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whats up you guys welcome back to my,channel i hope youre all doing well so,in todays video i am testing out a new,foundation for you all it is of course,the ill makiage foundation which i have,heard so many good things about like,ive seen so many videos about it online,its literally supposed to like blend in,with your natural skin i didnt realize,that ill machiage had a full range of,makeup so let me know if you guys want,me to do a testing video i thought i,would just try at the foundation because,thats like their most famous product,feel like if you want me to do a full,face,i can do it like it just gives me,another excuse to go online shopping,like i can do it im like,ill do it so im just on the website,now just kind of want to see what,theyre saying about the foundation so,its called the woke up like this,foundation and it cost me 36 pounds,which is quite pricey for a brand that i,basically know nothing about so it says,50 shades for all skin tones lightweight,texture buildable medium to high,coverage natural matte finish um,enriched with vitamin e 100 cruelty free,it says it smooths and evens the skin,with an advanced innovative formula i,mean its saying a lot of things here it,says it gets through the appearance of,shadows and pores enhances the,complexion flawless natural matte finish,ultimate blendability ultra fluid,texture streak free lightweight so like,it literally sounds like the most,perfect foundation on paper or on iphone,so obviously you can just go on the,website and buy whatever kind of color,you want but you can also do a quiz,which im literally gonna redo right now,ill put it on screen if you guys see,but it says whats your skin type i am,generally,balanced so yeah im blessed kind of,coverage you craving,um lets do,medium to full kind of finish lets do,natural shall we and you basically just,choose your skin tone so im going for,light it then just says about your,undertone and stuff and then you can,fill out some of your concerns so lets,just go for,wrinkles and fine lines um enlarge pores,yeah that kind of works for me and then,after doing that quiz my perfect shade,came out as number 60 so thats the one,that i bought so it arrives in a box,like this,and then inside you get this little card,and it says over 75 of women get,foundation wrong get yours right and it,basically just gives you a little run,down as to how to apply your like,perfect foundation which i should,probably get tattooed to like,inside my eyelids yeah the box arrives,like this nice and simple and then here,is the foundation inside this is,actually the first time ive actually,seen it oh i like the packaging look at,this box,schwing,i like that okay so,this is the foundation a very nice glass,bottle you get 30ml in this,the color,the color looks pretty decent just like,straight from the bottle so yeah this is,what the bottle looks like really really,nice packaging actually its very simple,but like what more do you need really so,okay we have a pump which i like and im,just going to go ahead and take a few,pumps on the back of my hands that,actually looks kind of spot on wait a,minute okay im going to do a little,test here,not bad it doesnt really have too much,of a smell it just kind of like smells,like foundation you know that typical,like foundation kind of smell thats,just what its got its not overly,liquidy either like it doesnt matter if,it is im just kind of letting you guys,know the consistency here so you can see,its running a little bit but not really,so im just gonna quickly show you guys,in the macro how my skin is looking at,the moment i do have a few blemishes and,scars and all that jazz but honestly i,think all is really left to do is just,to try this out so well im gonna be,talking about it for the past five,minutes but we just gotta see what it,looks like on so im just gonna go ahead,and just clip my hair back by the way,ive had a few questions recently,because ive had my hair like this on,instagram i used the mark hill mermaid,waiver just to do this i used it two,days ago,and its just,kind of stayed so im really enjoying,that so i think i am going to apply my,full face with a sponge but i want to do,what they do in the adverts and i want,to take a bit on a brush,and like do this because like i see this,all over social media,lets see,you know what,i mean that has literally like the way,that that blends,from my cheek into my neck is,how did you do that no what the hell,technology man yeah so im just gonna go,straight in with this so it says to take,two pumps for your entire face jaw and,neckline so one two so im gonna take,that on my sponge that seems like a lot,of product even for me so im just gonna,tap that in just like so and okay im,literally just gonna pounce that on my,face,and just see where we kind of end up,thats pretty damn good isnt it its,hard to say what the coverage and,everything is like just yet but the,color im like okay,you know you have my attention here foam,did like a tick tock dance or something,that has fully,like just blended in perfectly with my,neck,how did they do that i did the quiz so,quickly as well so i wasnt even paying,too much attention to like my undertone,but they asked quite a few questions how,did they just figure out,my skin tone just by me answering a few,questions like i literally answered,maybe like two or three questions about,my skin tone and my undertone and stuff,and theyve just theyve got it so im,just going to go over my forehead,honestly matt i swear to god,they got elon musk sending cars up into,space,theyve got ill machias,to find a new perfect foundation shade,this is seriously spot on,the color for this is so spot on and im,genuinely a bit confused as to how they,did that its just like ive been,putting makeup on my face for years,still cant figure out my perfect,foundation shade i answer a few,questions on their website and theyve,got it so either im an idiot or theyre,bloody geniuses,you can be the judge of that oh my god,hi michael hi hi,hello,the coverage is good as well like the,way the foundation just looks on my skin,in general im not gonna lie i was a,little bit skeptical about it but,actually,i,[Music],really like this it doesnt look too,matte on me it doesnt you know it gives,me good coverage you can still see the,little spot that i have there but lets,see,how it kind of builds up,yeah it like yeah it seems to build up,quite nicely it doesnt look cakey or,anything its got a good little glow to,it but its not overly like wet or dewy,looking its just like very kind of skin,like im just gonna go in with a tiny,bit,over a few spots that i have but yeah,like what the hell i mean it kind of,doesnt even look like ive got,foundation on really sometimes i can put,foundation on it literally does just,kind of like look like a mask whereas,this it actually like if it its bloody,good i know i havent powdered it down,or you know done all of that stuff but,first impressions ive tried a lot of,foundations in my time this looks really,really good im a little bit worried it,might look cakey around my mouth and,around my nose but around the rest of my,face its honestly like i have literally,zero complaints here good color match it,feels good on my skin doesnt look cakey,doesnt look overly oily doesnt look,dry i mean i could probably just wear,this without powder like even with these,lights and everything its not too shiny,at all im really impressed so far i,mean it it does look bloody good and the,color match is honestly like im a,little bit confused by it in all honesty,okay im not gonna quickly go in with a,bit of concealer so obviously im going,to be using my bye bye under eye so im,just going to pop some of that on there,and im going to blend it out with my,sponge today i think,oh ding ding ding weve got another plus,point because my fave by by under eye,and that seems to be working quite,nicely on top of it and then im just,going to take a tiny little bit of my,nars radiant creamy concealer and jus

