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Triangle Strategy Review

triangle strategy starts slowly pressing,new game leads to a series of,unappealing events youre introduced to,your character sarah noah wolford and,his extremely boring retainers and,fiance youre given a bunch of narration,about the recent history of a fantasy,land whose most interesting,characteristic is that there isnt much,naturally occurring salt theres cut,scene after cutscene introducing,character after character with almost no,context its awkward and frustrating,with very little other than the,marvelous 3d pixel art to keep it,motivating but despite an unappealing,start over the course of its 40 plus,hours that slowness becomes a virtue,growing into one of the most effective,and entertaining examples of the,tactical rpg form fire at will a reward,to whoever fails prince roland,[Music],ah,theres more of them dont worry this,isnt one of those it gets amazing after,the first two dozen terrible hour kinds,of jrpgs almost every part of that,frustrating start fades away some,problems almost immediately the,mundanity of the setting turns into a,tense extremely human political drama,the overwhelming number of characters,provides fertile ground for intrigue as,seemingly major characters can be,dispatched once the story gets violent,while minor characters step up it slowly,reveals a decision system where,expressing beliefs gathering information,and understanding character,relationships all become important,combat never becomes overly complex yet,somehow always feels perfectly tuned and,the main character,well the main character just always,makes jon snow look exciting by,comparison sorry about that such is the,way of house wolf the grounded human,story of wars over resources and,ambition may not sound exciting but in a,genre thats usually filled with mad,mages or ancient gods threatening to,destroy their respective worlds its,refreshing to play a game focused on,human political machinations in a land,where magic exists but not everything,revolves around it there are complex,three-dimensional characters who turn,brutal and violent or try to find,redemption it would be easy but not,unfair to compare triangle strategys,story to game of thrones in many ways on,the other hand the four main characters,of triangle strategy suffer because they,are all too similarly boring the young,lord sarah noah his betrothed fredericka,his advisor benedict and his best friend,prince roland and most other party,members are all kind responsible and,excruciatingly,painfully polite at all times i,understand,this requires careful consideration in a,genre filled with flamboyant and,memorable characters in games like fire,emblem final fantasy or persona its,almost shocking to have a set of main,characters be so aggressively dull and,yet here i am,fetch the scales benedict,we shall decide our path together that,said some personality and differences in,character motivation come out in the,scales of conviction system whenever,house wolford faces a major choice the,seven main party members all discuss and,vote on it you can influence them,through dialogue options and by,gathering information but the results,are binding and can go against your,wishes so the stakes are high in one,campaign i had generally focused on,being kind and honest which led to,difficulties when i wanted to make a,choice of whether to play along with a,corrupt offer while my retainers all,voted to be honest and expose the,corruption immediately as time goes on,these choices take on more and more,importance to both the future of the,characters and the world it is time to,cast our votes the voting and conviction,systems end up being very clever ways to,manifest your choices all the little,dialogue decisions you make end up,combining to both subtly lead serenoa,down particular paths and unlock,powerful side characters and flashbacks,for them on the downside the conviction,system is masked for the entire first,playthrough which did lead to some,confusion over whether i was supposed to,know what was happening or not,the quiet confidence of triangle,strategy is most apparent in the combat,system which initially felt like,something from a perfectly generic,tactical role-playing game but as the,campaign went on it increasingly,impressed me with some of the best level,design and difficulty tuning ive ever,seen in a tactics game the combat form,is similar to final fantasy tactics or,fire emblem you have a party of 8 to 12,characters that you move in turn around,a tile-based map each character has,different skills and stats that reflect,their personalities benedict is a,supporting class who can use skills that,make your characters stronger tougher or,faster but does little damage on his own,roland is a fast moving cavalryman who,can do a lot of damage but doesnt last,long if he gets isolated you dont stand,a chance,there are small tactical considerations,like terrain advantages and damage type,vulnerabilities but these are minor,features and dont add up to for example,a combo system like that in disgaea and,the progression system doesnt allow for,creating super powered characters like,those in final fantasy tactics nor is,there anything like fire emblems,friendship system to encourage combat,choices beyond simply do the most damage,in other words theres no hook instead,triangle strategy has simple effective,progression characters get slightly but,noticeably stronger in ways that allow,some temporary advantages but then,tougher enemies also pick up their own,strengths and while you cant completely,reshape your characters there are enough,progression choices via items and weapon,upgrades that can tweak them in,important ways like improving their,magic resistance or making certain,spells easier to cast but every time i,thought i found a major advantage like,picking up the powerful archer archibald,i watched as the enemy forces got strong,enough that what i had previously,thought was being overpowered became,simply another useful strategy,the tactics genre is one where balancing,difficulty is essential and thats,proven demonstrably tough to do so its,extremely high praise when i say the,triangle strategy on the default normal,setting provided me with exactly the,level of difficulty i wanted at almost,every turn when i got stuck on those,harder fights they were interesting and,worthwhile optional battles i could,engage in to level up a bit or else i,could just experiment with changing my,characters formation and roster those,are the exact sorts of tactical,decisions that i hope to make in games,like this triangle strategy also rises,to the occasion whenever a major plot,battle occurs both in combat design and,also aesthetically the music which is so,important in this genre is generally,perfectly fine but in some of the big,battle themes it goes above and beyond,theres also some unique character,dialogue that happens during these,fights which is especially useful,because the villains tend to be the ones,who carry the campaign in terms of,personality we do not take kindly to,thievery here in wolford you will pay,for your crimes it may not put its best,foot forward immediately but once,triangle strategy gets going its,shockingly successful at what it does,try to do it fulfills the promises of a,story based on real world ideas like,resource competition and the ambitions,of nobles and those human stories manage,to overcome even a massive wet blanket,of a main character it allows for,meaningful choices while also including,a voting system for party members that,can override your desires based on the,groundwork you laid yourself in,fascinating ways and underlying all of,that is its combat which is simple,well-designed and appropriately,challenging in all the right ways,triangle strategy may be quiet in its,greatness but thats still great,for more check out our reviews of,pokemon legends archaeos and ruined king,and for everything else stick with ign i,shant hold back,[Applause],your defense is crumbled,you

Triangle Strategy Nintendo Switch Review – Is It Worth It?

