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In the Dark Netflix Review

weve had into the dark weve had the,dark and now we have in the dark what is,up flick fans and welcome back to my,channel and welcome to another Netflix,review now todays review is a bit,different because this is not a Netflix,original series its just a series that,transferred over from television but,everyone has been talking about it and,telling me to review it since it came to,Netflix I dont know how popular this,show was on the CW but ever since it,came to this platform its found a brand,new audience so today we are going to,talk about it mostly because Ive been,looking on YouTube and I havent found,hardly any reviews for this show and I,want to have a conversation so I need,you guys in the comments down below have,you watched it if you havent no worries,no spoilers in this review and if you,have did you enjoy it lets talk about,in the dark so this CW original show is,all about a young blind woman who tries,to solve her friends murder sorry about,the voice I woke up this morning not,feeling the best but Im gonna trudge,through this review okay so I started,watching in the dark and I had the same,fear that I have going into all of the,CW shows that it would fall into the,same tropes that literally and I enjoy a,lot of the shows on that network but,literally all of these shows fall into,where most of the time they have a,really interesting premise that they,just dont take full advantage of,instead of focusing on what they need to,focus on they focus on the romantic,aspect of the story and bring in,relationships and do all of the CW stuff,that everyone always talks about and,even the shows that I love on that,network like the flash Im a bit behind,on the flash but I do thoroughly enjoy,that show and even the 100 both of those,shows are great but they do the thing,that all of these shows do right some,people are going to love that thats why,the CW is so popular other people,especially since you have this on a,brand new platform like Netflix theyre,going to expect different things maybe,darker things maybe things that arent,what this show is going to bring you and,does it do that yes it does but me,saying it does doesnt take away from,what I enjoyed thoroughly about this,show I was a bit worried after the first,episode because although I saw potential,I do feel,the show just wasnt going to bring,anything new to the table it was going,to go down the dry path of oh this girl,experienced something awful in her life,and because she experienced that and,that person meant so much to her shes,going to try her best to solve the case,and the show would be all about her,solving the case with no twists no turns,nothing to surprise the audience and to,tell you guys theres a twist in this,show is not a spoiler because when it,comes or when they come because there,are multiple things in here that,surprised me you dont anticipate what,they are going to be and because of,those things I found this show way more,interesting than it could have been if,it would have went down that path that I,was afraid of after the first episode it,tried hard to be different than just,another Private Investigators show first,off you have a main character who is,blind so that just kind of adds to the,entire situation it adds to the tension,of the show not to say that its the,most intense show youve seen on Netflix,because it does harken in on the things,that are a bit more lighthearted a bit,more comedic about the situation,presented which is someone very close to,her has died and she has to figure out,how it happened why it happened whos,involved because the cops arent really,doing anything about it then you,discover more about her then you,discover more about them and then the,filmmakers dont just sit the murder,victim to the side there are episode,situations moments family members,friends that dive into that characters,past that dive into why we should care,about the person who was murdered and,then we come back to her as the main,character trying to solve this murder,its like they had way more character,development here than I ever could have,imagined with a show like this and it,added to the suspense and it added to,the thrills of what otherwise could have,been a completely flat show and there,are elements in there that I just feel,like they could have focused way less on,right I want them to focus on the,mystery yes and give us some turns along,the way but then you have all of the,relationship stuff which takes up a lot,of time here and it is fun,I will admit the way they go about it is,this girl is just stuck inside of this,rut stuck inside of her shell and she,doesnt want any,to come into her life and change the way,things are she says in the show she does,not believe in love well deep down you,can tell she really does but shes,trying her best to push everyone out of,the way and push everyone to the side a,lot of it does have to do with a,disability that she has to suffer with,and it does take advantage of her every,now and again she gets in situations,that shes not familiar with that just,mess her up mentally and physically at,times and as she starts to let more,people in her life you know she has her,parents but not a good relationship,there in the beginning she has her,friends but at times they bicker a bit,more than you expect,but then she starts to let maybe,romantic people into her life she starts,to open up to her parents a bit more and,by the time youre in episodes 5 & 6 she,is already a different character than,she was in the beginning and that,character art continues right if she,would have stayed the same character as,she was in the beginning all the way,into the final episode and all the show,was about was her solving this murder,sure it would have been interesting but,it wouldnt have provided that character,layers and thats what I liked about her,as a character she is a layered,character and without her I dont know,how much I would have liked this series,because she really does carry it now,its a hard thing to do to play a blind,person and I have not asked anyone I,have not looked into how accurate this,portrayal is performance really was at,times it did feel like she may have been,focusing in on someone right its a hard,thing to balance as an actor we saw it,with Charlie Cox and daredevil the guy,worked really hard in season 1 you can,tell hes getting there hes not quite,there yet by the time you get to season,3 he had what felt like an incredibly,accurate portrayal of how a blind person,would look would walk would talk and she,does the same thing now my wife walked,in halfway through like episode 3 and,she goes it looks like she knows exactly,where shes going and shes looking,around and all of this stuff and I had,to explain to her that the situation,that shes familiar with in the show,where she grew up all of the roads the,people the places to walk around she is,familiar with so I like