il makiage got me with their facebook ads

Im pretty sure that my background was,really messy in the last video, too,,and…nothings changed with it, clearly,,but its so easy to just not comment on it.,Heres another situation.,Oh God.,(sighs),My eyes are so sensitive.,ever since my period came back postpartum.,Oh my good God.,So Im having a very hard time,wearing contacts, driving, looking into computer screens,,just generally being in daylight (giggles),,so youll have to forgive me if Im not making,eye contact with the camera very often,because its very painful to like look up into the light.,But I wanted to do this video because,Ive been fucking had, okay?,I joined Facebook because you guys actually forced me to.,I said that I wanted to have places to discuss plants at length,and everyone was like, “Facebook,”,so I did that, I joined Facebook,,and I have become a target of Facebook ads.,I get Facebook ads for two things and two things only,,but relentlessly, Pretty Litter (giggles),because I clicked on one fucking ad,to see what was up cause I was interested by it.,I dont have a cat, okay?,But I just thought it was interesting,and then I texted Alyssa about it being like,,maybe we should get this litter for Grunt.,I dont know.,Just throwing it out there.,And so now I get countless ads for Pretty Litter, and then beyond that,,IL MAKIAGE foundation, K?,I get so many fucking ads for this,and the first time I watched it, I was like, yeah,,I dont really give a shit.,The second time I watched it, I was like,,man, they must have a fucking marketing budget and a half,,and then the third time I watched it,,I was like, damn, that does kind of look like,a good foundation match, and the fourth time I watched it,,up until the 98th time I watched it, I was like,,I dont know, maybe thats the foundation for me.,Theyre kind of making it seem that way,,so Im just gonna fucking see what the whole, you know, thing is about.,And I went to their website and they had like 400,000 reviews,on their fucking foundation and I was like,,can 400,000 people be wrong?,Probably, but I dont know.,I actually have a good feeling about this foundation.,I think that things could work out great for me here.,I will say, I personally havent supported this brand because,at a time when I was very much moving away from PR,because I felt like it was getting excessive,and over the top and wasteful, et cetera, et cetera,,this brand released a PR package,that said, I think it said like minimalism is dead,or something like that, or I dont know.,I cant remember.,Something along those kinds of lines,and then it was like this gigantic PR box,with like a tiny little lipstick in it or some shit like that,and I was just like, youre assholes, you know what I mean?,But thats fine.,Putting my differences aside to review this foundation, okay?,I have to say, the way that they do the shade matching,cause thats like part of their whole ad is that theyre like,its the best match youll ever have,and they have like influencers putting on makeup and theyre like (gasps),,theyre like doing the swatch and theyre like, oh my God,,this matches so fucking well,,which I dont think Ill ever have that experience,cause my face is so red that like,its not quite the same impact when you have flawless skin,and your skins all one skintone, you know what I mean?,But thats part of their thing,,is that like they shade match you.,And then you can try a full size foundation for,,I think it was 14 days.,I got rid of the package.,I think it was 14 days and then if you dont want it,,you can return it, which I have some issues with returns.,Thats for another fucking video.,I mean, I think thats great for some people,,most people, really.,I went to their thing, did the…quiz,,and basically what they do is like they,,I think they first get you to put in the foundation,that you normally wear from like whatever brand,,and if they dont have your brand, thats fine.,Then they make you go like Im this skintone,and they show you a bunch of pictures,and then they keep getting you to click on more and more pictures,of like what youre closest to kind of thing,and then they send you the shade,that they think is the best match.,Just looking at this in the bottle,,I do think this is gonna be a good match, straight up.,So, I dont know.,I feel kind of like confident about this, actually.,So, I have my other makeup done.,I have some concealer under my eyes,,but everything else is just my normal skin prep.,And lets do this.,So I have like obviously my like serum, moisturizer, sunscreen,,stuff like that on like normal.,And Im just gonna go in and try this.,Im gonna do it with a big brush so that,we can hopefully have the moment of being like,,oh my God, this is the best match Ive ever experienced,and then wed be cool and go from there.,Im using my Rare Beauty, they dont call it anything,,its just a foundation brush from Rare Beauty,,the one that does the tick, tick, tick, tick.,Seems kind of thick-k-k-k.,I do feel like thats a pretty good match.,Oh, I forgot to say also,,their website is like fucking intense.,I wanna say it was either three products or four products,that they make you decline before you can even checkout.,So like you go to checkout, youre like Im fucking done shopping, okay?,You go to checkout and theyre like,,what about this product, and you have to say no,,and then theyre like, what about this product, though,,and you have to say no, and then theyre like,,hear me out, this product, and you say no, or yes, whatever,,and then they send you your product and they sent me a free,eyeliner with it.,The whole thing is crazy.,I just cant even imagine how much money this brand is making,that like first of all,,theyre able to send out a free product,,not that like I think that they sent me like an eyeliner pen,and I think that like the eyeliner pen,probably isnt like, you know, the most costly product,in the world for them.,Its just like in stock packaging and its probably, if I had to guess,,fairly cheaply