1. IKEA VIMLE SOFA – Assembly | Unboxing & Review 2022
  3. How to extend your IKEA FINNALA or VIMLE Sectional Sofa
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IKEA VIMLE SOFA – Assembly | Unboxing & Review 2022

[Music],welcome the vimley two-seater sofa from,ikea,now this sofa is in garnered gray and,its available in various different,colors,im gonna walk you through my experience,with the setup of this sofa and the,assembly,[Music],okay what you want to do is get the,back support down on the floor flat,[Music],it comes with four screws that you need,to screw in at the bottom,screw them in by hand,then add the base of the sofa,[Music],next you need to add four nuts by hand,[Applause],[Music],next thing you need to do is remove the,covers from their boxes,and were going to put the cover for the,back support on,[Music],first we need to put the cover for the,face of the sofa on,[Music],next we need to put on the cover for the,back support,[Music],[Music],now these covers are made to fit,perfectly so you need to line them up,really well as youre placing them on,[Music],now theyve got velcro strips on every,edge so you can firmly connect them to,the bottom and the sides of the sofa and,they stay there firmly,[Music],[Applause],next you want to get the arms of the,couch out and put the covers on for,those,again these are really made to fit so,you need to,carefully put them on,side by side so that,you know theyre not out of alignment,[Music],next add the feet for the sofa,[Music],then there are three screws that come,with each arm,that you need to connect in the correct,places,flip the couch on its pack,[Music],and add the arms of the sofa,[Music],dont forget to add this little plastic,thing to,[Music],and it can be tricky to fit in alignment,but you can do it by hand,you dont need no extra support,to get them fitted in place,add the washers,[Music],and the nuts,and i screw these on by hand,[Music],and then theres a tool that comes with,the arms that you can use to tighten the,nuts in fact i think i got this one from,my motorbike but i cant remember if,actually it was in the package,add the other arm,the washers and the nuts,and tighten firmly,[Music],they also come with these protectors,that you can put on the base of the feet,got really strong adhesive on and they,stone pretty well although when i moved,my couch around for the first month they,did slip and slide off so you might need,to sit on your sofa for a while so that,they probably adhere to the base of the,feet,okay,so once thats done you can flip the,sofa back over and open up the cushions,[Music],and these are flat packed and youll,need to let them inflate for a while,there might be something that you want,to do before however when youre putting,the covers on its going to be a little,bit more difficult to place the covers,on once theyre fully inflated so ive,just placed the covers on before theyve,inflated and then let them inflate,within the covers,[Music],and then again for the cushions,for the seat,with these covers you need to place them,on with the correct orientation,my,[Music],one,[Music],[Music],and there you have it thats your finley,two-seater sofa assembled,all you need to do next is position it,in your flat or your house where you,want it,[Music],now if you watch to the end youll see,that there are additional accessories,that you can get for this sofa like head,supports,and a footstool,[Music],ive added two cushions from the bargain,section i think theyre about 150 each,those are the ones on the side and the,other two,are,probably about 10 or 12 pounds the two,dark grey ones,[Music],now there is storage in the footstool,and thats where i keep the head,supports,although i dont use them very much they,do come,handy if you do want a different kind of,feel to the way that you sit on this,sofa if you want your neck to be,facing forward such as if youre,watching a movie and you dont want to,fall asleep because your heads resting,back you can add these head supports and,your head would stay upright,and its more like a cinema type feel,just depends on you,okay and thats it let me know if you,have any questions,if you want links to these i can link,them in the description below,any assembly support,do put them in the comments below ill,try to answer your questions as quickly,as possible


so im just starting the week right now,i woke up like an,hour ago and me and adam did some,stretches we did a quick workout and i,had my breakfast,i got these like um the cereal thing for,breakfast that ive been eating its,like wheat,comes in these packs and it comes in,like three little wheat,uh boxes im gonna insert a picture of,what it looks like here,i realized that i actually dont like,having a heavy breakfast,makes me feel so heavy in the morning so,yeah i just had that for breakfast the,stretches were amazing,so ive been using uh an app for working,out its called,fit on this is it right here,so this app is amazing the reason why i,like it is because it has so many,different types of workouts,so theres like endless um types of,stretches that you can do theres,pilates theres kickboxing,basically everything that you can,possibly dream of doing when it comes to,a workout,its there the first workout that i,actually tried to do from that app was,pilates and i really liked it,because its slow movements but,its very intense and it like isolates,your muscles,anyway so we did a quick pilates workout,this morning and then we did some,stretches uh we put our christmas tree,up oh,christmas tree oh christmas tree,it looks so cute in the camera wow we,got a mini christmas tree because,obviously we dont have a lot of space,um so i dont want to have one thats so,big and then were not able to,pass by it but the exciting other thing,thats happening today,is our couch is coming so its actually,gonna,its supposed to get here in like two,hours or maybe like two or three hours,so we have to empty the storage thats,in this couch and then