hello everybody zeon over here from,nintendo life and the day has finally,come where we can share with you our,full massive review of triangle strategy,on the nintendo switch now this review,was originally written by the,spectacular pj oreilly for,nintendolife.com but was reworked into,this video by me,[Music],when we previewed triangle strategys,opening hours just a few weeks ago we,walked away subtly impressed by its,slick mix of choice driven narrative,detailed world building and satisfyingly,strategic combat action its a setup,that immediately engaged us introducing,a strong cast of characters embroiling,us in some fascinating game of,thrones-esque fantasy politics and,setting the stage for what we dearly,hoped would be a grand tale full of,drama epic battles and tough decisions,to come thankfully now that weve spent,some 50 or so hours with the finished,product we can report that square enix,has fully delivered on the promise of,its prologue demo triangle strategy is a,fantastic tactical rpg that serves up an,engrossing tale top-notch battles,multiple routes through its excellent,campaign and several widely different,endings that youll absolutely want to,dive back into the game in order to,experience for a game with a name as,basic as triangle strategy it really,does so much right assuming the role of,sarah noah woolfort players are thrust,into the political landscape of norzelia,where three kingdoms glenbrook heisent,and s frost are just about holding,together an uneasy alliance that was,formed in the aftermath of the great,saltyrian wars of course by the time the,prologue is done that alliance has been,all but shattered and what follows is a,twisting turning delight of a campaign,that somehow never loses its momentum,slowly building to a fantastic finale,that sees you get to choose exactly how,you wish to see your true vision of,sarah noahs story end,now it may take its sweet old time at,points in the way of dialogue but the,payoff is so worth it this is a game,that sinks its hooks into you introduces,a fantastic cast of characters that,youll truly grow to care about thrusts,you into impossible situations and,affords you the opportunity to make,genuinely meaningful choices that affect,who lives or dies and who and what will,be destroyed as you make the sacrifices,necessary in order to prevail its an,impressively mature and complex campaign,in many ways too one that manages to,successfully mix its political and more,fantastical elements injecting plenty of,real world issues regarding religious,manipulation of the masses fabricated,fear as a means of control and touches,on slavery and racism in its tale,honestly were not going to detail a,single moment of the story here as any,spoilers would entirely ruin the impact,of it all but just know that triangle,strategy absolutely delivers on the,narrative front the producer of the game,tamoya asano has also worked on bravely,default and octopath traveler and spoke,in the past about how he wanted to take,this game in a slightly different,direction away from some of the more,traditional aspects of jrpgs and its a,decision thats worked wonders on how,the action in triangle strategy actually,flows the narrative structure here is,tight and theres no unnecessary,dilution of the core crisis by shifting,the players focus onto the shoes of,multiple protagonists youre pretty much,locked into the story from sarah noahs,point of view and it makes proceedings,all the more intense and memorable as a,result youll be given ample opportunity,to hop around the world map between,battles and watch how events are,unfolding in other regions and with,other factions through short cut scenes,but the main thrust is always kept on,house wolford and the escalating dangers,that you and your allies face as the,story progresses the core gameplay loop,here consists of lengthy narrative,elements big beefy battles and short,periods of exploration that allow you to,wander around the games beautiful,little dioramas and its a loop that,works so well in keeping the player,invested at all times in whats going on,across a lengthy campaign much has been,made of the scales of conviction choice,driven aspects of triangle strategy in,the build-up to release and to this end,the game also manages to fully deliver,on its promise in these instances youll,be given two or three different,resolutions to a major plot point the,situation is carefully explained in,detail characters in your party voice,their opinions and then youll have the,opportunity to attempt to convince any,who are wavering to stand with you,before everyone casts their vote and a,decision is made that branches the,narrative out in a different direction,as neatly illustrated by a timeline map,showing you how youve diverged from the,main path its incredible stuff that,both directly affects the story and,works to give you enough agency that,youre kept completely involved in,whats going on to the point we found it,hard to put the game down playing just,one more hour here and there to see how,the next big dramatic point would,actually play out so in terms of the,story beyond some hilariously over the,top dialogue and places and a few rough,edges to the english voice acting all is,truly well and good but what about the,combat one of the biggest elements of,the game well triangle strategy serves,up a feast in this respect too with some,excellent set-piece battles that,introduce lots of well-designed systems,that are underpinned by genuine tension,thanks to the games consistently,excellent world building you arent just,fighting alongside a bunch of random,npcs here youre going up against it,with your dearest friends and comrades,characters that you actually care about,and thank goodness theres no permadeath,either or we may not have been able to,take it at this point the tactical rpg,elements here play out in a fashion that,final fantasy tactics and advanced wars,fans will recognize immediately with the,games turn-based battles taking