1. iMazing vs WALTR PRO: Which Software is Better as an Alternative to iTunes
  2. iMazing | Review
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  4. What Can iMazing Do for You and How to Get Started
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  6. iMazing for Mac & PC – Export Music, SMS, & Voicemail from iPhone or iPod
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iMazing vs WALTR PRO: Which Software is Better as an Alternative to iTunes

hey everyone today im going to show you,walter pro versus imazing,here you can see both of these programs,and they look very different but they,have many overlapping features,my iphone 12 mini,is connected via wi-fi on both,its very convenient,im going to start off the,similarities by showing you that both,can easily transfer mp4 files,you simply drag and drop into walter pro,and,for imazing you have to use quick,transfer,you can see on the,walter pro,its rather fast,i sped up the footage on the screen,record because imazing was taking a,while and i even had to,back out and try again,it was successful though,here you can see it gives me the option,to choose where to put the file,this is also available on walter pro,which ill demonstrate next,here you can see,i use the,option key and i get the options,im going to show you the differences,now,here you can see the file is a wmv,walter pro actually converts it into a,format that can be used on your iphone,whereas on imazing,youll get the following message,on the side ill show you that,the file is indeed on the tv app,on imazing you cant do it,up next im going to show you the flac,files this is a music file,and on walter pro just as you you would,expect its able to send it over,same as imacing,im going to hit cancel because i dont,want many copies,this is where the similarities end with,walter pro and imazing in terms of music,walter pro is able to do much more than,just transfer,here you can see the differences,on imazing you can browse your music,directly on the,app,however,i find this,obsolete as,you can already do this on your,iphone itself heres what i like about,walter pro,you can edit the metadata,this is much more useful than being able,to browse your files because you can,already do that on your iphone but you,cant edit the metadata one point for,walter pro there,up next is a image,this is rather,unfortunate that walter pro isnt able,to send this over without the use of,files by walter but the option is there,on imazing you can send it using quick,transfer and it works,im going to hit cancel as i already,have a copy of this image on my iphone,and lastly ill show you that even,ebooks can be sent over with both of,these,boom,but,lets get to the differences,with walter pro youre able to drop,directly into apple music,this is so convenient i cant even go,into how often this had saved me,and its even better that you can just,drop in any type of file,here you can see that instead of putting,it on music i can convert it into a,format,this is a feature of walter pro that i,personally exclusively got it for i,really enjoy the conversion features,thats the big thing about walter pro,for me,over on imazing no such feature exists,but you do get a lot more things but,ive also just never used these things,theyre redundant,in my opinion,but its up to you there,such as i would never use,erase all content from this when i,already have the,option to do so directly from the iphone,over on walter pro,you can see that many other options,exist that are useful and you dont get,elsewhere,here you can see me adding directly to,my apple music and it will show up on my,music app on my mac,theres so much more to go over,but you should discover for yourself the,wonders of walter pro,just check out our other videos

iMazing | Review

[Music],hey whats up guys welcome back and,today Ive got an app Ive been looking,for for years so this is amazing and,its absolutely packed to the brim with,awesome features amazing essentially,lets you manage every aspect of your iOS,device one of its main selling points is,the ability to not only backup and,restore your devices but also let you,access many of the files it backs up so,for instance I use google photos for all,of my pictures but I also transfer full,resolution files to my computers hard,drive in case I need them and unlike,iTunes I amazing makes this super easy,of course you can restore backups like,youd expect but youll also be able to,save and export things like text,conversations and voicemails right from,your device backup although thats great,now but heres the real kicker heres,what gets me super excited about this,program I amazing lets you extract app,data from one device and restore it to,another device it also doesnt make you,restore your entire backup but lets you,do this on a per app basis so if like me,like to set up your new devices as a new,device instead of copying over your old,data I amazing still has you covered,yeah some games like you do this with,Facebook and iCloud but many games like,Minecraft give you zero options for,transferring your world that youve,worked so hard to build I spent years,trying to find an easy way to do this,and this is the first solution Im,actually comfortable using Im sure you,can come up with other reasons why this,sort of thing would be useful but Im,just