we have to,uh un do it and then once the new couch,comes well just put that together,for now im gonna take a shower because,i still didnt take a shower after my,workout and then i have to start,working on on the trend a little bit so,i can get some work done,before the couch arrives,[Music],you were the laughter early,in the morning down in the kitchen,watching tv,you were the music that led me to,the sixth string and now its been so,long since ive heard you sing,i looked up to you,brother even when you,lost your way,in the madness of new york city,oh you found her and now i know theres,hope for me,[Music],you told me the story of how,you met each other,manhattan for coffee first stop,past the place five years later,youre walking to the altar,and now shes gonna share so its,currently 11 a.m right now i kind of got,a late start to my day,because its just monday and mondays are,always a little bit overwhelming for me,because i feel like i have so much,to do during the week so what i like to,do on mondays is i usually dont,schedule,any phone calls or any meetings or,anything like that and i just kind of,take the time especially in the morning,to basically spit out all of my thoughts,onto paper and then organize my week and,see how my week is gonna go,so thats kind of what im gonna do,right now i just finished taking a,shower,and were gonna have our sofa delivery,in supposed to be an,hour or two hours so i made my coffee,and im gonna start um basically jotting,down all the things that i have to do,so that basically includes all the,content that i have to take,all the videos that i have to edit all,the videos that i have to shoot,and film the pictures that i have to,take everything,like that so today i usually like to,kind of,try to film all of my videos and my,content,on sunny days um i do live in toronto,and the weather here sometimes,is just so gloomy yeah im super excited,for the couch to arrive,um i really think its just gonna change,the whole look of the place and i feel,like ive been waiting to buy a lot of,things,like ive been waiting for my couch to,arrive before i get them because im not,sure if theyre gonna match or theyre,gonna go once the couch gets here,but i really like the choice that i made,with the couch so,yeah so i had put kind of a deposit down,um,on a couch from a montreal brand and,that couch looked,amazing it was exactly what i wanted im,gonna insert a picture of it here its,what i wanted is basically a dupe of the,cloud couch from restoration hardware,but i wanted one that was apartment,sized so that,was almost impossible to find here in,toronto and especially impossible to,find on a good,price like all the ones that i found,were super expensive around four,thousand five thousand dollars and,honestly i do not want to spend that on,a couch right now but the issue is,that it was back ordered and it kept,getting delayed so it got delayed around,three times,and then when i called the company so,they delayed it again actually recently,around a few weeks ago,when i called the company again to ask,them you know are you guys sure that,its gonna arrive,in january and honestly i already dont,really want to wait a month and a half,for my couch to come because its,like the thing that i spend my most time,on and i set on it all the time i really,want a nice one and i want it like soon,um ive already been waiting like three,months for it anyway when they said they,were gonna delay until january i called,them and they said well its not even,for sure that its gonna arrive in,january it might be delayed even more so,yeah i just decided that i didnt want,to wait for that couch,and i found one in ikea that was pretty,much,the same thing and um i can get a cover,for it so it was actually cheaper than,the original couch that i wanted,it has storage um it can turn into a,sofa bed and i can get an extra set of,covers for it i ordered it five days ago,and its gonna arrive today so super,quick,what else do i have to say oh yeah so uh,over the weekend or no not over the,weekend,last week actually before the weekend um,i had adham take out my tape and,extensions,it was actually very funny uh having him,take them out he hated them,he was like hes like this is the worst,thing ive ever done in my life it was,super annoying and thats because the,glue that um were was used to put in my,extensions when i had them done in egypt,was,i dont know if it was like bad quality,or what was wrong with it but,basically the extension would come out,and then the glue would stain my hair so,it was just an,absolute disaster to even remove from my,hair it was horrible,i just noticed the amount of hair that,fell out like i had lost,so much hair from these tape and,extensions they were so damaging to my,hair,uh yeah so i dont have any extensions,in right now my hair is just,tied up let me see if i can show you,what it looks like i just want to get it,thick nice and thick again so i mean i,just came out of the shower so its,looking a bit messy right now but this,is what it looks like um,its not that bad but i mean its i have,super fine hair so,i just cut it short myself if you guys,want a tutorial on how to cut your own,hair i can do that for you but it was,super easy,because i just did it one length yeah i,just ordered some clip and extensions,and im probably just gonna have the,extensions be,around the same length as my hair,because i mainly wanted for,[Music],volume,you brother,even when you lost your,way in the madness,of new york city,oh you found her and now i know theres,hope for me,i know theres hope for me,[Music],kind of dark,do you remember how to undo itself wait,we have to empty it,wait,um,here for your camera,so this stuff will keep first away,in the madness wherever i may be,[Music],love is something you two make me,believe,[Music],[Music],a basement in brooklyn the first day,i met her i could see it in your,face she was all that you need,i knew from the moment she was begging,you,to just sing shed be my sister and she,would be,your everything,i looked up to you,brother even when you,lost your way,in the madness of new york city,all you found her and now i know theres,hope for me,yeah you found her and now i know thats,hope for me,cause love is something you too,make me bleed,two days later i dont remember where i,stopped last time to be honest but

