2. Iaso tea review – One Week Update | Tonia Kay
  3. I Tried TLC Iaso Tea and I cant believe what Happened!! I was SHOCKED and Disgusted
  4. ⛔ IASO TEA ES UNA MENTIRA? ???? // Un Análisis PROFUNDO ????
  5. IASO TEA REVIEW – THE TRUTH on TLC Iaso CBD tea DETOX | Dont waste your MONEY!
  6. Iaso Tea Review (first week)


hey ladies welcome back to my channel in,todays weight loss video,im going to be telling you how to lose,weight fast on ielts tea,for those of you who do not know what,iaso tea is boom,right here this is a detox tea that aids,in weight loss,okay let me just say this t changed my,entire,life so many of you have told me,literally i got dms,comments under my last youtube video oh,my god i was never able to lose weight,this teaser truth im if you want to you,can pause the video right here to read,um you guys testimonials i literally,teared up because its like,im so happy that you guys experienced,the same results i did,but a lot of you said hey this tea,doesnt work for me,hey i think im doing it wrong this is,why this video is so important,in this video im going to tell you step,by step,how to properly drink this tea so you,can see,the best results ever ive been able to,keep my weight off,for over a year now brings tears to my,eyes just thinking about it i was almost,200 pounds last,year im 145 now i dont know if you,guys can see because,because im wearing black um i will be,starting to do more on workout videos so,you guys can see my new body but,um ive been keeping my weight off this,way im just oh,all right im go let me just jump into,this video before i start crying about,this product,um but if youre new to my channel,welcome to the bella game without,further ado lets get started,by the way when i did my last video,about how to drink ilcc properly,it went viral 400 000 views but i,decided to put that video on private and,do a new one,just to tell you guys step by step you,know,how to drink this heat properly because,i feel like a lot of you,um misunderstood a lot of things i was,saying so lets get right into this,video im not even gonna pause,so number one this is how you see fast,results i wrote this down,this is what i personally do every,morning number one you want to drink,this tea,on the empty stomach i cannot stress,this enough the minute you wake up in,the morning like me,i wake up seven oclock in the morning,and i do 30 minutes um i work out for 30,minutes on,a workout or any visual cardio but on an,empty stomach i take my iaso tea,im going to demonstrate to you right,now how,i take this tea its very important,i want you to watch this video like your,freaking life depended on it okay,so you want to take a 16 ounce water,bottle,right take two packets i used to take,three packets,but long term its not good to take,three packets because this tea is really,strong,you dont want it to mess up your,digestive system two packets will still,give you the same,bomb results take two packets you want,to fill up water,take a 16 ounce water bottle or a pollen,spring bottle make sure 16 ounce,dont fill it up to the top fill it up,to about right here,one second im gonna come right back im,gonna get my bottle of water and im,gonna physically show you and,demonstrate how to do it,by the way look at this waist look at,this waist,i freaking love this heat all right so i,have my water right here,im gonna pour it so you guys can see,because i dont want you guys to make,any mistakes and i want you guys to buy,this tea,and say oh i wasted my money oh this is,a scam no no you the scam because you,didnt do it right,okay so im thats why im taking the,time to show you,all right this is good enough right here,so i filled my water to right here do,not fill it up to the top,the reason why you dont want the water,to dilute it you want it to be,very concentrated right now im going to,take my two packets,get your scissors okay,take i shake it like this to make sure,that all,the product gets to the bottom i cut it,okay i cut it,and now im gonna pour it in,now the um the instructions say take it,30 minutes before lunch 30 minutes for,dinner,you can follow the instructions but i i,do mine,this way because i notice i see the the,fastest results,like when i take two packs and drink it,all in the morning,um what i mean by see fast results is,that,and this is my personal experience um,when i drink this tea on an empty,stomach,first of all let me tell you what,happens to you when you drink this tea,on an empty stomach,um this is the second packet by the way,im sorry if im all over the place guys,all right so this is what happens to,your body,um after you take two packets in the,morning because this is what happens to,me okay,im gonna walk you through how youre,gonna feel so,youre gonna shake it up after you pour,the two packets youre gonna shake it up,it should look like a iced tea youre,gonna shake it up really good make sure,you shake it up really really good right,shake up really good um i,take this about seven oclock in the,morning right,i open it and i drink the whole entire,thing,today is sunday my mom is supposed to,pick me up to go to church right now,so i really dont want to um drink it,because its going to make you go to the,bathroom and i dont want to have to,have an,accident on myself um but im going to,drink this when i come home,so after you shake it up drink the whole,thing at once,drink it all take your time its going,to take like two minutes just drink it,all,drink it all at once dont just take a,little sip and say oh the tea didnt,work for you,you didnt even drink it drink the whole,thing the taste,it tastes like watered down iced tea it,doesnt really taste that good,but youre not worried about the taste,youre trying to get whos trying to get,snacks right youre trying to get snacks,break it all out once i take it at seven,by two oclock in the afternoon,my stomach starts bubbling it starts,bubbling when your stomach starts,bubbling go straight to the