1. In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) Netflix Film Review
  2. மூளை உருகி கண், காது, மூக்கு, வாய் வழியா ஒழுகி ஓடுது Hollywood Movie Story & Review in Tamil
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  6. In The Shadow of the Moon Netflix Review
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In the Shadow of the Moon (2019) Netflix Film Review

if you could change something but it,meant huge sacrifice would you still do,it in the shadow of the moon is a sci-fi,thriller on Netflix and it takes us on a,ride to solve a time-sensitive mystery,Boyd Holbrook is a Philadelphia police,officer who is working on a murder case,that really envelops his entire life is,in in his effort to solve the case and,this is a fun ride with some good,tension and when there is action it,really puts you right in the middle of,it and its tight and you just you feel,a part of it and so it works it really,well I think back to another Netflix,movie that was with Frank Grillo and,Anthony Mackie and that one was also an,action film and that is just terrible I,cant even remember the name I mean its,just its that bad to watch but they did,action scenes that you never got to see,outside of the action like you were so,in the middle it was so tight that you,didnt get to experience it this is not,that way at all they did it really well,that they they put you in close they,pull you back they they dont cut things,off too early so that you get to you get,a real sense of being right there in the,chase in the midst of things and just,having a good time its not all action,though there are some really good,dramatic moments weaved into this,especially as Holbrooks character Locke,is working to solve the mystery I mean,as hes going through the clues as hes,just chasing down lead after lead you,really get I mean it envelops you it,draws you in because the mystery is fun,and I found myself really wanting to,know can I solve it before he does can I,guess all the clues some of them I did,some of them I didnt it didnt ruin the,experience though we also have,performances from Bohemia Woodbine and,Michael C Hall and they are great in,their roles especially because their,characteristics help to fill in the gaps,and the make a full character of who,Locke is Cleopatra Coleman plays the,character of Rhea and she is quietly,powerful but she also gets to have some,fun with some great action and she has,really got some moves now part of the,story has a mildly subversive political,undertone and that would normally really,really turn me off because I loathe,politics but this is done in such a way,and it doesnt beat you over the head,that I found it to be interesting and it,fit really well with the story and the,narrative that theyre telling and so I,didnt feel like I was being preached at,by any means it just it was a good,element to that story even though it,does have a little bit of a prevalence,relevance to today now part of this,movie does remind me a little bit of 12,monkeys and then you sprinkle in a tiny,bit of Inception also and if you are a,fan of the Netflix series dark then,youll snow tiss the slight similarities,to this also,but unlike dark in the shadow of the,moon much more straightforward will not,melt your brain at all there was a line,of dialogue in the film that was so,poignant that it just it made me pause,the movie and write it down right after,it happened because I really liked how,it spoke to culture and just how,socially relevant it is to us right now,and they said some people arent happy,unless theyre mad I was like wow think,about that there there are some people,that thats what they live for,to just be mad to just be angry and,thats what gets them through the day,and the story doesnt really Center on,that so much I guess maybe it does a,little bit but it was just I I enjoyed,hearing that line I thought you know,what that is a powerful line good on,them for putting that in there because,it really does speak some truth while,this isnt a perfect film it is a good,watch and it totally held my interest,for the nearly two hour runtime I had a,lot of fun watching it I was invested in,what was going on the action was great,the acting was really good very,convincing especially from Boyd Holbrook,I mean he just he sucked me and I,enjoyed watching him and just on his,journey and then you mix in the family,drama that is in there also and it is,just its powerful and its emotional,and not overly melancholy which is a,good thing because you dont want the,film to leave you sitting in the bell,jar theres no sex there might be very,very brief nudity I mean I its so quick,that I dont even know but at least Im,gonna put it in there there is though,profanity and a whole lot of violence I,give Netflixs in the shadow of the moon,four out of five couches so what is a,sci-fi movie on Netflix that I should be,checking out let me know in the comments,below if you enjoyed this review please,give it a like also dont forget to,share and subscribe Im Chris this is,movies and munchies thanks for catching

மூளை உருகி கண், காது, மூக்கு, வாய் வழியா ஒழுகி ஓடுது Hollywood Movie Story & Review in Tamil