the fact that,she doesnt stumble around through the,entire series it felt accurate,felt honest to me and I just really,liked her portrayal overall few minor,nitpicks here and there like I said with,the eyes and sometimes it feels like it,doesnt play and as importantly as it,should but she was very good it is a,tight rope to walk and I feel like she,did a good job and some of the,supporting characters were a bit much at,times other supporting characters I,thought were great like the character of,Jess and the character of max both of,those were really good and once again,what youre here for the mystery you,have to believe that she can do this and,it is a bit far-fetched at times its,just some random person who wants to,solve this murder so theres only so,much she can really do did she do a bit,more than maybe is realistic yes were,there moments in the story that were,off-putting and just didnt have me,locked in and focused as much as I was,during other aspects of the story,absolutely its not the best series Ive,seen all year there are clear problems,present but going in not expectin

In the Dark series finale review: Well, that happened

speaking of Shame no yeah there we go,here we go for it in the dark read get,into the in the darkness the series,finale,okay this was like just at a base level,one of the most bizarre series finales,Ive ever watched it was very,um introspective and very whats this,was it was very spare there wasnt a lot,going on and it felt like an epilogue to,what happened in the penultimate episode,but okay so theres this character that,I havent talked about on the podcast,because I hate him so much the actors,are great thats why I hate this,character but this character Josh who,Murphy briefly dated in,season two I think it was season two,um he was like and I think he,investigated like insurance or something,again I have no idea what this man did,because every time hes on screen Im,like I cant deal with you right now,um but Murphy like ghosted him and ever,since hes kind of had this Vendetta,against her hes wanted to bring her,down,especially this season he was just like,so committed to like getting her in jail,to like,to an embarrassing extent like the,detective on the case that he was,helping with,um was like you need to go home and,chill out youre not helpful because all,you want to do is put Murphy in jail,and he just didnt stop he,he ended up being the reason that Max,was shot which I kind of missed because,I was so angry about Max dying at all,that um it took the until watching the,series now that I realized that like,Josh made the call that made their whole,plan go sideways like he inserted,himself in the middle of it and made it,go horribly wrong which resulted in Max,being shot,um,but he shows up to Maxs funeral in the,series finale and obviously Murphys,like what the hell are you doing here,can you please leave me alone and as,shes delivering her um eulogy about Max,and how hard its been for her hes like,laughing because hes like I I like,outsmarted her shes in pain this is all,hes wanted was to see her like suffer,um but as soon as Murphys eulogy takes,a turn for the revenge and shes like,Im gonna find whoevers responsible for,this because obviously she was like not,happy with the man who actually pulled,the trigger going to jail,um she I I guess she just the way that,she knows how these things have been,going in her life that theres somebody,that put that in motion so once she like,um says that to a whole church full of,people which is kind of awkward because,the mood shift she was just like so,angry which good for you you deserve to,be,um he immediately like was like,terrified because he was like Oh I,thought she was just gonna give up and,you know go into the night,so Murphy eventually does find out that,it was Josh who made the phone call and,shes like ah not this guy again like I,need to get this guy out of here so,against the the advice of Felix she,goes to Joshs place in the middle of,the night with a knife,just a big you know kitchen knife,and he had fled,he set up pillows in his bed to look,like it was him and she is just like so,frustrated that she couldnt have just,gotten it over with,uh but uh Felix shows up and hes like,what are you doing at this place why are,you in the middle of the night trying to,kill this man he doesnt want his best,friend to become a murderer he wants her,to like heal and like hes like this,will not heal you,but she ends up just being like Im not,giving up on this I need to kill Josh so,they track him down at this cabin that,he escaped to and theres like a,struggle and Josh tries to get away but,they end up tying him up in the cabin,guys this was the weirdest series finale,of My Life,um,so Felix tries to tell Josh be like just,like trying to talk to her just,apologize just please I dont want her,to kill you I dont want her to be a,murderer just like even if you dont,mean it just say it so Josh does that,um but Murphys like no I see through,this,so Felix is like fine if youre so dead,set on this Im going to leave you here,with your knife and your choices its up,to you I dont want to know so Felix,leaves,and shes there with Josh and knife and,pretzel poor guy,um,and Josh tries to get away even though,hes like tied up he like hops out of,her I wanted to say long division but,shes blind so she cannot see him hes,like hes also I forgot to say uh,visually impaired hes not at the same,level as Murphy but he cant see it,either as well,um,so he like tries to get away but she,catches him before you get out the door,and she kills him,she stabs the man to death,she throws the knife down she says,pretzel lets go she walks out of the,cabin goes to a convenience store,changes clothes scrubs her hands out of,the blood puts her clothes in the,dumpster Felix picks her up and they,ride off into the sunrise together,[Music],I was like what I was like what do I,take away from this I dont know if I,like it I dont,I need to keep thinking on it but I was,like I dont know if thats how I would,have wanted this to end for her to,murder Josh I can see I dont I dont,want to try to be that person that,rewrites like this is how I would have,done her this is how I would have liked,it but there is kind of I can see a path,to,Max still being alive but Murphy wanting,to get that revenge and then having that,like okay I dont need to kill him to,like to feel like Ive um gotten even,with this man I dont know I feel like,theres another path here that they,could have taken but I will continue to,sit with this and try to understand the,meaning of Murphy killing him and then,just driving off who knows if shell be,caught for this because she left the,murder weapon in the cabin with this,dead man so like Murphy,cant help you girl,um but congrats to in the dark for four,interesting seasons,yeah then period end of sentence,never would have imagined did you think,that was gonna be what happened,no no no no I mean like once you said,what