made.,Thats literally just an assumption.,I have no idea.,But, still, the fact that theyre doing returns the way that they are,and the fact that like theyre just sending out free products,and shit for people is like insane to me.,I just, I dont know.,I cant even imagine.,And just the amount of fucking Facebook ads that they do.,They just must have so much fucking marketing money.,Its crazy.,I pumped out like quite a bit of this,and I feel like its fairly thick because it seems like my,frigging brush is just like sucking up all of it.,Its fairly full coverage,,but its actually less coverage than I was expecting because,it just looked really, really…,Its unbearably strong.,The scent of it is unbearably strong.,I just made the correlation in my mind,that thats what was going on because,I thought I was tasting perfume in my mouth,and I wasnt really connecting thats what was going on,,but it is what Im putting on my face,that is that unbearably strong scent.,It smells like…,Whoo!,Oh, its particularly bad right around your nose.,Im high off the fumes!,It smells just like pure alcohol, basically.,I think this will be good for my sensitive eyes.,Ill hold my thoughts until the end.,Im gonna finish applying this and then we can fucking go from there.,I mean, the match I think is great.,In terms of shopping online,,I think the match turned out fucking pretty good.,I feel pretty confident about that match, actually.,Im just gonna take a fourth pump, which is insane.,I dont know why Im needing to use so much of this right now,,but Im taking it…,This is insane how fucking strong this is.,Oh my God.,Im just gonna hold my breath while I apply right around my nose,cause this is intense.,(blows a raspberry) (exhales),Is this like legal in all 50 states?,There are 50 states.,(laughs),I had a moment of being like,,is it 51?,I dont live in the states,,so like I dont know that much about your geography, man, okay?,It is 50 states, apparently.,Let me zoom you in as much as I possibly can,and the

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hello everyone welcome back thank you,so much for joining me so today i have a,video for you that was,strangely requested a lot im going to,review ill machias which is a foundation,brand lets be honest i still didnt,know that much about it even though ive,ordered products from them,to be honest with you i never looked,into this brand because i thought it was,a scam,theyre adverts on instagram which is,the only place ive really seen them i,always just thought it was some brand,using like you know when,um companies use other peoples like,influencers,uh videos and pretend to say products i,thought was one of them,until i saw soph do a review on this,brand she does an incredible review id,highly suggest um checking it out,um for like a second opinion so that is,what we are going to be,looking at today just before we get into,that if this is your first time here my,channel hi my name is robert im a,professional makeup artist,here on youtube and also in real life,and its my goal to help you become a,pro yourself,or just someone whos really good at,makeup so if that sounds like something,youre interested in,then please consider subscribing,ilmaquyage its basically a company,about cell foundation concealer primer,but,their claim is that they get the perfect,match for you,just by doing an online like survey like,quiz thing,the idea is you go on their website,answer a few questions and then they,match you to a foundation and a,concealer etc so i did exactly that i,went on to,the website answered all the questions,as truly and truthfully as i could,to my understanding of my own skin and,my own skin tone and type and then at,the end of it they gave me a,recommendation for concealer and a,foundation which i thought was very,interesting how i do that,one thing that soph pointed out on her,video is that actually they only make,one foundation,so a whole lot of this quiz is very,unnecessary,when it comes to your skin type um in,terms of are you oily are you dry do you,moisturize do you do all this other,stuff,it all leads to the same foundation its,more of a color so i went back onto the,website and i did a quiz again,as if i had dry skin but answered again,the skin tone questions,as true as i could to my skin tone to,see if it came out with the same color,and it actually came out with a,different,color different shade but the same shade,concealer but the same shade concealer,which i accidentally ordered,two off um so i better like it so lets,do this,lets try one shade one side and one,shade the other side,i do have my slight um,im quite skeptical about this if im,honest because,my skin is although it looks extremely,more on the yellow side,under these lights in real life its,kind of more neutral so,sometimes a yellow foundation may be too,yellow for me and sometimes a pink is,too pink and so i need to get somewhere,in between,so im guessing how these foundations,work in particular is that they are all,kind of neutral,but have a different level off that,neutral okay,so lets check it out i just want to say,something and this is no shade to,um ill machias its just something i,cant stand is,there a part of their marketing like the,return slip,on the back says thanks for your order,babes,if there was just a lot of babes and,huns and stuff like that and,that just irritates me its like who um,and thats just opinion its nothing,its nothing against the brand or the,product of course,and theres another company that does,that who oh um,glam glow sexy sexy everything,the sexy mask will make you face sexy,and in a sexy glow and,um oh its just too much so lets go,straight into it i am going to do a full,face today um using um ill machiage and,then some other products i got a new but,i just want to try,therell be a link to everything in the,description box below for you,so they do make more than just the,concealer and foundation,they do a few other bits i only chose,like the skin products like the primer,and foundation concealer,so just to try the brand first and this,is the no filter,poreless base smoothing primer i really,like this packaging i think thats,really,really cute so the claims of this excuse,me why i look at my phone,soft smooth texture minimizes the,appearance of pores,fine lines and wrinkles gives makeup,some serious stone power control shine,without ever drying out the skin,control okay a velvety finish so lets,give this a go,it just has a little pump like that i,think i say this a lot in in my videos,primers arent necessary for everyone i,do think they help if you have,a drastic type of skin drastically dry,drastically oil,drastically porous you know um so this,comes out almost like a clear gel oh i,hope its not one of those silicone ones,because i hate,those it feels like it to be honest,blurring it does,it does blur thats very true thats the,truth thats a true claim,i dont like these kind of primers on,oily skin,first up i know like there are primers,like this that claim,um to be good for oily skins