bathroom,youre gonna do a number two and,i know thats tmi but youre gonna use,the back youre gonna have at least four,bowel movements so youre gonna,youre gonna have to poop like at least,four times so i usually poop around two,poop again around four poop again at,five and,i take my final poop at seven every time,i take the,um this drink i poop around those same,times right,but this is very important this is,whats gonna,separate you from everybody who took the,tea and they didnt work for them this,is your weapon,i cannot stress this enough bellagain,this tea is not going to work if you,just drink it,youre going to be constipated and its,going to give you stomach cramps,all right a lot of you say oh my god,this he gave me something cramps that,even work,and i always say did you drink water i,dont know im supposed to drink water,with it,listen drink water with it,not just a little bit try to drink a,whole gallon of water a day,all right when you do this but if you,cant ill leave drink up to at least,here,after i drink my tea and i come home,from the gym,i drink water i drink water i drink um,like a glass of water every hour or,something like that i just make sure i,drink enough water the reason why i,drink a lot of water is because,and i drink a lot of water before like,two oclock because i know that,when you drink a lot of water more poop,comes out of you,and the more poop that comes out of you,the snacks,youre gonna look okay and let me just,put a disclaimer out there,im not a nutritionist im not a,dietitian,im just a girl im just a customer like,everybody else i also saw tea but before,i sold this heat i was a customer,im just a customer that drinks eye,gasol tea,okay some people might see way more,weight loss than others,some people might see less or more,either way this tea works,i have hundreds and hundreds of comments,people always say like yup shes not,lying,i lost 20 pounds shes not lying okay if,you go on instagram you hashtag i,associate,youre gonna see go on instagram you see,for yourself if you think im a scam you,think its a lie,go see the thousands of weight loss,transformations,every girl that took ielsa tea that i,see looks just like me its crazy im,like,so i was so skeptical before i got put,onto this tea,now i cant live without it because i,know its crazy to say i cant live,without it because,let me just

Iaso tea review – One Week Update | Tonia Kay

girls get some Vaseline okay dont ask me what its for because once you start taking it  ,you will know immediately hey guys welcome back to  my channel its Tonia and today I am back with an  ,updated video for you guys now last weeks video  was all about CBD tea and I told you guys I was  ,gonna try it for a week well here we are a week  later and Im here to give you guys some updates  ,so in todays video I am going to address a few  things I am address a just a few common themes that I  ,saw in the comments were gonna talk about nutraburst  Im gonna share my one-week experience with  ,you guys show you my results and tell you what  Ill be doing differently for the following week  ,so without further ado lets get into the video  so I got a lot of comments from people saying  ,that for 16.9 ounces of water which is one bottle  for that amount of water youre supposed to use  ,two satchets I dont know where yall getting this  information from but on the package it clearly  ,states one section per 16.9 ounces of water yeah  I dont know where yall getting that from but my,package says so I mean you can sort that out amongst yourselves I dont really care Im just addressing it  ,because a lot of people are using that video for  reference and try and get information so I dont  ,want to lead anybody astray so ima just give you  my two cents on dosage and tell you what the instructions say okay alright  ,lets move on so the other thing I mentioned it  in the last weeks video was nutraburst I had at  ,that time I had not tried it yet but at this point  in time Ive actually been using it for a week a  ,lot of people were like what is it taste like what  does it do why do I need it so the nutraburst,is basically a liquid vitamin I watched a lot  of reviews on that as well a lot of people like  ,oh it tastes good it tastes just like orange juice somebody said it taste just like a smoothie  ,no maam it tastes like medicine like its its  not delicious its not something you gon be,like OOOOO I wish could have some more nutraburst no its nasty like it tastes like medicine  ,so if youre trying to really get an idea  of what it tastes like here we go it tastes like  ,the laced Sunny D its like somebody crushed up  a multivitamin and put it into some Sunny D  ,because this is very very sweet but also medicinal at the same time so it gives you kind of a  ,childrens cold medicine vibe its not gross but  its not delicious like some of the reviews were  ,saying no its it does have that medicinal taste  but it is sweet at the same time so I could see why  ,people would enjoy it but me personally I dont  this tea claims to do a whole lot of different things  ,Im about to read em off to you and then Im lets  share my one week experience to let you know true  ,or false okay all right popular benefits of this  cleansing formula include improved mood weight  ,loss weight management a boost in energy mental  clarity improved skin and gentle cleansing of your  ,intestines and internal organs and Im reading  the back of the raspberry lemonade package my mood was  ,no different my mental clarity was the same my  skin is the same I havent seen any differences  ,there what else a boost in energy definitely not no  it doesnt do that for me I heard people say it  ,did that for them but for me I I guess I expected  a lot from a vitamin that was so pricey um I dont  ,really feel any different when I take it versus  what I dont during my first week I did not make  ,any adjustments to my diet I did not work out at  all all I did was start