he did I was like yeah shes,killing him but other than that I did,not think that like her arch nemesis was,the one who set everything up and then,it now Falls to her to kill him and,leave the knife there and then right,after the in the sunset with her friend,Id prefer shed ride off into the,sunset with Max but apparently the,writers did not agree yeah so yeah,I dont know,no not the head empty another one for,the list of divisive series finale weve,had in recent years yeah I really truly,even as it was happening I was like oh,shes gonna like realize like Id rather,you be alive and suffer with the,consequences of your actions to deal,with that even though he doesnt really,feel guilty obviously,um I thought she was gonna make that,choice for herself but you know shes,made bad choices so its in character,for her to make bad choices,at least the series has ended so you,will not be watching the police coming,to knock on her door yeah I was fully,expecting because they did a big pan out,of the car driving and I was like are,they gonna like throw in like the cops,being behind them and then I thought,that would have been hilarious though,that wasnt funny,she had a I guess a happy ending,I dont know,she had a Revenge ending yeah I think,that thats what she got Pretzel was the,real hero of in the dark he stuck by her,side through thick and thin so thats my,takeaway he was the best boy which is,why he got the award yeah,oh man what a journey

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Against the Dark (2009) – Steven Seagal – Comedic Movie Review

welcome one and all for another episode,of karate corner,we are moving right along these segal,movies,and todays is surprisingly entertaining,but not in like a,its a good movie kind of way but more,like its,trying really hard to be a good movie,in failing miserably kind of way because,today we are watching against,the dark seagal is a sword fighting,vampire killer,and its got keith david in it he,doesnt make the movie any better but he,is,in this movie well i for one cant wait,to find out what kind of trench coat,hes gonna wear so lets get to it,because this,is red eye reviews,there really isnt much to say at the,top of this video,uh what it came out in 2009 uh its a,complete knockoff of the book,i am legend and i do mean the book,because the movie with will smith,is very different from the book but if,you have read the book,youre probably gonna see some blatant,plagiarism and if you havent im gonna,explain it to you later anyways,okay we start our movie off learning,that they wrote the word vampire down in,the script,and then just sort of forgot because it,looks like,were watching a zombie movie which,dont get me wrong that im not upset at,all,about that id prefer a zombie movie if,im being honest,were not here to decide whos right or,wrong were here to decide who lives and,dies,wow segal sounds really strange in this,movie thats not his voice,or maybe its just been so long since,weve heard his real voice it,yeah it just doesnt work for me anymore,it just doesnt it just wasnt happening,for me dawg i mean,is it yes or enough right its gotta be,no dog but seagal plays a dude,named tao who is a hunter these,people who theyre basically like blade,cosplayers that work for the military,and they run around and trench coats and,they kill [ __ ] we then meet our first,little like gang of survivors,standard cast of characters there we see,that they have found their way into this,hospital,we get one of my favorite overly done,apocalypse tropes,which is that in all these movies every,room is just absolutely,trashed like there isnt a single room,that doesnt have like,blood or poop or just straight up like,organs,like theres just literal trash all over,the place because we all know,apparently the future is a [ __ ] all,im saying is i dont believe there is,anyone out there whos gonna help her,hunters,ex-military guys who are trained to kill,urban legend,you think its an urban legend you dont,think that in this country,america there arent a bunch of nerds,running around in leather trench coats,swinging samurai swords,because i can name five people that i,know personally that would immediately,go and do that exact thing,they might not last very long but they,would do it,but so these guys meet even more,survivors in the hospital,and these two theyre like a married,couple his whole character trait is he,just kind of sucks,and hes selfish and her trait is like,shes tired,all the time like at every scene shes,dozing off or fighting going to sleep,its fantastic but the hunters also,end up in that hospital but because the,place is so massive they dont meet each,other for like 40 minutes so this is two,totally different stories,hey its okay,are you alone you had to go,through the glass do the door was open,also no no no dont go,over there dude horror movie 101,crying person in a hospital gown,a hundred percent a monster every single,time,so again because theyre all singular,traits this dude is a stoner drug user,like the movie starts he finds pills and,then he takes him and then hes just,high for the whole movie,but he goes to the bathroom all the,doors are locked which i dont know why,that bothered me but,why would they be locked their bathroom,stalls you lock them from the inside,and no ones in them so i dont know but,then the selfish i trust nobody guy he,shows up,they chat a little bit and then a zombie,vampire attacks from inside of one of,them,so maybe thats why it was locked maybe,the vampires taking a poo,we dont know but dont worry too much,they get away they lock him in there,they dont get bit because the damn,thing forgot it had teeth,oh and real quick uh the plot of this,movie so the gang,wants to get out of the hospital that,they all willingly entered,at the beginning of the movie so they,all showed up they walked away from,where they got into the hospital,forgot i guess how they got in and now,they all want to get out,but the emergency generator is going to,shut off soon and when that happens,theres crazy security doors that close,and lock everybody in here,because thats what hospitals do i guess,im not a doctor so who the hell knows,but apparently,emergency power just means bad power,because not only do the lights flash and,flicker all the time,but they pop like audibly pop,i dont know why they would do that but,moving on,we see keith david yeah he and some,military bros are like,uh the containment of the area is the,most important thing,so we should blow up the entire town and,kill everything,inside uh but sir we literally just sent,those wannabe blade comic conners in,there,should we get them out first no this,makes it more exciting if we feel rushed,to blow the place up to create some,tension in this movie,so for no reason theyre starting the,plan on bombing the place,but back at the hospital which real,quick has the most evil logo,i have ever seen for a hospital i would,not go to that hospital,but we do get the