1. How to Speed Up Asus Laptop the Easy Way
  2. ASUS K570, F570, A570 Hard Drive Replacement
  3. Asus laptop SSD Upgrade
  4. ASUS P-Series Laptop Review 2017! – Best Laptop Of 2017?
  5. Disassemble Asus X751L Laptop to Replace the Battery and Harddrive

How to Speed Up Asus Laptop the Easy Way

hey everybody in this video Im going to,show you how to speed up your Asus,laptop if youre experiencing a slow,computer whether generally or during,startup its possible to improve the,performance with a few simple system,tips Im going to walk you through them,right now okay tip number one uninstall,unwanted programs over time your PC can,fill up with unwanted programs you,havent used in ages these take up,valuable hard drive space and system,memory so go ahead and remove the ones,you dont need anymore,click the windows button and settings,which looks like a gear icon here click,apps and scroll through the list to see,which ones you dont use you can,uninstall one program at a time by,selecting it and clicking uninstall,if you need it in the future just,reinstall it tip number to adjust power,options Windows 10 has a power saver,plan while it can help battery life it,compromises the speed of your PC lets,see if were on the right plan by,clicking the windows button and the,Settings button click system and the,power and sleep option on the left pane,on the right pane click additional power,settings ok so we can see two options,the Eco mode which is the power saver,plan we want to avoid then theres,balanced which I do recommend if youre,using a laptop and unplugged most of the,time if youre always plugged in you,should use the high performance plan,select the high performance plan in this,window but if its not listed click,create a power plan here choose,high-performance enter a plan name and,then click Next after that click create,and make sure that the new plan is,selected all right youre all set,tip number three disable unwanted,startup programs by default Windows runs,numerous programs at startup so you can,easily access them when needed but not,all these programs are used on a regular,basis and worse they slow down startup,speed and overall performance its best,to disable them ok to see these programs,right-click on an empty space in your,taskbar then select task manager then,select startup tab on top and scroll,through the list check out the status,column here and the ones enabled are the,ones we can disable by right-clicking an,entry and choosing you guessed it,disabled or you can select an entry and,click on the disable button below,ok so similar with uninstalling programs,be careful which programs to disable,just stick to the ones youre familiar,with and know for sure you wont be,using tip number 4 transparency if,youve been a longtime Windows user you,know that the transparency or c-thru,effect is a cool feature but fortunately,it also uses up system resources and,disabling it will improve your PCs,performance click windows settings and,then the personalization button on the,Left pane click colors scroll down here,and switch off transparency effects tip,number 5 defragging and optimizing,drives the longer you use the computer,the more scattered your files get slow,in your computers performance,defragging and optimizing drives will,help sort them in one place cutting down,on load times to begin click the windows,button and type defrag and hit enter you,can optimize all drives or just the,system drive which usually is the C,Drive select the drive click optimize,once thats done you can close the,window,tip number six delete unnecessary temp,files your computer is loaded with temp,files that are just wasting space to,delete them right-click the windows,button and click run type in % temp %,and hit enter select all the files here,with your mouse or by pressing ctrl a on,your keyboard and hit delete lets move,on to another folder by right-clicking,the windows button again choose run type,temp click OK you might see this window,popping up every now and then and thats,normal just click continue delete all,the files here and for the last folder,type in prefetch and delete all those,files to tip 7 run disk cleanup utility,click the Windows button and type disk,cleanup and hit enter the tool can tell,you right away how much space will be,freed up all just from files that are,currently checked,I prefer checking them all because these,are just temp files using up your,valuable space in memory click clean up,system files to proceed when thats done,click OK dont worry this tool only,deletes unnecessary files tip number 8,registry tweaks doing some simple tweaks,in the Windows registry can improve,computer performance right-click the,windows button choose run and type in,regedit thats all one word and hit,enter,on the registry editor window click the,drop down for H key current user,here on the left pane click the drop,down for control panel and click on the,mouse folder,on the main window double-click Mouse,hover time and change the value to ten,then click OK this time click the,desktop folder scroll down here and,double-click menu show delay and change,the value to ten these changes will,improve Mouse response time but to see,the effects youll have to restart your,computer in fact to see the full effects,of all the hacks we just did its best to,restart your PC after you watch this,video there you have it use these simple,tricks to speed up your computers,performance if you dont want to perform,these steps on your own and prefer to,have a software do it for you click the,link in the description box below to,visit registry – clean – up dotnet and,click the download button to install the,software with this software you can run,a scan of your computer to diagnose why,its not running in peak performance,simply click the Scan button and wait a,few minutes while it runs a complete,diagnosis of your computer and here are,the results as you can see the software,can do many of the steps we had,mentioned earlier as well as perform,some additional performance tweaks such,as removing malware updating drivers,fixing registry errors and corrupted,files and it will even help protect your,privacy but please take note that in,order to perform all the tweaks youll,have to register the software once again,to get your free diagnosis click the,link in the description box below to,visit registry – clean – up net and,download the software if you enjoyed,this video please dont forget to hit,the like button leave your comments or,questions below and to subscribe to my,channel for more PC performance tips see,you next time,you,you