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How to extend your IKEA FINNALA or VIMLE Sectional Sofa

all right so here I am trying to connect,my new finale IKEA couches and I bought,this extension piece here thinking that,I could just easily extend the couch but,what I found out was IKEA provides no,instructions on how to actually connect,an add-on section to an existing set up,so I had to try and figure it out and I,think I got something worked out so Ill,show you guys what Im putting together,hopefully itll help you out the,challenge is IKEA doesnt provide the,hardware to connect an add-on piece to,everything else and what happens is if I,if I connect this one sofa seat section,to this three sofa seat section I dont,think its going to be very stable if I,just connected these two in the middle,so you need to have some feet on the,bottom to help support the weight and,distribute it but I dont have any feet,so I had to make some and another,challenge is this this is the seats,angle from here to here it slopes,upwards so you have to account for that,because you also need feet in the front,portion of the seat to support it to the,the sides the IKEA sides are really the,only other thing that that have feet or,if you get like a chaise section or a,corner section but none of these middle,sections have feet so I had to kind of,figure out something here another,challenge is when you squish these,together theres this gap in the middle,and if I tighten these boards if I put a,bolt through these holes this is it,might warp the the seat so you need a,spacer to go here and you need a spacer,to go in between this part here and also,the bolts that IKEA provides to connect,these side sections to this part,there this this isnt touching this and,when I when I when I try to tighten it,this MDF here starts working so you also,need a spacer to come in here so Ill,show you guys what Ive come up with and,then Ill put it together and hopefully,it would all work so here I got two feet,I made out of two by twos and I drilled,pocket holes in it Im gonna attach it,to the bottom of each in the middle,parts of the three foot the three seat,section and the one foot seat section,Im going to attach one foot here one,foot there and this is the same height,as the stock IKEA feet this is two and a,half inches and once I put the padding,on the bottom it should be nice and,plumb you gotta use III drilled these,pocket holes for 3/4 inch stock these,are one and a quarter inch Kraig screws,so here are longer feet and if you could,see theres an angle on it this is a,five degree angle and thats because I,measured this is a five degree angle,here and I estimated this should go,about halfway into the middle of the,sofa base and that should provide enough,support here I didnt want to put it all,the way in the front because I didnt,want to wanted to be seen but this,should provide enough support at least,to attach these two sides and provide,support for this section I hope thats,the theory if not I could always attach,another make another one a little closer,to the front but right now Im going to,try and do it in the middle this is a,three quarter inch kind of scrap piece,of poplar I had laying around any one,inch board you get from the hardware,store which is really three quarter inch,should work and Im gonna sandwich this,in between the sections here when I,attach everything this is a half inch,MDF,which Im going to use the sandwich in,between the back parts here and what I,got here are 5/16 size for I think 4,inch or 4 and a half inch get four and a,half inch carriage bolts actually not,carriage bolts bolts and this is what,Im going to use to attach the two,sections together here I think youd see,that bolt is long enough I got lucky and,some 5/16 washers a pair of own per bolt,Ive seen nut and then I have a shorter,one here I think this is a like a three,inch and this is gonna be used to attach,a kia seat back here on the on the backs,these are 3/8 inch by 1 inch spacers and,Im going to use these to go in between,the the hole here so here Im gonna put,this spacer here boom,Im start here theres the hole Im,gonna put it right there and thatll,help keep these two boards from kind of,working together and what else,these m8 these are m8 by 70 mil so m8,1.25 which is the same thread count as,that IKEA connector so I got that done,and now these are the longest ones they,sell at Home Depot 70 mil and Im gonna,use this to attach Im replacing that,kia screws Im gonna use this to attach,the single seat to the IKEA side and,thatll go in and screw in here and I,put one washer in there,so I probably could have gotten away,with a little bit of a longer screw but,they didnt have longer ones at Home,Depot so if you get a 75 no vault,theyll probably work better for you but,this should be fine so thats it Im,gonna put everything together and and,lets see how it works out,again this is to extend your IKEA finale,for Nala couch should work the same for,Emily,IKEA replaced the families with this new,finale series so do a time-lapse and,lets see how it comes out,you,all right so I got everything put,together here so the spacers I actually,I forgot I put them between the side and,the add-on right in there because I,noticed that this MDF is warping against,that so thats where those spacers go,the two white ones and I got um what,else I got the feet mounted you can see,the middle feet here the angle looks,like its working out okay,and I got these uh through bolts put in,so dont over tighten it,just do it until it feels pretty firm,but dont crank out the the bolts so I,got