in degree mode back over over and,artifact humble release and I in the,shadow of the Moon Saloon American,science fiction thriller part about a,topic of poro in the Peralta multiple,available are you laying Lisa Martin,Erica sorry Bunga including glamazon in,the perturbative at the murder line in,the paratha restarting sinhala America,become catania American not accredited,up four-kilometer America the cleaner,today America Korea here India BML and,the killer might read it in could have,money shingly Chronicle every in Rafah,Tanya of Reno particle under and,Apertura starting senior army the,obvious in kitada,if pre 2000 Fastback LA I had to try the,TM but the Italian ER doctor bring,aluminum can get an important piano,master stage performance monitoring,Buddha said to Kirara you notice how,much in return boys at opana in nori,lady,Traver velop a theater gang Abbas award,to get rhythm worried Im gonna set up a,rank for Perry accident I didnt ring,grandma / Torah heroic um clang at night,Malika um each lever et villain new,Saudi good record you breathe didnt,know Ramon Oliver set up a tangle a,eventually are a padded ampitheater gang,over a pitch Arabic TV full of a bit lay,it would avail at Kevin Emily hell yell,a messenger tl important indeed regret,and Nora Monica Hadwin in the grand,Bambaataa,Ivana pregnant Arcana almost Womble must,a pregnant in general on Ellicott,delirium and a large tree vertical angle,Qatada Evaro police officer so police,velop acarajé belly kalam bra even Lord,a partner or a carpet apply our or,police officer nom nom a hero penis an,iPod Ocana Rupa de rue a new director ng,Cooper no happiness a Ferrari but Im a,hero but a friendly everyone in Paris,are hungry idiotic vallabha krama dream,or a government job II imply in my,drivel about little trendy berries into,piranha and the bus driver wrote on a,seat open on battle-ax Ivana load a body,of a piranha boy pata a bungalow damu,quid can kadhi alot reappear raton whop,whop whop runnin Willy Willy here be,sure to Pierre Cunningham Moliere,Beatrice ended up at a gangland eating a,lot evening air this is she opening it,Rockingham party Brianna Deyanira Inga,you know youre pretty observable arrey,arrey,holy sufficiency Allah to pooja Mallory,investigator purple irreverent team,leader new chi class one doesnt make a,supportive is her favorite anime hero,but they and Kenichi Apertura carved in,karana actually aware and really no,megiddo automata and the investigator,alright angry at anime hero kali America,plan younger than a man a hero not,pondrá said to porn on the pond Erica,panting nada or that Coldplay,moolah injection Akutan Ahmad RiRi have,achieved brief one Sherpa number you how,do you now a Yasutaka Nakata ipanema any,edge of a no DeMartino Sajit Okanagan,channa goombella near a very serie you,Hakeem Lyon even though it at that every,a leftovers over period serial killer a,TV series were chatting about their,context and the part or a hero ever tha,and the first thing you will learn over,that where they yell it ever somepony TV,series again TV series less serial,killers Im under my investigation some,of them are never seen Lopakhin on,anything in our texture TV series,Supernatural not they are illumining a,parkland however serial killer general,formula connect TV series methanol,methanol cadet agave Suranga cat went,wrong neither into coal oil and others,abutting land Im there at my piranha,Avenue or the Caltech open are you sorry,on the moon at slam Mutola hell and if I,the other may that sale of oil or,medical condition of another Correa DDL,I mean kolyada Nordica high pressure,bring it upon your granny Unger cut when,I am in the body Selim a government,hospital gov Andrew cumbre de Paris or,Danika happened over a tragedy a report,on the reality Mohammed il Winona State,our goose will incur a ninjalah Adia,proscenium event on Giuliana soul table,and the doctor eloquent indeed doctor,please Selena abrino a Kinsey KS,airiness alarm grass along a moody very,communicative ottoman and on the puncher,helped to Panera Waterloo batting Lada a,dually Aida will occur in Jake paneer,Cunningham are they in nammed Rihanna,was sharpening of the Inglaterra,ylang-ylang,maybe or another solid we loved in,cattle I pick area they havent no use,for anything on the chemical in and,America in the volatile erm I can do,particular have denied reaches all,trauma,palaver Sal and the K somebody care the,goodness or anger Katahdin I to peace,after Harland okarin on a de Madrid tack,up at every lady,Saha motorcade awah awah lope we poppin,on or in section bucket a key lever the,other kettle may passenger a do-over,running a Im the lady of Akron Annette,jinguk a little earlier than the,pancetta communicate I wouldnt come,here at the Reno Vonda include an,elaborate PCT and ah Kylie no machine,dude and the machinery in order call it,three a pan chirp Anita Ave a pre,panning out in a period America on a,path to a career than having an attitude,of run again sorry one girl who knew,personally I wouldve little vessel a,suit romantic updo prima sorry grandpa,tava one new person Elena correct an,alibi AirCam pony attention our gala,without being Arava hes a turtle and,Im a hero too much how ironic inning,eval Ananda in the case and added to,pack render like yeah well develop a,cursory park are they will you poured in,gelatin Maru buddy a lot mmm salty Libre,kinda matcha a pretty Versace trick,amore evil con cada Mook,may Allah become of the optimal,algorithm only this tomboy flavor said,to piranhas pretty over solid with the,community you will attack one on the,lady a day of being at clean actually,money rah I do work up in at this end up,on my other it away so good I had over a,chin upon Im sorry partner to basically,either twenty-plus opting into the water,level usually run about african-american,girls our Kyla I do it okay how do you,know so lyrica hed ever cheated a,people last author set upon abutting LA,and they are at 11 this with you a,monochromator daughter Claire cry yella,heard up in at this end and the Punggol,droppin birthing LA african-american,nominee a laugh a make on the G less and,they get in peril al every photo to,grounding asking Bertrand I even a young,a lot of Bhangra Gandara a carpenter a,wannabe suspect our Dean Kelly a granny,correct Anna a day in Iran DePauw calm,African