super excited finally not to lose,all my progress every time I upgrade my,phone another thing you definitely wont,see in iTunes is a detailed breakdown,like this at your devices battery,health and when I say detailed I mean,details amazing contribu the exact,amperage your battery is at the exact,temperature your battery is that what,rated is charging or discharging and how,many times youve charged it total and,it even gives you an overall score to,let you know what kind of condition your,batteries in I dont know exactly how,useful any of this information but Tim,is it cool its next to impossible to,cover all the features I amazing has but,lets take a look around so you can get,an idea of what it has to offer so,looking around the first thing that,stands out is this is really well,designed everything works really nice,its kind of organized like a Finder,window sort of thing or File Explorer,youve got all your stuff to the left,and then stuff coming out of that would,be over here so like if you click on the,camera,covers all that stuff files music all,that kind of populates over there weve,got apps you can see all of your apps in,here and this is how you would go about,transferring app data so you click on an,app you do copy to Mac youd have to do,a backup if you havent done that before,but you can copy that like say right to,your desktop and then you can go into,your other device here go down to apps,and it might not load because this phone,is nowhere near me but youd be able to,kind of restore that data right to the,other phone see Billu take app data from,one phone for storage the other so for,instance as I pulled it off my old phone,here and restored it onto my new phone,that kind of thing really really nice,you can also do all sorts of stuff with,photos you can export photos off of your,phone really easily you can do the same,with music although I use that with,music so thats not really not really,thing for me but I know a lot of people,are really into that sort of thing you,can export messages if youre like me,and you like to save all your text,conversations for whatever reason you,can export those as like a text file or,PDF or something keep all those nice,save same with voicemails you can manage,your contacts through here you can get,to voice memos stuff like that file,system theres not a lot you can get to,just because Apple really locks that,kind of thing down but they give you,access to basically everything they can,basically everything Apple will allow,them to if we go to about in here you,can see the current version were on of,I amazing so if youre looking at this,in the future youll know you know why,it looks a little different this also,minimizes so theyll be you can see this,little window up here amazing mini this,is a standalone app you can download if,you want its free itll let you do,backups of your device it basically just,runs in the background if you allow it,to,itll backup your phone all sorts of,things like that you can also as you can,see on the bottom here you can get the,same sort of graph as far as free space,available what youve used what youve,used it on and then this is something,thats really cool down here too is you,can get to this detailed report of your,battery health so you can see how your,battery helps to do,so this is brand new phone so its 100%,um but if we go to my success here and,click on that youll see its at 78% so,it takes into account how many times,its charged so Ive charged the phone,twelve hundred and sixty times I love,that little statistic thats super cool,you can see exactly what its charged to,like down to the milliamp hour there you,can see the temperature I love that you,can see how fast its charging so you,can see right now this is sitting on my,bed so its discharging slightly if its,charging itll show you what speeds so,if you got like a wall adapter you wanna,know how fast its charging and totally,do that so as you can probably tell I,amazing has an awful lot going for it it,has just about every feature you could,ever ask for a beautiful interface that,blends right in with Apples ecosystem,smooth and snappy performance without,any noticeable bugs or slowdowns and,regular updates to ensure none of that,goes anywhere anytime soon the only,question is how much all of this is,worth to you amazing starts at $39.99,which might seem steep at first but it,really all depends how much you use,youd end up getting out of it,Id recommend downloading the free trial,and seeing what features stand out to,you the trial goes off an amount of,transfers so you wont have any pesky,countdown time or to get in your way,well have plenty of time to make your,decision Ill drop a link down below to,download amazing for Mac or PC and a,special thanks to the lovely people over,digi DNA for not only sending over a,copy for a view but also being super,patient while I get my schedule back,under control so todays question of the,day is how do you backup your phone do,you use iCloud iTunes Im amazing or are,you one of those pesky Android people,let me know by tapping the eye and dont,forget I post new videos every single,Sunday so I definitely like to see you,back next week but until then

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Transfer your iPhone or iPad footage to Mac or PC easily with iMazing!