place,on a grid system that highlights where,your currently selected party member can,and cant move during a turn strategic,layers are then piled on with each,member of your sizeable entourage,wielding a suite of upgradable powers,and abilities that youll need to make,full use of in order to come out on top,of encounters youll want to plan in,advance to make use of the games clever,follow-up attack system whereby putting,one unit on each side of a foe,instigates a double assault a move,thats invaluable in taking troublesome,enemy battle mages and healers down,quickly as well as taking advantage of,high ground whenever possible as attacks,from higher up deal extra damage you,also need to consider employing various,well-timed elemental combos of magic to,soften up packs of enemies use a mages,powers to soak an area with water or,melt an icy patch into a puddle for,example then zap the place with,electricity and frazzle a bunch of foes,at once theres opportunities aplenty,here for the strategically minded and,always another way to approach a problem,when you take the time to really sit,back and consider all of your options,triangle strategy also does a wonderful,job of feeding you lots of useful,information in a user-friendly fashion,showing you which enemies can assault,you from any given spot when you hover,over a position giving you a preview of,the damage youll dish out with any of,your attacks and allowing you to,simulate entire moves before committing,to them fully minimizing your chances of,making horrendous errors of judgment,during battle,however we still want to point out that,we made plenty of fatal flaws during our,time with the game so dont feel bad if,you still do as well youll be given the,opportunity to sort your troops,pre-fight mulling over your options and,choosing which combatants from your,constantly evolving roster you wish to,take into action the game continues to,help out as much as it can here even,flagging up recommended party members,an

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The Diofield Chronicle Review

its easy to draw lines between the Dio,field Chronicles sweeping story of War,magic and Shady politics and those of,Game of Thrones are Fire Emblem Id have,to write off the whole fantasy genre if,borrowing were a deal breaker but they,still have to figure out how to assemble,those parts into something that stands,alone in this case it ends up feeling,like at best a generic version of its,Inspirations and while its real-time,combat system is an exciting twist its,often difficult to work with the,controls as you fight through its quick,engaging battles even the characters who,end up having unexpected or interesting,roles to play in the unfolding tale kind,of come across as a bit dull though,thats no fault of the veteran voice,cast,foreign,[Music],field feels like anyones first try at,making up a whole new setting for a,Dungeons and Dragons campaign,complete with an evil empire trying to,conquer everything and characters,earnestly named things like Frederick,Lester you have corrupt Nobles scheming,fanatical church beastmen its all,within the big book of fantasy tropes,but its not entirely without charm,there is something homey about it all,even if it feels fairly predictable,I was impressed with the entire voice,cast to bring this world to life,including some excellent Gravelly,narration from geralt of brivia himself,Doug cockle this unit is headed by,Commander yolzem yoden a former knight,from a mid-ranking noble family but the,voice Direction leaves a lot to be,desired with many important Converse,down by stiff and unenergetic deliveries,who are you lets just say that were,soldiers soldiers,while each member of the main cast has a,complex and interesting backstory and,motivations the way the English dialogue,is written doesnt always come across as,very authentic please seek shelter and,leave the fighting to us,there are issues with the combat as well,the fundamentals are strong its sort of,a possible real-time Fire Emblem with,Waypoint based movement lots of,environmental interactions and plenty of,diverse classes and abilities to weave,together when its running smoothly and,Im blasting my way through hordes of,foes using careful positioning and skill,combos it makes me eager for more,across six chapters and more than 40,hours it can certainly deliver plenty of,new adventures too,the variety of enemies and diverse,encounter design which may have you,desperately defending a castle gate or,taking on a multi-stage boss fight keeps,any two missions from feeling too,similar,the figurative bug bear looming over all,of this is the control scheme which is,just a pain it seems designed for a,controller but I actually find it,equally annoying whether I choose to,play it that way or with a mouse and,keyboard selecting units is imprecise,you can pause the battle by selecting,units but theres no Standalone pause,button certain simple actions just take,more steps than I feel like they need to,if I have my knight selected here and I,hit the key to bring up the special,moves menu why does it switch to a,different character and make me select,him again I thought I would eventually,get used to frustrations like that but,at best I learned to tolerate them a bit,more by the end,[Music],its a bummer really because the kinds,of clever things you can pull off would,have made me look forward to every,Mission otherwise,which one is brisk about five to ten,minutes long even with a lot of pausing,which keeps the action Fierce and the,campaign from ever bogging down even if,you do all the optional stuff like I did,[Music],Mission types that I would normally find,annoying like escorts become almost a,speedrunning puzzle that encourages me,to think about the optimal path of,Destruction before I even hit go failure,usually isnt that big a deal since even,the longest missions are fairly short,and designed to be replayed for bonus,objectives however some missions do,feature a long dialogue