American energy and Java and the,capital to change over lady tile area,but Roberta patella or polish carry,information good care having in the area,Condren Ghana Megiddo wa nima hero what,a friend of the few team pata eva car,out a year away were a lady when they,moved rock a la re but her episode to,this path our african-american gal but a,carpenter pun bottle me read you the way,Sakarya malaga my theory there are high,even anonymity to gallons reliever,italiana reversely ever after no Megiddo,did to water having leaving you ever act,I wore polka over after you know but,girlfriend over at an the poker match on,return a binary operator game hunger,Bothell a Sakura Kapoor of the core,category combating lon,cut about a moody actor and a aprea,bodiless a particular Kuchiki lo que,pasa a BMW Arica Razia undergone alert,rain water bottle on the area back on,the rang it up reality ritual Molokai,landlord machine Aquila potala and the,machinima hero decay like a regular,machine a Tata the man would learn the,moon Lucy naturally over they had a path,11 to achieve either bachata a la pelea,lima and the lady paneer car being akela,bury me in the railway station cool,Ivana under girl Melissa simple among an,information could okay Im a hero to,friend of Andorra and the lady a pastor,Raghava Corazon de Boer man who put us,under water and abundance and about,there Im gonna put each a key lapel I,have an equality between area machungwa,dr filiz carrying around again go Popo,and a buddy on the personnel a way i,wanna put your finger and i even had a,caller one day building is the cleaner,theory they may have a woody took were,crimin

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In The Shadow Of The Moon: Ending Explained Breakdown + Full Netflix Movie Spoiler Review

welcome to the heavy spoilers show Im,your host definition and this episode,were going to be going over the newly,released Netflix film in the shadow of,the moon the movie has a pretty,mind-bending plot to it thats full of,timey wimey wibbly-wobbly stuff so if,the clothes of the film left you,scratching your head then dont worry,because were going to be breaking down,everything that you need to know about,it throughout this video Ill be going,over how the time travel in the film,works as well as how the effects of it,leave our characters in the final few,scenes there will be heavy spoilers here,so if you havent had a chance to watch,it yet then I highly recommend that you,turn off now,with that out the way I just want to,give a huge thank you for clicking this,video now lets get into our breakdown,of in the shadow of the Moon okay so in,the shadow of the Moon opens on a,devastating attack on an American city,in the year 2024 we learn through the,events of the film that an extremist,committed these bombings due to hate and,external influences that shape the,attacker into having a certain mind,state the real America movement which is,what the terrorist is behind is a clear,comment on the current extreme acts of,violence that we see going on throughout,the Western world against other races,and people of certain faiths whilst I,would normally ding a Netflix movie for,trying to be to work for its own good I,think in the shadow of the Moon has a,rather more hopeful ending and doesnt,necessarily put the blame on one thing,but rather a multitude of them making it,seem less heavy-handed in its overall,message it says that both sides are to,blame and the constant bickering between,the two leads to a civil war anyway in,order to fully understand the film you,need to come to grips with the fact that,the time-traveling character in the,movie named Raya is going back through,time starting at 2015 then 2006 1997 and,lastly 1988 eliminating people who may,have influenced the attacker throughout,their life this includes a multitude of,people such as teachers musicians bus,drivers parents friends and so on the,theory behind this is that if Riya is,able to remove all of the forces that,basically shake the terrorists into the,way that they turned out the attack that,opens the movie will have happened its,a really brilliant concept and in the,shadow of the Moon pulls it off really,well by letting you experience things,from the perspective of Thomas Lockhart,played by Boyd Holbrook who we first,meet in 1988 Lockhart is investigating,the attacks carried out by Riya and he,seemingly kills her thus ending the,spring theres something strange about,her though and she seems to know,intimate details about the character and,events that havent happened yet such as,his daughter being born and his wife and,partners death,flash-forward 9 years later and Riya,appears once more carrying out another,number of murders shes initially,thought to be a copycat,but Lockhart quickly discovers that this,is indeed the person that he met in 1988,and by the time we roll around to 2006,which is when a younger version of Riya,appears Lockhart is completely obsessed,with her this comes at the expense of,his relationship with his daughter and,for Lockhart stopping Riya also means,going back and erasing the timeline that,hes currently stuck in which has made,the relationship with his child,completely frayed now one of the biggest,takeaways from the film at least in my,opinion is that Lockhart never actually,needed to stop Riya in order to have a,relationship with his daughter he just,became so obsessed with her that he was,unable to see anything outside of it and,thus he suffers for a number of decades,before coming to the right conclusion by,the end of the film,anyway after tracking ride to where her,time machine appears and dissapears,Lockhart is able to know the exact,location that Riya will be in in the,future as Riya is only capable of,traveling