most random scene ever,what is that ill check it out,careful wiki,okay firstly why would you be concerned,about this,at all this is a hospital you should be,more surprised that it wasnt a human,body under there,but more importantly who cares either,way,just leave the damn thing alone what if,there was a dead guy would everybody,reacted poorly i dont know its stupid,we cant go back that way,dorothy said that all these hallways,lead to the same place if they made it,out then well find them,and all the hallways lead to the same,place,which uh i dont think thats how,hallways work,i could be wrong im not an architect,ive never built a hallway,but then to prove this theory they get,trapped in a room the door,locks behind them somehow zombie vampire,things show up,these three peace out immediately and,just trap the others inside,so good going there and then the others,head out another door,entirely so not only did that room have,three doors to enter it,but they all led to such completely,different parts of the hospital,that they cant find each other,afterwards so they just wander off in,their own directions and then the only,action,i can relate to in this whole movie is,this guy going i need to wash my hands,i have to wash my hands you gotta be,kidding,i could have blood on them which i get,that for sure,i would be carrying perel with me at all,times in an apocalypse,and after last year i have about uh,500 gallons of perel but then he goes,into the bathroom which nobody follows,him in there like people dont like,following each other this movie,and he meets this guy who isnt evil at,all,i hid here when i heard you coming three,is a good number,there is safety in numbers oh no wait,yeah he totally is evil he even built a,secret evil tunnel,into the bathroom i guess for this exact,scenario,oh yeah even more entrails we got all,these guts,we got no people anywhere nearby i dont,know where the guts came from its like,somebody,lost their guts mid-stride and then just,carried on with their day,but then he gets tied up in some,operating room and this mouth,rope thing is not flattering to his,cheeks at all your jawline disappeared,immediately,do you get stung by a bee in both cheeks,looking a little bloated,but anyways lets play some ketchup,seagal,uh dont worry about seagal i know this,is his movie he hasnt been in much of,it yet,hes just off killing [ __ ] so really not,much to talk about uh this dude is tied,up,these three were together but at the,first sign of danger,the girls ran off on their own and then,the drug user,and the other girl theyre somewhere,t

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Crime Centric: In The Dark Series Finale Review

hello you wonderful people and welcome,to another episode of crime Centric this,being a show where its about crime,dramas that I watch for todays episode,Im gonna talk about the series finale,of in the dark a great series finale a,lot of really interesting things went,down in this episode so lets break it,down I am curious to know how a lot of,people felt about this years finale I,was on pins and needles the entire time,I was on the edge of my seat because I,was like I had to pit in my stomach,because Im like I have no idea how this,is all gonna play out because once again,thats one episode to kind of wrap up a,lot of stuff that without you know Ill,talk about it later but you could,definitely see where the show could,continue from here so I think this,series finale probably was originally,written as a season finale so well I,would assume so but it ends off in a way,where you just go like okay I can see it,ending here but I also see like room for,at least one more season but well kind,of get into that uh at the end of all of,this but breaking it down,obviously its been a what like a week,or so since Max died,and of course Murphys and shock and you,know its a its a day of the funeral,and the fact is your boy Josh had the,audacity to show up Im like yo thats,thats nasty homie that is like the,nastiest nasty you could do that is,super super jacked up that he did that,and hes like oh Im here to pay my,respects Im like you garbage Im like,whats I mean why am I still tripping,about it like I cannot believe how much,of a garbage human being this character,turned into it is Bonkers to believe,that and the fact that shes showing up,here and like Murphy knows like for her,its just kind of like oh you want to,show it to pay your respects you dont,really care that much about Max in fact,you didnt like Max because Murphy chose,Max over you so its like she probably,already felt like you were there from,was with a little bit of spice you know,there was no like sincerity to it she,knew there were spice especially the,last time Murphy was around Josh things,were nasty in that regard and Nancy on,his part of how he reacted that whole,situation so theres that,but uh Murphy gets out there the tall,and thats the sad thing too like Max,doesnt really have any family that,would be at that funeral like of course,like the main P I mean I guess are,people that knew Max and obviously like,our main group of like you know uh Felix,Darnell and Leslie are the main ones but,like Max probably didnt really have any,family probably just had like friends,and connections uh you know show up at,his funeral and for Murphy its just for,her its,children,shes never been good at opening up to,people a lot of people let alone one,person and Matt shes like he called me,stubborn but hes the one that kept,trying over and over again and he,actually got me to open up no matter how,much like I would you know go about,kicking and screaming and shes like I,wont miss him for the rest of my life,cut a Josh smirking Im like yo you have,no regret because then in that moment I,was like yeah its simply about you,making her hurt Im like oh yeah this is,super oh man everythings even Stevens,here isnt it bro the fact of the matter,is that yeah she hurt you and,manipulated you and used you and as you,know from your perspective and youre,like yeah you got her fiance killed yep,oh were super even Im like yeah its,its the same thing these things are,totally equate his his uh Vendetta,against her is Justified once again like,its not even about killing Nia anymore,that was just the nail in the coffin he,could use against her it was just his,personal Vendetta always has been,you know and so but its not until,Murphy was like no no Im gonna go after,the person whos responsible for this,and make them pay and in that moment,Josh left because to be fair he didnt,do the best job covering his tracks but,two its also like right he knows its,Murphy Murphys gotten a lot of stuff,done you know shes not just some blind,woman like despite being blind shes,gotten so much done shes avoided you as,well as a cop so its like yeah like,its not like he knows that shes,capable so he decides to leave and,Murphy ends up talking to McKay and its,like okay Ill youre gonna try and spin,this to your