[Music],hey everybody dave here from iographer,for this two minute tech tutorial,people are asking how do i get these big,files off of my iphone or my ipad,and onto my computer i have found the,greatest app,and i use it all the time and its,called i,mazing and it is amazing so lets take a,look at it,one of the cool things about it is that,it works for pc,and for i im sorry not ios but,for mac so pc and mac it works for both,and whats nice about it is because a,lot of people may have be using iphones,and ipads but maybe they have,a pc at home that they bring their,footage into you can choose where you,want to download it to,its super simple lets take a look at,the app,so here it is this is imazing at,imazing.com,and they have a free download to test,out and try uh but if you want to buy it,now its actually,very inexpensive in my opinion so for,three,mobile devices three iphones an ipad two,iphones whatever,its 49 a year im sorry not even a year,its for a one-time purchase which is,amazing,if you have a ton of devices then its,59,a year so its 10 dollars more and its,an annual fee,but its for unlimited amount of devices,if you literally have one or two that,youre using,49 one time purchase its fantastic,of course if you upgrade you can swap,out your new phone or,ipad for one of the three that they,allow you to do,and like i said it can be used on mac or,pc,if they offer support but its super,simple,to use let me open it up,here it is in my dock down here im on a,mac imac pro and once it starts up,youll see ive got all these devices,set up,and right here its found my iphone 12,pro max and a lot of people are shooting,with,not just the camera app on the iphone,for video but theyre using,what i suggest using too is filmic pro,so filmic pro makes your camera,10 times better it makes your footage,look better,and its a great great powerful app i,have training for it,at mobilevideoschool.com so lets just,say you are using filmic pro,which i use on a daily basis and,sometimes i want to bring the footage,over and edit on my,desktop so the files can be really big,especially if im shooting in 4k,resolution its a long event or maybe,im shooting a parent and im filming my,kids playing in sports,so you might have this massive file and,you cant really,airdrop it and you used to be able to,plug in and connect to itunes and,download it and all that stuff its not,available anymore,but imazing takes the brunt of it and it,works fantastic,so heres the app you can see right here,there is uh it shows that my iphone 12,pro max,is connected um wi-fi by wi-fi im not,going to want that because i want a,faster connection so im going to plug,in my lightning jack to it and now,youll see itll change right here and,you see that im connected,with usb so now youre going to see,these are all the things that i have,options too if i save things into files,im going to want to look in there,if i have it on my apple camera im,going to want to go into photos,but im going to now go into apps,because i,want to go into my filmic pro app and,these are all the apps yes i have quite,a few apps i try apps,every day so im going to dive in look,for filmic pro under the f,here it is im going to double tap it,and here its showing me that i have my,documents folder so if i click on that,this is where your filmic pro folders,are going to be,so right now i only have two i try to,clean this up download and clean up my,phone,every time um and i dont want to you,know have,a ton of files on here and not know what,they are etc but heres one here,ill just take a look at this one uh,this if i go into,get info it shows me its a 443 megabyte,file,the one next to it is i know much larger,its a 2.5 gigabyte file,i think this one is only five minutes of,footage too so,you can imagine if you were shooting a,30 minute game or an hour game or,whatever,so now what you want to do is select,which one or all of them if you want,you can go like this and select all of,them by pressing the command key on your,mac,but im just going to choose one of them,for now for times sake and well just,use the smaller one,down here in the bottom im going to say,copy to mac,so i want to send this over to my mac,from my phone,were going to click on it once and now,i have my options to put them wherever i,want so,i definitely can put it onto my footage,folder that i have on my mac,and create a new folder and bring it,over i can also connect it to hard,drives so i have a network,area storage or a nas and i can click on,that,so now were connected so now i can go,in here and create a,footage folder if i want to and now all,of its stored,in my network area storage so then i can,go on to different computers,and pick it up but if you dont have,that you just want to go copy to mac,and then i suggest always creating a,footage folder,i usually do it within the movies folder,so,im just going to do this here were,going to do a new folder,were going to call this filmic pro dump,just for todays tutorial and i got this,folder here im going to choose that,and now you can see its transferring,over,pretty fast its its a much slower,transfer if you do wi-fi,but if you have it connected with your,with your cable its going to be super,fast so thats it its over there now,if we go into let me open up my finder,window,well look at footage here and uh heres,filmic pro dump,theres my footage here you can see it,right there,super easy app check it out now it is,called,i mazing i amazing is,amazing i hope you liked the tutorial if,you do please smash the like button,and hit the bell and subscribe so you,can be alerted,to new videos im dave basulto thanks so,much for watching have a great day