between spaces of nine years,he is able to wait almost a decade for,her to emerge and he confronts a younger,version of her just before her mission,starts now this is where the big reveal,of the film comes and we discovered that,Riya is actually Lockhart granddaughter,and that he was the person have pretty,much shaped her to become a time,traveller in the future when she was,growing up he was aware of what would,happen to her but knew that if she went,back she would be successful in her,mission of terminating,excuse the pun all of the targets and,thus he pretty much multa into doing it,similar to those who shaved the,terrorists Lockhart has shaped,humanitys Savior and thus he allows,riot to continue on a mission knowing,full well that he will murder a version,of her in 1988 on her final mission now,the biggest question Ive seen floating,around about the end of the film is did,Riya complete her mission the answer is,yes but I can understand why theres,some confusion now as we see the office,block explosion from the beginning of,the film that we know led to 11,000,deaths slowly reversing and the flag,disappearing its a safe bet to assume,that riot did indeed complete her goals,thus the bombings never happened and an,alternate timeline is created leaving,this version of Riya as she refers to,herself as an echo disaster averted,everyone can go on to live a happy life,including Lockhart who was now fully,aware that due to his obsession he has,shattered the relationship with his,daughter and that he has to be there for,her and her child this allows him to,raise Riya the way that he should have,been in the original timeline and almost,make amends for his failings as a father,going forward there will be no need for,the version of Riya to sacrifice herself,and now Lockhart his daughter and his,granddaughter can go on to forge a,relationship together it makes for an,awesome ending and the film as a whole,is great I thoroughly enjoyed this from,start to finish and while some plot,beats are predictable if youve ever,seen a time travel film before the movie,is great at setting rules sticking to,them whilst also telling the rise and,fall of a man that has let his obsession,get the best of him overall it makes for,a great film and though it doesnt,completely knock it out of the park,there are still a lot of things that,make this engaging it doesnt do the,usual Netflix move of completely,battering you over the head with the,message behind it which I massively,appreciate as often these kind of films,can get bogged down completely with,political subtext whereas this seems to,avoid if well enough to make the,storyline enjoyable actually thing in,the shadow of the Moon is the one to,watch this weekend and its a great,little watch if youve got some time to,kill because because the movies about,people traveling through time and killed,nevermind anyway overall it gets an 8,out of 10,now obviously Id love to hear your,thoughts on in the shadow of the moon,and if you enjoyed it and make sure you,let me know in the comment section below,if you enjoyed this video then please,like it and make sure you check out my,breakdown of the news that spider-man is,officially back in the MCU which will be,linked at the end I go over everything,about the new deal between the two,companies as well as how the two,universes may tie together so its,definitely worth checking out if you,want to know more if you want to come,chat to me about movies TV shows games,and comic books then make sure you,follow me on twitter at definition YT,its the best way to get in touch with,me and its the perfect place to suggest,new videos and content so hopefully I,see you over there after this also just,wanna let you know that were currently,giving away a free copy of spider-man,far from home on blu-ray and all you,have to do to be in with a chance of,winning is to like this video make sure,that you subscribe to the channel and,leave your thoughts on in the shadow of,the Moon in the comments section below,the winner

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In the Shadow of the Moon Review (No Spoilers) | Flick Connection

hey everybody this is Darren Van Dam and,you were watching flick connection the,shirt that helps you get more out of,movies and today I want to give you a,spoiler free review of the new Netflix,original film in the shadow of the Moon,[Music],so in the shadow of the moon is directed,by Jim nickel who I love I love his,movies several of them war on Netflix,recently theyre not anymore but they,include steak land cold in July hes got,another horror flick called Mulberry,Street thats actually really cool,thats one of the lower budget ones that,hes done and in the shadow of the Moon,is definitely the biggest budget he has,worked with so far and something to know,going into this movie is that Jim Mickle,style is its rough its bloody even if,its not a horror movie he does not shy,away from Gord now in the shadow of the,Moon is not a Gore fest but when there,is blood there tends to be a lot of it,and when there is gore it tends to be,pretty visceral now the cast includes,Boyd Holbrook who you know from narcos,and Logan,Cleopatra Coleman from the last man on,earth Michael C Hall who everybody knows,from Dexter in Bochum Woodbine who I,find interesting because he had sort of,like this up-and-coming thing happening,like sort of in the late 90s if I recall,and then he sort of just disappeared and,then came back strong in the Fargo,series I mean one of the best characters,in that show while I was excited to see,him in this movie I feel like hes a,little bit underutilized but its just,the nature of the character that he was,given not a whole lot for him to work,with there but overall I thought