especially,like large pores because people with,oily skin do tend to have larger pores,but i just feel like it creates this,slip for your foundation but are you,sparingly and see how i get on it does,feel,actually really really nice on the skin,it does feel super smooth,and it actually to be honest with you it,doesnt feel like you know that weird,kind of powdery texture you get from,other things i could actually still feel,my skin,and it doesnt feel too too slippy ill,be honest with you these bits around,here are usually really really dry,and i can still kind of feel how,dehydrated they are but,it feels really nice and smooth ill,give them that one,thats nice requirements nice actually,that feels really good im actually,quite impressed what i want to do,first is use a little bit of concealer,under my eye,just to see the match to my skin and,then go over with foundation i dont do,foundation and then,you know so this is the oh is that what,its called oh,[ __ ] im flawless multi-use perfecting,concealer,again claims do excuse me let me just,look at my phone here,so their website says this concealer is,a long wearing lightweight concealer,that instantly covers under eye circles,and blemishes,dark spots and hyperpigmentation with an,advanced,vegan vigrant vegan cruelty free and,oil-free,and paraben free formula available in 30,diverse shades for all skin tones so you,look,like a facetune masterpiece in real life,meaningful buildable coverage long,lasting yes shock me,light weight okay like i said ill leave,a link to everything below so you can,check it out so you can actually see,the shade a little bit inside here it,looks kind of promising remember that,these arent shades that ive chosen,myself,the ones that ive been matched to by um,a questionnaire,thats a very good match thats a really,good match actually,thats actually perfect its spot on,thats crazy thats mad,so i believe i read theres 30 shades to,choose from so out of,all of them its actually chosen a,really great,shade for me i dont usually apply,concealer like this i usually take a,little bit more time blending,just one thing i like would like to know,about the texture,concealer doesnt usually crease this,not crease but it kind of,its kind of sitting in my skin a little,tiny bit,i would like maybe to be a little bit,more hydrating for under my eye area,okay so under my studio light looks,great,lets take a look in real lighting its,very it actually looks,kind of yellow maybe im looking on,camera and it looks really yellow but,when im looking at my mirror,it actually looks undetectable it kind,of looks pretty flawless,um maybe its just a monitor screen ill,see ill see when i edit let me know,what you think yeah actually it looks,fine,okay so in terms of foundation the,original shade i was matched to was 105,and when i did,the test again um it was 120,so what im going to do is im going to,start with 105 which is this color here,ive left a bit of packaging on the lid,because its such an [ __ ] to get off,so im just

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hey guys whats up and welcome back to,my channel and welcome to todays video,so were going to be reviewing,the most reviewed foundation,that is what the claim is and the one,that im talking about is the ill,machias,woke up like this flawless base of,foundation now this foundation has gone,fairly viral recently,ive been getting so many requests from,you guys to review this and let you know,what i think of it and how it goes on my,oily skin because it is all over social,media it is all over instagram it is all,over facebook,and apparently it is the most reviewed,foundation ever so that suggests that a,lot of people are really really enjoying,this formula um i am super super excited,everything that ive read about this,like it does sound really really amazing,so what were going to be doing today is,what we usually do with these foundation,reviews so im going to show you it on,my skin were going to apply it nice up,and close so that you can see just how,it looks and then were going to be,wearing it all day doing check-ins and,im going to let you know whether or not,i do actually think that this one is,worth all of the height so if you are,interested in watching a review on the,ill machiage super popular foundation,then please keep on watching okay lets,have a little look at some of the claims,that theyre making with this one,and there are quite a few claims so,firstly it does come in 50 different,shades and it is really cool on the,website theres actually like a,foundation quiz that you complete online,and then it selects the perfect shade i,did go through that and it was pretty,accurate which is really good to see uh,so this promises a lightweight texture,buildable medium to full coverage its a,natural matte finish it apparently has,optically corrective powders in it to,help smooth the skin and help the skin,look really perfect its enriched with,vitamin e and hyaluronic acid for,hydration and anti-aging benefits its,100 cruelty free minimizes the,appearance of shadows and pores enhances,complexion to create a flawless natural,matte finish it also does say that its,a cutting edge formula,that offers a unique combination of,medium to high coverage that is still,super comfortable and weightless on the,skin so,i have to say everything,that i have read sounds absolutely,phenomenal its going to be really,interesting to see just how this goes on,my oily skin now when you do purchase,the foundation from the ill makiage,website this is what the little box,looks like its like this little fold up,box here and today im gonna be wearing,a number 120 that is the shade that i,match with,and then the actual bottle is really,beautiful its a glass frosted bottle,this is what it looks like its really,heavy it feels super super luxe just,says work up like this foundation on the,back and then the little lid like clicks,off and then we have a pump applicator,at the top there its a really really,nice packaging like very weighty um,shes shes quite heavy now here in,australia this one retails for 68,australian dollars i will pop the us,price on the screen obviously its going,to differ you know wherever that you are,and wherever you are purchasing this,from but yeah its 68 here so its,fairly expensive um its so i feel like,its even more expensive than my holy,grail dior one so it is quite a pricey,foundation um but at the same time you,know if it is as amazing as it sounds,im not gonna be mad about it now to get,a really good comparison of this one im,going to prime only one side of my face,so that we can compare,uh the two side by side i mean i know il,macchiatch has been around for a really,really long time i know that its super,super popular in the states but i feel,like this foundation just came out of,nowhere and everybody was talking about,it and if i didnt say already,30 ml of product in this one so the,texture kind of reminds me of say for,example mac studio fix fluid its,slightly runny but you can definitely,see,um