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What Can iMazing Do for You and How to Get Started

hi its Kirk from my amazing in this,video Im going to show you how to get,started with I amazing youll learn how,to download the app install it on Mac,and Windows and discover what I amazing,can do for you,amazing is the essential tool for,managing your iPhone iPad or iPod with I,amazing you can manage your iPhone your,way you can transfer all your data to a,new iPhone you can transfer music from,your iPhone or iPad to your computer or,from your computer to your iOS device,without using iTunes you can easily,access your photos without using iCloud,iTunes or Apples Photos app and you can,backup your iOS device even wirelessly,and these backups are much more,efficient and flexible than the backups,you make with iCloud or iTunes amazing,is easy to use fast and reliable heres,how to get started with I amazing first,go to amazing calm and download the,application if you install amazing on a,Mac wait for the I amazing installer to,download when the download has finished,go to your downloads folder and double,click the amazing 2 for Mac file,this opens the disk image which contains,the amazing app drag the amazing icon to,the Applications folder then,double-click the application to launch,it your Mac checks the download to make,sure it contains no malicious software,then displays the dialog click open to,continue to download our amazing for,your PC click download for PC then click,Save and wait for the amazing installer,to download when this is finished click,view downloads double click amazing 2,for Windows and follow the instructions,in the amazing setup wizard when the,installation has finished double click,the I amazing shortcut on the desktop to,launch the app on both Mac and Windows,you can use some of our amazing features,for free but youll need a license to,fully unlock everything amazing has to,offer,the amazing activation screen lets you,bio Isons or and,an activation number if you already have,one if you want to use AI Amazings free,features click later when you connect,your iOS device to your computer I,amazing will ask you to unlock the,device youll be asked to trust this,device to do this youll need to tap,trust on your iPhone or iPad then enter,your passcode once youve done this,youll be able to use I amazing to,backup your device and access its,contents all your data is private and,secure none of your personal data is,uploaded to I amazing servers to learn,more about what I amazing can do go to,our amazing comm slash guys where we,have step-by-step tutorials about all of,our mazing features if you enjoyed this,video and want more tutorials like this,one then subscribe to our channel by,clicking on the subscribe button below

iMazing 2

hi this is Todd olltii from,cast and this week were gonna take a,look at an application called I amazing,now one of the great things about this,application is the fact that it allows,you to connect your iPhone or any iOS,device like your iPad to your Mac and it,allows you to do things that you,normally couldnt do with the device,through the regular operating system and,so what Im gonna do is walk you through,how this works so that you get a good,idea for how the application is set up,so if you look here this is the,interface you can see that I have my,iPhone XS Macs connected to my iMac,through amazing and you can see I have,all these different available options,here these will match what I have in the,center so what Im gonna do is just go,ahead and collapse this down if I had,multiple iOS devices those would show up,on the side if I had those connected now,one of the great things is I can connect,either wired or over Wi-Fi as long as my,iMac and my iOS device are in the same,Wi-Fi network I can connect via Wi-Fi,instead of having to use cables which is,a really nice touch you notice in the,middle here we have all these different,options that we can do we also have some,options down the side over here and then,you have information on your actual,device that you have selected on the,side over here down below we have an,indicator for my storage as well as my,battery life over here as well so let me,just walk you through some of the things,that you can do and Im just gonna start,with these options here the first is you,can perform a backup of your iOS device,now the difference is you can back up to,your iMac instead of doing the iCloud,backup there are a number of options,that I can change in here I can change,the automatic backups to either not be,backed up automatically or to do it,automatically on a particular time,schedule or when my battery life is at a,certain level Im just gonna leave that,alone there I can also choose to enable,backup encryption if I want to do it,that way so that I