you could see my spacer block here,this is a three-quarter inch,I just sandwiched it in there its not,attached really and then theres the,half inch one I just shoved in there so,its in there with friction that should,just keep the two pieces from warping,together and thats it so lets tip the,couch over and see how it goes,you,here it is we got the finale sofa,extended put together seems pretty solid,cv actually I dont know if you cant,see it but my my hack together feet seem,to be pretty pretty good maybe up to,align cushions a little bit better but,here it is we got a pretty big living,room now and we can fit this giant couch,in here got the storage space on this,side thats it I think it fits great in,the space and were able to extend it so,hope this helps you guys out there if,youre trying to put an extension or,add-on onto your onto your IKEA sofa so,thats how I did it seems to be working,well and enjoy,all right so weve got this scrap 2×2,which will be perfect for the feet for,the IKEA couch so what Im going to do,is going to make two feet at two and a,half inches because thats the the,height of the IKEA feet so Im going to,mark two and a half inches I make two of,them and Ill cut them on the miter saw,here and then Im going to cut another,two feet at six and a half inches and,then apply a 5 degree bevel on one end,because the way the the couch base,slopes so Im going to go ahead and,measure everything and use the miter saw,to cut that five degree angle onto the,feet the longer ones and Ill show you,how you put it together,you,so what Im gonna do now is Im gonna,put some pocket holes on these legs and,thats how were gonna attach it to the,base of the frame Im gonna set my jig,Kreg jig here or three-quarter inch,because thats the,shortest,smallest stock board that I measure on,the,and the IKEA chairs sofas,thats what Ill set it at I dont think,it matters,what,Porter which even though some of them,would at the bases is 2 inch stock,[Music],for 3/4 inch pocket holes you have to,use one and a quarter inch,Kraig screws,Im gonna get my Craig screws and go up,to the couch and,hooked up

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sure its heavy,hey whats up everybody so today I,decided were just going to vlog our day,Joshua and I are both pretty much gonna,be home might run out and do a couple,fun little errands later but I wanted to,vlog today especially because we have a,new couch that were assembling today or,more so that Joshua will be assembling,today Ive mentioned this in a couple,videos our couches have literally turned,into dog beds I mean look at this and,its super rainy and gloomy out today so,the dogs are just gonna be wet all day,were gonna move this couch to the,basement yeah and thats where me and,the dogs are gonna hang out so were,probably gonna do a little time lapse of,putting this couch together this is an,Ikea couch well give you guys a good,little review about it but I have two,other sofas that are on its way here,from West Elm Westham shipping I do have,to say for furniture takes for ever like,our dining room table took a few months,like it was kind of ridiculous so we got,those really nice couches for the other,room but I didnt really want to spend a,ton of money on a sofa for this room too,especially because Im not even sure,whats gonna really happen with the dogs,and stuff so not sure if were training,them stay off the couches I dont know,this one,its a very dark grey color its called,the the mill sofa Ill try to leave it,link down below but yeah gonna do a,little time-lapse get this thing put,together and well bring you along for,the rest of the day so we got a dog,Legos going on here,figure out whats where it goes,[Music],hey everybody Im just gonna this couch,was one of the easiest IKEA things I put,together the only thing I dont like is,that the covers they always take thats,my part of the blog hope you enjoyed see,you later see you next time,this couch is t-minus five minutes from,being finished which means I have to,take the entire thing apart you know you,know we need to do Abigail we should,probably go to like home goods or Target,and get some throw pillows what do you,think I think if you got like okay,seriously though look at this now you,guys tell me if were gonna be able to,train the dogs in the world and thats,not the only reason I wanted to get this,sofa another reason why I wanted to get,this sofa two is just cause its a,little bit more modern this one isnt,super modern looking and I didnt want,to clean the couch,you dont hes like I knew it I didnt,get down come on,and you to it oh my goodness look at the,armor that we just washed this to cover,this was just for me because its been,raining for three years,Oh,Wow its a lot bigger than I thought we,can move that one over here now look at,the dog oh okay boys dont worry were,just going to cut right here for now,good with what go boys,there and its the center of the rug I,believe I havent dont even think about,oh thats your couch over there go to,your dirty couch over there there he,wants up so no dont give me those I,dont I want to know no oh my word okay,so what do you think how does it feel,its definitely more modern-looking than,the other one,but I do notice I need to take my,steamer and kind of steam out some of,this is it a napping couch oh yeah,thats thats the big tester could you,nap pitiful so Josh was eating some,lunch right now but like you guys saw we,got the couch well put together so I,thought well hes eating because were,about to run a couple errands maybe get,some throw pillows or something for the,name sofa but while hes eating I,thought it would take you guys kind of,around these two rooms the dining room,in this living room and kind of share,with you guys just a little bit of like,some home decor updates are kind of what,Im thinking I want to do for this room,because youre crazy roads are really,helpful in the comments with your,opinions and kind of helping me