that it looks to be a very high,coverage product now you can apply this,with either a sponge or a foundation,brush im gonna use both today so that,weve got a good comparison and you guys,our luxe foundation brush is finally,back in stock ive had,like this is by far our most like our,bestest of all best selling brushes are,you guys have just been going crazy over,this we can finally buy it again,yay it was such a process getting it,back in stock honestly but im gonna try,it with our pro perfecting sponge at,first and then well try the brush so,picking it up im going to start,blending it onto my skin,oh not bad coverage now like the,description said uh this one has a,natural matte finish,so it will,like it should look matte on the skin,but then it should also still look like,skin so sort of like,almost kind of like a satin like a,healthy mat is kind of what i would,expect when i read that in a description,i do feel like its applying really well,and it definitely looks very very smooth,on the skin the coverage of this one is,also really beautiful oh my god look how,beautiful it looks on my skin there,love that,now im not sure if you saw but i did,have like a little red acne spot just,here on my cheek,and its done a great job of covering,that like i dont feel the need like,this is probably only medium coverage,because im only really applying a light,layer but i dont feel the need to you,know build it up because the coverage is,beautiful so blending it across my,forehead here application with a sponge,absolutely adore it like it just looks,so smooth it looks beautiful on the skin,to take in another pump of the product,and im picking it up on my brush and,im going to start stippling it in on,this side oh it looks beautiful with a,brush as well its just smoothing out so,perfectly,i would say um its not the fastest,formula to apply,like you do sort of need to,work it into the skin a little bit but,its also um,you know its i wouldnt say that its,difficult to apply if that makes sense,ive tried a lot of serum foundations,lately and i feel like,they take two seconds to blend out like,ive been kind of used to that but i do,think you get a very similar amount of,coverage with a brush to a sponge it,looks just as seamless just as perfect,just as flawless on the skin,so yeah i think youre going to be like,this ones flexible so if you love a,brush youll be able to use a brush and,if you love a sponge youll be able to,use a sponge all right here it is all,blended in and i have to say i am very,happy with how it is looking i have,noticed that the side that i applied,first it does,like its dried down to that natural,matte finish but when you initially,apply it it looks a little bit more dewy,on the skin it kind of just dries down,but happy to report that uh as it has,dried down it has not changed in color,so it doesnt look like its you know,deepened as its dried down um i,honestly think that it just looks,beautiful the coverage is amazing,cant oh i do feel like it might be a,little bit yeah its definitely smoother,on the side where i have applied that,primer um you can see a little bit more,texture on my cheek here but at the same,time it still looks really beautiful,like it looks like you know my pores,look but still really really perfected,so,so far its looking amazing and also the,shade 120 is a perfect match for me if,you are after a comparison im an nc30,in mac im a medium three stromboli,uh in nas im a medium three tawny in,estee lauder double wear just a couple,of comparisons if youre wanting to know,what shade you match to absolutely,cannot complain at all with how this one,is looking on my skin it feels really,really nice and lightweight oh yeah its,definitely dried down to more of like a,velvety matte kind of a finish but yeah,its got all of this incredible coverage,and its covered darkness and redness,but it doesnt feel heavy on the skin i,dont feel like im wearing a full,coverage foundation i feel like im,wearing you know just like a standard,light to medium covera

I Took the IL Makiage QUIZ | Is It Worth the HYPE for Mature Skin?

[Music],hey everybody its angie and welcome to,hot and flashy in todays foundation,friday for over 50s we are going to be,taking a look at the much requested,ill machiage woke up like this flawless,base foundation this retails for forty,five dollars for one ounce and it comes,in fifty shades according to the website,this is supposed to be a powerful streak,free foundation that smooths and evens,the skin with an advanced innovative,formula for a flawless uniform natural,matte finish,it has special optically corrective,powders that blur fine lines redness and,blemishes,they say its a lightweight texture,buildable medium to high coverage 100,cruelty free and it says for long,lasting wear pair with a primer or,setting spray so they are not promising,long wear out of this the packaging is a,frosted glass bottle it does have a pump,dispenser for the ingredients this is,mainly water and silicones it does have,iso dota cane and talc which is what,makes it more of a matte finish this,does contain fragrance and its pretty,strong i could smell it every time i put,this on it does dissipate fairly quickly,so that you know usually within like,five minutes of putting it on i didnt,smell the fragrance anymore so i went,over to the ill machias website to,purchase this and theres two ways to go,you can either go right to the product,page just pick your shade and do it or,they have a foundation matching quiz,that you can take so i took the quiz,they ask you all these questions about,like what kind of foundation do you like,do you like matte do you like dewy do,you like full coverage do you like sheer,and then as it turns out they only have,one foundation and its matte and medium,to full coverage they also ask you a lot,of questions about matching your skin,tone the shade that they matched me to,was shade 40. for me this doesnt look,like a super good shade match but i,thought oh thats very yellow for me,thats a little light for me,they do have a little card that they,send along with it it says wait five,minutes for foundation to set before,checking the shade so what that means to,me is that they oxidize i usually do,three days of wearing a foundation to,try it with different sunscreens,different primers setting powder with,without see how it goes,with this one i had to condense it down,into two days and so i did try to cram,everything into the two days which,youll see as i show you the footage so,were going to see how it works on over,50 year old skin today so im 59 i have,my fair share of wrinkles age spots i,have enlarged pores i have all the stuff,that comes with being a sun worshiper,for 45 years which by the way big,mistake dont do that wear your,sunscreen which is why i wear sunscreen,every day and so i also wear sunscreen,under my foundation if a foundation,doesnt work with any of my sunscreens,then it clearly is not going to work for,me so if you love a thorough foundation,review go ahead and give