the,cast was great I thought Jim Mickle did,a great job and I really enjoyed this,movie however I am noticing that its,getting very very mixed reviews now,something to know and just to sort of be,aware of is this is a very front-loaded,movie the first 20 to 30 minutes of this,movie are really intense in fact Id be,happy just watching that first 20 to 30,minutes in a full feature-length film,now what you get with this movie is a,cop hunting down a serial killer that,comes back every 9 years so the movie,jumps ahead 9 years multiple times so,you sort of get multiple different,stories sort of threaded together and it,works well for me however like I said,its very front-loaded the inciting,incident is the catalyst for this really,wild sci-fi story now Im not gonna go,into detail of the sci-fi elements,because I dont want to spoil them I,thought they worked pretty well and its,just a sign of how good the movie,actually is and how Welles put together,some of the,sci-fi elements do seem silly because,they seem out of place and what is,otherwise a really well grounded serial,killer or detective movie now had the,entire film been as rich and as exciting,as the first 30 minutes this would have,been one of my favorite movies of the,year honestly it does fizzle out but not,in a bad way its it the story works it,needs to sort of go in the direction,that it goes and Im okay with that I,find that a lot of people if they dont,like the end of a movie then they dont,like the movie Im not one of those,people I enjoyed the ride and I did,enjoy this one but again it starts off,really high and then it it doesnt drop,off it just sort of tapers off towards,the end which is an odd pace for a movie,yet Im not mad at it also the current,state of critiquing film seems to be,that if the movie doesnt have some sort,of political or social message that,aligns with the critics own thoughts,then its therefore not a good movie,critics seem to be forgetting that,movies are supposed to be entertaining,and I found this one to be really,entertaining and again the beginning the,first third or so of the movie was so,rich and vibrant and and layered it felt,very very far from a made-for-tv movie,and then ultimately it sort of ended up,in that Netflix original made-for-tv,movie zone,I feel like had it not this probably,would have been a national theatrical,release had it been able to sort of,maintain the life that it has early on,in the film so ultimately on this one,you get a pretty strong watch it from me,however just have your expectations in,check dont expect a whole lot and keep,in mind this is a Netflix original movie,this is you know in my opinion a good,one not their best I thought it was,maybe gonna go in that direction and it,didnt quite but again Im not really,upset at any of the stuff that panned,out I thought it was all okay it just I,didnt love it as much as I thought I,was going to at the onset but thank the,patreon supporters here they are,if youre interested in becoming a,patreon supporter theres a link to that,in the description if youve been,digging the music Ive been playing on,the channel lately theres also a,Spotify link to a playlist with all the,music that Ive been using lately you,can check that out as well but I will,keep making movie reviews as long as you,keep watching them thanks for checking,out this special review and you will see,me on the next one,[Music],[Music],you

In The Shadow Of The Moon Was Dumb? Yes, Lets Talk About The Plot Holes! #NetflixYouveDoneItAgain

okay so I just watched in the shadow of,the moon on Netflix last night and it,was an okay movie I watched the whole,thing,and it definitely wasnt the worst movie,on Netflix or the worst movie Ive ever,seen but there was all these huge,glaring plot holes and problems with the,movie that would just so dumb that they,went online and looked for your reviews,and and everything and everyone derp,said oh yeah its a good size movie and,oh yeah its good and then even on,reddit nobody really said how dumb,everything was they happened in this,movie so I just wanted to talk about why,it was sucked up so the first thing is,the killing method so for some reason,this guys creating a special time,sensitive isotope that can reach across,time to melt someones brain but when,theyre testing it theyre just testing,it not back in time just during time and,hes like oh I made the special isotope,and then if we combine it with,chronological isotopes we can melt,peoples brain in the past and so it,seems like that would be really,important and theres a reason that you,would need to melt peoples brains in,the past and thats gonna be you know an,important plot point or at least a plot,point that makes sense,but then it turns out that in the first,part of the movie the whole reason that,theyre trying to find that girl is,because he just instantly activates the,isotope as soon as she injects it pretty,much and so she injects it he activates,it and these people die and then shes,still going to inject it into more,people the girl at the club and so she,goes to do that but the other people,have already been dead for a while and,so the only thing I could think of is,that hed make that isotope to kill,everyone at once after shes already,gone so she could have injected,everybody you know in that time period,and then left and then he could have,activated it and then there would have,been no suspect because she would have,been gone and there would have been no,clues and nobody would have rushed over,to the nightclub because there wouldnt,have it any dead bodies so none of that,made sense because why not just wait,until everybodys injected in that time,period and then kill him and then if,youre just gonna kill him immediately,after she