incorporating the tea and  ,nutraburst into my diet because I wanted  to see how it was gonna impact me while still  ,you know living my regular life because you know  I just want to see basically I just want to see  ,if it was gonna work even with all my nonsense  going on those first couple days like if youre  ,thinking about starting to those first couple days  are gonna be rough like thats when you gon get  ,the most out of it if you get what Im saying like  its gonna be a little aggressive of those first couple  ,of days but then by like days 3 or 4 it kind of  starts to level off like I could almost like time  ,it like I know if I take it at this time and I eat  around this time Im gonna have to use bathroom  ,around this time so it becomes a little bit more  predictable as time goes on but in the beginning  ,just dont make no plans okay dont make no plans  just wait it out because its coming another thing  ,I want to mention like when youre doing this  detox or any detox for that matter make  ,sure youre drinking a lot of water because  if you dont you will start to feel sick you  ,will feel weak you will get lots of cramping and  stomach pain your stomach is hurting like crazy  ,while youre taking this tea nine times out of ten  cuz youre not drinking enough water or get enough  ,electrolytes so before you start this tea make  sure you got some water and I will also recommend  ,getting like some Gatorade or some Powerade  just to help you replace those electrolytes  ,that you are going to lose a lot of them not to  like take it there and be like you know a little  ,TMI but honest it is this is if youre thinking  about trying to tea this is not the time for the  ,cheap toilet paper like you might want to splurge  and get a little Charmin some Quilted Northern,Cottonelle get the good stuff okay its not the time  for store brand toilet paper another thing you might  ,want to get is some vaseline um yeah I aint even gotta say what its for because once you start  ,taking our detox by day three you gonna understand  what I said get some vaseline okay yeah thats how  ,my first week went I know everybodys like all  did you lose weight how did it do all right so  ,Im gonna show you guys um my stomach Im going  to show you my waist my stomach whatever from side  ,view and from the front view and this is what its  looking like for this week now Im going to bring  ,in the previous clip from last weeks video so you  can see the side-by-side thats going to show you  ,like the real difference there I do feel like I  lost some in my stomach but I lost inches but I  ,cant say I did not lose a single pound like I  weigh the same thing but my waist is noticeably  ,smaller so it is doing something I just havent  lost any actual pounds yet and honestly I feel  ,like a lot of that is just because of my diet  could is I just ate whatever I was living I was  ,looking like Savage last week Ill be honest  because I really wanted to put the tea to the  ,test also I was hungry I was bored I was hungry  I was eating to eat the way that I did and not  ,work out and to still see it your friends in  my waistline to me is really good because I  ,mean imagine if you actually did what you were  supposed to do I am going to try to eat healthier  ,Im not gonna sit up there allow you a semi salads  every day no Im not I am want to make healthier  ,choices I am going to be cutting down some of my  carbs its like I said but I eat healthier and  ,Im gonna try to get three workouts in this week  nothing – well Im just gonna work out for an hour  ,yeah thats all I have you guys today I hope you  enjoyed this video and Ill see you next time bye

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I Tried TLC Iaso Tea and I cant believe what Happened!! I was SHOCKED and Disgusted

hey guys all right so I just want to,jump in you guys have probably already,seen my description and I have tried,TLCs is ot and I just wanted to kind of,just give you my experience with the T,so that you know like if youre going to,order it or youve had thoughts of,ordering it what to expect just my,perspective so I had heard about the T,for some time now I had seen the T on,social media I had seen that he just had,different events that I had gone to and,I saw people selling the T but Id never,really tried the T so I feel like I just,kind of had like a curiosity about the T,where Im just like you know I keep seen,is T all over the place let me just look,into it and see what its all about,because I like tea I drink tea all the,time I drink like an herbal tea every,morning I drink burdock tea thats like,one of my favorite teas water is like a,black tea green tea whatever like Im,just a tea person so I was just like,Mitra is I got the regular herbal tea,and I had ordered it in November and I,think I got like like a small sampling,maybe like 10 packs or something that,was like you know I really like the tea,like I felt like it really helped Dee,bloat me I didnt feel as bloated I did,notice like like I was very flatulent,which makes sense if youre like,devoting yourself youre releasing gas,you know so it did it did I did feel,like that good relief I did notice like,as I began to take it more like I began,to see like dead skin like being purged,I guess is the right word I dont know,um like a lot of excess dead skin that I,was like releasing you know Im so the,flavor,Im the regular tea like like I said I,like tima tea drinker said to me it,tastes really good if you are not a tea,drinker like it just tastes like,tea but I liked it and I heard like some,people have put like honey in it like if,you dont like the taste you can,definitely like dress it up like you,would any other normal tea that was,backing up November that I tried the tea,so I had like I said got like a sampling,of like maybe 10 I really liked it so I,ordered more and I got like I think I,increased it to like 25 or something,like that had gotten more samples