lawyers that this was,self-defense the reason why you tried to,kill him out you killed Max well I can,like go like like make it so that things,go lighter for you when I testify or I,could bury you and hes like no not fine,it was some British guy shes like Josh,and hes like oh yeah thats him and,its like the only person she ends up,telling is Felix which the problem is,the fact that she confides and feel like,thats always a double issue because at,least she has someone to combine into,but two hes kind of her fellow,instigator like he he does instigate a,not necessarily instigate but he,um,yeah I didnt see it like its just like,he plays along with it like he doesnt,really like he tries to but also like,sometimes he tries but sometimes he,doesnt try hard enough because even,Liza was like do not let him like dont,let Murphy go down this route when shes,like literally up there talking about,revenge hes like no I wanted to give,her spaces like no Felix try to you know,we dont want Murphy kind of going but,also especially because like her and,Chloe kind of buried the hatchet a,little bit because its like because,Chloe was blaming herself because its,like right I dont know the full details,but I know he died because of this whole,stupid pill situation but Murphy was,like no no do not on any shape or form,take this on yourself and Chloes like,regardless of it all I am sorry you know,so thats I think,the only Silver Lining out of this is,that obviously they were to remove tray,and McKay from the equation but also you,know Chloes well I mean I think she,still has a long road ahead of her but,she is better and I think the Silver,Lining is maybe her and Murphy are,better in a better place I mean,regardless of anything its like yeah,she was pissed at Murphy but she didnt,want this to happen to Murphy and they,both have their personal tragedies,losing the people that matter to most of,them in their respective lives so,theres that but Murphy confides in uh,Felix about the whole uh,Josh name and thats the thing once,again uh enablers the word I was looking,for I said instigator before I I knew,that was on the right word enabler,whats the word I was looking for Felix,has is and always has been for a while,now been,um Murphys enabler I guess the argument,could be that if you kind of feel that,avoid that Jess kind of feel that uh,that uh that role for a lot of the,series but either way,Felix is coming right there alone being,I keep saying instigator uh enabler and,so at any point in time finding out it,was Josh he could have done the right,thing and kind of going through the cops,and let them know but Im because Im,sure they could have traced the call,back to him then not then call that,McKay God probably could have gotten his,testimony about like oh yeah it was,Joshua tipped me off and he probably,would have gotten in trouble but once,again I dont know how he would it would,have been impeding a police,investigation or tipping off so like and,maybe like the fact is it resulted in,Maxs murder probably would have led to,something but I dont know like from the,I dont know the law that well so I,dont know like what ramification he,definitely his ass would have definitely,gotten fired that still would also been,a strike against Gene because Genes the,one that brought him in so that would,have been that but to be fair Gene was,kind of already in a rough situation I,guess like arresting,um,McKay and Trey probably like put him in,a better spot again so his uh balls,probably had no choice but the reward,him putting back in his original,position as like Captain and stuff but,either way,I just dont know the long-standing,ramifications he would have suffered so,but uh Murphy wan

Return to Dark Tower Review – Dredging up the Past

[Music],[Music],this is how the tower wanted to see it,and i hate to disappoint you,but,its not doing anything,[Music],wow and thats the review done another,successful youtube fake out ending,heres my fake call out for you to,subscribe a fake patreon plug and fake,thumbnails superimposed onto the image,you can try and click on them but they,wont work because its not the end of,the video the first question that comes,to mind is why why does this exist is it,fun do people actually want it and most,importantly what the hell is it well,its the dark tower reimagined for a,modern audience and if youre old and,american enough youll know exactly what,it is and if like me or not then lets,face it this looks tacky as ships but i,bet youre still curious so lets talk,about return to dark tower who amongst,its many many many designers lists isaac,childress who also owns a board game,publishing company that paid us money to,design a scenario for a game called,frost haven so take what i say with a,lick of salt whether youre a horse or,not,to begin our journey i have to take you,back to a far away mystical land called,the 80s where the dark tower comes from,and im not going to waste your time,with toys were different back then we,did not have minecraft or whatever but i,do want to contextualize things just a,teensy bit dark tower came out in 1981,and this was before most of the popular,plastic comparatively transformers came,out in 1984 thats three years later and,also fantasy games were still pretty new,dnd was just starting to climb out of,the basement into public consciousness,warlock of fire top mountain hasnt even,been published yet hero quest came out,in 1989 thats nearly a decade apart,when it came to brave heroes going on an,adventure against unspeakable evil this,was one of the only options and it came,in hulking black marble and with a mind,of its own,the tower clicked and hissed and moved,and schemed against you it had ill,intent it did not care for you it was an,adversary it was imagination heres a,problem in 2022 you just cant have that,in return to dark tower one to four,players will take on the role of fantasy,archetypes like not conan or not corvo,or not the gunslinger or the,uncomfortable realization that there,isnt a familiar trope for the female,character because fantasy hasnt done,them justice and set off on a quest each,time you play youll pick said quest and,also an adversary maybe this time the,not nazgul from famous intellectual,property elden rings is trying to get,into the tower to,i dont know make more nazgul eggs and,you have to stop them finally if this,shopping list of options wasnt enough,you also get to pick all the monsters,that youll be fighting which is bizarre,because i dont exactly remember frodo,saying actually if we could not have any,trolls in this adventure that would be,really nice i dont mean to generalize,but trolls they,talk about nfts a lot and its not,really a topic anyone cares about you,know what i mean and then you are ready,to go and input all of that into the,companion app hello return to dark tower,is an app based game here is my opinion,on app based games theyre fine theres,nothing wrong with them but ever since,their