make,decision some things but Ive also been,getting a lot of questions about a,couple things too that I wanted to,answer first right here in the dining,room I did do a little update a little,bit in,i HomeGoods video so this is new right,here this little piece of art I love it,cuz its in like this acrylic box thing,I just think its really cool and I got,on clearance,in that video I also showed these little,glass jars so Im still looking for,something to go on the top of this bar,cart Im thinking maybe something black,to just kind of tie in the table and the,curtain rods and Ive been getting a lot,of questions recently about the curtains,and this chandelier so Im gonna leave,everything link down below again for you,guys it was in my last home updates,video this chandelier I got from,Wayfarer its really really affordable,Ive had my eye on one really similar,from Restoration Hardware for years but,its like thousands of dollars and this,one was like maybe a couple hundred,bucks the curtains are from Ikea and,theyre called the tip-offs or Tibbets,its always really hard to pronounce,IKEA stuff but theyre really really,nice quality I love them and then the,curtain rods up there are from Amazon,and I just got another pack of curtains,for each side of this big window right,here because before I only had one pack,of curtains on each side so it,definitely needed like another curtain,so you guys can tell theres like maybe,like two sets of all looks really nice,and then all those clips are from Amazon,to Saul link those Im thinking about,doing the clips on these ones too but I,still need to hem the curtains and,everything but thats just something,Ive been dreading doing thats their,box for my cuts that I needed their away,and then anybody thats been wondering,about the runner and then this little,thing this is from Target Ill link that,and then all of this stuff is from,kirklands and I love it for this room we,have vaulted ceilings in here and what,Ive been thinking about doing before we,got the couch put together was maybe do,like some shelving on each side Ill,insert a picture of the one from cb2,that Ive been dying to have its a,white it also has some storage at the,bottom too,its really really nice but its super,expensive I thought that would be nice,too because I dont really have room in,here for like a china cabinet or,anything so I thought if I wanted to put,like any China in those cabinets or,something that would be kind of nice for,storage and then the shelves are like,really really tall theyre like 96,inches so they probably go up besides,the curtain rod so I was thinking about,doing like one on either side but now,that I see the couch here Im not sure,that it would be like it I dont know it,just might be a little cramped but then,in the middle Im thinking about doing,like a piece of art like one big piece,of art or maybe something super super,neutral and then up here because we have,that little shelf thing the shelf ledge,or whatever I was thinking about just,doing like some white picture frames up,there maybe layering them or something,Joshua was talking about doing like a,bit clock but I dont know so not sure,if this plant can overcome here at the,gift fake stuff thats probably gonna,eventually go but I probably need to get,some side tables I also really need to,clean this rug this rug is from home,goods Ive said it said it a bunch of,times I know and my parents house they,have a rug cleaner and I think I should,really use it on this rug just cus it,just is very very dull and dirty looking,now so yeah anyway thats kind of my,plan for these two rooms,still got to get artwork for over here,and I did find someone at see some of,you were suggesting to me to look on,Etsy so I looked on Etsy thats why I,have those green little tapes up there,because thats kind of just seen for,size but I dont know its really hard,to like make decisions about that kind,of stuff but well see and heres the,boys still on their couch so Im excited,but you guys give me any suggestions you,might have especially for like each side,of here,really not sure what to do but I love,this sofa I also kind of would like a,different rug in this room maybe

Top 10 IKEA Sofas | Reviewing Our Favourite IKEA Sofa Models of the Year (2021)

planning to buy a new IKEA sofa here are,our top 10 sofa models youll want to,consider in 2021,in our 10th spot is the grand lit,despite coming in last place in the list,this year were still big fans of The,Gauntlet for how comfy it is in all,Ikeas around the United States The,Gauntlet has been slightly adjusted to a,newer model called the harlanda but the,good news is that the gruntlet Still,Remains available pretty much everywhere,else,coming in at 9th Place is this stunning,sofa from Ikeas Stockholm collection,the Stockholm 2017 version looks,absolutely beautiful with its,contemporary style that visually conveys,Comfort the Stockholms extra deep comfy,seats make it a dream for lounging on,but if you prefer sitting upright it may,not be the best option for you,the far lock takes our number eight spot,sleek and curvy with designer looks the,far love isnt what youd expect to see,in an Ikea showroom plus its deep seeds,and plush cushions make it a dream to,Lounge on,next up is the kivik which takes our,number seven spot,kivik is everything we want in a sofa,its wide deep and firm plus its modular,configuration lets you switch up your,look however you want washable slip,covers make keeping the kivik clean easy,and its wide arm rests give the sofa,that Farmhouse look,making it to our sixth spot is the Soder,ham,one of the most comfortable Ikea sofas,around we also love the soda ham for its,slim clean and understated lines its,deep seeds and low height make it,perfect for spaces that call for a touch,of casual chic,taking our number five spot is the,Carlstadt,one of the most hackable sofas around,there are so many ways to reinvent,refresh and rework the carlstad to fit,your personal