this video a,like dont forget to subscribe to my,channel for more hot and flashy makeup,reviews and skincare for day one i used,my elta md uv elements spf 44 sunscreen,mixed with a little bit of paulas,choice super light spf 30 as my base i,didnt use any primer because i always,like to test a foundation with no,helpers on the first day this has a,pretty standard foundation consistency i,dotted one pump around the right side of,my face and spread the foundation with a,damp beauty blender sponge i didnt,think it was a perfect shade match for,sure it looked too pale and too yellow,for my skin tone so i went ahead and,applied another pump to the other side,of my face using the bk beauty 101 brush,i did have a hard time getting it to,blend out smoothly on the brush side,oh my god this is so awful i cant even,believe how bad it is in the time it,took me to put on this side it settled,in my wrinkles on this side it looks,terrible over there its not really,sitting very well on my skin definitely,goes on better with a sponge than with a,brush looks heavy it looks like makeup,but anyway lets give it five minutes,and see if the color changes,all right the five minutes are up for,waiting for this color to adjust itself,and id say that it has it doesnt seem,quite as pale,or quite as yellowy as it was before,sorry im wearing glasses today my,goodness,really remove the foundation from the,glasses pad so if your glasses wearer,this doesnt really stick to your skin,well but oh,oh my gosh this looks so bad heres,where my glasses were,heres where it didnt sit in the pores,on the side of my nose,heres where its settled in my forehead,wrinkles,heres where its settled in my mouth,wrinkles,heres where it looks masky and,heavy and makeupy and gross more,settling,didnt cover up here very well,it certainly is a matte enough finish i,dont feel like the need to powder it,but even though its matte its still,accentuating a ton of pores and texture,like its not doing anything to blur or,smooth my skin which is what it promises,i went ahead and applied the rest of my,makeup and with the rest of my makeup on,i thought it looked okay from a distance,but terrible up close i used powder,bronzer and that didnt seem to blend,well on top of it and i used cream blush,on one side of my face and that seemed,to remove it where i rubbed the cream,blush on the foundation had settled even,more into my wrinkles on my forehead and,it found even more wrinkles to settle,into in the center of my forehead and by,the sides of my mouth and it started,cracking on the surface around my mouth,it was a sunny day out and so i thought,well this is the best its going to look,i just applied it so lets go outside,and look at it in the bright sunshine,and then in natural window light,[Music],i mean there really was no way to get,this to look good under any of the,lighting conditions because it just,looked so bad on my skin it looked heavy,it looked cakey it looked like a mask of,foundation that was making me look older,because it had settled in all my,wrinkles so i was extremely unhappy with,it so even though i hated it you guys,know i have to follow through on these,things so i proceeded to wear it all day,and at the five hour check-in it was,wearing off already in a really patchy,and not pretty way on my nose and,forehead and chin so that a lot of my,redness was showing through really in a,blotchy way and also on the sides of my,cheek where i usually dont get much,wear off of foundation,the finish which had been matte,previously was becoming more shiny in my,t-zone as the day wore on so that now my,pores were more accentuated it looked,dry like the desert and cracked kind of,on the sides of my face next to my mouth,the settling and creasing had spread so,that it had found even more things to,settle into so there were some creases,right above my eyebrows and in my crows,feet where i never get settling with my,favorite foundations it was making my,upper lip look more wrinkly than usual,and it was just overall terrible thank,goodness i didnt have anything to do,that night,or i would have had to wash my face at,the 10 hour check-in i couldnt wait to,get this off i just couldnt wait to,wash my face every time i saw myself in,a mirror i was like oh god theres that,terrible foundation again it looked very,worn off and mottled and patchy at 10,hours it looks shiny and greasy from a,distance but it looked dry and crusty up,close so at the end of day one i was,feeling like i never wanted to put this,on my face again i thought you know,testing over who wants to walk around,looking that bad for more than one day,especially for three days so,yesterday is when i should have done day,two but i had plans to spend the day,with my mom we went shopping we went to,lunch we had a lovely day and i was not,walking around looking like that all day,so i wore one of my favorite foundations,yesterday which is the sephora best skin,ever and i made sure to look at it,throughout the day to see if i get that,same cracking and settling in my now,much more act


hey allemaal welkom op mijn youtube,kanaal,voor degene die mij nog niet kennen ik,ben lily shen,moeder ondernemer,ik doe allemaal dingen ooit heel erg,leuk vind en wat ik nu ga doen heb ik,dus nog nooit gedaan maar,jij bent hier waarschijnlijk,omdat je op zoek was naar het product of,miss een eerlijke review van uw maak je,huis als ik het goed uitspreek,want het was ik namelijk zelf ook alleen,kon ik geen reviews in het nederlands,vinden,en nu dat ik het een tennis niet,vertrouw markt dacht oké dus wat ik ga,van bestellen en dan ga ik zelf een,eerlijke review geven ik heb dus,pakketje binnen gekregen,van in werk naast die ziet er zo uit ik,ga om samen met jullie open huis nou ik,ben echt zo ik zei de rand,ja dat zeg ik er zat nog niet opgemaakt,dus dit is ook gelijk een ambacht hem,no spang trouwens echt niet gesponsord,ik was gewoon zelf echt heel benieuwd,de reden dat ik echt bielzen product is,omdat ik op instagram dus echt,honderdduizenden,berichten gesponsorde berichten rovers,af en toe ging dus kijk op hun pagina en,zij beweren dus dat je met een test op,hun website,gewoon door simpel paar vragen te,beantwoorden,de juiste huidskleur,krijgt wat ik echt nog nooit gekregen,olie moet altijd mijn foundation mixen,dat je,ja dat het zegt me dat je niet heel,robot is de op hoeft te doen en dat het,wel echt heel erg kwam werd ik ben erg,benieuwd ik gebruik zelf altijd armani,foundation dat is deze luminous silk ook,niet gesponsord deze hele video is niet,gesponsord het is gewoon echt een,eerlijke review omdat ik toch,ik ben new york nieuw en het is wel leuk,moet ook in nederlands hebben nou oké,dus dit pakketje,voor degenen die,ik vind is niet geeft heel erg leuk,oké dit is dus van de binnenkant,lukt tekst met hun kaartje erin,over hier staat is wat je moet doen op,lijn 2 prime stuur entire feest john en,neklijn,plant oud met een brush for span not bij,hem weet 5 minutes voor foundation te,zetten for checking the shape de not,much to your neck