ASUS K570, F570, A570 Hard Drive Replacement

On the bottom cover, unscrew all the screws with a Phillips PH0 or PH1 screwdriver.,Take a plastic tool and lets begin to open the laptop case.,Unclench the laptop case on each side.,Open the laptop… open the case and unplug all the cables.,The connectors of these cables can be open by lifting the black bar up.,Now the cover with the keyboard can be remove.,The first step is to disconnect the battery cable from the motherboard.,If you need to replace the hard drive in the laptop ASUS K570 you need to unscrew the 4,screws and remove it from the laptop case.,If you need to install m.2 SSD drive, this video also can be find on our channel.,Now you need to unscrew the 4 screws on the hard,drive case, but note that one of screws has a warranty seal.,If this seal is damage, the hard drive warranty will be void.,The laptop ASUS K570 uses HDD 2.5 type SATA 3,In the description under the video, I left a link where you can buy a new hard drive,or SSD drive for this laptop.,Install the hard drive in the holder and fasten 4 screws.,Install the hard drive into the case and screw 2 short screws in the bottom part.

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Asus laptop SSD Upgrade

[Music],so okay here we have our Asus laptop,its the at five by five l series of the,core i5 fifth generation Core i5,processor were gonna upgrade the hard,drive to a solid-state drive,Im going to remove the when your hard,drive Im gonna take it out Im going to,clone it then Im going to put it back,in so lets open this thing up nice soft,finish top here all the screws on this,model I think theres at least three,different length screws so you want to,make sure you put the right screws back,and right holes otherwise you have,little dimples on the other side you,dont want that I usually just lay them,out in the same order that I take them,out in so to speak with the front facing,me these two back here quite long,so Ive got other screws up thats just,the RAM access panel remove that so now,you got to remove the top here now you,dont want to just go yanking this off,because theres two ribbon cables in,here one attaching the keyboard to the,motherboard at one for the power switch,here so we have to just get it started,here theres two like this you can use a,little spudger tool dont use like a,metal screwdriver because you can leave,tool marks usually just like using my,little plum here just kind of get it,started on the edge here and just get it,opened up lit up like that and work it,around again you can use a tool you,dont have a fingernail you see it comes,up really easy on this model just gotta,be careful,in the city brown guys stay there okay,so just a gentle little tug but not too,far not too hard and see because I can,see those two ribbon cables I gotta,detach those from the motherboard very,carefully kind of have nice to have,three hands here but well just,carefully flip that up you cant use a,little small tool for this but Ive done,this enough times right that appeal with,my fingernail just want to pop those up,carefully or remove the top panel get,this inside and heres a hard drive so I,got to remove this little IO board right,here theres a little IO board right,here on the site with USB ports y SD,card reader and a audio jack and take,that out if you disconnect it over here,these are stuck on here pretty hard you,got to be really careful pull on this,ribbon cable up the hard drive dont,this yank on it gentle,now theres theres one screw right here,that holds this little IO board in never,get that out of the way and theres a,few more screws right here we got to,take off just like the hard drive back,let the cradle right out of there,were gonna just take the hard drive out,theres two screws on each side pretty,simple there for now so now Im gonna,take the hard drive Im gonna clone it,onto a brand new solid-state drive and,put the solid straight saw the state,right back in and well fire it up so,Ill be back in just a minute okay Im,back,so I