can encrypt those,backups so that will include things that,you know your health data and all of,that will not be backed up if you do it,without encryption so it does have some,safety features built in and I can,enable that in a backup encryption right,here just by hitting that and then I,would create a backup password,Im just gonna cancel for now I can,choose my backup locations and put them,wherever I want the default is in the,library application support amazing,folder but again I can change that and,add other backup locations I can also,choose how to handle backup archiving,whether I want to do that or not so that,it saves space I can automatically clean,archive backups and I can choose what,time frame I want to do that all the way,up to a year there so I can have some,management of those backups so it,doesnt take up too much space I can,choose to enable or disable Wi-Fi,connection so it just depends on whether,you want that or not and then theres a,few additional options here like low,battery notifications I can choose what,percentage or never and to launch,amazing when connecting via USB so,anytime I connect my device by USB its,gonna launch I amazing let me just leave,that alone and well come back out here,I can also do things like quick transfer,which means I can take a file like lets,just say I have one here and just drop,it in here and what its going to do is,its gonna find a compatible app for,that particular item that I dropped and,I can choose the target of where I want,this to go so I can choose what,application I want it to go into so,lets go ahead and just say devonthink,Im gonna say transfer and so now what,its going to do is its going to,actually do a quick transfer of that,item into my devonthink application and,that item will be sitting there when I,need it so this is great when you need,to transfer things to your iOS devices,and you dont want to do it through,iCloud you just want to quickly drop,them in there you can use that quick,transfer to do that theres also the,option to restore a backup so if I had,any backups here I can restore from,those just cancel that out so again I,can handle all of the backup and restore,right from this application I can also,transfer to another device so if Ive,got another device that I have connected,I can transfer whats on this iPhone to,that other device and thats nice if you,want to clone one device to the other,you can kind of transfer all your,information over and it does it really,efficiently there for you now down here,I can manage the applications that I,actually have on my iPhone so its going,to go and load all the apps there and,you can see here are the apps I,in my library where theres a download,available and you can see whether its,installed or not and I can choose to,download these if I want to keep the,actual file on my Mac this is what you,used to be able to do with iTunes when,you would download the actual IPA files,I can also check to see whats on the,device itself and these are the ones,that are there and if I just select one,of them and if I just ctrl click I can,choose to uninstall the application I,can backup the data I can restore the,app data install a file or check for,updates and I can do that all from here,and I can select multiple files so I can,do multiple deletes of applications all,at one time so this is a nice way to,clean up your devices if you want to do,that in terms of the applications you,may not be using Im just gonna go ahead,and say done now I also have other,options in here again these are the,options that I showed you earlier Im,just gonna say done right there I can,also check on warranty and this is kind,of nice it takes you over to Apples,website and automatically fills in the,serial number of your device so that you,can check your warranty again just a,really nice touch on that to make it,easy I could use to sleep my device,restart it shutdown I can export all the,data on my device I can export the raw,files and I can show the device console,right here and so what this is doing is,taking me into the actual console of my,device itself and so I can get access to,that I can print it and in those sorts,of things you can see all the stuff,thats going on right now on my device,in the console thats go ahead and shut,that down now I also can choose to,forget this device if I dont want it to,show up and I amazing anymore and I can,even do software updates right from here,you see that I do have an update thats,available I can reinstall I owe s or I,can erase all the content on this device,so as you can see its really a,full-featured application for your iOS,devices ok so I went ahead and did a,backup just to show you all the,different features you can see Ive got,my backup up here of my iPhone and you,can see Ive got some information about,how many backups I have and all of that,over here again one of the things youll,want to remember is depending on how,much you have on your phone thats going,to determine the size of your backup,which means that youre going to want to,have an,diskspace to cover the back up so Ive,got this backing up to an external drive,which is nice that you can set it up,that way as well,so let me just walk you through all of,the things that we have here that are,accessible on our phone so the first is,if you come in here weve got our files,and so you can see that I have files,related to different applications so,depending on the application I can click,in and get access to those files so,thats a nice feature because it allows,you to drill into the file structure one,of the things youll notice down here in,the tool bar is you can choose to copy,specific items to your Mac copy things,from your Mac to your device to lead,items create new folders create a new,shortcut get info and then youve got,other options over here of things to do,so you can act on whatever it is that,you select inside of here the other,thing is the camera area and so it shows,my photos in c