injects them why not just have,her slice their throats or shoot him,with a gun or,do something immediate theres a million,ways to kill him immediately,or they could have used some future tech,of you know a magic gun that just melts,their brains immediately like why are,you injecting them at all that didnt,make any sense,and thats the whole reason why theyre,tracking her in the first place so that,that was just dumb and theres no reason,for that if theres a reason leave it,below in the comments and going along,with that is shes running around town,stabbing everyone with these middle,needles but it would appear that the,first three people didnt even know that,they were stabbed like they were just,fine with being attacked by some random,woman in a hoodie and being stabbed in,the neck and then they just went about,their day like the high-end piano player,like didnt call the cops and say I was,attacked by some crazy lady that stabbed,me in the neck and you know maybe called,off his performance because he thought,something might be coming on or you know,go to a hospital because he was stabbed,in the neck and they said it was deep,enough to like reach the nervous system,or deep enough to reach bone or,something so it probably hurt when they,were stabbed and the girl in the club,you know looked pretty distressed that,somebody came up and stabbed her in the,neck so I would assume that you know the,first three people like it was kind of,traumatic but then they just go to work,normally or you know maybe they were,stabbed like a week ago and they had,reported it to the police and then they,were activated later but again that goes,back to the point of why didnt he wait,to activate everybody like after she,stabbed everybody and why activate three,people and then she still has to stab,someone else so none of that makes sense,it just made it seem like in the,beginning of the movie they had all got,stabbed but didnt realize they were,stabbed but then you learn later that,they were like violently stabbed and it,went really deep and it must have hurt,and that just apparently like nobody,cared about the first three people like,nobody who decided to report it to the,police and so yeah thats the only like,what why make a web yeah doesnt that,make sense why make a weapon that you,have to inject deeply to stab someone,but then it doesnt kill him immediately,it only kills him later but she has to,go physically stabby,one and they could call the cops or they,gets you know stopper or say this this,ladys running around stabbing everybody,so thats really dumb and the second,dumb thing that they just kind of,shoehorn in there is that they made,these attacks like a whole race thing,and so you know ten years later theres,still like protests about how he killed,that innocent black woman in the subway,but the cops had a murder weapon and,they had evidence that she was the one,that actually killed these people around,town even though they didnt know how,she did it like they knew it was her and,so they knew that she was running around,murdering people and she had broken you,know his partners leg and then he,attacked him and you know he didnt have,his gun and she was fighting with him so,did the cops just like not say anything,to the press because it felt like they,were just trying to shoehorn in you know,todays racial issues into some like a,serial killer story from 1988 which you,know would have been completely,different and they had all the evidence,and they knew that she was running,around killing people Angie and hurt his,partner so unless the cops just didnt,say anything and theyre like oh yeah,for some reason this woman died and oh,yeah like we have no idea who killed,anyone like theyre holding all these,protests ten years later and like,remembering every year like Oh remember,that serial killer that the cops killed,like that just didnt make any sense,so that was dumb and then the third,thing was how the movie made it seem,like she could die without consequences,because she was traveling back in time,and I thought that she was just kind of,time-traveling with her conscience or,whatever or she was sending a copy of,herself and so it was okay if she died,because she still just end up in the,past anyways and maybe this was,intentional to kind of throw you off of,the twist at the end that he really does,kill her but well talk about the how,stupid that twist is but the second time,she comes back shes in a plane and then,it looks like she just crashes the plane,to kill herself to go back because she,couldnt escape but turns out she just,crashed landed the plane and it was on,fire and it was she was fine she just,hopped out and,to escape and I guess she must have,crash-landed near that beach but so they,were searching the whole beach and then,they didnt notice like this open,manhole cover where if you well the,machine would have been gone which is,also stupid how the Moho machine,disappears but anyways yeah,so they set it up like she can just die,to go back because shes just sitting,copy or whatever but then it turns out,no she really is dead she cant she can,die but you cant die twice but she can,crash land a plane and it be on fire and,like exploding and stuff but shes fine,she can just go back so yeah but the,only problem with that is that the whole,point of the movie is that you can,change the future based on what you do,in the past and so they could have,changed her future based on what they,did in the past and he knew what happens,in her future so the main character,could have told her hey Im gonna kill,you tell the guy not to start melting,everyones brains before you leave the,curtain time period or hey avoid this,intersection because the whole point of,the movie is that you could chan