just cloned this old hard drive,onto a brand new 500 gigabyte solid,state drives now were just going to,install it back into the computer and,button it back up now when I clone,drives I have a dedicated computer here,I used just for cloning and purchase and,stuff and other things like that so the,plumbing goes pretty quick it took about,20 minutes if you purchase one of these,little gadgets here,these other USB 2 and 1/2 inch drive USB,adapter its got a USB USB 3.0 one here,and you got one for the C type USB if,your computer as a C type USB you can,use that one little faster I think and,then this type you get these online for,about 810 bucks pretty cheap you may you,may only use it once but you got one or,you can loan it to a buddy now as far as,software if you if this were like a,Western Digital hard drive for example,you could go to West WDC com Western,Digital website you can download the,free version of a Cronus cloning,software but you have to have at least,one Western Digital Drive in the loop to,use their free soft or otherwise it,wont work but another one a lot of,people use is called the mini tool,partition sucker mini – a partition,software you can download that free it,works pretty well,go to like make your geeks calm and you,can download it from there or right from,the authors website just be careful,when you install it on your computer,that you opt out of all the extra bloat,where they try to install along with the,actual program you need its problems,free supper usually comes with baggage,like that but in that case you would,have to use one of these types of,adapters and you can call it right in,your computer so just food for thought,so Im gonna go ahead and put the,solid-state drive back in here dont,want to drop it,basically gonna do everything in Reverse,set that back in there Im gonna put,these two screws back in you can use a,hand screwdriver course but I prefer,this whenever I can a little quicker Im,used to using it so Im not stripping,out screws and all that kind of stuff,were gonna put our little IO board back,in there,always takes a little plugin get this,back in the right spot here there so,gotta set down in there I am gonna use a,number of 0 Phillips screw driver and,this little guy you know just in case,you want to break the board,we judge here being real careful not to,flip those up too hard,be sure you got it in all the way so we,got the hard drive modern now when we,put this guy back in Im going to attach,this one first its the shortest of the,to here that we have to hook up so so,Im just gonna line this back up on the,hinges its got your dreams in there,gentle,I just want to kind of make sure you get,that in there the first time because,theres nothing worse than putting this,all back together and your keyboard is,not weve got properly Ive got the,power switch,these are very tricky sometimes,and oh theres some guys are saying do,it this way to do it that way well not,really a good way to do it I was on the,right way our keepers need three hands,for this,all right finally so we got that make,sure thats in Im sure the clips are,all fastened were gonna set this back,down in place,lets make sure that sound good well,what I like to do is after I get it back,together this far Im not gonna put all,the screws back in until I fire it up,make sure everything got hooked back up,right so there we got a new 500 gig,solid-state drive in here now were,going to turn on and see what happens,all right Im going to turn this on,for the first time,yeah that went a lot quicker,there Ill boot it up it seems quite a,bit faster it was a good clean clone so,to speak probably get some Windows,updates and put the screws back in on,the bottom I wont bore you with that,and should be all set I hope the video,was helpful and I appreciate watching go,ahead and click on the subscribe button,I would appreciate it very much and,thanks for watching,[Music],you

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ASUS P-Series Laptop Review 2017! – Best Laptop Of 2017?