so I,just kind of been drinking my tea,havent been consistent Ill just kind,of drinking it here and there and Im,still talking about the green regular,herbal tea still feeling good about this,like I said like feeling deep bloated,having real like I normally have regular,bowel movements so my movements for Jess,Im gonna stay increased but like,feeling good about my sword the tea in,November and I also went to Vegas in,November and you know Vegas as all the,dispensaries my type is dispensaries,everywhere in Vegas theyre just like on,every corner every corner dispensary so,Im like Im in Vegas when did they just,do what the Vegas people do okay so I,went to dispensary and I got me some CBD,um never try a CVD Ive never even,smoked weed in my life but I was like,really curious about two because Ive,heard so many good things about the,health benefits of CTP benefits of CBD,is that I feel like it helped balance,out my hormones and for me it wasnt,like I didnt have crazy menstrual,cycles or menstrual cramps but I had an,imbalance of my hormones and how I knew,that was that I had a lot of facial hair,well its not cute okay when I tell you,I had to do a lot of like laser to get,it removed so that it would feel normal,you know like as a woman you want to,feel so hes smooth and I was not,feeling silky smooth like whats going,on I had noticed when I was taking the,CBD that that like,our excess hair that I would have on my,face whats gone or like significantly,decreased and a lot of that hair,especially when you think about women,like that is like more of a masculine,feature which is more of like,testosterone thats what Im talking,about like the hormonal imbalance so,thats why I feel like the CBD really,helped balance that because that was the,only thing that I was really taking only,difference I was taking the CBD and I,was drinking my tea but I wasnt even,like crazy consistent on drinking my tea,like I was just kind of enjoying it here,and there Oh having experienced those my,own CBD it kind of sparked my interest,because I really had liked the tea and I,had been hearing more and more about,diacyl tea that they have infused with,the CBD so I was like hmm maybe I should,try that,I finally ordered my own CBD I a salty,and same thing I tried it and I was not,consistent like I would drink it here,and there it was good like I said I love,tea this was actually really good tea I,would drink it here and there nothing,too dedicated right but I really wanted,to focus on dropping some pounds really,focus on getting my diet more aligned,and the more that I heard about the CBD,infused tea the more that I saw about,that he liked it sparked my interest you,know just really try it and really be,more focused and take,so thats what I did for a week straight,I was like Im not playing Im gonna,take this tea and I did that so I would,do tea in the morning and I would do tea,at night or if I didnt take it like,first thing in the morning I take it,normally when I get to my desk at work,and I had my tea Id have it hot or Id,have it cold really depending on my mood,it was in the morning Im trying to have,the tea hot just because like it just,feels better for my body maybe if its,late at night Ill probably just do a,cold cuz just nice and refreshing and it,feels good but I would do it both ways,if I didnt have it in the morning I,would double up at night where I would,have to go for bed magic right so I did,that for a week so today its actually,day eight of me take this fast one right,day eight of me taking the tea this,morning [ __ ] got real so a couple of,days ago I had went to that time and let,me caveat this if you are skirmish Im,about to get very TMI ish okay a little,graphic so if you do not like hearing,about bodily fluids thats hard this,weekend I went to the bathroom and I,noticed something moving in the bowl not,moving on its own just kind of just,floating and moving right and it looked,like a like a gooey membrane type of,thing dont even know how to describe it,but it just it just wasnt normal,fecal matter so Ill say so kind of,stared at it and then whats my self,okay what is that left it alone,two days later which is today this,morning normal I had my tea last night,before bed woke up this morning nice,smooth move time ago nothing crazy no,cramps no,nothing is just girl is time to go so,like whats the bathroom and I decided,to take a look right we all should look,that I couldnt see whats going on you,want to know what your body is doing,when I tell you I saw what looked like,to me was a tapeworm or piece of a,tapeworm,and I got this a dishwasher you dont,mind me okay Im sorry a tapeworm what,what,it was like a lot like tapey film just,kind of pieces of it in my fecal manner,am i thinking about it Im just like,kind of freaked out because Im like,what that what I say this to say because,like I dont eat pork I dont eat red,meat I only eat chicken and fish and Im,very heavy on my vegetables,Ill eat shrimp as well but in terms of,like when I hear about people getting,like stomach bugs and things like its,always geared towards red meat or its,always cared towards people eat pork so,someone who I feel like needs very,focused on like the food that Im,consuming it where Im consuming Im,always conscious about eating organic,when I can or eating more veggies,instead of eating me like Im very like,forward thinking about my health I love,me some cakes dont give it to a state,hello I do have a sweet tooth however,you know Ill have my cake with a tall,glass of water right,I dont drink juice you know so like,this balance is my point so it really,kind of threw me for a loop when I saw,that and I was just like whoa every time,I think about it Im just like I cant,believe this like Im low key like cant,wait till tomorrow to see what else,comes out because Im like wow is life,but,I w

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⛔ IASO TEA ES UNA MENTIRA? ???? // Un Análisis PROFUNDO ????