iMazing for Mac & PC – Export Music, SMS, & Voicemail from iPhone or iPod

Apple makes it pretty straightforward,when it comes to transferring data like,your music from your computer to,something like an iPhone iPad or iPod,but what do you do when you need to,transfer things in the opposite,direction hey folks david a cox here,with tech talk america and my channel is,all about teaching people how to better,use the technology at their fingertips,so if you have a mac iphone or ipad i,hope youll consider subscribing todays,class was inspired by a note that i,received from a fan by the name of jim,mcguire and in his note jim mentioned,that his laptop was recently stolen,which contained a massive collection of,music that he no longer had access to,now thankfully Jim did have the majority,of that music on an old iPod but the,problem here is that Apple doesnt allow,you to transfer data from an AI device,to a computer now fortunately the,third-party software that Im going to,teach you how to use today will do that,itll even allow you to transfer other,things like photos text message,conversations voicemails and more the,name of the software is called,amazing it works for both Mac and,Windows we always love when thats the,case and if youd like to check it out,theres a link to it down below in the,description of the video you can even,save 20% through my length how to,transfer data from your iDevice to your,computer coming up next on Tech Talk,America,I have seen this software save the day,in so many different types of situations,for example I have clients who have lost,loved ones and just want to be able to,save the last voicemail that they,received from that person that they lost,Ive also had other clients who have,been involved in lawsuits who need to,export text message conversations as a,transcript in order to present in court,as evidence whatever it is if you need,to transfer data from your iDevice to,your computer this software will do it,and to show you how to use I amazing,lets now switch to my Mac after youve,downloaded and installed,amazing just plug in your iPhone iPad or,iPod to your computer as I mentioned,earlier this software runs on both Mac,and Windows and even though Im teaching,this class from my Mac its pretty much,identical on both platforms depending on,what type of data you want to retrieve,you may be prompted to start by creating,a local backup file of your device this,applies if you want to access text,message conversations whats app,conversations phone records voicemails,Safari history calendar data contacts or,notes that being said if youre only,interested in extracting photos music,ringtones apps voice memos or if you,want to use their file transfer system,you can skip the backup process and,access those files directly you should,be aware that if you do need to create a,backup that file is going to be very,significant in size so what you may want,to do is if you dont have a lot of free,space locally amazing does allow you to,change the default save location to,something like an external hard drive,while were on the screen I should also,point out that certain types of data,like web browser history do require,encryption so you might want to enable,that feature I also wanted to let you,know that if you have to go through that,backup process be prepared to wait for,me it took around an hour so lets fast,forward to the next step I want to go,through these categories one by one and,forgive me but I am gonna go a little,bit out of order starting with text,message and whatsapp conversations as I,referenced earlier the settings that you,have access to here and I amazing make,it perfect if you need to prove,something in court in the case of both,text message and whatsapp,conversations you can choose to include,date and time stamps for every message,by clicking this option here at the top,and then if we go to the bottom right,this is where youll find all of your,options to export the conversation as,either a PDF CSV Excel or a plain text,file if there are attachments that you,need to preserve you can also use this,option right here to isolate that data,when it comes to music amazing makes it,super easy to export songs to either a,folder or into something like iTunes or,the new music app by the way Im,recording this video one day before Mac,OS Catalina comes out and that is the,reason why you wont see the new music,app this next feature might sound a,little cheesy to some of you but I,happen to think its pretty cool if you,want to add