sequences you,have to Button Mash through every time,you replay them,its worth it to go back and check all,those boxes since they give you more,resources to use in the expansive,progression systems it can be a bit,overwhelming at first to keep track of,all the different currencies individual,characters are in ability points to,boost their stats which are different,from skill points which belong to each,class to upgrade their specific,abilities and your company of,mercenaries later nights gains unit,experience as well as ranks in,individual facilities like the shop and,the blacksmith oh and I didnt even,mention how you can spend rare resources,to unlock new summons and weapons but,once I got a handle on it I really,enjoyed the level of customization it,gave me over my four character party,theres a satisfying sense of taking a,ragtag group of sell swords and training,them up into one of the most feared,fighting forces on the continent and the,economy is very well balanced so I never,got to a point where I couldnt find,anything meaningful to spend my shiny,treasure on,foreign,is pretty good looking too the lighting,and character models arent going to,blow anyones mind but it shows a strong,art Direction and creates a sense of,identity for everyone from the main cast,down to minor characters I may not,always approve of their fashion choices,purple boots with the blue uniform,really,but looking at anyone in this world,tells you a lot about who they are and,what they do that being said the vibe is,just a bit too much generic medieval,fantasy Square Enix is good at putting,its own spin on these tropes in games,like the mini final fantasies or Chrono,Trigger but I just dont see it here,in addition while characters will often,talk about what theyre feeling their,faces arent very emotive in most,conversations which contributes to the,sort of dreary boarding school,atmosphere the whole world could have,benefited from someone turning the,attitude dial up a notch or three,of course every time I summon Bahamut,from the sky to rain destruction on my,foes these concerns fade away if only,for a moment big dragon shoot shiny,Fireball good,[Music],foreign,fast-paced tactical jrpg that spins a,respectable if generic swords and,sorcery yarn the deal field Chronicle is,mainly let down by frustrating controls,and stiffly animated characters,performing what is often a stiffly,written script,shorter action-packed missions make it,an ideal switch or steam deck game,something to chip away at little by,little in your free moments but even,with its deep multi-layered progression,system there isnt enough heft here to,make me want to sit back in my chair and,sink into its uninspiring fantasy world,for many hours at a time,for more check out our reviews of Soul,hackers 2 and Xenoblade Chronicles 3.,and for everything else stick with IGN

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Triangle Strategy (Switch) Review – The Second Coming of Final Fantasy Tactics?

[Music],while it should be in the running for,overall game of the year one award that,triangle strategy is sure to walk away,with is worst title and for good reason,it lacks the style and heart oozing from,every pore of the actual game doing a,disservice to just how incredible an,experience it offers,fans have begged square enix for a,remaster or remake of the original final,fantasy tactics and while that game,isnt quite the same as triangle,strategy this is the best facsimile,weve ever received,producer tomoya asano who also led,development of octopath traveler must,have heard the criticism of his former,work loud and clear because a robust,player-driven story is at the heart of,triangle strategy,the way in which fun challenging combat,sublime visuals and soundtrack and a,gripping well-told narrative all,intersect make for one hell of a,three-sided shape,the continent of norzelia is home to,three separate factions,glenbrook ace frost and heisent and its,obvious from the outset that achieving a,perfect balance between them is an,ever-moving target,as lord of house wolford players guide,young sarah noah in his quest to protect,his own people while also navigating the,conflicts that threatened to plunge,norzelia into all-out war,the discovery of a new mine sets off a,chain reaction that leads to ace frost,invading glenbrook and from there spins,out a tail filled with branching paths,unexpected deceit and painstaking,choices,in addition to multiple distinct endings,triangle strategy offers unique routes,to obtain each one,and its likely that almost every,persons first playthrough will be,noticeably different,across 20 chapters many of which have,multiple sub chapters players engage in,a few different types of gameplay to,advance the story,optional events include those that shed,light on whats happening around the,continent at the time,and also character focused ones that,allow you to recruit new party members,or learn more about the ones that have,joined up,mandatory events are divided into one of,four categories,combat exploration voting and story,while story segments involve watching,through a cut scene the other three are,fully interactive,during exploration phases saranova has,an opportunity to survey a battlefield,before a fight by exploring a town and,meeting its inhabitants or schmoozing,with a guest at a banquet,in addition to interesting conversations,and a handful of dialogue options in,these scenes,shining points of light sparkle every,few seconds picking these up will crank,gold story notes or crafting materials,in certain parts of the game youll also,need to speak with certain people to,acquire information that can be used,during the voting phase,so its worth exploring thoroughly,the voting mechanism of triangle,strategy is definitely its most unique,feature and its the means through which,players are moved to different story,paths,before all the voting periods saranova,can speak to the seven members of his,retinue to try and persuade them to make,one