In The Shadow of the Moon Netflix Review

everyone is sure under 4 payer weights,today Im gonna be reviewing the Netflix,film and the shadow of the Moon was,directed by Jim Mickle and this movie is,written by Geoffreys hot can also -,Gregory Wyman this film star is on,Michael C Hall Boyd Holbrook clip,aftercoma bikini would buy in this film,really centers around Boyds character,locked who is a police officer theyre,investigating a mysterious string of,murders that happen every 9 years and so,basically Im as more murders continue,to happen the mystery continues to,unfold and thats pretty much what the,general basis of this film is as I said,you know you guys I kind of gave a movie,trailer so I have been going into movies,blind and I will definitely say for this,one you really need to go into the movie,blind because I feel as though the too,many plot points will be given away and,because of that Im not going to dive,very deep into the story once again this,would be another vague review because I,do want to protect the viewing,experience because I think that also,determines the satisfaction or a,dissatisfaction that you have from a,film after watching it so for those of,you who are new to my channel channel I,tell you what I liked about the film,what I didnt like about the film and,since were not paying to see this in,theorists but youre paying for the,Netflix subscription Im gonna tell you,if its worth giving it a stream or not,Im so going to what I enjoyed about,this film guys I always complain about,pacing and the first 30 minutes of this,film has you hooked,I have action I have murders happening I,have a mystery happening I dont know,what is going on and then I get this,little this little sci-fi fill to it on,top of it I love movies that have they,do a very great job of mixing different,genres this is kind of like a crime,thriller because youre trying to figure,out like what is happening to all these,people how are all of these things,happening what is Cleopatra Colemans,ryeom what is her tie into this like how,is she able to carry out these murders,and so that is what keeps you invested,thats what keeps you watching theres a,lot of action that is happening action,just and how these acts are carried out,then also to with the interactions from,the different characters as theyre,trying to track down the serial killer,I mean so what I was saving the,thats a very great job and I dont know,if theres more so duty like the right,under the story or so to the direction,of the film but it does a very great job,of sucking you in and thats so,important when we watch Netflix films,because were watching this at home so,if the movie doesnt really pull you in,in the first few minutes Im gonna pause,and Im gonna go to something else and,so I think that was one of the things,that really had me invested as soon as,the film started they cut right to the,chase now also to I want to say I,enjoyed the role that Cleopatra Cobra,places Riya its a very interesting a,very interesting character to use as the,serial killer and as we kind of learn,more about who Riya is it makes it even,more interesting that they cast this,woman as his character I think it even,adds to kind of the payoff at the end of,the film to see that she was chosen to,play Riya and then Solveig but youll,itll make sense once you get to the end,of the film and I like the ending of the,film how they tried to tie everything,together but as I get into the times Im,gonna talk about how I like the ending,when I first watched it but after I set,and let the film marinate and let myself,really think about it thats what I,tended to have issues with how things,basically wrecked up but those are,pretty much everything that I really,enjoyed about the film Im gonna get,into a little bit of the cons that I had,of it now its funny because most of my,cons are gonna be what I initially loved,about the film as I say it is very,action-packed its very fast-paced in,the beginning of the film however as we,start getting into these consecutive,nine years the story tends to get a,little bit repetitive and it tends to,slow itself down and I think this is,because it stops really focusing on the,serial killer like the murder mystery of,like what is happening to these people,every nine years and it really centers,around whacking how he deals with this,case and how he cant explain whats,happening and really just his like this,downward spiral that his character goes,through hes become so consumed with,trying to track down the serial killer,and I think the film would have been a,little bit well,earth better serve pay some wise if we,focus on how these different murders,happen every nine years you know – does,the serial killer up the ante every nine,years like how are they carrying this,out I felt this other that would have,been a little bit more captivating to me,that would have kept my engagement in,the film and so it kind of loses his,luster in the middle part of the film,all the way up until we get to kind of,the last like 15 minutes of the film it,starts to pick up a little bit more and,also – so going into the last issue that,I have was the ending so when the NE,first happened I was like oh so what you,guys did there I see how we brought all,of this together but as I started to,think about it I had a little bit it,made me have more questions I was like,so if thats the reason why this,happened we could end up this movie like,a whole hour ago I was just like that,doesnt make sense anymore,and then also – I need you to explain,the reasoning behind it so I think the,ending will be kind of divisive some,people its a little political and I,think but that had that made me have,even more questions and maybe theres a,movie thats suppose