bienvenidos al nuevo vídeo mi nombre es,antonio la antigua y en el día de hoy te,quiero hablar de un tema sumamente,importante para mí hablaremos acerca de,los té milagrosos de los té adelgazantes,vamos con el link,[Música],antes de comenzar quiero decirte que mi,intención no es atacar la marca en mi,intención no es hablar mal del producto,yo no estoy pagado por una compañía,contraria o la competencia de estos te,mi intención es ver la información que,se me está vendiendo y comentarle a mis,seguidores que tan cierta desinformación,también quiero decirte que voy a hablar,del producto no voy a hablar del tipo de,negocio aunque pixeladas ahí pueda dar,no comentes hasta ver el vídeo completo,por favor de lo que quiero hablarles es,acerca de este p,y así el hallazo ti es un té adelgazante,fabricado y distribuido por la compañía,él sí se llama total life transforman,total life total life news si cambio de,vida total es la traducción en español,ellos aseguran que si tomas este té,durante cinco días seguidos tal como yo,te dicen vas a rebajar cinco libras hojo,cinco libras en cinco días,cuando yo veo un producto yo siempre le,doy la vuelta para ver qué dice la,etiqueta y según lo que me dice la,etiqueta es lo que yo entiendo que el,producto puede hacer ejemplo si te estás,tomando un producto que te dice que te,va a dar energía que te va a dar que te,va a poner rápido y cuando le das la,vuelta a probar al producto no dice que,contiene algún ingrediente que te ayuda,a estimular el sistema nervioso como por,ejemplo la cafeína el producto no es no,te va a dar la energía que tal vez tú,andas buscando aquí está la tabla de,nutrición si se fijan tiene cero,carbohidratos cero grasas cero calorías,lo que me llama suspicacia que dice que,tiene menos de un gramo de proteína si,tiene menos de un gramo de proteína,debería de decir que tiene al menos dos,calorías digamos que tiene 0.5 gramos de,proteína,tendría dos calorías no debería decir,cero pero que dice que tiene vitamina c,calcio y hierro pero si se fijan al lado,dice que tienen menos de un 2% qué,significa esto tienen menos de 2 por,ciento de la cantidad mínima que tú,requieres en un día los ingredientes son,los siguientes las hierbas son las,siguientes los nombres son en inglés no,sé cómo se llaman en español algunas,pero tengo inquietud con algunos,ingredientes y es el ejemplo del oli,tinto y él es listo cuando investigue,veo que son lo mismo,hay algunos ingredientes que yo conozco,como la papaya en español el santo,domingo se conoce como lechosa está el,mir que la traducción es mirra no lo,conozco y están en la manzanilla y el,ginger el ginger es el jengibre,hablando de manzanilla pérez que voy a,preparar mis té,de manzanilla,he escuchado de las propiedades que,tiene la mayoría de estos ingredientes,pero nunca los había estudiado y lo hice,en estos días veo que la ciencia no ha,dado por y no ha dado por sentada los,beneficios que se le atribuyen incluso,al jengibre que en cuanto a medicina,china si es utilizado para múltiples,cosas pero la ciencia en los estudios,que ha hecho que han sido muy pocos y no,avala 12 presentan beneficios que se le,otorgan a estos productos por ejemplo,también es el manzanilla la manzanilla,dicen que ayudan el arte que va al mar y,etcétera pero la ciencia tampoco lo ha,demostrado,hablando de manzanilla de acuerdo que,muestran te está cogiendo con éxito un,termo rico señor en resumen para no,hacer este vídeo muy largo en mi,investigación no descubrí ningún estudio,científico o ningún aval de ningún,laboratorio o de ningún una agencia,especializada en la investigación de,ingredientes o de algunas sustancias,y que dé por hecha o presentada que,algunos de esos productos o más de uno,de estos productos tengan o mejor dicho,ofrezcan los beneficios que ellos dicen,que ofrecen como que te ayuda a perder,peso te ayuda a mejorar el metabolismo,te ayuda a regular la flora intestinal a,muchísimas cosas en la ciencia no lo ha,demostrado para mí el producto es muy,bueno porque tiene muchas hierbas y,hojas que son naturales que tú preparas,un té y te lo bebés y te puede dar otro,beneficio pero no los beneficios que,ustedes venden funciona el producto hay,vídeos de personas que dice que ha,funcionado pero qué tan creíble viene un,testimonio de una persona que está en el,negocio quieres razón lo que dice otra,pregunta que yo me hago también es la,siguiente voy a perder peso pero que voy,a perder voy a perder agua voy a perder,masa muscular voy a perder grasa,que voy a perder peso es lo único que te,saben decir los vendedores porque ni,ellos saben no los estoy atacando,solamente le estoy diciendo que,investiguen un poco más algo que también,me llama la atención es pensar en el,hecho de que cada vez que te venden el,producto te dicen tienes que hacer una,dieta y tienes que hacer ejercicio para,que puedas perder las cinco libras que,ellos te dicen pero claro si vas a hacer,una dieta vas a hacer ejercicio y te vas,a tomar este té,claro que puedes perder 5 libras algo,que me llama mucho la atención también,es la preparación del té mirad este es,el mismo té de manzanilla dice que es la,preparación aquí está es hervir el agua,aquí se devela hervir el agua y dejarlo,reposar por dos o tres minutos,retirar la bolsa y botar retirar la bola,este producto tu tienes que hervir un,litro de agua o una botella de agua,corriente si me equivoco y luego de que,el agua está hirviendo las pagas de,hechas dos bolsitas y lo dejas tapado,por 8 horas 8 horas,pero esto dice tres minutos dos o tres,minutos mira para atrás,aquí dos o tres minutos dos o tres,minutos porque porque ocho horas luego,de eso tienes que chad esa agua ya,hervida y reposada por ocho horas con,las bolsitas en un envase con tres,litros más de agua o con un galón de,agua y ponerle las bolsas dentro porque,si estos productos estos que son así,vienen con las indicaciones de que,tienes que durar hervir el agua ahí está,quiere enfocar no quiere enfocar ahí en,foco hay de que tiene que hervir el agua,luego de que el agua esté vida tienes,que,dejar las bolsitas por tres minutos y,luego retirar la bolsa ahí lo dice,esto no tiene nada diferente del que,ustedes hacen o es que la bolsa tiene,algo diferente si tiene algo diferente,debe decirlo en los ingredientes focas,hay un poco como yo proyecto de esta red,y parte dejando votar,otra cosa que me parece un poco incómodo,y raro es la relación