choice over another in some cases,there may even be three potential paths,on occasion there may even be some,optional exploring you can do just,before the vote happens to gain,knowledge and make your persuasion,tactics more effective,the voting members of your party who act,as primary characters during the whole,game will either start off leaning,towards one path or the other or they,may be completely undecided theres no,need to persuade those who already want,to choose the same path you do,so you focus on conversing with everyone,else and making dialogue choices which,can expand based on your exploration,exploits to try to sway them to your,side,the winning side determines the next,story path so its worth saving the game,before initiating the vote,the number of combat segments averages,out to be about one per chapter with a,few of them coming back to back in the,later parts of the game,prior to combat however you can enter an,encampment area to equip your party,members promote them to a higher class,or unlock new abilities and stat buffs,the encampment is another excellent,means of adding depth to triangle,strategy with all the party members you,recruit along your journey ending up,there,from the barkeep you can play practice,battles that reward you with money or,crafting materials and any experience,points earned in these battles carries,forward to the main game,theres one shop to buy materials,consumables or accessories that can be,equipped,and another shop where you promote your,characters or use kudos points earned in,combat to purchase unique items or,unlock special abilities frequent trips,to the encampment will ensure that every,member in your party is in tip-top,fighting shape,combat itself is a satisfying blend of,challenge and patience an area where,triangle strategy actually does earn its,same,after selecting which party members you,want to use and organizing them on a,field turn-based battles play out across,a variety of environments,elevation pillars pawns and even mine,carts can all play a role during combat,destructible barriers can be taken out,by friend or foe alike grass can be set,ablaze with fire magic to create a,dangerous hazard,water can even be electrified to send,out a shock wave of damage against,everyone standing in it while its not,always easy to pull them off combos,involving elemental magic are possible,cast an ice spell to freeze the ground,fire to melt it into water and then,thunder magic to shock everyone in the,blast radius for a portion of the,battles you may need to play them twice,to emerge victorious perhaps after,devising a better opening layout for,your characters one really neat and,helpful feature is that experience,points from a loss are carried over if,you choose to restart the battle so even,if you arent at the recommended level,on your first attempt you can still give,the fight a try and be better equipped,to win on a second go round if you dont,succeed initially a potentially divisive,aspect of combat is the absence of,permadeath while it does make sense,given the heavy story focus of the game,worrying about losing characters forever,is an element of other strategy games,that can add to the tension,dont get me wrong theres enough,challenge from the normal difficulty,setting alone and a harder setting for,those who want even more but being able,to essentially sacrifice party members,during tougher battles always felt a bit,off for me personally,the flip side is that it makes the game,infinitely more approachable for players,new to the genre and the addition of two,easier difficulty levels only adds to,that fact,in addition to experience points that,scale based on your opponents and,leveling up progression comes in the,form of crafting new weapons and buffs,to your characters,from the encampment smith you can use,special materials to raise your overall,weapon level to a maximum of three,within each weapon level are a handful,of perks to be unlocked from a simple,stat bump to a new skill or a helpful,passive ability the sheer number of,upgrades means you need to be a little,strategic about which characters you,choose to prioritize,if you choose not to engage in the,practice battles especially,the party members that join your ranks,include a shaman who can control the,weather a wandering sage proficient in,all elemental magics and a dance room,can inflict various status effects,all of the optional characters have,additional stories of their own that can,be unlocked by using them frequently in,combat,at all times its hard not to be,enamored with this retro contemporary,visual style the square enix seems very,committed to,beautiful interior scenes open to,breathtaking natural ones,including one waterfall scene that will,be eerily familiar to final fantasy,tactics fans while the visuals and,handheld mode dont come off quite as,impressive playing on a tv showcases,just how gorgeous this newer style can,get,theres something inexplicably charming,about t

Tactics Ogre: Reborn – Review After 100%

foreign,[Music],whats going on everybody mortum here,this time excited to bring you my review,after 100 for Tactics Ogre Reborn the,remake of a much beloved pillar of the,trpg genre that is to say tactical RPGs,that was originally released in 1995.,however it did see one other release in,2010 for the PSP and as I mentioned its,one of the greats when it comes to this,particular genre so a remake of it is,pretty exciting especially since it,really hasnt been available on Modern,Hardware under normal circumstances,until this that said a lot of people,might be aware this video is coming up a,day before the actual release of the,game I did get a review copy of it from,Square Enix a good month in advance Ive,had my hands on this particular title,for quite some time I got to do an early,preview of it towards the end of October,and Ive spent a couple hundred hours,with it since then seeing and doing all,of the things which is not unusual for,the channel I review games after 