style,fact the carlstad consistently ranks,high in our yearly IKEA sofa reviews,because of its versatility,at number four is the Lance krona while,its not as affordable as the carlstad,one look at this model will let you know,its one of Ikeas classiest couches,those looking for the lands grown in the,U.S will find it better known as the,marabo which has slightly different,dimensions but is practically the same,thing,at the number three spot is the ektor,the ectorf is our number three IKEA sofa,model for a reason its got the,traditional Farmhouse inspired look that,makes it so well loved to give it that,classic country home look all you have,to do is dress it up in a sofa slip,cover with a long skirt and Corner pleat,in the second spot is the fajita,its not the most comfortable with the,for heat and scores brownie points or,its versatility as a sectional sofa,roomy storage compartment and pull out,bed,last but not least still dominating our,number one spot is the vimla the vimless,clean Timeless lines never get old not,surprisingly it works well for almost,any living space plus its modular,design and storage compartments in the,Ottoman and Chase both score the vimla,extra brownie points for versatility,if youre about to hit your nearest IKEA,store heres a pro tip if you love a,particular sofa model but not the,fabrics and colors it comes in you can,actually buy the sofa naked or unslip,covered and to create the look that you,want consider having a custom slip cover,made for your sofa to find out how check,out our links below so thats it now you,know our top 10 IKEA sofa model picks,and why did you agree with our list let,us know in the comments section below,and subscribe for more inspiration on,designing a beautiful home,[Music],foreign,[Music]

STOP Buying these 10 THINGS from IKEA: Our WORST Purchases

spend the 12 hot dogs and move on,[Music],hi guys welcome to the house of,valentina im valentina and this is my,husband jack,and um we were literally just sitting,here this is,basically our favorite place to hang out,on the weekends we just finished a,massive massive project,and installation yesterday so were,were a little tired,and i love it because this is where we,love to just rejuvenate ourselves,i love being able to look through books,and we watch a little bit of tv,and obviously drink a lot of coffee and,have a candle going which is not my,coffee this is our champagne until we,get to at least 5 pm,exactly ikea is one of those places we,love to shop at weve moved 23 times,over the years some of those were on,very small budgets and so we have done,more than our fair share of ikea,most of it has been amazing most of the,product has been just,really really good but there have been a,few things that for one reason or,another,we werent quite as satisfied with yeah,and so we stopped buying certain things,and we just thought maybe this would be,a nice thing to pass along to you guys,because that way youll realize that,when we recommend something,it actually does come from a lot of,experience,and you can really rely on those things,and then some of these things its,because,theyre just not working for us so if,you love videos like this and you want,to see the project that we just finished,up yesterday make sure you hit subscribe,so you can be notified of it as soon as,we have published it,yes and give the video a thumbs up that,helps,okay you ready to jump in yes lets do,it i made it on my phone,so i can remember what everything was,and the number one i really dont have,to think too hard about it number one is,the fiber fill,pillow inserts theyre three dollars,its so tempting to want to save,yourself money and buy those fiberfill,inserts the problem is and this is,something that you can attest to,when you sit back on a down it squishes,yeah it moves to your body it can be,fluffed,up just like this and you can really,just you know,you can mold them and make them into,something but when you have those fiber,filled ones theyre very stiff,theyre not very comfortable to sit with,and,im im going to dare to say that i,would rather just,not have one than to have those,fiberfill ones from ikea now theres,other places that sell,good fiber fiberfill inserts and down,alternatives if thats not your thing,but the ones from ikea theres a reason,theyre three dollars guys its just,its not worth it its better just to,save up and buy,a down insert or one of the other better,alternatives i think,yeah yeah and it doesnt quite fill out,the pillow all the time does it because,its not squishy so it just,youre not able to shape it if its if,your cover is a little bit larger,exactly and it just ends up with like,pieces,kind of falling apart inside of it if,you own them for a long time i mean we,bought them and,so this comes from experience yeah so,id rather just,personally id rather just wait or buy,something different yeah,our second one is the homo paper floor,light,okay weve used this one before and we,have,other paper lights in our house we have,no issue whatsoever as a matter of fact,we have,two in our house right now that are,hanging up and in denmark and other,parts of scandinavia its really quite,common to have those but theyre up high,where no one can touch them no one can,get to them right the ceiling pendants,yeah the ceiling,hats yeah whereas the floor lamps weve,bought them because honestly they look,amazing and they look so cool and you,can use them in pretty much any,environment,the problem is theyre extremely,delicate yes and without,making it special right like thats the,specialness of them thats why we like,the ceiling ones,yeah but then with kids and dogs with,kids and dogs and if you want to move it,around you want to try a different space,next thing you know,bam theres a hole punctured in it yeah,there are other amazing floor lamps at,ikea that if you want,thats a great purchase but this one is,one of those you may just want to pass,over because you may not get the life,out of it