precio-producto me,explico el precio en el que se vende el,producto es un poco elevado para el,costo que conlleva crear ese producto,bueno crearlo crearlo no prepararlo,porque eso es un producto que lo crea la,naturaleza entonces la preparación no,debería no creo que sea tan complicada,como para vender el producto tan caro,entonces ahí es que entre el negocio que,me han dicho y he investigado que el,negocio es muy lucrativo pero es por esa,razón porque los productos salen muy,baratos hacerlos y muy caros al venderle,por esa razón es que las personas se,están lucrando de este negocio para,darte un ejemplo de mi opinión porque,este producto yo digo que es caro,te voy a mostrar este ejemplo,té de manzanilla yo siempre me llevo mi,pececito de vez en cuando cuando no,tengo que hacerme vomité no estoy,rebajando yo soy flaca y todo el que me,sigue lo sabe porque lo repito en todos,mis vídeos esta caja trajo cuanto 20,bolsas y esta caja que trabajo 20 bolsas,me costó como 4 dólares si dividimos 4,dólares entre 20 4 entre 20,cada bolsa sale a 0.2 dólares,quiere decir 20 centavos entonces si,decimos que este té tiene 9 ingredientes,y un ingrediente sale en 2 centavos el,precio final no precio de producción,multiplicamos 20 centavos por 9 y el,resultado es que cada bolsa de los,nuevos ingredientes diciendo que cada,uno cueste lo mismo que este que me,supongo que sí porque son productos,naturales que vienen de la tierra la,producción no eres tú cala a este medio,cada bolsa de está salen 1.8 dólares,precio final por eso yo entiendo que son,mercados lo único bueno que yo veo de,este producto

IASO TEA REVIEW – THE TRUTH on TLC Iaso CBD tea DETOX | Dont waste your MONEY!

my health conscious ass was like  oh maybe i shouldnt take this….,Im in my kitchen so you know today its a health  video i want to keep it real with yall about tlc  ,total life changes products i was once upon a  time a couple months ago beginning the quarantine  ,i think maybe in end of February beginning of  March is when i started using their products  ,using these two things together its supposed  to be like magical liposuction in a bottle  ,so well see and i found that their products  just didnt work for me personally following  ,all the rules following strict guidelines to  what they said you should do for it to work and  ,to not work it just did not work for me and thats  fine everybodys bodys different so i got time  ,for nobody trying to come in my comments  talking oh it works for me i sell it,you sell it so your opinion is biased do me a  favor please get out of here i have a previous  ,video on the tea itself and i shared with you  my experience how that tea worked out for me  ,if you were going to buy the tea or anything like  that go ahead watch that video after this one  ,stick around for this so todays video is  about the resolution drops it is said to to  ,help metabolize fats carbs amino acids and prevent  unwanted fatigue in the body and im gonna tell  ,yall right now that those claims did not do  anything for me what i found with this company  ,is they always say hey if you use this product  you need to use this product and when you use  ,this product you have to buy this product and if  you use that product you have to use this product  ,so that you end up with a ton of crap that youre  taking all at one time that in your brain theyre  ,trying to get you and to say hey you use all this  then youll look like this if you dont use all  ,of these things and you only use one of them then  you wont look like this and youll look like this  ,that in itself i just find it as kind of scammy  but i did it anyway so i got the nutri burst like  ,they suggested i got the t like they suggested  because you cant have the nutri burst without  ,and then i got the resolution drops  like suggested because you cant  ,take the resolution drops without taking  the team without taking the nutri burst,so you have to use all three products for  you to experience some form of weight loss  ,or something like that in conjunction with  these resolution drops you should be sticking  ,to a 1200 calorie diet because so they say  if you do not stick to a 1200 calorie diet  ,then it didnt go work and youre not  gonna lose weight that was another red flag  ,it was kind of gimmicky to me because no if you  are on a 1400 1500 or even your recommended daily  ,intake of 2 000 calories a day which in itself  having a 1200 calorie diet without these drops you  ,are going to lose weight you are because youre at  such a steep caloric deficit that your body will  ,have no choice but to drop weight and drop pounds  because youre not consuming what you probably  ,were consuming before whether youre consuming 2  000 calories if youre consuming 25 100 calories  ,a day if you automatically switch that to 1200  calories the weight is gonna drop off like crazy  ,and these drops are going to do absolutely nothing  i went through the ingredients of these drops and  ,it has a lot of good ingredients these ingredients  are supposed to help your metabolism help your  ,thyroid function help your brain function the  fatigue if youre fatigued its supposed to help  ,give you energy i found that it did none of  those things for me but on top of that the taste,this tastes like something you should  not be putting in your body it literally  ,tastes like i took a dropper of gasoline,it tastes and smells like a chemical  and when i first took it i was like oh,oh shit maybe i shouldnt take this i fell for  the gimmick so that you dont have to im gonna  ,tell you this im a nutrition coach okay i dont  recommend you sticking to a 1200 calorie diet  ,that is the bare minimum that you can go on  without basically becoming like anorexic or  ,something but if you wanted to you could stick  to a 1200 calorie diet not take these drops  ,and lose a ton of weight these drops give you  absolutely no resolution to any problem that  ,you have in my opinion all the rave reviews  on these resolution drops its not the drops  ,yall its not the drops its the fact that you  are on a 1200 calorie diet whats doing the job  ,is you consuming all the water youre consuming  you eating the list of foods that they give you  ,on that 1200 calorie diet and you probably  working out your three four five six days a week  ,that is whats doing the job if you are taking  these jobs currently and youre following  ,the instructions to a team i promise you stop stop  taking these drops and continue doing what youre  ,doing you wont gain weight and youll probably  continue to lose weight until your body gets  ,to a weight thats sustainable for you thats  all i have to say i just wanted to come to yall  ,with that if you like videos like these where i  try things and let you know whether you should  ,get it or not i will fall for the gimmick  so you dont have to thank you so much for  ,watching if you made it this far dont forget  to like comment and subscribe have a good night