debut all the way back in 2014,thats eight years ago a certain portion,of the board game loving hobby has,decided to take on a purist mandate to,be,very weird about it any video made about,any board game that has a mandatory,companion app will inevitably include,comments like what if my app runs out of,battery or what if app not work or what,if in 70 years time my great,grandchildren want to play an all game i,bought in 2022,they wont you yourself have already,forgotten about the game you just bought,two weeks ago come off of it also the,way the world is going in 70 years time,there wont even be grandchildren much,less abs there are other hills to go die,on pick a better fight anyway weve all,heard these regurgitated speaking points,that dont make any sense if you spend,longer than two seconds thinking about,them and no ones making you like board,games with apps just dont leave that,comment okay stop typing that the game,wont work if the app stops working stop,that stop it right now back to the game,youve got your characters youve got,your boss youve got your monsters what,next the answer is obvious its,skulls everybody,its skulls alas poor yorick you had a,tiny head and now i will drop the,carcass of your tiny head into a big,plastic toy and it will be fun basically,in the land of the dark tower theres a,skull problem and your job as a hero is,to go about the land picking up skulls,and putting them in your knapsack you,start the game collectively with 24,skulls and on your turn you get to,wander around kill monsters go into,dungeons complete quests buy gear or,treasure but also,collect skulls and then every time your,turn ends you get to drop the skullet,in the gullet by the power of grayskull,get it cause the skulls are gray,thats not gonna get old when your,friend says the line every time they,drop the skull,anywho if you ever run out of skulls,thats it youve lost because the,nazical eggs have hatched dont ask me,how that works how do you get the,skullet out of the gullet well actually,you dont remember me mentioning the,tower having a mind of its own each time,you drop a skull to end your turn which,let me just add is an immensely,satisfying and clever way to end a,players turn you also activate its,innards you rouse it from its slumber,sometimes itll just go back to sleep,other times a seal will be broken,meaning youll have to physically remove,one of the towers doors there might be,just a hole behind it or there might be,a glyph and if its facing you then,youll get a penalty or an event might,happen like the villain stripping you of,loot or a companion you recruited,earlier might miraculously offer you aid,that was very very needed and finally,through these holes the tower might,literally spit those same skulls right,back onto the kingdom once it does any,skulls that fell into your kingdom,meaning your side of the board youll,have to place onto buildings that you,possess any time when a building has,more than three skulls,it gets destroyed if youre thinking,skuldemic youre on the right track this,is the crux of your turn there are so,many interesting things to do you could,find monsters you could go to the bazaar,to get some cool treasure or,you could take one for the team and,spend your time cleaning up skulls,actually im doing the game at the,service here your turn is never quite as,boring as having to tidy up your room,you in fact have two different groups of,actions you can do the first group is,either fight a monster quest or the,aforementioned skull cleaning the second,group revolves around the four buildings,that you can visit and there you can do,the reinforced action which depends on,the building you are visiting so for,example,doing that on its own im not making it,do that you could get some gear or,treasure you could upgrade your,character giving them a new ability you,could heal a nasty corruption or you,could get some warriors which is this,games version of hit points best bit,you can do each of those actions in,between any of your movement meaning you,can always come up with something more,interesting than uh i guess im just,gonna spend my time cleaning two skulls,again if its okay i would like to talk,about these three things in more depth,now im asking you its not like you can,stop me,oh you want to stop me,all right all right lets see how many,advantages you got so fighting monsters,in this game is kind of cool and it all,happens in the app also its a bit like,drawing tarot cards,and also a bit like blackjack anytime,you fight a monster youll pick the type,of monster in the app then the app will,deal you a tableau of cards and you have,to survive a number of them based on how,scary the monster is once youve,selected the cards the app will flip the,first one for you and itll

All Aboard the Kill Team Space Hulk! The Into the Dark Review

[Music],foreign,ERS Peter here from the esoteric order,of Gamers welcome today were going to,talk about Warhammer 40 000 kill team,into the dark yes were going to get,down and dirty in the depths of the,dangerous space Hulk called the Gallow,dark,into the dark is the new set for kill,team by Games Workshop its set aboard,an ancient space Hulk floating in space,and weve got two teams the Imperial,Navy breaches and the croot kin band and,theyre going to be fighting for,Supremacy within the dark corridors of,the space Hulk and for that weve got,some fantastic new terrain which Ive,painted up and Im going to show you in,detail weve got the two teams weve got,all the other stuff for kill team lets,check it out now of course Games,Workshop sent me this set for free so I,could show it to you but of course my,opinions are my own so Ill be telling,you what I think of this set and Im,going to do things a bit differently,this time Im not going to go through,the whole unboxing and all that stuff,youll be able to see what you get in,the set instead Im going to talk about,the rules Im going to show off the,terrain were just going to have a good,old chin wag about this new set so strap,yourself in get ready and lets get,started now I know what you want to see,you want to see the terrain because,lets face it this is the really,distinctive thing about this set is this,beautiful,space Hulk Corridor terrain and it is,really gorgeous as you can see its,covered in huge amounts of gubbins all,kinds of control panels and dials and,switches and Vents and things like that,its just brilliant theres so much,detail on these things and actually it,took me quite a while to paint I thought,Id be able to do it pretty quickly but,in the end I was so fascinated by all,the detail that I spent more time on it,than I thought I would,the set also comes with a lovely,selection of barricades and various bits,and Bobs that you can use to break up,the corridor terrain a little bit,there are also some really nice overhead,pipes as well broken pipes and overhead,pipes control panels uh storage,containers barricades all kinds of,things its a