppy food is third but that is not the case if we look,at healthiness.,This food is produced without:,Dangerous preservatives.,Grain.,Wheat.,And soy.,It is perfectly balanced and it contains a lot of animal-based proteins.,My final judgment for the Taste Of The Wild puppy food is 89/100 points.,So this is third food but has the highest rating at the moment.,Ok, so the most popular food isnt the best but I want to tell you that in the end you,will see a big surprise.,Lets see the fourth food.,Food number 4 Blue Buffalo life protection formula for puppies.,This brand is well balanced and the situation was great until I made ingredient analysis.,I found 6 problematic ingredients.,So my final judgment is 73/100 points.,Food number 5 Pedigree puppy growth and protection formula.,When I examined Pedigree product I was totally shocked.,This is the fifth most sold puppy product on the internet.,Unfortunately, it is the most unhealthy one.,This food contains 12 problematic ingredients which are in some cases cancerous and dangerous,for puppy health.,My final judgment is only 9/100 points.,Food number 6 Iams proactive health.,Iams puppy food is cheap but not very healthy.,The food is well balanced but still, it contains 6 problematic ingredients.,My judgment is that this product deserves 65/100 points.,Food number 7 Purina ONE SmartBlend natural puppy food.,The Purina is a very famous company with a lot of dog food brands.,The brand for puppies is well balanced but there were 7 problematic ingredients in the,analysis so I decide to lower the points for this popular product.,My judgment for this puppy food is 61/100 points.,Ok, the next food will show you a little exception.,The food number 8 Wellness Core puppy brand.,Wellness Core is actually a very healthy and well-balanced puppy food however it is not,second as it should be on the list of most popular puppies foods.,These food does not have any dangerous ingredient and it does not contain grain, wheat or soy.,So my judgment for Wellness Core puppy brand is very high 88/100 points.,The last two brands are not so popular but this food will certainly become more popular.,Number 9.,Orijen Puppy Food.,Orijen Puppy food brand is becoming more and more popular, why is that so?,Well, it is produced as the biologically appropriate raw food (BARF) and in my examination, I discover,that Orijen puppy is the best dog food for puppies.,Orijen puppy food:,Does not have any dangerous ingredient.,Doesnt contain grain, wheat, soy or preservatives.,Processed ingredients with a freeze-drying technique.,Has a perfectly balanced composition full of fresh and raw meat.,So it is the best because it really is and I highly recommend it as the best dog food,for puppies.,My dog food judgment for Orijen Puppy food is 100/100 points.,Food number 10 Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers.,Stella & Chewy’s foods are well known as the best freeze-drying brands on the internet.,However, it can be very good puppy food as well.,Stella & Chewy’s Meal Mixers food is well balanced, does not contain any bad ingredient,and the only objection for this food is price which is high.,My final judgment is 93/100 points.,So as you can see the last two brands are actually the best foods for puppies and they,are less popular than other low quality puppy foods.,Here I mention you the shorter version of analysis I made.,I suggest you download my free comparison table where I show you all the test results.,Also, check the full comparison article which is very long but explains you why I provide,these grades.,Links are down below in the description.,If you like this video, hit the subscribe button to receive more like it in the future.,Thank you for watching this video.,And remember lets keep our pets healthy!,Bye!

Best To Worst Dog FOOD |Ranking Dog food brands |Premium dog food to Affordable dog food. (GENERAL)