that makes you,after you finished watching it you just,start to think like well why are they,doing this like why did this happen like,why was this a decision that was made I,was just like yeah I just had wave like,a lot more questions and it just made me,not really care for the ending and Ive,always known that the ending was a,little bit rush I feel like we kind of,drew this out with all these consecutive,like nine years and we get to the end,Im like yes this is where Ive been,watching this movie for an hour at 55,minutes for it and its just like oh,were just gonna in the movie that quick,like we like wrapped it up wrap it up,you know just like we could have took,our time with this like you took your,time with everything else I wanted you,to take your time with this ending for,me but overall I really enjoyed this,film I had a great time its a good size,by Netflix film well probably one of the,better films that Ive seen all year to,come out on the next platform but they,got some they got some good thoughts,coming for you guys I saw a couple of,the films at the Toronto International,Film Festival some great films coming,out but I would have to say that like if,Im chilling at home on a Friday night,and I just want a Netflix and chill I,would definitely tell you guys that is,work the stream it actually made me,wonder,to learn more about this world and,thats probably another Pro that I did,have for the film the world building as,we see how these things unfold it just,made me even more interested like oh I,want to know how this happens I want to,know how that happens like I also watch,a series off of this and you guys no,hassle about sequels and stuff but I can,watch them turn this into a series I,would definitely watch that like that,will make me want to learn more about,this world and just to see what else,they can do to a span upon it but yeah,so those are pretty much my thoughts on,in the shadow of the Moon as always my,name is sure honor from payor awaits and,if you liked what you saw today make,sure you hit the like button hit,subscribe share this video with your,friends and make sure you hit that,notification bell and I love you guys,3000 Ill see you soon

In the Shadow of the Moon – Movie Review Hindi Urdu | Faheem Taj

in the shadow of the moon reviews are,conducive la Malibu Salukis karoonga,care where up Logan Amira channel go a,BTech subscribe link I hear the police,made a channel goes move subscriber a,basket to have been awkward to spoil,curry in the shadow of the monkey it,will go directly ahead Jim Mickle now or,east film Netflix very easily it will my,main role play care hey Boyd Holbrook,Chloe Patrick old man or Michael C,Horner many hablo Kuya be but a little,hooky – Netflix / Hindi language may be,released tiga Ozma a block was a polite,request Karuna Agora his finger Puritan,and say enjoy can i chat the hair to his,finger trailer say Dullahan or sprinkle,dignity palace Cabana me did not come,Johnny would not shy easily mop quiz,finger by remembers it nahi baton lucky,Boyd hall Brogdon case we can animate,Thomas Lockhart week police officer,named Eric as a serial killer Gaeta,large manage of her nose Albert Luca,Marta Megan Thomas Kelly investigation,personnel who da da Das Kapital taheke a,serial killer cook khafi kareem said,John type talk–i Thomas is Miss Reiko,salt carp again he is after,Abbys filming he digs again Gilligan,challenge embark on a case film gander,catch I or cabra a cheesy joke about,current is about commuting Akiko film,been away time waster a star Kikuchi,Singh sayako Puritan has engaged curly,or Jessa Jessa Phil progress Cal TJ up,an interest besotted buildeth ecology or,whoa interest and Doug Bernard s economy,- Puritan has a cameo Brea especially,film the first half joke a fast pace,hair or action suspense of thrills,Emperor high ORAC miss Pikachu element,Frank and Arikara have one upwards film,say start to end Puritan has a connector,cake up basically a filmic essay,interesting concept paper based hair,despair Impella because movies or,webseries they took a hand lake in a,ciabatta hey Josie concept Oasis can the,coffee different or interesting we may,execute k agay heads okay at Shailaja do,see bodies will gain that character,Scobie at least it nerd developed keahak,album coast summer second especially is,film a main character Thomas AB,emotionally connect,- Jenga can Casey person like a salsa,profession like P opinion technically,Dokic achai motional wait add courteous,film Kenda acting the buccinator swim,can the savvy actors Napoli rule quad,chess any by a high origamis film K,action sequence ki baat karu to his,friend candor Apple couch at chef fight,scenes or chase scenes vedic nakum,milling Frankie weak points ki baat kar,endodontic of first-half Mohammed Rafis,are the energy or intensity technical,Milito when he finished second half a,single acid slow to fill wa or sees drag,whatever feel her or story be totally,predictable Sifu Nellie they can achieve,RTA hekkador film come major to strive,war film can enter guest nahi kar,pancake friendly ending ki baat karu,overall friendly ending satisfying,Hannegan cassava loca Java hummus when,can then many Malay,yoga Thurid disappointing a ligand will,be stanag issues on a gab hours youd be,overall yake entertaining film ha job,hermetically around so enjoy collector,hey CMS Franco rate kuruma,7 out of 10 or up Lobos a person icon,work agar aapke sci-fi thriller present,at ahead to your film up loves aru they,cant enjoy a current game up low -,castle eggy up my opinion comments walks,me through the many video person I used,to like carry on check o subscribe,condom mud pool a thermal tank is your,video mesh Supriya

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