youre hoping for spend the 12,hot dogs and move on,i like the way you think makes me want,to go to ikea right now oh those vegan,ones that they have now,theyre so good have you guys tried,those theyre vegan hot dogs,if you have not tried them you seriously,the next time you go to ikea try them,he thinks im crazy but i order extra so,i can bring them home theyre that good,number three is one that you have put,together many many times,and i seem to remember that i we used,like,butt power to like sit on the top of,that oh my gosh yes we did were talking,about the kalax,shelf units which does require butt,power,you have to like sit on them and just oh,my gosh forgot all about that,we built like an entire wall of these,when we lived in copenhagen,yeah and i looked back at my archive and,i actually have the video of when i had,these,shelves styled up in our copenhagen home,i got so,homesick oh my gosh i know i was like oh,i cant watch these videos,too soon i just love it so much though,and its like you can,really style up these shelves and ive,heard other designers,say things like oh its a dead giveaway,oh its from ikea and im like,who cares where the item is from i just,im not,like that i dont i dont care like that,but the problem with the these shelves,is that while they are very affordable,and they,are you can really fill out a space with,them,they dont hold up that well um i mean,as much as i love that we got to use,butt power to put them,together and they are flexible theres,so many different things you can do with,them and i think thats part of the the,draw is that you can put them on the,floor you can put feet on them you can,wall mount them you can stack them high,you can do them wide oh my gosh and if,you just look up like kalaxs hack,youre going to see how people have,completely transformed them,a million different ways but,we are shipped so bad yeah the,what is it the finish on the finish on,them chipped off chipped off,so easily and i found that it just sort,of irritated me after a while that i was,like ah now i feel like ive got to buy,something else,and i just scratched really easily even,the inside because were as,again with kids a lot of times stuff,would get moved or were moving them,from place to place in the house,or you put a basket in an owl yeah just,scratch it and just it,showed its wear really fast yeah and i,would go back and for the dark ones you,can use a sharpie,or for the white ones like a little,white pen and kind of fill it in but,after a while they just didnt hold up,very well,and id rather just hold on and try to,wait for something thats a little bit,yeah a little bit more lasting however,from versatility standpoint,thats why i think theyre so popular,yeah oh this is,yours i feel like a lot of these are,because of you,whatd i do the down inserts you get so,mad at them if theres an anti-jack,it is the down insert,you hate them because i cant stand them,i i can,i tuck so i dont see the the fabric,down loose at the corners as much,because,i like to tuck those things in and i,just sort of make,do but for you it drives you nuts,theres like a loss of translation,between the american,yes betting sizing and the european,duvets like that there that didnt,didnt get that quite right,the dow conveys themselves are awesome,weve bought them,so many times weve used them in so many,room makeovers in europe but we,found that here were not buying them,anymore because they just dont seem to,fit that duvet,and you get annoyed so just i would just,say on those,buy them somewhere else that sounds so,snappy,but you cant see the corners are empty,ooh i hate laying on his,house its superficial,were not the superficial oh my gosh,well were just,trying well try to be superficial for a,few more minutes only,blue jelly beans remember i told you,that get back upstairs lenin,i only eat

BEST Restoration Hardware Dupes from IKEA! | $10,000 vs $1000

actually pretty comfortable its pretty,comfortable okay i dont think this is,comfortable,its actually quite comfortable very,comfortable,[Music],today were doing something so fun we,are going to two of,my favorite home decor places one i,mainly get inspo at and dont buy much,at and the other one,i have bought a lot in the past we are,doing a restoration hardware,and ikea face-off im gonna go to,restoration hardware first,were gonna look at things that we like,and then were gonna try to find dupes,for it,at ikea which obviously is no easy feat,so i definitely need to do some research,beforehand,i also know that restoration hardware,stores are far,few between in canada so im really,lucky that i dont live,too far from one the flagship store is,actually at yorkdale mall here in,toronto,so lets just go for each dupe were,going to be switching between,both shopping trips just so you guys can,get a pretty good comparison and then,were going to be doing,the price breakdown after so lets just,go to the first item the,farloff sofa so guys im pretty sure,theres a dupe for this at ikea so im,going to take a look ive talked about,it before,it has the sloped arm here super super,pretty,and this ones made out of belgian linen,lets see if theres a tag,okay so thats like seven grand,this one comes in a lot of sizes im,pretty sure but i believe this one is,called,the belgian classic slope arm sofa,really really pretty so this is a,similar one to the belgian,linen one that we saw at restoration,earlier,this ones in the gray color but they,also have in the light color so im,going to see if they have it,ive shown this before this is the far,love little sofa chair accent chair,and all that it has the same slope as,the restoration hardware one its,definitely oversized like the,restoration one,and also comes in a bunch of different,colors should we sit in it okay i dont,think,thats comfortable but for the price,youre getting it for a fraction of the,cost and,definitely is wide like i think dylan,and i can share,if you want to sit in it i mean its a,little