lovely selection of,terrain and the great thing about this,terrain is that it fits together really,sturdily and well as you can see these,caps that go on top of where the joins,happen keep things very snugly attached,and then you can also put in various,other things like these tanks they can,actually attach into the join and then,all be held in place by the cap piece so,the whole thing is very sturdy in fact,once youve set up the terrain you could,lift the whole selection of corridors,off the board in one piece it all stays,together,now if youre wondering what my recipe,was for painting this terrain let me,tell you first I undercoated everything,with black so chaos black spray then I,did a rough dry brush of everything with,a dark Reaper so that gives it that nice,dark blue gray tone,when that was dry I gave it a very light,edge dry brush with fenrisian gray just,to pick up the edges of all the shapes,all the metal areas or most of the metal,areas were painted with lead Belcher I,think I used a bronze color on a few,bits here and there as well so you might,want to use one of the bronze colors to,just break up the metallics a little bit,that got a little bit of a highlight,with roon Fang steel just a very subtle,little highlight to give a bit of depth,to the metals when all that was dry of,course a good old agrax Earth shade,washed over all the metallic areas to,give it that oily dark kind of wash and,then when that was dry scrag brown scrag,brown is really your friend when it,comes to rusting up your Metals if you,water it down a lot I not only put it,over the metallic areas but also over,the blue areas as well or the dark blue,areas so lots and lots of scrag brown,there to make everything look Rusty and,you can just drag it very roughly over,the,metals to look like running rust and,round all the little uh bolts everything,everywhere Good Old scrag Brown its,great for your rust effects and then,finally I used here um some pigments so,this is,um powdered pigment you can get this,from various manufacturers and its,really handy for adding some dirt and,dust and as you can see I used a lot of,that on the bottom areas especially of,everything just to make it look like it,was dusty and dirty at the base and also,sometimes over the metals as well and it,just gives a bit of depth to that makes,it really sit on the base nicely and,makes everything look dirty and grotty,so you rub that in with a brush and it,just gives you that great effect and,then finally when all that was done I,sprayed them with a varnish now the,varnish is going to make that pigment,sit back a little bit it wont look,quite as good once youve varnished it,but its still quite effective as you,can see it works really well on that,door in those lower areas there so give,everything a varnish I used Tamiya clear,varnish which has a very very slight,glossy finish to it but not much as you,can see its just right for this terrain,and there you have it very easy to do,but of course youre going to be,spending quite a bit of time doing all,these tiny little details I think it was,Rune Lord brass I used for those brass,effects so you can see the plate there,is in brass it just gives a bit of,variety of things also you can go to,town on painting little dials and things,like that if you want to its up to you,you can also do little green glowing,lights and if youre crazy like me,youll go and paint all the different,wires and things different colors as,well now lets have a look at the two,factions that you get in the into the,dark set youve got here the Imperial,Navy breaches and as you can see the,usual high quality Games Workshop,figures absolutely beautiful detailed,figures and then youve got the far,stalker kin band which are the crewt who,usually hang around with the towel but,in this case theyre on their own and,investigating the Gallow dark by,themselves now I must apologize for not,painting up these Miniatures but I spent,so much time painting the terrain I,havent yet had the time to paint these,and of course in the Box you get the,usual measuring templates various,counters two decks of cards tackops,cards and youve got the core book which,is pretty much exactly the same as the,last call book I dont think theyve,changed anything in there and then,youve got the into the dark book which,gives you the special rules on These two,factions or the adventure material uh,the rules for fighting uh Inc within the,space Hulk that kind of thing,lets talk about kill team and Im just,going to ramble on a little bit here,because I played this the other day and,I really enjoyed it but I do have all,kinds of different thoughts one is is,that as you already know Games Workshop,games are lifestyle games they take up a,lot of time a lot of effort you really,want to play them quite a few times to,get the maximum amount of enjoyment out,there out of them because you know,theyre very expensive but also theyre,very complex so the more you play them,the more you get to know your various,Miniatures and what they can do and all,their different abilities now because,this is kill Team every one of your,Miniatures is going to have its own set,of stats its going to have its own set,of special abilities and uh special,things that it does during the game so,theres a lot to take in especially when,you start playing and what I had to do,is make these quite detailed reference,sheets so I could keep track of it all,but not only do you have to keep track,of all that but you also have to keep,track of very large series of different,ploys which they have in this game so,youve got strategic ploys you can play,a strategic Ploy once per round and by,the way they call it turning point in,this game instead of round which drives,me bonkers it is the most ridiculous,thing Ive ever heard everybody knows,two turns make around,why call it a turning poi

Kill Team Into The Dark Review and Unboxing

[Music],hello and welcome to another spruce and,brews unboxing today we are looking at,140 000 kill team into the dark the,start of a new season of kill team set,on a space hawk so first of all massive,thanks to games workshop for sending us,a free review copy a little bit ahead of,time to it to check out weve been,really looking forward to getting our,hands on this uh this box and checking,it out,for me im a massive scenery fan,so um the idea that this year of kill,team is gonna cover um your kill teams,fighting within a space hawk with an,expandable modular um,kind of ship internal scenery range,thats gonna grow over the kind of the,four boxes,is really really cool to me so uh yeah,look forward to cracking this open but,yeah like i say this is the new,the new season of kill team,uh similar to the box that we got last,year with the death corps krieg and the,orcs that kind of ushered in the new,edition of kill team this is,a similar kind of box where we get the,core the core rule book and all the,cards and tokens and stuff that we need,as well as the um,the