[Music],sorry if i said something,[Music],when i wake up youre not next to me,guess im missing all your energy,[Music],i want is,[Music],whats up guys welcome back to my,channel if youre new here my name is,carla,and i hope you stick around and like and,subscribe so we can get it going,but yeah guys today i just got back from,walking echo as you saw and eating some,cereal,and were ready for another video okay,guys so for today i really wanted to,start making,some more dog related content on this,channel,um i feel like a lot of people on,instagram has,asked me to do dog related things,in this channel and ive been kind of,skeptical because i know that,the dog community can be quite brutal,with,uh certain things so,i am going to start this video by saying,that i am not,a nutritionist i am not a vet i am not,anybody qualified really to be giving,your specific dog,any kind of advice this is just my,experience,and from having three dogs and from,working,at a major pet company um,just things that i get asked on a daily,basis,in my current job so i really wanted to,bring you guys this video because,i feel like so many so many so many,people,are struggling with this topic and maybe,they dont even know,that they are but i just wanted to give,you the options,and the knowledge of this area,so im sure you know by the title that,were going to be talking about dog food,and dog food brands and im going to be,kind of ranking them in,a hierarchy of price and also,quality so its gonna be a very general,video,about kind of tears of dog food,and basically do with it as you will,but this are just some options for,people that have been struggling,or dont know what to feed their dog or,maybe want to change their dogs food,or maybe have had experienced certain,issues with their dogs like,coke or digestion so,a lot of these things and a lot of these,brands,cater to some of those issues and i just,want to put it out there to let you know,that there is other options,besides just going the prescription food,route which can get really expensive,so without further ado,roll the video alright guys so,if you see me looking over here is this,because im looking at my computer so i,can kind of stay on track and see what,were going to be talking about im also,going to put everything on the screen as,im talking about it,so the first thing i want to start with,is probably the high end quality,almost human grade if not already human,grade,quality of dog food um i feel like a lot,of people,ask this question all the time,especially,working at a major pet retailer company,i get asked this all the time what is,the best food that i can feed my dog,right and most people just want you to,say this is the best brand,that there is on the market and most of,the time,even though it might be the best brand,or,the best quality of food it doesnt mean,that its always right for your dog or,is going to be the best for your dog,so with that said,this question is very loaded and it,takes into account a lot of things that,you need to,kind of consider before really picking,the best,that you can feed your dog but as far as,quality,ingredients and price point this is,going to be,the first kind of set of foods,most of these foods are going to be very,expensive,to the pound so for example like a,champions,brand like origin or akana,um theyre going to be around probably,eighty,seventy to eighty dollars for most,likely less than a twenty pound bag,so if you are considering feeding your,dog,that is a hundred and fifty pounds a,twenty pound bag for 80.,yes it is the best that you can feed,them but,in reality will you be able to keep up,with that and do they really need it is,the question,so i would say no its not necessary to,go all the way to this,price point if you can afford it then,definitely go ahead,and spend the money so for this price,point you do have,two options or maybe even three so you,can go with either fresh food,you can go with freeze freeze-dried food,like stella and chewies,or um chicken or chicken,or the honest kitchen and you can go,with kibble,so if you were going with kibble,something like origin or akana,would be very high-end kind of,quality food um you can tell just by the,first like,five six seven ingredients theyre all,going to be whole ingredients,no by-product no meal nothing like that,so,thats what makes these brands a little,bit more expensive and a little bit more,premium in the market doesnt mean you,have to feed your dog this food,doesnt mean your dogs not getting good,nutrition or good ingredients,with any other anything less than these,foods,but its just an option for those that,can afford it and want to feed,this to their dogs so moving on to the,next one,because i got quite a lot to go through,and i dont want to stick too much,on one subject if you guys want me to,make more of these nutrition videos for,dogs definitely let me know,or ask me any questions below and if i,have enough questions then i will,definitely do another video maybe on a,specific subject like allergies,or grain free stuff like that,so moving on to the next one we have,like the next tier down from,super premium to basically,almost human grade food,so i would say something like landmark,or blue wilderness wellness core,natural balance new low definitely,and taste of the wild have all,a premium section of their brand,so for example landmark is the premium,section of,american journey blue buffalo wilderness,is,the premium section of blue buffalo,basics,so each kind of brand has their own tier,within itself as well,so this is kind of just the higher end,of these these are,all going to be very high in protein,theyre all going to,mostly be limited ingredient or grain,free,which we can get into on another video,but,very good ingredients on these these are,probably gonna run you about,55 to,seventy dollars depending on the brand,um,and also on the size of the bag,so most of these bags are probably gonna,be like 24,pound bags so again consider the size of,your dog,and the breed that you have and how much,you can really afford,to feed 60 pound bag for 24 pounds,so definitely you will be feeding less,because these are such,high in protein but at the end of the,day it will add up anyway,so great brands all of these are really,really awesome quality,really great ingredients they all offer,so many great things on their product,line,so definitely check them out if you,havent seen any of these,i know that i was new to new low and,landmark when i first started,in the industry so definitely,look into that anyway moving on to the,next one,the next one i have for you guys is kind,of like,the higher more normalized,section of dog food um so this is what i,would consider,breeders or basically,knowledgeable dog owners that have,had maybe multiple litters that they,have raised or,i would say mostly breeders will be,recommending some of these foods,so this is like the higher end but also,the affordable end,of dog food which will probably be,around purina pro plan of course which,is their higher end,brand of purina um also,american journey like i said it is lower,than landmark,but in the same section as like purina,pro plan,also we have blue buffalo freedom which,is,um their grain free formula that is more,affordable than the wilderness,um as well as the blue buffalo basics so,a brand like blue buffalo basics,canaday um specifically candidate pure,i would say and wellness complete,uh not wellness core wellness score will,be more on their premium brand,wellness complete though is really great,as well,and solid gold which i recommend,everyone,who has a dog thats struggling with any,kind of skin,sensitivity issues to definitely go look,at,solid gold and earthborn um,i can go on to a whole spiel about those,so im definitely just going to keep it,short for now but if youre interested,in learning more about that then,definitely leave a comment down below,and i can definitely make a video about,it and talk about it some more,but yeah these bran

Best Dry Dog Food For Puppies In 2020 (Nutritional Puppy Food)

whats going on pet lovers youre,watching five best products and today,were gonna show you some of the best,dry dog foods for puppies in 2020 we,made this list based on research,popularity our opinion and much more for,pricing and more information on these,foods feel free to check out the links,in the video description,in addition dont forget to answer our,daily question at the end of the video,and leave your answer in the comment,section before we get started go ahead,and hit that subscribe button and like,the video also if you have any questions,about any of these products whatsoever,dont hesitate to leave us a comment,below the video and well respond to you,as soon as we possibly can and with that,said enjoy the slideshow the first dry,food that were gonna show you today is,the chicken and rice dry puppy food by,Purina Pro Plan,[Music],[Music],the second dry food that were going to,show you today is the smart puppy,chicken dry dog food by Iams,[Music],[Music],the next dry food that weve got is the,high protein and grain free dry puppy,food by Blue Buffalo,[Music],next up weve got another chicken and,rice food its the drip chicken and rice,drive puppy food by diamond naturals,[Music],[Music],and the last dry food that were going,to show you today is the organics grain,free organic dry puppy food by castor,and pollux,so now that were at the end of the,slideshow let us know in the comments,section which puppy foods you ended up,liking the best in addition dont forget,to subscribe to our Channel and check,out the next slide for related product,videos that you just might be interested,in,[Music],[Music],you

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