100 all,the time specifically to set me apart,from other reviewers on YouTube and,while that does include the achievements,it also includes a lot more than that if,youre not subscribed and go to my,channel page first thing youll see is a,video explaining everything that I cover,but from there lets dive into this a,little bit the first thing I want to,talk about are some of the major changes,its important to note that this,particular iteration of Tactics Ogre is,based on the 2010 release which already,made significant changes from the 1995,release and if this is your first time,playing or seeing this game at all you,might want to skip past the major,changes section if youre just,interested in hearing about the game,itll all be time stamped down below but,for those who have played the game,before I did want to talk about some of,the major changes that Tactics Ogre,reborn actually introduces before we,dive into the regular stuff first up we,have eased equipment requirements things,like level requirements skill,qualifications that kind of thing has,been removed they can just put it on as,soon as you find it though there are,still a few restrictions based on things,like your class for instance theyve,also added skills each character is,capable of equipping 4 4 skills and the,amount of skills has been increased,theyve added a few such as the pincer,attack which allows you to make flanking,attacks on targets with two characters,then speaking of skills they made a,significant change to finishing moves,finishing moves were unlocked by,leveling up a weapon skill so one of the,skills you can put on a character is a,weapon and then as they use that weapon,theyll passively increase the skill and,then as they hit Milestones theyll,knock finishing moves these used to work,off of tactical points or a separate,gauge basically whereas now it just uses,the magic points that everybody has they,also added a new item called charms,charms are pretty important whenever you,make a character you can select their,Affinity which is their association with,a certain element charms will let you,change that Affinity which can affect,things theyre weak to and strong,against charms will also let you,permanently raise stats in some,instances and overall these kind of let,you build a character in a very specific,way removing some of the grind of,finding characters with perfect stats,they also made changes to the battle,parties screen so before you enter,combat youll do a little setup thing on,this sort of chess board where you can,pick up battle groups as you will be,managing a lot of characters potentially,and this is where youll prepare for the,battle but this will also now allow you,to scout out the map to see exactly what,youre up against and adjust your party,or use a different party accordingly,then we have the buff cards this is a,slight change from the previous version,so the cards were in the previous,versions but sometimes you could pick,them up and theyd become consumables,but the buff cards now are just Buffs,you pick them up you get a one-time buff,you can potentially lose it the same,type of buff does stack with each other,so getting your Melee character a bunch,of melee Buffs can make them very very,strong and tactically picking up these,cards or using them defensively or,trying to get enemies to hit the remove,buff card can be part of the gameplay,theyve also made pretty big changes to,the overall AI both allies and your,enemies in general AI in the earlier,versions was not great and this would,cause a lot of your companions or,non-player air controlled characters to,act in a way that would not be,beneficial they would get themselves,killed and sometimes this would make,completing a mission much more difficult,than it really needed to be so they,tried to touch up a lot of that type of,stuff though that said it is possible to,play the game on your end through AI you,can set up a few AI presets to,completely control your team and while,it is certainly not perfect it does,actually work pretty well theyve also,added bonus objectives to combat you can,get extra rewards by completing combat,bonus objectives such as bringing,certain classes to the fight or,performing certain actions in combat,theyve also added a trajectory system,this will let you see where you are,aiming a spell or range attack which is,important because you can hit your own,allies with things like bows spells Etc,if you are aiming in a way that cant,hit the enemy so theyve added that,trajectory line to make that simpler to,see theyve also added a revive,countdown if your teammates go down you,can revive them within a set number of,turns but if you dont they will die,permanently theyve also removed moved,Random Encounters and replaced them with,training battles so now rather than deal,with Random Encounters on the map in,towns you can just have training battles,to grind up your characters to where you,need them to be theyve also made a,pretty significant change to crafting it,used to be a percentage chance of,success now it just succeeds 100 of the,time again trying to remove some of the,more grindy aspects of it and in,addition to that believe it or not,theres a lot more still theyve made,sweeping changes to the game balance,enemy stats your stats the level scaling,of the entire game has been adjusted,they even introduced a union level which,is a sort of level cap based on certain,aspects of the story so a lot going on,here in terms of changes but lets talk,about when we actually jump into the,title for the first time one of the,first things you are going to do is,answer a few questions such as deciding,your characters birthday as well as,answering a few questions related to,tarot cards answering these questions,will set up your initial stats theres,so much variation in the game that this,isnt like for death by any means but I,think its important to know what is,actually being chosen here and what,youre doing is setting up your,beginning stack though