a custom ringtone to your,iPhone with I amazing youll never need,to buy one through the App Store again,just drag and drop any of these file,formats into this section and then,navigate to sound and haptics on your,iPhone and youll see them all appear,you can also use any of these sounds for,other audio notifications for example,when you receive a new message alarms,reminders etc if you have a book or PDF,that you want to get in or out of the,books app once again you can do it right,through here I have my doubts if many of,you will be using this next feature to,extract photos only because there are,plenty of other apps that come with your,computer that you can use to do the same,thing so lets skip this part in terms,of Safari data the most common use for,this is once again to prove something in,court using I Mazen you can export and,print data like web browser history,bookmarks and reading list data in this,next option we can export call logs to,something like an Excel document or a,CSV file that information contains,things like phone numbers call duration,and status so for example missed calls,declined etc if we go here into,voicemail you can easily extract,voicemails and export them as an audio,file that you can save to your computer,as I said in my intro this is a really,great feature if youve lost someone,that you love and you want to hold on to,their voice the contacts feature is,great for creating a backup of your,contacts but more than anything it makes,it really easy to merge,tax if you have them synced through,multiple services so for example lets,say you have some contacts that are,located in Gmail and others that are in,iCloud I amazing makes it really easy to,merge them into one location the file,management tool is used for moving data,in or out of other apps so lets say for,example you have a video that you want,to be able to access on your iPhone or,iPad a very popular player is VLC and,using this tool you can very easily move,files in or out of VLC if this video,helped you you can help me out by,hitting that little thumbs up like,button down below,leave me a comment and if you havent,already done so please subscribe to my,youtube channel and make sure you hit,that little Bell icon for notifications,thank you so much for watching everyone,this is david a cox with tech talk,america class dismissed

Why use computer imaging software-iMazing | iPhone, iPad & iPod Manager for Mac & PC – iMazing

hello guys welcome,you are watching technology welfare,lets review in this video tutorial the,entire features of imaging software,why its,an importance for us,for all the iphone consumers what are,the feature having developed in this,tool by our developer bible see that,what are the issues that we can address,related to our iphone device,so see guys just i will open and i will,connect,the iphone device with the help of data,cable so now its going to connect now,see finally it has a connected,this tool,download link i have given already below,the description box you can check it out,if you are increased rise to a,downloaded,so first of all see guys directly by,using this tool you can transfer,from,all the data from one device to another,device quickly,by one click just you need to select,here device and you will be able to,quick transfer,even if,whatever the contact number,having the saved,in your all the device of course and,directly you can transfer in a new,device so let me cancel here,this is a backup,so if you would like to have the backup,of,any old device or new device by one klex,you will be able to,have a backup,if you would like to automatic here i,have a selected dishwash,so you can change it also,uh,here 31c guys here restore and backup,sure,of course you can restore it and you can,backup it also but it has already backed,up on this especially tool,from this device so thats why its not,going to,it will be a written also thats when,you build backup of,what iphone device,now see guys here one thing more this is,very important for us,if you would like to erase the any data,from your iphone device,yeah complete it is of course you can,simply you need two clicks,yeah,i would like to show you guys see it is,all the,content so whatever content application,this all will be deleted here,so how do you,simply just you need to click here now,you need to type here,this one because its going to confirm,you guys you would like to erase the all,the data thats available on your iphone,device so simply if i type a 42,so now see guys it has been highlighted,and if i,click a one here,all the data will be deleted from this,device,so,just let me cancel here now see guys you,can have all the information about the,wire ntl show,you can export the all the,raw files here by using this tool of,course you can modify,all the profile id etc,here,you can,see the all the consoles here,and very important things if youre,having any problem related to ios in,your iphone device you can address it,also,if i click here now see guys,directly you can,its up to date otherwise it will give,you a link that what ios is a required,according to a,current times,show,according to latest ios it will,recommend to you simply you need to,click,to next and it it will be of course,quickly updated