[Music],hello guys and today Im gonna show you,my review of the assumed ski series,laptop so before you start the video,much to hit that like button and,subscribe to the channel and with that,being said lets get started,so this laptop comes in at just under,five hundred dollars and offers some,really impressive specs as well as other,additional things that you would not,find in a lot of the other laptops at,this price range also I will have the,exact same models link in the,description of the video so if you want,you can check it out first lets talk,about the design of the laptop the,laptop comes with a matte black finish,along with the texturize back and front,which overall looks really clean and,good it is also not too big for 16 inch,laptops because the bezels of the screen,are not too big and the laptop is,overall really thin and light for a,budget laptop and also includes a,fingerprint sensor which is accurate and,fast the display on the laptop is,another up as it is a 15 inch 1920 by,1080 IPS display that looks really good,for the price also it has good colors,and viewing angles and gets very bright,in the highest brightness and even gets,really them in the lowest brightness,color accuracy and vibrancy is top-notch,and doing work on this as well as doing,things like watching videos and playing,games is really good on the display the,connectivity and post-selection of the,laptop is also really good it has a,total of four USB ports three USB 3,ports and one USB 2 port also it has one,HDMI port as well as a VGA port and an,SD card reader and the only thing,lacking here is a USB type-c port but,that is also not a big problem anyways,right now another thing really good,about the laptop is the keyboard and,trackpad on this which are some of the,best on any laptop the keyboard has a,good travel and the key feel clicky as,well as responsive and typique on this,is fast as well as accurate and the,multi-touch trackpad is also really good,with its accurate tracking and good,multi-touch support and overall the,keyboard and trackpad are good,experience on this laptop now for the,main thing about the laptop its,performance which on this is stellar as,well the specs of the laptop include,Intel Core i5 7200 u 2.5 gigahertz,processor 8 gigabytes of RAM a one,terabyte hard drives and the Intel HD,620 cross-sell this is by no means a,gaming laptop and is more intended,towards the work site so having no,dedicated GPU is not a real big problem,for this laptop but it would have been,good if a dedicated GPU would have been,included with Allah,overall performance on the laptop is,really good and doing anything from,browsing with up to 15 tabs open in,Chrome as well as doing things like,photo as well as like video editing on,this is hundred nicely and even a bit of,light gaming on this is doable thermals,are also really good and it never gets,heated and you could rarely hear the,fans on this the battery life on this is,also one of the best Ive seen in a,budget laptop it claims up to nine hours,of battery life on a single charge and,that is actually quite true as you can,easily get more than eight hours of,usage from this laptop on a full charge,so the final verdict for the laptop is,that it is a very good laptop for work,and is also really good for normal usage,and is definitely one of the best budget,laptops that you can buy in 2017 so,thats it for the video guys thanks for,watching please like share and subscribe,to the channel and I hope you enjoyed,the video and Ill see you guys in the,next video bye,[Music]