for the most part,I would just pick what suits you and,then after that we will pick our,starting Affinity as I mentioned in the,changes section Affinity is a,association with a certain type of,element which can make you weak to or,strong against certain type of attacks,or enemies with different affinities but,with charms that were added in you can,change this pretty freely so again more,of a starting point than anything else,but from there lets actually talk about,the story setup though I do want to,mention right at the gate here the,difficulty of the game is just the,difficulty of the game there are no,options or anything its just the one,difficulty but now lets talk story,setup so we are on the Isles of Valeria,they have been torn by War for quite,some time however there was a man who,managed to unite all of the aisles,together under one banner and he became,known as the dynast king his Reign,lasted for about 50 years of Peace,unfortunately after his death the land,devolved into civil War again,s

Triangle Strategy – Official Frederica Aesfrosta Character and Story Trailer

sarah noah,its always like this,nothing ever goes as i would wish it,[Music],the course of my life has always been at,the mercy of others,what could there possibly be in this,world worth risking life and limb for,[Music],frederica s frost betrothed of saranova,warfoot,a marriage of state between the kingdom,of glenbrook and the grand duchy of s,frost has brought her into house wolford,she struggles to live with dignity in,the face of wars absurdity,there is already far too much blood on,our hands,and you will keep it,nothing,and no one will stand in my way,[Music],i see youve inherited your mothers,wiles,too bad you also inherited her hair that,sickly pink makes me want to wretch,i will find the one who did this to you,i swear it,so long as men covet there will be war,that fact is immutable,so i know better than anyone the pain of,having to do everything on your own,frederica is swept up in the chaos of,war,my brother would order no such thing she,must make a choice that could sow the,seeds of further conflict,what is she doing with us,shes with the enemy,the prosperity of the many or the,dignity of the few,in the midst of battle and intrigue,house warfare wins the favor of a great,nation and finds their star rising,however their fortune comes at a price,they must surrender the roselle,fredericas people and sworn charges of,warfare,if they obey this order the safety of,the warfort domain will be insured but,rosellan liberty will be snuffed out,will you surrender the roselle to high,set,to protect the wolford domain and its,people,by which you mean,expelling the roselle,only the strong can protect their,freedom,their pride,their lives will you secure the,prosperity of a nation then you think it,is right to sacrifice the roselle to,save wolfe or protect the dignity of the,few but to return to heisent would be to,spell our doom,the choice must be made,make ready for battle,at the warfort encampment you can,replenish your supplies for the fight,ahead,[Music],or hone your skills through mock battles,[Music],careful planning will see you through to,victory,clever tactics lead to new skills,follow-up attacks youve left yourself,open,coordinated attacks youre in the way,attacks from the high ground this will,hurt some,making strategic choices in battle will,help you acquire kudos,use these to obtain quietuses and win,glory for your allies,the future is in your hands,i will cower to your wins no longer,there is no miracle panacea in this,world justice is decided by strength of,arms you are not the noble hawks you,think yourselves to be so you believe,spoils evenly shared will suffice to,bring the flames consume you,there is always a path forward,i am frederica s frost,the roselle do not recognize the,judgment rendered by the scales of,conviction,a tactical rpg that will challenge,your convictions

Tactics Ogre Reborn Review

tactic Soaker is a landmark game in the,evolution of the strategy RPG genre yet,its never quite received the,appreciation it deserves outside of,Japan part of this has to do with the,long shadow cast by is directly inspired,and much beloved younger sibling Final,Fantasy Tactics despite receiving an,incredible remake in 2011 PSP,exclusivity once again limited the,audience for Tactics Ogre now with the,release of the HD and massively revamped,tactic Soaker reborn on every platform,Under the Sun Square Enix is taking,steps to correct a long-standing,Injustice though some quibbles with,presentation and gameplay changes keep,this from being the definitive version,of the all-time classic,foreign,follows young Denim and his sister,kashua two siblings of the wallister,clan the wallister have suffered under,the oppression of the ruling galistani,for years and a resistance movement has,begun to form among them what began as a,plan to avenge the death of their,siblings father snowballs into a mission,to rescue Duke Runway leader of the,resistance but his denim becomes part of,the growing resistance force he,discovers the lengths that Duke Runway,will go to advance his cause forcing him,to make very difficult choices as the,struggle expands to involved neighboring,states denim will need to find his own,way to put an end to the conflict if,youre familiar with previous works by,director and writer yasumi matsuno of,Final Fantasy Tactics vagrant story and,Final Fantasy 12 Fame youll find,similar themes here intertwining,politics moral quandaries class,struggles and idealism gone awry,depending on the choices you make,including some absolutely gut-wrenching,life or death decisions the storys path,as well as Which special characters you,can recruit will change dramatically,there are plenty of twists and surprises,to experience enhanced by a combination,of a superb English script from feigned,localizer Alexander O Smith and the,addition of voice acting for cut scenes,the Wallace the Boon is great and our,future bright we are not