into the dark kind of expansion book,that lets you play through these,missions,uh i think the big draw is going to be,the scenery uh it looks like its fully,modular they all slot together looks,like the doors can open and close,really really looking forward to,building that up,and we also get two kill teams in the,box as well so we get the kroot far,strider kin band who look immensely cool,and the imperial navy breachers who also,look really cool i like both of the kill,teams in here im not gonna lie its,gonna be really hard to pick which one,to uh to paint up first,so yeah in the video what were gonna do,is go through the box have a look at all,the sprues see what we get um plastics,wise,well have a look through the the rule,book as well see how the different kill,teams play see what changes there are,for boarding actions in kill team and,yeah have a look at the the kind of the,campaign in there as well because i,believe theres some cool stuff theyve,done with that as well,and then at the end of the video,hopefully i may mean to have the scenery,and the warbands uh painted up as well,uh at the very least assembled so we can,see what they look like in the flesh and,because obviously thats a big draw of,this game isnt it so like with the,other boxes is a big chunky box as well,so what well do flip this over,well crack it open,and see what we get inside so if we,slide the lid off,and we can see,it is absolutely chock full of sprues so,i think what well do well get the um,the two kill teams out first have a look,at them,and then well have a look at the uh,many many plastic scenery frames,so well do that to one side for now,and well have a look at these two so i,think well have a look at the imperial,navy breeches first,this seems to be put together,in a similar way to a lot of um kill,team kits where its a coarse brew and,then theres an additional sprue,with some kill team specific parts,and yeah these guys just look amazing,ive been,toying with whether these would be quite,usable as solo auxilia in games of um,horus heresy,um i havent built them yet um but by,the time this video is out,hopefully ill have an idea of whether,you can,you know youre not going to necessarily,have all the weapon options available,but um,you know you should be able to,perhaps use the mouse i kind of hope,they get 40k rules as well i mean i,guess you wouldnt have an entire army,of navy,uh these are really designed for,boarding action but whether this could,be a unit you can take in a astra,militarium army or something thatd be,pretty fun,uh but yeah and also you get quite a few,weapon options on here as well which is,interesting so theres at least a melter,plasma and,im sure that is stubborn something like,that,so yeah,really really cool,the i love the style of these guys as,well,i think they look really nice so that is,the first brew,and then in addition to that you get the,kind of kill team,specific sprue as well so this contains,all the parts that make them,unique for kill team i guess so you get,the cool kind of like fire axe some,other weapons in there i believe they,have two little robots as well that can,follow them around and do stuff,so this is really the sprue that lets,you make your kind of kill team,operatives,um and thats the cool thing theyve,done with this uh,season of kill team,and taking,these are both new kits but taking old,kits as well and giving them one of,these upgrade sprues so theyre fun the,other kilting that you get in the box,are the croots,and i think this is just a normal,three-part sprue which i suspect well,see for you know 140 000 as well,and theres some cool stuff on here,that we havent actually seen,in the uh the preview shots on walk on,as well such as a crew heavy gunner uh,well see him later on when we go,through the assembly instructions,but yeah you get two crew hounds on here,you get all sorts of cool parts,crew are a really old kit i remember,went to i think it was,2001 games day uh the tau had just been,released and you got three baggers sprue,up a free bag of um sprues when you went,in and the crew were one of them,um i think it was a exclusive shaper at,that event as well,so thats what,21 years ago something like that,so yeah its been a long time coming,this kit,and i mean theres so many cool bits on,here like the bow,these are going to be really really fun,to build up again like with all the um,the kill team reviews im going to build,these predominantly 4 kill team but,obviously im sure you can build this,440k and i suspect theyll provide rules,for both of these for using them in,kind of normal games of 40k as well but,yeah really these are going to be built,for,for using them in kill team games uh,because weve got quite a few kill teams,now that we can uh,send into the gallow dark and,see whats going on so yeah really,really like them again hang on to the,end of the video well have these built,up and hopefully painted as well to show,you so that is the models in the box,we also have however,a load of stuff in here so most of this,is the new scenery so what well do,well get out,the various bits and see,hey how many different combinations of,frames that weve got in this set uh,because it looks like weve got a few,different sprue types in here,uh,well call out this first your kind of,universal uh kill team uh template set,with all the barricades and stuff so you,need that to play thats included in,there,and,all right so we can move that to one,side,we get,eight scenery sprues,over four,different designs,so if we put them to one side,i believe this is all fully modular,so the first two,weve got some quite chunky book heads,here,and you can see theyve got all these,kind of ridges here i believe thats how,these all kind of,link together,so youve got these kind of bulkheads,here but just the little sliding pieces,well slide in them,and for painting i guess you might be,better off kind of painting it on the,sprues snip it all out because,these connectors really its going to be,slotting in and out so youre not going,to have anywhere to hold it because,youre not going to be sticking it all,together in one go so,it looks like the doors and stuff we,probably assembled onto there so ill,have a look while were going through,the instructions on the best way of,doing this but im thinking just,initially looking at the pieces i might,paint them on the sprues just so youve,got something to hold on to,and then once painted varnish them snip,them out youll need a touch of any,details where the spruev kind of like,touch the the finished piece and then i,suspect all this stuff should fit quite,easily in the box that it comes with as,well for storage,and then presumably each box that comes,out will have different sets of frames,to create the kind of,the big exploration of the ship so,thats the first sprue weve got another,sprue here,with some more doors and bulkheads on,theres some really really nic

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