simultaneously if you,would like to be on this especially i,mean ios then simply just you need to go,for reinstall yeah if youre having any,problems there then of course you can,if i click here it will push firstly,into the recovery mode this device so,suppose if your device has been,especially stuck in the recovery mode by,using this tool if you connect it,directly of course it will give you to,exit from the recovery mode also guys,i would like to show you how see,fine now see guys its a saying that if,you would like to,download it then of course just click on,reinstall so this software is a,functional at the moment yeah currently,uh especially working on this device so,this one only one will be especially but,its the latest one ios,uh if,you havent updated actually yeah you,havent been updating,so latest one along with two three also,you will have opportunity to which one,you would like to update of first yeah,by manually if you would like to just,you need to click here,and of course,clicking here by you can choose if you,have already downloaded ipsw,from any other official website,so now see if your device has been stuck,on this then directly by one clicks you,will be also able to exit it,now,we have option here,we can transfer from one device to,another as i have already mentioned to,you here,now see if your device you would like to,restart of course by one clicks you will,be able to also shut down of your that,and,if you would like to complete this,timing,clean from this,software tool just you need to click on,a forget all the data that,was backed up by you especially when you,connected,yeah of course,while you have a connected,this all data that is available here of,course it will be,rest,simultaneously of course i would like to,tell you that,if your device,had a connected,once upon a time,and now you would like to without a,connecting your device you would like to,erase completely of course you just,need to go for select hair device and,you need to erase of this so this will,be your backup of course by using you,can operate the whole your device,wherever you have kept by using this,tool on your computer you can operate,the whole device simultaneously now see,guys if you would like to export an,import just to go from this,music and see,everything will be of course,functional,so now i would like to show you how see,guys,its taking time uh,let me,almost here guys,now see its it has started to load now,see whatever you would like to export,your import suppose you would like to,import any songs from your,so how you will,suppose here see guys this one i would,like to have so this one already i have,taken here these songs so according to,now see skip so simply at the moment im,im going to,skip the all,why because i have already x,its asking that these all are already,in a special dish,so you can export also you can,import also so export import means just,you would like to have a especially any,song from your hard disk to a iphone,device gopro by using this to option and,of course by uh if you would like to,have any data from your iphone device to,a pc or laptop go by clicking here you,can,one feature is very admirable that i,would like to show you here,just to go for,uh,you know just to contact whatever you,have a contact number that of course,will be reflected here just as simply,you can copy from here and you can paste,in any another device of course all the,contact list will be reflected there,easily,so its a backing up firstly so it will,take time so thats why actually im,going to stop it,all the messages ringtones you would,like to directly of course export import,of course you can now see you can have,importation as well as you can export it,also so ringtone directly you can keep,it in any iphone device by using this,tool from your,laptop too of course in your iphone,device so this is also a special feature,and of course,uh voice memos and profile id lets see,whatever here you can edit all the,profiles so just firstly you need to,install then of course you will be able,to edit modifiers and everything,according to your arnold crystallization,cameras photos of course you can have,all the photo,and data that is available on your,iphone device and directly you can,export import everything by using the,styles apps and application also guys if,you click there all the apps and,application whatever working there,of course directly you can yeah see guys,you will be able to uninstall it you,will be able to delete it simultaneously,of course you also will be able to,especially have operate of these tools,by using,to have all the information copy from,one device to another device suppose we,have a whatsapp and this whatsapp,similar this whatsapp i would like to,transfer on another device so simply you,need to select copy to device and by,using here of course you will be able to,so this is a quickly useful software,and if i see you guys,uh let me back firstly now,console this one while youre erasing,all the data simultaneously deactivating,of your deactivating of your icloud logs,in that,time of course at that time this is very,important to the clean office facial i,mean,console data so you can have this

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