Iaso Tea Review (first week)

hey guys welcome back to another video,welcome back to patras soul so guys in,this video as you see my description i,will be,reviewing my eyes of tea and eyes of,detoxing tea for today is it worth it,guys huh,is it really worth it,let me see,yes guys but before i get into that,video please remember to leave a thumbs,up,share comment and subscribe to my,channel what are you waiting for guys,please you view my content just,subscribe thank you in advance,remember,you know you do just find something,constructive to do for today,never let the day go wasted without you,doing something positive yes and may the,best use of the day be grateful as usual,i always tell you guys i appreciate you,all so today im going to tell you guys,what i think im going to give you my,honest honest review on my iso,detoxing tea so did it work,is it working,am i going to buy it am i going to,continue using it,lets see guys let me see,so its been one week now since i,started taking my,iso detoxing tea and,when i first started i take my first,drink um it was like the night when the,night before i took it,the first,tea i took one sachet yes i took once a,shade of my ice of tea,overnight when i woke up in the morning,i didnt feel anything you know i felt,the same way,and i said okay maybe one once a shade,didnt work so what i did i went ahead,in the morning and i got a second,i took a second sachet,and i put it in one turn cup of water,yes hot water i normally use hot water,some persons put it in your cold water,in room temperature water they put in,your juice or their shakes or your,smoothie but i normally just drink it,with pure hot water so,in the morning i,took another sachet i made some warm,water and i,drunk about say midday guys oh my gosh,my belly starts to you know i start have,bowel movements yeah so,i have to rush,and guys it was an experience you know,but um yeah so i think what happened,when i took the one sachet didnt work,it wasnt strong enough so when i took,the second one then it started to work,and guys it did work for that day so if,i would encourage you,if you know you have to go out to work,do not take it so its best for you to,take it when youre home or over the,weekend or your own so yes guys it did,work for me by sending me to the,bathroom yes so it did send me to the,bathroom and,i took it this friday night the,saturday morning and this sunday morning,as well and it continued to work up,until monday,guys i could feel like i i just feel a,sense of relief when i finish using the,wash blue bathroom yes it it gives you,that you know emptiness inside and it,makes you want to eat thats my what i,observated when i,when as soon as i finished taking this,and i um it sent me,to,that house yes guys,i started to feel empty because what it,is detoxing here but it is cleaning your,system out the organs in your body it is,cleaning you so your i feel im telling,you based on how i feel me some persons,may have a different you know um review,on it it means,they may not have an experience that i,have everybody experience may be,different,but for me guys when i finish i feel so,empty and i just want to eat,so that is why its best for you to have,something,to replenish the body after the toxin so,yes guys so i think for me i would say,it worked and as i said its just one,week since ive been taking it so im,not going to say ive seen in a result,ive seen where um belly fat has been,called no i dont see that as yet so im,going to continue taking it for maybe a,month if after a month i see no result,then you know its not good for me its,just probably detoxing me and its not,burning any fat because its supposed to,burn fat,but im going to watch and see if any,fat is being burnt over a period of a,month or say,five weeks yes so,i think for so far so good,yes so after within two weeks time im,going to give you,another review on my iso herbal tea,detox and tea and ill let you guys know,if it is working wonders,or if its not so this is my honest,review on it guys for today i hope you,guys like share comment and subscribe to,my channel and remember in all you do,stay humble,bye,[Music],[Applause],[Music]


so this video is not gonna be like a,straight to-the-point,type of video 5 minute type of video,this video is not gonna be like that so,if thats what youre expecting maybe,skip through a little bit or you can,just exit because I get a lot of,questions you guys about these products,so Im gonna try to be as in-depth as,possible about everything with these,products and what I have learned so this,might be a little bit the video and Im,sorry,Ill exclusion I wanna love you baby,a littlebeautiful you say that you love,me Oh,[Music],hey guys welcome back to my channel is,she grown not too shiny and Im back,again with another video you guys yes,yes yes you girl has been missing okay,and I do apologize,I know yall tired of me apologizing in,every video because my videos be like so,spaced apart but listen I uploaded last,week twice so thats not too bad right,but you guys can tell about the title of,this video Im going to be sharing how I,lost 14 pounds in less than a month so,basically its kind of like I also see,updated review because thats literally,my main product that I was using so if,you guys are interested in that please,stay tuned Im gonna keep it real and,Im gonna tell you exactly what I did so,have your little note pad handy bedroom,so you can take you some notes and try,it out and if it works for you that is,amazing if it doesnt work for you then,of course we can keep trying to come up,with some ways that you can also lose,the weight that you desire so with that,being said ima stop talking in this,intro if were gonna go ahead and start,talking about the products alright so,Im actually completely out of the team,well actually