alone in our,loyalty upon word of your Graces,release many wallisters have left their,haunts for almorica the world Terrace,system from the PSP remake also returns,which acts as an enhanced New Game Plus,upon completing the game you can go back,to previous points in the story,exploring different outcomes and Roots,while keeping your current character,roster gameplay is similar to other,grid-based strategy RPGs you cultivate,and deploy a carefully selected mini,Army to battle against the,cpu-controlled squad by moving around,the battlefield and using attacks and,skills to gain the upper hand when each,character gets their turn and how far,they can move is determined by a,multitude of factors including stats,gear Buffs debuffs and how many actions,they took in their previous turn the,effectiveness of attacks and skills is,similarly affected by a wide degree of,variables stats Elemental affiliations,attack type and even which direction,youre approaching from are just a few,of the things that factor into crucial,decision making what makes combat fun is,the sheer amount of options is at your,disposal and variables to consider do,you go in Sword Swinging with your big,bruisers to draw the enemy towards you,or hold back until your MP resources,build up first do you go for sustained,smaller attacks on a Target or try to,weaken your foe with status elements,before going in for a massive killing,blow should you kill the monsters you,encounter to obtain rare items or,attempt to train them to use their,unique powers and battles moving forward,figuring out a way to approach each,fight and executing your plans or at,least attempting to is tremendously,rewarding and if mistakes are made,theres a way to take back particularly,bone-headed moves the charioterrid is an,optional feature you can activate to,rewind turns in battle and try a,different course of action but all the,rewinds in the world arent going to,save you if you dont have a strong Army,to begin with and building up a platoon,of Heroes to your liking is one of the,most engaging and rewarding parts of,Tactics Ogre there are a myriad of,classes to discover throughout the game,from genre Staples like Mages Knights,and archers to fear inspiring Terror,nights Undead controlling necromancers,and the projectile specialist fusiliers,[Music],each class has specific skills they can,learn and equip but only four can be,assigned per character youre not stuck,with a specific weapon type in each,class either all classes have at least a,few different weapons they can equip and,specific classes can utilize magic,spells too this flexibility means its,possible to have multiple units of the,same class with a wildly different,builds for example you can make a ninja,unit focused on a combination of ranged,bow attacks and Ninjutsu magic alongside,another ninja character built for,dealing debilitating damage with dual,wield melee attacks that inflict status,ailments exploring the classes and,playing around with different,configurations is tremendously fun and,is easy to spend hours micromanaging,your virtual soldiers adding to this,experience are some revamped gameplay,mechanics that are brand new to Tactics,Ogre Reborn the systems for Learning and,utilizing skills have been streamlined,tremendously making it easy to keep,track of what characters have learned,and equipped new skills have been added,such as a skill for some classes that,triggers a follow-up pincer attack when,an opposing unit is surrounded and,attacked in addition instead of the,confusing and cumbersome class-based,leveling system of the PSP remake,characters now gain levels through a,more typical individual exp system where,each unit gains levels through exp that,carries over even after changing classes,another new addition charms are,single-use items that can boost,character stats raise their levels and,change their Elemental affiliations,giving you even more control over their,customization and if you want to build,up the levels and skills of a few units,you can choose to enter training battles,where the risk of permadeath is,mitigated that also means no more random,battles when roaming around the map,there are copious other changes in,quality of life upgrades to tactics over,reborn a trajectory viewer to see,exactly where ranged attacks will hit,the elimination of item crafting failure,a Revival system work in the Final,Fantasy Tactics with a countdown timer,on Fallen units until permadeath and,being able to scout the battlefield,before combat most of these alterations,are for the better but there are a few,that are debatably worse the addition of,randomly appearing buff and debuff cars,to collect or try to force upon foes on,the battlefield is a neat idea though,can wind up making battles more chaotic,not to mention messy when theyve,sprouted all over the arena skills and,finishing moves that use their resource,called TP in the PSP game now Ill use,MP instead this makes Resource,Management slightly easier but also,makes managing MP resources much more,challenging for certain classes like the,healing slash tank hybrid nights finally,one of the biggest changes is the,introduction of a party-wide level cap,that only increases once youve cleared,particular parts of the story this is,done to prevent you from over leveling,the Beast story battles while it helps,keep the challenge level consistent it,prevents a player that is having trouble,in a particular encounter from grinding,to help overcome it which they should,have the freedom to do if they please,the other major issue is the visuals,while the high resolution character,portrait artwork looks fantastic the,upscaling of the Sprite art leaves,something to be desired as it looks like,a particularly bad filter has been,applied I got used to it after a while,but compared to amazing HD 2D reworkings,like live a live another Square Enix,title tactics over reborn feels plain by,comparison certain music sele

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