toerist r&d vertoonde,your face finish op facebook de,concealer die heb ik ook gekocht,blush en bronzer waar favoriete,determine if its perfect for you,nou ja ik denk dat je toch mis van ona,een dag kan weten of het wat is er niet,hoi ik kreeg trouwens ik heb dus drie,dingen hier maken maar twee dingen,besteld,je krijgt dus een cadeau van hun als je,boven de 65 euro stelt voorts mij ook in,een in kleiner,dit is van binnen zo zo ziet het eruit,dit is de verlies ik breng mijn,foundation altijd aan met een kwast en,die,leren die ligt hier en dat is de van,morphy,en daarna doe ik het met een spons en,die is ook van morsi alleen die licht in,de badkamer steam zul je pakken,dit is de foundation,mooi pak innam,kijk europa,dat ziet er zo uit,een mooie matte,[Muziek],buitenkant met,uv-coating,dat is dus ook in de coaching de letters,en de foundation heet ook op like this,flawless face foundation is heel simpel,ik hoop daar heel erg van,denk,ik hou heel erg van,simpel en mooi basic en,dit is de,concealer,laten zien,oké dus is een hele andere verpakking,verpakking konden grip de op het woord,en de concealer heet mee aan,flawless multi-use perfection,neem concealer,oké dit is een kleine kwast,ik ben zo benieuwd want ik heb hem dus,nu naast mijn andere foundation steunt,wel,nee dus als ik ben zo benieuwd want ik,zeg erik die giorgio armani is wel echt,dat is echt mijn,favoriet,de spons lag dus niet in de badkamer die,stad groningen make-up tasje het midden,mee,oké de moment op ciao ik ga het voor,aanbrengen zoals ik het de mensen zien,aanbrengen op instagram,ik ga heel even maar het was toen dat ik,vind het fijner als ik,mijn make-up op doen,oké,two drops zeggen ze,ik doe altijd op mijn huid,oké,het is wel iets lichter dan kijk nu moet,ik eerlijk zeggen dat man met alleen,mijn armen in de zomer geweest,[Muziek],ik ga het even aan wennen zoals ze het,toeristische buffalo,mam,klink goed is aan,en dan zie je niet zo want,het voelt gewoon heel zachtjes aan ik,moet eerlijk zeggen dat is wel een,beetje een,zelfde structuur is als cree van de,luminous zulk dat vind ik wel fijn want,ik hou dus niet van een hele,matte,foundation,oh je hebt dus niet heel veel nodig,want,ik kan het ook altijd nog afpoederen,ik heb zat best wel gemengde huid,ik win ik vind dat met zon,hele matte foundation dat het om gewoon,keek hier wordt,tot nu toe,hij is er iets donkerder dan mijn eigen,huidskleur maar dat is wel goed want,anders word ik altijd er bleek tot nu,toe bevalt het wel,kijk wat nu matcht het op zich ik heb,ook al geen foundation gedaan nu meisje,terwijl het broekrand,maar ik moet ik kijk het is een fijne,foundation uitsmeren vind ik,en het ziet er op zich echt wel lekker,of tussen lekker goed uit,maar,het is geen wondermiddel,zoals wij beweren,want wat ik zag bij hun we zeggen twee,drocks nodig had om je hele gezicht,ontdekken,ik heb er nu al iets meer gebruikt wel,minder dan dat ik normaal van me luminus,sulfur is een gebruik,oké dus hier is wel,en ze van mij is is,nog niet officieel is want ik ben is,best wel geel van mezelf,ik heb hele gele ondertoon,ik heb het altijd nog even aannemen,spons is nu niet uit dus ik doe altijd,nat maken en dan,in dippen,het is eigenlijk een hele mooie,foundation,als ik het zo zie hier,oké ik geef de concealer proberen dan,het concilie hebben dus ook altijd shows,ik wil het niet erg dun dat hij iets te,warm is misschien moet ik even alles met,alle make-up aan zien,en gebruik met daglicht want dat is,gewoon pesten wat,als ik,dit te doen,een bundletitel licht is maar ook dit,onderzoek,het is niet zon hele tekende,en dat is van fijn want ik vind dus,concealers op dit te tekenen,is een hele witte nou als ik kijk op,camera zeer zacht tot het dit is maar,hier in spiegels eerder dus niet,hij is ook niet keertje dat vindt hij is,heel fijn deze concealer,ik doe altijd zo omdat de schrift mij en,ik heb best wel droopy is,dus niet echt zo,zulke boeken,als ik dit doe dan,als ik het zo omhoog werk,dan krijg ik een beetje een liftend,effect,maar het is heel gek want als ik hier in,de spiegel kijk,want het is echt heel erg mee met hoe,dit om een mogen is was ik dan hier kijk,is het echt heel wit,en daar hoop dus echt niet van,maar ik vind het wel mooi als je ziet of,te wissen,ik vind dat het mooiste als je je,make-up niet echt ziet ik hou heel erg,van natuur l,hou wel van een lippenstift en,ik vind het echt heel bizar hoe dat,verschil is hoe camera,oké ik heb het ook super warm dus echt,520 gedaan vandaag,ik heb een pak onder dicht want anders,hoor je de vijf uur van bedienen,ik vind het een fijne foundation als ik,heel even mag zijn,hij is wel echt heel mooi natuurlijk ook,even wennen,oké ga verder met mieke om te kijken,allee bon dat iets een warme is,wordt nog even wennen aan de kleur,ik ga verder en gebruik,ik maak wel eens op in de badkamer,houria van benefit en dan de kleur,ik weet niet waar de cursus had in ieder,geval hula van benefit misschien is dat,wel de kleur als,mijn contour,en dat doe ik zeg maar de drie zo maar,toch ook een beetje,ik moet echt eerlijk zeggen ik heb zo,lang gezocht naar een perfecte,foundation en,dat duurde mij echt 10 jaar voordat ik,eindelijk een foundation had the match,te met mijn huid want ik wat ik zeg ik,heb groene heel lastig uit en het is ook,heel lastig om de juiste kleur te vinden,en dus toen ik de,armani van deze had gebruikt voor het,eerst,sorry mijn partner kom liever binnen die,dus niet dat hij bezig was,het duurde dus echt heel over dat ik een,fijne foundation at en ik gebruik nu,denk ik anderhalf jaar die van giorgio,armani,en dat is voor mij echt het beste die ik,ooit heb gebruikt,ik vind die van,charlie theorie ook heel fijn,maar giorgio is voor mij toch wel echt,te winnen,de mini team,als ik nu tot nu toe mijn makeup cake,ik ben echt wel,kleur is eigenlijk wel goed hebben ze,van goeds gedaan,oké,ga maar door met de blush,ik ben dus bezig met hun eigen make-up,lijn,dit is dus de plus daarvan hadden die,gebruik ik nu elke dag dus een simpel,toen of ervoor dat het uitkomt ma