I think I have like one,packet in each so Im gonna drink my tea,today and then Im going to I should be,getting my order in tomorrow so I can go,ahead and start my new Traverse and see,all over again because Im actually out,so these are the two products that I,mainly use as well as the new traversed,I have used the NRG but Im gonna go,ahead and just break it all down as far,as you know how often I use it its my,favorite kind of describing the taste,and all that kind of stuff because I,know a lot of people are super duper,skeptical about this youre not familiar,with it then youre probably thinking,like only celebrities that are you know,using this product and of course like,theyre gonna,promote it and make it seem like its so,good because howdy want for you to sign,a name I didnt want you to just give,them money not using a pattern like I,understand you guys are skeptical but,Im telling you I my mom started using,these products about two or three years,ago and they work amazing like they used,to work so good but back then I wasnt,consistent neither was my mom sometimes,but I really was not consistent as I,should have been and I really didnt,really care about losing weight like I,wasnt serious as I am now this product,is not new like its not like they just,came out with it like no celebrities is,just now jumping on a bandwagon period,so anyways here are the troops hes you,guys this one is just the regular,instant one this one doesnt really have,a taste its like pretty basic like I,learnt to look at it as like dirty water,like its literally like dirt and water,like Im sorry but thats how it is its,like a very gross taste but at the same,time its not that bad its I dont,really know youre out suck at,describing stuff but thats what this,one is like it works amazing your first,couple of days youre probably gonna be,on the toilet a lot like when I say on,the toilet baby you gonna be on the,phone especially if you never you never,use a bathroom like regularly youre,gonna be on a toilet because this is,gonna react pretty fast and yeah but,thats great because that means youre,losing them inches youre youre losing,weight these products all they both save,five pounds in five days what you will,lose I can definitely vouch for that,because some people actually can you,lose ten pounds from using these,products okay so read in the back of the,regular incident they say just makes one,sachet into a sixteenth about a 16-ounce,bottle of water and then you take your,30 minutes before eating you can,actually take two doses of this per day,this is pretty much just what it says on,the bag five pounds in five days its,all natural as cleansing formulas to,include weight loss and weight,management commensal clarity improved,skin gentle cleansing of your intestines,pretty much just like a general idea of,what it says on the back like I said,this one pretty much says the same thing,it just has CBD in it it actually helps,you sleep better at night so I,definitely love taking this one whenever,I drink at night right so the moment you,guys have been waiting for what did I do,and what have I been doing for the past,three and a half weeks probably even,less than that using these products,first I will list the products that I,use,so the first one I used was the ISOC CBD,the second one was the regular instinct,the third one was the new Traverse which,is also a fat burner I do not have it on,me right now but it is like a fat burner,as well and its a vitamin that you take,its like a little cat full and its,equal to about 10 to 13 salads that one,little capsule is about this big this,little cap full you drink you down and,its equal to about 10 to 13 salads,which is amazing and you will feel the,energy you will feel it instantly once,you take your little shot I did try the,NRG a couple of times but like I dont,know why I never could stay consistent,with them I think they do work they do,definitely give you energy yeah like I,was a consistent so I will not use that,in this video but I just want to mention,that all right so first things first you,guys how in the heck that I drink this,tea and the new Traverse what was my,typical day with using these products so,first things first in the morning I,would drink me a cap full of my new,Traverse I will go ahead and take my,little shot in the morning then after,that I would go ahead and make my teeth,with that things that I would use the,regular instant tea I would get two,packets of these two sachets and I would,put them inside of a 16 ounce water,bottle now the way I do my water bottle,is I would literally drink pretty much,like a lot this right here is perfect I,would drink all of this and then I would,stop like halfway and then add my,packets in and I would do two packets,into this amount of water so hope you,guys can see that but two bottles I mean,two packets is out of this amount of,water and I would go slow down like a,little down and thats what I would do,on top of drinking plenty of water,drinking water is a struggle for me when,Im not eating a lot because I would,only eat like once a day and my parents,would cook every night so it was your,typical food ribs chicken pork chop beef,whatever it was they were making like I,was eating what they were eating except,for like maybe once or twice out of the,week I would like try to just do like a,fool like fruit type of diet or,something which was pretty much rare,like I said it would be like once thats,why its out of the week,for a day and that was about it but,mainly I would just eat once a day and,just eat what my parents had for dinner,that night I would literally just do,that drink my little bottle in the,morning after that drink me about at,least five bottles I would say seven to,eight you guys is what you should drink,but I would drink about five sometimes I,would drink less because its really,hard to consume water for me when Im,not eating which is really bad you guys,I know and by the end of the night I,would probably take a shot of vinegar,like a little tiny shot like Ill,probably put in my new Traverse cap and,in half of the news your birth cap and,just take me a shot of apple cider,vinegar and then I would also go ahead,and make my tea again the same amount,and I would just do the CBD one because,it helps you sleep better at night I,would put one of these someti

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