tight but two people can see,another look at the sloped arm sofa,like i said i think this is actually,pretty comfortable,this one it comes in the black velvet,which is really similar um they had a,black velvet sofa also restoration,oh and this is the matching chair so,i know everythings looking a little,tired here because the showrooms like,kind of a mess but,its pretty nice though like comfortable,but before i get into the price,breakdown i want to talk a little bit,about restoration hardwares membership,fee because its very useful to know,the fee is 175 a year so if you buy,enough items that totals up to over 175,dollars in,savings or more its definitely worth it,to get the membership they also have a,free shipping for a year fee which is,2.99,but if youre going to be buying a huge,item like a super large cloud sofa or,youre going to be furnishing your,entire bedroom,it may be worth looking into the,membership so anyway,lets compare the sofas so for the,belgian sloped arm sofa from rh,it will cost you 4 295 just as a regular,shopper,and then if you decide to go with the,ikea version it will cost you 1049. so,definitely a huge savings there,if you decide to go with the chair it,will cost you 3395,just as a regular shopper versus the,ikea farloff chair will cost you 499.,i definitely think this is one of the,more accurate dupes from ikea so i,definitely,can recommend it set on it pretty comfy,but lets move on to the next item,pretty sure this is the komo modular,sofa it,is leather and it is very very,boxy i think its so so nice but,obviously,a lot more expensive this one comes in,fabric also comes,in leather like the one here,its very deep its nice like you can,definitely fit,so many people like even if you only,have two sections,its like a four seater this is the same,sofa we saw,downstairs except this ones in like a,suede and the depth,is a little shorter so thats the one,thing about rh you can definitely,customize,but it comes at a price i dont know how,i would keep this clean its really,pretty though,this is i think a pretty decent dupe,because it has,the reverse stitching except this one is,far less expensive and you can also buy,it modular as well like with the shades,yep another option this is the kevik,sofa comes in blue as well which is,really nice,okay lets test it out actually pretty,comfortable,the kivix sofa its pretty comfy oh not,bad,i mean we had a friend who had this sofa,so i knew it was going to be decent,but i actually like the blue i think,this is actually really nice,the rh combo sofa is modular which means,you can pick different pieces so im,going to,kind of base it off of a similar size to,the ikea one,each piece will cost you 2995,dollars as a regular member making the,sofa,just shy of six thousand dollars total,versus the kivix sofa is,599 so definitely tons of savings youre,literally saving over,five grand just by doing the kivix sofa,obviously its not the same you dont,get as many fabric choices,but lets move on to the next one okay,guys theres a chair thats very similar,to the sofa at ikea and theres also a,singular,chair thats like this sofa i think its,really pretty its definitely more on,the traditional end,but this ones obviously super well made,beautiful like this again,ill show you guys this one definitely,doesnt look as good in person as the,photos do but this is the stock stunned,sofa very similar not as deep thats for,sure but 900 dollars so,far more affordable and theres a,matching ottoman which im assuming you,can like kind of push,up there and make it more like a shades,or something like that,okay pretty comfortable its actually,quite comfortable far deeper than i,thought like definitely if i were,sitting all the way back my feet dont,touch the ground,it comes in all these colors you can get,in the blue,this like twill this color,you can even get in the checkered its,not so bad the fact that theres like a,storage ottoman that goes with it i feel,like is a really good bonus so this is,the kind of look,you like not bad,so if youre going to do the rh classic,roll arm chair it will cost you 31.46,as a member versus the stock sun chair,from ikea which is only 5.99,we started to go for the rh roll arm day,bed which is a similar size to the ikea,sofa,it will cost you 7 795,versus the stock sun sofa which is 849.,i actually think this is a pretty decent,dupe and it was very affordable,the rh1 was really well made and i think,its a classic piece so if this is,something you do want to invest in,i also think its kind of worth it going,the rh route one thing that is,restoration that is really easily,dupable and could look amazing is their,oversized bookcases,they tend to do really large bookcases,and i feel like you can get,a similar look with something like this,even like the ikea hacks you see on,pinterest theres also ones with like,the glass doors i think can look really,really nice and if you have a lot of,them in a row,it could look a lot like that right so i,couldnt find this in the showroom,but i saw a restoration,hardware table that was a little bit,similar to this this ones obviously a,lot smaller,its called the fiabo i think but if you,got two of these and made them one large,square that still would cost you less,than 200 bucks,and far less than the restoration one,and i think could make a really big,statement our way to get the restoration,look,is by doing large flower displays so,even if you do,faux these are faux so like this would,really give you like that grand,rh moment i love white orchids,if you could do them real theyll even,look better okay guys i swore we saw,these exact same type of,faux orchids at restoration if you,bought a bunch of these and did the faux,moss and did a really large planner you,can definitely get a similar look,they are 17.99 each and you probably,need like five of them,but you can get a really outstanding,like um,centerpiece or something like that guy

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