hi everyone and welcome to todays video,today i bring you a highly requested,product review this is actually a brand,that ive been getting asked about a lot,and im assuming its because just like,me you guys are seeing,a lot of advertisement for this brand on,instagram now the brand that im talking,about,is ill machiage so i do have their,foundation i have their concealer and i,also purchased their primer,in order to put these products to the,test today the way that they advertise,on instagram is by guaranteeing you a,shade match within their 50 shade,range and if you dont get that shade,match you can send it back and then they,can send you the right one,you have 14 days to try out their,products before you get,charged for anything and then of course,you only get charged for what you keep,sounds like a great deal all around so i,definitely had to try it as far as the,foundation this retails for 44,us dollars and like i said you can find,it in 50 shades its supposed to be,a light weight long lasting mattifying,foundation thats full coverage,its also going to help minimize the,appearance of pores,it is cruelty free vegan all that good,stuff,you get matched after you take this,little quiz of theirs in which you get,asked a lot of questions about your,complexion,um and then you do have like picture,references theyll ask you like out of,these three,which one do you think you fit in or,like out of these three which one does,your skin resemble kind of like,that based on those answers theyll,recommend a shade and then theyll also,recommend a shade in,their concealer now i have zero six zero,of the foundation like i said for,concealer they matched me with,zero eight now this comes in 30,different shades,and based on what im reading it doesnt,seem to be full coverage at all,now this i believe retails for 28 us,dollars,yeah its 28 us dollars now you can,build up the coverage with this,concealer but,like i said i dont believe that its,meant to be a full coverage concealer,this too claims to be long lasting it is,oil free,paraben free phthalate free and its,enriched with hydrating and moisturizing,ingredients this is also vegan and,cruelty free,and uh yeah you get point two three,ounces worth of product,with the um concealer with the,foundation you get your solid fluid,ounce the concealer has a shelf life of,12 months,as the foundation now as far as,the no filter poreless base smoothing,primer,this i believe retails for 48 usd,no 49 us dollars that was close,meant to smooth out the texture minimize,the appearance of pores,fills fine lines and wrinkles its going,to control shine without ever drying out,the skin,it has a velvety finish and this is also,cruelty free,and it has a shelf life of 18 months so,lets get started shall we lets see,whether or not we found our perfect,shade here im gonna apply a little bit,of this poreless base smoothing primer,i love the packaging but i hate it at,the same time because,it like leaves it never looks clean,after you touch it even once you know my,gosh,or what there he goes,so its clear feels,pretty soft pretty smooth im gonna,apply it here,well actually im just gonna apply it,all over the face,it feels really really soft makes your,skin feel pretty smooth,right and one thing one thing to note,this does not have a scent which i know,a lot of people are like really against,having like,super fragrance products especially when,they belong on your face,just because you can smell them all day,and i totally understand that,because if i have something like if i,run into a scent,that is like too perfumey or like just,too strong,sometimes i even get a headache like,after wearing something like that,especially when its so close to the,nose and you smell it all day its like,the worst experience,now the way that im going to test this,concealer,is with and without a color corrector,underneath it now i know that this isnt,a full coverage concealer so im not,going to be expecting that,but i do want to see how much coverage,we are able to achieve,with this concealer and im going to be,using my,brand new becca under brightening,corrector this ones in the shade,medium too deep so im just going to be,applying a little bit of this,underneath this right side here,all right so now that the color,corrector is down lets move on,to the foundation and see if we have a,perfect,match shall we i dont even know how,much im going to use maybe just one,pump,is it coming,oh there it is its coming slowly but,surely,all right so i think thats about one,pump well say it is,so im gonna take my flat kabuki brush,from sigma this is the,f 80. im going to grab some of that,i mean looks like its a good match,lets see here all right so im going to,start off with the right side,okay this is full coverage lets,keep going right lets grab a little bit,more,take care of the forehead im only gonna,do half of my face so that that way i,can zoom you guys in and you can see the,difference,this is really nice now it blended out,really nicely its full coverage,as far as the shade i think they got it,like i really do think that this is,a perfect shade for me right now so im,pleased with the little results with the,results of the questionnaire that they,have on their website,this foundation looks really good right,now,so let me zoom you guys in so that you,can get a better,look at the before and the after,all right so this is my skin before any,foundation,and this is my skin after,see what im talking about it looks,really good,all right so lets keep going with this,foundation and i still have a ton,left on the back of my hand so,definitely dont need a lot,that is for sure,all right so now lets move on to the,concealer like i said i have shade,number eight and this,is the shade that was recommended based,on my foundation shade which,seems to suit my complexion perfectly,but i dont know if they do the shade,matching for the concealer,based on the foundation in order to,match the foundation as closely as,possible,or if they suggest a concealer shade in,order to like brighten and highlight the,under eye area,i hope its the former or not the latter,because,um im looking at it and im like it,might be a little too light,you guys know how i feel about lighter,shades underneath my eyes like,highlighting shades underneath the eyes,if youre new here i dont like them at,all,i feel like they just draw focus to the,under eye area,they make the under eye area appear gray,when you have dark circles and you put a,lighter shade thats not closer to your,complexion underneath the eyes,if you do want to highlight make sure,that you neutralize the under eye area,completely,before you use a lighter shade to,highlight um otherwise yeah you end up,with a great under eye area and i,no one likes that okay no one with dark,circles wants a great under eye area,anyway lets go ahead and apply some of,this concealer,im not gonna do too much gonna start,off light,and then build up the coverage if we,need to,all right so im gonna take my little,deluxe,crease brush here from real techniques,and just blend out the under eye area,all right so this ones out really,nicely and i think that yeah its,its matching my foundation shade so,good good news there,i like it a lot of coverage um but of,course the corrector is helping the,right side there,lets move on to the left side,all right so both sides blended out,really nicely of course getting more,coverage over here because of the,corrector,im gonna add a little bit more,underneath the eyes,to build this up a little here just,along the inner corner where its the,the darkest and im going to add a,little bit more to the left,side,now as far as the finish for the,concealer i have no idea,i dont think i read that on the website,anywhere,so im just gonna have to wait and see,if it needs to be set,after a couple of minutes of wearing it,all right so there it is concealer,done not providing full coverage but it,looks,it looks nice it looks really nice,underneath the eyes let me zo

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