Disassemble Asus X751L Laptop to Replace the Battery and Harddrive

okay here we have a Asus what is this,this is an x7 51l laptop 17 inch screen,what a nice one,pretty nice youve it all together and,it has a problem with its hard drive so,Im gonna swap it out I could put an SSD,in Im not going to in this case but I,could so if I have to change the battery,this would be also how a we do it or,Fred knew their problem inside like dust,on the CPU and he did to clean so lets,get to it so first thing were gonna do,is use a slotted,sorry a Philips screwdriver and holy,screws out so Im gonna advance through,this you know if the Sierra watch me,pull out nine or ten screws just to know,whatever I take screws out I always lay,them out in the order in which I pulled,them out so that I can put them back in,in the same order as I say that because,sometimes theyre not the same size so I,strongly recommend you do the same thing,just lay them out on the table in the,same order which you pull them out and,then youll know which one goes back in,which hole so again Im going to skip,through this so that you dont just,watch me disconnect all of these screws,okay so we,all of the screws up thats one two,three four five six seven eight nine ten,screws and as I mentioned some of them,are different sizes so ones at the front,are these small guys and the ones around,the rest of it are larger ones so again,a good idea to keep them in the same,order than which he pulled him out now,often the manufacturers put screws,underneath these rubber connectors that,these rubber stoppers as well you just,peel them back I dont think thats what,theyve done here because the screws are,close enough to it that it seems,unlikely but it is possible sometimes,youll also see them underneath the,stickers here and thats because its,way for the manufacturer tell if youve,opened up another thing to do is often,you have to put a pin in here and pull,the DVD out I dont think we have to do,that here but Im gonna find out if you,do so we want to do is grab the edge,probably not the edge without probably,not the edge with all of these,connectors on it go to a smoother edge,probably this edge is best and we want,to do is pry it out so you can use a,credit card you can use well as a number,of different things you can use its,something small and flexible is usually,fast in my case Im going to use,something not flexible which is this,little you know metal tool I guess and,Im just gonna try to get like get it,under get this stuff there we go you can,hear it separating a bit there we go,yeah using something metal is not a good,idea what it just did to starter for me,Im just gonna use my fingers to pry it,apart there we go around here,whats gonna happen at the back here hmm,interesting its not quite what I,expected this isnt usual circumstance,usually the cover just pops off from the,board stays the board stays with the,keyboard in the monitor but as you can,see here thats not the case looks like,a lot of the boards coming with it,looks like that looks like this design,is a two-piece design which Ive not,seen in recent years hello you did use,to be popular a long time ago so lets,see what we can do to keep prying this,out the back here and the DVD definitely,goes with the bomb which is nice cause,Im a bit surprised I cant seem to give,around this so Im gonna grab a card you,grab a card and Im gonna try to slide,it around thats the normal way to do it,yeah by the way you have the proper,tools to do this stuff but often enough,people dont when theyre doing this at,home so Im trying to do without it to,show you how its done,all right there we go yeah so just use a,old credit card some cards you dont,care about to keep working around the,edges there you go so thats up a little,bit now and along the back here I can,see that theres its almost certainly,the battery in there but I dont see,anything in there for me to take out,again there could be screws in here and,that is a concern so Im just gonna,slide that credit card around and boom,now that is separated all the way around,except here so I am concerned that,underneath this rubber is a screw Im,going to alone so the battery is,probably so its very unlikely but Im,still gonna pull it up and see if,theres anything under there just to,confirm before I start really rustling,this thing so lets pull this up and,just make sure no theres no story there,sighs okay so now Im just gonna start,pulling it off starting to get forceful,come on there we go got it so I really,had to muscle that thing in and now its,coming out quite nicely so what I have,to be concerned with because theyve,done a split design which Ive not seen,in recent years as I said is you got to,be concerned with is that your Creek a,ribbon or something so lets carefully,pull this off oh well thats different,so what weve been doing instead of,taking the bottom off weve been taking,the top off that Ive not seen before,thats pretty cool okay well that,explains a lot,so muscling from the bottom might not be,the best way to go probably best to go,from the top so well live and learn okay,so now I want to change the hard drive,which is right here while Im at it Ill,probably blow with that fan,thats the CPU fan thats your DVD yeah,not much else here for you to see thats,the disk drive and batteries back there,so if you have to get the battery out,easy enough to do Im sure this is,probably a couple of screws yeah you,just pop this out the battery will pop,right out the connector for the battery,is right there so you can pull the,battery out and replace it with one on,the one you can buy off eBay if you need,to and yeah thats I guess what I dont,see even see where the RAM is the RAM,must be underneath probably underneath,here lets take a little,its underneath here but they solder the,RAM right on the board no kidding,it looks like they suckered the rim,right on the board okay,so fight against it see those are RAM,chips so Im gonna put this back down,exactly where it was there we go and,lets get this our dry though so the,hard drives pretty easy,Im sure yeah same as always and again,Im gonna keep the screws and the order,which I pulled them out so I can easily,put them back to get back in there we go,pull this screwdriver by the way you,dont have to for this device you do not,have to have jewelry tools you can use,just a standard Robert F sorry Phillips,head screw John okay so this little,notes light out yes it does to slide it,that way then lift it up and bingo was,there Im going to take the screws over,the side and these are always the same,but on principle I will lay them out,again across the way I got them if you,drop one or lose it dont you dont have,to worry about it these are really not,necessary in todays world especially,fourteen solid-state disk in they dont,get me wrong you dont want to lose,though Im just saying if you if you,lose one dont panic it has nothing to,do with the electronics it does,everything to do with stopping the disk,from moving around which is a much,bigger deal with spinning discs you,there we go so that so that went out and,Im going to put this one in little,touchy guy and Im just gonna put it in,the same,okay so lets put this back in so drop,it in the slot here it is and then push,it back that way so it meets up there we,go and then but these screws back in in,the same order which they came out oddly,this has three screws and four,placements four screws so again Im just,going to put what the factory did,yeah so whats really odd in this is,that you doesnt look like you can,upgrade the memory doesnt look like,this particular machine has these slots,now it could be wrong maybe its,underneath there but I dont see him so,but you cant easily change with hard,drive as you can see here and you can,blow out the fan and you can change the,battery where the DVD if you still want,it lets pop that back on now I always,do things are the reverse order when Im,putting things back together so the last,thing you pulled off is the back so,thats the first thing Im going to,p

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